The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 25, 1878, Image 2

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thf4Umgm rtke X CragrrM
WAtrmwirro. Tiimiut, Arnti. 0. Morrill,
from the Inance committee, repotted Mil to
repair and put In operation the mini atNaw
HleaBpi',d on calendar, Fryelalnaliimt
a Mil regwlatlng the mmprnaeiinn to railroad
for mUl uawpfirutlrm referred. Bill passed
vsrovMrag a code of arm rrgvletlene. Also,
fill for the relief or W. (J. ftnvder, of llllnMa.
like Teller Mil fur railroad from aMsmarrk to
Jae Mark lllllt wu considered, amended end
want over. The Pacific railroad funding bill
to coeaiderrd, and Edmunds advocated the
Mil of the Judiciary committee. A fur ronsid
mMi e NU the Mil passed bv a vote of 40 to
19. The tbalr presented tha llonse Mil pis
ciM Mm. Shield on Uii retired list. Cn
mltires of conference ntrr aptHnted on Urn
Mil aatlwsrlslng the appointment of temporary
treaso nr clerk, nil on Ui consular tjrtiri
atlon Mil. The Senate took up Uio Mil repeal
ing the (Mnkriipt act, and riii1lng lu mnsld
ration adjourned.
Wright offered a concurrent resolution pro
posing to Issue 1400,000,000 of ITnllcd Stale
wotes, to lw known a national money, anil to
4 legal tender for all debt frfermL Hurk
Brr, chairman of committee on tanking and
currency, reported a Mil for Issuing $itS,TV0,'
KlOtn rrsaury note forUie rrUitmtnlof na
tional tiank notea. which am to l recclred In
payment of one-third custom duties referred
to committee of thn wholo. Durham, from Ilia
eonferrnre committee, on the Mil for Uia em
ployment of temporary elerka In the treasury
department, reported tliat the committee disa
greed on the Item Inserted by the Senate, ap
propriating 11)0,000 for postal" c lark. A nnw
conference committee waa ordered. Tin
House went Into committee of Ui6 whoto on
Ae tariff Mil. After aoM iKstussiou the coca
axlttee rose and tho House adjourned,
WAsiNmK, Wednesday, April JO. Voor
beea offered a resolution directing the commit
tee on pensions to report a bill granting pan
atona to aoldlera of tha war of 1HI2, and to their
wtdowa and orphan. Illll paMed for the re
lief ef JobnC. MrHiiney, nlato collector of
Internal revenue. Matlhewi offeird an amend
meat to the bill to reieal the. reMinptlon act
referred. The Hanala reaune4 tM tontldcra
Uon of thn Mil to rapeal Uie bankrupt act,
wnica earn up aa unnnuneo ounneaa. mi
Ikewa offerad aabatltuU) to aatabllah a unl
form tow otaautwtof Imnkniplcy. After
aoBM ramartM by MatUMWa, thn kenale went
lata necutlra araalon, and aoou aftor ad
Jovae4. Rocas.
0Nell preaentad the rmnonilrancc of a larjco
minber irf merchant and mannfacturrra
Mlnat the paaMge of U tariff Mil aa vital
Mlartoaa to the builneea Intereit of the couu
try referred. Fuller Introduced a bill author-
bring the laa ulag of Uraiury notea and tha tak
war un oi vreenoacia and national nana note
prohlbltliur Uia contraction of currency and ru-
oeallnc the Internal rwrenue lawa. A bill waa
alan Inuodiired making It Illegal for any mem
ber of either Hoaae to act aa general advlno
ry attorney for certain corporatlona and pilcn
toea. AIo, a Joint rnaolntlon directing tho
committee on civil aervlca reform of the two
Ilouaee, to Inquire Into the propriety of limit
ing the eierutlTe patronage by conntltutlnnul
tnerxlment. AIo, a joint rwolutlon adopting
eooie new methnl of keeping tha account of
the Federal government. I'otter Introduced a
Joint resolution prtijioelng a coiiitltullimiU
aaaandment providing that after IHtt), them
ahall tie but ona aeMlon otfUMgreaa every two
yyara. unleaa wteu coavoned iy the 1'raildenL
The Ilouae went Into coRNnlttea of the whole
aa the peaalon bill, appropriating 2U,a,ff74.
Itprovidea that after July, 187V, tho iiennlona
ahall b paid by thn Treaaarerof the .United
Stale, under the dlrectloaa of Uie Becretary of
tha Interior. After debate Um committee roaa
without action on the Mil, and the llouaa ad
journed, BMNATI.
Warhimiito, Thurmlav, April II. Uennla
ttrcMtitcd lllalne'i rreolutlon In relation to thu
KlecUiral OommlMlon, and moved It refcrrnre
to the Judiciary commltteit ao ordered. Don
ala, In preecutlng the resolution, cipriwcl
klmaelf a ottpoaetl U It. He had voted for tbn
appointment of the Kleetoral Cciiimliwloa and
would atand bv It dwlidon, Tho bill to n
tove tta reetrlrtlon on the ellattuciit of col
ored men in the army came up, but again went
over. (Urgent called up thn joint resolution
on the Chinese urtUM), and urged the neccs
Ity of .restriction! on Ctilnene Immlirratlon,
(.VMilderatlnn waa reumr1 of ttnflnlhi'd bi
sines, being the bill for the ropi-al f tha bank
rupt law. IlavU, of Illinois, favored ami'iid
lng the tirrocnt law If the Senate should reject
Uie bill to retveal, and said he waa authorised
to eav that r.dmund ciMicurred. Tho bill wna
then lahl alde. The rUmate proceeded to con
sider the drflrle ncv Mil. Heveral amendment
were agreed to and the hill paused. Wlndom,
from the comnilUe of cimforence on the bill
to authorise the Hecretary of the Treaimrv to
employ temporary elerka and for other pnrios
ea, ipialned that the committee bad ag'll
upon all amendment except two, on which
Uiey had not been able to agree. An Item ap
prlatlog 140,000 for salaries and expenses of
collector or) Internal revenue, and W0.000 for
railway mall elerka. Inserted by the Senate,
committee, they bad not bean able to agree
aprm. The 8nat tuslted on It amendments,
and a ooafurcnce waa ordered. The bill tor the
relief of the MethrtdUt Church South waa
made the rperlal order for Thursday naxt.
Fhelna offrred a resolution tnitrtirllnir the
Judklary committee to Inquire lata the alleged
Tiutauuu m ho ocnonai iiueny oi uenjamiti
Noyes, a cltUcn ol Connecticut ; adoptml. The
Ilouae went Into committee of Uie whole on
the oendon anDronrtatlnn hill. Hra1a. I'hti.
tendan, Fort and Hewitt of New York advo
cated the bill, and Hound, Thompson and
jfneii fiupoara ii. Aiier aomo ueDatc Bmlth or
Feantylvanla moved to lacrraaa the amount
appropriated, for carrying Uie bill Into effuct.
from tU6,(XM to $i:,000; atlopted. lMwora
anOVrd to Itrlke out the aecllon which i-hanir
the mode of paying twniton. and Inserting lu
lieu thereof a provftlon llxtng the salary of
Knslon agenU at $4,0110, and allowing there
ja for vuuclicrs, and actual expense for
iun uire, eic, Bgrerti 10 l-l 10 ll.
ru onrrvu a reoiuiion uai rrom and after
Julv. lhTH. theofflreaof lVmlmi Ammt. i,n
be filled bv wounded or disabled unUm aoldlera
"k4P.,wL. Tno onnlttee row and reported
the Mil. The amendment were concurred In
and the bill passed. The llouaa Uien went Into
committee of the whole on tho poto(Hce ap
proprlaUon bill. A soon aa the bill wa read
oy iia uue uie committee rose and the ilouao
WAanmoTiiN, Friday, April 19,-Tho bill
autaorialng the Secretary of War to rellnquUh
rjortion of Uie Fort HarUufT mtlitar rMrva.
Uon la Nebraska to houiratesd and vro-empt-lon
eettlera pasted. The llouie want Into
committee of the whole on the private calen
dar. The firet bill wu to reimburse the col
lege of WUllam and Mary, la Virginia, for
property destroyed during Uie war. Uoode
advocated IU paaaage. Lorlag thought the ap
nronrtatlon not onlv a letral rlirhL but .lflrl
It because he waa aa grateful to the college aa
tie waa to hi Hatrard for hi gift to hi coun
try, and wa willing to forget her error. Ho
called on Uie country to preserve Uia ancient
laadmarkaof naUonal greatness. Reed thought
tho paaaage of the bill would beadangcrout
precedent, for Southern claim bill were al
ready pending for 1900,000 for college'propar
ty destroyed. Coogrea waaerowdcxTwIth Mil
for Southern claim which member were
obliged to latroduce to conciliate their eon.tlt
went. Eden aald more claim were pemtlng
la Uie Forty-third than In Uie Forty-tilth Con
gress. Townaend aald be wanted to do jutttce
to all parte of the country, and would act for
Virginia as he would for New York or Maaaa
cbaeetts, but he could not favor Uie Mil. On
motion of Foster, the Senate amendment to
the deficiency bill were non-concurred In, and
on motion of Singleton the Senate amend
menu to Uie diplomatic appropriation bill
were aon-concui red In. Tho ipeaker appoint
ed Singleton, Sparka and Hale aa a conference
ananmrttee on Uie part ot Uie Home on Uie last
aamed bill. Adjourned.
Washington, Saturday. April 13. Cox, of
New York, chairman of tho committee ou li
brary, aaked leave to report back the bill ap
propriating I&000 for tile erection of amonu
tuent over Uie grave of Thorns Jefferson
passed. The House then went Into committee
of Uie whole ou Uie post-otlk'o appropriation
Mil. The amirotirlatlon recommended l :!.
lW-flTSLa rtdurtlon of fW.TTO from but jer(
f9,nM,nm are for the railroad malt eervtre.
AMi,ro for InlaAif mall triitrttli, ml
7,Xi0.(sn for PaJ- of ni(et: lb bill
provide Uiat toe pf.tmtergeierl mv -point
one gent to tuprrlntrtid the rllrnd
iVMtal service, aad otir to upeniitend Die rtr
Line sarvlre, snd lo anthorlrea Uie pottim
ter reeeral ! rrduee the rointntailnti to rail
rosiTa for trantponallon of the malU, A '
rent. A long and general debate was litre In
termaieil try the rominltle rlilng, and via
after watil tar Ilouae adbmrnwl.
WAsniJififiv. Monday, April lr-U.IIIu,
from the tommlttec on nianafarturt, ut.rnK
ted a rranliitlen directing the romailllea to
conalder snd reirt to the Penile Uie probaiil
effect of any rhang In the tariff law upon the
man ii far tu ring IntrreaUof the ruunlry-sgrenl
tii. Hereford Introduced s bill repeallaj; the
auction of Uie resumption act which atiUrTTrltet
the Serretary of tha Treasury to sail l' H,
txinda and reilstm snd cancel currency- lild
on the table. Hatrford adtmaleil hi rranlii
Hon, requiring the committee on flnaie to
report Uie House Mil to repeal the psclr re.
sumption art within a week, and gave notice
that be would ask the vote thereon io-momi.
After the morning hour cwulderallon waa re;
limed of ttie lilll to repeal the bankrupt last
Thn Mil irovldfrlhercteelnf the hankrup
law oi Marrn '41, imit, ami an aeia tuppirmrii
larv thereto, bat
that the repeal hall tint In
validate or effect anr rase In I
krtiiilcy Instl'
I..I...I ....I .... ..-..Til.... 1L'
tilHIl NII11 HWn liriill,
Wlndom called aii
thn renste bill for a narrow
Kiige railroad
from lllitnarck U the lllark Hills Altar sev
rral amendment were made the hill pasasil,
and Katon movrd to recontldcr the vote, Tl
ler called up the Hensle bill to ln orporate tr
National Pacific Itallrosd and Telegraph Coin
tisuy- piMtponed. .Fonea Intrixlured a bill an
iliorlrlng railroad companlra to ronstruet and
maintain telegraph line for commercial pur
liriaes and to aeure te the government the
use of the asms fur military, tal and other
purpose referred. The Hen ate bill appropri
ating I7S0.000 for continuing Uie Improve
ment of Ui (lalveston harUir psjuad. After
executive session the srnite adjonrni-tl. ,
Hwaiin preecntedUielllnlrlleaolullnnaiif the
Maryland legislature, re-oienlng Uie l'rel
dcntlal question. Klinmell Intrixlmed a bill
providing a mode for trying the title of I'rcel
dent ami Vice President. A long dlnrtiMlon
look place on a perllmcntary question. In which
niepnena inoa ine ground inai uie uouae nail
the right under parliamentary law to refuse to
receive (irtlttona, hut that the question wi
whether It waa wise to refuse to receive It.
He thought that aa this memorial waa reepect
ful and on a subject of very grave Importance,
It should te reail and referred to a committer.
Ilefore the question waa decided, the time ar
rived for the special onlrrltelng Uie biislnes
of Uie District of Columbia. A Mil waa Intro
dueed and referred, aa follows lljr Willis, or
N, Y., directing the President to make a pul
He and solemn proclamation Uiat It la the (Inn
determination of Congress to enact no further
laws affecting the currency or finance until
specie paymenta shall have been actually re
sumed, and authorising the Hccri'tary of the
Troaaury to prepare 4 per rent bonda of the
denomination of f'JO, 9M) and 1100, payable In
standard coin at the expiration ef forty years
exchangable at no less tlisn uielr value lu Unl
ted Htntct Irgal tender notes. In the evriilng
a session wa held for kelwte on Uie tariff MIL
McKlnloyof Ohio. Urldges, Kvans, Deacon and
Drawer opimscd the bill. AiUoiirncd.
Hon hn LlktMl Kggn.
" Veil, now, you tuku ilol Lctioll, und
murk viit I von hav mlt von. iiml I iloll
you how it vita, i'v niilinltiy, it vrw no
tllllUll Illll iikii iumiiiih i tiiivor HltW.
You moo 1 vim no tuo mit dor Kotiiulrv
Inat vt'uk mlt nooiii iiiinIiicxh dot I liafl',
uiul I ntop In tier diivnn to kout uiu
aooin tluniT villi tiiorninc. Dcrlnutlort
hn vitH iroom roiint uiul xnv totli-iii hoo-
pli'n, "How you viih vuut (loin Iiiih
jriKikuil, chP' Vim nmti any, ' Frlut,'
una vun font,' utn not untur iimn lio
hav lio liulT Hoom SiirHiulilct : ' hut I
any, I (iiiku tuniiltlirftw.1 Dcr ltintlort
P liliiiMulf mit dor KlUihcn, tint I vim
.u ilctn uitrrtiU uliitimr mit dcrti
toiijjuci mid shnko iluniNtilviiN mit dcic
ncmi.t, turn iu iiitKiiort den oomci mit
me Hoom moro diinoH, unt any, I no vim
miiko uiu nut iiiiout tint : how von viih
liku item Imp1 jjooked?' I mvy m vuut
llko poforc, 'I ilnko .unidtliruw.' Hu
keep mi link run llko dot, llvo, hIx, nnlini
ilinuirt. un I any mo nil ilur while. I
iltiko r.uludtllrllw., Ho vn irit liku u
lirii? hnuHu in IiIh fu.o nil over n' ready,
nut don dot nntcr imtn viih make it nil
yut llko koiiiii b.Iiow plIN vhou lie nny,
'i viw iu'kh me, luntiort, not (Iumo mnn
vh.1 liku bettor IihIT r.ooni cjrga yuat like
ilv viih erownl, inltoutnny gtwk at nil,
Htlll.' lint don vo vnx all lad, unt do
ltintlort any, Vy chollvt I viw n shack-
(averting Chrlatliiia.
J ho huathen uro nrnnixiug forulgn
mlsaluni fur tho convoralon of ChrlH
tliinn. Tho HIiidiiM of the anortul city
of Hennrt's hnvo founded rt "ooloty for
the propiipitlon of HrtthtnlniHin among
tho ChriatiiuiH of Aualrullu. An emr.
nontUrnhiuinof tho numoof Suradaohl,
h man of gretit uuthority, hiw rcwntly
boon vlaltlng minio of tho Kngllsh colo
nics, nnd whllo truvoltng in Australia,
wiw uiipiilled aud grlovod at Uio fearful
jirevalcnoo of drunkenness anion ir tho
t'hrlatlaiia. On returning to India ho
cnllod together a number of thoughtful
HrahmiiiK, to whom ho iHunmunVeiitod
hia glowing zoal to do something for tho
salvation of their degraded fcllow-meti
and fellow-siilijectN In Australia. Tho
only perfect remedy, ho considered,
would bo tho conversion of those Chris
tian' to a hotter and purer faith. A
largo sum was collected for tho pious
and benevolent enterprise, and somo of
the Itrahmlus declared their willingness
to dovoto themselves to tho work, and
to spend and bo spent in this
and holy cause. Suradschi la now on
gaged In translating titling passages
from tho Vedaa into tho Knglisti tongue
for tho mm of thu mlsslonarTea.
The Railways f tkeWtrld.
According to aomo statistic" published
by tho JiconomittoFrancaii, the total
length of railways in tho world at tho
end of 1H7G whs 1H4,00'. miles, of which
Europo possessed 8!,4:0mlloa; Amerl
ca, 83,420 miles; Asia, 7,689 miles; Aua
traliu, 1.924 miles; and Africa, 1,519
miles. Tho United States had 74,096
mllofl; Germany, 17,181 miles; Groat
Hrltlsh, ltl.794 miles; Franco. 13,49'.'
miles; Russia. ll,6te miles; Austria,
10,86'i miles; Italy, 4,815 miles, and
Turkey. 9U0 miles. Tho railway sys
tem In India was 6,527 miles in length,
whllo Canada had 4,200 miles; tho Ar
gentine Republic, 990 miles; Peru, 970
miles; Kgytit, 975 miles, aud Ilra2ll886
miles. hill Mall OazttU.
Tint power of printers' ink Is well 11
lustrated by tho anecdote told of Stub
bins; Throe days previous to losing his
umbrella he advertised it in the paper,
and on returning homo found it snuglv
ensconced liehlnd the front door.
That If everyone would use hop bitters freely,
there would be much less sickness and misery
In the world; and people aro fast finding thfs
out, whole families keeping well at a trifling
cost by Its use. We advise all to try It. (. X
a., AWArtfer, ,V. 1",
Tho Chesnpcaku Ar Ohio rnllroad ha
Neil old at audhin for 'W,(H),
A fire In (Snlvi-Mnu, Tcxns, April llth,
de troyel '()l(l'fl worUi of prorty.
The llusr-y bliK'k, t IJrbhnn, Hi., wa
entirely dtroycl by fire April 10th lw,
about A'1'1-
Kddy At Hoac's Ibpior ftbllirncrit
at I'rovldenre, It. I , humid April l.'lth. !,
tzw, Iniuri-il.
Klglil stores were Imriied in Amerl
cus, (la., on the I'.th of April. Iam, IvVI.HD,
Insoranre, J),fl
CJov, T)ler lllgelow, ex-Chief Jtistlesi
of the Hllprrme Court of MsMwhUselta. dlr-l
In Ihsiton, April Uth.
At Trenton, N. .1., April Ivth. Mich
ae l.yneh wan fatally fhot by Jalnea Mitjarty,
In a quarrel aUmt a ilig fluhL.
Tun I'iiIoii schoul building at Hiinilco,
III,, was biiriieil to tin- ground on tbn morning
of April I'tb. !, I '.'.',( i.
At Snow Hilt, N. (.'., April l2th,.lohii
HtiottltiKlo'i, (colored) was hatitfeil lor the mur
der of his step daughter, last fall,
A man mimed Vorgiirlhy, aged forty,
killed Ida wife, aged thirty fire, In New Via-k,
April llth, and then killed himself.
On the l.'lth of April, by the oxplo
slon of a (Miller In Indluiiajmlls, two men were
fatally Injured, and two other seriously.
Thomas l Wlawull, a distiller, at
Tippecanoe, Jllilo, has flletl a stlllon lu bank
ruptcy. I.tkbllltlen ITO.UIO; aMcta small.
I Fellows, Foster At Co,, liifporters and
dealer In watdiim, New Turk, have failed. Li
abilities, i:l,(Ml; nominal awts, lll,()(ll.
Win. M. Twovd Is con II ned ti his ImmI
In l.lldlow Htreet Jail, Nes Vork, broken down,
hlaroiinM'l says, by coostnfit suspense slid ant
,Th rope iiniiiiifiiclory of Ilohtu At
Co,, at Dayton, Ky burned Afrll IWh Tin
low Is estimated at 4IU,(agl; liiMimiiie, -i'.,
(it'll. H. A. Smnllcy, receiver of sev
eral Institutions In New York, Is mlsnliig, und
defalcations of over f,ll Imva Inn dlN-ot-cnsl.
On tho llth of April an explosion of
sulphur In the mine near I'otUvllle, IV, klllisl
Tlmraa Denny and fatally Injiited Harry llren
nan. James Ward, the senior of the tlrm
Jnmce Wanl.t Co,, Iron tnerclmnts, Cleveland,
ha fallctl. I.Ublllllis, l,(l(ll,00O; hwcIa,
A skiff capsi.ed in tho Ohio river,
Just alsivn Wheeling, West Va., a few days
ago, containing six young men. Three of them
were drowned.
At F,mporiu, Kansas, April 10th, Itev.
A. ,1. Hhmmoii, Congregational minister, was
accidentally killed by the discharge of gun in
the hands of a mllltla man.
One of tho buildings of thu Steuben
county poor house, near Hath, N. Y., burned
a few nights ago, and llftcen Inmates s'tishisl.
Tlic lire waa set by an Insane paiis-r.
A tank containing forty gallons of
benalne In tho frrtory of a paint compsuy, In
Cincinnati, exploded a few days ago, Injuring
several persons, aud killing a colored man.
Hiram Weeks, of St. Johnsbury, Vt.,
formerly a director of the Merchants' National
Dank of that place, Is rrsirtcd to have aliecon
ded with 143,0(0 In trust and borrowed funds.
I. I). Clay, Clerk of tho County Court
of Halifax county, Va., and formerly a mem
ber of the legislature, has been arrested on a
charge of forging pension claim against the
Chapman, the notorious land title
swindler, who has operated extensively In the
Northwest, and who has been In Jull nearly a
year at Urbana, III., haa been sentenced to
twenty years In tho penitentiary.
Tho directors of tho Chicago, Ilur
Ilngton A Qnlncy railroad elected President,
Kobert Harris; Vice-President and (leOersl
Manager, C. K. Perkins; Treasures, Amos T.
Hall; Assistant Treasurer, ,1. N. Dennlaon;
Auditor, Geo. Tyson.
L. Dolor) Mauslleld, Assistant Princi
pal of the Dear om Seminary, Chicago, and
formerly chief owner ot the Ittuk ford Couuty
Kciualo rVmlliary, Nn)ack, New Turk, has filed
a voluntary petition In bankruptcy. Bccurcd
debts, f.M,000; unsecured, 4'J,0U0.
On tho 8th of April a gold brick was
cast at Helena, Montana, valued at f,V),(J. It
waa the product of the 1'rnoliwot mine, loca
ted IU mile from Slher City, Montana, and
was from one hundred and llfty Um of ore.
Tho cost of production sua 4,000.
A detective of rinkorton's Agency in
New York, March iSM, arrested Uiree men and
a woman charged with robbing, on January 'Jd,
the olllccc of Jaiue 11. Young of f 'JCU,0W la
cush, ccrUflcatcs, Isinds and stock.
A Deadwood dispatch mentions tho
excitement caused by an assay of 9900 gold
per ton, obtslned from quarts which was taken
from a mlno In Whltcwood Gulch, about a
mile ffora Deadwood. The vicinity hereto
fore ha tivcn very little prospected.
It is announced at Denver that II. A.
Mclntlre, president of the NaUonal Rank, of
Lake City, and vice-president of the First Na
Uonal Hank of Colorado Bprtnge, hss abecond
cd with TO.OttX It la feared that further dis
closures will swell the amount stated.
Edward V. Massurctt, cashier of tho
Tremont House, Boston, shot himself fatally,
April lilth. He lost fund of Uie bouse at faro
and sought to compromise with the proprie
tor ot tho hotel, who declined aud sent for an
At the time of Tweed's death peti
tion were la circulation throughout the State
of New York, asking Uie Governor for hi re
lease. They were being numerously signed,
and It wa Intended they should be sent to
Albany Uie next week.
John K. Lyon, president of tho Bos
ton, Concord & Montreal railway, was horned
to death at the l'cmlgwasset House, Plymouth,
N. II., on Uie night of April llth. Being III,
he arose during the night, fell, and Uie lamp lu
his hand breaking set fire to his clothing.
A telegram from thu proprietor of tho
I.lck House, Ban Francisco, addrvs'cd to Mrs.
Vance, Cincinnati, Ohio, state that her hus
band, Ex-Congressman J. h. Vance, ho mys
teriously disappeared from Clticluuatl tome
time ago, I In Ssu Fraticisco and I Insane.
Judge Mitchell, of Philadelphia, has
overruled iha mouoo for a nsw trial In the
rase of IIImIii's Plstnrliis, the rt prtrtt, con
vltled of Uie murder of Jsquette, in Montgom
ery county, JsTfi, and wnteneed llstorlns to
be hanged, Hlsmuncll gave notice that the
iaewoutd I carried to the rtiipreme Court
The Northwestern Natlorml Hank, at
Chicago, Is redeeming all lu circulating not
In gold, l-elng the first of the National banks
Ui take this step, The llnd"ay Dank. New
York, Is (wylngout gobl In sums of t-VOind
under The Thlnl National Dank, ( Inelnnati,
CMiiinenenl April I .'till, to inWin l.e botes mi
priM-nUtPm,ln gold, and other National banks
of that city were etpri I,-, u ahpt the ssm
rou rue.
Will. M Tweed died III the l.lldlow
HtreM jail, New York, April 13th. At Uie tlmn
of his dcaUi there waa no struggle, He pajued
away In sleep with his head lying upon his
arms. The lat words that In uttered were
"I have tried tfi do some good. If I have not
hail giMnl Im-k, am not afraid to die 1 N--lleve
the guardian angels will protei t tin- " He
was roriMlous until wlUiln a lew minutes N
forr his iteatti.
Sam. Sleenburgh, awaiting exis'iition
for the murder of JarobH. Parker, at Amster
dam, N, Y., Niivrmher 17th, ls77, has made a
full confeMloti. He says he has commltti-d
eleven different murders the first when he
was but fourteen years old , bImi Innumerable
burglaries, roblirrlis and Incendiary fires In
aud around Amsterdsui. 'I he atnry Is borrlblr
In Uie extreme, and nearly all irrrotirsted.
He says he murdered Parker.
The ('hicugo Tims prints dispatches
from nmrly two bundrnl (silnta In Illinois,
Wisconsin, Iowa, Mliiueimta, Nebmska, Ml
sourl, Dakota, und Ksiim, covering Um wholo
of the western spring wheal region, wlibh
show, when siitnmaririsl, Uiat Uie acreage l
neurly tlfly js-r lent, greater than last year,
thnt the londllloii and prospect are Is tier
than at any time ulnee ItV); that the M'sxin's
woik and vegetation un- three to six weeks
tilii-ud of the iiunl lime, and that there l an
average of between tlftecli and twauty per
i lit. of the old rrop still on bsnd
Another train rubbery occurred on
the The Texas Parllla railroad, thirteen miles
esslof Dllai, Texan, on the night nl April
10th, When the train stopH)d at Uie depot the
engineer and tlrrrnan were taken from the en
gine and placed under guard. The eiprrsa
messenger and route agent barricaded Uiem
selves In their car, but Uie robber saturated
It with coal oil and set lire to It, soon forcing
them out. The exprexa and mall were then
plundered. Conductor Alford and two robts-rs
were wounded. The plundering pa-ty nttrn-Is-rcd
fifteen or twenty. Thn pasocugrrs were
not molested,
Tho Cincinnati Prirc Current's twenty-ninth
annual remrt of pork-parking In the
Weat Is published. Total winter packing In tho
West, ,n0f,eyi; average net weight. 'JOn (V ;
yield of lard, er hisj; rout per hundred
jsmnds net. W.W. Compared with last winter
there Is a gain of l,4O4,0H0 In the nuinNr of
hogs puckeil 10.1 a pounds In the average net
weight; 4. J Ml ninds In tho average yield of
lard; and a decrease of J.lU In Uie average
cost per huudrrd pounds. Tlie net total pro
ductloii of barreled pork waa ?i;i,;W barrels,
an liureasv of H,IMI1. Tho aggregate packlug
for the year ending March 1st, was U.Ottv'sm
Tho Democratie State Convention of
Illinois met at Springfield, April llth. All the
counties were represented, and over MJ0 dele
gates were present. The following candidate
for Htatc otueers were nominated! State Treas
urer, K. 1.. Crankhalte, of Stephenson; . M.
Ktter, of McIcan, Uie present Incumbent, Su
perintendent of Public Instruction. The plat
form favora reduction of taxes aril expendi
ture; the taxing of United SUtea bond and
treasury note; the payment of tho obllgaUon
of the government In lawful money, except
whom otherwise expressly provided on Uia
face by Uie law under which they were Issue,
opposes making any further reduction of Uie
principal of the national debt for the present;
favors thu unconditional repeal of Uie resump
Uon act; commend the action of Congress In
Uie passage of tho silver bill ; declares Uist no
furUier contraction of Uie legal ten Jer treasury
notes ought to be allowed; Uiat National bank
notea should be retired and aa equal amount
of treasury notes laaned; that no more subsid
ies should be granted, etc.
A London dispatch of April lllth, says:
There Is less excitement st Portsmouth dock
yard. Work Is fast sssumlng the ordinary
routine character. Over-time ha generally
stopjH'k. Very little remains to le done In the
way of warlike preparation.
It is claimed on all hands, except in
purely partisan discussion, that the Cabinet !
sincerely desirous to avoid war. Tho with
drawal of Uie treaty of 8au Stefano, or Ita un
conditional submission to Uie judgment of
F.uropo, are regarded a tho only alternative
to war.
The limes' leading editorial of April
9th aaya that Prince GortschakofTa reply show
a genuine desire to Insure a peaceable solution,
The Pall Mall Gaxette aayc In view of Uie
factious opposition which, not daring to move
hostile resolution, aeeka to hamper the gov
ernment by such speeches as Lord Granville',
Urd Derby', the Duke of Argyla's, and Glad
stone's, call upon Uie government to dissolve
Parllameut and Uiu terminate Uie anarchy
which haa partially paralysed It during Um last
two year.
Tho London Time of April 10th says:
The eeche of Lord Beacontfleld and Sail
bury are thought at Vicuna to point to Uie
probability of a war, and bold out small hope'
of a Congress, which I there believed to be Uie
only possible reaching of a paclfle solution.
This supposed attitude of England la not ap
proved of at Vienna because the Austrian Gov
ernmeat has made no provision for Uie even
tuality ol Uie final failure of Uie Congress
project. The pacific and argumentative tone
of tho Russian reply to the Lord Salisbury cir
cular Is recognlted by Uie lAiudon pspers, in
dicating Uie purpose and glvlag hope ot finding
an arrangement for negotiations.
A London dispatch of April llth fays
a rumor I current In military circles Uiat Uie
British have sustained a disastrous defeat In
South. Africa. The colonial office I tguorant
ot such defeat.
A Montreal dispatch of April 2d, says
Uie demand for horse for England Is increas
ing, several car loads being taken over Uie
Grand Trunk Hallway, destiued for Europe.
They are Intended for military service, and
branded with Uie letUr H. Large shlpmcoti of
cattle, also, fr llng forwarded ffiim the low
er provinces, and the country est srwl et Is
bring for suitable horsw for ir pur-
Vila fihlrsr.
A (instarUii'iplc dispatch .tj The
Kantian are ctaiipietlog the forlifkalioti t
gun by Uie Turks at Jal.e kmrdjs arxl N-rko.
Krrah purchase of arms are being made by the
TurkUh war olTW. The drift of nes fnioi
Constantinople Is again distinctly pro-KngtUh.
New objections hate l-en taken by the Turks
sgalnt the Hiiudan mlllt n movements. Bus
Ian garrisons have relieved the Ibmmanians
t Wlddln, Nekodli sad Itbovi, snd the Bos
tans now hold the Danuls- frurn Its mouth Ui
Uie rVrvlati froritlrr
The situation at (Vintnntinople is
still regarded as dangerous to J'are, liotwlth
standing the protestations of the Porte. Tnero
are Intrigues going oo among the Puhas, and
the dlx'ritlon of the ltulati ronimsnder, and
of l.ajard sre donbte.1. A Belgrade dlfUi
says" A coiinrll of war licrii the Minister
of War and general staff have arranged fur dis
banding thn greater part of the .vrvlan forces.
A uttlf If lit forie In- tiilnUlncd to pre
serve order In old Serr n It Is considered
certain that S-rvla lll not .irtuipste In any
further hitllltte.
A ljiulnn dispatch of April llth s,ih
the warlike preparations of the BuxtJans snd
Turks lmt (oiistantlnople lontiaue. A;
prcbeiilrins re expresl In Bucharest that
Uie Buslans Intend cnforilng strUt martial
law. GnrtiM'hakotf has requested Uie Itimma
nlan government to repress the bitter tine of
the presa. News from (ttlnge says the dis
tricts In Albsnla ou the w coast aud bt-yoml
the river (Mcupled liy the Mouteuegrlns havu
been mi ravlehed by war tlu.t thu inhabitant
are starving The Montenegrins are unable to
help them, Mint arrely able ti f rl their on
l-ople. An ppeil has been niaile to Autrl
for help.
The movements of the itu-iun forces
on the Danube and In Boumania Indicate ad
termluatlou to prepnrt" Ui(roiii;bly agalnt Uiu
(ontlngrnry of an A list r Inn stuck In thn nar
Allthepasseaoverthe Carpathians practicable
for artillery and trains arcuivc red by tsnltlotis
which the Itus-lans harn Jtixt orcuphsl. The
Busslsn tns)i( arc casistantly moving from Bul
garia Into Rounianta. I jirgc splpments of iw.
iter from Dortnund, Pruvla, Into Kuvla, are
reporU"l. Buselan troops have commemeil an
other move. Only depleted regiments are sent
home to recruit, whe swIUons am Imimstl.
ately filled by frch tnsi from Uie North. A
Constantinople dispatch says- Ijjnrd, the
British Ambassudnr, has risvlved a r jsirt from
the British Consul at Busteliuk claiming In
demnity from tlie Busolaii Government for out
rages committed by the Busolan tnsiw lu
entering thu consulate there and taking pos
session at the archive, notwithstanding the
British flag waa hoisted (iter the building at
the tlms.
The Khedive of Kgypt is oHctoil
issin to vl'lt Contaiitinopleto pay his res.'vta
to Uie Sultan. Kobart Psha has obulned a
short leave of absence to vlidt Kniflatid. A
sslal from Constantinople states that l.ayanl
bus MH-i ceded In paralizing for the prcM-nt
liils-lii's endeavors to obtain the frlctidshlpot
the Porte. In view of the Increasing tension
of Amilo-Busslaii relations, the greatest im
sirtanio Is attached to a recent loug Interview
between l.ayanl and Bcouf Pasha and m.ta
Pasha, who aro prominent lu military uffalrs.
It is snld Anglo-Austrian influences
are now In Uie ascendent at Belgrade, and
there I a disposition on the part of Servia,
Boumania and Montenegro to make a joint re
monstrance to tho puwur against Uie treaty of
Sin Stefano. Tlie Porte has Issued a circular
to Ita representative, abroad. It recognlie
the treaty of San Stefano a the result of tho
reverse sustained by Turkey In the late wr,
and expresses a determination to rarry out Uiu
terms of the treaty, but declares the Porte
would nevertheless regard a opportune any
modifications which might he made by the
benevolent Intervention of the Powers, and
moderation of Bussis. A dispatch from Bel
grade say Boumaula's recent efforts to Induce
Servla to make a common cause with her has
been unsuccessful.
A St. Petersburg telegram of April
Pth says the fecJUig gain ground that some
formula will be Invented which will remove
tlw obstruction to the assembling of Uie Con
gress. The Journal do St. Petersburg say
Bussla demanda Uiat the U-nrfits obtained for
the Christians shall not ls secured by Ineffica
cious stipulations like Uioee of 1NV, but by
material guarantees. Bussla cannot accept Uie
ephemeral direction ot a Congress because It
would not assure peace. If Europe tie disposed
to undertake the settlement of the Eastern
question In the euse of emancipating the
Christian, Bussla will not ralscanydllUcultlc
but Uio discussion of the question at Iksuo
must be Inspired by confidence, not Jealousy,
The St. Petersburg Agence Hussc states
that the character of the latest newa encour
age Uie belief of Uie poealblllty of Uie resump
tion of Uie congress proposal. The gvueral
Impression of Uie new seems less pro-Busslan
than of late, and there Is a feeling here and In
the European Colony at Constantinople Uiat
Uie dislike of Uie TurkUh people I so great
Uiat the pashaa would not dare to venture on
Russian alliance even if they wished.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg says
that In Uiat city, opinion rrgardlng GorUcha
klff 'a circular 1 much divided. Some consider
It a complete political programme, and worthy
of a great Power; othera regard It a a formal
refutation of SalUhury'a accusation. Soma
think It I Kuaala'a last word, and othera the
Introduction to negoilaCona on a new ground.
It haa displeased those who have wished the
government to nail the color to the mut aud
risk all, rather than make Uie slightest conies
tlon. The St. Petersburg Agence Russo says
Uie Russian Government, by discussing In It
answer to Lord SslUbury the objection raised
by him on every point of the treaty, baa prac
tically established a discussion of Uie whole
treety, and thus shown bow small a foundation
there la for British objection. Tsarr seem to
be torn disposition at St. Petersburg to show
Roumanla more consideration. It 1 announced
that Gortacliakoff meant that the stlpulatloa
for the passage ot Russian troop through Rou
nunla, not the question of tho cession of Bes
sarabia, could not be eubmlttcd to the Con
gress. It I also stated Uiat Uie Ruiilan Com
missioner will go to Bucharest to treat with the
A St. Petersburg dispatch says: Gorts
chakoff'a circular to Uie ambassador accom
ivsnylug hi reply to Lord SaUbur' circular,
regrets that Ute letter, tldc rritJelsteg th"
Uwaly of San ftrfaoo, did not sy what the
British government delres He bs-lletra If
Urd Salisbury will make kixin their wUhes,
a t'ttrr understanding of the situation may t
rrirhed as to a congrrM The circular says
lluwla ran txily reiterate the declaration Uiat
ch por, Bussla tfieluded, would hate full
liberty of appreciation and of action mote
peaceful. Tlie 8t. Petersburg A,rite Buw-r
makws the following announcement! An ac
tive rlthaiige of commuulcatliaia Is proceed
lug, under the usleratlug influence of Germa
ny, with a view of arriving at a clfle under
standing the natural patch to which would br
a congress The Improved aspect of affairs
tat developed as Ui Justify the hdj-e of a
sptcdy attainment ot a favorable I sue If En
gland di-s Hot ralor freb obstacles. A cones
polident at St. Petersburg says .Votwltb
suindlng the gloutuy views of the leading Rus
sian newspaper, It la Mlcvcd Inottlcial circle
Uiat the congress will shortly meet. The cor
resfiondetit alds he has rt-SMin to ts-ltee this
conviction ban pretty solid foundation Ger
many has not abandoned her Intuition of using
her Influence lu favor of js-are,
In Vienna, wheru only a telegraphic
summary has yet Ixeti received, the most seri
ous dedili tloi Is that thr hope heretofore held
out from St. Pitersburg of the revival of the
conference negotiations Is not confirmed by thr
GorUchakoft rlrtular, which says nothing
about accepting England's condition for going
toOiiigros. Without some such concession
on the irl of Russia, no step can l taken
toward a peaceful settlement.
A London dispatch of April l'-Hh sus:
At Vienna Prince Gortschakoff's reply created
an Impression of BumIb' willingness to find
orrptahlc methods for rcopfiilng negotiations.
This moderate spirit Is believed to Is- In purl
due to altered Unii' of, comments ot Gerinati,
Krnuh and Italian presses and sllllcln con
ceniltg the trestyof SatiSlefano, which point
ed to the tmibab llty of Russia Instead ot Eng
land being Isolated in eav of a rupture.
A Vienna dispatch of April tilth says:
A Italian courier bus arrived here, bringing
an autograph letter from tho Csar to the Ein-js-ror
Francis Jon-ph. The relations ts-twrvu
lith countries ban- awutned n more roncillu
tory tendency.
Der Nonl Deutsche citung. of Mer
lin, hitherto pro Bin-elan, lectures Busnla and
Austria harshly for not concerting In the agree
ment for js-ace while the war continued. Nev
erthelixe Der Nonl Deutsche rltutig hiiies
that, lu view of the geuersl desire for s-ace,
an understanding wl 1 yet lie reached. Tills
article caused a sudden crwAtiou of warliku
utterances by the Austrian scrul-othVUI press.
The Ministerial Motitsg Beue anyi the hope
of u s'aceful settlement was justified by the
fact that Blmarrk is earnestly exerting him
wlf to prevint a EuroH'au conflict.
A leading Vienna paiersays: Peace
can only ls malntaltied by Russia modifying
the treaty of Stefano lu conjunction with
other Jsmers. Another paper considers that
England ha pained u moral victory for her
self iuhI Europe.
Thu opinion at Herlin continues skep
tical aNiut tlie final success of the negotiations.
The Nnrd D. utsche Xeltuug, In referring to
Germany's mediation, says: The joint appeal
of England nnd Russia for the good otllree of
Germany could hate meaning If only Uie Porte
was willing to make surh concessions us would
obviate the possibility of either party (bulletin
ing the other.
Aciinlrlng a Handicraft.
So it appears to me that what you
want is pretty much what I want; and
the practical ipiestion is, How you anr
to get what you need, under the net ita!
limitations and conditions of life of
handicraftemen in tills country?
I think I shall have the as'scnt both
of tho employers of labor and of tho
employed as ttioneof these limitations:
which Is, that no scheme of technical
education Is likely to bo seriously en
tertained which will delay tlie entrance
of boys Into working-life, or prevent
them from contributing toward their
own support, as early as thev do at
present. Not only db I believe that
any such scheme could not bo carried
out, but I doubt its desirableness, even '
if it were practicable.
Tho period between childhood and
manhood Is full of dlfllculties and dan
gers, under thu most favorable circum
stances; and even among the well-to-do,
who can afford to surround their chil
dren with tlie most favorable conditions. J
examples of a career ruined, before it
has well begun, are but too frequent.
Moreover, those who have to live by
labor must be shajied to labor early.
Tho colt that is left at grass too lonp
makes but a sorry draught-horse,
though his way of life does not brlnrr
him within the reach of artificial .
temptations. Perhaps tho most valua- "
bio result of all education Is tho ability
to make yourself do the thing you have
to do.when it ought to be done.whether
you like it or not; it is the lirst lesson
thai ought to lie learned; and. however
early a man's training begins, it is
probably tho last lesson that he learns
There is another reason to which I
have already adverted, and which 1 1
would reiterate, why any extension lif
tho time devoted to ordinary school-
work is undesirable. In tho newly
awakened zeal for education, we run
some risk of forgetting the truth that,
while under-instruction is a bad tiling,
over-instruction may possibly be a,
worse. J
Succevs in any kind of practical life
Is not dependent solely, or IndeecJL
chiefly, upon knowledge. Eyen in thF
learned professions knowledge, alon,
is of less consequence than people are
apt to suppose. And, if much expendi
ture of bodily energy is Involved in tho
(lay s work, mere knowledge Is of still
less importance when weighed against
Uio probable cost of lu acquirement
To do a fair day's work with his bands,
a man needs, above all things, health,
strength, and the patienco and cheer
fulness which, if Uiey do not always
accompany these, blessings, can hardly
in the nature of things exist without
them; to which wo must add honesty of a
purpose and a prido in doinc what is "
done vvell.-JVo. Huxley, in Popular
Science Monthly for March.
Michigan University now haa 1,2.'10
students. The plan of allowing the
graduates of certain high schools in tho
Mate to enter the University without
examination has been very successfult
I"" .rU