The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 05, 1884, Image 2

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A. G. HOSMER, Publisher.
ira cloud.
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he gambling fever rages more vio-
lc-ly thun ever before in Paris. The
elbs are thronged, and play goes on
if Lens of thousands of private houses.
woman's gaiubltng club was recently
oken up by the police.
A good authority calculates that the
x leading nations of Europe have
tandinir armies of about 2.700,000
en, with reserves which could lie
rough t into the field within three
months of about 4,000,000.
Companies that insure the lives of
children in England arebecomingenor
xnously wealthy. After a few payments
a large percentage of the policies are
allowed to lapse and the companies
nrc called unon to meet very few
Dki.vkino habits increase so much
In Germany that in many places there
is a liquor .shop to every thirty-one in
habitants. In Hamburg the propor
tion reaches one to seventy-one, and
in I'erlin one to every one hundred
and sixteen persons.
Tamils I'avai:i, .son of Senator Bay
ard, who has been engaged as an
engineer on the West Virginia Central
& Pennsylvania Kailroad, is teaching
Bchool for winter at Fort Pendleton, in
CUarrett County, Md. lie is thoroughly
self-reliant and fond of industry.
Atheism pervades the population of
Paris to such an extent that from cer
tain reading-rooms and libraries, which
are open especially for workingmen,
that good old book, Kobiuson C'ruso,
has been excluded. The reason is that
il contains too much recognition of
God to be acceptable.
A. Summary of tho Dally Kcwa,
IlAnTii0I.OHrw IJj.sns, the En;;lLh hsr.
mnn wan n-ccntly dojjoaed for settle;;
II. C. Wx.ThToxjr fc Co., hardwood deni
er at St. I'cul., Mfun., recently idacd !crer
their property In tho hand of trustees, j year. Thre bend red and niavtr vm
Their hahiliticfl were !&)JCM, nnI their t wit, whirh is llfty-lhre znov than in
ln crewju Tbt number of ilual.iwfn
tho yar cxceJM -j Ivrecty-tlir? tht
number for the yar pri-jr. which
nercnty-ono more than r.ny rtii3 yr
in the the hmtory of the T-rtr. Th
nsionnt of projTty mar4 iru j3JKS,!SS0
sreAVcr than in th jccdiac; yaar bet :J
amount kl wui 3t,IRt J, ukil Ike
amount ved was ;,t.-StffW mora. Tfee ut
ulttance rendorM during ihe yr la the
taring of veulft nnd ccrjoti hai Lew macs
than in in car irviett
luuictK $I),000. Tlio head of the Umi
thought tho eniliarnuuiineni would be ltit
t;inioriuy, and naid tho creditors would all
be taid in full.
On a recent Sunday uijrht. after preach
James V. Lindsay committed nlnir;;-
T )3rsl CovJt.
Til fo-'V,' .B.C to ic 08-.l Tr4 fC GT.
er'f . rati-"i by th hV Board:
T-i. .VAt OiPTIif.
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the precrdin;r 5"r having lxa worfcI ofl
xvh-n "trttniel. reiMxire! whJ ! j;l, I 5w,r
Ii!oteI out of daneroo ilac ami simi
larly apitl by the station cr-w. Thnrn
wore Ljiden -40 inAtaacK, !!." more than
Iowerful jennon on hyjocriny, the in the irecJjn year, wbre vcln ttvlk
nin into dmx" of atranflinff'ero -warned
lary at ItuHh'ilIe, Ind., or a ruiult of which ' nit by night sinahi of the jUroN, iiMMt of
he wan ent V jiriwn. them lein Uitu prolably saved frota ar-
A coi.usio.v occurred a few days ao ! tial or !osl de:niction.
letwwn a north-lxiund freight train at j Six bcsiiHJ,sh3M;8 af U'biMiaH, Ora
I'erdido, on tho Jlcxnphla fc. Mobile Itail- j County, III., were recently dtroyod by
road. The engineer of the Passenger train, i jr at'ft fJts 0f 2i,0i.
Janica Duffy, wu burnryl uj; the lireman, j Tiiikty Hockin;; Valley iHner vctk
a neKro named Toriy Mcliay, ba1 ith b.-jcs ' lately orrctel. Co:irrjMnau ('.v-rM
cutoiT. The mail mewsener va. hurt and J .Aaji r,.tame.! to de.'en 1 thwin. (JoveriKii
burned. Tho UaRae mater and ejcpresi j Hoadley denial that the tr.p- xwre or
mcKsener were unhurt, but the expre j ,iur,.ii to le in readiness to "o U the vailev
Tin: King-Van is the name of the of
ficial Chinese paper. It was started in
the year!) 11 as a semi-occasional jour
nal. Then for some centuries it was a
weekly, and at the beginning of the
present it became a daily. It publishes
three editions, and has six editors, with
a circulation of 1-1,000.
One of the South American fruits
which are to be tried in Southern Cali
fornia next year is the melon shrub.
It is described as an evergreen, with a
beautiful purple and white llower, and
bears a fruit shaped like,a rilled can
non shell, about four inches long by
from two to three inches in diameter.
The anniversary of one of the fami
lies whose ancestors were hanired for
witchery h:is been celebrated in Salem.
The houses are still standing where the
judges of that famous time lived, and
on one- of the principal streets is a
quaint old gabled structure where one
of the supposed, witches is supposed to
.have resided. It is now occupied by a
corn doctor, who sells witch-hazel oint
jnent to the credulous.
Suicides are on the increase in
France. Five years ago the number
was seventeen to every one hundred
thousand inhabitants. Now it is nine
teen. Among the self-destroyers the
past year thirty-live were under six
teen, thirteen were not fifteen years
old, ten were in their fourteenth year;
two in their thirteenth, four in their
twelfth, and two had not reached the
.age of ten. Suicides are most mnuer--ous
in April, May and June.
Cakkyixg building material around
lcing done with the stone for the Flood
znansion in San Francisco. One of the
papers there recently noticed the arrival
of "the ship St. Paul, 1,"0 days from
"Hew York, with ;5ol packages of cut
lirown stone for the Flood mansion."
These stones are all cut, dressed and
marked in the quarry in Connecticut,
sind. when landed are placed directly in
the structure as marked by the architect.
car, mall car and eontnt and the -cond-class
coach were burned up. Nobody was
hurt on tho freight train. The engine and
Komo car were damaged.
PltOK. Ha.nijKKS, of the Agricultural De
partment, accompanied by .several ai!-t-ants,
left Washington recently for New
Orleans, where he will put in operation
the sugar crushing machinery which
ha lx"ii experimented with successfully
in Delaware. The appropriation for
tlie conduct of the machine at tho depart
ment was obtained last year through
Senator Plumb's iiifu'nc. Tho crusher
gives feigns of revolutionising tho growing
of cane in the United State for sugar pro
duction. The gentlemen who go to New
Orleans will place this machinery on ex
hibition, also a flno chemical display from
tho Agricultural Department.
A conflict of authority recently oc
curred between tho J'ope and the Jesuit
College in the Province of Quebec. Hj
Papal Highnefes issued an order declaring
Laval University the only ono in the
Province, and commanding all colleger to
nlllliato with it. Tho Jesuit brethren re
fused to obey, declaring that the Jesuit or
der was under such rules regarding edu
cation that even tho 1'opo could not inter
fere with it.
AVaii has Ikhmi declnred between Jeff
Davis and General W. T. Sherman. Some
weeks ago tho latter referred to tho ex
I'residont of tho Confederacy as a con
spirator who had schemed to secure the
dictatorship of the country. David came
to time in a card denouncing tho allegation
as false and calling General Sherman a
"liar" in saying ho wished to destroy the
liberties or rights of States. Mr. Davis
wound up by challenging tho hero of the
"March Through Georgia" to make good
his statements or "wear tho brand of a
base slanderer." General Sherman, in an
interview, took occasion to say that ".Mr.
Davis will get all ho wauLi in duo time."
Tun National Cattlemen's Conventional
St. Louis wound up its business a few days
ago and adjourned. C. C. Upson, of Texas,
was made Chairman of the committee to
urge tho trail question on the attention of
Congress, and tho arid-land resolution,
which had been ponding several days, was
adopted with some amendments. The
newly-organized National Cattle and
Horse Growers' Association met subse
quently and olectod permanent ollieers.
Colonel It. 1). Hunter of St. Louis, was
chosen President by acclamation.
IL K. TiiomI'So.v, a disappointed Texan,
who had lost heavily by tho recent failure
of tho tirst National Hank of Monmouth,
111., tried to even up matters n few days
ago by firing live shots at 11. T. O. Hub
bard, tho defaulting cashier. Ho was jailed
at once.
Two Chinese gamblers recenily quar
reled at Fort Iveogh, Mont. One beat the
other over the head with a stool so he died.
A i00,000 "kind" was recently discov
ered among tho lato Duke ot Hnmswick's
effects in tho shape of an old iron safe,
which was generally supiosed to be empty.
Fire was not long ago discovered in the
Mechanics' Hotel at I'ottsville, I'm. Alarm
was given and tho guests made their es
cape. Tho llames were subdued before
great damage was done, and it as
then discovered that tho fire was
the work of an incendiary. Suspicion
pointed to John Kelly, a young man of bad
reputation, and he was arrested. He soon
ndmittod his guilt, and Chief Iturgcss 1 Ire
honey started with him for I'ottsville. to
place him in jail. Reaching an unfre
quented spot in a back street of I'ottsville,
and espre ! the opinion thnt the civil
authorities would bo equal to any emer
gency that might nrivj.
Ux-Shnatoi! Brcce, Kgiter of tht
Treasury, lately returned to Washington
from bis trip to tho We, undertaken iq
the interest of the exhibit inuded uj
show the material development of th col
ored race ut the cw Orients PI x position.
Tho public statistics, he Mtid, conveyed a
very inadequate conception of the subject.
K-pecially notable waa the progress of tin
colored people in the matter of manufac
ture. J. C. PrsKV, Clerk at tho Kansas Stat
Penitentiary, ha.- absconded and is re
jorted to 1e a defaulter in the sum of over
.!,( w. For several months pa,: he had
l.-cn living v.-ry fast. Women and wine
led to his downfall.
CaitaIN D. L. Payne, tho famous Okla
homa leader, di-d suddenly while .seated at
the breakfast table in a hot'-l at Welling
ton, Kan., on November is. He had de
livered an enrst lecture ujon his favor
ite theme the night ie-fore, and
up to the moment of taking hit
sent at the table appeared to ! in vigorou i
health. While eating his breakfast ho wai
observed to lean forward and utter a sub
dued sound as if from slight suffocation.
He then dropped from his chair to the lloo?
and expired instantly. The entire of hi
death was supposed to l heart disease.
A COAl.-imr.AKEH near Wilkesbarre. Pa.,
containgllve hundred and ten tons of coal,
together with a lot of machinery, was de
stroyed by tiro not long ago, at a loss of
Vjon.ANTES recently descended upon the
premises of O-tnan ISeuson at Burlington,
Dak., arrested Benson and a couple of
strangers stopping with him, and took
them to parts unknown. It was supposed
that the trio were wanted for horse steal
ing, but it was an open question whether
they were hanged or taken to Montana for
JAMEf IIyax and James McCarthy, of
Hyde Park, Minn., n few nights ago were
going home with a team from Hammond's
Ford, but stopped on account of a severe
snow storm at n, shanty in the timber.
While they wero asleep the shanty too!:
fire. James McCarthy barely escaped and
rescued the team hitched in an adjoining
outhouse. The other two men were burned
to death. Donohue was a bachelor, but
James Hyan hail a wife and four children.
TilK steamer Malia, from Genoa, with
l.tHW immigrants, was recently refused en
trance to the port of Buenos Ayres, which
was open only to steamers which left Genoa
subsequent to November l'J.
TiiitEK brothers named McCarthy, promi
nent settlers of Union County, Ore., re
cently left their homes on a short pros
pecting trip and could not bo found. I:
was supposed they were murdered by In
dians and their bodies secreted.
Gkokge W. Haiitma.v. a detective from
Chicago, arrived at Indianapolis, Ind,, a
few mornings ago with a warrant for thr
arrest of A. B. Davis and his wife. Flora
for stealing .S'.M worth of clothing and
jewelry from Mrs. Nellie Bradford, of that
city. When arrested Davis had in hii
possession between .f-'SKI and :M.f00 in
cash. Hurtmnu said Davis and his wife
lived at No. .'. Michigan avenue while i:,
Chicago, but ft there September .", going
to Fort Wayne, Bluffton and other places
The party returned to Chicago.
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4wer. liHiwai . r. .-hrrain, ia Ana
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VOTK KOIL l'itltf!Ui:.T.
I I'.lalne elector TO
I'lurelaiid electors &iXA
i. John elector- ",?.
Tor I.'irNluth e l;epartineni
?:::u.'.t I.e;ishitive Department 17.77'i
Majority for
For I-'xeeiitUc Departnient
Against Bieeutlve DepartmU
Majority iignlnM I'.it:
Fir't District A.J. We)iv.T..Vt; rtiarle
H. lirown. l'1,'?.': K. J. O'Neill. I.IL'4. Weaver
'er BroMti, JCi; Brown and O'Neill over
'AVuver. 4!'.
M-miid liltriet Jamof: I.nlnl. '21.1: J. II.
Stlekell.;: It. (rabK l.ljil. I.alnl over
Stiekel, lljif,; mitjorltv over both. Zrth
Thlnl Di-trlet-C. V. K. linr-i-v. .',,.',:
William NevilK Albert Fitch. .'.?-'.
Dur-ey over Neville, 5,.'il4; nuijority oer
both. 4,74-'.
amount ocUtamfta acHaat Uat aaaaat
tnttn: in Iermt-er, Ih It -wtarl it.
tajo tnw. an acrrrcaO Avvur t4atu iartaL
The ev-rr Uj J umi a Bc4 a (taavt aa
how mi unnitl.-nil uuiet nuui..- Uii I " la- im -..j --- -
ItMltaif. ih.r.- Iihmh; Ihm.h reprt.M 4unuS I 'mr ol 51 aa.! ?- tt4, m aa rraa-a-
M :ne kRMatul waa wvm.tll ctvmt
thu tettr tiu liturbaiie to cuwe ' tl
n -.!. iiui-k.t. Ih.- r.-ie wi ,na.M.u.t , t'nn :,e uariiaUu( 1A OB
what 1-caiie.1 the Okiatii-mai -euntiy. m the ' . . .. 1 1. ........ 4 1
ItHlian It-rntbri. bv Intru.ler- .lei. .miml u. , " v aaounttl So ll.
m ttte iimoi luiMto ther.t. la .b-au ..f Ui ' UVUvte-l ilttrtUjC ' aaf. A a
ami of hvecume r tittnatiuu. ba iu itirn- of tua UwUmIiI)' ut I lb 'I raaaury
tiire.itn-ieiuefitn..; of c.n.iderni.o itum un,W ..iTiar irrlie to bp rttawr a:at
Wllat or Mhrt rruftrat. la tta taOnMt!
with the Neu VK rU-mj ,n laataa, aij'
additionai. insrATCims
Gi:onoiAA nn'. Josephine Conwny, s!s
Theke arc about ninety thousand
i welling liouses in Paris. A recent
municipal law ordains that lieneeforth
no Hats shall be less than eirht feet
Tiigh; that in streets twenty-live feet
-wide the heighth of the homes must
3iot exceed fifty feet, in streets between
twenty-live and thirty-two feet wide
-the height must not exceed fifty feet,
in streets between thirty-two and sixtv
iive feet the heigh th must not exceed
sixty feet, in streets sixty-live feet wide
Hie .houses must not exceed sixtv-live
:fcet, and no buildings are to have more
lhan seven stories, all included.
Among the best known of the em
ployes of the Albany & Susquehanna
Railroad are the "Whittakcr boys. The
family is a notable one. It contained
fourteen brothers, eight of whom are
jjow living. Six are in the employ of
Ihe Delaware & Hudson Canal Com
2any, four being engineers. For
the first time in twenty-four
years (he eight brothers met to
gether in Oncota last month. A
sttmly lot they were every one the
picture of health- Their combined
wight was 1,730 pounds, the bight and
weight of each being as follows: James,
lx feet, 25G pounds; Charles, live feet
ten inches, 21S pounds; Thomas, six feet,
.201 pounds; Pierce R, five feet ten and
XHvfonrtb. inches,il72 pounds; David P.,
five'fect ten tmd a quarter inches, 177
-ponnds; Eugene five feet nine and a
"quarter inc"hcs, 2S8 pounds; Oscar, live
".fee&H." and a quarter inches, 237
poiinda;v Osxper, five feet ten and a,
-quarter yienes, 221 1-2 ponnds. The
-children .were bom at Staracca, Pa.,
the lather being: -ix. feet and six inches
in height, of heavy build, the mother
weighing about 220 pounds. The only
1storof the Whittaker boys lives in
jQrte and weighs 240 pounds.
Kelly shpped Ins handcuffs and dealt t K' ters, ngel twentv and twentv-two "venrs.
chief a heavy dow, felling him to the ;at Ntnv (Jrleans; t nieces "of ex-Mavor
ground, where ho was found in a dying jConway, shot two young men on Canal
condition. street a few nights ago. Ceorgiaua shot
Alexander Faunum's well-hnown lj- !j0h:i D. Logan, son of ex-Alderman M. D.
brary of rare books was sold at Brovidence, I Logan, and Josephine shot Joseph A. De-'
It. I., a few days ago, for l.l.OiK). The vonshire, ex-United States Deoutv Mar
largest buyer was tho Lehigh University. Vunl. The voting women claim ed to have
The most valuable portion of tlie library been seduced bv the men thev shot. Lo-an
was the collection of Thomas Dibbius' was shot in the back and face, probably
bibliographical works. Of these Mr. Far- fatallv. Devonshire was slighilv wounded
num possessed a full set. Three volumes i the back. The wome:i and their brother
of "Dibbins' Bibliographical Decameron,' .were arrested. The wounded meu were
published in London in 1S1T, sobl for 1,(M. su,t to the hospital.
Six volumes of "Typographical Antiqui- Tue jewelrv store of Daniel B. Shiftier,
ties," by the same author, sold for j-IlM. Jat Uowmansvilie, Pa., was robbed recently
The collection included some rare audbenu- i,v a Welh Mountain gang of thieves of
tiful editions of ltuskiifs works. ' $Xt worth of 0O,,s Thp thieves stole a
A coai.-vkix was lately discovereI just horse and wagon in that vicinity to carry I
east ot uaiesimrg, in., on the land owned nwav their boot v. The animal was re-
bytho Galeslmrg Pressed Uriel: and Tile covered the next morning near the Welsh
Company, at a depth of fifty feet lelow Mountain, almost dead from hard travel,
the surface. A good bod of fire-clay tin- A large posse of citizens was organized and
derlies tho seam. The Company intends ; started into the mountain, determined to
having a shaft sunk at once. The city now ; make a thorough search for the thieves,
depends almost entirely upon coal shipped The posse came upon them at tho edge of a
iu for its supply. swamp in tlie afternoon, after a chase of
At a meeting of the Aqueduct Coinmis- .' twenty miles. The thieves wero four in
sion at New York City lately, a letter was number, Abe Duzrard, Joe Buzzard and
read from Jay Gould, stating ho desired to two others. They were fired ujou.
aid tlie Commission in any way ho could. FinuHy Joe Buzzard, cut off from the rest.
He asked the privilege of removing timber wa-s captured and lodged in jail,
from that portion of his laud through wiiich Tiikee nuxDnnu persons were not long
the aqueduct may pass,aud will expect com- since thrown out of employment 1.;.- tho
pensation only for the land. The Connnis- temporary shut down of the Home Sewing
sion resolved to send a plan of the aqueduct Machine Company's works, at Bridgeport,
to the New Orleans Exposition. . Conn.
The incoming train on Cincinnati, Ham- : Depositors in the Middletown (X. Y.)
ilton it Dayton Railway, at Cincinnati, had .National Bank found the doors of thatinsti
a narrow escape, a few days ago, from a trution closed November .". The President,
frightful accident afetv miles from thct Thomas King, had accepted without secur
city. Two meu walking on the trsck dis-'y heavy drafts by Benjamin D. Brown, a
covered formidable obstructions, which ''Western grain dealer, who has since made
would certainly have wrecked the train if 3n assignment. These advances were
they had not given notice in time to allow ntade without the knowledge of the direc
rcinoval before the train reached the spot, tors, of whom Senator Van AVyck. of Ne-
Thero was no clew to the criminals, whu Jbraska, is one. The tank's capital was
last heard from. ' faXUKX), its surplus 113,000, and the extent
The General Superintendent of the Life Qf ltiJ loss IS UIlkao,va
Saving Service in. his late annual report ' Gexei"-1- Stanley has been telegraphed
said the total numlwr of disasters duriu- from Washington to cross the Rio Grande
the -ear
involved, ?t0.00.iM0: total value of nror
saved, $!),1G1,:J,"H: total value of prop"-' The proposed compromise which Glad-
erty lost, 5,4:UViSG; total number lone was lateIV supposed to be about to
of persons involved, 4.-1.T2; total number otTer the Conservatives looked to a reduc
of persons savedf 4,412: total numberof per- ition ia the nuiaher of Irish coustitueaces to
sons lost, twenty; total number of persons 'lIease the Tories. This scheme was de
succored at stations, fw2; total utunber of ;nouaced by the Parnellffes as the meanest
days of succor afforded, 1,319; number of jachery.
vessels totally lost, 04. Investigations held ' The Louisville Ctmrirr-JoiimaVs stall
after each case of loss of life showed that correspondent, who has for some time been
twenty "persons who perished were ea- ; traveling in the scourge districts of Vir-
tirely beyond human aid, and that in no in- .e"inif entucfiy, recently made a Ion;
stance could their loss be attributed to any "reIfrtin which he took the ground tha
M WrIlaneoim.
A IJo'iirsiiAX named llnrvoric, living near
the Little Blue River, suicided recently,
sickness made him despondent, and ho
ended his misery with a shotgun.
Kiipoinx from several points in the State
L'ive accounts of the sudden death of cattle
from over feeding. A prominent fanner
in Douglas oiinty siy- that hi observation
convinced hint that death was due tochamre
of feed and overeating, and not to the al
leged exi-tenceof smut corn. He say cat
tle turned into corn fields at this sea-on of
the year find considerable quantities of Iooe
grain and gorge themselves on that and the
btalks and die utiles attended the moment
they show sjgn of sickness. If cattle are
allowed iu the fields a few hours t'jich day
for about a week they will get tr-ed to the
new diet and the danger i-? p.tst.
A i.atk lire at Omaha destroyed the
stores of C. II. Fmleiieks, Stevens Bro.
ami other property. Total loss was about
510,000. In-uted.
Cnii:.N of Norfolk are making an effort
to secure the location of the proposed M.
K. College there. A bonus of at le:ist S-'0,-000
is reiju'ied.
Fkank II ki.iit. a vagabond German liv
ing at Schuyler, was arreted the other d::v
at Omaha for attempting to wieck Union
Pacific pa.s-engcr trains near Sclnnler about
a month aco, Ileldt is the man who gave
the information of both plots to the tele
giaph n'r.itor iu time to save the train'.
1 IU object was s.iid to he to gain the good
will ot the compnny by valuable informa
tion, then getting a job at big wage-, iu
hunting down the offenders. He was led
on until Mifiieient was gotten out of him to
-ecure his own arre?t by a detective who
shadowed bin?.
I J. S. Wood, of Custer County, in dir-
ging a well, struck several pieces of wood,
a musk rat's net and perriwinkle shell;
twenty-five feet below the surface.
Hon cholera is creating a panic in Dakota
Tin: five-year-old bov and two-year-old
girl of Mr. lliimnielberg. a German" fanner
living ter. miles northwest of WUner. were
re-'utly suffocated. The mother locked the
children in a room without fire but contain
ing a heating stove filled with paper, the
accumulation of the summer, to go into the
corn-field. After an ab-ence of over an
hour .she returned to find the room filled
with smoke and both children lying on the
lloor. dead from suffocation. The children
had lighted the fire and the room being
locked had no escape.
Tun bridge at Ognllala has been cnn
pleted and turned over to the county. It is
described as the le-t bridge that ever
spanned tiie Platte River.
On the night of the 27th the Knight of
Pxthias of Nebraska Loice No. 1, togeth-r
with the other lodges of that order in Oma
ha calibrated the sixteenth antuvrery of
the foiui.ung of No. 1 ledge, and hjso the in
troductien into the State of the order. Sev
eral of t.'ie prominent Knights of the State
were present and the occasion was a memor
able one.
bers of trMt; but the intruder bate Im.,-b i
a.u:n renel lie)otvl Um Uni.t ! tue ler
rllorj . Mini ii iifu imJit.iry titriet hM twn
on.-amil eulied the IMtrtet f t L:hut.
otiOer .ininaiit ot I olotul KJnrl Knlb,
of the Ninth ( nviilry, lth u vn-w ot prt-triH
tiiu u reeiitrctieo ot t ttlt ttuuMe. lutTtni
Hon ntciinl Kt tho Wur l'eiitiiient tmll
: thut the MiUtint leafier ol ihou Hi
trurter I- tin MiJvi-aturer ho U- touml n
protttMlile M.uice of moiie iumVidx' in or
t.-Hin.iiij, eoHiiiles to s.-o into thr terri
tor. Ah I l.i heretofore i-u;M. ihi
only peaMltr tor tti ofTei- toMitulttet
i IiIil; ainl tho-e whotn he i Imle- ut joiu
IIH' thee i .Ionic-, is tin-Ilin liK fi :n. !
lMMie ui.ili r M-etion rll- or the r-M-e.
-tatlutes, uih! the tiee emittoi .e co:',-v:.-.l;
mid I ri-ie-iv my rt'oiniio-iiatioii thl hii
aiii'-i.dmeiit of tie Matut t.e tiiaile prox i!ln
tor tinpM-oiiiiieut. its it is l,.li-.: that -uili
u piiulslitnen: Mould prexeitt his rt-iHtious
mills, niid iRvr a i-ry latee;w odiiuir mm
ineiirrel In the tno eiio-nt of i-im
plowed hi exeeittfmr the Inir The rtl!!. r
school st I ort .lotine- Kiel Hie -ulr him!
iii:iiii:m -enooi hi i ort 1 ementoith Hits
oiitiiiulntr tluir work, trom vrhk-h It is l.w
Iieei ery KfeHt koim! iumiIu to the
Itlt.ITMIV r.tKur.
TheSiiperhiteiMh-nt ot the Military Acmli
mj at West 'i,iit reports tliHt tin re were
ii.-en: ut the Aeutlein; .e.:iM,-r I. I.
U eii'Iet', unl that tln-t.- loul ln-eii nil Iim-proetie-nt
111 the tone inn! ol-clplllte of the
eorjs Jt Js l eli il ly the ;-'evretiii) ot r
thut th" rik?iil eiitorei-iieat o! the pioldou
or secUon Urr. of the lt.vl,-.l s:trttiitf-s.
OiJeh j. n. the return l The Academy.
. i Cit Upon the ri'tollliUelMlatioil o! tlie
Ae.ulein.c IkiuhI. of any txlel tounl d-u
it ut in sti:.e-or i-otHliiet. Iiils not !aihi to
evelei-e h l-elietli Kl lllttlleiiee Ht the Aerfe-
in. .nn Ir.-tniii.s ot the llteff ot the
p;ovi-ioti of thnt law In Inriwer eKrsun
doahte.Uy Hi:pHirel the toree or !! Ipllne.
'lM-Tr.l it iii.i'ihtvkxt.
TherejM.rtof the ,iiniiihiiir) (.enenil of
Stil-is!eiu e shows u total of eK-intitiiM-s
lurttiL- the la-it t:Kal jeur Minouittnitr lo t.t.--i:.ti:4
.;. Then S Inelieleil in this sum '.he
SllllOtJUt of -tlt.-t-teme Munis e;titH.'.. u ,y
iui i-:!u er of the nrniy itho iltserte,! the n-r
u e. Mini, tt is t.el'evisl. Ihsl tiMetft. The
i-iii:i eiiit--.lHj t.y him wk- t l.'tJt,.', .; hihI It
May iet In- impioper to renin rK In ,lnre
tliMtth:ss ,elieeil to he the only num of
Mimie lost to the puhlle treRsiiry the tlt
h'tiety of r.nj j roii In the itolitMrv r
viee Ok n rig- jmir mlniln l ration. In" thnt
tui.e then Iik e lit en threy other In
stances of ll-hone:v on th- tmit oi
oiheeis or the xriny, eiuh Ionium fum't
ot litUretit luireiui-. hut In eneh tHr
nioiiej euit'ej-hsl kH-i Inll re-.orsi Ut the
Trei.-ur Im fore the trul of the ofbeer ln
voh(sl. ki;I i-neh olKeer ua prouptl dJs
n:i'-sl from the tuiii:rr nmcw ly etl
tuuee oi court ir.Hrtnii.
Th" tinreon Hi'iii ml report, thnt :h to;
niiiiiSer ot flcatii- iu the Mtiny in tlie Uot
ttseul jeur T.'J. of Hlikli I'd were from
tis-eii.e. hih! ?: troni Injuries. .No t R-Mjjiitit-lrvm
uctiial wMrlur" Hie re)ortt-..
i'v iKi'iirrvw".T.
The Piiv:iM5er ;.nmi h--ln hl rf;ort
that his (iepHrtuicnt u tturins the lt fer
duly :ietoiiittisi for He mntttn
recotiitiie:i!s. with my concurrence, the r
jicm! of toe liiw :orl4(tUntr Mm-tit of mih
kjjo to otht-er lor irmel oer laixi KnaiiL
rid. j-jnlJe-.ii.-e is riven to mii om.-t mt
nur-ly to my tn mllr.xid tut t cover
otlier trainnr ep.Jis,.i. kij.I - oUleer
of tne r.nny are the onli puhiie nilnu
er- nr:iii-t whom n ilicrlmhu-.t:oti I imti
iu tin.- rejfiinl, I rei-on.wieml .itrlUon to
correct It.
fur the cicoter p.irt of ih dts4urmilrt ate
tttniie, the ntinW rd m iui turn
SUA.i&SiW tm Jatxuuy t. lsti, u 511.
(TV.QTt. on Amrufl li. l-i. toll Um 4l
er do4!Hr and hulltoo m hmnd. rttf)fnftnd
U slHer rertiftrntes, outOMiMlliK. lrt.t
dmiiiiC the snme )-f ! irm JiT.lw.lii: lm
SUi.fri.l.VS'. As a tHirT 9f4ltmt U
top this dntin of tfthl frwttl tin TtnAMir
the A-vsisititl TttsMmrif t -NV Ymk v
lustrum tl to ue in pbu to tH rlr
iruc lHue I'mlrnl NUto nwtss w Uw tiut
of mie-hnlf j :ett : but th Mtmiiit f
ther iM.tvi )n tin Trttr, whiHi, At th
tune ot the (vmkWetKvmetit of lhi mW of
p4itiut. IuhI mvuuuUits;l lH.)ntMl Iu i4Mts
and bus now l-vouer much irlreit thnt
they are no (otutcr available for urh i
mett U ati fNtenlab i ftrt. If n rv
lutit to '.! livriM-r priwiKs of making !
metiVs ntltely ill chl W viU.i
ntte. nhnil tesJiit In n emimom lum
of rold to tiw Trenury tot mHltf
up to a snfhVtent exut l trretpt
of gold from other nhijiw, the! ,M
tiou must NMjft ariH tut ivnii In tb tUt
pHtttiiett as to vihethcr it wilt eiulluue to
make in tttt or IU tepr-siniue. py
tnent.s imw inJUle thr.ucu Um rhnr.m
Imu. or u? In IU p) m.tiu Mlrtir ditilar
mi their lejrfe-euUtive tarfitOciUiM In ant
iroMtthKt to th i elation whtrh si ver 4l-
lai in the 'I'i,MMtr tnt lt-!d for rrttfiru
ou:tatHlttir. tr to lh Hrilau4e mu,
ntnl to an evUsil .iaUr to thnt In whh-h
tliry are used at otlirr ttict of tbTrMiry.
Iurt!s' the fheiil year .!AI.Vi..,:i In Na
tional Ihink iu4r were p vnbt for tm
drtnptin, biiinff '-2.KI Jf eiL lBfe UtHit
the prr-e!iiuc emr. Of the HMMt
H"ntl, Ss...uoii orun.iw pr cent, emnn?
from four it ! -New Ywk, Itti. Iluln-
ilelphia m I 'hro. The lurre i ?U
j er cent. In '.lu'aiuounl uf bunk iut- ,rv
s-etited ff tiHb'Wti. ivfWli UhrrotxtlHMt
of the niereaiitlle aud itumHiwy aft airs ot
Ihe cotintrt, xs ktumn by trpmXm n( inrrewi
ing bnine Ul:tu w an.1 lefain ebmr
ig hoiiM trnitstMlm' ntwl It l a cm
tinnni:oi in the e'ire Uiat Innk note
ri"liiMptfrn lm" bren pttniulftx mr by )ii
Inre lssj. TImc ! I r Utot iebl
uiake tett erH of National bunk twH r
deuiKrtt iuhUt tho act of .J one 30, lwi
The xrcriiite a.mMitil of bonk ituitm jk
stitei fr nimptioft dunnc Uhj b rt
exiriiil In rnttnd nutnl-T a. il.ioi.
nod Out), 'nry ivoru" 5 MO. 000 000. The
act nil ledeuijaiou vrel h-hMt fnini thV
average, lunmnx U si.nuO.OOO In 177.
ami; otf to g:.?).&ue WHi in mil. Th
Mggtevnte ninomit of Itnnk noUi prepn:)
for rtilrntptMti Uwrlmc the jr4 v year?
fi 4 ywara, m mrm ia ii;rat
tC Jmif L ttt, nrfllw tmmi,
tiiitmmU. t !:, 4Mhdk H-
urm o mt Jmiy Urt i'
mrh wwmtmt ftr arK. --'
imi. ias:. ;S xm4 I?IT The
SNMtintjr v4 mm tmm tltmwm T mmt
V4 few Ut mmm U-a mi mm pm mfc, lit Jiy I.
nrf txmtm my m mrrmtmi lj0t Ly
CoafiM rrt m tmmUt tmtntm
ntot oi Um pM mmU. Am rmmfinihmt
erf Um IhM H fcs pmttmrtif mfm A
Mitt AtU (twi kmtmx tW u.
ansW( At Urn m W) NaAmbmI lkMI mt s
ruiin Ut tte rtflt at m' mmwmTmA tf
tvC pt vHJtKv IsMtit miimmfmmX iwmmui .'
l a.nrt m wi.. iU vtM 4lIUim Iho
Ntwl nnfmttmi ihm mUi mmt l-
fumtri t Urm rtm Mibl i tts n
th li(ut W s4w pat in Um ai mk V
iUtmxtmim ymtm'4 if latfmi Im raUt n4s,
ho nttiMrttW Ntlmutl Imv cJvf httm'.hm
light In eumH ImmI wk III 4tmM tmr.t
ttttf th rntmrn. aj4 th ntitiMCttMli t
awmnt f l mm ntI dolUt tat 4Ua to
thr Im4-s reUimmi.L II te fniihmt
teU thai th Kwt oh th rttrllia m
fcst iarrMHi to i 4t hrh tlt
UMtikm U kaf '& eumMkm X n mm
IttiRW nl ! the rmtnu lm nt ttrif eit
nibUM hlrh a bv Jtft nx. by mmm.
to; thr Law tokteg mrb rtrrit ai a rt
t M tmlt mi ono mt etmL ! Mintuu.,
I1 ffitftn mt fc.f4MaT P W jtil
bmtkiUtr )4obb b turn urrtiaBMil a
prt paid H rl from mtU 4 ibk U
And In ji I by mm wxwinl -n tkm tMuk
If lh Ut bsf abnliatnwl. all thaw pm
tHwihl h nnhl bv tb boat shmmm!
mm hod. In m4Vrin ifcH mmtitt th
( ontri41rt wMmm U ttlnrtlr wvWratni-t
that b la mH, m fivvor f an nu:
vrtiich U1 tmm miyxhtmi. H- u mt Um
opinion that tb prrvt arf ? tfrt
eltrtiUtifwi. mmim up ml tag I Wnnfcsf i
NaltMt limitK no b mmi gol an4
ettnMs l- mmplrn Urn all iwrfk mt hu
nev I bHiinriw, luiwffr, thai a vabWn
eiantiwOon of thu Nattounl lik rtfim
turn, vvhkh. lthit npimmfitimm x.lmtUm.
U Imminent, will tliy emhmrrm u
IwainM tt Hi Mtry. Mmt lh( If Ihu
cwntmrtfcm U ixftfauttoal lm ga ma It tmmf t
Milt In tin rnlir i.mrtU.mur mt mmmm hy
NtMMftl lnk. Ttw t'miiiHrt bMrm
that tha brnt mt mrrmev. whlrb mm
Ini Intro! or 4iwlnWMM to) mrrnfimttrm
with the National lnv mUbt entj4 htmt
mss. 4ioutd b eoatnuMt m iKvtrTvmrv l
nny iUjf mm iirtltte,l br th law. In
rrsuni Ut n etrreba.un IwJ m llr. tho
r.rnipUnihf my: -I1mi fmmim mt h
I'ntletl .Static mw hoW a rff rlmtlmlumt
bmmm ujxw ;.'Trr dniLar. In antaMit imI
to tnnrr Uuhi wt.-tlMrd of vUm NwUnn! bak
einralntMm ' If U m tor the bswi lntm
ttt the I'nitMl St to bmaa a r rtttlMtun
Imil ut-m j4I.jt. Um t'owptnatt brtfcrrv
thai art HfCMinlbjM ahfiuM bm
n-li tto tK fe-birii
U4bm x mum&mi mtrnht ml &tn
of Utt to ha Iw4rl4e rrnl (Mul
In the Market of th notU U ita awajniaMj
tlur. Th prramt Uwt mmkm th juir-rbn-mr
anl euiunf mt a m mtmmumi mt aUvnr
tmlinan mttnuj. Ibis m. th .mi
Itn'.lmt my. ny irmiriow In lb iaiwt. a
Ut aaatniUwJ arf I rtmttnad iwunrp of f i.I;
laal IrmUt lw r4a aaxl fmtUmmUm
baaci UMTtmn. mt tiaLrinah flm Mttmviv
ilHT.v;v) waa 37Ktno.Ww. while the er I o;,l'", u" hr4l of 30M aM w .jvent
cite ntnount for lie Usl flYe j.-ai j jai) vi) mil lr1v lt inm rhH ot ImaV.
wan hut 8.mooo,ji In no yewr of tl- lat lb,'tvlT lrti m-mCmu of
five di'! ilewplli o.jnal thoy of an ! J:,,, l- "' t4mrttmm f
of the first nr )oar. TIw Jarsre tedemt, , T. '
! 1Immi4 l-tle- ... ' flfTH
....... . .. -.,. , ,.ri i... .-i i auur
extent du; ui d-rs,-44Hi in txiiu tv
nrnmnMrntm hi ftawmrUl
aI JoIt Iaic e.
by tb rrfc cnhl In th Trwswiry.
hut luief Iseisson. 'howi not only the
t toiat numoer 01 tusasiers uunug -,..,.. ... w-. .w . u'"""C
rwere4;a; total value of property rjver into ilexieo, and pursue the Indians
l.$I0.7,M0; total value of propertv 1 who madc the lat? raitL
j failure in duty on the part of the life sin
theulague came Irota a mineral poison and
was-not cholera.
Lincoln lately had a 5m.iII rlrc.
Tin: children in the State lleform 5VhooI
are put to rood use. They are ma !e lo
work on the farm. The harvest the pas;
season has been: Potatoe. 1.300 bushels;
onioii-j. 6u0: white beans. 4."i: oa. 1.000:
rye. S00: beets. COO: carroL--. 1 X); onion
seed.f.vo barrels: beet seed, two btifrel! ; cab-bii-re.
4,00 head; cekry. ."i,0u0 bunches:
corn iirood) 60 seres.
A r.nv.vnn of S'200 is offered for the ar-re.-t
of Eugene Ih:rdett Fry, alias V. II.
McCartney, who is wanted by the Sheriff of
lndianola. Ktul "Willow County, on the
charge of einberzliri"; and horse steaiinr.
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tie 15 zwen.y-ionr years oi age anu live
feet nine inches in heisht.
Ckdai: County comes to the front on ine
quail shoot. A local sport killed thirty
nine birds at one shot; recently.
"W. D. Cr-EGR. employed in the cashier's
nfSce of the Union Pacific Ilail way at
Omaha, was recently arrested upon the
chanre of etnbezzlinc S"2,5C0. The arres:
causetl quite a sensation.
It is stated that a prairie fire has de
stroyed the range from the Bur Beaver to
the North Fork of the republican and from
the B. &. .M. ilailroad south to the Kansas
TnE proposed amendment to theconstirn
tion creatin-- a Railway Commission v.i3
; rctty unanimously snowed under ic Pol-c
Cotiuiy. Ninety-live votes for to l,0Su
gainst is the way the vote stood.
A late fire at Dunbar destroyed five
3csiaess houses
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tiejie er frow the etlerts of that panir "et watr-r lnnm4 '.ieir baiitm
the in-tMKsJ artitity of bn.lnM ami the l L Zotd lariaWina: Us- ., o!
I-ndU MUetxIintc the frUM;UoM of paHr ' , 'mpiHflto? comt tttta th tmpmet yHl
;i iiwhU. The Matures of Uie t rmu- I ,i)9mtjn " mmft, X mm ttmm
"" i r"-ipiisareliivarbfcT aBi-rt . " . . -- .. .... ., ,M immmmt-
e.1 by buie trvona, lUmKwm: n aprlns
WMt amonva. xhn tralr . rtlv--, and in
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tvnen trscc J uoli.
urgent reee-.-uy of txrinninir the ofe-ive
wtrA wliifh canuot te impro. i-e.j, bul their
-uiiiil co-i in coinpflr.son with our National
re-ourt es. teel forts jtii turi ts to rett
irim uhieh run -n! ir,sr.l. vreo-tolt-.r a
tn tnrouth stty tee: ct nis:. ml nltich
thf-ja-elvt", mu-t have like runs, with -teui
tiitc.;:iier to load xtsl mnnipu.'e them, run
no: Le H:U tn the hort ttine hoh vrouiil b
iriv. n : y an enemy after the fecns4on of
i'ip!otiarie iiitertur-'e: rml, h .n hy
the l Sue: nf l.n?meei. "The csonttibuUon
h nit It couM te ievisj fro:a Nv f,rk Ua
would pntiaoiy ay four or ne-toil t
cot o" tl the fortiUeations of ihe Important
hr!rs- of the countr-" I trut tnt the
eurr-.; attentmn of on:Tfsa may t-- In- lit-4
10 this Mii.jei.:. and that aoevjut apf-ropna-tn-u-
ma t-e ias4)e to'earrr uu', t'e vrt-i,
jf the I hlof of Kncinccra. The Caarer
to lh efic.eney of the "tornado sj-.
tem without the rouctructJou of I.!:neal
roc:n :nl e.lle ?Mlkrie ha.s hem rfuoit
550:1 in lay previous ret-orts.
V.!i-n Klion. jrenhis an'! inventor
that iv j. hai give.i two week of hii
vnluab.e ttine to iroin up and do:t on
the Xew York KJ-v:l Uarroati trr
inir to discover what csum.iI i aoi
arI a cure for it. It jrave up the tb.
Then a hule woman took it. She rtnle
O". Ike ear three tlays, wr denied a
piaee m ixa: on ibc rear ple'onn.
lauirhet! a: for her curio-it;, ami p iltteiv
snuhb ti br conductors nad pasnjrrsl
Bnt she dwororeti wha; miulj the
nols.. iavenlel a remedr which vrns
atentd. xml hv tras pail the m of
5?!0.X) and a royalty forsrer. Her
naraa is Afrs. Mar. Vai:on. and ahe
hves in Xew York" City. Wilkettorrt
nk- J f"UoH,f ' t mt Urk utmUt
A prominent lawyer no'.rpractican"
:n this city t-!!s tju following: An
Oid oarker vras umler indictment for
some trivial offene and was without
counsel. The Jude appointed me to
de:ecd him. I vra- young and vtrv
fresh at the time. s.nd it was mv rir-':
ca.-e in court. As 'I went forward to
consult with my client he turned to tho
Judge and said: -Yo Uonah, am dis
de lawyer what am depointd to offend
m??' Yes,f was ths replv. iVoU.'
said the ohl darkv: take "kim nwav,
Jedge: I pleads pid.' ,5-.Y.i. World.
A Iturelwr f.i-lit.
TfM.xiK. n Disceaaber 1. A borriar n
tere! a hccisr la ttie xvirrn nat t oi 'Jr
r iy oarly etefdAT jnorniar. I54a-
Tenil by the police he m hot ttrwv
w hile atwnn0n U erar. hm arrwUW
h rhvo the tau.c of Charts Vmnk, mt Hvv
(rlrs. He M tint barfly hijorod.
Cozxxnt -. O.. IhtmtmhfT l.The Ikot.
t )s jweraiied for Mine day Uiat a
larce nuir.Ujr of rfrlklm: m.nrrs of Hcktog
Vay vouW hetjlit work Ui-mmnur If 'Jiey
ha,! any tcare their ntm am! rrf-s,tT
noM& CodartetL In viTr ot thk rJr
rt:zttof .Veioft7iuV, not Alt'Tlly tow
red xs MHiers. or curator. fcHal a tivrU
hxz Saturday and adod r.4ntWt tlo
ic:-ittnrpeaon awl ptedch,: mpfmi
U th cnfcrciswra: oi fatv, sad jxota im le
Ml cKrens who dearer to work. Fifty
caplirs of the rieAoiatiof wtre ordotcv1
posted !a town.
I elal trafcttt of May, I'm.
Ttfrtf of Jfr.
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.-sunrart, wm tttmmmmr vrht i..t hn$f
$tm4y Mtrmmw Urn w levhr:r ttut
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WjLaxsonr. XoremJr . With ref
erence to recently puhlfehed aiicrtwwr thai
American interoti ht ilexir arc In rrx:
Jcapordyoa account of Uie hauetl earr-taiiM-d
hy tue peoyle of thai covntry t.waid
the Unital btAtes sujcu the war of T,
ik-nor Ilomero, jlextcan ilkiKUr. ar; The
.Mexican are. on the contrary. tt? sslco
hly deposed toward thb connlry. tha: the
interests of fortrtcn'jr In 3Ic?co, AsJrt
san Included, are :n no icore danger there
titan they would be in the Untied Stales.
particularly under Uit adeihitarallea of
General I):az, who will protect with a turn
Land their lives ssul jiroprrty, and that Ikt
dia revolaticns are no lovger iw4io U
- Oa the iTwmtoc of e?.
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