The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 12, 1884, Image 7

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ffc Itorslfled from .toojs Fulilcs.
nfcaton the IIml of a tn
,iTietjT'l ho. tlmoM lilni-l; Crow.
. 9 W:noM IkiiikIi's extremity.
uii;i no, nt iii-no;
it or.'v nir p-CKft rierch was barn.
Iir iirdcrxu.'tli. hi the Hveet. warm air.
tif-tlv"! tj. t'i rk lninlifi-sif ouk
Mltti hum or irouf and erack of Joke:
Mi'ht t had to to.l of acorns irrowmir,
i ! iitiiin ' :i.ih am! :;tiin-t lAtnvin.
I If trlit- in wtHid. mi rlifirnr lillL
Sml eif i.f vit Mill na . never i-UIl.
"iwian no. ii'-iKii-iio."
Whsiltxl tin- Crow.
She irn Urol of hearing u!I dnv long.
Sins in-ifh-ho. the Jealous I'ifw,
The lilui bird's iHiilcr. ortherohin'a pong,
Mux heigh-ho. iu;vh-U'.
She hud nothing to do but -it ami sao
J m either wdi- through iheuir's blue Imzo;
To watch tlmi no hutleriiut-eoloredlotit,
JM id injj tlie luriiier's: Meld- nlKitit, chiinee U n:tr tliat jateh of rorti.
Wliex her lrii-nds had Hot-Led Mtice i-uily
And were tugging now with might arid mala
At the Wilder blades for the hidden grain.
Hinging and tolling.
Tearing and -joiliiig.
To waeh. and If uieddliy-oine lie I nhu. Paw.
hmg Ii'Iki-Iio. the wntry I'row.
lla h. ho !io
When up uiih )!ii and Jeer and croak
Jino II IH'Miixol the oak
The wlm'e Miiek family would Jl"
T wall 1 II theo.tiier hint wi"oI hy.
hhe wiwmtl, bl.e ttlhet: ""Hie torId Is wide,
el lii-.i- to a lonely Iwnr I'm tied
A bird with a liiriilshe luiek If ! mine.
U ho-c e er b-alherH lit to rliluo!
I 11 nin aivay
This wry day!"
iNo mailer how nor where, she thought,
m utK heitrh ho. tne airnint Crow,
Pmly U leave tlmt Join Iv ld,
liefifh-hu. hi ikIi-Iio!
To skim like u walIow after a l!y;
To -wini a- a hawk -wlm-, lou- ami high,
To IniliMe a -unir like a Itohollnk;
To hop in a litlj;e like a ehewink:
To h';! it m t in a kik el lrer liili.
.m Hie thrush hides hers, Ihv .fcliy, hrown
ToIm'h what? Iiefllil not kixiiir.
Hut any tiling except a ( row I
And itiivuhere
To live hut therel leaden iduminet Into theii.
Shw ftehrh hit. the- wii;iii1 t'niw.
Down Khe drojipfil from tin -enthiel tree,
llei-li-li,,. lnl-li ho'
Ami awaj -he snllcil. unhlii'I'Teil. alone,
bike a dr.ed leaf lillln r anl tliitiier hlowu;
Nor hlopel. nor cta.d ton-t. until
She ached Willi ll.villK' III nery iiill.
Tlien, -eeiusrii (-moke frm a rotter's tiro
I'leivi' the Mite air with t- Miier-nlre,
Sin "irelsl tnnrd it. hulf alonl.
jml M'UlisI tit Int on fie d.ilo-roof.
Indeed." sh erll,
"'I lie world Hiile:-
IIlrne lllwnil her iijkiii the hreee.
Sin' heijsh-iio. the 'iiniyr I'low,
IViimsi fuiry -mell the -meIl ot ehee-i-,
I'p'ain ehiNe. heluli ho!
The iloor wa- iijiirn tiny emek.
SheeroUded iiKaln-t it. u-h'-l It hack,
And en 'i it it.Mile tlie eool dink room
That uni M-Hiirtd with mini and M-iuhtifd
with lir'Mim.
Hlieri wen nmn f ehei . and on a shelf
one rut; and -hr-ii!d "I II help mjelf '."
iTwiisan'n -he had to take lor irmnleil
She'd it nuht to ii it) tiling nhe niinlitlj
So hi- took ot the eln.-e.-e
A jjn-at line piit-u.
Ibtw -he -eaiKHf she -eareelv knew,
Sitnr heij-h lio. the thie iiik" ( "row
lint awm tia neliihlMiriiejr hoinjh idie How,
Ihifh-ho. heiKli ho!
A I -"ox lioui the wmmI -nw eerthlnr,
llou heaxx her tllt'lit wu.-. hw her'Alinr.
And he inu'lil a . hlir even where he -IoikI
Of the -tiiell uoo.l and thought t (.mmhI.
S w llh -"reIe :l'- he s iiint-ri-l out,
lliimmiiiira HkIii -train, tr.irtws ahout,
Tiotimir al'in n- II no i-iiuiiiiir
Wih purio-e were in hi- rtiiiii.n-r.
Whit'- the fiow tiom lie-limb
1 .k d down at him.
"Whllt -IrsuiKer i till-?" he Mlddenly ciie1,
SilHT hi lull lio. the lie.iot-iul rrow.
SiiIi ei"". -in Ii leiiliier-i, sueh be.ik!" Iiu
"Jli-D-'li-lio, licifli ho! m' rnini;. hub ! I -aw rntm Iiu
U'liHt a loxeh Jlleen oT the Wood jotl are,
Aad hn-tenod neiii at in fwittel juice
nne!os'i Uim-iiii jour ploricm- Ineo.
Siieh "iitiw.x pltiiuaVe! cui-h rh of uim;!
And ehnriiiiin.-n"itiiie. no doubt joii aiiiKV
Ab. how wiulil my eaer -ar lejoi. e
Oaild it lie.ii-the wtulile ol
but one -wis-! note
I'romtliat turn Ini throat!"
The I'row"- heart Iiu tiered a- 'he heanl,
Sin tieijih ho. the poor xiiln fr-iw.
Shi' iKMlewd 111 hei heiirt eneli holeye xvonl,
llehrii-ho. lieiKh-ho!
And he -ttx-tt hed In r month from ear to ear.
That tin-Uir.irniir. wa-iiinr l-'o imeht hear.
And Miutr: "aw. nm.i-nw !" hairhanl hoar-e.
And in Minruiir dnippetl the -he'-e. ot eour-e.
Tin V.. t. lei had laid In- plan- m . 11,
Wii-ieiidx to-at-h it a-it tell.
And. wthoiil mi ui'ieli a- :i 'thank vo'l." lied
Willi hi- luiotj. nlUionirli he laughed aud miM:
" All tin-, j iu sir.
Tor lutttcrj."
The Cmw it on the limb of a tiee,
S:n;r lie srh ho. the -hi uled Crow.
And wi'iiri a::d :id a- (Vow coult! 5e.
Henrh-ho. henrleho!
lusiuir ami "slirhinir: "Who'd believe
trueh a pli-i-atit imiuuer could deceix'?
V't now 1 -ee the -hr wd de-in
ill the l'ov in calliuyuix iiiu-ie line;
And 1 -. e. al-o. that onlv a ouiick
XVould i-:'Il me wlnl" when I Know 'in blnck!
So. troni veeilinir whnt a thittiner -aid,
I'm torcj-d to o -iipp rle to Ixsl!
Ilenrh-ho. Iielirleho!"
Itewailisl the I'nw.
".. rfcn.i ' ;ur.. in It'idr A:calc.
Sad K pcririire of n Little Itier Who Was
luip-itii'itt to ItiM-ouie :i ."'-iu.
He x a-i 3 ears old. anil 'd- name
was Teddy Whittier. Any relation to
mil" New Kntrlattd poet, do xott a-k?
N.t at all; at least, the relationship
inns! have been very tlistatit. for Ted Ix
xxt- t.te most prosaie little boy a'ixe.
And thottjrh Mr. Whittier. the poet, is
fond of children. 1 don't think he
would have been at all anious to
el-iim relation-hip with Mr. Teddx
"Whittier. Tor I.e xvas inclined to be
nr.uejtty antl elf-xvilled. anil oxen a
Ke! can scarcely find much that i- ad
mirable in a naughty and .-elf-x illet!
little boy.
Teddy l'etl in a lo cabin in the
x-onds of Miehipm. lii father ami
his loir brothers. Hob and .lack, xxere
Ivirk-peek'rs and loej-cutters. Sister
Saily. aijeil -eventeen. xva- the house
keeper. Teddx- mother xvas dead. If
this, vjorx makes him appear very
naue;lry imleed. ple:is. rettvtnb.T that.
The -celery around the little lor; cab
in xx o lid haxe .-eeme-l jrrand and pict
xire-Jijue b the poet Whittier. The j has too inany?i71js in thetield tOMis
.Milenin silence of the gloomy woods it-posiSorJas a coveted pos-a-sion
only ten.led to depress the -pirit- of the , h Jo, - A, . .
tmromantte ir.i.'er- i am teiiit'.e; xtm ' ,.. t-. , . ,, , , ,
:lnut. The "-tern realities oflife' hat! ':Ul anr.i tIrcs nchly and elc-anth
alvvaxs tuv-e.l -o heaxilv upon them ' b,u b,':U?kl-aml Perhaps oao in a
that "their MMisibilitx of tne beautiful in Jtt W own a lon wrap made
(bid's world hat!" become deadened. . oX tl,elf' fr. which she weaw oe
The.sileuce reminded ;hem.utrlea-anMv fKiUw cohlvst xveather. and
enourh. that their nearest
livcti inattx miles axx-av.
Ever .-ince he couhl ro
b-iil ione-eii to h a 111:
" r- - "
uliI work in the saxv-miil with his
brother.! Almo-t every day he xxould
measure himself on the door, to see
how fa.-t he rrex He vcrv much fear
ed, sometimes, he xvas destined to be'
like the dxx'arfs Sallv had read about,
lie irrexv .-o v:n vcrv lowlv.
When his sixth btrthdav came, brin
injr with it a pair of red-topped
from Jack, an old jack-knife wit
broken blade from Isnb. an uIsterJJth
ig-siw liuu fvuivvw- uuiu jrf.i, .inn a JKT Ol
l...wu. .nnljilr ...,, ,x. .. . 3 . -K
V'v1vann re ntt5 from Sally.
ui.., ...iiuiu. iiiuciwrnv
Jle was a man at last! b .aTsad tn
;ff rsfcJ" dwarf.
Sally w;is rather Jross 4hat
think she had. rjCon to be,
had. Sally w?rery ffiriish
to keep bcg for three
iiaen and o'f'ixoublesome
1 .nl-tnV
felt kot
k T.fp
f t j
iXC?-, ,1
I V?s"H v at
ft . fc 'T- aaw.
and told Teddy 4 go out into the wood'
hotWJ after 0,T!(5
Teddy wasJ-uldinga mw-man out
on the cleari' lb had on the nexv
ulster, the niivfl'oots and the ivve mit
ten. Will the knife lie was cutting a
tick, xvhiea was to be the aiiow-mauN
J If manned into the wood-houe. feel
inir verv .-ilWnani with hallv for order
ing him j'ont as jf he xvere a little boy ,
him. rroHii-tip man. Hie never,
moke t.'.at ttsv to I'il or .lack.
A- JIdy entered the wooo-nou-e n:a
eye-, ,: on Hob-, -kale-. ear-liill jjI-
i-lied aijd -harjiened, hanin"; on a jmj
-'-... n ii
over the rirn pane of hi--. -alleil by
.dlv ITO for wood her-elt H 'Aid w:intei
So 'i'eddv bnekled the .katen on, tlien
jnd there.'aml .tJu -ofl!v Ix-hind tf;e
Hood-hon-.!'. After he jrot into the
wood-, it was very ea-y, indeed, to et j
awa from SaHt'- .sharp ees. j
I lie -kales hurt leluv- left ter-
I . .
libly, for they tuniiil over anil almo-t
le..teil hi- feet. ofi. Me liail to take
tl.,...i , .fV .. n.l '-irr-v llu-tii ?it l-i.l
uMiM 'fi i. ... ....... ... ......
thoii'di hethon-'ht it !e:raeteti miidi
from the diirnitv of his manhood.
About :i rule from the Whittien
fjearin"; was a tin;.. pietorepie lake,
now eatireh frozen oxer. After a very
teilioit- traiiin, Teddv reaeheti it.
On the wa. he had lost one of the .
pretty red mitten-, over whseh .sail j
had worked -o loxinh ami patiently, j
I'.ut. as he xv. a man ::oxx he tlid not
mind siteh a trille.
If any tnily" m 'it are read in"; tins
.story, I wi-h they xxotild uotiee hoxv
xery niueh like Mime of them Teddy
xx a- all through hts natihtineos.
He found that there xvere txo Ux-
r on the ( before him a xxliiie bov and
an Indian ioy. Not nire-lookiii"; lni
at all, but ditl3' and la.x.
Tedd had -eon the Ind:an box be
fore, and knexv that hi- name xvil- .Jim.
He had been eattirht in the net of .-teal-iti"j
from the settlers more than once,
and had been in jail twice. It is lobe
pre-uuifd that the white boy xvas not
much superior.
They had built a lire at one end of
the lake, and xvere both smokiti"; xery
.short, xerx dirty elav-pipe-. The siht
fascinated our Tcihix. You iiui-l re
member he uas a man. If he hadn't
been, I am .sure he xvotild haxe luriied
axx'av from it in di-rusL
He seated him-elt l.e-ide them, at the
boys" polite inxilaiion. and beantotell
them all about him-elf that his u une
xvas Teif.l; Whiltier, and that he xxa
six ears old and a man to-day. He al
so -hovvid them the pte.sents he had re
eeixed. The box- -eeiiied very imieh amused,
and latijrhed tipro.iriou-Ix. Teddx won
dered why. ,
"Ho, ho!" cried the x; Idle box-, xvho-e
Teddx had di-coxered. xva-
what lon
tit'l- let a man to
haxe! Vh ilon't yer ei:t "em olYe
.shorl es mine?" and he took oil hi
cap to -how hi-head, which wa.- very
olo-elv -Haven.
Te hly felt very small and
"My sister xvon't let me," he
"I xxi-h ! eould do it tin sell."
"Lemme t::ke vear knife, an"
I'll d..-
it fer er." said Sam. amiably.
So, uothiii"; loth. 'Ieildy h-iuded Sam
his knife. It xvy.-n't xerx -harp; bui
after much tur;iii";. and : jjreat deal of
Iauejhiii"; un lie- part of Mm aid din:,
all 'i'eddy's beat.tiful cut!-, whie'i Sally
had taken mi much ph-.t-ure in arraii";
itt": every ilax. lax -eattered ox-er tin
ice. San forgot to return the kitie.
Then .Mm oll'.-red to let him -mok-oitt
of his pipe. This mistaken mmiii;;
Indian declared that exerx man smoked,
and that Teddx ouuht to.
Of eour-e Teddx airreeil xxith him.
At first our hero pulled axxax content
ed! x. feeling xerx important and manh
indeel. Then a ptcer. -ick feelinr.
came over him. The ice .-denied ti k
heavino- lielore him, and the tree-seemed
to be dancine; like mad around him.
When Tedth at hist be;an to feel bet
ter, ilarkness xva- -loxvlx -cl'liti"; oxer
the "iniimx fore-t, m.ikiu"; it .still
Tlie two boy: were "jone. and o xx-ero
Hob's skates and Teddx knife and pa's
best "comforter."
Poor little man ! His -horii. xellovx
head f dl :is if it xxould -plit. xxhile his
leojs xvere s weak and un-teady tJtal ho
could scarcely -land on them.
How Teddx managed to reach lioui"
is a mxsterx: but he did reach it. xery
much hrui-ed. xery cold and xen -n-k.
"O Sallx." he said, xvhen he xvas at
la-t cuddled -uujr and xvarm into bl
own little betl: " 1 don't xx-.uit to le a
man anx longer. It ain't a bit nice,
Late that nijrht Teddv woke, after '3
deliijhtfuilv ietre-hinr -lumber, to tinu'
the lamn -till Wirnmjr. f
Patient Sallx xxa.- inendiue; the trtjt'
set's, xxhvh had become so torn'nd
drajr";led in the homeward journey
"Sallx." xvhisjiered Teddx. eonsr Irfnco
striekeu: I'll lirinv; in piles n Spiles
o xveod to-iiitdmxx. jf
"Thank xott. dear!" -aid, ki;s
in; him. ami -miltti"; x-ery brightly, con
iler'; how tir.-d and slcepijhu xxis.
"Do x on think I e-m yre'Fbe a boy
ajrain?" a-ked Tetldx. anxlotisly.
"I'm sutc xou can.' ia'J Sallv. vcrv
And Teodx fell asleorand dreamed
that he piled s-Ilx's kiflien so full ol
wood that no one eou'jjjet in. Antho
ny 11. J.iuh ,- ti. in CmL'n Days.
The Sealskin 'Jvcque Must Go.
The once f.tsh'Jaable sealskin saenue
- r-
I u,l..-5".vs inner carnage, ioe tw-
cominaless of seal fur h:v" never been
roun.,-- :i winiiow. llanpy Uiou-Mit I , A-J'""', ,"',":.. 7cwL7Z:nlZ ., uimv iittttrtiair hmIxIv ami aK'Oiai ; a mrir-A. wr.rrv tbri
U- Mould "f:t.kaUne;. no matter if th", -utfHzMT ? tlH fw and drfenM-. hav rfnii Mirtrd IVu
wiT-nither lar-'e. He ua-. a man now. ! envfotj. foe mj-tnW.. thhi b-:-fr.rf. .iic WndiA to the dn-tmction i!.lU b-- aboat J
and had -onie nirltta of hi own. Let ' eerr l!rfc. uiaajr and otli virtue in a loi.ofl.tiin n inulh
member. Teddv ! U1SPUJ. but In an evil hour the uiak
ian. --o that he ors i-ihions ia fur? onliiinetl that it
...j,. x; . , , Ii . ...
i iV i:w -ivatcti t Kesomeuieavy uwrie
nnti witn awkxvaruantl ungrace-
jsults. The uatty jacket leujtli-
eil until it onvelotuHi tin ti-rure in n
r i J
irht-fittinjr tunnel, withrwt the iKssi-
ilitv ofsvniructrx, andiiniame a welsh t
ivhich a delicate frame uld srarcclv
support. When the ti -Jcomcs, as it
must, and the powersYt b& eut off
fifteen inches frosa theNjjirt of this
"fashionable, sealslda skeque, there
will be general rejoicing.,aaVi everybody
will woader why silly cuetm ever ci-
jolcd one into bclicvinr '!. sealskin
must be fortv-rive inchcloaa! Boston
A West Virginia vfomaut thirtv-
five eloped with neradopuV seed
twenty, to whom she haqt ptaet
for tea years. Jr dfljJt
- "WQls aaa -a
The decliae of
Switjamiand k dri
I fMatlfartattCT tft
V 5- rSsK' rr-
T.r m i-.irz.
I Mint! fKit fir vhit'rr iM N-UtJ".
Tltelynt wj hlnifdiunl J. na: trttt (tr10.
Whurf ttany W- of rprda; pttHr 4f'j
To I"Xul CHjOIIB.' lftMM. I ! )M hnf.
A tl f! mf n dj ml rf i Sel, rjetKl.
I! iiHjdllatiM;.' o ill. holy word.
Thr" mUh of pne? wd ikrHc I .
Whurt;. for ill- own ucme Sn, Hi ou4wtk
X,. -. it. .. . -... ...I. Tl
' " t" "rf "' ." -p- - "
v.-1-j..ltaJirt-fchorero'Mr the trf(I
J'V "I run "r. far k.viiur VJr.ltK :ra
hhaJI IIWw tne. a jJon the ifivf ul rt'J.
THt J!fe kttt end. nd then Tfc " I -
"hete M.---.! t.n-,r I 'hull lWe -ithTl..
JaiMA MtMurtiiy. in i hri'tUtn ill IVutk.
Sunday-School Lessons.
l inritTii QtKTn
' - ,;2.,:r,' ""7 tVlrt..v
- . - v. . - ... -
I t.u ... ' ift -u
I Ur "I The Cntttnr Itf-tiiem.
, - ...w - ---- .....
., "' "', . ...jr": . TJZ:Lt
w, or oilier imiu
i M- Ud to
Tin- iiii;ioriHiiip of inr-uientiii? iiaMt of,
.rli t Truthfulne mih! llfiiii-t) - our-
nKebi KiKlit-ln.liiKi.n i:.enti..l Irtii.-. ,
After the fathers -hall In the children. '
I 't-t,,. ,ov ;s father of the man.
.Itist as
the twir, i-i In-lit. ef Fiom -uch say-ine;-
xve have the simjib; truth, known
from the bejrinninjr. that tin jjenn of
the man is in the Ixn. We shall -ee in
the meat xvhat is bred in the Ixne. I
do not insure the character of any com
in"; man. With perfect tru-t in the
promise-, of ("od, I know the conditions
of succe-1 m the education of children
are si, manv and -o hard that it mnv
1 ' Lk. iknu
. .a . .wk . ... . . I.-.'. m-
1 IIMiII .A T. I -. - . .. . ..... 7B& AXnV!' ... VA m .
e-istiv be slioxxu to le the lau t ft the., .- i ( , ... . ,,
...... . , j the mutmv, xxas noted tor In- m-,te,u
parent xvhen the box "rows up to be a , ,,
1....1 ....... v... ..:..!.. t... ......;.i. and "etitle manners. He was si Stitch
!. 4 llatlll. ' I III' I' "'' lltl IFi Utlll
standeth sure, and the fact in tlie his
tory of families xvritx the promi-e. It
is a e;ro-s falsehood to say that the be-t
parents haxe the xxor-i -on-. It i- an
old -lander, refuted a thousand limes,
that the -oils of miui.-iers are the vv ilde-t
los in the p.iri-h. One prodigal from
the par-ontte mak"- more talk and
tin- tin
! than a doen auioii"; the oeoiile
It remains true in -pite of all the jibes :it ntit-itle ot hi- jent to ob-eric the
and sneers of a censorious world, that the strange shadows and the weird rloom
home lifei.s the atmosphere in which the f of the forest. His thoughts xxailered
foundation of character is laid, and the oxer hi-pa-t life, antl then on loth;
parent is responsible for tin principles future ln-xond earth. So absorlHtl had
xxhich the -on imbibe-xx bile xet lieuenth he become that not till he sh'ved did
the pircntal roof, and xvhich for the he think of the danjrer of eprij loin-mo-l
part make the character for life, i -elf to the ni";ht air of the juneje With
I am xvrititi"; these lines t father-, and
mothers, teacher-, suanlians and to all
xxho have the opportunity ami the
power to impress upon the minds and
heart- nf children and xotith-. that
moral puritx of lifeand heart is essential
to the character of a s,M,l eiti.en. A
box who is not truthful is a bad box.
and a man xxho is not truthful is n-tteu
to the core. A box max be tempted to
tell a lie and be vcrv sorrx for i' after
wan!, but x hen the fault has ;rovn
into a habit the little fellow has become
a scamp, am! there i. a -trmi' probabil
ity that he will joi to the 1 a I (Jfrw
ius up to manhood without reart to
truth, then is no vice into xvhich he
max not fall, for the sheet aiuhdrof an
tipi-.".ht life is n-.t. ami he dnfui 'at the
mere;, of -tortus and Administer
ot the (io-pel once e. mn- to mc from a
iieihb.irms.eitx and s:f.l A dreadful
tliins h:vs happened in our ministerial
circle; one ot our men lias fallen.'
"And I can name Jiii." .-aid I,
"thoush I uexer hc-mba'frord
him." 4
I did name him. attfl vfhen called on
to sie the tt a son fortlitt.s singlin"; him
out. I replied. "In controversy had
xvith him -oine t.tne aso 1 discovered
that he would be, and ever since I have
b en lookinir for hivfall.'
Want of trutli'ilnc,-s implies weak
ness a- xx ell as vickedue-s, atnl without
courage and fojitude si tempted man
talis into the first trap that is . set for
him or the, pit in his xvay. It is
ofter and tritiifully .said that eivil'zed
M-.etx cacdrtt eit without conlidence
! etwi en tiNan and man. Wo live on it
ex erx ho.. In the deepest recesses of
dotnestiodifc anil in all intercourse with
our fellows, if xve eould not rely on the
w ord Aif tho-e who are near"u, the
xx hecis of society anil business would
ceoiVto moxe. This is true in every
day affairs as well as xvhen xve come to
tltr matter of witness-bearins- Hoxv
tjc law seeks to prevent h mpj xvhen
die iiroiiertv. life or character is at
Utake in the court of justice! What un-
i .sjtcakable mischief is wrought bv the
wretch who bears false witness. The
greatest danger a good man to fear
is the tongue of malice or envy or
avarice, wagging to take axx-av his good
name. And no sadder ght'in all" this
xyorld is ex'ej seen than a good man
sinking under the poisonous wounds
of slander. Honest men have -often
suffered extortion and paid large
sums rather than to endure tne
pain and injury of a false accusation.
Others, braver" and wiser, have defied
the evil one and. clad in the panoply
of innocence, hax-e said: "Do your
worst, ("od is 1113 witness and judge,"
Txvo persons entered the hall of one of
the noblest and lost pastors in this city:
aked for a private interview: told him
they had unimpeachable evidence that
he had been lixing in secret vice, nml
unless he would nay them a sum they
aamed they would expose him to the
world.' lie detied them. They tried
their cruel game- Their lying conspir
acy xvas exposed. Thex- got Into
prison and he came forth likegold from
the tire.
As lyius begins in cowardice, and is
the refuge of one who is afraid of the
consequence if he tells the truth, so
courage is a virtue to be tausht. antl al
ways to be had in honor. Especially if
the disposition of the child is timid, and
he easily yielels to discourasement and
fears. Urace him up. The martyr
spirit does not run in the blood of all
of us. Vut the youth may be trained to
stand tire. The weakling; max become
a. hero. Uoys should grow early into
manliuess in duty and danger, scorning
the wrong and s'ticking fcAhe right, in
the face of reproach, or loss, or death
:telf. There is nTV much martvr staft
noxv to be had. There never was lo
much of it in this world anvwhere. I?i
the good citizen must have enough
u 10 upnoia tne ngnc ana wnen ae
done ail to stand.
J. hese arc homely vtrtnes, and hcsty
is another, of which there is ab-ffmn-dant
lack in our day. aad in rfother
days of which we read in inlMiijP i 1
or profane. We are not nkM saying
tlie former times were bettfrjflm those.
Human natiire is the ;' all a;es
aad places. Probably iaVa'p take
wor'd a a whole, taera 'awinor.
andgfegvilin itthaa
idl ffWitea its
v ape iace
nto the earth
afiaaaaWfiaX rfTMafj
swep; them
aHawar. And rrt It mnala tnU-
tlifi Ijor of tfe laoL a the mnbt
of hn- aod .cJieU aal churrJH-
and !!iWs awl ! bo-k . aal
uti in too-xrt S
nvat :mil-n w .m-v
.r,Mtir.l. rkrrl?r f,atial U
LtvxT T5rv mar k
m k f book- aal tHr xork!. iker aaT
b.- moiv refiml and rnanlv. bl knol
,1.. 1 not -rrtn- ani n liiwwat t
fru7osth. TWUTerl oahHUj cd
braerr. nral roarx: J Un
1-- nrht. that tbrr mar b iIvr
j ooaei nnr inen
I of th wickyd. hi mtI
7 & -. ,
hfl and nl-
cowjirillv Mre of th
m; ma'-breR. Hrutalilr deel-i
tb brute, not t)w man. (Iitvaln hiv.
iu Bijrb-t ambit Urn srratitil in ijefefcd-
ir h weitk am! de!iier-a; thr oi-
prc-i-eil. The ;n-aie-t lii-tM-jeaev la tb
J i haraeter of the Inn aud ouar maa oj
I to-dav b the want of re'.ifejjre U v-r
h ho xn older, '.Mer anil ujefi-r. In-
' . .
' ditTen-aee to parental authority, run-
IfintC of 1W antl orler. a HMrit tbal
I......U. ... r-. .f-iil miiI jirn tji .
..,;" i" .. . --- -- - . "
is the feature or.the uh-. Ifat Uti-n
-e-t for that xvkieh i- aliove i- the Urt
i le-am to be taught to lac ehibl in th
! .t i ' .. i i.:.-. ..If 1.1
erauiie ano !inpru-.-eu on uim nu -b.-Hrd
i- irrixvit.
l,r-t e-erv rtinr inau -''); Jnt and
J,..fur. xli eie to l ft trut-heartei fo!-
j,mer 0f Um w1h i- the pattern of all
thJ ignoble. ireiHTmi- hihI rojii. And
haxir enli-bd under H-tlav'. let hint
ttL'ht maiiftdlx Uh jfood lisht. warr.n
--- r-
ae;uin-t the world, the tle-h ansl the
devil, for -neh x.uii"; men the country
cries out a- for xoluntiiT- xvhen tlie n
emy i- at the j.tte. - I return, tn .V. 3'.
Ub rvt r.
CbrMUo .solttlrr XX'lio
III. I Not far
I lentil.
Colonel I kt-h. xvho had lx'en loaj; in
Ituli-i atul i!i-.tit!"lli,ln-il himself durine
...... ... n -- -- --
! 2 ... 1!
Kpi-copalian. btt though deeph reii;-
iott-, hi- rei.riri"; di-io-itou tnade him
a ipiiet. unobtriisixe Chri-tiati. ore xxho
seldom spoke m the subject of ri!:::oa.
Heine; tin ardent spurt-man. h -tai-ed
alone in the month of I'ebruar.. for
ten tlaxs' diootiii"; in the iunv-le One
niirht. xxheit the air xvas -till ami the
' full in. ion -hone in a cloiiille-- -Ix.he
an aehms head and limbs he solicit hH
bed, and a da lab-r ret une d tt.hi reg
iment xvith the tleadh fixer upon him
U hen the fexerwa- at its h igh. thu
-nrp" iii.- in t in consultation It vvat
ofrftfcc niost inten-e form, and thex
could do nothing to save him Seine
their nnxou?loul:s,theMi-k irhcera-kc.
if he xvas in tlangcr and likilx t- dn
t till I it
y,n .H-iigioi.i ma lucre wma , ,,
no iiiimih ..nix- in 1...S TOiiun,
"Thank vou! I feel that thire f
danger. I should prefer to lix'c if l
xvere (ods x-ill, that 1 might f-ee agafp
my dear ones in Scotland. lut 1 hax
no fear of death. I w-h to write a fer
lines to my xvife; after that to see tin
chaplain anil partake of the saura
menL" The letter was written and tlien the
chaplain entered tint room, prepared to
ndininister to the dying man h.s l:ut
"I thank God," said hu taking the
chaplain'.s hand, "for havi.ig given tue
pious parents, xvho taught me by pre
cept anil example so to Iiv that, xvhen
tht: end came. 1 should not fear to tile.
I hax-e praxed from my youth up to be
enabled to live a Christian life, aud for
years have sought to govVrn my
thoughts and my acts by thu precept"
and example of the .on of (Jot!, in
Whom is iny hope atul trust. I ha x-e
looketl alxvays to the probability ol
sudden death and now lhat it is near.
I am read v.''
So xveak was the dying Christian
soldier that both the doctor and die
chaplain xvere afraid to raise him up.
and tlie broken bread was given to him
as he lay in bed.
Hut the dying man. xvhen the chap
lain was about to administer thr; cup to
him. begged that he might be raised
'I would receive it rex-crcntlv." he
"Drink this in the remembrance of
that Christ. Whom you have loved and
Who gave Himself for you and for all
men," said the chaplain.
He touched it rcx-erently xvith hi liyif
and passed axvav. YvuUi's Coiai"n
Wise Sayings.
The sublimitv of xvisdom. s . jjn.
those things living xvhich ar to'il -sired
when dying. Bishop 'fjuyfcr3
When anv ealnmitx- hafH- i artifT r
ett. the ItP-t thing to be rninoert-u i-,
how much has been esc7tL Joh u n
There is small iC'4tr'!i a
the goal when there is IJV& rI M- "
humility at the starting ,po-: (
criilrfe. ' fj
The simplest airiitian. if i ide
a Christian, knows m6vttthan t'n m .-t
accomplirhed irreligimsyph.l
gMVJsyji:-it-op:it t
idup to avo .1 hin
l (Tinman.
rr9 . s t
Grant me urn
that llattercth mei ai 1 to endun
patiently him thai cor tnttiicteth me.
One of thc.W'"' m!-akes to whiev.
the follower of,.Oi"ri t i- lab!e i.. thi
age of monev-tti"g and ib-plny is tb
tendency uvWdulje tn ncetlle's. ami
hurtful adoriincnt n tlie matter of wit-'
ting on ojgfinl and Jewelry bexoui
me necesjawes i coniior: ami jood
tate. 3 Enj'an'l Kwin.lut.
Let JTery daxvn of ;norainr be tr
you asjlfe b-innine; f bfe. aiw! exerx
settinwm lie to you a its clo-e: t:e
et ev" p nf ii"-e short bxei leave
its bfre ri-con! of -ome kindlx thini:
dorfor others some irooillx -"tn'W 1
orjPaowled piinetl for x'our-elxes
MfimrM u.y to tlav. from -trvnrth tc
n'th. xou shall build ur intb-tl. bv
. Ix tbotiL-ht. ami bv ji:-t mil. a"i
ic-ia of England, of" xvhich It .-nal
Ot le saitl: "St- msnnfr ot
stones are here: but: "See xvhat man
ner of men- Buskin.
Might is right, say many: and so it
is. Miirht is the right to bear the bur
dens of the weak, to cheer the faint, to
uplift the fallen, to pour from one's own
full stores to the need of the famishing
Might is right: but it nex-er L right to
oppress the weak, to trample upon the
aeienseiess. to extort fraci the poor his
all for t.-M purpose of ang a little tn
one owe "Wo that
the nDOstle. 'ought to
trong. savs
the inflrmi
please our-
iics ol the weak, and
selves That the
n right ol
Cbri-rian might .5. 5
lt. n a lrtty l-W
St-a vbptian.t Uk-a frvr; ti s s
nwl tJH-r hub rvwbW. ti- k -..
. until djuf sad cwwl lrj krroJ . .-
brow a ) t. cir mad fnll mi At
-hr-i rnrni hi ;b Wli J u&'..
tby r hoc Lbarkrr Oixfe mum? t .
WX luu w kUUpiI ou i Um J jr
! d.l. 7W wt of lb Mtartr k lttr to
into tnr Hj;n tat r etpa ua II lar r
I t t V ...... 1 J .- t
kta ar -oid ib inHtna, whrm ;h-
baihtit: fc imr. aad (Wa hkd hs k
r rfi tb
lUajf xmi JO
uar li, aft.1 tli
rrrftj Ur &(
j uvot a moot a IjUt Ta r -f
j Latitat -nng do by tor aati-.
, ln upm tb . ll awl lb. x'
( (erv Ilid l tbr jrw -t.
iutrr4 as: o- V bra kiaarr .. -l
j B3. , jj lBt. rookrrK. ': r
:heH-" n-. nloat ibr .'. biHro
j -!- . tb water, sad. at a jf
f "
, ,4j:itHl, pna U.tbt-ir ft od a
mUrti N ib a iiuwiblr 'Mar frifbu
. f..u. tiu.1 j J. - tn . ..
; in .m jw -i . vi . -
nti th -h aad m dnea ak- -l
r few titles inixtMi. uatd tbrir r
attack 'iw-m iiith htrkory rlobav I'-
knockt-1 earl, they arte t: -xvith
loo:. 4.rp kmt nod : ,k
are juellr rt-toovet! from lbK'
The w-rrk is dix total ataoajr tae .--otto-
kacH-ktn; tb tiU jnwa. "'
-tabbiu vh.-in ami -id! oUmt tw
oil the dun. The natixe lutlwit- n :
k'T aWtit thrve hundred, and t:c.l
the triw- of th leufx in tirv id-grail-
b the compir with v .r
houv -itx ton- of coal, it dot t' - .:.
a M'hot-I-master, salmon aad dh-r i
ceith - and iHowforU lr th-ir I '
the liieu are paid -ome -HM ...
geiher each -en. a -urn mre t. to meet the liintled u l -life
in a re;nH of almost irrjt.i
fog- at d litter t-solatiou Fran i
co Chn mV.
Vhy We Are Despondent.
The em--i- of our lower mood mv
be di-"oxercd wtthtMtt much
Indige-tiou. ill health, lack of ut!i n it
.sleep and. King ba 0f the--, our r. t
tioiut! sin of overwork atnl our huinas.
nature -in of oxer-aiiiet. aeesMint t.r
iiiuch f our deMindencx. Lixing le
ond our mean-. n-imiijr a -tx!
which the tncoiite doe- lit ju-tlfx . t ix
ins pr ttv tliiiitr- xvhich we ran t." i
ilx pax for. laxi-h out lax,. i
appearances these ami kindred i t -make
the head id" faindx IrtNp. i t
bitter and -cxere. The are -sh .rt
'hut thex can not le chet'iful. aiel tin r
ttatiit ilx -et table is -erved with a t n
of lltlkltld speech xxhleti mirs the t!
ofcxervdi-h. C'tntuin I'num.
P'JO.OUO ...not
Ba.v Kiiascisoo, Cm.. The rnin,:j
publishes in MitintRnro tin fotlutnnc mar- '
x el. Captain W. F. S iiatfy, Ui? oilet pi -
ticcr nf t'n r-iint. ninti- n 4i-iitutnrai! nf !h.
intense Kiitrerinj; .-r hi. friend Col n-l I. J.
Uhauison, an Army o::1--t of dti.;n M n,
nml nn II-.-l. S. C-insul. xiho wan nttael.'il
il"' "
! the w mwir ol "l-l wiUi viuleat rb-i- '
,,., - ..,... SurruhM ,,v In aft-r '
year he Jcatne i. hclplcs c-ipple, nn I
after trj-nifj iiUtnUrlt-!r-ties!i ,
of other countriis an I upending n fort-ne
of l),0C0, tho dlseov emil to rmui.- a
more virulent type. KiunlJv. he a p r- I
Ktiaded to txj'SuJacoU Oil, tho r at c n- ,, ,ri, r4rti srr ...r-
qticror of pain. It workel a nurttc' ' t ., I'hnintjrururrm wmi ii ;-i.-r
cure. In a letter to tho ChrOnielr h sa- - .- -' - ''
nnnxCnptnfnhxvasry'atttatcnical ili I is: , ..( . -.
r u ..ii.. .. .iii ..,.. .', i v l ttir
n-umimijiinoiuj umjuui. ...-.-
uoniouio triiihiuinc3!i ol t as nK-nt,
because I feel jicrfectly e'-raln tliat n
knowledge of mv euro byjl. Jncolx Od
will jiroro tlie mean ol rj.-tni; hundrcii;
of sufferers." Q
Ci-ocn cn.Ti bttj. br- vrp tiithiv
them. MercJuutl TrvrjW
Voimj; ,Hn,pl' TliU.
Thk VOLTAirllBt rtlF.o' Mnrlmll. Y Ii
otrcrtJKend tlilr tlPatt II nni"-i
rAiobKivrnndotJer m tw eri.iAis
ontrialfor : tlny, ton.-n v.i'itit.- r -id
ttlJllctMl wlthnci' aib ritx.!..-o' x.tai
Itv and nil Vbidsyi .-s l-i f.r rli-u-iiriitistii.nfuca"jf'pnnilvn
an I inanx tli
cg diaHeji. f Jl'.pIrt'T. st. .cation uh!:b.
ciirrcs-l, nsrsi,!!.' trial i- alime.J. Writ--them
nt oinj -r i.'utrattd paniphl:, fr.s-.
A?f adv tm ivett Tie- pawn'.iroVnr s
clerk. BsitW ( ,unrr '
JadftVrnt Ihi .liunnrr I. tss-.. i
Wo atJTrt pnrcl to pro x-e it by the Werd
of Goi JPer lnfurmntioti. nddre
O.r JCail or A. J. ltnboii, Woodhnll, 111.
L.ntNO iju"i:i'.ii l)iput a!on'u
m AJiotT thlrtx- yonrs n'-o a prominent
Physician, Ir. Willinm Hall. Hcov.t.hI a
reaieIy fortiijioisesof Uietlimnt.ctnt finu
la:i, which was oi sue'i wonderful et!l -v
ev tliat it soon cainel a witl n'pu'-ntlori in
bthis e nmtrv. Tho nani of tha tn -lirin is
Dr. Wu. ILvLts II us am ror. tiik Lvx-s.
A spAKic arrojtcr A pretty crl. Texiis
rtM.'sTooTHArnnlMior nxrelnl talnwt'JS'"""
VnN.siif)tir --':; heal-ami t-auUtte. ""
M hm x.s foii.N KsuorcK kilteroras . Itu: Joa.
u-tr. is n lsV lik-s n lirr
When it is tliusuel with n 2a.p.
Ir toileted irtth kre v Tr. l"i'.
Tboapi-on's Eye Water. Druvlit fil -
K.xN-AM ITV. Ix-r-c. r
l'ATn.E-?hlipnjr 'tc-r- f ' V
CriiTexas H "
Nntire ci - JJ
HOG? 0o-l to chter hen? J
WHEAT-.No 2 red
No. I
IJe)ctel -
i.T No. -
FUH'K-Faas-r. I-'"
i S!f'he
IMl:K !lam-
Shinihter- . ...
Sle. ....
XV(M)I- XI-Brt. airaed
lnjTAT"U'S IHir tiihel
ST. Iris.
CATTLE-5blpP sSt-vr-butchers'
SHEEP Fair to casee
FUtK "boe
WHEAT-.Vo.:ml. -COKN-No.
2 aslxed
OATS No. t
KVE-No. 1
JITTEK-Crrainerr -
CATTLE HoM to choice 5 O ft C tn
Hw: PacktajTAOdshlppiCff IW C 4 3)
SHEEP Fair to cboic
r 75 ft s
TLDU.U Winter wheat.
J3 fe IM '
7 ft 7x
rrfc rssl
WHEAT No. tred .
No. 3 . . .......
No.2 priny .... ..
RYE . . .
XH. 37 S
1 &
II 37r& 11 SO
far-'w.! friS. "
t A Cat
n tt i i
rtS Si
I ia i ''
oi p. v J
h ai
irt i
3 ri
in. ii t
ts :
u in 17
5 s
n t a 4 75
i ri fc x
a to v 2 7S
3 1 Si 3 i
7ife 7
s (f OS
iS 1 71
II M J II 75 I
10 & 1 ,
ft . . ax v
CATTLF-E-Tport 7S ft 7 S)
HOOS-Good to choice is 4 -O
ojTTON-.MkidHiur. ... M CI U 13 3
IXOl'K Good to choice . 3 5 3
WHEAT No-Srrd . . .... M ft
CORN No. 3 ft S7
OATS Wctera inlzcd 32 ft 33
FORK Standard xne. 12 7i e 13 J
PETKOICM-UnUrd .. 7 x TTJi
mt ItrAjr, C , Ot
rtr . a MW i f Wcl i A U c
irw' J2-dUs2 rr-i " fr. t r-.
rtorr-t. U
,. t.. m
. O, l . .tin
'.1 . 1 T ,- W -
r. a u" o cro -. i .
CT.I liiliil'krjU. .
a iic.- i.'ssfiiv;
?e will again sail during
tht msnth of Dacsmbcr 300
flDPANC nn '"- InxljIL '
liiCIII MlUlIf IU IV t)IU Ym
month. Write us tarty for a
cataloguo and pricis, t:pt-
; dally If ycu want tht In:tru-
ment beforo tht Holidays.
Ercry Instrument will bo
and guaranteed for 6 YEARS. '
York, Pa.
paajaa - a myti
fj t i -." 1 - -
Vtm oaKV2tJ
t-i t mk i
WS Dry; kj
Kf-r Urn ",M ' A
I M fl It-
w kk- l-t
l ,t(v --v
mv77; s nf .i.vr sir:.
UK X 'Ji-llULiUHltJ uxiwv.
.w- a -ft a r -IT nTA f f"TfP T" I
rraftx 57 sta rt O fTQ
T'S "T618
k ll Vrf . fc w
a a .alt 4 m. m. TlAPfllSlaaaC.
i . m IftSl ftll - - . -- r-.
- ,iwt, r... f ,o rwH .,W. ." !'.
i . . w, ,.i , i . .., .u-fta . '
W Jrniir0'rwt' r" -.t t M,k 8 . Nf.Y'ik,
. . LVOIA C. CIHKHAf.'S . .
wjn-rrvR- - t r .-
til tli- palrti l llnt..
! ItriU'.wt ('wwii
&0 1 1 a u i. i on i n
f rrwn t, Dru.rtau
rtr: -
...... tA ttr , ......
llni-1. in lr tmwu
f --.. . , Tr fW lv '"-'' ' ". '
( rar ' r
If v.,.., I- t. U.-,l. - i .i
m t I"- . "
it -Ul' rfcUf-.JI 1' w. II In )f Bs r
tt k .! I 1 ra!i , )a!.i , .! I"i lw' 1
r ni-mtmTl w.'rf .fl. ru-U'l. o .
mi lo tU- IM. f Ufr ............
Ii wi I ti.t- r".t' -w Jt. rt -rl
fo-la. I.t rT ,-K..., K tlw-'flMMW
t-J !-atHT -t '. I T.l -4 tr-t
tf-ti m Tit f- fi !rsj- l it ryi '-,
-al i-liu s I. , t -h-n-ntlr v, jt
en Z?XXIXjiTDXl.3S2NT?iE
IPjESHDIEI Health Circular!
11 T
rt-M pli'ilrlan A'"-. JlllIX
A"! WATElCi-.D
lu i.uU.C"U . .ti r-
HOME study ?:7.r.'.v ?r
II VlVib ,IIV iC1"'' i ' I-- ..'
I'.,. 't I 's,. Vrlk.
rt biH
.- -vl e.sf f f p.sfcl-t u) U.k
s - ' I J'
. ,.
v UK(AirlsI
f a ww mr m m
) AVArOC!)
niuncoi nufiuMO-f.-.r,
i Jl t .aVaJV A2
Hrt -a
- - JJf7- aaa" i 1
W. S -rC ti.
UaWakM.' k "-!
UASkO " . -J
Baer i- 'VI aTLjSI
8tTki'2a--s. XjV. - v . i rrmn llflr
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