The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 02, 1883, Image 1

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    - - r r --" 'V5p.
'S sKli
"'. i.
l-t ""J
TutU$itmi every Friday Morning
i.tae- nn -uwfc -
- ftfc-J-W-L ' -
" "" in i " " ' ' J W '' s A B
Chief, wsaw
, . ? s
BATra or BUtecRUxios:
0a copy, on year.
Ona oopr. tix monthi,
Oaa oopr. thraa inontlu.
Bfatereil t the P tefflea in Red Cloud j I
tar of tba (fcutid class.
The largest stock of Exclusive
Millinery in the Village, now
open at the
The bargains offered
Tips, Birds and Velvets,
-1 f r !?.,.... 1-wty firing ma the nomination tbat I withdraw
in the city. Stock erom the kASTB.?JN.armtBtieiu,4liAihr . ,tt
Market. Buying Largely, and FOR CASH
we are enabled to give you the Very Lowest
Possible Prices. Mail orders promptly attend
ed to.
j. a. fowler.
Tust Arrived AT BAUM'S Cheap Store,
consisting of
DRY GOODS Boots and Shoes
Hats and Caps. CLOTHING
Notions, Groceries, Trunks, and Valises, Men's
and Boys' Suits a Specialty. A nice line
Also, Soldiers' Overcoats to be Sold
Way Down. Bound to Sell I
In Order to Make Room in Store.
aaaaaa) AT THE aaajaaai
People's Clothing House !
Recently Opened in the NewIState Bank Block.
One Door West of the Bank.
And can. therefore, give you
We came to Red Cloud to DO THE PEOPLE
GOOD, and respectfully ask every person to
call and examine our goods. .
We also, keep on hand a well selected stock of
, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks,
Valises, Umbrellas, &c,
mn will s '
mm "
9 ! WffVi,..." .xOLf.
L vm.vmw9 lni
you in Hats, Plumes,
can not be duplicated
AT M llf
-101 ' !LJS -t
. - -
mvvir -
lank f Ra
t ,,
w- -
The Red Cloud Chief.
Carfleld Post N0.8O. C. A. It.
&)'. eTfry oth-r Mao'iajr Tcnlcc Krfular
tokitlne oa Hoadmj evening on or batata Ihe
full racon. Ja. ii. Mcitt.
S. Wmt. AdJ't. C.
AH bill for loca!, advertising and
job work, will hereafter be due and
collected monthly by this office. Th
bill for thc&vme will bo presented the
I first of each month.
Ilarlnc deeHaJ tht it u duty lht I owe
to cnyielf, to withdraw my mat candidal
for tha offico of f horiff of Webttr r enuntr. on
count of not htliot ole la leir tba exparue.
neeerjtrilr incurred. orpiro the lima riie
tod end neccuuarjF to ronduet a -atupIgn in nj
behalf.! taka thii minnnr of aunouncinc to thn
t of W'ubtler county.
TU01. J. WARD.
Wintkk is coming.
N. Euwarw, of Ulue
Hill, was in
town Monday.
Gi:o. Cah-som, of Council
Bluffi), vans
in town this week.
D. P. Nkwcomuk. of lue
in Rod Cloud Monday.
Thk Indies' aid society will tnoct at
"iilrs. Murj'Htt'fl this week.
The Cimkk extends its regards to
Jlr. and Mrs. John Gnrber, for uomc
excellent wedding cake.
VoriNt. place in Garfield precinct
i:hanged to school diitnet 18.
J. I. Hayiia, county clerk.
Go to Mrs. Kellogg'rt for bargains in
plumes, and in fact ail kinda of nnllin
ory and fancy goodd. 21
Two bao burners for sa lo at the
Commercial house. One Westminititer
with oen. Doth will be auld at bar
gains. A great many people nro coming
hack from Dakota to winter. They
cannot stand the severe winter weath
er in that country.
A tiiitk and old saying that if you
wish your work rnrll done., you mubt do
it yourself, is still true. We do our
own wtrk, and warrant it.
Tiik ladies of the M. E. church of
lied Cloud, in accordance with their
usual cuMom will give a thanksgiving
dinner on thanksgiving day.
The Webster county woman suffrage
ociety t ill meet at the residence of
Mrs. A. McNilt, Friday at '2 p. in. All
interested in that cause are inited to
Koiikiit Hicks, brought to this office
this week, a led boot that weighed
aeveuteon pounds, raided on the old
Burkhead farm. And still they can't
raiso vegetablci in Xebr.wka, you
A. IJ. If anncr. the third avonuo har
bor, come to Red Cloud about twelvo
years ago, and used to shave the boya
sitting ou nail kegs. Reclining bar
ber shop chairs were not in fashion in
Red Cloud at that time.
Uncle Peter Marsden, one of the
substaucial fanners of Webster coun
ty, gave The Chief office a pleasant
call Saturday, and deposited u J I. SO
for a years subscription to our paper.
Many thanks Uncle Peter, call again.
All people in town h ave hud an op
portunity within the past few-days to
try .National Yeast, we can say from
experience that it is superior to any
yet we have ever used. All grocers
sell' it,
. Postmaster McXitt, has the honor
of erecting the first two-story building
in Red Cloud, about ten years ago.
The basement whs occupied by The
Ciiiek office and the second floor by a
hardware Etore. The building stood
on the corner where Miner Bros store
now is.
Mtss Lulu Barber, daughter of Mr.
-KTohn Barber, one of the oldest subscri
bers of The Chief, has the distinction
of being the first white person born in
Webster county. In the htetory of
Webster county the distinction is giv
en to another person, but wo nre in
formed that it is incorrect.
Ox Wednesday evening, about thirty
of the young friends of Maggie Taylor
gavo her a grand surprise party. It
was her eighteenth birthday, and in
honor of this her young friends pulled
taffy and indulged in other sports until
a late hour. Our reporter was present
ed with a bunch of the said taffy, for
which he returns thanks.
Mr. Chas. W. SrRiXGER. county su
perintendent of public instruction, is
one of the best and most thoiough
school officers that it has been .our
pleasure to meet. He has for several
weeks been engaged in a tour of in
spection of the schools in the county.
Mr. Springer is the nominee of two
political parties, which alone is suffi
cient evidence of his abiliiy, end integ- J
rity and an excellent endorsement of
his past services to Wcbstet countv.
E. W.vssEXKX, of Cincinnati, Ohio
,vas in Red Cloud rencently, investiga
ting tho price of hogs with a view of
makinS this a point to purchase front.
Mr. Wassenick is making preparations
to start a packing house at-Denver;.
Colorado.! "Ho has returned to Ctncin-
tnatf- to gitrahaM the machinery with
cwhicH to operate, lbs. packing house
This will evidently give us a
new market for our hog product ia
t. j this part of the state. He intends to'
lllaytntr i,Iarge scale.
f.- i. j -. ; 51 wS) jfyasiw?
The now jowclry florc, WrihtV
The cotntui&aioucrs hold a econ
Clocks at lowt prices at A N.
Ftrrr articles in silverware at A. N,
Latekt derigne and etylta in jewelry
at Wright's.
Velvet or suit caps, made to order
at Mr. Helloes. 2vT
Special inducements, for the next
30 days at ButimS.
Big bargains in clothing and boots
and ihowi at Biuin!a.
Call and tee u And inspect ourjOarlr, P 1. Ve:r
stock. A. 5. Wright's.
The chiilleugM wind mill is taking
lea.l. Sold by S. fc F.
The State B-mk mil give you the
best term on farm loan. 11-tf
Big bargains in lac; em broideries ,
and insertion, at Bauin'it.
Fixe and diifictilt watch repairing a
specialty at A N. Wright's
Rev. Mil Moouk, occupied tho M.
K. pulpit last Sunday evening.
A xice line of ladic. cloaks and dol-
mans, to he aold rheap at Bium's.
A coon piano for sale or trade, very
cheap. Call at this office. nI3 tf
Clocks the cheapest in town and
five, years at Maryatt it.t,Gir ne- rti ad denartod for their
PKEnlDEST Xrthur, has appointed
the H9 th day of November for thanks
giving. Miu Codvax, of Cod mm and Whit-
ney's rancho, has gone to Boston on
A large line of trunks aud valise? at
Bautn's two doors north of First Na
tional Bank.
A full line of all grades Swws nnd
American watches, at A. N. Wright,
new P. O. building.
Eyes brighten, cheeks become ra-y,
musclas gain etrcngth by tho use of jbmvl nnd j,poon ur; Mr. Ambler and
Brown's iron BittCM. w5fef An,on iu-rker. and Aiwon Hiliv.
Tiikre will bu a meeting of tlicnvcr i)Uttcr .hhnu knife; Mary A.
W. C.T. U. at Mrs. K. . Warner's 'f-.irbcr silver e.itor; Moore and
Friday, at 3 p. in. wif(Jf sCt of sHvcr knivw :uul for!;a; M.
P.crnembcr, if you want health and f nn(J Garl,(.r tQt of sijvt.r uMe
strength of mind and muscle, use s U)(1 (Cft sp0O!M. Silas Oarbcr. p'.ale
Brown's Iron Bitters. , m5rrnr: Samnri mi.! Chas. Garbcr
Foster, the. bogus medium hns been
lracel to a western town where he hai
defrauded several people.
Jest recoived a car load of Stude
baker wagons nnd buggies.
Spanoglu A: Funk.
L. Olm.stkaii, of Inavale, brought u
an assotmcut of vegetables. One of
the turnips weighed eight pounds.
uusiness is improving with us j,ivpr vaM,. eh.irlcs and Mamie Piatt,
good goods and low prices will tell. !,,, :np;S.v!io and Clara Bceker,
Kaley t Fdinger. I CJlt pliuig i;lIlipf K ?. nn,i I(1:l r.jrber.
Our old friend, Mr. Win, Booth, f,In,KC parlor lamp; Rev. S. Crocket, au
Ilhnois, called on us Saturday. He toprnph album; Mrs. Julia Fowler, set
was on his road to Arapahoe, Nebraska 0r siiver knives; W. Cunninghant. set
A Oio assortment of men's umU-r-0r'SIrVcr forks; P. A Beaehy, silver
ware, also overall.-,, jackets to he sold ,Cake. stand; G.S Albright, dork; "M. A.
cheap at B.ium's, two doors north of . Albritrht, silvi-r sutar shell; Beulah an.l
roi: the greatest variety, most sty-
lish goods, and lowest prices, go to.Cook and wife, droning fray with col-
Mrs. Ivcllogs popular luilhnery
store. 2w
If you want anything in the cloth
ins: line, you should cull at Kale.y t
It is the place to get bar-
Mrs. Kellogg is closing out this'mwnriii tu)n onvnr Mi finlo
week, a largo line of straw hats' at 25jShcrer, picklo di-h; Mr.' R. l Ycifur.
cents each. Alo a nice lot of fult hat3 j ant ji;4S p. ) Yei-er. majolicji tea set
at .10 cents each. a -t jand piikie di'h'-s; Mr. S. Perkins,
Everything in the jewelry line the! handsome boquuu; gold pen ai.l pen-
cheapest for the quality in Red Cloud
and everything warranted as repre
sented by Maryatt fc Co.
There will bo confirmation and
communion service by tho Lutherans
at the court-house Sabbath Nov. 3d
and 1 1 o'clock a . m. All are weN
Be Siti re nnd see Kaley fc Edingcr.
before you buy yotir dry goods, cloth
ing, groceries, qceenswarc, etc., as
you can save money at their- store.
Be sure and call on them. It pays.
The friends, of Miss Myra Brewtr.
gave her a grand ovation Saturday eve-
ning in tucshape of a surprise party.
It was her sixteenth hirthdav. She re
ceived mariv tokens of friendship from
those present.
Ouk friend, Tliomas Humphrey, call
ed at The Chief on Wednesday. 31 e
is A very prosperous farmer and is
making money fast. He has thirty 1
acres of. corn that will go ceventy bush
els to the acre he says. Frobably the
fincstui the state
Absolutely pure Baking powder is J
scarce. Pure starch or pxrro baking
powder pure, yet on this ground alone '
many manufacturers claim purity.
TlAT.iin.ra riiott.I U iI-It,
"-" - -"". ..i,.
Powder U
absolutely pure. It contains
Grape Cream Tartar and Pure Bi-Carb.
Mr. C. A. Owen, of Clinton, Illi-
inol, has come west 4to grow up with
the country, and has located in Red
cloud. Mr. Owen is a general house
painter, grainer, paper hancer, and
is now rcactv to take
Those who want a nice job should call
on him. He can be found at this of3
ce. The Hastings GuzeiXJovmod, one of
the very best daily papers published in
the west, makes the following remarks
in relation to Bd Cloud:
Red Cloud is comine to the front in
roan vb. commercial roitTm?mv- ?! T4T-orTirS fri t.
W a fdl-ln liTfc
i " - .
vo..Ufe pii cuju..oiiiiaii9r me.
ianKjaa.Dnimin(;ti,w,'a pay ypa to sec
H''- otk,vuu u uuu .Kizce aavanihcr
tax-in thi mLif. 1 .
Five merino bucks for sale: En
miire of P. C- Shsteder, Harvard,
1 Cly county, y eb. n
, .
For thai: few weki txiHy rxt
clra of Red Cloud hvi; bri on tbf
qui nr OT-r the anticipated nuptiU of
Sir John GirKr and M! MacTo Al
bright Khich UA ptarc On 1a1 rbur
da.y evening at the rotulcac of Mr. W
If. Stroll ni, otic of our leading attor
ney' an! a brother in-law to thr? bride
The two young people re nelt known
in thw city, and uaoy ei ay d:iI i
d that 'M.-h should b? the othen'
tnato thro'igh lif. Promptly at the t
eppoinunt uour me nAppy opi-. ac- ,
comp.nied by MiM Oha Garlxr, Ida
aim .'.cr, wo.i
i m -- !
tiartwr, t. A- iHavny, anu u ai
.. ... .. !-. !
bnghprcjicntoc uienvilves before Rev j
U"0. 0. Vvicr, who, in one of hr hp-
nio-t stramR. ald the mvetical wrini- t
that mady Uicm one, and .leil thir
heartji for life. At the conclusion
tho ceremony, a. bounteous wedding
tipprr wa spread and the guL par
took with a wll!ingn'4 that indicate!
thoir arquic(coiicu in the evout Ahich
had just transpired. Supper ftui.hrl thu
guest and ncly married couplu
'spent the evening in various amujc-
mcnt and all went "mornly as a mai
riage 1k1I." At a late hour the gueLs
bade the young couplo godsnesl in
various homes. The Cuep, extends
its congratulations to Mr. and Mo
fJarber, and thrown tho proverbial
hIioc after thorn, wishing them a
I ions and iovoiis lu and not a
j Wtirc 0f trouble" to mar their hap-
pines in Jne. I lie toliowing ulettant
and .i)propri ito prusent were bwtow.
cmI ujon the nowly wedded couple
Mr. P. Albright anl wife, china din
ner and tea set; I. P. Mbright. marble
curtin table, and chamber ?vl; Mr. Mc
Keeby nnd wife, toilet vet with nwK
. H. bnnth and wife, stiver Mitrnr
hjvcr spoon urn; Mr. Bently and wife
silver butler dish, Frank aud Carrie
Ppanogle, faney vase; C W. ICalo and
wife. A. h. Mitchell and wife, 1. M
Perkins and wife, silver butler dih; .1.
M Miner, cabinet album; Celia Gurbor
nilrcr toilet bottle and tand; F. R
Gump, walnut bracket and towel rack;
R.L, Tinker, wall pocket; Mis.s Tulloy
Anna Sirohm, silver napkin rings; A,
L. Funk, book of telcct poem-; Henry
luloid brush and comb; Mr. Dodd and
wife, individual china coffee cups;
Mrs. A. S. Marsh, Mrs. A.J. Kenney,
Mrs. W. B. Roby, silver pirklo dish
and fork: Mrs. W. B. Roby, handsome
boquet; Mrs. D. Kalev, Mr. E. A. Leav.
cil; W
II. Strohm, ladies patent ruck-
Is regard to township organization it
is optional with the voters whether they
will elect their township officers or not,
to take their places immediately iu
case the township organization propo
sition carries, and if not ne iv .they can
not be elected until next Ail. . U' important that each tyrocnict
select their bet man for suprvfor-
to ne prepared if the propisition gets a
majority. ,
Kalev fc Edixger. the en tcrpri?ing
nierehnntj". of Rnd ClTid. ari onenini?
up the season with one of the largw
stocks ever diplayed in Red Cloud a
such low prices that it will nav tho
I People- to see them before buying else-
wnere. xtiev aro cenerat mcrcnanu
and therefore keep a complete stock of
all variety of gools. W e can rec
cotnmend'themto the readers of The
Chief, as upright and careful business,
men.who always study to please their
large aud growing trade.
Prograji of tescher-s association, to
be held at Red Cloud, Saturday N"ov.
10. 153-
10 a. m Singing.
Report of committee on constitution
! and by-law
Eleclion of oflicere.
1 p. m. Singintr. -
Essay Advantage of teacher asso
ciations, by iot. u. telthan.' Discc?-
Methods of school recitation,
Mis Eva J. King. Discussion. I
Reduction of tractions by Homer E.
Query box conducted by D. Jadson.
Miscellaneocx business.
m '
For spot cash -are-will eeU you a
fult cf cloths' fxr an overcoat for less
.T.. .va a
j wj.t pay
txa before bay
alev "4 Edmirer. -
- .iVU - odl. amAmvr- m. rH .;.! 1
' cheap weahrkak t
J Call in aad ce for
10 quote wie prices
nKPiHLUAS iiactrr.
On next Tufwdar. NoicmWr Oi
H cccwr iH cWtMHi far UJ- itmi
coootr ofSxr. awl k fil c&JW '
on lo tirx H Itpputin rotcar n
Y?lict county US tCrit out wi lint
xJr and tote n ktrafrgM HrjaJ!r.n !
tickrt frntn ton M M Rwi, tsxadi- '
ilit far uprrtne jud down in w
f. ti-..U . j
po.r.t ;f they 1! tarn ho; -4 -S (or
J J -
ui. sa oi mr nc. in in,.,r. .e-
c, i . i,lw. An ettrt.., rf.
r.. : i..: i. . ... .
.o, u- 0g w ,n .i.r ,. wi -W-
- - . ... 11. -
iw our caiKi.ia:o mk ajprt) jmi
Hon. It. M. K-. Mr. Km- sn
h!e kwycr, and Wt?ll qttHlfv to h
ron the urren.r bneh. 1th bajnor
to hiinjelf ai! jmiirc in Ui hjU.
Voi? for him ?lrifht on rUy,
For rrtntt of the UnlvriraUf.
long trm, Milton J I lull, of Cttjr, al
John T. MaIUIh., of BuHUk. kn.r
ltm .filt'ctotl for the Kaitkm. For
the hort (rnn, Jeti M IlMtt, f Har-
land. an 1 K 1 P. Ifolmas, of Pirf,
were noinluUil.
Vote (or thun
For jude'of the Stli judicial dhtrict,
Hon. Win Gali!. tht tnil ami the
tnio, and tlw notittiiti of thrct p.r
ties will be oloctod without oprHttiou
Vote for hijn tr?;ht.
The We.hjter cosinty RepiiUUean
titkcl is undo up of men who we in
recommend to evory vtr in the coun
ty, a g-vxl, quar le-nest men. "ell
qualifitHl in every nartietilar to fill th
position of trust to which lhy havm
ben nominntct! and c:ulor.ol by twt
or more pirties.
J P. Bityha, the preJmt inetuubMit
of the oountv ulerk'.n olfiuo. and a oan
dulrtte for re-oleelion, i a man well
worth) of tho ofliee. and one too. in
whom Iho people can pltcc implicit
confidence., in tho jwluiinitrtiou of
the bmincAs atraiw portnining to that
office. Every Republican houM ac
cord him their support, and work for
his election. Vote for J. P. Bayha
Chat le. Rusohow, the efficient and
courteous eeunty treasurer, cndone.1
by three political parties. neeLs no ro
com inundation from us, as his record I
well-known in thj county, xuflico it to
sny, however, that ho has manttg
ed the affairs of his office co well, tlul
Uie entire poople of tho comity are in
favor of his ru-ohje'ion to tho i-atno po
ition of trust, which li h.-w filled no
aMy in the past. Vote for Charle
Busehow straight.
George O. Yeior, our worthy towns
man. U tho nominee of the Republican
and Anti-monopoly partite, and will
wear the judicial ermine with credit
to himself and the people of Wcldter
county. Vote for Yeier ntraight.
Henry C. Seott, .the unanimous
choice, of tlwi Ropublic.m county rein
vention, for tho office of Sheriff, isi a
man well able to fill tho position in
cvory way, and i a straight forward
and upright man, and affood llrpuMiran
to hinx we urge the pop'' to give him
their .support. Mr. Scott is well deserv
ing of the office, and hi hfo long Re
publiein :intoo;dent.i i a sure guaran
tee, that if elected, he will manage the
ofiico honetly and fairly. Vote for
Scott straight.
Charles W. Fprinper, the nornineo of
two parties for the offiee of superintend
cut of pnblic instruction, is a gontlo-
nian, whose ability nnd mental enjur
ity, peculiarly fits him for thy high and
respon-dMe po-itiou for which he ha
b:cn selected, tuid which he has
fillfd to the satisfacti on of the peo
ple in Webtcr co'inty. Vote for
Springer straight.
For county eommUsionor, John Mc
OUnm wan imaininonsly sclecfetl ly
Republican convention He is a go!
man, and well fitted for the dutim that
would of necessity devolve upon him.
Votaj for McCallum straight.
t C.T'. Rinker, i- th" cmdidate of the
t T. . -.- i .
rvepuuiifan pany igr courny curve) '
or. Vote for him ".might. '
For Coroner, Dr. J. M. Mosonn, was
unaminons choice of his party. Vot
for Moscna straight- "
The alove lumd gentlemen, who
are the nominees of Uie Republican
party arc all well able, mentally and
physically to managed the ro-poniMe
duties connected witli the offices for
bich each have been nominated.
Vote tirt, last, and all the time fr the
Republican tirket- Do not scratch
but stick to jour colon. Work hon
estly, earnestly. anl fr th renral
success of (hatgrtnd old organiiatiorj
the Republican party.
For county clerk, John P. Bavin.
For county ircastireT, Charle xfus
chow. For county juege, George 0. Y?i-
For Sheriff, Henry C Scott,
Forcoaniy mi perm tend en: ofpnbfic
instructtoiifcCha-- Y. Spnm;er.
For ccantv coam'iioner, nom-sa
-f For county surveyor. C. I. Rinker.
For coroner Robert iMtnereiL
People wan;;nj to bay fanitnr, Trill
do A-eIl Hi wait for the new siore
whicliwid be oper'id .a'lMJOCdJ
aboatoretnter.lOdb. brJL J& !&...
JKivJxr5iux.thax ttSI aguish ev,
Wee -Bajsoxe arm wait for bim. Il-tf
. wmrr.,.- : 1 .1
Ibooyraod shoes. Jiave ecerythinr to
Tta&cnb bc aic utavjqtanni KIT
9 -. ...
, """""""'..WMicaid prKi!r 04. Ja
5eep the feet dry anu warm ai pt.ce,.,.,. ' .VzTTT" "
- hi . ii im ,. al " a i M
jfr(it Wrrfcrit mt TV X
4 14 . . Am A.W&.fl tad t-ta feA,
lhtat xn
f wk4ijui mi ft v m n
fr l,aWi.lB,'
aa-fI t?n wv iratta &
itiitf Hm
i w niiw cwMwrnai. wn
LT -. a dK4. .K H - -A. A - LaK - ---
rlV3 tV i-i 4wt MH I4rf. 4
Uie jrfvjrt f tfce iimw m 4at
itui wooas rto wrd - int waaoty
MkAitti faaaV at f agllNlfc. t". fau If IKa
. firw h j,. Mk1.v -ui
, TllltM, ,,,. N U k.w.
j , n . ' .a- , k, a!
, .- r --- -.-. ,.,
... , ,.,, ltwilti tW. .. .fci.
t,--- ...-
k jj,
ic fttic-M.
T1e W to H- a aM 4ut at MsCffi"
j !.- l LI .. i
e Kr nrS Kmnl twtr iUm amalT
bUtl vK l-ot W-J ttuta tew
W. Smith', fmt ilkvnVl 4K -
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DceUnmUon by I.. I. Foliham
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