The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 03, 1884, Image 7

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IIG5IE, FaRM akd gardes.
Any falling o!T in the condition oi
farm clock should l)c strictlv guarded
ag&i:;3t as cold weather approaches
Pasture beyond their nrime need
to be reinforced by rooLs, fodder-corn. J'&OVPr to. spring or longer, or send
or o'her food. AH nninwU im(ii mn.ii lln-T forward to market at anv tinier
from any extra feed at this reason of
the year. Albany Journal.
Huekwhcat should be harvested be
fore frost can injure it. Cut it in the
morning wieu the dew is on. to pre
vent shelling. Thresh as soon as the
straw is su tlicientry dry, and spread
the grain thinly upon the door, as it
may heat in large heap?. Cleveland
Sieved Heels: Uoil them first the
..P.,i i i ..i- .i
r?" ., .--' . . ,ai": "'' ,-."".
u..b.i noawwpan wi n a piece oi
butler ro led in liur. some boded oruon
and P.1K1C3- choppc.l hue, ami a hale
vmegar. s:dt and pepper. Set the pan
uV . i w f T , r v T
for u quarter of an bour.-Z.', 7 -
-At this season the troughs where
stock are watered should
be well
vt. .!-. ...!.! : -i i.. ,'".-'""'": '"""1 "V;.. "-" :" "" .".--. .-...uhim. .mn '-'"v. - ' !k tb. Die nii;unuT wort k&rW ht t
!ftn;;.Z,;r ' ., ?"y ..i,clie0!ie-w. lh vU oi lat prVur,. it nie Mnvitt tikauwMSe of mstory. ponrr. htera- ( bl.J rlln Uv vbv - , ."i!;,. me mrvnm. ii be w
..;..'".,;.:.,.:' :,:;..;:. ... . , ...V ,. "nrc K:lc-a. ' "e jmie is. n lair ;.&gkmi m cloyr ana cio.;r uni;g the , tun, art, mu,.c. 1 hey might hare toen . yfr j - & M-Mioo-J Mfc- : Vl-il iW bi- kad
"-."-"- '.' - ...uiu.u ,ur pioi-cuou hj guen. somewhat eas.iy mreriin, aui the s.piir.rshiehieu the now ; for the important science of i r.arh wiI-n rf t. i .1,.;. rtlflr barit had
g.oj .mi . .i.nt aiw 1101 tic liable lobe tmperatun-. ; ew. was not dst)o?eil to be defrauded j 1 he crt.u for decoratire art b:M,, ... mtnxX fin7fTu I .
,oiieiby too much wet weather, :w H,nce the wixiom of seeing to it I the een-monv. an I Jv the time the wr.nght certain delinite mischiefs with chW MrmiiSou ofb"l!:2i 2. il -
they would be m the held. iVci'nt earlv in the snason. while I'.psh is easilv . b-naman hndn-tumed' his doc- nim-h -r.fMl ()-.. h.-trm is that bitsv ."..,. T l .. "rr,.0 ' IfOrty ? o ft
Farmer. ! ,....-.:...i .1.... .t.. " -.. t i.:..Y. 1 t... 1 .it.... ..... ...... j.. mi,. ? 11' . " 1 "i. : " t.. ... - : ' ?"" "1 "" T" lfceici H tonus . --. u .'mi,,-. -,r
cleaned, , at leat once a wee!:. Leaves toughing it is nothing else tliau insti
:md sediment rajuilly decay in warm tuUng a warfare between the t .ssufs of
weatiier, ami tiiere will be "subsequent which the animal is made up and the
damage to the of stock and the c'.emenfs without. A moment- rellec
puriJy of milk given by cows. So large ton will onvinee any one of the utter
a portion of pure milk'is water that the wasteful ties- of dfalini: out food tiiree
quaiitj' of water which cows have to times a day in such free quantities as
drink becomes ery important Jlural '.ire required if fetd is depended onto
AVw Yorker. i keep up the animal warmth, reas nabiy
There are various preparations for
wniienimr i.i:e nanus AViiif 1 c.Mri n iicmi
r " --- '-' --ww
and urli!l uair of li.-mds m-ir bi ihm.1i
Miioott! and soft, if not white, in one
month if the owner will but wash them
well in warm water everv n:-ht and rub
them well with whichever o: these sim
ple preparations suits her best, ami
then incase them in a pair of loose
gloves horn which the finger-tips have
been cut. Chic i-to Journal.
The Iioucy Cri.
The honey crop of the present 3ea. is
not up to the standard either in quantity
or quality. In some localities the so
called honey-dew" h.-is been so abun
dant as even to kill the leaves of tiie
trees where it was deposited, and. of
course, the bees gathered it. in large
etiantities, and deposited it in thclmes,
Inst it is unworthy of the name of hon
cv. not being of the nature of that arti
cle at all.
lint now com": a worse trouble, and
it is of n two-fold nature -we refer to
the u-e-. io which th.h so-called honey
dew fi.ecre.ion is put. when gathered
by the bees. To .dl if for honey will
be as damaging to the sale of pure hou-
y as to put glueo-e upon the market
anil s?'.l i for honey, and it should not
be done under any circumstances. A
one-pound section well-tilled with this
sti:l) was placed on our desk a fowdas
ago, wilh the (pics ion. "What is i;i
it nekh 'V has the im,:l or taste ot lion
ev, and is the poorest kin-i of a substi- j
iiti.i;ii.i -
tute lor it. 'lo all
!..,. fl.. ;.... ,w.
iiivii, iijv .' -. tiyi-
nil would sav: "Donoi undertake to i if tVir linni.'." tm ill-it li'f w-Ji-i- flu. ' l
amoun may be which the bees have de-po.-it.'d
in their .surplus honey sec
tions." The other point of the 'caution
which we would give, is this: If the
fall crop of honey .should be a poor j
one. the bees mav have nothing upon i
which to suo-;:t during tiie coming
winter, eveep this -ecretion of t'le
aphid e, misnamed houoj--dew, and the
result of such a state of affairs mav be
detrimental spre
and deatli all around.
Should there be a bountiful lionov
crop this fa!l, it will be indeed a (Jod
send to the poor bees saving the
lives of millions. Let us hope that it
may le so. especially as the bnsswood
has f-ii.ed in many places, and the early
liave-t has been, generally, but a vorv
.slight one.
In case the fall-harvest is also a fail-
urc. there should be a
xvithout harm. ('ivcerine, vaseline, " 'l3"''" "Kencu body ot a hea-t to ing in the room es'iipeii ine glance ot ; gonmty appear to them the lit epres-; yne m;u, sita lu tj,e 3.,.rz, lin, wjt , ft
cold cream or mutton taliow rubbed in ! :l """nnci' in wh ci fuel is consumed to ' his small, sparkling eye.-. Half a ; .-ion of a-thetic instincts and they give jj-,,,,,, i!ir hold- her heail in the tah
will do much to -oi'ien them. Oat-meal J j'Jduce heat. a the principle is quite s dozen Mongolians were interperstd thanks ihat th-y live in the cultivated m . eadv as tho-.trh at anc'ior
anil corn-meal, both dry and moist, mav ' "ko tnr fct'luig of farm animals, in so among the audience, and one of them ; age which ornaments i's whUk-bro-mi ljl"; ijtL in'r.h bark ri-in"7vertl.oil'-
in; u.-cii uilii goo.i cue 'u i ne ron'iiet, " '" t"" '"'- o""" i-' j..... ........ ... ...-, .. .... -i')"- "-. - 'w- ..v.v..-,. ....,-....-.. ..... ..v....... .. ..v...... , Ul,r f,,,,,, xn t j,s uelicato bow
rv? - .
-4 k o; the contents, ot the hives
a genei.ii
cl.iining-out of the aphid.c secretion by
.. -
ihe use of the extractor, and a system
atic feeding of the bees with sugar- 1
syrup, or good honey, for winter stores, j
We give lids word of warning thus j
early. Vo ihat no o;i, may have an ex
cuse for neglecting the matter until it j
1- loo into an 1 thus en 1.1 1 :. severe ioa
of bees duri.ig the next winter. Ucc
ami ail crops, as ir.c couicius i.t mx .
. ..A. vi-aaal
compos -heap. I his is compose.; oi
barn-vard and stable manure: cleanings
o. pigpen ;
sin'c-hole v where all the ro
iu-c slops of the house are thrown) oi
the orivc: a:! the weeds from the gar-
also the cabbage-leaves, potato-
upon n. v iaiiil.
For potatoes.
o: naru om
iimi.n': i-....ii...ict .r the rate ot fiftv to
seven: c-live busluis per a-re. and har
rowed i-. mt-.' e r.ial to. aim i- -"- --1
son he. drv. superior to the compost.
have a number ot acres of potatoes now
on haad, manured -n this manner, and
giving me a remarkablv large yield. It
:s jiosside that strawberries may be
auothr exception, but I know or no
others. If one knew the character o:
soil it would be much easier to give di
rections iu regard to manures. Some
times a verv coarse and apparently
poor manure", will have a remarkably
good e.!ect upon vcrv stiff and heavy
oils. This is due as much, and o.ten
times more, to- the mechanical eflects
of the manure in loosening, as we say,
lightenin r the soil, and thus improving
its condition, as it is to the fertilizing
effects of the manure- One more ad
vantage of the- compost heap: it mav
be obtained wilh tfct a slight out av- ot
money: and it-is stiV'aV ho1vr. Aar
a heap maT be icuniulated in tne
wurseof thevearwitlose attentioa to
u.-x. JL SmitJi. ,- mfc Tribune.
...... ...
, .... . . ... ... . I., -.'.i wi iiuiui .vuHi.i.i. 11 i:;uu.l'l ilic ' -uv vii ii;iii i;i3 in ailUlIIICl. It liar- r 1 .11 M . . .... .... " ..r. .
- he poses-eu his soul m patience and ...i.W... which M,-n.lccf tl-.,. cifs,,., ! ?o o,- ..,.. i ...,"" I l -cr dnimmor went over to Bks!,. tyn.'..ui - , -t mrv i
"The Bt FerliSizT." tried to be content ; they must give rise to an elevation ol .into" pictures, lago'ms. The Sauli, ! w,!f sIl?al slx,d f ,d:.. r.-oaJS.te .,y, LW litl.l-WWMEaBMr
About two o clock mine afternoon ti.Viilf abo'-e the Vt'-n-c i-i i -i o-m :.l ..r-m-r - nh- ,hm, "Permit me, madam. """r
. c;.,vw ,-.,,.' ,,s rp..oi.,! -t ... - -, -AI...C 1.1 oi.iei t-i o. r.ij u pioper. is onlv ihrce-oiiarters ! .(Vniinlv " .hi renlipi! I CTUT THIS OUT AND ( 1 1 SE.VD TrrmrOTT2 OTtDKKT
-What fertiliser is best for vegeta- S.iyic- i.i.k.i w.-s ic.ic ed. A was a , occasion the stream--a phvsieal fact ol a mile in length, with a ue-eent of -.,7- "i . i i "T e . .
bles?" Takin-all things into co'usid- i hoiise ; of cons:derab.e proportions. ' demonstraled bv most accu'rate meas-; twenf.-two feet it has no bold prcci- ' , "M-v fr,clJ'1 over tnerc says he has. f 5 Sr '. f v JL
eration. nothing ha, gi.en me such j Jtli Jb.o attachment standing on the un.nient3. The explanation of the nu-os over which the stream throvv-s V'T ICCC?linr . 'J ?- J - S. J
enrmdoto satisfaction for all occasions. hailK ot .". J! . stream was that the Norta Atlantic trade its v.-ater in foam, but the river ru-hes , he fut do rn She blushed and siniic J ( ? A t&Z ?? & L'?& $9 A
everv thin- tint we taint will add to its I nothing but ,, piece of halt cooked h., ..(;.lIf Mream rhe part which xlc vsars siars a sia!rIe schooncr safflceiI for ninch about era , -
value. The bean is alw.rvs ma-lc witiv- j baron, a jlisu ot d.rty looking beans. Klllf of y h:l, in hl js mainv ; lhe lraffic of Lake Super.or. and five ?? he? sb,e awMj "nqmrecL
in re: ch of vvatei and whenever it geisi; mashed puurdem and-that was , lhat of a r0Sl.rvojr or-accunmlator' ! years later three more wore all that p"1 J ch- . 7 ... I
h v a sud S: : ouaiititv of water is j all-, d- no c rot ee. no tea-nofh- 11J::int.iining the outflow at a more un- the lommerce of the inland sea de-1. - Bnt lt S diae.n.t wUl me' J Ilkc 5
t;in.wsi;.pw it to keep it from burning, ng out the articles above enumerate I. iform nitir thail lhe :l5sijrned maniSlH,. , ut the constru,.lioil of the c:ln. ; him ever so much - S
hi not enim..l to keen it from heating, i As he sat there ::gh:;-t the proprietor wollU :uhllit Gf withoutsuch areseivoir. ' af. about vea ago. at once ' . lh 0l' -von cou:,ia1 '
1 1 ...... ,-;..c- .n Short. Hit a-uu ......uu ....- .u-Mu.. .i, n ! ny- , .,.,,,., .;., ..,,..,, ....... . 1-nn.v.i c UrOOT.iSs .it 1-li-fr.. v.c.it0 Tl,,ri,. fi ' """ ............ -. . w i m 4 i..4u
Th -ca:) is "eneraJlv worked over f ";. , . .. j. .vtmn,j i'ost. man a change, anil opened a passage "-",-" "-- " i'--.t wt
tivhn: o4e laic in the fall, once in phalli nelp you to some o thc hog. for continuous navigation. The eanld , ??' . p n ...
e-.i-K-v The a,ove has given me ' i---r. , ,. . lJeS?rvi! 11-ward. s nobie monument of emrineerine-, . r . !.. n . .
- " b - - J i "V I . -ksa an an - -' -.- . Btt , K. a. . . I a a. -. .. ..Mv m, mw m - 1 .a.
i ..-...-. .-- .- . .-.., - ct-ifilo .(.;iuiiii-. uai on. i .n,m.,m:ni ,.... .:--. i cxi. uisi. a 1 1 re it.;, loiign on me; t
rZ iry some o the beans." A party of tired travel sat around liberaI:tv on ie pari of lhe Slate of . but if .voa think 50 much of him HI gartffil
?ve" rid wUi m" it ucver fa'ls. and any beans tor in V thank you.' ; the door of a cottntry hotel in Arkan-. :dich gan. It wai buik bv thc funds of , f" UP :,ml let h'm come over nd A , M fl KI ! W
ivitroneort'voixwpiioasi prefer it , -Shove up yer plate an .ct me loan saw. lhti proprietor, a gruff old teliow, ; the St:;- supplementcl bv a grant from J T . . . . . IHirWUll
tTor Vrherytiliats cVer iwsl 'er with pump.m. sat on a cracker-bo -.. Congress of one hundred amfnltv thou- h! . X uw!sh 7 . w?ald; Tlr 6psi
io.uw:.iiiuui..w "Don t wist: anv p.impkn this trip. 1 -What is this omt-i-in tv m-iiniv . n.,n.: !.- .-.i masher looked red and bine bv tnrc-. IOJfcTiii
Filling Slock for Winter.
When stock has been fitted for rough
ing it, which, of cotire. mcan3 feeding
up to meet cold weather, the owner is
U1 a l)03,tion to choose between carrv-
v'1 IS' ne naH fl lsP to such" a state
oi latness a? will, more surelv than
, any other, enable the animal to resist a
low degree of temperature w.thout dis
comfort. If a thick wall of sawdust
around a bo ly of .. presurvrs it from
, melting in hot weather longer than a
thin vall, then, on th; same principle,
a thick wall of adipose under the hide
, ui :i larm nea-it protects the animal
from readily suffering by exposure to
,.".'.. i nu riinimn in uje one
.l '!. I .- -
cae M
J , non-comluetor which
rents an
, inl,.r.han;ri. of t-mporatMn-between the
icc w:thi,rtUc wall an.I the hot a'r with!
oul whiIl. .,,.,' u ,ml ,hc
, r , "; ; "- , . "fe
, if":tl l'revont iransferof cold to the
! inner tissues. a non-conductor,
is sure to be required when the mer-
curv falls low d'r.vA .'n the tube.
! comfortable shdur being denied when
l,": -.-;iuh-i i ul-i ninuv con
ammal heat, ine continued tendency
toward equalizat'on 'n temperature of
! 1"lJ:-; d su1 stances in, acts
"i" live t.nimals ejto-ed Jo contact
with tne outer air, and hence, when
the tempera'ure goes down there is a '
struggle within the body in its effort to ,
preserve its normal lire. This
etlort may be aptly likened to that made
to warm a room with a heater, but lit- ,
tie fuel being required when the out- ,
! side temperature is well up. for the nor
mal temperature or the animal body is .
eas.iy maintained under like e. renin- ,
.stances Without a special provision of '
food lor this purpose.
I'ilting stock for roughing it is very
unprofitable as a preliminary process,, ;
because the term implies exercise. ,
Without the out-door exercise in in
clement as well as in all other kinds of .
j weather, the term roughing it would j
t hardly upply. lereie, in proportion j
I lo its extent, calls for increased action '.
! o" the 1'iugs and heart, and this lung
I action wnafs the living t'ssues rapidly.
! It follows that ouii'tne-.s and seclusion
are the means to be used for saving the
lis-ues. Therefore to feed up for e- i
posurc during winter involves a great !
waste during the preliminary as il does
during the final experiences. lint iu '
this uav we hope no one will persist iu
the heterodox notion mat it i, m any ,
' sense, wise to build up during summer '
valuable materia, that is to be ruthless- I
lv s plundered during the cold months.
ii",i. ,i.. l .i .1 i: ,.t
it im ..-ji iiuuiiirn, uif iiiatviii" in
i ... ., .
c iible flesh is a slow and
and fiosh oirv mil
on should
if dome-tic
i iu no case 1 e
parted with.
animals could I e fattened as rapidly as
'he carnivor.1 are when they are full
fed then the task would indeed be easy.
I Jut the carnivora eat t'esh and tissue
having the constituent of their own
bodies ready prepared, while domestic.
in.m.i.s are hum v. oy a iow process
from materials which, while made
human food is put on by
ces.s. otherwise it would be
a slow pro-
llabbv and
! what the propr.elor proud.iy designated
a stage.
was mcrel
- - .. .
dilapiuaicd and rickety haciv dravvu bv
1 - . .
two sail a no pensive mules. He had
breakfasted at daybreak. and as noon
approached his stomach frequently
ehided him for ids seeming neglect to
look after it- wants. The driver lime
and again assured him that they would
get a good duiuer at i'omSavle-
ranch, vviiar' thar. was a station
itoor smoKing a pipe, tie was a long,
raw-boned, awkward looking creature,
with unkempt hair. beard ami
but one eye. As the oa-.m" ha'tcd he
shouted: Dinner's ready, gents," and
the hungry toutist s uu found himself
sjat"d at the table. I'pin looking over
The rane iman steppd back, put his
liaruls on ids hip- and said:
-Wal. loci 'yar. .-trangcr. that's the!
bill o' far, an" the best I Kin do to day. 1
lsorrcr appetite has gou back on
T -.-.. ".-- 1
tination. St. Fanl JicralL
It is against t!ag etiquette not to
take it down at night. Ine colors
sh uld be raised to meet the sun and j
lowered wuea he disappears under thc S
horizon. Besides bunting; soon rots when
so improuerlv exposed: and. moreover.
to have a Hag out overnight is declared
by thc super.5tit.0us to be an invitation
to il.-luck.
Horses should not be allowed to
drink cold water when healed. It pro
duees colic. Troy 'linu ?.
i fn!!-llv lrm-iniil .!,.. tli ..-oil rf tol- irlt Iwl ri .- ..) t..- t. Il ' l.i !. -l- . ..i. ... .. ..... -I ...... 1.... .... a..J P . f" ,
1 iviuiiuu, niiiL LlJ'J "Jl II 13 (ill (ill wiflWJl i ..'.ii, ijiu j;i ua.iu v. j.- ikm-uh uiii . ltllfao-i J1JK PITH IIIJUJU I'J 2VV ill JUIUIU. - , ;. - rt.M,-i,, !- .I.;..-
k ... ...... - '... -! - . ... - . -- -a-b - 'I 4,S. . J.A. I
Ml ...
of con-tituents measurablv life the ,v:i'1 :l pujier 0:1 the "helativc bevel ol 1 them to-prefer the iuteilecfial life. Hut
.- . ...
body, are still, in the main, quite unlike ! he Atlant c (Xean and llu'.f of Me- this do.;s not imply constant compau- ,
it. "lint it is doubtless u wise prvision , ,i'" "'-' exhibited a relief model. ' ionship with books. It was a wise and
that the Uesh counted g- od for usu as 'showing the western part of the North ' good saving lhat "the essence of intel-
oiiv : oiiio Mil uiK in ine pui ami van- --r.-'- .!.. -. ..1. j. ...... j.... .uia-j m ji.e-s.oii ;i-in iiiu c'af.isiaui preicrenee . . , . . , . ( 3 si u
ish before a cold bla-t. Sjliunnl Live which he dirccte I attention were lhe ! of high-.r thoughts over lower." The "i -, : n" , -- a "l,a! ', '- "- Stwia :::": 7: i
Stock Joitrnnl. " fact that the actual continental outline ' patient student and historian Joim ' ' alllt,l,mn U,C l? ,r ,n'Y ,l?,lh7e CT0: ir
. "iocs not corrc-pond to the present sic i Kichanl Crcen mav stand for one ct ! -VCl'' OT J?,!d 'C 7' w i!,fcniU VP g J
An Acve.maoilaiing Hnd. cidcntal limits of Ian I and water, but . the patient contriver and piecer of th ,m.,I,c n;uff;lf m lho !:iutl of dreaiiis. j faliK-siii:::::::::::" llftSx
,, rt c, , . iftl one-hundred fathom curve, so -crav quilt" for the other. It is not ' "" Hurpcr S haZ'tr' rx-rriv Xw VOUK.
Afewyears smce a St. Paul drum- that the continental limit is far out . ; high ,i,ar,ts that women lack; it isr fuZSTJX'Xn Ii S i?
mer was travebng acro-s Dakota in : .ler the se-i. mm,! Viu-.t.-m l.-,v.. f.i'.ri. . ;.,...,..,, n..s ...' A iJniuiitier Sod. 'KmKJSzT ft. , '
yon. but ill lei vou vv at i n tic ., -iou don t mean it. do you?' ! tho trade. In winter, however. trade ' aK3d n -vou to wme OVtfr iIid -Sippfur fJis.Q-,
Come out yar benim: the shack an 1 il I "tleekon 1 do. podne.-. Thisx com- is .suspended on th:s w-erwa.- t-e Sltfa-vher' . -U.r.rSn e r.AJvS
rassei :.ou two best falls outen three i mxmjiy has got the ugl.est wimmin in ' l.ats can enter the lake, o'n ac- . wlf $ ".' r'u1rled thc .lbcr: ith ' SZZ?? .fiZ&ZZJSi-ZZ
1 uon't want no mau to leave tins no.ei . me Mate, , ceuat of ,he jce eaj,,r tj,-n ;. fi . a allea imiic. arising ana Dowmg to ta:fr,TB'tcpfrtr-Tia5 im i.
unsatisfied with the far '" "Here, old man. take this tea-dollar of .May. and navigation ceases in Xo-! lhe !adr V'ho k" him over to the SSSgfmli2r' f&Sti
lac traveler cl;mbe 1 aga n into tne . bil and buy vourseh a present- Ihave vemVer. a, the fall storms are vcrv -f w,tV"cr- And then he wentover gjf -I-Tiro ct':
hack and endured tne pangs of hunger i tnivcled all over the State and this is vere.Ten vearsa"oajouTO--vtohe's-auit 5 aml Put disarm around her. and ween j TrTif T"f.w "Ik.
until dark, when he reached his des- the first neighborhood I've seen that in winter w sn -otir." 0,..;,. f tIie conductor came along, he pomtea 1 t ita ui Cfeieaao. i VaJa.oA.
Yah Lcc Vons Ilridc.
A bustling. surging crowd of .scvera.
hut:dred imm. composed of lawvcra
mcn-hanUs. and even mini-tori, crowd
1 l into Justice GleeonV court to wit
; iis the solemn marriage rite of Wat
Le i ow and .diss Mart Shafer. The
; ( kinaman had procured a licence An
gtjt -, but stopped atthatstage of ab
matrimonial venture before taking Ibc
final phmg.
He had consulted his at
tome. I'etcr Zucker. of
1oanl ot
IMneation. and Uho mcrital candidau
left the attorney's oaic u.-nler his
' con ami wended their way up Superior
street to .Souire (Ileeon's olbcc. ho
momenur. pause was about to make
' them one.
gotten his
A!a. the groiin 1 au tor
lie'Tie. an
nhll r.wl If
. . . ' -;--
gent lock, superior to most of hi-s
brethren. He had apparently not ex
pected the arrav of lo)kers-on that
crowded about him. and while at a
ta-ual glanei he appeared cool an.i
' collected he was greatlv .xc:teu. Xotli -
priest. He wore a long black robe, a
Jh-iv. theaiiegai uareagte. inar.iaiWMai. or one 2r a tier for mora thsnixbti tamm HumL ter.
:7 aml T'1 ftue"' ?w ' , U.aa joiir yM. . ! fter JI allow JSfo crai ,
wwidmg party ., departure, and. rois- V, ha; mi-ht mot thts inlitstrifKts ,. ,M.! . . Tw!;3flLrr I
m'-tht: news abroad, a Icnsrthr aau voun vrmtm Iihy .trrrt:nfIihl in! i .... ".- j -jmI
co.,itanth -increasing train minajl th thj fm-? If .he rally aaral for.lec- frvsa tor,; .f I
proces-ion. I he ,mr ; stood Uie bluch- orative an. iiftecn hundred hor of well ..h u d Wamy
nig couple up oeforc hull. and. :.:ier :t i-k) studv and practice would hare tritM,.. -. ,! ,. ,.i VT7 f
ir 1
Again the cotirtlv i ing. C"
' i-uceled the bride and bridegroom 0:1 r.ig-. and parrot, in high relief on ; a. aml lwt of Uke Suprn.r tM
twav from thri maddinr crowd. lutm. msu. nr now ii.i?i netlv reco'-. '. . .i . .i....... 1. .. r. .. .- .
i hey mane tneir way to a corner of med and shunned :ts Mirvivors .: a , lhe lttke iuelf. with it waters cn
n ollice, and there and Men the twain "chnunu c.vdua'.ion wasters ot time uj au j jt. ,5,1 jt fclUljn, t, '
middle aged Celestial with an mteih- of Kennlg:on-st.tch table-cloth border-, : ubundiit in the moid nni ml all'
white cravat, and a clerical look upon I It i the eh. el mi-fortune and limita
his face. It was said ihe nnrriae lion of wonr-u that their aims are petty .
ceremony was also performed I y him ' When these are cen-cientiously p-tty.
in their native fa-hion. The bride wis ' as in the. misguided struggle for decora
attended by another voting woman. ' lion, it is na'urallv difficult lo substi
Miiy Shafer was a young (.ermau wo- tute larger ones. The cumulative
mau, apparently about twenty years ol j teach ng of all time having been that
age. .she hail pleasing, but by no j women shoul I be satisfied with patch
means hand-onie featmes. ami" was ! work, m-ntal, moral and manual, it is
dres-ed in white. A wreath of orange ; perhaps unreasonable to expect ihem to
blossoms crowned her head :nd her feet repudiate it. I5ut most women have
were incased in a pair of light-colored ambitions, if mt u-qiirations. And
satm Chines'; slippers, she blush-id most women need to be rem'nded that
prettilv as she promised to be Lee Vou's the time tiiev dailv iudu-triouslv waste
true and faithful wife, and the brine- '
groom ultcicd his proini-es in plainly i
enunciated Knglish. I'eter .uckor t
acted as best man, and he and Colonel ,
A. T. I'rinsmade signed the marriage
certificate as witnes-cs. As lie finished '
tiie nuptial knot the Just co announced
that tiiev were now reailv for congrnlu-:
bilious. The bride took this opportuni -
ly t greet her future lord with a kks
ut-iiiiiii ne. i.iii, ;i..ii iio.i. .io:iii i.
( liven crowded to the front and wel-
coined the elcstial in behalf of the
I.........I I..... ...a. ...... II.... I...... I
American people. Other hea
.cartv cot- i
as .dr. and,
gratulations followed, am
.ur.s. wan iv.'; icu int. room inree ,
cheers were proposed and given for i
them with a ticr. The Chinaman'
kinked his a"ii in the n:o-t aceeptabie ,
fashion, and with the brnio leaning '
lightlv upon it thev descended the stairs !
and pa-seil over to the Chinamatfs
i i t i. . l : .. .- i.i . i . n..i..
i i;iuuvuv uiiiiei inc. .iuii uuk'k, .-". lUll'J
j later thev cm.'rg.-il and proceeded to do
; , - . t
. the town afoot. When last seen they
were meandering up Ontar.o sireetarm
. . . ' .
t'teve and Li
J; The (t'lilr of Me.vici) and Its Si roam.
At tee American Science Association!
m 1 hilaitelplna. 1 rot. .J. r.. lltlrard
Atlantic Ocean, the diilf o: Mexico and
l',e I'liited Mates, east of tiie Missi---
j mort
:l i;...;. ...;.:i.. .1... i-..,. ?...i 1 . 1.
. .a...a. .. a a.a.a v. ,, .. . a. i.iii.i. ...... a in:
a-oPIcs ......,.,, .-o ., vi cmI.ih.,-;,,..
----- - .T'r.. mj . 'W..'4llklIIl
continuation of the Florida
the mountain summits of which onlv
appear above the sea. Thi
su: -marine
Iateau. extend ng to the onMieajt.
forms, with the coast line of the United
States, a great bight, ncarlv as large
again as the GuK of Mexico, which
, i:
10. Huganl designatea the Great
I winds set the water of the Caribbean
Sea against tiie ".M-ani-h Main" (Cen-
! tral America). de!e ted northward
I lrn(rt!lf itct .F Vi.n'itnn
' .low is through the st-aits between
the l-enr ni Channel into the Atlantic
noted for?' seme cue asked of th
e liro-
ur:etor. .
1 1 women," he replied.
-What!' eKclaimcd a man who had
taken no nart iu the conversation,
- - -
was not noted for its handsome v.-omen.
A trutnful maa should be rewarded."
Arkainaw Traveler.
The Comanche Tndian
arc said to
be starving. There is no reason whv
the Comanchcs should starve. Let
some iNew lork lady of f:ishioa dc
away wit 1 her poodle "and take a Co
manche for a pet. Then all the other
fashionable ladies will t.i e one. In
this way the Government will not onlv
be reli :ved of all thc expense, but the
Indians -will be tedaudelatheil.--2.0tfi.-ilie
ill arm. lu their wake were twenty-1 01 pro. ouim mierest, aumirahie in mat
live or thirtv bovs veiling rata."-- tor and in manner. Uut no tale In them
k 1 IVOn fkk t1ik- VnrkrrK.. t.!...Il I " ""
- ....... ...... .... . ..... .-,.. tti. ut.'4i; itivi in. 1 iid (f . I .'---' -.f-iria, ... ...... nvt h 1
LIlttlL LU ll.U 111U L ' !:. J" i III III II"iLl I -- - ----Jl-P Cfc
Crazj Work anl Sane War!;.
T- ......1 t-.1 . f .. .
., urc Kt7 ii io ja la a nu- ew oot to rMt .j.
lor a crazy Homnnno up muc .j NorA 3w! Wa
i.Wnnd fcrapt of Mlk and a:itt .j nUu wWb
-i -c " MJUCO iUru'4ili Ul HCSlgB ., i
inl iiccne
m-lrr fitttl hr frtriii ll nrtiinrvuf
j am. - wm m i i.r v irui u
1Rd artiiic tak-nu
km - b( I Ikvl-i JkT tk& tuilttl.
rr 4
iOUi li. XJ1 J.f
t i:ui.rec;M eBruv ami penrerence
' Ujo c m mon amoar woman. If it cot
het ten minutt to add one scran loan-
, Xh-r -an aUownc far too mill--UK
i 4ui:t rreeat-d an outlar ot nfnea
huv. In
Iml hour, one imatirai aai nr.o-
. -
&. . a V Z k - 1 . -a aaS ar -.
wnAiajr uiu vi i.iriw ""., --l t 4
deiciotMd an admirable ami remunemt
:ve skill :u embmttlcrv or peiiatiitjr.
1 ' .1
t mi- -,...1. V.. v.. ..iK.1 , Ika
'. " "- m.m... . MM.:
ross-stitch dogs wilh i-eatl ecs
Holbein towel emls 'deeorative'
I .... xf.-
, ... ... w.wr.w. j... .. .,,.. v,..
covers, lamp ihaas ami "enty natch-
.'...j..-iii.:L'fr ,Krtti-i iii.r-j n.T.imH
j work
fcOHIM 1t II- f'lIl"TI III lilt lTISini
- .
- . r - t
,"-", , ".
that .akes the reason prisoner.
! Their countless s itches and uglv
i never have thought of that.
.vould do for them what it does for men
conquer new worlds.
La-t winter a great ni-toriau died.
His last lwiok. The Conquest of Kn
glaml. was published after his death.
I - . 1.1. . 1- r
ror years ne nau oeen sirnggimg lor
n.e i-ii'iiiii io iiu.sii tiie great wur.s. ne
hau pta'ineti to do. lie seized
io uo. ne aeizeu ciery
i Ofiportunity ot m imen'.arv strength, of
rclaa!:on fr,m pain to write. His
...Mlt. a. .....a '. aaa.aa.a I a. v ... la a.'.
jinit'i.iij; -.1.11.1-. 1 uu -n.iiviu" ui i.u-
gland, had bcu written iu the shallow
; of death. His wife savs, in her tender
preface, that it was the opinion of his
5).ys.c:ans that life was prolonged from
tlav to dav, throughout that
-only by the a-tonishiug force of hia
own will, oy the constancy o- a resolve
that hail wholly .-ot aside" all personal
aims." It was only wlnn the pen fell
from h.s exhausted hand that he said:
'1 am v.earv; I can do 1.0 more.'
With such -u stained .ea'. such eager
i eonscieni:ousnc.s, was his work don-'.
that niuen of it was wholly rewritten
, five tim s." The books themselves are
IO. s
ie v 1.
is more heroic than the patient, per
sistent toil that aeh'eved them, in
spite of suffering, weakness and natural
! sorrow.
They who s e that civilization waits
' for lhe .i!viinn.tiif.tit nf wnmnn
-" - ' ' " '"" ----. - -' .. 'kkAVW
Icctuul Jiving lie
of knowledge o
not so much in ct 'lit
or iu perfection ot ox-
On the .Sank Sic. .Marie.
q Mnr-.'.;.,.. . 1
..S, .tLa3:r.?"CL!aralcAmec:l.n
win v.witu.uwi n-niuiat, :hju coniiecus
uai:e iiuro 1 the vast freshwater
-ea of Lake Superior. The rive.- or
strait is about sixty mile- long, and
is difficult of navigation. Two or
three mile., wide at the imor hand sin !- i
ueu with numerous i-lands. beautiful
dovn the slope in furv. whirling arumd
and among lhe small islands whieh are
sea tercd in its cou-.-e. and leaping wild
enough for' light birch ba-ks of the
used lo ntace an effectual bar to the t
linlf tunc .nn.n'i- f.-..-it i!.m nn.l
- - w a .v 1 1. at h. at. L. -lv. L. 11 4J-i kii-ia;T-B
. .' ..? i- i ..
m . iir o i ( i-f !. fc" i Tiin wnnrr- .n.
Io ks two in number -ro amM--ih." '
lart in lV vtd mlT- L
nm.nin mit i,n i .- : -- : .
"- '.4'k "lfc tauL.". Ill 1
1 rrttlfn nvrwAjI ki.i.
the mails to the fort were carried in
sledses drawn bv dogs, and took a fort- 1
night on the Jonme-; In summer ro--
&W.4w UILU.UUI1. i
The Sanlt Ste.
-Marie is historic
ground. Though these eddying raoids
passed the firs: mlssionarfes and'er
plorers of the unknown West, the La-sdle-v
the Juliets. ihj Henneti'nc. and
not far from their rushing waters, in I
. ichiiimaekina?. l:e the" bobes of
Marquette, the explorer of the riisis-
I r 1 . 1 1 ..1 T ' --, --w .v.
',"" .--- v. i.-.i.u. j.t 1- ;i uii.u auti :i ,. .-...- . tmr ?. isu
.. ... ,. . .
uiar siiMmnr. ns r... .nivi-rnriw-i ...2
Atlantic tieet. nm from Chicago anil " ,
t leveuiad, and the travel on thcra is,im- j 3n ,
-. r : . ?
PI Here the f-ubar wasMMMtS
i heir cpsrtrxl .utotfoa.
vrfc-mca Uhpt
the trtltet A f
aita-r Uwy
wilh 'Jwtr
nnnilal i-'gltT
. !.. -..wi w . i.. i tat wt
wawv- ft.. .1W4 M " . 4W W . -- . -
l I. m the xerr n.w of tba modern
an aro tf tfc Mo: rhristla
(-. -.kl iih. ji - im1. uMtnral
'.s. iifil zanu 13w.jg..fc'H n i..k ?;.v4
. .i-.. .i i!j r , ..
i j . .Tfz -m
-.-j .i .l i-
' T:Jr:Jr?7. T..rv..ll"
'tnT-l.. '.?? L' .rfw
. ci t &isr dzuy oftat.m. irun lmd
-,,, inSr, v.rt .1 . . . , ...
rtuc c,i t.rii.w-v
I -.--- -- wva"'-
'Ck. u ii.H, k.'. ..? k. -
I . . rf "
..... t-. .. . - ...W . 13 UMnU . Ll.r-iA .. I
venpil loot' a 'O Lo th Kihuu) ( 1mI ,n
r n - -- v-vww.-
Mackinac Mid
' hours of the summer dav Indians sml
. ,, . . .
, nau-ureeti mar he seen . mpittr 1 em
im .vlh .u.,:' ,..) ,,HV, i.h.
' .. vm 1 n h.' ' B tuui
AP t a
guns. 1 wo unermen lorm the :rcw
' f ,,i, ,...,... ..,i tr.k a., . ;,,.
. .. .......... ...... - -, .-,.v vn ikw
I ing the waters gra. efuliv. The art of
I thu-: managing lhe frail -kifi hits never
be-u nitaiued. it is .a:d, bv any whit j
. man. The Indian who hatidln the net
I pec- down into the waters, dip it
quicklv at the right tunc, ami lake, the
hsh :us he is struggling traviy agaiiiit
the current. U'hen the ihh'are plen
ti. id a score or more (! canoes put out
, into the rapids, and the cene is one of
' interest and excitement. Shooting the is a common amusement to dar
, ing travelers. They walk up the river
bank to the head of the falls, step into
, a canoe wilh an Indian guide, and rush
j do. wi sonic one of the ehanueis. If
I everything goes right all is well. a
j little oversight, in all probability, cois
vou vour lite.
auit Me. .Mane can he rcichc.!, as
; we ,avo .. h. lhe
unimer bv te. m-
,.r froj,j jlt.
er irom the tates iv t luveinnd or
, (i1:l...., tir fr (.,.,.?.. ilY m-.iv- of
c0um7ru'0fd c (.eondi 15'vv V-U n '
' lhrmi.r, the canal, the ve,,u."slom'h ai
Marquette, the center of the iron trade
of the di-trict. and Kew.-enaw I'oint,
tf.n vi.-if lit flu. fii-i nti.f trin.iinf sr.r.-
.ni;ni to,VI,; tili Uu., rijaeh jij,.
)4riur j..iv wi,h uperior citv. iu Wi,-
!"Oou-in, n one side and Duluthin Min
ne-ota. on the other, the head of ;.:
grande-i Ine of fresh-water navigation
m the world, hrom the titilf ot bt.
f lUTi.iicr" tfirimirli tfu. rivi-s ?t I .fiv.
; ;.. ," . : : .7 . ,
re uc
Niagara, jeirou. ci. 1 lair, ai.o
M. Mary, and Lakes Ontario, Krie. ."..
Clair. Huron, and Superior, the dis
tance is two ilmu-aid two hundred
miles. The t .wu f Sault is the .ca:
of a United Males fort, but is not of
much importance. There is nothing to
build il up: there are no ruiaeral de
posits in the neighborhood, and iu ag
ricultural development is overshadow cd
by that of .Minne-ota. Hut the c untry
around is highly romantic, and it will
alwavs he a favorite re-ting-plice for
seekers after sport or natural beauty.
Wild-ducks by -kim over the
water.s, or Sly away in a'ann before the
steamer. Here and there may still be
s"en the smoke ascending from lhe
Imliau camp fires curling up into the
still air. while an occasional canoe steals
"I wonder if that pretty girl over
there is not a flirt.' said one drummer
to another on an incoming Illinois Cua-
' train the other dav.
he looks like it,' .-aid his compan
ion, "and what is more, she and I nave
pas-ed a goo I many happy hours to
ge.her. I've staid many a night at her
father's house; but I don't do that anv
more, and if vou can make a ma.ia on
h-r. go ahead.'"
i -
' 1'','-Ihec-
1 r- m
e fellow said the drum-
P.?.-V?U lh,nk S0? S"ld thc wo;i-:in-
-I'v fellow but he am t very pop-
- - . .
comnanion what she had said, and-
a - -
Sa- old ivll JOvTrc got her j
Ue:"l. She s m.ished on you the worst t
. - - ". .
ein OUt to.n,m an,a n tf? te,u
w?at f1 th?otber fcUor bad made,
w-hf a .1,hr. conductor smdetl blandly.
t - - rw -V WVTfm MM 4r.a
:i,'ii iiiiii ittiii 111 ' thihi i.(i-i k nim hmiit
that irai thc other drummer's wife
he had known her ever since she
a babv.
J he masher got ofFihe first time they
came up with a freight train and wecl
the balance of the way as live bcefl
Bloomznqton Through JfaiL
Theodore Tilton is solonrnin in
Parisr wiiere he is engage! in writing a j
uwiu i. j, aun
m flk M-k .Vfkr tkf
. viifev aajPJAg- - " Ai v lmx. i
ill- .1 ,. .. .!...! .... . ' .. . r.l
- ' till' 1TII h: li:i MIIII'III IIPTI III T E I & 'lltJ
iu acKnowieuireu ine oiu ac- ivvi- -r . i j v -a." ' ' .'"r - .-k sm a - i
, anu got up anu vvent over anu um his . H ft iTj smr
He TmJkl ai lan-i.
It - fcr ? lW Wwr tkr W
mkIk to kiirvpNr. mmI l4tf
iy i fefc-lfcwnsHL mC- h Inwk M
ftJMt iMMfC ott. hk ft ftatt pU4wr Ml ;
!'! -ap a4 Mwd: Mt
ft4ed. I mapoy u IW i.
itunjj In-n ymr mm H W r"0.
nit iwVrmS twiinM'i:
MMitUiAf ic aaJ all !
pivMiito l lWilr.M A4toai
krrW wixa U ivorjr k?j fcr
Tpk. P WlWiL
MWU,W ,.... ,-
AjmI Un 1m thrwa fe ifW
Tm tVr VBtd ! . in fctrt1
.- . WS
ifiiw l h. nteyitai ! W hmA
--w .- . -
. - t
rttbu-vifUMM. aad atf4. wilt
utag. pi-
intwit w aU tW
tip4 ab -d-4-
ILarkMifl IS. .
..wi v.. ..i, i ..t ..u!.
Lrlp5. Fruol a lairh Wf Ujiwl hoy t
be became mute wk! bvfr. m tm
tniaittc4 o rtrr tunc, lit Hmbe ha
apvit pnmB. but kb hrd ba filoml
U an onltKftnf Bat ir. Ilw fathrr
had HKiKirralti mvnm, and pn.tnlrd
fr him in hi wi'.l
i to ba kept U the
ta parvnu' dath he
klvter'a rrkhNir la
familv. aal after ht
was moiit! u hi
the vdlare f liodtlU, wfcera ho aww
is, 1 U bail to b d lilt a bat?, Ma
ht an eadtaM iroahtc to hU kiad ,i.fanr.
but sh L. ds voted to blat.
C.H"1 Htft.rt.
AsnxQia, . . jar, .wary m
; JU I"' iUyinl vi, Wuhh.
i "' c tar Mvera) jn
had nard icrrtbltr iib fa.-ta! a.
j rl2in '1 cwallua I no fit!, lua r
i 't hlcb ertea-Wl - Ua ac-. L .1
t u" 's Icx. " r ! " "
rtMKrei u ury im. JxoU mi, th . .- a'
pinrt-lterer. Rabt4ox lb part T.-. --!,
thr tune only, all pain Talbe4 t ! v
tMitgie, m! Um aot rwtaraa!.
JCiMfj Jax, t AbrialaU, tin - .
CHifon Vi-r mi"okT. Now .f iu
Cite s rent ber tlth it brTl t.rnn,
tb (!u-I .Ii fsmtlv iit bve mn i.(i..rt in
itr to vu.n n ful .,. Vutm'imr-jK I-:-
i p'nk "f fM'in " en, ltjjiM
Tin: ;K.i:iab 3!akki:ts.
K.V. cir. sfHrtnb-r r 1-M
CATTI.L -inppiity uxrm j4 M .31
.NiOirc Hoilrrs ... 3 & .
.Nt. (.iw f M .i A
Hut aeiv Meera. t S . .
U0C.5rHltocm3tciimvr SV V . T
1 j iii ia i iu
WHK.TN.l f
-N'. S Ok o '
Nti.3 Ul
COIt.V-.Vo. t tf . 13
o.r-o. r a si
KVB-tfn.2 U S W
FlJH'll-totncytnrmm 1 I
HAV-!trliti.bnaf !
1H-1TKH JKH areamury.. 6 rr
1 iif.L-RMiM, n is r'
I l.tisTWc
. i'ukk-h-
Wi h U, Mlf-tirl. wte
PorAlJfC-l'r btMbt-l
t rr. ujirib.
ISutclvr' Mm, . .
SIIKKP fir to 4MMee
Fl.OfU-.K.VX itctotce
, W 1 1 h AT-Nt.. rwl
; N..1
' OOft.V N.S mUert
; itvit-.Ni.
I rorn i.s-Mhfmair
:etUM m ImC
i riurAtto.
c.Tn.B-f;H,i -ki-uur. ...
Ui.- ;.k1 tocitirtee
SIIKKI'-Fair toaotee
Kl. l' C oimmmi u cttoieo..
i Z-
it 1; wt
vflKAT No. 1 nii.
KliOrK-T.ouit to caotc
. 'a V.
ft -
WMKAT-.Vo. -z rwl.. . .
OATS W,.ra mIiiI .
POitK -Vuimhifit Maw.
1 ;.
. il
ft 17 to
h a :! ntvwa fmrt tt wt
I II- rl .' .! l"ww j-rvail Us t -1
T it ': ., lvif .Srjn I -1,
ti"i r jr 1- - wlf j if 11J1
ra.4 .V0U1I1.C on lUrth will
ma'wi- lirr. lAy liicc sluriifaii .
Con.fitioii i'owdrr. P- '
r..Hvo sv,,
v '; -r
T-5' 5 cvv
. j'
m - . - a .
r 'I
' j National Live Stcc-c KEazDY Co.t
isima i
-Kaavja iJHfr kuiii rt r!
r.-it Hwct c; ckejlx -JVOaKtira
xxtuvrriosx i z Krenu- Yr-. cwr
-lfr r"V?, 7 "-
I.TtrArtct finnsnij! -n
t . KTJLyVsl'O
$60.5 TON
ErpRas, Tutrtua.
rJt r n rrw Urf. nrrTSsv.
i4ji vxai a- mewnim.
A HH.VTH. a4.p ICtttttt fc-5
SAtKUjxX S&ONaOX Orrsorr. MKJt.
i a & i
.. Ife v
.-' ; t r - ; -'
.aiir,,U3iir3r,rivi r-fic trrrA r: r
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