The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 31, 1884, Image 2

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A. C. HOSMER, Pubifsher.
Kussia has planned .in expedition to
the North Pole, starting from North
eastern Siberia or Jeannette Island, go
ing afoot on the iee in several large
parties, with large food depots in the
A STt'UKNT of New York names finds
that Taylor keeps :i clothing .store.
Brewer a saloon, and Baker a confec
tionary; that Keiter is a bookkeeper,
Sellers a salesman, Bayer a buyer, and
Scholar a teacher.
A Summary or the Dally IWewt.
IViLLiAJt P. D05WOODY was lately ap
pointed o member of the National Hoard
of Health in place of Dr. II. A. Johnson,
who resigned lately.
Aldekma.v Fokd, of Kansas City, has
become the theatrical manager of young
Walker Whiteside, the boy tragedian of
Chicago. 1 heir season is to open at Chi
distinguished French philologist, died re
cently. Thomas Magchie, a well-known news
paper man of IJoston, and lately connected
with the Herald, recently died of Bright'.-
disease of the kidneys.
Lathi: developments in the Nance
Count?- trag-dy ar- that th motive which
actuat-d the murderer of Malr ami the I'er
rival farndy were different from what at
lirst supposed to be Letters found.
w hich the murderer evidently forgot to de-
retort by gome cvnty bone belonging
to Captain William Cottrell; to Loui
Martin, of Mnbilo; to H. 8. Jirown, the
Pittsburgh millionaire: to T. J. Moon?, of
California, and others. Arrancrments arc
J being mad? for a apring meeting, at which
it i expected step will be taken to make
it wuc j mc mvs, popular iruciu iu wo - - -- - . , - - - -
Tjnon troj on the eve of hw tllght, put an en- t the t.rtsHy pam. a Mthtn.Ued to tt
Do-rrcx.1. I avsoy & 'c.kpso th- well l,c,y t,:'trtn' fac" ur th a:f'"r. aH' Pewtafy of the Navy i-:cnir I: er
known .New iork bankers whouinde! . of .... .,. .,, KfMrmh an! n!! .,. ... J ,(1,.,i atM, tW , IT. 2T
f.iirtn' fh -w..ff- fit tmvK r-ti?nc.! . - . .. - . 4mf '
- w i.wwaaai '. ----' -,--. ---
in Int-rrtlnr lipirt from rramHtor
.chirr lin III It IXirf i:pii
tifn. WixoTtf, (fc-totVr n.-Tkerofri mt
Coatttlore Wmfieitt s-ttit Nlan, of tlj
?xpedilion niKier hcmnmud for Hw r;ir(
tJi .....f imni- hnvu r-tl?n'l i . i . i . . . , I .. . . .a-a ....... t i . . . . J K
inumercr. "fsocame ;o . merica awMil a rr i warrant qi ;te eett of Ur wr-tr. bal n an. i orr!, i ie ww m -
aco, had Uen in this country for a number . itr far the ni iMNstms t.vtw ; Ui- Tattfl StaUt f I Ih. Tl wh
lJwjlt- n In Tar t. o ct f"
l.- p' -a;mM:r't Krt Wmttvt'
Wawtoje. XttT 2-.-Tfc rrtr?r
' H Dfc (tow k ajfMMvd
:mxim4 te KukiKM. He -Vr-" n-K t
t what Um pabTfO f ki tt I. H I
3c0Hw -wwrrtsr. U 1-? Ik i1
The Ancient Order of the Knights of the
ilystic Chain were latelv in
Pittsburgh. Tliero were thirty delegates, I one in England. iVrrita!, who wa adven- aUr xj foUox. thj impt --,! p vrar
repreientmg twentr-five Stales. . uuuu.- ai.u nau pietity ox inonej, came U "H- urreiy lnt: IfuOmnt ,rtwir wn
of year. The letter-i found are said to t report h th; tiwnbitur :. attrarr .t
session at have b.-n written to the murderer b otne i nwnu of UreeJy ami hi- rnt-a. S-fer re-
A rnu- -n rW..ntU. lH.rvpH .Hrrin- ' ':C -'a' HHeiJitllu: to rtllt a lrre cntt-e leuiMl n ht-5 (ItVlMi: t-r. ha b.-J fer4.r-J "
. " r-?irli fPli t??-f- It. (!-- ti, tl-. !.- Uu- f.-L- -rl -.l k. w i ... m m. . .
potatoes near .Maysville, Ky. After dig- V ; V", 'v ....-. .. ...t , -""; r , w rr-mw: n ic: rw v
ging them with cr horns Kfae t them. i .f.? :,"t.ln.ll.rH row,,lr" a;. l" Ul-l .?-?. W " 1U,
MtiL - i i-i i"i k:iii iik ai inn -. rt . titui iii-i iimi in iii niT r-'ui -. - v ..
Fkom recent it has Uen found ,,.,. t-,,-,, .i,man tttlfl Si.nt i.iH, ,.;.'. w ,,. rI.u-.- ,-.4-r ... i,- i-!i ' ..t 'l
Philauklphia has 237 carpet estab
lishments, which turn out $22,000,000
worth of goods annually. Some 12,000
persons find employment in the-e fac
tories, of whom over 1,000 are children
and nearlv -1,000 are women.
Aktkic careful inquiry, the. Moravians
of Uethlchem, Pa., have decided that
the Esquimaux of Alaska presents
greater obstacles to conver-ion than
any other people on earth, ami there
fore have .sent missionaries to them.
It is no joke that the Mayor of
Ilraincrd. Minn., has iued an order
prohibiting Mother Hubbard costumes
in the streets. The girls wore them
scant and thin, he says, and, as a guar
dian of public morals, he felt bound to
A significant incident of the recent
votcin Connecticut on the Constitution
al Amendment providing for biennial
sessions of the Legislature, is that Hart
ford, the capital, voted 1,472 against it,
and New Haven, the ex-semi-capital,
3,250 for it.
Nati'icai. gas is now being used in
brick kilns near Pittsburg. A more
even temperature, it is .said, is secured
than when coal is used, and the bricks
are baked to a uniform hardness, even
those in the arches, which are gener
ally vitriiied by coal burning.
A talking walrus is one of the cu
riosities of a Philadelphia dime mu
seum. It utters a few words with
great distinctness. Heretofore the
power 1 articulate among beings oth
er than human has been supposed to be
conlined to birds of the parrot family.
Hugh Simpson, who seven vears ao
was one of Atlanta, ( Ja., leading com
mission merchants, having as much
as $-10,000 on deposit in the bank at
once, was recently sent to jail in that
city as a vagrant Excessive indul
gence in the flowing bowl was the
Tiik Kuian Covernment has sought,
thus far in vain, to bring about the
general use of coal in that country in
stead of wood, in order to save the for
ests. As though no such thing as a
good .stove or heater was known, a
prize has been oll'ered for the best ap
paratus for utilizing coal in Covern
ment ofliees.
Waknf.i: Wilson deliberate! v ot
drunk when about to die, at Vernon,
Mich., because he had observed,
throughout his religious experience, that
intoxication always aroused him to es
special fervor. His acquaintances say
that he was sincere in this, as he was
deeply impressed with the solemnity of
tiie occasion.
Jn subduing a thousand women con
victs in a Spanish prison, of which
they had gained posM'ssion by open re
volt, the troops were ordered to use
none but blank cartridges, and while
a noise of mu-ketry was being made at
the main entrance, a hole was battered
in the wall at another point, thus af
fording ingress.
A question has been raised as to
whether Ceneral Von Goeben, whose
statue in bronze is about to be erected
in Berlin, should have been represented
with the spectacles he habitually wore.
The sculptor has omitted them. The
St. Jamcf Gazelle says that Von Goe
ben's glasses formed part of his physi
ognomy, and ought surely to have been
borne in mind.
A max is living in Switzerland who
takes all of his food from the end of a
stick. His daughter had been in Mar
seilles as a nurse, and returned with
all her clothing. She soon died, to
gether with her sister and sister-in-law,
and the old father has not since passed
be3ond his little patch of land. Per
sons who wisli to see him at his bound
ary throw a stone at his door.
TnE Chinese city of Foo-Chow, made
- interesting by French capture, is sur
rounded bv a wall thirty feet high and
twelve feet wide at the top. The
streets arc narrow and filtlry, but from
a distance, in consequence of trees and
hills, the place is picturesque. The in
habitants excel in the manufacture of
ornaments from native soapstone.
The climate is hbt and enervatiu
Uv n recent fire at the village of Car
thage, X. Y., over two hundred houses
were destroyed.
John Fox and "William Worden were
killed; Henry Johnson and Michael An
derson fatally injured, and a numb-r of
others .seriously injured by the recent ex
plosion of a boiler in Ihnac Wehrinnn'sj
saw mill at Ten Mile Creek, W. Vn.
Twenty thousand people were thrown
out of employment by the closing down of
cotton mills in Mas.suchu.sets during Sep
tember. Anumhep. of accomplished Eastern burg
lars were recently working Eastern Texas
towns successfully.
An old man named Stneizel, committed
suicide at Trenton, X. J., recently, by
hanging himself. He was suffering from
temporary insanity, caused by sunstroke.
liv an explosion of gas in the Dorranco
shaft of the Lehigh Valley Coal Company,
near Wilkesbarre, J'a., the wood-work and
fan-house wero greatly damaged. Condy
McCall, a miner, was seriously injured.
The body of Patrick Ash, aged sixty
years, was found floating in the Arkansas
Itiver, near Pueblo, recently. He had
been an inmate of tho Insane Asj'lum for
a long time, ami was discharged n few
weeks before his death occurred. Tho old
man had loft his coat on the bank and had
tied to his neck a largo piece of slag from
a smelter near by, weighing about fifty
pounds, securing it by means of pieces of
ropo aud wire from baled buy. Ho was not
known to have 0113' relatives or friends.
At a recent meeting of tho Grand Lodge
of Masons nt Louisville, Ky., Grand High
Priest Farleigh bitterly condemned Pope
Leo for his decree against Masonry and
his insinuations that the tendencies of tho
Order or either iufidelic or nt any rate
anti-Catholic Ho announced all tho
charges as absolutely false.
Thomas Whitb, late cashier of the
Planters' and Mechanics' Hank of Peters
burg, Va., was recently indicted by the
grand jury there for making certain fraud
ulent entries on the teller's book whereby
Thomas White, the teller of the same bank,
was credited with ",irJns deposited Jan
uary JS, issri, and i.'i.lj J as deposited Jan
uary i!l, 1SS.-J.
Thomas H. Evans, a journalist who had
for some time b o 1 on tho Krooklyn Times,
was recently arrested for embezzlement.
Aliieut Zimmkuma.v, aged three years,
was playing with n loaded .shot gun re
cently at Allamont, III., when !t was acci
den ly discharged nnd killed him.
William Johiian, a watchman at Oak
wood Cemeteiy, Chicago, was recently
found dead in tho cemetery chapel from n
bullet wound in his head. It was sunpoicd
to have been an accidental death.
Engineer Cole, of Galveston, Tex., re
cently lost his life by drowning by jump
ing into the bay to save tho life of a young
lady, Mi-s L-iurn Lanair, who had acci
dentally fallen through a bridge. P.-ii
wero lost.
In the United States Circuit Court t
Providence, K. I., Judge Colt lately ren
dered an opinion in tho famous ca-o of tho
Caiionchet estate, Francis D. Mnulton vs.
Z-ichary Chaffee, to secure possession of
the property purchased at auction sale.
'1 ho estate is at South Kingstown, the resi
dence of ex-Governor Sprague, situated
near Xarragansett Pier, and was a portion
of the property disposed of bv the trustees
of Chaffee. Judge Colt held that Spnigue's
right of title and interest must be shown.
An immense firo recently occurred at
Milwaukee, Wis., by which the mammoth
dry goods establishment of T. A. Chap
man & Co. was destroyed. Tho building,
estimated nt l.K),00, and the stock, esti
mated nt SlW.OOO, were entirely lost, but
were fully insured. Stark Pro., who oc
cupied a portion of tho building, also lost
SIOOCX) by tho fire. The origin of the
bkizi) was a mysterj-.
The Western Freight Classification
Committee which recently met at Milwau
kee, ad journod until tho fust Wednesday
in February. Over one hundred altera
tions in freight classifications wero made,
to go into effect on the 10th of November.
The Postmaster-General recently re
ferred a number of Star Route cases to tho
mat ia orange crop ri Morula lor im , tu. alI r,.,,.-1,.:y ur.wi nm to Itiak,. rHMliUon ws mn W-i.mir and rnUml.
year will exc-ed three tnddon boxes. ; haste and dis;tch them. 'I he authorities He was cold S tin- ki ai! M-MUtun o
Miss Klokk.nCi: Gikahd, &c'.res, has r5 ; of Nance County are believed to be m cow- hunger cone, aud tvs $ fcle. d ait-st
gun a slander suit for ilSftl, in tho ' mutin-nlton English authorities 'With brvathle-.. Hi-, ,.)c iv nl lutd eta.-; .
Supreme Ojtirt of New York, against Mi3S a ie of exposing the pdot. atl uxk-vd hti rat,m rh Oku :
Carrie Turner, another actress I II. II. IUloki: was recently arrUd at ?N W,U d,I.:u,t '" wl tJr (tma
Jehe Dcn.v. the oriz-.- Jichter. Ian- Fremont bv IWal Iii.iMi.tir John Stem ti vm'" mm ,J 1,r- ' A
guishes in the Chicago jail, charged with j sending obscene matter through the mails,
aiding and abating a pr ze tlghL He can j Thk Empire Mate .Stook and Dairy Coin
not raise ti.e $1,'J0J bail n quired pair., of 1-remont. recently filed ir-s arti-h
- . - -,.. -. . . .va. . wm-.-' -an -u
iiiK i oca i 1 ui-e o: me jiuani r.xpres, 01 incorporation u 4xn me aecreairy 01 u:'. it n was in Ivi! wtr tti V-udt tri
at Woonsock.-t, It. I., was enterel recently A Woman bv the name of Mr. Push, the e)es f U- iwi:?.t ai oul( i
during the night by burglar-, who rifi-d living m-ar Creigl.ton, went insane rts. ntly no W,M stoo.1 aNm: thewon Uir miri
the safe of ll.tvO in coupons and bonds, and while being taken to the Insane Asjlniu ful errand of relief. Serge.inL Itm.iKvri
and rJ.O-JO in bank note, IkjUi packages Iw at Lincom, stopped at Pierce, and at a iwr- ni"' Pteiercks ami IIop ul M(al lltw
longing to the Woonsocket Sa ings Iiisti- ' mem when attendant was not u-.kuig detback were exti-ine!v wrak and hartly
tution.. The doors of the r.flice were all ''C .-kipipeil out and has not been heard ot able to sUnd. The wer :h. hmstr ablf u
found lnrL-...l in f l.i. inftrnH... nnil tti.. ilnnr " S SUpiMll tDat allC WalHlerfO Oil "- "-- '"" '""' ""! rK I-OU,
. .. .- ....... ...w...-..n, ..--...- w- , --
on me pr.une ;::iu u:ei in a nt 01 insanity.
Tiikkk was a destructive fire at West
Point the other morning. Thirteen hor-es
and a cow were burned to death. The fire
started in a feed stable, wjuch en-
velojK'd in ll.uncs before the aniinaN could
itr murtMni tm eaaal imiWr j ti pt
taft a k brt u nHfctr t twuittrct mij
Ptu awt;atxk hJc mj hr Wo
khmksaI te :&4f jtem mt st" SkmK-
lvrprtaaml Iit HtnVr k. urn r
pKnfWOMm o' t-Mft.C40 Water Utm an" ti"
- tm krf a aiitMj. Inptmma ivn
M-ntama tut !. cwitTi ttmttj M
r-tsf ic It i tna Uwt tbo tmttrv
t inlMi U atiiriae u.4wd rtdMh
xUm Um nmt U Um jMrrttd nutui
Hhlrh Umf Colaibtoiw Gcwiwut a
-ealskm. nor to cdhvt hrbeito. uur t ee:
the -blimp- Uon uhw-h the had to (tpeit-
to a great extent . t. su-Uiti life. 11h It
fan, hand- and limbs wtfe -oJle tc an extent that thej cj!hl not K' rve
mzed. I his mdic.tUsl that the nM- ti
of the fcnfe, an old fashioned one, was
found closed, but not locked. Tho thieves
left no trace. The total value of tho bonds,
cash, che ks and notes stolon from the
Adams Exprrs? office at Woonsocket was
stated to be ?I0",OX.
At Palmyra, Harrison County, I ml., re
cently, a party of thirty women, disguised
in men's clotnes, rode up to the liquor sa
loou of William Pott, at a late hour of tho
night, and demanded admission of Pott,
linrs.w.fa.l.. BWB.t a .an !.... .-.... !...,. ..1 -I...! . I . m
Biiuionuiau it in t-ue iiuusu mi um were eitruii ior mo ensuing year: wninn anotner jusmsi away from autotigst thetr
snloon. Enforcing the demand with drnwn Patriarch, Isaac Oppenheiiiier; Grand High tcirever. l'r .'-ergeant Eili-oo 4s foiti4-
revolvers, they wore admitted to the house Pi i est, J?. Ik Still; Grand Scribe. I. A. in ln.s sleeping tug. where he had
and at once set to woik and broke all tho Cline; Grand TieaMirer, Samuel McCIay; lain helpdos aud hopeless fur uiotiti's. with
decanters, glasses and other furniture of S. W.. S. II. Hall; Grand J. W., I), his hands and feet frozen oil. Mrappcd tc
the bar. and knocked in tho bends of all "-"""&, urnuu neprcsen;aue, j- ii. one 01 me slumps was tonnd a snhi whi.t
Ilia tau-s had iinM.i.) huhikn.i j- tto rvwm, xm MtXtwrnt Hhkrh m rtet
!HilsatingawlhisNWi.atVt.r, um '? "? " ' ". V -This
Wider v-e,e ,,r the lN-iidtw. bhu U U kii ! UM FoKh x4
fainistw,! oWer ctm-.lmc his dim: nw. ' wii ranu: tav k, tar o
m . . . ...ii . . ... . . - .. aA.
tfXHlatioai to Uiai hl tr no in i-wcitms i
Tb uxMwatr mt ih C4mtMae Ktrr-
tnenl ha xrTU4 to 9pimilkm t
aquKitaMi M Ue rhrtMs lj Knn ay ' :
1 h .Wanrta ( otnwn Ufcs out ataMlord ,
h'w- ot MNT-ta. What ft I in rata- ,
patta!i UUMto wTiXi as n-rry thin
ctunriM mih th NrntratftMA CajtvU ha
1-m, aol $, rMpMH"rs r .t Jitdtrlj
U. Irani anthn iMt it tnn the $lm ,
nor to piifjKite t!H:r simple Jit of l
InMri.t. Tlw urr-ror of IHifc .wia.
can. and tn indim.. that ! 1mi st Uh, .-, h . t. -
w-ss ui.nai HMactAlns; i bant
A CSf "! twMtr.f i- i n i ,
fnMrr f ! RithM-aia !- I wr J,
fN .f tr. Ptt.
On tk rrnixz of 5wHt. CVt
1$. J scrawl rsefff " g r
iair ; ,SU 1ml. Ii. It 5
tmK TW J-alkwtaar fc wlva Mr. . .
ua flr I va T raiajla ta ,! ft
tT r tm & mw a
. .fc, . a ,AWM.a.i. a.m m..m
r ) raatf n iara' aavn
ham err TW H ai aa
air ta-s aata A.
W aaa "" i mA4L r t 4at
lata wramxri iiHiiianwii ai
taw pr.mrr lcaan m hmmtm
in Mrs.r9 M fm awn aat
- 9rmmr a-woa taint
Tk- mrM. mm ar 1 1
mn rm fe aft)ti4wai ftT -t:.f
aiatw tfcr iMafr mi a
! W ftns m m mm la mm
rm - at m . mt ' M i
t C . 1m ttwaB frm , ,
thM,t ot wm- I 0 tortaai -,
r mm imM rmmmrm. m4 m 'm
o l aa mmm tr tmr t a
Waal arr ,-l
w Im iw. . i m l ami aaa4 t
ltuni'T M -tl ar a M t
uy a .war pat trf jr 1 m
t tr-w awtJw lr Sm u waa a-
tw ap t itr t Ifwimr to aaa
- tn ai wfc- mt iat tvtNW '
a- 4 t..lSKr lwH ftn tiav t -! -
ni a- pa a tmi
tlwrac t trWi at llitta Ww t 1 t .
ur atr i alar fctar irn tf
TTi' k x w mtf rwrtu !- I
lks 4 o irtaa'tafctai ataar l f
Ma st ta mtmtr aarttf m ir ar t
tmii af taw r.M aat Ksra
to aa yttaw a4 mij .
(M-n v r jr aya 4t
t t.r taara hm bm W mXm m
a4. tM 4 Ua. mm rmtmt rnt, I
la aaaata
. Ml
a (rrl n tat fii
tt arttra TSottrfur MalkU(a)r ii
SkKlllatl.JI b fea. jfc. la a. ..uaaaW l t u aLi -. I 1 frar aaa I ataa 4a -.aawf atatftaatl latatk Miit. ,.
"-- " .i.w .-.J-1V..W M.. ... ...-, nati uui a snort le.i- or life, irhhiv no4 "" " i s wwmw w. ; : -;-- t-iti - .--- t, . . .,
t he warehouses of Thompson ,t Co.. impic- lllore than fort I'urlil Innirs at ti.e 'itn-t fcn"H lmml- Ilw n PKU irrll , 'JJL r lTT!Tt4MW-V"
iiieiit dealers and Lee A Chubhuck. hard- This fact was r.-c.n.ed bv theui all atta lumi V,lA J '- tf work uo Uie lf , t. y - t. t.-.i!, .
ware dealers, were burned, with contents. had come to them trtm then exiwrien-e dur t,!MMI' " rr' r fcwt). I h? rrf- .- n o'lw. iiuM43t la ii iwef i
At the late meeting of the Crand E- ing that Ion- and deflate winter in watch- "' fwi t-r o Paoa . ? "H.ti JLlvr,1 fcTl'TT'T
catimniMit I. O. (). P.. the follow mirotricets in-their dm- r,.tiifMiu.m -, .-. ,... um u-hm fur anr i.dltrai aUvantorw 1 !..l ' ' 't l?7. .aiT-V
i aa"- !'- was ar'a aawraa a-w a !"
which Is to ts-' raimtii frtH Uw mn4rtrUtt
t the ran d. and the rrinlkons N-t tii
('anal I otnpativ nnd tkn ( Uve naatiti of
Kt-ota ainl Pawtiia are d.-ct.Scsllj tratid.
V.W M.sT Kit's JiltUT.
Pr an cxpilosioii of gasoline in the house
some companion had jmt
able him to feed loiiiM-lf.
there to ' en
His p thy sc;u
of Samuel L ' ud, at Lincoln, the other ndition otherwise appeared to tn the b,is fr was f l'.so ll. ntnl the. . J ' ,!
day, Mr-. Leland was quite severely burned. f uf the siiriors. and this ma W at mnKint distHirsl I,.'4H).:.,M; buUiMre, SI- ! mtkr tn.
Her clothes cauglit fire, and when she ran inunieu to uie l.ict that each of his comimn
into the ani it was only by the opportunt tens had tlolnl out to him from out thch tnii of dejw-tors foi puttir fuiuU amt n- ""i I ) ! m tfc ui lawn !' i'
arrivalof a neighbor, who .smothered the s,naI1 allowanc sometli.iu to help hiuu Ur crt-tfs the diaitlnuaiH-e of dej-aUKs. at ' ,iitrXr tktStT r'tJkJn lTfcJI!t!l '
llauie.s, that s!ie eapted fatal injuries. account of hi compilete helplessness to nUl "ntl IV . Nui Antmu. ami t otmods ; Mtr.-t frs.a la 4ir rr nf ih '
the barrels and kegs and poured out the
f liquor. They then cave Pott notice that if !
he reopened the snloon they would piay
him another visit and lynch him, us they
did not intend to tolerate the .sale of liquor
in tho town. Bott began to look for an
other location.
Jamk.s Dunca.t, of Dallas, lex., recently I 'jm: necessity of water suriplv as a pro- a"vthnig to his own by hiiiitiutr aNnit the
fell dead iu a chair in a saloon. A note ' tection from the is being agitated in PlatLv Ti-'k for lichens or catching shrinji lie Mif
was found on him rending: "I am fifty mouth. " fi' red n waste of strength t tlie exertion
It is renortod tint I'll Perkins is t,. ,m,",m l-",i nil" ran-i tjiisou wa r i-n. ami s, theie will mmibttfiy
' ' '.' fenng with each other, under the nuist ib. present miu, unlesvs cieiu re.Un-thMi
I 1:1:11.11 rov is now boasting of the best j.enite ciirmiistaiices. could dunk of. are iti.p,-d 11. imi,,,: idlers twt -,jit-
cliurch and school facilities of any tow not STgwiiij was icn much niliieeil, Plate the jmmeot of tmieaice. ltiacato
its ste in the State. It has he church though in somewhat better comiipon than n-eonimciided that the law forbldittf the
orir.uiiattons. with three line church edi- some of the others. His olhc hunter for HuwinU of nut.-ne to arm imirH mr
lues, and before another ctr the Pn-b. the starving pattv had made it nnvs Iim1 Knot ntds. .(,... t:, I h. repeli h ta
tenaiis wil erect a hue place for worship. Miry to iiieieaM! his pittatM-e ol ui-i that the jar..traj.h in lb armMrulii-
Its M-nool facilities are niip.niviiig. and food to maintain UU irrngtli tlial thm. foiUihiiii the ottirer frinti Uaiiin.
w lien tlie new huildnig is completed Crei-h- lie might continue to Imttie tur I.hkI and hvNthe.- i!i tr transfeir hU my e-
"'" ."'" n in 1 ue iinesi sn uciures ol, n this cii-e however roimt not a Uialli due nt th.. tin... .h.MLl
lrtr h-. mm)-. hrsxtBva m tf . ,
lm fhrwtsaMa. .rwi tmnrmm l'"j
ijtttC i fav.f (Jfe lfs4 frttt ! h
Of Xr t-itwn W luvn Itati W lt
jtsr mi the tit I -., ita &r-MOM-ndaMxnLt.
oklrti l)4i hrn -oVl-
i..... - . . . . . j . . irti 1 ax r ihhs u m m
.. nis,.,. tx-wxxT ts. iHwaan,,,, BttJ ,,, ,
itenentl Ito-heer. in his annual rMHl, J a fry. a-i. m.mWm "t
ns that the totai nmoowt RiUhle for the ' "' '" . mt
r-t liv tawio taat kkli n u Mwt tia
ir.l iliritrv' 1 nm mmrrr- f r.
nr4 nMl Ilurat of tMir A . ,
W. III. He cotttmtit,s mi the lrent 1 U mm m IU I'mMI Si la
years old to-day, and this is my last day
on enrth. I am tired of the world."
A U.mtkd States Deputy Murshal re
cently seized tho well-known Tremont
Prewer3', of Itoston, for alleged revenue
frauds, and arrested the prpirietors, "ell
and Henry Kenny. W. J. Clair v, the driver
of the concern, who had defaulted on his
bonds in a ca-o of alleged revenue fraud
some tune ago, was also arrested.
Frank Pattkksox, of Pieehold, N. J.,
was recently ai rested for having forged
indorsements on notes aggregating .5,000.
He was a well-known theatrical manager.
Tub piust-oiHee at Steelville, 111., was re
cently rnhlxd of I0U worth of jewelry
their re-etaMishmenL He .iIm r-tii- ! twwhut da n i ti. - tn mi Aw
lliends uii attttr,t.rmlU.ii .if Sirr. .mmi l I -" H iVtm Mr4l 4mmfrUn TTk- m
- -..-. - . " " ! I
made tor mlhase ,f oJbrers for U. llnil
the kind in .Notthern -Nebraska.
Gi:o Isi.AMi is (toUiblialiingafree nub- its story ni Lis wasted form. Shorter and
he library. shorter jouriieis wen- made iu irood
tl'e elfc-t of this continued etfoit had told be enforced and im h.ncer treaUsl at a doan 1 i-" ty a
Itntn tMMn m iMM-Hlir "1 imtaal i
0'W in pstM.r ltut (ffisil r-aatt. TftWt t l
4. ittf .MkS' tre ttfutrmtHtt wti
th- n of UK..r "Hl iMiarl M P tr a I
hi.rHr H Hmt t warllMr tlM. m t .
a;l w itititMi r , iaM' it
Im, nmo-UMtl M t ia lmllHt ..
la lat- maxii(N ll mthf 4 t .
nrn in I qtr Im lit J lino Th'fn mtm immr)
vtianrs mii r n.htornt tm, 1 ot t
t irom TotHt toil ! Km .
rlt-clkt-i to -Iu l Um Ittt atrf
mlM- Mtth rr1tmy Iu h ,oatt t.x II.,
pNitrartnf lil Ih Klt M.- ri ! Im lot.i-plrt-
of tk i,ttrram't. 1 um fc tt...
)(' Ik Kt-OUliMn Pt). tan4-t ' -
tw HftrlHi tnrUT. na ' lot Hto !
Job Cokk. a desperate Texas highway- ' ln';, 'iC . '" s, -icpnens wen.
man, who some months ago robbed a man "J.V -'y;'JIr day ami made arrant
.... " . : iiients witli JuilgeAnderMin for a marriage
ot his money in ,a ravu.o near the city of n,eM on,t.n.,, H arf,e ,,, )f W)flls ,..
con. ttui 111,111m men mane nun sinp on ga-ed thiee ladies' hats, a fiddler, a child
I loin.i: County farmers are losing tJieii ' )xMthfr, while iu the tiopient had wiiithcr
Iiol'.s by cholera.
m n calling himself T. Stephens, went
ins clonics, wiucii lie also stole, was sent
to the penitentiary for ton years a few
days ngo.
Edwaud O. EiT.OKitALi), Jr., of Pich
mond, Va., was accidentally shot 11 few
days ago while packing Lis trunk for his
wedding trip. Tho wound was probably
I'haxk IlifiXBT.of the firm of Itigncy;
Hiveily, Winnipeg, Mnnitobn, recently
disappeared. Ho lorged hM",'JW) worth of
cniiiu ami two kegs of beer, made appl ca
tion to prou up on 11 homestead aud then
Pi: 1 ntlv as F. W. Wood, of Lancastei
County, was diiv.uga herd of sixtv cattle
over theMoi-aii bridge, on Salt Creek. sit
feet of the structuic went down, piecipital
in thirty of the drove twentv-two feet inti
ten Net of watet. The bridge was smash. .)
info kindling wood and the beeves were bap
ti.ed in a bunch. Singular to say, only om.
animal was killed.
t l.T Q,,.... f: I...M i- S' ,t . ...
llxam II DPrf of AVashiugtnn r ,-r V Gemwa" 11,,. I
D. t., was lately indicted by tho -Grand commuted suicide the other im.Tniiig ti-,
Jury of the Poston circuit on tho charge hanging. The deceased was simv-i-MiI
of defrauding the Navy Department. He 3 eats, ot age and had amassed con-idciahic
was a stationer, and supjilied most of the ptopeit;., but had been of unsound mind fui
stationery used in the diiTerent depinrt- two ears past.
ments of the capital. His pdan, he alleged, ' E. E. Manpkvii.i.k was lately arrested al
was to secure orders from a department '-''icoln and held to bail in thesuin of .sl.ont
and receive payment for goods without I,,r ''" mortgaged property. Maudevilh
delivering them.
Kecp.ntly while tho employes of tho
post-oflice at Central in, HI., were at tho
fair, thieves entered at the -rear window
and abstracted 4&W in no-tag stamps and
Z'S in cash. The city was full of confidence
men and thieves, attending the fair, and in
connection with those that belong in tho
city, were "doing" the town with wonder
ful success.
Gen I'.knjamix F. has written a
letter to I. B. Abbott, explaining bis Talla
poosa talk, ami emphatically denied that
he bargained with Secretary Chandler or
any ono-else to suppoit Blaine or any other
A drunkard named Fred Shultz threw n
lonm-rly resided in Kansas City
Tin: other morning Leon Douglas, sixtecr
years of age and an employe of the Lincoln
Telephone Exchange. Mailed out on a biev
cle to lide to Waverly, a distance of twehc
miles. About half way out one of tin
wheels got caught iu a rut and the bov hai.
one of hi.s legs brorcn. He laid in the ioar
neai Ivan hour before being found and takci
caie of.
J. II. McMttiTRV, of Lincoln, who own
a large stock farm, recently lost about thret
hundred hogs by a disuaso resembling
cholera, but which he asseiLs i not tin
genuine hog cholera, but by far a more fat 1.
disease. The same dNeast; ha a No ajv
peared upon other farms iu Lancastei
Sih:i:ikf Corkv. ff Valley County, re
cently received a telegram fiom Sidnev n
in that region his strength was s( mta-h im
aiicd that when the joitul whisth
was heard he hail only enough left to vtne
gcr out In the rocks overlooking the water
to see if the signal lunnl had proceeded
lroin bhips tn sight. lli- ltrt i-.:tat
A Itll'IKi: PIsil'l'olMMl.M.
as he saw nothing. A .vn-nd vi!!
lifteeu minutes later brought hi'ii
within fifty .nds of the Pear's steam
cutter, am! in view ot the relief -ships com
ing around Cain Sabine. When the -lenni
cutter ran into the bend where Lome w a
seen he rolleil down the ice coiercdchif aud
was taken into the cuMei. He informed
Lieutenant Caldwell that the location of the
camp was just oer the i iill. Iu the cast
of Seigeant E:ii?on. the medial otlW'er?
were fearful ftom the !ir-l time that his
chances of life were ery small. As s,,o:i
as healthful food was available and tin
ti'gestive fiietious should be ic-cst.ihlNhed
fully, lualthfu! blood ciiculatioii wouht
lu-gin its dNtiihtition of new lift
tt the injured arts and intl uiiiua
lion would napirallv o'cur. If i'.liNoift
stieugtb should incieae more tapidly than
the amputatnu of the Injured
parts would perhaps save hi hie. '
d.rts nttcr hN ieciie June gb Dr. Gre'ii
lejortitl that Eliisou was threatened with
congestion of the brain. The svmtoms in
creased nipidly until the ir tellow Iot
his ie.i.-on. At Godhaen bis condition wa
so critical that the surgeon of the ep.di
r-lflr ao4 atavttl at-
Ici,.r , iio-ouloa- tirs..ih ta I . u-
, ynr- V'i hnv. um lM o hat. It.
UMr s 'Mtit. Hmorrntr tnr - mw tn HtTrt r
Wasiiim.him. Mrlolwi t The fntiernl ', '. " a im
m"nr twh ir inwa'iiut. v.i
H.-Vr rHttrl ! t MMr tt t
trl Mot iiat"'' tarotrrtlcMt TwM
I ". ik -rtlrr, Ot ts latMartatt
il iih Motiakr. iMr aaaa atp t-
la thH koit'T to l.Ca h tmm y r iMtOO
)or iHMrii4 alt h.- mmm. r aiMao
hi hair li.r-.4Mi lor trnir i.wn a
h'w am mrt n U anitai it a
! aii-l rrft r to lawtr a M ror rtahi
In htftr I a in ao t . .k'lMiMar IWaa a JS-m
, ..m., U H f ntt a rfmt'y mi a mwh
of Mr. Wormlfv. tin tatttotis ho(e ke-r
was one of the iiHt ivtoatkable Uibuti- of
reis-ct eer aid a cohired liutn Mi tliii
country. An imtocn' rtowd of frietols
mid adinier of the dead ittatt was a
reiublcii m ttie IhM.-! ami the tre.-td
w.-re so thioiigt-d that tha j-lw
hm dilltril( in keejMnK the
clear for iirr.aiCTH. TW frwr
ere roiKitwttxl in tho ftaloott partora of
tile lHteI. whh'h wero ilr)w HlUi Mmk
and urctiraU'd Hiiti lttai.y Aura! otfmitc
The Hue rlergjoi.ii ytijft ItVv. 1p.
SiiiKlerliu, ; and Waring, ao! caq
p.w;-hearers .iUe in tuioitK-r. lrrtil "
1 nun anuiiu' 1 m iiiiLa.r nio'iiiMoni aa nii.a .
-"-'- " "- i-.""" -....- u.t u.o to .. .mmi tto. r-ii tmntm
cfiorei ciuettmi! U I O-trict of 1 n.iimhou I m mvmlm a -..I itii Uy tm- lirpa'' traoi
out two ut4rtiai among ifooti too . " oi ioi)' wtn ai t
moat distnigiithrd in WalonrUMi. 7 '''.".T . - - "
th retnaiitK. ami niam tio hal hi.ti bn- 1
hrtarie or Mr. rinU-v' jeetioroaitv. cawc .
to 1 my a niatk of art.s-uioi to tlo tneiu. -
ory of their departed frieml.
f tivl m ta tit awl l Utif ot tCotot-
t( OM!Mr h(i) tH rnl ! (, i" avftt
m lai'i initr ha- trtintnH vl !!
e. j a. a,, . ,o b 4lo4s4 ,y (O U-u
tka rao 4taoaM iwv orrtt
tnil ao-i .iti totaa fr it ttMtr ialhor nt.aa
'-) hr-nnr I mt oto Itatrturi at
Hi HOT miwr , aoaal Matk l nm
Mia C'lirrP- UVIliifi. V.'li. tMi nt l.oiic'a
I'etik, ..ip ll-r ) iirtHiir U U ru
Ni:w Vork. cto$)..r 2i- Ml Carrie
Welton, the holy hn. owl Irath Up"n '
a 1 a ... . . rcn Ruraeteti s, worh at tUoi ro-
onnl to teltrv tia at mtmrnt wam.ia
i.'ao a4oa that rr rvariMt wiia ravt
r-pn.l.ji!r ao-i It lava Mtnetto mrU mi
ar.rj -itHti Mian Ha !Ot r-l li H Ma
ahairrsl j(, lh.ri tta rmmH't,Htig It. tn
utNplta. Il a.,Mrs. ;rHt " oi4 .
A' .r tlif ;-l..t. HrpHlillmti fn,n-tlllit-
It, lll Ulrr, .,( 1 1.- ChmmO, On
lt-rifil l.lnl...,,7, l,.,,,,,, Tfr
Tho National UcpuWl-an rontMlhtoc
ltaji i.Miitl tt, fa.lL.tvth. .. .I.l.u.
..iiflv 1. 1.. Wt )... f...)....,. -......1 .. 1. n iniei
' " ,T ....., --".m, ,k ,. -rv, Mtofb.iro Ni.Uooaif
SiixU-il, IO UOlHcetl iWMI.OUO atot S.'.Vl.WW, tto rln.VMt.
O'aoiNnaa lta4U tn
toro a rttolr .1 mm-
tion after consultation determined to ampu .IO "M ''ci r wo i'rovmtion of ( rwiHtjr "- rmtr uwy tav t, rf m
late both feet almve the ankle, as the onl to Animal. Henry Menrh. the lrekloittu! hnnA y "aoi ta tttil i anr tawt mm,,
chance of life. Tin disease howeiei the -M--iety. ahl toIny: "Th? mailer
, . Main-. -Hoi to t . ttmm. aoaVrr
La rt
- -- . ... .. i...M ,. ... a... ..... .....
uiumpiieii ami amid me menu scenes tnai ,i,.ii ,... ,,.. ,... ,,1,.1, 1 j . . . 1 ' ' "f "-j - h ran o iittn'-o fi
had surrounded tiim for three v.arsiu th,. lieM ""V""' ' h , w btt,t' Jj flirStaUSKTf W'T. ".
heroic .sacrifice, and within ti.e desolate '"," i"' I" ? Mh AimSmL Zn "TZTZfjlZZ
solitude of that region of eM-rlasting K J-f" l-a... Liarily bt Ua cotttetits ? ,r ....... ,,, 1 iXi T V i5TaTS,
and snow, surrounded bv his Muiowinc tlf'' l nw " M," ' hl,, : '' I -- """ v "" t- Ura,am n, ?.
comrade, he pa,l awa3. L.eute.uul ' '" k""r"' "H ' :,m tTw:- . "! j TX :TlJTiL,,tt "T!
Grcely wAs ph 'ically the wk-.t Mil ue lr l ', lM ', -"-,.,"? .l- "Z7 "?'. T ZZ7ZZJ?
tally the most ugoious of the parti. IU 1.r,:",, ,"' lh" , ,,' 5- o- Mi- !-, m,r. rfllM wlltonrt.i rt"SS..'
had'laininhis sieening hat; for weeks or U 'tHi Ima made of her mttty. 1 ;?'': V raotM4, awl
ii.i- Hiniiji, iHnil'OT, Itl'll a
account ot his gmdually failing strength,
lie was unable to stai.d alone for any length
time, and was almost helph-s, except it.
A law passed in 1875 made a radical
change in the management of Freneh
prisons, and now all prisoners are re
quired, to he kept isolated from one
another by day as well as by night.
Criminals where terms of sentence do
Dot exceed one j-ear are lodged in
prisons belonging to the department in
-which they were conyicted. The point
most insisted on is a sufficient
number of cells to keep those who
might be innocent of the charge against
them from coming in contact with the
habitual criminals. The matter hung
fire for some time, but in 18S0 co-operation
of the Government was finally
La I'ati.v, n famous Nihilist leader, was
recently arrested by police detectives at
St. Petersburg. He fought desperately be
fore he xvas subdued, and as the officers
b re him away he called aloud to the
crowd, who had been attracted by thestrtig
glo to noti y his friends. A number of
Russian girls of very respectable family
were alo arrested on suspicion and hur
ried to the disgraceful prisons which
await all Nihilists.
Mrs. Annie Logan, a young and highly
respt ctablo woman, and her three-year-old
son, Howard, were found dead recently in
their room, at No. PJ6 Callowhill street,
that port and one of the largest in tho
United States. She is intendod lor tho Cal
ifornia trade.
The new Hebrew orphan asylum on the
banks of the Hudson Itiver, between One
Hundred nnd Thirty-sixth and One Hun
dred and Thirty-eighth street, New York,
was dedicated a few- days ago. It cost
vkX,000 aud will accommodate six hundred
It has been rumored of late that Tre-i-dent
Arthur is soon to wed Miss Tillio
Frelinghuysen, tho eldest daughter of Sec
retary Frelinghuysen. Tho rumor created
much gossip in society circles, but has
been denied by Mr. George Frelinghnysen,
a brother of tho rumored affianced.
A collision recently occurred near Mon
treal, Can., by which an express train ran
into a cattle train at Point Claire Station.
The engines of both trains were tttally de
stroyed. The engineer of the express train
xvas killed at once and a number of pasen
gers wero injured, some quite seriously,
though not fatally, and others but slightly!
The accident xvas caused bv the over
lapping or over-runniug of the switch bv
the freight train.
It is said that over 23,000 persons attend
ed the recent dedication of the soldiers'
monument at Waterburv, Conn. There
were over 3,000 persons in the line of
march. A choir ot 2)0 voices furnished
the music and Senator Piatt delivered the
dedi ation speech.
Bismarck is taking a very active part in
Iirepa.iufcAU1 mo -European International U1Ao oon-n,o ' 7
Conference on the Congo question ? NiJ ??' - dama5 loe
... boquesuon. aM$),000; insurance, $14),0O0.
The private banking hr.u.- r -rr t - '. .. ' .. '
rock at a Republican torchlight procession ; questing him to arrest .Joseph Crane, win ' a silting osturc. All pngs of hunger bar!
. t., . . ! I....I .i 1 t.-.i ?... .. -,..1 11;. - ........ .. -.. .. :i.t 1... 1...1.
i r.i-ni. 1 1 is - .- ini. ins null
was long and unkempt, his fae. nnd haiol
coverni with sooty black dirt, hi bod
scantily covered with woniout clothes, hi
foim was wasted, his joints swollen, and
his eyes sunken. Hi- first iiMjinn was it
the- were not Kiiglishmen. but when h(
wa- to'd we were his own countrvmeii ht
pau-d for a moment as jf reflecting, thii
.-aid: "I am g'ad to -t-e
The condition of his camp was in
!! for tmn liithHJ.I
Jfobita iK totals -- ....
Tlt.O aal H bOM iMHrWa.M. w i
' itOn too iManjKrut Imtlnr.l a...
to her ! m-n-r UW 1miM kvuol .oi.,4rsJ votemTaW
hi iiiinriiiiiftr.M. iii A a.. .1.. . . 1 1 ii.iii mill iiii I'll r ni'-ir tviiiii!- t 1 . im
Court of Claims for settlement. -: Su.,f ,., u ew nays ago, ami ";.."" .-.--" " ";" , "' " .-
Tiirliin Riii...rtf i : nit a mouuteu member of the club. He "'-'.""" "i " "it : .xonnwcsi. .xc
nnTlJ 7L lnt in ovpE,, 1 ? ; l'y n m"hi,S Jolice!"" . i" to save Tn ""thing very stran.e in the an
aim is tno largest ship ever launched at 1.:.. i:r.. - nnunrempur. lhnr :i!....oi. r.i.h. ;..
Mil IIIV. " - -.-. ..-.... - ...
Lincoln whose wife. is visitiiiL' in Scotland,
but when it is stated that the gentleman re
cently vi-ited Omaha -and a package ol
letters trout a yoiunr woman who call- him
'my own darling." why then there are peo
ple who will a&aert that matU'is look a little
IKh... ...
tnr,.. -i..w -. w-s
.-.',. . -,- . .
-....l fr4...l .. .I.i .. .... " -iTrwimmn
r....... iimiki mi,,i(n i, .tilrt '
Welton. aial liavo Umt kiovn in.-ntJoiis win in reran!
fortune. Sb. nw fxUrwlr food of all ! 115"" 'Jt"1" "nmi r1 ""- atoi to tM mt
unimaN, hut ,.s,,ai: m, f hm Sttc JS ZxCZ ,?a7VlH77rUS;
va a uo. cnwofwl and inUfil hor.-1 Ma- . um nt iai p .7Fr tl, "j
wotnan. an! rl-UjjiiiI in i-,o-4r uin a-r-' t,v " r Wt mt . wii(o i itt a
-iv. 1,-wt week I mad n rUit to Water- j'"rr2ZTJ.Z; L'V iH .
bury. Jli Woli. home. mi taadc ar- a?iV 71?, 'JT " !TT!V "TK
................. ,.,,. i...- .... . . .... .. . . - . -"
i.-r.--M. ,,- ... ,i-i iui iiiiin lenwim hii
the radi. g f th will, who wJ m6-
xbl take phw .mr time ritiritn: the irt-
i eiil !:-"
".'"!" ' "AfWt !hw fauvtj U thr et:rt
' P" I Ak I f.JI X... I h...... ...t . 1 . .
........ , t.w. mttu M.f-n (Wfras ini lit
iritorm my'll of tae ctmtnite f titc wilt.
a.l n a- a.r a iaw4ro. Ii ,
oa v ,tor o4lr k-H Xalnnoi. -to
"ti awa oi i ia MMrrr-
I a) auaaa.
- ir M-r of ta.oo Pa,ruU y rr M mm
a t -r - . If rr .tM,.tr. iua f lrrj
larr fvsiMr mt ini .. .. ...
- --" - - f 4,TV1V ff.
a t atvlkln
"iK pnuio oauKing house of TT. T)
Cooke & Ca, of "Washington, Dt C, re
cently hung a notice of temporary suspen
sion in their window. 1, i-aS learned that
their total indebtedness was $1,700,000 of
which $1,300,000 was fully secured. '
ATOTJNG lady giving tha name of Julia
Lee was lately found dead beside a fence
in Dallas, Tex., with a bullet wound in her
breast. She had been there but a fewdavs
and hailed from the Indian Territory. She
had evidently committed suicide.
1 hiladt lph a. Gas hail been turned on and
they were suffocated. An empty boule
labeled laudanum was found on the mnnt 1
andthet'ieoiywa that he mother poisomd
her child firt and then took her own life.
Stains of laudanum were on the lips nnd
hands of the child, and a towel was found
tied tightly around tho woman's throat,
and her cu-stretched hands indicated that
her last act had been to lighten it around
her neck. She wrote a letter stating that
desertion by her. husband had determined
her to the act. Her loss was greatly
The four-story building a- 10$ Madison
street, Chicago, caught fire not long ago
and the interior was pretty nearly gutted
before it was extinguished. Three floors
occupied by A. G. Spa'ding & Bro., deal
ers in base ball outfits, guns and sporting
material of all classes, stock valued at
manufacturer of hunting nnd fisbinc suits.
occupied the fourth floor; damage ,000,
hii; with the .scene m-ide the tent. I. -f r-
:irn tit.ii iiiviiiiii iiii i'a-at a. irarri'inir no t itui
imi:TKi..v years ago Mr. J. II. Mdbrd. - which the wild Ar tie Wrd woufcl lmt l Uu" " f""d far Hrtknta H: aalt UrnZZm,imV
of Omaha, was appomtc! guardian for two j.U ,-, xhe row of grave on i!.e little rfcUtf '.Ti TTal ," " trrtHV9 UV"7 "' ZJX7m&.um'l V' r M"-
boys I here wa- an c-tate left to tins- om. ,midr, fe.. awa ,, H. irMilZs ' " -. we bar ,r r- ,X ??,' ??'' Ull'l
bo.s amounting to -I., oou. and this w. s ,lc3lI am, fvvt of thl. ,HttJv Ul,n, R eelvd. idtltouet; a far Umr mmul will Tr .a., ,at ... fcmmmlirmVi
entrus.e. ito Mr. Millard s Care Ihelm-, hut -der.t witns to the In'ilv iucu-nsinz I T'u ,cnmt U' fU4 irum m,,ht'r H'- ' 2 7'' imh .i'K
were well oared for, given a goil education u,,lkllt of tllt. ,iU;(. lmw f inil,ir,. U.c U"' ' " ' Jhl P, -k j t! rCJtft 1 vsZmJm V-'-
and are ,,.,w fitted to make good bi.Muc-s ,,,.,,,, ilt,r in iIk. ,,(,ow u. ; ik,w 9l ;t;;uyrf alTrulM.
men. I he expense of thetr living ami edit- !mv w Wl it .rkeii w ait iuvwKhI l water j . ',)L?0,, ';T',e: 'U tht? ,viH 111 - -1 J t - H ta rt. ...i.
canon uas ih.vh pa... out ot estate. I he from ,h(. lucl. Knv aH, w ,fyVt. j; . u iVof T-L rTt?:p,'f ",HW, T i
boS having become ot 2'e. rwentlv tr. . .... i.. .,.- . . ...i. . .. I carBfUv hor' ttoir aa! I bat.. -! " f Ir"" ",T,.' o 'o MVmai... . .
" "" ----- .-- - - llAfVITIMaf HI'S III IV". II l'IIItlIHIIIIllll b ri"i K'llOI I1T1 ' "' - a-- -. tM ,.a I - .-- .v .,
-.- - i'a vvsa .... - Aal - nw aicaiBAB ama. . . jl
-v - "W aaaLBTa, raBBava nain ai.r . . . .. .
1 a 1 1 a . ri i v - a .-. x-fBfr.
.uni.ini uianc a eui,'iuent wuu me court lht. Ice t,H. f,X)I t,in. rt1nflllKM. Uie wretched
ami over ...1.400. the amount to winch - j,,,!- for cottkins uicn-i!- imiroVBl trv
tho vl.-,000 Ind grown, after pat ing all the :)lt.In jj, tiu.r -ore di?urs,. hardly deM-c a
expenses of the two boys. . f. fUm.. ,m. Ml ,IH Hvn .
i cJothes and sleeping bag.-of the dead; the
ab-ence of all UA. sate a few i-iipfni.- of
Omaha is troubled with fire-bugs.
A i:i:gi'!.ai: band of hor-e thieves have
of late been committing depredations alout
Lincoln and the .surrounding louutry.
Their late thefts have been so bold that otti
cers of tne law have adopted organized
efforts to pursue and capture them.
boded seal-kin scrap-; tilt wife! and wtnrd
scene of -now. icy snd cl-ci-rs o-r4oking '
iu:e.l xfi HttejtUott. 'Hh- motbrr U iU mc
lititt hwr 2t kiw and alUvik a. ;... $ TapT
. ...... - .. i--.vtt7 nmuM, oijf .cere mart ,
r.ow Inwn roHtoTrt!
m a
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N. V.. OvUAv !. An ctpIo
www nan il atv
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aaora Oi1.-or 7ar h r oat ti Tt mZ
ol.l.l;(orW,.t,r, Kn f:-.,-.! -Xl JT.
..-- vv ...v vs.' ! M. ..M teB.t ..w.v. ... .. ... - T
I 1 ' T -.-. .'.fWHyn a n.
i ... .i ..... .1 .t... . inn itcttrriHi Tnno wnn.ia t ki.. r-i. - .... . . . . -
pie el a picture as sartliiu: as u was lot- rnug Canal Hawk, create g gTe; exrift. i "mm I tTh tiwl'. A .
ttte. tKn.rr..aJ " wm- "a 9TtatM
- - ' - -i- 3t ' f 71 I lHfv nvr agam in m life to rmtit. The
iTwIettUy be lell '
i t-. i- ....... aAi. ......tJ.i..ria. t n...i .. . .1 ... car t rail --t aYav.. . -
('..rnvi-p-c .Ii-lv ot V-,T...,ri.w. n.nrr.. "" '! -" '- ..- -o -..,. --s.v.. ..l-t lemttt Ofl m tC vault mroSaiawIarnfe'l.f . ." . " . - "'T'.BniM ItN-. m
Comity, recently remicrcd a verdict churg- S;;.1; -" " ' L' a.,SK'ltS;
,g the wife of H.C. Hill , ltmaster at 4 J 'SK-ilSJ fTT o- r $? "t &Kai'r
aieutine. with .-trangltng her new-born . i ....,, ..... t... T temiiti to enter Ur tttt earn iiacrx llt-htJ , ta. .- .,J7lvz f ''" m Mfa,
bain. 1 he woman was arrested upon the ,,.,, ,.., ,,,. if . Vti... h.i He. when thfe -.a an -xojMrfi thteh : - r.i. aarr ta.!
charge of inunlc. : Si onJ" kSTtS? t rrTr; " "ff. ?- : SffirWK aJ - ? "
fell trom a passenger train and was In- than mine felt full of -onow : ey.-s jlat had , r f. J lJ ?- 1
stantly killed. not Wrpl fur nts were nt, w,h , tl r il ,Tl ??? nik" K
Tiik cars ran over Edward Carberrv near hi the .-oJemn.n of tlia: nrciotis lor n the L. Anwl mJaric ie painfal we not the ;;aH ri
Shubert recently, bad!-mutilating one arm lues of that little heroic band of .-u2vTer,
and dislocating one hip. m m
The Nebraska Diocesan Council will Accidrntaiij k:::u
nu .,-.. , .
.... T' --. .r. 4 m f..-, -
". a.-iifiHi n ifer ,,.. hw U w-
n.ifi. p.rtr rr...... 7f.!T"
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int-ti-.ait4f.a4 nt-oT OT "
Put an rruUo ta- ., -
l 9Wm! -l.nt ,.!.. --.,., low rjs.
" . . r .. w. ,,nirnin 1.'-,
The building was damaged 6,000, but it ' braska. November 5. Two elections have
JntntVll fVfatra m. Tnln
DmrorK, Iowa. Octot-2L Mr.IarM ZTMM0?" .- o m TIU! UmnJZ'.vL:
- .. . .. -.. - . . ....- im ..... .. .iTJIZIiJ Trfl M-TT V.MWM.k . . . - m- m
rms.i ior riu oirvrum nr Csinn tr.p nm. aitiviivt. ii.i. imam?! -j. ai:m 'i i.m ... . . : -- r
..... .. ...w ..w..u.. w. ,... ..v.,. .w. .... -. , A
was insured.
J. J. Aleck, a respectable merchant of
Houston, Tex, was recently found dead
in his store, with his bead mashed. His
Zimmerman, a thrve-y ear-old son of Charles , ( , m0rin tram at Cu t.rn- . T"- "
'i: r :.- . ri x. " -, ". t)rt,I tJirrtl..n Kt..,.. IT- "V
z.iiiiincruiaii, a idnnrr iiiok iwiuaiionraia itroct bv 1 : ,n.rof th- r,M Vi--i t ,rm r.r .-". ,ir.7m,rni wr.
-if horka ? a 11 -l ia1itii? . Iii-tt f hra l . va . . aNtr -4
w. ..w.v, ...v. ...... .... -.. .-... .....v.. ..-j ...- ar,Wx JJe -a, -onnti arwMir an itoor jf.r :rv - r '" .
cause of Ins death. Mr. and Mrs, inim-r- ard and tr,'-..r, i. ... a.i,.. ......- ft.0- .,f.f-.
,,.. i,s.i i-ff tr,.. h.. ; ,i,-.r.. r .i.j .. .. : "- " ". "" "r."- J w. " -icivjia
....... ......... . ... -.. ....... f unconaaon coruittioo. L
TaE old Bascombe race track, at Mobile,
Ala., celebrated for forty years, but not
secured, and the proposed reforms are used since tho war, is being renewed and Phelps, of Lawrence, Mass.
fXOW in process of execution. I out in order. It will be used as a wintc' Tnc Louisville Exposition closed after
a-successful raa of many weeks, OctoberSo.
failed in securing the consent of the person
A PtSKASE is reported to have broken
s . ww. m..v.. iuc .,i.u irt s..i;i .iiriv i icr-
headfcnd shoulders wore under a molasses ! cinct. in Iancaster Count', which gives un
btUTel, tha contents of which ha
turned upon them, the whole floor
covered with molasses. His poc
been rifled, but there were no other
of robbery.
BrjRGLARS recently robbed Prof.
"" entire wau laxiug eu-ct m uiu .vioerx s ne w hla r :o tDce: bb
T-xas -ktkk is resorted araoug a herd lcft 3"e ,ul "c f I,je f.v. tearing the who try riaitaig relaUTia la ti,is city.
of cattle in Douglas County. lio!eMdcof lnschar: aud Iieavi off. '
f-r U.i .. .".". - ; --
yotin? man, while Juraploj bjr o,,r iwuhl-u uili- -fVi'1'- la errrr o-
:rvTIa-A mom..u - a-- -
ir-.r-.r-"r-- or
:,lL swry. prov-uoo oi
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fifjr InifflBhin-' st
trttrrtTr DL.h k .
pon cxauilratioa I not nc-tn t, Briosd iis-
aoj fore? srn ;nrrv-.Lt rr lis
alaaaarfA llinnt.i i-a.B I f .v-ai - awr ..
iijtiiuici .vi in ii in. ii rtLM'iu aia&irtrii ac-i .. 1. 1 .u...rj ... r'u-wiivi inAftM
1 hn..1 nnstakable evidence of being nothing less n.i r ;tia aik, ,.i -,tr Mr ,. n i ,' . . "-l H"iT'u.'ucl " werei; . -,,,.,:"
- v b bvb -- ..b.1 ii a a a a a. b.b,i . b. b lti. A Mii ami bl a, . a. m uiiu i a -i f rimi. nj.- bb. mm .- -.. .. ai b a a . . at - - - "" - " t m.atB mi unim r a
i - I than the blackleir -7- t i u i .r "'""".wt'oihii wieicit urzsi'ie aua a io.rtfmi.', ht-7ir- .. . I"w bi
btfing "," lut- atKiPS- minitrman had been gone a short time , vnt erir,w -r.t.r,.i ir. i.- ..i. .. ,. .j :rLTt5'r?5 "r any naJ3 u thr s,ori .
ketsh.d Tiik hardware store of E. T. Duke, at Minnie dLscoTVred the shot-gun over the h-rh sv,,h ,, i,t.i i.: " " '. T T? brr. rp0';.T- 45. l-. ro. b:
siens . 0n'a w:w recently entered by burglars door, and see w hat her faUier had repaired ouirtd twentv stitrhi-s. 11 U - f7m I woraouCrulTor r L0.aJ.i!
ami goods to the amount of 5,1 000 earned on i: tlie day before, and as lw ivas i.ftii . deiiroas aiyi vomitlr hia-aL Hi h-.L tSZlZZ"? cn ? .'aithfoTfa
. Austin :,..U,er Sftorcs Were ",e saulc itdownit was acctdentaliydi-chared.thc azx y thre h no hope for h't recotrV I ; wte "ri.Snwcn:-!
I "- enure ou ia.inz cutti 111 im.f .viorns i- , on hi nr ?n tr..r ht. .-. 1 i a.ill l
mamrauacd ia tko ua.
2crt. yK3ii.r.v4:re:Jff.