The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 25, 1881, Image 4

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rc-ii i nimnm
Mp i Callender,
) in(
General kerefcandise.
Dry - Good,
ti racer ieg,
licot A Shoes,
Drugs, Medicine,
Oils Varnishes,
PainlH tc.
ETC., ETC., etc.
A fu'.l line of evcrylhint: kept in agen-
Ci.ll M)10, at lllcI.OVIT t'Ahll MUCK?.
Moon & Callender.
. i'GWLKS,
Proprietor of the
City Drug Store.
Drugs? Medicines.
Paints- Oils
and Varnishes,
A full Mipply of
J'atronncc solicited aixl thankfully received.
VrrcHritinn carefully coin(Uuded"fe
Out' door south of rturber's store,
(Saccetrotor OvA. Drown-)
Parlor Bedroom
i? rackets, chromos,
Picture Frames,
Mattresses, Etc.
C fl' i-Mmj on hind and tumnie'1in fhort
ii- ? ." 1'rico a. low :tF any iu tbr Valley.
lUi'.niinji of all Win. Is d'niu i-rompil) and
Uiijia! l.obe-; funii.-hed at reasonable
- - NEB.
Harness Shop,
Kf7F rtinrtantly on hand a full Line of
And every thin;: usually Kept in a first
cla?' shop.
te Highest Cash Pri:3 Paid for Bide:
and Furs.
Flour & Feed
ConvMcitl. llran Feed and
V tit tHc tlcarria'xZ'1r'Mty. Feed and Pro
vWian ftort when you'wiim sui plies for Bias or
Ilithr.-t tnurket iriec in cah inlt for irrain--All
Vinds nfoountry iiodure tiken n exchange
iurs-Miilj. (Mdi delivered to all i-nrtj tI town
lrc -it charge.
SiM.'Oonih of HecdV n FuPtnry.
Red Cloud,
Dry Goods- umd
Hats, Caps. &
Rialy Made Clothing.
pJiave? the. Largest
Stuck i the Vallty and will
tot be mntfsttottf;
GiTC us-a-call, oit-audall.
Santf Carber
': Bed Cloud 3feb,
, ,. -
' .- jf K u Froth mCatx.- Biwarei.
ri -"--. '..JJW ..TT t-tl .
"jfMMra"' lu" "' "" "
. '...U-"
TAUHSDAY A1TG. 25, 1881.
R. T- R. R. Tine Table
Takinr ff Sundiy. Oct. 17. 16e0.
Eastward I'Mffugcr lenre.......,
Freight lrnrfa ..
0:30 a n.
,7 Ai p. m.
.5 U p. m.
Westward .tcfom lrTef .......9 :40 a. m.
arrivp ....5 ri0 p. ra.
Bariward Aerora. l-nrw..... STOa-m.
" arrive.........CVp. m.
TraJnr daily exrtpt Eandnj.
.ijLnptrnar. a. fc. jouialik.
fioperintendent. (Ten'l. Maracer.
F. .. t 10a. m.. and prMrhirgby the Pas
tor fvrry Snbbath xnornine and evmitjf.
lryer meoiny e-eir ThurMay erenicr.
All are cordially inviteif.
conoregationaL ciiuiirn.
I'rearhins evryfiret and third Sabbath of
each month at 11 a. tn.and 8 p. in., alio on 5th,
.4abbth when ever it orcun.
h'abbath School every Habbath morni&K at
9i o'clock. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
Local atlvcrtltiincnt intertal among
the rcmiijir mntUr vill be charyed iictt., a
line each intcrtiou.
ESTHER to-night and to-morrow
A fresh supply of hlanlcH at the
Ciiikp of lice.
SuitoCKiiiK for and advertise in the
Red Cloud Ciiikk.
They have arrived our Top Bug
'it?. S. it K.
B. llolcomh was selling wind mills
at Blue Hill last week.
Our Sulky Plows are regular uecd
exterminators. S. fc F.
Esther is the tdinplcht, and yet the
grandest cantata ever written.
We have a full stock of Implements,
L'uggies Ac. .Sr.xxJLE it Fuxk.
Mr.. Hawlu3 appears aH Ewther for
the third time to-night. See her with
out fail. ,
Vennor was Blightly off on his prog
nostications of the weather for the last
two weckp.
The Weir Harrow tares up the
ground bad, sold hy
SrANoai.E it Funk.
Perkins sold three wind-mills last
Monday, and it was not a very good
day for wind-mills either.
Mr. M. A. Myers and Misa Sehuldt
were united in marriage hy II. Hol
dredge, J. P., last Saihath.
We learn that a little girl of Mr.
(irice, living near Catherlon, was
bitten ly a rattle.-nakc last Friday.
Farm well and get good crops we
sell the Boss Prow, it is sure death to
weeds. Si'anooi.e it Funk.
Dr. Mosena has sold the lots on
which his house stands to (Jasc it Mc
Neny. The Dr. will buy other prop
erty. Jos. Ciarher has sold his farm near
Guide Rock to a gentleman from the
east who will bring in a large lot of
cattle this fall.
Jonas Rosenthal Ftarted to New
York last Monday morning to pur
chase a supply of goods for the fall
and winter trade.
Turn out to the caucus Saturday
afternoon at 2 o'clock and help to
elect good men to represent you at
the county convention.
We have received, withtho compli
ments of E. Thomson, the second cat
alogue of the Nebraska Conference
Seminary, York Nebraska.
D. B. Coppiek, of Guide Rock, one
of the old settlers of the county, called
lat Friday to make arrangements to
prove up on his place and to sub
scribe for the Chief.
It is stated upon what seems to be
pretty good authority, that r.twith
Btanding report to the contrary, the
B. t M. will push their Ime through
from Indianola to Denver at an early
The four horse team attached to the
Boys' ISoKe Bus ran away at the
depct one night last week, but the-l
,dKvr succeeded in gctfling them
stopped before much damage was
"Esther, the beautiful queen" will
be rendered at the M. E. church
under the direction of Bower Bros,
this (Wednesday) evening and also
to-morrow night. You will miss a
rare treat if you do not attend.
Rosenthal Bros., will have a thirty
foot addition added to their store
room, the building formerly occupied
bj McFarland, which they have re
cently purchased. Thw will give
them more room for their immense
stock of goods.
Mr. Jonas Rosenthal of Rosenthal
Bro., New York Clothing House, star
ted on Monday morning for Chicago
& New York, to buy the fall stock of
Clothing, Dry Goods,BootSj Shoes,
Hats, Caps. Trunk, Carpets etc. The
boys mean business and are going to
sell goods this fall at the lowest living
. WV learn that a great deal of
amusement was occasioned at Guide
Rock last week by a tight, -'from the
shouldcs up," between a Morman
preacher and a scienced ? boxer from
Great Briton. JReport says that the
minister got away witiithe gentleman
of science.
Candidates for count- offico con
tinue to come to the surface, and' the
crop is already very large. It may
i?afely be said that the crop of candi
dates is about the only production of
thus part of the state that the hot
winds cannot wither or the chintz
pugs destroy. The yeild is always
large but like the wild sun-flower,
rather .unprofitable.
We are always glad to note improve
ments in and' about town, and take
pleasure in stating that Wm. Moshcr
fs keepipg up with the general spirit
of the tiaiea by having his" place of
business repainted and fitted up in
good siyle. The public con" always
tin ! the fe--t of every thins; in life line
at the old stand, wiiare he proposes to
nko v their interest to-ca!.
H. A. Ba:rd, Dentut, will now be
found in bis office, for the next two
H. S. Kaley U still in a very critical
condition. While there may have
been, on the whole, a little improve
ment during the lust week, we fear
that his strength is gradually giving
way, and if he recovers it will be
almoril a miracle.
While we are and alwaya have been
opposed to the caucus and convention
system of nominating candidittei for
county office, we would urge all good
citizens to turn out to the caticu and
make the best of what we deem an
evil, and elect as good men as possible
to represent the people at the conven
tion. Mr. C. C. Coon presented the Chief
with two melon-, a watermelon and a
mu9k melon, last Tuesday that were
the largest and finest flavored melons
that we have tasted this season. The
boys and men for two or three blocks
around have learned to flock to the
Chief office when they nee Mr. Coon
drive np to our door during water
melon season, and they are welcome.
Some are so uncharitable da to find-
fault nith Prof., Funk for riding into
the Red Cloud Schools again on the
shoulders of Mr. Kenney. We do not
see that the circumstance -in in any
way discreditable to the Prof. Christ
once rode into Jerusalem on the back
of an ass and if Mr. Funk sees fit to
ride into the principalship of the Red
Cloud schools in a similar way we do
not sec that, he is to be ceiitured
for it.
For the lnt eight years it haj been
the polic.v of the eountv officers to
materially reduce the tax levy every
other year and it has always happened
that just prior to an election the cry has
gone out that "taxes will not be half
so high in the future as they were last
year." Hundreds of people in this
county who have been conversant
with the management of county
affairs will bear us out in the above
assertion, it i absolutely true. We,
and others have waited for that bien
nial report, and it came last week.
The .lrj-uhosthc honor? of repeating
that old sterotyped falsehood with
which tho old settlers havo all
become familiar years ago. The thick
headed donkey of the Argiu solemnly
asks "how did the county government
reduce the county levy from 53 mills
to 23 mills." They did it with their
little politics; ask us something hard.
They did it because an election is ap
proaching and because it has always
been their policy to ho reduce tho
levy the year of an election, and they
will not deny it, the proof that such is
the case is too handy to admit of such
a denial, and tax receipts, unlike the
editor of the lriw. tell no lies.
It is not, however, our intention to
discuss this matter at the present
time, neither is it necessary, the peo
ple are getting their eyes open to the
true state of affairs, and will rise as
one man this fall and throw oil' the
incubus that has weighed them down
for a number of years. They arc be
ginning to find out that the cry of
"low taxes," "reduced levy" ifce., has
always been and is simply a bait
thrown out to catch their votes "at the
fall election, that it is a delusion and a
snare, and that at last it "bitheth like
a serpent and etingeth like an
la vale Items.
I hear that your greatest want is
local news. I should not want it, it is
not cheering. The crops are very
poor, and the weather is exceedingly
warm, the bugs have taken all the
potatoes, the corn U drying up and
will not yield a half a crop. We had
a little rain last week, just enough to
wet the hay that was down, but it
came to late to do much good to the
corn, but we are having a good hay
crop here, we always do, and that
shows U3 that we should let grain
raising alone and keep more cattle, it
looks as though the people of this
part of the county intended to do so,
for they arc putting up very much
The father and mother of the
Hunter brothers arc here on a visit
from Missouri. They seem to like
the country and are enjo;. ing their
Speaking of reforms, it is of no use
to try and purify a stream when the
source is poisoned. It is best always
to go right to work and cleanse the
fountain head.
That is my idea about temperance.
When we can have laws that will pro
hibit the sale and manufacture of in
toxicating liquors, then we will have
a reform worth taking a part in, one
that wonld effect women as well as
men. It is the same with that other
reform you speak of. You say we are
making great efforts in behalf of bad
men, if the men were all good there
would be no "fallen women."
Notice is hereby given that a note
of f 25.00 drawn in favor of J. C. War
ner and signed by Moreland W.
Parks, dated August 30th 1880, aud
falling due August 30th 1S8J, and
drawing ten peJ cent interest, has
been lost. All persons arc hereby
warned against negotiating said note
as it h been paid.
3-iw 3IOEELAXD W. Parks.
Will be made of a big span of good
horse, a harness and, wagon, two bug
gies, one light wagon, riding and
walking plows, a harrow, "Honest
Fred," the Stallion and-Capl..Smkh,"
the Jack, owned by D..LhU, and- pos
siblyjaauy other 'things- not- owned
by him.
'Tekms: - Ml sums under 5 csbSj ail
over. 3 moirtha time at ten per- ccr!.r
with approved., security. SaJc will
take place o the corner' between
S-VCirberV stcre and McFariand's- "&U-
, .. ,-s .. ,c I --
a Sirs wou.
We are at times amused at the
ignorance of some of our friend who
believe, or profeM to believe, that the
pathway of an editor is strewn with
roees instead of sand-bun-, and that he!
has nothing to do from morning otitil
night but read exchanges and rake in
the -shekels. Some time ago we prom
ised a party of friends that we would
write up a statement of the amount of
labor performed by us iu a single day.
taking the averag.j rather than either)
extreme. We will now try to till the
xeiier aim spini et wiai nromi-'e.
In the first place we ri.-e farly in
the morning and proceed to buines'.
We do most of our writing in the
morning when our brain is clear. We
believe that the little brains with
which the Creator 1ms saw fit to en
dow us is always clearer in the morn
ing, hence our catom of writing a
couple of columns of matter early in
tin; da.
When that is done we generally set
up a column or two of matter for the
paper, just to keep our hand in. By
this time it is 10 o'clock, ami the regu
lar biiriuess of the day begins.
We are always glad when the busi
ness of the day commences, it gives
us a chance to display our wonderful
business qualification!-,
And1 then there are other reasons.
A friend comes in and asks us to
go and take "suthin."
We go, (out of respect for the
friend's feelings.) But we indulge
sparingly. We have work to do, and
we proceed to do it until we see other
people going to dinner.
We go to dinner too. Not because
wc have anything to eat at home, but
because it is fashionable to go to
meals at stated hours.
After wanting fifteen minutes at the
farce of dinner we return to business
and go at it with a will.
A German friend comes in to pay
his subscription and after that formula
has been gone through with he asks
us to go and take a drink.
We always make it an invariable
rule to never refuse to drink with a
German. He might take the refusal
as a personal insult, and if he didn't
we would always feel bad about it,
But'to drink with a German friend
requires a good 'deal of fortitude-and a
wonderful capacity, forbeerr
We never lacked the fortitude and
wc arc rapidly gaining the capacity.
But we have always limited ourself
to five bottles, (about bix quarts) .11
one sitting. We have made this rule
because we never like to seem partic
ularly fond of the beverage.
Well, wc take the amount with our
German friend and hurry back to the
We never allow jdeasuro to interfere
with business.
We had just got to work when a
friend came in who was going on a
chicken shooting expedition.
lie carried in his pocket a phial of
liquid refreshment.
He divided said refreshment
with us.
We began to feel first rate.
We felt at peace with all the world,
and couldn't sec how anyone could
cherish enmity against a fellow being.
We went out to look for Mr. Ken
ney, our esteemed contemporary.
We longed to embrace him and call
him brother.
We didn't find him, but we found a
place where there was billiard tables,
barrels and bottles.
We emptied the contents of a few
of the bottles down our neck.
Wc had it chalked down, charged to
us, as it were.
W felt better, wc had solved a
problem and demonstrated beyond the
possibility of a doubt that an editor
can, (under certain circumstances)
obtain credit.
Carry the news to Kenney.
We returned to the office and went
to work. Set up a stick full and
"pied" a column.
Wc sat down to rest.
A candidate came in and invited us
out to absorb. We refused, wc felt
tired and didn't want to walk about
any more, and didn't have to.
Sent the "devil" for a gallon of beer
and the candidate drank it that is he
drank what we left.
We wont home to tea, but was a
little late, didn't feel liko wc wanted
much to eat, but attended a lecture
in the dining room.
A very select audience composed of
There had been no previous- an
nouncement. It was what might be
termed an impromtu affair.
The speaker was a female woman,
and as before stated wc was the
The subject was temperance and
other things.
It was interesting, at least wc judge
so by the energy with which the
speaker handled the subject and us.
After the lecture, by urgent request,
we left the houe and wandered out in
the moonlight.
We felt depressed.
We found a party of friends and
other things, at a wctgrocery, andeoon
threw off the gloom that had settled
upon us.
A friend accompanied us home.
He said he wanted to sec where we
lived. -
We have since thought that he
probably had an idea that he was of
some assistance to us on the home
ward journey.
Somebody advised- us-to undress,
go to bed and to sleep:
Wc thought we wourd.cHaagc the
program slightly.
And we did.
Wc went to sleep, went tb bed' and
The undressing took place aboat
4'o'clock in the morning.
. ' Wc came up smiling at six, ready
'" "ipr 'i-s' vf-srdno'? toil
A fff ltUrT:czz a Stir CcstsiWur.
In last week's paper I noticed that
,i. j . vi , ..
the editor wished somebody would get
lUrl or something would hnpjH-n a.
time were o dull, and weathrr to
dry, I thought I ould drop a few
lines and let vou know ho
getting along in our thri
village. We had a splendid rain the
" wmc" madc the corn look
-- A good many woman grumble
1 ah, which made the corn look
" v" ' "" " ri.
but the
rooi:, nisinng me uavs o: sol nou--.
., :,..
, . -
hd. Calender looLs very droopv, no
wondt-r, as he has lost his hclt-rh.i!f ;
i... . :.: ...J
isiv uno uiii; iu isn yumc Um
John Brown stills keeps the hotel,
where a good meal can be had, a-
taty and in as good order a- the best
house in New York can furnish, he
also keejs the livery barn.
Tlie general health of the people i
,1 . . ,, ., , , ,
Kd. so that Doc Calender has more
time to fpend witli the bady, a bright
little fellow that weighs 10 lb..
We miss our friemU, T. J. Ward and
Taylor Thomas; they were the life of
everv catherniL' Their wiilna
looking well, hoping oon to sec them
back again.
Foreman Morris is doing well, wi-di
the B. it M. had more like him; also
Mr. Morsey, agent is doing his duty,
but not without complaining, for the
fair ones arc so scarce, the only draw
back to Cowles.
Mrs. Fisher is still improving but
is not able to walk without a cane.
School closed 4 weeks ago. Miss
Putnam did well, she is a good
teacher. Mr. Lawlcr will teach a fall
school, will commence about the I-t
of September; he taught last winter
and gave universal satisfaction.
Miss Cora Beal commenced teach
ing last Monday at the Burr school
house, this is her first term.
I cannot say much in favor of our
Sabbath school, but we have one
nevertheless. There is not much inter
est taken only by a few, the trouble is,
I think as Mr. Parks a F. M., preacher
said last winter, we need a revival in
religion. We must be more in
earnest, for our children need all the
good training they can get and as the
Sabbatli-School is the nursery of the
church, I hope we will be up aud
doing. We have so many grumblers,
I wish we could satisfy all, but if we
could it would be like the man, hoy
and donkey we road of.
Mr. Bent of Red Cloud has been
preaching here regular for over a
year, lie has no Hast organieu as yet.
Mr. Snriiif'fr nrfiirtipil !iliUi nl.
Mr. Parks. Now, Cowlcs is no Sodem,
but a Baptist preacher came here and
enquired for Baptist folks and
voiildn t find any, he wanted to know
if WO had a Sunday school, Was told
-' '
yes, askctl for the Huperentcntieut.
and started tu find him, after a good
deal of trouble he got there, was
kinkly entertained and as he as
tendency to give the name a had
, , ,,
All v)m xvill -it-i, fi.,in t.- mn1- n .1
All who will take time to make us n
viit will sav we hae a beautiful little
village aud will find the inmates a
quiet orderly, and good people, and I,
just remembering what the wise man
says about self praise, will stop. Hut
who don't love home ?
Now Mr. Editor if you don't con
demn these few notes to the waste
basket, I may send borne more at
some future time. I'll just add your
paper is an ever welcome visitor.
Yours Trii.y.
Kisatas ef its W. S. S.
The regular meeting of the W. S. S.,
was held at the residence of Mrs. J. C.
Warner on the 12th inst., V. P. Mrs.
Dixon in the chair.
Minutes of the previous meeting
read and approved. Constitution
signed by new members.
A complication of facts on the sub
ject of Mormondom was then read by
Mrs. Dixon in order to lead the dis
cussion on that subject, which was
carried on with zeal and animation,
and a piece was read stating what the
Atlanta constitution says about
preaching the gospel of plenty of
wives to the people of Georgia.
Select reading, by Mrs. J. C. War
ner, subject, "Woman suffrage, facts
and 'figures, not Sentimcntalism." On
motion -it was voted that Mrs. War
ner's selection be printed in the
womcn's-column of the Red Cloud
On motion it was resolved that the
subject of the next meeting be Tem
perance. Opening piece- of music,
"Roll on the Ball," closirg piece,
Consider the Lilies" by Mfs. Gore.
Adjorunment to meet at the residence
of Mrs. R. Mitchell, the 26th iriit.,.t
3 p. m.
All who arc interested in temper
ance or equal suffrage, and all who do
not believe that women can disenss a
subject intelligently, arc invited to
attend, Mrs. W. B. Body, Pres.
E. B. Knight, Sec'y.
Blooxccgton Neb., July 13. 1881.
Comphunt having been
entered at this Office by David Orr,
against Josiah F. Randolph for aban
doning his Homestead Entry No 5750,
dated Oct. 30, 1878, upon the fcoutb
West quarter, sectron 52, township 3 1
north range ID wwt in Webster!
leaving ne prescnteu Airs. Urr with a guarter K a-iarier trc 31 town 1 ramn-i rrt.
li . .-.i 1 ,T. t -i ii I lit narat" the toUowtna' witai-iwe.' l pruro bi
pamphlet entitled 1 he Dovil and Ins I continuoue rpsiJenoa uikui. n-t cuitiTetn.ti f.
A Miring " 1... cnid !. ..unl.i t.-, flidiriLitr. " t latiJ. vix: Ueury (. uti'irlly. lobn -. S-trai-AUgles,
he haul lie ought to lil-tnhllte ,on MBthpW .s'traitun. AcUctt M. HarJy ull of
sonic at Cowles and would the next I lSni "i:1 S"1'-c r ..,,, ,;...,
auc'iitr.'J 8. iV S IT'.Er.. He2i:er.
time he came around. I hope he wont - - - -
come around, for that would have a UnJOffiwat Biooincton.y.h.Au..i!. Wl.
. I jtutic if hcrefcy ctren that tli following-
County Nebraska, with a view to the
cancellation-of said entry, the said
parties are hereby summoned to ap
pear at this Ofiee on the 9tfr day of
September, ld&l, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
to respond and-fomisb testimony con
ccrnine nid&lrcred abandoamcnL
Stricter.- Beceiver.
Final Proof Xoticcs.
Lasd OSn at S:o9sxte lb Aj. 1. 11
oUcUhfrby r.-a tiat tk llia
lord rtUlt !xf !Jd aatio of hi leUuUea
to Riak Saal nof la atort f hU Mta, aj
re Saal entry ihrrQ" bSr Uj Of rk ef
I Awiriei own. ta itr ntr al few oQ-
I la KJ Clood .vtruk a -MitrJay SU-tclm
Ktttorr A.Va DTt,
ire . I) No X$. fur the X W . - ! .--
Rorth ra IS o. 11 t- if filia
itarft to pror hl e-3a-Uuu miJra !
' en't..tlj of. mk! laed lit H.sry
OW wc arcjastt; ItoWrt Read. Aaruttm W IM
ntng little . Mtsttps . w switzcr. i-w-r
I Land OS?9t Llfcabrtt.a Xtb
' nim; berebrm,n 'that VhV Mu,,lt
Aat !. 1I
i .urr' '" rbti then-if t-Wi-r- Jrc
- 'rr .t !... I.
ww v-v t a u
i" ttrt'.rr n.e:i S.I. t Si.
r. a I u.l1i
c In KrdCiouJ Nl &.&-& rj. v-tmi.
lib. I--51. J
Stltiti IUivci. i
d No.'OJ for ti s V ' ,,, i (, i -.,,,w lUt-rat.
, uui' i. wri. nr sia mr IU .a ilcor
. , .11 '... -w.-
t"vt b"
ooauccv'Ji iriirS'-. tix-Q. r.d I
. .. I I... I ... V 1 , V- I
; Jivjai 11.
W IC. MlLCll lll'min i(.
rm A ..(.. . i .. nm.&B i p.m
I fnfD. til ci eW .b.
ajrSpi: f.. W.aWtTZEU. Rr-iur
- - --- - ...... ......
LacdOSce at Rloonmrton Nb Ant . V. I MI.
Noijc ir hrrrby eirra tfct th Wlowitc
named hitler hi filed &tie of hit ictrnliaa i
make final rruof In topwt f tu rUita. Cil
urr acI entry thrr'-if btfor Jamrt A. Tal
I ly. ctfrW tf I'it. cort i.f Wrtvtrr roa&ty
1 .Nel... at LIf eflce in Kwl Cluud. N! . ua fuw
tW.ptember th. KM.u
' 01 It II.aTtT
h'd No 3l for the N K l, pc a
4 town narlK
rone 1.' wi. Ho nirart ttio folUwmc -it- j
nef- tu pf.Tehi- C'Diinun rri eoc npn I
and cultivation cf. ii land rls. Kir II. Joar
of Krd ClouJ .r.. !. rt II. Loee Charle I
l. , " ""-""I""' ".uanj.aj 111 1D.IVIO
1 au.p-: s. W.hWnzKR. Rnuur.
uou vucrai iiioominlOD..rb. Aurut.. 1SI
Ncitic 1 Lrrrbj rien that tho followinr
noraru -iurr nr 3itM ounce ol Dn intnnttoa to
tnakr anal pruof in nt port of hit claim. aoJ
ecur final entry thrrrof. prutf to lie maJa h-
torc Jaars A. Tullirf. Clrrk of th t ourt of
m rOMercoamy. t tm once, in lied Cloud
-eo.. on rnar. sfit -nn. iii. tu
n a -ntry io.3 fwr theb W l, c " town 3
north ranee 11 went, he nunn Ik f,.ll..m..
ni'nvAt rt to prorr hi eontmoou rridnc n J
ruliation of i.l land Vlt: Aurn.t KMh.r
Chiin. Heller. Charlc Kahndvick. Henry II
oslleep S. W. SWITZnit. Ilrciiter.
IRil Odin, .t lllnnN,i..l.i. ..l. 1 .. . 1..
NoMcn if herrbr eirrn that the
Ctmed cttler ha Sled notice of her mtantion to
make final proof in tuppurt of her claim, an 1
ecurc final entry therrvf before Jatavr A Tul
Iei. e!er' of the court in Wrbnt.r county at hti
office in Hed Cimd Neb., on Saturday, jrptrts
bci Kth. ls-il. vu.
h'd entry No rd'J) tho N K -, e-. I town t
north Tcce V wrst. he n!e the follow jnr t
rrtjTe hi ctmtinuoui residence uin an I enlt.
-ration ol iai I Und vu- John l.'aurrt. Loun
olinnitn. Ijum llwgrtt, J awe t ail I
Th'ima'Ville Neb.
aua-lliep-j S. W SWITZEIt lUsl.trr.
LandOB5ceat Hloominftun Neb. Aucut S. IKSI.
Notice i hereby mven tht the followlnc
uamod jettlrr hai filnt notice if hit inttntioa to
make proof in rupixirt of bir claim and -cure
dial eutrT thereof brlote the clerk of the
Untrict Court iu Webater county Neb., at hi
office in Kid Cloud on Monday September lVJx
lisl. u:
Jon Elliott.
h'd No. .V,7 for the US' N W ' , TV , N E .'
ec. i town l north range ll we-t. he name (hn
followinc witneei to prote hi continuoun
rejidecca npon. and cultiratin of laid land,
rit: Edward Kellocc. larnl llafflebower. John
To:nItniun. John . llurtis. all of Ked Cloud
augll'epS S. 1V.SWITZKR. Kecbtrr.
Land OQceatUIoominzton.I'eb.. Aug 3. "SI.
Notice, u hereby fivrn that the followm
natnt-l settler ha filed notice of bin intentiun to
makn final proof tn rupport of bn claim, and
(cure filial entry thereof, before t lerk of I)i
trict I'ourt of Wvbter cwusV) Neb- at hi OtSce
in Hod I loud Neb., on Saturday, hep.. tth.
1531. vu:
lioutR !iy5.
h'd entry No "j for thrN E :i town .1
north ranse 11 weft. Ho c trues the follnnirc
'ritneuea to Prove Iii cintinuc rr'i'Ience
I nrwiti .if j.mIi v,"i-kn if I 1 ..ill rlt
I uel Andm-on. UUh R0..1 Uurti ileal'. Kira K
, auVcp--j si "tv. SWITZEK. Kt,iur.
Land Office at bloominirton Neb. Ang-. M. 1J0.
Notlc. ,, hefi,T fWcn lhnt the followinc
' nniced petUer hy filed notice .f hi- lEicntioD ta
I rauke final pruof tn jupport of hi claitu.anl ie-
cure final entry thereof hefure .Idim A.Tul-
loj cjrrji of rort in tl'fwttr wuntx. at hit
offi'ein Kf'l tlou'i cl., on batarUy iej..
J4th lbSI, ix:
Iimfl 11. Corroct
h'd mtrr No. .V). for tho H K N W l K
1. .- II' V II ......... c ........ ...I C l
I t r u 1 J' i "iiaiiji .j ,. ii.ii .w. i
na:r.ej settler ha? nlil noocn i ln mtcwtmu
to miku tinal proof in u:;xirtof hi cUmi. ami
.rcurc final entry thereot. hefore Clerk of the
iM.trict "ourt of Web'trr county athioaeIn
Kfd CIoud Veb on VtUu. newbcrso. Mil.
""" ... ..
tWLLUV 1 rWi".
pre., I) S. No.JX?:. lor theS Knuirter - -1
town 1 north range 12 wot, lie ntne the, ful
lowinc witnefie to rroro hu continuoot rri
dence upon, an J eultirntiou of ait lan-i. rii
William 1. AcKmnny. Auctwl I'leriloff.
Oliver K. Donnr. Jjinar I. Albauxh. all of
Scott Neb.
aurfSmC! S. W. SWITZER. Ri-tir.
In the IHrtriet Court of the fifth Ju-liotal
district ot bra?ka in and for TVibiUr
iat caret Johnson. Pl'tiff.)
Henry Johncon. Deft. I
To Henry Johnron non-rridnt defen
dent: Yon are hereby rotifteJ that on tbt I5th
day of Aura st 1S-S1. Margaret Johnrun filed her
petition nin.t you in the abore named Court
the object and prajer of which are- to obtain a
dirorce fhiua yon on tho ground of extreme
erueltT. and that you have willfully abandoned
the rlain'ilf witbuut gwA csue, for the term
of two jearj la-t piut.
You kto required to anwer raid petition on
or heloie Iundy the 3rd day of ( Jeudwr lst.
MEi;atT -loHMnn". I'lainti.
J'Cf Ed is C. Havri.tY.her Attorney.
BedClscd Yasltt.
Hoc; ..........
Fat iattlu
Wheat .
Chicago liarici.
Corn . ...
St. Uzlz Hariet.
Horn.. -
Special Notices.
Notices in tail column will be charged j cenw
a line each week.
Go to Kobvs for Butter on ice.
Shipping tags can be had at the
Chikf office.
Headquarters for flour at Putnam'
Flour, and Feed Store.
Smith Brothers announce still an
other imrwirtitnt reduction in rate of
interest on time loans. Straight nins.
vcrceut annual inlet. Call" at the
Bank-and leave your apphcxtion
As a liver medicine, Dr. MarenaHV.
Bromoline h no equal. It abo
cleauses the browl. and you get a
big, big bottle for fty cents. Drug
gists sell it.
You will find health, end happi
ss in a bottle of the Big Bfood and
ivof CtiTi. olIaH TW fetiaTIfc
ness in a bottle of the Big Brood and
Liver Cure, called Dr. Man-fall'
Bromohne, fiftv cents a" bottle. 3uv
it of drucgW
I have purchased the fractional i sec.
o: land laying oetween reter
and the river. And the
It -kwdt nAlthwi nAt fr ti (imrA
iiti'iija a a r A.a uu aj "-i mj la v w a iii a w m.
,.: ,-,- -t. xz xirr.v-e
1 ' ' '
m n- Tnn nn'ii ii! if t-.nV.Ko ,r..
tion at Wamexi livery tab!e cm Sat-
nrdaySenternber 3d. i lot of cattle.
TlPTnerv-r th nlacn and An
Wrripr' rtable. Satnrdav Se-ntrfl.
her 3d. isai..
mmm aa Miii imitmmtmmmjkmmm
Meaf JHtaHHA
Market, VH A
ail tiKwcr
ft VtHltail I'l ti'SSfe-
I M(&LI. U&uSIfcS ft2.fcv'
j -r.-5-.
AlwaiSCN Hand.
Moshcr's old Stand,
Chicago Lumber Yard;
Red Cloud, lYcbrask.
Keep CQii5Untly on hand mi a.tir.tit f IntiJ.r l.ath S:tiirlw. l)nr,
Wliuloae, l.ilur. Hair. (Vft.i .t JVoa'rf. lUt.'thttg i JT
liu. i'!. i:t
Go To W.
Staple Fancy Groceries,
Till HK-T
Choice Nuts. Fruits. & Confections.
Fresh Fruits and Yo iVs ! 1
k:t:cs r: tzackss.
Satire htrrVijr ctven tiit I will tMt'r
all jiroi.t wlo taj ir.? : Sf tttaeloi
1$ caJiilati Iwr tirhn i the intuarr
ccutaac rrttwuU ul .Vlle cuttr, ji IteJ
Cloud ob ite tint "-ituf-iAj- in the ai, athf t
Ibiur. .Wr Amca.t hI N'rilr. .Vt
t. J 11 III vu tlie Lrt -vtur. in t'te ttMti l
klCif. Aill. July jit ' eller. t tl.Ue
Huc uri the flie.i riaiurilr la tti n.hlb ml
Marrlt. .lune. rptrwti tw-l Iefelr.
LialUlll.liwt I t U.ll.H.rt at SwMwrk M,
A A. l.n.
Cooat 5ui cni.trt.Jia ! Putli loitrnct-oa
University of Nebraska.
The Full Term ojh-ih Sept 13th,
HSI TlITI-N KI I t All S'uhittyr
for I'irid'ttnl .!" 1 J a r I ctn
from f- to .J. Thoi- rutfnn tho
Frefiaratory Department uui-t be pr
pared for examination tn (JithH;niphy
Heading, (ietgraph, (immcu School
Arithmetie, -iighh (irnuiiiinr and
l". S Historv. A tearher- certifinite
1- aeeepied fu Iftt of the examina
tion. Farther information may be ob
tained bv sending for eatnlojfiie.
K. It. F.iun:u.t.
l"--u CimmelN.r
Blanks! Blanks!!
A full line of htnt; Journal Co'a.,
tltn,kl j tiki. ufnat.lfir.l l.ltlflL-a nf flltk
Ftatc) are nlwaya kept for nalo at the j
t iiikk oiiKM, ami ai me nltH j
that thuv are ll at in Lincoln nie
(,,.,. 'lj..- f.illowing l a prtxtinf hat
; ... , , ,
j -f blanks on h.uiu:
arranty lieotj-.,
Mortgage Deed.
Chattlv MortgHue.
Search W.iimnts,
Methaiiie I.rin.
Power of Attorney.
Hill- .if .-ale.
Ijnil Oat in IJiuhI-,
Hnmrnon- (original .
h'uuiuiou.i teojiv).
Appeal L'ndertaUinc,
Order of Attainment.
Atlidavi. of Vendor or I.--ur,
Alignment of Mortgage,
otite of CM-tblej Fwle.
Hl.lllk Hiseij.t.
iihiiik Nete
Itele.T-e of Mortgage.
Agreement for WnrrMiily D'ite.
Complatnt to keep the IVjiv,
V . vr Ar.
iiil mot all kinds of blanks used bv
Notaries Public.
Money To Loan
On Ileal Estate, in Welter and ad
if. mint' i-rntnt!el it I the VerV lM"?t ratl.-x
'"".'" V r ......
It will pay eery lartuer who num. 01
iKirrowinc niont-v. to .ee me in'furt
making arrangement with any other
No expanse to the bor rower -tn
tedious delav no dealing with oRetem
parlie no application fee, lomi. or
eonimU-ion no fee for makm: or
rei'ordmg paper or taking acknowl
edgement no adtanee or ."fim-ati-nual
intere-t, and no inlrrest until
money i5 actually in hand.
Call" upon or atldrc?!
K A. .iMPftoS.
3tf In Hroker. IMttc IMI. Neb.
alttp, the Albnht Hone
Will stand this exon at K-d (1od
at Ia-t year's rates, vir- $50 to lrwurc
single "mare; Two mare IliJW. more
than two by the Ame owner, 17-
f For the teaon, tJ-OO; single e?m
This horse neda only to i knon j
to lt- admired. He ha "been rliws1-
edged by mny good judges to 1-- tbr
" "ill kisij jf i Sosi"
seen in thi section.
! J500 pound. Bntifnl iftir. rmnHri
' ncal form, good life hign carnage ana
j lfst of all as kind a.- a kitten , Hwwwi j
ah- has a good Jack with him at n' j
t T:t r...L-. 'jm will ft- I
rstes. Lnwi lunnr uc wui .
icnno a", inc w-Bi:i-A vtn-
Cdt can be -een at the prerax.. ot
" -
?! aUo at Hsd- Cloud. Jiaio at
premise of LcnrSiaith aud Ben Port-j
nier. Guide Bock. Ekar creek anil
and Bed Cloud mills. . I
Th owner ha eauUwi .b Jack
"Capt. STOlhrS J
Smith Jack. lormerlrcf Gild Bee:.
ho-i the brttOCk in t
. D. LUTZ. Icvrjt.
JlcNitt s ; Jos. rogie. bm fcr:. mt. -'-
t " V Q- . - JT . mTM Vnnii
puunc is , --, y ,-""- r -r .. : w r
at RevJcpr 4 tzrsi ana Kaltf xon 5 3i in-
wipaeeB.3aBaa&"Mir HB m j
fcf0&7j; ?x&
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Sc FRHHS. Proprietors.
ro re-
tu C
The Proof of the
You have only to calf
on us and we can easi
ly convince you that wc
do sell
A little BKLOW the
' so-called u lied rock pri
ces" advertised hy other
Beslcy & Perkins.
3wlB ttllf
Samuel West
lO'MlK js,
Tobacco. Cigarsr
.nm;d MtCITS,
Alju X t ISft l.tfl
Ice Cream Parlor,
Wjierr r4ll Jrr.M
I ' '. -"--
, u mo; tli ol Ie I i.rtni during
ti. r--Ati
- eliare of tb iMilJir
Ji -JitH ifo' v'l lf"l
Mttnji;e it
Kir. I (
Hii of lt(. hfll A Moth.iil'
HniCuxi. - - Nu:i-Axt
ri s:
2 J
Z. 5
S3 9
- 2
n m
3- Yoar
fttsssei. Ii5 THE HAStmml
?-wf4 t I.wm rrfm
9)2C''3 &. ?
j3N3 Z5 VL
w --d
80 CLG'iQ.. HSMi.
t tic . .
. .
r H
m Mw, i"-l,,',H
!r-. J
V ' -- -
-rjflS. "- i. d "