The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 27, 1882, Image 4

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lank Culn Imu arrive
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WeU.Mr.fc " tm
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JUaHarfU.aelat4 M
ftaf . OaToe aoara frem 7
Money Order erne heart frwi
7 .
6 p. la,
7:15 t ar
:10 a. ta
0 p. m
- a,m
e i. m-
J JO p. u
- - 12 BB
i p. :
Iha loan above.
i. a. u K t m
7 a. m. to 7 p, ta.
aowa mi saaaar w a p. m.
M.B. McNirr. P. M.
L-ocal and Personal Aflairs.
Jiwl received nt the Ica'iin; Mil
linery etoYo 1 door north of
Mwher, Moore & Oulcalt'i
lmnkinc house, the third lot of
line silk benver, silk plush, fur
heaver :md felt liatu in Mack
and colons. J. A. Fuvcw.u.
Ladies- I have Mack and colored
plume, a great variety of alyle
find price. Ulnck Ostrich tips,
20 el, each and upward, col
ored tips, 35 els. each and up
wards, J. A. Foni.Elt.
Lndicn An extensive lino of neck
wear, A good assortment of
plushes silk velvets, eatins aud
rihbon.H,vill be shown at very low
prices, J. A. Fowkeu.
Ladies Black Satin turbans at $1.'J5
actual value $ 1. GO. Good black
ftraw hats 40 cts. sold elsewhere
at 75, Zephyr 10 cts. an ounce,
void elscwtierd at 15. A lare
assortment of hoops in white
and colors at prices that can't be
duplicated in lied Cloud. Bern
hardt umlrciued kid gloves at
IL25, very cheap at $1.50. An
extensive line of woolen hoods,
nubias, etc. J. A. Fowi.kk.
Ladies Call and examine the largest
most elegant assortment of Mil
linory goods ever shown in Bed
Cloud. You will be suited in
styles and prices.
J. A. Fowler.
-There will be preaching at ihe
tcbool house, fn CuwJes, on gunday,
November. Sth, t 1 1 o'clock, r. ., by
the Kev. J. L. Kllintl. A cordial invi
tation ts extended to all.
There will be a Missionary concert
l the Congregational church next
.Sabbath evening. All are cordiallv
invited to attend.
Lsut Monday Mr. Weathprwax'a
team broke 1omu from a pot in front
w. wii.ni5niic, ami uok a wnin
around town and finely brought up at
the M. E. church. They did but tittle
damage but gave one of the editors a
mark in the shape of a turned up
finger nail to remcmlcr them bv. A
little more hcm, would make that
team a little more eccurej
We arc pained to learn of the acci
dent whirh befell 31r. Ballard recently,
who had his limb broken by the un
pleasant fumiliaritv of one ofhw hor
ses who kicked him on the leg. lie
is at White Bock, Kansas, where he
met with the accident, and understand
ho ia doing nicely.
The city council, and seemingly no
one elrtc, being disposed to represent
Bed Cloud or Webster county in the
coming exhibit of tho nation at Wash
ington next mouth, the Cimick odtce
will endeavor to do so. All who wish
"t6 "have -their, names connected with
the Garfield monument, cm scud
specimens of their products to us mid
we will forward to Washington, thro'
the legitimate channel.
Boforo you buy your clothing, boots
and shoes, please call and bcc my lines
imu get prices. J. u. rotter.
A Ciriu for sale or trade. Will sell
on easy terms, or will trade for stock.
Impure at tho Post ollicc.
Headquarters for nice hats and bon
nets at Mrs. McBride's.
G:lt Emie Butter o.v Ice, at
For a fine lino of gloves or mitens
call on C. K. Putnam.
Ordinance No. 3.
Bo it ordained by tho Board of Trus
tee of the inhabitants of the town of
"Hod "Cloud: That if any person shall
discharge a gun, rille, musket, pistol,
revolver or any other fire arm in the
streets, alleys, or on the commons of
Bed Cloud upon conviction thereof
every person so offending shall be
kneu in any sum not less than one
dollar nor nioro than fifty dollars to
gether wieh costs of suit.
Pascd August UJnd, 1878.
Henry Cook has the finest line of
Stationary, Books and Fancy Goods
that can be found anywhere iu tho lie-
publican valley.
Tho old
laru uas a iu:i siock oi uuiiuiuu
tcrial, and for low price.", and good
qualities it defies competition.
Now is tho Unto to get bargains at L.
Baum's closing out sale. A. full line
of general merchandise Special bar
gains in CLOAKS and DOLMANS.
Mrs. C. A. Hanson, will open a new
Millinery and fancy goods store at
Bluo Hill, Nov. 1st, 1882, all the latest
styles and fashions, consisting of hats,
bonnets, riebons, laces, velvets, flow
ers, feathers, etc. Ladies wear, gloves
hosiery, hoops, corsets, ties, hand
kerchiefs, hoods, scarfs, and novelties.
Please call and examine our goods.
Dress making included.
C. Putnam will deliver fresh bread to
11 parts of tho city.
To us has been committed the honor
and responsibility of writing up what
we migiii ueem an appropriate aprdi
ophe to the life and character of the
AMti:i. O.IKRER,
whose dcmic we briefly chronicled
in our lust iwuc. While grateful for
the honor thus confercd on us, we can
not avoid the feeling, that a more in
timate acquaintance with the subject
of our task should have been selected
in order to secure to him such a mem
orial notice as his real merits demand,
but to gratify the expressed d ex ire of a
near relative of the deceased, we ven
ture to write what the spirit and cir
cumstances may suiT'et as follows
From data supplied us we learn that
he was born in Rockingham, countv,
Virginia, December Ilth, 18UI, which
shows that at the time of his decease,
ho was sixty years and ten months old.
In early childhood he removed to
Ohio, where he grew to manhood and
married the mother of his seven child
ren, five sons and two daughters, all of
wnoiu survive mm. About the time
of his marriage he removed to Iowa,
where his father had just died, leaving
quite a family of minor sons, of whom
our present candidate for Stato Sena
tor, Joseph Garber, was the youngest,
and at that time about eleven years of
age, for this family of children'tho de
ceased provided a homo until thev
chose to establish others for themsel
ves. As we lemember tho recital of a
brother, "he was the third issue of his
father," an elder sister having died in
early childhood thus virtually leav-
iw ioni eiromi iiiemoer oi nis latlicr s
family. Wo learn that in carlv life ho
nail acquired quite a competency of
the "uod thines of this lifi hut. mn.
ffiding to much in the wisdom and in
tegrity of business partners he became
what our informant styled "swamped"
financially. But cxeJcising the spirit
of an energetic and honest soul, he
strove earnestly, patiently and cuccc-s-fully
to overcome, or retrieve this mis
movo of earlier days, and having gath
ered the sung little sum of four or five
thousand dollars, he came to Webster
county in the summer of J871, settling
near the eastern limits of the county,
where he opened up peihaps one of
the best stock farms iu the county, and
stocked it with a small stock of short
horns, which ho brought from Iowa
with him. About 74 or '75 as our
memory serves us, he came to Bed
Cloud, bought Ji stock farm of four
hundred acres adjoining town, and a
uilU rjiuwt; ill uju (lllgmni iowu sue,
Ciiip4ijrn of '4, if life he spared. In
conclusion, them is another reason
which would, even standing alone, de
cide me to decline this nomination.
My atndidacy might imperil prohibi
tion, and that is worth vastly mor
tlian any man's preferment. I trut
the papers of the district will do me
the favor to copy or notice this letter.
A mm X. Dsx,
Moline, Neb., Oct. 16, 18Si
Washington', d. c. October 3. lSSi
To (fir Veopl' oftfie Mite of Ntbmtkn:
The society of the army of the Cum
berland, through it Garfield monu
ment committee, has determined to
give, under provisions of joint resolu
tion of emigre ofAugti'tS. laSi a
national fair and reception, industrial
and art cxjHiitioji, to be h!d in th
rotunda and adjacent rooms of tha U.
a. capitol, commencing on the i5ih
day ofJCovemlKrr aud to continue un
til the 3d day of Deccntler, 1HS2, its
object hcing to raie the trreatest ros-
fible amount of funds to aid in the
erection of a statue at Washington, I).
C, to perpetuate and honor the mem
ory of our late president, James
Ahram Garfield; and in furtherance of
Maid object has. in nddition m th
board of direction, which is composed
of nome of the mint prominent of our
public men, appointed a loard of com
missioners to represent the state of
Nebraska; and in compliance with the
instructions of the board of direction
we have the honor to present to you
.the method by which the cause may
be aided: (1). Contrhutions of mon
ey hciU through our loard, for which
engraved receipts will be returned to
the contributors. (i). Contributions
of articles. Under tiiis head every
branch of productive industry and art
will be represented; and such contri
butions will be placed on exhibition,
properly classified and displayed, with
the name of the maker aud ifonor at
tached. In all cases stir1, vxhibit. will
!li !.. I
ujMi no iBiormaiion m to their!
whereabout. YccteHay aftc-nooo
neaa jwwgn reenrca tn toltowina:
. I?M.WotlfOel..
I haxc jtit rem rod the followinjc
note from hcritT Wilburn. dated Abi.
lence, that the tonrdcrerof sheriff
w iort stole two hones and left their
pomes a(Kut tour miles nortliwcat of
x.yjioon mm, m rurn-ui county, Ne
braska. Wedntl.y night Oct. JS, awl
were last seen bout twenty mi!e
northeast of the divide between the
SAppa and the Beaver crcek, Tliur
day afternoon about three o'cloek,
supposed to be traveling southwest.
i. W. H.
Last night Gov. Nance received a
telegram from a countable of Iruora,
Kansas, (the point which Gen. SLAlyx
ander left yesterday morning) bating
that two men, btothers of the ;rnurder
ers, had leen arrwtcd at that place
last Thursday night on charge of horee
tme latest.
Gov. Nanr receiveil lat night
alKut midnight a di-patch from Sec
retary Alexander, datwl Bulfalo 1'ark,
I old Buffalo gap) a -ration on the Cen
tral Branch V. P., near the northern
line of Gove county, Kanut, about 40
miles west of south from Lenora. He
had learned the real names of the des
peradoesMart Simmerman and Dick
Belmont. Nothing reliable had been
learned of the whereal-otrts of the fugi
liven, but the no-.u was divided into
small parties and was scot-ring the
country in all directions.
A dispatch from Gov. St. John sLitcs
that it was reported that tho murder
ers were seen to cros the north fork
of the Solomon at two o'clock yester
day afternoon, but this is probably a
mistake, or ebe tho governor's infor
mation was twenty-four hours behind
t town plat.
1 estray oUe. -
J rtrd cwpio chattel mi?,
1 ctra copy aotariai eoaa,,
1 ctTd cf dr4.
I ctrd copy Um4 for W4.
IS ctTa character.
atfknowlc4pSBeat kd.
, " aortpirs,
S marginal relcaaea rf nur'a,
40 ctt'a &sd acala.
41 ctf of fnira.
31 ctf oa Uomreuuui ad rr-
Kinplioa prif, "
2 trasvrrij.u of jwlpjcacat 61.i.
2 ctf M cfpie Uvrrevs dtvorvw, 1
t 10 1
I 40
a cd
l Ui
a 24
10 cu
10 5
cxu io Uutdct court.
Balance on hand per 2d qnar-
icny rciwrt.
Total amount.
Br county cbsrks Htult of fx-.
Snl qusrtcr endiugx-pu Z0.
Br clerk hire 2 tnoothi to Aug.
31. 1Bo2,
8 C
IU 21
tto CO
11C C6
491 Co
Jones t Magee Lumber Co.
reliable Chicago Lumber
nil stock of buildiui' ma-
and engaged extensively in the gene
ral merchandise uusmess of which he
made a grand success, and at tlfu time
of decease was supposed to bo worth
some twenty or thirty thousand dol
lars. "Mr. Garber made no pretentions
to Christianty, ns a churchman, but
ho d-ided himself on being a straight
forward business man, to be relied on
whenever he gave his word of honor
to execute any measure. His delight
was financial business, and when tin
ante to attend to that, he was out of his
clement, and only a short time before
his death ho was arranging as we
understand for some important im
provements in his busin&ss relations.
He leaves his family iu comfortable
and hnppy circumstance,', two grown
soiiM being nt homo to take charge of
business matters.
Chicago Lumber
Minnesota Best
Process, for sale at
Stove coal at tho
Henry Cook Iiaa ono of tho best so-
i a. . i A 1b k ft I h.4 ri& . k 1 &m .h 1 M
e tsiuciw tM urujp uuu uui;iiiit;.-io "iri
state.. He has every tlnsr ITm-
,iUed so tliat, jLJUlkcr saw-,arB.vsfc'
x&-lf&jhi! it ono of tho
"wost reliable places to buy drugs, and
anything kept in liis Hue that you can
In'd. If you have never been in his
plac of business go-arid try for your
selves. Hcmember that E. YontJg. delivers
bread for 0. . Putnam.
Canon City coal for salo by Piatt t
Jackson Coal Company coal lor ile
by Piatt & Frees.
Ribyhistho bo apples in town
tMily 40 cents per peck.
Donver nnd New Orleans coal, the
best in tho world, for sale, by Jones fc
" -srtte lumber company, lied Cloud.
f" Io Jones & Maeee's Lumber Com-
"or your lumber nnd coal. They
e agents tor uenver ana w
COHl, in eur5K.. t-.
Putnam sell the Miuncapolis
Tho present comet in tho eastern
sky, which can bo distinctly seen by
everyone at early morning, is certainly
the most remarkable one of nil the
modern comets. Prof. Lewis Swift
director of tho Warner Observatory.
Rochester, N. Y., stales that tho comet
grazed the sun so closely as to cause
f;rcat disturbance, so much so that it
las divided into no less than eight
scparato parts, all of which can be
distinctly seen by a good telescope.
There is only one other instance on
record where a comet has divided, that
remain unui me rio!e .f me exposi
tion, when they will be ?oId. The es
pecial attention of agriculturist, man
ufacturers, dealer.-, and artistrf in asked
to this c!a.s of exhibits. (8). Articles
of industry, virtu, and art, for exhibi
tion merely. The unusual and extra
ordinary character of the Bazaar must
commend itself to every one desirous
of advertising his or her business, or of
bringing the results of hi- or her inven
lion or handiwork to the attention of
the world. Held at the nation's cap
ital at a season when congress is about
to assemble and the representatives of
foreign powers present at their lega
tions and to become guest of the ex
position, with a host of journalists, 'rep
resenting every prominent newspaper
in America, sending, dailv telegraphic
reports of iu progress and likely to no
tice the more worthy exhibits and do
nations, It may be confidently asserted
that no equal opportunity was ever
before afforded for bringing the inter
ests of agriculturists, manufacturers,
artists and artisans to the attentions of
the public. (5). Contributions from
tho ladies iu tho way of needle and
fancy work arc especially invited and
anticipated as one of the more promi
nent features of tho fair.
A board of award has also been pro
vided for, whoso duty it. shall bo to ex
amine and report upon tho various ex
hibits, awardrug medals and such hon
orable mention as, in its judgement,
may be deserved, and give suitable
engraved certificates of the same, ac-
coiuing to me rules aud regulations
adopted and observed at the ccntenial
exhibition at Philadelphia. Transpor
tation on all artclcs donated will be at
the cost of the board of direction.
Colonel C. S. Chase, of Omaha, has
been chosen president of the board of
commissioners m the stale, with au
thority to nominate aud associate in
each county; and it is desired that the
county associates shall advise this
board, through the state chairman, of
tho progress of the work in hand.
It is intended that the exhibits from
each stale shall be received at Wash
ington by tho commissioners for the
state, and remain under their spocial
charge during tho exhibition; to this
and all donations, excepting money
exhibits, etc., should be carefully
shipped to Board of Direction, Wash
ington, and tho bill of lading sent to
the secretary of this board. It is con
fidently hoped and believed that our
great nnd prosperous state will re-
Thc Jones fc Magee Lumber Com
pany, l'laiutul,
W. J. Hobson, W. A. Reese and
J. R. .Sawyer, a firm doing business
under the name and jtx It of
HoImoii, Reese it .Sawyer, Deft.
J ho above named defendant will
lake notice that on the 31st dav of
August, 1Ks2, Frank R. Gump, n" Jus
tice of the Pence, in and for Red Cloud
precinct, Webster county, Nebraska,
issued an order of attachment for the
um of (fl2G.CS,) iu an action pending
before him, wherein the said Join-
Mageo Lumber Company, h phuutit!',
and the said W. J. Hobson, W. A.
Reese and J. R. Sawyer, a firm doin-r
business under the name and style of
Hobson, Reese A Jf.iwyer, and" that
property consisting of a certain quality
oi oau piling aud timber, has been at
tached under said order. That on the
1 lib day of .September, 1SS2, iu the
same action, by and between the same
parties, a second order of attachment
was issued, and property consisting of
o pieces lot or rope.four truck
rollers, two crow-bars, two cable
chains, one sledge hammer, one
wrench, three hand rings and ono
grab-hook has been attached. Said cae
was continued to tho 3d day of Nov
ember, 18S-J, at 10 o'clock, a. m.
The Jon'ks a Maukk Loiiikk Co.
By Cask & McNi::;v, their Attorneys.
Dated at Red Cloud, this 11th day of
October, 1882. 10-3.
Balance on hand.
State of Nebraska. )
ncimen.outuy. j
I hereby certify
that the forrgulrjg is true ami correct
account uif the fecA received by me aj
county clerk aud cx-ofiicio clerk UUl.
Court lu and for aald Webster county
and State aforvvdd for the quarter
eudlu'' Sept. SO. 12. to the bejt of uiv
kuonrKdgo and belief.
i Joun P. Hatha. Co. Clerk.
Jrora to before me and subscribed
in ny presence the 10th dav of October,
A. V. 1852. Isaac Mat, J. P.
Adjourned to Thursday, October. 12.
J. P. Batha. Isaac Mav.
Clerk. Ch'a.
Cntiroiy Satisfactory.
Ladles wUhitig a perfume that com
bines novelty delicacy and richncts,
find Kloreston Cologno entirely satisfactory.
A Difficult Problem Solvod.
Jno desire lor stimulants h becom
ing a monstrous evil nnd how to over
come it U a question with reformers.
Parker's Ginger Tonic fairly solver, the
difficult problem. It invigorates bodv
aud mind without
has brought health
intoxicating, and
ami hatnines to
many desolate homes I'nquirer.
J).l LJSfiS 1Y
. - . a. . . . 4- vw & -,. .......... . 3
LVXBKX LATllt5lWViU,3.M. yww, HUI."ia
M - "
Staple Fancy Groceries,
ritir B!r
Choice Nuts, Fruits. & Confection.
faf Freak Krtdtn and VrssuU 5Cd t t .
ti i i:t. i:ni;
Opposite Chicago Lumber Yard
Final Proof Notices.
rtminjctnn. .N'e. Oet-Slnlfu:.
Corop'eint halnir Icd nttr-.l t ihi o?
bJ Jeih lUldwtn. ncint John llTn. Pir
l;nioni)(: hl ).untlr-tii erlrjr No- VUC..1-M !
Iptenbrr 10th lWJ. upon thr northet U of
Itctinn 31. tonnihip '.'north rnc 11 wt. in
wrt.ter cant7. Nt,r-k. with a rim to the
cincfllation nfMlcntrr; the lt pirtirt ars
hereby itnmonrl t ariitir m thl ofSc on tb
1 dr of t)L-rtnK.'. Hi., at 10 o'clock a. m.
rfrail sa-J furnoh ttltaouy cooctrnlcg iJ
allrerj alidn-lnninrtil.
S. W. WITZKH.I'rrliter.
R. W. JJ.STjOMKUV.Kv-irer'
City Drug
State of Nebraska.
Webster county. I M
Countv JtulM's iifiin. Vrtf
18S12. Notice is hereby iriven. that the
tli day of November, ljS2, is fixed
11th day of November. ISS!. is fixed
by the court for tho examination and
proving the last ill and Testament
oi rmmucl (.rarber, deceased, late of
the county and stato aforesaid; and
and all persons interested in the mat
ter aforesaid will appear at said tune,
at the Probate .ludj-c's office in .aid
county, to cotcst the probate of paid
Will, if so desired, othenve it will
proceed without delay, and as provid
ed by law. Given under my hand and
the seal of said court, this "iCth day of
Oct. 1 SSI!, J.vo. JL Wilcox,
llo Countv Juili'p.
Lanl Office at Hloointnctoo Nrb. Oct. 20. IK92.
Notici if hrehr rlrn that tho followina
named vettler bai f.lel notiri of hit intention to
make Cnal proof in aupportaf hi claim, anil
frrure Brat entry thereof before rlerk of the
court in WeUter county nt hii cf5ce in Kod
Cloud Neb., un Friday. Xo. 2th. I.1J2 rli.
WillUtn . rupp.
Ire D. S. o Cfftl for the ne'J . 31. town 3
north rinre M we..t. lie bikqc the iollwvinc
witneies t' irovo hi contitnon reii.Im' ui
n. nu I ci Itir.ition of i4 land Tii: ()-ttP
W. Fra.ton. Corroltn (?ra; William Waller.
Henry Waller: all of r,iwlr 'e,.
S. W.SWIT.KR. Uecijtcr.
Laol OTijijat Oit, 17. 1M2.
Nttic i herel'V ciren lhat the fnllnwjnt
name.1 ettlrr Iia file I noti-(f hl uifntion tu
make final proof in ai-rt of hi rUlin, anil
that nitl proof wlli i-e itfit tx-fore J. i. By
ha. clerk lit'irt etrt nt Kti Cloal .Vcbraika.
on Satunlay Nor 1.IH2. vu
.... .. Jorh j. t"rfTorl.
H'.i entry N. 3Mi. for the w nw'f w .wl-l
tec I. torn 2 north nvr 10 we.t. IU
following wi:r.rfi to rrore hit continuity
reiienc-- ujoa. and cult rvJ.-nj ol . Im-l viz;
John A I'oyer. Nel.nn lltxr.l. Milium il Jjtetrn
and John Waller, nil of OWc. Vflt.
H-5 S. W. if! 1 7.EK. Ileri'ter.
rroj-rietor of the
a pi tut is
Oru&Sf Medicines.
Paints- Oi!
nnd Vnrnishcs.
A full simply of
COMTo i:iajirAo.
.trnll !HteJ .d titantfttlty d
t'rrri.ti' i .rftTl, r.n,,.',.-lf
I alto hare full acd eortipUte etok of vrhool
ixukt. Latluurjr an4 (-bulotiapb Aluuiat.
Singer Sewing Machine:
- SOLD nr-
J. S. NOImIs,
Red Cloud. - - Nebraska.
All kind, of Itrpirr. on baud COMK A NO HKK MK V 0,wlef,
ivihh m&r
' w - w ,mmEtt?i-m
...&. ' .
Lwa.4 j.
ji. ga h'itttt;,
jul Km or
bTBmV, j-V" - -.
.Sfef553Ey - --m-
M, imiia k P
Always on Hahd
-l IU .
.? 5
t -.-3av5jaaaaaM av
ij--2t r--atasaav tjr M
ca.m paid fou FATtwrrLi; mxe. iiri.Tit. ima.Ao.
Moshcrs old Stand - Red Cloud, Neb.
yjM1 J .'' Wrgaaammjaiaia)
spnnii liberally to tins most prawwor
thy objoct, and exhibit thereby a gen
erous rivalry with the older aud richer
states of our glorious union.
W. L. lKAnoDV
Jxo. W. Rawlins, Chairm-" -
? f I?"
v Onm
'.' jaau.
'-r -'3fcaT ftlaVA
it coal at Tlatt & Frees.
superior quality of bread, go
bakery of C. E. Tvrsix
NpimdeUvcr3 liread to all parts
f,i?Atjrioity. . .
aaaaiiwiia "
Hy -
'a.X. Patnm 48 tne piaco w get
peaches ana appies.
-"- "" . a
Od'$W C. JB. putnams ior your
) canto pack at J. IK
' -iTaWi:- -M
v .r 'M 7a ft- . aaww- . ,
tCmAl -Butter TTeibe: and Ashtoi)
. rj 'f -javaui aaaaaer. .ueeai inMovv ''' -.-.-
' t . aWS5Pi-XZ AS-tf
A' - aaKaHk iBBMBafKaBaT iBaK Bnej. m
r- .-.-'i .
daUBBBa- afc DlcXiaeOK.
V iceachjng f' ?f
rvltli. Um Baptist
a-atvO .Yeieer.paator a
&&&&?&; excepung
1Um-mgmm wnea
,lUlj5!a.JJ "-
Union SMtn
ttl2 o'clock.
ityiHH uccr Sept.
tpi fawn jaafwer- ww
ono beins Diella's comet oflS46, which .--Y.-"-"7'
separatcil into two parts. Apali"'-i, - jj,
t, 1 v-rC. fl ."H-1. SVoi t umaha, Oct. 16th 1SS2. Bv v
Tious nnvu bccnmutle on Mr. II. II. the i
Warner by parties who have noted
theso cometary otrshools, claiming the
$21K) prize for each ono of them.
Whether theqreat.onict will continue
to produce a brood of smaller comets
remains foberstscn.
BlocJiin'gtox, Neb., Oct.. 12. 'S2.
List of patents on file in this office
whiclr patents may be had by enclos
ing Receiver's Final Receipt with full
mime endowed thereon, viz Fred
Huppert, Andrew K. Haas, Isaih T.
Irwin, Abraham Kale". II. II. Most
cttr, Conielius Van Horn. Very re
spectfully S. W. Switzer, Register.
To the Editor of tho Caixr.
Your issue of last week contains my
name as a nominee for representative
of the 41t district. While I would not
deny or attempt to conceal the firct
that I should deem a scat in tho legis
lature a very high honor, especially if
conferred by a constituency so enter-,
prising, moral and intelligent ae the
citizens of Webster and Franklin coun
ties, aro known to be, I am constrain
ed to decline the nomination, with
thaiiks to the unkuown friends that
presented ray name and to the con
vention that honored it.
I was" named in this county as a
candidate or the republican nomina
tion for representative for the 40th
district; another man was nominated
fairly. Now should I accept the nomi
nation tendered by a competing party,
no protestations On my part would
remove the impression that I was un
duly sensative in defeat or very eager
for au office. Further; since tho act
ion above referred to, I have so arrang
ed my affairs that it would be impos
sible for me to make a canvas of the
district, and extremely difficult for me
to attend the session of the legislature
if elected. My sympathies aud my
interests are with farmers and laboring
men m tats atrvuxjiev Alt 1 have v tn-
reeted m fanning enterprisca; J hope.
eeueral ateeibbly. it will be for the
benefit and relief of the men whose in
diuCry has transformed 1 1 rom a des
ert t"a fruitrul reiefC dotted over
wkk happy hoiae. flbewedtkk be the
irtuo of
iiithority conferred upon me bv
the board of commissioners for the
suite of Nebraska of the National Ba
zaar Industrial and Art Exposition, for
tho benefit of the Garfield monument
fund, to be held in Washington next
month, I hereby appoint the postmas
ter at the county seat of each county
in the state as" local agent, and com
missions to such appointees will be
sent from Washington.
In the meantime, as but few days
aro left for prepcration, these agents
will please commence work at once,
on learning of this appointment and
receipt of circulars.
Arrangements aro being perfected
whereby local agents will ct in aid of
such farmers es may have grain or
other products which they desiro con
verted into money at the various sta
tions, the funds to le forwarded to the
state board at Omaha.
A cause so noble and worthy must
not suffer for want of willing hands to
work for it, in young, prosperous Ne
braska. 0. S. Chase,
President State Board.
R. W. Breckenoidge, Secretary.
Xeanska Stat Jsarsal Oct. SX.
The news from the Minden murders
is very meagre, in fact we have hardly
anything fresh to communicate on the
subject. It is feared the niurde-s have
gained the country where they 'rill
tiud friends, and bo assisted in making
good their escape out of the settled
portion of Kansas. It Rectus incred
ible tliat they could travel through a
fairly settled country, with men in
close pursuit, and yet manage to make
their way to the uninbabit5d portions
of northwestern Kansas. Large posses
of men accustomed to the prairies,
have been.on their trail and in frost of
whoever may pronounce the" wllrruhera since last Tuesday morning, and
Webster and franklin in the aext as yc--4a-.e been unable to overtake
The latest from T--r-TaMajai
Alexander was received by the gOTerft-
or yesieraay a-aoraiBg, an sawea
EsBora, innrsday evening; aac started
1 imvt
rasultXaai satUftaa.Ifmot, the' mea that he m reanaar forth aeuUt
.kn kttinw - "-" - will laaaarlalArcebodr ofweu
frootjne tfcougk U&pimmd i4h bl to intercept. Hr
Red Cloud. Neb.. Oct. 9. 18S2.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Isaac May, cb'n; Ilugb Steven
son, John K. Smith, comr's; John P.
Bayha, comity clerk.
Claim of L. C. Olmstend. road over
seer It. D. No. 4, for the sum of $S8 10
for material on bridge, audited and
allowed and warraut drawn on
rond fund for the amount.
County treasurer now presented his
books, accounts and statements duly
tiled, to the board of county commis
sioners for "affitoiiv.pp-
the anrn. "..i . ':.tri; ?. I
-,40""".--iii suiiieiiicub i i.n uiiu, nam
board began their examination at once
and continued through the day.
Adjourned to Tuesday. Oct. 10, 1882.
J. 1. Bavua, Clerk.
Red Cloud, Neb., Oct. 10, 1882.
Board met puruaut to adjournment.
Isaac May, ch'n; Hugh Stevenson,
John E. Smith, county commissioners;
J. P. Itaha. county clerk.
Boanl county commissioners contin
ued their examination of the Co.
Treasurer's books, accounts and state
ments finding them so far all correct.
Adjourned to Wednesday, Oct. 11,
Bed Cloud, Neb., Oct. 11. 1882.
Board of county comr's met pursuant
to adjournment. Isaac May, ch'n;
Hugh Stevenson, John E. Smith,
county corars; J. P. Bayba, clerk.
Claim of J. P. Bay ha, county clerk,
for postage, c, $17 82, was audited
aud allowed and warrant to be drawn
on Co. Gen. Fund for amount.
Claim of Jones & Magee Lumber Co.
iWr bridge material for $95 60, was
attiMlcd and allowed and ordered war
raat to be drawn on county road fund
for amount.
' . Board of county, comr's continued
their examination of the county Treas
urer's books, accounts, and statements
finding them so far all correct.
J. I. Bayha, couaty clerk, now pre
sented his report of lees collected and
disbursed tor the quarter ending; Sep
tember, 30. A. D. 1882, which was daly
examined aad approved by tee board
as follows, to-wit:
Red Cloud, Sept. SO, 1882.
To the Hon. Board of comity cora
misaioaers, Webster coaaty. Neb.
1 most respectfully submit to yon a
report of fees collected by me as Clerk
of Webster county. Nebraska, for the
quarter ending Sept. SO, A. D. 1882, as
follows." to-wiu
331 chattel mortgages Rec'd, 966 20
84 05
97 60
11 00
Land OfJco at ''!ooralr.con NV. Oet. 10 l!"S2.
Xoti?e i herobr clren tint the f IIo fnr
nameil r.r'tler lit. filrrf notire of hit Int-ntian
to make Cnal --roof In fupjxirtitf hij claim, aa-l
that Mid pno will he mild bernro lerk of
Iitrict nnrt WeKter Coua'r Neb., en Bmr
uar or. lSih. ISSJ. vik ,
i'atliarii-e Kee.1. InruK-rlr I'athar'ne Itemr.
IPd en'.ry No il7 for the ;. 17. tnwn to
ranee Uw. aIle rtarnr the foilortnr witDee
o prove hi eontirurvH refiience upon anl
cultiratior. of aid lan-t. tt- Aiicii'tn 1VV
H-illincraln. Elwanl Metlf. Tbomat J.
Wrifht. llrarj C Ssott. all Uled Ona-I, Neb.
1 15l S. W. 5W rZER. Ket liter.
62 nortcazes.
99 .deeds,
11 pateats,
13 astngBM't msortgages,
15 Telease aertrafes,
9 final reeeipt,
3 et'fc ef parcaase,
saeekaaies liees,
9 kills f sale.
toads for deeds.
etna whbi
a aataaaaBBkaaamak.aki &&&
.arcs wvfim, v
1 lease. s
l seaselfcsaaleyt;
1 aaMataBABBL .... .4
1 Sa-tkkeflacsrMrsiss
19 44T
7 JO
3 10
. 109
Land offlce at Blosmfr.itont Neb. Sept 11 K
Notice ii hrrebr ilren that the folioIn-
namtd n ttler bai Sle notJ f hit intention t j
tnakeflnal prnof in sapi-ort if hit claim and
that ai proof trill be ujIb btfr Clerk of the
DUtrict Coon Wcbter onntf at Had Cloud
Neb. oa 3a.ardT o-t. 2S. 12, Tj.
William II. Pefrr.
I I'd entry 4163: for the teV ec.U town 2n raag
1wet. Ileaime the folloaioc itoefe to
proe nlrWiKtrflSuU. feiuki3eon. Ch-I 3Si
tirationofnaid land t!x: Cbarleo N. Ourner.
William l!oliwortb:iIenrr Maarir aad John Me
Unilkta. all of lied CMud.
8 rJ. VT. SWITZKR. Regiiter.
Every Monday
Wednesday, and Saturday,
Between Times!
J. W. Sherwood's.
5P Aiinfii n ?,
HiunorAnrERs for
Two Doors South of Bank,
ta ROASTING l CAKIKG U a47 atayWl Vy e-j
aw 'i i iiiiwn " ' i 1 1" ii tf
a-aawrfferrwwWPi 4.
SaaaVaBaHsawaw aVIjHaffiaaWaaCaf I Bfaaa4am.
LandOEeeat Dloooiinxton Ne'-. Sep. 20. tC
Notice is herehr airen th: the follnwing
ease I aettler has filed notice of hi intentinn to
make final proof ia mr-port of ti el aim and te
care final entry thereof before Clera of Cfcirt
in V eb?ler county Neb. at h ofiee in Ked
Cload Neb, on Set irdar October ."j. 1SU rlc
Kraak CocbralL
H'd eatry No. 3ZJ3 for n f . 2 toa
in rasae lOw. He career the fof.owir.a- wltnwj
e to rrova bi eontiaaoai reidaee arton, and
coHirationofMid l.-tad. rit: (It-tree tV. Ball.
Kriibie N. Kiciardan. C. Cox aad
John B. Wright, all f Itet rioi4. Neb.
no-S. S. W.SWITZLR. llecuter.
LaaJOScaat BIocTaiacionNeb.Stpt.n. 12,
Notice is hereby riren tbat fie Wlowinc
nacied etUer ha filed notie of hi intention
to make final prof in support ot li cUiro. ac-i
tbat raid proof will lx tnvle Wore Clerk of
Diitrici Court Vebiter County Neb oa Saturday
Oct. 25 th 1WS Tit.-
Jaxeji Bsrwxa.
Hoaeftead entry Na. 3T?3 for tit re qr c
IS wn In rat Re Mr. He xixtr.r tri followier
witcec to rrore hi ronnnnoat r4idra
upon nd caUiratJoa of aaid lan-I. rit: E'roy
Pettera. Albert C. S-milb. John AfeCor. Niebo-
l-. Yeatea ail of Welti.
ao-i 3. W. SWIT2ER, Retes.r.
LaadOSceatBloomiBfton.Neh.SeH. 21. 1M2.
Notice i hereby rzn tbat the fellowinc
aarsed rettler ban alt-t notice of hi trteation to
make anal proof in rapport ef biirJaircaad
Mccre final entry thereol. prw.f to t rc&.Ie bj
tore Clerk of the IH'tji.t .Vurt tf U'tfctr
ccttaty, at bl omec ia K4 Closd Nt, oa
Stsrday OeU 2, 1VK. Tic
Ibemat K. Hors.
Tl'd eatry No- 7-VO lor tba nw1 r. 2 town ia
react 9 et llcraaw tueavolicwiaj witaefMf
te i rote hi eoatinaow rwtdrsa tpon aad
caltiratioa of taid laad rit. Jiseik. Apu
bsxKer. Ueary Sisettoa, John :bltoaisd Wil
liam abater, alt ef Uctde Kk Nab.
Smith Brothers announce still an
other important reduction in rate of
interest on time loans. Straight nau
per era annual tnlrrtM, Call at the
Bank and leave your applicatirn.
A. S. Marsh,
Has now Opened His Fall ocock of Goods, Consisting ot
Dress goods and Dress Trimmings, Cloaks, Dolmans
Clothing, Blankets, Bed Comforts,
Furnisliing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Groceries, etc.
"Will ITou Come?
Fcr Gea. Dodo's new book,
la9&r4eaGeaiW.-&Sansa. C atiats
aaaf ilmlimTi nr rt rfr - -1- --'r nn
air, taanCag aeewtaaa aad mxatag tiaatWaaaa
' TT vm BVIT UBV rw. ll mm mwm
Graat Waac tSaaaratad antk Saeat
yata.FeErra-riaw4SgyeTrkri.iiiM TJtt-M-taah
rutraikUiera catara. Haa rtceieeat Sa
ri -""-T- ' - --- --
kar ii mi Gtm. Gem wrdear "Tlw Baat lnah
7 Per Cent. Money to Lean!
Money to prove np -with on final re-j
ceipt, or on decdetl land at 7 Jt ccnt
and 1-ftl er cent. commiia. or at.
22 m straight 9 per cent, no coinnion. j
IHJ. Jk. H 4bUUUJk.
Office next door to Chief ofice. 30ft
Gem. Craet wrdear "Tm I
rroetiertifeertT iiHa.- tbA
ant "A aaaes awaaaa po
-l rLt. m,m r ..At
a-'.t ..mA rlemm
keeSLea! amadcriaai aalataaUa3a.'
fmraaSa Ma a msaaKvaata U far aaewrW
Luil nu fbiilinff ra rti tmT im" tteC
Jmkr amwmrltiMBTimumjm Ttmlmm
939 AUXaBaVa? aa
n mmaar
Th Bswt Thlna Out.
The Gasoline Store for sale bj
3(itcaU aVHorhart is the bct thlnj;
io copkinsaad baking: in hot aeatber
that has ever seen invenied. Saves
fael, savas tiaie and doas sat heat up
tbe.rctosa. Warraated to fee sale and
noB-explosive. Call at
Moraart's aariware
taaaaaar aamamaami mmaar wataaraaatsy
aVaaaavav saaaaaaHSasraF UaaawBabal aaaaVaaV ta1EaM flatCflKat
raai wiJaayj 'aa Saaaaai Taeam. aaa SaV mma
iJmViM2" aVSa. KaiwSjieia.
.avssaaaaa Bat wa feiea ewr ay
tU m i i MaVMSjLyi"J Jf I i ill n n ' ar-.'-i-wa-- jat.-, JeaSaaaataTaPaPJrsi
7J!J,'f.a K 3aV mimmW&TdM&k CtPfiaaawleaaHaHaaaaaaai
IW T" r r-! VjUrft&r"XB.,mm tawLLaalaaaaaaafc-
Sfc J"rL' t" ,JFJHFjmW tjaaaaaJieBwtaJ-r u. . J SaWata--aPaPaPaPaPaPaPaPa
1 S " ' - J -IT a?iaJKaamaawwVf t r 0 ae awaaRa mBm bbVBB&
"Si g "Iiaa " '1 ?3BfcJtMtSalBaJaflaT "a,rfS' rS VB BasBar aSam avJ aS.
mtmrrxamrmm mr Tm
T7X2T02TA, 2SS2T.2T.
Otir "Wa;on MtniMl.H on itx own 3Tsrit'
i. .
feNv-.?- wrrec
b.'v- .- ?-,-, -i.T if l-Xt?
mi r- . i" v .'. '.. . .. -z. i.
. rf 5,'fc
'-. :
ia.-.. tJ
5 -
t -'
LJJL 1&2
- . .T .. . "- '
5g'X2:ft. -.
f;ieitii.-5ia8t? -
.'fm- v -.!-, wi a:cct."'i. 'evr;:': yTar. i