The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 25, 1881, Image 2

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M. L. THOMAS, Publisher.
Inm arushlnsTcn'lcrfoot,
I'm laying lor a cliiltn.
Can any of you ni tiers put
A fellow on tnc -aH5
I ain't a box. I don't want much
A thousand to tne ion, or such.
I am a peaceful Tenderfoot,
I'm looking for a chanco
T join some fortunate jmloot
Tliat's st-uclc n clrcnniuiince.
I ain't a ho;r. I don t want miiea
A liuuJrei to the ten or such.
1 am a tnii?srl nsj Tenderfoot,
I'm Imn i. forsoms pApl
Hint's ;ut the downright moral root
To pi iy gruli-Msi c e.ird.
I ain't a bo. I don't want much
A burro, can of beans, or suc.'i.
I am aweary
I wnni.o;ne hu.tfrn bum
Within my h md Ms ha nl top-it
Ami sweetly miirm ir - Homo."
I nln't a hox, I d n t want inuch
Au empty through IruhrtUuar, or surh.
(iunnw4in (0(.) Acic..
The trick, it is lobe noted, is not a
liew one, but has been played siiece-s-
fullv at lexst once witlrn the p isttwen-
ty-livcyears in each of the countries of
France, Italy and llavaria. lis litest
Flupopcan lorm, the "Dachau 15ank" of
an ex-actress. Allele Sjiitzeder, which was
-operated in Munich trom 18GD to 1872,
-and by which the liavarians were cheat
ed out ot millions of dollars, is iiilriu
sically the most interesting of these
swindles, and is specially so to us .be
cause it had so many point? in common
j. with the Ladies' Deposit of Host on. No
one. indeed, who hasstudicd the stones
' of the two together can doubt that in
.some way or other, directly or indirect
ly, Fraulein Spitzedcr's plan was
the inspiration and model of
Mrs. Howe's, l'oth opened banks
of deposit, promised preposterous
"returns of interest, and success
fully invited loans of money from
thepublic. Neither had any pecuniary
capital, or odercd any security, the sole
and sufficient reliance of v h being
npon her own impudence and the com
Ibjned cupidity and credulity of her cus
pbmcrs. Each made ,friends by plav
ing the Ladv liountiful upon occasion,
had a mixed party of gulls and knaves
committed to her cause, drew herself
idut ot poverty and into luxurious com
ffbrt by means of her bank, ended her
career in prison, and left assets enough
behind her to pay her creditors a divi
dend of about live per cent- The ab
solute essentials to long-continued suc
cess, as each, swindler knew, were the
prompt payment of the ridiculous rate
of stipulated interest, and the prompt
punishment in a depositor of any want
.. of faith by a return of her principal and
a haught' refusal ever to resume busi
ness relations with her. This latter
operation, a vcrjT shrewd kind of moral
"hulldoz ng," Mrs Howe and her assist
? ants used to perform magnificently and
with great eflecL Each counted with
certainty upon a very rare withdrawal
of principal, so long as. the cxtraordi
nary interest was paid and the custom
er s confidence was unshaken. Many
persons and the writer admits to be
ing one at-lirst found a little diilicultv
iu understanding how such a concern
could pay twentv-four per cent, a mouth
quarterly in advance, even for a couple
gbf 'years, without investing its funds or
receiving help lrom without. lint the
explanation is really quite: simple: when
once the popular faith begins to be es
tablished in such a b.iuk, the principal
flows in for some time iu :iu evor-111-creasing
stream, and lor quite a longpb
riod there is more than enough mone
'alwa3s on hind to meet the current de
,mand for interest, and leave the oper
ator a handsome margin lor sitks, jew
folry, hot-house llowers, and all oilier
proper living expenses all hough, ol
course, at every moment the concern is
in laet utterly insolvent. In the case
of the Ladies' Deposit some of the fig
ures already given illustrate this well
euou;h; tho number of depositors in
1880 was live times as great as in 1871).
and the receipts from the first quarter
' of tho former year were therefore far
more than enough by themselves to
meet all the demands for interest then
accruing on deposits of 187l, to tak--care
of ihe us.ial small withdrawal of
principal, and to give Mrs. Howe and
her friends everything the' needed lor
their comfort. To keep such a concern
alive there must be a like increase ot
deposits upon a geometric ratio all the
time, and Mich a rate of advance cann it
possibly be mainta ned for many years.
SSjfThe lonier the thing lasts the wide'r is
. tho circle of its linal disaster and inius-
v tice,and the duty, thereforcof every hon-
est man, whatever the dutj' of houe?t
J woman may be, is to destroy such an
j? enterprise as soon as it is unearthed.
Mrs. Howe quite surpassed.Miss Spitz
eder in scrupulous obed.encc to the
spirit of "their common scheme. The
flatter sometimes though rarely, to be
sure ni do investments of herdepos-
ited funds; the former never did such a
thing, excepting once, when she lent a
cfew hundied dollars to a furniture
dealer: and her Ladies' Deposit had not
a single cent of "mcoMe," in the
banker's sense of the word. Mrs.
Howe, in fact, cirried on her business
4 in all its branches with appropriately
rfSpart in simplicity. She to k her do-
3positors' money; kept it in the drawers
l?of a chiffbniere in the business parlor by
dny, as Mrs. Gould has often .said.
"parried it off in baskets at night, and
pnt it somewhere probably under
her bed for safo- keeping; paid
"out interest and principal from it
when there were calls for such
disbursements: bought her own house
and land aud furniture and fixtures with
it; and always treated it entirely as her
own which, indeed, in an important
sense, it was. For this sort of -banking
none of tho frippery of modern mascu-
, line book-keeninsr was neeced. and none
jhvasused; the accounts of a Fiji Island
tlish-dealer could not have been kept
more simply than those of Mrs. Howe,
the Boston "financial agent," and Miss
'Crandall, who testified in court thatshe
fdid-not know the difference between a
day-book and a ledger, was the very
woman to serve as her chief clerk. In
' audacity the German operator some
what surpassed her American imitator,
"but in cunning the latter absolutely ex
celled. Mrs. Howe or whoever ehtbor-
ed the orig'nal conception of her
t recognized the decided supen-
sensibilitv and mquist-
thc average Bostoni-
erage Bavarian,
tions were conuucieu,
with an almost ex-
lir of reserve and
jagic upon
knt to
fully earned out in the request, j
delicately but firmly niado in almo3t ev
ery case, that the customer uiyijnt
rrrtsoti 'ihnnt ttin I-mlie' Derm .lKTr'
indued, she hal a particular fcmalo ,
friend, who was execssive'y worthy and
greatly in need, and who happened to )
have two huiiiircu dollars or more, sucn
a friend might. a.s a favir, be very
quietly informed of tlio privileges of the
establishment; but there was to bo no
baDbliug into the world's rude ear
about these sa"rcd mvsteriesof Kictisis.
All this shown I a line knowledge of
human nature, and in practice work el
charmingly; lite method rc-cubling that
often used in selling tic.t-s to a ch.t ity
ball, vvTiere it is mysterioiHly whispered
to a few tliat the com ian- WiJI be cent
select, ami admissions c nj
cure. Alianlic Mon'h j.
ird to pro-
Store 1 Knc.-gr.
The public has learned to regard with
caution the recent aim Miieements of
tin lfii'tro iifiiliiltt i if iTi rtr fririf
or rather of 'the practicil applicatii.n of
this a cnt to new uses. Mr. Klison
. . . .
and other men of je"cuee long ago be
gan to promise us in a ver. short
time our houses would be lighte I
electricity more brilliantly an 1 cheaply
than tliuv ever had been in anv way;
but the panic among-th-; ;asoom an es
hoon pas-c I away and again rules
a' high rate. It is no du'ibt true,
however, that our hopes in this respect
have been deferred through unlookcd-
1 for obstacles lo the practical anpici-
' tion of the principle and not throu ;h
any mistake about the principle itself,
I'tioho pla:es are actually lighted by
electricity; and private places are not
yet so lighte I only beeaiii of the diffi
culty ot furn -siting the i'lumiiat m
agent economically. The same com
ment upon other unfamiliar use? f
electric lorce is jut and "obvious It
has long been believed that the div
would com! when raiiro td fvin wouid
be moved by electricity; nut 11 is only
111st no v that we are able to s ty that
1, .
the day ha actually c line. At
event-, the experiments undo upon 111 ;
eleetric ndhoid near IScrlm tee:n lo
have solved "lie problem.
I Sut till more wonderful resu'ls in this
branch of practical science are reported.
The world was astoui-dicd whe.i Pi of.
Morse started an clcetri.: spark upon a
wire jouriPiV and compelled it lo recml
a m sage at its journey's en I. Ili'h
erto the varied a'pl!ct!:on of the force
has been a mere expansion of this con
ception, at leait in this re-.pect. that
the force has worked upon an unbroken
line tif operation-'. Its communications,
so to speak, have not been cut. So lar
as this the force which carries a mes-s.-te
from New York to Albany, the
force which runs through the caole.- be
neath the Atlantic, and the force which
by and by will lizht a whole city work
in the same uninterrupted way. But it
seems to be quite another thing lo pad;
electricity iu your trunk at New York,
check it to Albany, and there make it
to do, with uiiimpa re I nl icrtv ami ef
fect, the work which it would do here.
Yet this is the startling result which our
esteemed contemporary, the Lond'iii
VVw. has been instrumental in limit
ing about. Other e-ti'died contempo
raries have made them-elvcs famous by
getlin early news of remote military
movements news sometimes of which
the toiniuandimr Generals conccrne I iu
the events were themselves ignorant;
in piercing the heart of Africa, .anil in
making renewed search for the pole.
But if all which is -ug.ic-.tcd grows out
uf a recent journey of a correspondent
of the Time from Pari- to Glasgow, that
new-paper has celebrated it-elf more
suece-sfiilly than any of the others.
On the '.dli of May M Fan re. of Paris,
charged four batteries with ohvtr city,
inclose I them in a wooden box measur
ing a cubic foot and handed the bo to
the ''inns' correspondent, who seventy
two hours la'cr delivered it to Sir Will
iam Thompson, of the Glasgow I'ni-ver-ity.
The remain ler of the story is
told by Prof. Thompson in a letter to
the Tt'iics: When the batteries were
tiken from tlr box it was found that
thev had lo-t little or nothing of their
stored electric energy. By measure
ment and by other tests the force was
shown folic when it arrived in Glasgow
substantially what it was when it quit
ted Paris. Th s, we repeat, seems to
be something very different from send
ing electricity along a wire, whet'ier to
write a message or to light a lamp. In
these cases the working of the for.a is
unbroken between the place where it is
evolved and the place where'it is linallv
applied: but in the latest cae there is
no such connection. In other wards,
the storage of electric energy, if it is
in accomplished fact, may be pro luet
ive of the largest results. When the
correspondent handed the box to the
professor provided, of course, all that
is suggested comes to p:iss he may b.
said to have symbolized a coining revo
lution in many methods of modern life.
With stored energy evcrv househo'der
may keep his electric light supply in
his own cellar; with stored cnergyshios
mav plow their .way across the ocean
without the aid of steam or the fuel
which is cmsumed in creating it; with
stored energy railroads mav be oper
ated free from smoke and cinders; wirh
stored energy manufactures may be
conducted on a large or small so le
safely anil inexpensively: with stored
energy coal may be largely dispensed
with, aud the question. What will be
come of England when her mines are
exhausted? will be of no consequence."
Tho 7m.f itself looks forward to this
solution of the problem with pleading
anticipations and hints at a London
smokeless ami clean, uncontamin ited
either b the solid or by the gascou
products of combustion." It is unsel
fish enough further to show how Amer
ica mav turn stored energy to the mot
pro ti table account. Looking upon the
Falls of Niagara as " the natural and
proper chief motor of the continent."
it says that we may 3-et sec stored elec
tricity, evolved by this enormous
water-power, carried by electric rail
roads to all parts of this country foi
use for all the purposes tor which coal
is now directly or indirectly used. In
that event wc" may have some to spare
for shipment to Europe.
All of these tjrngs may hanpen, but
conservative people wilf bear in mind
the porsibilitv that they may not hap
pen in tho time of any person now liv
ing. Mill, who shall say ? .V. Y. Even
ing FosL
One of thegreatest vegetable phe
nomena, thougit not so useful to man
kind as the bread-fruit, appears to be
the Polo dc Vaca. or cow-tree. This
plant produces a glutinous liquid like
an animal. It frequently grows upon
the barren sides of a rock, and has dry,
coriaceous leaves. For sevei-al months
in the vcar its foliage is not moistcued
bv a 'single drop of rain, and its
branches appear entirely dried up. But
uoon piercing the trunk, particularly at
the rising of the sun, there flows a
sweet and nourishing yellow ju'ee. hav-ino-
a balsamic perrume, with many of
the qualities of milk. In the morning
the natives of the country, in which this
vegetable fountain grows, visit it with
jowls, in which they carry nonie 11s
ilk for their children. " o that this
,"sajs Humboldt, "seems to pre
k the picture of a shepherd distrib-
k.l. wilt- f his Unelc-.'- Tllfi Ara-
all it the cow; the Caucrguans
t-tree." Llumuoiat, ivunin. anu
yer saw the fruit of this tree,
iraiist iias j ei suuu m "- .
m m
jen definitely settled at last
jn wny iu HlS.a.,m -
, stycu wnen it is young.
Mio of Japan is abnut to
sing-stable. -
"IT I iTas President,"
"Now, if I was President,"
Mr. B.itterbv. the otlier morning as he
i . .-
passed hi cup over for a second cup of
coffee, "if 1 was President of the Lmtcd
Which you aren't, vou know,'
broke in Mrs. H., in an arguraental and
con!idential tone.
"And not 1 kely to be," added Mrs.
IJ.'s mother, with a contemptuous toss
of her head.
No," assented Mr. B., nlcasantly.
"but I w.i3 just siippo'injj the case "
Tlien suppose something in rc:is m,"
retorted Mrs. It., snappishly. " You
might as well suppose yo 1 was the man
in the moon or the "Man in the Iron
Mask, or"
"Sj 1 might, my dear, so I might."
assentc 1 Mr. 15.. still plcnantly smil
ing, "but that has nothing to do with
iL I was merely go n to say that if I
was President of the United -St.ttc3 I'd
"My!" burst in Miss Gertrude, aired
! eighteen. " woiildnt it be splendid if
' . ..... . .-... J I.. . l.i.t- !. I ui:n
Villi .IT. I.l. tlllll l .M1IJ ! ui'i-i;
5i girls wo dd change their
tune wheii I meet them, instead of
I throwing out t e'.r insinuations ab mt
1 pop e who c wisider it Christian-! ke to
. t irn their last season's siik drc-is. so
that they 111 ty have more to give to
1 char.ty! But they might turn green
with envy be ore I would ever'' ,
! " Yes. and wouldn't I warm it to
I .Sammy Dugau. iust." chirpe 1 in Master
j Thomas, aged twe've. " I'd go uo to
I him an' suut'ik h.m on the nose with a
. brio'iC 'fore he knowed where lie was.
an' he dissnit lit me back. then, 'cos
it'tid be treasm. an' tbe. d hang him:
and I'd slide on th sidewalk an shy
.-now-bills at the p'.'c eenrui. an' sass
Mi-.s Ferule, an' pi ty hookey every day
when it did 11 t ram. an
I d-"
' Yes," ehnne 1 iu
the in ection from
B. catching
be the lirst
progeny, "and
ladv in ll e Ian I. let the next be who
she would: and Governors wives would
j beg to be introduced to me. and I'd
1 ha e balls twice a week ami bau piets
evcrv dav. and' "
"And I'd have the management of
j the White House, and ran things," re
1 marked Mrs li.'s mother, her eyes
J .sparkling with the prospect.
j "Not mu h you wouldn't." from
i Mis Gertrude; 'not much if 1 keep mv
hea th and know myself, you wouldn't;
' not as long as I was the President's
daughter and -"
"Yah" ejaculate 1 Master Tom, "I
i miess me rresuieni s son woniu no me
j biggest p'um iu that dish? Wouldn't I
j be the Prince of Whales then sa ?
Wha''ud ou know 'bout"
"Shut up a'l of you!" commanded
Mrs. 1. " I reckon ihe President's
1 wi o is the highest authority in the
j laud! Auvhow. there' d be a du-tv old
I tune if an bo Iv questioned it. and I
bet when the exercises were mushed
the survivors would not a-k for any
E.e-toral Coinmi-s on to deeded it
over again! My! I'd like to see any
body but. by'the way, Mr. Butteroy.
what was it 011 was going to -ny you
woul I do if you was the President of
the United Stales?"
" Ke-ign as soon as the Lord would
let me." said Mr. Butterby, calmly but
determine lly.
And then a meditative silence, fell
upon the family and remained there un
til the meeting aroc
Onium-Sino-iiir; in California.
Opium-smoking is a sensuous pleas
ure and depends tor its full enjoyment
upon leisure and society. The majori
ty of the better class of Chinese iu San
Francisco smoke opium, but not iu ex
cess. They wid lounge on their 1 ttle
bunks, enjov twelve or fifteen pipes in
the course of an afternoon or evening,
chat, -nioxe tobacco, aud drink tea 01
rice brandy. Few except the continu
ed opium-smokers use the drag to pro
duce insensibility or the opium sleep.
The pr.mary ellcct of opium is that of
good tobacco, increased tenfold. It
soothes aud tranquillizes the nerves and
laps the smoker in a delicious state of
Sybaritic ease and .voluptuous enjoy
ment, it induces a species of day
dream, but its elle'ts in this regard
have been greatly exaggerated. It se.
dom prod. ices the drunken stupor
which follows undue indulgence in
liquor. The European who contracts
the habit of opium-smoking usually
craves an inordinate amount of the
drug. A man whom 1 know smokes
regularly every day six bits' (75 cents)
worth of opium, or about iitty pipes.
He is a walking skeleton, and, when not
under the inlluence of the narcotic, he
trembles like a paralytic. His cheeks
are sunken, the bones seem starting
through the pallid skin, an 1 the whole
man is a wro d: strength, energy,
will,, al clean gone. He lives
o ily for h s daily indulgence in the
drug, aud his bodv could dispense with
it no more than h s lungs could per
lonn their lutn-tions without air. He
is a walking barometer: sensitive to the
slightest change in temperature and
racked bv neuralgic pains when exposed
to cohl. Fatally insidious, too, is this
opium habit. It saps the moral strength
and enfeebles tho will: then, shorn of
these two aides, it takes a man of ex
ceptional strongth of character to free
himself from its ihralldom.
Tne poorer classes of Chinese in Cal
iforniaand these comprise nine-tenths
of the who!c number use opium as a
solace to their hard life. It is one of
the few pleasures they al'ow them
selves in a s'avish jstriigjzle to Jay up
money. No st ire. wash-house, manu
factory or restaurant is without its
opium " lay-out." The habit of opium
smoking is universal, as common as the
use of tobacco among American men.
A very intelligent Chinese merchant,
who speaks excellent English, in a re
cent conversation with me on the evils
of opium smoking, sa'd: "It is the
curse of our people, and is far worse in
its effects than your whisky-drinking.
A man who drinks liquor gets some
strength from the stimulant, though
this may last only a few inn u' es. He
may even live to old ago and never go
to bed sober. But the effects of op:um
are far different. It takes away
strength, it never gives any. It .weak
ens alnan, thins his blood and steals all
his energy. It makes him feel tho cold,
makes him what you call invalid no
good tor any real work. He may work
at a trade, but he cannot carry on any
business which requires thought or cal
culation. For myself. I smoke a few
pipes frequently with friends. It is so
cial and pica-ant, but I always take ihe
greatest care not to smoke twice in suc
cession at the same hour. When I feel
the longing to smoke, which always at
tacks you just twenty-four hours after
3-our last indulgence, 1 never give wav
to it."
The bane of opium-smoking in Cali
fornia is seen in the younger genera
tion. California children are very pre
cocious; 'thev seem to have an exagger
ated desire to indulge iu everything
which is forbidden. Every Chinese
wash-house throughout the State is the
center of evil. Young boys learn there
to smoke op um and contract the habit
which ruins them body and.soul. The
Chinese receive boys "with great favor,
and are always ready to initiate them
into any vice! In the cities the evil is
worse, as the oppo-turiities for its grat
ification are met on every s'de. There
are many squalid opium "dens" in the
Chinese quarters, and these have their
regular white customers. Tho police
make frequent raids upon them, but the
payment of twentv dollars line releases
the proprietor. Now it is customary
for the smoker to deposit this amount
before beginning his, indulgence, in
order lo insure the re'ease of the patron
in case of arrest: The vice is roost
prevalent among the hoodlums, of this
city and the women of the town, out
police oJIiccra and detectives. whos
word nny be relied upon, declare that
the practice is spreading with groat
rapidity, and that the law wi 1 soon
have to be invoked o check it by heavy
lines or other pena'tiii. The new
treaty will have no sei&ible e'lect upou
the importation 01 opium into this coun
try, as the duties are low in Ilritislt
Columbia and Meico. and the work of
smuggling it over the border will not
be ditliciiit. As a Chinese merchant
said a few days ago in speaking of the
drug: 'ThcChmcjtt will get it if it's
on top of the earth. You nrsht as well
try to top your Nation lrdn atiiuktng
cigars or dnuking liquor." Ovr. S. i.
The Suaimcr Cre of .NeiTy-Sci IVoIt
In these daya almost every en'erpris
Ing farmer or owner of a pleas uit humu
tinds that each spring, m order to kesp
up with the twins and the continuous
wants of faiu-iy and market, he needs
to plant out more or lu-a fruit trees or
vines. We will suppose thai th'-e have
been wisely selected and well planted
at the proper t me. Summeradvaiii-es.
What iati ue best done for those trees?
First, go at once and in-pc'l them all;
and with a prong hoe or m ne oilier
-uitablu hoe medow up the soil lor
three or four feet all about them, being
caieful not to disturb the roots, n
11111 cliing was neglected at planting,
proceed at once to get .-oiue coarse ma
terial, and alter llio thorough mellow
ing of the s il apply the urn ch so as lo
cover the enure area 01 the root or a
h.tile more. '1 h effect of tha will he
hrst ti smo'her weeds, then to pievent
excessive evaporation from the -.oil. ami
als 1 to keep ihe earth Luncalh trom
packing down by ficpient raia Ihe
mulching serves bitter than asight el-e
to keep the proper aeration and mo..-t-ure
of the so I, ioth .-o necessary to
strong and health' veetible growth.
So much lor the earth; how for the tice.
Examine careiully and see if the tree
i- properly j runed before plant ng; if
not, lake out every su er.Iuotis brancii.
Young trees should be ihinuetl out so
as to leave a ver o.ien head. Cut out
every branch winch judgment shows
would crowd at lull giowih. Imainu
a branch to be ei-ht iu lies or mote iu
diameter and then dec de whether or
not it -hould be scared or cut. Young
trees should, as a rtiie. be pruned more,
and old trees le.-s, than is souiet mes
practiced. The culling of a large
branch from a uia'ure tree a'waj.s in
jures the future health and longevity of
the ttee. Keiiieniberuig this, cut the
superfluous Drain-lies before they be
come lare; calculation and good judg
ment will enable you to do wt-ely about
this. Again, camine the tiees are
fuily for the scale iu-iect. Jf ou dis
cover it l.ccking and coloring the
branches of 3 our trees, at once take a
cloth and some diluted soft soap. :n: 1
1 ub by ban 1 until the last scale i- il.s
lodged. No h.dfvviy measures wdl an
swer. With vines, caieful prim ng and
training will be necessary along during
the season Zyi.yii 7 runs:rij t.
Portuguese Shepherds.
On the hill-side under the cork-trees
we see a child tending her Hock, at.d
spinning with distaff" and spindle. Such
a sight is very common; lilUe girs have
much to do with the domestic animals;
they run fearlessly between the iong
horns of ihe grer.t tawny oen, anil
guide them 111 she way they should go a shower ot blows on their I0114
aiiller'ng lorehtads and inu..Ies. They
milk the goats and hen! the swine, and
grow lithe and strt n; of limb' and nut
brown of 'a e iu the warm sun. The
hculsnien and shej herde.-ses beguile
ilieir lonely watch with the peculiar un
tiphonal songs of the country, which
often dispkiv remarkable w. tin repartee
011 the p irt of the iinpiovi-atores, as
well as a ready talent. for rhymuig.
These songs are composed as well in
Spain as in Portugal. One shepherd
challenges another to a touVnameut m
verse, and begins by singing a stan.a
which is to serve as a kev-note for the
whole production, as wed in ihe kind of
mcasuie to be u-ed as iu tune. In one
of the-e Lrical ballads, which, so far as
I know, never crept into print, a
man begins a song halt in hauler, half
in earnest:
It 1 loiter to love n floy than to lovo a
For for a piece of jfold a woman will leave
you to t'rief.
Hut tlio uUVcii n of u iloj; U ein!li."
A woman, who has had jomo ex
perienco of the improvidence as well
as of'the vora -ity ot mankind, replies,
in ready caricature of the other:
It 5-1 bolter to feed a !o than P Iced a man.
For vviin 11 p. ecu 01 atluj ill ou
in peace.
Hut the hunger of a man will Inst forever."
And the keen sharp-shooting is ket t u'p
through a longe langc 01 topics, the ball
tossed back and lorward lrom one skill
ful composer to another, aud when im
provisation fails traditional badinage is
remembered and sung with equal gusto.
L. IP. Chunijtnei, m Harper's Mii'ji
zinc. .
Planning Work.
Even in Iiouswork, the brain may
save the body a great deal of labor. A
woman who plans her work beforehand
always accomplishes a great deal more
.than" her less methodical sisler. and
with less fatigue to herself. Before
she rises in the morning her bieak'ast
is thoroughly planned, and the order
in which the ditlerent details are to be
carried out is quite decided upon. It
makes ail work easier to have it thus
planned beforehand, and many a weary
woman might secure many bright
half-hours to herself every w cek if she
wou.d but inaugurate the system. It is
like packing a "trunk you know-how
easy it is for one skilled in the business
to put in a third nnre than one who
piles things in "just as it happens."
It is always such a pleasure to look
back on a'well pa-ked day and see just.
what has been done. People wnose
days are full of idleness and ease do not
have the monopoly of happiness bj any
means. Those who have nothing to do
except make themselves com'ortab'e
are generally peevish and discontented.
Work has "manifold ad van' ages; an I
the woman who has led a bu-y life cau
uot be content to rest in idleuess.
There are women to-day in San
Francisco (savs the Chronic e of that
citv) subsist. ng on scanty crusts in
blind alleys, who could step into the
empty mansions of our new millionaires
and arrange the appointments of room
after room of the entire house, with an
artistic sense and individuality of taste
which would put to the blush the first
upholsterer of the city. The day is
not far distant when this will become a.
distinct calling for women. The origi
nality of conception and design mani
fested by women wherever their artistic
powers are allowed a chance for devel
opment will lead to many new paths for
industrious womanhood."
- - w '
The Board of Trustees of the New
York Business Men's Moderation Soci
ety have resolved to abandon the pledge
aud principle of total- abstinence, and
substitute in place of it a principle
pledging themselves not to use as a
beverage anv intoxicating drinks
stronger than beer, ale or light wines,
and those only in moderation, and
pledges the society to exert its iniu
ence in every honorable way possible
against the use ot whisky, rum, brandy
and other spirituous liquors as a bever
age. The Xew York Times, in a cool,
Philistine fashion, remarks: "Some
forms of charity are fashionable." and
goes on "to show that a woman who
wishes to be considered!ouging to
the cream of society must be good to
the. poor.
TIiosj CiriiMis Western People.
A vouns man who left letroittpr
Dcvltvooil in Mirch. in the best of
health and.witn lots of gw I ciot'ie
and ph-ntvof m )nev, gt home the
other, day w th his weight reduced
twenty-c'ght pounds, his .'Ibowj an-l
knees -out t tha wca'hir. and hu
stomach entering upon a th" rd d.iv's
fast He had r.o particula-ail venture
to re'ate and no apuior e? to :naK.u.
the fact thnt he-l
om; far-Western
All that a'deci hun was
didn't understand th
people, lie d da"
t retlize that ou
havu j:ot 10 t tke
em oa the run to
lnn''ein, and ho itia-etUfnUy
nt liis foot in it at every move, boon
after rea -hing DeadwojJ. and whde
getting away with a d nmr at a res
taurant, attrangee caine in and "called
him a su;pe. ani a bur.'arl. an I a
chicken, and e.-eralothfrornithkc-al
cornomons, and ended by
thecruA'D out of h s p. u Now.
tJ, . n,lH.r wav would have I e-n to pull
out a p ipper and have popped that rur.f uU Cli neo author have jrpct
ftranger until the noon UY Min wpud , p.U cop. right in thcr produtHuia. and
have lighted up h s whole interior; but
the De.n.ter let the golden opjorUi-
nilv slip awav. and was w.itst.e! out 01
the neigbborhoo 1.
Then ymi' on-told him that he might
strioa joj in the railroad otlie. If
he hal obe.ed instruetions he would
liar3 liecn all right. H-s was told to
.slant his hat on hs ear. light a fresh
cigar, and walk in on tnc magnate, aud
'Hello! old 7x'J how's your bullv
health th s morning? Have a smoke?
Bet you will! How are all the boys,
anth nv? Got a p'a e heie for a oiap'.s up to srmff. and the stron;es'.
bnind at that? (.'oiue out and gulp some-
thug at mv ex-M-use. Nothing meat.-
about .Hu-. and don t .ou forget it. old
''lv- 1 . . .1 , :....:.. .1 1. .;,
Yes. lie lost the situation through his
own ob-t'n icy. He sneaked into tha
office like a sheep ste ilur. put his hut
on a chair, ami- faint'y iuq-iirud if they
would be -o ever.a-tmg :o d as to in
form him if there was a one-horse va
enii'W to hu hi ed. They gave Inm the
lio-s houu e ins tie f a iii.iiute, and
after that no boot bla dc wou.d look at
Then there was a provision dealer
who w is terribly in want of an assist
ant. The Detroiter was just the man
for the place except that he wasn't.
He was put on the right lr.iI: by a ho
tul clerk, who explained:
"Now, this .lones is rather queer,
aud vou must him right. Yuu
want to go iu and ctiss him trom his
eyebrows to his toe na:,s. and when
vou get through vou can pretend that
you louk ban 'or old Smith, jtitt around j
thec.rner. He's a greit, and '
he'll take to you like niolas-os to a
shingle." j
That job was also lot. The Petroiter
eilleii at the s'ore, cxpkrncd that he
had heard so an I so. and eude I wall a
wi-hv-washy request to be t iken oa '
trial salary no object. Old Jones i
heard him through, and then calle I j
him a Michigan di-h-rag, an Eastern
mulberry and ever so in my o'her ;
things, and tried t hit him in the back '
with a barrel ot Chicago hard tack.
It was the same in a other
ca-es, an 1 lina'ly a prominent eiticii
o'the town took it upon him-elf to halt
the Detroiter on tho street and say to
"Say. boy, th's ain't no town for
vou. Hadn't vou better gil up and
The Dettoiter couldn t lly. but he I
had a gait ot six miles an nour. up 11111
and down. lie also got a lot on a
freight irain now and then, and In has
now r .."turned to a people whom he can
understand and appreciate. c.'rot'f
Fnc I'rtSi.
Yal'ie of a .M -ei Del.
Some upon the nutritive
value of foo I have led to results which j
do not fullv supi ort the views of those
sanitary reformers who advocate a vege- j
t.'ilili. diet. :is elii-nn'T.
les- stiiniilat ng
and ou.te as nourishing to tho system '
as auimii too.i. n naievei mav ne true
of tropical climates, it certainly seems j
that in the temperate one a mixed diet
is lar preierab.e Jo make tins c ear
the results of two experiments may be
quote. 1. as follows: A man was given
l.DOO grammes of potatoes. -07 ot len
tils anu iu 01 ureal. 1 ue average re-1
silt of six days' experimenting with
fiiu above diet .showed that .10(1 grammes '
of the solid matter were digested. 1 1 i
rein lining intact; 'J.G.H grammes ol
starch were digeste I. and '21.- were
not; but of the nitrogenous matter,
which is supposed to be the most valua
ble of all to the animal economy, only
.'5.7 grammes had been a-sitnilated. j
leaving 11.4 as wa-te. less than half tltei
ouanlity present being utilized. The !
was coiiductu I
upon the same subject with
animal food. Ho was given
a diet consisting of oJO grammes of lean
beef, 125 of pure fat. ami I) of tlonr.
The result was that 2JLS grammes ol
the solid matt r were digested, leaving
o.J.G undigested; but of the nitrogenous
matter 7: grammes were assimilated,
leavingonlylC.H, and of the fat only
4.11 grammes rema ned undigested.
Some other experiments have been
111 ide by Buhner, who took more than
two pounds of moat daily, and found
that all but -.' per cent." of the albu
mi o is matter was a-s'inilated. and
that when twenty-one eggs were taken
daily only 2 l per cent, ot the albumen
remamed undigested The experiments '
here cited aie sole'ted from a host of!
others, all of which tend to establish j
the very superior nutritive value of
animal "food. Hovcver, there i3 no
doubt that the general health, physical
constitution and the circumstances of
life have great inlluence in determining
the kind o: fo id mot suitable for the
individual. The main fact established
b.- the above experiments is that the J
nitrogenous constituents, which are the ,
mot nutritive elements o; ioou, are j
more readily obtaine I from animal than j
--' . . t .'
trom vegetable iood. as in the nrsi in
stance cited, when 3S.7 grammes were1
ass.m'dated from a vegeta do d et. i
against 7.5 grammes from lean beef At ,
the same ti ne it may be said that the :
system docs not always require so much .
nitrogenous matter. The demand wnl ,
depend upon the rapidity ot the waste ,
- ... . .
01 iisswc in uiBuui.t. iiuu.ui .- ,
can be laid down for our guidance in :
this matter, and probably the best t
guide of all certa.nly the most likely 1
to be followed by the world in general
is experience, habit and desire- e
who take consderablc excrete, or wno a0, h. fet .j 3 , iJen :he 5tufj w
are engaged in hard pa sicatiaoor. re-, ont. he too tj, bottle to the store
quire uiore nitrogen than others ot 1 j13(j Jt j wj af,ajru
..lA ... 1..1.!. . r. All'.n, ,-,,7. . . . .... ... .
OTIUIIUIU 11..U.VS. ..u ..iu....... ..... hM h..
have yet much to learn about tfcc rein- . lhe dni'-prsaid: "Why. it' only alt
live value of food studs, and many and waier anvway. The sa't is onlv
popular notions must be given up. It is I two ceuU a ponn.i. and the water i's
generally suppose I that brown bread ; prctty cheap this vcar." The bald man
is more readilv d-gef?d than bread ' rave one nw jj 3a;j r pai oce
from white riour. but this opinion is not ' j0uar for tlliih that bottle before, ami
supported by the results of experiments. J x wau mv n.0e- bacit. It's a bald-
-V. 1". Jinifir. heaiedsvvitjdle."l thought that Pcru-
-A curious railway has been built to I y-u w7 dda t look plau-iblc." fhe
ra-rv passengers from Brienz. in Swit- druggist -he - x of cigars
zerland. to the too o the plateau from j to keep still about it JM-routee sun
which the cascade of Glessbach falls in- ! --
to the lake. The road forms a steep Vera. Cruz is not a natnral harbor,
incline, on which two wagoas ply, at- there be:ng :mply a roadstead seear-.t-tjched
to an endless cable of steeL Xo ; el from the in.f br a low coral reef,
engine or other machinery is us?d to : whkh affonls little protectiom from tha
drive the cable, but in place of this a ! fierce northerly storm. The work
large tank is attached to each wagon, j which Captain Ea Is ixas contracted
whTch is alternately nl'ed with water at with the Mccican Government to do
the upper station and emotied when the ' there is to build a jetty wall to connect
force of gravitation has brought It to tbe , the nppereni of the reef with tEcIacd,
bottom of the slope; the same force 5 forming a breakwater
which carries down the full one serving j -
also to pull np the other. To save the J A New Orleans druggist, who was
expense of a double track an automatic ' aroo-ed at a late hour by a young man
turnout is put in the middle of the road. who wanted to purs, base a tooth-brash,
the remainder of the line being used al- ventured to remonstrate against being
ternaielybv both cars, and as these again distnrbed. for such a purpose, and
caunot shift their relative positions on was violently as suited by the voting
the rope, there is no danger of their jan. who used one of the draggi;'sowa
coining into collision, potties as a weauoa.
"Mark Tnin'5 " Araericin scotch
i hare been translated b to rrenh.
i Thebxik bequellutl by Carlyk
to the li-ioard iibrary number 32 i
' volumes,
j E A. Freeman, the historian, rill
lecture .a B'stuu"duriBg hise)tung vjj
h ujthi ou:ryT
-rK- aiit?Ln 'follotv. 'on of the poet.
xr' F)a u R portrait of hi father fw
Meraorul Hal. at Iknvdom Coi'e-
. Vac of the plesmtt thini in
. & ...i - . 1 m &:
inu.wav travel 1:0 wauav.. n.jmc --
t an t m n. to bo iuelo.1 bj th n"w
at?:ils ti the car with th vty "Ke
vssi New Testament. wly twpatr
cfnts"' 'Yh bk hasoldr.tpidly. an I
probablr nerer beforu hx thf re bon
50 miuc Ibb e rvadtng atiwe li npv.
Ch.n. se au'.hr complain that l'oir
work ar nt uii'y pruitml n Jian.
but ;lat cheap et!itK.n.x of ihm aro im-
porUwt into China and sold to their dt-
anr infringer of an author ' ngh' i
f inm hcd by receiving a hundred bl w
and be.n traasimrtv! fjr thre voirv
' Dr Oliver Wendell Ho!uns n.. in
an-wer to a letter fat a frr rtiVtc
i library "1-. as nt'-H-s.arv t a town a a
nest "i to a px.r of t rd. Scho ar nrv
1 Min' r be hatched m 11 S'oner r Inter.
, ami in nil Mich institution you will m
, a goixl man., old birds lor td netlo
! an ! tind themselves ery warm and
! comfortable, whether tney breed aud
I bing or not."'
; - One of S'r Edwin I.nnds'ir" pic
. tur- te-vntl brouglit at a Indon sale
! the Mini o: 1 1 7 0 Thentutiofo.'f re-
luted that white S.r Edw n was engage I
,appee,l to mil
j vUJ ft nlw q
i the younger "If I dMi't live to tini-h
; th s pkiiuv you wdl do it for me." Sir
' Edwtn did die. leav ug tint work im.'in
i ished. and Mr. Mtda s completed lL
'iilbeit a id Sul.ivan smu to have
conelu led that the.r new comic opera
" Palien.v," whuh t xs gioa.1 a success
in Loudon as " Pinafore." would nut
make a hit 011 the American s.t ig. :;s
they have abau lotted the.r u
right InTe by publish ngthemusL with
aecoinpaaving words The theme is
the astliet'c craze in England, and it
probably would not be thought tunny
by the mass of Americans.
Protested notes
Th emanating
violin. )'om itrs
your neighbor s
('.i . '.
-Who avs it's unhealthy to sleep in
feathers? Look at tho spr ng chicken
and see li jw tough ho is. -- lfol n
(Jvltr rr.
It's a poor rule thnt. don't work
both ways, as ihe foremiu ol the print
iiig-oth-e ud when ho turned tint col
; 11:11a Miles f ir the death of the editor
j 'unti-rri!t:Jj'trnt'.
j The game of lawn-tcnuls is chlu'ly
notable bccui-u it altords voimg Jud es
an opportunity to wear base-Pad hoei
' and kno.v what is comfortable to ihe
feet. -.V. w in re n cuf'tT.
I A F'reueh engineer, after a rTus of
' uxp-riiiieiils a of hrvnd baked
bv a VassarCol.egegirl. noH'aunounes
that the projectot tunnel 114 M-mt Blan.
is entirely praetic ible.- l'n'tuUl-hi'i
A creature with no a:m in IS'u but
that of bringing uuha pine'is to lis lel-
loW pl,b:MnM the fact thvt
enough Connecticut tub 1 -co w.i raise I
Ia-t "year lo mak' 9M.0O .00 ) cigar.
1oUo'i Tru in'ritt.
Savs a sicely paper: "The nearer
tl-e bangs come to ihouvuhrow the more
fashionable is the wearer." A hint to
quarre .some hu .bauds. Hit her squ ire
on the eve if vou want her to appear
styl li. lithvl Iphut drome c
" Every thing I touch drops." said
Mrs. Jarley. as her fork fell on the
Iloor. Mr. .lariev reid ed. "I wi-h vou
would touch the price o: h.-ef." as he
.-';' .... im....u ... ....-. w.-.
twenty-live cent,s a pound. -i7ra:.-r
S unity 'unci.
A b iv in Pennsylvania was reent
ry choked to death on a prune -toae.
We alwavs Mippuied a boy couldn't
swallow a 1 anchor, thtt is. not very
easily, but we thougut In could get
awav with anything that didn't have a
cro-s-pieee to i.--iturluujton Iiukr.'r.
- The girl who makes tho acquaint
ance ot every young man .she .sees
without waiting to know who or what
he is, is held in the vune esteem by
men :ls the yellow dog that will 1 ck
every hand that paU its head. -lur
jjcr'J "i(t l(cp rter.
- "What kind of a doctor am Dr.
Black?' asked Uncle M su of an old
j Austin dar.ev. "One obde best I cber
heered tell of. was :v man down
i sack, and all de odder doctors in town
j s.utl he cou du t lib t.venty four hour.
So Dr. Blade jes luce him in charge,
I and dc man bbbe 1 sab. Int"a i o' ! v
1 in" in twenty-four hours he libbed thir
ty-six hours, sah." 'cuis Sttings.
A II.iIiMImIp.1 Swin Up.
There are two m il men iu Milwau
kee. One is a bd Micadcd man aad the
other is a drogg st. The b.aid man told
a doctor th it h.s hair was falling out,
and assed hsm if he d dn't know some
thing tlut would stop it. The doctor
said hu would fix him. so he wrote out
a prescription, which was follows:
ChJorUeof oJlura lo.
A.pia pura Sot.
Shake well and rub on the scalp every
The bald man went to ?. druggist and
had the pre-cription put up. paving
one dollar for it. Ho asked the dnig-
gi-t if it wasn't a littio high, but feit
-1.lnn11.rl wlii-n the. dm "ist :nked h.rn
jf h(J kn,MV how mu h aqua pura cost a
,p?viion. Jf s.aul he didn't buturo.ed
-- - - - -. --- - ,r
j, camc j, .-h a . .
Tne druggist told him
111a pura was one 01 tue mot
penetrating drugs in the store, and as
lor chlor de of sodiuai, there was noth
ing like it. and th" war in Peru had
sent it up kit ng. He said if the troubbj
in Lhiii jept ot, tiK.r.. wa, no knoVying
how bih lt wouM bft. xj,e hsv,i rnan
ne(j ,n,.,iic;ne. an,j ft n.s though
u?eu .n: iu-i.iviiic.
:, wa3 jom,r him -iod.
His wife
uotic.jj jute new jiur.s com ng
?, nhiv sm! whoa th? hald-heAiI-
n uhn niiHO it. i:m nmc nr.-
etI raan lhre r do,vn a d)uar tfcc dru.
,r(,r jj. ..0h. never n ud. wC won't
ch3rTC voa an, thing lor that." Tee
b:xUi man i u0.A. ni waj when l
Our Youni Kondors.
tom el U'rs root nr.
i Arait tsr iimi nl N-4I tooalar
Uui my 1 a t flfr'" l4t
Wc M; i n tuf t "rth o-utj .
Ttot3at in , r
i llcrtwaw U tUU9 iMt I &JtJUi
t And I'm re w '
i Ow4r, m t l l f
j Ila4 - U Tm Hl -rt
f Ad tfemjtit. tr mr 8r lwlw.
T11 tx'tMt mtc. c i4t
w ti -iimrPA. "j. w .w -
--rf-... n. . ta --? fc - i . fk. tfc
.,. 1
W ot off tP Wtrte.1 ". w .
A un4f tr-r kfct.
. wkM mr TtWHt h t H
w- ---. w m - w
-,rr (Ml 4 ? M&.
lir:7GeC itr AJM4U,
t h 4.1 WJ'tlU'-XI "tr' 9i
! WtM J.t ww, l tu m fa-" tlMf Ati
I an i-
1 -i.. ik. u.rual wr hmiA tMtt trwit t
j AnJ rwl Jmm.jt faJir wl atMMii .
To tut p wH! th tar 1- mtm hm I'M 1
Cmr t - lMv ir. fi4 um mT tt ,
. TTMt ar ipoUtmi my & a. BrI
- Im l4" tiwvs-.. I.l-W t'.I sts. t .
. w die t rut f iis t' - 4-v
Ta. vivwl 1 lli
Oh ilMruw 16'in trat-
Ami . ulrx'r tJm . vxMt Hfc a
. up fowl tt tMi swy .' M nf
Atd rtl..4 it -t J ! ''-
Miai e. t l part) a t- f .'iiutJ t-.
Mll IMMI trtl Htr l H 1 t',' H 1 .
Ami IMm.l-0 l f.rr . I I
Nik 1 I aa. W o Mhl. I iM'. mm t
A.l ll ror m .)u il 'It fmf-f" I
VV'Pt ? . nil tut .ft ro.-. t rttl Imt. uf
Wltti mm thanV ! TV't r Ut U
mHM J Jft. .-. .Vtii l
WIIV '1 03131 Y
Tom Joni b gnu to wkr and
Miee'tj last spring, and prttv smmi .1
cotili irt iu ihnl almiml h iimHimv
mid she w is just mnkiit.' up hor imiid
to uiid for the plivsK-tau, whtn
Tom was seized mi morning with a tl
of to filing which endtMl in a rlfj;d.
until. stakable wh-mp. No Indian m Um
war-fath over Mmel Uttr nti:iiil
wit!i a whixiii than Mr, JMies did with
this o-m of I oni's.
Why. Touuuv'n got tint wfcoopings
11H12I1" tiliK ccla.uied. ov fully, t br
Does a lejfacy
iisimilv eoniq
(.-I'll .ir. .JonH
. .. k
" Well, it- a lom'ort to kiwiw it Wnt
anvthltp' .sfitliii,? on bis hmirs." r
idied .Mrs. Jon.'s. IlrtH jjot to Iikvq
r . " .
vvhoojtinK-eouh -ime Iuiih. and it s a
good limn to have it im.v, v h-w th
warm weather immihij;. Now w
neudit't wait for vac.lnm to go thu
You are iu luufc. Tom," .soid Mr
Jones. You can uk a hmg liCd
holiilay, and need not piny hoottny miv
" Catch up taking a holnlav till tb
ret ot the hovs d . and )on'I e.iu-h a
HiSi'i'l alecps J" Brown uih'I suing to 1
g.-t of :ii"" sud I'liin. wh.itjj
iaUivr knew heipvor "pluvetl boAki'V." J
But, my .'u, vou uou't wan' t'
givu avvny lhe wh or tng-cough ' It""1
Hiiuethiiig uk'o to kekj, vou muUii t be ;
tyo j.'enrons with IU
''Ihere. nothing stinjjy about m."
i.ii'l Tom. who. in truth, wis a who'o--ooleil
little fisllow, always .sharing wImI
he had with lu plnwnn'oj. " If il'.s n.
good time to have it, why on n't 1 0
ami j:ivv it 10 me wnoio cins-
there's a prejudteu against jieojdn
being too generoiii. said Mr. .I'ini.
and. piitUiig'i'om'.s head, iie went ol! lo
Tom jcathnred up hi but his
mamma opla ml to hun Hint he
coii'dii t go to .-chool with whoop ng
cough. How lon; docstliii thing last?'' nid
Tom. luiputieiitl).
Oh, ijitito a while." nnid Mr?.
Joium. che? rfullv "two or Uiruo
months, put ha; ."
Two or three months'" oehood Tom.
with duiimv. " V hv. .Joe Btown 'II he
away ahead of mo by that time, and I
.sha'o't he prottii.ted"'
Well, ncrcr mind, dear." Kl'd hi)
nmrnma: "it can't be helprd, you know, j
You !l have to hive it nonie tune, and
it's 11 good time to luvo it tirtw."
Mm June beg:m humming a luno,
and went tip utairs to p:uk hrr trunk,
not dronming of the tmpet that rug I
111 thu liM'in of ln-r son Imn lie
threw down h s bxjk. put both uibows
on the table, and lt h.s chin Inl into
his hands, lt was nil he uld do to
kep uo with Joe Brow-n now. Joe wa.s
a sickly feliow. but he had great pluck
and porevoran e. and woufd do hit ex
am le with ahnndkerch ef t'i; ! around
h s head to keep it together, a he
.aid. lie lost many davs br u-k
neis. but alwavn msilt it u, by
extra work, nnd the cxtrtt brains that
he hail stored away ixmiuwhtire in that
rickety noddle of hi. 'Iom ruIniTed
him and Iovel him. Thy had Im-hii
ncghlxirs. chum and classmate as
lonsr a he could remember Thdr
wiMitl shells joined at the bai-k of their,
vanl. and every morning cjm-Ii cUmh-d
up V have a lonz talk with the o'her
about the bovb.incss of ton day. 'Iom
admired and loved Joe. but he feared (
him. too. JtH-'sdflimtq health and ex-
tra Drains aooui -iriic a oa.anee
1001 3 --iiiJsviMi..jii. .uju aTerao
inMIect; but how shout the
shout Uico extra ar two lnehes m length, and at thu u,n
.ingcoagn? The make a out aen4 xhn lit; then cafufrii
I olds on Joe nU! f rAM,. n0 jrk ,,., w th tUfj kmff Mt
months of w hoot
wouM leave fci-fnl
... ,. . . ..
Jum couui never aicn up wun him
again -never' It was mean. It wu
hard. It was not lo lm born" Whr
couldn t Joe get
iti-rouch. to'
We , r,v i W,rwp-
Hilt Tom iJ
., , ...
. ".... w.
.ife s nouow ci ice. anu Hnsi.n !..
and itit tbattmptntb n away from him
He made up h.s mind bo would caution
Joe at on- e. anil ran out to Bridget for
a vcllow ra that he had !en a'xiut Inn
kitchnn. Jaking it out to tins wood'
shed he hoisted it upon a hastily irepr -v.-cl
"What's that?" said Joe. who had
b?en watJnrr for Tom.
" I'm in quarantine." shouted Tom. I , r'flcal KdwJn L Brown, of ths
"Don't breathe th war. You know cago Humane A'SoHatlwi. a!d In si
that conzh of mine? W'cll. it's . el', that tha of ocsttlc.
mg-CQUQhC ', -nd a.oeation with ca. Uv that were
Joq darted bark. "Gr-icirusr h? dctn-d f b laaghtrrnJ. ha,l a bni
ahli " I wouldn't hive. It for anything a,J!ia? Innene! on men, and thus rn
I couldn't gotoMshool. I'd lw all ful: wa -"- awonnt of crueHr in th
chance of promotion." , haudhpg of th b3ts In transit tfcat
"That's my cae exactly." said Tom. wa, 'dsning to penons of even njiJ.
bitterlv. ; rste rcfiaemenl. The sooetTistryfo-
It too bad. Tom." calleil Joe. nrjnc stock tarn ot tins "fart. uo-
keeping well ont of breath -a g distance be2 reeogn zed by many In thi bstsi-
Bat 1 iKiy, old fellow. yoacaa study f tnit uch cni-jiiy j unpmauWc.
all the same, you know. You're a 'caase it renderj the cattle IeVafu
tunlr cbap; it won't hinder yrns. It 4,e m tc ltl t3ar5cftj. The reform
would knocx me higher than a kite. I SJ o bj well under way. and i-
can't afiord to Ioe any ch and bfoorL Prt'Tsd cattle can are coming into iawi
I'm next A'tor to a skeleton, no-r." th trank railroads. The Inhuman
Tom remembered that. He was glad n3c of iron goads is stifj common. Iiow
then be had hoisted tbe quarantine . rlOT- aa- the society propose. to cure
Ear- ) lbc panishmeat of the prodders.
Joj went on jhoatrnj: m keen! -
yon posted ia the i4s.ioa.s. Tom. oyou
woa t fall bebinL IT! tick to roa
like bees-wax. Eh. Ton?, l that all
ru , n, T
The quarter bell raag. Joe aad Tons
parted lor many a day. Tota went oot
to hlj graadlatber farm wha htsf
mother, and Joe went to srfaooL
To an iadiiTereat oUerver I: would
wem that tnere wai no coapartsoa be-
a sranmaiaer was a gwa ueat. ia me I iv ot Mholan. and. receit fm i ,
fiTBi: place: Joe hadn't aa He hadn't 10 IePSeoS the?
CTea a lather. Bet to hare a sraid-Kearj. FrilMiioitt,iijelr
fstler tfcai tmp-! a tsrm'. Hm r ym mtki cU l..rrtsrii .l
ttKvrn. Tom iM . If Wo
! com b w v f a b'bt vr t. at
tia t iluf1 k in mh- H h w
alt Um wkiffl i.tVi at UN t
!.- .a! Jw mth "a
vra U fuU Una m i Uw c w
vtHMm Umii mil Ur wt ttfki'iw
TKr h miw U 4mH ?
If iIm at ok' m mW a mm" i
Tr 4Mnr - " -x ,wJ .
IntiMiC ' dnr tfc tv n -numL
'lfci Ik rU't rWt r Z
irai.!U f v ,nlIK
m4 a b4' Wwi . ' t
vmmx rvvt cwnwl
MtMHrwr al kt "f' v g
MWl.i witk T-a. and U fw I
k.ffn u b a lull m k rc. ' '
tKn- Sit thiit h?r man? 1
-" "' .
tftat n?y nwn? tr."
,.- miivt bA h r'
- M- T
. 4rti! In Omt m . -.
! W 1 Vnl. TlMM tMd riirtll ! -'
, vw - -- j- - 1 1 -
f.r MMf Hm a '
h.m a Un. U vtvs mr u p -1
jv)-C .liMMt im t Pi-
lAttMT ksjl.l htm HhH k !' ..
mi .m!.-, I Tmw i-4 .
IW ldi tf Mt ( Jftt. -H4tt
hrdor WMcte for Ny flWi kmn b.
Tjib t w. ft" t 1
11MM !H tHt ti &H frh ;
with t. nl ' "
' a-nsi tli Jw- !nw 1 w
tWrt HTtv'i win'li tjvwiwet ! ,t
j Hu ftltr t..k m Im- it ti'
' lh lnt ; m Ji. nod !- :
4 K ixrnvttl Tm ml t
WJHt-lk-t u h a hJ J"
' mnU tp hk m jmJ i ill ftiw
Uitmrt W Im. nml nmt s v u h .
.aX-; k ' ',T tomb: .
it. vrv nirvWii ta!.i.
j BnJiii't vv wwl Ur )ftitt4ti !
; mm) JII t TtuM Urn :'
Vm '-dn't r!i f 1 -' f-'
txif Wmi. Il'll Um oi
IUN hm Im bod tk tht irA !
Ikrr v b s w-!vi r.tvy. TW
'l.oi'-t4b i twd wnl j- f
' UW M.jllMM"."
Wh.u-KfriM fWl
! ",r oHkr h did. wid nil ikm nt ..f
hc? icvinottti.; bl it nipt i-iMlg wl
' p.- Jo' wiid-)H. bod llfc'k t- it
' mm. mttvt.1 kMi tirly."
T.n run t m tb rl. 1I Wi
-to ):htv. mmI m rkul o rnr J.t
wa .-L. and o frn b wft tnt. It
kn ImatuHl U lb n bi fefel fMin.
h s frhl it aiH. mhI i!hh (k b
' Nvbnt Hndii'l mil had xvm bm
amti. fnr Tb vrr irH b t n
tMt lltl K.Hi tk dflsUH W b diUn't
' tbmlc JiH Itfwwn wu4tll Hvt t g t
j cbKl nt n.
. Tom rnu U b fdihr mtb m
' a fftr tht it trtbimxl Mi .Jihm. but
j b A IV I'WH'I tsMIHbtl Ud H'll h
1 . .v . . . . ..a... ft....
iMinvr, wii o4ii4i nmi .-.
i I .' bm -4. tivVirn lm b
! the bund. bts ) un.! m I
1... '
j Tbv NhmmI bim Ih bml. mhI . wb.u
! nt tbw wall b wnit pfl iijH.mM
: 1 1" bsbl iMl bit w nihI bun) to 1'iMta
j Ywi v mmt bne. ! tm Jr lb r
J amlRU'b." Im il. with n but b.1
! 1 or in bU mit. Ymw'vrn jpt i'l
tb odds Muv. T.rtrt. f ! tvd Him, I
U!d j ou tb thirty wHt4d rrppl
I I It nVter m-bl h oum! nf.!,"
Tutu Krew uImot .i iU h .Iu. wi
lw.ttrd luti4riiuly nl lit ltb-r. H.
i :r.-'i nMbHl on d Mr BrHH y sr
11ms ad I hav . iHn wrbl. .
m hi'rd th pi-of widtiw U Mr Jmn..
Writ, p!o.i (mmI. UMoUmi "' iwM!
Mr. Jone. ".Iiw wdl bo nil r fbt ji.
'itb yiHir porMitiwn w it jjt bnt out
ih b tsjuiufrv h Totii jfrurnddt'lr
,firm. Whnt Im want- i rwwuinr Mr
hihI n. suit to givu up tb t wrtl
strug; for juiprem-i.-v. ThT'i nt-.- ,
ler vi. urv. my Im , than Unti with a
a umtbint'Uiil iirob!ir. t.dotJm bt
vou int. mm w if.nm'! wt wni
tb'it enn h nsUv d'iller Thtwn ar
, mmim Uunsr fr blUr tban autmn
iixii'ii. mpI vou ti Rioi tntfiu iMt llr
mi tb farm: lifslth. oowtHtMicMil
"All I th" oillent tfdt Viol .Vr hm-. -
.lo," lriko n Turn, "and no iol to
Ig and pijjnji. " N
Joe hxtiu lo hxk no much bright
nml iMifur. Unit till you go ln. k
aiol pf.1 the otaiiiliiiiloici, l"u " b
s ml. "I ve tnittu awfully mmnii nnl
uivioui of ,ou: but I'd tnk as much
pride in it now as ymi mitibl."
Wait till you ro abln to go wUb
me." na.d Tom "l'vclwoi iiieim nn
I enrious. too but well oogiu all ofV
j jgti n, Jo, in grandpop barn."
! Ho lhe bo n wept tittfiV to tin? i-o-sotry
together, ami Tom lost hi pro.n.tbm
I but wliou Joe vvasnii'o lo first st b
I foot in lont'n grnndalher" lar . nul
! nee that nAl, lorn vr.i one uf tb uf-
piet fellow in the world. Xr, trunk
McCarthy, in Uarptr Voutnj i'ptpU.
This 5s tho time when wc ftkn lo trail
the attention of friuir and iMmiiir
to tho work of budding Uioirimit truw.
Tbo0 who pr too mio-h hnrr-nl in
lhe r worit W attend to t tu
April and May. can now make up tr
lost tone br resorting to th1 mo-Jn wf
uicraing the ninety nnd Amount of
the orchard product. Hu id ug 1 an tstmr
m done, and cmlitiimd through Uut
niBtith. July and tho form art uf Ai
UU It t not a diinVult a gra'tinif.
hut like the latter it must hi (rlr4wMl
DISt iHiW it Is lo he dfi'if. tlitMi'.k Uu It
cxr to do by giving n, bttW aUeaUou
l0vr others Ao It. To out a uu-l fro!
the par-nt branrh. it should take about
nn imdi nnd a hilf of lln; hark and a
u,n H the wiol tor thrj-four.b
f the hmgthof lb Iwrk the bud huik
:tMut jn ltt center, and .n -HlinK ft
inne l!L-
cut a nut in thu bark of th tree onlv: C
nsert in it th bud I Jo Jt a nesttlr as
podbli. Thn wrap aroond the 'tiru
"- -- - I" - .-..- m,T ,
M anl up to th rti! bas tniUn;
IMfajc ,tnp, alwt a fwt , SSlj , ,j
.. 1 .. . ... . . . 7 .
an ,, ,n whhii. anu iiw in a n
course the branch or stock in whiolt thj
' lrtid s nti rmalDi jmst rw it was bfl.
, fore, no topping or cutting oft.
Th budding of pru;j tret Is b?t de
ferred until Augiat. an,! i alrayi
i aJoptod inteail 0( graJUajj. which i
not rccommemteii for th j fruit. t7r.
j.anrol thftltaliaa wrkmen oa
the new railroad ,i ..
.. .
Hrulsoa are mpende4 fron ropes do a
SlST?. r. and work
that the work can onlv Uo earned on ia
that taaaner.
a New York lady matfcs a i;TeM.
hood bj gir ag feutr ?e S ter fl&
erai i'iun hoe edatt- YJ JL,.F
life had feces neglected.
She ha nlen-
.rv J"