The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 14, 1881, Image 4

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Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars
&c, Ac.
TCe Veep tu Land a. Jind a line of Rrnerrif and
tobacco m caa be foand tn Ike xatley.
A irocU
Ir ran ;s caaawtio with tka Mure, wkcra a
i apply of frcrk lire id and piei are
alwav. kept ob Land.
Oar facilities for haadlisf tak eiataof rood
are lite Ut in tnwa. tiire a a call, at
Nofhar'e old lUcui.
Flour & Feed
r-jrn. Meal, Bran Chopped Fccdaad
Vifil IIie1lrICInvl Gmcery. Feod aadPro
riim store when you waai lufpliu fur isaa or
IliKhritmarkct price in cash palp for train
An kind' tifmiintrr piodnce taken to exclianf"
for c'l. !Mili delivered to all i-.iru ii loiro
trrn vt'rharcr.
tre iuuth tf Uced'i .'low Factory,
Ked Cloud,
Moon i Callender,
General Iterchandise,
Dry - Goods,
Beoffi afc Shoe,
Drug, Medicine,
Oil Tarnishes,
Pniiifs Ctc.
fif.l line of everything kept in a gen-'
crsil sioro, ;it the i.oukst cash riticts.
Moon & Callender.
rroprictor of the
City Drug Store.
Drugs Medicines.
Paints. Oils
and Varnishes,
A full supply of
I'atmnacc rolirited and thankfully received.
"Trert-rii'lions carefully compoanded"
One door south of (Javbers More,
1 ! a I II
(SaeeoMor to G. A. Brown)
Parlor, Bedroom
Brackets, Chromos,
Picture Frames,
Mattresses, Etc,
C V" al-ray on hand and trimmed on abort
notice. Trice as low as any is the alley.
ltepaMaff of alt kinds crona KoapUy and
tlarial Robes furnished at reasonable
- KEB.
Hart ess Shop,
Keeps coMtsntly on bind a fall Line of
And everything usually kept in a first
elstss fcliop.
libtit Cssl Friet Paid fir Sidsc
aad Fsrs.
- For Your
'83N QnOlO aau
,r;.. , -s
i jrw Y-- - i w
vjir&aaas V ilkaicaW
R. V. R. R. Tin, TMe
Takinr effeet Pnaday. Oct. 17. 1MB.
Eastward Paswng er lee .. 0 a. a.
" . ; arriree 7 a'. p.m.
ireickt leave .5;vp.B.
Wattward Aecoa- leaT..M.M.a:lOa.B.
arr.Taa.w 5 :5e p. ta.
Eastward Arcoa. iat , , .,, a o a w,
arriraa 6:Sia.a.
Train daily axaapt Basaay.
U.W.ilttBBiM. A. E. TnrtAUH.
BaMria tend eat. GanT. Manager.
H. ?., at 18 a. a., and preaeaiaaby tha Pat
tor every Sabbat a aorsiaf sad ereaiac.
Prayer aaatlar ary Tbaraday avMiag.
Ail are eeratany taTitaa.
Bring in your .idvcrtirfcnienta.
Miner Bros, sell Superior flour.
Eoby in selling Lautcrbach's bread.
Choice, early, need Potatoes at
. Live hogs arc worth $4.25 in this
Shipping tags can be had at the
Chief oQice.
Read the Governor Arbor Day
proclimation. k
Harlan county in investigating its
county officers.
Farms for cle or rent, inquire at
the Chief office-.
Ruby hai received Garden Seeds in
bulk and in paper.
The paajenger train was late again
last Saturday night.
Lime, Lath, JInir and Plaster at the
Chicago lunthcr yard. n'2
When the Mpring time eomes, (if it
ever does,) gentle Annie.
The 'grass is begining to grow in
Kpite of the backward spring.
Building material of all kinds at the
Chicago lumber yard, cheap.
Ruby has ordered a supply of the
celebrated Washburn superlative
flour, the best flour made iu the U. S.
The house cleaning time with all
its horrons, sayu an exchange, is not
far off.
Dr. Kendall's "hone books" for aale
at the Chief office at 25 cents
Lay in a supply of coal, and pre
pare to "fight it out on this line if it
takes all hummer.
It is estimated thnt the cost of the
investigation will be about ten cents
to each person in the county.
Eigh(3'-thrce women voted at the
school election in Lincoln lust week,
and over a hundred voted in Omaha
Farmers, call and sec our guarantee
on the J'jrJipse Wind Mills. No other
Mill ageuU will give you a warrant
equal to ours. Beslev & Perkins.
We feel gafe in saying that within a
year there will be at leant three two
story brick building erected in Red
The Fairfield News, under the man
agement of Mr. J. W. Small has devel
oped into a very creditablo country
A tombstone in Council Bluffs ceme
tery bears this inscription: "Choked
to death by a cat-fish bone. Blessed
be they that die in the Lord."
Tenant Wanted.-tA farm to rent, 5
miles from Red Cloud. 00 acres
under cultivation. Apply to J. On eas
ier at the Bank. 36tf
We read the Rivcrton Eagle with
considerable fntercat since we have
become the owner of 160 acres of land
on Thompson creek near that place.
Last Friday wo noticed eight car
penters at work on the new depot.
The B. .& M. evidently propose to
make Red Cloud a permanent divis
ion. Miner Broa. have stacks of new
goods and are constantly receiving
more to replace those that their cus
tomers are always carrving away.
Venn or, who has predicted so accu
rately the past winter, says that we
will have very mild weather next
winter. Wc certainly are entitled
to it.
When a stranger who has just loca
ted in the county comes to town it is
amusing to see tfcc implement men
try to cultivate his acquaintance. It's
business, though.
Last 3Ionday night "winter with its
bluster of snow and wind swooped
down upon us again, and Tuesday
was a dreadful stormy day. Nebraska
is peculiar dee vlish peculiar.
An exchange says that ten thousand
railroad brakemen are killed in this
country every year a number about
equal to the entire loss, in killed, of
both armies, at the kittle of Gettys
burg. We havo 'pretty good authority for
stating that Ex-Gov. Garber will erect
a large two story brick building on the
lot how occupied by Miller & Ball.
Work will probably be commenced in
a few weeks.
The McKanl.oss Colored Combina
tion showed at the court house on
Friday and .Saturday nights of last
week Jo good houses; Though the
performance, on the whole, was some
what -tiresome, it was as good as the
average of its class.
The money-thai wilL be saved by the
investigation of the county affairs can
not he spent to a better advantage
than by investing it in goods at
Miner Bros, store, They have a first
class.stock of goods and sell them
pheap enough to Make it to your in
terest to buy of tfceaa. Call 4ind sec.
a - -
.Under the new scaooi taw now in
force, a4lporoas who shall be examin
ed lora certificate to teach in the pub
lic school, uet pay one dollar to the
county sfljwrinteMtoni, which sum he
is to pay into the coanty treasury for
the support of formal Institutes to he
held under, the. directum of the State
Sunerintendent. ' . " ',
pxiMiAL nxranr.
Mr. Jo. Gacasler u anoag or
new suUcribcrs this week.
Mr. J. P. Helton has our thank lor
financial aid extended last Saturday.
Uncle Sam Garber and Buford Hol-
comb arc both able to attend to busi
ness now.
Mr. A. E. Power, of th Villi ,
Iowa, Review was a caller at tbe
headquarter last Tuesday.
Rev. J. M. Fryse will preach in the
M. E. Chnrck on Sunday April 17,
both moruing and evening.
V e are informed that Mr. Dow has
purcluised the blacksmith shop for
merly owned by Mr. Sleeper.
If T.J. Helton of Thomasville will
call at the Chief office he will find
the tax receipt that he lost last Satur
day. Potter fc Friabie have repaired the
damages done to their mill property
by the recent flood and have resumed
Mrs. Zeis ha a part of the lumber
on the ground and will soon erect a
good sized hotel on her lots across the
street from the Boy's Home.
Wc called on 31 r. Jno. Huffman,
editor of the Guard, while in Bloom
ington Ixst week and found him a
genial soul and head over ears in
Hon. E. M. Carroll of Hebron, ought
to soon become possesed of an abun
dance of this world's goods lcsides
Ins newspaper property in Hebron, he
is running a women's paper in Lin
coln and his wife conducts a milliner
Mr. Z. E. Parker, traveling man for
the State Journal Co., called last
Monday. Though we respect Mr.
Parker as a man and would not do
him an injustice for the world, we are
forced to admit that a photograph of
the gcntlem, with that little white hat
on, would not attract attention a a
work of art.
Would it not be well for the young
men of Red Cloud to organize a fire
Company. We would like to see the
matter talked up and an organisation
perfected, wc simply throw this out
as a suagestion.
The Missouri river at Omaha was
five feet higher last Saturday than was
ever known before, and the river is
over three miles wide at that place.
Council Bluffs, just across the river
from Omaha, is likely to be overflow
ed. The Smelting works and U. P.
Machine shops at Omaha are surroun
ded with water and partially submer
ged. The damage will be very great
unless the Abater soon subsides.
When anbody dies, gets married,
steals anything, huilds a new house,
runs away, makes a big sale, whips his
wife, breaks his leg, or gets the sense
kicked out-of him by a mule, or does
anything that is in any way remarka
ble, and you have reason to believe
that you know as much about the oc
curence as any one else, don't wait for
some other person to report or trust
us to find it out by instinct, but come
and tell us about it, or send the facts
on a postal card.
- , . .
The Indians on the Missouri river
bottoms above Sioux City gathered
themselves and their movable proper
ty together before the flood came and
moved up on the bluffs, explaining
their actions in a manner peculiar to
themselves, they said, "Ugh! heap
high water." The whites measured
the banks and found that the water
would have to rise 30 feet to overflow
the bottoms, a hight that it had never
attained before, and they laughed at
the Indians. The red men bided their
time and when the flood came and the
pale faces had to swim for their lives,
the Indians said "Ugh! white man
heap dam fool."
Last week we went to Bloomington
and interviewed Mr. Switxer, register
of the U. S. Land Office at that place,
ire reference to the probable length oft
time yet to elapse before a successor
f to Mr. Dorscy would be ens tailed and
the office opened for business. We
learned that Mr. Montgomery had
been appointed to the vacant receiver
ship some time ago, as was stated in
the Chief, but that his appointment
had not yet been confirmed by the
Senate. Mr. Switzer gave as hi opin
ion that after Mr. Montgomery's ap
pointment was confirmed, several
weeks would necessarily elapse before
he could enter upon the duties of the
office, owing to the fact that a num
ber of bondsmen would have to be se
cured and the bond forwarded to
Washington for approval.
In reply to our question as to the
craliest possible time that in his opin
ion the office would be open for busi
ness, Mr. Switzer said not before the
first of June, perhaps not then.
Mr. Switzer spoke in very atrong
terms of the injustice being donethis
part of the stato by the delay in filling
the vacancy, but, like the rest of us, he
is powerless to remedy the evil.
In this connection we would say to
those who arc in. a hurry to prove up
on their claims, that you might rain a
few weeks time by -calling at the
Chief office and having your applica
tion made out ready to be rushed in as
soon as the office is open fur basin ess.
The land office will be overrun with
business for a few .months when, it
doe open, and "first come fiwt
served" wilLbe the motto.
Mr. Switjcr authorized ns to' say
that those who' liaver been unable to
prove- up on account of the office
being closed, and whose "aeyen yearn"
have expired in the mean time, need
feel no uneasiness on that aeebnhtpas
thrtiUejtothelandwillnotDC effec
ted in the least
The best assortment of doers and
windows, in the JtenubKcan valley,
at- FLArr&Fuxs.
There it is nnmin !" exckimeJ Aunt
PatNey, scanning the Commissioner
Proceedings. "I declare iw perfectly
candaloM ! I ahoukl think you men
wonld have common decency
enoogh to keep sober long enongh to
transact yor official duties. 2fo
wonder the people are saddled to
death with taxes, and gigantic steals
bein carried on, when the cosnniia
ioncr is drank while tranaactin' the
people' busiiMs!" "Drunk," en
quired the old man, rWhy, our com
missioner are all temperance wen.
"Temperence men inded! Don't it
ay here 'Present mil board,' and I've
eeenitlot of time r ami she east a
look of withering scorn at the would
be defender of such inexcusable be
havior, a
Last Tuesday morning the cry of
fire that strange and weird round
that we all dread to hear ruutr
through the streets, and in a very
hort time a large body of men had
gathered at the residence of Mr.
Christian Albright, a large story and
a half house, which proved to be on
fire as smoke could be seen issuing
from the windows of the second story.
An effort was made to stay the flame,
which, however, proved futile and the
building was soon conaumed. Mr.
Albright and wife occupied a part of
the lower floor and Mr. Goble and
family occupied the other, and one
room on the second floor, while the
other wan occupied by Mr. Case and
Mr. McNcny as a sleeping appart
mcnL From the second floor and the
cellar, nothing of any consequence
was saved, but most of the household
effects in the lower room were
gotten out.
The house cost about $1,000 and was
not insured. The loss will full heavily
on the shoulders of the old couple,
who have the sympathy of the com
munity, Mr. Gohle's loss is consider
able, and also that of Case & McNeny,
who lost nearly all their wearing ap
parel. The fire, it is said, originated from
the stovepipe up stairs, which had be
come disconnected and fell down.
That Iimtlfttim,
The commissioners met last Monday
and were presented with a number of
petition asking that a committee be
appointed to investigate the county
affairs. Mr. Vance, of Inavale, we
believe, presented the petitions and
asked the commissioner to act upon
them, whereupon a lirelj discussion
ensued as to the advisibility of such
a course. The commissioners said
that one or more persons who knew
that all was not right in county mat
ters should come forward and say so,
that the board might have an excuse
for going ahead. Mr. Vance replied
that two of the commissioners present
had acknowledged that unlawful
claims had been allowed, and why ask
any one to come forward to substanti
ate their statements. The commis
sioners did not deny that they had
made such statement!. Capt. Munscl!
and others made a few remarks on the
subject and after deliberating upon it
a short time the commissioners con
cluded to lay the matter over
for consideration, and to take it up at
2 o'clock Tuesday.
When the commissioners met on
Tuesday, considerable time was taken
up in the discussion of the matter,
but finally terminated in tho board
granting the prayer of the petitioners
for the appointment of a committee to
examine into our county affairs,
Messrs Stephenson and May voting for
and Mr. Crary against.
The investigation will commence
the 25th of the present month.
We have a large and well selected
assortment of goods for spring trade.
WeviU nU be undersold. Just rem
ember that. Bmut 4b Pkkxins.
"The best -cough remedy in the
world," wa the way an enthusiatic
druggist put it, speaking of Dr. Mar
shall s Lung Syrup. Price twenty-five
cents; large size only fifty cents.
Try it.
The Eclipso Wind Mill, stand at
the head of ail Mills. Call and see
our working sample, at
Bulky & Pexklnb.
A Farm to Rent!
Of 150 acres, with good stone house
16x28, one story high. Most of the
land la in a good state of cultivation.
Also one brood mare for sale on
time. Apply to
D. 8. Helve,
Seven miles south-west of Red Cloud,
Nebraska. 19-m3
Pumps were never sold so low be
fore, as we are selling them now.
Reason why, because we buy and sell
10 times as many as anybody eke in
Red Cloud. Bssunr k. Fxuiks.
Money to prove up with on final re
ceipt, or on deeded land at 8 per cent.,
ana 1-62 per cent, commission, or at
straight 10 per cent, no commission.
Jno. R. Wrixcox.
- Office next door to Chief office. 30tf
Mitchell & Morbart have for sale a
supply of osage seed at a very reasona
ble price. Those who contemplate
growing n hedge shonld give them a
call. 26tf
CAeap, at
for sake
Call and see it,
Go bay a bottle of Dr. Marshall's
Lang Syrup if yon have a cough, cold,
or any king complaint, and he cured.
Price twenty-ive cents ; large size fifty
cents. Draggute sell it.
Xet4he Crown of Kings, nor the
Crown oTGJory, but the Crawn Sewing
Machine the latest and best machines
iiUhe market, it will pay you to call at
itbxiet-Omce and see it before yon J
purchase! Tor Sale by M.B.McNrrr.
Sftanogk k Funk have just received
One Hone corn ptanlew, Bend Scra
pera. Stirring plow., sad Norwegism
stirring flows. The beat in the
market, and dont yew forget k. Call
and be cesivinced.
Section efan act entitled, "An act
to protect cultivated land from trcs
pas by stock" was amended by the
late session of our legislature so as to
read as follow, the origin! section
being repealed:
Sect. Cultivated land within the
meaning ufthi act shall indnde aR
forest trees, fruit trees and hedge raws
planted on said land, also all land
nrrounded by a plowed strip not lea
than one rod in width, which strip
shall be plowed once a year.
sf ths IsdChwAlsmm fcr ths
Enrollment. Average Att.
Primary. 55 45
Intermediate, 5f 47
High School,
M 29
Total. 152 151
Pupil whoso punctuality, deport
ment and diligence entitle them to an
average grade of 95 or over.
.- Ai-aiL 8, 1881.
Primary, Hattie Kline, Amanda
Kline, Lavilla Marsh, Carrie Hav i.
Intermediate, Arthur Dixon,
Frank Potter, Robbie Potter, Walter
Warren, Willie. West, Maudie Goble,
Cora Garber, Mary Miuer, Lulu Pot
ter, Minnie Smith, Beulah Strohm.
High School, Charley Dow, Louie
Kenuey, Fred Lutz, Jennie Dixon,
Mary Ellis, Mattie Frisbie, Lizzie
Mcintosh, Carrie Newhouse, Bessie
Walker. A. L. Fcnk, Principal.
Miss E. W. C. Hawucy, ) ...
3Irs. J. H. Dixon
n i
! 3
April 11th 1881.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment, present A. H. Crary, Isaac May,
Hugh Stephenson, Commissioners, J.
A. Tulleys, clerk.
Minutes of the last four meetings
read and approved. The following
new road Districts were formed and
Overseers appointed.
R. D. No. 28. from-Sec'. 5. C, 7, 8,
17,18,19,20,21,28,29, 30, 31, 32, S3
and W 1 See's. 4, 9, 16, 22, 27, 34, all
iu Town 3 Range 10, E. H.. Foe ap
pointed Overaeer.
R. 1. No. 29, from Sec. 19, 20, 21, 22,
27, 28; 29, 30, and South J Sec. 15, 16,
17, 18, Town 2 Range 11, E. 3Ietcalf
appointed Overseer.
R. D.No. 30, from Sec. 31, 32, 33,
34, Town 2 Range 11 and Sec. 3, 4, 5,
and all of Sec 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 lying
North of the river in Town 1 Range 11,
II. W. Ross appointed ovencer.
R. D. No. 31, from Sec. 19, 20, 2f, 22,
23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 and South
Sec. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. and 18, all in
Town 2 Range 12 D. J. Judson appoin
ted ovencer.
The following official bonds were
approved E. H. Foe overseer of High
ways R. D. No. 28.
John Simpson overseer of Highways
R. D. No. 27.
Twenty-seven acres of the poor
farm rented to Robert Round for one
fifth of the crop delivered nt Red
Tho following accounts were al
lowed. Omaha Rep. Co., Books and
Blanks, $64 50
State Journal Co., Book and
State Journal Co., Books and
M. L. Thomas, Printing,
A. J. Kenney, Printing,
J. A. TuIIeys Salary &c.
J. W. Warren Inquest
J. W. Warren, Sheriff fees,
Tho. Richardson R. work,
A. Kaler poor Acc't.
J. W, Warren, collecting
25 25
19 00
42 77
27 17
103 00
22 15
23 00
18 00
200 53
Bridge lumber, 56 90
A. Kaley, services as overseer
of the poor. 20 00
Board adjourned to April 12, 1881,
9 a. m. A. H. Cba&y, ch'n.
J. A. Tcltjeys, clerk.
April 12, 1861.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present A. II. Crary, Isaac
May, Hugh Stephenson, Commission
ers, J. A. Toilers Clerk.
Petition of Guide Rock Precinct,
for an election to vote bonds for
bridge was granted and an election
The following acct. was allowed.
Jones A Magce, lumber, 6 40
Report of John B. Kuhn Overseer of
Highways S. D. No. 14, presented and
Line between S. D. , and 30
changed so as to ran from center of
Sec. 9, on river, north tqcenter of Sec.
28, thence one mile cast to center of
Sec 27, then north to center of .north
line of Sec S. 2.9,
Petition for appointment of a com
mitted investigate the county books,
kc, Signed by 251 name presented
and granted.
Ordered that Bed Clend Precinct be
allowed to use the lumber from the
old bridge south of Red Cloud in the
coostructioa of a new one at or near
the same point.
The Board befog satisfied upon ad
vice of counsel that an independent,
committee could not be appointed,
reconsidered their action on the peti
tion for investigation, and it was de
termined that the Board themselves
take up the investigation at their
next meeting. Adjourned ta April
25, 1881, at 10 o'clock a. m.
A. H. Cbaby, ch'n.
J. A.TVUXYS, clark.
21 Bslmwil!!
W. --- -,... ..- .- ..
sarrsriati safe ?" taaiM traa.
am aaim a atttrCJtec
mtttwp, ItmUfrUcrcitosasrMiMMfsr
r aiJknsjr janaf m tfcara it a
srtetmataet. tVarau-aotaaaaaar aaaarta
as frarjaa afeawaiaietsn
KM to ta Mather, asd reffcf ami acaMk ta
M3C.rrattC'likaaasir. iLtaparfaf-llrsafr
ic an ea-e.?aa j4caaMt taa rv.afc4
Jaa stuariwiaa afVao f ta sMc a4 awe
aaaa m ne uaaa
EiifctCB' Fjutttox Qtumxtv i
hwe the waBan ; iu coming pruv
that spring m here in earoeat, and tket
the dreadful winter ef K1 W at
length reoteded into the pant, to fara
iak forth a fruitful these for fireside
Jiwcussicei an many a falsre winter
Tite Fashion Qcaktixly, a usual,
ia full of information for the fair. It
telk them what to buy and how to get
it : what style have gene out of faafc
iea, and what are coming into vogue ;
iM copious descriptions and pnee
will enable lit reader to practice
a wise economy, by foreseeing, and
providing for, every item of the c
soa's aeceeaitie.
A trtrictly novel feature of the pres
ent number is the aytlem of LullrV
unmade dreaaei : which ia tntctxW to
enable a lady to tecure the most fash
ienahle good and patema, without
Wing subject to the charge of a New
York dressmaker. Under thw ayatcm,
the Enrich' furnkh the materiak and
pattern of the variout costumes illttt
trated in their journal, for a fixed
price; sending not only the drr
good, bat the lining, trimming, but
ton, ewing ailk, and, in short, even
thing but the needle and thread. The
economy of thk syatem i rvidont, and
it U sale to predict for it an umucutc
The Fashion Quarterly is published
by Ehrich Brothcn, Eighth Avenue,
New, York, at 50 cents a year, or 15
cents a copy.
Durham Stock!
The Fine Durham Bull,
Owned by J. M. Fisher, is offered for
sale. "Andrew Johnson" will lie three
years old the 25 of May, his pedigree U
registered in the Boston hertl book and
can be seen by calling on Stephen
Bayles at the Fisher farm, one mile
cast of Cowles, Neb. 34tf
The fine Stallion known as "Tom"
the nroierty of David Boech will
stand for marc the present ica.Hon nt
the following rates, viz: $8 to itwirr
single iuarc;two mares, $15; more
than two by the same owner, $7 each.
For the season $6; Single service, $4.
Will stand at Rod Cloud on Friday
and Saturday of each week; at Guide
Rock, Mondays and Tuesdays of each
week, and at Amboy Wednesdays and
Is a fine horse. I icing of Pcrchcron
Canadian and Bluchcr-Morgan xtock,
beautiful dapple bay, sixteen hands
high, weight, 1506 pounds.
34m3. Amlniy, Nob.
alias, the Albright Horse.
Will stand this season at Red Cloud
at bust vear's rates, viz: 8.00 to insure
single mare; Two marcs $15.00; more
than two bv the same owner, $7.00 each.
For the season, $5.00; single service,
This horse needs only to be known
to be admired. He has been acknowl
edged by many good judges to be the
"ill kiiii i i tai"
seen in this section. Weight, in flesh,
1500 pounds. Beautiful Bay, Symmet
rical form, good life, high carnage and
best of all as kind as a kitten. His owner
ako expects to tand a good Jack with
him. Until further notice will le found
at the Commercial barn.
D. LUTZ, Proprietor.
Or G
Hat Otps
JsWs Mmds CMking:
Wt haft ttt Larftft
Stock to tot Vstitoy m. wiU
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