The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 04, 1885, Image 6

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S ,F'T.
An prrtOB WTiO UIcm n. kimf rrr.
larlvfrora the post-of!jce.u..ii,-(Vr.fwrfy
Ilia name or whether he Is a subscriber or not,
.Is responsible for the pay.
The court have i decided that refuslnjr to
jtake newppnpers Irom the po?tofl:c. or re
jjiovln and leavitijf the:,, uni-nllt-l for. If
triwa facie evidence of iTkt!onai fkacE.
m told Hint foreign tourists without fear of
ghtly .sjwak of one old Urnltiiark of our inn (.,ji fence
Lc-n talking of thf,r travels. They would
have lis underuUnd
1 )ey thought littlo of this treasure held oo
dear in Yankeeland.
I ut the rail fence in its windings h-cdeth not
tf.e critic, lightly
C niuiionl.iitf on iu symmetry. On it winds so
ir-iy a!d Tnu-
id cuprieioim convolutions of the grain in
careless bav
fc'eave linen of hetuty round ita form which
"oarufclcan poitray.
ft I've Iinred in iU ancles busy with a
iiunui-ffj thoiiK'i'a
kbont ft weather ImnUsn stains of rnoai, its
-u.'irjry. oituoii Knot?.
khoKts of reminiscence? aud objects
tnlly M-cn.
hriK-int; UKuts ana shadows of gray
jnterils itself with wreaths
conspire to b!de
m mine
of sweets
ire in rich pro-
'In its .sheltered
nir winter winds
rj hiiow ijcliin tho
rnd e.YS with the furl-
it. ifuiiiil iiinHelns and
ne tall.
rii ine oii ran nil it
flieiu-d uhII
FT ill;, dr rtin, till fillitiiet'C jiohUS
ii!ii5 fosim In crniideiir pointing
rv. hi to lilt ikc-.
Wnu' o eiluiiiKiiiKcIiMs the rainhline; rails
lieir jfrcut Idne shn-lowi d crescents white
and oiu.hii); to oeliold.
OTline! preserve this plcluro, photograph it
on ;uy ni'ii.i:
In rieiieM ei!oi print it theie, leave no out
line iiiiilcSini'd !
Wlint (inr I whut n tonri6ts tell: 'tis of
little ron-eiiin-ne-"
Tlie3' I'aii never mar the Penutj of the zIrzhk
old rail letice!
M'i M. JfrCVntn?!!. in Cuneril.
A Thrillinc; Advonturo vrllh in
Alaskan Brown, 13 ean
ThrIn(;en!ous Devices Adnfte,l y North
ern Indlnnn t llwWovo a MniMtrr
Uriziilv.XMiffm Loc Uriilte Chlllcat
rrIe anil Their l'atrous.
Alaska, our Arctic colon', way oil" in
the northwestern part of our continent,
lias a coast-line eipial lo that of all the
United States on the Atlantic and Pa
ri lie Oceans and Gull of Mexico put to
gether. All along the northern coast
and much of Ilchring's Sea Hie ice hugs
theVshorcs, and here the polar tear is
fotuKl, never extending his excursions
very ir from land upon tho wandering
pack-si of ice, and still less inland.
Kcarli all the rest of Alaska is popu
lated flith the brown and black bears
In varying quantities, aud of the brown
species I intend to tell a story which I
hoard while traveling in that far-away
If you look in your Alaskan maps for
Sitka, the capital and largest town in
Alaska, you will see that it is on an
island, with many islands around it,
close lo the coast. Among the north
ern islands of this long group and tho
mainland, near by, is a large tribe of
lnd'aus called the Chilkats, a most war
like baud not very long ago. Their
country is very rugged and mountain-
ou. and back inland a little ways tne
li'gh mountains are covered with snow
and ice the whole year round, the cross
ing of which is attended wilh cousider
n ie danger. Through this glacier-clad
mountain range the Chilkat Indians
knew of two or three passes which led
them to a more level couutry beyond,
where another lrbe of Indians lived
that secure large numbers of valuable
furs. These warlike Chilkats, however,
never allowed the white men of the
coast to go inland through the few
mountain passes and trade for the tine
furs that the Indians there caught, nor
would they allow these same Indians to
ci me through the passes ami trade their
fur.- 10 the while men for such things
as they wanted, but buying trading
material from tho white" men on the
coast they put it in convenient sized
bundles, that they cr.nld easily carry
tn r such perilous paths as those of the
const range of mountains, and. gainiug
the nlaud couutry of their Indian negh-bor-,
traded this material for their furs,
nd putting these agaiu in bundles
cat ried thorn back to the white men. and
sold them to these people at good,
round prolits, considering the mere pit
tances at which thoy had been secured
from the Indians of the iuterior. Any
one. however, who has ever been over
the-e Alpine trads. as was the author a
few years ago, would think they had
fa rly earned their money by their hard
work in carrying the huge loads on their
backs over " them. Sometimes they
made two trips a year when energetic,
and from this source of trade for years
thev are the richest tribe of Indians that
I know.
Iu the heavily wooded country on
cither aide of the snow and ice-clad
mountain passes are found the black
and brown bear. For the former the
Indians have no tear; in fact, they are
very eager to meet it in order to secure
the glossv. jet-black robe it
around with it and the meat which they
et fi.r food; but for the big brown bear,
tw o or three times as large as his black
In-other, tl.ey have the greatest dread,
siad only hope he will keep out of their
-way when on their travels. The black
bear when he sees uietu coming -eoius
.bat dry able to get out of the way half
last enough, from the way he breaks
through the brush and scrambles ove
th logs; but the brown beasL if dis-
tnxbnd suddenly, makes t. ferocious
znafc (Ml the person, ana generally tears
fcini to pieces if not quickly dispatched.
If tie.Ltdiaas are 5a large numbers he
f TUBnwaj, trat otherwise is sure to
t atut sJowiyeaougn to suit nis
hnn-ranlnam The biz brown bear
Alari groat deal like the gris-
-OtUCM Mr wenmrapan. our wuir
as the grizzly, and by some it is called
the "barren ground" bear," owing to
the groat number of times it is seen in
the large clearings caused by lire that
annually sweep away great" tracts of
forest land-.
It was not many years ago that a
small party of Chilkat Indians had left
their country at the head of Lynn
Channel. :ml with tmcVa nf trndinir mn-
terirtl on their backs, averaging about aJ
- , r-"o . ; ',
; Vr'VlT;,.f.lvchonr)ed ,n- i I .Z
their country, and were making lhoi
-JJt fcJ ltJilJk 1.4 ill. fci V '
way down the cistern declivity of tN
pass into the country of the Tahkheea,
ihcir inland trarisinontane neighb'r
They had gotten oil' of the seve.or
eiht miles of snow and ice on vhich
they are forced to clamber in pitting
through the pass and, havAHf'iched
a little clump of divarfed piy lc,olc
a short rest from their futlaK march.
The .now being pas-ed, i
of them
luui taken off the-ranow-s
and were
hiding them away in th
green bushes where th-
so ever
be found
on their return. Jl'few of them had
collected so? dry pine and spruce
boughs. ail had built a roaring lire, !
before wjj'ch they dried sheirmoce s;ns,
saturated, with snow-.vater from the
pa s.
Vhen the hre was at its heiirht i
a hajfa dozen arinfuls of green boughs
'from tlie live tiees were suddeilv
irowu on the high-reaching 11 ums,
d these, as they burned and s m-
Vred. sent up great volumes of black
moke high in the skie3 and that from
the mountain -;de could evidently oe
seen for many miles in the a'ly
stretched out "before them. This was
the .signid smoke of th- Chilkat traders
to their TahMieesh patrons. ao that if
any of them were in the upper p.trt of
the valley, or within sight oi the ascend-
ing .-moke, they could give answer in
the same w.iyaud let the (Jhilkats know
their presence and eact whereabouL-.
'1 ley very seldom encountered the ,
Tahkheesh so far toward the head of
the river, however, they being further
down the stream cntch'ng salmon, and
thev hardly exuecled an answer from
them, and of course were surpri-cd
and delighted when thev saw ai I
nnswonnir smoke
u ascend aome eisrlit
or ten miles farther on. 1 icy
onee more threw their bundles on their
bricks and trudge I along on their wea-y
way. hopeful that the Tahkheesh party
miL'ht be. large, and that the:r burdens '
(lor it was pa
twice a year bo' 1 ways hv .-itv to
; '"hlv Chilkat trader-) lead 11 g down
wo.ii.t lie lighter ami ill .irr.cne- great- , im-n wouiu gei 01, mo go,,,,. ,. a w lo..vlllor wilh a , ve!oeu,ede.
er meeting liiom. 'J hey had p. ob- , the bear would ., coaxtjl out to h s old ; , . ; h .
ahh gotten four or live miles along on positron on the log and by pullmg on probable con-
their way. and were coms detably s'rung the rop. trie log could be turned around 1 I d .1 w;H JUcoV.
out. the stronge t leading when they and po-s.blv tho.r enemy might be j and an iron
were compelled to CUS.S the mo:.nam sp.l.ed oil into ; the bo.bng water he- ;,ste.ul h:u, nol turnit, u im, these.
torrent of. he swift river agam. Their neat, espec.a ly if ,t vyas done Mu to - , I .en em.
well beaten trad (for it was passed over suddenly. And even if lading the 1. 1st , ... ... .l1.,.
the valley was often forced to ero-s shoved into the air, the rope thrown to
this largo mountain .stream at the heat! another lot of Indians on the other side,
of the river by high, eipemlieular who w.iuhl jerk the limb to the ground,
bin ils. against who-e .-tcep banks tiro and ths could be kept up backward
river would plunge. I-avin'g no wav, !ut(a:id forward until the bear had 1 ecu
to cross ;fc ofVittmhur high over the , up-et ino the wacr or had backed oil
ftiiiKlain .spur, wh'eh was not very to the stump aga-n, and which thev 110
' plea-aut With a hundred pounds on "a ' ticed alwiy- took him quite awhile to
tued per-on's back. Like all such ' accomplish, and increased the clnnoes
mountain streams, it often -prontl it-elt ; oi their singular scheme, r.veryiiimg
in a .-licet of white over gravel was ibmo as indicated, the limbs
bars. At such points a pract cable ' chopped oil' from the part of the log
ford could be made and the Indians 1 ic-ting on the ground cm opt the up
would wade across oven with their riht one, and it was tested, shewing
hiiavv burdens. At this particular spot, that it wou'd not break oil" in turning
hnu-cver. which I was iu.-t nieiitionii''
thin', however good a swimmer, to
the river, msieau 01 oroaocmug, uau iojiu 1.1 -m-u 10 un- oun-i .no w .-v ,j,u.,., luv memorandum and nrured on opm.011 as 10 me jm.ii-i i-.-iuu . 01 m- l sti- cii.riu.. h. ni win'm n wi n. 11 imiiruiv, nwun w m w.'i
contracted into a rather deep can von branch -ome twelve feit long, and the . I fomid that i"ho tenmtcr owed me, po dl.ty of future annexation. He certainly an item w. II worth ond. r- valiiahb 1-t.ivl thm c 11 btlmiivl W
anul one third to one fourth its j two I odi-s of men took their a igned Jlt.r (.duotii.'" the amoiuit of hi-b'll! Iiail asked me, b,efore I w.-nt. to see if m.r n tf. p.-oht of eat tio farming L ,w vhrrro v t4. H .mi: I
width, and the deep river fa'rly roareI 1 po isions on the two sidi-s of the log op- . t.jtrjJt hundred ami sixty one do!- could tind tile hott-e at I'aeubava. Th s item wdl rai'- t.e preft l.w j-.v uiU niter 1 trr. m-i
through this contracted space; here it jiodl the erect pole. One Indian Mien j. ,wi cents. I announced one of the -tiburbs of the eii. in wh-ch pre- to a verv - atifm rx bn . 'I h land tbt vro trt'd n d 1 tl"
wouhl be certain death for :nv living . vy.r.kcd for two or three stepson the '. . . ' - ,. 1 t, .i,ked to -ee h was quarteied. and he ib'scnbed it. lir: gieal'ivforni .n enfl f bn i to vulur nir b- r-i rnininnl nnl h far
.. - . , r 1 .. 1 . 1... I - 1..-.1....I ,.. 11... ....1.... rt.i.f .it , .W. - -
fall into its seething waters. Thi-can- make one more of hi-char. es. stop
yon was probably thirty or forty feet ping a- u-iial where the Tiiih- nterfered
across, anil, approach ng it as one as- ' withh'- ; The-ecoinl he reached
oemls the valley, the Indians had from ( this place 'the Indians on on side of
this side chopped down a huge spruce the log pulled down tho erc-t limb by
tree that reached across and Was us d the rope until th y could reach it witu
as a foot log by the travelers on this the r hands, when it was lowered to
trail. LikiTalf trees growing in thick the giound. all being -lone m less time
forests, there wore no limb- for about . than it takes to toil it. This threw the
twenty feel from the ground, where tho log .piaiter of the way lound aud the
hin'csl, one commciie m1. U hen tlie
n.n Im.l been ft l'il theu laiov branch- '
" . . T . .
' ---- - "- -- - - -- - -
OS liillllUCU Ol lUOir.-Iliaiiei one-, mm ,
boon lett as good .support- to take hold ,
of in crossing the smaller part of the ,
log where they grew.
The Chilkats in carrying their heavy
loads do so by two straps passing to
the front, one over the breast and one
over the forehead, ami in keeping tiie
latter strap taut and watching the path
directly in front of their feet they can
sen but a very short distance in front
of them. The leading Indian, quite a
distance in front of "any of the rest.
had rotten about a uuartcr of the way
nero-s the foot-log. or about half-way
.. 1. .1 ..:..,:.... i;.,.i,j tn ,viii..i,
----- j
liirougn mu piojvuioiii iiuiu-i " .....v...
ho was holding, when ho heard alow
rniwl ahead ol him. and saw a huge,
-'" j
Alaskan brown bear rise up
t,.-Ol, lli.
seen him before he comprehended mat
ters and made another rush across the
log. onlv to stop when the bristling
limbs were reached, and this man. too.
miht st nv one ofeii?
nil .1. . . WW.t I ...
. v... . , .V.
i uu way n.t'-tj
The ChoK.- V
Ig across
tne mountain 1
mm witti the
twelve pounav
nal mean yr nr"
furs, and JFLa ,
were ai3r .
iitfinorn' & v
daB- - Yr
a, V5i v
w j!i:;
L. ?!& "i
.B J - "Wl
11 ..I !.
" ', T,l ., 1.0 turned to iiv . made bv the Indians and the bear not -loop for Ivlng awake? , where di-ru wa.s nothing to en ivon the nuiiiciiwiwi w p-'nm ... . thv: U. iit .v hvl un a, .-l x,
1 S t; S in Hi Sn' me I "'! ' so ve:' lhol" to OnenVhtaWrtainoithnM I lay ' riiiil of milharv duti.- He 1. came bering bark. U.o ojm rvt4- m.t wn ... m ,wif ni mh e0M
r S.S," fJ ?slo he thn'w counteract it that he tore olr the thick 'T. 'C to the voo-vl of mv '"s-pated and the result wa hn the tree,, ko I bud h-m. vh.-n .n. !,., rt
su,t. 5,a"""r ,. k'ho could di- bark from that sde in a groat shoot ? " t-111? trt tnr '' Lm? t was told hv his eoinmam!-r he had rght comb'K.r., wm h ul r m- n T1,l4 wrk ,htlM nm vtm,
away his pack a ijmck as he could di- wIf of the lU -f hc tre0 neighbor s orphan pup. It wa, fort.s- . p ;fl fjr fonn e arcri t.mi Wilh tbilcnnt k nd .In. 1 ...... fU. ar,f n Wllr Ut i th. i r-
yes himself of iL and .tart ba?k and bear went rolling into simo. but never sf. "at 7. and consisted h)cr,v Iac?. , ,iia r..5;pnallon in the nv.iily the chrrry iuut Le budd.L flrt. ,,u !lf.m u. .nitUj U. r-nlc ..
!.:...! 1,. .! !. tl'AIII U'MIPlI Tlll IlHI -Illir '
aguuy ui ..... . " ""-"" h ,,... the eeth ii" water; be.ow. while the of one strain and repwt imlehnitely. 1 ands Conone', Burhuian. to bo iued m 11 iw jr "K -. i -'-- w prop, rir -iraiDMi. nii-rr uy tfn .r
most peneiuliculai bank l ",U,J IlMii!lus ,et Mp a a.-afening veil at ()ll llu. loilo-.vln- :,i-..t. I had an e& case of hi- intox eat on. A fiw week --on than otner tre.-. A. h, h fiVWwl ,u.rhtt ,,4 s., prn,
? &to?VVto?hm their victory. The moment Safe and 'r.-nce of verv"m,:eh the -ante char- later 1 risitod San Krancl-co. where J,.t-on tlJ ln to .a on.. ,.y. , ,n th. tWr Hma. u
and dwarfeu bib es to .is.-ist 1 iim ., tuch;.(i the wh t- -beet of foam icter, and exerv night smre tl..n lm3 ; some convivial aimv friend- got him oa their termite! bud are form ng. and . at ,n fr lh, ,,rjMMl- whmrt &y lx,
only a man I bins foi his "J1,; I awav th.-v xvent r .lliT ovor each othor found .tie drinking in the pathetic sen- a'tevr." and when he returned to a. , growth w.S.on - r I- ny j.W.y Afu-r prorttaK t.rtaw4f
Looking bach, ho saw t 1 . it the blown , . hv vXvr.. i ,,v .jt faring imp. posr Iw found, to his mort.lication. ti.-t ; v.gorou so 1, tvb- la. And j Ul, ;JU thtmlUl rwr,lT 4.-.k
bear had charged only 1 a- ;";f from lhe in,i!m, craning thJ r necks vhcn I should 1 r.r". been a!, op. Tlie Colonel ihuhatin. of h.s uW ccan ao be dom.n,nh '. ul Mn1 m k.rAri4. U t aot no
thefoot-log. aud seemed tanillinsui , iron c lie p ,ip.t ,. h.ul forwarde ! h - cr..;S.atioa the bud -.11 not haje .iihe.n-lr r r- t4a ot : ,. t Am .u ,tt
attempt to worm his way arou , or ,0mc i.fty yards. )re " ,t witT, ,...aafl have listened w th ,ch a mro.iiMier.-lat n as w.h,M wl IV h I to,.K.. ,l Uw u tUt l ,rljr ,..
inc. inrK,3;rU 1 if PM.iilllv a managed to seize a project- nnd admired when 1 I have been se-tia its immediaf accrj.tance. Urn cm on wn e " " '."T " "'r; "'r all r--.a .l
over the other half, especially after j1 " nmr crawled out upon iL 5n a s-ito of rooo-e. wa, again a private amen, nn.2 h. lir.iily. iad no moi- ah.rj. u cjrM o& W . t U
looking at the frothy waters belo -t in?u, a tland friend Alfrtd Vlev-ant.m then a. luau- kn.fe U of cour-e n,ce.ary a! U-, Ul4 u olw 4tJ mnumgSm t
import o : which, m case , he L " Seal.itoniie itoirn"- h got fSu Tiis en- i;,tonini to th p'amt of a veil iw bull ten.r.t of dn-goons and Ut.fus IK lis-ux mu-t b lra jo: t .ght w, u. U,IW to p.jW it.h.Hm,
them, he fully seen.e.1 to rea. moments a Tahk- u hothor live has no: agreod with then the Po-uaifrmrv r. ad..! ;no:gh to br n-: th.-fMo: t. ,a-M r.-. wmhtnym u i hkl vr
he ernnohed. trrowlincr and showing Ins clu,- V .. 1 l,ul' .. . , . 1 - 1. t . .. k ,,. v ., ... hud in, rloc ront. t uitUth -lof ..K ..,, ,, k If tL-. -....
. . ,, heesh Indian came un a gun. aim ,.,,. it the nun. ns'i i.e-n ssv oui'-r n ii immn -uo...,w j-. r --- ---- , ............ - . .. . . . --
"th. ami M the long the shore, breaking Col0r than vc'low. 1 nrght hnve es tcSt. Lous y the wa af'the Urn-. the .cc ,htU mtua In ao U,r.l. I, tal.a .0 Fr,vt
tinder his heavy weight 0 . nh' j tie -ound' of his oilMnama, W h 1. he -gned b- Ia.t .ng a ny p-cvn w.tL . I z ' xh dm fnm jr-tun-;- .at v y A '.
backed out to the .tump aain but , h houl " hlto lhe cVh, coni3eSion ,tooil o.Sn bold ,ar receipt b-f re ieg his ria.-nt ol nron wiU Vnow ,., t fc mo
would retreat no further. N hen he " counted on hi n.n,f. Xo ma 1 oarr en.'ov liL and !.lriv ho .-a.d to. a fri nd -Ten vr heme tight to draw it. , dn- th wy
next packer came up. his companion j , , ,t,m.hiT.r he wis carried : -m fie - - el -o-s. fnllrcss avnutiin" -oii wdl hear f rom m- a a -Vtan:iaL iNic dp.aL on ih njn-w. of s-.m pr'r U put U x or- o! .v
ahead of him shouted to him Imw mat- bro . IMo-cn-Missour. f r - ti.r buds, fam tS-y . r.c fully u u., b, ,Ar ,frr Z ll
tersstood. but the bcligerent bear had r away in tit .fn.f:...l-L. i. n.h,,.'m. a; '," Z JL L," r.z , ..temnt iC farxwn-- near mntnr.. ofa iu. th- 6r.t kwltl-l bri.u -j.d it r.ri co to r-
had a sudden desire, to drop his paec . ; - v . ' . " 7 tire-oL which h and Ut nfgro rasa wi-h to irora 'ai. rlw. th-bo t ,j.,ri th looar srrc. '-i lt.i-
and climb up the side of the bluiT. A statistical memoir lately issued by n ' (,,. i,,niJv4-r.i.itowceV3. w.jsd csit and wb;ch hj wotil 1 hul Vj wheh aro Ujo or nv: mature If v timothy xmi r4 u$k and (-!
when the bear once more retreated to tjje itaj;an Government gives some id- a , .. ' - ." , toother cooi- St- Ix.ais going Jfrotn bot,v to bouc they r avo foruwi ivrxail bod. all )u urn.' ani )w.vl vp y
his ab ding place back of the stump. ( de-tniction caused annually ;fclctl ; r.,OR:h. tLfthat I tut nt 1 he could sll it at five dollar a the bud ih7 f oraUh w H t '' t four or m y r. 11 ran
It was now determined to wait until 01 int. 1. lUtt. nf L,;.; -7'- -0 I v-L-.d an emint c-r Among hi ca-tosuers wa H-orv r roattir-: but f th bil w : Had rlim.l for ctlr? ...
all the Indian packers had arrived, by avalanches i,n t he Alpiae d,-trts of hae .e ,:?.bt vlf th" T Blow who Tw.v aftwani el u to oifonaM. tb,a the r.p-t ooh ar- to sondWi or itrr A"w
about twelve in number, when it was Italy and the Tyrol. In the -inpe di- ant . a .', .- Ccn-o-ess where-he tooV Mr. lilx to be cfcc-en fr-m the lo hjvl of tbo im.:.Mi lro 61 -m!t
thought that the siglt of so many trict of the. al d. Misa two avalanches ib-l n !.-. r . v-m n . iTanMeat Oranfa recrp'-oa at .hoot. It often baoj, '.hat tb 1-wr- krt f. k .. :. l :. -r
might induce the be- to detarU as foil on January 1: .one at Pevics. U- -.-" J l " "rid..-e a-: 1 sup- :re White H' bk Mrs. Blow wadere.l -hoot oa th tr from whrh u.r? r r,3 a Jixan J -t ' -
sometimes happens; b the fear di- tween Kxille and -ra.tvrUmL was e-t.- m: mr?- - j ; (l fc ' ., (nnil Urant wodd r.cogJ.r- her rut are r.twt. crawl gr-wth, I .n lconv, 3 - .rr u .
plavodby thetirstarnU had so em- mated at abaut 0' meters long anil h p sju. -o a - ;;-. nn old friend or se.uvnto, adef wh-n the centra! and uppvr ho '- r ift,ba.loac.nft.:of '.k' ""w
boMeued him that lie ,ly stood h deep, and slid. down he jO? j cjJ Lo JJ; ant circnin,Ln of M- rldl ru,ir.g Cp.arJ , , U .: b. 4ul top- I. - V
giouud, even with th: eat di-play of of aoout a kilometer. Ifc volume u- atu a.u a a . vtuatiua in We. Mr. lilow Huddiog n4d not b coann 1 to :om th-ard W -d j ' L
force, and venturevl to c-e them if 8U,rol to have been 310.0.) cnUvs V - lV'T vo-e had nt Uen long at the CeaerU s bo- Tae on.- roirvm. ata w !X p- BJ; l W t. ; ' - -I
irritated too mueh.i-jlW they were meters, and the woignt of now cnit-oa- "." r . :. . -, .., , r.-T,m-. tal tre and shroU. and ,roo4 vr J 1 U th ro. a:tW-a vti:
loath to do unneceru --jmring he ;ng it was 4.0iM) tons. It destroyed lo insomu a. s . 'J'r . ...w , .n m,-.n wi... ! ... k-, will atrad the or.-- m-; Ia mn of d.-oc-rat .u. h U-. I .
tho whv array of Indian- were with
out wePns wle asmallAanflaxe
i., iiu carried couk. bf ph..i A.m. '
that fce earr'ed couk . be ca"Ved -ch.
T!nVl'car C0U,,I not possilv have
cj,c?3 a better p'sce to dispute their
ma1' lor it w:,s almost impos-ible to
ret.-ace their s'ep- and find a pa-able
jeji" arounu tnrs savage obstruction
(i llipr.. Iw-inn ..iinr, o ,.-.... !,,... ......l.l
jAVe taken the i-dvlee of" one of their
jiimber to tempt the bear out to his
., i . . ,t , .
w ---
it with .-tron" rawhide la-hiti" and
when Ik- w:ts jm nh.'d on th- in dd!e cut
the lashing, with the axe and drop Mr. llRC, of re-.d-nee to anotner part of tl!!ar for the med e ne and been n.iW
Iiniin into the roann' rapids below, thecty. In th s connect. on I will -ay of uxte dollars by him. I came htnii
wh'rh wnnl.l o.'.rf ?n V .;c .', riiriit here that it is not mv purpo-e to Tfj.-it yuo wonlti eat ainthinir. .-o 1 ar
temper in the ice-water just from the
-i ovoav - hkftilJl .fJt 4 1IS IMJI
glaciers on the mouirain tops. To lo
so was tenifit'iig, but the thought of de
stroving the only brdge on the route
was enotsgh to make them desist.
It -4fcaifcllly deckled that two or
three of them should go back a little
ways on the mounta.n ide and send up
a couple of di-tinct smokes, about ten
or lifleen minutes apart, which is the
signal u-ed anion r the.-e Indians to
show that they had gone into camp at
that point. It was thought that the
Taiikhec-h Indians, whom they were
trying to reach, seeing these signal
smoke-, might come up to them this
short d -tance, thinking they had on!
into camp after an unu-uallv
march irom farbeond the pass, ami.
be'ng Dtirdened with only a lew furs,
m glit bring their guns and thus
frighten away or kill ttie bear, or even
if thev did not bring them, when the
bear vva- seen or his presence known
they could ea-ily return and get them
In the meantime the others held a
eouneil of war, while their companion')
iv. ? rorie tn -t!irt t In -l ii:i in '
.. i: ,.- .. . . .7- .... ..I l..,t
.Many expedients were piopo-el, nut
r.o-t"ofthemp:.rto..k of the nature oi
the mice bdiing the cat, and but few
. . , ?
were aitempte i.
At last a plan vva- proposed, more to
pass away the time until the Tahkheesh
-hould arrive than vvith any oi
Miecess. One of the shrewder Imbaiis
jiropn-ed that with the hand-ax they
would chop oil' all the limbs of the foot-
I04 on that part of the grouuil wliere
thev -tood, and which prevent, d the
log from turning or rolling over, x ejd
one -trng vertiial limb, and to the top
of this they would tic a strong lash ng.
and some four or live of the .-tronge-t
lime, ti.e limo. when reaeiung iie
ground, could be seized vigorously and
the log. however ouickly done.
1 ' e
- . .... .. ,.
foot-)g until the near was iti'luceii to
1 1 . "... .. :.i. :. 1 ..ii:.....,.i. I... ,w,t
thrown oiV. he had verv hard soramb
in::u nun 11, .11m. .iumuhi . ....- -."v
., , . " . , A
nn o tveujf o. .0.0 .0 v.. .... v . .
back out. No sooner had the limb
touch- d the ground than it was s-ioved
to an almo-t creel po-n:on, wie rope
pa.-ed over to th oppo-ite crowd, and
they pulleil an I pushed it to the ground
on in-ir siue. mis
.1 .- -11... .... ...i ..... ....
lll"ll MO''. 1IUS IKUICIl 11IU IU
half way over, and it was ju-t by tho
skin of his teeth that the bur hung on
and crawled to the top as it wont over.
IJaekward and forward it went this
way, the bear using up nearly all h s
time tr ng tokeep.on. and hnding but
lttle during wh ch he could back out,
yet slowly gaining to. yard the -tump.
1 j no inuiaii- uim- iikb o
I like demons, with
1 ..ii.. -...,..
uproarious la-.ghtor at the bea-fian. He was noarh hack to the
.,.,,..,. ...I, ..-.. I,n or.til.1 ir-llll till' ollOI'.t
SHIHIO. nillll, iu'" '' u.....
when an unusuabv active half turn was
, - .. 1 r o.i.. .ii. ..!
- t
7ir -.'
i.mi:a nfi k-illKi Ab wer-ons. ine sec
ond avalanche of January IS fell near
Venaus, was ioj meters lung, i wi-
?ir ume was about S,000,tW cudic meters.
. . . . .-w-r. i-j-L.-t .-.. 9 .b-
aeariv k'.v-vj iou ui juub.
ugh "the slide extended to
sxd1v 24 houses
was computed a. contain
in i,too tons veight of
enmpre destmctive, kil!-
?i&S 13 nouses.
- 1 over ueeis. ami was noei .-.--..- nw ooir. a.m. i .. -.-...;, -- .-.- - z- r- . - ,
nti.tiri;i; Avalanches. i : . e n,.ii Mr-..t iu run. only cft-h ipcomt? was iVrnvel irom from the irvtr the rin-tr w ".4,cn s dr5v ng tW u-wjU. icmliXtrr. -
,f couie bou-es and killed 43 persons. The sec- ' nM.e amy i-.. -- - , n, Cl-.i-n !rr ; .:'" u i ii?, r-ri.!.- J th V-. rl Jl tir-.c rv irTj a crr;. r Uc7
... M
mmnlli Dimni.i.MM ami Mmtl-
tutUnou Content Tli I.r' l'rr-
I have lost a barrel. To the best of
my judgment it im:t have been about
thir.r feet high and fifteen feet in
.ii-..,...... T ..:...!.. , Iv.-.,. . .,.:
I h-r.. .k, di-tinot r,ro!!,(t.n of ever
.-.: ...... i. . .u !
ii;ijii" v le-u -in-ii n i.'iit iii-iit i'i w.w-
!.. I s,ph nfer it, masonic d:-
mn3in from the following fact?. j
l na e 1:4tl'-v nijvet! from my lurmer
di" ul a.v of ti.e pal -onto:. uricai
'!;iiT fhostnnt, r-int t.OiirtieU
ln ,U l..7, "... . ..:.! ,. ..rr--.1 n
,, . ..,., ...i .. .
iiuiiior. jj:tin jiu in - iioi ui jj-
pre .en-:ou in the reader s miml. ami
reader's mind, and
hecured h - unt.-rritu-d attention. I will
mplv av that the prce-s of
my th iitr- was conducted very pi etlv
and without incident by cer am Hi
bernian arti-t-, w o-e addres-e I will
furn -h to th" Danburv Newsman"
upon h personal application.
, apparently turned up at
me i.e.. nou-c in gooo oru-rano c :ii;-
tion -ave onebirr.-l, which the team-ter
could neither jroduce nor -ati-faetorily
ac- oun: for. hupp .-iug it to be a
tiMl n matter of ev-tove )iie- and
other hardware, however, he incautious
ly agred to make the lo-s good a
coo:t a- we could a-ieita n ti.e value of
the mi-'dng art ele.-.
A Miierlie".il mvi-.-tieation showml
the blacking-biu-hes. the I utter-di-i
"l -- r
of a decorate I d nn.-r -et. the k'tcuen
ock and a par of cav dry boots be
ngliii; to ivv-elf to be mi--'iig The-e
ore distini-t'y reimin:iero i to have
wore cii-!int'v reimiiviere I to
1'"-' packed m the Io-t barrel, and a
i . .. i; ,i,.
?''!-' iiu. o arco,!..
Jo this i,-t was a bled later a noli g-
pin. an o:I--4ove an i the lamilv i :de.
Later -til, Vol. IV. ofKniglit'-. Niafce
sneare. in tree mil", and the in da.-e-
Then a -el of lire ron
an 1 one
c refill ly
of a pair of Vios va-es,
protected arain-t breakage.
to the distinct recollection of the women
of the household, by being wrapped iu
mv tlre.-s-coat
Th tlt.t day a small che-t of drawer--,
iillel with retired underclothing
and Jotlier domestic article-, on
the h.ilf-pay li.-t. was fmind to have
bei-n emitted from the. returns.
barreled with the rot
Lato in the afte.noon word wa.-received
from a f.iiu ly vvho had occu
pied the Hat next to ours, and who had
mowd ot on the .-anie day. to tii ef
fect that a grand piano ln-buiging to
th m was mi--i.i'. an I had pro' ablv
been carted otV w.tii our things by mis
take. A thorough search having
shown no such article to I e aiiDiig our
chattel-, im; conviction was forced upon
us that the p.ano inut have got into
that barrel by some blunder, and we
.-cut back word accord. ugly, stating
that tho leam-ler would make it all
The next day the team-ter presented
hi- bill, and asked what allowance he
I t-
the liguivs. He then rel'ivd. reurirk
ing that he would -co me in some place
or" other -I didn't catch the name
He d!d not keep thi- appointment,
however, for .:i h-oking him up next
day I found that he had sold out h s
b-iVu'-.-s and "left town to e.-cape li.tlv.l
itv. Vou see the ured ea:ie:.t in whidi I
" r "- " "' .' I" .
of all this.
dkBK ..(.. n. kK Oi.ll ii ill OIHl
v , . , - . MIr.
i .1, KJkM ' -- -- "-" - - -5-
!... if...-.. him'-oiI tit lift nirrl
l II ill Hl' lOli, ' M 111 Ml . "Otl"
(,i( y r,-,w,,- ,.v,.rv iIav--UUl
,,., rL.,.rnsji1ie,'j,. u,. t.-:ir.t.i
-but I am
jh( yw of lh:i. rr;in(, . uj()
..r-..i -i, it in tn,. r.oito.. .ir . ri-.
' '.f jiV )U ,, ,s foun j a banv,
.......-i,,,,-, llle :i,lOVl. (!t..: if,on. RIHi
will kitcih return it to me in care of
this otliee. Lo will rel'eve. me of great
nnx'elv, and be -nitablv lc I -iiv
so doing. ruck:
A- -Mltor Kprrhiifi with Tli'J
trrli Cmj'lt.
Gentle roa lor. di 1 vou ever real'e in
th'j -till watches of the night that you
ar) a victim of drea I iri-omnia? Did
vou ever have it so badlv t'nat vou could
z '
' 1 :s.-.- .- ;, ,i,.j vmn.
thi7.-d vvith fre ' tvr di- a-i 1'Ion'gcd to
I be able to r him
ni Jis- ir uo'e-
aot r yBr fruit., -meats, yg-
1.....1.I .....t.. )'..! ill.-, 'll.t Ifll'fl.l
1 .ci--i w:in some inresw xi i us iisa. c.-- - - j -- --- .-ua u inwiw-. - - - - - 1 -, .
I want to tkHO" ior uctf wc m-; "- i-- -- ' -- mmv ,.- . -- --
little ranarsSoas :o be made before I Mrs. Blow, "the war is over. "I do sprof which are c early alLed. loan- ngbUy raaaa;l
will feel liE dicoo-nuIn- mv mortal not mean that." he replied; "I meant try Gentleman. Wc do mot '.r aj,l?W ''-' n r
carle- I m'tst" have a talk with mv with myself Io yon ro-o Icct wha I m fricsib who hate ! or ; ,w Und.
nh'tdxtfas T3rtiecnve sterv-father aad , ued to supply yoar husband wirdi , Bi ,. .wy rarT 1 aUow.! o U::.e - a .ta ag. u, .
SS: iSrance ntb2 my wife's wood, and pile i: myself aad meaHire U Sthe hoie aad mrrer fed P C "J" ?" 'I
. - t : m. d.A..aa'..K h irn ib r rr r r ' ar i.r a .-j a.i k k i ttb ruri-fi h lj ib rw -. k - ia kw- w m i a -&.A ml - - -, - - - -
raphed. " Hnst eesw work, iou the best I could to sspportnay faroily." TV?. lzr .7? . TaMf?-nT- -j3L
otaHr or gran in any form. You
mu.t bath. in th- ea four tune dady
f.r s works aud yet you wjj die if
vou do no: take mv somnolence p-
d rs and compound el -xir of J repo,.-
ho tIv. If vou follow direction.-.
. war ant voiirroiiipVe recovery.
l?nt. doctor. I have no -
in wh -n
to b:llht. I S3l V rOhvl-
never ownetl a n m all my We.
"UU-y th.-J rod on or ;.ue u..
-..,.,., .w " , him t IV retlie-l
froni hl. ,WBll, 3 , of
ncvace p ' ut- nt a o-n'i" c --ix.
ot repo-e. ami :iUor i nan pai. am .1
'. t 1
him :: Urge Uo.aoi.-oimioe-nce
n. in n,vi hllll O SH a IIUiO OI IHO
t '!..., ri,K I -?..flf lntlf HRll
... .i i ..... i..i nn ,-.,rJ..
aweeiiv. ami x !. .. v .w....v
,,nct. f have nir.t.n be-n irrci.vmg
ince I have mMn
corpulent and h.ippy. The other day I
tiu.t ill,, t'tament o.T-ieian. aim lie re-
, ,
v ny. si?, uvv -ii iu ii-
I feel very much t tier." 1 npled.
'Ah the pvwiler- and elixir. ir. dl
it for you. They did it for you. ir."
Indeed they d d' ' 1 replud.
"I knew i: I knewitl' he cried.
riibbin" hi hands tOL'etncr. "I want
,.-. . .- i ii .... i,-.'-
a te-tImo!i..d from vou. sir. i our euro
is remarkable. Hero, .-ir, i- pen. :nk
and paper p!eae write me a te-t:-nionlal
I -at dowa and wrote a nl-lovv-Thi
i to certify. th-U after a month
i of uninterrupted in-oinn a. I am n.w
fndv reitore i to health and ni-v the
w. ,-te-t an I mo-t refro-hing -le- p. and
that all th s is due to Dr. 1'ipgnrgie .
soinuoient powders and ebvir of re-po-e.
one tlo-e of which e'Veted a p-r-nrtuenl
cure. N. 1. The do-e
given my neighbor.- ttoe. whi h has
not b -eii able to howl .since, and I
eheerfullv re. ommeiid the doctor to all
who-e ne.ghljhir ke. p Jiovv , n pup".."
1 - gned my name an I pa ed it over to
thelloetor." vvho read it and cheerfully
ki-ked 1110 out of his olli. e. but I am
w.-ll airain and do not care lor the
kickui'r Jiluomtnjloti Ihrutujh Mut.
Ren: Ferlcy Joor- liviitiiiUcrnree !
CrniTAt l.rnt.
I Grant mwl to love to talk
about Mexico better than almost any
other topic He wa while there (.Junr-terma-ter
of the Tourth Infantry, and
he could have remained in the rear with
hi- baggage train a bn tie. but
he was always at the ftont. and se
cured, by his gallantry, promotion fr.m
the rank of Second Lieutenant to that
of Captain by hrevet. He took
intere-t in the National Cemetery
e.-trihlt-ho I in the suburbs of the t ity
of .Mex..eo. to which the lemains of
tlio-o who fell in the groat battle
fought by General Scott -removed.
In the spring of
army wer
Is7.'i lie dl-
reete.i (.cneral lvolKiiap. men oct.-uiry
of War, to -end 1110 to in-pect th - cem-
otery. It is a beaut ful spot, and I
found tha' Coii-ul-Gcneral kdton had
it Lj.i.t in flu. hi. .1 of niihr.
On my return from Wa-hiiigtoii I re-
ported at the Wntte H-ti-e. and General
Grant talked w th me for nearly throe
hour-. He showed an intimate nc-
ou.iint:tiine vvith the Government and
' busine-s of Mexico, but epre--e- no
locahtv. 1 could not tinil it. afd wh n
he went him-elf to a few ears
latT. he was e ,uiillv unsucccssfiil.
Gem ral Grant u-cd to talk about the
Mexican cooking, which he rather
f:me ed. Anion" the dishes whhdi .-uit-
ed his palate was the olle podrida. or
r-pm; h stevv of mutton. porK. cahhag,
bean-, onion-, red p.-ppcrs in short,
almo-t as many things ns were cou-
taincd in tin sh-ot wh eh St I'et-r pro
1 1 1. .:.... . 11 1.1... L.
nouin -u uiiii;:in. i inf.-ui.iu ...,
beans Were Mewed ill
lard and s-ea
weeit- p'i iiepner. lorlilia
d- p-l
Fortilias wire
made of half both-d hominy, rolled anil
kneaded in;o thin, tough cakes, bak'-d
between heated stone-- And there win
pul,ue. a jca-ty beer, which w the
fernieuieil -ap of a large var.ety of the
cactus fain ly. seoope I fiom cavitie
cut n the growing plant and put up in
hrkir.L !!i.i TliC!-. hrtvi liccn -nine till.
tenon- allu-ions to Grant leaving the
armv. but there wa-s dbdionor-
able'aboutiL He wa a (. aptnin in tho
fourth inf mtry. in which he fo ght in
evorv battle of the M-xiran war. on Scott'- and Tavlor's line-, with
Uie exception of I'uena Vista. On hi
retttin to the Mate- bis regiment was
.r.l..r..,l f ll... With 1'fw.ttil. ,,iAli.
where his tiay would not allow him to
support Ins. wife and children, and
t - t w . . . .1 -.
r).. i CMU-. n iwevor. l.i in . u-.ti
' Tne lr.d was poor. and Ij cropi lid
not provj remunerau.. iairni.
ilnve I Iror
Hotton BwicL
A rrtr la impr-ffi .crlrettaTetB
")r ft nnr 111. r.n rs.rr.rvnrvlTlLi
a:tcnllon lo
P"" of cattle f-
the a lily chansnj
r:n ng. the b--
cotirn; lyi4 and ie loth Ut Wei and . . . ",..r k,-.,
rrc nictl !o mak ?t: hWrr n
da;ry product, and think more con- ,natiu Journal.
Aieratioa niat be gven to ht ha
calls the indirect itn-omo from rltjj
fami'ng improvement of the far'n.
'1 he account ha nnahy leen. the r-t
of tw-og ami fatten n the att'e anif
the tuiret prcc, or the eot f '.. p
m; an! Ulr r.jv'ad'l :j,n the da rr
ev. anl the market ialu. of her prvnl
uct. no account l-'inj; made of the re
turn of cattle fa: ming in manure.
He nue;1; hae nid at .t n onlv a
few wr -".Bee :he niaaure w.i cn d
r. , a M-.t-.,m ... .--,r.n
mi -or re.juir-M ; j:ei u out oi su" wt.
t w t,-..!l tl .f firtitMr. . .... fA ,1.41 . f
- "" ' - '" '"
ti.e n tmivitn n- n ct
rsii-'. y.11 Iry. I"rge prl n of l'bn
cra."! u pr!M c:o !
wheats an I thi- crai had to b Wn
ilonnl (r ome vcar. aad mrv tce
w kept in-tetil. l'l 1 wa the -!te,
in jonie hi.- Li o-. of atrodu ng the
theu new ;ndiitr r diitin?. and nlv r
a few venr- thf di'r. t ,r a.:i
-ucec ful in the w.Mtt crtH iNlti.
and gra.n f.trm n : imc ui t.'r'h- r -they
:ir a 1 mjen nt.cni f r each o h- r.
Tin- "iiiditeet :n uiiio ' lroru rMti.
ju-t vhat 1 ho jcrnm former h dl
mo-t carefully tudy. 1 J t h -y f Py 1 "iii
prehend it. thev w.M k n.uv-li Ut er
red ikiIm! to lower jr:c for ratl'eaad
ila'ry prod.iot-.
'I he Ing! i farmer think- hHti- I
well eompi ns.ited in feej4ti ca tie f
1 can get th- in inure for h' 'alnr If
h.- cattle m!h pay !r all I im cm
Mime, ! o kiw- tnni the u:r' r of h
crop? hi 1 lignre upa -.ltfnt t r pn.t.
The Kngl-h he.ler' col nf f ! 1
mueti lugner thsn th- Arn f.- ,t
eis. Ti.e tormer fee larg-lv ot tko o 1-cake nnjv..rtel from th coun
try, which in Siirn greatly ar e'i t e
manure; but the Awr ni 1 !edrf.t-
tens nto-tly wpon crn. wh h ln'ig
coinpo-ed -o Inieclv of tarch and ott
or c vi bo-hydra ti.a' pr.iiic 'at. ! e4
not enrich the inMiure o mu h. I n
manure fnon a ln of ern I m!v
aUml oiiedndf the vlu of ln umnire
iro:u a tn oi the ihi -i.i na. ru.ti i
btt!e in ie than ue f.-urta ! UaC ttin
a ton of 1 nsocd iticnl. or ttt-ieel
l'rof Sanborn (mui.l wtnU lr.ui
to U- more valuah'n jruw nj loinir
citt.e and pig- than corn uien'. n I
th s 1 m. ht b- op. ted fnnii .1
ooinpo-ition. .- it ha uuii h m -re ion- fr tho ervvih ,,( mu-c:,' nnl
I- ne. and teo manure from a
ton of bran i vMirt'i dmibl
that from a ton of corn. If th in our
is all -aved. it is wrth tho velod.i
co-t of t" e bran. and. bum 1- a ol.i ; if nppie.l due, , to tlie r .1 -,.
Lut. of coiire itis still mre piMi a-
!: to leed ami apply the uminir;
f.,r the bran will lud pay iU ! in
the growth of nnimaN. mid th nianuro
may then be had free. It may
It. ..,i.t tt,if tin. ,..fio,, frtfitn .rr..u' nr
or fntt-iung cattle is w.irth one half ,v7
mm b a- th growth or gain on the at-
tie. And it tue untiure 1 fullv iived
from an animal doting it- who, Iif . it
U worth, at least one h df a itiucli n
the an mal at m.irket age. And il to.
d vi-i- meiti of m r pifTllir aiii4
tin li-.u.d aiel si'.l ami. in
. -i.l
le. th
s -!n only
(. ilone v a water t ght manioc gutUT. ai I
Uh-i aooiviu' lxt)i It iuil a ! -d.d
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