The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 16, 1885, Image 5

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The Red Cloud Chief
Hcpublican County Ticket.
For Cnuutj Cotiii!iitluticr
C. 0. WILO.X,
T"or Coimtv Ck-rl:.
For (Vnmt TrfasuriT.
M. II. .Mc.NITT.
l'ir IJ.'plsjT of I '-ls,
II. 1). KANNEV".
I'or Omitiv .hiiicf.
y. a swEEzy.
1 or Hu;.;rliil;iH!ft .T l'iil.r;.'t.oii
E. I'. KEEI.
G Per Cent Furm Loans.
The Xebra-dni Farm Loan Co. will
make ou u loan on vour farm ut
fetraig..! 9 Jer cent and furnish the
money without any delay. Cull on
them n. the Red Cloud National Rani:
Gets to the Ohio Front in Elegant
Driftinc Straws Indicate tho Course
ol tho Political Current.
Hooray for 1383.
t-'jicc.a. toTiir.rmur.
Cm vi:i.ani, ()., Oct. M. 1H5-.5.
The whole republican ticket is elect
ed b l.VKJUto 1R.000 majority. Tin
legislature will be republican on joint
ballot itli a good working majority in
hoth "Louses. The result will secure
the i It tit n of a republican United
Mit"- Sen a or. The tirohihition party
g jiic fr :n Ohio polities to "where the
woodbine twinKh." Fraud and demo
cratic rclorm, ditto.
(i j Hamilton, of Iowa, i in the
Mr.i. (I. R. Chaniiv is, slowly recov
crin:'. M: "NIattii: Hacki:r is viHitinj in
C a ui.iM has gone to Rushville,
b t live.
'1 in J'ticopnl church will toon he
til phi '1 with pews.
C i.N bilking will soon he the
prim ipal work tf the farmers.
A t-Wot's rainfall came Saturday
and laid the dust in rood shaue.
aIus. Fi:i.ti:i: and son, from Kansas
were veiling at A. W. CopclandV, last
Sumus v.
Pi: il Smith, of Guide Rock, was a
p' caller at these hcadtjuarteih
S.ttm 1 iv.
Ji dmj.n our next countv
clerk paid tins office a pleasaut call
un Monday.
J L. M iu.nn and Tun Cninr were in
Lm oln this week attending the grand
lodge Knights of Pythias.
Eer person wanting nursery Ftock
tins fa . will please send their orders to
L II. Rust by the I'iilh of this month.
Oi it Iriend Roht., Cochrane has tak
en nc contract for building Henry
C -L new store north of A.lI.Kaley's
8' ore.
Miw F. HowAun and daughter, of
C 'unci, Willi's, have arrived in Red
C oini where they will live in the
la t tire.
J II Smith returns his sincere
it.anks to the kind Iriends who assisted
in qnen -hiug the fire at his place last
.1 -UN hin, an 1S7I settler of Web
ster county pnid Tun Chij:k a pleasant
. one day this week while in the
ei: on business.
Mus Du. Ria, of Aurora, and Miss
Reriie Emigh, of Downer's Grove, are
Mtitii- ttieir parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Tt.omas Emigh.
r C .-iii:ilviilk liog cholera is abroad
in our land. Gus Koala lost live Sat
urday, and several farmers have
reported losses recently.
Ihe republican delegates to the
htate convention left on Tuesday night
lor Lincoln where they put in a couple
of thus m tho interest of t'tie party.
Mini am. Shi:khy and Cnarley Cack
le, two young men from Clinton, His.,
are in oui city looking lor a location
to g into business in the ''best county
en earth."
Mas. K. McAvov and two sons who
have been living in Red Cloud for
some few months past have gone to
Hayes Center, where they propose to
Red Cloud is on the boom. The
business men are getting in their fall
stocks, and preparing for a mammoth
trade. The Chief wishes each and
every one success.
At the last meeting of the commis-
ners a new precinct was made and
' .t same was named Catherton pre-
c;i. t There are now sixteen precincts
in Webster county.
Mrs. Geo. B. Gates, Mrs. 0. H.
Maryatt and Mrs. Rraketield have re
turned from Lincoln, where they have
been in attendance up m the W. C. T.
f V. of the suite in general.
C. L. Cotting is adding several
improvements to his store, both
. internally and externally. In the fu-
turu his supply of daylight will be
obtained through the medium of a
splendid French plate gl.u-3 front.
Notice is hereby given that the
embers of the republiean central
committee of Webster county that
they are requested to meet at the law
office of Hon. J. S. Gilhani in Red
Cloud next Tuesday. Dot. 20, at 2
This is an important meeting and
every member should im to be pres;
iiL Don't forget the day aud date. i
Pit L. N Well, of Whealand, took
in the fair 1.-.K week.
Mr. and Mr?. M. Rirney and sister
are visiting in Crete.
Divine serving will be held in the
Catholic church. Hal Cloud on Sunday
the 3th.
The IJlue Hill band .serenaded our
worthy frinnd Chas. Buschow laEt
Tnursday niht.
Father Dre ru, oi Franklin, will
breach in the OtngregMtioii.i! church
Saturday and Sunday.
Orit friend, John Young, has rented
the McAvoy property and hs, moved
hi- family to Red Cloud.
'liih foundation of the First Ward
school house has been laid and the
brick work wi!l now proceed.
L. C. Mice and A. V. I'l.illip-:. two f
Salem's mwl enlerpriring business
men, weie in the city Tue'day.
Misri I'icnvi-ack:-:!: of JSorth Loup.
Xeb. is vi-ititg in the city the miest oi
her hister Mrs. W. D. Forrester.
Frank Wat kins, the ail'able and
courteous editoi of the Blue Hill Time
paid The Chile a fraternal vwit during
fair week.
John Young, of the firm of Athow .
Vouiig of t'ni-3 city, iias jut returned
from Chicago, where he has been
making heavy purchases for his llmi
Cioud store.
The Blue Hill hand serenaded sev
eral of our citizens Friday night in
line st'le. The band is one of the oest
in the Valley, and have a very neat
and tasty uniform.
Rout. Fir.-t, the genial manager of
the 15. M. dining hail, won a watch
t a rallle last week. It is a splcnilm
watch and will gain enough time to
pay for itself in less than a week.
Jell' Thomas who hat been employ
id at the round house here for r.onu
time past has been promoted to a
regular firemunship. Win. Kanke!
takes hi? place on the Red cioud yard
The Rev. Geo. Hummel! will hold
quarterly meeting lat the Hummell
school house on the 24th and 25th
Preaching on .Saturday alter noon at 2
o'clock and on Sunday at 3 I'. M. All
are invited.
Why don't The Cuixri admit it lied
when it reported Dr. Denncy fatally
injured? Jlclmct.
It was no fault of the editor of the
Helmut that Dr. Denncy was not fatal
ly injured.
S. F. SpoKEsfield. a popular busi
ness man of this city, has purchased a
hall interest in the general store of A .
II. Kiiley. Look for the new firm's
announbem'-nt next week. We wish
them succc"!.
Mrs. L. V. Albright and her brother
H. W. Sherwood, left for their home in
Ainsworth Tuesday morning, they
were called home by the illness of thair
frther J. W. Sherwood, who is now
rdowir recovering.
Rev Teeter spoke to a good audience
at the Baptist church mouday evening
His theme 'Different kinds of christian
peopV, was handled with fairness and
good humor to all and illustrated with
amusing anecrio'es.
The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs.
W. II. Way departed this life Saturday
and was buried Monday afternoon at
two o'clock. The bereaved family
have the sympathy of their friends in
their hour of trouble.
Dn. L. D. Dknney can be found dur- (
inc the dav time at his office over
Ctxk's drug store; nights after business
hours at his resilience, northeast corner ;
Seward st and Third Avenue. Calls
attended to day or night.
A Card of Thanks. U'c wish to
return thanks to all who gave us their J
help and sympathy during the illncts
and burial of of our decea&ed brother.;
May heaven's blc-sing restujon them, j
W. H. LflH.OW AN1 FlMIi.Y. !
Faith P.ebekah lodge I. O. t. F. of
this city gave a banquet at their lodge
room last Tuesday night. It was a
very pleasant affair and highly appre
ciated tiy io male portion of the lodge
to whom the banquet was a sur
prise. A Guide Hoc;: chap got full of bf oze
in this city the other day, and while in
an inebriated condition borrowed six
dollars, and the next day he "had for
gotten who the fellow was that loaned
it to him. The lender will please take
linn Ciorn had quite an exciting
time Thursday. Two fires in one day j
is a pretty big thing for Ked Cloud. Still j
wc might as well begin to put on met- !
ropolitan airs now as any time, and
get used to them for its only a question
of time when we'll have to do it.
A Kansas man living near Salem,
by the name c.f pointer, tried tosnutlle
off this mortal coil by taking a dose of
"rough on nis" but his stomach re
volted and he still liyes. As a Pointer
we wouid sav to tiiose who wish to di
Uv tiio -roneh on rats" route beware i
of taking too much "pizen"
Hon. James Laird's speech at the
fair "rounds Thursday is said to be one
of the best speeches ever made in this
city. Mr. Laird is an able and enter-1
taining speaker. ana kuos
precisely what lie is talking about- His
speech was very highly appreciate!
by all who had the pleasure of hearing
Ditjsg fair week street fakirs and
gamblers got hi their work pretty
well on our uniuspeeting youth as
well as others, and in this connection
The Chief is again compelled to enter
its protest against the licensing of such
thieving aud swindling games on our
streets. It is downright robbery and
the sole intention of the operator is to
j take in everyoue who nibbles their
Blue gras. timothy t Kasker's.
G. G. silk t oc at DackerV. Ca&b
G. G. Hilk at 1.35 Ducker's esb
Evaporated and dried fruits, s.;
G G. silk at fLOii at Daekcr's cash
rll- ;U.c It,. mnrn't.ri ft TliirVer. i
film I. cwji-v w- . . v -..... . ..
Cash Store.
The finest and cheapest line of huhpg
at Henry Cook's.
Go to Ducker's for G.G. tilk xt 7cte.
All mUc.
For bargains in dry goods go to Mrs.
GotoDucker.s for cloaks and new-market-
this week.
For ho ids, yarn-, Hamburg udgiugs
aad lace g to Mrs. .N'ewhoue's.
Just received a nrv ruppiy of Mises
jerseys f ali sizus ;K Mrs 2e hour's.
The new electric burner chii be at
tachdd to common lamjjs, sold at
For fresh ciioice candies go to Klee
man & Wiener s at the jxjat office.
Ihey are immense.
In order to cloe out tlie reinmuits
Henry Cook offr a ftiw patterns of
wall 5, 10 and 12 centa per
double roll.
For bargains in dress goods, dres
flannels, jer.ieys, yarns hooda, Ham
burg laces cheajer man erur a: Mrs.
Services in the Baptist church next
?unday morninj and evening by the
p.-:tor. stranger.; are cordially jyi
ln to attend'
Ki.i.lman &. Wir.Nci: proprietori of
the port-office nt-wa denot, have the
fiwbt line of imported Key West and
domc-itic cigars in the ilfjmbhcan
Valley. Stop when you get your mail
and give them a trial.
G. I:. Chancy w.w up at Alma the
Other day defending John I), ctuddura
in a trial wherein Sioddard waa indict
ed for murder in the ilrt degree.
Stoddard was cleared and duly icleaa
ed from custody. The trial was close
ly contested.
Tin: finest exhibition of poultry we
have wiine.ed fur a long time wa.
that ol L. Jl. iloplont at the lir. Mr.
il, has the poultry Mismes retluceu to
a science. His fine Plymouth liock
fowls would take firt premium at any
fair in the land.
Tin: Chikk was preeutetl with the
three pi eniium weet p(tatoe raided
by J. JI. lI'MUaberg, which weighed li
pounds. They were el":anl. Fat-n
potato win alnio.-t l.iri;e enouti to eu:
up into waqon wheel-, anC for a time
we thought we shouid embark in that
bu5ineas. but Jiiiuliyvcmeluu::dto eat j
The democratic county convention
was held Wednesday, Oct. 14. 3 he
following : a ht tff the victims:
Treasurer F. C. Dnschow.
Clerl S. A. Temple.
Shenfr M. I.ovitt.
Superintendent O. It. Juwn?.
Judge W. A. McKeighan.
Commissioner Barney Coon.
Coroner Dr. Elliott.
Whave received the Clinton (llhn)
Jfaihttr under the management ofj
"them Hughes Boys" and wc are glad
..-a. . . -. -I
to see our tdd friends jro.-orring and
making the JleyhUr one tif the very
best local papers in the state. The
Chief wishc the boys ruccess in their
new role a.- editors of a great demo
cratic paper, although we feel ennfi- J
dent that they are "barking up tii- (
wrong tref- as lar as democracy is
II. Ii. I.uci: tlie Indian creek cheese
man. had a fine display of cheese at
the fair grounds, and was the sole ex
hibitor, notwithstanding the fact that
we have several Jaetrries in the countv
V.r. Lire's enterprise is quite com-
mcmlable and we are please to learn
i..i t.n -,.n-...i n-,v rifi, rf.. f -.,
- Hi. "(OUV4 ' fcl ttIV- tllCl (
iiremiuin on new clicfse, on
eheese ana on ttie t-est Uisplav of
. . ... -
ground Tluirday afternoon and after .
several Innings the Ked Cloud Imvs I
came out victorious -is thev alwavs do. .
and were proclaimed the winrers. Or. i
ttie uay loiiowmg ttie n rat and second I
nines of this city pbtyed .; game, and '
on this occasion t ;e f:rt nine got ,
..nnrA u- ti.r. ,,wi ,.;., n.i.
games were witne-ed by large crowd t
and were very interesting.
A Chief reporter visiiM the new
building now being erected and fitted
up for milling purpose by the Red
Cloud Milling company, west of our
city on the Republican river. Tins
mill when thoryughlv ccuinned will
i.. . r .t. i. .. :.. . .. j -ii I
chece He make- n V.) I clico and i IUt'l. ,rfriBU """ n i: m 5j,irarv Lrtion. I o other ,' i
tncga:plentndp,ronaSerfi Rllis! i S-0. U ; 1 SJt j
CT l0n,im,ir ,,, , t j Thursday mght .u twelve o'clock u re. i.ilnm Jc-J
Tin: Hlue Kiii and Ked Clou based i the alarm of fire wa3 given on our lc- "r " P" ! afi . MOf k i 1 ver old aonle tr 2 ft and oer -- ' r-- .
i. .u ii . n..t r.. v i! ii-ii i i and har. alreadr 4o car load- "f . V J ...Jjj. J!l" . i t mi. t "'' "e-1 ' -.
ball clubs (both nrst nines) measured s-reeis. and a hule later on our people I , : , . ,.- -.. .... ctUag of J$ different vamtte of r , u-w T4iw wr. m
bats nnnn tho diamond it ;hn f,.ir ' -.. .. ik.. .; ; Imrmw tmi-arrU L- l! t-j .... i i ,T i.! r " applea Pieaw exaiama oar stock , a f-!! i ,
i.- owe ui mi; ui7. in iue mji.u uiiu will I . 1
. , , .. i , l!bunuivton large and
flonr nr dav. Pari nf ?n m,nW i
r , . .... ......... , ;
i now on ;he grounds nnd altogether
tV Kfililnf ier miMtinAt tl vj-
i . - r i , ...
certainly he a payiug investment for
is .rojectors.
We are sorry, but that makes hut
little difference. The last legislature
wanted to be kind and give the people
another otSce, that of register of d&ol
so that office seekers could add anoth
er string to their bow, but there having
been a clerical error in trie engrossing
of the bill it has oeen decided null and
void by the supreme court, and hence
a large number of people in the state
will be sadly dis-appointtd by the ac
tion of the supreme court in declaring
it not a lar. The work of th proposed
office will revert as of yore to the
tounty clerk's department.
MrKAi. 'Tlie re rnt band contest
; at the fair h u beea a miler of cvti-
sitientbie conmmti in uc4 tiniei
It is clniuied, a.d jxmir too. ihut the
true toil of mnsicftJ ability hee jn beiiir
b'e to rMMi nd exerate new or
Strang" rmie at right, and :tot for any
partindar profioenry of exrtHiw of
old sad threadbare produrtitm that
hare been practiced inceswanih- lor
months. Time a!s has ;nt:cti u do i
the matter, init Ume in miic viihont
orprei-sion fa'.W fttdy uo the fjlfired
J oere is no itonut Yttnterer in
the mind oi'miy cempfttem musician
twewi Uue Hill and Bed Cloud, ih.-a
the latter were er.uiled u the ptemi
am, irooii ci h so the contrary nut- j num fire -, ?uttpmrd to hmV .
HUk-taodmK. "oitinrerlieU.yatefricinsleifrcMn x 1flto rf Hff
not kicKins and feel d? v. I m fir, te ?ttm0
iM"-uu- - mmw wrj ku ii-
lin u lock horns in a friendly eonet
with the Bltie Hill or any other band
fur a nurse and the
1-;...k;.v ,.ri
" f
ihexney. Our band has bean hut
recently re-organized and .ro finan
cially enibrrasd, but oar ciW2ns are
responding nobly to their apneal fjr
aid and ere looS e espect tu a.y the
boys able to wir pud clothes and
houl their own wuh the l,e musical
or?aniautious in the .ute. '
Uscui Vist Uilw. ho was
known in Ked Cloud as one ot the 1ST!
cotf lurs of IvKitM-r .iiiftr 1 u-h.
haa been suirrin fr many weeks
past with dysjK'pMa and r. comp'.ic-
tion of other diseaies. nassel from
earth to the rwt: ueyoad on Inat Fri-
day. He was an onexcep ionab'.e
man, well read n.mi a man ho never
mi-cd an opportunity u, he'.p a fr.end
whenever it laid in hu power Ut do &o.
l'.stug one of the i,)d fceti'.ers of the
coun'y he naturally pastel through
the trials and hardship of the CHrher
years when the settlement of Nebras
ka w. a project that was uninviting in
the extreme but he. like many others
felt cMifitlent that all aouid he we!! , by
aud by. and pot up with thoe hard-
ship that turned many others from
Ivebrnska. lait he bus g-me, gone to tiie
land beyond tno hhi Feac be to his
. ahes. Hi many fri'-nls mtd relatives
1 have the rympnthy of the mtire com-
t munitv in this tneir al ainiclion. At
, the lime o: his deatu he was ss.xt3-
three years of age.
iJii.v, kv lu-o Liotiu, uti ym ivo a-
tcr a Ions and pninful illness frun di?-
eased stomach Mr. Vincent Ludlow
T..... ... t .1 O' 1 .. ,.?. iwr r
Tho was bora in Utilier countv Ohio,
.lu'v :',rd It'l'S. F!i!;k.phI earlv in
r'uiar army of the V S ,-erwd m t'uc I I.r wk f made mention of the
Mexican war. In the ar l."4 settled ; fact thsit fi'o. W. Liwl-v. of Paw Paw,
in t- .:atf of Iowa an ! r.r:Te tw Ki-tl t Ilk., lv:l Jti tne city Jo- king for a cuit
"i iuu N brakn .n t... .! 17.'. wbe'o ! uhle li'nJi.m to -tabH-h a packing
!he3reniKiMd'nnttl hi deatu. H'
! Wan a man- : fine mind
and otunCiJinmon memory. I'Iennt
. sind-;HgreeaJsO in eonvfr-al.on, had
manyfriend.'1 and few ennniie., truth-j
ftil nnd hone.-t, bore bia great suffering
patiently ami cheerfully. DesI'Vil' no
show'or parade over hw renwiui, no
rC!jmrk.,d thiXt ho,!e and tru,t wn-
,, t t t
in ,C
TilK uct that town-hip organi7t:oi
has been talked of in the Ian few 1h3
bv our people over the v lead.-
' , .,
The CuiF.r to remark ihnt if the lro-
i jeel siiould &irr the pcopiM wou;d on'y
,,u to PUti tn rt'u,ru w lhe mmiv
aioner intern iiiskIc oi two years, ."he I
-i-'". ' " .' "- ...... ,
i just yet. In fact the expenses attached i
thereto i. allogetlier t io much to be
thought of nt this stng of county af
f.tiri. E;ich diy that the commission
ers meet it cou the county "", but if
the supervh-or atem ia Yoied it would
" ih(i county soineUiing lute c50 to
" Pr (I:l.v- sertiinly to great a dif-
fereiice for the amoifit cf good to be
untuned from the diaerence betwoyn
.1 ,....,.,.. nf Mnnn.f'fl.
",tr l"u r.-i. x-v........ v.....
f?e dejot where the oil house and Mr.
Btrieve office were ftiund to h on
fi Th.. ...cmip from iid town was
i.p .! ..c
beautiful to tho-e who wi;n-?ed itThc
origin o: the fire is not fu.iy Known
:itH: the lo-s wn :nu be f:imtd n
ct, bu: will pr'dntbly be K) or 5-JOU
,...: i -,... - ii....w f
j .-
Brown one of the emjdoyeus of the ;
company a? very severely iairned ami
i m.w Jn a precarious condition. Imu
will recover under careful treatment
and good nursing. j
Rev. Mr. Davis, the
new M. K. '
Church minister, has arrived in our
Rud nreached his first sermon
""- " . .r . .
tnan ordinary auii:ty anii gives tne
people polished sermons tamtet wnn
good sound doctrine
ne is a very
nleasant and interesting speaker and
The Chief gives him a cordial vei-
come to Red aood and hopes hi?
,.x.,,i,.,r,-1nlfl vriU V-v nlfia.ntl
" .,.",, .- ,. j ..
and prontable both to himself and tns
S. Ax.J3A.vwa. the Wails mail car-
... - u j r-i .
ncr while enroute lor Red Ommic
, , , . .. r ciC eilfHiriV If
, ". w ,. -K- v'inL W- Lv;,! w
seemf tha the kms-bol. l-oke anc Ite
the wagon on the heels' ot the horses,
and thev lvecame frightened and ran
oiT, throwing Mr. A. out an4 bruising
also thrown out but were not as sen-
ously injured
: eulogies rovm? that hrwai hone.n and nnwawnmreToom win ne ereiou
i : if. ,... i.,.,.. ni r.i etrV !ut' and the hoof nnd pork
true :i id hu life w:u3 Known , - . -,. . , ' ...
, puck'ng biiJM'ss rr'eceuted with
h:ri frllow tnn a-i.l they poind judge v: ,0r " Ve utn grent nleiHtire in
I . . r .1 ... . I J- I.: ,1 ..i. I ' i t i . . ' l i.
mm. iv lew vi in-i re mi? ticaiii u; : weieominc r i no oor niiinorj
is face and cutting hSi rssrht hand n KeUOkHw at uve riotbtiM: umn
y. His wife and cfeihiren rei. - -' tb-
On Tbor4!;. afternoon i.iie oar
ci:ii werr enjormg th fettTit
nt the fair groan4s a cUmd of tlnck
:noke wa' oierTd rmlitiff bf-a
j ward m tho ritv, aoc at uoew lb Un-vl
f crowd a; thr fr -roomk beramc fi
fel that a! Ooud . or mbt bv
btiruuc ftna r t:ero of vehicUn wer
turned toward vh t iy Uutrn& U
oo tb- rotxud coo after th fi?
dtocovi-r ami on nwtirHo Wm.
! L ,,,4 UisaUbi of lr. iaerh Cr
i mTkA -k. i.u4m t i u tb
u eoowraH bv lb? drTrann;
- ---: .--v .- H.9 " " "-.' ww
Ubot f50 wd Mr. Grmx&'z sua-
IrK-wijh- .htrnt th ai Tne
. nr-ib iUb!?. Howler it as
rl call and had th wnd ln j
Wowing a gal " pmbabUifU-w nr
thai tlm fir mK.t hw
bn mncb !
i .. !... li.Lilv !. V.a Ma.o -f
t the ihl, gr vt kt ndr
control. A hfr balontnr to Mr
Siiih wa gotlen oat of th stable jtwt
j m ttB,e-
J Av the nnnVM Zleii ofthf ratmi y
j uj fc wpk
j ffAltmite ttmrw:t e t!etd fe- lSl9
j ensning year:
! Pri.!rit C. G . CWhun.
j TreasurerJohn ilnnre.
i !WrCiarT 1 . i. HIIHM.
Th'bovo -nt!nen ar min of
abilitv ad will inafci gwid ofticrr
on I Wl frrf l"a' tlf o! oSS" should
! hnvp been retained lor one yeir mom.
! the ys worked harrl to mate the
f,;r a grand uv and re derjrjng
great rr.dt fnr thoir untiring rf?
in that direction. i i iww otnHrs
j i1rtW.vcr havi rtty fir ailine for lhi
j future find we believe they will strive
i tndo b;r intft for ln& snecess of the
j ',S,Ht,l,0,:-
Tkk Helmet w afraid of mob lcadcs
and on that account besmears J?. A.
Swersrv. reoublitain candidate for
.CtKn.y judge in it? ksue thU week
j wth iu usual m.i!ieions:ie hoping to
j jniiicnce and preiodice people against
j .,o gentman bv rharnctnzing him
j - n "jnohladr." Mr Swoezv is ful'v
j Htf, u, ftd;nint!rr the dutioe of county
judge with ability and good judgment.
Rnj wj ,e d,i'v elected on November
a will the entirf republirnn ticket
Web-:er countv. Of eonrse it would
. .... -
t.1i4..- nor f!ni'rfllic eoiitnmorari
; v,.ry :,iUrh to l4 al'P to nct ive a
j a rood overseer m Wel-'er rmin'r .in
, bi tickc? P.ut a!.' hi- proude-t
' ... . '
hone- wilt lav vn-nshwi with the
coming of the X vember election.
i hosie. .Siii(. tiien Mr. Lind-y ha
purchnerl tho - -r.iaat , nir.rkoi and
) -lnuirhter hou-e of Win. Gates and
jpropoes t make tbn city his futurp
fieltl-of operation The meat market
; will be run as usual and constantly
upplied with everything kept in a
nrfit-eht niat iiarket, A pnrking
j rirc.a- and wi.V,, l.,r,i abundant succe.-
Lrrr ol vot:oS phec !n the SK-reml
' preeuri of ebeter county, 7scbr-
kn. t November 3. 1S35.
j CaW-Itk r--ot P.. 0. Fxrkcr'i oS.
It-wjrCrr-K iiros'-M-t. ehMl bou s ni.
! s.w-nn- ---i't.x.-nr' r-h-vA-ltcw. a
Jv ' '
fl-Jlt Jfiif !"- in wfwi Low . I .'.
Klw'r I vvrtt-t i:''!l fi .jf ili 'it 'i
I'otvlxMf -", r U U- ' i it : h.-! H. ;
I.'ii" prv-itir, K.jrh'i"-. .'iMl tioo.
Kl f I..M.I .irla.:. 'tntliii.' tol Ctmmd. :
lt:i!H prwilirt. rYite ti -ii" ii;ril .' j
t;i.iioI nrtturt. rcMn lrrt r..: itr J
W!Ut: rrk jtrrrtart. KnaUf' -lo1 j
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Harmon.. rf -wtrt. w.' lm- 41ftrrt iz
ArM.ft w wa. - u .. as w.
t .neinnr T ."lenrm"
. I T- . t
j ne i raar iimrfr tympany are
. movins th liwil ,: llnw'cv ttn-k of
liiTi.ljr wn rl triv n irrhivftl .. vi4lr
rr 'T 1 t I . . A
; w M, MS on ln tht..r n,.K eMlu; M,
. C I. I .!.. W -
ruur.o nar. nm-f- .uev f-
areeieu n-w mhj. nn:e aiw. cti
i yoti place nmr orders, in: tbv
, iwBI v?e tot Bpirw ihnt sill mj
I to Uu,,f.lbe,n-J"1'1 C,Su'
.,... n...;i VfU. ,..,. ,v
j TRAittJs' Ii-ysrR Co
Thfe Knowing tinm5.?'ves inlebid
to me v nose or oootc r.ccum .e
, v ., v .z .. r .... ..- w.. . ... ,
at mice, a I lm v told tur meat market
io Go. W. L.ndy. who will con untie
iie hosinecfi ai the old eUnd.
Wm Gkt&.
Canon Qty coat at PiaU A Tret'.
CobI. lime, hair, etc, a: PUtt Freee"
lumber vardjS.
Children- fiannel vrjists a; th
Golden Kagle.
For .ill ne of undarwsar. g to
' iae L-OWtftt eA-i.
. rut. ni- v-i-u... -w- ,4.... 1
a iiv wviwvm tjnir; -r - wwj'--"
ovtjrroitL- m Mr.-tt.
You can and ali kind- of glove at
the Golden hagk- ctwttimg toe-
! Keep yonr bead nd ears vmzza by
' buying otpa at tne Golden Eagle.
The celebraiod 5eU boot? and "hoes
I fur men, women
qw Eagle.
firM nuiffw ai md
. .1. ..L..
Ijimfwr eAl fstr ,. 4a - WT-
. "-f in 'he city, at Piau &
1 Lurnner lards,
I tt f7 , ,
Hosey at Hacker -.
.. . r ,
! Kcmembor W City Dree Siorc
Frcih gooil- counnuy arming. Lo-w
j pn-. cuurtetu- treaxraent Call and
: ee U5. Fehccos Co-
' !. M. M. IIooke, of Chicago, will
j our opera. turn r the aid of tisei
trusses. Refareace in Red Cloud.
Tti fcI"n- ar. ibt i tb
old ,Urr. witn .! daf o? r-
j X Ue old sjlew reaoum a fas 4my
tow H-ttco uddnamo.
Au-wl 1, lf, i- F JttoaaU M0d
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A Wt&m x.rr - .
ukJ Bvk
Mtr 1. 70, Honaid iicCalium
j, - .-. r .-1 ft-.! a
j cmUt i 7i' W llUn "tUd
J Cd.
Umj 9. 7S. tl. C Andf. R4 VUmd
- Af " ' A ' H"'x 1ttlr
Njt. IS. 7u. O ilya. Gunit
Ala 16, o. E. I'rter.
:spt. li, " 1, W U.fl..rb R-d t .
M.y in. Tl. J A BtfT.
C1 J-. if.rfiwnunwu. WIFT'I S, "72 Jio V Leah Kwd C ".a
wrv . .i. i. omwwfi iPiu.r
My . t2, F H HwromeU Kni i , .u,5
v 1, Ti. L Huuftte.
81 3. IS. E Mrt'unv,
JolV 10, 7K J Kmeh-r iunl B-ck.
rwt 2ki, "71. J L lYMUtabta.
H K Ayer, Jaue IX 1ST: f.ri
bov lorn in in Wrhairr contv
Slay a T, J L Kl.iott. lUt tou4
April 3V 71. H HfUrrfpp. ss
CK:t S3 71, A H 'rarr. liuid & k
July i 71. M W tSart-r -Mcti
29 72 J W Arnjibencer "
Ft loTi.AT Ayrr. k.! fbii!.
Mrh II 71. Wm H t'laf'p I'oKi
Hth , 73 J W Brnilcr Hw Ck.
Ap:i! 27 71 .S Kn
Jan Si 71. M CJudd
Julv 31 71, U W Kn?gh: InataU .
- M EB Kntgi.t -Hrpr
S 72. M B Mcit. Ikni Ootid
Apr;! C- 7f. Ae Brtsrga '
April 2-5. 7 l Met 'all
Apr; T. 71 A Mcl'i.'!
April ,s 71. J Hwiter. Ouide Unck
Mav 36. 7l A M TalUit
April 15.7! S P Martin Rl (ioud
.Mm !7 7l.i BU
No Ih 7o. Wm jVttit. iual9 Kck
3rpt b 72. 1'fter McNitt. Ue4 iuud
May 2t). 72. J A Tu!:. a.
Jury 12 70. Wm abiu Guide U-n.i.
SiA 12 7l Wm i Vaner. luatai.
Feo 15 72 C C iv.x AmKor.
May 7 72. M II Warner ll! t". .nd
Kor lu 71 if S ilarsh
Not 'Jl 71 A ! Hanner
tvpt 2 7.1, U Hi ba
Kov 16 71. W 11 Tliorae R'-::
W E Thorn.
t . - . i .. -
Julv 13 71 J U W ucox 1 1 Ci u I
tVi's. 7oChwtiurm'7
Juiv 17 7o SaraU Mick " M
"ov2-i7.t Rubella Plwr tuaval-
Julv il 70 II J tiarber tifnOe Boc
i . - . .-.!.
bepl i5 z Lott A 2iuium.l. Kk1
j Cloud.
ov i, 72 J u WHnir, Hl tlond.
Kov i.7I Noah PerTT
Jan . 75 C W Sprm'tftr
April IU, 73 A ahtdeu
Jan !. 71 N Phelps
I4y 7? J Miilham
Juiie 10 7u J larVr " '
" C A (iarber " "
lone 72 Lvi iiMr "
.Hpt 73 P H M.-m
Mav 10 72 It i,Tmker
- I'lmiiia Tinker -Mv
1". 72 .1 o '. Mt.ia Gile B ck
73 Mr V C MrCaUurn
June lp.' 72 Ii imrti Jted Cl.Ud
Nov 7t r P Kc.i " . -
.Sept 73. L H Trr -n Wei
Jan 2 71 M I tinr iJiude rt.-rk
June '7,-j Sti A'.g Few Markft, f
!ec26 7' K T J'uarn ICm! Climd
Hept 72 A Hurnov
June 24 7J Ura Mnnaull
Junr I 71 Ira tferpcr
June 1 71 11 K Sleeper
72. Mn J It WiMcox
June 23 71 L J K
l M
M It
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i. a.
Sept f72 Mm M It MnNSu"
ont fi 72 S A Warner "
June 24 71 KLMwiw - " i
Ansa' 1 1 I'ttvi-i uuix
?ept 22 72! I J Mnurer
Mav 74 (UV KVev
74 r- H HotKsrton "
1. -ir;i nd vrlfo "
. v aviti
i 1 4 .' i m ser
V . J jft!l My'fTl
X w the tiuio t4& bavin yon
winter ! Before yK do i oall on
I the P.att A. I- r lara&er eompnr.
j?t v KKter .-troei.
Fin"! Sin- of dmtir ud lot jMWtml
oi.if m th city at Kfrgu-toO A t"s
IJr F. Mizeh. the pt.fmbir Oper,
Hotigro er. who i n sitrmtl u
t,i new br.rk More a l:mg ff.a--.naa
qMenpwiire. provtatmrM. etc down at
i ntiontrar nniirum far" uiirii ai
f u .'..----, -w w e-w -"" " ' - -
Nrd rjrk price . A!v- te n.m rrrr
t ....... . ... i .
i vou imv yonr groreriec a u wi. p
! Van Mrec'da Ur one dollar tnan any
nthAr knnu.
f . tnU.h , rr kind
i " . . .. - .. .
j cured in 3fl atinnte hy wilr(l s
j cnItarv ijnii4,n r- olhwr Tio
i bekra buii.2 elwber.
lfTKl 11 WA'
r 1- - K-.-I ... -
P. H ftarrurr. JUd Oood.
i us ilx.u it rrr iumnr to, ar&
giviog barstanc io all kifkdt of lumber.
i vi t t
"" "w' ouHMi, -
trXTEr A enr! ir wn who.
uodfr.taab booewok. aod who i
wiiimg ! tnkt truf oaenit aH
agreeai'r-.cao 6od staadr emrU jrmtrt.
i a mwl horn and "d vmtm. ("all
j at Athow A Young drv food More
C.'.rcirr in the ru A man pmemaz
baatiljr lon u ebater t. yetnUr
attracted tbe alien two of everybody.
but bts h;t' ara ooa cxpifcioc. an
n- was on hi? way to purchase bar-
i gain; at Wright Walbiee':
lor.n frm W. P. tver
iii . - mm ... "j .-. n. j .w. '. w-
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fsrniabsd prompUy
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iztj doi.ari br getting bu ikria ioan
tron W. P. Overman.
Our JLrei?tiitm.
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and two ieud fijg -anegian Afdy
to Ealey BrOa, 1 Jbt
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It t hereby ..rd-! by tiw boad oi,
bounty f tb th (
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sworn to beioc m twav ia dkf mfQm-
tober, tgV F. C. 9EctMT. J JT.
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