The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 12, 1884, Image 2

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A. C. HOSMER, Publish.
Theuk is not a single prima donna
ortenor of any marked merit in Italy,
nnd the musical critics of Home deplore
More visitors from the Provinces
have sojourned in Park this summer
than during any season since the siege.
Many were rcf ugecs.
Akmy, navy, and now police in Japan
arc to be completely Germanized. The
Japs have applied for German, police
officials on loan as imtrcto
of cigars has been raised
rum a cent and a half to a cent and
two-third by the Treasury Department
at Rome, which enjoys a total mo npoly
in tobacco and cigars. J
& An article adjudged "diarcspectful to
ucan journal, eignieen years
ykt imprisonment and three hundred
pilars fine.
wtfAKV people buy tea fro Chinese
oaalcrs on account of its being 'packed
tajuaint little boxes. The package is
HoYiroof that the article is genuine, as
tie4 wrappers are made aud the tfea
' ptcaea by aJNew xonc nrm on waiar
' 9lck walnut sawdust, formerly
thrvmx awav. is now mixed with iinsecd
Ijjlgur.i 4pd moulded nto heads and flower
lpiec2ifcfor the ornamentation of furni-
&iare, Vhen dried and varnished it is
aa lu.DCsome and much stronger and
more durable than carved work.
STit'.i'.Xr carbolic acid is a powerful
poi8onwhcn externally applied. A
man rcsafctly, while carrying a pound
ofjt in a' Wattle in his pocket, broke the
class. W&3 acid ran over the surface of
J .
lcxrl ire experienced little pain,
hutSliud '
hours after the accident.
ralyzed his nerves, t
Fhom aleper in tho Boston Medical
and Surgua&Journal it seems that our
brethren oi Cjhili get into the hospitals
iiiainlyj thronVh troubles caused by
ovcrindulgciot in a food made with
equal qunntitiqe of pork and red pepper,
n delicacy wlici the true Chillinn can
not wilhetniiL Tt is said, however, to
l)c a good fool jk fight on.
Tun JcudciitioMc Mcdccinc lately re
ceived in ope dry wo hundred and forty
communication.-- Concerning cholera.
Most of them offered specifics, some
wanted to' sell asccret cure, others
wanted to conlra;ttp cure patients for
so much a, head, aid some wished to
Jiave whole tiospiUl wards turned over
to them fort, "scientific experimenta
. tion." i
Lono articles ha'cfen written about
the cholera bacilhbut a Western
medical writer says t unreal knowledge
of it may be summed ufe by saying that
It is shaped like a oBma, that forty
thousand to sixty tiosand of them
placed lengthwise wou!dnake an inch,
that it infests impure tlnnking water,
favors the human intesfini. as an abode,
and is supposed tocaus) qfaolcra.
Tiik French Society of Medicine lately
received a box f rom'fToubnl containing
tlried cholera bacilli It was followed
fcy its scientific owner, wicwas about
to give an explanatory wcturo upon
cholera. When, howerer, ttis gentle
man arose ami began to uiui
tho members grew
that they could not help 'stdghing at
each other, and the map fril.Toulon
. .
3iad to postpone his recital.
Javanese magic mirrors :rn the
market. Thev are madaof Sijfc bur
sished metal, and when lightly ripthed
upon disclose geometrical attcrns,
Jandseapes or faces. Their msntEifac
turc is a secreU but is believed opon
fiist in welding the pattern n oifc ind
of steel or iron upon a plateaf adifer
ont kind. One, which reproduced &uaes.
eold at Philadelphia for onsliundicd
At tlie last drawing of the -Nat
Ixttcry in Spain the cmnloves dchar.ii
with the details af the business twrgo-1
put in luu uru :v inuusauu uuiuufDj n
Government aun tilled, the drawiag a
ordered auotlier on the following da;
It happened that an individual wM ha'
ibecn a constant player, without; an,
Inck. for twentv-two vcars, won om c
the big prizes, and is inconsolable.lHe
means to sua the Government.
A Madrid correspondent writes tfcat
on a recent occasion the Mayor of Mad
rid had to resort to an unheard of pro
ceeding in the annals of bull lights, k
order to keep tbe King and royal family
from heariag disagreeable remarks. Ha
ordered the music to play during tb.
-whole tight, or ratiner tbe six lights, as
generally six bulls are killed during aajj
afternoon, one being desjaatcbed before
another enters the arena.
India possesses at icesent two bun
dred and tlurty newspapers in the
language of the eountrr. The first pa
per in a native language appeared in
1808, being founded by missionaries,
and occupied entirely wkii reJigious
matters. These papers have onry occu
pied themselves with political matters
since 1860. The pompous language
inade use of bv them is amusinsr. Thus
palace is often denominated "the
heaven of Nishnu,1' the rain is a
deluge," thunder is "the tumult of
jgigantic demons drinking the water of
the clouds," Among the names which
they assume are the Mirror of Medicine,
the Noblest of all Papers, the Ocean of
Wisdom, the Poets' Qarland, the Water
ff Indian Life, etc.
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' . - - ' I mm
lthe person of the King" of Spam has
cost tb editor of El Parvenir, a Repub-
A Suaamarr of the Dally Xewt.
Ix celebrating hi icventy-fifth blrtbIay
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes rtcelved con
gratulatory telegrams from numerous
frlendtt In Europe and America.
I'nr-HinK.tT Arthur ban recofrnlzed Au
guto I'nvogli a the Italian Consular Ageut
at Cincinnati.
iliss Fra.mci K. Willard ha len In
vited to addreoi tho school children of Jer
sey, Greeno, Macoupin, Madion and Cal
houn Countte on the ajMinins day of tbc
great Jersey County Fair at Jeraeyville.
Kreov -crfj vuihj ran ... MCv.. .......
II. PViday, October 14. The achen, and J
school children of these counties have ell
been invited to be Prlvl
at JyJK " can doiu out dduiiq 1
mKre&nuvember. 4 f
Hexkt B. Axthost, who died at P
dence, in bis seventieth year, was 5ife
crnor of Rhode Island In 1849, ws t r
in bis fifth consecutive term in tk .p:
ate, and bad three times been choenpr?
dent pro tern, of that body. For ny
years be edited the Providence Jouriul
Jlaa. Belt a A. Lockwood has forniil y
accepted a nomination for the Presidency
by the Women's National Equal Rilag
party of Califomhi, promising, if elected ,
to recommend a uniform system of law Jin
regard to marriage and divorce.
Jcdoe Taft, recently appointed s
American Minister to Russia, was cordially
received by the Czar and Czarina at St
Petersburgh September 3d.
Ex-Spkaker Rajtda'li. was renominated
for Cobbjgm recently. -
8. D. Hastijcos bas been nominated for
Governor by tbe Wisconsin Prohibition
The decrease in tbe public debt daring
August was $8,642,832. Tbe gold and silver
certificates outstanding are each in excess
of $121,000,000.
Maiitin WiciKBERQEa was privatoly ex
ecuted at Pittsburgh tbe other day for tho
murder of s peddler near Sewickley two
years ago. Weinberger is said to bo tbe
second Hebrew in tbe United States who
bas perished on tbe gallows.
Owikg to lack of transports and supplies
tbe organization of tho expedition for the
relief of Gordon is proceeding very slowlj
at Cairo.
The band of bandits who bavo been ter
rorizing Coahuila County, Hex., were at
tacked recently by rangers and two were
The Emperor of Austria, In replying to
an address from a delegation of Hebrews,
asked every citizen, whatever bis religious
views, to rely on the protection of tho Gov
ernment. The Veuuion of tho 105th Illinois Infan
try, held recently at Naperville, with Gen
eral David Dustin in the chair, was an oc
casion overflowing with merriment, al
though tempored by sad memories.
The Chicago banks are unable to secure
small bills from the Treasurer of tho
United States, because tho Chief of the
Bureau of Printing and Engraving fears
that in meeting the demand ho would pre
maturely exhaust bis appropriation.
Charles J. Osbobne bas been appointed
receiver of tho Wall Street Bank, and has
received orders to pay a dividend of sixty
five per cent to depositors.
A wrecking company of Boston has con
tracted to deliver tho Tallapoosa at the
Brooklyn Navy Yard for thirty-fivo thou
sand dollars.
Cholera has made its appearanco in the
Spanish provinco of Alicante, five deaths
being reported in one town. Hundreds of
people bavo fled from Naples, where twenty-one
deaths occurred on the 1st.
A .reckless girl from Des Moines,
named Maud Addis, who has been masque
rading in male attire in Chicago, was re
cently sont to the Homo for Erring Women
for six months, as her mother declined to
recoive her.
The Saratoga County National Bank at
Waterford, N. Y., intends to close up its
affairs, Tbe failure is also announced of
McKouna & Radclitf, grain brokers of De
troit, where tho junior member was once
President of the Board of Trade.
General McKeever, of tho Adjutant
General's Department, who bas been
studying tbe diaries brought from the Arc
tic regions, finds evidence that Lieutenant
Greely was seriously lacking as a com
mander. Three thousand Smiths held a reunion
at Peapach, N. Y., and there was not a
John Smith among them.
Vienna is bestowing on Mozart, who
wanted bread while living, a monument
that costs fifty thousand dollars, or more
than be received for his whole life work.
Frank Frisbee, employed in tho First
National Bank at Portland, Oregon, re
cently stole seven thousand dollars and
fled to New York, where be was arrested
on a steamer lying at quarantine.
Cholera is spreading with alarming
rapidity in Italy. At Naples September
3rd there were one hundred and seventy
three new cases and seventy-six deaths ;
at La Spezzia there were thirty-nine new
cases and thirteen deaths. The total of
the new cases reported is two hundred and
thirty-four, and of the deaths one handred
and thirty-five.
Blackleg killed off a numbzr of young
cattle in the neighborhood of Sadoru,
near Tolono, HI., during the last few days.
R. E. Price, President of the Iowa Tem
perance League to enforce the prohibitory
law, was rotten-eggfMl at his borne at Elka
dor recently by a mob of saloon rowdies.
The New Jersey courts have decided
bat land under water preempted for oys-
planting may be taken by any third
rty whenever tbe preemptor fails to
ant the young shellfish. This decision
miles a practice of thirty years stand
He paper manufacturers of Boston are
gnant at the action of the Government
ohibiting for three months the landing
ported rags.
uua has been issued by the man-
of the New Orleans Exposition,
ng one to manufacturers tbe vast
South America for their wares.
Keeler, of Reading, Pa., abstataed
odfor forty-eight days because of
fast in thewilderBess and then
ray. iter weigat was reduced
buadredand seventy -five pounds j
ndred and two.
Jackson, a capitalist of Ham
tion, N. X., was lately fouud on
y trade with both lees severed.
ng ba aocated two neighbors of
iza uader a train, and they were
MeckanicsrUle. Tbe feaa grew
ags of tbe Mexican Cestral
gnat are said 0 have bee
budred aad fifty tlwwiid
is sosae jxsip is Bostos
ity ef the former Frestdeat,
My mBwraosalleasi
.y f- -. - .i
WsMtabHsft IMM laataa jAMaOt ttAiwx, wll-lnaawa raaT temmaiiaV
As.,MfciMt;'wasMyar. tmtmtt of Chieago, giwiiac MaaH k i44. JW
-8sWraiarytBTsMS' ammmKiii.wmmmr a Ur. pampas, Jaai ,.FBAtnKttfJ
f4i v.V- y- x :'- " ?:1' V. - a.r v - A-m 1
f w jhs. gfcypsjFx.yjy?y irvKraaBaB wiW'WBKiMaBBMialJaMHalOJYffiPnraiiSM'ifiMswBBMs m
shipped tforc bU prohibitory onlrr i
btsufxl, provided that it can be saiUfao
torllv nbtrwn that the raj havo not ben I
collected in Infectrd dItricU.
As attorney of Syracu'-, representing
a Philadelphia woman, ban applied foi .
letters of adminlttrationon the fifty thou
and dollar etate of a Catholic priest
namel GuertliU Tho latter paid for th
! girl' education In o convent in St. Ixuiv
fc"he claims to be bii daHRbtr, and bints
that he can tH a itartling tale at ths
proper time.
31. A. Doom, formerly a Staie SenatOT
in Nevada, Raid In a recent interview in
Chicago that there mnut b.j rrtrcticbmen;
and a consolidation of offlcei In bi Htat.
or an abandonment of Slato Government.
A UUHOAM) at Newport, It. I., recently
,. t.
J q J
ifc with a razor until fcbt
two-'-tory window.
Dr. 3IcKaCRa.v, insjctor of the Cana
dian cattbi qutrantine, urgei upon th
3iinUt;rof Agriculture tbe necessity of
complete system of quarantine to preven
the introluction of pleuro-pueumonta frorr
the Uuitfd States.
The Northwestern Base Ball league bai
sunk fifty thousand dollar this season.
.Ttie 3Iinneao;hciub ban dlolved and tbe
Jhlwauki nine will follow suit.
! TwE.fTV live-, were lately lost by a fire
fp u hulpbur mine at Nicosia, Sicily.
''JTiie Chinese are haul to have cut a mill
tiry road through the French cemetery at
C&ntou, dettro'ing tho mausoleum and
rifling the tomb.
sanCdollars in bit accounts.
Ixlantwcr to the libel suit instituted by
iG. Blaine tho In lianupolis Sentinrl
jif, ...i 1... ,1.. nt.t
THfc IaaSppa Mill Company, of St. Paul, I
."7', ,....,. .:..... , ... !
MinnW ta levator Company, by which j
Govenicr Habbard is said to have been
financially ntned. j
IX Cn vay .ipounty. Ark., Mrs. Richard,
Freeman recently gave birth to two boys
and tw girls, all bale and perfect.
AssioauaaTahavo been made by the dry j
goods btuwot Brooks Miller & Co., of '
MJiumorv, anatiio wooueuwaru nrm 01 ;
Barrett, Wt.teriffi: Lewis, of Cincinnati.
DuitlXOthe matith of August tho lake I
BiimnieuiS'i -orouicugo iiiuiuacu suvun
-T.;. .-?. ('!.! I....I-. I...I t
million on
dred and
one bun
Among tho
and seventy
and seve
and ono
- ...w - t J I
coau , I
It was lately; reported from Pekin via .
London that a vti.nesv; army of seventy-,
flvo thousand nsi'i is about to invade Ton
quin. The Froaci force in that country
does not cxceedteightfthousand.
A disease of a iccutlar nature has bro
ken out among tho cattle of Champaign
County, 111., and pr vesfctnl in very mnuy
cases. Tho charactor ot the disease lias
not been determined.
The ltcpubliquc M?;:nca$i tho semi-oill-cial
organ of the'Fi'enctt Ministry, inti
mates that Admiral Tourbet will occupy
the Island of Fornw-u aai hold it until
China pays tho indeair ity demanded.
The Treasury Dertroeat at Washing
ton closed out of respect to. the lato Secre
tary Folger. Assisqin Secretary Coon
will bo Acting Secretary ulitil the Presi
dent nominates Secretary Fohjer'ssuccees
sor. t
It is believed that the-1 reacjh are secrete
ly aiding aud encouragtag thaebelliou ol
the Shereof of Wnzan ajai ist the Sultnn oi
Morocco. The Moorisha ithocities have
remonstrated, but have ree lived no satis-1
faction from tho French. j
About two hundred Aaicicaas nro in
attendance at the Internatioial Ivnngeli
cal Alliance in session at Copenhagen,
Denmark. &
King Hcmbeu. has sub;tribd twe
thousand dollars for thefrillefbf the
cholera sufferers in Naples. Th? epidemic
is spreading at an alarming rats.
Anti-Exoush journals lately soW by
thousands in tho Paris bouWjra
feeling cf irritation against Eulalil is
spreading rapidly throughout Fra ce
United States Minister 3tti.Toint
Paris has intimated to the State Depart
ment at Washington that the thjsu is j
portune for American mediationtdw
France and China. E
Late forest fires devastated toauun
of acres in Talbot County, Md., nknh
!. Til-,.. ?
Two market bouses at Raleigh
the stave factory of Dougherty & Wiloi
at Mound City, III., aud the paper asi.i
Jdtard J. Howe, cashier of an Insr.iX,ria.k ('oluiubiu, 10; N..aid 1C. , "J rVl " anJ l ? '"??"
ts azcucv in Montreal, after oiwnlv t ....!.. . u..i... - 1 ini.. j- l..! ,ten lnc ol lt,c "tS .".. , ..,' in, .!. uf tb tnnu. IttliU
spuluting for Kom, month, has d,;a,. amIria 7. rintLMnoulll T; Lincoln 3. Platts- ZTnlZcY a lha? fc I Cwrcu .UlrrU,r
peaKd, leaving a deficiency of four thou-1 moiiUipJ: wanl'i, Alexandria .; Plait-, f .. it,,fl, .i,,. ..Ult ... -t-1.. t! jw-The Mnith .M. Wrwl who U the
desiiaa thnt its Mtatementi in regard to TlIUKK SamV County prkoner III a etU'r ,.,,,.. nm,...r U Itut uIimit U.. ina! .1.- ..i...,-.l v... ..f siM.
tlw MRjuction of Miss Stanwood, her rnir- to a friend thus write about the Dougkb is a Vl.nderer. 1 tmt the rii.V. of i ." ," ( or -jy , u 1.-70. hrtrUirt. wilt act a wiiJA
riigefi Blaine under threats, and the County Jail: "We are getting along ery the part j, and Mnwtr.Ua m.t on the j Z" ', ... , fllUlrfllWllBu It hUI. at li. prnvt tfce c..tS.
In.SSachildthree months subsequently, I badly, and we would like to have you .me ,r lnu canu. homt. on :lu, 'n,clw Thu I "" t-r pb- Wp
vet'2anv particular fnNe Th- defend- , "P to Cbnaha. W e do not get enough to i, a lieout of whole cloth." S-ryrant loig lUbed ma L--rnlM a, lltirrm nbo ( nittlr and forUhtV that Ufc- trv
weressun pariicuinr ini .. iii.ucieim 1 ..,... i, ti.- U full f ..,,.,.... . . .. . . ., .... .i,... , .w. ..r i. m the wi!dtio.. . . . ,. ..
atit ItAfi number of nueitions to be an- 11 ,J"1 lu"1 .""- "- J"' -- " , aim 1 nvaie tonneii corroiKtrJicti n -v.ij. '""-Y . , . . tiw ' l lMJnfl l rwp, i
sterViX ,vmi,,IK ,JVe wouW ,ikC to laV ,,eS-li " He dW, not. honker, furttoerrnrry mil kk 1 ftdlk . 5ra
sfcredBluinc under oath. ,,,,. 'e want you to come up and e a ii.j i thr parnHol. Mnu ho UamhU not th - , ,lfrWarxl orfc li lrt b t
A nam of forty-live rounds, with hard, tllt. shoriir. o uc.inget .something to eaL , K ..,,. .... &..t.lttu.r U tftftt :lv ttwn. Ult tho UcatnieUuii at hi, !!, ,Ti v 3l , 1 ZmVZt Mil
gv j,, btteeu Jim UcIIugh, of Ulnsjjow. I Wt. to ,,, out k ,ione no goKL We . , "f , ( m! , ' ,5 . X , J ,rtV -Vrfraif W nlT , UT ? JT. ?
ars. TtFitzserald, of Toronto, occurred I Cet alx)ut five cenL, worth of bread a day, j cJock last evening the o.ldea bk ac t part.-V.r a W. .vaUoM uuUI tho Wr I, rc4
renUr it Itockaway Beach, Long I,land. ' a little meaU a few pobitoes and that 1 all. nnineioiii whbtle- 111 W et Kana folk.x(! 9sd Una tuimlrtM nnu ""O (.
Both wwnk: seriously injured, and the ref- We will not be able to stand trial If j oil by a wild clang of fire U-lh alarum! the Bhttno ami l & v'' lp - - Toa- alr. IJjjht Wk4t .SKgnr. .o
Ihundsl thousnnd nine bun- tion in a meat market at Aurora the other ai mm isi eisu. o .-..- n 'wmi K'.is 11 -s a mun vniHyui, aim in- 1 !lr immmmU Utibl eutunirrial rnit-
twoityao bushels of grain and day. Tibbltts was arresttil and liyeil. and a ir.u:i. work- ie 11. M-mim up a vasi snower , IM1I U. r,.n .j, u ,H. ,,miiw1. m tho , ,, u Un.whiI in
dr andt seven thou,aud three warrant was Issiicl for the arrest of Lang- " "!;. K1 - r."2.L"'. ...l 1 l'iioeruli- hnrmnwux. j ur u ih a ,.t.V nml ihmn ,,;,
ami twaety barrels of Hour. , "ton. , , , Tli..'il.ii.i rolled lii.want in t l"A" tMH liiufrnl- are eotistmin- , nt,H wn,l lake tM U1 b h WKm
"re.!oip4 were four hundred! ' ;- l"r" " '" ' . . "V I 7 ."!".;" ' i.iiimvt wv... tUut.. b.ri.l ihivi,,- .hotel ! the platform on th.r all-iniiMirtaiit Inn if .nt. riMltier It ti U10 lrvt. ihii a Hurn
-ii-htvlbousanil four hundred f"',,, ., ,, ",' (V fk,r s .from doom mid tmdou. TlMiiisands of niet.!i Hi illaiuetrH'nlh upiMniiv ml of thi-nrtxtttx! MtlpMir N tho HutT
j -.-- rt 1 t 1 u 1 1 mi iiriiiir - i r - kinu mil' i vi i v - -..... -- --.--- , - - - , . Tw
nty4o packages of merchandise, . .... ." ,t it.... ' neonlf wltnes-eii the scene of grandeiu and 1 :t. S (.'levtd.iiid s eulogy of il Mtlntn nnd L'ettth work It lhrtmU Um (vnl.i
hundrei aid thirty-throe thous- -l- t,:';,r ' Ijly', .';,",.. ", : destruction. The lin-ineii coutiiHil ihr U MnfMiwnt of !iinirt c faith and r. l In llvi ilav ritii ran nt ftml aj
l.i.n.lftr n'l".tu-,.Miv.t-ntnn r.f ' a,K !". ""T ",J: lrom r ;,1 '"-. l " ' llt ... .).,. ...... ii,im' l.icli sit tnidiiiiflit w.ih i in iiri ii. -l id.-s noun whlidi thnt imrtv I .....i .. 1. 1. ...':....
avuuv. W.- , . .... V.MU tu. ,.MW.. wk... -.
been burned. I
John OvKaxTER, a farmer residingtr
Winamac, Ind., was recently killed br t.
stroke of a plowshare in tbe hands of Vh
insane son. ,
William H. Fleming, formerly private
Secretary of Governor Sherman, was ik
cently appointed Secretary of the Iofra
Republican State Committee. $,
Mrs. Harlan, wife of ex-Secreta
James Hailan, of Iowa, and mother-in-law
f Secretary Lincoln, died at Portress Moag
-oe. Va.. at midnicht Sen ember Cth. I
There were one hundred and twenty-1
wo cases of cholera at Jfaples September
6, and thirty-seven deaths. At bpezia
tere were twenty-seven fresh cases and
icven deaths.
O. W. Wilson, a traveling salesman of
Milwaukee, a passenger on tbe steamer
Sheooygaii, deliberately leaped into the
lake opposite tbe Chicago Marine Hospital
ind was drowned. Tue tug Shields found
lis corpse.
A great fire in tbe lumber districts of
Cleveland, Monday morning, September S,
lid two and one-half million dollars dam
ige. There were one hundred and aiuety
niae failures in the United States during
the week eading September 6, asd thirteen
in Canada.
Jaax W. Botxton, a Xew York com
misaioa merchamt, assigned recently. Lia
bilitk,$18ati;aets1.9Si Ir i said that Li Hung Caastc has aot
bea-a degraded, as was recestly reported,
btthatkv stiUKeMs his oSc under the
ChisOTrrraasat -
TlKMCac J. LBsVr, proprieior of a mh-
at Searberoaca,. Ms., receatly
fcptal toforM a aaataafc a
wim okc c mm nomeapni .
-.. J'L ... ,
tha waaaaa ia lk ha4 ajHi
MKliMtjWW. Jaothar
E. & S. May, at Eat Lee, Mass.,th.ivl:,,,:n ',nnurea. uo,,ars --acuorcys gro-
swao. i tiiHf
A o:uoiJC paper jun op th railroad
witkot for Uw "ortIiwrt a-i follows; "StA
only U tlar cXtaM3n topo tn the dUecUoa
OI Uie 1IUCK ituw aim inc t cuira. mr.
...,. - -. l.. .!.- f- f-i-i..
wu ji is now inouziu wkji ue -'i.w !
.... ..... - ,-.....--. .. - -
warn aiw ue o. uni wuuiwcmwj. i
Tlie Vanderblll intrrcst
received. A 5pecial council bai brcn callrtl
by tlie tandinc Comulttee to mwt at
Omalia on Welnr?-lay. Noreabr 5tb,
when another election Mill b held to till
the vacancy cauod by Bishop Clarksoa
General Tiiom.v J. Hi-xnrn-o.v. an
Ullrw.b Co:ixrcman. wa on of the sprtik-
Friend has had a ba-v ball tournament
of the varioa' club- of tin blPi The fol
lowing named club- entered: Otdumbti-,
I'iatLMnoiith, Ale.vandna, Capital City, of
Lincoln, Blaine and Igan, of S-ward. anJ
Ila'tmg-. i:el5, of liatiu They were
matched and playol in the order witiire-
Mining score, as iui...s am ",
. Jla-tinss 11: .oiuiuuu-. -z, iiamiiis -,
mniitii , Columbus fi. There were maiij
visitors to the ball ground, and .some of the
games were quite exciting.
.ven.l vou a letter all the time. Thi- i the
rt chance we got. We don t Know
whether vou will get this letter. lfoudo.
con 10
A nftnwI ,,ic,ian u at work ;
clllu.rl OmiUia . w:u, -uitrtu-k recentK
,m, .t.riou5lv, if not fatallv iiijuicd. I
TfK tWf prllere mmeil yn,,s ,, I
Wab,on. arrested fer setting lire to the IU c
olllee at Omaha, were discharged on the'
j.teliminary examination. j
A j.,:roN telephone wire has been strung '
between Omaha and Lincoln.
Two reVerend gentlemen named Tlbhilti
MXI ingston. belonging to the Methodist
had an alterca-'
ailll (. lirisiiun lH:rsliaMOUS
. ...... .. . .... T .
had his right foot eomi
the ankle while repairing a mowing m:i-
chine, the hordes stai ting up and catching
Iniu in the maehuie
At Kearney a few days ago, Casper Cor- (
ueliiis. proprietor of the City Hotel, died'
from the elTects of ioinu. The cause of ,
the suicide v:w .suptosetl to have Ikvii bust- '
iies troubles. He was a Prtisaiau by birth,
I hixty-two years of age, and left a large
I Tin: drug store of J. A. St. HUM, at
I Omaha, has been closed up by the Sheriff.
I'osT-oKnfK changes in Nebraska during
the week ended August :M), lSs.4: Kstalt-
li-hed Harka. Cage County. B. C. Cil-
more. Postmaster: 1 1 ss Wheeler County,
William C. Beatty. Postmaster. Potmas
t'rs appointed Varna, Saline Comity,
Isaac Smalley.
1 Tiik rniteil States National Bank, of
Omaha, has been specially designated by
the Secretary of the Treasury, at Washing-
ton. as a dcjKitory for public money ami
1 unils ad auced by the (ioveniment for the
use of the Paymaster of the army. i
Nki.i.m: Boyp. the actress, invests her
' suiplus earnings in Nebra-ka farms. ,
Tiik residence of Mr. Andrews, at Omaha,
was broken into by burglars the other night.
The elatter of silver sjkm.iis and knives and
forks, which the thiexes were carrying off,
alarmed the people of the houe and the
thieves decamped.
Tin: We-t Nebraska Mission Conference
commenced at Kearney on the oil, Bishop
William Fisk Mallalieu, of Boston, pre
siding. All parts of the confeience teni
tory were represented. Among the promi
nent men in attendance were Dr. Krje, edi
tor of the Central CltrMlan Adviiti Ki
llers Thomas B. Ixnnar. of Kearney. Galla
gher, of Hastings. Miller, of York, and
President Thompson, of York College.
I'mtep States Sknatoi: Van Wyck
delivered a speech at the Burt County fair,
on the :id. in which he boldly attacked cer
tain nominees on the Kepublican State
ticket for having bv their negligence per
mitted gigantic school land frauds to Ite
penetrated, by which over one million
acres of school lands had been leased for
nominal sums for a long i-eriod of years to
various syndicates. Van Wyck esjMvial!)
singled out Governor Dawes for attack.
His address created considerable talk.
A nun at Ponea recently caused a loss of
,. . . .... ....
lW ! I .......
Miu Johnson, of Saunders County, re-
rts cattle ilyitig along the Platte from
ack-Ieg. C. Dimmitt lost three, George
terson one, Johnson one, and a good
uv were still sick. Everything that
Id be was being done to check the dis-
A lifk insurance swindler was reported
ing the Nebraska niral distnets. He
to insure tits victim m a companv
1 pavs six muuircu tiouars a 3"sir. or
loliars per month until death, for the
sum of fifteen dollars, to be paid in
u each year It is .almost Incredible ,
rsons can ie icumizeu oy sucn an
Itv of insurance- :
mws amount of nto raiirtodhu; te , 55 a ? - w " ' waww RiaVcol ty ntrt 7 lurr. rw 9n wmrT t
Nebraska durine tbc uext several 3 cars a&d diarie-i of U ot-IUiea. ay tlie " ; mrsr " 1m lit DWHroO! oitr oi ' hy mfMznp. V. t. Y
Norfolk haa l-wa ccletl the ?tra! t n wlwn fBtd werr in t ' ifc Sr "Vtr1t Mt- Aa ftft4a f Ui rr n
I;.intfor a!Iorthtera oiratUm o. , Ut on bra4ol by ltni hUI ! wWra (M n . Mfcli fr mmv ..,
of the 3 it l'uTr. cuhcr b3 lmc ,? ? V ' frJ2ui llan tK h tf .h 1 1 ,t AW c H 1,-
Tun fonnal declination by IUr. K. N. ' tnt- aad refiwuc to r-wl : w tiv. nwnw'-y M, - f- t 1. -, Jl jmm k,
Poter. of the NebrasVa EpUeotr. to that HreHj u, a fW tW M fc pcW -J.r? fwM" "tJSJrJZfi r
which b wa ckctol lat June, ba, t-jn woath: that tfce nutj. fcdl by Hram- , oUT rilubtioa.-ir ". It k xrAj 1 trtel r a trt k t .-
- ... as in .1- fc . 1 fsr :r-ilfT.l ilt.1 1 itfk ,? Issttrtlslf ? l!llsV BA1V maMTl-Tirtl" w ''
Tin: lxt!i annual re-unlou of ih traml j , - .J JSS : l1-; srJl,l!T iTfl c
Annv of the Bepnblk opened at Fremont ,ae ,H '"rf !l . Jfnt tui to an irtlbrt i a tnssn tbo
outhelM. under favorable circuimtancc. I'raineid nsj IJetfeawt (.ter-y wajked KrHUsA.
Tlie citv wa-i gaily tl.oraicd. , out oerj day awl a al-.c ami hiv.: Clvrfand mi FirTK-c -
ILitl . i Utll VII
j iiiiuii ui U.IIUH.-V.I jeiu; ui me i e.uieji
ifiko walnuts found in Cass County. ' tiary for each.
S.vrL recently instltutetl suit in t
ed States Circuit Court at Omaha
-. tmitSihc I'nlon I'aeific ILiilwax-. t, r.v. I
5 - . "..
a Mam t iirmcniwi iinnarv; fi3tnitr4c illiuhi
es oi reiii, iincoJn and i
Western Nebraska are chang-
ni wholesale stock raising to
opera bonse at Lincoln has
at a cost of one hundred
of Saunders County this
g unprecedented, savs a
d after field will certainly
seveniy-nve bushels iier
w. of the Sunervisinz
Washington. D. C was
looking over tlie alleged
d about tbe Government
Iten million dollars has
ity Clerk's oftce in
m tbe XebraskaCen
cto theFanaers'Loaa
hunslrcd dollars.
.v .-3d
- si vp "?y
- -m.v. J2?a
rj iTiaee
en sustauteti uv tne loss or a leg - , , " " , " " "" ? '' ,M I anim. i Tic tnitn u wi H pnr na i ?""' " - ? vjt two;
;on Short Line in October. 1SS3. itwcil and accitowl Allen of liaynig iiit In . - w.oWr r Ioo rouch ftt the top It baftd a cold enrrmt of air b? admit
s- Nebraska has been blessed I "eir . t , i,. vr LTii . h, I oct-d pruning therein onler to t 3 t borw M. M 1, .lamb b ,?.
ig rains this fall. South Watte " iiTfeo ThU i. What W. Hdi a tn m i rrb or
k. ab LodCf PoIeCreek Valley J. J i toJfeaudlliw iS ! i hapnmS ;n tbh rampaf-a. n r ' cold, t oftjra .nffr from lngt
W more and choicer hay than ever J gJJ 3 infSStei ii! rfcht ! are lo!n- a'few sn-rf nou, t.rancho, ? tn cold bbrak altnat on, prtJculariy !a
bfore. and stcck vvitl hereafter ,ung and is nrliaps faaL During th ex- and sprcail.n- anion- thf jeopl.- I tbe early part of prift. Inlhi tA
Arfl for m winter. i ., ,. 1,1 ' ,!i w . ft-r. w. I hnn we m- rid of Ue vvcolled ladr- ', tfl -apprtrwn of tbn rrtrat!rii
will olribg
ki)fc i of m
ins ; iJy
that '-'fH
been r.pJa
year iis.1""
local pAet-;
yield fr
Nrmbrn of tfe (irvtj lltpdttUnt
Ct,rvi7Uyi O, bepteaii-e? . WxtoI
rtr'rmnl i!jt 1 rrt- ut Tr4va! PmplL f
., . .... . t .
.-... . r sv.. -. . ... - w - --. ,
tae t.rt-eiy .rcuc ftJirMw. a,-c wr' "
u- ccrii a iyn
cnl. carwi fr him Hke acMW: tfct !-
u raUwnt wm a vimamtm pevoer li
Ikal Imntrr ent ot tor b:4 mh -
CnaJctl them for tkctuvo. Mark oi tkwo' Bratnord. l-octss! Ceil 4mf
eujphat trail v. AU tstvl tkat tfh' Juty wtlj
tK lku
not diluted, bot while
to ctWHiuand Ux irt).
hr tlt
thrtHi.'hout. All arrv
exceit Iienr' shot.
r.urt of th aie
nftice. fc.i Hralnerd. utieti fouiMl.
much stronger tban thr rct, tl wfcrn ba
caint abrtuii tbe Bear Htrprt wa et
pre.d at It, and when he aikrt uhy
wlhal tta, hu mW -oh. I coM t the !!
.... ..... ,, ... Jkr .... -ynj.-.
TV 1 MtU 1W- ""'- -"" !' ' fc. ..WW a ttOMhrUil,Mr. !! wmwmm m wm
f - ..&. - a.. - 1 wxf - - --- tw - - -- - . .. . .
I bk a a -. - . m i . . I jil am Wm kj
liiiNhed the hvst of him Jut b,fiir you ir : .yrstatit Miiipanka of invrnMr !
riet!.' T1j1 Mug howu u hersMMt jaMd i tho Mnltb M Wrl wbntdr
itrainenl. he Mid : "I dmi t know vb mo
. . . . . . .!
' ehiouicle the fact the wcteni skv wa II-
lumltiato! bv the golden glaieof the Haines 1
a Uie bur-it from the lieu AtchUon, To- 1
. -'ka v auta ! freight deja at tbe cr
' ner of Joy and Hickory streets. The hre
, originated at the soiithwtt comer of tlm
j long. nenl -painted frame striieture. and
within fifteen ininiib the lnle lmlW
' ing was eitvelop-tl hi tlnnten, the strong
' south wind t-arriug the tire through tlw
! building to the two story tone otliee, fnuil-
Ing on Joy -treet. I he tiiemru weiv
tromptly on hand, but the headway gained,
inde their
M) far " he freight ilejKtt s concerned.
a vast heap of charred aud sleaming rums.
The building had not oeen completed, and
the S.Y,000 loss falls licuuh upou the on
tmctors. and their employes.
A I tc ItTlurntlon.
Tiror, N. Y., September -t. Andrew
Jackson, a wealthy lesident of Hamiuoiid's
sutioii, four miles from Meclmnlesulle,
Saratoga County, was found on the iniltoud
estrday morning with a deep cut on tho
liead anil both legs cut off. Ho Ihed an
hour, and before dying said that William
Itolan and .John buffx, nelghlmrs, threw
him under a tniln. Bolan's father recenllv i
beat Jackson in a law suit and they lmo
Iktii enemies ever since. lotmg
Bolan was nriested at .Mei'lianb-Jivilb amt
denies the charge. DuM will bo
arrested and both will be urmigutsl at
Mechausville. There is Intense ex
citement at Mrlunirsvllle and i
ciuitj, where the the parties are all well
known and ri-sjrted. Opinions vary ns to
the truth of Jackson's dxing statement.
Tin ring jiirti..u.
PiTT-in'nr.ii, SeptemlKT -t. The artion
of Chief of Police Braitm in tho
lag matter is likely to cause tioiihle jet.
Iraiim returned from Washington jetiT
ilay morning where he said he had learned
a i-oint or two. He ws still of the opinion
that he was in the right nnd would win.
He refused to sax what conre he woold
pursue. It is said b some of tlie Chiefs
triends that be has declared positively that
he will not apo'ogie to Consul SK-hamlierg
as he does not thiol: he w-s m the wrong.
In rase he adheres to this refusal there
inav be music later on. as it is nummil that
unless there is an aKlogy and epl.mation J
tiiere win oe unmeoiaie pritceetiuigx agaiusi .
llraum by rnitfil State District A tu.rney .
.stone, as Baron Shadier will ask that tho ,
case be pustiei.
I.eirrr VVirk.
gap is one thousand tour bundled feet, but J
nuliiv t. tin. tUt.n -:t..r.ivini nn II u.r,.. .- T
5.1.-1 nl..iw.r lo mnV-.. a -,r,..l r... 1
........ v.. v.. , -.....-w .- -. .,.,
lagoon, so that the line of levee to lw en-fed
will be six thousand feci. Meantime ttrft .
Texas ,fc Pacfic Ibd has run its trestles ;
across w.e ueeis. pari oi uie gap in mo ,
front, expecting to take advantage of the.
levee as a roadbed when com pitted.
m -
Havana. III., September ?,. Some tirrw
last spring, Elmer Iuub seiluced Mary
Ivvvson. wife of John taw son. On the
?a ot last May tamb, in company
with his mlstr?-. met tawv,n
the railroad track, near Kairricw. j
tamb fired, killing tawson iusttnttr.
Umb and liis paramour were iudietfd f'-r
murder and tned at this term of the Knlbm
ComUv GnrL . . ' 'u the cl- !
inmiiiT nun iriivi m line runu fax rro ih fori
c.1VF.T. ...i ,T.." ,.. ,
"' ' .. "r . V. . ' ": ' ., VT . '-7' "
lrhp .MurclrrrU.
Siikluwim lNJ., September X Will
1 Ifun ? fvliv tltif rwhfkt fn Knfws.M rki
- - ' i-r n sivri tu.
t c..nn. tli.. wimft
ruff i? a not'ir" (
character, having
the fairrrotimK f
dt-embovvelejt a tv on
the fairgrounds for hieh h wa set to ;
A State rolley
"Sasoviux. Tenn., Septercbcr 3. Tbe
Gjod TcmjAtir tind Temi-cntnix JUx'uvr,
the organ of the Tennessee Prohibitionists
outlines the policy of that facUon.
It says their Intestk Is to get
ft fVntitiirional amendraect snbno:-
tcd to tbe people prohibitiag thd"
manufacture of ateoboljc Bqaor. sito&a
the Legislatare refuae to sabealt tfe qoes
tion to a vote, then it way bceotte necessary
to BMke it a politkad tone. Jt will uat do
to ma a ProkiWtioa ticket la Teasessea
tserely to bare it beaten, ay tbe orgaa.
Those who choose to vou: for St. Joba lava
aright So do so, but there fa sothinf re
fairinsaTeaaesiee Prohibitiockt to toU
s . -
t - "J ' "tSj- S J'
i "2' SrJ , J
.loin tii.i-fi i rrtfti " --- - -" - - .- ,-. .-.,..--., --- ... . . . iiirti-vfc ! ia iiiiui '9-wiTMm
V,..,- (,,, .. . - T . C...t.....K..r o Tt,. . ttiti-nilii ti ftci-iMit Mm firtrti nnt nn 1mI.IIv I
:.... LVHir Owlfiv ..r.l..r.l n-nrl- .m. ! decl.trOS that lie "fOnlfalK IlldorMMi the W rM
menc.-d'at'once by the convict contractors!, 1 laoriii.M lit- po-, oven further than pi ." "
. . ...... .,-. .t .. ! lh im i.tnrl. fli., tH.. mnlfnrni i n l OplJ VUI S.W
ciosine imvis crevass,-. i hi- nnr acrns u . - -.... ... .... ,....,... ..
!.. ti', i r z.i.. itii. -
the Reform chooL Abont ss.v wee aso i ,r OTcr j,ejr dparjurc is rhaji-rl br -or nainrt;, ami it oftrn hap jrn that
he stabbed a ycrans inan P" tb; rcci' the r intimstJoa that tii-s is a trtTrp. tbt animal Wt m thn am coH
but for this offense he was aeomtUiL , 0f tiT relatka wtb itoSton untd tbr dlir u inruraLb,
roLmni. rAKAifKArnA
j-, t r!vtio, all I Ikt If
j i MD4 :c vcxL trvr U-nn4.
r-jrGrtvcr Owteml b Vnftir So
UhfiV h. iHM0Wfl vnw
Ik " i
, t rs iJ
sirTko fZw &pMtnn I
rndn-vl to sbjo ritirst np lk ila
, ,l rUfJn.lmn cearrr Ma kt44.v
. .... V... .
I14 kutttr to !tttfcT ba. oawJia5
v placated It twari rHbc
f rtf- ibo lrnKxra wwrc
&& )
utAke tt an assrrMv nwpMj. .
. . . i. . 1
U hv to
ui ay nwuttosr n4 J tt w
' orT
-pa. a HwiNo. rur m sirA
to 0 amy : tn tin l.n of Urwvitv ' .wcmr CV
wfceti fKi4t. m I ianil .uld b 4u crmf Af-
I 4urvA iHnfrtlm.
yJy-M, mativ raoall ac Nrw
j yorv. rrcbanrt?fitirv"r iViw
land a kw.rcil .nl:sa. Hi
' itMiL. a the tMtdur tiormiu ihw, v
' . .
hnve been ndniiltod to lutiatic aMhuui
trm U mnke 1 "K land nnd HuiMlnck
mjjle- in won! tliat wuMojrv thuir
heroism and jitnotlm.
f-cr On the whole, the letter HtU to
jrtve the nupresfdou that the (Jovernor
j ii:u und'd beyond hi doptJt in Nation
j al jMHt;es and, Itnd.n n tunning
'rather tI.iH-inle work, t.t Lfj'inntHjf.
like other drowninjr mun. to clutch nt
straws. IthUaio hTtrt.
frir-Tliu nut .imigeroiH tiling tho
Demovniti.-kfolwrji Imnjuvermol has
nppemvd this unr, i. .. th rank
lib havu taken to thinking: tor ihotn
appeals to the siillnijjC' of tho ih utile'
is a hue joke - ttreii HernUl.
fts'l bu letter is Mr. Clcvelatitl's In
the same sense thnt the (jiicen' ttd-dro-.?u
to Parli.'tMieut are the (Queen's.
It contains what tho Democratic maua-ger-i
of h.s canvass think it h prudent
for him to utter, nnd it -hows that the
party has no policy on National is-ow.s
which it durus nuv. -- Milwnukot .S;i
ticl. Ihff- Cleveland's letter U not long,
but it Js lonir enough to make evurv
Democrat s ebeek tingle who .i..., ut ,iurlv i, jn i .. '
imriv 1 1. is in it a ilHt.'ii. u
Thuruian. a llnanl
and vet has chosen
and a McDonald.
;is its standard-
hearer so suialt-sied :i sUiUwmati ax
CJroVcr Cleveland. PttLxurijh Com
vicrcuU (imcUs.
Aa-The one merit of Cleve'tnd'n let
ter w its brevity. But It will ! dbi
eourainj to tho?e I)emoc.-:iU who o
jKjeted .such :i nmuifostution of tntfl
inatiship :is wouhl dii.le the world nnd
cha'ieiige the nduiirntiou of innnkmd.
It, wouhl be n fa rly creditablo Mthfkol
Ijoy performaiiee, nnd it is noUung
more. Lncmwi(i torn m rrml'ffitrJtc
fK7tIovernor( levelnnd s letter of if-
j ceptitnei:, publ shed thU inoriiiue;, I,
! one of tho sborto-t. ns Mr. lltaluo was
one of the longest, documents' of the
' kind ever sent forth. Tin writer evi
' dently undenoolc his task at a low to
( deterniine what policies ho was jKt-
en 10 pxpre- approval oi. Jleu-e. lo
eseaiK luittmir hi foit in it.'" he ha
adopted the hhort and easy mot hod of
..-" .
asserting tha the Deinoeratie pmtform
u jut nht. and that Is all t hero U to
t, ,Qllt. ijlnU.lirtm-ntt
rMr. Cleveland, after conttnnouslv
breaking the nw.i to the ptiblif that he
think 1
plnn .statement.
Cleveland intended tbi tor a join f
.V1T- I ICVclflfUl inlemlCll tlUK IOT a IOkR I
were it n,t fr,r tlw fnet ibnt lbs- vhnl !
-. -. . -- - -
countrv knows that, for rra
um In. i nnt in -i fmm ui mini! to
joku at prwvnt. Aiiywa. 'he puMic
rf--....,...-,..... ......... - -.-..-..
Wl Myj,h at .j a
assertion that tho plat-
iorrn h "so plain that it ncodi no up
pletnent or explaaat utu (JUviltiwl
m m
Few Ifoltfr In 3! line.
Tbc Republican bolter 1 very ca:va
heru. indeed. I bare not t nyes upon J I
th? :v an,j n.jh 3 description ,' iu
Ttcu dout nnu jnucpenucni. jonrn
inr nincu exi ept where thev hav nirol'j-
-- .
-h and ape Ragle ;. . -
stren-tb 4 greato.t au 1 Amncao j
twliey m'st iKiunlar when' peopbi JU
plain i ftKjl ami vt their dinners In tbe '
middle of the dav.
Tins vear it i a specie of dvpcp:a
which the sufTerrrs arc iilnl to tsvll j
bv the name of Indeifeniint iJepubfie- ;
pendent for gtxxl, bnt :Ley bav ptayrd
mJ manv farewell enrsenieat. to
ba-k to snnoarj- anat''. that '
co diner lo?t we have pticed a dote
horny-handed worklsjnea, aad I woM
like to Ytxp swapplsr oo these tertn
from now until election day. Uatii I
came to Maine I dida't take ranch t&ck
in tbc drift of the labor elemeat toward
Blaine, but I jcbow it U jgola oa iWr,
and. my advjees i rota Chicago and Xw
York show that It ut goia oa there.
liar Hurler C$r, FttiUiScifki Prcu.
Comedy girls of amarriaeahla apt
are sold ia i kohaaa for sotte tfd
w .. .....,.
. . ." 1.1 ." I1L
the" Kepublican party. SerioaIy. wb- It em probable that H ihc ct-e
ever I get arnon the people I tiad that ' tb p-rplna;; TrHU jjradsijy b.
tor everr college nroitssor or ueiraoni-1 . iv-c.. wt as. iea
U 1k ol of Ih rW fcdrtirfr
cat f i mtxM In will k4f fi
t 4t. v r srtrt $
nwc,ir5 wM t
ail li
- A jnl?1 t'imamiTwyyac
rttrt lh5 B'jty l Wwwk Ml
,?.- trf rffc
TW lMU Itrst lX;w
ttam (nm t savrt l lTmm-y hs
..- j.
It mo. rSMi. "
ay. krr Aa ft " '
tnttat. asd a. JfTa p M
)sttle JssO m te twfcrr ly
j ilrTTix atnl Jt 4I sjrp .p
nifty Cairns n al ssbi t
. gsa. Iwa lutap of M rfr !
! rf It lr lll rp,i-v WJsa $
1 irtMk ar st nsb tW iirS H a
rag, tht r Hii p' "f
t M(riut,M w salL
mitk; U imiW swaHv rt U a
ittmr. Hym k Kav? latlf lri . "
vftll of ImUer. (H v4 mt "-
tu karw trvv Usnm m1 "
mnwt i It a.i naoUsrr That haU
irMMA tttur axhmu im ?
leml a UtUor UirvtAa vnn haK
tlMrmu;kiv It trtijl f J
aid ohrmwDl. t1ffr.r -r.
- Alnimt anv liml of KiUrtai i
ti lb arial nUr ftaw,. '
nweei nidk. tno halt eup mr. 'h
and on-hrlf cw, whit of fwir Vi..
tH-oto jMHnf lM4kiitjMwlr. f"t
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