The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 01, 1880, Image 4

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April fool
All foaTa day!
April fool's day.
Hut tip yor croquet aer.
Prepare yoar fitt'e gardcut.
Ttw 16 tbe Cnt day of A priL
ao hat for 25 cents, it Mr?. Fowler',
lined aprieotr, a sice article, at Boly'i
The fanabage will eooo be completed
Otzrc seed for aale at the City Drug
All tb'c do? eltks of the tcaton, at Mru.
The airing time baa acme, "Gentle
Ladies and children' gloves, at Mrs.
A. A. Pope will sell harvesting ma
cbiotry this season.
. Yew can get a trimmed bat for $1, at
Mrs. Fowkr's.
Tbe Red Cloud Cuief six month to
. any address, for 75 cents.
Perkins k Mitchell', headquarters for
ttsple aud fancy grcccncs.
Cbildrese jrioves for 10 cents a pair, at
Mrs. Fowler's.
Broom com seed by tbo pootd or
bushel, for tale it Holy's.
Bev. Goo. O. Yeiser, preaches at
Guide Bock, next Sunday.
Kev. Tbeo. Johnson, of Aiaboy, called
on tbo Cuiiy last Monday.
Mr. Pope is building a in tbe
extreme ncrth-weet part of town.
Still a few left of those fast telling
"hoise books," at the Cuitr office.
We have added ttill another quire oi
pspcr to oar weekly issue of the Chikf.
Horse bills printed at the Csixr office
in good style and at low rite. All kiodt
ofcats. Mrs. Fowler is agent for Butterick
Patterns acknowledged to tLe most reliable
in use.
Last Saturday' was proving up day
with a number of residents on Uucle
Sam's land.
Bcal estato rose rapidly on Friday and
Saturday of Jaw week and sailed off to
wards Kausaa.
We bear that a prairie fire did consider
able damage on tbe south side of the
river last Friday.
Women's Christian Temperance Union
will meet at tbe school house, ou Friday
evening, al 4 o'clock.
An order has bten ifsued by tbo B. k
M. authorities prohibiting train men from
smoking while ou duty, j
A load of boys who were out riding last
Sunday were upset and strung along tbe
highway for a mile or so.
D. G. Harvey of Furnas county, was
among our callers last Tuesday. - Tbo
Chief will go to his address in the
There was not much trado in town hurt
Saturday, owing to the high wind that
prevailed all day, keeping farmers from
coming to town.
Sherer has put new shelving in hia drug
store, changed thiDgs around and mater
ially improved tbo general appearance of
the interior airangements.
$2 00 PER YEAR.
Nathon Mcrru, the young man con
victed of breaking into A. Garber's store
at Guide Rock, was sentenced to two
years in the state prison.
Fred. Boehner of the Arapahoe Pioneer
is, we believe, tho youngest editor in the
etate. Three years and a half ago that
distinguished honor belonged to the pres
ent editor of the Chief.
A lightening rod peddler down at
Seward had one of his ribs caved in, last
week, by a club in the ha ads of ob irate
farmer, whom he was trying to indace to
boy a few thousand feet of rod.
Young Morris who was sentenced to
to the penitentiary by Judge Gaslin last
week, accompanied- sheriff Warren to
Lincoln last Friday. He is the first man
ever sent to the slate prison from this
A commercial traveler, or "drummer,''
Llareuce E. Davis by name, has five'
wives scattered over the country. They
have recently gone to work to land Mr.
Davis in the penitentiary, which they will
undoubtedly do,' and terve him right, too.
How we do love the man who cooly
walks iato our office and asks us to give
biaa a half dczenofour exchanges, and
informs us that he does not take a county
paper, too poor, and then goes off and
spends the price of a years subscription
for whisk ey'aad cigars.
The. Republican State Central Com
mittee is called at tbe Commer
cial Hotel in Lincoln, on Thursday tbe 8th
of April, at 2 o'clock P. x., for the pur
pose of completing the organization oi
the committee,, and Jo transact such other
business as may properly come before the
Last Friday while the wiad was blow
ing a gale from the north a spark from
the chimney of Ira Sleeper's house caught
in tho weeds ami gnus Bear the house,
and but for the timely discovery of the
fire and prompt action of the women who
first saw,it, the oowaqoeaoes might have
beta slimitroae.;
."-Ji.-- - .
Thyva'rgW m OU Settler's
?m EraaaUta .eeeatir. .Air
W the tf 21 yaaia, haviig
ia the aaaaty prior u Deatambar
31, 1874, bmj becsmcr a .member by
peyusg 25 ecBts. Theyrtpess te boM a
re SBMB BMMUtllj.
,Waeaomahat sarprked that Bra.
JCfBBtj. vbVbm afcewa a akili aad jaage
-jfttBi rarely esacHei, the baadliaf of
arwnhfrWH, aloU allow his paper to
wjfm a wi'vum thrauja whieb eorraa
prntimtf awjr tktmkt at aaakataar, aad
H. f T J ,
'V -j
The eorrespondent who aired himrelf so
a-Ubily in the Argvt Iat week will bo
doabt eipect us to answer bis silly prating.
This we deeliae to do, for several reason,
via. The ladies wha attended that ball
doebtlera feel badly ennagh aboat the
affair aiihoat any more being said on the
subject. We have the highest respect for
many of tbe girls who attended the ball,
and it is not their fault if thcooai-ummate
as who write; in tbe Atqv, and a fow
other disreputable cbaiacttns acted iu
kuch a manner as to bring tbe affair be
fore tbe public in tbe light of a low grade
variety theatre, and caue it to be talked
of, and denounced by nearly all the re
specUble people in town. Wo cannot
answer the vile insinuations of this low
born egotist because it U entirely beneath
tbe dignity of tbe profession to uotice
anonymous articles of any kind. If the
writer will come out boldly and let tbe
public know who he is. we will either
coodeoeud to answer bin vilo lurs or else
give bis name to the public and ask tbe
public if, in its opinion such a specimen
of humanity is worthy of notice ic the
columns of a resectable newspaper. We
cannot answer tbe contemptible sneak be
cause he already has a mania for rushing
into prit.t, and it would only be encour
aging him to inflict tbe public with bis
vile and senseless trasb.
And, finally, we cannot answer tbe wri
ter of.tbe low and vulgar bob in question,
because we, as a journalist, have a higher,
a nobler mist-ion to perform than that of
spurning from our path every dirty little
yelpiog cur that barks at our heels.
sa aa - -
Webiter County, Neb. 1
Maich 2hb, 1880. j
Editor Chief: A few lines to your
valuable paper, may interest some of
your many readers.
The dry weather, continues and the
grumbling continues, also among some oi
the farmers. Full wheat is almost dried
out, bat with a little rain soon it ' may
make half crop.
There has a great deal been said about
a coal mine discovered near Salem,
Jewell county, Kansas. I have also a
coal mine to report of which I learned
while canvassing in the western part of
Smith county, Kansas, on weat cedar
creek 7 miles north-east of Kirwin, on tbe
farm of J. W. Miller. The coal was
found croping out of the bank of the
creek, 18 feet below tho surface I of an
inch thick with a downward slant, and
by prospecting it was found to increase in
thickness very fast, Mr. Miller was pros
pecting back a hundred feet from the
croping out, tho day I was there but had
not struck tho vein yet. An old coal
miner that was assisting in prospecting,
says a yem of 4 feet will be found from
100 to 200 feet below tbe iurface.
I havo a few small pieces of tho coal
from the cropings along the creek bank,
and it u-a very fine specimen of soft coal,
the probability is that there is plenty of
coal in Smith county, Kan., and Webster
county. Neb. And it is only a matter of
time to dcvelope that fact.
P. S. Helvehn.
comssiOHSfis pnocsrriiTGS.
MabciT 19th, 1880.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present: A, H. Crary, Isaac May
Comes; J. A. Tulley, clerk.
The follow-ng official booi were ap
proved: Corydon Craw, overseer of highways,
R. D. No. 17. William Montgomery
constable, Guide Rock precinct. Judson
Forbes constable, Glenwood precinct.
Tbe following accounts were allowed,
warrants to be drawn as provided by
State Journal Co , Books and
Blanks, - $ 99 87
G. A. Brown, window blinds 2 00.
John Murray, work on bridgo 3 70.
Sam'l. Miller, work on road 4 00.
Resignations of W. B. Good, constable
Bed Cloud precinct, and Lewis A. Haw
lew, constable Oak creek precinct, pre
sented and accepted.
A new road district was formed from
tbe west half of R. D. No. 1, ;he eastern
bouadary, commencing at the north west
corner, of section 1G-2-9, and running
south to tbe Republican river, said district
No. 20, and Vinson D. Yaughn appainted
overseer of highways.
"Road district No. 21, formed from east
half of Stillwater precinct, and Thomas
Richardson appointed overseer of high
ways for said district.
The following appointments were made
to fill vacancies, R. A. Simpson, J. P.
Potsdam precinct, Robert Rounds, over
seer of highways, R. D. No. 16.
Adjourned to Friday, March 26th, 1880.
J. A. Tolley, A. H. Cbaby,
Clerk. Chairman pro tern.
Tbe spring communion service of the
Presbyterian church of Red Cloud, will
be held at tbe school house of Red Cloud,
on next Sabbath, April 4tti, 1S80, at 101
o'clock A. if., in tbe following order:
First. Preaching.
Second. Baptism of a dult and infant
The Lord's Supper.
Bear in mind tbo communion in the
Presbyterian church is invariably aa open
communion, and that no creed is required
to be sabscribed in order to enter into
this church. The Bcv. G. L. Little,
state secretary of missions is expected
here about that time. The services pre
paratory to the communion will Jbe held
ob the Saturday proceeding (the 3d iost. )
emmeaeing at 3 'clock P. M., at the
seioa) house, consisting. 1st. Of a short
leetare or address. 2d. A meeting of which those wishing to
aaita with the eharoh by letter and by
profession, will please be present. 3d.
Immediately after a eharoh meeting, or
a meeting of the eeagregattoa, coatastlBg
of all regular supporters ef the chareh
who have a right to take pari ia all the
proeeediags, (aa4 whs are aerahy urgently
reqaertefl taattaad,) will fee held for the
traasaetieB ,of imaertaat haaBaaa. aad
alio ifreqaked for the eleeties of aew the eeesiaa. Please be
prompt and paaetaal-
IJ. M. fKmv.aenae aartoi f,th
eVarcB of BtiCIcmd.
Bloomixoto. Ned., )
Mere 27th, 1880. j
Patents hare beta lately received ia
this oSee fur the following parties residing
ia Webster coaaty, Nebraska:
In range 9. John Digby, Afoau N.
John, James W. Arnsberger, Cjrus A.
Arnsberger, Jacob Monu, Owen Lally,
Stephen Newman, Adam II. Spraeher,
Anny E. Rogers, Charles C. Bargcr,
William J. Simpson, Charles L. Brown,
and Frank Cboat.
In e 10. James B. Cbapio,
Samuel P. Martin, Jobs l. Leach, Sam
uel Blight, W.rrcn V. Beal, Julia A.
Skilcs, Robert JlcCune, George Latta,
ArcbibaM J. Ritter, Walter W. Lewis,
Timothy Lawlcr, George Laverty, James
K. Ralph, Thomas P. Chambers od
rnsciiu .uoorc.
In kanue II. Henry S. Kaley,
August F. Wabberman, Charles II. Pot
ter. Andrew J. Rcnneker, John Osburo
and Frederick Fabudrick.
In kanue 12. Nelson Phelp.. Ezra
II. Jones, Nathan A. Aycr, Hans J.
Waltstade and Alexander M-iy.
Parties desiring their patents are re
quested to sign their names on 'he back
of their fioal receipts as their name is
wriiteo in the receipts, aud send tbe same
to this office, and their patent will be
mailed to them.
S. W. Switzkb, Register.
m m
Now ia the time to buy your garden
feeds. Perkins & Mitchell have a good
varity of the best kiuds to select from,
also clover seed, pure Early Rose Pota
toes, Ouiou seeds by tLe pound. Peas in
barrels, will have Sweet Potatoes and
other needs next week, do not fail to call
while- tbo fctock is fresh,
Meeting of the Tizh Cozasussioa.
Tbe members of the Fish Commission,
Dr. R R. Livingston, of Plattstnouth,
Hon. W. L. May, of Fremont, and Hon.
II. S. Kaley, of Red Cloud, met in this
city, yesterdaj'., Tbey made arrange
ments to procure and care for tho allot
ment of German carp, for this State; also
for the receipt of a number of eels.
Provision was also made to preparo for
hatching 500,000 California salmon eggs,
and to distribute tbo same. The hatch
ins of brook trout was deferred uutil a
sufficient appropriation was made where
ffith to purchase spawn. A variety oi
subjects were discussed relative to fish
laws, the best fih for tbii state and the
best means of distributing. Publication
of the laws through the journals of the
state was also decided on. The meeting
was an interesting one. Journal.
A large stock of the best biands of flour
made in the valley, constantly on hand at
Perkins k Mitchell's.
a men thing about editor.
"Editors are uEually wealthy," the
man with tho sample case remarked.
"Yes," wo said, "thoy are familiar
with all the slang and business phrases
of the money market; they writo about
millions as ordinary men talk about dol
lars; they build railroads; tbey organize
mining and magnificent transportation
companies with fabulous capital; they
declarer war without consulting the Roth
cbilds, and if all the batiks in America
were ti fail to-morrow they wouldn't be a
cent poorer than they are to-day. Yet,
tbey re rich. They associate with the
moneyed classes, they sit down at tables
with Kings, and 8onie times, in happier,
luckier moments, with aces; if you want
to borrow money, go to the editor, he
will torn to his advertising columns and
tell von where you can borrow it. If you
have money to loan, rather than see you
surfer he will borrow it of you himself.
Rich? He knows the secret of the
monied rings he divulges the plans and
schemes of the heavy operators to the
people; he roars himself louder than the
bulls, and growls among the bears; his
voice is heard in the temples of tbe money
changers, asking for money; he warbles
his little roundelay out ou the curbstone,
in a melancholy uiiuor key, when he
doesn't get it. Oh, yes, editors are rich.
When you want to spend all the money
you have in this wild, wide world, go to
your lawyer, when you want something
done for nothing, hie to voor newspaper
office. Then, when yon want to send
some mau to Congress, send your lawyer,
because you can get along without him."
We paused, and a profound, impressive
silcuce filled the ah like a dream of peace.
We looked around upon our audience.
It was asleep.
Sirs. Fowler has jast received the larg
est stock of millinery and notious, ever
brought to this city.
Providence has sat upon a man down
in New Hampshire who would not take
the newspaper He was a farmer and
had a couple of ice houses which be filled
during the early cold snaps of the winter.
Bis neighbor, who reads the papers, bap
pened along and offered him 9600 for his
ice. He snapped at the hartals, won
dering bow his neighbor became so sud
denly insane. The next day aBotber man
offeied him $2,50Qfor the ice, but he
did not folly realise his capacity for wrath
until bis neighbor sold tbe ice for $5,000.
He has subscribed bow for six newpa
vers, and will know the next time theie
is going to be an ice tVuine.
A nice line of dress buttons, is carved
pearl jet crochet aad the cashmere colors,
at Mrs. Fowler's.
THE-Linoola Journal is responsible for
tbe following:
Women who engage in raising funds
for the different public and private char
ities, aBd who speed from one to three
diva of each week ia equally disinterested
work, will take Botice from thia, and be
warned. A maa ia tbe waster part of
the state took advaatage of hi wife's
absence en a mitioa of this kiad recently,
aad rained the hired girl.
The latest novelties of flowers, feathers
and trimmings, at Mrs. Fowler's.
J Moaroe laylor'a Gold Medal Seda
or Salsratos is cleaaeed of all imparities.
aadeoataJae Urn lergeet ameaat of aU
n sesmary aad wholnomo praparti whiea
oaa ha coaacatratad hi the aaaaa weight;
is gaaraateed to give" the maat perfect
aetisfaeooaor the moaey refaaiad. It
will care dyaaaiKie peraeaa, aad save the
hkhofairwk) ate-ic Grocers aad
IkwnuieSit. Dpot, 11 Liberty St,
A aiee line of faacy ribseaa, at Mra.
Why do yoa ceaaplaia ef poor tea and
coffee whea yoa eaa get the be article
aad aomethiag that will go to the right
pot everytime, at Pcrkia k Mitchell's.
Fr a ttrlish drea or street hat, call
ob Mrs. Fowhr. aa she baa agaia secarcd
tb aerviee of Mm. Hoy, the oaly first
class trimmer in the city.
Elegant patters and trimmed hats,
a great vcriety and very cheap, just re
at Mrs. Lutz'.
Mitchell fc Morbart are agent's for
tbe Victor. Americas and Davis sewing
machine, in thi county. tf
Moos k Callender have juit opened
a Bew era! a oi Viueensware, auti auro a
nice line of Ghuoware.
A rntiin1r linA of orniiBPnti for the
hair, iet nect Uses aud childrens collars,
at Mrs. Fowler's.
The largest block of millinery and
ladies furniining good eir brought to
Webster Co., to be found at Mr. Lutz.
Chan. E. Putnam has juft received a
large invoice of the bett grades of coffee,
sugars, tea., syrups, canned good and
everything usually kept in a first clat
grocery store. tf
Crown Jewell Patent flour, can alwars
be had at the store ef Chas. . Putnam.
The bebt flour iu the valley.
Final Proof Notices.
Land Otic mt Bloominston Neb. Mircb. 29. 160.
Xuticn is hereby siren that the iollowing
cataoi tattler has filed notiea of hi intention to
make final proof in uiurt of hU cUitn. dJ
secure final entry thereof, before the clerk of
court oi Webiter couuty. Nebr.. at the count?
peat, on -Saturday the lit liy of Jay. l&S'J. vis:
AlnnioTobin.on bomtstead entry N. 10G2.
for the uutu-eatt i, Aoc 4. town 4, north of
ranee 11 weat. nd natnrs tho fullotriuz .u his
witnersM to prove continuous refidnnee upun
and cultivation of said tract, viz: Peter II. bailor,
Charles Churchill. William Suhour ant William
0. Cox. all of Wells, Webster county. Nebr.
aprltpr2 ri. W. SWITZEK. Itegisttr.
Land Office at Kloominzton. Xcb.. March 29. "SO.
Notice is herby given that the following
named settler has Cled notice of his intention to
niak final oroof In support of bis claim, and
secure Cnr.l entry thereof before the clerk of
court of Webster county. Neb., -t tbe county
seat, on Friday. April 30th, ISaO. vis:
Samuel L. Milner. on homeftead entry num
ber 8U3S. for the south-wot 'A. Sec. 3. town 4.
north ofntuge II wot, aud nauio tbo following
as his witnesu. to prove continuous residence
upon and cultivation of (aid tract, ii: Mosfs
.V. Wilson. David Fotz. .lohn W. r tt. and
Sturifeon Kcrsbner, all of Clovtrtou, iVebster
county. Nebraska,
aprlapr- S. W. SWITZEK. Register.
Land Office at Hlootnington Neb. Aarch 29. IS 0.
Notice is hereby g.ven that tho following
named settler has filed notice f his inteutiou to
wako final proof in support of bis claim, and se
cure final entry thereof, before James A. 'ful
lers, clerk of the court of Webster county, at
hisoffice in Ked ClouJ. May 1st. 1Sj0, vi
Kenute Kenutezen. on huuie.lead entry num
ber 3331. for tbe cast . north-wen Jf. and west
A. north-cast 'i. "eo. 11, town 3, north of range
II west, and names tho fo lotting as his wit
nesses, to prove continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said tract, viz: Henry J-arerty.
Chester W. Fuller, Moses C. Williambon. and
David b'vu, all of Uatin. Webster county. Neb.
aprlapr29 S. W. SWITZER. Ktgister.
Laud Office at Zfloomington Nub. March , tSSO.
Notice is bcro'.y siven that the foUowicg
named settler ban filed notice of his intention to
make final proof iu support of his claim, und
secure final entry thereof, btforn James A. Tul
leys, clerk of tbe court oi Helter county. t
his oflieo in Red Cloud, on My 11th. iaS'j. viz:
'Joono W. ttise, on homestead entry nuiubor
1222. for the south weUji. Seo. 30. town 2. norm
of range 12 west, and nam tho following us his
witnesses, to prove continuous rcsidenco upon
and eultivition said tract, riz: Chester Dake.
John KUb, Allen T. Ayers and Nathan Glick,
alt of Rivcrton, Franklin county. Nebr.
arlnprJ3 S. XV. Switzsr. Keititer.
Land Office at Bloomington Neb Mar.'iJtb.lSSO.
Notice is hereby given thht the Mlowinii
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
secure final entry thereof be-fore James A. l'ul
leys. clerk of court in Webaler connty at his of
fire in ReJ Cloud Neb., on Saturday, May 3d
lhSO. viz;
Washington W. Harvey. H'd No 4357. for the
north-west quarthr of section '2 twp '1 rDge 12
west, and namos the fnllawiog as hia witnesses
to prove continuous resideoce on and cultiva
tion of said tract, viz: Ezra II. Jones. Charles
lluntcr. Willinm A. Reck and Wtllium Wilson,
all of Inavale Neb.
oprljpriJ S. W- SWITZEK. Register.
Land Office at Iiloomington Neb. Jar. 25th 18S0.
Notice is herehy rivon that the following
named settler ha filed notice ofhis intention to
make final proof in support nf his claim, and
ecure final entry thereof before Jamcr A. Tul
ley s. eler of the court in Webster county at his
office in Red Cloud Neb., on Monday .May 3d,
1S5P. viz.
Ernst Miller, of Rlue Hill Neb. H'd applica
tion 1731, for the northeist'soc. It town 4 range
10 west, and names the following aa bis witness
es to prove continuous residence on nd cultiva
tion of said tract, viz: Ott" Jlosenten. George
Qtn. Fredrick Weichart and William Kort. ill
of Uluo IlilINeb.
aprUprJO S. W. Ewitzkr. Register.
Land Office at bloomington Neb. Mxt. 23d. IS90.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler hits filed notice of his intention .
make final pro if in supportof his claim, and se
cure finnl entry there if. before James A.Tulleys
Clerk of the Court of Webster county, at hb off
ice in Kid Clond Neb., on April VCd. 1W.V
Chester L- H'd ipplication 2999,
for tbe west half of the soatheast quarter and
west half northeast quarter of sectiou 22 town 2
range 12 west, and names the following as his
witnesses to prove continuous residensc paand
cultivation oi said tract, viz: George W. Knight
AlbortO Hnlc. Abfaloa N.Day. Ezra it. Jones
all of Inavale, Nebr, .
inar25apr22 S. W. SWITZER. Register.
Land Office at Bloomington. Nob. Mar. ISth. "80
Notice is 'hereby given that the following
name-1 settler hare filed notice of int ntiou to
make final proof in support of bis claim and
secure final entry therrof before the Register
or Keccivtr ofthU. S. Land OfiJce at Hloom
inaton Neb.. on iVonday. April 2G. 1S.
George U. Spr nger for t be S XA N E and
If li S WW sec. 22 town, 4 range 12 went, and
?tia ihn fnllnwiui- nc lii wittinrar. tIk: Ji&meii
Alexander. Robert Tharp. Aloiio Tobin aad
Albert ll.sprmgor ajioi wens r.v jd.
niar23apr22 i. W. SWITZEB. Rejuter.
Land Office at Bloomington, Neb. March 15. 1SS0
Notice is beby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, aad
secure final entry thereof before Jatn-a A. Tol
lers clerk of the court in Webster county, at his
office in lied Cloud, Neb., on the 17th day of
April. IS).
Isaiah Heitsxan. of Guide Rock. Neb.. Home
stead No. 1379. for the south-west quarter, north
west quarter west, southwest quaitex. and south
east quarter, south-wen quarter, sestion IV,
town 3, range 9 west, and names the following as
his witnesses, viz: Shadrach Croxton. John Far
nier. Christopher C. Bennett and Jacob Jtfoaia.
all of Cowles, Nebraska.
marlSaplo S. W. SWITZER. Register.
Land Office at Bloomington Neb. March I5.1SS0.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has Gled notice of his intention to
make final proof jo support ofhis claim, aad
secure final entry thereof be fort.- tho K-.gisteer
or iteceiver at th U. S. land office in Blooming
ton Neb , on the 20th day of nril. 1330.
Jaoob schunh, of I'lno Hill. Nebr., Homestead
JVo.3743.fur the northwest quarter- sect on 34.
town 1. range 10, west, and names the following
a his witnesses, viz: GotlUb Arndt. Frederick
Daak. Henry Neihaireand Fred Ncbal. mil of
Blue Hill. Neb. S. W. SWITZER. Register.
Land Office at Bloomingtoa Neb.-Marck Its. 1S.
Notice is her by gives that the following
named settler has file-1 aotice of his iateatioa to
Iktake final proof ia support of his ciaiat. aad
secure final entry therecf. proof to be m4o be
fore .VT Tollers. Cieik of the Court of
Webster conaty, 'at bis office, in ItJ Clond.
Neb., ou the 3rd day of ApiillSW.
Thomas Vaughn, ilomesteid Kerry Ne. 2367,
for tbe north-eest qiurter. sretioa 9. town I.
range 12 west, aad name the following aa his
witnesses, vc Joeiah C Holcomb, Thomas
Keanoiy. .aguat ners:sa aad Joseph W. Joaea,
all of Scott. uVcbrtskA-
sar.lapr.lf S.W.SVrrZR.Beaister.
LaadOfiee at Bloomiagtoa Nea-Marca IslSew.
'- Notice is hereby givea that the tellewiag
aaated settler ha aled,aoti of hia iateatiaa to
aukeinal oioofin rayyort of his elaisa, aad
earaaaal entry thereof, before Jaaaea A. TaJ
leTs, Clerk ef tbe Coart of Webster eoaaty. at
kU oalce, ia Bed aoad. NeK. April 3rd. 18W.
WHliaai a Beasa, Homestead AppiieaUec.
No. 1193. for aorth-eaat quarter. teeUoa 3d. taws
2. raage II west, aad aasaee the followiag aa his
wttae aea. vix: Agata W. Holmgraia, Heary
aJlorRo4CIoai.Neh. .
aur.laatlf S. W. SWTTZK1U Ragfetar.
Natieckharear givea. that Twill axaauaa
all ) aawaaauyaastra to eftar tkeawetve
aa aajiwiiataa far taaaaetg f tha ariaury ar
mmw sakasls at Wc4mUt esaatr. ar Bad
Cia am taa int Satariay ia tka mmtksmt
Faaraary. Mar Aaawt ami. Neajaaarr At
sslaaMiU aa tka Int Saturday ia tka asMis al
JaaaaiT. AariL Jair am October. At Oaiaa
Kaak a the fin Safearaay ia tha.asaathi at
Xaiea. Jaaa: eiaaf atearaaA Deeemaec
A. A. I'ore.
Ceaaty Svreriattaicat of TaMic Isjtractjsa
Para Jara Cofea at Rosr'a.
Wall paptt in great Tcriety at
Har jo aeea tho a aew hats as4
cag at Slooa 4 CallesJer'a.
baiim aaitt aad aaderwear jut re
ceived, at Mm. Lata.
Uradqaartrn for Iit, ItoeaeU aad
farcy Goods, at Mrs. McBride'.
Cat Loaf 8aar, a jpk&dij article,
for aale at KoaY'ei.
Wjadow tbades aBd fixtarr, at
Browa'g furoitare store.
Doo't be bcbToJ ia atjle, but buy
yoor bxta of Mrr. McBrkle.
A full BHort merit of Califoraia
caaaed fruit, at Uoar'ti.
Go aad e tbo finlnck offurnitate
at Browa'a, before purchasing; elxwberc.
Evaporated appUw; tbe bat in tbe
market. Try tbetu. For sale at Roby's.
Cboioe roods aioe freab aai tiew,
at Mr. .MoBride'5.
Go and aee good, and pricej, before
buyi-j, at Browu'g furututo aad wall
paper store.
Cook'a Farorile Tomato, always on
baud, at Hour's.
New dres gooU! New upriog etylea
of New drei ginchaujs, at Mooo
k Calleoder'H.
Chas. E. Hutoato has a patent dried
Uef eutter in hit store, and parties who
purchase dried 'beef caa bavo it already
Mr. Montgomery regularly deabj out
fresh milk to the inhabitants of Bed
Cloud. Milk delirtred every day, Sun
day. not excepted.
.Mocha w'offee, the le.t grade of
jrreen coffee ever brought to Bed Cloud.
To be had only at BouY'ti.
Tama 4a T On gooil fsrra". in-
ittUUCy UU iJUaUsumsofCZCOaQd.
upward, straight 10 per cent. No Commit loa.
It. H. Cooithd, at the Court House. Sxt
II. A. Biard will bo in hU office, frnra
tho firH to tbe 7tb, of each mouth.
Office next door to tho Bank. Bed
Cloud. 23 tC
Anyone lonkiug for choice article in
tbe grocery Hoc, need look no farther
then Bobt's Rtore. fur he always Lcep
tre heft of everything, ia the shape of
Not tho Crown of Kings nor tbo Crown
of Glory, but the Crown Sewing Machine,
the lutes, and best niachiue in tho Mar
ket, it will pay you to call at tbo Pot
Office and oec it before you purchase!
For Sale by M. B. McNtrr.
No Good Preaching.
No uian can do do a good job of work,
preach a good sermon, try a law suit well,
doctor a patient or write a good article
when ho fe:N miserable and dull, with
.'lucaioh brain aud unsteady nerve; and
none should make tho attempt in Mich a
condition when it can bu mi easily and
cheaply removed by a little Hop . Bittern
H-Q-y-E-Y T-dlrO-A-lM
Money fo provo up with on final re
ceipt, or on deeded land at S per. cent.
andl-62 per. ceM coinmis-'on, or at
straight 10 per. cent no com in is ion.
.Tno. B. Willcox.
Office next door to CntEK offica. 30tf
Secure the Shadow ere the
Substance Fades.
All who arc desirous of having pic
tures of themselves .r of their friends or
littleones". are respectfully informed that
MrttfT.o. Pryee it Ewing are now ready to
lake Phntncraphft. Ferrotypes Ac, in the
highest stylo of the art. "Also copying
and enlarging. Gallery, .-econd door
north of Chief office, Bed Cloud. Neb.
30tf I'HVriE & EVINU.
Be Wise and Happy.
Ifyou will xtop all your extravagant
at'd wrong notions in doctorinz yoarself
and families with expensive doctor or
humbug cure-alls that do harm always,
aod u.o only nature's simp'e reuiedies
for all your ailments you will be wie,
well and happy, and rave groat expect.
The greatest remedy fbr thi. the great,
wise and good will tell yon, h Hop Bit
ters rely on it. Seo another column.
s v
m o
i B H tS
I g si &
3 s eg
I 1 s
CTrop, Cheap, Cheep!
113' & Boys
BOOTS St sitn, CkJ.
- Hats & Cjaps
Ladies & Chilclrens Furs
in great variety,
Chrp. Cktmf.
AT Tux
CoiTiier Store
J. If . Shcrttit
Flouk & Feed
Cara.Xral.Braa Cayf4 rt-dd
GROC1IRIES, tas RJCIa4 Onccrr. Fl aaJ Pr
TUion ttraaa7a wateiplio fw iaa or
ltlgBMtsaarkat rk la rasa r-al far grala
Alt kiads at caatrr ptaiat Uka aa gaaag
forgoc4. 0U 4tUrrt4 ta all svUvftvti
rro ofcaarga.
Stora vmia cf lUai's Flow Ytun.
red Cloud,
Ftoprictcr of tho
City Drug Store,
iSD saaiai tsi
DrugSt Medicines.
Paints Oils
and Varnishes.
A full supply of
Patronage soIiciuJ and taaakfally'rwcrtrel.
PrcfripUoBS carsfulljr eomrurnIvl'a
One door wuth ofGarber' store,
Veni Vidi Vici!
Cheap Goods !
Are now to bo bad at
Yeiser's Bazaar,
come now whise fie 13 sell-
Collars, ShirU, Hoot R
XobccoM9 CigarM,
PAPHB3, kc, kc
flc defies Competition.
First dour south of Argus offier.
KFoon & Callender
New Goods!
We havo added largely to our DBY
GOODS Mock, and are selling at the
lowest cash price.
Wo keep constantly ou hand a full
ktock of
Bool 4b Slioejfa
ataV Vp,
OrngN, Medicine, Oil
PjiiniM Ctc.
Oire ut a call, we show our goods
with pleasure.
lloon & Callender.
Nimble Six-pence.
Geo.W. Dow,
Groceries & Confectioneries,
Choke Tea. Coica Sugar Ae.
White Pish L Kackerel.
Oreaa. Dried aI Caaaed Fraiti- Tka WH To
bacco and Cigar - Flottr as 1 ! eea
aaatlr on haad. Kgrs. Batur
aad Wood
Taken in Payment.
Ererjtaiac warraatad to a aa rrarcfttad.
asdl vQldoTvasTood.
1st daor sorta of argw efise.
Red Cloud, - Neb.
Jkar sa.1 CHEAP Ut CA3M. a4 V
Lava ari wfcat ram vaat, Ia jaar
ttaramiVUT wUHsttit.
Mf ftHL laj Bp?l. At amJPBBBBBfsBaaC 1 W tat sbbUbbbjbbbbbWBT VL S
-cU U aeorUlc to At )f Cearaa. ta Mm ram I all. Cft tr a t,3
riflt of tl LitrrUa f Cirr W..
F. .H CORE Jeweler Red Cloud, Neb.
Groceries, Queensware, and
Spring and Summer Clothing, "
1 Inrse Ut ! BOOTM St
ie me a call, crery thine ld at
Red CloucL -
I a m .?
a -a 2.
ta. ta - T . a.
lisK' - x.r-a - c
1 " . n
f sir,- -.:& Kxri ??,
3 Us Mils c ?5r
. a zj - w
fHfr - .S. .3-
? 11. Mtxaa.
DimUrt In
. . a a b t m m,09 saf
iy-ns TrllZ-iJt-il CiI?i 251" S 1 H
.-" r-t: r m .. m
l WvkMPMKftaGllr oa hauda fall kkf G
9 Clothing. h
I Pl'iitrft Caxs. I
6- Boofcs.?
Glassware, Queens ware and$
v t
0r l
,Wc buy our goods for casm,
$and defv competition. When 6
V in t--Mifr irtt. ttc r.l V
in town give us a c.
'OaaaW Soatk aftaa PaUOJUa.
I Red Cloud,
1980. P nlllwICIIv I 18SO.
We call your attention to the Largest, Best,
and Cheapest Stock of
Agricultural machinery,
In the Republican Valley.
Years of experience in the trade, has taught us
the wants of the Farmers of this great
Convinced that in your Success lies the interest
of all, we offer you the best products of
Eastern Manufacturers.
Drills, Seeder's, Corn Plows with Seeder attach- m
ments, Sulky Plows, Stirring and Breaking
Plows, Marsh Harvester,
Whitney Marsh Binder, the best machine in the
market, Randolph Header, Newton Wagon,
Buggies, and all kind of
Wa aliaH saua mm --- a - k-
. sa. ... a.Ms...waa at. sf
Ac, 4c.
BOTfOM I'rtco fur CASH.
m f--r
7 - m a . - -w ba
a safaaal W tJ
k-: 5 - ? Z - ? c t. Si
o m
aaaasaa a ar w aa
a t e
J. L. Miata. T
all Had of
. 1 5
1 r
4tt. ,.
- I?. 1
J - .- m L.. . , J.U.. j!-- . . . I
- mtmi -s.s.a r B
taa tka lata at at aa Cat nan
aavGaa. OttwawaaalL
- -- - U Paataaarw. AJf
"- Nebraska.
A f n
- - -.-f
-. p.i : t