The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 05, 1882, Image 4

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- te-sr t.
Tliis Space
"Will be occupied next week by
Successor to Sam'l (Jsrbcr.
With an adverti-ement of his
stock Of NEW GOODS.
THURSDAY JAN. 5. 1882.
Loml advcrtmnuint inerted among
the reading mailer trill be charged lOcft., a
line each inxertion.
Proprietor of the
City Drug Store.
Drugs, Medicines.
Paints- Oils
and Varnishes,
A full supply of
Patronnge solicited and thankfully rceivd.
-l'recriHii'ns carefully coin!ounJed"li
One door uouth of Gaiber's store,
(Suooeeior to Q. A. Brown.)
Parlor, Bedroom
Brackets, Chromos,
Picture Frames,
Mattresses, Etc.
Om-s n1was on hand and trimmed on short
ii.tir. IVico b low no any in the v Hoy.
Bt Urine of " VlDr'ln ,,on0 'rom,",y &nd
Burial Robes furnished at reasonable
Harness Shop,
Kti-p constantly on hand u full Line of
sVW 'everything usually Kept in a ui-
Wk- class snop.
TSeEistot Casa rncoPaid for Hidas
ttd rara.
A very light snow Tuesday night.
Job work executed with neatness
and dispatch, nt the Chief office.
Arbuckle's CofTe, 5 pounds for
$1.00, nt Roby's.
Bring us some corn on that back
account, please.
Roby still keeps a good supply of
the beet cigars in town.
We can't find out whether that wed
ding came off last Sunday or not.
Last Monday was not very generally
observed as a holiday, in Red Cloud.
It is expected that the Guiteau case
will go to the jury on Friday of this
Several business changes occurred
in Red Cloud with tho beginning of
the vear.
The Omaha Bee says that there will
be an extra session of the legislature
sometime this winter.
The largest stick of candy we ever
nw haiurs in Robv's window. It
weighs over hix pounds.
We understand that another impor
tant business change is likely to take
place in Red Cloud, soon.
The Arapahoe Pioneer wants to hang
Dill, tho murderer of "Little Sam,"
the cow boy, without a trial.
With a new set of county officers,
let us hope that the burden of taxa
tion will grow lighter year by year.
The ice has finally . become thick
enough to admit of skating, and the
young folks are consequently happy.
Tim Omaha lice's annual review for
18S2 is out, and surpasses anything in
that line that has yet come to our
Abram Kalcv purchased the stock
of goods owned by Sam'l Garbcr, and
will continue the business at the old
s tand.
The hi'L license law has gone into
elfect in Omaha. Only about fifty
saloons in that city continue to do
Prof. Dutton, of SaTem, Kan., will
lecture on Spiritualism at the court
house next Sunday week, morning
and evening.
All ladies interested in assisting the
poor are invited to meet at the resi
dence of Mrs. A. J. Kenncy on Thurs
day aflernoon.
We wish to extend our thanks to
the large number of friends, who have
recently called and renewed their sub
scription to the Chief.
The silly ones who "took stock" in
Mother Shipton's prophecy that the
world would come to an 0110" in 1S81
must feel pretty cheap about now.
The new county officers take charge
of their respective offices to-day,
Tlmr.sil'iv 1 ir bomir the first Thurs-
day after the first Tuesday in Jan-uarv.
It is said that the freight and ac
commodation train which now goes
on to Hastings in the evening, will
soon receive- orders to lay over night
at this place.
Kendall's "Horse Books," worth
The "Boys Jlorae" finished iu
guests freo cigais on Not Year'3 ''ay.
Mr. Geo. Ito?, one of tho old timers,
is a cash in .idv.nupo 'ubriber to the
Lightning rod Smith is building a
good residence in the north-eat part
of town.
Now they write it 1881, and subse
quently swear a little while changing
it to 1S82.
County SupL C. W. Springer has
been red a house and will move hi
family to town.
Charley Piatt has gone to St. Joe,
having secured a situation in the
wholesale drug house of Smith & Co.
County treasurer, Chan. Buschow,
has moved his family to Red Cloud
and is comfortably domiciled in Mr.
Bent's house.
A Social for raising money for the
bell will be held on Friday evening
Jan. Cth, at Mrs. M. It. Bcntlcy'n. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
John Noycs has re-opened his black
smith shop and calls attention to the
fact by a neat card in the Chief this
week. If you want a good job of work
call on Noyes.
We see by the papers from up the
valley, that those in need of dental
work are in the habit of coining to
Red Cloud to have Dr. Baird practice
on their molars.
There is a man in this town with a
nose so large that its owner cannot
turn round in a 10x12 room without
rubbing the skin off his proboscis
against the wall.
L. E. Martin, of the Orleans Sentinel,
dropped into the Chief office for a few
minutes chat last Saturday morning.
He was on his way -home from a two
weeks visit in Indiana.
Mr. W. II. Fuller, of Catherton, who
has been a good paying tubscriber to
the Chief for the last eight or nine
years, calico last ItiesUHV and placed
himself ahead on our books a year.
We hear complaint from f'owles
that the Chief is not delivered reg
ularly. We hope the new pot master
at that place will soon get the "run
of things," and give our subscribers up
there their papers regularly.
The B. fc M. have placed on extra
fi eight and accommodation on the
road, which will make regular trips
between Endicott and Red Cloud and
between Red Cloud and the cxticmc
western terminus of the road.
1'rom Foek'i Sen.
The.-e oparkcra ere lo&kcd upon by
parents generally as a nuisance, and
often they aie right. Ninc-tentlis of
the sparking is done by boys who
haven't got their growth, and they
look so green that it is laughable for
the old.folks to look at them. They
haven't generally .got a ict-ond -hirt,
Mid thev arc no more qualified u, get
married than :t cow is
ver marrying is the fi
think of. A green boy without i dol
lar, present or prospective, paiking a
girl regularly and talking about mar
rying, is u spectacle for gods and men.
lie should be rea.-ouel with, and if he
will not quit it until he is abbs to sup
port a wife, tnd to kno'v whom he
loves, and the difference between love
and passion, he should be quarantined
or put into a convent, erected on pur-no-c
for such case. Nine-tenth.- of
the unhappy marriages are the result
of green, human beings allowed to run
at large in the society pasture without
any yokes on them. They marry and
have children before they do mous
taches; they are the father of twins
before they are the proprietors of two
pair of pants, and the little girls they
marry are old women before they arc
twenty years old. Occasionally one of
these gosling marriages turns out all
right, but it is a clear case of luck. If
there was a law against young galoots
sparking and marrying before they
have all their teeth cut, we suppose
the little cusses would evade it in
some way, but there ought to be a sen
timent against it. It is time enough
for these bantams to think of finding a
pullet when they have raised money
Toledo Weekly Blade,
1883 1883.
Ti'K Bl-VUK is now the moat jtfipular
paper in this country -the l.iruoi 161
columns;, cneapesi anu ucm. 1 ne 1 to
wrifinB nf Itnv. iVf rtilttiim Nntiv.c"
are world renowned, and a in
Final Proof Xoticcs.
L-icd Ot2ee at BIov-uilartn. Neb. Drc 21. !!.
Notlc tertbT men tht th f.dlawlrr-na:-l
tllrr cm filed uoti o of hw iatoation
to makr 6nl nroaf in tjpxirl f b cinoa. sd
tht d proof will b BJ. l.cfr P.ei-ier
or KeC'Tr at Blo.aicxtan Nob. n S:uniy
February .!
Itnafsr P. Tar-".
Pre. D. S S tor the 'j.c i town 4n
rn ltw. HramIbo f-Uoia wim.
om bvt rontinuoaf rrtnlencs ''pon u
Tition of Aid Und tjk Mlu . .
.jr. - I W,liim !(. Haffuaan. r-enc" Ataandr. and
UliUU Ch.rln hpoontr. all ol U rt.
- - w ----- v a r a,T -----------
people are now reading his letter? t d.sjana s. w. SWirZKK. Hettr,
topreaeh. Audi from Europe, published weekly in thej
5n,t thin" thvv Bldk- popular have the.c letter.
Land Oac at ElooAinxton Nb Lce.. 29. lit.
. .. 1 i- 1 - . l-. .1- r . it-;.. ..
..... 1 t 1 1 . 1 toiler I ncrcvT ricu int kr
gruwn that it has been decided to con- L4tOP.l .-tiler h-. t'J notice of hi intcntn
jfir 12. . to make naI rrwin ui.-n-.o: an eia-njtana
tiiiue them dnrtwj the entire
To that end Mr. Locke is now
' ecure fint entry thet-t'f. b-foro the nr of
Chicago Lumber Yard:
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
- 9
Keep constantly on hand an i4nrtmrut of Lumber, I-ath. hmc!4, Dn
Window-, Lime, Hair, t fneni n-wirr, Itiu.dtt Vxpex
Ktc Vic htr r
PLATT & FRF.KS, Proprietors.
ing to travel through s-pain, Italy, and in ile.i cioni .s-briat c SMurdr r tbrurr
1 lli.tnrt lourt. in W-bt-r county t bi oiac'
ril !. AAiinlrin. tin fit tiw. &. )rvYat ltr- ' l?h 11 1 I
peau continent is pictured to the rea- j HM eDtry N yirte '.' .Ar. 1 town 3n
derSOfthe 15lUK. The Other well-1 ranee Uw. Me name the Wlowmx wltncic
knovvn features oj the BiJiLB are ,--$&''&?0VfilL
known, and so much reituing lor the J .Rmtt. ijrBCtm. .w .Mar.eho. Emlte ;
. .. ..... t... lii.l it. .!. Atttnr ... ! f hriiatllknJ Vcb.
II1UUV VrtHliUfc UK II.1..1 HI .. .m..u...-"-. nw V'HTTin! v.,;.f.-
aec-r.anso c. ". i3"i-4.--. ......-
paper puMishwl. While tho' regular I J?f
price of the Bi.vuk a ?i!.O0 per year, I LjkCiI 0ff
wc win niaKe a sptciai nue 10 uio-c
stib-'cribini; during December, January
and I'ebtuary, winch rale will be made
known to all applic mts for specimen.
We will uend a free ppceimen copy to
any address. Send us a postal givine
your addre-s, as well as address of
your friends. We want an aUie
agent at every Post-Olliic in the Uni
ted Stated. Semi postal card for our
confidential terms to ancnts. Very
large cominisoion allowed to atrents.
Toi.kdo, Ohio.
Special Notices.
Notice in this column
aline esch week.
rill be charged 5 cent
Headquarters for Hour at Putnam's
Flour and Feed Store.
Ladies calling cards a t-plendid as
sortment, at the Chikf office.
k Ail I c-kil- rT 1 -iii n mjI tviiAil
enough by their own work to buy a j pumps, at Mirniixu &, Mokhakt.
bundle ol laths to ouiid a nen uoii . -u
Hut thev see a girl who looks cunning " "
11" r 1 .1. ,t nw.rn ... , . "" bi.i:: lijO acie- of land t
and they are afraid that there not go-1 . M,mh.wr of ,Ul, c,(lM(! IiHrllv
ing to be girls enough to go aiound, ( nij,.r ,.,itivat.mi. Timber and water,
and then they begin to get in their j Apply at this ofi'n-e.
work le.-tl spty; and before they are
Pcoat Uloocicston reb Detf- 5. IS1.
Notice U herebr siren that tbo fbllowtnf
named ettler h filed notice of hi Intention to
make final t-roolm riort of hi clatiu and ,
enrr final en.rr ther-of bofoie Jmr , Tnllot
Clers of (burt in Webter oioniy b. at Du
oQcein I'.ed Clond Neb. on Saturday January
Uth. lxC Tii:
Ion Kan.iT. .
HM -ntrr N". T for the i H S
uJ S h1-. wc. I! toii In rsc hr. "
name the folloTTlas itnr.e to proe b
continnon residence ujKn and fultn.illon ol
.lid land. u: Inniel t. Copioek John
itratton. Kmanel l'etert. Andrew M. Uaay
llofuuide Kock Ne. .
fecjanU S W.SWlTZKn. Iteguter.
Davis Sewing Machine;
Lnd Offlce at IUoomiacton Neb. Pec. 7. 1SSI.
Noti U hereby ritfn that the following
nampl cttler has Bled notice of hi intention to
make 1nal proof in suin-ort of bu claim, and
ecure final entry theroof before Jaai A. rul
ley, clerk of the court in Webster county at hn
effioo in Red Cloud Neb., on Tueday. January
17th. liKK. Ti.
TmoX4C. I.aian
HM Xo. 4f01 forihei-"-i nei S '": -town
In range 9w. Ho name the following
witneje to prove hi contmuou residence
upon and cultivation of id Ian 1. tii.
uel J. Hutchion. Charlr C linre-r. Alc-lti
Itiley. Uenjiman tl.burccr at! of euud
declfjanl-i ?. IV. sWITZEIt. Hi'.r.
aware of the .-an-tit ol me
rclatiuii they .i:e hitched for life, and
hoi'-ire tiny wn a cook stovo or a
hed-tcad they have to get up in the
night and go after the doctor, so
frighlennd that they run themselves
out of breath, and abuse the doctor
because he ifoes not run too; and
when the doctor gets there he finds
that there is not linen enough in the
house to wrap up a doll baby. It is
about this time that a young man be
gins to realize that he has been a
Smith Urothers announce atill an
other important reduction in rate of
interest on lime loan-. Stntiyht nine
per cent unmud interest. Call at the
Rank and leave votir application.
$50,090 To Loan
On Real Estate -security, at 9 per
cent., annual inteie-t. No eomniis-fioii-.
at The Webster County Rank,
Red Cloud. 10-tf
Flour & Feed
rorn.Me.-U, Hnin Choppod Feed and
Viit tho Tied Clond CSroccry. Feed "dPrt-
riion store hen iou want, supplies for man o
"lighc-t market price in cash jwip for gfain--All
kind tirciiuntrv pioduce tiken mj escbango
for (W. Ui.udi delierc4 to all pnrls id town
frc -jI charge. ... ,. rouib ol Heed flow l-ACiory.
redClq'jd. - Nebraska.
The Proof of the
$2.50, for sale at the Chief office at
25 cents apiece. If you own ahorse,
be sure-and get one of those really
valuable hooks.
This is the season when the young
men and maidens skate. Last Mon
day wc saw them skate on their lect,
their heads, their hands, their knees
and their their back.
Our young people wishing to attend
the largest and nest nusincss msum
Mr. John McQuilkin, one of the old
and tried friends of the Chikf, came
in and renewed his subscription for
another year, last week. The Chief is
proud to say that it has many such
substantial nav-in-advancc friends.
Small pox is spreadinir over the en
tire country, and may be exported to
show up in Red Cloud any day.
Those who have- not been vaccinated
in the last seven years should be vac
cinated at once, as an ounce of pre
vention is worth more than a pound
of cure.
Lewis Albright has purchased the
interest of Dr. Shidlcr in the Vebter
Co.. Bank, and the new firm of Shi rev
& Albright commenced business hM
monday. The" well known business
qualifications and integrity of the
gentlemen composing tho firm will
insure it a liberal patronage and con
tinued success.
Dr. Shidlor has sold out his interest
in the Webster Co. Rank and returned
to York, Nebraska, where he will re
sume the practice of medicine. Tho
doctor and his estimable wife, dining
their short stay here, made many
warm friends who were sorry to sec
them move away.
I have purchased the fractional sec.
,.n 1 !....;.,.r K.n,.r.ti I'.l.T MlA'll'.
- , . 1)1 IIIIIU lilt lll iinnin ivi
colossal fool, and a he lhes around to j .uul t,if, -riv(r Aml tho ,m,iic j.,
heat water and bring in the bath tub hcrebv notified not to cut any timber
Ir the PiMriet Court of the Fifth Judicial
Di-trn-t of Ntwhska. in and fjr W cbiter
ikUAEir A Jnii.30f. Pi"tiU".l
IIkmbt Joh.nsos Deft )
Henry Johnon nou-rcident defendant
tt'H take notice that on the 10th diy or tebru
aty lVi between the hours of 10 o'clock a in.
Mill C o'clock l. m. at th tfflco or lliehtrdtun
A Holt in Uniontown iu the county ol Hoarban
and M.uo f Kami'. ihcjdMti'.ff above ruined
will tako the testimony of Kebocca I.. .uon.
witnc in this action to bi uod at etideuce on
the trial of the above entitled cu with ii
tbonty lo adjourn irjiu day tc dy until SJCb
depopitious shall hire been taken.
22-w-i MikUiKiT.V.JuHMin. I'l tic.
By IUvLLya- rmmrg. hor Attrnc.
and goes whooping after hi- mother or
a single
on the same.
M. It. McNitt.
For Sale.
The undersigned oilers for sale the
celebrated Norman Stallion "Rowdy
Jim." Will sell tor ca.-h. or take a
ood span of mule-in part pavment.
r i:wk r.i)MM'.
2tt. JNcl-on, cj.
. i K
Kl Cm II or :ul.Irc.---.
i - - '
her mother, he turn pale around
gills. His hair turn red in
night, and he call.- high heaven to wit
ness that if he lives till morning,
which he has doubts about he will
turn over a new leaf aud never
married till he is older. And in the
morning the green-looking ''father"
is around before a drug 'tore is open,
with no collar on, his hair sticking
every way, his eyes bloodshot and his
frame nervous, waiting for tbo -l.rk
to open the door so he can get some
saffron to make tea of. Less than a
. . . a 1 tr a l. Tneila !! on hnri.
vear a jo he thought lie was tne great- i" Sw .- .outk of'sdrnistorw
est man there was anywhere, but as
he sit- there in the house that niorn-
JenVIn Iai will take notice, that on th
2Nt day of Xnrctnher W. V. C. Huscho
Jmticoot the Pe-ce-ofl'iit'daui prrciiu-t. w b
jlrr county Nebraska. l--ue I an order or at
tachment fcr the uin or iXZ'i. In an action
pending 'jrfore him. wher-in Mabler X I)eiS.r
are plmntiUj and ail Jcnkin Uui defendant.
Thut propeity consisting of ono wagon, one
corn plnntet. otic feeder, one burrow, one iuli;
pin. tw hore one cullirator. h been at
tached um!ersnid ordir. ailcaue wbs con
timril to the Cth d.iy of Jai.uiy lS2 at 10
o'ciuck a. in. ,....,
Stblr .V UgiSHLH. rlaintlc.
it hiNi A SKy. Alt'.
Hluc Hill. Welsur County Nebraska. lt-ctin-berbth
Issl. " w'5
Red Cloud, - - INolnvi?
- GO To W. B. ROBY'S
Staple Fancy Groceries,
Choice Nuts. Fruits. & Confections. ,
)&rJ?reh Fruita and VegotabN Sold on Commivtoii
kid oiorp ni it
TTie. choicest of Freh raeal'. SanW
Fowlnand eerythinir in the line that tue mar
J-tiVin'Davii- will taVe notice, that on the
11,1, I.,. t ..rinlii.r 1-1 K l' lSlt'ehnW M
I Jnti v of the l'rtrc of lV.tdnlil 1 rcM:"". Weh-
-ter i ounty Nebrnk-i. i--ied in order of at-
ta-shnient for Iheuiu of $i" ''). jiilan aetion
i..,ilm Kofhri. him nlin'iin tile livrr'Vrii
I'i.inter Co . nro iiUiiiiiU aud Mid JonVin
It.ivsilefrnd4nt. 1 propetty coimi-tms r
i.:ie u ii-uii, no errn pmutrr, one ee-ler one
tu ky pluw rn hnrrjw Mf corn cultivator kill
two hi.r.r ha r-n .tr.e!ied under fni'l order.
.- i l ciue wa ci:iliiiuil l tlic l'J.h day of
i n nndu er C' rn I lanter Co.
I!y it Aitiirnc) -'vi-sof A siwteiy.
fihie Mill. Wo'tcr tounry .Nebraska Decem
ber otl lM. H- 5
iinn Rrmnld corresTiond with
Miller President of the Great
Sftrcantile College at Keokuk,
Those of our citizens who want to
nut no ice for next summer's hot days
- t :.: V. o "li1
"The melancholy days have come,
the saddest of the year; the price of
eggs and butter's up, and bills for
coal appear. Song of tho Thomas
cat no more is heard, on garden wall.
Rrof. and imprecations violent, nor boot
ing, with his wedding coat rusty and
shiny, and his pants flayed at the bot
tom, and his coat patched at the
elbow, and the nurse puts in his arm a
little roll of flannel with a baby hid in
it, lie holds it as he would a banana,
and aa he looks at his girl wife on the
bed, nearly dead from pain and ex
haustion, and he thinks there is not
provisions enough in the house to feed
a canary, :t lump comes into his
throat and he say.s to himself that if
he had it to do over he would leave
that little girl at home to grow up with
her mother and he would wait till he
had six dollars to buy baby flannel
and ten dollars to pay a doctor.
flv rirtue of an or lr of nlo iil out if
.1.- U...I. f...j; i i... . . . - r-
. .. . . iii c r urn .'ii'iiciiii 1'iPiriiri wiun in niiii ini
take -motllCine Itr WciVter county yrbr.rk.i.unon njoiU-ernent in
US tllJV ! nn ae ion wnerem 1'etcr Kodenhiu i idiintin
i- . . ."..i ll ,i;,ft,.in'j I nn-l Aucii'ta F. Smith. .I.iim-J M. .'mi lb. her
iisit.ini mi '-- . liii-l..-!iJ:.iid.J.hii W..lkcr r ilc-ferdanM. I
orr mxinilSlV WRIllll-- lui
snap." Last winter the ice crop was
rveated before tho begm-
jacks on him fall. And timorous mor
tals start and shrink and pull the
covers, higher, instead of rising when
they ought, to build the morning
Manv nersons
their ailments, and as soon
feci better thev disregard all
anil stoo taking it. They try
and again, and finally throw it :isih
:n worthier, when, had it been per.-jv- in from the start, a permaiunt
! cure woulil have been elfei.tcd. :'
in taking 1'iti ki.v Ami Hittkiu- toi an
complaints of the Stomach and Jow
eK rcniembor to give the mcdiciic a
chance, and don't expect one or two
doses to cure you.
Money To Loin
On Real Estate, in Webster an ad
joining counties at the very bestates.
if will n.'iv everv farmer who thiks ol
borrowing money, to see me bfore
making arrangements with any ther
P""ty , ,
No expense to the borrower-no
tedious delay no dealing with eas-rn
parties no application ice, nontwor
,.nmmiKinn-nn fee for making or
gntl .lull offer f r me at l'uldi; Aurti.m at the eat
iff i door f tho t oiirt llmi'e jn ltel
I l-'ti I in i.ii'l county that lien k- tr. lat pl2C
hrr" the l.nt trnn of mi 1 ci.iut v jn held) on
the Vll daj of .January 1V2 at one o'clock $. .
the f.lloTiut decrioed property tn-wiU
'tho North W eitnuarfr of tection twenty
two '. TowBhir one il) North of P.ant
twejv '12 Uot oi the Cth priii'iple .Meredian-
(.ivenun ler my band tni lllh d.iy ol l'e
ceinberlS'l. So W Wiitai1.
l'J--0 .STienffof Wtbuer County.
ripe and liar
uing of the new year.
Tins age is one of Marvellous ad
vance. The discovery of new adap
tations of Electrical forces in the next
ten years will astonish the world.
TntPlltVpnt and skilled Attorneys
are essential in securing Patents for
Communicate with Trcsbey & Green
529 7th St., Washington D. O.
The Toledo Weekly Blade (Nasby's
paper), whose prospectus for 1S82 is
announced elsewhere in this issue, is
the largest, cheapest, and most popu
lar paper in this country. The Rev.
PimtoLFrM V. N.vsnv i writing a se-
rie.- of letter. from Euroi e. v hi h will the door :is hnf.nj
A hang-about-the-door-young-man,
nn-old-fashioncdr take -the-girls-homc-froni-church-youug-man,
has come to
grief in Altoona. This not very wise
young man was in the habit of taking
the girl of his choico to the church
door, and leaving her there. At the
conclusion of the service he waited,
according to the custom of the town,
at the church door, until his sweet
heart appeared, when he crooked his
elbow and thev went arm i.t arm.
Tim nilv stviiiwmI l.lCvfii ?m nrilitisiiice
I " .. . ..PaILIiam frt.Pt.nri ra7i
denouncing tin- sort ot watting round -nade Mark. o.prnKhw. etc.. forth Lutu."d Mai
rhf h-iiir.iimut- . Canada. Cuba, fjis'aau. tiacce, -rcia-j. r. .
lne . j v,, .Kirv.Hr war' nnrrlrncr.
rntnhtalned Ujrowsh uj are noiicitl in the F
recording papers or taking ackmvl
edgemeiits no advance or semin
nual interest, and no intereet uu!
money is actually in hand.
Call upon or address
R. A. SiMrsoK.
Loan Broker. Blue Hill, N.
Wi"hes to inform the public that he
ha.s opened his Blacksmith lmp mid
is prepared to do all work in his line
promptly aud in a Workman-like
Fhop north of Mitchell fc Morhart'
Store, Red Cloud, Nk.
Immense Stock of Dry Goods,
MARSH Has Thorn.'
Two Doors South of Rank,
be pul ihed during each uek f lS'2 t'lftloor-j. u'14 m .n wis ordercl
in tl e Blade, as thiy are . ipyrihted. .iw iy, lur. !u mid -ec 'em skinned
cannot appear in any oth r paper, j .mvi- before he would go. He '".as
Send postal to Toli:do Blade Co., To- ai rented, calaboosed and fined. Worse
ledo, 0., for free specimen cop-.
Yoii have only to c3
'on us and we can easg
.- ly.coJivinceybu that we
do "sell
- me-
flange cf ?rop:istcrsMp.
A. Kaley, has become the proprie
tor of Sam'l Garner's store, and will
continue the business at the old stand.
The public is cordially invited to con
tinue its patronage at the old stand,
with the assurance that they will be
treated with the same courtesy as in
the past.
55 Seith TJp.
m AnVmyl'riifcJjemscrves inedebted to
tneundignoJotilcd that his
fcooksand accounts miliSJjwclosed
immediately; otlrenrise costs w
added, as they wiTl be plcd in the
hands, of an attorney for collection
FThkcis the last call I shall make.
j -' 2 ' - i
Learning that there are a number
who wished to avail themselves of our
tiller of Kendall's horse book to all
who pav a year in advance for the
Chief, but could not get around to it
previous to Jinuary 1st, we have con
cluded to extend time a few weks
longer, and renew our otfer of a "horse
book" to all new subscribers who pay
a year in advance, and also to all old
subscribers who pay up arrearages
and a year ahead. .Now is the time to
subscribe for the Chief and get a
really valuable book into the bar-
.- -v5
. 5T1
. To induce Sajwugk to deal directly
tritli.'theJfnrscry and thereby save. 35
nencent- usually iriven to asents "and
A little BELOW6 to 1Mkc krse
A., eition.foT 'direct trade Having
Jaqge ojars and a good assortment of j
stoctr,, tbejcan ship any mild day this
winter and calKno doubt open the reg
ular delivery earin March.
TOacmof Nursery7fiK-.stoe f
J?rsrrX2U! " AilI i . v
? ' ST WITe?fa at oace for
S e uopeTneQHtttv commissioners
will see taat'it is tUOTatjMordcr a ?. :...., :.: -m. nr.
fafrs, the people deaire it and it is
to all interested that it should be done,
The Chief made its fight in the last
election with the belief that an investi-
2S22$ed "Sed TAcfepri-
-. .
L?a Mvcrtisc3 byotfier
Ami 111
gairon wtjuiq oe naa, anu was inairu- iJi.aliv
fr bringing about a change in the Eed Willow-
than that, the girl for whom he had
suffered, repudiated him aud his aunt
disinherited him.
5ti Jaaicia! District, Katra:ia 1382.
Pursuant to provisions of the Stat-1
ute of the State of Nebraska, I hereby
fix the time of holding the regular
terms of the District Court in aud for
a portion of tho counties comprising
the 5th Judicial District of Nebraska,
for the vear 1S52, as follows:
Adams." May 9th and October 23d.
Butlalo May 1st and November 6tn.
Cheyenne March 27th aud Octo-
ber 5th.
Dawson April 24th and Decem
ber Sth.
Franklin March 20th and Novem
ber 17th.
n. r imiiuii M.uauii jiij iiiiu .tuiuui'Vi t.
" 16, and November 10.
hcxck...March 6. and December 4.
Kcarni..- April 10. and October 16.
- -Mav 30
, October 2 "and
iTi.-nt'". w..ii. v. . ..-... -----
jtvnnc AMRRicif. Tun largo anu pjnaiaiui
-7.1. .i iriiiW mikn a CO. Patent 8o.!
torn. Pub's, of SciKSTiriR ArKic.vJ.37rr BoV
New Tort. HmaatvP"un-rtii ic-.
Blanks! Blanks!!
at the Store of
A large stock of Gcrmantown Wool.
Zephyrs and Stocking Yarn, always
on hand.
A full line of State Journal Co's., aild a ft Supply of FLANNELS,
Blanks (the standard blanks of the A.ways on Hand.
Ptatc) are always kept for sale at .theH00D3 0F XOME MANUFACTURE.
Chief othce, and at the same prices
that thv are sola at xn L-incom ana .
Uinaha." The following is a partial lL-t TOYS for th Children and Evcry
of blanks on hand: thh eUe yoUneed, at
arrantv Dee'U,
Mortgage Deels, 1 7EWHOL.-ES ctore.
Chattle Mortsnes. I
. 1
U uu&i. l'3 j Q: iiZi ujul
county officer, and now it
ia theuiaaae of tho. peoph
demands, ber 30.
thorough Shenaan..
2L-if ?'
lCrWn ftcr Mihm. lfjMZZ
settling up of the counts business,
but it must be done by competent I Terms of c
aaeo, we want aoham Invesiigatons-
h work be done ia a basin ess-like
aocapetcsiv mca and the
m wUknc toatand or fall by tne
-Anril 13.
larch 0. and Novem-
ril 18, and October 19.
23 and November U.
will be called in
either or aWJf other counties in the
district iyne Ppte thingh their
commiMtawrs desire, of .which due
Searcii WrranU.
Mechanics Lein,
l'ower of Attorney.
Bills of Sale,
Quit Claim DewK
SiinimoiM original r
Sunimons (copy).
Appeal UnJertakinz,
Ortler of Attachment.
AtSdaTit of Vendor or Leor,
Assignment of Mortgage,
Notice of Cons tab! e? Sale,
U;ank Rcipts.
Blank Note
Release of Mortgas".
Agreement for Warrantv Deed?,
Complain; :o keep the Pcacs.
&c . Ac, c.
And mrat sH kinds of blanks cted by
Xottries Public.
rnrr bejoad a j iroacnxMe ;stUon Ihxl tho
Is fc7 a!l vtidi tlwi t nid for 700 to Uit wken tratJra' Ja rrtird rrJ2i tViw
Chicago and all of the Principal Pointj in tb Wet?, North and Horiraes!.
Caifallr riarn'ne tJit Map. Th- Prlnrtp! rt! ff thw Wt d V-ta t r "Van
on tht rovi. IU ibsuczh talus a clute cxnutccUdb lUi U.o lr&u ct &. iijm
Junction ittti.
ICPMTt ai.trt-rfArtc'.riur
waen r3u
vmwrn I KV jUME u
A Smp4 W-tUrm Dlm P. F-. 1. A. f.rr.-K
JL vma nmwmf w.c OCurvr4, of Hrr t- 7n
TTTft" f? i"tr? ts tT-
A1TTZ3 1 V- j. vr. hMZL.
Embracing tu' rcs and .Wonder-,
fd Adventure ot
.eij :! T . -fit ;. -, P-
1 Carsij-s.
And nthr celebrated pdian renter. ;
Souts. Htx'iters and Ode.-. ' .
nrnirtilms Adveiiture.n tne Tu
Fght-with Inharu-I Vand ButTalo
Huntf' DtsJiemteadveuro' r'
rrv Ecajvis! Won.ler4l ahoo-m
arvl Riling! Wild Life the fr
n-... lot IMt'strntiorj' lb r"
" I'aje "Colored i'lat' Y S"?r;V
r book for Asents evr I o-i (
Itivelv outsells everytninz fce. ".,
II vou aifK a U''" ;
arti be';
i i If i Trfn K
w- ' - kfv Ii' V 3 wa v m m. r A iiwaw wA w w w wwr
i 1 r rw f -! - r L.W. I A.v- W tlal'.lli
inv 1 ill 1 r i li TPil
VT77'- rV?T rCHICAGO fir U .Urirr?rvWI
J ww f - mrma -, m - . .
1 !:"". ,.,vi- anH to -av tuu- send j
j aax-.j. j i w w -m- - -
C- I for agent's complete outut aiK
J ! terms. Outfit and copy tor -
ttt: -w. . -....i;
. n r-'ZS "St""- "VKl Tf RAILWAY.
TtzIz. It J I atu. t roai mm tj r-..w.--r. . ui-. t tlo to vaxt 3.7
PtLXJCA2f hotel Dnrarc
It l t:r f "I JWrat raSra-wj F-s Cw If orth cr X-srti-r:
cr.y "r'-' vr r.uxu. i: loea Vm IoTCawt
Writ" at oncA for s?eac. I
n, illustrated circuhv. to
T tw I mm
m ftm" ,
-wjr I BiaVT.-'rtrt A jbnao Use." X Jiit -. Gn tT la. ? 9r &"
T.?J tX r'Mn,.rl ktm . tit MjI Ott TiciI Ainta fit Ifeo EiSp& $U
t w
ltuezcTieXeUyUtStolKTtlhTrAZfrreelXZ HJftanarwa
M - n i Mil m wkS . -- mm
ii V5T n
.jprwjiuAi M-iinyi)u.,unge,
V'L- tf 1 - 9-tmkfT T J
jiTHJ Br?,4B?2Zaw
w. t jarioxrr.sT jw. xrx -i
1 --
-j- r-
- V
ApZp:- .