The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 11, 1878, Image 7

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Pirns. f I 'a. " OrgailiilUa.
7t tht Vc'nV of Vmltd Statt
(Hrinj; to th ttaij; tlfitiamtt from
nil irt of ttierouutrx for Urn lintm-tli-nt?
oranlMtiun of tin NtUon.! parti.
lln rn tltlxrromuuttif of th N.itonn.1
partv of tlitt I nite.l MMr ha .tiloptitl
thi fi'llimln mean nf iulion, out of
which it l Ixiltt'iiil will jjnm n (x-rfit-t
nml uiiifuriii or-'nim Atnm of the putx
in UiiMliUVrvut StM
1'mih the ttilir.ttioti of ten or mnrt
voter who h.-tt- or-:iiiifiil a ttiimi'il of
Um Nntiolml part In Mix W.illlx. and
reliliil oMitT. consisting of tx 'thief.
Ic-ihl"f. n scrll' .unl n lr'7MirT, nml
rrK)rtl tin ttt Hitollli, toiiltii
nml cmnilt. or iit nml xtanl. In tthk-ii
it i orumitl. In-'-'lliPi xxith the Imlllf.
of tln sitnl nllKi'i', tin- Nitlinnnl com
tilHlit' xtill iui to MH-li orftiiirntiin
.tti 'iijrnxitl I'hartiT, rttii'li'iiuttli of the
iin'iplcj- ikiul olijcil of tint National
i.trt, anil it coiiitiiutioii itmt iltrvitiotia
for tin- oraniatlon mnl i;oxi riuin ni of
tlio council Hitch nppliontioii must Ih
acroiiipanitMl by tin sum of out iloll ir
Thi" Mini will niTt!n'i'n'iiMMif in
, iti thi fhitrtrr, mill will seviiie to c,-i h
liiumill the privllrgvof olilttinliii; print
til iliKiiiiii'iitn. Inuijji'a, eampnin oii(
lKM)k, mnl other cainpnin goods nt
iiiit, or iv iienr cost its prin tlt'itlilt', fioni
thi' National coinmltti'i'
l'hi1 Nntional cotnniittri' will alo I
on' charter to xotiii)iiii'ii' councils, tu
consist of xoutlis iiiiiIit n'r, upon lint
miiih' terms unil with like nrlx lice's to
those e;ritutt'il to tint council of titer
The object of forniatlon of ,Muti men's
council. U to Inspire the. outh of tin
country with a realisation of the jicnl
Htni'gli' iijmiii which the nation has liott
enteri'il. mnl to cilni'iite them in the xl
lul ini"tluiii of pulitii al ccouoinx anil
jjiioil pix eminent
It I nut the ilcsi;ti of the National
, coininittie to illterfeie with tlie Slate
oranlatioiiiof the National pitrtx.liut
to wvlst them In forming a ticrfci't ami
uniform organization. To thi- em! thu
National committee will furnxn week
ly HhtM of council ehaiteiiil III eai ll
State to the eveutixo eoinmiltee of the
State, if there he a State organization,
nml h the instrumentality of thi- s
tern of council, secure thcori;iiui:ithiii
of Stales now utmiptnizfil 1 torn l ti -
S 'iMi I council tliKoianizalion of conn
e, I'lllt'H ami Mates will lie ilcxclopcil
lis the necessities of each locality Unix
'I'lie National committee will publish
tiromptlx a campaign onj; hook, ami it
invites com rllnit ions from imi;j writers.
The miiijjs should he accompanied hy
the music, or should he set popular
air. Tin- committee frcls that this crl
nN hhoiihl liriii)i forth such cons as
Himllar htni'lcs In hehalf of human
rihtM hae iiispireil,
The committee, urp's that local or
ianiitationN Im perfected rapidly, and
that tickets ho nominated in localities
where thi rn urn xprinir elections. A uu
ciw in a city, or town, or township, or
hi it tilltip' is often thu key to morn
important Ictorici4. Thu recent grati
yinp Hiiccesses of tlm National imrtj in
TiMiiH I'untfNlM in Now York ami 1'unn
sUvnnia aro encouraging to thu work
cm ill tlm causij even w hum. Thcsu
gal im in thu ca-si mav hu eiiiitlleil and
Hiirpiisneilulsewhern liy aclivu mid icitl
ouh work.
Thu cotnmittei! respectfully reipirnU
that (Srcetihack ami Labor local organ
ization now- In uxiHteiice apply for char
ters am National couuc'iIh, and that the
unificittiou of intere.stH secured with
such harmony mnl enthusiasm by the
Toledo conciilion may hu utilized"
The National committee Unites com
tuunicntioni from the executive olliccrs
ofall State orgmiir.alious of the Nation
al party, that there may be co-operation
ami harmonious action.
All communications should Im; nil
drctwed to 1). II. Sti'iiokon,
Ch'n Nnl'l K.Committeu.
Toledo, Ihrch 71', J87H. Toledo, O.
Rradlnic by CourM and by Topic.
In thu ifiuoritnce and entliuniiuuu of
pirlhood, T itiikeil it "bookish elderly
cleg) man for a couno of rending,'
Hu very willingly hnnded inu a lint of
iMxikd covering a ulieet of commercial
noto paper, madu up largely of audi
worka an Kollin'n "Ancient lliatory,1'
(JrotB'a "(Jreeiv." (Jlbbon'a "Ueclino
and Fall." and Hucklu'a "History of
Clvillzntiuii." with Whatcly'A "Kvl
denwn" ad Butler's "Analogy" for a
diversion. With a coruruenuablo de
sire to be thorough and to begin at the
beginning, I attacked Itollin. On ac
count of nni trouble with my eyes.
nlf an hour a day was all I wan allowed
to read. Hv chance I happened to men
tion wlirt i was doing to an, cnti'rpri
ing Miphomort; of my ac(uaiutauce,
whotvked merrily:
"How long do j on supoe It will
take oti to read Hollin, in half-hour
" I am sum I-can't tell," I answered.
"Well somewhere between ten nml
fifteen years," hu replied: "and nu
mav expect to finish our list miiiiuiIiuu
in iiiv net century." Thu very thought
ho frightened inn that I never opened
thu hook ngaia, not even to count the
page to seu if ho was right.
But this is reading liy coursu and not
by tonics. A friend of mine tried to
read Slacaulay's History of Kngland,"
without much knowledge of the detail
of KnglUh history." Shu found so much
olkwhicli hIio knew nothing taken for
granted as familiar, that she grew quite
discouraged, and pave it up. Ouu day
she saw thu "Students1 Hume." Here
was the very bAok she wasted, and ta
king that and tke "StudenU' France"
for a basis she coast rue ted a courvo of
rending to meet her own necessities,
fhu iH'gnn witk the Norman Conquest,
for she hud me iaUrest in the endless
nquabblcM of the. Saxons and Danes.
(Some time afterward, however, when
she was tracing the rise of thu Europe
an nations, she was glad to read this
earlier history.) j 8h read llrst the sto
ry of an Kngiishkleg, then that of thu
contemporary Preach sovereign, at the
samu timo weaving in a woof of poetry,
romance, and biography. Bulwer's.
"Harold" mal Uiu times of the Nor
man conquest vivid and real; " Ivan
hoe," "Ken!lworth,"mid Shakespere's
"Henries," tlllwl out the picture of the
diivs of the riantageneu mid Tudor:
unil tho "Ablwt" and "Woodstock"
gave her thu "local coloring of tho
tltnn of MrT, Quisrn of Nsoi, sad
frotnwrll Sbf rau oirr Miiur of tb
K.nViunu ('htM taliM uid llrlro
"Taltj of Two CUt." for a tnort 1
Id tdrs. of thn an ful U ut iUr Firm h
UrtolutlOll Hip pM) "Vjurru if
Huglatnl'' (al'rhl'eil l.illttt'tl) thowrd
her how the ro at wmi and mother
felt and actml. and Wtur Huo. IM
" l' MteraWe." frnthrl a thntlic
desert pi to ll of the UaltJe d aterhni
III this maUHKI. with t -n-m Urtr, a
iHitel or bturapfci, iImtv, bi wtdr up
a glowing niosttk' of h hmmI ixf
t.nnt eii'lits in the hltor of th tw
riunti1 narst allhil leiwri'SH. aitd
with none of the tetloun whlh l Uij(.
to th sipolnr Wlrn of reading UIl'M
ntlil as thou prepnred Ui H)) M i tti
la.l, Thiers, or t Hle Il" m h
mreitiftrtory her twoor thn! -ar'
work than if ttk'e a hMtnmtn In id. hr
had )pMil a ltttle heiv. aNsl a little
tin re, and lighted nowhere' (irven
hirt lliton of th Ktiftluh l'epli"
(the lettsed islltioti) l e en letter than
the "Mudent'n lluinr." for the trntne
woik of uch a ioiiie of lending, and
Yong's ' 1'nraltrl Ilitor of I'lmtcttaHil
hi)-li" has the lmttmil eelil at
lauged in tables, in u h a w.w n to en
able the eu to ssil the tueliiiir
Scnhtttr jor .lri
The study of grammar In the cIiihN
Is culled li the Ihilvti lltntld, time al
most absolutely wnsti-ii. It add, ami
not unwiseh "No tel IkmiK in gr.iui
mar should 1mi ued in the lower ehiM
the teacher should U the science nml
the children his lltiisttatlou llcn
lesson shoshl bu alt exert. se in language,
and, weie it so, no Ni or girl would
reach the age of discteilo'i without
the nlilllh to eprvs himself or hetst If
conccth mid clearlv
Tho absi'iice of man) tall trees In
Kuropciiu countries has been thu sub
hvl of frequent remark hv traxelers
There mo not tuote than loitx kinds
growing there that attain a helglil of
fort x feet, while we haxe about ouu
h 1 1 id red and foitx.
iMt'tirrlHK u 'l'r'iiienlotiB llll.
Tliry Incur a triiiii'iiiliu tl lm njmitn
or rnilcrstf ri Me In ilntrlit 4 brie inula
rial iIIm' Is lri'sldlt, ulllmut IlieilUlllsl
mean of furtit viiil: Uulr j,trin sciln.t tin
ixilistli' xiiiirt;!' 1 lip ibiiccr to t liluii, ml
Jrrts, slut to IIhi.c Iio Ink Isnlll) stjlllllis, Is
lurtliiitolv M'tioiis A piexiiillti' anil run
tlte flit' n( kitiiwn slill MuUilal illlmiN
IkiuIiI In' flrilli'litl lls Mi tolM.nlltl) ki'il
ill h.imt ti) inli h'Hmiii, suit on nniir tan
llii) ti-h Mitli Midi ti'ltallilx nt I'lolri tinii nl
alii as lloMi Hi r' .Stomach llltlt t Tlili:r4iil
si'rltli nl Ollt I'M I) Xrlii;i'iif tlie imilariul
(mjIshii (nun tlie M .trill, mnl rll.lims It wllli ii
SMHllllll Of XlUl HltlVll) Mlllt r'S-llllK lalMir
Unit inillltU's tlir liilliiimi' of IiiU'Iiih II lo
(iirli ills anil ii-liitillrs itl.orilus of tlm utoni
mti, boHila ami liter, nlilili air psttliu
Url) r'sli'iil In ni.tlaiiniit n clous, ami t, hu
llii'olliarlilc tti'iieral liiltnlalil
I' l IT 11 Hill slllol II (llHIlis Till- IKl of
mirr arn tlirreasliii; tacli MJI Kor some mill'
tlie pnsr bui kit, tlie Ha.h lu,ln alii) Uit; ro
mtori', tntre ts-eii nuimfai tiili'it ami In mill
a H'rfrit ami ilmatile form tliat Hi'frtrlint l
slum it for tliiin li tin itiiimiiirr Vlnltlui:
tirliii;t1i'lil, Mus.iiliiin'tln, tririilh, ! Mrrr
stiown tliroUKli tlie faitort of W ll. Toplisin,
ulnrx tlime ttisnU art! toaVa III ltiMiuiiUU(
ami varlisl stjle 1 tir lriilin-. lots lui-oinr r
Iriikhf, tliouuli tlie lutt-iillnii or Ih-)IiiiiIiii( of
ttii4 paM'r ware Is of reull) rry leirnt il.te,
alHiut lsW Mr. Totitiam's fjrtory was ciUIi
llstii'il la s.70, ami ulinr tint Ills trailv lian ei
ti-iiilisl ir wMclr. Ilinrr arr cri-at aiiant4-Ki-s
In patwr mat he pssls out tin ami ea tie
riiwarr. ll will tint bri'sk, whlrh is tK-rullsrlj
niitiTlthi' In tlip losiuilorr, ami llUUstlnv;,
there ImIiik no rust. Ilrslrm throughout tint
country ahulllil Inxrstlcsle llir e Kisslsamt ilo
iliR J lliey will (liltl thai It will Is- phas lit ami
(irofllatilit to ili'al with Mr Tojiham. Imlieil,
jieoplr w lin haxr onrr u,is tliu I'aprr Mai'lie
HiiusrhnM KixsU will not tw w Itliniit thrm. Wi
wTVit shown lart nunilurs of icrtllkstrs fnmi
Itatl Itna'l oftlirrs, Iii.nraliie I'otiqiatilrs ami
fuitorli', wlirm the jiajnr tiurkrts hate Is-en
sulittltiilisl for rut'tii r. In milk pans ilalrj
mni trstlfy MM) to thrlr xalur ami ils-rlor-Hy.
Wit arc prtt;rcslli)( III all thltics, ami this
Is not Die leant.
Kt.fnmMt.aM Hli'klr '.rrl.
"Duran's KlirUliiaUe llrniwljr," the irrrat
IxtkknaI. MsiUCIKc, will IUfnlT rurr an)
case of rlipmiutUtn on the fare of the earth.
Prior SI a nottle, sit botllra. A Holil U) all
JniKirlsta. Heml for circular to Heljihriistliir
A Ilcnllry. DrunUta, Washington, ft. 0. Hohl
wholraalulti lliirlliiirton ami Dis Molnna.
Khrilisatlsin, neuralgia, spratni and hriilN
will ImrrllerrJ by Uurle Sam's Ntrre ami Hour
Llnlmrnt, sold hy all ilriiCKlla.
8top that terrible rough, ami thus srolil a
coiisumpU'e's srare, by UkltiK Dr. I'lerre't
(inlilrn Meillcal Illscorerv. As a rough rune
dy It ti unsurpassed. Hold by ilrul.U.
Minister, Iwiwyvra, Tradirr and olhrrs
whoMi occupation ulres but little nerrise,
should use Carter's Utile hirer l'llls fur tor
pid lifer and biliousness.
Wstrat tm Mi-r
Pern'.rxrd as to what alls your rlilld. try Lay
rock's Worm Killer. It purlflthr blixsl, reg
ulate thn laiwels, elf slurs the system, ami
thoroughly tlre out worms. Hsfe to use,
pleaaauttotake. 8old ever) where, Tweuty-rtre
lints a bottle.
H. Ilrwrlt, urOhlo.smysii t have
tried Dr. Carter's Compound Kxtrart of f mart
Weed al the beilolilHntiumi'rouscuseMif Atute
1) mi iter j and other llowt-l sflis lions, ami nlxi
In Dlptherla, and liaxe found it nirprilm:l)
elllradous-lt n-cm. almost a srrciric In lliese
i:H.'roa, 'I'll I a oil Ac 'o.
This old pioneer msiiiifarturliijr Ann hs olc
talned and ilrsi-rxrilly enjoys the coiindrme of
tlie js'ople of the wtst. for jrars Uirlr k'"ods
have Is-eii largely u.eil lit the fanner, and
their jHjpulnrlly has slraillly Incn'ased. They
make no slnalily goods nothing but tlm Ih-sI
that (killed Ubor and exrelli'iit material ran
produce is lurncil nut oft their shops, and to
this as well as their straightforward, buslm'ts
like and courteous way of doing Inn nets,
they owe their high popularity, Their Uvl
ard Implements are excelled b) none- e vail
special attention here toonl) two. Tho stand
ard Com Planter and the HtamUrd Kldlug Cul
tivator. The Planter Is adapted to work eas
ily and perfectly either on even or uhct u
grouud, and In this hu advantages oter all
oilier. It la so arranged that a Dri I Attacli
ment ran lie pl.t on at any time, by the farmer
himself. Like tho Planter, the Sundanl Hid
ing Cut Ivator manufactured hy this firm, has
given uhiyt-m satisfaction. Itl lllit of draft
and eaily adjusted to suit the character of the
ground. Paruict who have ued It regard it
aa superior to all other Cultivators In the mark
et. Iliegood c,u)ltlte of these Implements,
and the points of excellence which place them
above another, are many, and we cannot re
fer to all of thejn In thli brief notice. Farm
ers and dealers should send fordeerlptlr cir
culars. The firm Is In every way reliable, and
ixao: nom: iijt riuTi. ihiumkhth ii.
ox tiik maiikct.
Tlie most wonderful and marvelous success,
In eaes whern perxius are sick or pining away
from a romlltlon if mUt-rablcnes s, that no ouq
know what alLs them, (protltahle teitk-nU for
drctors), Is obtained Itr the use of flop IJittcrr.
They U-gln to cure from the first dose and
kr ep It up until perfect health and strength Is
rcrtored. Whoever Is arllkteil In this way
need not suffer, when they can get Hon Jilt
ter. rke "Truths" ami "Proverb" In aoother
I teas trssairr vf U1ssW mt as4U la
lvKwul kWk ikstlrtM ei U rir
xUsvas sa.l Ov.4 S-i HaSs Usl W is.
ss liS'lin lU'ttL. W.iSrt Mf.t.
ill lbs llttntb IwtMfof -t lsrM wl Its
trktlal ks sliest, stiTlKItt sisv.sl4lS.
(sssl tnst-atSMat sfesl hsI4sU lUlpt, II u
l.l rsla(( f.iMf tlh ,f 1 stfrssj Its
Ciatsl f1ti, tlri lw'rs A HlV
ksis taiair .ei, thj 11 ti k-.l.ltsrirc IW
IslfYsl "' "i " 1 ' - ts-r '( issll b
lt sl pi s!sa. lk sorasiwtiKst' t 4
I sst butKlirsl rto'.ti. II is sa eIWl (Jus
lsl lam bsk,lsjwsltrs l tl (f?l W
r llrr SsfMrai 'l'rl,
Tkt Jlsjssl Krs.Tlul si slt Hf IMSlk
li-llOM.J nxrilK W-nt retiTlr4 l;
4- x le f.-H. k-r li lit. W Mr V f .
llll tl A. HcMfa'ti ff .ni U.lf 4t.,
l at !vlk Krt j
lii ll I h-( s tir Ht assHUIci totr
s! I. ,t i ski ..r s4. thssks the l.s
!'s UlH wl ssmI ct- It s IlihV n. I U t
(trs.attt Mt tiM Ke4. w, j tl. J )ltl,
Mslr Apibl, at lt. (,r
liiMMnHt'nltla, I e .e l 's.
ll s. Ismtllst lilt i.sssssvss ,. .Mi Wt S
llncM kw MdlKM, llx ilulO.. .id i i a 1
llw H !-. .J tke UisMt y In lb I
m .lutftsl h ImI XX r "HM lv--sum s
Iom t wm .t XI 4.1. m st. t ii.. t ,.rJ
Hi'" X ! it1sI4.ii1 4fi. irtMsit
r uo . i . i. hi i ie m lite MMall IsMU t
ll pViiHka Hit 4istsinssr tnssl
Thrte M Hu esitM) li.w lisistr tksii
P1 ketttit, sixt II tsU.s'lit It. Hih4 .
einlrsiif ! Irlsln II If urn sir tltst llh
.urli p'klnt' III. m ok l.,l.ikM,
lHvr, ilistisrh smt ferrl frtlti g
of lltnr-. slot t. ts t C slid rtu
mil Wkl.U' but take fJUifs l.llbl Uttf
litis and l mtnl
lll.temsn eiigl.t t ! iri(ii.i,lm.l
of the tllMur lilli .., I si lit Muf.
II-V sid I' ulln air Milijrsl t.i irHsdlh
"Iftuwir and ruitsl lit ll"Hit.' I liilf,sl ( on
illlluii 'i adrl aiisjrihi.g to Ihe plstu dlt linns,
.N.I.I tl slldrUKxt.U
lly alet'lt'lil 1'i'Hlllir.
Hint men Hies.' di miuiiI rtstisl tor s
fill tmsllh It Mil Jis t . I.i.lrili. Itml
it nut. and ) .tie I. ui.litlt lfe ll s) r Is
pale, lirtilr and itiiaiUletl oi sutlers Ir sn
n k In silai lie or ptlpitall mi r stit iI.imiiIi
feliisli ll rtil'le tlie tming grtilas'lesn ll e tsc Is
slid dis lib tin o4l I do In main II tllll
sytntil intuit I ngll.h I'.iiMle Hlltti. II lll
n .tore tour lirallh, tlgor and .lieiigih .ll
llllpstl cilol to tour ilurrka, add rotillnllt) I.)
jour hmlvatid tllrou a nialllsgi sble al.s-ar
slice III i let i..m I ("all and grl lull par
'klll.r. ll. llu.h, Ilea Molina
l)K WiaiUHl's I'S1 'I MRS I'sSt I'llllllUI,
Iswttltel) 1 1 Mi(oiiiini lion 1 skin lii lime
it will pietetit It All sfTntlotia of tlm lungs
ale ruled by thla MUerrlgn Itemrslt, ahldi al
mi ernillcati a dts-wta, slid klliillrd din im,
Sold tit dnigglst- Ilepot, Vllt r'lllirrt slliel,
S S 1 s i is nt, l.j , J'mimilKr T.i(,r'
7"Ansi nml I uhj) iit) CllM too, lu
ll ill Sill I ill III It but fall that I ahoilbl
inske some aikinmlislguillll to J oil ol the
belli ftts di'Mvisl from Hie Ur of jo'U 1 liloal
and I. ling SMIi, whldl I hate Used for the
jia.t tktretrais for my talnll) , lot Coughs
Croup, (Nilds, llont.inr.s, Ic I hsve three
rhlldlin, lilt' oldest alt tears of age, and tills
lug I tin prt'Mlit wlntir the hate bad setrrr
i-ol.l. .ii rsl Huns 1 gate )nur IhriHit and
I. ung Sirup fiedy to all of Ihrm, with Urn I iiik i .a, and I will say loyou that I
lisM' UmiI all the isitigh sjrila and balaama
iiiaiiulai lured, and hate iirtrr found a tnedl
eliie that ispisU tour lliroat and l.ung Syrup,
for the Immediate n lief ami iermuriit i ureoi
tllu'Sars siriHllllng III the l.ung Vert Hut)
jiiuia, W P I'oiirrn, list W Ws.liliigtim
stiii I ( hu o, Kdi I, Is;,
Pllie T tsillle, UI Sil Until for S.MU.
Kipri'Mihsrgia paid lli'iiiember etery Isitlle
Mothers will Itnd llr WlmheU's Teething
Sjnip Juat the misllrlliK to liate In the houw
for the thlldren, ll will uirr colds, toughs, aure
throat, and legulate the bnwels, try IU
SVa III- S'i Sill.tHKIlS AMI WllMlWS
reiisloueil for 1 1 day ' aerx li'u rile 'ol
MTiwin nun a 1UIIT1 n' lift! ff Ills' HI
Kr fs-l(.U UHI I HSS-llatO ,5auii,.S
sn Afsr.! itife tf.ri.aTkV w.w'Y-a." Jr
t MUX I'l nl.lSIIIMll ll , Newark. H J
VVall Amb.. IL.M-S lltllla .m.i fi.oliu u.
Well Aiaavr. lUxk Ortlls stnl Orllilaa M
HEWrlilara J.i.i mil a4 for lllu.lralil l.'ata
iuue Horaro m. Uh. mo. '
AMIIM HshllssShlskla.i
wrlf M u.i rurwl l.ovi.1 I'rlrr.
ra. Than-
write, Ur. r. K. M A MMM, sjulnri, Mirli
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mn I tUtH Lrall.rr and Cant a. Oi-l lu
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The Taber Organ
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Any Oilier Cutler in llic Market.
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Copying. Presses a Specialty.
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Try Hop Cough Cure and PJn Rtlif,
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In no Danger
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