The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 22, 1885, Image 9

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Marysville- 8?5
The Red Cloud Chief
FKIDAY. MAY 22, lfeo.
Mi. J U Graves and eon went to
Chicago Saturday.
John Storft the Wells druggist was
in town Wednesday.
F. II. Gcmp in building a new fence
around his residence.
J. 31. Itn.Msr.Kucj of this city started
ycbtcrday for Topeka, Kuubos.
Ax organization known as Knighte
of I-ahor a'jis instituted in tlfls city this
May Crawford 1ms been on the
Kick list for awhile past but is recov
ering. We call attention this week to Win.
Vihrtcher'd advertisement in another
James IU'sbell has Liken a position
in the freight oitice at the depot in
place of Fied Main.
Jno D, of 3tiverion, visited
this city last week, and enjoyed tiie
listher entertainment.
Hesrv Poor has purchased lot ad
joining M S JIallard's property, and
lias a residence nearly completed.
J. McLatrv, editor of The. Tribune,
Chehter, Neb., culled at theae head
quarter on Monday on his way west
ward. Ex-Ses-atou 0. C. Case haB returned
from New York state, wliGre he was
recently called to the bedsido of his
Joii.n and Wm. Iarkes were called
to McCok Saturday, by telegram, to
the bedside of their mother, who is
very bick.
G. IT. Lockwood, editor of the Vo-
plc'v Friend, a newspaper venture nt
Salem, made The Chief a pleasant
call on Monday.
0 31 Mary att the jeweler has added
a pair of young coyotes to his zoolog
ical collection. They were captured
by some- small boys, just north of
On last Saturday evening the friends
of Mr and Mrs S. Perkins, to the num
ber of about forty, surprised them. It
was the occasiou of their birthday an
niversary. Preparations are now on the tapis
for rousing Fourth of July celebration
in 3tcd Cloud. Ictthe grand old holi
day be observed in the good old orth
odox manner.
C. A. 0 wens, the painter, went to
Lincoln Monday, where li laid in a
lurirc supp ly of paints and wall paper,
lie proposes to deal in these articles
from this date on.
Webster street is being raised up to
the established grades, between second
and 4th Avenues with the dirt from
the excasvation for the foundation of
Wiener's new building.
Hosford & Young have established
their headquarters in Gates' meat
market, where they intend handling
early fruits and vegetables in addition
to their poultry and egg business.
F. X. IIohinson and Miss Mattio
Mahard were united in marriage on
Sunday by the I?ev C B Lenfest. The
happy couple received numerous
presents. They have our best, wishes.
Services in the Baptist Church Sun
day as follows: Preaching at 1 1 a m,
and S p m; Sunday school at 12 M:
temperance school 3:30 p m. Strang
ers in the city arc cordially invited to
F Klett formerly of Red Cloud but
now a resident ot Bloomington was in
town Wednesday. Mr IClctt expects
to go to Colorado as ho is very much
dissatisfied with his business out look
in Bloomington.
Reports have been circulated, that
the bridge over tae Republican at Red
Cloud has been condemned and was
imtnfo Snoh is not the case, the
bridge is perfectly safe
the present time.
Gen. John A Lon.vN
United States senator
nn Inst Ttiftsdav. which
for- travel at
was re-elected
from Illinois
is nbout the
only really commendable act me
'Sucker" state legislature hare done,
during a session of bitterness "Long
drawn out,"
The Deluge and its Traditions will
bo the theme of Rev Mr McMeekm's
second and closing lecture "on that sub
" -- - -- " .
ject, next Sabbath evening at tlie
Prcsbvterian church. His lecture last
Sabba'th evening was replete wiih el
oquence and historical lore .
We take pleasure in calhngattention
of our numerous readers to the new
advertisement ot Uhas F Cithers which
appears in another column. Mr Gath
ers is a reliable thorough going busi
ness man. Under his efficient man
agement the business of the abstract
office will be conducted with accuracy
and dispatch.
Mr Yee Lung a celestial gentleman
has shaken the dust of Lincoln and
Hastings from his feet and proposes to
start a laundry in Red Cloud oo the
'2fo checkee no washee" plan. Thus
nnn Kir nntx th rate citv of the valley
isjassuming metropolitan airs. ow
for a street railway, the electric light,
ci;y water works and a telephone ex
change. H A Watson, city marshal, will
commence excavating for the founda
tions of the new opera house block on
Monday next. The dirt will be nsed
to raise Webster street to tne establish
ed grade, commencing near 5th Are.,
running south. Mr Waieon is busily
engaged making many needed lm-
nmmpnt nn the streets and walks
of the city.
Alex Stewart the popular engineer
who was badlv injured in the cannon
hall wreck neav Hubbell about a year
ago wai in the citv Monday visiting
Ink numerous friends. Alexis looking
well but is still lame from the effects
of the injuries received In the wreck.
Conductor Pat Lyman another victim
of the illfatea cannon ball disaster, has
recovered from his injuriet so as to bt
ablfttogoodutagai aad bow
raaninf a p mgw Uai Lis-
cin to CdhuiDf.
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Flour !
What has become of "Sid", of
poit, Kansas?
1 he spring ulster still linger? in
lap of wintt-r.
Mr.-. E. 0. Cannet has returned
from Minden.
E G Cook was in Denver the for
part of the week.
Mia Frank Enhlow, of Lucas, la.,
i- visiting friends in this city.
There is to be a new jewelry store
in Red Cloud we understand.
J. L. Brown? of Kansas, made these
headquarters a call this week.
Wm Owens, of Clinton, Illinois, is
vif-iting at C A Owi n's residence
Lou Kenney entertained a number
of his young friend Wednesday night.
We are creditably informed that Mr.
Kinney's horse was worth f 100 instead
The council propose to push the
laying down cf sidewalks in the vari
ous parts of the city.
John Toster is going to set out a
number of cabbage plants Ihis spring.
Join is fond of sauer kraut.
We have received the first lorn is
sue of the Randall Reghtcr. Where in
Gehenna is Randall, anyhow?
The family ofS. Rees has arrived
from the east and are now comfortably
located on Uncle Zucharia Rosecrans'
A new time card took effect on the
B &. M Ry, on Wednesday last. No
change was made in the time of trains
at this station.
Sami'el Hayes, of Hasting, intends
going into the laundrv business in Red
Cloud. He has rented Mrs Fowler's
building in the south end.
From the Buffalo, N. 1'., Express, we
learn that a heavy snow storm pre
vailed in that citv on the 10th of this
month. How different in Nebraska.
Mr. Dorni.AB. of Nemaha count,
Neb., and several other citizens of
eastern Nebraska, were in the city
within a few days past, hunting up lo
cations. G. R. Chaney has bought a number
of lots in the north end and will com
mence the erection of a two storyi
dwelling, 24x30, with. an addition, at
no late date.
It will be well for the citizens to
clean up the alleys and rubbish, as City
Marshal Watson will go the rounds in
a few days compelling the same to be
done if it iH not done before he comes.
There will be union memorial ser
vices in the Baptist Church next Sun
day morning at 1 1 o'clock. Rev. H.
McMcekin will deliver the address,
and other ministers will participate in
the services.
During the severe storm last Friday
evening, about six o'clock, Fred Rick-er-on's
barn was struck by lightning
and one of his horses killed. Fred
seems to be in hard luck, this being
the second horse he has lost within the
past few months.
Our friend, J- C. Warner, sold the
finest b'uich of fat cattle that have
been brought to Red Cloud for a good
while. W.N. Richardson purchased
them, paying therefor about $1100.
There were l'J head, and their average
weights were 1175 pounds.
AiJi members of the Welster county
agricultural society aro requested to
meet at Kaley Bros' office on Saturday.
Jiiy 23. Business of importance to
attend to. At this time the old fair
grounds will be offered for sale to the
highest bidder. This will bo a rare of
fer to some one.
We have. examined the plans and
specifications of C Wiener's new build
ing. If finished in accordance with
the present design, that gentleman's
Golden Eagle will perch over as fine a
front as can be found in this or any
other town in the 6tatc, or we are no
judge of architectural beauty.
The Chief building now supports a
bran new lightning rod, placed there
on by J. H. Smith, of Red Cloud, who
is busily engaged putting up rods in
various places throughout the country
We believe a building properly rodded
to be an important safeguard against
the teriffic lightning storms which oc
cur so frequently during the summer
Our city fathers propose during the
year to come to give Red Cloud some
substantial improvements in keeping
with its rapid growth, and have there
fore levied five mills on the dollar of
the assessed valuation of the taxabe
property in the corporation for the
purpose of extending such improve
ments as are necessary. Three mills
will he placed in the general fund and
two mills in the street and bridge
An exchange says it is worth reraem
beringthatno newspaper is printed
especially for one person any more
than a hotel is built to please one
guest. People who become displeased
with something they find in a newspa
per should remember that the very
thing that displeases them is exactly
the thing that will please somebody
that has just as much interest in the
paper as they have.
The commission firm of Onnsby dt
Dickerson. one of th3 oldest enterpris
es of Red Cloud, have dissolved part
nership this week, MrOrmsby retiring
from the firm, and M W Dickerson
continuing the business. The Chief
wishes Mr. Dickerson success and
prosperity in every instance. Dick
certainly deserves it. We have not
learned as to what Mr Ormsby's future
intentions are, but whatever business
he may engage in The Chief wishes
him an abundance of prosperity.
You are cordially invited to a dime
social at the residence of Mr. Thonae
Emich, Webster street, 7th door north
of school house, next Thursday night,
Msv2S. The ladies of the Baptist
ciety are snaring no pains to
this social an entertainine on ev
way. The following program will be
carried out: Refresksaeats win be
served at 9:90; piano sscOooa, Prof.
Schindlemeisser; "The Lost Cbord"
soJo by Mrs Dodd, accssapsnisd by
not acnmsJiemsMssr p jl isnnr.
Snft.male quartet,
- -
". .'--.
. .
Frank: Scott is ill with inflamatory
Vak Bensok has been on the sick
list for a few weeks.
Mrs. A. L. Funk's mother arrived in
Bed Cloud, Wednesday.
Mrs J. H. Smith will receive anoth
er invoice of plants to-day.
Reed fc Hawley have their flour,
feed and lumber office uenrlv under
A Chinaman and a Mexican "greas
er" walked our streets this week. It
wan fun for Young America.
The little daughter of S T Van Horn
baa been dangerously sick with the
measles, but is slowly recovering.
Peter Conover has bought Curt
Evans' draying outfit and embarked in
that business in connection with his
3our and feed store.
T J Ward, of Cowles, was in Red
Cloud Monday on his way to Hitch
cock county. The Judge goes wet to
look after his landed interests.
Grandma Tipton want the Bloom
ington land office. He ought to have
it, we presume, but Red Cloud has
good democratic gentlemen whom we
should prefer to Grandma T.
The city Dads moved by the prayers
of a long suffering community have de
cided to extend the sidewalk on Web
ster street from its present terminus
to the railroad depot. A good act.
J A Lopeman, our Red Cloud nursery
man has about 3000 evergreen trees at
bis grounds. The citizens of this
count' should patronize home indus
try, and give Mr. Lopeman's enter
prise a good patronage.
A. U. Becker is buildiot; a new
house on his farm in section 33. The
building is to be 20x30. Mr. Becker
owns 1700 acres in Inavale precinct,
and has his land under good cultiva
tion, and well improved.
We are indebted to H B Lutz & Co.,
for a can of excellent coffee which he
lias for sale. It is equal to, if not the
best in the market, and' being packed
in a tin can naturally will keep its
strength much longer than coffee? in
paper sacks.
Died, at Cloverton. Neb., Sunday,
May 17, 1885, little Eva, infant daugh
ter of William S. aud Emma Milner,
from a protracted brain disease, result
ing in spinal meningitis. The afflicted
parents have the sympathy of all who
mourn the loss of loved ones.
The work is now going on towards
moving B F Mizer's present store
building, and before the "Great and
Good" reaches its many readers the
building will have been set aside and
excavations for the new brick block
begun. We have added another brick
to our ash pile.
We are glad to learn that Smith
Bros, formerly of Red Cioud, have
found it necessary to increase the cap
ital stock of their banking house, The
First National Bank ot Beatrice, to
$100,000 in order to accommodate their
increasing patronage. Their many
friends here will rejoice oyer their suc
cess. The Missouri Pacific railway com
pany would like to have Red Cloud,
we learn from parties cognizant with
the facts, make proposals to have them
extend their Burr Oak road to Red
Cloud. There is no doubt that te
manngers of the road will extend it
north west in a'short time in order to
secure a good out let.
Ministerial Association of Hastings
district will meet May 25, 26, an 27.
Sermon Monday evening by J S Orr. at
8 o'clock. Tuesday and Wednesday
will be given to essays and discussions.
Tuesday evening temperance aiass
meeting. Wednesdey evening mission
ary mass meeting. To all sermons of
the association the public are cordially
Numerous complaints are bing
made against using the court house
park for grazing purposes, it seem a
pity that the beauty of the park sheuld
be marred; the grass stunted tnd
trampled dowu, when there is such an
abundance of pasturage elsewhere. A
petition has been presented to the
county commissioners to take action
in the matter and remedy the same
Don't forget that the 30th day of tils
month is Memorial day. Exery per
son in the county should make an Kf
fort to come to Red Cloud and join m
the ceremonies to the honored dead
The Grand Army boys are making ex
tensive arrangements to ooeerve tfc
the day properly. We can all afford
to giye this day in honor of the urate
boys who have gone to then lonr
Last Sunday Steve Brows, dazzlinjr
ly arrayed in his beet store clothes,
wended his way to the river, nm'.
panied by a bevy of the fair sex. Art
riving at the river's brink Steve sprang arithmetic, through fractions, denom
lightly into a skiff and shoved off At-' inate numbers, percentage and its ap-
k Un,,iR iCH jUW oe uq m tne
stern of the boat and had just assumed
a strikingly Apollo-like attitude
wnen "somcthmc dranned." It
Stephen, turning a double back-action
somersault, and taking an impromptu
bath for the edification of the ladies
"Nuf ced."
"? v1?' ! Association met in
John Kellocg's office on Tuesday even
ing and completed its organization bv
electing M B .VcNitt, President; A H
Kaley, Treasurer, and tA C Hosmer
Secretary. It was decided to make the
first pay day on Jnne 30, and the 20th
day of each month thereafter. The
Biock. xasi, ocing taten, and bv the
first pay-day the first series of one
hundred thousand dollars will have
been subscribed and work fullv com-
mencea. lnis institution will be a
boon to many a poor man wno is striv
ing to get a home. Stock rn k- ..,
scribed by calling on anyone of the
iouomS persons: JL Birney. L. H.
f1UiSVom,ter- D B Span
ogle. M B McNitt, A L Funk, W Josse
lyn John Kellogr , W Teagarden and A
C Hosmer. and all inquiries answered
to all who may wish to understand ihe
workings of the association more fully.
Tire Red Cloud Chief often a cbro
mo to the first person outside of fed
uouawnowui pve the correct an
swer to the followm problem: itahen
and lays an egg and maiay and
It m evidently a problem that in-
w ---raw wMut we vraiaanr rules
jummtmm u im am instance a.
" -v ""t-S iae w
" - wmi mm ham sasae Raa 1
woaMnotlayaaajg an4 , Jbrtfi
1 fFflVaPViBl M1U k.
w raaa a
WVWiOTMWginTU ai V-A 9 MSmmmmmfm m. mimM MeHHHR.MV tT . . - --. -m- . ' '-m ' p . - -mmmmmMmmtmLr . -v l ?
mrtm mm,mm sssarae wa asss at vBVKa sswv laef aeaaaaa aAkAif ?afe aw mA mmBt - - - "..-. ". s .v -.. faraaawaaV'- 'r-A Tat -?asBBBj
m-- -- y- --' aast 'wat., -""? Z afBBsaaaaaa wst aaa aana sasa wa waawaiaa)Vaw aaV aaaja -asavaaasi saaraaaaaak aaenaaav AaamiaasssBwaaa. , k-'W -aaaaa
nMvm,mmjmtt .iiHu Minimi ?, IWIW UJ. Jjgffjr Til" llilllir7! Il imliil ul " I ' lmmmmi jJb 'J gaW mmViSMmmm"' Baa
...O a ... :.a JJbiLfi4?-' ' v f iW: . tSCPm, M t t. .. - -' .-&&&Z'i" -! jM ; .: .V-:'--o l"LJ!l-llisRffflBagawas
r ' in t -?'"'' " -l"a-TiJawaL- ' "- " A "-" ,aaaaaaasaaawaaaaaaatrr;Mar
p- v U:' waSBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBa - v".''-,.-- ,; , -m.mmmwmmmmrtrss
' -r ?.;-:-': j -,t Kr?aawasBBjaaasnBaaaasBBSBBBBBsrvi
Dr SnERER has bought a sleek pair
of bronchos for the boys.
AN addition has been built to the
Red Cloud carriage works.
There will be preaching at the Con
gregational church next Sabbath in the
morning at 1 1 o'clock and in the even
ing at 8 o'clock. Rev J. G. Aikman,
from Budu, HI., will officiate.
Since the advent of the broncho
herd many of the boys while away the
time between sermons on Sunday with
daring, and sometimes ludicrous exhi
bitions of equestrianship.
Wm Gates has purchased a yAarlinj
calf from L. S. Myers, Judson, Kaunas.
It is part Durham and was born blind.
It cant te II one note from another but
has a sweet, fog-horn voice, and can
eing like u little daisy.
To eveev one who took part in the
entertainment Thursday evening at
the Baptist church or in any way as
sisted to make tne affair a aiicce- we
extend thanks. Mrs Thos Kmioh.
Mrs. Geo. H Brown.
Attention, Knight. A special
meeting of Calanthe Lodge Knight. of
Pythias will be held on Tuesday even
ing. May 20th. A full attendance is
requested. By order
J. L. Miller, C. C.
A. C. Hosmer, K. R. S.
List of letters. Mrs Berlinda Bond,
Mi-s Mary Barton, enrv F Clem,
Warren Davis. Vrs L M Dickens. Wil
lebin Gates, Somes Hudging. Henay
Jacobs,, Frank Kizer, Geo La vert v, B
C Meyer. Mrs M F Russell. Wm H
Stevenson. Irvin Walker, Miss Anna
Snider, Albest Weisbrod. Charley F
Welch. Thefe letters will be sent to
the dead letter office June 15 1885 if
not delivered before.
There should be no question in the
minds of the voters of Welwter county
as to voting the bonds providing for
the building of bridges across tho Re
publican and other rivers and streams
in the county. It is a well authentic
ated fact that for the last eicht years
at least $45,000 have been spent in
repairing bridges, culverts, etc. In the
various precincts, which as fast as built
have been washed away and the peo
ple's money with them, all for the
simple reason that there have not
been substantial structures erected.
The chance is now open to stop this
enormous yearly expenditure by vot
ing bonds to build bridges over the
various streams that wilt stand for all
time to come. This matter should
not be looked upon as a precinct affair
but a well matured pian of the county
commissioners to stoo wasting county
funds on worthless bridges. The ques
tion of saving the county finance is a
matter that should interest everv voter
in Webster county and should not be
looked at from a parsimonious stand
point as only benefitting the ew.
when on the other hand the saving of
county funds benefits the entire peo
ple of the county more or less. The
idea of spending money on bridges
that fall down and are taken away
with every flood is too preposterous
flrfr any man to advocate who has the
wellfare of the county at heart. Good
substantial bridge should be built
over the streams of the county, and we
believe that it will be for the benefit
of all to vote for the bonds.
Birth ea the Rail.
While Conductor Wm. Coy's train
was side tracked on the siding at
Hyde, Colorado, on the B. & M. Rv,
one dav last week, a Swede
woman gave birth to a lK)uncing
baby of full regulation ize and
weight. Coy is a married man and
a father, consequently did not get flus
trated, nor faint. Had Weed or Mc
Kinney been officiating, the oar would
have been painted red with their
blushes. Coy cared for his Swedish
friends in the most tender manner, and
landed them safely at their place of
Of laterMt to Red Cload aad
the Be-
piblicaa Valley.
From letters and catalogues received
from Hon. J. L. Kaley, we learn that
the State University of Nebraska have
decided to hold an examination in,
in Red Cloud, June 20, for the purpose
of giving those who desire a chance to
take a course of studies in the Latin
school or co'leges. Applicants must
attain a grade of fixty on a scale of
100 on each of the studies, and no con
ditions will be allowed. In the prepar
ation for the various undergraduate
courses of the university i afforded to
students denied the opportunity in the
schools of their own neighborhood.
The course for the present extend;
through two years. Applicant for ad
mission must be prepared
for examination in the fallow
ing studies: English gram-
mar ooin eiymui"K uu .,
plications, anaivsis, ana propun.iu,
rcrrnhv and historr of the United
StatS. iniS win uuer r wv
wJkm Mt iW- . a AtnnAlU
tunity to all who are mtcresiea in se
curing a college education.
Oar ew RailraaaL
A gentleman living between here
and DeWitt. reports that a lot of con
tractors' tools had been unloaded at
lVWitt. If the report proves true
Here can be but one object for it, and
Hut is the construction of the road to
lae Hill A line of railroad following
tks proposed route has ot to be a ne
ctwitv and if the B. M. does not
bfcld'it, the U P or some other road
wtl This road traverses as rich and
ferile a country as can be found anv
wk nrf is bound to be a paying lo-
vefcajent. From present indications
Bk:Hill is bound to boom as she
nea.r boomed before. Capital is con-
ceatrating at this point, as the capiiai
is ict slow in recogninnR the advant
agsj of the town and surrounding
coatirv. Bine Hill has always steadi
ly ivanced, having had none or that
phsmenal growth so often noticed
m -iistern towme, followed by a oa
ofdkwasion. and with another rau-
1 . " - 1 .. 1 !!
new banr, wica,iwtj ---the
large number of residen
ce eedT under comracx, wa wm-
envjy expect oer w" - -
befoataefrsCdayofJanuarr IS.
Noa;. i, .mmm in w toot baTTaios I Spnager x resihai Use aeaeral sersaoa joaai aeeeasarv, Saelif eCJsaiQaaw, Jfoa. TWnaae 4WM
!H it the uasewges your f". , m j Thi tlrisisaT raw hi baaaa awa aWsna -- - - ' rTT- -w aaiav -mm
on thfes -r, ina coanfters tn hose, eol- at the ressoenceea aooaay. ,?? " ai fasarsw la lapjet aaw ar """; li
. - I (M J " " mamrn. mw v wt " w , mmmw vp v WW mmmmmJWm - "TTT i mtSE
of ta awm- C.A--i-aL sakiae Dr Lames: aaa sfoae eease aae oeet- js waaw sot sae osaesaf - nise aH pjnaliiliii sWtw- jmm
ataer NirwAovatxV)rresearseaeap Germ Locahart. of vav sry aow ai ysnnai a jtw aaaai wm - - - -. -- ,-Z,.r. laW
a t aTWs? tfs mwMm mJaaws rwB ssaw w - aWaskiiK alaV w, vaarv aaasSawMLw Vaafsaaasaam'' "av AvalaBw gtm BaaTrka-"" amaaaam
TT1- k-ft chsaspssaiwaO, pat aawa ay Mesam 9tfUlmUtmm4m tfawa. AaiaaleaCltsSer aa '"' faal
Kaaelesawareaad bawarego wrr A PaseWef ffiitfi mmwmm. MmWmwMrTTmm ,!
m mWWV. 9- . A mmx tfMK - -W m B mWWWWWmmMmWWWWWm mWmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWm. mmWWWWWWWWWWWWWm.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm9 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWm .mmWmWmmmWWTm. k. . &. "Z-IIIIIB
Home Tmlent; Sixty Trained Voice
Make the Welkin Bins.
Tho Oriental Queen on the Occi
dental Throne.
The Queen Esther troupe, confuting
of sixty Red Cloud singers have betn
busily "engaged for Kme time past re
hearsing the cantata of Esther the
Beautiful Queen, and on Thursday
evening. May I i, presented the result.)
ot their labors to the citizen of Red
Cloud, in the 31. E- Church. Tne
houc was literally packed, hundred
of people being unable to gam admis
sion. The management decided to re
produce the ciinuta on Fridaj even
ing, but owing to the severe rain
torm were obhged to postpone it until
Saturday evening when it was again
rendered to a lare and appreciative
audience. In order to obtain a com
prehensive idea of Esther it is neces
sary to read certain portions of Orient
al history and read your etttcchum
carefully. The performers apjHMted
in full and elegaut co-tumes, procured
from the customer for the "labor Grand
Opera Houe, ot Denver, bv the gener
ous iutercedaion of Mr C Funk, of
that city. Mrs. J. 0. -lllen ap
peared in the title role of Esther, the
beautiful Queen, and Prof. A. L Funk
as King Their impersonation oi Ori
ental royalty was dignified aud plead
ing. Miss Anna Kaley and Mrs. J. V.
Buyha, a maid-i of honor, acquitted
themselves in a vcrv creditable man
ner. Mrs. McDaniels and Mrs. Trim
ble, the former as Haman's wife and
the latter as the weird Prophete. with
their interesting attendants Mttwes
Montie Tullcys and Evi Bay ha did
some splendid acting Haman", Jlforde
cai. Hegai. and Harbonah, by J A
Crawford, C L Colling, Geo M Plumb,
and C L Ebaugh, respectively, were
rendered par excellence. IV V For
rester made a splendid antique pencil
pusher while J A Tullevs did the high
priest act in a bencficfal patriarchal
manner. Me$rs Mitchell, Poyner,
Dow and Kbaugti. as Herald and
guards, acted well their parts, as did
also the various pages. Goo Able'
twin boyg piuved tho ruby wine very
cleverly. The charming little mies,
Blanche Feight and Vashti Gardner
were enthusiastically encored for their
fairv-like dance in the royal presence.
Miss Garner presided gracefully at the
piano, and to her untiring efforts is the
success of the cantata greatly
due. The entertainment throughout
was creditable to the management
and performers, and a genuine pleas
ure to the audience. Cordial invita
tions have been received fur v& repro
duction in some of the valley towns.
List of voting places in Webster
county Nebraska for a special election
to be held June 9th 1885.
For Guide Hock precinct, E O Pa
ker's office, Guide llobk.
For Stillwater product Mearn'a house
S. D 5G.
For Oak Creek precinct, Kanney's
school house, B D 18.
For Garfield precinct, Stone school
house S D 76.
For Pleasant Hill precinct, school
house S D 15.
For Elm Creek precinct, Bchool house
S D 13.
For rotadam precinct McCallum
hall Blue Hill.
For Line precinct, Kueh'n school
house S D 34.
For lied Cloud precinct, court house
Red Cloud.
For Batiu product, school houso, 3
D. 62.
For Glen wood precinct, prairie glen
school houe S 1) 68.
ForJWaln ut creek precinct Kennedy's
school house 3 D 3.
For Inavulo precinct, Harreys scooh
houie SI) 11.
For Harmony precinct, school house
S D 12.
J. P Bayiu. Clerk.
Thk friend and patrons of the school
are respectfully invited to join with
the teachers and pupils in "a basket
picnic to be held in Jackson's grove,
Friday May 29.
The pupils to meet at tho school
house ut 9 a. in.
March to giove at 10 a m.
Basket dinner at 12 M.
Khetoncal exercises at 1:30.
Two little welcomers, lt Primary.
Song, 2nd Intermediate.
Recitation. Our Baby, 2nd Primary.
Recitaiiou, The Dictionary. Second
Recitation. Good Resolves, Second
Dialogue, First Intermediate.
Song, first rnrnary.
Recitation. Playing Rail Road,
ond Primary.
Redtation, The Pioneer, Second
Song, First Primary.
Recitation, The Dying Alchemist,
High school.
Dialogue First Intermediate
Redtation,Second Intermediate.
Duet, High school.
Recitation, First Intermediate.
Song, Second Primary.
Recitation. High School.
Song. High school.
Recitation, Little Kitty, Second Pri
mary. Song, Second Intermediate.
Dialogue, High school.
Song, Second Primary.
Recitation, Second Intermediate.
Song, High school.
Closing address. First Primary.
Eva J Ki5G, Principal.
Pat O'Born lost a valuable horse last
Mr Burnett, of Eed Cloud is fnish
ing James Lockhart's sew residence.
He is a good worcaoan.
Nell BartleU's team becasae iiaao
agtble while going, to chared last
Sunday and raa away, throwiag hie lit
tle girl from the buggy
Tne ME Church at New Tirgiaia
hst secured an able asi
John Orndorit the Wells tomstrial
artist was at Gethertoa, Peadsy. (!
as too.)
Die! Mar 17. Eva, iaeani dmrnkitr
aad jus wsa Jtuaer. Jtev u w
TH I..' frost hurt the trait
here. . .
The fanners have been rusnmg their
The recent rains make the crops
look fine
Mr Slaby i still improving his new
farm by fencing a fine pasture. He
ha got his house nearly finished.
It has been some tune sine I pat a
ward in your columns but after visit
ing yonr'f ourwhmg town a few days
ago "I thought i would try and express
the plr-urc I took in the trip. The
farmers were all buy, ererything driv
ing but upon vutiung the city ul more
enterpming prcenied itself Building
Building ' ! tearing down and building
greater seems to le the pas on Dal
w?w till more surpris-ed on vvuiing O
H Maryatt add wa inrttrd into the
gaiden" to fine such delicious fine
ripe trawl.rne. Fine fruit that if it
was false we hope we will have some
more of the same kind.
This country is in the advance in
spite of t;rAM hontcr, drowth and
rain it will final lv lead in thr tan.
I Kxow.
J Redden has pot poued his depart
ure to Oregon, on account of his sick
Scarletina is prevailing to quite ac
extent in this place.
The dance at TalboU hall Thursday
evening went ofT quite pleasantly .there
leinc a good number present.
Lawyer Chatfin has received an or
der for three tons of mineral from the
Guide Rock across the river to be
manufactured into paint.
I V Cran is improving hi reai
idence. A M. Talbot sold three town lots one
dav Inst week.
fl Kaley has gone to Arapahoe, and
will be absent itouie time.
J Hayes has an injured hand the
result of ball playing.
Mr J Hayes and Miss Kda Garber
were viaittug friends in Kn-aa last
Mr Hagan's youngest cht A it sick.
Some time has elapsed since wo hint
appeared in your columns. In the
meantime many marked improve
ments have been made in this part of
the county. During the spring manv
new buildings have been erected and
the area of tillable land has be.-n
largely increased, which proves the
prograwsive character of the people,
notwithstanding the low prices that
have ruled the past winter.
Spring work is far advanced; small
grain generally looks well; lomo have
finished planting, while others have
not vet commenced.
m Patterson ban enclosed his fine
residence with a fence. He has a fine
young orchard.
Geo Rolerta has built a now house
on his claim.
The new school house is now finish
ed. School will commence soon, Miss
Lottir. Gibson, teacher.
M Randall has sold his school land
lease to Flovd Burt.
B C Burt das repainted all his build
ings and fenced up a large pasture.
A Scott bad a narrow escape from a
vicious bull. His clothes were badly
rent but he received no serious injury.
As it has been some time since you
heard from me I will try and let you
know that we arc all alive and busy all
the time.
A majority of our farmers are plant
ing corn. Some are listing and others
are plowing and planting.
N K and Grant Worley were seen
last Wednesday, planting with their
overcoats and mittens on.
Prairie fires arc still on the war
path, All of West Ioavale's militia
were called out last Tueday to subdue
tho fury of the elements. No damage
heard of as yet, except some blaek
Mr Groves has his pasture finished.
He now has three hundred and thirty
acres under fence, and has just
erected a fine residence. He says he
is going to do ome ditching, as his
land is too Jlow. The last month
has proved the bottom land anything
but dry.
A few days ago we heard a eoise at
Mrs Welter's house, and went over
there in a hurry to see what the mat
ter was, and she wee calsalj weaving
Tne assessor has been eaiongoa, fig
uring up the interest on our debts, and
found more debts than interest, get
disgusted and left, but net until he
had chalked down several little articles
There was a social bop in Mr Groves'
new nuwe iat rnasy sucni. All
jojed tncmseives.
A lew of our
corn vet.
A J Hortoo gets around lively
a new team and buggy,
Guilford k Busick have sipee-i
car Joau ox nogs to Ikaneee this
E H keener is having a coed eee-
atantial rasidesee buist oa a
aear Cowles.
Mr amSyckle with a force of
and asiei pile driver is driviaf
pihag uader several rail road bridges
near here.
Cowles reeeently had a Miracle with
oatany thiag rnvraeuloea ermjBterioae.
W A Miracle a secUoa haai of tae
RRCo. here for sosae tiase. aoachi a
new suit of clothes oa tisae frosaeaeef
oar aercaeote a few
fore pay day, proaaieiaf ts pew at thai
uase. sseorew&ai aay
and silesstly daparted bet
ing heiuadatsaaiswoJa eleeaee far
ffyfl - . . . 1TDH1I m aHaL s l-fk
fiMinr 1 ster ssr x'aaa voaneBeissjaas ssaase wawaraas sasa sawaasw ji
wawwaa 1 s? " W m' arsarsBBssiaTaF ,r - aj .aa
teTofCoaTlayasaawMiaaiylsjsata Ifi
ghe 1 taaewascripuoaa fartaaaaiuae af aai wal W faaarvad ssa ta 12 M. asf f -
?mCmfim. Ha aaa aVaafh af May, lata, for Jatairt as fc
w a w7ai OTMOTBawsaasajs aaa eaenai aaa naasasjw aaavsarT aiK .-
k-. -W - ' 2. iS -- m Mm V . - T -- JL mii
3;XT of all ocriptiom. h $- ar
in balertgaa. gaua, esusmer saerifto
Ac Hosiery ia cottoa. lyete thrsaral
ilk at the Golden Eagle" aeal
ing ckrfahsg bowse.
Scal Wosiks; Urge stack ef
note, very cheap; aad new wtwleer
shades thas week, atIIenry Ceok't.
YVoon beejB culm at or (or oaly $if
at Pope's.
I x order to close owl, for the "aexr
sixtv dav.. we will sell wood! oal
ti vators and feed gnnderf at east. A.
A. Tope.
G to C. A. Owen V buy year wall
paper and natata. Large ane eegM"
supply and way down prices.
Go To C A Owes to buy painis Wm4
wall paper.
Til a Luplon cultivator knife far
working litad cora. Something aesr
and ueful, for sale by 9panogle m 9oa.a
Wk are closing eut our stock of cwl
tfvafors. Now is the time to buv.
Sraaecut Ac fks.
Tkk one price Golden EagW kerps
the br-st otock of ahocn for raca.woaien
and childrea, and of the celebratad!
mU make.
At home and ready for busier fit
our new location, writ of Mmr Bros.
brick block. SrxMoata A So.
Wk have just received a general
stock of bugpee and pnng wagons.
Sravooui A Hox.
We have a good assortment oJ fine'
buggim and spring wagons la stock
We think we cu plec you.
Srxsernjrk gbjr.
Proclamstiox to the tcople of Kedf
Cloud and vicinity. Alt perora pur
chasing goods of Wnght A Wallace
will save raoney
Hats and capiin emfre.r varseliat
the Golden Eagle.
Clothing for men, youths and boys
lor holiday and every day wear at pri
ces that defy cooipctiiion at the oue
price Golden Eagle.
O. II. MaavATT is the reliable a nd
eadiug jeweler of Rd Cloud.
Viouji, banjo and guitar strings at
Wright A Wallace's.
Itch and scratches of every kind
cured in 30 minutes by WooJford's
Sanitary Lotion. Use no other. Thie
never fails. Sold by R K Shercr, drug
gist, R! Ooud. -Tl-ly
Fust) Hcmmcll wants to sell lihr
town property on Scwnl stresU If
vou wunl.a bnnun see him. 2Alf
A good farm of 160 well trnprovsnl,
hntne, barn, wells Ac. 115) acres culti
vated, nine miles of Kwd Clou 1. Intjuiro
ut farm or address me at Red Cloud.
36 tf Rout, stowxn.
HckVtcas at the Methodtut church
are a follow: Sunday chool at 10 a.
m ; jrf aching at 1 1 a. in, aUo at 7,20 p.
nt. Prayer meeting Thursday evening
at 7.30. A cordial welcome to all.
New invoice of paraaol and suit
ambrellas at Marsh's.
Cumit.KO at tost at Inavale, I have,
concluded to close out my stock of
clothing at cost. J. O. Ciiawmckuk.
Dctuxo the month of May every
thing in the line of silverware we' wilf
sell at 35 per aent. discount.
Wkkiit A Wauack.
Vtpuw trimmings at Wright A Wal
lace's. I dox't claim the largest stock in tho
state, but have plenty of fresh new
good. The latest deaign in everything
kept in a fiart class jewelry eMabUwh
rnent. Of! Maktatt.
HtRMoxrcAf and all small muslca
goods at Wright A Wallaou's.
Com r ark mv prices with thoae of
other firms. 1 will save yoti from tenf
to twenty five per cent, on anything Its
my line. O. II. Maktatt.
Nkw arrival of fresh teas and cotiW
at Marsh's.
Qnamojc. Why does A- 8. Marsh
sell more dry goods than all the mer
chants in Red Cloud.
La mca will do well to leok through
the stock at the Golden Eagle before
buying their shoes.
- '-
Plow shoes at all prices id suit all
at the Golden Eagle.
i m i
O. H. Mastatt makes a specialty of
fine watch repairing and warraats a!(
Cacokt in the act. A man pasting
hastily down Webstar st. yeateriUy
attracted the attention of everybody,
but bis haste was aeon explained, as'
be was on his way to purchase bar
gaias at Wright k Waliacea.
ww assBBB) esawasj
Dwelnsig bowse with not lees the
(bar rooeae. Inquire at Use Gold
Eagle clotaiag stare.
i ..
LAwaswill pkase at reed the Jbl
lowiag artiele:
life usds ivxi
e AJaf paw ssspisa esiJLrtai
2 ost y -iiPML -9 nrJa !
-fpw AsanULrsajasasi wwj aeXj
peat oi stsupaDfaaajeas4sast&Mstaf
Xiteouao uJaawe soatae yw yta afpt
sri ssosnr mm ey :aeeaefsaaf x
Titty head ef cattle to
af Iaaeale.
I smew the Walker eeoes
aai via giye jost
ceivvssaasryeabwy. Try
tae Walker
laataasai awaaV
I have i-eeeivsa steal ster asaAa l&
seataaiaeaaeaafaiawssar im
Bkeees. I wtt warraat IX
t tame srsarry pasraarjaes ar aa aase. try m
Mr saaaa. A.LMAastt fa
aawpar - -m. m
m m mt ,aaWr
. ,,i 4tW
fl 1 I IL II
- Vr I -" ,, T HSjlft ' IT II T Hf - ' " mmVSSmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
SmWtt-'-f-'ffir, .gjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa