The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 26, 1880, Image 4

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1lc i liolc graph cnilery looincth up.
We arc rerinuMy contctnplaliug
c.uildirp a t-hed to lire in.
Plenty of in iovrn last Satur
day, and lninfsfi was bik.
We did a tig job oP print in: for ll
tcvrn of Superior, last week.
J. R. Willcci ha purchased a new
fire-proof fafe fur his office.
Mr. J. W. Hull renew hi faith in
the Cuikf for the year to come.
The farmers have been bringing hogs
to market pretty lively of late.
F. n. Gore has corofortably estab
Jit-lied hiimelf in hi new quarter?.
The CmiF enjoyed a call from Hev
A. Welln, ofSlillwatcr. last Saturday.
Olof Hull'? troupe ia coming to Hed
Cloud in April. Be ready for the fun.
Look cut for Mitchell & Morhart'p
mammoth "cd" io the Chikf next week.
Wolf, carote end wild cat scalps
nro worth 2 00 each in Nuckolls rouutj'.
Some hores and other stock were
rold at auction en the street last Satur
Mr. L. N. VAt-ciT), of Cowlep, favored
ns vritli a call, and omc cash, last Mon
day. Sheriff Warrro has pnrchacd the
Naxwell property and will lake possession
Mr. Mosher, we understand, has
fold his meet market to parties who re
side at Kherton.
Hon. E. K. Valentine has. to use
the Ftcrcnlyrcd phrase, our thanks for
valuable public document?.
Mrs. Joseph Burr of Elm creek, died
last Tue-day morning after a two weeks
illnes-, of typhoid Pneumonia.
We understand that Ike Hurcmcl,
Jim, turned book npent, and will can
vis for the "Foot Print of Time."
A protracted meeting has been in
progress at C'owles, for the last two
vecks. There has been many converts,
We learn that a prairie fire up on the
head of Elm creek la-t Friday, did con
ridcrnblc damage to the j roperty of the
widow Peck.
A peddler of cheap (and worthier)
ood.-, held forth on the street several
days of last week, and took in a multitude
of quarters
Wo publiwh elsewhere the indebted
ness of Webster county, as correctly as it
can be arrived at without a general in
vestigation. Steps are being taken by certain
parties, and arrangements made for build
Tng a brick block ou the corner north of
the Chief office.
A protracted meeting has been in
progress since ln-t Sunday, under the
management of Iev. Jlecd, of Omaha,
and our local clergymen.
Mrs. Perkins, wife of onr esteemed
townsman, Mr. e. Pcitin?, lias been
absent for the last two weeks, on a visit
to her daughter in Denver.
Uncle Jake Uenneckcr moved to his
farm last Saturday. II h three years
johidence in Red Cloud has beea a dis
astrous one to him, financially.
The Board of County Commissioner
"was in session last Monday, and Tuesday.
We understand they have been giving
county offairs a general overhauling.
Those persons who are desirous that
Chas. Kaley shuu'd resign the office of
County Judge will no doubt feel badly
wheu they Cud that he proposes to stick
Will Reilly has, during the- short
time he has been practicing lawr built up
a practice that will compare fuvoratly
with that of many an older deciple of
Mr. Alonzo Blakeslcy ofSmith Co.,
Kansas, one of the old pioneers of this
valley, and a valued subscriber to the
Chief, spent a few minutes in our
sanctum hst Saturday.
The Meeting at the Court House is
Brill- going on wkh unabated interest.
Rev. J. W. Bead preaching every night,
to large and attentive congregations. He
will remain in Red Cloud until after Sun
A street musician paraded the streets
last week followed by the usual crowd of
boys. The music he dealt out was, of
course heavenly. He left the town in his
tisual good health, no- one Kemiog to
have a sufficient regard for the feelings
of the people, to shoot him.
The floating indebtedness of Webster
county is only$lS,354, arid the bonded
indebtedness of the county is only $63,
400. Total indebtedness of Webster
county, only $81,654. This does not in
clude the building of the bridges at
Guide Rock and Inavale, a a special tax
has been bvied to-pay for them.
It does ns good to call the attention
of our readers to a first class grocery
Ftorc Such a one as is kept by Perkins
& Mitchell on the corner south of Miner's.
1 hey keep a good class of goods in their
line, everything the freshest and best
that the market affords, and sell at rea
coaable figures. Give them a call.
We learn that a breach of prMiiee
puit will spread; its ghastly aid harrowing
details before the March tens of the
District Court in Red Cloud. We have
rjot the Banes of the parties, but one of
our fair damsels desires $5,000" from her
former lovers kind of an offset for her
wasted love, and lacerated feelings.
Mr; Olof Bull, the great Swedish
Tiolinist Composer, who has created
such a furore by his wonderful imitative
and creative genius in his now famous
Mocking Bird Solo, renders tbc Most dif
ficult selections from the old masters
with admirable grace and ease. "Pos
sessed of fine presence and graceful Etage
action, asd resting ap the most finished
ajwlasd exhaustive technique of the in
frtnmeat, bis playing is broadened and
..weliawei mi baaatifaUy shaded by a
iau4 woaderfally intelligent and ncuaativo
7tt ml tbe tfewne eonuiu"
Fatal Shooting Scrape.
A idiooting affair accurcd in Blooming
ton lajt Saturday which resulted fatally
to Mr. Wm. Kich.ird-on, an employe of
the railroad company, and a nephew of
W. N. RicrUrJson of tliw place. The
particular") as we arc able to father them
are alwit a- follow:
One Charles Wilkinson, employed a
runner for one oflho hot:ls at BJooming
toc ahked Mr. Uichardson to go with him
to a restaurant to get seme oyster, and
while there, being under the influence of
liquor became engaged in a quarrel with
the proprietor and en-led by stabbing him
in the back, inflicting a slight wound.
He then went to the hotel and procured
his revolver and started back to "clean
nut" the restaurant. On the way he
oiet ilichnrdbon, who told him that the
place was closed and he could not gain, he then scccecd Uichardson
of treating him and declared (flat
unle-H he would get down upon his knees
and beg liis pardon he would shoot him
This, Richardson refused to do, where-
upon Wilkinson drew his revolver and Henry Ltie'd eulogy on the life of Wash
fired five shots, four of which took effect ioirton.
in the body of young Richardson, from
the effects of which he died in a short
time. The marshal of Blonmkgton, who
witnessed the shooting, procured a shot
gun and followed Wilkinson to the hotel
where he captured him. He wa taken
to Lincoln for safe keeping lust Monday.
The remains of William Richardson were
brought to Red Cloud last Monday
morning and interred in the cemetery on
Ivst Monday. The funeral exercises were
conducted by Rer. Pryse.
Settlers en Ccvemacat laais,
Homesteaders and others who have not
yet proved up on their claims should re
member that the new rulings require that
they shall advertise at lean four-witnesses
who are'not relatives of the party proving
up, and that the time and place of mak
ing proof shall atao be stated in the
notice. This, it ii claimed, is for the
purpose of giviug parties who may have
adverse claims on the land a chance to
appear and present their claims. Those
who wish to prove up can have their ap
plication papers made out at the Chief
office, free of charge, an we always, keep
a supply of blanks on band for this pur
pose, and as the editor of this paper is
Notary Public, the affidavit does not cost
anything, thus 2o cents is saved to each
one who publishes his final proof notice in
the Chief.
We give below a bhort sketch from
I'rVof. Aunhey's work on the increasing
rainfall and its cause:, as it is a subject
that deserves the attention of our farmers,
and should be studi-'d by them. We are
prepared to t-ay from pergonal observation
duringa residence of the last fourteen
years in this state, that wc fully believe
the facts as set down by Mr. Aughey in
the following article, He says that
Western Nebraska, which has been and
still is to a degree lacking in the moisture
of atmosphere and soil required for suc
cessful agriculture, may reasonably ex
pect a plentiful annual supply of rainfall
in the near future. To illustrate, the
average rainfall from 1S5P- to 1SC9 was 30
inches per year at Lincoln, the capital of
tho state; 25 at Kearney, '20 at North
Platte and 16 near the westesn boundary.
The average rainfall for the next decade
1SG9 to 1S79 was encouraging, there
being an average Sill of Zo inches at
Lincoln, 32 at Kearney, 26 at North
Platte and 17 near the "western border
That the reader may understand how
much rain is required for the ordinary
fues of tho husbandman, it is interesting
to note that, according to tho "researches
of Arago, the city of Paris has an aver
age annual rainfall of 20 inches.
As further proof of increasing rainfall
in Nebraska, Prof. Aughey gives a record
of 150 living springs that have made their
appearance iu tho last ten- years where
they were never known before; the ap
pearance of streams of water in old creek
beds, where it apparently had not been
flowing for ages; the- increasing size of
the rivers ot the state, the changing
vegetation, the retreating of buffalo grass
westward, and usurpation of grasses in
digenous to moister climates. He like
wUe points out an inerease in the spon
tancous groth of t'mbcr. Whilo all these
changes are the result of an increased
moisture in climatic conditions, they also
tend to still further attract the rains of
the heavens and increase the annual
Different theories prevail as to the
causes that are producing an increase of
rainfall along the frontier of the far west.
One is that the region is now in a stage
of increasing moisture on account of a
natural liw which seemingly rotates over
great periods giving maximum and mini
mumeras to the moisture of certain great
belts of cduntry. Professor Aughey says
that western America passed through
many such revolutions during the later
geological ages, and that their causes are
well understood when, for example, the
region of the plains was dotted with fresh
water, lakes, and a moister climate must
have pie vailed.
It is firmly held by some that the lay
ing of iron for railroads, and patiiBg up
of telegraph wires, attract rainstorms.
Others believe that the atoaosphere con
cussions of soring trains and locomotives
have much to do with preoepitatiog rain.
Still others ckin that tree-planting, and
the great increase in the absorptive
power of the soil, from cultivation, go
far toward this eud.
The fact is conduxive that tie moisture
belt is extending westward and whether
from natural causes otby supernal grace,
is most encouraging to all the hopes that
aluster about that vast and enterorising
host which is pashing its way and carry
ing eivOiaatioa and culture into and
across the vast doaaaia of the Giant
BiafBiberif you want envelopes,
cards, bul heads, letter heads;-note beads,
or anything iB our line, you can get it
cheap at the Chief office, and have " a
Qod .stock .tgeleci from. '
&- raMajn ts m zi.
On Saturday lam tho students at the
eltct school celebrated Washington's
birthday with the following exercises
The afternoon sc&ahn of school opened
by singing our national hymn "Ameriei."
Aficr a few remarks by the priucipa',
Gurtie Shercr read an excellent article
upon the "Early Day of Washington."
Miss Victoria Morton orNecunda, read
an original essay, entitled "Washington
from his nineteenth year to the time of
the Revolutionary War," which was
very interesting.
Following lhi3, John J. Garbcr ex
plained from a map which he had drawn
upon the blackboard, the campaigns of
Washington during the revolution, giving
a masterly and through account of his
movements from the time he received his
co-umi-nion as ommander in chief of the
American forces in 1775 until he resigned
it to Congress in 1783.
Misb Celia Garber read an extract from
an address by Rev. Dr. Putnam, entitled
"Career of Waahinton.
J ii. UoUworth read an extract from
Chas. Ludlow read an extract from
Washington's "1'arewcll Address to his
Countrymen. "
Misj Cordie Shercr read an article,
giving the account of the presentation of
Washington's sword t the General Gov
ernment by Hon. Geo. W. Summers of
These exercises were well chosen and
creditably rendered by the pupils, and as
this is the first time in the history of this
section of the country, that an observance
of this kind has taken plaee, they will
long remember it. Such an exercise as
this makes us feel that we are part and
parcel of the greatrepul lie that Wash
ington fought to save, and legislated to
preserve, and also teaches us that we
have a work to do to keep unsullied the
freedom so dearly bought.
Tho exercises closed with a poem writ
ten by Eiiza Cook, entitled "Washing
ton," read by tho principal.
Mr. John Lockhart, father-in-law of
Mr. Wingfield, arrived from Oakaloosa,
Iowa, lust Saturday. He hap disposed
of his property back there and brings
with him a capital of some $15 000,
besides three cir loads of stock a
sufficient amount of means to make a
man independently rich in a frw years if
properly invested.
A priutor of Sullivan, says tho Pro
gress, recently walked into a certain
business house on his rounds, to learn
who wanted anything in the way of ad
vertisements, and noticed that a drum
mer stood by the counter with his values
ready to open. "Anything you want to
say in the paper this week?" quired the
printer of the man behind thu counter.
"No," said the business (?) man, "I
don't believe in advertising. I would't
givo a d n for thff advertising." The
drummer waited till the printer was half
way to the door, and then slowly taking
up the sample valises, remarked: "Well
that lets me out. I do not care to sell on
time to any one who, hi this age, docs
not believe in advertising. I prefer
dealing with a live man. When, I want
to strike up a trade with a dad man I
will go to the grav yard and swap tomb
stones. Good day, sir." F. C. Journal
cf Court 5th Judicial District
Nebraska, Fes 2880.
Prrrsuant to provisions of the constitu
tion and Statute of theState of Nebraska,
I have fixed the time of holding the regu
lar terms of the District Court in and for
a portion of the ountics comprising the
Fifth Judicial District of Nebraska for
the year 1880, as follows:
In the covnty of Adams, May 3d, Jnue
21st and December 9th.
In the county of Buffalo. April 20th,
June loth and November 30th.
In th e county of Cheyenne, April 6th
and October 2Gth.
In the county of Dawson, April 27th
and November 23d.
In the county of Franklin, Narch 2Gth
and November 10th.
In the county of Furnas, October 5th.
In the county of Harlan, March 30th
and November 16th,
In the county of Kearney, May 25th
and October 19th.
In the county of Keith. June 1st.
In the county of Lincoln, April 13th
and October 29th.
In the covwty of Phelps, May 23th.
In the county of Red Willow, October
In the-county of Sherman, Oct. 13th.
Iu the county of Webster, March 23d,
June 29th and Nov. 4th.
Terms of Court will be called in cither
or all the other counties in the district
when the people thereof, through their
commissioners desire, of which due notice
will be given.
Counsel are requested to prepare their
cases in vaca tion, jurors and parties to be
promptly in attendant on the court, as
unnecessary delays in disposition of causes
will not be tolerated.
William Gaslin, Jr., Judge.
January 1st, 18SO.
II. A. Biard will be in his office, from
the first to the 7th, and from the 15th,
to the 23d, of each month.
Office neat door to the Baak, Red
Cloud. 23 tf.
The "Boss" 5 cent cigar has ooae
at last. Roby has it. tf
Go to W. B. Rohy's for the best
syrup in town Pure Sugar Goods, tf
W. B. Roby has just opened the
choicest etock of Candies and Confec
tionery that ever came to- Bad Cloud.
Choice caramels &c. tf
Svsm and galas far Salev
lhe Mderagsed baa tor eale a gootf
span of youag amies, also ooa gooa ax
year old are. chert trae will be gives
on a pertioa of the jriee of the animals.
For teraa Jcc, call at ay raidesce aear
the depot. Bust Dkwxll,
26tf Bad Ckmd, Neb.
a4 larbi A'jnvavAaw
rridc Leslie's Pep! KVAlj fcr Kitti
The opening article in this comber is
an exceedingly interesting one on the lifi
and genius of the late Frank Lohe, by
Kiclurd H. Kimball. ., There air ten ad
mirable illustration, with a portrait tf
the deceased. TLcre arc dr.criptiv
articles of "Mantria: of the 'Bleikeller,
or Vaull of tho Doui Kirrln." under the
Church of St. Peter, Bremen; a very
vivid description of the exploration of
the Austrian? in Ka:ei Kraux Jocf'a
Land, and the escape lrnurit, etc. Henry
Harton linker htj. an excellent article on
"The OI J Tavern Life in Kngland," de
scribing the haunts or old time celebri
ties "Dairy Farming in America" is
elaborately treated by A. S. Fuller; and
Robert James Mann, M. D., F. IL I. S ,
has a profusely illustrated article "Why
the Wind Blows,' which is replete with
highly interesting information. The de
partment of fiction U more than usually
excellent. The aerial "Not Guilty," by
Etu W. Herce, i continued, and there
are i hort stories by the author of "That
1139 o' Lowric John iJiibcrr, Walter I
Kugar .McUdun, Kieanor Kirk, oua Che
nutwood, and oth;r celebrated writen.
There are poctna of great merit, several
of them beauiifull illu-tritcd. There it
a very abundant miselliny embracing a
lare variety of subjects, and afforuing a
vast amount of instruction and enter
tai'iment. No better and cheapar ma
gazine i pnblulicd, or one more decrv
injf of the extensive patrontge bestowed
upon it. There are 128 quarto page,
over 1U0 embellishments, with a beautiful
colored frontispiece, 'Nature's Own
Missor." Single copies only 25 cents
each; the annual subscription, 3, sent
postpaid, Address. Frank Lcslio'd Pub
lishing House, 53, 55 aud 57 Park Place.
Now York.
Canned cranberries, soniethini: new,
all ready for table us. nnd it takes.
Sold only by Pertins ,V Mitnhell.
Money to LoanJi!rflSssiBd
upward, nraijht 10 per cent. No Coniraiiinn.
D. S. Cooubs. at the Court House. Sit
Bring in your hen fruit and butter,
riiifhet price paid for same at Perkins A
Mr. Montgomery regularly deals out
frch milk to the inhabitants of Red
Cloud. Milk delivered every day, San
days not excepted.
m i
Just Rfceivki A nice lot of wall
paper at BrowiH furniture storo. 2 w
County warrants and account taken
on back subscription at 90 cents on the
dollar, at this office.
Wp keep on hand, nnd for sale
blanks ussd by Notaries Public.
Final Proof Notices.
Lanl Office nt I'loominRtnn Nch. Feb. 2X1 lsSO.
'ntic it horclir riven that the follnwinjr
name't FPttler ha. filed notice of hi intpntion to
innke finnl proof in support of hi clniro. anl
ecure final entry thercofilf fore Jamsr a.TmV.
leyg. etrrk of the oourt in Wchfter eonnty at hi
office in lied Cloud Neb., on tho 27th day of
March 1S80.
Abnttn Well, for th onth-rjit quarter of
ecjin i'l lown.iraree iu west, nnd names the
following as bi witnesses, vix: Uarid M. Frn
cl. Peter Frrachcr, Adam i'pracher and John
lturton. all of Cobles Nebraska.
fobi:nr2o H, V. Ewitif.r, Itcirfster.
Land Office at liloominRton Neb.Feb.lSlh.18S0.
. Notice is hureby given that the following
named settler h Clcd notic of hi intention to
make final proof in support of hi claim, and re
cure final entry thereof icfore James A.TuI
leva clerk of court in WoHtcr cunty, at his
otlirc in Hcd Cloud Neb., on tho 27th day of
March 1S0.
Alonzi I. Tobin of Wells Nel'.. for the onth
cat (juartcr of section A town 1 rnnxe. 11 west,
and names th Aillnwinic as hi witnesses, ix:
Chiles Crrirchill. I'cCcr II Sajk-r. irillimfea
chorcr and William Cox. all of Wells Neb.
lebU'marlS S. W. SWITZKJt. Uei$ter,
Land OfBcoat UloouiisKton. N'cb. Feb.14th.18Si).
Not'co is he-eby riven that the followine
nnmed settler has filed notico of h"n intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, nnd
xecurc final entry thereof before James A. Tul
lcvs dcrltof tho court in Webster county, at hi
office in He Cloud Neb., on tbo 30th day of
Marcn jssu.
Sturgeon Kchner of Clnverton JWs!., fir the
northwest quarter of seo ion VC townhip 1 nortb
of range 11 vrcst. and naraes the fnlloiring as his
vntHees. ix: David Fctz. Moses Wil-jn. Mil
nerMercll and Robert Merell. all of I'lovcrton
Neb. febl?wirlS X. W.SWIl'ZEIt, Kegister.
Land Office at Uloomcngton Neb. Feb. Pth lS'V.
Notico is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notico of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
sccwrc final entry thereof hefore James A, Tul
leje. county clerk of Webster county Neb., at
hi office is Red Cloud on tho 17 tu day of April.
Shadrach Croxton, for the south 14 northwest
f and north J of southwest li of rcctiou4 town
2 range 9 west. and names the following as his
witnesses, viz: J oh a Karnier Chrbtopher C.
Bennett Isaiah Heiuman and Jacob Monia, all
of Cowles Nebraska.
febl2marll S-W-SWITZCR. Register.
Land Office at Rloomington Neb. Feb. 9th. 1680.
Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
secure final entry thereof before Jame A. rul
leys. clerk of court in Webster county at his of
fice in Red Cloud Neb., on tho 27th day of
March. 13!.
Henry Lavcrty. for tho W3N "WJofSec.
names tho following a hi witnesses, vir: JIo
ses O. Williamson Curtis Beal Chester W.fulle
and KenntKcnutson. all of Hatin eb.
febl2iuarll S. W. SWITZL'R. Register.
Land Office at Stoomington Neb. Feb. 4th. 1S-S0.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support oIIhs claim, and
erwnm S..Y- . tTiMir li.fnM fl,n K.irt.fAr
or f.eceiver at th U. S. land ofijc in Bloouing- (
ton Neb .on the lflth day of Mareb, ISSi.
Jcvsiah C. Holcomb. of Scett, Webster eonnty l
Neb. for the south-east quitter of section 101
town 1 range 1- west, and names the following I
as his witnesses, tu: Thomas Vaughn William
Va'ighn nod Anthony Arneon of colt Nb.,
and (ieorgo Uarker of Ivarale Neb.
febl2marll S. W.SWITZER. Register.
Land OBce at Zftsoaiitieton Neb. Feb. 2d. 18S0.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of bis ietentfoetc
make final proif in support oJ h'ldaiar. and st
emre Snal entry thereof, before James A.Tullers
(Tlerk of the Court of Webster county, at his off
ice ia Ked Cloud Neb., oa Jfarch 6th. 1S80.
Renxo Armstrong, for the soatkwevt tjaartor
of section 5 town 4 range 10 wesuand iiaei the
following m hit witnewes. rii: William Jaaw.
Alexander Janes. Joba Aroold aad Augmt
Blumenthall. all of Bfce Hill Nefr.
feWmart 8. W. gWITZER, Reciftar.
Land Office at UloomiDgton"Neb. Jan. SI, 18 0.
Notice is hereby g"Ten that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, aad se
care final entry thereuC before JamcsA.Tul
leyjrj elerk of tho coart of Webster county, at
his cSee in Red Cloud. April 1st. 18S0
Henry A. McCone. for the northwest quarter
of section 18 town 2 range 10 west, and names the
following as his witnesses, tix: William Hols
worth. Richard Tinker, frxnlc Teanaat and
Seth Alger, all of Red Cloud. -eb
S, W. SWITZER, Register.
Land Ofice at filoomington Neb. Jaa.5118).
. Ntice b hereby siren that the follows
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
csake final proof ia support of his claim, and
severe fiaal eatry thereof, before James A.Tal
leys. clerk of the coart ot Webster, coaaty. at
his office in Red CloaJ. on April 1st, IS38
dward JfsCaBe.for the northeast qaarter of
section 13 town 2 raage 10 west, aad names the
fctloniofaJ bis witnesses. Tix: WUIiaa Ilols
wortb. tUchanl Tinker. Fraak Teaaaat aad
Beth Atxer. ail of Red Cload Net).
feboaart & W. Se-inaa. Bectoter.
Notice is hereby girea, that I will eiawlae
all persons who may desire to offer itiesaaoiTM
m easdidatea for teachers of the priataxy cr
eoauoa scaools of Webster eouaty. at Red
Cload oa the irst Saturday of each scoarh ax
aiaee'doek a.aa.akarp.
A-APora. CoSayt.
TJ. S. Iuxr Oryicz.1
Blooaiac Nebraska.) C. HoTeotab.liaTiBeo-tkia4aday
:f February. A. D. 1888. made alieatio to
.perfect sua pre-eiapttoa ae&iaraxory intern eax
oa aoatbaaet qaarter ot t acUoa 19 ia towawMc 1
aorta, of rs12.west.ma4ectJM froTiaioof
'the pre-emtfea ot 1841. asxd-.aadisw aa
the records or tljat eeaee that Rokect tf. Will
iam baa a'so fled a hamwtaert eatry oa um
saaietraet, I do kenAr oMjr mud Mitiea-
tkatlhaT appoiated tte-lSU dar of Siaeea.
I day all parties ia atonal wRl aepear at tim of
fice aadjshew caase why tkeaaid Joaiak C Hol-
. cemb5iouIiuotbesa:ow.eit-P5rf8Ctkis.coirT.
law as a aay oi Beans in me yroBis ya aw&
SVSWUZEK. Re?sterfc
For the Crowa Jewell Patent Soar,
aad all ofhw kisda cf AW and fee!,
meal and oat. ard alo fitr plow and
harrow, the farmers will find it to their
dvantece to call on Cha. K. Potnata
before making there purchaa. tf
It gr: off into hot cikr. and i all
the nsa. Perkin A Mi.chcll'a elf
raising buck whet flour.
. Mr. John Auhx has secured the j-r-
ker, Mr. John Miller, who now do thr !
""'": i wii caiittuinent. i be it
of freb bread, cake.. pe fie , can si
way be found at hi bakcray Cull and
tee. 1st door wuth of Skerrers drug
store. "j ,.
Don't forgft that our basket fired
Jap. Tea i a rattler, and goc to the
right spot every rime. Also that we give
pecial bargains in coffee. Perkin A:
!.. : . .i.. ..i t. t . .
Kyou want a firat diss boj of
the Bed Cloud mHL, si tber are ninkm
I a ficnume article dhVd tfm Crown Jewell
raieni, me only patent tlrar now for tule
in the Bepublican Valley. They also
Oiake other craoes that are first al.
Satisfaction given in cutotn work.
ITo Good Freachiiig.
No man can do do a pood job of work,
preach a good tcrinon. try a lw suit well,
doctor a patient or write a ood article
whenhe feels uiiterable and dull, with
sluitiri.-h braiu and unsteady nerve; and
none should make the attempt in such a
condition when it can be so easily and
cheaply removed by a little Hop .Bitters
Be Wise and Happy.
If3-ouwill stop all your extrnvngant
and wronc notions in doctoring yourself
l r .?.... :.i. .
uuj lamuici wiui exjuin-ive uoctM or
humbug cure-aIN thit do lurtu always,
and ue only nature's simo e rcincdiea
for all your ailment you will be wise,
well and happy, and save ureal expen-e.
The greatest remedy for this, the treat,
wise and pood will rell you, it Hop Hit
ters rely on it. Seo another column.
Blanks! Blanks!! Blanks!!!
The onderMgned keeps on hand and
for sale a large supply of blanks uf all
kiods, nuch as chattel m.irtgajc, blank
deeds, leases power of attorney, mecban
ics lien, bills of h-iIc. search wirrant Ac ,
and all blanks uvd by Justices of the
Peace and Notaries Publij Ac . Ac. All
blanks sold at Lincoln retail price.
The Ciiiep.
F. II. (lore has inoicd hi? Jewelry
Stoic to tli building formerly ocupied a"-
a restaurant, by Mr. Holland, where he
will be happy to meet all his old friend
and customers, and also as many new
onea-as cIioomj to cill.
Not the Crown of Kinps nor the Crown
of Glory, but the Crown Sewing Machine,
the latest, and best machine iu the Mar
ket, it will pay you to call at the Post
Office and see it before ynn purchase
For Sale by M. B. McNrT.
Nimble Six-pence.
Geo. W. Dow,
Groceries & Confectioneries,
Choice Teas. Coffee 8ugaric.
White Fish & Mackerel.
Green, Dried ami Canned Trait. The be't To
baccos aud Cigar 4. Flour and meI con
tantly on band. Ken. Uutter
and Wood
Taken in Payment.
Everything warranted to be ns represented.
and I will do you good.
let door north ofargui office.
Red Cloud, - Nrb.
lVoon & Callender
N ev Goods !
We have added largely to our DRY
GOODS Ptock, and aro veiling at tbo
lowest cash iricei.
We keep constantly on hand a full
stock of
Boots & Shoes,
Bats& Cap,
Drags, ifledicitieM, Oils
Paints 'Etc.
Gire us a call, we show oar goods
wkk pleasure.
2oon & Callender.
Quick Tine l Through Trains!
Close Connections ! No Delay !
Burlington Route !
To Chicago and The East.
Lowesftates of Fare will be made.
Throsgh Cars will be ran frota a, & M.Tofntf
is Eoatkera sebraska'to Chieago.
A ten minnfes cormecrioa will be made at Pa
cific Janetioa.
AT 'lire AGO close ecnawtioas will always
be made to the east, southeast end north.
Sleeping ear berths referred at the Liaeolr
ticket office by Telegraph or oa application,
from Jf'sconn Rirer to Ckioaco.
Tko DarliactomreatebaTe a ryitem of thraagh
sleepers and close ecaaectiots betweea taer
MtsaowcJ Kiver ad St. Loais
Fasaesgen taking thk line kate to beat of
accommodations. Pallmaa rieepon.raa rea
arly from Mrssoari River to fiu Ioaia.
J9-Tkls is the onlyrelUble roate to te semtH
oaat. Ceaaectieaa are ma e it Porta with the
T. P. ft W.aadl. a- k W. Eailroad fer Iadiaa
ajorai' Cincinnati. Colombo, aad all cnlm
tk aoatkera Ohio. Ken jut. soatkern Indusa,
SHaUS? CA1S. Gl li at TSctri.
Wmeaycmtcat be tare and trsreJ OTer the
W. k M.iiae if yea wish to ee 8APB aad jom
fortakle and desire Jo trarel spcedQy.
Uealmaaazer. GeaT TtJ: TU.t
Proprietor of the
City Drug Store,
iia et&ttx i
Drugs. Medicines.
Paints- Oils
and Varnishes.
A fall f apply of
CO.MUd, B R USUry ic
I'atrosage olictJ and ikmaaf-tUy Trlt4.
irr'rrsenptlaas crfnlly eooapo!M!J-
One door Kuth of (Jartcr's atorr,
Flour & Feed!
o i unt,
DEAilR .N!;!):
Corn. Meal, Uran Chotf.el Flu.l I
Visit tb Krd ClouJ Orofrr. Fee.! an i Pro I
isit too RrdCtouJ Orocry. Yl ant Pro 1
Tisi in store when you want luifllc hr man or
llirhratmarkrt prlre in cash pif fer rraln
All kinds of country fro-lnce sm tn ricbce
for gnods. (JuoOi drliTcrrd to all tarts vf town
freo of cbargr.
Storo"outh of Reed's Plow Factory.
Red Cloud,
Dealers in
of all kind
Thy sll CHEAP fer CASH, sad if they
have r?t wht yon want, eae your
order and they will fill It.
One door nnrtb ofOarber's. and Mr.nOI.CO.MR
will wait ou you. apfltt
Veni Vidi Vici!
Clicap G oods !
Arc now to ho had at
Yeiser's Bazaar!
Collar . Shirtn. IIooiN Rh-
ching- EpinsV
TobecoN, Cigar,
PAPKItt. Ac., Ac.
He defies Conipctition.
This siintile and innocent jxroedy has
given relief in a very fihnrt time to many
ufferinK from this terrible diMiase. Ke
lieve.i Neuralgia and Nervous htndachc
in a few minutes.
t- To Dealers spcciil ra(cj are piven
ie the tale or this valuable remedy.
First door sooth of Arms effiee.
lew Store lew Ssods Iew Prices.
Cheap, tteop, Oitcp!
Dress Goods
Misses & (Siildrsns Boots, ebeftp.
Mens' & Boys"
Hats & Caps
Ladies & Childrens Furs
in great variety,
Cheap, Cheap.
At Tuk
Corner Store.
T. IF Sfherwoe
w J toe- m msj ! r i m, cr-
TT;jiUr Katie
!ttin.LMIimr k
i. 3 D.Niir .m,
m I
i ! i m f leMMI 1
.tik ia- t. r h. murvnc w.
CrW t ttm. r r Kl -. t- la
L' ryT "JJ J Mt' ar4mmFeS,
- .vJ h?W' ft V
JT- j. M - JM sZ-V " T ?.
sm nms .
L-,R." Jr3 . ie
vrvimT roHMr Jn
a. m m, a taw r
14 li t
IVlrYOUR S Jt2c&
a. tlll V'ITV.
! I
, ' K M-
ra v
hM-Jno &&)'&. !
esU!.' ej"ULlU,oS 4
" ri
Sr-1 accoMicg tw At iHonrMc ta the
. os ii.
For further information wall
sfl II W W sf
Wc keep on hand at all times, a large atui com
plete stock of I I.inl-warc.
o a" "
Give us a call, as we fed sure uc tan suit vow
in quality and price
Remember the place, opposite
DRY 600
Groceries, Queensware, and
and Summer Glolhing.
AIM) u
A large lot of KOOTN A K IX O KH, tuiL fc
ferGir0 mc a csll, errry thm r M at I'Ol IOM flf (,If
Red Cloud. - INVbm.'-lc
1880. r fi n juf r n o 5 1 ss.
1880. i H II Iwi k ll W a I.WSO. '
We call your attention to the Largest, Hoi,
and Cheapest Stock of
Agricultural Machinery,
Ie the Republican Valley.
Years of experience in the trade, has 'taught us
the wants of the Farmers of this great
Convinced that in your Success lies the inticregt
of all, we offer you the best product! of
Eastern Manufacturers.
Drills, Seeder's, Corn Plows with Seeder attach- ,
ments, Sullcy Plows, Stirring and Breaking
Plows, Marsh Harvester,
Whitney Marsh Hinder, the best machine in the (3
market, Randolph Header, Newton Wagon,
Buggies, and all kind of
Wc jhall tpsrc no cflforts to a'Jvaoc! the
RED CLOUD, - - Nebraska
j. estey &
jmMBBBBPTBr'Vs?'??-- aSmmmv9
ammmmmmmmmmmlmmaP9BJP,BWWMPMmtasm.f fJ mmmmnJsmf
mmm&sMfs3&st9mmmmmmmmlHmmVMaAmBe ?F Ksll F
A B3TjW!sJi tTI& mmmmmWki ymmmmmmmmbmmmmmmt VmX
myEJr 'VJ'L-fc-mt.-J,-',5(' JmPSm "mmOmmm?jJjft
Oar xjcr Grssaz, cr?rcly dssisiicfl for Scrufsy Sc2ioot
dt?el3 ctc Ia proving a.
X!c sure t cil faar TaJl dniZcriptlra CatiilHre TmGms! $
pnrcbnslusr -T other.
V" N: V ' V
wy , f n -
U I a V-FJU?Vr r3
ii I ". I t VT 'Vi . . .
ir. 71
J S . . J-,-sw- a.
v .
rWCT: iAB?Vrfctv.
Ji fe CL1" :"
P 1
tr 171, kr tt, t A t
tr' " r -. 4i V
Red Cloud, ffeb.
11 J I W O-
a U r v t
lMVTf Jt'9
the Chicf Oflicc. 'wi.-
Red Cloud Neb
swajjmy jsjsms- nei me a n , es sn as.
I in wm - ar rei si amei i ai
Ini-rr rf oar CxnlQatr.
tu .
-t m
. -V-,
JA . yie &I.ftfcVV.