The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 23, 1885, Image 6

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, -4
rw Any pe nion whe takes tne pncr mrn
farlv from the jwjst-oflJce. whether directed to
his rwmcor whether he Is a subscriberor not,
Ib responsible for the pay. ...
The court have ducidttl that refusing to
take no papers from tho post-office, or re
miovlnjr and leaving them uncalled for. i
A poem lr Hoi crt floras, hitherto unpub
lished, ha- been found in one of the iefs
maiiiis-cript excise iKKiks and Is jdven to tho
world by the iHiwutttc. Ifrviw of London,
-which indorM-s it a- genuine. It la entitled
"youth." and ih as lollow.s:
Youth !s tho v.s or: of a rnorn
That Hies the comin? day:
It tiie hlo o:n on the thorn.
U'hsch wild winds -weep away;
It ! the SrniiKo of the -ky
In jjla&Hy water- .v.-en,
AVlien noL a cloud uppears to Hy
-Across the blue mt'-iic.
Hut. wh-ii rlie wave- ! trlri to roar
And lilt their fnnmlriir h-nl.
The morning -tars apin.-ar rso more
And all the heaven l- tied.
"Tin tle.-tlnu a.- the pus-ltur rays
Of bright electric lire
That tiuiU about with sudden blazo
And in that biize expire
It N the morn njj'h jrentlc Rale
That an it -wltily blow.s
Scare" seems to sih acro- the vale
Or beml the hhl-hmir rose.
Itut.-oon ih'nttheriri;f tempests soar
And all the -ky delorm:
Tlie Kale In-come t he w hirlwind'S roar,
Tlie slyh an ansrry rtorm.
J'or Tare, ami ForrowS morbid irloorn.
Ami hciirt-forrenllmr Sirlte,
And Weulcnt . pomtlnsf to the tomb.
Await the Noon of Life.
the green leave-, had draped the trees.
and potted geraniums, which had come
lo Ihj so bles-edly popular in New York,
lent their summer frcshnc-s.
"What .shall I do, doctor?" he -aid
to llic white-headed old phy.s'ciau.
"Vou say notiiing ails me, but I can
tell what my feelings are better than
vou can. I know I .shall be down with '
a.....tl1;,r .,.,. I r,..!,. ii..,-,ririili
","""'..,., V .. .. .
a Chance. Proposal, and Its er iieckfe. took o.T her apron and then. l--po-ii- like tho-e of the Dover ; this b"--one a I -a'time -o remote "it" siH increased throu-h the hl-h,'r thl" l ,,,:ru"i:,.r- ' b,m trjmg f..r Uw pa.i .rty yr. t..
H-nnv Poqult walked demurely m. , CI ills KngUmi. are being formed at that we eau foriifno conception or it, CStilf of 1 lor da. uhere at la-t it as- to,Unr rat... in Alo-ar su-r lhn but out i. ufau U f Ut a rno
n..ppy nosuic. "lie seated, ma am,1 sanl Mr. Patter- the bottom of the ocean to-dav; and bv ' (iratl() Hut even then intu-e iu .-times the name of the Cu!f stream I m a,,-v ulht"r lHrln -rman Kin. oi fooUh, ml hrn I Ami ot IU
son. -Sit here please. Allow me to noting the ages of time it takes to raise obedience to tlie -real "overum" m'iud land ae-nnw, a velocity of from ! ,:v ' ? Jn "?:. rurnhTs t ktH.w." b u,JJ hu uJMor -
Teter Patterson was ill at least he .sit near you. as i have .something lo a given area an inch, bv mean seven of wa- -torm"- up her ini-ure, lor tho ' two and quarter to' live imle r'-,lV' .7,,i I,,?r ,ok ml rrr, .. J. Tnimm.
thought so-a:.d depres-ed; he had a ask which may rcquiru .-.ome consid.-ra- th fast growing coral, we can form beneht of n?.in. who eems the " hour. The width of the ?,--K lh" Io,w''1 niU in c;rmay !! hW, a m,t ,. nlaxr Mb-r
lieadaehe; and he hated the du-tv Uon;, . . .4 . . , 4I l4 --omething of a guess how long it would tion of a Divine eclutiouarv advance- .ulf stream, aft. r le.ivinir the llond.i r-touud in . M..iti the avvra vv-k- ab-ml hb clRJa, wrllr a WaaJaj:
streets in which the ,un,mer heat , M"C ' ??' ll B com,,,- ttl0llh take for two and a hall miles of aC!.il met.-Vo: a K Jlo Lr in UuUlcn :.lf av.-rag-. thirty-hve mile-, and IfJ; 1..!" ?X -p .ifX .
, . , .. i i r .Mr. .Muntle. ( covering to form. ;uyAl ua-. Savannah at a di-tance of about ' . , ' '' ; '" " "A ! r?Ma ''y an R p.rn thaai lh laOMT of hi
linriil :in:l the sinniner sun hoiii before I ! L..... . ,-.. L-. ....- l' o ....... .f i..:. .i - .- .t. . i- J -....,. ... l'i tul m tl... I . ki ,.. .
u n:m-io.en ..1113 cuiiuieu .ue "uicr . ters.m, "but you know a bachelor M..M!UICt.s. I the formation of bi-.lay-to
Ihe -mall po hopital. I j must bo 111 the hands of servants, if he tuminous coal there was a loss of three
haven t a doubt vcrv red and nastv- keeps a hoiisjj. A gentleman floesn't fourths of wood and live-.-ixtiis in that
lonkin". all of tJ;ni:"aiid while I was' wanL tbat; he wanLsalady to superm- 0f anthracte. There was a L'reater
,, . , . ....
tliiiijr 111 a .store down
luivmir somciiuiiir 111 a
ilroatlwav tin oilier dav
a horrid old
woman b gged of me because her hus
band was -ick with tvphoid fever. So
doubt 1 have cnugh. both di-ea-es, and
it's the coinj licat.on tha! jm..les you.
'otiIdn't relish 1113' coH'ec tliis morning;
left my m lk-loasl untouched. Hateful
life, that of a bachelor at a hotel. Oh,
.1....- .....1"
liUill III.
.-.tnugs. ion must jro to the tiieater
and opera if .she is gay. and to church
it -he i- pious. At nliy a man likes his
.sl.pper-and dressing-gown and (hair
of an evening. If it was ju-t .stepping
over to the clerrvni:ins and ret:inr
married, pulling
triii'r on her linrcr '
and -aing or nodding
ves two or '
V . ... 1
three times, whv, I wouldn't mind it,
you know."
Ah, well, courting is the fun of it
all, iu my opinion," said the old
doctor, but every one lo his ta-te. i
And my advice to you is to get out into
the country."
"To another hotel aud more niercc
jiaty waiters!" said Mr. Patterson.
"No." saitl the doctor; "go to a
nice, private home. I know one a
niotherlv widow lady, who cooks a din
ner lit lor a King. Kiver before the
house, woods behind it, orchard to the
left, kitchen garden to the right: no
lever ami ague; no mosquitoes, lleav-
enly! I am going up there to-morrow,
and I'll see if; sheTll take vou."
"Vcrv well. "saitl Mr. Patterson; !. I
think 1 will trv it." ' 1
"And vou must drink plontv of mTk
and cat plenty of nice home-made
"Yes. 1 will." said Patterson, over
joyed at last
. at hearing something I
ike a nre-eritition. "And !
that sounded like a pre-criptio
vou would advise mdk?" i
..m .. 1. ..1. .1 vi . 1 iu u 11 usi a- no saui no wouiti 11 lie 1....1 .f v.....i.. . T....ti..r 1 1... t .,.-. .,i.w...,i
i Jiv utui 1 you many, men.- eaiti .. -. ,. .... . . . . ,,1 "-"" v ...".v. ...... .. .....t ,....-.... ..
ll. doctor cer did. ' said the lady to her-elf. jt ,ust have been three hundred and
.'.n.v .". 1 c, .... w.i. r,...rt;.wr ",.,;.,. Aloud -he answered: "Well. sir. I am sivtv feet thick. Imairine the time it
Patters Jn. "Vou spend sKiuonthsor'so. I-'y fr.."'. it is Iruc. All my children . Would take for leaves to drop and
:.t li.;i t. .lnii.rlm.r -,t ., ivoman's Miiri.n I lIV ,ll:irr,i;" WJ"- I accumulate in a solid mass over a great
-.- .,. . , ...,.... .. .- .......... ., ...-.-... .
"Quart of it everyday," said the thing, and would be married without much more carbon in the atmo-phere
doctor. j any' trouble-ome courting. So he at than at pre.-ent, and during this time
"I'll take a note of it." saitl Patter- once put his arm around Mrs. Muutle's it was stored away by the wonderful
son, "anil if 1 should be vcrv ill .she'll ! waist ami saitl: plants that were so fitted for the pur-
nurse me." " "Thank ou. niv dear. I consider ' !"? 'Vnl. too. purilied the air for
"Splendidly," .-aitl the doctor, and ' myself very" fortunate." 1 the birds and higher forms that came
went his way. j He wrote to hi.s good doctor in about later
Mr. Patterson thought the matter ' a fortnight's time.' to tell him that he 1 The curious mineral oil. petroleum,
over and thought better of it every dav. I had taken both his prescriptions; was a . was formed similarly to coal by the de
and when the little note informing him ' married man. and intended to bring his composition of vegetable or animal re-
that the willow would be williii" to
"take him in and do for him" reached
him. he had his trunk ami portmanteau
already packed, and was already to
start that afternoon. As for the witlow.
the doctor had prepared her for her
boarder's peculiarities thus:
"Nice fellow; social; plenty of
money; thinks himself ill, but "isn't;
ought to be married; told htm so, but
old bachelors are peculiar, generallv." !
The witlow was what the Yankees
yill an smart woman. She
olV all her daughters, was well-to-tlo,
buxom and happy.
Her son and his wife boarded with
her. ami she added to her pleut ful sav
ings by taking a summer boarder or
two, if they happened to offer.
Fifty and a bachelor." said Mrs.
IMuntle, looking in the glass. Well. '
cake after a fashion that would have
made his reputation at the bar. Then,
too. Airs. Muntle did not smile at his
.aches and pains and insist that he must
3e erpelu:illy well because he had a
fresh complexion anil dimples iu his
heeks. She had savory herb teas and
potions which she produced .when he
complained of feeling miserable, aud
she had that blessing for all hypocon
.driacs, a homeopathic box in the house.
There were remedies in that box for
everything; and it was pleasant to find
4hat when there was a crawling sensa
tion in your flesh, or a kind of an un
easy feeling in your legs, there were
daily little erlobules to be had just
suited lor your symptoms; mac 10 nna
v. " 1 a. .At.ZM.M !n I
9'ouxscii very angry aooui ouuuuj; iu- j
he hates the idea 01 courting; marrv off, accountable breakages of iron bridges, tain places in lacu the total number
. 1 1....1... .i-?4. : . ... - . . . I .. ...:i- u .1 ......
miiiic :ii, uu tur.jyt; -mil vou nave beams and "irders. He showed is the Ul iaiu ' 01 o uie protiueuve
me?' -Yes.' Call in clergyman. Oyer. ro,ull of carul aml iong.Continued ex-, JS'-ISnS?1310 " m"
erv peculiar old bachelor, but then ..... , . . 1:?..(X)U: in Scotland. LOX square miles;
had married at sixteen, and had never ' above all things intermittent weight. ' contains stratified rocks of all kinds,
failed to have her washing over when When live-minute triins are run over somcli,nrt shales, sandstones, con
other people were hanging out theirs. I thev can hardlv bo made stron- "'"ca'.cs. But how, you will ask.
Her bread always rose, her cake was enough, and even slow and infre iionl were all these layers placed there?
always good anil her butter always movement wears out the resist.n" I . colog-shows us that the age ms:
sweet. At forty-live she 'had married nn.v.r ti.. cni ii.. ,-. !..,, ?. before the coal was one of -ubmorgencr
it seems a pity; but when elderly gen- Mr n..L-,.r .' nn , , p r'nMf.. Pr.ts called cryptograms were com- lie vvas seieneiy nappy, ami j etice;uv , iru-voung man cam- ;o rorrow mijH(HW( nJLaT pn(rrw - ". "n- '., i
.lumen marrv it is to some hitv-titv" girl J:Jl t S ,?-" ,1 . . lf ! ? 11: nou a sort of ground pine. A Lyco-1 comfortable. Mildred bail given bun 1 d .liar-- from me. proming to ntnrn it uor4. a chmm nvzim to umpi hl" "r .. Ht IAsl it 1
tl,..r bviiU "tlmm i irriW.i Hf.." -7.i . ". M . mui wouiu t.Uiiu a inn- ,. , .. T,.,. .-. . .. - . ta.r thought, her energy, her time, her : in a day or two; but msP-ad of return-; .,. ,.u, fb itwr . - - ,j rn-sr. J know. .)T tj ,.
likely it's for tho best." . .ui;t.: Tt J 1 tl l ilS hisl'- iu this wonderful time was s..ttv endeavor and he was at re-t- 1 mg it he went to a mmii- crlrr bnu).N i(M ct triV. ""-r.?tt '" " Wy.
Then she looked in the glass again: Sj ! K ISJJSS or .sorcmv foet high. One of the com- e awoke from his revtry, witii ier and remarr-H-d ion my money. I ' a tfja, ;wi. ehor ,,. Jhf " mn tm-
for the widow was but a woman, Wter . ;or U Sicilian, waich start. was o:.o, to a boa-e to , jn-rfo t: . cnj. 4fr. uu, ut. &T w td.-ttlwM.fe,:
nil. 1 rSnd he owSn -E Jirowtoa aeight of sixtv or seventv "Mildred." he called. the r.;- of aiurn hat ngth- n- ! IHlcMtor ,rf a Un d f- -r a . v,
Mr. Patterson came to the widow's bJill,,ex ?Jt i".;1! 'Vttlr ?w ' fect also- ar-J lh branehe-1 out with No answer. .... '" H1 "T'1" ,nut- mr - Al -uijWs-v omi-i. b- . ny. u . " -rw Viwaite
nut! obeyed the doctor's prescription i,whu fno Him Inn irLo., h-i-i"n 1,,n?-naw tQi tk being He became alarmcw. a- it, then. hou-e the friends were all waiting, ta- Wfc d cnw. P.V. H '- V -" Sm
carefully. He ate bread and milk. ' vi: - fo- to ! ? r I cowwl uil11 C11 ';! Thevars all a dream.- And was he to be rudely . uible wa, spread with a: ,u.nptn..B nxy-, ,asw.r. tvW bl. ,r. cawiwi. anl. - M". I Ttomij fleam &.
robbed the orchards like a school-boy. I wfthout "ettimm eh awakened? , ply. U 1: vu- t M the ct-rt-, UK kry . JU a m. yiwu j1-wllwfc?
nnd rerlinod over the str-.iwberrv short- ;.,, t"UI', XUUUl Attcntiou. A. J. trcniclv dan-erous. as thev hollow out. Alas, tor the mutability of human niony ih br de caroe forwanL not 1-an- 8IMK, u.r!w bu-i,ec &t. wio-ria.-. M PorthHM - Hl,x. i. f.
T dicatcd pulsatilla, ami tnst. for even un
requite.l love there was a medicine
For two months ami more Mr. Pat
terson boarded with Mr. Muntle, and
happier months h had never lived
through. Then he went back to the
city for a few week-", returning in ur
gent need of more pellets from the
medine-eliest. and staying until the la-t
pink ehrvsanthemiim was blooming on
its withered brand-.. He had grown
.so fond of h:.s little room with its white
curtain-) and fre-h gras bleached linen,
of the country irood tilings and of the
buxom Mr. Muntle, that he could not
bear the thought of parting with them
After all, whv could he not btiv a
nuii-i; uuu get. .virs. .wuniie 10 Keep n
for him? Perhaps she would. Ho i
i i n. ... , i t
would ofler a high salary, and .she ,
could have plenty of servants. Then,.
indeed, he might have friend, to dine I
I f . if t .1 . I
With him. and be as happy as poS-ible.
Ji only lie could approach his hostess, j
KlinivitKr Iw.r i In. Iil . ! f In. fin-
:. .T , . , . r V ii
fiidcred her his eoual and a lady -and
all that .-,hc certainly was: a little c-oun-
l"",' " lhi.t, urn jv- iuii .7
laughter and the widow of a country
......jms. l.wui.c ....-. ..... n,
Jier-elf; "what ean he want.
1 lien she blu-Iied brightly, settled
i . r wotii' iiwkOir ii iiivi t itt j t
considerable mean-, ma'am,1' said the
old bachelor, "able to buy a nice house,
furnish it weil and live in it comforta
bly?" "So I've understood, Mr. Patterson,"
said the widow.
"And. of course, it is pleasantcr to
live that way than at a hotel," .said Mr.
1 -hould judge it might be," said
. Mr... 1 1 in tli. "inf wiulv i
"" '. ".' W'Y ' '""-'
"ion jmige nglillv. said J Mr. I at- '
tend tilings lor Him
..,-" . ,
some one oi taste
all that. Common
r.stand his feelings.
( ..41.4 I Villi. lUVIIt llil till tlftl. . ..IlllliUII
; people uon t understand ins leeimgs.
and merco nary .servants are a poor de -
pcndeiice. 1
'I t. ....' " .-..:.i m.. -vt..... 1.. '
. ....w.. ni..., .-.ii, .'num..
"1 on are almost as much alone as I,
aren t you. Mrs. Muntle?" -aid Mr.
Patterson, coaxmgly. 1
"Ihe doctor knew him. lie's iroinir
.' .'
"I know inonev would be no object
to ou," saitl .Mr. Patterson. "Vou
have enough. Put if I was to tell vou
that I hated boarding-houses and I
wanted a home, I think you would have
pity tn me. J buv a beautiful house.
:,,u' -oU s',!l1' have complete control of
' li tuuig: oniy 10 mai;e niv -iiaw-
I I . . ..V. M irr "
uun Mioricnhc 101 me an my me.
He paused and lookt tl at the lady.
That is delicately put." lie thought
"Now will you hire out for a house
keeper. I wonder."
"I ain't romantic, though," said Mr-.
Muntle; "but .-till we ain't voting.
neither of 11-, and it get- to be just that ,
with ihe most sentimental after 1
"Don't refuse me," pleaded Mr. Pat-
terson. I
"Well. .Mr. Patterson. I won't," said
Mrs. Muntle. "I'm my own mistress:,
ami though I've never once thought of 1
a second marriage, whv I think I'm
warranted in making one. Ami no
doubt I shall never repent, for I think
you've a line disposition, ami I under-j
'tand your ways aud tastes."
Mr. Patter.-on listened. He .saw what I
he had done - proposed and been ac- '
cepted without having any idea of what 1
he was about. He looked' at Mrs. Mini- I
tie. She was very nice and comelv ami '
ten vears his junior, at least, if she was
fort v. He could not have done a better
bride home about the lirst of the New
Year. Tul-liits.
Resistance of Iron.
Mr. Pcnjamin Itaker, civil engineer,
read a paper before the British Associa
tion, in the Section of Mechanics, which
goes far to explain some otherwise tin-'
rtrmiL,m- UKlt ino !" ol ft n
.. ."... ...I... r . !
to be:ir weight no test of its strength
to endure weight in motion. Jt dislikes ,
bridge is safe if it can bear three t.nies
the heaviest weight ever placed upon it:
but this is by no means the case if the J
weights move, and such a bridge would
of twentv " . T Ii? mJIKP I
... , ... .
glish bridges are unsafe, from th:s car.
An Elaborate Address.
Postal clerks aud postmen in Arabia
must hare a great deal of time to spare
if they can read the full directions on
tho letters placed in their hands. A
writer in the Berlin Tagtblatt ives the
following specimen address ona letter
directed to him: "Jn the name of the
merciful God. tho Beneficent, This
writing is from one who serves his
Lord, from X, the son of X; and if God
wills it will get into the hands of our
friend Sidi Musa, the son of Hamdalla,
the Prussian, the Christian, in the city
of Tharabolo. Tripoli, lb iUostrieu,
1a f avmrttlf "
. wuvu
After muc!, con-ideration he finallv " bonifero,s or coal age, was deposited -Vinong rio, animals of the J; iuw.nK ,n lo hr ho.b.J .f
metered courage for the eflort aud twenty-nine million years ago. 1 ou ; ? ttnlt bZTitt'l tew " . , bnrkbrrs &vlu. ;W TJ? ---
walked into the front parlor and sent will wonder how., uch a calculation can ; ,Ls .im, u amUn:ul ,. NllIul)t. degrees Kah. 'ibis veloiit; increases l'- fb-graph ..ralor. ?.. ojktr. mlfc wj. J.hjr tom.
the servant toLsk Mrs. ;e made. The result is arrived at bv , of t.olk.(1 -heII collt:lim.;i :in ni-ai, re. as it pa ( ape tatoche ni Vuean, lnU'r;'r- -- 1W. l nvm .f niL-. J.,,...
step there lor a moment. j;d hl' out how the dillereut Livers are i l,te,i to iiu ..mii.r.-i. i ..,n,.v on on.- -id.- ami C.ii... t. Tli..nt:i.. m I Wtf,,k, Waf- sp' 'r r. .; . -.I-h lttlli- te4 alaa-rlf at v
..- . t. V . ' - .- -- KV ..-w - - w .....--.- ... .H.. . - I
11 1 riiiii ntriinvi iATirrnnriin md 1 . 1 "- w -'--.. .w - . - .t . . -- -- - w.-w --- - . -- .ii .
I have heard of a boy who lived lorjr a;ro
For ueli loj i are not fouud uuw-a-duj.-, you
Who-e friend-' were a troubled a Uiey could
UccaiiMi of a hole In his memory.
A chnrxe from hla motner went In one day.
' And the Uiy said: "Vc, ' and hurried away;
Hut tie met a man with a mu-Ical top.
j And his mother .s uords through that hole
! did drop.
A le-son went In. but, ah met ah rne!
, For a loy w;th a hole In h's memory!
When he ro-e to n-elte. he wa- all in doubt;
Every ord or that It-soa hud falleu out!
' Aud at lat. at lat oh. terrible lot!
" "" .-"" -I" " '" .--- -- J-.. J...
would it not t;e au iii:-"i to see
A ; with a hole in hi-, memory.'
II llluitn Arw llurr, in iuutht Comj'inum.
rrDmiAT?ow nc nnii
Tli Immrn Time Taken to Urine About
l-reiil r.eMiii4-iiow w.r w ...
I Tlmr I Drtrrniincd.
. i- . .1 ii.-
According to the calcularon3 of
prominent geologists, the stratum of
r-irih iiifiT i ri ;rt!ii( nlfiPi i- Two linn;
uud a half thick, constituting the car-
.- -
... . ; . . i . -.
ueposiieo, ami e-jiimaung wie larger
ones by the smaller. As an example,
the same agencies are at work now as
cr.tes, the great beds of coal in Penn
sylvania and other sections were
depo-ited. and as we sit by a spark
ling coal-liro wc are, after all.
t watching a wood one the wood of
twenty-nine million vcar- ajro. If vou
doubt thi-, grind a piece of eoal down
as thin as possible and place it under a
i micro-cone, when tho wooilv liner
w311 be l.laiiilv seen.
: i i : i..i. .1 ....
.uini-rai cuiii is uiitn'iy uiu 'iemeui
f carbon mixed with other bituminous
,)5S ,y decomposition, and a reduction
of bulk by pic-Mire, from above, and
tnmi ti.;s ;, ;s n.smi.,i il,..r it took
(.T Ollllv l)V I
froln this it ;s .sum,.tl that it took
ht feet of leaves and twiirs that
clroppt'd from the trees and blew to-
..' ' .....
geiner. pacKeu cio-eiv, to make one
f00t of bituminous coal, and twelve
f,.ot to make one of anthracite.
To niakl. :l iJt.(l (lf ro:li ,,irtv f(.,.t
ti.ieL- lib., tl... one in tin.
sf . - . . W . . . W - - . . ... ....... '-.. . . . U
area as high as the tallest church pire!
Hence it is that seams or la vers of pure
coal are rarelv vcrv thick. Olten-
times the laver is as thin :is a piece of
paper, but the average is auout ei!tit
feet. The Pittsburgh seam, at the place
of the same name, is just thi- thickness,
andean lie seen on the high .-bores from
the Monongahela Kiver. and traced into
Virginia and Oh.o. over an area of two
hundred and twenty-live by one hun
dred miles, and even into Kentucky. It
taries al-o in thickness as in the Cum
berland basin it is fourteen feet thick.
six at Wheeling, live at Athens, ().. and
on the (ireat Kanawha from two to
three feet.
Coal-beds form much quicker under
water, wliere the leaves were held in
place and retained their ga-eou- parts
whi. h would be lost in the atmosphere.
The common 1 cat-beds of lo-da are
perhaps coal-beds of the future at
least, thev resemble iu origin the old
plant-beds. Over one-tenth of Ireland
is covered with peat-bed-, some forty
feet deep. Iu Massachusetts alone,
there ate over PJO,('00,U(.O cords of it.
Trees are ofien found buried in them.
and in Ireland a gigantic fossil elk is
Vou may wonder whore all (ho car-
bon came from that r-ecnis to be the
prominent ingredient in coal. It is be-
Iieved that in the coal age there was
niains. either marine or terrestrial,
buried in mud, in time slowly changm"
into oil. or some materials that pro
duce it by tPstillation: but oil. unlike
the coal. Is found in the layers of all
ages, from tho lower Silurian wells of
Kentucky and Tennessee to the Terti
ary wells of Southern California.
Like other strata, that of the coal
age only appears at the surface at cer-
.".vw. --. ......... -,. v . . .1.111. 1.111
irclanil. l.SU.O0C. and in Knglantl. -'.-
-J.'iO.fKX) square miW Then again, it
is not always represented bv coal. It
i:iai 1?. 1110-1 01 me lanti was tinner
water: lut later, there was a rising,
ami great traits of swamp-land ap
peared. In them grew trees and veVe-
union in
tation totally unlike those of to-dav.
- fns cvGn being trees, antl large
I ones. too. ihe vegetation was won-
1 derfnllv nrofuse. Curious iWrl..
- - - -- j
become Idled with sand aiid rock, and t
when broken off below, shoot down
upon the miners. Their roots are often
found spreatling through the coal in
every direction.
The Lep odendrons were another
form, and a tree of this genus was
found in a new castle mine forty feet
hiTh and thirteen feet in diameter. The
bmnches were as perfect as possible
and about twenty in number. With all
thi luxuriant foliage there were few,
if a.ny, flowers, the great scarred trees
and monster ferns forming tho most
conspicuous objects out of the three
hundred and fifty coal plants that we
know of. And" with all tils there
were no birds; thfv had not vet come.
Tha onlj- living acinulu were noarah-
i". .--..
loving insects. sco.pions. era. s. j THE GULF STREAM,
worms, a few Trilobites. (or three- I
l"fed crabs), the curiou.s Crinoids An "trri.nn T..pic intrrttnciy iu
andafew reptiles: ,o that prolab!v ' " Mmui-r i
the onlv sound heard w:t the croaking ;
from tlie low retile3 that lived iu the .' ne Iu-t interesting subject pr-
bwamp.s. cnted on the voyage this way. is the
A eurious reptile called the Dendrcr- Cult Mream Ic form a ondin"
peton ha; been found coiled up in the
I trunk of a great fo?a igihana :n
v ......... ei. i i ..... r. . t .
.ova.-fou:i. ii naii a cunous .empi-
! tired hea.I. was covered with alcs.
and related to the great frog-like
Labarynthodout that was aj large :us
u elephant.
In the coal measure near Wc-tmor-
land. Pa., singular iootjintiLs are often
found, and one was traced tor a long
distance iu a layer one hundred lev: be
low the Pittsburgh coaL The hind feet
were iive-toed. and the fore feet four
toed. The distance between tiiu tracks
wa-i about eiirht inches, showmir :t to current is then Mipplcmmtcd hy trie
have been a large animal It was a ba- tlow of the lmnieu-e Ania on. th lar
trachian. so relatecl to ihe tro::-. fiud ' river in the worM. enitties
. . . .,,... .,, .,-, ,
I . " . - .
' m tne Aova Scotia toal iiieasur: a
; - - !5 , . , .
J,!IS j,, ftmti t ,h.4 t, to-ann.
. Miit u"u tin i-i ..w.t.t rJ tli .,
, ... .. , j .. Kav . ULlIk J fc - mA k .akkW
. . .
other forms equallv ititere-tiii".
j Such were -ume" of the inhabitant-
i nmi tii. f.n..rMi ..... w........ ...... ti... .......i.i
Story of an Intelligent, ami
Noblr Xuw I).
Hero is a great, shaggv Newfound
land tlog. At night he is left alone iu
a large store to keep watch During
the day he sleeps. Any one would
think he was a very hiy tlog; but in
tiie night he is on the 'ilert. At the
slightest nowe he bound- from one end
of the long .-tore to the other.
One night the store next to that
wheie Hero watched w;is broken into
by burgiars, and the iron -afe opened.
Hero heard the noise that wa m.ide.
In hi.s etlorLs to punish the oflender- ho
gnawed at the front door, ami tore
great .strips of wood from them. In th
morning Hero was puui-lied for mar
ring the docr- Allcrward. when the
reason was known, he w a prai-ed, pet
ted and called a noble dog.
He trots oil' to the butcher's every
day for his dinner. hen it i.s tune lor
him to go one ot the cbrks put- a .June
between his teeth. Away he goes, de
posits it in t'ic butcher's hand, ami iu
return obtains a piece of meat.
One day there was no .small change
at hand. The clerk pieked up a piece
of wrapping-paper from the floor, and
wrote: "PieasO give Hero hi- meat and
charge." "Now go alter our dinner."
sa;d the clerk. Awav
ic went,
me paper wiiere ne u-uaiiy earned a
dime. The next dav at norm the clerks
WPDn , i, t. ,. .;.!.... ...,,i .i,ki.k.. i ;. I c ".
dav at noon the clerks The stream, tak n' as before stab-d. ' llu! lnr"v i'iu,' " th t'"ty ihur ut
to" wanted hi- dinner, an K. N. K. direction, cros-iug the I IV v" "' or thiee time, a-much.
were all bus v. 11
out 110 one attended to linn, lie was
vcrv hungry. Soon he began to think
he was neglected, bo be picked up
a scrap ot paper, and vcrv tju.etly
walked awav with it to get his meat,
The butcher, who knew him well, rt
wartleJ him rovallv for hi intelligence.
Another, in the market,
he became t.ietJ of waiting for the la
dies to be st rveti. Without e,Ji a bark
of "bv our leave," he -natched a nice
Poiter-iiou-e steak and away he ran.
leaving hi- ten cents:
ilia owner thinks that there is not an
other .such Hero iu tiie world. They
are often seen together on tho stive..
Hero looks vcrv dgn.lied as he walks
by h s master's -,de, sometimes carry
ing his gloves or newspaper for h.m.
His long, shaugv hair is clipped everv
.summer, lie seems to ne ashamed 01
his appearance for a dav or two. At
sight of a stranger he will slink under
his master s de.-k, or into
. f .
a corner.
Our Little Una.
The ranH.-i ..r Tun MltnU IVIiIIe the I'.ir
lor Fire Viis ioljr Coc.linc.
It was the young wife's name which
was called, and the hu-baiid was eitting
iu the cozy parlor of their happy little
home, reading by the soft light of the
Argand burner and resting h s slippered
feet upon burnished brass in front of a
giowing tire of rosy embers.
Mildred!" he elided again. :is when
a lover he breathed her name, the
sweetest in all the world to him.
Put there was no answer
"All," he murmured, "the dear girl
tloe.s not hear her husband's voice."
ami he lay back in his easv -chair, and
watc'ied the blue llanics dance in and
out among the sparkling coals. At stub
a time memory weaves cunn n webs of
softened colors and iweet des.gns. and
the voting liu-bainFs thoughts Hew back
.mil forth in the loom of the pa-t-
'I hree years ago be had been a moth-
er's petted darbtig. with no wish uu- ,
gratified, no comfort neg ectetl. no lux- ,
had llllod h:s mother's place arvl matle
heart a tender longing, an empty vo..L ing the man rettirm,! and wanted the ll ?1FJ 'w -W-
which, so far n h.s happv life, had re- marriage undone. ,ut all I eoiiltl ilo unnsranole a ti- hiero"Ipbrs on tl.. "-r"' ".
mained untilled. Mildred Kay came, wa- -imply to refer them to a laww. " ,'j j " thrrv Mt. lb r im fj ay tr"
111 1U1LU.1VII. - '- n -.... ..,...,. ..... .......... uu ..... ...i, ,.i,u..-, . 1 ,,, ,.,.,w.ri.. r.f kMii tr-n t..,.r..
"'" "" ov".v.. - """ : , -- - - - -- ............ other that nprt'ni article in io- ' ." , , . T
wife w:is greiiter than the im.ther. A sad. is where I one married .1 oung nKin tJ, aa nini-s urh -'w Tb- tJM
vear pas-ed. and Mildrctl wa., h.s wife. - , onp!e. and when I had pronounced ,,. for, ftft fCrmiliD1r -! yrtii-s-r ? MWrl," wM h to
tlentle. Ixatitiful. he t;ok her to them inan ami vv.fe the young loan jmI . j.tJfn "p.,. 3 jt. itbohv nl ia ? "lii ? rti Mtr t Ww?.
their new home, and for two ear- ske me one dollar, ami exp.amed he &v,, " ,,"1... u.m .. u- , ,"t. i I.1'rf io nrtwlgV-al oMwirtlMM f
i . - ; 1 .....a..i.a...L . .!. . :
nomeatiei giiuui iubj. a iom-a... . .
Para.lisO upon earth, yet far aoove it. 1
. --..- -
he. called, for the fourth !
Yes," came the swt-:-voiced aaswel ,
from a sofa over m thecorner.
Oh." ho said, in atone of relief.
"Are you there, darling?"
Yes. husband miD.r'
"Well, love, the tire is going out:
won' t vou go and kring in some more
Not much. Pefcev! I've been doing
the loving-wife sfave racket lon
enough, and if yen want any more cook
you'll get it yoerself. You" hear rae'."
Mildred's memory had been veering
a few cunning webs, itself, wkile that
fir was slowly getting cold mlcrahani
l0ic of in,.llin. nnil SHHnialio. h
,, . ,n , ' . . ' , .
. MnL-to te creaU-d and su taxied br
' the n'lan tn wul n thtr N. II
Irtion ol the Atlantic, deflecting due
west and by beng un.ted to :he . K.
I tra,ic wnt oi :,c 0t, Ailanuc. ntn-
ning to the X. ". wr.ere it Join the
current formed by the X. H trade w.nd.
making what is caller! the ep:atxrial
current, increasing m a it
ne:tr Tape St. Kowie. the N. K. point j
oi the outh Anu-ncan continent. I hi
into the sea about twenty i in !
South of the equator. There the
Orinoco flows iu this equatorial curreat. h.uing a ifuiiM-ratiire
m nin t ml Avrrtili ivfi tk.i mii
-- - . , w- -----.. - . . w .
concentratl-.n its course through the
. . . ......
vutu. on the other. I hi-m ght o. eiui
stream i-here again supplemented bv
riiiriivnni:n-.tu-lii..ii.iii n.l m...'
'.I .Ml
and deflect, and -o it-.
1 v.doeitv deerea-e-. Tlie di-tance Ih-
tvveen the ( Ju!f Stream and our coa.-t,
is what i- termed the cold !elt. It re
tains this average distant f between
seventy and cignty mile-, unl.l
Cape llattera.-. where the average dis
( v i uf : ii - tti n iwt'ii .kxiiA uruft i. :iiiu "u u i
, - - ... , ,- .
tance, irom un in-nie limn 01 in.
iu the oppo-ite direction, accounts fur
the lieavv -well oil' llattera-. which sea
men dread -o much, and where so
many wreck- mark the -pot of danger.
The -ttvaiu here debouches further oil'
shore, lend-, more to the Iv. N. 11 and
.-o percept. biy widens its di-tauc from
the -bore, that at Cape Henry, below
Fortress Monroe, the inner edge of the
stream i- an av rage distance of Uo
miles oil' -hoiv. -till moving in an M N.
K. direction, until at sandv Hook, the
inner limit of the stream, is 1 mile
oil' shore, the reader of this crude and
and limited outline will understand,
that from Cape Hatteras. where the
distance of the inner edge of the t.ulf
Nf Tl I M i i tft I V f (If rt V-llV Ttl t !. fill'.
stream, is onlv about th.rty-tive mile-, i - '-' ' et down at any ,H.i
It is proper to sav here, that the (;Hf Jniiith .rniuiiir on 11 wevk or Wn
Stream, con-tantfv running in a N. N. ! ,,il.v ,,oU,,,- ' ,r:'u-' ' -K.
and N. II direction, meeting a wind , "" ' ' '' Wi" t 'Idler-
nil abreast of New' Vork harbor, where '!L''M;, b"ll"r- rl ...- eoa.-hwie,,.
itis 1 -(, the eoltl belt becomes wider and ''"-J-'- ' ' ''"
wider, -j that the coimt-r -rvice. the higher po-ittons are much
current from the cold north, running ' ,",U,,'r !"- "itr emn
insi,!,. between tl,..C..lf ...-..,.., ,.,,.! t!.7.,tr.v. but t lower far wor-e. lohce-
1 shore, accounts tor the severe winter.-
of our eastern -e i-bo.irl States.
bank-of New Found land, ha- now at-
tainetl a width of
ome three hundret
miles, but .till retaining its character
i a river 111 the sea, warmer than
.surrounding wean, anil having an
1 lie
itial velocity of from two to time miles
per hour. On its approach towards the
Kuglish ami French cui'sLs this great
(.till Stream -pl.ts. ami it is said, the
norUiern port.ou running partlv onthe
we-t of Ireland to the north of Scot -
laud the other )orl.ou diverging in a
S. W. direetiou around tiie Pay of Ibs
cav. where the operating cau-e. as oil"
llattera- the stream running .igaiu-t
the wind cau-e a high, confu-ed -ea.
the perpetual vevat.oii and fear of
navigation. It is thought a part of the
current dives under the straits at liib-
rabar, but its main cour-e is southeast
iloilg the ( of Afr.r'a between ht
Helena Hay s ml the river ( ougo.
After it pa-ses that river, it becomes a
stream current, formed of
brought from a cooler region
y the
prevailing southerly wind-. Juiyluu
II. Jlunna, m I.ulinn iuoIii cntttuL
Som or the Truu n...i Trii..n..ti..n. r.x-
prrirnrnl l.y fltrj.- n.r...
Key. I). P. Lowell, of the A-h drove
Methotlist Church in Jhi- ctv. read a
. . ., , .
paper before a small but attentive gat!,-
cnng vesterday morning m the lecture
room of tht. Hutl-on Avenue Methotbst
Church. He dwelt upon the different
wavs that people present themv-lves
for marriage, the cad re-ult- of mii.
, marriages, and the aniu-mg incidents
, that occur. Mr. I)weII -aid- "All that
pertains to the work of the ministry is
of interest, and profitable to 11- as'vve
exchange our thought- in confrencii
Hverv mm -ier has various experiences
iu starting peplu in married bfe. 1
Sometimes the e experence are plea
ant. sometimes satl and amusing, and
, oitentimea very annoying.
"One of the Mnnif.- cases wa- where '
a colored man had become enamored of
m Irish girl, and they tinally pre-nt-d
theni-hes for maniage. After the
cerumtmy had been jerfonnel ih.-y left.
unable to pay more, a- t.e hd ju-t k
!'' ... . .I
nasi ; luunr ac u.u In--.-,J. ;
hort time afurward his wife dsd and
contrary, -he- wa, smarting h m- lb
j wa- 0 niU'-h under the inliuentv of
liquor a- to be u- able to walk. At ray j
rejtics: he wa. -eated and I had a tali
with the intended bride and lan.t-d
i that he wi. the daughter of rich and
ropected parents. Her father wa to
shower a clowiy of ten thoc-and dollar
00 her at the time ot her marriage, and
she insisted on marrying this poor
drunken wretch who tlA not own a dol
lar. 1 flatly refused and kft the hoa-e,
tak:ng the certificate with roe. a- I did
not deem it right to marry a man that
did not know what he, was about.
"These are some of the few cac-
that have come to my notlc. Often
time 1 am compelled" to turn couples
i m w - rm K. mrutr rr. ? r ? K
.- . fc. . mt & ka wn-. t v" iuj. m.rm & j.a --
., , , ,
away thai present thmvlr. for war -
rijc. f,,r various reason. The fr.- rf
inm.t'.ers vary tor periormins Uw er-
niony tnettjncs tbey reroivv a h:gh
.u twrat dollar. and m . and map-
fnmUuit a low , on .Wlnr aiHl
nothing t ;ftn:!e- - u ack in bnt
the :-e lruul. which .4 alwar- don
rnime fre,UeaUy ngr tua nvc, d
otbT ncrr pa at all"- Aibmy Ks
Tti. lminrr!lHn Ki-rrltl fry t .
"flirr In i;uru;p nil th t'nttrtl
The rnt of wapr ic forriga laad i
much suialbr Ua in our own. Tao
t hamuan of the Worimgmrtj'- A.w
biy of th siaUf of Ntw V.rk iv- the
foilov:ai: arnoag tho wmrs of rolc
!y wag.- m New Vork City. v.. Itock
layei. -'. tnrjK'aters 5 it; laborer.
? '. '.f'-raph operator-. li. Th S.
rvi.r of tho We-tern lm!u:nal l..nptw
' Muot' ages in 'hicno a higher .
I '1 . lrirk::t tr. : imrrMMtU li ?
- - - - W - W '
iaborvr-. t1J..'i1 Hmi iot.ul-1 nrrn!
tna-oii-. t..t; enrjenters, $J.1. la
"aj;e- in Krauoe aro inewhn;
W a-e- tn Italy are -till lov.r than in
(ermanv. ( ne result 1- that Inrjr
gang-ot luilian laburers tv broight
into (Ii-rm.uiv when nulwnvs tr .tbr
extensive works are to be (imstnieUsl.
The -v.-t. 111 of i- thor
oughly ..rganued that a fon of tn
in-jHnrii- wild Niiou in- nunii-T 01
hand- obtainable iu their several local -it..-!,
atul ev.:n thing i- - -t in.ilu.l a
in a coiict-iitral.ou and movement of
Iu Au-tna the wages of the
iu the ta Urv of I'otteadorf
onlv 7I s.s jMr week ol v.ntv two j
bour.-; the women'- t--iajf but
5-L-lo. or le-- than two c-its mi hour.
The railway m' hanie- of :emta. in
cluding the highe-t and !: paid
cl.i-sf- nf skill. l laborer, receive, an
av.-r.iec wifkly wage of but ?.'. 1 1.
111 i.onuoii. noti-eiioi.i wa.'s ov tae
year, average a- follows
r-lain .ooks.
. ......,
.'.!.. 1.1; housekeeper. -?li'.IM w nitres'.
.s and nursein.tid-. isi 7.1, barmtiMl-.
11 ami leiier-enrrters in i.onda are
! paid from .. to -r.'iT.'i a var. whd in
1 11 Southern I liina meehaiiiet ru-
. ceive from I..VI to ?"vOt a month; eiu-
' I" H,,". :um . . ' ,ro!" '""
... .i..", num. illl-l i.iMi.niillKi. -l- by foreigner", from 7 to
.?lo.'.; while -ervants and country
land laborer- etiip:oel bv native are
paid ulmitt ?!..' per month, with thnr
tiwul u liieh 4 worlli n tminli riwir.
1, .. - ... . .- r . .
. "; -""" ''. ' - - """l"'-
' w
llllllirnx. Vrlrt I r li Ihe v,,riU
llfll ftf t'olor.l...
The twelve tltou-and or mare nUxk ,
brand- on tile iu the Seentary of;
State's trtJire. alb. rd an itleri:uig Held
of studv. The of iii"nuitv in
the matter of forming .mbuintinn.i U
remarkabb. 'I h number of coit.blim-
.:. 1... :. .
lJ,,!,s upon iinj. one ciM-i ! .injui'iiix
There are. for instance, otr two him-
' dred and t.ftv on the Inter II. tine bun.
1 .ir.ui .....t hdv .,r t.,..r.. . I--...I
. .- . ...... ..... .. .-. .... ....... ......
I); no le.t- than one huttdr-d m,li ii
K. and mi on tliroich the !t)hii-L In
! "'k ug up the brand index bH,k Mr
I Ivdwilpl Haltlev. AnO-tatlt STretrr ol
State. -as the Denver lmc. hn'di. "
l'1'"'1 ' ' :. J I'rami
are tw c indexed .once bv the name, ol
U. nWf.r, afl( .un lfr UrntuU .,
lft.j,.r .(1x , the one "wlueli w to U!
pr.ntetl and tib-d with tnj County
Clerks of the Stale. It U a very club-
or:,:, ""ir- ','1,, brands arc nrrnnxd
.1-1. JI. ..- . .1 11. f .
loiiit It 1 . i'. -' ", i euqirr, -ai MHtM oi M nriMM JMt-
a.prtaiieiiwiv or iiiiii''(f ht. jr a? i--"i; ii n mm- . 1 tmm i lH
praeti. able. Tlire ar. hwv.T. etn-, arnl.itioq 'uongh to jjit mt"r mj iu
binatiou- upon the letter I. the Jljun w.y." I!trpri Hii
1 and the bar. which can not v dutm "Hat man 'Poni.'T wim' Un WrrtMo
gm-hed n the certificate, M-nt in. 'JTwj Mli. ' . th WiW i;u khmnt
are all three, therefore. ind-xiI nndr . r "I Imh vni 'bm mm rdhir
the Hurl. Ine I'-.U-rU. ui.t riprM-r.
the (ircir. :h hlf nrrl- rind ounrer-
v - - '
'I h-v r all induxl tinder the letter
jO. Tli.-r.. will U? of the iwelre
1 ln, t.rq-xt. tllinl mum iIimi .
irri. in. .iift .iiii"wn.T.i roaiuiuii'
" " ' ',. ., ' '.. ,. ', .;. " ...v. "
,:. . 1 ..,..i. ki. -. .
,. rla,, Aliwr a, ,,.t.,.r UT oumWAj,
an. n,n., m MHm.. 'iw,
W1 ,,nilmWr i. , thfMsnnt! ot thn
iiwus. j ..---.-. .........t - ... . -v. ,..
prootiMy 1- ow i!wii m m
,U. .i . . tlvl Ih r,V-.,tv.
- IMI-ti'f.r'il - -- " - - - Mwrn--'
UoB. j j. ,arvw, cj,nr.wvpi. a ww
.j,ol....htflli . M iK-ir wirs. it
; hrv. bu:I-nag. ptUji. lamp, limp
hiniix-y. arrow. -.Tn.a. ... o.. eU- '
Tlieju of hde.-g th brand wU
pr-'te an -xrdinly kOK xn! UinM.4
one. Owing to tS natar ot tho oiu
only ose man cjs wort npon it a. a
urn"-, and. allowmg lht he worV. ,
bnnday. holidays and evry day. :
wiil npi:re trariy lUr mocta u j
complete the work- fvcUo Gkujiein.
Mr. Strother ("Porte Cravoa"). ,
allndmg to the Mi
cJare, o. amort "It H the r-rrpetoul
spring of the poet." He thfakTlhai ,
tnanv American daring tfc coaaing f
century will migrate thither to pM
days 0! Ircts.
' M-ry Ad"rori t ti tiri tfcn
fio rTrr tLv-l wivs ImhV j" ftm
n. Prin. of WaU W a ( U I
Jn fnrU.OJH. .trvnt r-mnr .
. b1h ftV4 ka. j tf fc rt iv.a. o.
tMnt W 'r.
-Httgh llhmrv. k Dmbtin wtoa r.
chaU ko rr-U &cd at ilk s '
autT thr. oifd to boat thai km hi
sirn th'f oiq neat for ivty ymr
Lawrear H Mm. f Clficin
tm,U. ami Mi.i Cra Imw,o !
ton. u. m rvcvntlr mmrtit. thc
aojttAmtaoc oh1 courtship fcMjf 1
Un (by toirsriipa.
tWi w"fo afwrv-
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