The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 07, 1884, Image 2

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EEi) cloud.
A New Wilmixgtok, Pa., magis
trate and jury decided that a wire
fence is not a legal fence.
A stroke of lightning split open a
follow tree, at Shasta, Cal., revealing
a skeleton and clearing up a murder
There has been less amateur coach
ing in England this year than formerly.
Only two coaches arc now running out
of London.
Tiie army and navy of England fur
nish their full pro rata of that country's
convicts, and a due proportion were
officers, too.
Tiie will of a sensitive musician in
Wisconsin contained an injunction that
the village brass band should not play
at the funeral.
An English bicj'de rider has traveled
from Land's End to John o' Groats,
eight hundred miles, with considerable
baggage, in eight days and a half.
Ax attendant in the Treasury De
partment who can count 4,000 new
notes an hour for seven hours a day is
considered unusually dexterous.
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m. fern MIIMVI J w """ " wwl p annnal immhI rt 4k. flm mv ftl
iiiiiiwi a vw w UIV wiv -."
Wilbur F. Sto rct, the wt-kaown editor
of the Chicago Times, died at hut borne in
Chicago on October 27th. He had been
gradually failing for some week, and km
declared an imbecile by a Chicago court
some weeks ago. Mr. Storey had been suf
fering from a stroke of paralysis, which
came upon him a few years ago while trav
eling In Europe. He died very quietly.
The President's chair of the Woman's
Homo Mission Society, which recently met
at Cleveland, O., was occupied by tbo wife
of ex-President Hayes.
COLOSZL ItoiiERT O. I.GER80I.L will de
liver an address at the unveiling of the
Kit Carson monument at Santa Fe, li. M.,
about vemlcr 28.
The President recently appointed ex-Secretary
Hugh McCulIoch to be Secretary of
the Treasury, and Secretary Walter Q.
G realism to be Circuit Judge of the Seventh
Circuit to succeed Judge Thomas Drum
tnond, resigned.
General Fit2 Jons Pouter was not
Jong ago appointed Police Commissioner of
New York City in place of the late Sidney
P. Nichols. .
The banking firm of Rothschild in
London cmploj's women exclusively as
coupon counters, and experience shows
that they are far more reliable and in
telligent than male employes.
The newspapers of British India
commonly speak of Englishmen as
(lends, demons, robbers, and scoun
drels, and are endeavoring, apparently,
to incite the natives to rebellion.
Boston has been greatly disturbed
over the landinfrontof Trinity Church,
called Trinity Triangle. It was ru
mored that it was built up, but now the
owner offers to sell it to the city for
The burrashuta, a carnivorous fly
heretofore confined to South America,
has made its appearance in Florida.
Its bite, though not poisonous, is pain
ful, and the loss of blood is compara
tively great.
On the occasion of the festivities of
Courbairam in Turkey, the Sultan or
dered that a number of sheep killed in
fiaerifico at Yildiz should be sent to
the different seminaries of Stanhoul for
the use of the poor students living on
the premises.
Two Highland tourists lost their
lives not long ago in Fingal's Cave.
While they were standing on a ledge
overlooking the water a wave of un
usual volume swept over the slight iron
railing running around it, and carried
them into the sea.
As a preventive of petroleum fires it
is now proposed to place a bottle of
ammonia in each barrel of the oil. On
ignition, by accident or otherwise, the
bottle would break, and the eflcct of
Hie ammoniacal vapors would be to
extinmsh the llames.
One of the first couples which took
advantage of the new French divorce
law bore the name of Granville. The
woman, who married at sixteen, ob
tained a separation fifteen days after
the wedding, and had been awaiting
her divorce fifty years.
Governor Stoneman, of California,
has pardoned Isaac P. Newton, sent
to State Prison in 1880 from Sacra
mento County for eight years for
grand larceny, on condition that he
leave the State and never return. He
js eighty-one years old ami
in poor
The chief object of interest in Ala-
icda 'County, California, is the huge
ine cellar being built by John Gal-
legos, near San Jose Mission. Nearly
one hundred bricklayers are at work
upon the foundation and walls, and the
accommodations of the town are taxed
to their utmost. The cellar will cost
The old question of a speedier means
of official killing than the blade or the
noose is again being discussed in Eng
land. The Lancet not only thinks that
decapitation does not cause instant
death, and that hanging: is torturinir
slow, but that neither prussic acid nor
electricity would be quick enough in
fatal effect.
Thomas Scott narrowly escaped be
ing killed in Midland. O., a few days
since by a black stallion known as the
"man eater." The horse threw Scctt
down and was gnawing hhn when
Charles Oscar's bulldog Syke came to
the rescue, and getting hold of the
'horse's nostrils, compelled him to re-
f lease his hold.
Bishop Coxe, of Western New York,
says that during his twenty years of
observation in that field there have
been some improvements in religion
and morality, but the increase of im
piety and infidelity is, on the whole,
appalling. "The most blasphemous
publications are circulated, frightful
atheism is uttered, and gross licentious
ness abounds."
A Dutchman lately bought a kitchea
stove in Paris at an enormous price.
When the stove.had to be fixed, after a
long journey to Rotterdam, the manu
facturer who was intrusted with that
task declared the stove to be one that
had been made in bis own factory.
The Dutchman, nothing daunted,
.pointed, to the French trade mark, but
was undeceived when, after removing
Ike little, iron mask, the metal trade
rk, of ,thet Dutch manufacturer ap-
X, T.
CONSWEitAW.E railway property belong
ing to the Grand Trunk Hallway, at Lind
say, Out., was destroyed by lire a few days
ago. The freight house and shed known as
the Whitby & Port Perry Storehouse, and
occupied by the well-known commission
firm, W. D.3Iatthews fc Co., was destroyed.
James Bha.vdon, living two miles from
Randolph, N. J., was murdered by his son
Thomas a few days ngo. IJoth were drunk
together a little while before the killing.
The Belgian Liberals lately complained
that the new Ministry is as Catholic as the
old. The election resulted in the return of
fifty-three Liberals and twelve Clericals.
John M. Howards, a well-known young
man of Fort Benton, Mont., was recently
drowned whilo coming down the Missouri
Hiver in a skiff. The skiff struck a snag.
News was lately received by boat that
roughs and whisky sellers were in practical
possession of Michipicoton, on the north
shore of Lake Superior. The detachment
of police sent from Toronto wns too small
to cope with the desperadoes, who kept up
a reign of terror over the wholo district.
The remains of the fourteen victims of
the Youngstown, Pa., initio disaster were
buried on tho 20th. The funerals were
largely attended, and the services im
pressive. Tho company defrayed all ex
penses, and did everything possible to re
lievo the temporary wants of tho Iwreaved
families. There hnd been no well defined
and accepted theory of tho oxplosion.
The Coroner at Philadelphia, Pa., lately
investigated the death of two boys, John
Baker and James Clayton. It was known
that Clayton was often seen at night stand
ing under a gas light reading some thrilling
novel to Baker, and thnt Clayton, after
trvimr his pistol, said ho was coins to
shoot some one, mid that when he shot he
would shoot to kill. The jury gavo a ver
dict of murder in Clayton's case, and found
thnt Bnker camo to his death from a gun
shot wound at the hands of Clayton.
O.v account of tho shutting down of mills
in Lewistou, Mo., recently, thero was con
siderable distress among tho discharged
operatives. Tho overseers of tho poor re
ported that applications for assistance had
increased rapidly. Forty persons left for
Six mcmliers of the Salvation Army were
sent to the penitentiary from Syracuse, X.
Y., recently, for violation of n city ordi
nance. They were released a few days ago
under a conviction of Judge Kennedy thnt
their decision was illegnl. Tho common
council passed anew ordinance meeting the
Judge's ruling.
Tun steamer Xewburn, which arrived at
San Francisco, from Gunynins, lately,
brought news of disastrous storms on the
const of lower California. The steamer
Estailo do Sonorn, which left Mazatlan
September 2i, with nineteen passengers and
a crew of thirty-eight, wns believed to be
lost, with all on board. This steamer was
a Mexican coaster of seven hundred tons,
owned by Don Jonquin Redo. In
sured in San Francisco for 70,000. The
American schooner Dora wns also believed
to be lost. Another storm occurred Octo
ber 7 and continued three days. Twenty
houses on Capo St. Lucas were destroyed
and a great number of cattle wero killed.
Nino Mexican coasters were lost. Each
had from three to livo persons on board.
All perished, excepting one sailor and one
boy. The storm was the most violent ever
seen in those parts.
The steam ferryboat Joseph C. Abbot
burned to the water's edge on thoKentucky
side of the river, opposite Madison, Ind.,
lately. The boat was owned by Wnltor
and Joseph C. Abbot, and valued at $0,000;
uninsured. Tho origin of tho lire was un
known. Geouge Sudenja, a young German em
ployed in tho Fenninich Starch Works at
Peoria, 111., met a horrible death a few days
ago by being caught by a revolving wheel
and drawn up to the shafting. Nearly
every bone in his body wns broken.
The store of A. B. Smith, at Rockaway
Beach, L. I., was entered by burglars re
cently. Tho safe was broken and a largo
amount of Ropkaway Improvement Com
pany's bonds, several hundred dollars in
cash and other valuables wero carried off.
A large brick building In Chicago, at
tho Southeast corner of Lasallo and Michi
gan streets, recently burned. Tho build
ing was occupied by Fisher's Cigar Box
Factory, tho Campbell Printing Press Com
pany and by a Barbed Wire Company.
One man was killed by jumping, and two
others were smothered on the stairs. Tho
factory girls on tho upper floors escaped
with tho greatest difficulty. In the high
est story was a chewing gum fnctory at
which a number of girls worked. Eigh
teen young girls from this story,
panic stricken, came down pell
mriJ, and when within twenty
five feet of the ground, the last eight
jumped to the pavement, falling in a con
fused heap. Miraculously none were se
riously injured except three, who received
painful cuts and bruises. The losses and
insurance were: Building, loss, $13,000; in
surance, $no,000: Campbell Printing Press
Company, loss, $ir,000; insurance, $10,000;
Schnabel & Co., barbed wire, loss, $W,000;
Mgfc, frea. IforOrkKN,
taraa of her craw, e ta gafcia paaa,
The KaMga waa aaa skip which broagal
WMiinu taw.
' jmiita3
fltw Cuwtt4 fr tk A
I Snwrf TU IMttmlaf- tfc Jthrt
OarAxiul Cl 4 Trt 4
ffc Pr NxtW-TM yr WMk
la Sttcfct -Wkt OtKrr C-Ut mtn tl
Wtja;oy, D CO?tr3L. A ptrson traTelfjj rUlro4 fe pTo4 isi ? Ww fo
Tic Director of the Jftat la aU a&ae! , consrnuUUoa ticket !r?4 jo AnctWf 11 H"sA' '.
.,. . jj . ....
t-mrr && ou-irm &b3 -
At Norfolk recently Mi IUxer wm es
gts&l n drcMln a chicken. She twk
niece of paper, and, Uchtlnr It wa jrtnr-
Idaao, recatly pabliiaed, skewed lac pop- f W &c. L !?. T COmme I
. i j i . x. ber clouims and et it on fire Iytnr br
been wiped oat, and asJ property kai Qi mlod m OOJbe J I
Increased .V) per ceat. over but year. Ts hm -. , i1M. -fMr,- ,. .u . !
export of minerals for the fiscal year t3Ised and h- aack aad left Udc horrlblT report for tfce last cI year, mjs: pm caa not necotpr dmr for in
7W0X. borsed. Tbc eepojlt of jrold derlss taa jr Ju" rwwiri ihroo-b ta &ri$a
S!050BBwo50U,onceceIebrtItKn Ctr0Rnm j, toe dx.yww smoeeKi to C,C,C73, of which tV 'f the company p la ! fejr U .,.
diel at the Everett Hon, New York, oo V?1'ZTY T .flUf?, t-Z ftvi .- Z .tl. -!. ,.-,. I rne tWR Io-a to :, r 4
Octolier 30, from internal betnorrhagc. H rtn .h. fni, plrifl-"wa" f-.. aJih fW .li-r nntrhA fnr !. aa d-- a" ".. - ! ""
bad been ailing for some time, but his death at On.aha the otttrnlghL Thn child w posited for bar atnouotrd atlu islc
was not anticipated. lie was "without rd- mi: to ted In x loom In the M-mad ssonr. nia ta tiSltrf wUck Brt fca
, ., r . . - - t. -.-- --
aitres tn America. i Shortly alUrwanto, Ma aMHMT kaata Mai ftl,$ti.
Ex-GovKiixor. Moses, of South Carolina, ' screrllfca4JaIlaJgataaa spid aad llrr Ac-
who was lately under arret. charre.1 with , rawa' ' 'umau ii) EiiacA. tc posted aad Mrcaail. l&clBtfia re-
JhCkM nifr. mJliUlfs i- .
a- .ri'rn irr w I& fsvk'-4
eHl horriolj bara4 aad 411 afcoat daposlu, was &T,$5$,1& bMC Wt
idalzht. ItUtbourhth aot aat of bed 1 u wme aa darla tat tevloas Ttir.
nlf cot to thejfrate, where hialtt-f Ta eol&iz amontl ta 37,S,2I, of
w mv on ure. mhch f ?7,32,S.t were oW, fiS,77J,M7
Aivrsr of m Omaha batel rerrnUy It a-ver, the latter, except a bo at 75,0s,
w, ortrcoat, two coats aad a oid wafl Wallfcr dollars, aad 1.174,503 ui wnor
W)'i:4nthedkaoneBtyafipaaa'i. The colase of gold wx abet
aaric; " A "' " J fS.000,000 lesa tas drlag th previoa
teRon II.U.L, of Omaha, knd his "sister ;( fear.
wfrvjrtnUy tilled at North Adaa. Mm laadditloato th colstse caccated
wi iieaut ridfnc in a bony, which was run for the Gorcramcat. 1,000.000 in silrer
Int ' 1 rallraid passcefer train. were .-track at toe Sia Frascisco Mist
1'iqkn: Coutty was reccnuy treated to a ? xtawanao uoTcrumesb
tUf ht Jnow strra. ' Besides (ho waaulacturw of cola, jfold
Mil Dr. iJciitol and child were re- bintot ! of Si,S7jS,J8S, sad U
ten rownlfrom Uicir buggy by a ran-1 Ver "ol thevalaa ot ay,.2l, -wcrs
'wivftorc kt Lincoln, and Ute lady Pepfi ibe ailat. aad asar oflws.
aaidrd sexck injuries, both leg beinj Gold Lars wrre paid out la xcbuse for
tovYtn aJd coin durlsg the jear undrr the pro-
AKlnaliaaornamftlDoujlavi recently tv'Io of ctf "! ?. l'
wenAFa daac Lnl took a pistol with hint l h JL, S25'00'000: ?
Sildogonthe sidewalk he concluded fxccs l?'m? ol J01
KAbcajfoxIJoketoshoothlro.",oa. containts ,-J5,0OO,0OO worth of
taw, nf to ihiII the pistol from his jacket K'?f. aaU moro tbu 13,200,000 wor h
the l5nd not Oie dot; was shot The dog ' oi "' . we" 'tflDJ at l? JcC9trIc?
llfe oui the bej may die. , conncctrd with the mints aid New York
IjAMEi HAKmt. of Blue IIHL aped, M.liy. ?.?51 .......... ..,.
A.trJ,hta painter by tto. reeenUy thtZ VnSSiSSS
a month.
The number of sl!re dollars dls'rlb
VeddutlDttthereircxc edtrd ft 1 7.000.000.
As the train j It U estimated ihil thu tnta! anion it In
M svpwacn nij a orjUge me engineer saw activ, circulation on tl lt of October, i
uTtwumi uio uACJvauu immK-umwiy j i5gt rXceeded 1,000,000, beluc an in-
aiifcni enirme anu eav ner sipam. . . -. an nnn nru . . n
Zl.K,a BlrT hn hrfr,.MInn w !.. "' '".U.V UCr IU prCU.UK
c fh" ""' - . .. uiv , vonr
d trucks jumped from the track.
swindling Itcv. Dr. P.exfonl, Her. Mr,
tcrbury and other, at Detroit, Mich.,'
cently attejnptvl suicide by hanging
self in his celL He was cut down an
rented for attempting bis life.
Charles 5eal, a young man of H
III., recently took his gun and went to
timber near the house to kill a coon. A
tie while after he was heard calling
help, and was found lying on the grojfjl
wiuj his jsw urQKCQ ami uia J it j-g irw
tured tetween the knee ami thigh. He baal
evidently climlMsl the tree to knock ate
coon from the limb, and bad fallen aboil
forty feet.
Dii. Carver's rccnot visit with a coa,
Iany of cowboys to Hamilton, Ont., !rt a)'
the small boys to lassofug. The result wti"
that a small loy named John Carv wiat
lassoed by his companions and draggaif
along the ground some dintnnc?, receiviaf
Kiirh fii5nri-M thnt !ir diil unfm nitt-r. 3?
A pas.sknoer traiu on the Atchisoj
Topeku cc Santa re Railroad, near hocorrof
X. 31., wan recently fired Into by a band
masked men. One woman was killed, an
u.. . r.. ...n.i ...j.i. :. . n-.
,.. ., , , .,,. . . , .cauimttd suJcklisat St. JoseplL jio.
.SheniT and a ikjHbl- of ilftv men starte! lam r n
pursuit -1 3 tempt was made the other night
A PitifloxEK nerished in the burninir laiK !'& "ck;U.,9 throuKh ptwenger train on the
nt. v.umrin, Mt. r,w .iv ... it aV0! cHic, mar bcijuyler.
uw -.-. va .. . w - ....UHrkV w ' w
supposel that he himself fired the building.
A Union Pacific engine at Omaha wax
recently engaged in pushing six empty
cars, when it left an ojhiu switch In tb
yards and plunged down a high embank
ment into tho river. Roth engineer and
fireman were killed, the former outright
and the latter scalded to death after an
hour's excruciating agony whilo pinned
under the wheels. Tho reutKmsibility for
the accident could placed.
A komu recently exploded accidentally
at Peoria, 111., killing two members of n
Democratic club.
Emil Lindstrom, a boy of Keokuk, la.,
was out playing with Eddie Lardon, a few
days ago. Tho two went to shoot some
chickens with a revolver, when Eddio was
shot and died from loss of blood before he
could get home. It could not le found out
whether ho was killed by his own or his
companion's carelessness.
James, an old and well-known
A hattle with tramps recently took plnco
at Weatherford, Tex. Four tramps took
osession of a freight car destined for In
diiiiia. A man called "Old Rlack Sam,"
switchman, and Ulen White, another em
ploye, hnppened to come upon the gang
when a skirmish took place and resulted in
tho capture of the tramps, who were armed
to the teeth with knives.
Adata m tfcf opinion rarf ajr the i
ajott of the kwt?r ecmn. ,aiax
lis onlr rritxn rxUivt Wtcca
and the rora, nnv hA-tar bcn
dati br fraud. h ran nt
li aUowea" to k-1 cp that rUt$oa
aali tho ixmpatif a a b. nt r-
RriNrti He wa. thea. at th Ut i
lMMerir. i Use far wiw ;a rat
a p.cnp?r, aa I iUkhs: law rl:
us WirTv at an n uo .
it U U ntvean that a pirin .
faru to It rntuied to launch.
a tiaVrnjr it tttac"!cau
y, ifJbG has tho on8t of t:
aar. la:riv tfai-L ibi rm
will claim tint a saor tr-
tr ha suih rgh. aal It y
r to us t b well Mt-Ufc! tkat
M4Rtf obtained bv frami ! cftttabv
4.n or CK!itnor.
lu laaft tho hrl eutn o( )atmn I
wtja a .rt ben. irwvklwl due dli-
f,f O urn ixva" ui wawii; mv
lifl, lh, ialo tru s rTpsrd.' trl
UfTA, Jii mortjjno on thv iatbrttl'sal
pifcrty' oi on tortar a for-
d. aad both an liuitviuttAt crvu.ior
a Iir crvnl t r cla.rnel tk r-!u
v. K th had udxis-nt. ta-InUor
If first enterwL 1 ho fornwr
thed sipr'f rencv a an indiviwal
b'.or, but tfs dcfeatotl. awl carr od
( tcai.
i The Dlrrtnp tliriiti. th nrnrfnrt'An
at Shelby ville, Ky.,recently died, fofjbarn nf a number of stacks of hay and
: with tramps recently took plnco Brtfej; r.i Da!,e .ca himself and
MiavjriiMHW, wuo wns iateu nome in a uy
inaioaditiaii. A posse arrested the Dane
nnwJttaf tjhhn to a tree.
TaTK ecnfiittee having In charge the pro
posal XiUiadiht College north ot the Pintle
bawl decide) that any bid for the seminary,
in oilier h receive the attention of the Com
mliilon, inut not be less than 20,000 in
cast. or It? univalent in endowmenL build-
The Vermont Legislature lately appro- inirs- Jaul4-subiect to the annroval of the
priated ",(KX) for the Suite exhibit at the CoiMBifMioiu They also decided that one
coming world's Exposition nt Jfew Or- j hundred ,,rok were neccssan for college or
leans. ; scmMMry irojmK and that not less than
A I'AiiTY of whito men, near Portland, '
Ore., recently murdered two Indians by !
i ji .
crawnng up 10 meir camp aim snooting
them. It caused great excitement.
Yellow fever recently broke out on the
west coast of Mexico in a most malignant
form. Tho City of Colinm, 1.4.10 feet nbo ve-
the sea level, was attacked, also the City of
1 roicht the train to a standstill and It , nt th i- ,. .,- ri.-., ki-L- ... ..-
M .. --a .t . n - t. j " " uiwva v .. uuitvu v7.v.i ivi viiu
li uw uiai jui uits cars reniaiuvu ahic
1 th.i'rails. After the scare was over It
.dkcavered that four tics had been
ie i uiio tne east enu oi me ormgc in
'manner as to prove a very danger-
ak-.tictIon. They were placed there
e ;einl. The cars were tllliMt with
;es and the escape from a fearful
y was miraculous.
na oeen oegnn in me umieu aiaies
Cirt at Omaha by Henry Christian-
his minor son. John Christianson.
htTJnion Pacific Ilailway, to recover,
i personal damages, caused by the
of i leg in a railroad accident in Octo-
1SJ, fear Otto, in Wyoming.
.T St. Selena, a short time since, John
iaa, rxiptinaster and Deputy Sheriff of
C)itaty, attempted to arrest a Dane
lift starts 'uwd be sanctioned by the Com
uii.-sia.,ai: is is expected that the school
willavnahulif require this full amount for
nbsoJaie us i
lMaUOR.wiin largo numbers are still
jonribg Int Jlorth Nebraska.
TMf'i)fii-i4 County Pioneer furnishes
the UowIiik ipeelmen wheat yield: John
I YiiK-efcMttA wiles northwest of town, has
I ..-.,!. .tit..'! .I.t.-' ..:!. 1 ...1 . ..
The Governments of Spain and Portugal ''. ".' ".SfO? " VS& J'K"' !, u.i-
lately combined to oppose the right of the
Berlin Conference to deal with the territo
rial claims ot 1'ortugal tn the lower Congo yield
A C1 .1 At- - A
country, onuiuti ine eoniereuce persist m
discussing the (piestion of her claims in
thnt country, the Spanish and Portuguese J
envoys say that they will withdraw from
that body.
A BOLD robbery was committed recently
near Brooksville, Ind. An old mnn 13' the
name of Crane, a bachelor, lived alone.
Three men entered his house, knocked him
down with a tire shovel and tied htm. They
then went through tho house and secured
about $T00. Tho thieves searched through
tho house, but without finding $1,000 more,
which was stored away in an old lioot. The
old man managed to cut his bonds and give
the alarm, but too late to capturo tlt6
thieves and recover the monev.
insurance, $10,000; Fisher & Co., cigar
boxes, loss, $13,000; insurance, $10,000.
The Rising Fawn Furnace, owned by
Senator J. O. Brown, of Chntanooga, Tenn.,
lately announced a reduction of ten per
The ninth annual meeting of the Ameri
can Academy of Medicine began a few davs
ago in Hopkins' Hall, John Hopkins' Uni
versity, Baltimore. Several valuable pa
pers were read. One of the objects of the
association was stated to bo to encourage
young men to pursue regular courses of
study in classical and scientific institutions !
before entering upon the study of medicine.
The J. "W. Ranken Company, a large
London firm of East India merchants, went
under because of the Chinese "War.
Two men by the name of Steiner were
recently arrested at Flora, III., for counter
feiting. News recently camo to Galveston, Tex.,
that tho schooner Lucy, loaded with S30
M. SEXECnAL, President of tho North
Shore Railroad, was fined $00 or two
years' imprisonment in Jlonmwl, recently1
for bribery of electors in County Vercher
res at tho last Provincial election.
Ben Heffnek, n farmer living near
Westminster, O., lately shot his wife and
tried to kill his .son, daughter and daughter-in-law.
He was put in the Cincinnati
jail, and is believed to bo insane.
Davenport, Io.. wns recently infested
by burglnrs. T. W. McLelland, a wealthy
citizen, had an encounter with two of them
at his residence and was seriously wounded.
Two arrests were made.
A serious panic occurred a few days ago
nt the Star Theater. Glasgow. The per
formance had proceeded without interrup
tion untU shortly after nine o'clock when
some person shouted lire. The whole au
dience instantly rose to their feet and made
a rush to the several exits. The great mass
of people in the pit rushing therefrom met
a crushing crowd jouring down from the
gallery. The fearful and fatal block
was followed by wild shrieks of
agony and despairing cries for help,
which could not then be answered.
The mass of panic stricken and struggling
humanity were appealed to by officers of
the theater and by the police to hold back,
but the appeals were unheeded. The
crazed crowd frantically passed toward
the outlets, trampling down and
over the weaker ones, until the street was
reached. When tho theater was finally
cleared the corpses were found on the
stairs leading from the gallery and twelve
persons were so seriously wounded that
thev could not live long. The house had
sideriw iki noreage, of any farmer in the
cmiutfMrilti State. From 145 acres he
ins tqpMhei loot :M'3l bushels, an average
if o rfitwenty-seven bushels per
acre. ftXJie 'WiHttt was sea island, lie has
also thresbe.'l cut 1,000 bushels of barley
ami 4 0t! bushel of oats, and has sixty acres
of linoTpom. ln all ho farmed the past
season f375) rires, from which he has
guthcroa!tt,33l tkishels of small grain, with
about nttObastels of corn yet to gather.
A rAatnueirj: by tho name of Sclmltz
was rccaaur tilled near Uinaha Dy fallinc
r wagon and having his neck
f-F f
Xts aad William Malone recently
tfe(:$4nnficld Hotel, Omaha, anil
Ks when they went to bed.
iy tfcy were discovered nearly
tmi reives were saved by the
' T . .
Apr,ex-ircasareror Dixon unm
ade a dinal settlement with the
Natnlsloners, the latter accepting
!4ee 1 ft one hundred and sixty
acres of awdr'wlifth will be converted into
a county fjborflrjh, and thepayment by the
bondsmctiaf &;00 in cash.
As a patty of banters were recently driv
ing in a ufitgon 5if r Wakefield, a ten-yeai
old soh otJS. FiKich got In the back pari
of the waftii to rile, and trie jolting of the
wagon cntawd aiieif the guns to go off, in-
flictmg a strum il painful wound in the
boy's tfueeR'vbVb, may cripple him foi
lif.. i ;
Tun citf Una
trim ahout
from a
blew on
lhe no
dead, a
closest s
ty, lately
Board of
a warran
calendar year IBs! at: Gold, -.y,000,000,
aud silver, f 18,000,000, which Is about
91,000,000 less In go d and not quite
$20,000,000 more InteHvci than daring the
previous year. Prrous aud firms en
gaged in the manufacture and repair of
articles of oruamentatlou In the United
States, It Is t-stlmated, consumed during
the year 20,000,000 worm of precious
The Dlrcctoi estimit the amount of
coin in the country on October 1st, 1891.
to have been: Gold, 557,000,000, Lvrr,
257,000,000; a total amount of 814,
000,000. The total amount of specie and
paper of all kinds ued as mouey in the
United Slates on the first of October,
1884, the Director estlracs at 1,800,000,.
000, being au increase of more than 75,
000,000 compared with ths amount which
was in the country at the atuu date of
the pievlous year. Of this amount
502,000 was iu i he Treasury aud 61,301,
000,000 In banks and in general circula
tion. Deducting the amount held by
National Hanks leaves about 1,034,000,
000 In the hands of the gcuerat public
aud in banks other than N ttional.
The production of the precious metals
In twen y-ono countries, appears to have
been for the calendar year 1883, about
91,000,000 of gold and about 114,000,
000 of silver 4,000,000 less In gold, md
a like amount greater iu silver than was
reported for the previous year. Tho
coluage for 1883 In twenty of the princi
ple countries of the World, amounted to
more than 101,000 000 in gold and 112,
000,000 In silver. Of the .-diver coinage
marly one-fourth was executed tu United
States, and two-filths by Mexico and In
dia. In the coinage oi gold, the United
States still stands first, Germany follow
ing a coinage of 821,000,000; us.
tralia 10,000,000, and ltusia 12,000,
000. Alter deducting the specie hcd in the
banks ;.! National Treasuries, the rt
per and pccle lu active circulation
among the people of thirty-nine principal
countries of the world during the
year Is shown to hive a uouutcd to moru
thau 8,000,000,000.
bar tSi fr b twtfe&tJH! frT
Ibrfw k tnX ! a ftrtfTs
ttrWa; drtaT h ln f
iu John Tyler satc4 M f r4h
rV &l tco; hr t th Wa4p UiMt
la 142.
Drr n? hns!rp4 tbaJ fi
of a fibvr p44V f M? Tafwr" 1
t4 t;ar M. nnwt4 Prf Jh ! x
Csbca U ho Wait Ha!. Jaw
bl m Eitt4. .-t3MMf Jmrm
It I J lbt it 1TKT PvpI tKtal
'mid " jWh! J llngl ton t
K-rv!ta awl Tri. aavx w
vra f thrt Uwal !
; transit xro writ ta thai mm&j vxcy
'. )ar.
Nt S Mr. Sailiwiatik Mr
ClnirHa4un n ntaU ?
mmmjv x her ja ta t tawc
a.a ka Wa4iwJttB. Hr mwa Ja
ricat yoar njfri a hijch a 4t m
haad dUar a var.
Jtt'tk MiU"c U aitt tat b AUim
U--,bm haw W brwihw .
yvmm CtHJti vU tb t ! Mw h
af Um tmly immboc m bavaw!H
Hrjft a waU-itttr oi md
vmI aalatrtl miK
Jihn Mcii&wasjii.wsx -1
f wins. 1oera Ui a a eawtiri-
(m tiu thU tHrtd of Kt 1W Hk
w tta.tatM a M(4asr a lUHkH
lotnrn. At a of b rr.
rwM r a Phibtittb (a tasHMtrf
.. I .. -... ..I - -. - .J.4...
( Htiuvl All RDiimin M H .1
li tM)
im , I in.!nn ItnM ! fii
rufiiAff nun ui Indiana, wbrrw tho ' Virstnio." M U
Uruia a ntunl. on tho !ollt- ; molar n. aW Uw aet-r. " ! t
oimloa "It s not UouMctl that jwuhht. hj k HHk-. u u wu m.-
l eneral ntlo 1- that tKirtrntmhlt : thMiaaad sin as." nnr;l la mn
itoriak postponed a t.nndaidual j aSrr- ,, know ,l nt. '
pnenytiand mditMual crcHlltM pro- j w"n miaor, "ior i iHiiiajw
feraVd Huttn.s 'neral rtitudoas not : . Mi jYm.
. v
aPy whetV belt h.-
by lU'lirtiKHit rinlfrd
in of the indnidual dobl."
InfUocaai of li.tnk vs. t'Uke, tho
Supastie Court of Now Hantplilre
helilc b'tat la a mi t against tho Mtnrk.
holdfrtof a corjo:n?ion under tho tnt
uie. It 1 r;ni whethor a debt
for hired manrv, lor the recovery of
whlcl Uto irau is brought, ttxi tovond
rer ot ine onoraufMi io con
ic tho ab.v n -f o Ira id or ol.u-
1 the Mart f tho plaint l. If
rotation nveivud ami url tho
it's moiie. it ! al-o hunt atonal
flhcdeul w:n contractod bv
prorwr.y ntith muA or nou It
vctiao Ij the mattilciinnee of
suit that tho platntitr havo
iced an a -Ihui at law against
xrat on to- tln ro ovorv of tho
bt; nor arc thuy oblil to lirt
their r m'dy ajjuiiot tin
on the note before tmllltiir on
the siof kholiier-i.
lieon obLtaiwl J I lln V"hntJer. ihe p-itowi, a) 4
prior to ium tnnt ta h.s i-n-in w wtMn a ita .
inu m
the cfr
.!.. J..
oil! ceil
is no au
com in m
the cob
same dk
i knon a owl rwinHMtl With Um Wi.
I not I'Vfti a . .rttntrv ttbtor. SaVdM at
; own knw m !,rt but two or tbrwt wii
ktuiwn lltiiar) papyri and nmpiimH
w?to pt hId A HtUo rrl f hr
! own ajj unt to a bK Hutru and.
1 oopiod i4f tar atl'JhwfMj's of owral f
thiMti. aud Ue nl out (khimm tu mmmi
if them, cMUt nt lnuting tw ttdHwr
u .itHi thmr pafHtr a wy for thi
K?nt If lh wiro avptmb Tbo
virv llrt on ut t reHudei favor-
In t
peals li
hi;r tra
upon, m
ha; as
when n
thin mu
to reco
dntv m
Item From the AkiiuhI Iloport of lndhtu
Coiumlstioner l'rlcr Two Citt a Hay ta
Clothe and Feed the Indian.
Washington, D. C, October 28.
Commissioner Price, In his annual
report, says that the appropriation made
last year, after deducting transportation,
etc., left ouly 7 per capital io clothe
aud feed the Indians,, or a traction less
than two cents per day. The Commis
sioner state very emphatically that thin
amount I inadequate. Inspecting the
Court of Offenses, established last year,
the Commissioner says:
At ever" rnroncy where tho court ha boou
estat)liliel, it has been well received, and the
decisions or the judci respectfully ao
fiuiesccd in. mid quietly and ixi jeablr en
forced. A r. some ot trio ajjenclc ihl court , contract of
ii;t IK.-UU iu?)niiiicutMi in Hinjii?uuiY many m : r.i. - .......
the book.
A recc
Court of
cans it tl
thev do n
based on
kltf 1
Hold, .Mil
oDitiion. tti
belon to
except ona
acts of the
bi shown t
husband t
long to ti!
iua-pri tr roi'K.
u recantiv uernied ol
i n. :fiiial Hunk of Now
b-j New tork Court of An.
k that n provision in tho
tSiilerwhioh a rortior.nttoti is
f or in its by-lnws nt-iutr-fr
rs of i! t4Hti' to b Hindu
d when' lh ownr of ioek
ncil and tra tis: erred for a
considernttoii thu certificate
h in, at d tho corporation
lusted ti uiiiLo the Iran -fur
alitl n-aion refuo U do so.
its to a w.uver of the r
tA and I'm transfer u c.m-
J the torpor.itiou litiiid
I o tho title of the asigne
Ija same a- .1 t had doim it
jjailc the pn'ptr ontH upou
wirf;?a Aicsi.vfiH
opiahm of tho Suprmnu
'ennsyhanit will .shm-k tie
4 n fair ur tided iieipo, bo-
. . - - .-
OHeUif laet tnat thuru v t
- Several vuiui; lri baro lxw a
pointtni Malum ntiU In ,MiiiMtn,
and iMigltMr nru .piilaT ft ahurp
! lookout for mitplncoil w itho.
i t.oorgo -Vi. I take uj mv vilhi
' for my own anmmriit otminaUy.
but 1 never piny l:oro oompnay '
i Tout - "Thank vmi. my dir fttliow.
thank you, thank you''
j Wry bljs by - "Pleant, Mfc Illank,
I don't tlotik fathor would Ut to h,tf
. mo koji': in nflr obod. "Why not.
If ho know It U lor brnkht tb
rulus?'' Ib boy - "ThU N leap ywir.
you know." She lot him oT luulei.
lHt C'u.
-i ki it a panysniai ooritrnet
outweeu tlio lablnl
to tti Mipoi
riMpuetlvely of a man and ronton or
two women, " says an ehnnjj. Sho!
Wo alway MipKMl it wai jtt a rljfht
smart smack. -ttoUon $tnr.
I A vury iitnall Iwiywas ilrlvinjjneow
f along; a country road. ShHiikui into
' a corner of tin fenvo, a Utiod nty huh
called out: 'ikiy, dow thnt w ivr
liurt jMMjpbf?1' .SuolHn witft .wi.ort
an ce, tJij little Uy awrwl. ornKfiijj-
ly. "soiuetiuiM alio dow'u -tuMUn
! "It ! nol every ni who enn
, dawnre. It wpilni bwan. I xmrv
ou. "I dm 1 ttir von. Mr
ii lablnl apprMiiaetnttAihmI
r or and inforlor tia!lnrioi
Ihe.litntute booU of the H'c Mlvn." repU d Ml Hruijer. " I
,. '.... ...I.: i. c. ' .. .1.... l..l .1... Jr.. .t .
someth u mt.v tht
tion of 20.C
Hut turtif
bles of all
ities iu Norl
Thkkb ai
erance from
vorce in the!
Thk taxt
County on
and telecrar
direction of :
are beinj; dial
lHi:rxo tlu
A r.AXG of
report etl to IhjS
They estimate!
and when it isi
the way from
of the estimate
Iiik storv t
mtirtiereil her
y of Lincoln will con-
lies, showing a popula-
been condemnetl as unsafe for rapid exit. unfounded aftt
Considehable excitement was recently
caused at Winnipeg, JIan., over the flogging f
rf n n'impr. Sflltl tO lw tlli first flr-Mr' I
w .J...- . -- -- oe....n
ever witnesel in that vicinity. The cir
cumstances show it to have been a very
brutal case. John JlcConnick, who came
Mamtobato from Fargo some ago, was con- j
victed of larceny and sentenced tci
eight months imprisonment. While j
working about the jail he bolted.
but was recaptured hi half an hour. At-
tornev-uenenu jLimer urueicw iu uoiec j avim .mm
lashes, twelve of which were given before ; found in the w
nil the prisoners in the jail-yard. A cat- dered and dicti a
tion. i he mail
her is said to
Waijh) Ly(
Lyons, in Durt
walks o life.
A Bi-un mar
leans Exjosit:oa
weishmc eight
The bedy of
man who ocar
)tatoes and bis vceta-
the boasts of all local-
icouples awaitintr deliv-
ls of matrimony by di-
Dodfce County.
the railroads in Dodcc
f-bedsand rollini;-stock
lount to a little over
iking a move In the
irs worth of fruit trees
through the State this
ir more la ml has been
ka thau In .any other
(naif rod SKituliers an
tale In Pierce County.
tal a very low figure.
Dnnr in a bill all
times the amount
Hill, of Talentlne,
ves io nave oeen
jh legal investisa-
kle comnlaint asainst
irrest for criaftnal
of the town ef!
thf m(if imrharnim and iwmilun vitntn I
that have existel nmoae the Indians from t ti- u that tin
lime Immemorial: an I If I'rwperb' eneour- t At An In
that the Government Is honest In its en- k riffllt to UC
dcavors to promote their welfare, and Intel- ai-ll collate
EiViL "TIrr1""rS.,"'l ril?l" : the note out
uu.itLo3i.Hh customs or tfat imn danc. .-jin i dorser s duti4 to My the n'd. aad
nxAlicasaynkro me count
eralt. -Suprni Ccrt of lennsyl
saw a tloj: loail thu (nnnn toe othr
dnv. ' "rhittWHvowvtranfi. Whn
wasit;, "On FoiiMuetUli strw L. The
Gunnnn wa tiluiii.M.v. ). Tiw.
Why ho tlew.
- I n't -Ur.' in? nng "an 1 fctv mp InyV
w lo lunito l rour v
A wJ tb-. (Iwi. tl nlaht -7H1 TtftM U'lj
A wy mtn tho tAr lit 3U?.
I wli wjVo cit't lsr till Um tiwnttnf tar
MII Vrtr in tho K.t-rt k" '
Hut ff .iiiln't; th .Jr k ut taoa
.nd mmn low hlji mJ thUk.
"Con hinan. w 'utu nrt at our
oue Mri, Jlrijwn. nnd as arf JjjlWb
woman lxirn mvoIf. Irn mxv I 'am
uorsaiicnt tneaiM 'that tho I l'I"r tMw alxjul the -ohlo ab;
inn i,onI a rnerry tiMn ins, Mr,
ilrown. 1 can't no tnorv do It than I
can olp br atbin hair. u-n a I am
wav cuard "orsiMKir conductor, 1
should av look at no n(iukvi. tU.
ta'.d nncimcnt- whi h. if
savor oi onrjnnjiii, wiru
e?l 'l mjutic. Uro-lv
rsylvan a's Miprcui hodr
o i axon uiMivcnn u.y
t thufearninzs of tin wfo
u huabatid av. in certain
iasca.s . uicu in van- uh
(eibl and unlets It can
.1 there was "tft by tuo
wile her
Y xori:- iNuoiwr.n.
ariiinjrii jj.
An indorJiron avpronibsory iiot U
urMv. Tli
piiy tli sdim condl-
nnicerj or a ce tor doei
r:r 1 a nou ha no
til tllia the hobbr shn:l
hi hil'ji'w,ion and pay
f $uTroi-i'.I I he hi-
dance, and war dance will tx? entirely abo- j then he hi
The report refers briefly to tre fact
Oat the Indians are taking advantage, ol
the law allowing them to make home
stead entries aud ecure laud by allot
ment, and s ivs that the total Indian pop
A written
a written stil
ulation is 203,749; that ot the $5,503,104 ' cached in a
appropriated for the Indian office, a ba! , extraneous evj
a cc oi VJtio.ess i- unexpenoeu; tnat ine
results altaiueJ In Indian education arts
regarded as entirely satisfactory, tnere
be ins 'a considerably Incrvascd attend
ancc at all schools, especially at th.
boarding schools. j?
The report shows that the death rate
increased over the previous year, whlsh j
is aiiriDuica io toe severe winter.
The Commissioner recommends a
ensure in tne raanser oi maktag appro-
in?, s.mplv f
barred bv tb
l'ierce vs. i'
JSew ilamnsh
The Supre
cmj of trnest
I the aairnee .
i mortgagor h
the del
HIJ AW ,!.
ijimoj law nwnnl upon
nsaom. can nol torn-
actiowTat law pn it bv
ncaviior any proceed
the ailowam c of crmjs
jata4 f Im.taiion,
e, Mipr me i ourt or
C,Wt$ K A .-J CSKK.
Iritiuus av s .v luun tuc ucKiujnui i , ilj)t Hi Willi W
discretion la their dlsnurssraeat. e handj 0f l
foartof I'cnn tjvanla.
r. Iioa r., noio mat
iiora e.unl-s the
ojkkI hime.x from
,,i it jmoe t to all ih
you know, ma'am. 1'rn that Hint rid I
don't know wYther I'm on my 'oil or
my VtjU' 'fiud;
-"I havo rome, sir. Ui aSc ton for
yonr tUj;htr hand." "I bn? vour
jtanton' What namoithl you ay?A "I
hare nol hail the ii3?aurrj of matins
vou ctc;t nually. Sir tKitno I
Smith." Ilavf'you anr tlftnri?"
i nnalnlyi you'r ilauh?or." "O.
thank you: it L o jrood of yoo to ak
me. H i imtuh taat vou dn't i4op
with her. Take her. " I don t know
you. hut I MipjHv you'll Iiv In tb?
houM?. and w'JI havj an opprwinlty
to become Iwtter ac,uabte.L (JooJ
morning." chicnifo Trtbtitw. .
Uridie Oxer Ike Stoil. f Hmlnu
The Saprerad
Omxhx. 2(B- Octcbarz?.
InformatioB U received of the accJ- f of tbc omdm;
1.nll .l..tV, r 4Tr.. 11.(1 f..m.l. rJ I ltWcen X8C Oi
,x . j., . .! ... .' i altkonzh on e
VU.-U., HHiui r aearort Au, , aoth
.. j DS ... U.K, Uj ... gutew uent in
traia waile croasiaf tae traca la a ba
gy. llail aad hots legs brokea and his
skull Jraciarid, aad hut slter kul b r
per ot tne town ei.2akatlcraad. Titry were the oaiychll
b5jI,yL8 dre ! a azT widow atUaiferd,
ilUUCl BUU 111 Wl, , - . .
v,t.,ana were oa t&elr way aofa. Uaii
the Xew Or- tormcriy eaaployel far aereral yVar
reefeet lose and j a bookkeeper for Dafkahnr Brother.,
-half pocatis.
the Iricaaa wa
ins takea to the
sua aai wat-
o'-nine tails was used. ilcCormick was
stripped to the buff. Snow was decend
ing heavily. His back was fearfully lacer
ated and "salt water was then applied.
Miller was denounced on all hands for bar
barity. Tue Savannah, Ga., through freight
train on the Central Road, lately collided i
I .. ---.- .1 mu .:.!,
j wiui a wav ireignc oa oauu ni" u. mc,
A vxnr nice-U
coundenced Char
cue of the roads
money was loanu
senting a CJitcasol
lesteiiatortli 1)
he had vaztli: colli
railroad sew axeaU ktrre.
ft JWV'J,
. . . s .
viwiniaHai v .
or judgmeat oi
f i ore.
i yrrr rxn
i In clcxntrli
takea by a jur
I la the oitiB;o'
Ua;3STii.aa a. I:
it mi sot ap
the oltcer &i
fir a part Scalar c
Faxtiea to aa
profrrtjr wh I
raac al fmx
expea. aa
ilac4 ia the
1 :g
1 ' '3fe
i .. ii . i..i '
and killed Phil Young, train hand, and se-1 "i"- iJU "uu
rinuslv rnnndml two others, and alsc I IRAlEin fires
- - - - ... . j -.
Cuao. OcK&erif.
The Mppifec cat i-a luuml lor
tbeXilex)iditteaarearrlviBS l W4y
recently Ha.fa la a very caf ard war. There are
aatafKWon'iiJaacBMcaaBUUcaof oa c Uxt ol
OaMtta. T articles, urn aaaa at aU 1 tav
' H ..Jam. m.M' 'Aji WtW
jk.. tnnia wb t, 4 ,
la4 aMaaceaieat hi that the tre I
".&. i wUf b aVariTHi af tahacra aaJ of aaaxf JTXt
.. - -r. .-r- - .77 - .
wasarH aci ' -Taa Caaatfiaaa aav jaC AMrMwaa
tfaty becaaga 1 wrtvawaarway aa rerai)a taK kai ijraiaa rjliir ;
m. .. a -..- - . - -- ir --- 'v- "-- -Pi
xwmiwt wtHMtw.a hhtwi wsi crcaa ac ,ataavNMr
. la. - m. " m"-.-m... S .! - . - J
i-iK.wiiirvii mi jmiw- mr wjiw - UMtaficaal
f - - 1lB I Hi III li 1 5 - . , - .. . - . -
In the cihiblUon now mxa at Turin.
CBis.i. wcrwi in ." or.-jn excuanjjr. Wc uircr
y siar. j of th Sovurx and I'ino Matlway how
ine cirawms; and tIanforthepro oalI
fS le?nIrama narrowed iK,rt.on of tho -tm.t, two
li 1 -itf i mi!c r"M. t tc lpt lhf mI.J
t.. ...... "T ("Hi "BIO i liaii'-i
be purpo. of I whJd ,, 10 m t,5l flt
Z i run e'w ap lcl VKit an-; Ora
.. n,TZl T ; 1 7-,rrl- Altnoajrh U? dUuae?
4 MU. U kl-Ui .U, l.... . f .
. j MU'-i uu.iii. i naji a ra.ic
than at lh carrowct portion i Ji'
t'TiT.1. strait. Iu irraler .aaJloacrs
a mrtcao ca icd it to ht MJrtcl Ifc-T m-1
reac 1-1 not. , the hrnj-n. Ia afdit 00 1-" X It
:w5 unrtof of ra.I,; ,t is mte.-tf Ai '?:??
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