The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 01, 1877, Image 2

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1. A-J
THE RED CLOUD CHIE lhcfamou-.;oiiipromi.e bill finally ; lrOIHIZlUlJlXldrCLdX.
; passed Hie rscnnlc A to wno H l re?
1 i "'7iimo t. ... ,. idem elect will lit d. csded by four of j
-- - the Mipreme .Ju Le- w,i will i-noo-e j
'IHCP.SDAY Kb. 1st, jyTT. -afirih man one democratic i
a - i - - - - . se:iator'vot-d against the bill, and t
! treat exciicuiPHt wan incident to the. ,
! ,i i i ir ' the
' all night se-ion. Many icpuhlioin-i
' are against the bi'l. hut the drmociat.-
January l!V, 177 j
I'll CllTE' - Sir, lhifik.n,' that a
few iiii? frati-Snl! water wmki be ai
Miry K8en taw. plstaiii again:
KmiiV M. Law. friidait.
N.imj- t- Katik M. Lw. iron r--?fitt
detVwi nit . V- ire hntshy no
1.5 tl tlist tli-e s nt file in th
See vt the GJtk iftb" I 'firm Catt
k i j- . rw.K
-rmo s3 per.- H if t , uj IiION
oiTei t)inutfKre a-JtM4 far tim
elier ftf t tar prfer; or iwma ri0as
of W'eb-trr rnmn'x. : Ud Clow! U
Bat'ssf S-:bccript:os.
Onccnpj year, $2.00
One rnnv f mnnt!is J.OU
ii,... ........ " in a,c generally in fa.-or fi
tMliClltlv ................. ..iw . "
... . t ' . . ...... . . . . . .
... f . . . ... . .... mA .... ".... v . ni .. : .1 - U k. . 1 SI... a ' ..-.-.. - - - - ... -. .-. J
ct.iiiok, i inn: jiiwiwri. i-' iv ; Miriuc . ii fi.i .-iiib v 'J ; Srt Snii.n1v im tk fi Kh -W, .- Uo
.... . t I J.-. ..- V ..i. ' .1 " Tt.--. .-
.. . .I.. .... .. r.a ..a.. .. a&T .I.lSr 1 . I . 1 Xd IK. ." t;X VII. ! ! - -
j IIJ ntiuci : ucth iti " .. --,, . .,.-. -.. . -.-, -
of HAT kj-? tu ?. rJJ
.1 i ... .f .:.... ir . . .. : 1 r
i,....m,r.t fir :i f.rW .KiV-. which n.Ui., ' ,w !" " l"K -"" .""" -
' .. .1....... mirf .! Ilu ur.uxui.
'f u llf-liv Jr ' m -.!-
C'rrri.inIrncc Foliitcl fn-m ail parrso
rr. My. Atiat, wd " retuWr
4. l J77 KxammsriatM ill '
to int-a-su s.-ii:c ..: our larmcr as imy , f ..rH-Jir. i,?.-loci an! haUt- 1- ImM ik DUirin Nvt 1 StHhratrr
...-.. .. ,. . .
lir.o rut nu-Si-l aii.tuetr u-tn yet ; u ,i .ium'W". u I ifiw
.. . . . .... .1. . ... I .... .!.
Tfi.v prt.tcro .latioiM are graiJiially ' anl Haie ol t:iu weui i iLi.iKU.ey witwnw.:,,re i..c -1" "" 'ruce A jn.
Co .uprriatcwJeai
ntVEilTO.V. i : ' .Vidg
r...i. v.. .--v . nm ?H..rit)trariu m.
iriNK ruMV oim .i. wm. '". h.n
a- - 4
of rry i-tro comnxmiiy icTA'Tin" KY, 4 far twylwt p1 "
! IVnr Hhhp
UicOniiityaUvl Mat-, oa"cofK-i.cM ! , . , . . !.....!..,.. ,.'. ;r ,1... ...j. ,,1. .. rebrusrv. ! ., Ui nH -K-tH ewn-.
r..:.rr-t. ! Koj.jiina wiriiKe ot-monuraiwii-. ,. - -- - . , , , ... utt
t --------- ---
Official Directory.
A.S. Pail Irk Bcitncc. U.S. vcaatr.
W. Mitelicock. Oir.alia, U. S. senator, i
I.orciiio Crouna. Iiirccntaiive.
SILASGAFtliKI.. (Jovraor. Lincoln
iirunoTzfchuck. Sec. ! St.tic.
J. II Wci't'iii. Lin'j!n, Amlilor.
J.C. .Mcl'ri'lu. Trcaurcr.
IS.. II. R.J:rt. Att'y 'Jen.
.1. M. .McKeniic. Lincoln. Flip. I'lrt) Inetruc
(J?n. It. Like. Omaha. Cliief.riricp.
r).iri'l'antl.N'c.rhi'kafity. ,,,,.;... i
Hain'lMaiwoll. I'laUiuimtli Aseoc,-,l' ,ax'
J. . Tiillcy,
K. II. .Innr.
r. V. Tiillryn.
II. '. Mill,
A. A. I'npe,
C. C. Ciin.
IV i:.Th..rn.
. 'V. IUJ1. )
I.. II. Laj'. r
J. ii. llobart. r
CounTr r'lcrk.
I'r'.batc JuiIk.
School Suji'r.
County Survi-yor
County "oininid.iouer..
K x-(jn.vcr.inr Furnas cho-on
IrjitIenC ofllifi State IIorttulttiral
tD .i :ty at its i itj m j- i j
It is repot tcil that an outfit bnuinl
for the I!.:k Hills were reivinly ur
ptNei ami mas.s:icre. by t' e ImHu'i-.
Hutl.T couinv has voted bond-in
aid of the O.uuhu and Ki'piiblicaii
A'allcy KaitVoa-f. I'he two-thiuU law
wa no hiti'lnvnrc at all. Bihus..
Ait -s lor H"t;T
and :i.-utii:na ii.erf p aiefu'.attitu Je. u:.mis as tl ts at j-rescut.
It in caiuitcl n iw that Vs.vj.Uu 1 river i I - -: i1 Janner.n in il.1a fart jt any iircntiuti ol" toin to war in ; of the county-a re btfciim'-n to )jk to j T, 7.".
Lcliali 'ol'Turki'y, or were ever i ; their intere-st-, aui are ciiua to LLVAL SO VICE
enced hv unwortliy u-aiuaw ofi:uia. ! ip" their faruia ly hedging them Dudley M Ht.ek- and 5ruiiel II.
i , - ' i i . . . t.: r :..,..?
aa id t a.- thtrv e-in, quite a number .IJis. j liintttk aextt II uttfe W 11 TV I L v. Is 1 Ij.
donkrrtideat arcSoi,,? to ?,, in that wny thi- ' W- '-. l..IW9 liir ,, j. W ?-f
ivnera uitieo. , aptit.v, : .-cvral are talk.n- nbyiit ( (j,.,,,.,,. V. Iranian, non rs"dcnt nml l'vl . it ct iiinui.ulv.
Ditin Pedro for!: a
t'f.lrr. rifi.l f.f.Vrf. Ilio lW
,,.....,.... f. w ....w. .. -- , -i ,-.-..- -- -, , ijeoire
Gold wa unknown to t!i whacker of putting out fruit tretta an 1 ?r.ije, ad defendant will t.tke nnrire i h fldnjf
a- c-, who wutiM rather have a slver -A which i am irJ.ul to -ec for it e)-.t? of tin pvtitioti of the plann.T ;. the
in.-irc, and he viheiiicmly ..etwuiic d ; but iutle in con-p.Mn to the profit to ; alf)V? ciu- llw iJe "l a"li- ,,nycr 0'
', ,. . hi i , . i wbudi t to recover a judgment
thu empsror a a counterici or, rob. r J them-eive-, (if they give tne prwjier j a..,j.,,t ,it.f.n: ,t lr thu miiii o!
and Ktinder of the poor. Tho euipt- ! attention to t!i tuj and the improve j $'i;; ;j. with nitvtest from Xovt-moer
ror doent kimw Arabic, fcnics if i m.-wt to the county, for if wiry oth-r l h. 7. and enr ; and thiit
.svuipathttic diiver., joined their fc!- f-umer in thi, county would lud-i hs . J.,'r:',k: u Uike. thv Property of dc
- ' . r , . . ... ei.datit hi atti'Mimeiit and apply it to
low , and a rot w.i, nomiu-nt. when t latin ami put out oiulur.Is ami -ma. I , ,je Jlfiyll.JH; th .-ud debt. lJ4- J
an in:ern:ettr showed the man that ' fruits it w ul I enhmce the vilue of , f.-ndant will jn-4r .-aid trtiiion ou I
' ..-...
he had 'received many piihtre-, where- the land from ; toJO dollars per acr,,
upon he took to hi heeN incontinently besides placing themselves in a p-j-i-
Xeraiwia Jan. :h 177.
I-lAIll DYi':.
15 tf
C. CnilK'L'OI "1.
"Ouick Saiap & -cmD!l Profits !"
5arW" trl U r - -Hf l, "J X
iiA3Tt.W. im.
ttrtMHctni' th. ittjJ mru'i -nf o:
f H'ck or liroicn : do .Vt Ht the
.-kiH. an 1 i- en-ilv p!ie.! It - a J Um (M 't4 ! f 0fiit mm
-tan lard twiMrultuu. n.l n Ivhiio (lf ( .n4MiM ktilM, jr9 Wfcf
up u ,m w, ii nppuitpl nif-t f" , dntiy m :!.
Lady or 'ti (it!t-tin.n. AH by j
j t ad ia
rwJ. ftiMM, ! be
r .i
for fear the emperor might recall his ! Hon .o unke from $l''U to ?-.' l!J. a !
bounty. I more than thev wjuld nuke by , 2.7-1 w
nr be fit re the 2Gth tiav of February. I Xa
,t .. ..: i ......:.... ..til I... i..t.ln a- i i
lin, or sai i puiiiiuu "in vt i.-n ...-i j
ttue. i
J .. It. U II.I'OX
A Itll.L has be-Mi intr ditd to abol
ish the oflice of f' miitv .Sujieiitib'iid
ont. And tnecLs with consideiable
nip port.
Humor now has it, that May was
killed in the recent duel with Bonnet
of the New York Herald. Hcunutl
has sailed for I'jUrojie. It i.s a No re
ported that iiennett and the Mster of
May are uiarried and have Kne on
their bridal tour, and that young .May
Was unhurt.
Alt TK KK-TA, the head chief of the
Otoe Indians absolutely relates lo t-'ign
any papers looking towaids the dis
lors ing them of i-lieir i--ivatbin or
any patt of it. So it apreai.s that the
Siato is still to be'deprived of the bt
mlits of t lii-; rich tract of laud.
i.vrn!rTioN ok 1:11.1.55.
1 our ncihbur cattle eat up your
r . i . . corn, and destroy 3'our wheat, oats and
time o! pa3'inont 01 notes
To extend time of payment of notes
iMWti in payment for .-uhool land?.
To piovide for the better adjustment
of accounts between counties and
To extend
iveti for school land-', and for reduc
tion of interest on the miiij.
To repeal Sec '2, of an act to amend
Sec. lo of chapter .77 revised statutes,
en'itled "toad-."
To govern stock growers and drovers i Ull,,,
To provide agi:n-t kiihni: ol sheep '
their present mode of f.iriu'n a.- any
farinor can .-ce if he will take the!
tiouble to estiuia'o the waste on al
most any farm Fir instance, how
much i- wa-:c 1 on the far 11 for tliu
want of fencing ev ry Why.
fanner-you could hedge our farm
with what i.s wasted every year, and it
i- wasted bcMUse vou have no fence.
CCii .
AK ih !-
- t Ayppv 1 .
.Mr tock orrniM of
'Culif't- anii ifnuiimnrr.
luijUX9iKllS. Tl tiM Of P.rrr
-- m-- ' 7.
.HU't a tlier-
tunt Low Ury r-
rVt-T" t It 1 1 It.
gyZi iv,'Tt bra I tit.
kVlivb Ai. s- I .i.m i'f ih'y
by (I03S.
For cstablis'Iiinorit of tether's in
stitutes for e.tamitiaiion of teachers.
Providing for a state board for .-et-tlcmcnt
of claims against defaulting
county treasurer.-? an 1 their bond-men.
To provide means of expending
monies for road and bridge purpo-ei.
To euabL counties to parch ise seed
TllS following from the Juniuta
llcrald, explores our views pretty
clearly :
"Now, that the rDoch-ahu-ed Sena
tor In- been defeated, let his accusers
hold tln'ir tongue-, let calumny cease,
and let h.-repo.-j in piivato li.'e be
pleasant, for i.nleed be must have
barley, and then you grumble and say
j firming does not pay hete ; and you
j caunot raise fiuit for the cattle brea!
the tree-, and the:; you say that I'm
cannot be grown in thi-s country, Hie
climate doc- not aijree with it, when
act is, the cittle and wed don't
agree it. Thetefjre, I .-ay, fir
mers look to yout interest, and leuce
fit' fill IllOMII ttfllitt
boards or by hedging.
r v-v'.
a Wrw
I KM I i; IN
Jb'imt, s(2iIe clothe
A fiiiiiiu! (;uo( i:i.n:s, i:mt.s j.nti iiois,
lint.. 4jii. Iiard :ir- 4ii4-vii
I narcaiul (rilasHunrc.
a -pecitrUy , a'x a well a-sorltd trk
of Nottotii of'al! kind- cheap. I liare
al-o s. lure :tock af CtothioK very k
in price, irfemlid value.
m " 1
! For I)ypfpa. 'ori-tipiiti-ii. Jauntlif.
! lill-ouott tckf. Sick Hf.i.t.i-'i'. t -.t-. ti-
Wines & Liquors ; 1'"'""-Titur --"'-
' Tl... ..... !. j tuiilirrii 1fmt)v t it ir-
raiit,-.'i not to contain a Miorl ".urtico . f j V 7'S'X. III? i !I'''
i .Mr ury.raii u-jarwii- iniiiralubianiM J ' ' tX ' - M '-' ' '' ' O
Patent Medicines, Oils. Faints.
U" uwr the Ur" t lN-k ut Km! n m I i! t.. Ir
(ive U- a cab itc .HkI aii. mi I u r k"l jr 1 h.i
' j ChewJng, Smoking, Tobacco
I'uiituinir.i; tlioi-nutl rn Ho is an-1 1It1.
winoiiait .il.w.- I'rovi en . ilrwl in
cuiintrit' wlii-n' iMf,-:! nii r il.
It w. II cure. ill I) ji-.-io.oi i-1 t Du-iiu--liici.t
ut .in; l.ircr iii'l Ih.wcN.
TIm- Sryinpt-itiij of I.ivur v.Veni-laint wrr n
hitter or M-'c in tti, iitoiith ; l:im ut tlic
It.K-k. il'. or .Ituiij,, uttfii in?tk;i tr
Iilieliantll in ; Sour t.illla.'h : l.rM oi Ap-
The ctjiiprom'sa bill now bifoie
Oongres0, noviib's that the two
Mouses shall elect !Ue Judges of the
Supieme (Joint, and iho tnember-
itoui each house who .-hail proceed to -irTved mm;!.. While wo prelorcd
cmvas the elcclorial vole r.r.,1 decide ; r0uic other man je w? t:ver thotitthl
who shall "be FreMdcn. Thh pi we
has I eretoforo been.'vesel in the
Speaker of the House. There is grave
doabtsiif the constitutionality oftlu
bill. We hope it will not pus.
The Nebraska J'ress A-i.-oeiation
met at Lincoln Jan. 1 -t. Tne oflicci.
of the assocattou for the en.-uitig year
arc as followac
Fresideut, J. U. McHiide, of the
Nebraska Farmer; Secretary, Mc
Murphy, of the Plattsmouth Herald ;
Treasurer, Conncl, of the Harvard
Advocate; Orator. W. H Michael;
1'oet, Fred Nye, of the Fremont Tit
An cxcnr.-ioii to the Pacific coast
next May, is unde! con-ideration.
I.N referring lo the passage of the
bill for counting the electorial vote
Gov.. Hayes says: "I want it distinctly
understood that I do not drsire to in
fluence the action of Congr ss nc waj'
or the other in the mattei of the ele -torial
bill, or any other matter rclati e
to the Presidential election. The
whole thin.; is in the hands of Con
gress, and I shall be coutent with its
It strikes ui that the resolutions in
troduced by Senator Van Wyck,
amending the law in reference to the
purchase of tax-titles ate sound. The
40 per cent, iutercst which goes to the
speculating tax shark who lies in wait
ing to take advantage of a poor man's
necessity, ought to be condemned.
Lairs should be made to proteet the
farmers as much as pD.s-ible rather
than to as-ist the monicd aristocrats
in grinding them out of home and
Tilden has been sued in the TJ. S.
District Court for $150,000, non-pay-uieot
of income tax. Attorney Bliss
uses the following positive language in
Shi connection -: "iJ "am thoroughly
convinced that 3Ir. Ttldea has uot
raid the income tas xHiich the law re
quiredjand he should therefore be
compelhd to pay."
It will be reuiembered that Mr.
Blaine in one of his Ohio speeches
stated that he was convinced, and tirt
lie spoke under the authority of Uni
ted States offieers, that Mr. Tilden
ha-1 bcea guilty of withholding h:s
just dues to the government, and of
sJreariu:to a f-lse return of his in-eomc
It costs less than a- cent a day to
take a weekly paper less than aaji:.
jrentjien would earnjin a week at- the
market price.of eggs ; less than the
barb3r would ' charge by. the year' to
keep oneVhair triiamtdi-less than
an energetic kitchen girl will'wastc in
m week. A penny a day lasy be
Kved in many a way better tharrj
s- much ahu-c called for-or necessary.
Senator Hitchcock has done many
good act- for this state and iot some
thin rs ui.diiiie that we think would
have biMiefited the state immensely.
lJut our princijial olj.'ctiou to his el
eetion was the apparent connection he
held with theU P. railroad company.
Personally we had no objections to
him. The second main objection wa.
that his election threatened the divi
sion and eon-cquenily the defeat of
the party in this State. Still if Sen
ator Hitchcock has been unju-li'iibl. .
assailed at tl misrepre e ited, time wil
convince us all of the injustice to him.
There is one thing -all must admit,
however, and that is that he was a
tiieless worker, a talented officer, and
a con-picuous Senator. May his fu
tttre be happy and prosperous, is our
!y posts and
W. W. B.
T.ibi": Hock claims the champion
corn busker. L. II. Woods hu-ked
one day la-t week, eighteen budrjl.- of
corn in two hours an 1 nine and ona
half minuets.
Congicss declares it.- inability to tell
a fraudulent "paper purporting to be
a certlicate" from a duly authentica
ted document, according to law, and
to count the Presidetital vote, or to
let the constitutional uilicer count the
same, and have left it out to 'arbi
tration." But as the constitution
don't say anywhere that this little job
shall be left to arbitration, as the pi in
cipals in the business, Messrs. Haje
and Wheeler, and Messrs Tilden and
Hendricks, ure not parties to the ap
pointment of the a: nitration board, it
will be suddenly found when' the de
cision is rendered: that arbitration
don't arbit-Hite in this instance, and
thnre will be, if Mr. Hayes is declared
elected, as much '"wah" declared and
"goah" shed as before this brilliant
dodge was. thought of Journal.
The following smallpox paragraph
is now going the rounds of the
press, and it may possibly be of value
in this sention before the winter is
over: "I am willing to lose my rep
utation as a public man," w.-ote Ed
ward Hime to the Liverpool Mercury,
"if the worst c-ise of smallpox can not
bo cured in three days, simply by the
use of cream of tartar. One ounce of
cream of tartar "dissolved in a pint of
water drank at intervals, "when cold,
is a certain never-failing remedy. It
has cured thousands, Kever leaviiijc a
mark, or caused blind :ie-s, and avoids
tedious lingering."
Tha Puff.
The new-paper pufl i.s something
which makes vou feel bad il you don't
get it. The ground work for a new.
paper puireon-i.-ts of good moral char
acter and a good bank account. Writ
ing new.-paper puiT- is 'ike mixing
sherry cobbleisaud mint juleps all
through the summer months for cus
tomers, and quenching your o;vn tiiirs:
with rain watur. Sometimes a man
is looking for a pull and don't get it ;
then he says that the p:per is iioing
down hill, and that it is in ' tire hands
of a monopoly, and he would .-tup the
paper i! he didn't have to pay his bill
lir t.
Wiitit.g newspaper puds is iike
taking the photograph of a homely ba
by. If the photograph doesn't teprc
sent the I ;:s re-eoibbng a beauti
ful cheiub with wings and halo.-, and
harps and thing-, it shows that the
a-ti-t doesn't utilerst'tnd his busine--So
it is with the i:e v.-paper pud d the
pufFcc doesn't stand out like the bold
and fca'.'es-i exponent of truth and
morality, ii shows that the pufLr does
nut understand h :mau niture.
It :s ur re fan to watch a man read
a puff of hiiurtdf than it is to see a
fat man slip up on an orange peel.
The narr jw minded man rea is it over
seven or eight times and then goes
around to .the difl'jr.nt places in the
town where the paper is taken and
steals what copies he eat:: The kind
hearted family man goes home and
reads it to bis wife, aud'then pays up
his bill on the paper The successfal
business man, who advertises and
makes money, staits out "uuemediately
to find the newspaper man and .-peak
a woid of grateful acknowledgement
and encouragement. Then two men
start oul of the sanctum and walk
thoughtfully down the street together,
and th- successful bu-iness man takes
I sugar in-iiis, and the newspaper uinn .
docsn t put auythiug iu bis, ana then
they both eat a clove or two, and life
is sweeter and pleasanter, and peace
settles dowu like a turtle dove iu their
birartsj and after awhile lamp posts
get more plenty, and everybody seems
to be more oHes- intoxicated, but the
hearts of these two men are filled with j
a nameless joy, because they know
just where to -top, and not make
themselves ridiculous. L'irr.ih uity
Ct i it it . I k Tl I". T7 T'TW 1 blieuantii in: Sour -t.Mii.ioh: i.r Ap-
' A IV l U 11 I K IN, ' Ittlte; Mown- altcnmt ly cutiv :ml lux .
r 1 X I2j I JL ItUl. IU" iU-aibiciic: 1 otniomurj. uith a Mtbtiil
"" ! i'11-utl li ! Ii urn; titile to i" roi.-lh U
And Hspecially
Fresh Lager Beer.
.Hix;( ii, "IN
of all kind?. My stci: of
G I : ( ) ( ' H HI KS, CHOC K K K Y
and Gla ware ure ail I'oiiijdt, and
will lie sotd veiy cheap foreah.
Call and examine tv stock of
hich oi tlj to him.- hv-o ilunc. fobilil ,ot
Spirt'.-, u lliiv ,i,.w npjMuraiii-r : wi-..n i nnnTA riinT t i n,-. u.i ti c uri ti n :iiutaven tM-.t5UUib, cHU-o, Hats, Laos,
C .-utnp'.PMi.
the diiMj.ii'e. at olhel- r tr ; but th I-it - ' ,,..l ,
.. t . , .. . , .. ..i..ii"'i
3r, me ;ir,L iii.iiii inmr ,e, . ir geHci.itij
0 II. PoT?Kii, - - - - Proi.
RED CLOUS, - - - H23.
People at large can find e.on-tant'y
on hand Lumber, Lith, Shingles,
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Building Pape: and Mould
ings. Pine and Hardwood
C3r Wht nt will lc taken in exchange
fur lumber.
Quick Sal s aai Small Profits.
t- unit I ttie ti e.-c. .I .( a-'t he.ulu til
in tune, tri'.il -nl'ei oir. wr.-tt hitinri- ni.l
ic ilit y. iti t-u ic.
1 can rcriiMMal a an cfli.--tio' renvly tho Liter, lirar biURaR'i Uy-
IK-P-Ml. a.MtuN"' LIHit KFJI LAToa.
l.KWiS G. Wb'MiKK,
1.J.". Major Strut t.
Ati-t in. lf V .M.if'.ir. l'ailaile'p'ii i.
"V'ci. . tilt..' I il virtm pi'ro.iil.:i:i I
know thrit !-r b-,ipi-.. l..:iuu-iiu. an-l
1 hrotjboi.- ilr.i.ia.-c, "t ii t' i- irilwnini v
the tori . evi'r su. W v S'am liieil !.'
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r-.ick"ci, Im i-.irt-.iu.' fca 'le erpn :l-I
.Mtts-t'Uyur. Jb.i on. ' '..
..i:iii!.i lur 'lonly by
J. ::. iScj-iiN k Cj..
MACON, i:., and PIIILAIiKl.rillA
It contaiiid four ineli:il eb'iiient. iifVr
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other preptr.uiuit.iz . 3 ci.tlc Cutaiitiu. it
v'ouilotiiu t.'tin. an ytiexe.'ptinii t.i AltT
mii'i'iui'l eortatn to ref.ivf t .ll iiMpiriti
ut tin) i.ody. Siu U y.-.ial "a--. .-i i..vj
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I'or all itiseaje ot llu Liver. Stomach ami
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NAl'SKA, SltlC HKAI'Allli:, I'oLIC.
to.Nsrn'vuii.N aii-i ttn.:it:.K-s
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As thT-!inn uun.bcrol inis.itt,rj.otr-ril
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niiy to li. no pi.uikrso ji. epjrt-t sjhhbw'
Liver Uhul:itor. ual in oar tMxtu.t-J
wrapprr.wi.Ii the tr.vie mark. it.iHpiui'i
eib'll.uuie ., .nuothnr i Kemllue.
1 kin 1- .f Fiirn.-hli G.im1 W.ll
be -old at vir low puvc-.
C'dl and ;ft tk.'e and kp eAnvifteei)
that tlits is the place le trade.
17 5m C CAMKKUX.
N ('. Clark ol Gin ! HtK-k, has for ) ,
' the be-1 Wi-i! Jur um nppaiuiiie ,
ever u-ed. coii-t-tiiii; iddnll-, aueer-. i
etc. Two iiii-ii with ofie of the dull- !
Unving lottn-.l a eo pn'ttwrW i 'r lh puini .f rgnimg
butnns of Wne hi ti.iUi.itr an I !Wfn.-iitrnM);, u mh Mi--aoetMiiiH
Hin: the pu'dn.
ct""Ii ' Iv I u-! ii W'jf n ukl kf Uu. oeer i
l)i; rhop
AllWork Warranted to Gie SntisfBGtlcn.
Wc lUvdl otc a.U wnvus h ooa,w ww nVo
vc ((iumir&A CAujxkcl Me(!.
"T 177'TT tf "".
31 icon. ti.i.. :tn I rliilnlcl.hi.i.
Your valuable iifih : Sim m ' l.iv-r
Hfj;uUtor. Si a- jivi-.I tut- many Dwt r lil'.
I ii o ii tor evrrj tt.itii: it i rceiMifiMlal.
an.l neVfi kio". it to In I. I h.ivo io-fi it in
Colic uaii liriU'l)!1. wi h mj iiii1-bhI ii rjw
Kivi irtSitiin iitiout hair a l tti t a tii. I
havo not lost one that I g-ivc it to. y,u emi
re otutnr-inl r to -vrry oim that ha - cfc ts
lit'ine tlic Ott ii' li"inc Vtiovrn for all t,t.i -pl.iint
th.t Iior-c tl sh is heir to.
K I'.TAilolt.
ta-Iy Asvut torfiranser'of ;vir.ia.
The Testimony of tho Whole WoriJ.
'I lia'l no appetiti: IIollowaV I'ilN cave
can drill iroin b to .1 f. it iu one dey.
iiiroiu'ti t tie met: m u--. eoutitry.
fhe-e diiil-ale wirfinted o he the
Nav York Arte-ino Drtll. -JU-tf
Stage Line.
Comicl!' '.' at Ht-il Cloud with thu
Hepubhcan Hiver Stai;e Line.
Three regular trip- wk, arrivinj;
nud depatttiti; frotu Ked Cloud nt the
sitiie tiule the .-tae irom the raihond
nil. J. 3. 3 7HK57T, Prep.
Cull ix n L Set) Li
lliil Cou:!.
fflrly:riis h a
"riTI "l? "V J.TTT7'
17'"7P sz- rrr rz
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v iw r- tzj
mc a nt'iirty one." A &
' our lill me inarve'Iou." s r
"1 .-e :l tor another box. ami fccc; Uieat in K
the hou.-e ' j h
"Dr. il lloway ha? care1! my hcailnehe i P !J
that wo. chronic." J --. ri ''' T
" 1 pare one of y ur 1 it . to my bao- lor
eh'ilera morbus. Thcilear little th.iu sot
well in inlay "
".vly nausea of a mornini; 1 m w careil."
" our t)'x of Hollo-.v.ij 'g '.MiiUnent currl
nip of ini'f 5 in the nt-nl. I rulibtrl sviue of
our ointia nt Ljhinil the ear? anil the uuisc ; 'Jtai
ha- left ' t":
"oeinl rae twj bixfc?. I want one for a poor j
family.". ... .... CA ' T. E" 1
M erielos.-a ij.lar. your price 1 .ccnt. ; --- . 3 r J-j-
bat the ni'di-n! to rue 1- ..rtn a Ioll-ir. 1 3 'tiiiauM lJIJaflHM
I heveorcr JJuch ton.monial- a these r 1 tj II f lifj j if til .
u. r-aut -Jlsjiice coiupel me to coue.ude. U? J ?5? r ! J ' t '5fff3r'!il
.!. T.
m 1
i )7' ill
m.j' v-jm
J ;
n ?; i -."y.v. h
tS w - " T -v- '
r r
Somebody is-get ting at it now, by
introducing a bill into the legislature,
prohibit!U-couuty officials froui buy
ing or ot he wise dealing in county
warrants. If the bill becomes a law,
and has teeth enough in it to be effect
ive, oouniy warrants will appreciably
inctease the rate of their progress to
ward a par value, and some ajunry
offices will not be struggled after so
much as they have been. Eaitsato
Charles H. Potter vs. Meivin C
Sherman. District Court, Webster
County, X br-ka :
Meivin C. Shet urm, non re-i lent de
fendant w.ll take notice ot the tiling ol
the petition of plaintiff praj inn j adg
meut ou the fie following eouuts, to
wit :
1st. Note to plaintiff judgment ak-
p.d for ?I4 S.ititerot ana attornev's I
'rtoj ,! iifi to til'fifT iiidi'mnnt '
,w va .-!- " -- J" -j--w- fc r Jiwt.T
asked for $lo int. and Alt 's fees. 3d. M ft f
Note to pPf iff judgment asked for $17. i ? fi
oU, int. and tee. -ttn. tote to -J. 1. , y Q JS
Nerris or b arer. judguient $ rO and S i; ? 5
Mter-t. Tt 11. .loiuy had ami recr-iv- y
n "
U 2 s y ff
& Z rr. Cy
t C: mm
- ww --
W j? a
nd nil eruption.- of the sk.u. this Ointment
is in Jr't i raluao.e. It lors no: nci trxter-
nailyaione, but penelraic with the inmt
seart-hinv "sheets to lU'i vtrj rot t ol the evil
Inrariabty cure fu- f lloins .lLJ!a'e'
n all ili;rj-s aJLsi-tin; he?cor?ans.whe:h
er :hy .-"-ercte im much or tw i.:Ue :
or 'The h-r t icv be tSiicl with .-;on" or
prate! or ari.Ii ae n pi s -ttInt in
I th lo.nvs the rerioa? of tb kwluei..
the'e iiL ?hul-i be take.-i secorh ! the
ri ie.1 uift i. 48'i the Uiaiurbt -J.uM
It- we"l ra'jb-il ml thr i.a vi- ts fcj-s' l
boi iiau. this trsi.ujent wi I r Y a!t
renietbate wbr. all o her toraa kave
No raetlicine wi 1 so e2c u I'y itnomve
the . .noofts rtuu.ib ,i ue- I'i !. they
reuitiVt-ai-nei.luy oeeainj wilier by in-
tempera -re or laspr pe 'lift
7rr7CiTr ivj3T"if -i,?r,i;
CA P , Tinware. Queenswurc
HiKliCMf Vnsh TTrivv Vziid Tor ilriun
and Groceries,
Wa keep coulant? on ban I a Jars; aorUnrt f .
i a j. tx ...".. zyz
i , ft 5 "'
5. P ka - S
3 '4b X
At ihe Cntfri.. T . ."
?'. i 1 -nt- ' : " i .
a C0Ua'.T. rv -. rrnxm.r:. J
.TiT .H Hm III .S.Ai-:nt5 U Itm.
vr.vir-i it j-vjLi.ynorj'i. th hcw"
r v"5.- 1? t-'- R. . f tl '. h. 1 i y-ttln
.tott tai : .i c-: h :.. ltoruii-i
lite : 'tsu j i! n a ?B'T''l.r.
C-3:.iS. w ii:- j n j 1 c yx-n ki ioy.
t'i i:trJl ii : trcryl rd fcenuMr,
- a jVrcrk'.'Pa-t'i ir ?tri
ua-.:o .-.-.-t . .r r ,i?v fr Jt tin-
i the Jlafiwfvrt fM : T". -" ! K tbc
cry li-fr i ?.-irt.o 0LI.
ad u3jijjc:---. j- . . r'vcocxi ;J
II II . ! . -
1 -. kUi . . -a anuwe u. H ttt Jor f,r ci-h. aI 'u '
vi.j.ur ! Ct ruin.
17-3 u
J CM ATA. M :UV-" "
ed bv d'- fenuaar from third party
ana el tiui as.-tiiaj by him to p!atnt!$- i. Z jj
juittreiueiit asked itirtfiu ana interest, j lL
Yuti will make answer or otherwise! mmJJ(
pletd to the p ti'iou on or before tle-j N
-JOthadatf of i-'ebru-ui. 177 or ;a:d T -
petition will b taken as true.
: 21iW Pi tus Attorucy.
in t5ie worlJ forlhf P ll-wincuieae: Aue' .,. mr,-, T -,.. r , -i.,
thcktn BoeK Cocsatcpion, l.ebihjy. -L'or Llu.'ccrr!
Iropy. Uysentery. Lry pc.a., r-m-e Ir- ov.ctts- 1 tvft; ?rri.ti f-
regularities. F-Ters of all kc. . i oat. 1 . 2rT..... .. . i . . .
F . ..- i IM.r. J 'rfrr .... .
l.rrn AGEVP; -crasleJ Jn JocaLtScs wi J
are at rrs ri ' .
4 k2- I
Ue-tlacne. luJue-ttor.. ij..-.... r-ore . j i:AXHEI Such ronflrfoncoFEi-
iiirnsr iodc anu tinvtii. vruij oi aii i . . k- i'TrM.- ;. cruiri: v
kinoj. WexVness fr.m any cans, eve. ,.or ;.-rvi;r: P3ACHIME thi-j '
IltriJJiiAis- 5au ..3:.
Knn;'srfcsen,jine calwj tb ?isrntareof
J. tiaTM'CE, a a-ot f-r th I nitcd iutr?.
surrouniiyeoch b x f 1 ills. a-U t'intaieni.
A nantl oini" reward -all he kitcq to 41170. e
rcr crinr nch inforuAtioa as may Iaii to
theectcrtionoiaay party or par ieun er-j
feii.itr the oredicia-- or rS2tli'f-thejnje.
1 fcaowlac them to be s 3 ericas- 1
-old at the manufactory ot
Ilft.f.oirY .t t4i Set Y6r.aml by all ns-
STtible dru;?iid ana dealer ia isedieiae J
thruiarhoiJt the tfivilirfe'i world, ia'-oxes nt 5
. 'I .ir .- . .i-,l 1 .,.. !
y.iiKiii'.KtKi-"'.'". . .. ' sei ". .: - i rr...
CS-Th'tf if ecilsiiletable savirs tiy taicin "" n --" -- -' --
t-eI.trser xrrf . i ilil. teazd Ats., IlUJKrjc, Pi.
JJ wixccuonir mo fuwruiF.- 141 SUta Safest, GfiCi3. I.I.
ali 'i S:rrt, ft. Lczu. K
r rr-r r tfmvir t
'.uliwLii :2 tt.'J Iv.IIc . itn, and llardwaie.
fffiCCtSySSatoir I F'Ming rnileibenu &-t&VJEVl..lT V.
iJoBHsas, Busk & Go,, . .. . .. ..., ,
S3 Uctcr rqird. 2TrffT5:h. i aa low is :" other firm ia the Va!.'
tipn-i in cVtnr tiiorJer are aSxed to ra-h
03:;, 2X3 Licsrir Street, H. Y. 17 Sr 2tci. .r Lu, c- Taauisca,
Remember' the nUee, 1 door north of.thtr Printing ofHce-
Red Cloud Nob
tuiitn2 yur cswity paper. Ac