The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 08, 1880, Image 4

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Het out yoar fishing ttckle.
New jroods at Mix Fowler's.
Jsapcrial arista, at Roby's,
Lard wasted oa nlaariptioa.
Oo to Mrs. Fowler's for nniiaery goods.
, Trinied bits for 50 cents, at Mr.
Ind to teat, at Cowles, call at Cbiif
The nobbiest gammer bats, at Mra,
Corn for sale, at Cowles, apply at this
California canned fruit at Roby's, for 35
cts. per can.
Town election pasted off very quietly,
Holy fells bead light oil, for 25 cent
rer gallon.
BarLuai'a mammoth circus will be in
Kebratta in July.
Only 41 votes were cast at lb town
election last Tuesday.
W. B. Roby has just received soothes
lot of FKtfiii garden need.
If you want a "love of a bonset," go
to Mrs. Fowler's millinery atore.
Potatoes wanted on subscription
bring 'eaa along, and don't yen forget it.
If Roby can't ive you satisfaction in
the choice grocery line you need not look
An average of about 20 "prairie schoo
ners' a day para through to wo oo their
vray to the frontier.
Our Guide Rock correspondent dished
up a column fur tho benefit of our read
era, this week.
Persons wishing to purchase farms iaJ
this county, would do well to write to the
editor of the Chief.
Mim Kdiih Smith, dibect from the
east, and an experienced trimmer, is in
the employ of Mrs. Lata.
We understand that Rev. Geo. Bent
will soon commeuoo the erection of a new
residence, near Mr. Koby's.
The Rev. Geo. 0. Yeiaer is to prescb
at the court house, in Red Cloud, next
Sunday morning and evening.
Sbcrer is building a residence oo the
lack end of his lot, faoeing the street on
tho north. He proposes to live close to
Lis business.
The game of base ball last Saturday
between the Red Cloud hoys and the
boys from Cowles, resulted in a victoiy
for the Red Cloud boys.
The circulation of the Chief has nearly
doubled in the last six mouths, and we
can now show the largest circulation of
any paper in the valley.
Last Monday about 4 o'clock the wind
suddenly blew cold from tho north, and
tboocvrho had fondly looked for rain
soon, wero again doomed to dhappoint
lueuc .Note makers should understand that
the U. S. Supreme Court has decided
that where the figure 7 is printed on a
note, as 187, and an 8 is made with a
pen on the priuted 7, it is not valid.
The following gentlemen wero elected
to 611 the honorable and lucrative (?) posi
tion of town trustees, at the election Tues
day: R. D. Jones, J. R. Willcox, B.
Holcomb, W. WhiUon and Lou Albright.
Wilkinson, the man who murdered
young Richardson in Bloomington last
February, was sentenced by Judge Gaslin
to tho penitentiary for life. The verdict
of the jury was murder in the second de
gree. flbe divorce laws of Indiana will excuse
a wife for throwing a teapot at her hus
band aocross the table, but if she strikes
Kis pet dog with a bootjack hho is laid
out cooler than a wedgo on the question
of alimony.
Mr, Magee returned from his visit to
the east last Saturday, somewhat improv
ed in health, although he is far from
being 8troogyet. Neuralgia holds ob to
a man like the king of terrors to a de
funct African.
Last Thursday our sheriff arrested s
mao who is supposed to be the person
for whom $100 reward was offered by the
marshal of Dowus, Kans. He had ob
tained gooda by false representation, and
was skipping out.
Nearly everybody ia town is building
caves places of refuge "'arks of safety"
to flee to when the gentle sephyra get up '
and bowl, and yet this country is oo
More subject to distruotive tornados than
any other part of the "heritage."
Mr. H. C. Allen of Sutton, and s first
rate harness maker, was in tows last
week. He was en bis way to Kansas
where he intends to go into the -harness
making banness. Anyone wishing to
employ a good workman would do well to
try Mr. Allen.
Mr. E. H. Jones, bur efficient county
treasurer has moved his family to tows
sad will eajoy life in the metropolis of
the valley for a while. Mr. Jones is a
worthy aad oonctentious officer and a good
eithtea, and with his family is quite aa
acquisition to the society of Red Cloud.
Smith Bros. & Thompson, have put in
a new time lock, fire aad burglar proof
safe. We would about as soon under
take to abstract a little wealth from the
newspaper bustBasa aa to undertake to
abstract it from that cafe, even though
we had a week to do it in. The safe coat
about a thousand dollars.
A eeaple of nobby Ettle sigas adorn the
freat af Mr. Sherwood's store ea the cor
aer. We ara glad to aotathat the basi-
bsu of the" "City Store" k eoastaatly ia
creaeiag, aad people are begisaiag to find
eat that waea'they waat the best quality
of gasas at low prime, it is to their la
ter to oatt oa Mr. Sherwood.
1W Arm asaa would fiua auks the
imbfit Mean (bat the editor of the
Cshbf m as a jafc arieter. The editor
tf tfca $USr jka Mrer laid daia to say
aaetjsaaar, baTl ?? ia hie p4oy
c af thebattiekpfiasfsiB th stats,
al ftaVaajeW, aa'tto worsta tt daily
Theseheol meeda at the sshool hoaae
hut sieadsy was a taase affair, ao battoe
holisg, ao striviag for the lucrative pon
tic of Moderator BBd no hair pallbg.
R. Mi'chell was cbnesa as moderator, aad
a tax ef 10 villa was voted aa a bsildiac
faad, which, with the tax that was voted
for the other purposes makes a total of
about 20 mills for school purposes in the
51 m Charlotte Webber, living 4 miles
northeast of town, underwent a very
painful operation hut week. Two years
ago she waa thrown from a horse, an
ankle joint was badly fractured, and the
result is that she has been rendered a
cripple ever since. Dr. Mocns, assisted
by Dr. Elliott removed considerable dead
bone from the limb, she it now doing well
and in a (rood shape to lay aside her
cratches, which she tbas used for two
Last week Eugene Dough t and AL
Suttoo were arretted oo the charge of
burclarly, it being supposed that they
were the parties who broke into and rob
bed the Red Good post-office ob the
night of September 29th, 1879. They
had a preliminary examination before J.
R, Willcox, United States Commissioner
at this place, and their bail fixed at
$1,250 each, which they could not give,
and were taken to Lincoln by Deputy U.
3. Marshal Wright for safe keeping, to
await the May term of United States
Court io Omaha. The principal witness
against the prisioners u a young woman
of easy virtue, Ada Conway by name, who
it seems were on ioltmate terms with the
boys, and bad at a time shortly after the
robbery, taken care of a considerable
amount of money for the boys, and who
finally gave them away. At the prelimi
nary examination she appeared to be in
great fear of "Gene," who, she said, bad
repeatedly threatened to kill her. The
prisioners were represented in the prelimi
nary examination by . C. Hawley and
0. C. Cass, while the prosecution was
conducted by U. 8, District Attorney
G. M. Lambcrston. The case looks
pretty dark for the boys charged with the
crime of robbing Uncle Sam's mail.
aasa as i
Married On the 18th day of March,
1880, by Rev. J. T. Miloer, at his resi
dence. Mr. John W. Fetz, and Miss
HarretE. Milncr, youngest dauehtcr
of the officiating clergyman, all of Web
ster county, Neb.
A big rush at Pryse & Ewing's Photo
graph Gallery why? because they have
one of the beat artist in this part of tbe
county to operato for them.
Prysr a Ewmo,
Red Cloud, Neb.
Inavale, Neb. 1
April 5th. 1880. j
Inavale increases a little, a family ha
moved in near the post office, and Mr,
Olmptcad baa built a "soddy" on his place
to accommodate his renter, but the place
does not grow as was expected.
We bear complaints very often, such
as thin, why don't some one start a store
heru? or we need a blacksmith hop &c.
The fact is there ha been a great mis
take made, if the depot had boen locat
ed half way between Rrd Cloud and
Riverton, and the bridge had been at
Rockford, we should have had all these
things, and more too, and then perhaps
some of those immigrants who this sprint;
are seeking homes near some new town,
would have stopped here and helped to
build up our town.
An eastern man was ready, wanting to
bring a grist mill here and put it up as
poon as the bridge should be located at
the ford, but that failed and he would
aot come.
Also two men havo been here who
wanted to put up a building and put in
a stock of gooda, but after bavins; looked
the situation all over, they have civea rt
up. One said he thought the circle of
patronage too circumscribed, the station
Wing within 41 miles of Riverton, that
is the way it looks .to outsiders. Now
our only hope is that those people who
in their wisdom used their influence in the
location of tbe bridge and station, will
also use eaid influence in building up a
town. If the town should be a success
at no distant day, it will prove that they
did sot work with a selfish aim, but for
the greatest good of the greatest number.
We have the assurance of tbe patronage
of the Walnut cteckcrs, and that is a
boom for the town. Betsey.
Guide Rock, Neb., )
April 3rd, 1880. j
Editor Chief: In my last communi
cation I stated that, with all the tracks
of savage life that was then yet visible,
not one of that noble and brave hearted
crew turned back.
In those days they did not have among
them a cruel God, but the God of tbe
universe, tbe God of them all, they stood
ia tbe aaercy and economy of God, mid
way between the Atlantic aud Pacific,
and in that zone of the globe from which
have 6prung the arm, tbe mind and the
oenscience of the human race, who feels
that hither the pioneers of Webster
county pushed their way, that here they
plowed, sowed and harvested; that here
they stamped with sinewy arms on
plastic, nature images of their heroism
and untireing labor; that here they wor
shiped in their covered wagons and dug
outs fully in the dwellings of iat divinity
without the guidance of a preacher. The
incidents of their pioaeer life will become
a page in history when that book shall be
composed of the progress of the civiliza
tioa of the American desertf and to relate
how quickly those broad prairies unlocked
her stores at their commiad, and how
apidly the throes of a second birth came
apoa all this out laying country, when
babtixed by the sweat of their brow. 1 1
was the pioneers and old settlers who io
their homespun clothes hickory shirts and
bed ticking overalls plowed up these
prairies, planted these groves, built these
houses they bow live ia, and laid wide
aad deep the corner stone of the stalwart
civilisatioa that has gTOwa uparound
these. I remember well the first furrow
ever plowed ia Webster ooaaty, it waa
taraed by Governor Garber aad Waa.
MeBrida, the Gov. held the plow
aad Ma with al the aaavity of a kisg
drove the oxea. The first school ever
had was aear where Guide Rook bow re
pleadeat staada, aai was taught JbyMary
KiagaUr, daughter af Was, 8abia. The
first post effisa was at Guide Rock, kapt
by thai sawfid aad trasty haad A. M.
tiH oa earth, as whea the tadaale chiasad
ia tkedispeeia af oardarwiaiaa aaeastora,
kept the first rate or stepping place.
The old settlers kaew of hist, aad it
wao't each a ranch either, aa Greely
described ja Colorado where the bed hag
cease sad looked over the rtgiater te read
the gucata Basses to find eat the aaeaber
of their rooms. Uacle Jack's reach oo
state creek stands ia memory aa the laad
mark of pioneer days, aad its winsome
boat as the connecting link between red
man and pale face. It was at the log
store is Red Cloud, kept by Smith Broth
era tbst we bought oar first tobacco aad
groceries. Aad doyou suppose old settlers,
that I bare forgotten bow I drove break
iBg team for oae , bear-footed to earn
money enough to pay for them. How
long the days were. It did seem to me
that some modern Joshua commanded
tbe run to stand still os many days that
I drove that team. Stone bruised feet,
tora overalls and sun burnt face, told how
pressing were the aeoeasities of the situa
tion. Tbe first newspaper was the Red
Cloud Ciiikf, now owned and edited by
its able editor M. L. Thomas, one of the
pioneer settlers. Pioneers and old sett
lers reflect back to tbe early days of that
paper, bow it struggled and worked
against the tide of almost penury aad
want How it haa changed bands through
almost a generation of editors, and now
after al) the hardships it has end used
hsve pasted and washed away by the tide
of imigration, all who love to cherish
the memories of our early settlement will
wish it to continue its sew lease of vigor
ous life, no matter bow widely they may
differ front it in political faith. Here is
Captain Munsell, the "Jobo-the-BabtL-t
and white chief of the old settlers." I do
not say that he lived on grass hoppers
and wild honey, but I guess he brought
down as many buffalos as any of the boys
I almost tblBk that the almighty, ex
hausted all bis material in making the
captain, for he was always a father to me.
The first doctor was Peter Head, and I
cannot easily forget his bitter medicine.
The personal retrospect would be incom
plete were tbe constitutional lawyer John
R. Wilcox left out. tbe first lawyer io the
county, to sound all the depths of legal
lore and open the law laches for the bene
fit of his client, sleek and pert as the
prairie gopher, he washed in the pool
of Blackstone, and drank from the foun
tain head of Englands most gifted lawyer.
Of tbe first settlers who number the old
est dates tro Emanuel Peters, Donald
McCallum, Silas Garber, A. M. Talbot,
Abraham Garber, Wo. McBride, Joseph
Garber, Luther Mick, Albert Lathrop,
Sarah Mick and Mrs. Sarah Rich, after
which came August Roach, David Heffle
baur, William, John and Edwin Parks,
then came Wm. E. Jackson, George
Taylor, Jacob Kursber, John Farner,
Wm. Sabin and Edwin Kellogg. Of the
first noblo and brave women to grace
the uncivilized soil was Mrs. Catharit e
A. Garber, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. McBride
and Mrs. Sarah Mick, whose name is
more familiarly known as grand-ma, with
many otbeis who will be spoken of at
some future time.
Well friend Argus, you seem to think
that I have "sined against myself and
against my neighbors, and deservo abnsc
for some things I havo said." Do you
not think that you have abused me more,
were I the personyou tako me to be? I am
proud of ono thiog if nothing more, that
my creator is higher than a newspaper.
Io all you have said and misrepresented
in this matter, you seem to have forgot
ton this principle Bi$peoca$e in btllo non
licet, or io plain englisb, to blunder twice
is not allowed io war. Yet with all your
blunders you still show fight, and at last
make a stand by the comparison of Webs
ter county's financial condition with
Adams and Buffalo counties. Will you
please, through thecolumns of your paper
give its few readers the history of Buffalo
county's financial standing, that the
people may know just how a county gets
into a bankrupt condition? And also tell
the people what a claim or an account
against Webster county is worth at the
present time? Your comparison is rather
thin and shows bad upon the face of it.
Why did you not make tbe comparison
with Gage, Jefferson, Thayer, Nuckolls,
Franklin, Harlio and Furnace counties?
Come, don't cover up but uncover, tell
us why you made the comparison you did?
Now friend Aryut with all the personal
abuse and vulgar slang that a newspaper
could belch forth from the pen of its edi
tor, you have tried to heap upon one as
you supposed to be the writer, for all that
I can forgive you, and here ia my laaT,
trusting that your soul may be blessed
from ou high by the all wise, the all good,
and the all divine, and io his goodness
make you a wiser if not a better man.
wbese first name is Frank.
P. S. In my next communication I
hope to be able to give my full name.
A nice lot of spring goods, just received
at Mrs. Fowler's.
Ladies suits, ulsters, circles and under
wear, just received at Mrs. Luis'.
Mrs. Hovt has beea employed at the
fashionable millinery establishment of
Mrs. rowler, she is a fret class trimmer
and will give you satUfactioa.
The Hills of the Gods
Grind slow; not so with the mill at the
store of Perkiaa & Mitchell, for it will
grind a dollar's worth of coffee for you in
a little less thaa ao time, aad it grinds it
free of charge
Take Notice !
All accounts due T. J. Mother, aauat
be settled before the first day of May.
1880. Settleaaeat may be made with
William Moeher, at the old stand.
T. J. Moan.
April 5th, 168a 35-tf
Time aad Meaey saved ecdaria af
aae. I have the largest aad haaf asNee
tiea of Pleats ever.affered fee sale ia the
west Sweet Petew, Cabbage,
aai ether Pleats fiar sale ia thai
Address W. J. Uaasaa.
Pkttaaaeuta, Neb
aaaCatalof aae Free.
Bedding Plants
Final Proof Notices.
UarfOSea M Ztooattaftea. '. Anil St. 1SW.
Node U fetrttr gixra tkt tk fettewie
ax4 t$tlr h llri sottc ! lit Imumlle to
Mkt Sut! Movfls wpn of hi cliia. m4
ear Saal try tkmoL bfr Jmmm A. Tl
lr. data of tk Coart f WWr tnty. at
klf oc. la fU doa4. Nb, ea M4a7 Jim
lita.IM6. viz:
Jtrhs afcCaTtcB, Jr.. f fatkertea. Xeb,
HoaMUftd 146 tor th pomth . X. Mrtiaa c
town . rue II weu Bsdeuut tb foi'swiu
a bU vitsc. V pror roktisutta r4ac
up d 'BltiTfttieo of 'aid tract. vis:WlIUa
b. Crraaier. acd Gorc P. i thr, of CaiLvtiob.
Jb, an4 Vtirr L. iteabtek. ! Kboa Bart
lU. of Weil. 5b.
ptSi&ajr3. S. W. SWITZRR. lUcirtrr.
Laai Otic at l!looalat0B. Nb. April Hk. 1D.
Nolle la bareby siren that tbe foltowiae
ajB4 MlUer bu died notieof bUintetioa to
aake final proof io rapport of bl rUJn. aad
teenzt final entnr thereof, pro-.f to be afcla be
lor Jam A. Taller. Oci& or tbe Court of
WebetercooBty. at hU ofie. la IU4 Cloud.
Neb, on HAUnlar. Mar tb. 1&0. rii:
Arthur a 1'btlpt. HcBMirad Kntrr 1215.
for tbe nortb-l X.&ie. 22. town 2, raajr 10
vert, aad aamee tba folloarlnr at bi wlu-enea.
to pror coetisacitu r4tIeBC upon aad caltira
tioa of ail tract, ic John Xaeberr. Fraak
Cackrill. Cbritopbr Cox. tad Adas Saladaa.
all of KedCload. Neb.
aprSaarf S. W. S WITZER, KUter.
Land Oftc at Lloominlon Keb. March. 29. 1SS0.
Nolle U hereby girea that e lollowinc
named eettler bae flltxl notice of hi iotcatioB to
make final proof ia upj.ort of hu claim, aad
fecare final entrr thereof, before the clerk of
coart ol rbter -onntr. Kebr.. at th ccanty
leat. on Hat unlay the lit day of Mat. 1W, rit :
AlomoTubin, on botntitead entry No. 10&2.
for the lout b-eait . .Vec t. town i. north T
rancell weit. nd name the following at hif
witnenee io prore contmaoat reiidence upon
and cultivation of f aid tract, eix: Peter II. Sailor.
C'barlae Charcbill, H illUra bixboar and William
O.Cox. all of Helta. Webitrr roanty. Nebr.
aprlaprtSr . W. SWITZEH. ItegirUr.
LanJ Ofic at Hloominton. Neb.. March 29. "SO.
Notice l hereby ciren that tbe following
named tettler hat filed noUce of hU intention to
make final proof tn inpport of hU claim, and
vecare final entry thereof before the clerlr of
court of Wehtter county. Neb., at th couaiy
ieat.oxi Friday., April 30th, 1SS0, rix:
Sacncel L. Milncr. oa bomeetead entry nan
ber 803S. f.r the toith-weit H. Sec. 2R. town 4.
north of range 11 weet, and name th following
aa hU witneafea. to pror continuous rceidene
upon and cuitiralion of taid tract, rix; Mote
M. Wilton, Parid Fctz. John W. riU. acd
Kturgeon Kerahner.all of Clorerton. rtcbtter
county, Nebraika.
aprlaprffl 8. W. 8WITZER, Rcgiiter.
Land Office at Hloomington Neb. Jarch 29. WO.
Notice U hereby given that th following
named tettler has filed notice of hU intention to
aiake final proof in rapport of bia claim, and e
care final entry thereof, before Jarac A. Tul
leyt. clerk of the court of Webster connty. at
nUoffice in Red Cloud, May 1st. 15W). ri
Ivenute Kenutezan.on boiueatead entry num
'jeriOl. for the eaitj. north-west M, and west
. north-east Vi. sec. 11, town 3, north ot range
11 west, and name the following aa his wit
nesses, to prore continuous residence upon and
cultivation of raid tract, vis; Henry Laverty.
Cbesler W. Fuller. Mose C. Williamson, and
David Kets, all of IJatin. Webster county. Neb.
aprlapKS S, W. SWITZHB. Kegjster.
Land Office at Zfloomington Neb. March 29, 1840.
Notice U hereby given that the following
named settler ha filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of bis claim, and
ceiver of the U. H. Land Office in Bloomingtoa
i'ou., on atmj inn, isou, vis:
lleonr W. ltiie. on homestead entry Dumber
of range 12 west, and nama the following aa hia
wiuicnu. u prove continuous residence upon
and cultivition said tract. Tit Chester Dake.
John rik. Alli.n T. Avr TC4 V.I..M m:.u
all of Riverton, Franklin countv, Nebr. '
anaprf a. w. switzib. Register.
Land Office at Bloomington Neb Sfar.2Sth.1S80.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settlor has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of bis claim, and
secure final entry thereof before Jarnr A. Tal
Inys. clrrk of court ia Webster county at hi of
fice in Red Cloud Nob., on Saturday, May 3d
1880 vli'
Washington W. Harvey. H'd No 43S7. for the
north-west quarthr of section 22 twp2 range 12
west, and name the following as hi witnesses
to prove continuous residenco on and cultiva
tion of said tract, viz: J-.zra H. Jones, Cnnrles
Hunter. William A. Reck and William Wilson,
all of Inavale Neb.
aprlaprS 8. W- SWITZER. Register.
Land Office at Bloomington Neb. Jfor. 25th 1830.
Notice is hereby riven that the following
named settler has filed notice of bis intention to
make final proof in support nf hia claim, and
secure final entry thereof before Jaincr A. Tul
leys, elrrt of tbe court in Webster county at his
otfice in Red Lloud Neb., on Monday stay 3d.
181. viz.
Krnst Miller, of Blue Hill Neb. HM applica
tion 1731. fr the northeast ', sec 11 town 4 range
10 west, and names the following as hi witness
es to prove continuous residence on and cultiva
tion ot said tract, viz: Ott jWosenten. George
Uess. Fredrick Weicbartand William Kort, all
of Blue Hill Neb.
aprlapr29 8. W. Euitzrb. Register.
Land Office at bloomington Neb. Var. ZUi, 18S0.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notioe nf his intention to
make final projf in support of hs claim, and se
cure final entry therof. before James A.Tulteys
(Tlcrk of the Court of Webster county, at his off
ice in Red Cloud Neb., on April 23d. 1890.
Cbesler L. Brockman.H'd .ipulication 3999.
for tho west half of the soatheast quarter and
west half northeast quarter of section 22 town 2
range 12 west, and names the folio wicg as his
witnesses to prove continuous residence on and
celtivation otsaid tract, viz: George IV. Knight
Albert C Halo. Ab'alora N. Day, Ezra II. Jones
all of Inavale. Nebr,
mar25apr22 S. W. SWITZER, Register.
Land Office at Bloomington. Neb. Mar. 18th, 80
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler have filed notice of intention to
make final proof in rapport nf hi claim and
secure final entry thereof before the Register
or Receiver of iheU. 8. Land Office at nlooa
ington Neb.. on Jonday. April 26. 18S0.
Ueorge H. Hpr nger for t he S XA N E i aad
JVHS W XA sec. 22 town 4 range 12 wast, and
names tho following as his witnesses, viz: James
Alexander, Robert Tbarp, Alonzo Tobinand
Albert II. Springer all of Wells P. O Neb.
mar25apr22 8. W. SWITZER, Re lister.
Land Office at Bloomington, Neb. March 15, 1880.
Notice is heby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of bis claim, and
secure final entry thereof before James A. Tai
lors clerk of tbe coart in Webster county, at bis
office ia Red Cloud, Neb., oa the 17th day of
April. 1SS0.
Isaiah Heitsnean. of Guide Roes. Neb., Home
stead No. 1379. for th south-west quarter, north
west quarter west, southwest quarter and south
east quarter, south-west quarter, estion 10,
town 3, range 9 west, and name the following a
his witnesses, viz: Sbadrach Croxton, John Far
mer. Christopher C. Bennett and Jacob JaToBia,
all of Cowles, Nebraska.
marl8apl5 S. W. SWITZER, Register.
Land Office at Bloomington Neb. March 15. 1890.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final prool in support of his claim, aad
secure final entry thereof before the Rvgisteer
or Receiver at the U. 8. land office in Bloomiag
toa Neb., on the 20th day of April. 1890.
Jaeob Schunk, of Plae Hill. Nebr., Uometed
Jib. 3743. for the northwest quarter, section 31.
town 1. range 10, west, and names the following
as his witnesses, vie Gotleib Arndt, Frederick
Bank. Henry Neihmire and Fred Nebal. all of
Blue Hill. Neb. S. W. SWITZER, Regirtw.
Notice is hereby girea. that I will xasaio
all persons who may desire to offer themselves
aa candidates for teachers of the primary or
common aeboola of Webster eoantv. at Rd
Cload oa the first Saturday ia th a -nth of
rebraary, Jfay August and ftovesnber: At
Blue Dill oa tbe first Saturday in the months of
January, April. July aad October. At Guid
Roek oa the fiirst Saturday ia th aoatas of
March, June. September and December.
Examinations to comaeaee at 9 o'clock a. a,
A. A. PoFg.
Coaaty Superintendent of Pablte Iastraetiea.
Motice to Creditors aOearge Zeiss, Decease!
Ia Coaaty Coart,
Webster Coaaty, N,
Ia the BtaUar of th
KaU of Grge Zeiss, deceased. I, C. W.
Kaley. Coaaty Jadge of said coaaty. hereby
aoUfy all perseas having claias ea th said
state, that I have appointed the th day, of
May. A. 0. 1890. for the reeeptioa, examiaaUoa
aad adjus'aeat of ii claims, aai deaaads aa
proviaed by law. at ay osaea ia said Wetr
ouBhty, aad all pcrsoas so iatcrattei ia sail
wute, will appear at aaid Ua aad plae r
withia six aoaih's from th data last abov wnt
tea, aad aaly preseat their said claiaa or d
maads ia the aaaaer required by law. r show
cause for sot so dolag. aad ia ea aav at Mia
elalBM shall aot he aiaaaateS withia thaUaaa
fixed by thk ceart the sae shall he tsrvrar
Nettea b alw aiT that .Sophia L. Zaiat.
haa bea daly appoiatad.Adaiairaxrix af th
said Mta of Uorg.Zeisa. deeaasad. tiiraa
aader ay haad aad sal. ft thaaaM eaaaty oaart
Ccaary Jade.
Crowa Jewell Pateat loar, eaa ahraya
be aad at tke word r Chaa. . Pataaaa.
The beet ioar ia the valley.
So Good Preaching.
preaea a geaa saraaaa, iryanasan m
aWeraBeJieaaocemte a aael artMts
i a..Vli- .UkUaad alalL anth
4acgUa araia aad aaHsaey aaarvaa; aad
aeaekWmketleeaiBiiasaefc a
caadrUwa waaa k eaa ba ao essSy aai
cheaply raaiavad by a Intie Usp .Bitters
Wal aeaer ia freal variefjr ai
Ilave jea area tWie aew aats as4
eeae at Neea k Uaeaaer'a.
Wiadow hade asd ixtare, at
Broaa's ferakere atore.
Yor a airlwa) dreea or street hat, raM
oa Mra. Fowler, as the baa aceia arcarH
tk aerrieeof Mn. II.;, the eel first
daa triaaaaer is tba city.
Mitchell & Mofbart are ajreet'a for
the Victor. Americas aaj Davie aewtsf
aaaehiara, in this coaaty. tf
Mooa & CalJender have just orvacd
a aew crate of Qareaaaare, aa4 also a
alee iiae of Glassware.
Go aad see the lEseatock of farm tats
at Broas's, before purchasis; ele where.
A coaiplete Iiae of oroarseats for the
hair, J4t aeck Use aod chtldreaa collar,
at Mra. Fowler's.
Go aad see goods, and price, before
bayh-, at Brows' a f archaic aad wall
paper atore.
New dre socrl! New prinf atylea
of print! New dress ginbaaia, at Mooa
k Calleoder'a.
Chaa. R Patnata has a patent dried
beef cotter is hia atore, aad parties who
purchase dried beef can hare it already
sliced ,
Mr. Montgomery renlarlr deals oat
frcah Bailie te the inuabitanta of Red
Cload. Milk delivered every day, Sun
days aot excepted.
Honey to Za9&&&!
upward, straight 10 per cent. No Comtaiatioa.
I. H. Coo a as. at th Court iious. ilX
II. A. Biard will be in hi office, froai
the Brat to tbe 7th, of each month.
Office next door to tbe Beak, Red
Cload. 23 if.
Not the Crown of Kings nor the Crown
of Glory, bat the Crown Sewing Machine,
tbe latest, and best machine in the Mar
ket, it will pay you to call at the Pot
Office and see it before yoa parch asc!
For Sale by M. B. McNrrr.
Messrs. Fowler & Rawoon will open a
branch moat market at the old stand at
tho lower end of town, on tbe east aide ot
the street, and all kinds of freah and
smoked meat, saasages, fowN, and in
fact everything in their line that the pab
lie may need will be kept constantly on
hand. Meats of all kinds will be smoked
for parties who deire it, and at very
reasonable rates. Give them a trial.
A niee Iiae of fancy ribboas, at Mra
Chaa. E. Putnam has jat received a
large invoice of the best gTadcs of coffees,
sugars, teas, syrups, canned goods and
everything usually kept in a first class
grocery store. if
$2 00 PER YEAR.
Messrs. Fowler k Rawson, who havo
recently purchased tho meat market for
merly conducted by Moshcr k Son, have
employed Mr. Wm. Moshcr to act in the
capacity of salesman, and general mana
ger, his experience in the business and
tho patipfaciion which he has hitherto
civen the public i sufficient guarantee
that they will receive in the future as in
the fast, the best of satisfaction. tf
Money to prove up with on final re
ceipt, or on deeded laud at 8 per. cent,
and 1-G2 per. cent commiaMon, or at
straight 10 per. cent no commission.
Jno. R. Willcox.
Office next door to Chief office. 30 tf
Secure the Shadow ere the
Substance Fades.
AH who are desirous of having pic
tures of themselves ur of their friends or
iittleenes, are respectfully informed that
Messrs. Pryse k Ewing are now ready to
take Photographs. Ferrotypes Ac, in the
highest style of tbe art. Also copying
and enlarging. Gallery, second door
north of Chief office, Red Cloud, Nbb.
30tf Parse k Ewino.
IiwSton InrSoodi InrFricn.
Cheap, Cheap Cheap!
Drras Ooods
Mens & Boys"
Hats & Caps
Ladies & Ghildrens Furs
in great variety,
GEOCOIXS, gtwaariea. 6X0CXKIES
Gassy, 7aesas.
Corner Store-
I . JT. W. Serum.
. JO
aew- m u
la. BM
- 2 S Si '3
E 1 I S o
1 kai -I
a 8 is
as .s g i
2 I S S
aaaaa a '" z
TaZ a
S d
Flour & Feed
CHAS. E. FUTXf AX, Prop.
Cra. Mtal. Eraa Cfrl f4
visit ta iuaa4 atttr. Ti fr.
Ttsio8st4rSiaTa waaisafi'li tW aaa r
Ulfataarktt rl ia rasa fala fr crala
All kla-ls of coaatrT pr4a tka sa sf)aa
(arrixxJs. Uxil ilalirarW U all r-rufuwa
ro f chare.
Star aasta of IU4's riaw Farterr.
Red Cloud, - Nebraska
Pioprictor of the
City Drug Store,
DrugSs Medicines.
Paints- Oils
and Varnishes.
A full tapply of
ratroaat solicit! aad taaaafall:rlT4.
SaVrraaerUoas earauHy emtx6Ja4"a
One door south of Garber 'a atore,
c 3
Moon i Callender,
)DEAI.mt8 IN(
General Merchandise,
Dry - GootlN
Boot afc Shoes,
Orns ?IedIciMe,
OUh TmrHiliM.
Paints Etc.
A fall Hoe of every thisg kept in a geBeral
store at the Lowmt Cass Pbicks.-
Moon & Callender.
Nimble Six-pence.
Geo.W. Dow,
Groceries L Confectioneries.
Ckoic Taas. Cla Saaar e-
White Fish L Mackerel.
Oiaaa. DriaelaaiCaajwi FrwiU. TafetTa
lirrss aad Ciaan. Floar aa-t ai eaa
aaaUr oa aaa. ais. BaUar.
aa4 WF
Taken in Payment.
Krarrtaia- warraatW ta aa at
bt aaar atti af airaa .
Red Cloud, - NeH;
Hay aaH CHjUP sar CAJsL sav at atay
are art waa r waa. leave jeer
TM Bawasf sbbbb
-.M lUW. - '-N-A. -s -- .
IZS ttiJw aassaaaaw' aaws asaaaMBaasaw' fsBsHssBJsBBaaiasaaV
nta-4 ac)caUaa to AaS a Parasa, ta fat XWTl. CBAaa tw
nata af las UsMht af CVarr,a W .
F. ,H CORE Jeweler, Ktd Cloud, Veh.
Groceries, Qneenswire, and
Spring and Summer Clothing,
A Itirse !! t HOTKI AflllOlall. Imtee
CAPA, afkt?., lie.
fATGive ass a call, every ttf otd at BOTTOM Price fer CASH.
Red Cloud, - Nebraska.
t a o
a i?? Z.
S . ""
o -
r2X ?
- ar
fcj 2.5-S
E J o trr
a 6
5 1Z
Z.B tit.
H. Mixta.
Ialn la
W k eeastaallr
Glassware, Queenswark andO
Wc buy our goods for cash,
and defy coMf etition. When J
in town give us a call.
OaadWr Saatk f A PattOaU.
Red Cload.
We call your attention to the Largest, Best,
and Cheapest Stock of
In tbe Ripublicaa Valley. w
Years of experience in the trade, has taught us
the wants of the Farmers of this great
Convinced that in your Success lies the interest t
of all, wc offer you the best products of
Eastern Manufacturers.
Drills, Seeder's, Corn Plows with Seeder attach- a."
ments, Sulky Plows, Stirring and Breaking
Plowsi Marsh Harvester,
Whitnev Marsh Binder,
-' - . .
i aa s ww
marKet, ivanaoipn ncaacr, icwion vvagon,
Buggies, and all kind of
RED CLOUD, - - Nebraska.
a. c2r
-jjc ray
.-2TKf;ft?5- a?-CJ
l la, 3B T-T."
Hrt -t
2. L. Mtaaa.
all a tads of
ea kaa4 a fall atotk f
the best machine in the
. - ji-
s awx .. lir
af aar
9 m i fT afjta Z A 11
a. . ar ' zxz w w i i
i i - A !!"
Talbot. Uaok Jack Reaiecker who
- '" t
. i " -
n' ni'i tn a
atoaajalapsWatisl-irfiiaa AZ,$ jtaaaSatj
y-J r?,;
iaiacaafjpiiaiviiiS'i -
ELM".'-,- - "MSS, '- -- .' , ' -
MTniiMMiiirarrtTf0'"u i""a"!l1
aaBBBBBBBBBBTlTmhr 'Wv ' - K fis imjaaajr""