The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 01, 1885, Image 5

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v The Red Cloud Chief
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FRIDAY. MAY 3, 1855.
Our ores-; i,crfiert iritf orar n TmncJ
ftf atf sukcriplion are 01 ofai Ox coyir
ation of the fau paid far. If ukotdd is
JHetMeato Uae aU renew cl once.
The taxpayers of the Village ol Red
Cloud are requeued to pay no herd to
tne warning ordors of M. S. Ballard
pretended road overseer of pretended
road district No. 3. All the work done
in faid village by the residents will he
done under the orderh of trustees of the
lllage of Hod Cloud.
By order of the boHrd.
, x. T K L Ti.VKEH,tChairman.
J .N IilCKAiiDe, Clerk. 394
Attention Comrade.
The next regular meeting of Garfield
Post. .No 80, will be May 11, 8 p. m.
AU comrades aie requested to be pres
ent. There will ! mustering cere
monies, and the necessary arrange
ments for Memorial Dav to be made.
t. T W. B". Rouy, P. 0.
fcAM West, Adj't.
Farmers will find it to their interest
to call at the Third Avenue implement
house, before purchaHing.
39 Spanoqle &. Box.
Go to B F Mizer for groceries and
queensware. Prices to suit the time.
Jv.uge and complete stock of choice
voods;to select from.
onr news.
Gov. Gakkek is fencing his pasture.
The commissioners meet Saturday.
Mrs. A. It Fc.nk hae received her
new phreton.
W. II. Smith of Minde n was in the
J city Monday.
A great many town lota ar chang
ing hands now.
Mifb IIawkinV r reception Friday
night was a success.
W. W. Fekqusok, of Ohio is the
guest of John Kellogg.
Mi:. Bcun.TZ living across the river
is tlie father of a baby girl.
I Harry Feioht is putting a fence
around his lots and otherwise improv
ing them.
M. R. Bentlkv is going east in a few
days on a business trip. He will be
gone several months.
The board of pension examiners is
doing a good business. There are
lrom 20 to 30 applications weekly.
Hiram Hioks returned from his visit
lo Indiana on Sunday. He says thr
Hoosier state hath no charms for him.
Married in this citj on the 25th
nit., by the Rev. Geo. O. Yeiser, Frank
H. Farrer and Miss Etta L.McCornbcr.
Fkkd Hcmmkli. was the recipient of
a find gold Pythian and Odd-fellows
pin the other day as a birthday present
Married, in Red Cloud, April, 2
to I S&. by the Rev-C. W. Springer Mr.
Wilson II. Rice, and Miss Anna 0
The Red Cloud Homestead, "Building
and Loan Association will be ready for
subscriptions to the capital stock in a
few days.
Ed. Young wears a plaster on his
head from the ellectof a chunk of coal
that come in contact with the top part
of his cranium.
W. E. OTelt and Mr. Dunn of
Brownville were in the city this week
calling on their old friends T C. Hacker
and L. II. Fort.
L. E. Martin of the Orleans Sentin
el, J T Croavcr of. the Press, and Editor
Kerr of the Blue'Hill Times were in
Red Cloud Monday.
Mr. S. T. Vanhorn has been over
hauling and renovating his Tonsorial
aviporium and adding new furniture,
pictures etc. to his outfit.
Oi'R friend A. J. Armstrong ha be
come tired of railroading and has re
tired from active life as a gay express
messenger. He will locate at McCook.
Married, in Red Cloud, Wednesday
evening, April 29. 1SS5, Geo M Plumb
and Mina D. McMillan, Rev. Geo. H,
Brown officiating. Red Cloud will be
their home. The Chief wishes them
a life of prosperity.
Some of the young dudes who make
the night hideous by throwing com at
houses aud putting tick-tacks on the
windows should beware, as some of
the victims of their jokesjhave decided
to make it warm for them if caught.
W. B. Bobt is starting a new nur
sery. He has a great many different
varieties ot fruit and ornamental trees
grafted, besides he intends making a
specialty of grapes, rose hushes, climb
ing vines, &c. The Chief .wisheg him
L. H. Rust the Red Cloud horticul
turist, has been surprising the natives
of Blue Hill, Biverton and Bed Cloud I
during the past tendaya with an un
expectedly fine Spring delivery of
fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs
the finest ever brought to this county.
The Cantata ol Qeen Esther is being
rehearsed in this city by our leading
singers, and in a few days will be giv
en to the public The rendition of
of the cantata requires both akill and
c;.m.i ahilitv. and the leaders have
selected the best singers in the city for
the purpose. It is indeed an elegant
tiling and people should not ful to
hear it.
There seems to be a difference of
opinion as to whom the mantle of
"Overseer of highways" for the Bed
Cloud district shall (all upon. Mr. M.
S. Ballard holds the fort on one side
and the city dads have appointed H.
A. Watson, to hold the office in the
new district. Mandamus proceedings
have been instituted by the trustees
to restrain the county treasurer from
paying over any fuuda f the district
that may come into nis hands to Mr.
Ucuts are in town.
J. iT. EicJCAEDSwas in Beatrice this
Ex-Sh erip Tait of Brownville was
in the city this week.
Jas. McSirrr and R. D. Jones were
in Lincoln, this week.
All effort is being made to start a
creamery at Riverton.
The Good Templars' orange social
last Tuesday wag a success.
Frank Scott has taken a position as
clerk in Dr. Sherer's drug store.
Geo. Green of Salem was robbed on
Monday night of $1S in this city.
M. C. Jackson presented The Chief
with a handsome roll of pie plant.
The creamery and cheee factory in
dustry is booming in Webster county.
A. L. Fcnk and 'J . C. HucKer are
each building an addition to their resi
dence. Rev. Geo. Hummeix wa presented
by his pariehoners with a fine quilt
the other day.
Another lot of alabastine, all colors
New paints, all colors, and wall paper
at Henry Cook's.
The Golden Eagle clothing store will
sell cheaper than erer to raise money
to build the new store.
The firm ot Spanogle &. Funk have
moved their office to the rear of Miner
Bros., store on 3d Avenue.
The cards are out for the 10th Anni
versary of the marriage of Asacssor
Ferman and wife, on Ma 4.
Mrs J W Sherwood and Walter re
turned Tuesday from Minden, where
they have been visiting for a week.
Hon 0 C Case started for New York
on Tuesday night, in answer to a tele
gram announcing the death of his fath
er. John Barney and William Shell
hammer have each purchased a fine
organ from J S Jfoll, the popular mu
sic dealer.
Proclamation to the people of Red
Cloud and vicinity. All persons pur
chasing goods of Wright & Wallace
will save money.
6. O.Baker steps around Red Cloud
lively. Cause, an heir to enjoy the
blessing of the U. P. House. Usual
number of pounds.
Mr. Cokover, will commence, in a
few days, the erection of a two
story dwelling, just north of Geo.
Abie's residence in the south end.
The premium list of the Webster
county Agricultural Society is being
enlarged and otherwise put upon a
first clas6 basis for the coming fair.
J G Potter, formerly of this city,
has sold his store at Wells, to Mrs
Lydia Lockhart, and will turn his at
tention to farming. He is now a bloat
ed land owner.
County Treasurer Bukchow has
received a splendid $ 05 sewing ma
chine, it being one of the prizes drawn
by Mr Buschow in the Omaha Bee pre
mium distribution.
Services in the Baptist Church Sun-da-
as follows: Preaching at 1 1 a m,
and 8 p m; Sunday school at 12 M;
temperance school 3:30 p m. Strang
ers in the city are cordially invited to
Caught in the act, A man passing
hastily down Webster st. yesterday
attracted the attention of everybody,
but his haste was soon explained, as
he was on his way to purchase bar
gnins at Wright it Wallace's.
The county bastile weighed anchor
on Tuesday, sailing in a southeasterly
direction, in charge of Captain Baker
and crew. The old hulk is now safely
moored near the shores of Crooked
Creek and prepared for the reception
of its belligerent guests as usual.
The Omaha capitalists have become
spunky over the fact that Lincoln is to
have the state fair and now propose to
break up that institution if possible
The people of the state should take
notice of their doings and give them a
wide berth. It may be enterprising
but it is not the kind that is usually
found in Nebraska.
List of letters for the week ending
April 27th 18S5 C T Begen, Miss Flora
Bear, Mips Estella May Beck, Cora B.
Cline, Thomas Dodge, Levi DeHedt, C.
E Eaton, Rev. A. J. Eapen. Edward
Garrell. Fay Gorhem, . P. Gould,
Nute Montgumerv, J B Miller, T Kvan
Robert Walker, S B Walters. These
letters will be sent to the dead letter
office May 25 1SS5 if not . called for
Me. E. Stewart of New York city is
in Webster county, and will probably
buy a stock farm near Red Cloud, and
go into that business. He is very
much pleased with Nebraska as com
pared with the cold climate of New
Vorkjstate, where farming has not yet
commenced while farmers in the Re
publican valley have been plowing and
doing other farm work for a mouth
and a half.
A Bully Time. On last Sunday F N
Richardson and the Rasser Bros had
considerable fun in trying to lariat a
ferocious bull which they wanted to
take out of the corral, and had it not
been for the close proximity of the
fence the case would have been a seri
ous one for Friz. Friz was making a
bee line for the fence to get out of the
way of the beast, but the infuriated an
imal could run faster than Friz, and
overtook him, but by presence of mind
Mr Richardson dropped down and
thereby threw the bull, and before it
could gain its equilibrium Friz was
safely housed on t'other side of the
teea Entker. May 14.
The singes of Red Cloud are now
busy in their preparations for Queen
Esther. Already ever sixty singeis are
enlisted. This will undoubtedly be the
grandest musical treat Red Cloud has
enjoyed for years. It k requested that
everyone read the book of Esther to
appreciate this cantata fully. The
King and Queen, Hainan, Scribe. High
Priest, Jews and Persians in full Ori
ental costume, will be personated in
solos, duets, quartets and choruses.
Look1 out for the program next week.
EatcrpriMsc MrrrkaBU
The fact that the enterprising nrm
of Mohart & Fulton, hardware dealers,
C. Weiner Clothing merchant, and B.
F. Mizer grocer and nueensware dealer
have decided to build new brick store
rooms 100 feet deep and 25 feet wide,
makes The Chief feel jubilant from
the lact that such evidences of pros
perity leads us to believe that ina few
fthort months the west side of the busi
ness portion of Webster street, from
3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue will be of
solid brick buildings. The above
gentleman are paving the way, and it
is onlv a nuestion of time when oth-
...,r.i...t ,..t tr.i-A t,. v, ot .a
. I' lliril.llillll UlLrTt. Ull Ltll. II'IL.1 UIIU
build suitable store room- to
nace with the irrowin" metropolis of
the Republican valley. Messrs. Mor
hart &. Fulton and B F Mizer will build
a two Eton block each, the store room
as designated in last weeks Chief
and in addition will make
the upstairs into an opera
house which is really needed iu Red
Cloud. Mr. Wiener's building will be
two stories high the first and second
stories adapted exclusively to the de
mands of his trade. The north block
will be built after the design of the
Red Cloud National bank block when
ever built. This will have the effect
of making a handsome number of
store rooms. Now who willj le the
next one to put up a brick building.
Verily, Red Cloud is booming, there
having been something like twenty
dwellings built so far since January 1st
18S5, and contracts for several more
have been let. Keep up the good work
and make the city of our adoption
grow and expand like the green bay
Tba Bridge U.uetioa.
Another meeting of our business
men was held in Judge Yeiser's office
on Saturday nifht, to again discuss
the bridge question, lrom a logical
business standpoint, a civil engineer
who has been making surveys and es
timates, ct the different points along
the Republican needing bridges, pre
sented some very interesting facts and
figures relative to the modus operandi
cu-l etc. of bridge building. It is a la
mentable tact that Welnter county if
continually losing a large amount of
trade that rightfully belongs to it, by
reason of defective bridges and almost
impassable roads, these serious draw
backs to the malerial prosperity ol the
countv are not confined to the vallev
alone but is rclt severely at the various
trade centers throughout the entire
county It is estimated that about forty
or forty five thousand dollars will prop
erly bridge the Republican with reli
ible and permanent bridges and some
ten or hfteen thousand to bridge the
streams and draws, elsewhere in the
county and to improve the public
roads so that the farmers may be able
to leach the market with a full load of
products at any and all times, the
may so desire. The board of county
commissioners meetSaturday and will
consider the advisibihty of calling
a special election of the people,
to vote for or against the issu
ing of county bonds, to the
amount of $55,000 to be used in
improving the highways and bridges
of Webster county as above stated. We
believe the project a just one and
trust that no motives of parsimonious
economy may be allowed to retard
these much needed and lasting im
provements. A mi'sical soiree, will be given at
the Baptist church next Thursday, May
7th, by some of the best tallent in the
Overture, Miss Becker, Messrs.
Becker and Welch.
Organ Selection Miss Lillie Smith.
Solo, Mr. Welch.
Quartette, Misses Ferguson, Haw
kins, Becker and Newhouse.
Piano Solo Miss .Sarah Brown.
A Glee, Baptist choir.
Duet. Piano and violin. Sadie
Becker, E(. Becker.
Quartett, Mcsrs Plumb, Albright
Beachy and Welch.
Piano-Polo, Mi? Hattie Skecn.
Solo, Miss Gertie Brakefield.
Selections. Piano, Violin and
Trombone, Miss Becker, Messrs Bee' -er
and Houghton.
Solo, Mrs Dodd.
Piano Duett. Misses Becker and
Chorus. Bantist choir.
Piano Solo. Mrs. Wood.
Trio. Misses Clara Becker, .Hawkins
and Ferguson.
Admission, 25 cts. Reserved seats 10
cents extra. Tickets at the post office.
On Monday evening Charlie Kaley,
Sam Garbcr and Will Brakefield "a
noble trio of Red Cloud's energetic
young men severed the social ties that
bound them to this latter day Eden,
bade farewell to home and "mother
and with the regulation artillery in a
leather girdle about their loinsstirted
for the land ot the Montezutnas, .Their
present destination is Raton, New
Mexico where they expect to carve Red
skin andjsboot the wild cactus overjthe
plains, as all truly courageous cowboys
have done, who have eniored that land
before them. The Chief drops the
silent tear of regret over their depart
ure, trusts that "Old Prob." who tem
pers the wind to suit the convenience
of the weather bureau, will also care
for the little Teudcr-footsM and fondly
hopes to see them return from their
weary pilgrimage in due season, to the
city of their first love and again re
sume their places in our midst as
solid influential citizans.
A New Lumber Yaru. W lnm
'Tthis week that Rev Mr Hawlev former-
erly of Red Cloud and our old friend
B. T. Reed have associated themselves
together and will start a lumber yard
and feed store on the lots jut
between the Commercial house and A.
S Marsh's residence and in front of W.
D. Forrester's residence. These gen
tlemen are well known to the citizens
of Red Cloud and Webster and adja
cent counties, and we have no doubt
but what they will be well re
paid for the money they propose to
invest in the lumber enterprise in our
city. The Chief welcomes these men
into the active business circles and
wishes them prosperity and success in
every particular. Tni will make Red
Cloud quite a lumber headquarters,
there being now with Reed fc Hawlev
four establishments. The new firm will
put up a store room 20 by 26 for the
flourmnd feed department.
Died. At the residence of W.
J. Wilson, on April 23, his mother
Betsey Wileon, at the age of 85
years, two months and eight dav.
She firmly believed the seventh day fs
the Sabbath, and died having a living
faith that God would raise ner up to
be in His everlasting kingdom. Eld.
Hoopes speke from the test ot her
own choice, Jo. 14: 1-2.
American Odd-FeHowahlp
Bed Cloud.
One of the most interesting events
that has transpired for a number of
vears in the wav of celebrations took
I iiiPt' ii , r;.iv- Anr,1
place m Red Cloud last Monday , April
27, and was the occasion ot tne tmn
Annivcrsarv of American Odd-reiiow
ship. Red Cloud Lodgo
LO. 0. F. of this city, had
No. W,
been fur
the large
j several weeks engaged in
i arrangemei ts to
number that were expected to Lxt pres
ent from the Valley and adjacent ter
ritory, and succeeded admirably. Tiiir
order is one of Uiejinost flourishing of
the many benevolent institutions
modern times, and from one
started in Baltimore oG years ago tney
are now numbered bv
the thousands,
and its membership by the hundreds
of thousands, not only in our own
land but its tenets of Friendship, Love
and Truth are taught in all ciiilued
nations of the earth, and the great
work of alleviating the suffering of
mankind, caring for the widows and
orphans of deceased members, helping
the poor and elevating the human
race to a higher plane of uselulnes, is
being constantly pressed onward, and
main- a weary heart has found solace.
in uns ortier wnen the world Had
seemed to be a vast wilderness, and all
hope had lied. Jt l a rougn road to
Jerico, bu t sooner or later it must be
traveled by all, and at such times
when aflliction and trouble comes 'tis
well to have a friend, to succor you,
for "A friend in need is a frifeiid" in
deed," and especially is this true m re
iard to Odd-fellowship. They who
;now can speak. It is not surprising
then that the organization flourishes,
and that all over the broad land the
brethren come together to celebrate
and renew their vows of friendship.
On Monday morning the various
lodges from over the Valley came in
on the early trams and were met by
a delegation of Red Cloud lodge and
marched up town, headed by the Red
Cloud cornet band. The lirt lodgo to
make it appearance was from Blue
Hill which was accompanied
by their cornet band, and numbered
thirty-nine or forty members. I he
next ueiegauous cam 2 111 irom me
west headed by the Franklin cornet
band, and later on in the day halem
Lodge to tae number of fifteen or.twen
ty came over in wagons and the festiv
ities were then commenced, and wer'
occasionally enlivened by the "sweet
strains of music" floating upon the air
from the various cornet bands that
were in the city. In fact it was 1
grand holiday, not only for Odd Fel
lows but was joined in by mot of our
citizens and quite a number from the
outlying precinct At 12:30 p. m
in accordance with the program the
Red Cloud Lodge met at their hall to
the number of about fifty and at one
o'clock marched to the rink, headed
by the Red Cloud band, where they
were joined by the visiting brethren
and the grand march commenced.
At 1:30 p. m. the order was given by
Grand Marshal Bayha for the column
to move, which they did in the follow
ing marner: From the rink the col
umn marched north to 7th Avenue
thence west to Cedar ct., again north
to 9th Avenue and west to Seward St.,
and south to 2nd Avenue and east on
2nd Avenue to Webster st, and thence
north to the rink.
at the rink.
The following program was fully car
ried out by the lodges, and was of a
very interesting nature. About two
o'clock A. J. Means, acting Noble
Grand, called the meeting to order,
and prayer .vas offered by the Rev.
Geo. W. Hummell, after which the
singing 01 the opening one iy ah
Odd-fellows took place. A J Kenney
was then introduced and on lehalf Of
the Red Cloud Lodge delivered an able
and appreciative address of welcome
to the visiting brethren
ladles, which was heaitilv
and their '
applauded '
from time to time as the speaker pro
gressed. After singing. E. A. Fletcher,
of Franklin, in a very few well cho-eu
remarks 1 es ponded on behalf of the
visiting members. Mr. Fletcher is an
enthusiastic brother and his address
was most highly appreciated by the
brethren and attentively listened to.
after which the choir, composed of J F '
Bayha, Prof. Ebangh, Thomas Poyner, !
and Miss Fva Bavha. with Mrs J I
Bayha as organist, gave the audience
"Annie Laura-" After which the an
niversary exercises commenced. The
proclamations from the Grand Sire
having been read by the secretary of
Blue Hill lodge, the Noble Grand and
Vice Grand recited the principal ob
object of, and the causes which lead
to the foundation of the order. After
prayer and singing the Rev. E. A Cor
net? grand chaplain of the grand lodge
of Nebraska, was introduced, and for
the space of thirty minutes kept the
audience in a pleasant humor by one
of the most able addresses that it has
been our pleasure to listen to for some
time. The good brother is a thorough
Odd-fellow, and was loudly applauded
all thiough his discourse. We should
liked to have given his speech in full, J
but have not the space to spire, .itcr
closing the anniversary uddre5 a
vote of thanks was tendered to Bros.
Cornet, Kenney and Fletcher, for the
parts which they took in the exercises
and also to the bands which had vol
unteered the music, and to the choir.
Mr Cleaver, of the Orleans Pnxs mov-
ed a vote of thanks to Red Cloud for
the kind treatment that the visiting have been erected thi Macon, and
members had received. Rev E. A. several others are be;ng completed.
Cornet moved that the next meeting The Grand Army Pot have ei fated a
of the association be held at Orleans. . nice hall for tbemselve. The town
On the question being put to the lodge j ha two phv-icians Dr Monroe and
it was carried unanimously. Bro J Kehier. and both gentlemen have a
Ward, of Frauklin. on invitation, sang j large practice- The village is crtain
a comic song entitled "My Thomas ( iy in a most prosperous condition, and
Cat" which was ery amusing and ere- The Chief wishes its citizen success.
ated a creat deal of merriment. At
the next meeting in Orleans the ques
tion of making a permanent Valley
Association will be diseased. After
prayer the exercises closec for the af
ternoon, and in the evening a grand
ball was given at the rink which was
largely attended, and participated in
until the small hours appeared, when
the "uinxy waltzing" ceased and the
merry makers returned to their vari
ous hoirfs vowing that it was one of
the nuf .njoyable events in the his
tory of Odd-fellowship in the Valley.
Too much praise can not be bestowed
upon the committee on arrangements
for their untiring efforts to make the
exercises pleasant and profitable to all.
Everything was systematized and con
sequently passed off harmoniously. It
wa& certainly a most pleasant event
and enjeyed br all wbV took part In
I the days' exfdcez.
x Vdcb? Mam Illioi tin: Victim
Cuafcdcace .lira.
On la! Satuidav a vounr lrom Ill-
:; rfviair his name as L. rielter.
j landed in Red Cloud and registered at
I the Gardner Houe. He wapeeming-
i a voung man who was looking np a
,- - r Le T5cwjnK :he great west
j 0IJ a pCJMIure trip,
tbi. nh statements our reporter did
not make inquiry, as neither one was
of much moment to the event which
occurred further on in the day. by
which the ounc man was inveigled
into a shrewd confidence game, oper
ated bv two alleged sharpers, wearing
the names ol
f XI V Pnrrl tnri K F Fr.
jrleson ciCM
John-am, who are not
unknown to our police, having oper-
. . xT
utetl their schemes m mis env uunng
of I la-it fall, when a
number of
wcrC "t'Cceu OUI Ol scvera; nuuurcu
I .J. .11 1 ......:.. 11,. ,r,A r.f nn
y r 1 I 1 I
I .i .. r. .. i... ....V,. ,.-t,c iK
VB1AI1 ISVIIII. a Mil 7A 1 . A. A. A r ft.k AJ fe
lo- of something like $300 for
minutes experience and a treat deal
of glorious anticipation, and for this
and other rauses these said traveling
sharks one morning bid a fond adieu
to our peaceful village- and "flitted"
fur a more congenial field of lalor and
more perfect olvcurity from the piy
jiig eyes of detectives, who were m
search of them, to th story goes. The
! young man m question had some $9U
in his possession, and the confidence
operators discovering the fact, very po
litely invited him into their room to
spend the evening, letting on to the
. llhnow, youth that thev were in search
of !nmj, and a few minutes later thev
. - . -- .
were quietly seated in the aid apart
ments. A little later one of the sharp
ers very carelessly drew from his pok
et a bunch of envelope containing
cards with numbers on them. Thf
operator of the acheme then produces
a etiart with numbers on it correspond
ing with those in the enveloies. The
figures on the chart specify the amount
of money to be drawn by the numlers,
rmt of which draw worthless prizes.
j While the operator is shullling the en
j velope- he pun'-ely exposes a num-
her in one of the envelopes. The vic
tim in deceived in the number, and
thinking to draw a prize falls readily
into the scheme. The victim pavs his
money and the operator Rives him his
onvpl'itjiv rrmlmn5rir t)i nntKnr
hlH u.,on tiem i,e finds thev
. contnin 0thmg but northle-s prizes,
, Thf. Si,cker Bov" dropped a little
nmller 0f 9t before realizing that he
wjis being swindled. The capper then
wrote out a check and otlered it to his
companion, which h refused, and
both soon afterwards hurried from the
room to catch the outgoing east hound
train. In the meartnne ihwir victim
had notified Deputy Sheritl" Ball, who
with his usual promptness arrested the
guilty parties at the depot just as the
, train wiw pulling ouL It is strange
J after the oft repeated warnings of the
pres. that any person possessing com
mon hor-e sense can be so easily vic
timized. Hardly a day pas-es that the
people are not warned, and indeed
The Chiki- has called the attention of
the people to these swindlers more
than once within the lat eighteen
months. The people should beware
all such schemes of designing men,
whoe only purpose 1 to rob the un
suspecting and thereby gain a living
without work. On Monday the par
tics 'arrested were before a legal tri
bunal, and after the evidence had
been produced in the case, they were
fined fifty dollars and co-ts
LlttJf Villa
lhlff. The Itcaniifnl
Viitrl by Thr
On lnt Tuesday, in company with
our friend F. E Gnhle, of the Nebraska
Lumber Company, The Cuiei took a
trij) overland to the village of Wells,
situated in the north part of Webster,
eTine twenty miles distant from the
metropolis of the state of Webster
The drive to Neils from Red Cloud
take." a person through some of the
grandest rolling prairie to be found or
imagined. All along the way, and as
far a- the eve could see, there could be
observed well improved farm, good
frame hou-e, barn-, fine grove., and
in lact one would think tiiat ehtcr
county had been settled nearer fifty
years than fifteen. Tne farmers are
thrifty and enterprising. From the
McQuilkin farm north the land grow
more level a you leave the river and
advance to the wetand north, and the
traveler see- helore him one 'vaRt,
stretch of fine farming country d
thickly with farm hou-, bams,
The farmers on the divide apparently
turn their attention more to direct
farming than stock raUin, as nearly
every farm is planted to small cereals.
About two o'clock we arrived in Wells,
and after dining at the Hotel dc Aultz,
our menu itouic ana ihe l-hief ram
bled around the village for the purpose
of taking in the sights. Tne
totx or wells
is situated in a little valley, and is
skirted on the north, west and eat
by quite a growth of timber that crows
along the banks of theiittle Blue. The
location of the village could not have
been better selected if the originators
had med the county over. The busi
ness of the village is represented by
the following firms, all of whom are
doing a splendid business. W G Aultz
hotel anu blacksmith shop; Alexander
& Dovle, general merchandise; Mrs
Lockhart, groceries; Jno D Storev,
Morhart & Pulton, hardware,
John Ramsell, blacksmith; S Alexan
der, livery sLible; 0 G Roterte. harne?
and saddlery hardware; Mr Simpson,
billiard liall; Mr Hoffman, general
merchant, and A L Funk, agricultural
implement. Several new dwellings
prosperity and riches.
To the people af Red Cloud and vi
cinity: I am desirous of reducing my
stock in the next 20 days, a I am
compelled to move my building in or
der to erect a new brick store room!
B. F. Mizer.
The Tortb End Grocer.
Go to B F Miser for iroceries and
aueensware. Prices to suit the tiarf
Large and complete stock of goods to
select from. Z9if
It will pay ladle- wantinr shoes
themselves or children to examine
large variety at the Golden Eagle.
Go to B. F. Miser for groceries and
qneensware. Prices to suit the times.
Irge and complete stock of goods to
select torn. . 29tf
of i
No Reason
Boots and Shoes,
Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Caps,
Trunks and Valises.
Now sold at the Golden Eagle,
One price Clothing Store
Will be pleasedto show you stock and prices
and convince yon that yon save money
by buying of us.
C, WIENER, Proprietor.
a olow we quo to a few prices of our troodn and rcspoctf ul)y roqucnt
tho public to cull iiad bo convinced ofthouo ttusUn.
Steel Spectacles - 10c
Brooches, rolled plate, 20c
Brooches, rolled plate, - 25c
Brooches, rolled plate, 30 to 60c
Cuff pins, rolled plate, - 18c
Cuff pins, rolled plate, 20 to 45c
Clocks, nickel, -
Clocks, alarm
Silver spoons,
Batter Dishes, foe. Xapkm Ring. 30c Watch Chains', 25c, Accordion, kl.
Clocks, striking, 2.45.
Elgin Watches,
Nickel Watches,
Thoc are bnt a few of the WOSDKRFt'L PRICES of gut good- It M II.-T
be remembered al-o that we FTLLY WARRANT and GUARANTEE thc
good' as good as the best. Ion't forget the place, four door norm of p
Jewelers. Red Cloud.
Red Cloud Music House.
Sterling, Packard & WesternC ottage Organs
Pianos, Organs, and Sewing Machines.
Steinway, Weber & Paris Pianos.
I wiah to inform lb ptople ot Wetwter and mdjoir.i-r.g oocsAXstbt I
hT opned a music store oc Wc&ster Avense, oppocfeo Flat: 4s
Tim' Lembcr yard whar will be foaada aoppty o? Organe. Fiiteoe
aad Sowing raacblaee, which will ba aoid as cbaap aa eaa bo bocht
of the "B1 Maddy," althar tor
"10?" A Ki'fUr fljiL
-Floor !
$1 35
$2.25 to $6
plated set 60c
35 00
4 00
caaa or tor aaay parses!.