The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 17, 1885, Image 2

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A. C. KOSUER, Publisher.
REP n.nru.
Mir. (.kcu.gk II. rhSDi.K'rosV irraml
father .v.i- Ham Iton'. -econd in tin
fatal clti-l vi!i Aaron I.urr.
Am. the. jntblic jrambhnr; hoii.-e- in
Cincinnati wen recently do-ed under
notice from the newly appointed loHce
Ki.vj.nik ofliccr- recently ei.ed an
illicit -till in tin: hii- of .John htuufer.
ji farmer near Iiurlititon, Iowa. He
was an ohl ollendcr.
Mi I'.. ai:i. ilaujrhter of the Soc
Tetarx, i-an accompli-In-d hor-exvomnn.
anil i- said to be at her bet in the
society that o,cs in for mild athletic
K.v-.Jt hoi: John K. rim:i.. the
xvoll-knoxxti Ihwwt. was .-iricken with
:if)jley recent h. at hi- ro-idoneo in
Waterfonl. N". V. He was not expected
to live.
II xxas undcr-tood that the annual
report of the Atchi-oti Kailroad loin
i:inv uoiiM -how a -urjilits for 1 - 1
of .-'..Vi.'ioo. without taking into :
fount theadxaiiec-. to the Solium road,
which amounted to about .:l"u, ).
S. '. Movi.k, one of the proprietor-,
of the Milwaukee Siui'iut V' tnjriijM,
committed -uicidc recently. Mr.
Mower wa. favorabh known in the
military i-in !- f Wi-con-in. No
ciiii-i- xva- n rued for hi- act.
Av railway employe xi-!iiti:
to leave the companx'- -erxico, tiiu-t
jjive notice, but he ran be di-chared
without warning: in Franee ati em
p!oe ran quit when he likes, but it lie
i-i ill-mi cd he i- entitled to Jifteen
da;" u:ics. In the I'liiled States no
notice or pa i- "ranted on cither .-idc.
Tin: epirt of -hue, from the Mo
'.ambitpie coast from 1M7 to 1SP. x:i
2.1.M.hih, and from I.Hl'J ! HJ7, 2.7.VS.-iiDO-oiil-.
In the palmx days of the
foieijrn -lave trade the I'.i-hop of the
lio -. -eatcd on a marble throne,
baptized and ble ! the friiii"- of
.-lave-a t hex p:i.s-cd. -hackled, to the
.-hot'e Im embarkation.
V. M XMoN.w!ioxva--etitelicedin 1S:S
by th- I'liited State- t'mirt to ten x eats'
iiiipn-onuseiit in the State.- I'ri-ou at
Mouml-xille. W. a.. ha- been par
doned bx the Pre-. dent. Manion xxa
the leader and brains of a jauir; of
i .Hilltcrle.ter- XX ho illfe-ted -exeral
cotiutic- of V-t Virginia. Manion
had at one lime been a I'apti-t preacher,
and had al-o been in the l.e;i-lature.
A pi n tueecut" the -piri of
law relatixeto the unauthorized fern
of public land- i- noxv bcinir 'on
rod bx the Interior department,
plan inxolxe- a proclamation by
rrc-ident callinir the attention of
frontier people to thi- laxv. and ojiv
tlu'tii -uital If time within which to
moxe the fence-. If the fence- are
removed thev x II be Ic-ll'ocd by
United State- troop-.
Tin. enorniou- xxealth of tin Orlcan-Prince-
i- chietlv derixed from I.oui-Philippe-
mother, xvho. iucoii-equcnce
of the death of her brother, the Prince
ile l.amballc. became sole heire of
her father, the Duke of IVnthiexre. the
richest -uhjert of France. The Puke
died in 17l'.. ll;s daughter had txvo
ilaxs before hi- death been divorced
from her xvorthles- hu-bauil. xxh) xxa.
thus debarred trout toucIiiu; her prop-
(knki:i. Sxvaim ha- a-ketl the Ad-mini-tration
at Wa-hini;ton to reviexv
his ca-e. ami the Secretary of War ha-promi-etl
to e;ir him a hcarine;. It i-,-aid
that Mr. t'levelaml i- di-po-ed to
'rt'jcvve the arnij in -otne manner of the
cmha;ra--inent in which it xva placed
liv the cntctici" of the Sxxaitn court
martial. xliich effectively vacated the
olWe of .htde Advocate (tcneral and
ntaile it impo-ible for the Prc.-iilent to
appoint a -uCVo-.-or for a period of
txxclxc car-.
v.M us- of April to the Popart ment
of Agriculture, at Va-hintoii. indi
cato a reduction of over ton per cent,
of l:u-t xear- area in winter wheat.
The atrirretrato -horta;o amounts t(
throe million acre-. A decroa-o i re
jMrted in every State except Oregon.
The pre-ent eouditioti of xxheat. as re
iMrteI. i- xvor-e than in iss:?. It i--eventy
exen percent, airain-t ninetx
M la-t year and eighty in 1SS;. In
1SS1. the year oi the loxxe-t recent date
of yield, the condition April 1 xva- S."i.
ami -eriou- lo xva- -u-tainel after
wanl. (Mi the pre.-ent -howjni:. the
reduction of the xield on tlie ba-i of
l:it vear- protni?es to bo forty million
lm-hels on account of the reduced area,
ami more than ity million- from
winter kilHnr ami loxv vitality.
Tin: Putch are contomplatinp: -ex-oral
nioditieation- of their fon-titutior.. In
n'artt tv the -ucee-.-ion to tho throne
it is proj"o-od that in default of male
ami female de-cendant- the t'roxxn
.should pas- to the Princes- of the
lloiL-c of x.)nv:iet n:o-t nearly related
lo the Ia-t Kine; in the direct line of
descent frtun Kiu William I. The
ripht of votinjr m elections xvill W r
Mtvcd to persons oeenpyinjr houses at
ji mktimtmi rental of fifty dollars. The
.svteM tf scnttin darrond:s-cment
: il one will he maintained. The tir-t
tThamber will be inereai-od. by eleven
ani the .second b fourteen members.
auJ i?nonil elections will beheld every
fourvears. Military Venice will le
Kgulatod by law. and the Uovernnicnt
will haw the power of endinr: the
jnilitta to the colonies if the law should
-leclare it necessary.
A Summary of tho Dally Nowe.
Mr.s. f;Ai:rir.M denl that ho ha
thought of remairyiiis. The .itnrie. in rir
ctilatein to that ll'-rl hi OJtideK.tis ."vj
cru-I slandfTii.
Tnr. iJ'-xii'xrats -Ir-r John V.. ilcjre
for Mayr of JCaioa fity on th" 7:h by
nlsml four hun'r-l majorUy orr Dtiuca::,
the Kfstitibhcan randtdnte.
The Irinr..of W'nlm h'ti I)iidon on the
'vfiiing of tho 7th for IMnni!.
Tin: Iput hcan ticket wiw -li-ctJ fn
Cincinnati by aUut t.o inajorily
Hesry M. Ktanlkv -xjT:n to vnit tho
I'i!it-! State in n hhorl time. Ih slay
xvill be brief, gjg
Ukar AiiyniAK Mai'.-to.v. of the t'nit'Hl
Htt".1) 'ax-, dil recently, in theniju-toth
year of bin age.
Tiik I'rinn: and rrinren of Wales xvere
fairly r-r-ivod by th Irish jfOpUi la Dub
lin. Alon th line of j.rrkJ''iii th?
lhiisia..iii xsas connpiciiou-. A lxly of .va
tionahnta attmi.t'-l to rais n disturUmre.
but they witd Mijtpro.-.-.fd by lh: jnttice
ami by-tander-'.
Uiciiaiji, Chant V.'jiitk. of Vork.
thj well-known jwhulnr and xvritor, tltd of
Ktritis on tin -th.
.Mlt. I'lKKUKi'or.T. elmre d'affaires of the
Atiirican legation m Koine, was re;orted
t ! lyixif; at th jmih: f di'Mth.
Si:'i:ktauv JIavmmi recently decliuwd
a r cejition by Nexv York Imuker.-i.
Jovkisnoii Hoaiu.v. of )h;. rerelrwl a
can-fiilly-arraiied infernal machinu lht
other day from unknown pnrtifjj.
Jkvkiixi. iiant eontitiued to Improve.
Ilm lrienri-, on the 11th, were qniie buH
ful. I'I'.ksiuknt (Ittir.'V save a banquet tho
other evening to the Auericnn and Kiifilihli
Hirertor- of th" American KxhibiiKm of
Iiix-entionrf, xvtiich is to lie hthl in 1-nsJ. M.
f'rexy i-greatly intere-te.J in th? project,
ami MiKe.-t- that a similar exhiliiliou to
ho held in 1'aiis.
mi-tki.i. m:hw.
Tin: new- French Cabinet insists on China
eelm;; Toiiquiu as the bn-is f peace.
Tin: White Star steamship 'ernmnia
passed through a fearful stiriu aft-r leav
ing Mneeiistown, live hundred mile-? xc-t
d ra.-tnet. All the boats and the pilot
house were carried away, ("real dama-e
was done to the saloon.-. One .-eauian xas
-wept ovcrlioard and several others of the
crew were injured.
r.MiKrici.M. iiiforiuatiMU wtiA received in
Washington that .San Salvailor intended
inviulin ('iiateiuala.
It xmi.s reported that another prominent
I.ondnii .solicitor xvho-e name xva- xvith
held, had absconded xxith i:X,W) xvotth of
securities belonm to clients.
Tm:itK xvere fortv new caseb of Pllppo.ed
i-lioleni at Jatixa, Spam, and twenty
deaths in one week reccntlx'.
Tiioxias .McCi.imock, of Chicago, was
robbed on the train at Allegheny City, I'a.,
recently of nearlx- .l"! ia cn-h ami note-.
When the train -.topped three pa. enters
jostled aeamst him, and after they left the
cars lie discovered his loss.
Tin: Kii-Iish shipowner- at lion"; ITen
declui to ship rice for tin northern jort
of China. In consequence the entire trad
ia 1m iii diverted to ('crimiu bottoms.
Tin: Tammany Committee on Urbaniza
tion adopted a resolution recently mdor.--in
the prompt actimi taken by the Ailmin
istratiou to protect the interests and npht.s
of Amernan citiz.cus on the, Lsthmu.s of
With the ns-i-tance of bloodhounds olli
cers .-ucceeiled in captlirill"; the Mill.
Ctiuntv (Tex.) neero who recent !x butch
ereil his xvife. The capture xxa- onlx ef
fected after nneMMtm chase through the
jungle and tin xvoundiiij; of the iiuirdeivr
in the che-t.
Tin: Mormon bi-hop, Stewart, ami Jllder
.1. C., indicted for polv-amy at
I'hoMiix, A. T.. were sentenced t niiietv
davs in the Territory iieiu'iitiary for uu
Iaxvful cohabitation.
Sen has bi'ii brought avrainst (Jencral
It. F. Itutl.'r for l.o..j to ! due
from him as Trea.-urcr of the National
Soldier-' Home.
AnorT forty represent at i x-j's of cattle in-tere-ts
had an interview rcoontlx xvith
( Governor Marimidiike and Norman .1. Col
umn, Comini-sioner of Agriculture, at .! f-fer-on
City, Mo., m which the
mo.-t energetic measures xvcre advocated
to prevent the spread of the pleuio-juieu-uiouia
in Callaxvny Countv.
Tin: Haltunoro police arre-ted tnany
mcdiums nnd clairx'oyiuits rwvntly, and
each wa- lined ?A"i.
.Irtnn: Van ItntNTat New York on th
the 'tilth, granted the motion made in lw
half of Lucille Y.-ciilt Uudlev, who shot
u'ponovan Hos-a, tor a itmuiu-sioiier to
l- .-eat to Knplaiid to xamiuc certain
witnesses there regarding Mr-. Dudley's
sanity. Piocoediiigs xxore ordered stayed
in the meantime.
An anti-Chinese proces-ion, headed bx
the City Coroner, went through the street -of
San Frauci-co, on Sunday, the .th.
umltreatiiig Chinamen as it went along.
Nothing xx as thought of the matter until a
few day- later, xxhen it xna- teported
j twenty Chinamen had Iteen seriously hurt,
. ono fatally.
! H Kim Von ItniiTorcn. a German xxriter.
has published a lsok advocating tho parti
tion of France on the ground of its chronic
instability. Hurgundy xxould be jH-sf--sl
lX" (iiTinaay and Nice ami Savoy liy Italy.
The re.-t of France wouM Iv forni'-l into
a:i iadepemlfnt !iinarehv.
A cot.t.t-toN jdace l-txvcon the Ku--ian-
and Afghan- on the :Vl;h of March.
The latter xx ere lefeatel, loing fix-e han
' dreil. The Ku-..:au !.-.. xxa.- heavy. The
news reached London on the .,:h, cau-ins
great excitement. A xvar fever immoli
ately et in, con-ol- fell three i-int- and
Hu-.-ian londs ten. War xva- con-i-.iered
iuiunnent and it was believed tho Ku-.-iitii
Anil'a-.-ailer xx.uiid Ik handed hi- pa--jKirt.s
unle- mimetiiate aad satisfactory
explanation- xm-re maite.
Tiik nftVct of the xk;r nexv from Ir.don
xvas nierxurial on tho x heat and rxIir'.
' markvt on the '.'th. As con-ot ftll the
rnnrkfts loomed, sutae verv heavx tradsa
tnlllg tloue.
In the Hriti-h Hou-eof Conxnioa-, on the
Oth, Mr. Hiad-tone. in rejdv to a que-tmn.
' said the Ku tan attack on the Afghan-
xa- unprovoked. Mr. Thornton, tho Bri:-i-h
representative at St. lVter-t.urg. teie-crepht-1
that the Ctar had exprr-.o.l an
earnest hopv that the unhappy iitcidzt
j xvould not prevent the negotiation- for
" jK'acc. Thi statement provoked drn-tx-o
Wiuli: a storm xva pa.-s-'ig over Va.-h-
iupton the other atternooa, the Wa.-hiagton
1 inomuuout xva- struck thry times ly
', lightniu,; without causinj; the least dam-
i ae.
I A man made an attack on the carriage
, contaiaiiiR tho Crown lYmce of Austrta m
Itrus-els rex-rnlly. smashta,; the xvtndou
i xn uh ht fists. He xa- arnr:.s.I. but xras
found t l-e unarm-nl.
In a terrible hurricane at Tomative.
Madagascar. Keliruary tT. twolve x-
foanderel ia the harlot Av Fc-nrfc taJ
I six native, and the American bark Sarah
; Holvart.
AT Chicago, en the tth. a striker at
temptei to stop a bu carrying men to
work at ilcCormick'a reaper lactorj-. a.
Piaki-rton ortf-ctive hot hlin itnd. A.t
nixht a nuaiUrof b-tfctiv., goins; to the
works in a lu two hun-irl tnuk-t ,
were topppl bj a mob. and aftr veral
hota had bn fir1 th- d't-tires were
driven oil, the uu captured ami the Ui
ii Victoria nt a tde;rhra to Mr.
Grant recently. exprt-.;n h?r srmpftiby
on aecowat of the General's .ickae.
Ti: .inking juarrvjen at Joltet, III.,
recently wnl to iantont aal ctMsIl(?d
th men there to urike. Nmt hundreJ
men were dnx-en to stop xvork.
Krxoits of fihtm ia HechHaaaUml
xvere recently current ia Durliau, Sooth
A TKi.KOiiA from Iterlln of th 11th -ahl
that I'rince Htvinarrk l.n'l aur-l a banker
that in pitof the incident of I'eajd-h he
hopel U pre-crx'.. jac?.
A m-l'ATrn xi receiv.xl at IIftUl"fortI.
recently, that the Frog Ijjke Indiana had
murdered eiKht peras, txxu of whom
were Cnthohc prie-t.
Ilr-iNK failure, for wek ediii April
f nuiiilM7l m the I'mleil Suite 1-W; Can
ada, .'.t; total, I'll. -iiipiirt-d xxith a tolI
of IIV, Inst xv.-lc. anl 277 xvek previous,
showing a steady ilwrense.
Nkxxs CMitlrmatory of the rejKirt! dath
of I'rekident Itarnoi h s recheI li Lih
ertad, aJ.-o intelhetic" of tlie m.-taliation
of a sucrt-vH- to I'nrnos and Riving the
tmtiRvi of .oin of tlie Cabinet f!lcrs.
The new Pre- dent is General Manuel
Lizandro Ilarnilo.
Kki-ort- to tho Illiml- Department of
Agriculture left norm for doubting that
the ftroxvin" xxhent crj hd lyen seriously
da:unK"d by the protracted cold drx
xveRlher in March, it xxas thought the
crop would jtvirage about tlfty-f-x-o per
At a uieaing of ITin Solomon Jlge of
Free Mtinons at Toronto. (nu, .1. Harri-oit.
n member of tho Inlge, xvas accaeI of
luring a j-ciilnri-t, agnostic and free
thinker, and should therefore be exelbd.
After a x-ery xxarin discussion, he xa- on it
vof expellfl. Hoxvill ajjjwal to the Cram!
A switKT vigilance committee xvas or
gaid.'tl in Chicago for the p;irpj-e of
xvatching for election framls.
Tin: Ne I'erces. near I'ort Iijixvat, W.
T.. xx ere threatening an outbreak, and had
killed a r'ettlel'.- XX iff.
Tin: Presidency of DciiKal has olierod
s;: .Vi i,n ) to an! m preserving the integrity
if the Itrittsh Mmpite.
Tin: report is confirmed that the Hritish
('overnmeiit has invited Ital to occupy
Cairo ami the Soudan.
" Tin: Suakiui-I'crbcr Kailxvav has been
completed as far a- Station No. 1.
A iii-r.xirii tioin Paris. oi the pith, stated
that France and China had finally agieed
iijkmi peace.
Tilt: I'spiiehi Land-Cattle Com pan v'.
prop.-rtv. near F;rt Worth, Tex., embrac
ing 70.OSM head of cattle and .V,k acre- of
laud, xxaa-oM to an F.n;'l:-h syndicate in
corporated in London. The consideration
xvas not known, but the property x as x al
lied at r-:,."'o,ox.
Kmio'iant trat'.Ic xvas imusiinlly heavx- at
Kansas City. Carloads Ixmnd for points
in ICiiusa-, Nelira-ka and tie far West
v.itm in riving at the I'nion Depot dailv.
Anxici.s from ICa ala state, that the
gum-on there hns a siitSicicut .-apply ot
provision.-for a month and plenty of am
nii::iilion. The r b ds attacked mi Abx---miiin
caraxau xxlucli xxas en route toCalla
mid killed thirteen persons.
A :v. supposed to be that of S. S.
Conant. the missing editor of orcr
Y'kl'j. xvas disc.vereil in Conpy Island
Ci eel; recently. The Iody xxas x-ery much
A symucath of Shcnano and Mahon
ing Valley bla-t furnace oxviwrs has been i
formed for the purpo- of bux-ins a large
block of coking coal lands in the Con
nellsville i Pa. j Held. The fiiriiac men
are actuated bx- a de-ire to escape from
the domination of th" itik" joii.
Tin: State Department at Washington
has received information to theetrect that
the family of the late General Harriot had
left Guatemala for San Franci-e .
A. .1. Sniueii. of ICan-a- Citv. the xvell-
knoxxn -toekm in, otfVrod his credit to th
amount of ?". o., for the purpose of
st-imping out the pleiiro-pueutnoma in
Ciillaxxnv County, Mo. The oirer xvas ac
cepted by Governor Marmnduke and -teps
x.ere at once taken to buy up ami kill
exery animal that might jos.-ibIy le af
f.eted. A rr.tVATi: en bio di-jiatcli received in
lto.ston on the lot li from bunion sax-: "It '
i- reported that the F.ngbsh ultimatum to
Kii.ia is t xx en tv-four hours in xiluch to
lecall General Koniarotr or go toxar."
.iMUTnixu, fnsiTr?ir.;. '
Gki:i; i. K oiauiok- -tatement ot the
teceiit battle in Afghatu-tau throxvs ,ht
blame on the Afghans.
(Muo.lts to cesse hc.-libtie- have en
-ent to the French troops in Tonquin.
Txxo St. Louis bncki t shop-x ent mider
during the "bull" m the xxheat market.
ItlCll gold fields have leon di-rox-erod in
the Santa Ho-a .Mountain-, one hundred
mile xxe.-t if Santa Ito-a. Mexico.
Tiik strike of the emplove- of the McCor
uiick reape- work-, at Chicago. ende,l hv
the management oilering to re-tore wage..
The Lou per-oas employeil returned tn
Tiikkk xvere rumors on tli Ii:h in Win
nipeg of n (tattle U'txxe.H tue Indian- and
the Ninetieth rcgum-nt in xx nich eighty men
xx ere killed. The rumors, hoxxex-er. xx-erv
not continued.
Txventy thuu-and imeinployeit lalirfr?
met in Hyde Park, limlon. on the p.tu.
Thk ulceration in General Grant's throat
wa.- rrjwrtel a- having increase! on tht lut the inJlnimatnm xxa- not pr-noiinet-!.
The dav prvioa- he haI pas-el
through a very distrt .jing ti.e.
Frvnk Han KIN. the n-xtel -e-xle manu
facturer, xxa- .-iilence! to th- Pint,u
tiarx for life at Shelbw;!-. Ky. Kankia
.'hot and ktlinl Martin Ceslv. a brirVlaver,
in odd blood in Noveuil-'i. I-"vt. It xva
hi- -et--'iHl trial, the MHtence l-ap th
amt in each.
Kri-REsjcxTATlVK J. Sm.xxv. rienjorni:. -l
the Illtnoj- Iri.sUtur diei or th lllh.
The t bok f a Senator apprel more
loiele. tlian ever.
nx-Pnr-tnKNT Fisji. of tle ilsri Hank.
rcntl on trial in Nw Yrk. xxx Jos ad
gxtdty on lven cotmt- wi the iadirtnei.
A I-n -ynLcat- ba eatr--! into a
contract xx uh Hrndaris ic liid aud ov-c-ate
in that eoentrx- an mt . rortitaic rad-xx-ay.
The cono--,sKn rraat-! tit ynIi
cate by Hondura' mrlede lad cr.ial anl
uuaing jmv.lrfjr.
At-t-th-- mill- at Fall Utv-r. ils..i-t-rpi
tho l"nen. have irnd .n arT'- ment
to hat dwn foor xvo-k- N-tueon n- an I
thol-:e.f Jnlv. Sorno raibs ia New Bd
forxl. Ixell and Kbodc I -land will a!o
j-m ta tho iDOvement-
A TREATX- wa reported a having La
signed ltwrrrn Salrailor and Hondsraj
acainst Gcatemala.
John V. OvDERtKiNK. alitor of the s
dwHtVa; .!-:'rerr..--r of Nyack. N. Y.. nea
publicly as-ao!ted x Hh hor-ew btp- re
cently by the wives of tx-0 police con stable-
for pabh-bta;: otTen:ve arttcls aioct
thetr hnlssd.
THESlillmaa Hotel. at Cleveland. I .. wo
partly barned recatly. Lo-, -TO.UO.
Tunrc day' qcarantme ha- l-n or
deroi at Mar-MHe- azaioM arrival from
Spain, oa accocnt of the su.pected p-sova-lence
of ciolem aiSpiniih port.
Amen a prrlon-;e,I effort with at tlrt an
uaproiii!.n-; ootlook Omaha ha SaaiD
or-can:xl a ba-b!l cmli,
V". V. KEt.Li:r. xbo ww o hi way to
Abd-ne. Kan., with h: familx-. Imtn In
diana, xxa reeBtlr rvW-d whil gttmg
on tbf traia at toabn of a dr..:t for ?!,''.
-fVo in bill sad tlve railroad tu-ket.
Charles Nitt lately had hi so
lwil.y cmla-! ia a mill at Wiibcr ihst it
had to be a:Hpettd.
V m ..r. I. IH.t. .1. Wr ilnr fSr
bo of Kichni' lUMnl,., an r-i
farmer, wa bernd. Th rbarrel re-
.., !u.,-,,ii- .M )ih wi.v r-liv
cox rr!
in tbe ruin by tb mbbocs w bo
I the fact-u tbf aothoritie-. The
.-tn.ns -icHns of foul ptoy i-ir!Mei
Intiiti:- at Lincoln tne louowinx ori
xvere cbo-en for the 'ttai!i: vr: Prv.-
dent. W. W. W. Junes. Lincoln: Vice-
IVe-i lent. J. J. Point-. imba: Keconlwt
Serrtarv, IMwanI !lely. Crete; Crre-
-joiidms Secretary. Mts A nun Grav. tsce
ola; Tr-s-urer. !L N. IHak. Iteatnre. A
r-olut:on xva- adopted that th Nelrafc
State Teachers' .W-cialioii coniiall
join- in the request to the Natiual Elacti
tioiml A.-iati'H to bold its iueting fox
!. 111 Topeka. Kaa.
Ir is e-ti:nnt.-l that l.o0 bushels of
...,.. xv-fArA.inf !m.iiiiH.
Thkrk are said tolej ox-er on hiimlreil
and applications already on file f'i
IJie uiree set-reir sm- iw .- -
xx ay Coiuims-i'ii. Tin? jiay is j2eVK icb.
Tnr ncrea-,. 0f 1,0th corn and xhet ii
the vi'cmitv Zt i:x me for thi seanoi. it i
titty ier cent.
TitE husband of Marx Shelum.of SprinR.
tb-ld. thought he xv as a gambler, anil xx tth
little effort left :ik of hi- hrI earnin;-.
xxith George llmgo, xv ho xxas. Marv lia
now brought siut af;aiiist Ktno tv rw-ovui
the amount lost hv her husband.
Hkai: the Columbia prM..rrn:: "Veriiv.
the smell of the tlc-hpot- is -xveet. We"v
got a Cntted States land notice for publica
tion at hist. All jiiii hands mid circle tt
the b-tt."
Txxo young men mimed McMurrax and
ituriis, from Appimoo-e County. bxva.
xvlule recentlv on their jo-iniev through
Nebraska xxith a foiir-hor-e team and
xx agon, xx hen a short di-tnuce from Fre
mont were asked by a trump for a tide.
This wa- accorded. 11ml the man iiccom
pnnied them until thev had arrived xxitblti
a mile and a half of Cotumbti-. xxhen tin
tramp attucked the txxo men xxith a ham
nier. beating them .severely nlioiit the head.
Thev l.otli fell from the xxagoti and tlo
traiiip took lli'ht. ami xxas -ub.-eticntlx
captured in Itiitler County.
I Gate Valley. Hoxxard C.umtx , Mrs.
1-aac Davis xxn- the xictimofn sinetilai
but vrioii- accident. She xva- attending
her sick mother, and xvhile in the kitchen a
gun in the bedroom fell and xasdt Irirce.l.
A ball jms-eil through thediMir ami eiiteied
thelbshx part of the tlnh of Mr-. Unvi.
Her mother v:m terribly triuhten.-d and
the dan 'liter ru-hed to her ln-i-tde. declar
ing sh xvas not hurt, but had to le taken
t 1 lied. She had been married but a fexv
Tiik MethoiUst of itelIwMnI are building
n church.
Titc xviiit-r jwickiiiK t.t Omaha repre
inted IlL-Vs-J hor.-; the March iackii;
over .'o.iioij hogs, of a to?a! x-alue of fully
rJ.o'Hl.O'K). Th's IR an tncreise of aIout
. i ditv per cent, over the jwckiu: of last
pcori.K should b very careful in stthut
oit prairie tire-.. This is the season of tin
year the wind is liable t. bl ox- without
much xx-nrmmr. and great ilniiinge mnv Ik
done, and be-ides, there i- a heavy pennltx
attache.1 to stiiug out Ilrcs.
Tin: tower of the Congregational Church
at Fremont i-completed. The height from
the ground to the top of the spire 13 IP
Jt !h;k ItotiKiiTS. of Atkinson. -liint tc
have i tod 1 1" marriaj;e licensee and per-
tonnril sixtv mnrriinje rerenioiiie- diirins
tie pii-t vcar.
Tiik fiakhiml ;eyeio"ea says th" N".
bra-ka Central i- a sure thin:;, and that
one hundred mile- have been let to l
graded, xxbich xx ill tk it to atout the
xxe-t hie of Midi-on Count v. An neet ot
the (omtmnx- i- noxv m Pari- completing
negotiation- for the ,.,le and tran-.-r ol
. , , . .. 1 . 1
plaeisl 011 th market, rndui? xx.H eo,.
eieice ai-cii .ion- 1. .- ,.,-. ...-
stvs thit n charter for th eon-tmctioii .t
a bridge acri- the Mi-ouri Itix-rat Ieca
tur ha- U'en -ecured. ami that a nmulKr of
roai!.- a-l of the "Itig Muddx"thnt bar
no connecting line- tn Nebrn.-ka will aid lit
it- eon-traction.
Tnv: Columbus -katinr rink rolb-i awuv
in .-mke one night recently, caii-ing a .o-
of alto'it ?l.o-.
NopK-tt K has do school children. .r. in-cre-
of Mitwn per cent, over lni year'
An Omiln nierrhant recentlv took r.Jl
hl emplove- to the theater, and tbehv
secorel a half colnmn f fr ndrrti'M-.
A c.cNTj.rM.xv from Ncxr York reeot!.
arrivl at Lmeoln bavins in chirr e hi
nme-vear-old -on. who cani' to N'rak
for a chance of climate. It i tat-l tnt
th" bttl" fejloxv ls-tm- lnfataatel xvlia
roller -katinr. and wnknoxvn to hi jMrfii'x,
xrn an alino-: c-ewtant attendant at th
rink for tlve or ix xvek.. Tb .iriis mm hii vowir swi fm-ni;
mtie!e. xva- " rreat titat at the l of
ib-.t tir th lad h-t all eoatrol of bi
uierol-f. aifl ba- ' t-en a bohd-
parnlvtie. Th- father bronrbt him West
upon the advice o, pwv-jcian w,., .
k .! .. . .&. ...
ho;-k that a ehanite o. clirna; m-gn: r-
vr bim.
TMC -rhooi i-x;mIOo of Sidn-y i 5.
.- tb ox-erlaml tram xa stzrvx
irearnv tb otbr airht a Sjui F"raaH"o
na-eaer nam-l fttlib Cook jawr 1
from to train and ran north tf
track r fa: m h- eocW. Th t. xt 4ar
he xxa foard ta an alaao.: axvh conditio
Hv -sm? faruir. ixieei wit north of
Keara-T. H- wa rranr nnd th aatbori
:(-, werHih'-.obtt.n i n 'orauU too fi
b.nt rot!rmr bi frid or wi4i.
H. H. Cvmr:v7F. rnTiet4 rmM
Mi ml en foe -boouiyt l -Teeod Uw
rear ia th- P'-alte't.tMrT. 9eaT-sl froro t e
-xsani 1 bid 1,; t-M-a r-,tarwl at Ut
The liTulre oTer tb? river at i.atd rV-4
xra. hadlr dantxrsl bv oavcoin? -.
Taart .-.. -vere Ul at fHnaha th
xra -old for -. th- Keot-m Tra.r-
tstion Company. Tb- atmer He-or.
313 too-, xra Hihl to th- !harrt 7ra-
jortatioa toepaav for ;tojt. Tb-
:-amer IM'Sa. Ti :oi. x x-W "
;.( to the i!r,w Trz-tp-rrTUitttm Car-.-
rk-v. Tiev arr sit insrrba. i for -w-
vie? oa tb- tpfx-r Man HiTer, aaJ
rer- sold a2ler rder tf tbe court.
I7 i tat-I that iVyijre CciT e&OM
r. protrtv? to post ottipieaocdv tb-
leceiwi : "--pir- tae rt: a.i -u tn- caw
1: "pir-taerw: ii ut-caMii.
EcaoL.iR- coatuis- to distaxrb tft-h-
her nlappcprt3.:ethersleat.leiof tte.j- J
tza le-per. j
bx the neighbors were eonJirml by tb JWted by t ex falbm; rff m etrti-. ami rim!if Thr f-wiit .l.tio C wfcMMI xw Yrk N
invcugation of th C-nmer'- Jar?. The UWn 11-. Tto Jorwrr br f- t ,rtwl m,, y iB VL lt n tM m f r i
iw ..Ht.,M went to orm that M-mbe r toeii fulix two t'. siww yrterhv. 2 . V --.. 1
ShT2ith-l-a xxhileU.n U.n.t-b.xi.twrtlol ,e.U " h rent. K,.t W tot r J N to tm.wlu .x U r ,.
Midhisw.ewer. ittun.iHmttn o Ttot tptaa r Iv:. In hM. the ,r tfce toml tr TT. .rl nff I. ..
are,I to destroy a,i traces the cn, fJ, f , ;....,. . r - I.. .
AT u late aiet.K of th Stat Ternch. fe I-bre are tear-of a plr. .. ,,, . llM . .. . ulfcrr M ' ' J1
A ntt. I'reclpi il nJ r Thoqtht
tnlt. t n- it 1I -llltoH- on !ti -ilu-
I.omm.n. ApciH. Thr new of the en--raeeioctj:
on Uve fiiii tnot-r b-r4 e'eR
the Uue nl Afh.x- h nm-te-il "rrer.t
e-it.'iei:t here. Tbr Bp'' "" tnn4
Rt the I.- uut dnpicit. -rteodtnx to br
MiUus f-c i ace. xshilr ;h i6jri wax
.aerrly for the porir f ctour timr.
:liedchl on the frontier icerrmJ irweJ
- the !ir-t p by Ha-ia it tbr Ifjnx-two
w,' Mtptnr l
A-ia. Rtid tlxt a b:ixl aw! defr-
ate xvar between hr and jm1akI
-iHCMt.tSe. Th feeim in 6nw 1 ud
commercial csirie-. i- ptuue'e 1 thr S:vi.
r;iirha2e the graxity of th taalton K rr-
vol si KfKltU
Imhn. Ar.l t lUron 4 Stoal. the
la tJui Audus-ador at Londott, w roiUtl
ihi b f . film.' .Wv rrjntrt tb tuuru-
to. I !e appeoml nor M 1 Mtrrt-ei bt
;iiem-Hs : nit 1 uuiffiifc on uitf .vicnan
frontier. He -ant In i-n'v tsuodrnnl it
briii -otoi 4efertel. "Toe atf air !
ou-. n d the atibaaitor. " tit I
fear tho xxor-t 1 not kuuwtt and that W
hliiii ha-- bernon a Ur-r raie than tr
di-it!ies tndKaUiI." ! SUal wm 4 t
xeiiture ott an opinion, a- to the i -u He
reftt"d to Utk on tJ. ubett unlit be hal
received olJbial alxii- fwwa Li- U-xero-
niCiit uonecrnins the affair.
txtt 1 ti. 1 am: wvm.
tie betxvet n tltf Utismaui ant Afli.ii., a
hurtled i-iMi-uiUtbni l hiMtl-jii". r-of the-
;-I tok 1 1 r. The win - u ixx.-:. I.
i Iini.A xxerr iu-Ui.t: . ,tea,..,t f,
-I'.sjiatclH-- iH'fxxifti tiie Inu hi 1 fee aiut
llw t-oVrrIMW (,rn, r, ,.f r,,., ;1. v, ie-
Uj... (rf ta. j,r i,HM jro : a. .!-. .1.1-
l)OU JUMj f,:;j I he 1. plx 1
uioineiitarilx expect d. If t.r re- i-t tete-
;i.ipheI froiii .Mi-hent is Hue. it - r r. x-i
that a fonual tix-i !a:at. n of nut iil be
f nrm!i k
Lop. Ai-id ''. d'-ptcli frem
Meslicil cHinriii- t:e r pit that in a ba'flc
let xx ecu tlie I'u-s.un ,md (iti ient.
the Atghrfii c.uiip at Moili on the
Murirh.tub Kixcr xxa tptnrtsl t. tlie IIus--ails
utter a brief but siiiftuntrx la!tle.
Fixe xxne b.ileil. 1 if
Kits-inn lo-. is tiftt kilbd .11 ! n'"ii!e.l
The c.intp conta ihh i l:ir.; i,iaiit.t'. of
tttii-. .'ituiiiumtion sod mtlitaiy -br.-. all of
ixhich tco m the li.iud- of the Hnsataits.
A -I'l UliOltN tlvTTMi-.
LoMmiv, April t. diatcle
ftoiii the Afiian frontier -t t .hat the
tiht at Mnichaiibxx.i- a ino-t sttdbf bat
tle, it xx .is fought in n nuii-toru
which tcndeteil the arm- c-nrrbnl lv
With ttieJticicUL The A fili.oi- fongiit
xxith ilr-per.tion. Tbe br.txe.y jji-1
-p bx -tep the advance of the Iln Un-.
I'XXO colllpaillcs Of Ntgll.lliS llt'tMHicl MHf
(-itiou until thex were nHtiidctely anoi-
ttilatctl bx the deadlj artilleix an opened
.111 them by the ItiiH-Uiis. ltn
Julian- iKreatcd in jerfeit oolcr. After
inliictiuc -ex etc b-M th l;uoi
xx etc exhteiit -:tntieI bv tbu -tiilrfm
rc-i-tam e. Thex did md fl!v up the ad
xaiitasCc. te;iig cxidciit'x coiitci.t uitli thr
iptuie of tho c.imp. The Urit.-Si ofn-r:
pre-ent iliirim: the fight are loud ;n prai
A the di-pkixi-t l tto AfitJ-an ofi--i-r-
and at otice tiwi,efli,I to the head
lt.irtcts of ir 1'eteT l.lllieilfn. Ktirll-fi
I'oiumiioiier. and m.wieafu.l reju of the
.xroitA- tiu. (..r-Mi:i.
Lfi.MMi.. April t. Ie ar. the Spfl-lfd
?nvov of tin- Car, xa coiUil npon ami
xh'Kiedthe liexx-as -eiiwiH. lie regretted
:hut a eontlict should eenr l thi- time.
'Matter-." -lid he " with rejtni lo
tin? Af'-'t..ui tfimfier xer pro4r--lnc
uirch. There xa- a fa-r pio-pe-t ot a
peaceful adjii-tmeiil f ail di-mite-. Bit
noxv I can on!x htjw for i-ne. The A fgtiMis
inn-f tiiHlonbtcibx biive been tbeas3ressvr.
I haxe the bc-t autl ont for knowiiut
that the Lti-sian cotiim tider bad tJrt
itlstnictloii- U keep tlie J.ejwr.
U'lml i.l(iiitiiiipsm,,
Lo to. Aprd 10 Mr. (.iatItoee In
the -e of oiniuoii-. !rJ c u Rtf. to
atisxxi r to int'rrotr.itioii-. -aid titat on Sat
iitdax the had emi4ler!'
replx to LngUnd's ptt;KsaI to Imot the
lie of -ill x ex lo dcfwtahle )utit. l!sU
reply xxa- an asrenM nt to do tbis tr
xHbd the 7uie of -iiixex as inarkeil out tej
Kncluid xxa- extendi l -.titlij;nL a t .
me itde the P.r iui-rtt ranze of ttwmti
tain-. The 1 oivcrnnitutt conMerril ttat
im-r-.i nw ni n. -nr.. . n
xxaid h coiiriijHiatMl xsasd sn:sflis with
. ,Hrn..fwMr .
,U4.,.., - sl, lht. pr,.mi: .t,IMm.
.. . .... . . .k. . 1
..1,11I1,u,ii., iia.i I-...1. r.s-eUtsI tttm
I.11 ia. and thi- appeared, m the ofin n of
in' Government, to pla-- the matter to a
nore boi-'tu! j..-.tio;i " The (. erntteit
ind l-en ui!'.rae'l. (d.ton fortber i4.
Jiat the ICiiian- eer rMfnr
o induce tlie A Iffhan- to lt-i the 4;btm.
Uus-ian troop hvl exen tire
ATli vint it in l oit u.t v i.v
hroujrh the .'. fgliail peket I'le- After
Mie of the-e attempt- bal f4lb-l TIX)lle
111 Afghan attJNs. Optim t ate m-i a
i'u- .111 chief .f -tc" aiol 'Miked to i.i n
dMit the conduct of tlo- Itnein Mbi-r
.fine an ex .biit viUtWm of tie Uus-.oi
irit-'iMent to not advance fsrndtof Uo .nt
iue of :h- nextttiauiai-. Tlo Ktt-iao
rlScer tate. that be Lad kraibstr
hit an arrangement exis?.-j atauast a
Ku .an atlxn-e ""uotoii Vat t-i",rM
o the 41W lal d.-paU-b tiJ fneii Si. Petrt
jnrc on March IT xs-ann V.ttzln4 tha
Kxiej wool. I w M tKr- nt to l lti
.ian itlieer- at the fnnt ttirriiiic tbrm to
ortit an adxan-eauf t do .! to ttonr
jo .r to ifeTent imr',atMm f tb
:rntts. j .iin
'IT.' i:r.ian wCxreT declared
ixat Ii- Erw nointtot wnav
mx .ie.i cnuiremn.f. Be-iof a4ed
xhat ihexra'ne of lb.- sob ooett erao
toiration xis. iti. G'a.'.-t! 4 that it
i.tfiM I.- lmMM-tle at oreseot for tto -
wv - -..., - .
amKt u, . ,, furtbef ,
..nt.- tit- fc-triMf icUtva-
Mztmm Jwmtarf to -xx of . ?
, "eneww jus irifrt".i.
" " "
Th- " i-r-
rw YWK. AI ! -Tto
L'-xie Onb artiax kaM 11 cbt urn-mi
ff m j . fcfartarx. XmtJum ?W
. :tmmrmtmx enrl dran th- lmb'
Umim U the wItir of 14 wharh
nunri-t-d 1 bat th club rtyrarar4 tto !
Jiat ttor (.'orcrait: on Ai.rad tmnns
tot rfrl for xtfat.MHi tfce ftaaar- mt
-va x hear i- on Mtblv raroarr rtot
M4. M tftH omw. s? with tho f
the lf-nMiewa ft ber-Uwav e
rT- l !etatM ere aH. ws4 re-
4SettMS te itAnretwws :i'ross lerri
rxnt. d eslrwdusir ) a.pjj to
.s IitT- f 'sf-n.
. . .-. . . - t
" vnttttirt. Apt-: ' ')"
:: th rot xt;ea 4 x-"at.- W wr4
ii-laKtwr ofian. wtao- ;eww' ax rt'fi
far4nc to- U- the t eoaam war. It
nnw-r-..i fra tntxjru . iMirertaU
uw f the mlr4.UMU- otae-: of tk4e JsrJ
'tttf wC"I
. U. I.' Ixwtwi -. a ;ftr ftta oi 'a- Cota-trJ will Ih l-f: liv
,J X(, V'mls-k?' I SlB nirTklual 2
' faorhr Mr. ltjinS xwr-w. 'Thr
tmr n !) t'iwr-S are . it Ifcvi,. rSlOl
7rT vfr, , : mx ..j
, i.tktljDa.n , -VnM 1st .tofnfttt M
. j.
j :j 4 iri-3Mir thw- by l-mo ,
If thi- i at Vaw th-t bob t
3 rwrj !-raisirjir x4uKm&.'s3.tzm.
U'Ikix. April U. tiliwi4i.fth.lrWwJ,77 Ut -.
am-aiuioun.intf the imttovak of hti;. 'i'.
-,r..w. A. ,.... 1 he XXtftrr XV t 1-,..
vwi..t.x. Apt.? l!.-ieHm cf
.i b. u. tv-rtiM-i: f Arrlt''S.
r.f ,.!. . tmXoclix ef ,f Wn. -r rn. f
rt xr to xrf xba. T.
. -
; mMati t 2Upww
m-t-. V &wa i rmi to i
stato .'frxtH?n. It U K p w.
K,a ud irtittix. in Jliiri.
to CaJ.foniik. It to A ! Ii to
rr :.M ol Midori tl to Nf
a4 wi lml4W, 1 Mrll
Tvtk. in Jet-r. VpI Vtartet.
Kito. ky Mtai Ittrftoaa. " to tie-ofr !
iM.m. t, m lVaT " ad IVtewtfv. i to
rirfctcan. 3
xarit Th iaJ -tatn- ..f Ib rri dl N
t-tf. r siown a MMinth hrnrr. whrfi iJm
x 1 it .f tbr IK-! b oi "I Vmitrt !
jih! the rhmtM-Urt -t the frtiic 4tattiil
n t.Mr trvni Im.w nglr- "? t
x .t fit t U.e bt-i- of !at ! t
e v ! hu-hrS wo . . t ; Ue f
ds'-i arr. and ut tha "' "O fn
ii,!. kiiiiu and b x. . brlt--t
tie t.p x,,: fiewxrU t" '"' 'rtbN
r f. ;: t,.ft f tt i.e . u".
t'.e teiia! d.t o pic-. . 1 jh-;
j inter ami on fllt.i't it.t
alfecting the growth rf'O -' 1
stilt xat. in bad cxrMviilK . ..I ! tint- ot oil tbe IM. l-a-t ' Ne x
111 . -t VilK-IM
ta-lts . theMitV
xxst t in M'ourt. tiitM.ft!d V-liltiav
In tfe in,t S'.- it -tarselx m aBrtiOM
t.ct ii. i i-e bx tor cin fly va
t -4'xeie tlocU nn til llwtl ua, till
,en. 3f.-o.-Hfl od Kk he tornrtr
1 ,x.
o.ei!Tcl 11. tbte.- iii'h-of ttn rrrt4
iti:.rx. 'I!,f iuk'f ( rxrha tmn l
r a-et itt tUo! t . iu prtirtkfi a
xlcar. N't theioiH' t.!i f th rof l4e
Mbst brll r. toe Aisr btUHC I'
rio Xrl !(. Iki)i. K-ll NttoI'C.I
XX Ml Xm tiol.M ,Vet Ammm( tii
U,ii.. A put in ortt b ltt4
laren rrsv xrd fi,nt ltattb-foti mt thr Mi
s'ir ' xhfte sett.ei- at Flf llte. mmlk-xe-t
of loit lWI. Ih futtoWUkS M l
nanos of lre victim :
'I I . (Juioti. tmlian crnt.
Jo! 1: lodftttrx. tattti km4rtirtaf.
i -. X. Ijuito a and xifr.
Fatiipr Tafurd.
F-thet l-marx
1 xo otiwr iwrn. the nattww mi li
!M.t b-ar:i.-L xsrte kitbral
Mrs. Iir!aw U afhmiirr. It U tu
kn-ctxn what baa brMao of i aaein. tb
....... .
:.iutlit to tinireloni etrtor t$ W.
tjnifiii twdMi of the I ltd. art aa-Mt,
xx:m -afi jtn mii- u in;i ttAtttt
fotd and ( Utk' I n--litg ha- bmm I titfo
die eooivit ami tbr riretnt x. ta'titMN4
fr a hott time. al!wn nr-s ag-e te.B-
thloll.h It l -tafcTtl III the ajo We-eX''
In At t ttt'efotd K MiniiOKM bt llttHIMtf.!
f lfMitan. ti? no attac h. txu am.i.1--
n thr- lianack.. Ind-aii irrot lira tv.
ot been kl'.!l. a- xxa icntel Tbe lit
soft lUy offteri ha rex fixes! Inip!l:wntr' bx
ax ot ri'.u'iiioM ami ttarx that t1
Noddle 1. tke tod jiis Max.- rtoVit the t.x
oite lit MttfeixMi-M at thai po.fil and Ucn .
ree lo 5tii I'l rtirS 'lie Cwv
eriiiiw nt ba ' rerixel h ei.:iet
Dii-ssaice fnH.i,- Vbeit. dfcl x-rrb
't. xxbirti states that tin- r.oi:ri I. twtn?
-ituri fr pne .-sni aiwl lni fr no
tto-s. A li-iia'ch states that tlte titiao
tr unlet, evnt il.e omi ami
flfly t'fre b bae Jxh4 tht
rebels. Tlw l4a . ol t lake
is-imtx e are all t tes. Tle nnmber aSmt
.. 'IM .. 1 E . ..ft ...
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