The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 06, 1885, Image 2

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JL C. HOSMER, Publisher.
TirKEB billion wwl'n toothpicks arc
manufactured each year in this country.
I ce
A. Summary of tho Daily News.
Tiik Hank of England's rate of tlis
:omil ha. lecn reduced to four jer
I trunk line re.tor-I freight to the tariff.
which wa on th Utsis of twnty-flve
cent nr !) pound for grain, run! thirty
i cent for provision., Sautter .fc I'ACKAnD, rind Gos fc
Sawyer, ship builders of IJath, ilaine, have
CONfiKESiroAI- laueo.
Is tho Senate on th J!tb. 31r. Chaco, ! haii.ev . Jon-c so ha i-n appoint.!
Fenator-cicct from IChodu I.:nnd, in forn ! receiver for fJ'.sirgJa of th Southern Tulo
Jri. Senator Plural), from ihe commiucc on ' graph Company.
Iubllc Land, rcjiortcd a ubutut for the i At a lire in the village of Angola, X. V.
Houo bill. forb-itJnir part of the land- ' ,. ... .. Thn.nt-t .-! .is:
irranb! 04 In aid of railroad con-t ruction. recent. . Vv UI.ani lUo.nj.soa, r.I tz...
After further rooming l.ulne.-..nator ix. got excited and dropped d-ad.
am up hi- nwiiuiiuB oi rwuniaj ui. UaITaXX COUCH, on the SSt'th. was r-
wfth indignation arid profound .mi(.l tin- , l"ni canipi turn me ukiabowa rooni
the r-nate of the I nlfd Mat"- hu heard
' utternj.t to destroy the houv of rariiSnient ers, tix mil -a rom Arkansas City
nwl otijT public liuiluliur ol Jomiou. ami , . ,.
xpnMiir It horror and det';iatlon of uch ; a ,
l!iirjn.vGH.ui, England, has the
reatet button trade of any city in the
he diil not Mirrendur to
act, wln:n Senator Uld.Iieberyer inoveJ th- troops, but bent a retreat.
n-olutlou h.. po-tponcd until WisSn.-xjay. TjIE Su Iuu- J't-IiswZrk .nvs that
Tiik Dominion (Government has de
cided to take a een-US of the North went . in regard to the r.-cent ei ptoinn- in I-t-lii
which ld to a long debate The resolution
nai ii' liy tote of CI to I. Senator
lllddletiercer voting no The W.-riate thtn
went Into en-cutlvn eion, after which
cuiogie were deliver") ujon the late
llejiriiftentHtive Duncan, ol 'eiinl-
vanla. ami tin- r-etntte m!lournl.
, In the Houe several resolution were offered
Cunningham, under nrreit in Indon.
charge with l-ing concerned in the reat
explosiorw, wrj a well-known dynamltT
of St. Iyuis. here he was kaovn wndor
the nam of Micbal J. ilyrne.
The directors of the Baltimore Corn and
. .. - t . -- -- .... -- I r-i . i 1 - t , -,'if
'l.rritririi -i. -. .;..- u. m..! tln.m nwl -M,!-n " "'" errewiry .j naw ir- r.our r.xciiag nave eiecie JWin uui, oi
.lermorifs mm a ip'tt jo iriin mem .., .,. r,,. !,,.,-..-.,-! rh kh to : ,.... r. ... .......
". " : " . - ------ . n c. i-iiir. i'rtMiu:.
rej)nentation in the Canadian Tarlia-Jnent.
As expert bryo hall player tried to
catch a ball thrown from the top of
the Washington foniiiuent, but va.
unable to hold it. .So rnt was it
Vrloeily that it dented the ground like
:i cannon ball.
&'fif.t lif.r v fiv frta.ri In fl ftfttl rif f-V Hffr0
coiKrerrwl or imrtieipate.1. ir-cti r Indl- TlIK entire family of ITsiHp Schrnui. a hnnynifc' alKm the ni-nt eip'o- J (;rrm:i hj;er 0f PhUiMlelphia, Has ihL-
Uh- in London. Mr. Forney. frii the t "in-, ... . , ,
xnlttee Appropriation-, reported the Army iml l.y water jmpregnat,I iu the pip
.Appropriation hill; referral to the riiimlt- witli oxiduel land. . fonr-vear-old child
tee nf ihit Whole, it provide an approprtit- ,jsMi
tlonof ?jl,ia.ii.l. The stiinates nun, i tiled .
to fy..u.v.i. Tlie i:liiiiiud- hill lor the pun- A kei'okt cottit; trout dawn Cnstiahoo-
i l-hment of crime committed h mean- of ; . i:,Ter. Gn.. that Hiram Riler and Hill
e-pliniCiitiirKuftd hm IntrrxlilC"! !' lr. ... . .-,. tit t 1
!i'r-lif!in r. After on-,lenit:on . the Hirlow, two Jlshermen. had ham mnnlerw!
li.strx't of oIiiuiMh l.iil in Committee of for their mjev and their huuirs thrown
Joinm I'aj.i:i:i:. partner in the crixne
of 15rner, the decision in who?' eae
vjts thf original cause of tlie Cincin
nati riots, wan granted a new irixl by
the Supreme Court. lie was under
nentence of death.
'rlrrka l.cittnrT.
Iv th Sena: on the STVl Mr. Swcr.
Chairman of the Itatlroad Oxnattttr. r )c)c to the 'nt for jurtoa la th
romicstU"" of t be U &!. the hI' r'wlatiac
the charges if freight n through rr load.
m t mT' " . "'. ;ft" m,u.f , ;V J GHnI Svnart'5 force cntrcKrhol Mth
McAInttr :ntrtfuce: a reJut.a tlt xh I
lUitrui i b- rriUfU.) t. hrtnr n ' of let,wcnea. ni utlrh also ct'i"- th
I'.flH.- !. f..ltf I . .. ...
" i rra:;5xnc :u:onBr.:on :.ut ,?wr. fci la
Tf J
A-"th-r Itattlr Will. tt rrt or n
M.hi-Th IlrltWh sBr- Antff- TW
tor5 T irppr Cnrr;ontrut
KlltfHl Siwrt Itkfilr Wunnttnl. Vlrlory Tlr .Crlloo of l"rc- Atttioaa-
1i.m. Janiiarr s. - Intcll.rrixv hi-C f ';" uu
Iti.;t,e rts-eivcl at the r oiN? tiwt ; ? I.rM:xnoTH. Kav. Jairj
, 35. The "btsmvr hate cr:cch-cd xnJ
m Okinhom Ci7 ftr Mwrh ffVr.
IC la nolty surl lit H "rrn-
i1t "tf Trwoj i-hit
llih.p Jrui:.n. lo l-l r I -Inn
U 'th.-r LT. ktwi 4a Lut,;h'- &
in....!.-.. fof whn( tn,.! hnfmll ;n - -
vor.r oi hn ow dioJ"1.
(J-fjr"l Hanowm ! h
dah;rr :n H7. Jul Mr H
k M!' in thrve da) r-in latin- th frnt
trrr jn tb- .-tt. The ruUt
jr-ndi) act the r.uUon .!
...;.! Mtuiout
i.;-j-v::jc-n. iirr'.y dr(at-tMk. Uwu-n
the m"0r. to rin"ilT th- ct'ii nf th-,v,-aate
in the matter of J. .JertJnk" Mrtt
r funj to .;--r I :r the -.l I-.rxl
lai i,tii.-n:n'ii t'iruaiUe. Ktf4 t ripaort
the ;.r-l:n" fri the rv-rl. Th" hie
matter mSiii!lj reft-rrel To that o.mai't
te- Ux a full rrt-rt Th Kill pndrnUn the
a f tW-ict t m.aor uwl-r Jiirteo
enr X a-e p..4) with ti? to )!
ntlnr ok'- A concurrent r-lVin .
aiiptr(i twijourninv Irm Jnur Sr t" K"K
rtmr i In the iuc ti nunf-r f umm
prtant resolution r nilopted r;J nanj
m.i intrt!ucl outaitt' riHrtKl .!
ana!!) lft:n-- xt
minute. Vthen r
W ( T l . n k hrt IaI. urvl upm the
loeiiM r the neosity ! Hnttn
ro:a:santca:a with
bWwart' force
, . imin mnmmtwm mmr A&au- 1 .r
sll imT "" - toWt rviAiiT ft.r h.r ost-I
A!s; to o-ekcfc jnia - vtesi , wri rt r hr .wtv .m. - .V )
Ad;uUat (tctl JtMH r. Mart xrrivt4 ', vw,i,.n .. V.-.l .L. r.
t j " - --
i rettlVAl iirO ll
had vvTera! frht iOi f5ra ;rw irMw iawiw :ik, cralate H .hrfti-tMi th
the Arab :! t.fre tt rcht -aAaliP U tnialkuma ctlitnkv it Amrrk-, J nt tiWy r- rtt
.Ictcmr--h. Su-wwt tustWf to hel)i tnwnctaic ib tun4r o Ofta Cf4 MMintrt r! J4 Iwr 'eta:
aonnoVL He U .M.bii' oujs - W' Wtn. IVtattlw fcrrru tf tt tlM r 44 clwfvr yrff
were killed .a the tUM. (,tMnU WUmiey -.tW w. or U uj U Am Ua." Amrrc. p, n jtw.. c.r.U
in a dipu:h :;.: lhr pto.e oi i w J jm-o-s, I w t,. TJ j " I " U'Wm.-i
ifriHoco bv th Bnth. lie 1m v. ' itrh from .rri Hajett to x tui:o; f
To AaitnT WjutMt U.rrt IHATf aai ITMW aM IM Hrtc fc
IW fcl w-m f:mn't t.rth
. - r
th.t bir Chati Wi:oo ca so l Khar
tneia on lonni a Reamer to coff ith
don. it k rr-ec:M he t U return a -mi
l u-p-mtl for thirt jwmI ad report r-ror.wiy u Wok
ol ta H'a. ar
At S. e. u tr. . j HM-t Um. Jkaj L
-xtu IntwiAMvaain f.r Ik ntm mm t ta .f" lr. Mi: IOl ! ti.
h 4rr ',-
H. "f fr
.U,',,.r ".V,l5Vlli.,,!!2l I tUirfts4- thm.h! 1
Ht tti llev TV- irtafowfWBt f ma . . k . ,
I t . Tltl r.ti.lIT.IIM
mtmctH.nre:utn to trmp-n.K- c-iapul IxiMx.v JanoaiT 39 1W lull msv:; w n ""' ' in-f M hn ml of (Re rtntrc.
-or in the common M-ho..!.1 Mow Nil- V-c-, J haf-m, AhT ILlin vvli t .hMrTf ! ' U l'1 .' ' M ! " ' JJ! dcf.. ult rn? -- !..,
onvrod. local, aad th liuuar -l &f a: J-e I. am AM W ! h u, u ..k .n; m : fJ' i
urn-d. lion public Meruit on lkrim.tvf laii t .f H'snara mm. .4 attue tt ! -
Is the Sm;.j on the SUh a comataalm- KUi elaWiho.l a siio: i-h4 at Abu K. "'"i Man . t':i " A writlcr, b
Tims inoonjrtoov imported into .Ja
maica to cat up the mriad of rat
nlioundixi"; there have aeconiplishpil
their ta-k. Tlie important iuetion
now is how tt di-.poe of the mon
,'ooie, which the blacks have a upcr
htitious fear o,f killing. J
Evi:im:iifY. in udvinud by a Ko.iton
physici:tn t uncertain from what dis-faetheirance-itor-died,
with a view to
jjuardixi"; themselves against inherited
tendencies liy adopting the rcqui.sit"
inauucr of lif-, place of residence and
ILirrriiN's fnim tin variou .ship jiro
iluciii"; rivers of the I'nited Kingdom
f-how for the jeit car :i decrease of
nearly .VhI.Ihki tons from the amount
f tonnare produced in 1KKM. when it
is estimated that oer :l,0(Ki,(iiW) tons of
.vhippine;, principally steam, were
the VI hole jitiMie !ulne was hU-fK-tele)
mimI the House procet)et U consideration.
f the jr. lit ui thf death f W. A.
lUiiHHM. lute IfepiefeniKtlve from Pennsjl
I'aina. and the House then adjourned.
Ix the Senate on theTth the Commit
tee on I'litancc iejrtel favorahly with
ainendmentn the House bill f.r the retire
ment und n-colrme of trade rfol'ar. Tlie
lill tottiithoiixe the stahiishmi of f H r--Ured
lit of niti-coiuml-IotiHl uttiv rs and
privates of the army who hae ffre thirty
erand iijivjnl tu also reported Jaor
ahl. The -ii it-then vei:t Into execniue
9lin, after which the confi-niice reM.rt
on the iiva! Approttrlatlon bill wkc pr
eiitcl urel tlie s. uui. Mdjo'irtiei! The
llou--pu- 1 the I) irirt of ( oiiMiibtu Aj
pnpriHiioii bill. The Hoti-e then -4-nt into
omudttee of the Whole on the Army Au-
.. i..t.. .. I. in r .. l... v .....a ............ . ... .Kk
ji ! mi eu iiiii. im- n t'l.t,.. i.iTi k' f j v. at carril bv rj veils
oeiHue i ni inn wh it :ei oy purHr.tpiis mr
I lie Mil Wlis then leporti l to
fff Ci.oi:i;i people in Aumhi County,
!North Carolina, have sent two repre
MMitatives to Arkansas to arrange for a
jxeneral exodus to the latter StaN. They
think they can rrcatly improve their
condition in the We. I, and propo-je U)
iMnirat' in bodies, c, ls t0 main
lain their old associations.
At a recent conference of repreen
tat'nes of Mritih industries upon the
subject of wn;es Charles llradlauh
jiropos-ed a novel measure of relief for
the eistinr commercial and wajru de
pre.ssiim. He advocated the compul
sory cultivation, under penalty of for
feiture, of all tillable land at present
A wuiTl.i: .says there is but one clean
.spot in the whole Jewish district of
Jerusalem a Miiall parcel of land at
the western wall of llaram. where, mi
"Krida. Iiiht.'. .Fewish pilnnis con'lJP5',,nll,1 ,,, ''"' resolution proildimr that
pilolo mourn over the tail o(J,K(mX
'. i .
t ii v, iM'v:ijiiii' iu iUtirjur trior v in
loiitt lamentatiotijjand leanino; with
their heads ajrai'Jrt tho walls to kiss the
In returalne; from a visit to an island
.i I-nkoChnniplnin, a Troy Institute
st udenr'st rapped his bajreie;o to a hand
sled and a pair of skates to his feet and
skated twenty-eight miles to make rail-
"road connections, preferr:nr. this mode
' , of travel to a mountainous drive of
fourteen"milos. His journey on the ice
& U'mc ftimli. iti fnr linut- t,... tl.n..
if he had traveled in a vehicle.
Tiiekk has been discovered near
Tuba Dam a fugitive sheep, which, in
.swimming through tho muchly water,
had become thoroughly covered with
'slickens.'' in w Inch much grass seed
had lcon mixed. A thick crop of creen
grass is now growing upon the sheep's
back, lloth tho sheep and grass are
leing carefully guarded, and when the
latter has reached its full growth it will
lie harvested, converted into "hay and
preserved as one of the California
Mm udmetit
file House uild pK-ie.J. Adjournei).
In tlie Sennte on the L'.-th .several iiiwi
anifes from the l'n ld'iit were received
imusmlttiu iul'irin'ttion heretofore (ulicil
for. In the matter of theV'U'iiiuum lands, the
i'lesiilen: ::tii ttitnl ti-i (hut tin . e.tiitint under
exltlllK' treaties he openeil for settlement.
'I he S, nate then Went lllto evecum e session
for the eonsi.leiafioii of the .MearaKuan
treaty, which wn-i de!wtsl until a late hour.
In the lluii'i- .Mr. t'lav, from the Com
mittee on l'ie-1'leiitlnl Laws, reportrs) n con
curn ni lesolutlon pi ovjilinir that the two
lloue shall iu.sctiib( iu tho hull of th
House at noon rehruary II ICi, to ount the
Mite lor I'rw-ident and 'Vlee-l'res:ient. Mr
.Stociim, from the rommlttee on Military Af-alr-.
reported biu k a ie-outi.n reiiiesTtntr
tlie i 'refill! lit to tnilisuitt to the Mouse a opl
if tho lerent appeiil of Pit. John Porter, to-
fether Willi lli-eoiipaillll jillperri. .Aaopted.
The eoiili renee report on tlie Nitvnl'Appto
priatlou bill was agreed to. The House then
ptoeiedei! to consider the land irraut bllN
on the calendar. resolution was adopti-d
which i eeited that Juilu K Ssuito. an
AmerieiiiK itien. who was iohirim Instructor
iu the I'nler-itj of jimia. but recently
a merchant in llulila, had been Inipri-oncd in
l!cuaibir lor allef-1 eouiphcity in rebellion,
and his speisl) execution 1. ajipielicilib d.
and a-Mny the State Depin tment what
measures weie belnir taken to secure him a
speedy and lulr trial. Adjourned.
l. the Semite on the 2'.th tlie Committee
on Military Attaint rt portiil aderdy the
bill to tacilitate promotions throughout the
army b letirimr from nctivccrceoii their
own application ollicerr who crcd in the
wnr ot the lebelllon. The Committee on Li
brary repotted a resolution approvtnir the
older et cvereh-cf prepared bj the Wah
iiiL'tou Monument oiiiiuis-lnn, which was
adopted. The Semite tie u went into execu
tive hCfIon. (in executive -ti--Moli the
NieaniKuaii treaty was debntisl t ureal
length. A vote was finally reached
ami if tailed of ratification by a
vote of '.C je.'i to Sit nays put" the
necessary two-thirds In the House Mr.
olib. Irom the Ciiinmittee on Public Laud,
reported a bill to donate Shoit in k Lake to
the State of M!sot!li. A joint le-olutlon
was reported tavoratily for the free aiiuus.
s.n o articles front foreliru eouutni" for
exhibitltfn at the Woriil s r.xposition of Aris
of the Colorisl Hare at Chicago. The Houe
then went into ( ommittee of the Whole on
the Kler and Hnrtior Appropriation bill,
alter which the House tidloiiriied.
1 the Senate on the .".ih Senator Hoar,
fnun the omuiltteo on .ltidieiar. reportsl
e.i ctoral vote, and It wa adonted. The
:tV K, u bill was thin taken up and
iisseii i ric:i, wneii the Utter Mate C.m-
ti-i4Vec 1 nl caeie up for ileba'e The Senate
t!MH went 'i,l cxecutixe H'l(ii. In the
Iisi the l'ost-olhce Appropriation bill was
r9Jrtfl rrotu the con.uiittee. The House,
liJConiuuttee ut the Whole, coielderis) a
II Jfcl'er ot ;.ri ate bills which pa-ci w h.-ti
teMMed to the House A communication
WaSri cived from the President In reiraii! to
t.ajt .liner Mert. presented b the gueeii
O.-aH'K tin!
1 for the (Jreely relief evpislition
aim tts r x authoiiu to ri turn the Mime
iHsu ta'tc acknowledgment. Attheeien-
tiimH' s!i u thirty penicti bills iias.-ed. .i-
1E fJitvernor of Arizona's niesucc to
U!Iegislature favors t'ne purchase of Con-
Utta from Mexico of enough of the Stnto
into the rivor.
A riiMATCii from Vicfcsburg, it b., says:
A break is report! in the levL atDeonin,
Ilast Carr-!1 Parish, which will hkdy proxo
disaatroi.-s. Keideiit were xpprUietuive.
Tlie levet that gave away was a "rua
around," built of fr. ten earth, which fuelled
and gave -way.
Tim I'ost-otlic Appropriation bill pro
vides for the issue of n pciai ten-cent
atainn, which will entitle x letter on which
it i Mliixed to immeUinte delivery to tho
jieraon aiMr,.'l.
In the Pennsylvania Senate a motion to
place the Wife-Pe-nter' l,Jl on the ealen-
to SJJ navs.
The bill uiilhorfz-, tie u of the lah as a
puuishtiietit for wife-benters.
Ministkii West, in nil interview, .stated
that Sheldon, the Knglishman abducted in City last year, had really Iw-et: ab
ducted by hi.s jmrtijers of thi Hlue Siiriiii.'s
.Mills. Sli'ddoii had lis-n attempting t
.iwitiilfe tliem. Me was, liowev.T, now i:t
lliivlnud, and, if proper charges were pre
ferred hitu, would ! surrendered.
A'ATcu from New York dntiHl tho
.'letli, stated that nothing hud then l.-ii
henid of the xvhureaiwut.s of S. S. Coiinut,
tho missing fthsLstriut editor of 7fr;xT,j
The Texas of Representatives also
denounce dynamiters.
Tiik insurance journalists of the United
States met in .w Vork on tin STJth.
Onu'.s dry g'xLs stor- at W'ilkilwtrre,
Pa., burned. Los, l.i,esm; iiisurnuce. s"K',-
Tins National Hoard of Trade, lately in
session ut Washington, was very severe on
Cnifed States Consuls, ono de
iioinitiating them as mere political barna
e!es. Tlie inemb-rs were to
President Arthur on the iltli.
Ai.iiosra light to.jk place ut tho Silver
Convention at Denver, over the question
of chairman. The radicals wantil ex
Seiiutor Talnir and the coiwervjitiven ex
fiovernor (rtint. I'ltiuiately mi agree
ment wius rcuched and f lovernor Katon was
Faii.liiks for the week ended January -":
Iu the Cniled States, .".17; Cannda." .!7:
total, ."fit. Compared with totals of ill
and PJU the weeks previous, there was a
difrense in ever; section of the country,
though failures in the West and South
were still very numerous.
Mas. J. V. It ISA I., w id mv school teacher
at I,oiiisvilIc, ICy., was recently buriesl to
death on account of her clothing catching i
A int.l. of complaint has Ix'i'ti tilel at
Atlanta, a., asking for a nn-eiver for the
Port Uoyal .c Atigutn Itailway Company.
A wai:ri: on the Heading Railroad, near
Greenville, C. J., on the :tth, caused seri
ous injuries u twenty-live jK-rson on the
Philadelphia exprs.
Tin: levies were rejtortd iu Ijh1 shape
lwlow Helena. Ark., and the river was very
Joitv P.i'.i:iiTaddreised;ljj immense inas
tin etlng at Hirmmghum the other night,
lie called upon Parnell to separate hiuidf
f from the dynamit-Ts not by silence but by
Tuu ICenrsnrge Ho;.-l. at Concord, N. II.,
burned the other dav.
tion wrt read frota the tTuUrmo of th. Slate ; Th? who hai been j$Jt t:s.ika T ! 4aprtth lUWCdr K"1" i l-n aUlt-h. I in I:
(wvfDtk.ii of the Live rfKk Aoclon of ww -' nxien. 6rrv-sm. un u, v, v. .". -i .a. TTfTT I MtnN r mI tr
t-k Amnrmttw. hn'U'U.n ih.i ifu-rTHon of the 10.1 Stewart besan for- mhp Mismtui. a- tM mm lo . - .
would prevent Tex a eait'.rmen fmai ncttfnjT wanl moreiocn. After lsitHC ShelHacnt lw cotytxaliiSaU teleeaJat t GkaJ
ineir rauif to .ortttt-rn inark't. Am m. u.f!U t. Uilih furce HuiaJ b the rutht nxwcas
in acconlance tth Ui UMtructn of Ila.i-at'MrrK narrjiarmavr
Wotv!y. that m rxe iieterioehwatf. f.uaa , . . . t
, . .. . w.. , i -i Flirt l,ri..tit. K Jmmumr r
occupied b Ute enemy. Mrtvart h.eil ,,..-.. , w ,
i m . . . i w .. t . lrrrr. Mali h t A . M f o Mi.."
make a.l cflorU ti etahlih h;f4e.f at vufste T til Xtkji M. ,-., .J
point on U Nile between Meirtunrl ad iU'r :,.,,., fltrt li4 irrru-Vrs. ,-
KhAfUiuita. At seven o'clock In the u.rn ' o-:oi J c.-i it-..t.- u;s.B.
the tillla l;:trodic t were- T pr t n? the
lttnfuct;oa of lni-ctt.u and eouijnu
dis-, TDon7 the cattle and u r f t't
State; dcCnUiir the crino- tf einll.eiT. r.T:
to prevent the marrtae of diverr-i
persons dur.n the thr." 4,.- s!
by law for proocvoluair to r i er
thede-re. MaJont unO eom rtiv rex.rt
were rea.le from the't !m:tli a tl-." j.r
nol Prohiti torv Amendment, when thr
Senate w-nt nto toiirnltiee of the Wtt"."
In she IIc-um- bo'l ace- read a a--. ! "tT
Rrwt ivferrrl. A aiaTemcn? frofr? the !.,
Treaorcr wa r-ccive.i nd rtart n'llfr t.
money rr'ited the Mate from th- -' -l
certain lands. The com mitte apiMm'sI t.
examine toucher f es-Jfioverijor lunii
reported that they found theta r..! c.trre.
tieporr a!opti t. .i;ourn d.
Ix the Senate on the S-th hill were read
a eeouii time and rcf. rr-!. The atieeiui
on'ir. a tnemoral and joint reaolutioh pr.
x ids ii fj- an amendment u the constitution
of the State with reference to lh RM'iarr
inetii of i'hHil laud.a. aUed up ati.l .!?
to the l oUiliilltee on jM'h'ful Ijilid M iiv
biil w-ere iatrcMlueed. none of t.'et,enil im
portunce.... .In the Mouse hills anl petition
wi re preseutel. Mr Jnin inirv!uc-.l a
resoiuttoa. which wa adopted, providing
that it i the m ni- of the IIouc ihat n.en
tieisof the hoard chroI with fruu! ard
member' of The Ifoo-e tm n-lmltfcl tr ee
s:iMs of the School Ijind t'ruii
imttee. A uo!uten that riTrt-r U-i.
adiuiifeit wa adopted, alter dircuaa.on. Ad
In the Senate on the 27th. a nutation
wa adoptiil. iiistructinjr the Seen fair of
State to furnish trv.nMioriatton to Bnmlrr
of tho Senate who.e It Is t x lt th
State institutes. IlilU
bills read h
proitiii for the pret ention and i
of prairie are pnsed. rhe hH :al orI r.
the bill iiiruUt;n- railroad paseni-er t rathe.
t-Hine up Ktut after a lenrxhv dlit4 th
t.ili wa ri I'finiiiiitcil It a lot, of IT t l"i
Mr. Howe oUi re a that a the
Senate ha p rinitted the no. read to wmi
before the Senate t'oinmitiee tn Hiil!ro.'
to be 1 on the sui.j, of of railroad Iii
lutlou. thrtt all peison ' - rtnltted ti
appear in-fore Mich committee what an
able to throw llirht itu jjie uct:on. and par
tirumrh that residents of ihi state be in
Mi.1 n
mjf of the Ittta. the ItntUh ltr j
only a h-Aiie trwia tiie rtirer, tlie avteiuv ,f.
e6Tii in fete me distance in tiw t. A
halt wa hrnruwn made lr break fat u a
trotijt camp caUMuhed here. The tteuiy
openel hre, ami SUi-art built trtu;
earth u rk fir protection to tie
wouadeit and hajrg3:r. The tire was the
heaviest Ui-tt the iSnt vh had yet lawn u!
J.tod to. W l.iie at th: point MeH Art wr.a
WMMtnded. .lanuar) Zl. ToUa after Uw
bauio in the d--ft, a rerooBoi. e of
Meb-innch was made. "I hi teroolrd In
fjc: that M.-tenmeh was in a state of de
fense. 'I be work xert m fairly good eoti
ditton and fnrtiishtsl with loop hole. S.r
Charles Wi;in reincU bo couUl hate car
ried Metetnneh. but thotight it not north
rtsaing the io.s of turn which its capture
might involve. Un the follow iuc day a
x-econuois-iance .as itinde along the river u
li-utt with three steamer which fcturoeil
on the viuie ihi. Sir 1 I'arlea ih-plonw the
loses the Kngli-h troop suflemi la crcs
!n from Korti to (Mu!xt, hut hi other
ltwpocts xcctrds tl.c result of the operations
as in the lushest degree Mnvofl. In
a . a . . -
v, ois-ie) iciigrxpiii mat two oinrer- wf
I'mi ; Ij'-!
orJ'l.i U l a, , ..! aft pp.
The fco' fr . Fort W .r,- at! 1
X. M , and !.:' l.)o?i Co., r aSi
ay ia t! A. r. Jk . r :
CaJdftt;. hav.:. left V, tut :.
IB t?.e i; !-.
aeal itit mtrtrci't m : a
their retain to tie ; t :
hat wete b hae left ' f
morrow afi.-t'-n ai - -
tC4'aral-iii Jr i.-"A ..
newaof thearrrendcr f i
tliat their aerue a;ati' t
trywtett were nut renuliot ...
haa telecraVptied inrtteraj IU: ' '
UrttUrs a U the term -I
Cutler which tle tfrren Sei -pietamtioa
iu ttve (it of th
will oJ bo ies a aunt than 'V
to doubtful if th-tt aiioi Will eor. the .
pmann. ttccral An"! waa toba. lei
morrow Aft. trvn b fsot.'; dlteet .
awoxetncnU ot ttn at tah.we.1. lt
much pkrd that ltd trip i not ftw i
eaaarv. ia to the cooisc poraued bv
era: Hah h in eaunuc the uttawlrr of it-.
t i
. - .
at .
ori.e t
ti- ;
ja.'i! w
H.t.l "
..! -
at- I ... v
ol AUfciu
fill! pa;
nH'-. u
!e I
an.. :t
!n C
xs, r
r- 1-
1 ..' !
X s
i ii
k i
I h
.1 -s
- i
r i
f I
ilia weie and j f-tIIoai mmI nine wounded duting the i
lime. The to uiuki . ,. .-, ... 7. i
retention and apn-adttur S row Abu K. -a to the r.ter. C olou
letgh was among ttv-e slightly hart.
KM TKi: S I'1-.l'.t i ii.
"tnuMiivt." w.Lluutl rAiimib.f amm Jmu nl
uis ,.,........ ..".- u. I
l r j ti,,,, . iM""l M ne o 'i -Mt n tw ar
iiextvi win oe iii(ni omuiw ihhi irg taw
' peode ant the lre-.. 1I arUooa teiar tt
Ilka . t a t a . is.1 tuil & Ma.lM ttM jvaav mMaaa
A Kox ti dispatch ui iU-ub, agwey saya: --"' ''""-' "7" ""V" W""
1 -, . , ......, 1 . .iTr. . .L eonhl not liaxe hern feuiwt in Uto aenir.
1 'iuiieir.1 .iie 110 i;fjievi w iniuiri, n:M)
on the over the febe.. The enemy
nunil--teil 7 uoo. A Urge number wrr
etivtilrviucn nrmel with nrt-o, HriUs'. hs, ,
J twenty killed and thtttt wouudcl. 'loial
; !os ot eiieiut, I..V-5. 'I he bring began in '
1 the mortuiu; aiet liistdl all d.i. Colonel
' Hutleigh,
who would u e more -rndcw an, at thi
! aatne Unie. carry oat te ottJkri hi e
prrktts tttan l.en-ra: Hatch.
win nirt t i'.apr.nrf.
C.vl tw Ml, k X . Janoar .s. - iaaw
tilllla. Cfi.el t.rtett.aa!r Of the Ml'Wk'Hirii j
. ' - t re. .-I veil a dmraalch tia Arkauaaa Cltt fnm !
siwviai corir.Nhfet!t 01 Ue , ...'.,. . ...'... $!.& ........ ,.- -. .
" i.Aii-n iir.i. 1 ... I.. ..i.. ..r iff.M bs. im i . .,,.!'. ..-.. mt
... 1. .. I I . ..! I Uli. 1 ""l ... u .-....-...-. . .,. n.., ...... , ,
the womartniifTrajfe
i iaatilirKt.oa the lies
vife.l to Hppear bel're ueh committee with
iiiiv ejimritnotl or .rii mimi. ihfv ntiiv han
.. .."..... ..r.. .......... ' ' : I ,....!.... C,,.-...J, .,,.1 ..,.! tH. ...! i--" if
into (ommittee of tV W ,,oe.. i fcifI,WM.t ate among the Aouu.hM. ! 'T i mi ! i J i if1', ? ..
tne House a t iiition recititt that mon fM vtt ami party hat nrremlrtst .xfKl IumI M'ee!
than oni tl.tnt of the esloii has pni l . .... . .. , K ," ,",,,1 , to y.i- the()lahiiuacttry. cottfiet
withou: nceoiiipllshliitrMmthini: in the wax I ' " " 1' """" " -.,.,.,,, .
of miltoud a cif htttiui. and ieki:u that tie j lt occurtisl 1 in the c.ert al-mt five miles .
Hotie l.'aiiroad Conunitte appoint thic-e ol M)Uth Irom MeteiHiieo. When .Slewatt '
it-member- to co-operate with the enate .. i ,.., . .......i .v. .
cotniuitiee ill Irniuitw n proiK-r bbl. - " '"r.'V.. ' ' . ' Pal rsirh. in nhtrh UVr tf
H.lotilid The .senate loin: ns.iutlou to nd ' cruii; .unu in, u.ii.- .w w .111 ini-s ;nwi .
lotirn from the -th to Pet-mart -. after h i .sklttitig it of'.rii within iin'SMiifort.dse hort
Ioiist wrainrh. wa ciiteiirrl In. A hot d
a li
; .t it .-i . 'it
M i!
!. alii?
. ' avr If
i ' '-
, . i 1.
!'. -.
s,-t M: !
an. r
wrn r
t)Ua St.'.
prnUcm. 1 i
Ailerib. .; 1
nave4 t i
lotm? intla
too ae mftrri
of !xrku.ii
tJitte) t man of e -.
Ibe f a t thai he I
e I.
r I
1 1
i -
f V
I !
bilN Hiid petition- followed, when the ltou-i
In the Senate, on tho ST-th. a joint
resolution wa tiitriMltii-e p:o..tln for r
constitutional Nmeiulim nt tixlntr tin- wtlari'-
of the Coi ernor. s"een-tarj 0! state and At
lornev-f.eiiernl at ; -'..''. M-naior Howe'
Tax le'l Hh'di pro", nb-s that on the art dav
ot 1 :irur of tlie ear arii r which tan
ten per cent., ami on
of May ol the year
tnvf-s shall have Imvii
the tlrt dit
after which
aeie, a
from the tettletnent at Stdhial-r tU-a thai
a conference of seviwal t)a duraliow ha
b-'oti held hetwerft (earral Itatcti am.
tcreut piaTf of the a.tuAtkifi wett
, di-uvie,J, with a view to tiif
eiafiutum of Um disputed Serrifory.
' At brut there waa a pfstooauret! dif.
jioitUn en the part of the eoaamiata v
i ta;nl their nurit a-irisl Hatch aat w
, (iteruntent tnp ai all haf.t, and tnt
i tio'Huer hal eatrrrvhett thetuee l..
M'veiai ta . iletfrmtrieit u naht ft t ,r.$
light, l.irthttork wer thrown up &,
lltart u
nrrrtaitef !
wia ..... .-
.1.. .... . . 1 1...-", hwh.'..,..t. ,. n.1. .. .m
uui. among ... ...Kn Krs. , urn lire , , t (-,.njrreW W(M,I. tajfe -mu.
.,;..... I , ,k.. i....r .. ' I " tt Cieir rl.r. hv order.! the ah
nWIJ- ttl WS i.j-'ll HIT- III ititl W wfe
range, 'I he xelnd hnl evidently stati.nrd
them-elv-s in the : 'niS lo await ht ar and give httn b-ittle. When they be
gan hi slit rout. d him ami pre in upon hint
he determined to abide the event, lb ot
ileied his men to dismount and form .1
7rrhii. Tilts was mady mainly with sad
dle arid b.tgir.u:e. and during tie- iOfi-:.'wi'
i lion the irbel nflenn-ii d.rew nearer and f
sha.l have be. n ase-ed. al, iinpuid jM-rof ,..., , ., iu . .,... ,, . .,. '" ' r"lratti mait-to rtt th Mi
t.ixe. ex. -pt lu cifle ot ,aetlrt cl.U.shai I iiiuiaiiri.M .1 1h are from behind amhns , mf j1(L i u th.i hour of rrei
bet delinquent awl flmil drnw-theretntr t cade mid sm '!t h.ding pine. as Ihej c.-uld j talt ,urt !IOin.'ef!krf had bU
unpaid taxi ,, real proi-nv. exr. p .."..-... ..-, ...-.... ... ....... ...... .-M ,1mwj of Vt0 j .ill, SUltr, xmff ar hr
in , itle .., the tlrs: eln-. !,.-. Um-tf,,,., , 1 wdve men wet; ,-! IhK ne.wt ano hfty fcu Um.w ptaM.0-tJ. pm
ijiti-nt. ami -ueh deiiuipnttt tiixi -hat. dm otlu-fs veretncVeri down with u:lv noumt. ! . . , .l-.,,, ,.. ' .. ; ..
ti.erciifterieii p. rceiit Int n-t. wa ,. lK first .i-'e.! v-ere V- i'nnrii -on of r'.ghta tliey ter wkOMf
thnil time and p-o..- The bill to n fund th. Auhh.j. .. lirsi . -wi vrer. .M.. I -iiirrot 1. Ut 4 Uinf lUmi4 u, ffa. Thau
Hirt.r..m.i!. ic.'c.lntiil.-'iM.iti.-nw. !.. sjxs'mI correMid-nt of thI-irfou MnW 1 .,.,, t1Mi mtut .! uu..,.
m.ei in tiM-Moii-e Mr s.exi-no!i. f roit
special committee HpjNilnted to ilit and !'t
ecl the Home for Ihe Kriet d:-. n-Hrts
that ueh x-st and tiip ctoui hud bei'
made, and rt'ti'ininriMlol that r-V.i ! pi
proprfnt'sil for nlarl mid ext. f 1 '
two tear, and that he appropriate, j
for Imitdiiof new wIiik- and maUsiur mf.-s 1
?nry repair- aimiM the Home. Th- !Iour
then went into Committee ot the Whole 01
special orlcr. a bill to reci hit pas r orei j tormed in the .olio tn.: ordor. 1 11 front the
tilt Fu.f anal llu. Ik.
...! .l VI. Il...i....- .. ..I 1 . ' " "' " "" - - ' r
.' V ?; , f7' , V "w ,,u terwn of atarraton hud taore U
em of thel.ndo,, ,... Me.n:du Wl Um, m9nm man Ukear
w-.tsoneof the very ir- M be o.H.iHieJ. of ,inftWfJ1lj ttmttTm miU
.olthevvor. of i.ntmg the ,1 w.. Jw..UUmo f L;UtLt.,mml tilim hh iK
about and the army iMl -., j ttmm mm ,j, thl the,
put .11 motion to form Iu haitl- .rr-y. I hi W;M U4mtn .wav irmm kamJi
wxv a hollo atiuare. Ihe aeiir wa ' i.. .. . 1 u tt a. .11. - .
aw ii a u uti aaiaawai aaar aaai aarEW- aBBaaataxa .uaa tw ai 'a
rat' on rH:iro:ni. but mt'M nodeflii:t.
action. Adjourned to Pi bruarj
Ou.Mlvhad three ie-onin:
caes ;h I5rig.i'le and (.iretial-r (itmrd.
! ami thev vleld-l. funeral llalt-ba ifea
lU I ,,l, .nliali fl.Kl tt I.HMh .....
tlie ncht hank th CtrM.treatn , nbmti tl thu j.awfjl trimlhm of af
(..imtiLs jsid .scots t.uiinW: on tn- r.. .tlA ,.,. tk. ..i ,-,,.- u. .- na-i
other day. John Canl.i. a l:s-hrxgis. j heavy camel corpv. A soon a camp.
sohSi.-r. spent, in a few dst-. the sarings ol 1 thu s4,iJre :.i.; under a aU-adv awt
a nnmlH-r of 3 ears seivk'e. u.vl tk to:ou nri. A distance of two mica. At this ,
inmihtvsd ltilantry, ami
tile uAe !;.'iUlin
i as M a tne weat'.ei win nrraitt
atMj 1 It -!.!. lk ( ki..!.. -.
to atop all distairwisrnta and diactiarre ai
perm who hate been engssfwd im rarr
Cnst.'T) St.vtks Oisst i. Pack tun has
deep-wat-r 1 nsjuesUd the Mat or of Lit-crno..! t.. -mli.
. . . ---..-..-..-.-..--
Dukixg the absence of Sheriff Mc
Alevy thq other morning the prisoners
confined in jail at Huntington, Pa.,
who were tvlloweil ho" freeifbru of
the corridors, eYTgaJed in a des
perate conflict between themselves.
in which Alexander (Jrav received dan
gcrous injuries ' by- being lcttten over
the head wltrVa'iwkeY "by a fellow pris
oner nameH'TorTrpottor. ' The insur
rection was ijuelleil through tho hero
ism of AUss I,aura ilcAlevy, niece of
the Sheriff, Avho forced the quarrelsomo
prisoners back in their cells at the point
of a revolver.
of atynora to give Arizona
am. r r I . .
oiibbtc i.r loreign commerce. iin in., act of Coriicrc.., forbidding the
iM'Ai.Ls was re-elected Cuitl State., j binding of aiqtcr in th Cnitl States,
Senator in the Kansas Legislature on the j that oor people may not Im deluded by
2",JH ticket agents in spending their la.t shilling
-T -. -.. c .i. o.oir ir.i.n . .s saeu in iu i'ii tu.-ir passage to America.
tho"iiuou Pleas Court at Cleveland, t).. ) Hvnavitk was nd j;, Vork, ea
recast ly. by a woman iiauusl Thankful ! iu the morning of th- l.t, to blow
TrtOJr'r, for 5i".iV). Tanner was run over . Carrv ISr . de- ,.....1 ........ ...-..
i..-ai- i-c 11. t. . .. 1 , - ''""--'' "w 1 ear no; oj tie::.r uajs cotnuic. mat im
by Its. (..arl.elds carriage December s!s. the clerks exi,tti at flu. time, and the ..A.Uilc.. heart..-, and unn-rvedlv ap
tt-hiaf 111 the public sounre. and she alleged twlicc nrofe..-! ?. v,-,.. ;..f... .;,.., .i.t ,., w .k.... ..'.. it.... i- 11 f,.. ti . - ..
I which is was thought would prove fatal. A
Mr. 1a an sent to a drug tre for a pr.
1 script ion. and a youthful clerk oompoundei
the ingredients, but by niintake t.u; In the
, wrong M.-dinnc. The Isdy hik it nbc
came near dying-. Another similar case w
Io rei-orted.
' Tins S'ate Fnrtners Alliance lately in e
I Hion at Lincoln adopted naoltitioris en lor
j . j ine the Kcgan bill ami it. p4.agt
- i iu CnnxT'-s a "a signal irititnHi of toe p.-.
pb over r:. .i"d monopolie. that gives at
betr.-r uay. cotntne. that thi
Fir fHfe
ttvarbriy. what a t-."
trdn' tnU morn!
W, sea, DUif. -J b
.' t ittwatw me. 1
That ia tee t,uiat
" "ft. JkMr. I
ftt ilaoa fc ' rm d
or," rHlfa!fm 1
-CHii' t'otttrtlw;
ami .Je.ive.ed 1 wnv hr nrht at , l)t0X ,, rivrn U u Ut mtHm " W-.
the eiiemv s middle, mowing down m-u ia .m m lncm & uimut taftra aurT I ?"r 1m vr ainlt- 1
O'ui , .nt.ft.i- lo tho imi tn th TeMlOana All
the imwuy l.n P. mote urwin the 4ua.- Wlrf, mm ,f MBfw-B1B bit
hi two laig... ffa-wns 1 h.a ver- dn.-t-l . rcjUwt.rm0llBj. 'J iiaa enda th- lat'Wt -f-ax.nM
the ItnUh rmnt front, which .! ftrt u, Mie ahaawwai . u
uaim.t-.l. tin rH-l rharw tn, , ,kj4.VHIW ro..irjr. The rm& W t-u
rjignan u.w. lormm?. aaaanr.i in rr.iM s UlKtt rt,,u l9mm BactiaaCttk even Uvwtj
We T' If! tUnget
rwlfir-' ia lhb e .
Ufcetar Irtitf-co'itrest r
mmti In IttMtxn hes-
afrtta-aid U.m m n tight
.V. fir tjJktr
A patent ttMMln
jHwsaa d the iHrr '
Wa ftap.rt the mail 1
alarv Uhrnthebv
tWdVamaof' ,
atlt e-fiitl oerad
IOirn eht4
inV:vtr rwtareea att
thK ilimrt' I'm (w
Wi in hi aWlrt
Wh. toy ehfldj. arl.
iaKtinr i, aat ke
Ita tWfl. (Mwl arben '.
heal. Mid atia tfcrwa. b '
FT e, i Wed.
To ta wMwa-
Nwt ait aee tmm aav' :
l-w tWiar 'osf fcv. r
9mm W d .fc-urrav 1-1 .
Paw4M -ia no.
Aaaf aiaif fl ,iK?
aV'lr ti ai
j .such heaps Ui-t they formed O'-tttai drmtt . hafjahitax.
I ins .mo .,.r..-..s. w ...,-,, iWi M). j A marATrji nam rviaw.
! Ivoa. K.tN JutmmtyZK A PdiCaa
ha arrtrawi frma (to-raJ Hatch atadac a
efjert that f'.ay.r oy had mntmUtj
ctenr.e n"esary to the -oci.-si of the a
slaught UmM ita renter Un- w brmtchs to 1
Und-tiu aj-mt iS yrus from the Itnt;.a
Irons line. The Jon.- of th. g.-n-ri iuor J
jiublic square, and she alleged
thtthe was seriously injured.
JOtN I n.vNCfS gr.tUEt.s. a colcreil law
jwlice jirofes-sl to hnv information tiiat proves :hecourcof Hon. (". H. Van Wte'.e
tins wa :iu. cruj.,-. iiamage, s.VV"i.
Tn is Ohio Miners Ituon issiii! an nd- i bun .1 ,4 a able and fi-arb-vs champion of th.
rights of the jHsq.Je." and opoiug tn
Mtent thre the uulinped-! prt ' the Jib.
like the end of bros-n t.mi r aro-ooi tit.
enior Scn.dor frnui "ehra-.i, anl revan ' conv-r. of a Mprar-. no rl 1 -. ei-t e.1
-Jl--S ll.. 1 nt )J r.ioi.l....., o. Ll...-l.;..n ' .! . .. -. ,
-'-3 . ....... ..ii., uii-m leceiuiv tor a risliirtion of ten tier 1
X. a. the other afternoon. :ies! thirtx-- ! e.... uit ..,.. u.:. :.. , . n-i . - creation ot a Itaiinsu) rommiiiMi for
. . ,. """ vhki in cijai mining. ims ',,,,, , ....
eigh He was islucated at Westchester practicallv i le.1 th.. IW--00- Vnll-v . braatia. .1. P.urrow .was eiecu.d 1 i.trn
St-ites en- ' srH'-rt o -.'. 1 1. '. AI cn IHt. 1- I. vvillard ami A. A. sieu
"""-"" MriM.a.Mt brourhs th rate to Oil centi I .. , - t... 1 ...i t 1..... v .
wen. . n e-1 ... uuviiu--, .v . erfiiuu v .
1 ntirv. i
tricts of the State. j ,
v vominu cattientcn are mvei.rtr tr i
lawat! !! t tittikllll...! lt'.i,l
"T O.-.-MUtKi . WH1--4 i.atr-s tS..- Mr aTO. MS IT f IfOIf f It th.l rnlit trt OMt.
--a. --- ' IIIIV m w vr-r a v -
aiw, ta .tiapone ly I resident l.rnnt. and af- in that district and .'o r-nta in mot dLs-
, arel a-rel U in. leaiia-ety saeawe 4iti xi
and ( "' alfoia, Kmaa othea swres U ap
p-rs thai the eainay hi 00 imi imiW la
lrku CftT fAmr aaurt ha- i'-xtmiw.
ter- cut to h" t rom thU h, .! , y.,. wtt a detrhiiM.i of irwnwv ea
warf-r tuLwdiwiti-utiflUw-.i a. l aatttit wad 8ft aiddiera wfU am
w-m ir:ei-.ia.r .n in-r i.ia 'n-!i tn. uuy nd I"har4ay. bwt vrU!
i-iirmi iiii f jjios'-ji un- .-. un Ki.i'1! 1
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, ,,.' .. , , V - '"" o: ;n. .-uiie against - , . . bu-hel in Middl- N'chra. 7 "'"' " - - i tfc upartaoal of MHawa::!, .nt?l tiHlay
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KlufK for $s-0.00n for HtAce m ratUe or aw;u; ex.-it.o.
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jU,m I-ivnx waat a big hotel.
Wst- The Hows had the Kiv- aad Harbor ' ,. ' "x lBUni tQun.r L "" 7 . ""iTa
iirnuh. is a leeeniij vamti w ucain oy ii
Oxe of the most remarkable cases in
the jurisprudence of West Virginia has
just been concluded in the Circuit Court
at Point Pleasant- Henry J. FiVher,
Sr.. was a wealthy man of that place,
and when ho died, left property, real
and personal, valued at $iKK,GOO. Mr.
Fisher had ono son. named for himself.
Miscrii.wi-iirc 1
Tia Boomers at Stillwater surrendered -" I lh Iaralll. j
totlieral Hatch ?neo...l.nVmiK- ?h-! Thk ia te wa.s wi; ,n se-ioti o the !
-W -...'...... ..'... . . .. ...
2tliijAlvocaXts of the Oklahoma mox
iee. Ijirre l!. nf St, ' f rawh 'i'lJ to U,r "f""!. fr" "" ,-7W UtA" ,:nt-h "" --' " ! Tra d,s of ra
... . . j jurv rrndercii a venlart for iii.ixa ia favor , s V!'t wit 101 t-ii u.i ,ltr.ii - . .
ie were driving ost to the j , - . , . ! Awl -',s wa i9i .- '""l "" Oao.jni. ( Jijr j,. pjaei a
J the l ih Parallel. 1 Jalau"; ..... i " --7' w-u S.tKW fcUd kJ u w aaMaw.' (d
1 this xvoubi not affect Uiea. a ". nrKat alr -fmion.
"etidtsi to invade tho countrr at1 "-.. uwH.s has tnstracti Bng-
a(iier-u-ural Aagcr U tarn over to the
civi; uatheriiio for ;in-utioa sach lea l
er aiaotkg the thUhxaa toaers as viola
ted s-ctaoa K.s rvi.l 5tatats. relating to
th .nbjec: in !ispae.
rttn on the Savings Hank of Xew
C)nn., ende.1 after i"..l-0 had
ti.I out.
A:iirtit.(uake shock xr-j; felt at V.ilpa-
raiiiVal loir, on the ilth.
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SS.w It a -Tat of U sloroay wmmtiamt
icrfta xmA a cd vrarw c-e
all trartfsirt.tkja a laawaaiy
dief-wa of Uw f awaattaxry Lpw;j.
three-vear-d brathr. who. nfcde nhtyusr
set hre to e I-sper w uich irt.MHjded Ut
Infant. When the litUe frlhiw ay iAe taia
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S-x U! fa ha . i?aarral
TtiE chief clerfc of Cooboo
-Ns'JTi-. gas expio4oo-. ia !u.bwrrh. gencml xaerrhaat of W'zIuxl wa? rccqolJt
4jsKConed of crookednrs aad wt-r. ac
lew had been heard of iht '? t, CB-st the lajury of tweoir-
. . .! aa . 1 a . . a. , W . f awa.1
fat a Francisco. The vcsei wa. .-".. even were SKpti family I ew recot.iesew ww .orirj rr nar . , --"
.-.... .as. .1.. -e. . . ... . . 1. - r. ntir. i 4javn- . .. - .w- w .m.. . -. - . - -
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jauuug r iuer in nisyouin oecame wiui. ;jltfnI
juiu. 10 an cxicai, recKiess. no went
into the Confederate armv and was a
IlTaiin..ri t tV..hlrr-tre-i
-e . 1 w .. . ' A matat! and ahavdutolv hart,.
y ,t--.ii3. rfinniij -.--! J iejVls5 " "- " 1 haiaaai 1 nl mul - .1 . trs
hereoc-Vct aothoruy tau. f.V. w. f- at tJae-arweat MnJiJe i. Wsaalafe " r "
haaw ap tfc- Caathd r- t-s-e d , r-ty. or ta rxwaal the -aeie i j j hinMeJf whw4ner a laattaea
swrcr-d x--l h now t-wng inrmitJiM. Tan contiEe l Vhw awat eaetoaiaw rU. hU ia4apjaetl s aa-ttle. Tjnmm' '
.a . v M . . e t - It tV 4 a . a i '
lauw-r i 0017 itoB ia irw waweraaaiaa; i rirae u whi oawr wt a ;tc aanataii
afSnat. aid i ttcf .-retly ineufatr.L . until thw htdhapa a tja&aea tart bjr tho
The vt.H- K. in brvl that a woaum mm- ' P nax Jk d trterr .-frrfe. Ta
tdwy-d v. trtaautt4jr ;n th-
aval aide th.s diwTerT
!aoxjoat ex ;dosoi, aad cwaaamtakaai it : -J rirs of Uanr fair aaai ineitawaam.! f
'fcl Vm- f '"" y - '"'- --- .-w. . ..-
? liTrv a', "f ' J'Oat grailaaira ara
a dai holms . mtf-vded to hmraoauae wrth the ela-
3S. '
v- - -
brave soldier, Wing promoted for
bravery on the field- ins father was
displeased with his course and before
atis death executed a will in which the
son's prerogative xs heir was entirely
disregarded. Tho testator had cadcar-
' ts???1 IO cnlal estate in accumulate
-1? trasl before the investing of the ea-
Nirety to a period beyond which the law
.avhaws. Henry J. Fisher, Jr., bow a
Jwtrrtr practicing at the bar and resid-
mg ai ufcicsgo. where he is greatly rtv
. broatht rait to declare the will
TiNd as to the dJepwjUon made of the
.decided in
ta - . . - a. . a ars a- w. ,
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aV i ... . . i .., , . ,iiiii. MwiriM rt it'. ;ii I aa 'aniie r eiapyri '.'ere iwau-; - -'-- . --..-. -.--. .,... i , it-bw.--. . - "" i -. i-r-rioiaat
1 1 Linatowfi. a she had . CisVa- . AW. Jw .iepaoae wu-e oaotan ilaad. . - , tJfc ul x f frV . .. ffcrTI, . .-. ;, .
S.LT1."".-.... :;; .rJ?L!l!Krf::Jri. k..1 ,rf -p- Airaua. .-0- 8m;;
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at Atal.ta. Ga.. nvm!x- m- tin,- the thin! the company were redw-d. -ad th-S!wr- -.J"1- ?" 'fK4 . a fL the .-stal- iNaartaaewt for lws--l- da-aaaj aM to --p-7 a hatf
c-V.arfsa.cH-m the ham of that tv. . uitend-tit and other employe, ra JffTSFVto-. - i -"- wharh h S-a-a'dae aTini 3
PeAftw fcu train out with a rifle, - -alkiag ahg Peaasyiraal,. fi .KKKK 0f ',411 w lectwUly - ' -iarr "
TRf-:,.xr tvtwee.t the NahTi!le & b.nff. at : rittiburrh. Pa.. rec--lv .t-eat-.w, ta (naha. aa.i wbtle at th-p:afihre tort T -tm M.rr.m. -- fW-a. U twu.,
Chatxs.a and tho Memphis Charles- aanie,! rtoU-rt proal ami Joh McCaipaa, ,; hK rkethooV :o ret Ae key : at VA.anur, Trjv, Jaawerr Sv-It I) "" r,BaKf1lte' e-e!
ton llajr-ais i intensitlvst bv an crwr- ,V"J then- foothoM awi fell to the hot-tom. a ts-oice t-j a-I IxA it .iowa oa a w talw t. . . r-w w . . for by a err-tiaBd4rat of thw denia)i
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lr,i-'Sr- "
mo-i ta xreigtat rates bv the naviUe. otsutace o: .-- ;r:. nroax XttU wts ;il wtnle rratitnc a. l-ticrs. vv ttco ne re-
TheHMnannceii all clashes from Chat- fractcrxsi and he wa iajcrt! iatemaHr. coveted from the latere: kn hi irises he
taaooiB t- Memphis reiluceil to tivc cents McUcigas xvci terrtldv cut aad brushed, reached for hi r-ckettook. bai oae ihi
itait ran ok wtta iz. n caoiam---; s39 at
per 6
i . . a ... - . .a. . mm.
I Tl!K Firxi V-tiA-i-l R-V rUJ- ,.' ?-
--- - e -M...M M. I
hundred pounds. The haal t rj." bu: hL injerir s were not fatal
' TlIK First National Hank bendiac at , "
ctal dLspatch from the AUoacr- Marqaette. JItch.. wu oe Are on the r-om- I A;TIls:K vtcfiai of the buzzard h. North
- i ii i.
. Ikvarxi o? .xvi th-t it ing of the AL Tne !o m th. I.ani -r.f , wwTcra tfu-,t5 fioy :tccc oa
led by a vote to resist the collec- ' other buildtc- was rciorteiI to be j'jS"..X.
ie tax for the erection of territorial Fk-xcx aad Knclaad w-e
s at Santa Fe. X. 1L. under legal i notes upon the terni of the foreign eclit
ia! the act aathoriilos the tar Is meat act a it L being enforced by Enrla-u
J.rlcaffo eo the Stth all East bound "Chisa-
at ilong Kong aad c-tiscr inn ports of
lxml Hc-. of Cldros- lie wr a yacar
I xaaa of Mvtccn, a great )oTer of the hoes.
aad irbhcd ai a snort dnl tw auic frcaa
X.v.vcn Cor.vrr h igltAtbg a biiil& arr
tic Lyrt Itltcr.
K. Salaawa. Or, mi XA Barcaa of Aalwtil
Isdatcy. ha exiart th cuttJe beawgt
rrUy Ut Jart-n. Taau by in. Haowi
Sac from the tafeOxd herd at Cr4dsa.
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ta aa acQte form. Sctc huTe tres ici:.
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xm a larr i!o: hieh vej., h Ls; T-7' aOai huatuag orwr a. a
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tiew. Th collie are Welt UotaJL Mr.
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tour that he dici, dter tiisL,
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