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S - "r77-- J
W 1
Trja''srj.n . ;-ji'i . xJUwJww'' T
., ! i i i-m ') $ ) Vy "fP
THi: . THAT Vi: IRn.
We p4MMl imc iw at tn anUa cte
Wkra thr drar wa W thr htathrr.
Ami I pmmlwd mj to to cenie back tn her
Kre the Iraanl aalumn itbrr -That
twain mlfta rj
W bra the Iratrt were rrJ,
Aikl lite aJ lair together
I tut ro a ttiu (rum hrr tiLt henna htr,
I klwvl hrr li tif ehrrr.
Ad.i Kar kef a tin ( the M time jt44.
With a stivie tike thr HVHlnUIn )rr)
Aa clear and blur
As lirf etr rrr true
8rr r ir, ) tirltht an.! merry '
Thr wraith of mr lore t all I bite
To ttr tim, ' lir ld, u turtiloi?.
Thr Gold that wrsrs-llkr thr r4lrnt Halt
In tendrr blur rault liurnluc'"
" And I trsik tltr tfut
A a mortal mutt
Whoa mu) for bitr In teaming
tat ker u apart for inaujr tram,
Allil thr hlur , rtill.! tiai.Mi. it.
Thoutth I kissed rarhilax thr nut-brown trr,
And made fmh row to Venus
Till I annxlit mv brM.
ADU raletlrnnl,
That hsd fslled frimi lotr to wen u.
I found mr l.uc at llir garden cxt"
When tlir ilew was mi tbr braider,
And wf twain wrrr wnl at tbr tittle kirk
lu Ibr, plrawiit autumn wr.tbrr,
And the cntil that rJM
Now soothes tnr tarra,
Aa r lltr and lotr liwtlin
miW'M.i ri.
Journalism Two Thoasand Years Ago.
There auoni to have brcii a ucccsstly
alnco time immemorial among at't tint Ions to tiring event of
Importance to the knowledge of llu poo.
plo by tho tiietlititu of writing To tlili
purpose answered tho hlcrnglxphlc In
horiptioim of the Egyptian, tfio toml
of Itnhylon, covered with Avrin
characters, the l'lneulclan t:ili!ol ami
tho wcll-kitwwn Martnor lUiIlum,
Thu first Hoitiati Journal, over two
thousand yoaM ai;o, appo.itcil onlv
onoo n ytar. TliU pattor. Ititiniliil
t'ipoclally lo lw rcail hy thu pithllc. n
known by tlm tlllo "A mi ft Km M:tlm."
Tho tlltor of thli pupcr wi the l'ontl
tnx MiixltniH. whocj duty It wai to
elironlclo all thu iuijrtant events of
tho yt-ar. This newt win wrltton on
wnlto woodon Inbluti, ami attachoil to
tho ro.shloiK'iia of thu citizen. It must
havti boon a ? ury onriotn nlpht to tvn
thu old Romans crowding around tho
tahli'ti to not u look at the latent iidwi.
Hut tho thirst afur knowltMlo and thu
tiio curioiitr of tho people n;w o
rapidly, and In unci n motwurc, that
"tliu jjovcrnttu'tit, thu onlv It-wiT of tho
journal, found itntlf ohllged to iiuc a
dally. It Is very itttrotlnj; to know
that nouiu of tliej jonrnTn, having
rcnrhftl 11,0-11 year, uro still In otWt
encu. Thu name of tin journal wan
"Acta l'opull ItouiHtio Diurna," and
appunriMl dailv. i-lthcr tu Album, i.e.,
whilu thu L-ontiMit.t hun1; out (u piililic.
or thu content wimu written with red
ialk on thu wuIN of thu houses. Tho
contents of this journal corii priced
what would be c I. -is ..) ai daily new hi
our inodurn papers. From the want of
tho necessarv material political article
wuru not to bo hud. Nevertheless, ac
oonlln to thu views of the Kotnan
(iovurnment, it was a true journal, and
intended ax readine- matter for the iiiiIh
lio, which miulit also bo inferred from
thu fact that the archives of the Statu
were carved iu bronze, and Inaevvs'iblo
to thu public. Perhaps it would be of
interest to nomo of our reader to
ierUHc a copy of a verbal translation
rom tho oldest journal known, issued
168 years beforo thu birth of Christ!
"Consul Slcinus was the acting judge
'to-day. There was a heavy thunder
Ktorm, and thu lightning split an oak
at thn foot of thu hills of Veil. Iu a
hostelry at the foot of tho hills of Janu
"ibe-re was a light, in which the landlord
was badly injured. Titiniu punished
'omo butchers on account of their sell
ing meat which had not been inspected;
tku roonuy thus paid was used to orect
a chapel to tho OoddeM Laverua. Tho
broker Aunidius ded from town tonlay,
taking money with him belonging to
other people; he was caught, and had
.to rcfuud thu money. The brlcand
V)emiphnn, who was cantured by ofllcer
Nerra, has been crucified to-dav. Thu
flotilla from Astia arrived to-day,"
You can see from this that It wai in
olden time pretty much the same a in
our days. We would only wiah that
our officials would attend to the butchers
as well as Titiniu did. It must be of
ipjfirest to journalists to know tlirft
Julius Ciesar, the greatest of all
Romans, paid special attention to jour
nallsm. Ho aw tho neuuslty of in
structing his people in everything oe
ourring in thu Statu; and we find this
quotation iu Suetonius:
"Julius Ciesar, as soon as hu had en
tered his public, office, caused not only
to bo written, but alo spread among
the people, the proceedings of tho Sen-
... .
This wiistlie (irst nolitlcnl mitier.unil.
A it contained news about building,
births, deaths, .wmitinns, and anec
dotes, it can bo likened very much to
our modern papers. It eems incredi
ble, but it can bo proved, that already
in tho olden timea there were stenogra
pher who took down tho speeches
made in the Senate or in public. They
wcrja-alled nolarii; and wo find a place
in Suetonius whero Augustus U angry
because tho stenographer rcpirted the
speech of Ciesar tor Metcllus iu a rery
imperfect manner. There mut have
been reporters, judging from a letter of
Cicero to Cadius, also private report
er, who gathered the new and seat
thdEa by tho cursu public &n iaiti
tutioa similar to our mall throughout
the province.
You caa see from this that Alclba'
aying, "There is nothing aew under
theiun," is verified once more. Tran
laUdfrom Iht German. ,
The Ceaalaf Maa.
The "coming man" will certalnlv be
a marvelous creature. Iii prnp)at
are on everv baud, and ta one and all
.. the omens are full of tho wonderful "
'": ;taiagi be will devis) and do. He U, la
be sure, long in "coming;" we evl
deadly have not yet cen him but his
progenitors, at lea-si, may be said to
have arrived. It U amusing, indeed, to
ee how tho prophesied "coming man,"
M he is portrayed by this or that looker
iato the future, is found to be endow
with the xulUr Ut and aixttnplih
tent, and often with the ldlcncra
ie. of the KrtrrtWr The luthVmUt.
for ltttane t mrr that the coming
man will ride the air and M'tid erve
midway UtHt r ami lirmainctit;
the Vktic doubt not that luu Mr
man cotur, he will Ins wholly i-uiaucU
psltsl from tradition and uertithti
to the iK'iallt, the -mtng man hiII,
with angt-lu cmjHurv. llll tip hi
wr KHin ith hU uighlHr, the
Mlthn rtn vIU hate the tuning man
eetir to reeVleh over-Kipulte the
globe Much might t aid, too, of
hat the "coming mttuait" will do and
W She ha her prophet and proph
etee Iimi. She will, no doubt, atrie
at the perfection of rs)lnliliiel cm in en I
etice and grace In drew. crhnp he
will tote and preside mer legllathe
wrangles, and dine as eno at nnnl
Mr t'harle Keade, with a wit anil
Imentlou that might Ik exjKH'tis! from
hi performance In luiagitiative litera
ture, lias discovered a new attrlbiDe
which he think is cettalu the (tuning
man and woman will toct. What l
remarkable is, that thl attrlbtite.though
suggcti-d by brain which 1 alme all
fanciful, Is a seven li practical one lie
aay that tlieliiMnun"'eiioiiienon nf thu
future wlllltean "ambidexter," or IhiIIi
haiidrd perou, llrlnging the whole
force of his brilliant rhetotlc to !ear
tilKin thl subject, Mr Keade arraign
the distinction Ktwom the right and
thu left baud a a rello of remote bar
barlsm To think, he sa, that the
left hand I unlucky, I to Mil-erllx to a
heathen mythology It was u tradition
of tho "juxViiUu w orhl," as he calls w hat
wu commonly know a ancient time
The according of distinction and supe
rior rktll to tho right hand has no war
rant, either iu the structure of the organs
or eteit iu human Instinct. It is wholly
a matter of custom b Inheritance. Vet,
iu a long arrax of very rich historical
learning, he shows ho'w universal, In
time ami place, this custom has been
Wit llud It In thu llible. Jacob was "the
son of Kachel's right hand." Jacob
blessed hphraim with thu rlirhl hand.
According to Moes, it was the Lord's
right h:ind that gave thr Law Solomon
seated hi mother on his right hand at
a mark of honor. Homer ami thu (iieek
writers, Virgil and tho Latin ones,
closely follow the traditional use and
symbolism of thu two hands. "Dex
terous" came from the Latin word
meaning right hand, and "sinister"
from that meaning thu left. Kien In
modern tongue thu same "superstition"
is lixed deep : the French use "droit,"
the Kngllsh "right," for a moral altrl
quto as well as for a physical locality ;
thu French "gauche," or awkward,
means alo "left." The same significant
peculiarity is to be found in Spanish
and Italian. Always It I seen that
word derived from "right" are culo
glstie, thc from the "left" uncompli
mentary and botuutlmcs disgraceful,
Mr. Jtuudu unlocks all, this store of
learning tu prove that thu distinction I
traditional, and not Instinctive: and he
urges tho world to hasten the coming
'of the "Both-bunded," by beginning
now to teacu children to ut each icnnl
with eUl hkill. There would, no
doubt, be great advantage in thi ; but
we fear tnnt Mr. Keadu'h own expo
sition show mankind to hu too closely
wedded to "right-handedness" to make
the reform a rapid or easy one. .!
ton'1 Journal.
.Men's Tart In Home-Mnklnir.
Most of the preachments we have
seen from tho texts of happy home have
been aimed at thu women. This Is nat
ural enough, for thny are tho home
makers of tho world t and in a future
nnmber we shall "join In thu choru."
and also say something to the young
folks about their part in a work from
which no responsible member of thu
family can Imi excused. Hut just now
wo delre to nndgo the head of the
households, atid ask iheui how they are
performing their rcwpoasible part in thu
realm of home. -Their forto lies iu
breathing and enjoying tbo atmosphere
after somebody elan has made it and
not a few can't get 'along and maku
known their authority without "raising
a breeMs" in it. Men are Urn busy, too
impatient ami inouguuess, ana it must
bo said of tomo of them too selfish to
do their fair share of that pre-eminently
millennial work, the creating of a happy
home, whereiu love reigns supreme,
and amiability, affection, cheerfulness,
joy and teac, arc the natural conditions
of family life.
Now in certain thinm man has been
a constitutional shirk from thu time of
Adam if tuu scientluc gentlemen have
left us any Adara--down to this day.
Men will light for their homes, and
make slaves of themselves to their bus
lnes to maintain them; but like the
probverblal matt who would die for a
woman, but would never bring up a
ocuttlu of coal, they can",t tell what their
children arc- sUidvini mi school, who
meir are, wnat thj are learning
of good or evil, nor hardly anything
else that a father otighuto know con
cerning his offspring. It Is so sad a fact
as to spoil the-MBtire. when It is said
that many a father finds hi Suudavs
and holidays too few to enable him to
"become acquainted with his boys."
Hut wo maintain thataman who hasn't
time to be a father children, with
all that includes, ha -no right to have
any. Ho wrongs theia, robs himself,
puts aa unjust rcsponsibtUtv upon the
another, and neglect fats highest duties,
human and divine.
Tliere are so many ways iu which a
father may contribute to happy home
lifethat it asstfM atraafe the number
of hottaas ahoaid so exceed the homes.
It takat so little to make children hap
py at borne, that It is a woadrous pity
to asaay little Met are miserable, or uu
easy, or disooateated. If for aa houa
after the eveaiiur aaeal the father ahmilrf
give himself to Tits children, would the
roomer wear out so iaat er the cnli
drea heaolawlees. ttxwMeeoaie. and un.
comfortable? What a ministry for
good to both parties Is a papa's frolic
wuii me oaiiiNi, naat au, interest is
added t the lOoks. the,,
games, or even the ataaWif the father
enters into them! "
Aside from the children, and iu home
where haply there are none, meu still
have a more direct part than moat of
them are read v to hear, iu making thn
daily life pleasant. HV hardly need
say that a man should set the example
tor the family in patieu", cheerfulness,
cnurti). for bear a tiee, and all the amL
able iuikhW and gt o that arr taesoul
of home happlne. The stt of tarn
who dt'pUt all their uat and )
Iltelies oil the stlrrl or at thrlr lml
linss )dsv, and sale thn tiMu, ahd
sulk, and soutlir, and all thr ex 11
brood of dviituh ditviton that the)
chatacteiuc In the otnlenlriit ruphrtu
llll of 'inoo,!'' welt, we hale our
opinion of them, and If thrv will csimr
within range, c don't mind rxprrlug
It priiateh. but erv afraid It would
not lmk well in print'
Tlie whole trllof home ti rants
men who make the entire household ir
idic around them a the center, who
tongue are ehtsuilcallv "furred'' In
the morning, and nerie so upset In the
evening that the family must keep .
lencc while thei rend and Mlioke, who
"can't lHar" the noe of IiiiuhvuI and
natural mlrthfulues who hare to le
tondle,) and telidcl and humorxHl, the)
ought all of them to lc dooiuctl to hati
their da III a shabby genteel Uardlug
house, without sight of wileor chlldrvu,
with hash for breakfast, warmed. oxer
pancakes for ltmeh, and lean maekervl
ami centennial hen for supper, with
the liHlger oierhead alwnis learning
the tromUiue and sen nut girl that
steal the hnlr-ull They don't ibrie a
home, and no man doe who will do
nothing to make it. For insn's rights
do not Include the right to all the com
fort of a home w Ithotit nnv of the w ork,
or worrv, or sacrifice, or thoughtf nines
and well-doing incident to lt creation
and maintenance
A good inaiiv men think they hale
done their full dull if thev pay tlie bill,
more orlctsgtuilgiiigly lint one might
as well t ix to warm a room with a tire
nliice ami a pair of silicr-platcd and
irons, and no fuel or lire, as to make a
home with money The money simply
makes a place for the hoiuc,lo com
plcic, It the man must put lu himself,
and the lcst pari of himself at tlmt -u.r
Itebln lleod'a' Miracle.
Fair, fair was the forest of Sht-rwood
In the days of Iloliln Hood , long were
thu Miinulers that garmented the (uresis
w It h green, and In lght w ere tho autumns
that browned the thickets mill coverts
from which thu meiri hunters, clad lu
Lliicolu-green, starteii the deer. The
sllier horn of Kobln IIihmI's merry men
dlvl led In the morning and their note
were lost In the great, deep forests,
but they blended again at i cuing,
echoing at Hot from afar and then
drawing near.
T'hei, nieirv were tho tale of the
hunters, as thu red morn rose In thu
dusky shadows, and poured her light
oier the forest like a hilier sea.
Kobln Hood performed u most won
det ful mltncle lu his day.
IVrhajs, though, you may not think
It so wonderful after all.
Wu will tell It to you, as a icrj old
ballad told It to us.
One dav. Kobln, Iwlng in a merry
mood, took it Into his head to go Into
the king's hlghwav U the disguise of a
friar, lie put on liood, gown, crucifix,
ami bead, and walked off slowly, look
ing very demure ami woc-lrcgouo,
lie had not gone far when no met two
lusty priests, chid all in black, and riding
gallantly along.
"lltnnliet!" he said, "hnvu pity on u
poor friar. who has been wnnderiiiir since
morning, without meat or drink "
"In tlie name of the xlrgiii," said one
of the priests, "we cniiuol help thee.
We've been rolilied, ami haven't a
pellllV to help ourselves,"
Itohin laid hold of the priest's robes,
and drew lilui from his horse. Kobln
was so stout a man that the priest could
not resist, and when be commanded thu
other priest to dismount, hu dared not
disobey him.
"You sav vim have no money," said
Kobln. "Neither have I."
"You know how to prny?" said
"Yes," said the priest.
"Then let us all fall on our kne,, we
three together, and for money wo will
pray earnestly, and vo will sen what
Heaven will send."
The priests knelt down.
"Now, pray," said Kobln.
Thev prayed, vsy dolefully. At last
thoy began to wctp and wring their
hands. Then Kobln Ix'gan to dance.
The priest' prayer became raoni
doleful than ever, lint Kobln said
"Pray I Pray!"
They prayed a very long time.
"now put your Hands into your
pockets, and see if you have received
an answer to your prayer.
The first priest felt In his ocknt,
then rolled up his eyes very solemnly
aad said
"Let me foci," Mid Kobln.
The priest now looked more troubled
than ever.
Kobln searched the jtoc.kcts of one
and drew forth a purse hanvy with
"What an answer to prayer!" said
Kobln, and he searched thu other, and
fouad another purse.
Tho two priests were struck dumlt
what could they say? If they had
spoken truly at first, hero Indeed was a
miracle! The old ballad says they
"sighed wondrous heavy,"
"You have prayed well." said Kobln,
encouragingly, seeing their dejected
looks. "Here are live hundred ikmumIs.
Now we will divide it."
And divide it he did. He gave each
prloit fifty pound for praying so well,
and kept tho rest himself, Hm thu two
priest did not seem very much pleased
with Itoblii'a division and liberal pres
ent, but rodo away looking more woeful
than ever.
"Always speak tho truth." said Kobln
to the two priewU aa thev departed, and
we have a sort of stiiplcJon that If thoy
had spoken the truth about their money
to the bold outlaw, as good priest
ought, the miracle would not have
been so great.
. The children of ex-Governer Ifnnh.
Jmck. of Louisiana, are nearly white.
but Uiey have been expelled from the
public schools of New Orleans.
"I shall die happy," said an expiring
husband to his wile, who was weeping
mo-t dutifully by hi bedside, "If you
will promise not to marry that object of
my unceasing jealousr. your cousin
John." "Make yourself quite easy,
mv love," said the prospective widow,
"I am tajaged to his brother Bill."
t'erle Hemes aa the Miter IMtar.
Wat' dl 'tHit dat sitter Miarasf"
aVcl t'brle Itemut xeiterxUv 1 t hear
Mis s rvadln 'bonl It," and axed
hrr, but Se a dat I urn' at Ma.
John, an' dm l ax Ma John, an' Mae.
John i I inn' gu let dco neper
men 't kirk up all de deilliuent
I Urltexc dat a the laugwlde dst he
HUi. that' all .rilled, I'nele Kemus,
eierxthlng I fixed "
Who hilt de blggl.t ban' In de game"
' Fbe sllier-uten llieji dlda'l cam
all Ihctr points, but thn' are toleiald'v
"What" deupthot erdr ftaea detlf"
"Whx, e ate to haie the Old lh.
loursl dollar - the old iltxer dollar that
uIIhI so well "
I ti-tl dat I ain't got mine j It"
"Oh It loi titt xet Thei will le
put lu circulation put a fast a the
mint can make them "
"Whar Mhuu In de 'scinblji umi apevk
I'm a ettU, NF Hon fur back fum
demanwat ratniti out de tkadl dut
JiU teckon 1 lf"
"tlh, the sllirr dollars will lie clrcu
lated lint like au other moitey, You
get It if xou earn It "
"llai" ter scramble arter It same a
liefo'f Well, den, In r'gnl ter dat
liver bill, I'd a Neti whar de little
Uy win when he niado a mouf at de
ihiw "
"VVherxi was that, 1'nelr Kemualr"
"t)n de top rail er de fen, lint dar's
a nudder pint, l," continued the old
man, teftiH'tlng a few moments "1 hear
talk dat dee jure Mexican dollars ain't
up ter de high. water mark ludeic wtif
Hess "
"Well, those who pay you a Mexican
dollar will give ou a' nickel to make
up the slue that Is, If uu call their
atteiitiou to It "
"Hen I don't git ! nickel, case a s).
xer doller's gooj null fur me, wedder
she's United Males, or wedder aho'a fur
till. NoImkIv don't hav fer ter coax me
fer ler take a sllier duller "
l.'ncle Kemus sat thinking a few min
ute, and prtHeded
"Not much. Not dis season. Won
Mar John gimme my wnge I'll take
de Mexlkln doller an' lef do nlekle fer
him an' hi mudder-'ludaw fer ter fight
'ImiiiI, an' I'm blest ef I don't b'leeve
de ole'omati'd mount Mm an' gouge Mm
fer n heap le dan dat. Alh' you gut a
bucket er water dat yon want lining,
Whereat the did man toddled olT to
the pump. .tfdMiii ()iulitutwnntit,
lr. Ilslsae e a Her.
The kindly autocrat, Dr. Oliver Wen
dell Holmes, has I teen writing, say thn
New York Vrtbunr, a pleasant letter to
Master Holmes llunlnp, an elght-iear-old
Teiiuesseeau, whose parenU an ad
mired the Iroctor that Ihnv gave their
sou hi name The Utile fellow wrote
a pretty, childish teller to the autocrat,
adding thl postscript t " P. 8. - My Ut
ile sister said lo mamma A Muddv
Is writing lo a poet. 1 think I shall
write to hhakspemo,'" Ami thus Dr
Holmes answered i "My Hear Little
Namesake. have so tuacy letters that
I can tint do more limn answer jour iu
a xery few word. I am glad that xou
go to school, ami have already learned
to write, and do sums lu arlthmetloaud
find place on the map. I supjxisu ion
know where lloston Is, where I llie, It
Is a pretty large city, but what do )ou
suppose l saw this forenoon out of the
window of mv library? It was a Mock
of wild ducks In the Charles rlier,
swimming about Just a much at home
as If they were tame ducks In a pond.
We Inn e had a xery great snowstorm,
Yeterday I saw a loy, not much bigger,
I suppose, limit von are, stand on the
top of a snow-drift, ami hi head was a
high as h street lantern on the top of a
trill post where It was placed. I am
sorry that I cannot do everything that
every good llltlu boy wants me to, I
am sorrv thai 1 cniiiiot write von
speech, but jou are I have written you
n imier. imi giHiti ami luuusirious ana
okedlent, and then )0U will do oredlt
to the name vour rather has irlvi.n
you. Kiss your little sister and tell her
inure are no jmhuiiiiccs wnere nitak
spearo Is now. Your friend,
The Phjslral KaVtl ef Tks.ckt.
An Interesting psper was read at a
recent meeting of the Itoyal KiN'ietr on
"Kxoerimeiital Kesearehes on the Tern.
iMirature of thn Head." In wlilcli tlm
writer, Dr. Lombard, showed that men
tal activity will at once raise the tem
perature of the head, and that merely
to excite the attention has the suinn ef
fect In a less degree. This Is a curious
result, as apjMjariug to show that any
thing of the nature of Volition Involves
a waste of nerve tlstuu whlob Is not in
volved In Involuntary perception and
observation. There Is no difference, we
Wellein, Ix'twccn lite temperature of the
sleeping body and that of the waking
boflj and of the head, so long as 110 act
of effort is 1 11 vol vol. II tit If even tint
least Intellectual effort raises thu tem
perature of the head alsivu that which
it reaches In a in used and Idle ohxurva
tion, It would seem to show that there
Is a waste involved In volition which
belongs to no so-called "automatic" ac
tion of the mind. And that I Itself n
fact of no slight significance. Lowton
a It has often been remarked that the
French language contains no word ana-
lofona to nor urnril llntnii . lnttmt la
(terhaps the nearest approach to it, but
iubi worn con revs u ine minu noinuig
morn than the f-lnvtlsb wrnnl 'lli.iia.i.''
This peculiarity of the French language
social characteristics tt the French peo
ple. They live mal.ily la cities and vil
lages, and nowhere ma! a tain that full
SVStein of household Mnnrnnr etimtnon
to the Kngllsh speaking race. The
nouse 01 a rrencn family is tmt little
maretbaaalosVxing. They eat at caiffea
and rrt nil rants, and rM-mallnti la
airHit wholly found at the theaters,
pnbtlc halls, parks or other public re
sort. The "home circle" a a place
01 mutual ana exclusive family amuse
roent, instruction or entertainment Is
almost unknown in France.
Friendship la the mcdlclao for all
misfortuaea; bat Ingratitude dries up
the fouatala of all goodaesi.
ttorart cattnel talk h Kajlkh Ur
gxiagr, but when thev tell a picnic par
ty to le. It l a clear It understosM
a If uttered by the mot"grmmllcJ
The diflrrrolwiwrenrMlaa! a horse
and s hohh' l ald to consist In
thl, that one can prt e(f a hiH al any
time, but onc on a hobby a lean can
er get off
An Irishman, on ,ng a xcaael irjr
heai lit latlrtt, and 'arcly sImixm the
Waters cdjre, exclalltletl, "I'ln MX
i 1, 11 ine nxer w in a nine fiign
lle ship wxwxld m to the ltUJni,M
1 1 ankle
(agesl iwt) "Mamma, a las
i4 kles me t,-lv " Mam
dx at s'hi4 kles me to-dr " MH
tu "lHl tlie, tlearf I hop ou klssest
her hack " Frank (verv InifWtxaHlly)!
" her bask No. I didn't, I hiaWt
her check "
Title) of rank r not rsnferrvl hy
Ihe laws of the Tnlled Htalc. though
lid I onlv one ef ike reasons why we
Meier ee Uiardlng hmiM btitur alluded
to In Ihe Constitution,
An rattern per ha for It muHo -"The
pen I mightier than the sword,
but the scissor are easier to handle,"
S"Kmou didn't get away with all the
"Does jour ller Annie exrr say any
thing about mef" ake ait anxious ox
er of a little gdl "Ys," was the tx
pit , "She said that If had n'ker on
jour shoes they'd make a nice ciadU
fur my doll."
"lloya," said a rural schootdeacher,
"knowlwlge never Hme without seek,
lug Stick a plu thetet" And then,
a he shot up from his seat like a jack
lu the box, ho offered a tcward of tlie
dollar for the oy who had stuck the
pin there.
A black cied man Is alwa) Ihe mmt
jealous of his wife, a grav ed one
the most true and faithful, 'the brown
eied thn lel ptovlders, and Ihe blue
eieil alwas henHvked. Take jour
cliolce, girl,
Nothing destroys Ihe apHllte quite
so quickly as the announcement that
Jones, of whom jou have Jut agreed
lo accept ten cents on the dollar. Is
going to P.uropc with his family lo
spend a 1 ear. In the bright lexicon of
check thrrxt is no such word as fall
Menerln llUewa lseil.
nays (Win In kit recruit lweir. (
lllsler;n( ,NVw Ttxk nislr. ''Tbeest ka
r4 wtirn the (enrr'arlors f hiunsalif er
tied (lk, lli
1 mm l.
lewnl tu II r la liiiMiUlaja latisif Itvrlf
tsntflcca, tlirir Islsir UHrrcMlent. TnstsT
Ike lienetarliies el Ik eiW. .(he liiro etni
trvulD Ihilr lire ami mrralrs ( las Interests
of IiiiinsnltT-ll.rsr are tks mm ekiae Ike
mM (riljtkts Id IhNkit, SS.I eliiNB II rrastiU
llb I'ttlirrlr fortunes. A a earnest wtwker Ihe vrlfare i.f Ms rallue-mrn, l. R. V,
rirrre lias wihi llirlr eslnirst ; in pal lit srni
rstrrin, XVtille rrklti to be Uo(r srrxsnl
onljr, lie hsa lHssiir a Mhue aiassi; Uiras.
Trt llir tininrii.e fnttiinr fstalie uis.a him til
s jrrurroat to.e tie korOs nut, t.ul hilrti
la llir itvrlliin sb4 rUUlliairii i.f nstli.
Hon .tin II r riMilrthMllte to thr iiut.Hr mssl,
the sx,ita (da irslltliif i tWIr Hlwrslieu
l.iinflr , a lira larsnttif of Uial iwaull'al Ihl
ratal eiistiitn of ra.tli. iarl vetas Us eslrr.
Niilnl In Uilk xilMo ami erltslr life fur hi
iiiiwcrxln latrerlljr smt all Ihuse sirrNef Xtr
tnr Hut enii'Nilr inaiilus.1, lr I'lrrre ranks
htgti siiKmx IImmmi ' mm. wbaae aseir Hie
KisHlr le UJurtlr m. lo liist'lor MIMi
hrr roll Ii)imk Artilstkm. nl atiwMhisM
aiiiMUousUktlralneiitble lo tliriiMldlrilH
lnallnattiwrl.UIanr, )u,Ktnri,ila futets
i-aiirr nimUr lo leMiriir uniarsllrlrt ae
tllllx ami liM-fiUnrs, aliljr siliiiUmrnlilir lbs
wink he ha slfr.dr are.nn.lliril, tf a life at
eiiiemdilr lorf.irl. rnrlalie In Its grand fe
nils. " XV hlls lr hrrte't (ruin anil rnrnff
hair wnn fur I1I111 aoriiflslilra sMltlen on Iks
rxcnnli of s nation, Urlng- Urn rrrl4 Hens
lr li an iiTrrwirlmlh; iisl ultj, U lusllr
f. Itt.rsUsI Hnuarliotil Uriiintlrs lir (altira
fur hlin arl rr ilrslrsMs pUwe la llir Iwarts
of s s-rstrftil r,.,U. in, (l.,i4ro Mftiral INi
sivrnr ami raxotiu Prrsrrtptioa lists Wtmsht
hrsllfi Slid liairinr lo trn laoesatiil Imwss
holils. llrsrfmtK-rjt Vrftiahle pills hass lawn ae
koowlwixM frs nrrr Thlrt Tears to iw a rer
tsln ixire for Jls4seke, UrrCMiss, Ilia
?.f ! "f ,'C,,",' llltWn. 4 rrs of
stlkleyU. TIaars-ia1wtlkaTratwtltae,
sin! will reti krsllb u teas sMe fMs
UenrrsJ DrMlltf sea Jfrff nusaeas. p.fce !C.
per box Sfa fur Alruarise
Uassrasasa o.., m kVM sH. . y.
CeBwaaxJeai c.'axresfl.
, An old tersMsa rrtlr4 from ararttee
hatlAf ha4 ttarssl la bU Ueds Irr aa
Km! ladle MkaaVan7 U furmal iJ a
lm4s vrgsUM remad;, fer Ism Staawr
and prratsaent cars of rsiet4iMbU, lirts.
rtiltl, eaUrrb, aMhaxa, and alt Ureat'aaVl
lung sffrdlens, also a tIUra aed radlralears
for MrviMdMllly,nj sll itsrruiisrrjMitilaiaU,
after lurliif u-ated H eooilarful rurslixstne
era In UHiusand of rsjusi, ha frit II Ms duty
to tnska II booen li hi seffrHNg felines,
Arluatn ljr this riMitlfe, aad adsalra tor
Here human tuftVrttijf, will m,k1 f rrs of rharss,
tt all wIhi ileslre It, thu rerlM wtth full tfr
tlpii fur (rrpsr1iig and aslna: la Urn,
h rtrk m4 KtUth, Mcnl lr null I srfdrcss
Ing wltli ttarap, uamlrtj UiUpsprr
13 I'lerr's Block, WKlirster'. tiiw Tork.
i'rr ataiisai
Or lbs niMlmd of btinilaK our lxlls afur
ilratli, trralrd aula llttls iltr In Oil roMnXrt,
but mrl with rrry llttlr farts-, T (4aae our
rlilM, our rnotuer or flljcr Into a otsn,
sfirr il-tli, six to tlarwl auil Ku at II rapid
r-rli'hir, barnlng scd cyinirrsl'wi Into a fr.w
ouncr of aslirt, t, tn our r-tlmstlmi, cruet
sel sinful- Now ladlts, you who are uffrlfHf
fosn sime fi'tntlr) roiilalat, wl bars twrqois
lrrrnlsr, it hats ili.s and arors, tmtartrs,
Htwmtnr snl crtirsl in-Uslloa, es sdttM
jirtj to use KngMJi reiosfs Hitlers at one, aad
rlsliu s w Iras mixmi jnurllTM, It It a Won-ili-rful
friuxln frfulauir, snl also a quick and
rrful iwilc, rurli.K ehronfc rsri In an lu
crtsllul slrirt (Una,
Kikm rairwni-l write uhUj to let ro
know wlial I tilk of tour mnlU in I Unifhl
fwrnl wfi the lia l,ren tixluhilif lor Uis
list jtu and a half, liars alwsr l,vl a plir.
IrUu for hrr, tail l liaa ToU-hI no sHef ffOHi
Ibrlr trrstmriil. Tlie let lie I gut fromi toe a
pvw irl;oM p, sod It tk
iritihfluu has dorm hr -or.ued, aad raMevrd
thr r.Hi)tiliig to tttmi eiunt. )Ur larcsxtls
Io trrr r, aad nn to frrl that H Is
aJwsjiflllrd up. Ilrr rmth maka br vary
Irk sih) wrak. I Will now srixl roy H tot alt
liIrs, lo b seat Ui H'stmrt, frr, a roe sd
vsrtlxi, fVn1 InuurdUulr. '
HtapsrUullr, H ICffiUAJI JKPflf.M ,
Htjim,rt,A'tm4 fOly, Amm.
rJry rXA, 1H7S.
l'rlreBetMtU,l4a. Ms hottlaa tor U ao,
Ksprsas caargsa fU. lUsasaxbsf, start beuls
deaxsjaxeax lsl. Etsry tm Is tnta
Urallr faulluxr ellb roramoa colds. Ttts still
Uotws aad atilrerliig, li daUaees aed Uefuor,
tae sorckM of tea tbrost, pel a Is Um1s1,
aad stuffed tioatrU. Ws would rscossssred s
Haul; aa of Madssa Portrr's Custlr Coucb
'-- 1 ul, kUiI.1. iiul iJumiI u-X
rullUacti(ia(iceli botlis. Bsssil totUss
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FARM FORCE8 tt$m.3a&.
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tarlaeaMef a atSSJMf kHlls) tef M
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wsl4ftiSgnlmatllSBf tUswoirt,
t. C. rOHtAITH ft CO.,
ftculilstj aii Oeieral Nacliie Dealen,
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TarwaVrrt tnr ll'irw ss4 Meat
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aalt U.le riaatrr wliawklr IXraraKT
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(lalva. Il will IM lo tae flrl a. TWS
riaairr. al ffitMt, usta K rarraw. assssis
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