The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 18, 1881, Image 4

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INefci A Mice,
lis Yarainhei,
Palais iBte.
ETC., BTO., FrC.
A Ml frtie of ovcrytliiiiR kept in gen
ral atoro, nt the"i.owKT cash nucw.
. Xoon L Callender.
Proprietor of the
By Drug Store.
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Drugs? Medicines.
Paints. Oils
Mid Varnishes,
A full supply of
ffctrasaga olidteJ aad thaabfalir rMaWai.
&&ftttripllo wtMlr temponbde&f
One door south of Garbcr'ts store,
., (laea a tor O.A.Brawa)
ParitftV Bedrosm
Brackets,, Chromos,,
Picture Frames,
Mattresses, Etc.
Aaa ajajj on hand and trim4 on hott
antie. Frica a low e any in the Nailer. ,
f Miiiiwg of all kinds dona proiapil
Burial Kobe furnished at reasonablo
Harness Shop,
Keaf coMtaatir oa has4 a fall Liaa of
A4 everything usually kept in a first
clitfi shop.
VSftot Cttk Mti Ml r BIN
Mi fart,
Flour & Feed
n,MaaLBraa Cfcax4 FaWaad
YWOkiKWUeai OrVarr. Faa vUTf-
NNiaM j wmat at4tca r mum w
MlatMft auraat irW la task Mia for grata-
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IHaV li Km Vtifcy tat will
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Giveus a caH, om a aX
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Tatlai affaet fudaMt. . ism aiARter at Blue-UNI oan, throw fMSAe
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I light on the subject..
rnwhl leaves.
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Wast wart J ecoa Imtm .
Eastward Acoa. lean
Train daily nwiii Kaaslaw-
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8aariatBdent. $g J
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Ur arcry Kabaata araraisravd
.jrrayar aaatiaa; arajv Taaradajr
ah ara earataity iav
Pmdilnrerarylm sad thW 8abtta of
aaafc ataatk at 11 a. as. and ... also oa 5ta,
PahWtk -mhn erar it cara.
Sabbatk School arery Sakkatk saoraiat at
Ma'alock. Prayer aiaatiaa; aTery Wadaaaday
Local advertitimcniM interttd among
the reading matter Kill be charged lOctt., a
line each intertion
You- can now lawfully shoot prairie
A fresh supply of blanks at the
Ciiikp office.
Subscribe for and advertise in the
Red Cloud Chief.
Mrs. Joe. Warner has gane to Peru
on a visit to her sister.
Mr. 8. Perkins' new house will soon
be ready for oocupancy.
Tho shoot it ts-arc out almost every
lay aft&r the prairie chickens.
Green Apples and green grapes are
becoming plentiful in this market.
We hear of several cases of sickness
caused by eating too much melon.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at Mrs.
E. B. Warner.s on Friday next at
4 p. m.
We are under obligations to some
body for complimentary to the St Joe.
Mrs. Lutz has been very sick for
somo time, but is reported as slowly
It is said that the late planted corn
will be by far the best part of the crop
the present season.
"Queen Esther" produced in Indi
anapolis f 2,700, in Pitsburg $2,300, in
Columbus 2,009, &c, &c.
No person who can spare fifty cents
from his business, should fail to see
"Esther the Beautiful Queen.'
Sec market reports in another col
umn. The market reports from St.
Louis and. Chicago arc onlv 24 hours
A traveling man from the Omaha
Republican was in town last week
keKRinf? for j work and subscrip
tions. We want pome corn for our pigs,
and want it bad or rather the pigs
do. Who will bring us some on sub
scription. The Saline couuty Agricultural
Society sends us a complimentary
to their fair which comes oflf Sept.
21 to 26.
Grading has been in progress for
several dayn on Webster street from
the liberty pole north and on the
Avenue east.
ebstcr street should he filled
with native lime rock to a depth
three feet, and then covered
dirt. It would last.
The Oratorio of Esther will be ren
dered under the direction of Bower
Bros., next Wednesday and Thursday
evenings. Tho programs will be out
in a few days.
We are under obligations to H. M
Bu8hnell, 8ec'y. of the Cass Co., Agri
cultural Society for a complimentary
ticket and invitation to be present at
the fair this fall.
Wc number 3Iessrs. J. W, Tooth
acre, H. H. Hayes, E. A. Young, E. A.
Vandyke, E. Middlcton and Mary
M. Brewster, among our new subscri
bers since our last issue.
MARRIED. At the residenco of
Chas. Brown, on Aug. 11, 1881, by
Rev. G. A. Hobson, Mr. Williard A.
Brown and Miss Anna Leetch. all
of Blue Hill Webster Co., Neb.
Ed. Perkins left At our office a
patent double-geared, back action
indistructible, self adjusting match
safe and stove Advertisement com
bined. It's neat and handy.
What does the school board propose
to do with regard to the building of a
school house? If our memory serves
us right the people of this district
voted to issue bonds for the purposo
of building a good school house.
J. H. Pierce, of the Omaha Bet gave
Bed Cloud a poor "send off" in that
papjar. The cause of the poor send
offwAs-tfce fact that Mr. Pierce did
not take aa many subscriptions to the
Daily.-Feo-mthis town as he thought
hehklbmKt to:.
AlbrignbkStrobm have commen
ced Jthe erectimf a- buiMing-' 29x26,
alongside the mush: store, wbitH- will
be occupied when completed, by
Messrs. Shidler & Shirey; who will
open np a banking business About the
first ofnext month.
, "Queen Esther," the soul thrilling
Oratorio, will be sung by a Chorus of
SixtySingers in full Median, Persian
aadJewishostmne, under the direc
tion of Bower- Bpost,- of Ohio, next
Wednesday And Thursfay evenings,
August 24th and 25th..
. ProC THomson, Freiient of- tHe
Nabraakv Conference; Scant try of
the M. EL,, church will- give a free
toctare on- "Btfkec Edocafcioa," in
ft SedCicrt M. ST, eteick.- At S
public. iacordiAllyj. invited ' to
him.. " - . - "v- -
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Ifthereadera ar rorprked At the
small Amount oTIocaIs this- week, .we
bK to remind them that it haa been
kot in (Act it'a been bo hot that the
lead in our pencil would1- melt And
run over the paper And burn our
fingers whenever we undertook to
write. We hope this will be taken as
Asngsi t eieaw for tbe aAJi
iiJUUUL Ul lUCil iaaBef !n Ihis wecl'g
Miss Minnie Williams, daughter of
Prof. Williams of the Haa tings 2feb
ratlcan, committed euicide by drown
ing in Salt creek near Lincoln on
Wednesday of last week. Miss Wil
liams was 22 years old, she had gone
to Lincoln on a visit to friends, and
becoming discouraged by the thought
that her eyesight was failing and
that total blindness would follow, con
cluded to end her days. She hail
recently graduated from the Univer
sity with high honors. Tho afflicted
family have the sympathy of their
targe circle oi irienos ana acquain
tances. Hon. H. S; Kvley has been in a
very critical condition for some time.
On Friday oflaat week he suffered a
relapse and' became uuconcious, and
has remained in that condition nearly
ever since, only gaining concioutmess
for a few minutes on last Monday.
At present writing (Tuesday morning)
he is reported as lieing a little better
but the chances are still against his
Later: Up to the time of going to
press there has been no material
change in the patients condition, ex
cept that he has been concious a part
of the time and has grown perceptibly
ClcTirtsn Items .
51. Wilson is busy preparing broom
corn for harvesting. He has a large
field of it growing finely.
Seyeral new threshing machines
have been bought in this vicinity, and
they arc all busy at work.
Corn was drying up badly and it
appeared that the crop would be
injured considerably, but the rain
last Friday helped it greatly.
Let every body turn out to the S. S.
Convention at Blue Hill, Aug., 30,
and 31st. Prominent Sabbath school
workers are expected to be present.
The wheat stacks arc very plenty
here, but since the threshing machine
started, there is not so much wheat
to the acre as was supposed, but
there is an average crop generally.
The whooping cough and something
else, perhaps "Dutch measles" have
attacked the children and many adults
here, and the whoop is heard with
greater frequency if possible than
when the Indian roamed over tho
When there is moro to write about
wc will writo again, perhaps about
Convention time.
nui&t Salt ScamI Inu.
Webstea Co., Neb., August 11, 1881.
Mr. Ed. Dear Sir. According to a
former call a goodly number of the
citizens of School district No. 39 met
at the school house for the purpose of
devising some means of depopulating
the wolf family, as they are getting
very numerous in this section and
are getting in some pretty lively work
in the way of robbing chicken roosts,
duck pens, and hog pens. Somo of
our neighbors have lost chickens
without number, ducks, turkeys, and
good sized pig was taken from
John Osburn's pen.
After commenting on the present
crop prospects, some new ideas were
advanced as to tho best means of dis
posing of our surplus grain Ac.
Then the meet interesting topics of
the day were discussed. The probable
final result of the Smith Co., Kansas
scandal, A plan was finally settled
on by which the James boys were to
be captured, and the $50,000 obtained.
After which tho house was called to
order by F. B. Leonard, John Oeburn
was elected chairman of the meeting,
D. 8. Helvera secretary. Merritt
Guyer stated the object of the meeting
was to organize a wolf hunt L. C.
Wickwire did not think a hunt ad
visable. S. A. Fineher was of the
same opinion, as he said he was quite
sure if the wolves felt as he did these
hot days, they would be found in their
holes or in the shade of some bush.
W. P. Hanthorn having some experi
ence in trapping and hunting, And
said in his opinion the best plan
would be to poison the wolves. The
last suggestion was Ably discussed by
all present, and finally a voto was
taken And carried to put out poison,
and the following were adopted and
signed by all present, and will be cir
culated through the neighborhood.
Resolved, That we the citizens of
Webster county Neb., And Smith
county Kansas, do hereby Agree, for
the purpose of destroying the wolves
which hAvo become to numerous in
this coemmttHju
That we "will pufoat poises Around
our dwellings and stables between the
hours of 7 o'clock p. m., And 6 o'clock
a. xa. j&Acn ana. au' of us
will take tie necessary pre
cautioa to keep dogs, cata a-aaV fowla
komteatting'this poison, aaltake
ech steps as would prerect Any
of property, U?b
SOsUys. A meaisav to
TW, tkr ft
BowAaai giem Qua; calls to Jmi a
closely connected' with
the f4f history of this couty. la
thesunmerofM9 Red Cloud asmF
Spotted Tail, who was a i abotdiaAte
chief of the Sioux, with a large de
tAchsBsat ef their tribe camped At this
plAce. Spetted Tail was a nlagioa
Indisu(.tiat is, he was religious tor aa
W at a a a
inaiaw, aao wnue bis followers were
CAroosingin cAiap be stole oft by
himself and kneeling on the grouad
under the lArge cottonwood tree thAt
stands on the west bank of Crooked
creek a few rods north of the bridge
east of town, offered up the following
Great Father, I thank The for the
few blessings thou hag' vouchsafed my
people in times past.
Thou knowest that the encroach
ments of the pale-faces is fast driving
the red man from his hunting grouada,
and from the graves of his fathers,
made sacred by the hallowed memo
ries of the dead, to the barren sand
hills of the far west.
Great Spirit, thou knoweat that but
a few moons ago the valley of the
Little Blue which my people called
their blest land, wag untrodden by the
alien feet of the pale-face, and that the
red men bunted the deer and the buf
falo unmolested, and the squaws of
the Indian sang the pappoose to sleep
by the rippling waters of that beloved
stream. All this is changed. Already
the plow-share of the pale-face is
turning the sod of that beautiful
valjey, and the blue coated soldiers
of the great father at Washington are
camped at Kiowa.
Ancient tradition says that white
blood alloys the noble current of my
veins, but for this the Great Spirit
knoweth that I am not responsible,
and that my sympathies arc not with
tho white man but with my own peo
ple, and I thank The, O, Lord, that
thou hast permitted my braves to lift
the hair of many of the accursed pale
faces. My braves havo burned the
men at the stake and their tomahawks
have cleaved in twain the heads of the
paleface squaws and pappooses, and
their scalps adorn tho wigwams of my
people. We have wiped many of
these emigrants from the fsce of the
earth, we have burned their property,
appropriated their horses and eaten'
their dogs. For these slight favors we
are truly grateful.
But the Indian has no place that
he can call his own. Already the
white covered wagons of the pale-face
are crossing the divide and halting in
the beautiful valley of the Republican.
The Indian as well as the heathen'
Chinee must go.
The Great Father at Washington
says that my people must go to a reser
vation. And what does a reservation
mean. It means that the Sioux
braves must forever forego the pleas
ures of the chase, except on a limited
scale. It means that my people shall
no more scalp the festive emigrant
and tomahawk his squaw and pxp
pooses, but if it is the will of the Great
Spirit that even this slight diversion
shall be denied my people, we bow to
the inevitable and watch our chan
ces. The Great Spirit known the Indian's
heart, knows that it is sad at the
thought that this beautiful land that
has been the hunting grounds of my
people for generations, and which
contains the sacred dust of our an
cestors, must pass into the hands of the
hated palefaces.
No more will the hills and valleys
of the Republican echo to the yell of
the victorious 8ioux. No more will
the festive war dance and the fatted
dog make glad the hearts of my braves
in this valley.
A few more moons and tho white
man will usurp the place of the red.
The buffalo and the antelope are
going and we must follow.
Great Spirit thou knowest that no
hatred of the palefaces can rankle in
the heart of an Indian, but I would
beseech the as a special favor, when
the white man has begun the cultiva
tion of this soil, to send the grasshop
pers to cat his crops. May the
drouth cut short his wheat and the
burning sun wilt his squash vines.
May the hot winds from bleeding
Kansas everlastingly sallivate his
corn. May the sand-burs flourish
and may his squaws always have
In addition to these slight incon
veniences, we would implore the
Great Spirit to saddle upon the peo
ple of this, Webster county, a corrupt
and dishonest set of county officials,
May a corrupt clork draw the wool
over the eyes of the laboring pale
faces, and may the commissioners be
men of heap belly and little brains, to
tneend that taxes may become too
greivous to be borne, that the white
man may be compelled to emigrate
even as the Indian now emigrates)
"Unwept, unhonored and unsung."
There will be a Temperance Concert
given by the Cold Water Army at the
M. E. church next Sabbath, at four
o'clock p. m. Parents and friends
are all invited to come, and we will
try to interest them.
The members of the Army Are in
vited to meet At the same plAce on
Saturday at 4 p. m., to prepare for
tho concert. By order of committee.
itH - 7TSSJ1TI
Wkaa aWSt
Can . faaW
ClasasB laathst.
w-i ' ' ' . , i5y?
St XaWkVsrhst.
WoaUdVs Column.
m wostaj mm..
Ihtre has iwt much been said' re
ceatry About weaua suffrage, but the
xaovesaent for giving woatan equal
rights with man1 continues right on,
And from' most Unexpected quarters
is getting encouraaeaicnt. The wom
en who first cams to the front as
agitators were met with jeen, and,
in some cases, were made made
odious by their opponents. But con
servative Great Britian made the first
step in advance, by permitting women
who were householders not only to
vote for school officers, but to become
members of the board themselves.
might secnt against women mixm
m '
the dirty pool of politic, there could
be no doubt of the propriety of their
having the oversight and care of their
own children in the schooN. In New
York City there are, or were, three
vacancies in the local school-boards,
and it is surprising what an amount of
interest women developed in having
them filled by representatives of their
own sex. It u said that in Kansas a
State law inadvertently gives women
the right of suffrage. Under this law
the State constitution & so defined
that wherever the pronoun he or she
w given it shall mean cither sex. Of
there was no intention ot giving the
women suffrage, but they are going to
claim their rights under the law at the
next election. In the state of New
York women vote for school officers
except in the large citic. for the State
School Superintendent held that the
law as passed related only to thoee
schools organized in a certain wav.
Undoubtedly the law should be amen
ded so as to give the women in the
cities the same right in this respect ai
they have in the country. This
movement for the additional rights
to women is one of tho most hopeful
auguries of the times. herever
women are privileged and most re
spected, there 3011 will find the high
est civilization. In eveJv count.iv
where man debases woman, and .sub
ordinates her, he in turn droits him
down to her level. All reforms nas
through three otatre: First ridicule:
then, opposition; liually, ir they are
desirable reforms, atveptance. The
woman movement has been through
the first staee: it is now slowiv but
surely passing from the second to the
The Num her for Sentember affords
pleasant, instructive, entertaining
and edifying reading not for Suuday
only, but for everv d.iv in the week.
The periodical i.s religious in tonn ami
sentiment, but ecctarianism is stncilv
avoided, and all iect.-, and all classes
of readers will pursue its pages with
pleasure and proht. The leading
article is cntitleti "Ainerican Ifenefac
tors." by James Laurauce Bowdin,
LL. B. It has thirteen illuHtration,
with portrait of William B. Adtor, II.
H. Earner, Prof. Lewis Swift, Daniel
Drew, etc.. etc. "The Wiillachins,"
with ten illustrations; "Mauritius,"
with five illustrations; ami "The
Christian Church at Washington
I). C," are parlieularly noteworthy
articles. Mrs. Robert "tVReily rori
eludes her highly interesting eii:il,
"Out of the World"; there are short
stories and sketches by M. V. Deuhon
and other popular writer, and some
admirable essavs by W. C. l'roetr,
Mureus Doils, D. IX, Rev. Dr. Deems,
et., etc. The poms are f far more
than ordinary merit, and s.ecral of
them arc beautifully illustrated. Tin;
miscellany U abundant, and contains
a vast amount of information and
entertainment. The illustrations are
numerous, and well executed. A
single copy is for 12.1 cents; annual
subscription, $4, postaid. Address.
Frank Ieslie's Publishing House, 53,
55 and 57 Park Place. N. Y.
Isjsmlicsa Covnty Coars&tlos.
The Republican County Convention
in and for Webster County will be
held at the Court House in lied Cloud
on Saturday Sept, 3d. 1881, at 1
o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
placing in nomination candidates for
the following offices, to wit:
County Clerk,
Countv Treasurer,
County Judge,
County Commissioner 1st District.
Superintendent j?ublic Schools,
County Surveyor,
And to select delegates to State and
Judicial Conventions and to transact
such other business as may come
before it. The several precincts in the
county are entitled to the following
representation based upon the vote
for Lieut. Gov.
Precincts, Votes, No. Delegate
Red Cloud 298 " " 10
Guide Rock, 156 " " 5
Stillwater, 61 " " 2
Oak Creek, 53 " " 2
Potsdam, 53 " " 2
Batin, 32 " " 1
Glenwood, 57 " " 2
Harmony, C6 " " 2
Inavale, SO " " 3
Walnut Creek, 36 " " 1
Elm Creek. 59 " " 2
Pleasant Hill, 52 " " 2
Primaries for the Durnose of elect
ing delegates will be lield at tho usual
voting places in the &evcral precincts,
on Saturday August 27, 1881, at 2
o'clock p. m.
By order of Republican County
Central Committee.
W. H. Strohm, Ch'n.
A Good Book.
We have received from the Pub
lishers a copv of "Foundations- of
Success and "Laws of Trade." We
have examined it and find it just such
a book as is needed by every business
man and woman, and in fact, all en
gaged in active life. There are spec
ial departments on business; Public
Life and Social Laws. It begins at
the foundation, the A B C and is
complete to the most intricate of com
plex relations in all departments of
practicle life. It tells you how to be
your own Lawyer, Accountant,
Broker, hew to conduct public meet
ings, how to dress in good taste, bow
to entertain company. Th work is
compiled from 240 standard author
ties, embracing over 3,006 differsnr
subjects, under 56 general headihs;
ana Ss a perfect mine of practical in
formation. It is sold only by sub
matioB sad the publishers adver-
aoottksr comam :or Ag - 10
foe the work in this and other
Address for particulars
46 at4t Clark St.; Chkasgo IU's.
Tinal Proof Notices.
Ia40SleaaWiaajilaia:t.AraM lStf.
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W4atr aaaty. at kr aAea. la Kad Cload
aftaairiMaT. Mrt-X. IMi. rta
Ca airs Until.
t'dssry5a.SV3raaS Wm.: Uma,4
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caiHTKtoaei a usi nt Aasart MtMktr
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try It.
MKllaa4 S. W SWITZJaf. Kr.Utcr.
Lai Oslea at Mmltntih. Asr&n 5. JM1
XetUa It ktrakr ctraaftkat (! fl!oJar
ass arttiar kaa tlad jti of arr touatiaa te
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racare Sail aatxy Itrracf brfor Jar A TaJ
leya. alar k t.f tAjar1 in Wtbttcr roactr t kit
? ia KHOroeJ b.. ca tarJr. Spua-
ka rrtk. ian. i.
kd aatry Xft. 4ru for U.. .S . (.. . I ua 3
-rtkrac9aK.k D4tnr th follow Ip to
at a fcia etiaaaa reidcoc nroa ac4 nlti-Vgaaaaaay-VaLi
l&aj Tit Jrbn k.i.t. 1.1 .
ihamia. Ln JJmXttttU jixu W t:t ail f
looaarjie t.
aasll.rj S. W. SW1TZKR. Ri.t.r.
LasdOficaat ltooal&zun NeJ. .aai: . I3J.
Nolle U bartbr tiea thtt th foUowiac j
aaast-i itVr hx &! &tlcx of hit iat&lloa te !
3&al pnx; In lui-fott of hit tulia a4
car final Dtrr iht ro
f Mfot u rUrX ul Ik
DUtrict Court ia w euabtr Nb.. at hu
oict it Haa
Cluud oa JtacJtr sptaatr I:
yta I
16B1. TIK
Joan Rll:ott.
h-d.Vo.XJ7 for ta. US 21 W 1. W, N E .
rc 4 Uc reortb ras II rtt. h &m U
followiB wtiarM to prwti hi. rvotioaon.
rrtiJenca at-oa. mad caltiTttiaa of txt4 Uad. J
rii; KdrJ K'clicjj. l)4Tid Habor. John '
Neb. 1
wilier S. W.SWITZXIK. Segwur. j
LaaJOffleaat BloomtnrtonNfl-.Jalrl. 11. f
Notice It brrb, clr.a tb.t the fnllo-irc
naierd ttlcr hai fitaJ notloo ot hi latratkoB to '
make Saa ptcof la turportnf hi.cUiuj. ant '
Uya. elrkofvartla cooaty. t b of
Sea in KJ CJoad. Se'j on ,StfJj Aacutt.
'., IMI. Tit:
RirtisM. LAK0ir
lra.. D.H. No :TW for tba N V' '(us; 32 Uftj
1 north ranca 10 wm. ha Cmr tha fatliio
witnac to trore hit cuntinuoai rtlio
urvoa. at4 cultivation of taiJ Uni tii tbarUt
MBr, Cbriitiaa li antra. John CauapUcll.
John Fox. all of UU Cloud Sab.
jajIlaailS S. W. SWirZKR, Rfiiter.
In the Diftrirt Court of the fifth juJidal
dUtrict of Nebraska in aaU fur Atbttar
Jfai caret Johm on. Pi'tiff.)
t V
Henry Jobnon. Deft. I
To Henry Johnson non-rriidrnt Jefcn
denu Yua ar hrretr ratified that ut lb lith
day of Aiifuxt 11. Marrret JohuJU filed hrr
felition arant you iu tnoaUxr caiod I'ourt
the object auJ prajrr of which are to ohtiiu a
dovrce ftoui you in the irtouud of extreme
crdfitY. ant that yvu hare vilifuliy abauJunel
the plalnttfl without sod ctJ4. for the term
of two )ear Iart rt.
Yoo are rrjuirei to inivir aid rlitun oa
or before MonJty the 3rd day ,. October Wl.
MtiuiKtr Joiijuon. ltaiikl3.
Ily Edvix C. Ilia lst. her Atinrcey.
Notice if hereby Kivm. '.Yt I wl exveint
atl prilJM who ciy tirf to offer thtmitUri
At caudiJfttui tor triu-tieii of the inuiirr 't
oimsion ft-boclj if W rbttcr coutiir. nt I'ci
TloaJ on the trl Saturday 111 M,e ui nh n j
1 rnrukry. Jiar inji sti .iitruiimr. ai
Hue Hill on ibefim .-turiay tl the i.nt-h.
a'luary. Airtl. July nnl 'torr. t tiuMe
I. oca on thv birt Satunljy m the itiontba of
Mtrrh. Juup. Sitrnibti anl I'roeiubrr.
Ku'cinatioBf in cositiki it?olock .w.
A. A. I'iim.
Coaaty Saj'cnntenlrtH ot l'abiic Itotructlon
Buk)MinViTon Neh.. July 13. IS4: 1.
Cnmnlainl having boon
entered at thi1- Oifice ly Dai'd Orr,
against Jo-fiah F. Kaudoiph for aban
doning Ins Homestead Kntr ' 57.V),
dated Oct. 30, I ST., upon the '-'ntli
W-st (iiiarter, section 32, twnbip 1
north runge Iu we-t in W filter
County Nebraska, with a view to the
eaueelliition of said fiitry. the said
parlies are hereby tsuinrnoued to ap
peiir at this UlhVe on the 'Jlh day of
September, ISM. at ID o'elock a. 111,
to respond anl furniii tittznon con
eernini: said alleged abauiloniiieut.
S. W Hwir.i:n, It. V. MnvmoMLitv,
Ueyi'ter. Keeeiver.
Special Notices.
Notice in this column will tc chred "cenli
a lino each week.
Go to llobv'ri for I.utter on ice.
Hetuhiu.irtorH for flour at Putnam's
Flour and Feed Store.
Remember the auetoin sale of K. S.
Reed, 3 miles north-east of Cowle",
Tlitirsdiiv AugiHt the 25th KSM. 13
head of stock, 31 pi?- and hog-, corn
and house-hold furniture, Ac.
Take the Bin Blood Medicine for
dvspepsia, habitual costivones, r
fever and ague. They are all cured
by Dr. Marshall's Urornohne Price
fifty cents a bottle. Druggists keep
Dr. Marshall'- Bromolino when
once used, nectls no further advertis
ing, as It alwas gives satisfaction
It is known as 'the Big Wood and
Liver Cure. Price fifty cents. Sold
by all druggist.
Smith Brothers announce still an
other important reduction in rate of
interest on time loam-. St might uinr
percent annual inttrrtt. Call at the
Bank and leave vour application.
I have purchased tho fractional sec.
of land laving between Peter McNitt's
and tho "river. And the public is
herebv notified not to cut any timber
on the same. M. B. McNlTT.
7 Per Cent. Money to Loan!
Money to prove up with on final re
ceipt, of on deeded and at 7 per cent.,
and 1-62 per cent. commL-Fum. or at
etraight 9 per cent, no commlioii.
Jno. K. Willcox.
Office next door to Chief office. 30tf
Red Clocd Neb., August 10, 1SSI.
I take this method to inform all
parties who are indebted to me for
medical RCi-viccs, either on notes due
or on open book account, to call on
me at my office, or O. 0. Cae fe Mc
Neney, and make settlement without
further delay; I do not by this man
any particular person, I mean all
wh'o know themselves indebted to mo
for any amount. I havo man
small account on my books, and
some not so small that mn?t be ett!ed
con. Friend.', I can't wait any
longer; I have trusted you. when you
were in need, now come right along
and make some arrangement about
vour bill with me I hope every one
will '-call and see mc or Messrs. Case &
McNeny. Your,
J. 31. Mores x 3L D.
University of-Nebraska.
Tho Fall Term open- Sept. I3th,
1831. Turner fros to all. Xo charge
for Incilextal Ecprmc. Board coats
from $2 to $3. Those entering the
Preparatory Department must be pre
pared for examination in Orthography
Reading, Geography, Common School
Arithmetic, English Grammar aod
U. S. Historv. A teacher's certiScate
is accepted in lieu of the examina
tion. Farther mfonaatioa Az be De
tained by sending for catologoc.
2-2Jr Chascellori-
ant si.
m ....
tl.n ltt-,JniJ
01 one v
tractrl ithcfho
Tor upon i niw '-
ttt ..i, -i ; me
J run mi 1 T r 1 1 aA"1 ! Kl
roai .Udtr IkOU??. tUUmorc.
Tolrli, litit (unty Wailiitnctoit
'Sutc ppr j4cae Oity.l
Iy bnitjt? thr Tkicklv ,h Bit
tku. U'for ibo public, v c-itm tht it
i one of the tx"t rcmrtiica extant frtr
the prevention ami cure of all dM".i
anmg from a diordwn! lavcr 1U
itmti them aotdtHg U drwtt
the nill kot p iho atm m a tnm;r.
healthy condition, and prrvrnt an)
muw'-matjo itttluriMi. AV yur
dmj.T:t for thetu. 1'rice $l.tpr
Shipping u-4 can
Cairr otlln
1 At the
Money To Loan
On Uol K-utc in WeUter and ad
... . ., ,
J-ttf .ouut nt tj.o rrv Ut rate
It Uill p.i o'cr farmer w Im tbiuk- ot I
lrrill. !,, t.u,. ... r... '
ninkiug arrnngeiiieui. Hith au iMbor 1
jirty ' t
V" -M"' - - ."- "
t"" doby-lti. iloolms tlh twU-n
partlo- n Mpphontioit Ito, lwtu or
ooinimlon no fro 'r luakuic or
rocnUug papers or titling at'kitoM
eUtcetnent- no ulatue or semi-an- inteivt, and no iutrtrl until
mone i art'i.tllv tn h:md
Calf ujmiu t-r addre
K A Mmix.
3tf Iamii IlroLir, llltie iltll. Nob,
tims, the Albright llore
t!i taud tin- t- ti ut Ii-1 t"ud r.tti-, t? t t miMire
-uish "m.ire, T mart fli" m-r
than two 1 the hiiiic n'r $7 00 em h
1 or the scmmiti, $5'H; Miigle -trtxue
Tht- horo uel-orilv t I In. 'Hit
t. I;.-.minmed He lia been ukitnul
edgetl by m.tu jUiltfet t be the
"All kisds of & Horse"
seen in tht- section Wright, in flesh,
ln) ptMild- Bi-tutiful Bay. Syuuuet
neal form, t;ool life hiii cunage and
be-t ofalln kiiidii- a kitten Hixowitt l
a'so has a jjtHtd Jack with him ul eame
rates I util further nolieo will l
found at the Commercial burn.
ll can be eeeli at the ptiMUIStift tf
.los l'trsle. Slat- Cieek. li Vauee,
Iiunab.O McCall. Ileiirv Gerkke,
nt Be.-ker's farm and U.tllitotr ut In
axale 11U0 at Iletl Cloinl. Mubw nt
premises of Imv Smith uud Bhi Tort
nier. (iuule Uotk. Kim creek nulla
and Ked Cloud mills
Tho owner ha- entitled this Jack
"Capt. Smith." being the fiwnom Lew
Smith .luck, formerly of titiido UocW.
Shows the be-t -took in the valley.
D I.inY.. Proprietor
Blanks! Blanks Tf
A full line of State Journal Co
Blank- (the standard biauki of the
tiite) are alwu kept for salo at the
Clili'K oifice, nnd at tho same price
that they ate old at in I.itxolii niul
Oniiiha." 'Hie following is a partial Hit
oi hlauks on bund:
Warranty I)eiN,
Mortgage DeoiN,
Cliattle Mtrtg.igM,
Search Warrants.
Methnnics Loin,
Power of Attorney.
Hills of Sale,
juit CUim Deed.
Summon, (onfiuull.
Summons (co:y),
Appeal Uiidertnkiu?,
Onler of Attaehmcnt.
Aflidavit f Vendor or I.wjr,
Assignment of Mvrtgage,
Notice of Cona tables Sale,
Blank ReceipU,
Blank Notes
Release of Mortgage,
Agreement for Warranty Dreda,
Complaint to keep the Pcnca,
ic , Ac, Ac.
And mot all kinds of blanka uacd by
Notaries Public
For Your
avt laa4
mm & m
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat aaatt
- vnp5WssaBB7
faZUaMK. af mmW " ' "" aaaBBBBa aaaaaaW
ji&l Iri&iMrtv:i4 uUtmL villi
ntUjfi3 h -oeaa to eat wfcofar .. . ., .r?3 PT
tO tat Whoil-
JkOtnr Kli;nr'UU.
r-.-r. - .,rry.-, -,-r.m..
h "i ai x-
And keiaade!
j a fcorrib?e face tku k
..jutjwd Fred's hair to staad os tm
i wUk
" at
v o
ir a.
s ME 2
a ? it
2 "a . fr?
P . v. f wi U.
ssat TZ
s i
$ M
The Proof of the -Puddingisinthe
You have onlv to call
on 11s ami we can easi
ly comince von thai uv
do sell
A little HI-LOW the
so-called "Bed rock pri
ces" advertised hv other
Beslcy & Perkins.
Samuel West,
- nrt.ta t
Tobacco, Clgarsr
CANM.i) 1 ui irs,
ncic-sii Fitvrw,
AN1 A t' XX. UNI" J' t'WCY
Ice Groam Pari or f
Wbrm unt ran nlwitya
tCt a iik'c dUh of Ice CrcAtu during
the HAon.
A brc of tho public patronan l
irprctfullv aollntcd. Kim tlcor
sotith of 'Mitchell A Morhart'.
Rrti Ci3t;i,
Wagon Company
Buggies L Phaetons.
Wc do not Want Agents
Standard Trade Vehicle
m Wtxtuhithm wreubkli4 tvm2
uon. sau 'sjz cm h?hti4l4 mxi m
MHUtX. am fc- IIL ..'J
t.j "7 ? Rrjl;
mitjts zrocara AT
w s"
- LX- 3M - "4 -
r i-J 9 s
GO 4
alo jdklagall.-JfVtSalSSiri
at m
emscmom long imm.
N -c-4'
t&z e&
rn-Tvvr - -. 4-vag
-jZ.t - . 'a-zr. " e-c " ' -sj-1- j-..-. a
- wieW'
L - - " . e'.r -&db "5 1 -.-
tr r '---i ;-
.i miZ- T"' rr- -
-6, -r , --
k.r . n.j; a: asr v ; vuAiaan !-r, 3
gS-Ss -2
V . S MilaBBBBflL'T
-,.-' ' ' rS?- :iBVJNNNNNNNNNBkt J