The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 04, 1877, Image 4

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OViitib' Frozen pulse snd heart of Are!
What Icm If tbeirs who from thy kingdom torn
Dismayed, and think thy mow a sculptured urn
Or death! Farsooner In midsummer tire
The streams than under Ice. June could not hire
Her rosea to forejro the strength thry learn
In sleeping on thy breast. No JJrcH can barn
The bride thou doit lay w here men desire
In rain to bnlld.
O Heart, when Love's ann roes
To northward, and the round of sinking ceae.
Keep warm by Inner Ore, and reit In peace.
Bleep on content, ai leeps the r atlentrose.
Walk boldly on the white, untrodden snows.
The winter la the w Inter's on relae!
III. H.. In January Atlantic
The close of the year 17S0 was a gad
period for America. The held
the country from Charleston to the
uptier Santceand in order to complete
their conquest had established a chain
of posts throughout the State, each of
which was strongly fortified and de
fended by a good garrison. Organized
resistance to the lirisish actors in the
struggle were the men who composed
the famous -light brigade" of General
The favorite rendezvous of Marion
was at Snow Island. This is a piece of
high river swamp, as it is called in the
Carolinas, and was surrounded on three
sides by water, so :is to be almost im
pregnable. Here Marion had his camp.
From this fastness he issued forth at
pleasure to ravish the enemy's grana
ries, or capture a straggling party of his
troops. Secure in his retreat, he had no
fear of pursuit.
In the city of Charleston, the despo
tism of the British was at its height;
the proud-spirited people of thatcapitla
were held down by a grinding tyranny.
Many of them were still open and un
compromising in their hostility to the
English, while others, thinking they
could best serve the cause in that way,
affected a hearty submission to the con
querors, and were seemingly the most
loyal of all K.g George's subjects. Yet,
while the English saw this and congrat
ulated themselves upon the good effect
it would have on the colonists, these
very loyalists kept the American com
manders constantly informed of all that
passed within the IJritish lines, and
many a disaster of the English was in
this way directly attributed to them.
One of these persons v. l'idy of
fine social position and great wealth.
Indeed there were few persons in all
Charleston over whose submission to
the crown the -British were more elated
than they were over that of Mrs. Anne
Garden. She was a young and beauti
ful widow, just twenty-live, and for
several years had been the standing
toast of the beaux of the Carolinas.
"When the British took the city, she
was the first to submit to the king, and
since then her house had been the fa
vorite gathering place of the red-coat
gentry. Many of Mrs. Garden's friends,
who were staunch patriots to the last
quietly cut her acquaintance, and shook
their heads in silent indignation when
her name was mentioned, and as for
Gen. Marion, he could have told tales
that would have startled the widow's
Charleston friends, had it been safe to
do so.
While Marion w;is creating so great
an excitement beyond the gates of
Charleston, Mrs. Garden resolved to
give a ball. Preparations were made on
an extensive scale, and the loal ele
ment of the city was in high feather.
The splendid mansion of the young
widow was dressed with flowers from
cellar to garret, and blazed with lights
on the evening appointed for the assem
bly, and the band of the garrison dis
coursed sweet music to the assembled
The entertainment was at its height,
when the crowd near the door suddenly
parted, and a young man came forward
hurriedly. He was tall and splendidly
formed, and carried himself erect with
a proud, martial air. He was dressed
in a uniform of an oilicer of a tory
legion, and his general appearance was
that of a man who had ridden far and
hard during the day. As the young
widow saw him her face flushed and
then grew deadly pale, and she sprang
forward with a cry of alarm.
"What are you doing here?" she
asked, hurriedly.
44 You will see," he answered, quickly,
in a low tone. "Only for Heaven's sake
swear black and blue to what I may
sayl" Then he added, calm, and in a
louder tone, "You see, my dear cousin,
I have come back to my allegiance."
"I am delighted to hear it," she re
plied, warmly, taking the hint at once,
"I never thought your heart would
cling to the rebel cause."
"Faith," he said, laughing, "if my
heart had clung to it, my stomach
would have driven me from it. I'm not
fond of starving, my fair cousin, and
King George lives wed, you know.
Hereafter Thomas "Wilson lives and
dies a loyal man."
Colonel "Watson had been standing
y, and during this conversation,
stepped forward to the lady's side.
"Who is tliis gentleman?" he asked
somewhat sharply. "He seems wonder
fully familiar."
"Oh," replied the lady, "he is my cous
in, Lieutenant Thomas "Wilson, and, as
you will perceive, is in his majesty's
"You seem rather careless of your
dress, considering the occasion, sir,"
said the Colonel, tartly. He was an
noyed at the great interest which the
lady had shown in the new-comer.
"My business must be my excuse,
Colonel," said the young man, respect
fully. "I am the bearer of a letter from Ma
jor Gainey, and my orders are to lose no
time in delivering it I have ridden
hard all day, sir, and upon reaching
your headquarters learned of your pres
ence here. This lady being my cousin,
I felt no hesitation in coming here at
once, trusting for pardon to the urgency
of my mission."
As he spoke he handed to the Colonel
a sealed-letter. Watson took it hastily
and broke the seal. As he read it a
imile of satisfaction overspread Ms
-This Is very good," be said gleefully.
"Gainey is picking up recruits by the
hundred. Wants four hundred rifles,
fifty sabere and some ammunition at
once. Will I send them? To be sure I
will. Have you wagons, Lieutenant V
"Xo, sir," replied the young man.
"Major Gainey was afraid to send them
down. There's no knowing when or
wnere one may meet that cursed Swamp
Fox and his sneaking cut-throats."
"Very good," Baid the Colonel. I ll
furnish you with your wagons and a
guard of fifty mounted men. You will
start at sunrise in the morning. Lieuten
ant. Call at my headquarters at mid
night, and you shall have the necessary
orders. Xow, sir, you had better take
rest as you will need it."
"First let me offer him some refresh
ments," said the widow quickly. "He
is tired and hungry, 1 know, and no
t'uest must leave my house in such a
"Heturn quickly, then," said the
Colonel. "I shall be miserable while
you are gone "
The young man offered his arm to the
lady and then left the ball-room; but
instead of going to the dining-room, she
led him straight to her chamber, locked
the door, and theu said anxiously :
"For Heaven s sake, Charles, what is
the meaning of this ?"
The young man did not answer ver
bally, but catching her to his breast,
kissed her passionately, and, to be
frank, the young widow did not resist
him. It was all very natural, however,
for you know, dear reader, they were
only cousins.
"It means," he said at last, in reply to
her repeated question, "that we want
arms and I have come for them."
What else they said matters not now;
but before they departed, Mrs. Garden
seemed very well satisfied with the
young man's explanation. They then
repaired to the supper table, where the
Lieutenant found ample refreshments,
and the lady returned to the ball-room,
where Colonel Watson was impatiently
awaiting her return.
At midnight the Lieutenant called at
headquarters, and, faithful to promise,
Colonel Watsoi. was there. The nec
essary orders for the delivery of the
arms and ammunition and wagons to
Lieutenant Thos. Wilson, of the loyal
legion, were made out and the Colonel
also placed in the young man's bauds
a sealed letter of instructions to Major
Gainey. The rest of the night was
spent in procuring the desired articles
and at sunrise, the next morning, Lieu
tenant Wilson with his wagons and
their contents, escorted by a guard of
fifty men, set out for the High Hills of
Santee, where the tory major's head
quarters were located.
The wagons and their escort made
good time, and by sunset were forty
miles from Charleston. The sun was
scarcely half an hour high, when Lieu
tenant Wilson ordered a halt, for the
purpose of camping for the night. The
mounted men fastened their horses
to the trees, and removing their saddles
prepared to cook their evening meal ;
the teams were unhitched from the
wagons, and the command busied them
selves in preparing for a comfortable
night Every one was busy and no one
noticed that while these arrangements
were in progress, Lieutenant Wilson
had drawn off from the party, and dis
appeared in the woods that bordered
the road. Suddenly there was a crack
ling in the brushwood, which caused
the IJritish troops to spring to their
feet in alarm. As they did so a voice
which sounded not unlike that of the
young lieutenant, shouted loudly:
"Surrender, or you are all dead menl"
General Marion secured his prisoners,
together with the arms, ammunition,
wagons and horses, and set out after a
rest of a few hours, for Snow Island.
At the request of the bogus Lieutenant
Wilson, he sent back one of the red
coats to Charleston with a note to
Colonel Watson, informing him of the
trick that had been played on him by
the young officer who so far from
being a lieutenant in the tory legion
was none other than the famous Charles
Hampton, a captain in Marion's Brig
ade, who planned and carried out the
affair successfully thanking the
Colonel for the excellent weapons and
other materials he had sent him, and
promising him to make good service
with them.
The British commander was furious
when he read the note, and saw the hoax
of which he had been the victim. He
went in haste to Mrs. Garden, but the
fair widow had sailed for England. He
was compelled to swallow his mortifi
cation in silence, and a few years 'later,
when the war was over hi chagrin was
not a little increased by the tidings
which reached him, that Mrs. Garden
had married the youngfficer who had
tricked him out of his rifles. N. Y.
Foreign Funerals.
As I have said, though in a different
sense, they make much of their dead
abroad. I was struck by the contrast
the day we reached home. Driving
from the steamer, we encountered a
hearse straggling down Broadway. It
attracted as much reverential attention
as would be paid to an ice-cart
I happened to witness a picturesque
funeral in Venice. It was that of a
chorus-boy, in a church on one of the
smaller canals somewhere west of the
BJalto. I stumbled on the church ac
cidentally that forenoon, and was not
able to find it again the next day, a
circumstance to which the incident
perhaps owes the fairy-like atmosphere
that envelopes it for me. The building
had disappeared, like Aladdin's palace,
in the night
They were performing a mass as I
entered. The great rose window behind
the organ and the chancel windows
were darkened with draperies, and the
colossal candles were burning. The
coffin, covered with a heavily embroid
ered pall, stood on an elevated platform
in front of the magnificent altar. The
inlaid columjns glistening in the candle?
light, the smoke of the incense curling
lazily up to the frescoed dome, the
priests in elaborate robes kneeline
around the bier, it was like a masterly
composed picture- When the ceremo
nies were concluded, the coffin was
lifted from the platform by six young
friani and borne to a gondola in waiting j an OJ)IortuniV (,f receiving thor
at the steps near the portals. The . - . inslructjon jn tvpruing and
priests, carrying a huge golden crucifix
and several tall gilt torches, unsighted,
crowded into the bow and stern of the
floating hearse, which war. attached by
a long rope to another gondola occupied
by oarsmen. Following these were to
or three covered gondokts whose con
nection with the obsequies was not
clear to me, as they apjeared to be
empty. Slowly down the narrow canal.
in that dead stillness which reigus in
Venice, swept the sombre flotilla, bear
ing its unconscious burden to the
C;impo Santo. The air was full of va
grant spring scents, and the sky that
arched over all was carved of one vast
unclouded turquoise. Iu the deserted
church were two old crones scraping
up the drippings of the wax candles
from the tessellated pavement Noth
ing except time is wasted in Italy.
T. B. Aldrich's Travel Sketch, in Janu
ary Atlantic.
"No More False Hair."
The crusade against false hair has
commenced in several Parisian jour
nals, and "Xo More False Hair" is a
frequent heading. Fortunately no
one re-echoes this cry. These writers
not only demand a total disappearance
of false hair, but they also advise ladies
to have their hair cut "a la Titus.
The Paris coiffeurs energetically pro
test against this heresy, this outrage, as
ii; were, against reason and good t:iste.
But that alone is not sufficient; English
hairdressers, as well as those of every
civilized country, ought to coalesce
against the common enemy; they
should be on their guard in reference to
this idle talk, which some ladies might
take to be in earnest, and that would
seriously injure their trade by with
drawing, for a time at least, one of its
most important branches. In order
that hairdressers may know what to do
under these circumstances, it is right
that I should place the matter before
them, so that they may provide an effi
cient remedy. The following extracts
could have been read during last month
in several journals:
"A change has just been made in the
coiffure of women. The style of wear
ing the hair 'a la Titus.' adopted by
several ladies of fashion, marks the be
ginning of a reaction which will be
completed before long."
"Women of common sense incline
towards the exclusive use of the natur
al hair, and the following motives of
indisputable value have led them to it.
Science has victoriously demonstrated
that the use of false hair was to be de
plored from a sanitary point of view.
Wherever it is applied it creates a dan
gerous heat, intercepting the perspira
tion, so necessary to the growth of the
hair; it tires the head by its weight and
produces nervous headache. It is the
cause of most illness from which wo
men suffer."
"The more they have recourse to this
auxiliary coiffure, suggested by clever
professionals and welcomed with an
awkward coquetry, the more women
lose the chance they would have of re
viving the fecundity of the scalp,
where, from some cause or other, it has
become barren. Science has taught
women that the means to get beautiful
hair consists in having it frequently
cut, air and light being the two princi
pal elements of life."
"A decisive argument in favor of a
complete repudiation of the grotesque
chignon in whatever shape it may be
used is that it is often the cause of
more or less serious quarrels. False
hair, considered at its best i a subter
against which the man sooner or
later revolts after having succumbed to
a fascination which is solely one of
2ow in reply to all this nonsense I
will observe that the fashion of wear
ing the hair a la Titus has been seen on
less than ten fashionable ladies' heads
in Paris. The reaction, therefore, can
not have set in. Women of common
sense still wear those high and long
coiffures which become them so well ;
they continue to use false hair, which
enhances their beauty and saves their
natural hair, especially if it be used in
moderation. Science has shown in an
irrefutable manner that false hair,
which is taken off every evening, and
consequently rests on the head only for
a few hours, can not be injurious to
health and in no wise causes fatigue or
oppression. As for the means proposed
to get a fine head of hair, viz: to have
it cut I don't believe a woman would
ever consent to the sacrifice of her
greatest ornament if she could by any
means avoid it As for the so-called
quarrels which false hair is said to have
produced, they are simply the invention
of writers hard up for news, who con
sequently have to invent some; for
everybody knows that men nowadays
are fully aware of the nature of the
chignon, and that not one has rebelled
against this habit which, so to speak,
has become an institution and will long
remain if hairdressers consult their
own interests. Meanwhile Paris hair
dressers have undertaken to produce
ample coiffures only, such as necessi
tate the use of false hair. For instance,
one of the latest inventions is thus
composed: The front is slightly waved,
all the natural hair being fastened on
the top, serving also as a foundation for
the additional hair, which is placed
over-it in the shape of soft puffs.
comnletelv dressed chignon, composed
of puffs and waves and terminating in
long, ur a o.ajii-nauc
a large waved catogan, is placed be
hind. Almost all coiffures, with the ex
ception of some slight variations, are
made in this style at present During
the lectures on hairdressing, which are
about to commence, the professors have
decided to impose the nigh and long
coiffures this winter. Therefore there
are good days coming for the rtfche,
notwithstanding its detractors
say against it 'ori Cor. jAtndon
Hairdressers' Chronicle.
The London Women's Printing Soci
ety, limited, just established, afford
the lighter branches of printing. A f ler
a month's trial the mrls enter upon a
three-years apprenticeship, during
which small but increasing weekly
wages are paid.
Yonkers U'azet U : As she tok up he
old man's stocking and looked at the
hole in the ht.fl. she rabed her sjck.s
c w
up a little higher, and exclaimed : -Well.
it's an open question, darned if il ain t
whether to patch or darn." and her eyes
moistened as memory carrii her lmck
to the golden days of her girlhood, when
she picked blackberries all the livelong
day and never a stocking on.
The Detroit Free J'ress nominates the
widow of G-n. Custer to hep sttmstress
at Monroe, Michigan.
I titlti-ti'ial.
TlinA II. Oltvm. Soll'lhir of rtf! c.f t!e
InwiVATWr Orru K. t I'e Xoltit". infrts O.e
foUOWBC U.S. I'Stlcu: UmrJl. Vc4trfH llOCbl-
XOVKMHEK '-'1, lS7rt.
Al a Trade Mark for Cigars "The
representation of an artesian well and
the words I.u Flor de I'raiiidu Ctieiu,'
to.Iolm Klbliiv, McGregor, la.
Tuck -Markers for Sewing Machines
Allen .luhiiKon. Ottumu.t. la.
Mode of Hanging Reciprocating Saw
Gangs Oliver Meigs, Pubuiyie, l.i.
Axle-Grease Marten Andcroii, llk
horn Station, Neb. oap. sulphur, coal
dust and water in a heaid state b
"run oil" into moulds to form pieces
that can lie conveniently applied bv
placing them in lubricating chambers
UxihI over axles.
Electro-vapor I5.itl.s- Thomas W.
Johnson and .1. X. Cherry. Keokuk, la.
A coer similar to a carnage top, un
folds and covers the p ilient in the tub.
Cm rent Water-Wheel -I). (. benja
min, Lawrence. Kansts.
Thills Washington I'.enpon. Grin
nell, la. The thills are curved laterallv.
to allow the horse in the shafts to walk
in one of the tracks ma le by a double
Wagon-Ilrake I.evers .losiah I.
McAfee, TopeKa, Kansas.
Heef Csttle
Hon-Mre, v t '
Sliet-i Live J " ft
Flour Oood to choice I I
Wheat VH'Ctileairo IS
Corn We.iern inliert h .
oata Western t w
I v? i ft k
Hutrnr IS tl ?v
Pork-Nw Mes IT t !7 i
lAT 1 iiUVi
Heeves-CholCf f ftll
Sliee j 5ood to cljolee 3 ' hty
Butter Choice t. U i J"
KJts '-') U Si
KlcSir White winter I c S (
Snrlntr extra
Wheat-Spring So 1 1 UVC I -
Corn No i ft i:,
Oats No 2 32w x;,
Ryo-N2 l ''.
l'ork 5les. new lh (t (ftlfi V
Harley No i tt ?
T. LOUl?.
HeerCattlo Fair to :holco S i " ft1W
llofts l.lve 6 70 ( P
Klonr Kail XT 3 2. U. J 7S
Wheat No 2 Keil J l 25
Crn- No 2 fva
Rye No I ( VV
Pork Mess V 17
rioiir v ' "v '""
Wheat Bed l n a I 22
vC' ill I v
Oatu 31 &, 29
Rye tfi a
L3rtl. . . ...... .. ft&i'' w
F 1 C J ll I V "9
Wbeat No 2 all'.
s J ill Wy t
" ' 1" tfc f I
ri O J " " Kt i
ny o Sm
Flonr Wholesale 2 ( a 3 ns
Wheat new ; a 1 a
" j ni i .
vilp 4 Jy
Olll" J a a aaaaa t-i
Efrco 15 KH
1 OJT a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ' ' O
Cattlo 2 2. (4 S W
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ourState. Toall Interested In his line we would
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Daylight Liver Pill.
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ure or an hour, neither delay thp purchase of
Fllcrt's Dayllchi Liver ritls.
It Is now admitted by Ooctorn. OniKKts'aand
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HTE. F. Knnkei Be'- "ineoflron
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exertion: loss of memory dlfflenlty of bresth
lnt: jrnerat weakness; norrorof d sa'e; w.k.
nerTona tremb'.Ine: dresdful horror of death:
nbjrhx sweats: cohl feet; weakness: rtlmness of
lslon; lar.fruor; nnlveral lasitu1eof the ran
enlsr system: enormon. apn:!:'. wUhdvspepric
symprom: hot hands: finsMnof the IkkIv: dry
nessof the ski": pallid rountenancr and erup
tions on thefae: par-'vl"? the blcwvl. pain In
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blark spo's flylnp before the ere wiin i-mprary
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. fJSw
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. .k. ... ..K Lt.fM llrira wV- fie
UUUitWnilV i'H C.I, .JV.'- r.. -- -- -- . .
Head a
OTln?allonIlnary sriirm. call
frtataa' get a oott4 ol JatrsszLs
on soar irnj-
j t K.rxKXLT. ... . m terft darah-e apde'PetlroaJn aoara v -- ". .ir m - -
A ' Ka?.MVTBi:r Wln..f iWn U well Vnown . 1 , a -oril- '" r'rCBK N E A IU , eV'sof e.e eors'rt .a'lI mel-
I over ire coonirr. oru." m-t-. .u- nrjfe li3 La Halle st Kuom 5 CSiCajro. "tjr, cii .-...... . -.. "
, Imitation and rry to ptm It o!T i thetrrn-tom- uacuuMi-.s.. lw"i"'- . r.,Krr r.a- ,-iy ,o :,a,.
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hadpisr. eat. Pin aa.i sroman o-.i. i 50 o ay desire. Price per dox . fi-a. ". a.-k- aistisr IK PA'ITFRVS
moved br Dr. Kcsicku T.i North lau street. ?ros prlc-, l. v tTi WnoletJ aen: Jobs, KC JHfLHl -J, r A 1 1W..13,
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pinuiii, Tri It v of tt RM
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thr t ttr4. H" fff? tr f t. t
-tatnl ffnktni or ftTi ' ? 197 tt4
ofturfVflitntrjkiuw?iinnrsr. l.
ia will Sfcj jTir tr-tml for 4I r
cn!lr to tfc-r ex a)' ltlr tnV.Utt(tuax
or reslj pMpUr arJ.
Cphci.ttii rut v1 Tt eirralM A4
2rr Voet ivax H. t eit at o, rtv
te OaTrajort. la.
Ii.rJ Ta't
Hani "Pa.
MaM T tec
Hrd T.'-
l!ri Tr
Oa EOO r i.M : H UE.AT
r j rm ft COK,r I rt t
rviAiv.t r 1 v iitu r 1
n: milk. r i, o. wrr ,
l'r-1 ffr. TKli. r I.'w WiMt
f V lik
Hard T e
SCOAlt. r n ara TK .
V O AT IMP 4 cr r-rtHlu
xk a n r.rk m a- it.
Valuable. .... Cheap.
iok cir . tut .r.
2K er he in: h:ji fcctsce
Hard Times
Half a Cent a Day
fir the Hat fj'i Prv:.: iu
tirini'l .i, boi"i tmw t gc
more f r ne'i .ft m ty, jw
aie at t t kit reeri.
.N ai-r" -U can okrb try re.
at k lluir- ot, i many rl
prietleil. mrrm Unit xn tnggf
tlm. iu much h1 la(rniailn.
llrd T3-
Hrt T m"
Hr! TliBr
Hv-t T.EH-
Hani T.s"
Hard Tita-.
Hr4 Ti.
H4 T1jc.
llirtt 71ae
lUri T'
IUrl Tf
H-4 Tea.,
ilvd T'w.
HrJ T1ta'.
Itird T1m.
Hard T m:
'an! Tlrac.
U'd T me
Hard T.tar
Hrd Tta
Hani Time.
Hrd Tme
Hard T mr
Hard Tte.
Hard Twe
Ux'i Tln.
!Urd Time.
Hird Teac"
Hpl Time
Urxl T1'ne. Q" Jut; lB,,"r tT'e. a In thai mtt
lUrJ T m. aluaWe mygHur. th amknk
Hard Ttaie. lOUK-et-rtKtT. ttu naraei W-
Hard Timer. lur ar.t ilartel. )rar.r ai
Hani Tlm-. e,lfSl at adaptel U. rxaetly
Hvdllme-1 '''et the wanti, f rrrj Kawiur.
Hard Titure. erer) Jh ml Cmili. la
Hard Time-. Clfj. Villas, ana louuir.
I!"' Vll' K,"', "' cmuim 4 4 Urice
Hard Time. ',',,W', 'tiVU ee. full of th-
Hnrd Ttmee """,l original tnf TinaMun eer
Hard Tim-. T rrlUMr ami tra:w..rt&j -p rr-
Hard T'tn--. iarI t.y a larc- free f j.r -ileal
Jr TJtiic-. jntrlllrnt. w.,rllni: men ami
Ha'd Tlrn- " tnen. who Vnow ht tfcr, rtlr
Hi'd Tuilf-. ,,t- .MMi a joar arr rx-
II vd Time pemlfd In icthrrltie an.. irr.arlep
Har-1 TIkj" Jmt th k'nd or liiformatioH tf.a
lUrd Time, every one need mh t jim
III"! Tm':: ttn -WM K-smiln...
!l'i! T tnf. p!ea.nKandlntru-tr arr'vrii
JUrdTiHitr tn each Tolunir. with more than
Hard Time thoiuau.tcoluinit ( ft rut rttrorle-
Ha'd Tlf-e. nai readlis tor t.e lloueli..lil,
t Ty.l f"r ,h'" v'i3K-e or ( ity I-I..I. for
Hani Time-. :,,e ". tor the rnriti. f..r
Hard Tune. tf" Mrrlutnlr. t )t the Mrrrn
Hard T me. lllr r Profrxlonal tuatiha.
Hard T tne.
Hard Tim
Hard T tit
Hnrd Time.
Hard T me-.
Hard Tim-.
Hird 1 me-.
Mrd ' un
Hsrd Tra
il .-d T Hlt"
I'ard Tim".
0 -rd T rn
H-d T'tne
Ha'd T me
Had T me.
H rd T m".
Vnrg T'llliS.
II rd Tim .
Injf the smallest plot of Kroutid, or
If hehai none, for til, fanrtly, In
Clinllnif the Uttlr
An lmineneriri-uUtioHoitlTlilri
the rot of SatherMl uefu In
formatlnti, of eHrarlnt. ete.. trial
the PuMMuert caxi itply ttil moM
x.-iltisl.l Jmirtitl for only l a
Jtr. HMt puj. x f-nrrnjite fur
i'iW. or leu cne. fr fll Mn.Me
iiuinliert, i c-iii ah. Volume
:tOI just l.elntiinf'
V.iu Wiim If; will IAV
ell. It will hrl; out the hir.l
llin-. The cost l le than halt a
cent a day. Atn'Xtta hKr nrrwek
Hrd TIm.
H 'd Titiie-H-i-d
TI .
Hnrd T me
Hrd Tim -.
pro.luced or sated, will pay for ll,
so wIIa quart of Wheat a week, or
3 pints of i i.rn or .' quart of l'ota
liloronr Ciii'iase. fir 3 pints of
T-rd Titn
H rd ltn''. Mlllc. orln ounrt-s of llut'er. or 3
ill"' T m-.. fet nf tV od. or 111. of Sujcar. or
H -'d T me-, vj uce f re. or one 1. O. Stamp,
"'" ' "' . ,.!,
Hr'1 T mes
H.rd Trac
M-tke one of those xmall arnii
i or extra production, and Hiippjy
younelf ami family with Vol. a
of AMKitica Aumcrt.Trr.isT It
will pay. Try It. Only Jl W la ad
vance. OltASMJK Jl'IIP CO., Pub
, llfchT. a 15 Itroadway. New Vork.
ll-t'rt T'me.
II d Tim-
II rd Tltne.
111' Tuni
Hard Time-.
Hard 'i.Di' e.
Hard Time..
IllTfUN I' -u want the llRMT sf'.I.I.ISK:
JI. V I' AIITII'I.K In the tT:iltrd states,
kl l I I send (ku Icent tsiup.
II JU 1 I t I'AIXK '..
4UI North Uric St . Uilcatro.
Agents Warned.
To cant ai for Kolarirlnr
Pictures. We are paying
larger com ml tlnni-didnf
finr work, and ciaklni
g a
reater variety of pic-
lety ol
rea icaa any ntnr tit
it nthr Cin-
rln? Ilousn in the PnlteM Mate.. Al!re. with
taiiip. L. .1 PITNKR. successor to Nason A Bro
": awiai MMfsi. i nicaj-p imno i s.
To lyoaa la Iovrit, Kjuitera Hrbraaka, mmt
NurthavraterB 9flanar1.
Opon ltnprovcl farms In sums of sjSM and np
wants, for a term of S to 5 years; Interest at W
per cent, payable setal annually.
Choice Iowa loans or $2,000 and upward,
tiade at 5 per cu'. Interest.
lonacli Hintts loa.
:h na
all I
we will contract to pay all traveling and other ex
rerir! I' we fall te effect a radical cure. Nt
.i.srire for ronsultatlon or examination,
MINVK PUILLIP.S.I97 M HIsod street. Cbl-
Cure and Advi. to Yountr Men and others who
urer from Jfrvom Iiebllliy. IaoTMu
iiitiMl.etc A copy mailed fgr two stamps. Ad
ri OB. J. M OaoxaLL. 6J Kultou street. Nw
or P Itox W-
penses ald.
ten to sell to Merchants.
IK) a ni'inth and traveling x-OKMMA.N-n)Ca.SUl
Is. Mo.
a "i"T4-rfr,C 4t.V ssio rhromos FBf.K.
.JUri.l Jl j j. MCTTQy S Co.-riilragr 111.
Trains North. Trains Sonth.
vi a. m. Zi.n. Des Molces II a.m. i p.m.
itrt " '15 " Ashewa... .1113 " 5 l
oS WauVee ....10 52 " I 43 "
10 S3 " " PMIas Tenuis so " J tt "
ipn, " Mlnlmni....lolo " 3 lo -
lit i " f Prrr w 2
12 "0 p. ra. S " P.lppey .. . r " JM
?y ZV " Paton s " II ?
2.s - 7 2fi " fiowrle BV. " lll "
4 M ai " Pt. Podxe... 7i "
Tral" arsronby Chlcarntlrae
Co sections At Oes Moines. Chleasro Roes
Island Paclflc, and Des Moines 4 Indlanola
AtOrand Jan-tlon with the Chicago North
western Railway.
At Ft. Dodge with the Illlnoli Cn'ral Railway
Pen. Ticket Aget.
Des HoineH A Minnesota.
Narrow Gupe.
Thr rirst-CIajia Trln Kch "Wy IaJIy
between DES MOINES ntl AXK.
Connecttn? cIo ai d certain with att Paer.r
Train oh the Chicaro A North vzfrsnv R. R.
PassenRers for DES MOINES and ail points
South can leave
Clinton. 5- a. ta. Clinton Vi p. xn.
Cdar Rapid. 9-lfta. rn. I'edar Rapid. l B. ra.
Vanhalltown, I lOp. xa. Marahalltown. Hip- m.
Mo VaI.Jnnc.KlSa.rn. Mo. Vai.Jcae-.S-3p. m.
nnadJmc..l?.B. Grand Jtnc. H.lo p. a
Ame 3:p.m. Ames. !Ja. .
Arrive at Des Moines Arrive at Des Molaet
jjnp m- 4-tla.ra.
Ames Accommodat'on leaves Ames atJa.ra.
Trains leave ies Molnea- Mall and Expre.
!- p ra. m Accommodation, (w p. ra.
Niir Expre . 19-S)p. ta.
c?KCTio n at Dr MotxT.". r.. R. i. P.
R. R.. East. V ist k6 Nonihwest. Keoak De
Moln'- forOr nmwa, Kefimk. St. Loalf. and all
points !ootb ad Pouthwt-
. w. .si.arii, -- -"
.nriirn EVEItrWHERE. to sell
Patea: ssnirt -
;rr 4 X"rTT7Tl strlrlier
j vvXXi. a.-..r Aa! Irooinx ar
- a .. a aM M.r SSI
TSH rVJ J tiC uuu m-:i
t A
ors or Ir. K- v.. icers -ie .rairfu --
Sons, CiaetCBAtl.
lcnat!. Ohio; Rlecardsoa A Co, JK.
: LortLSmlth A Co Calcafp. I1L Al
EIDek. TULLE RiCO. Kosb. X.
Loais. ao-: ira
fill Ffl AM) FISTULA poiltlvely cured with
Ull Ii V ut pain or the useof kniff, ligature
I II I'llX or caustic. A SCKK COKE OK Nt
I flliliU PAY. With patients from a dl:a
o. t..,e .. ne...fI he h afthBS inni.f'1"' "' "- iV T" . B..1.
Eclectic Magazine
Foreign MtonUurn.
V .Ji mt . .i
rBt r ta wr 0
1 ' -1 - - . - .- to.-.
t. !
. & k . . hb hv m mwj -
ti-rj- mt r. a
;su W. io -r "rt
fc.i. i m ,.&.
4 kitr " '""k -." -w
. . . ... 1 .,
MlbtM . fM !-! fc. P '-
MSs I "- """.. . .ZZ
' ", ,., 1TT1t... ;mt ! n --
- . r- . -v -
IiiJ T--
fc, !"' '--
rr rtr lMrrf !.
rarr t
a.t in. MurMi
nitkrrr4ta W vt! a- -'
$ aa t rVtcrwfu -
.IlkMt l 4ll tatc '--'
rrtl rn rwf)lf'H
.. - . ...-. .nm,rti h. Mil -' --'
,.' m.' rk r
mmmt Ik i..iw - ir Mk '
te4e th " ' rv-s
rimWr! & re ei F' -
Knfit' ii yrtr.M axrt4 l
nrMl attttttr Kir
TiiKi. -ll- etflM f J
mr t 1 I .
T' .
oUrH' f t-e pIS,
TH'K-'HrtWiUHI ! Mrte . J
ru!e fr all n - .
r n rriTot. rwi.
;? H M-e. '
St. Nicholrs.
Tti. KIC "t ' ltlrllrtra l.uil
Ur tli uic r'.Htier kI if ! Vi
Unllr " "on H-iil"' Kt r ' '
IfcetMrt . 't li 'ei -
iinMUKxrmr"''! WJ'h " '"
rutal -taT pace tut '! HfcuH'rr.l.
,,t iti r Il.t terial l' h-rtr f
.tl lfliif eie tn In K-.iirai 1
of rt ar4 . it U th- ! tet!''t ' ' V
tat ! atnl r'f! er ll tftt lke j
Prier Jl. It. fall sill,
-T MrHla- ! f f te rhr-.r fr
The pHitlifM n all tfcKel f '
Hl.t e ri irr s awer o- -
Ht rr'IDK irl
T I afMi. H
foMt. t oOll.
St. N-,i,l. ff 17?
vhleti op MI N.eT I T
1 hrt 4r Y lerlal'j ri f le
Irene.. The K'i !!" Jt ' ,
.litaplr.1 to t T,.fl ! r
serial. f a hwrt !.' IWere! tln, I
author ef tf.r Jet II art " pii I
thr I'hililmx ll.rfl.lai -tmr
Km ie .eral ! r' i tirMIi ttAr - "e'
sketrfi1". p.- d p'etl fr I1 U-i'l
and m alUll; I'IhIh at itir-i
t..irt. itt ira.lrnf ty Mrnrte irMiit thk
CilHleTVA" lloijV M-wnitK or r
ola. mp"'')' Illustrate.!, ratilat' a err ' r
etltiir paper
-Till-: l.nv-s OF MV HOVHOOI),
Itv Wn i ivm Cvi i iN Uitv .r
The llte llie! -tely srMrte. s .
Ilsrur.). nw lly limrlsl. "Tr i - !
I he J.v " l lt'r.arl A Prrte.r " 'a
plar for Moie r "-1a ebwl ! I
L'elen T'r V-l n' ! Tr- " t
IuirrlaP H'l" r ertaMli rli f ! r
.y LiK) I-a'i m, lth "eie
lo N'nt I. II llnr VI. "eln.- for the
O rN'iiin Hli1j rlre ," rem
Ilirif ! - "r 'Here ! he lwtefetf
rem rof l. ! Wli'.im it e ifr-i j- i n .
hltle.. Vf, sa Hitfh .-lt l
lilat. IJe. rtf Mslnal.. Hanfui-U II Hunt ,
rrs'-VIt M.-eton n.l n(k'
Tlier .'ll ! s-.t' .r-he nA jkb tf
j-erUMn eret to 'r!. II'lt Pr' "i '
f.inl. rfusi i Mdl-'re rh 'ie rlei
I' llfitpelti rnft i-'f nl I rrt
II. Ie ( ella Tltatlrr XIar Sl I.le and
niinr,rr' T" I I ' ' j
t 1 1 vi; u rii-n ur.s" i.y ir..f- i
-r lrtio-e. Ihf ,Imhi mer
wph mips hwl' ' ,W -aro' KfN Miit'b "
tilrh wilt lie lle X nrtas 11 loleretfr
crlr on topu ar flenee r-enil fin t tl p i
pcliltr '
Aitiuiw-p and tntr'itlon. oth I'wn ri ,
erollr. ai.-t Wit am! i.'m. IP ! rrl"gll j
relre, an.l l Mf IHUC will r-f'ti.e f
Ue(ht the younir atid xlsr rfeaure t tb" M.
fined Nm for lt. Uil filrla
Ti tnet t lie ftemaiiil fur a rheapr hT Nn it.
ot.A Olft-llok, ttjii price of s ih! II ha
ln rdure1 to Jl raeh. 7hr thr' s-nlorne In
an elegant library eie. are lt fr H . in full
'll. I i o that ll tu ple I'-etr rfiliarn a
eoini''te et Th nlmnM rontaln mute al
trartte ma'erlal 'nan f,fi) ilotlan urtb of the
ordluarr chlhlreii's lfwk
.milxcrtptloii price, jj a rear Tl' !hre txnn.l
rolumfi ard a ulrp "i for th' r nl
5." .Hiiturrl'ie wi the neare tirw..llr ir
ii'l rnoi er In rhe l or P o rony oJr orln
reg!trd let'er !
htltlHNrUA CO.711 ItroaJway N. V
fTPE1 4 tW Th" rorit In th world Int.
jiT porter price. Larjrl r'oaipany la
Am-rica tajiearllrle peaieeerT!ly -tra-ts
continually Inerratlac Ant wtl every
vthrtr let Inducent -lut wjilo tlme-en
for circular to ltuHEKT wr.l.l.K
Vfr trr N V P O It r !3
Wc AIwajK ! to tin
vsp rll ry an
A born Housej6'"1"
urtfw tv I SSSB
Wllltl IJi
nrraisr it ts tii
Boat laa. tiro City.
Omrilbuto Uun toall Train,
lh proprietor Is
;. is. iticowx.
A. It. IHLMXns,
Mannfactnrer at.d Who'eial riatT In
-p- r, a T 1a" 37 X 3ST
pressed and Japann! War, and TaWe cla
Ware Ka and Metal. U law, At roue. Ctr
Itaplils. Iowa.
The I.ryant A Sfratton
Iiissasolis P.s-'-s CeU: nl Tizrjrt Ismuu.
Vo. II Sonth Meridian rre Ttils r-'-X !.
listed !el.ol ha In l Pam.'y IK Lit '-.
Veepr. th lst penman the rn t a- .ap''6"t
telejrraph operator and n"or1'"l v - ratt
of livinx short-hand wr'tui 'ml for
If yoa ar ar3lrtl witn lb moJrn Sepro
and bavetrl1 all theao ralle1 snrers" -JUs
oat p-rsianent rebf. ak roar 'rnrri tor Uh
b,ttl fr-. or IM LWE KXrflK H AKiJF
iT-rt TO ITS XOK IT. We want a '''I-M- ntls
evry coaaty, to vtea we o2r xtraordBar
ladnremrau. Try ! reraMy fol'y at oarx
peaae. Call, or sidrt. wtth WAr fr e'r
cciars. Pacx aox rsisc ktt-t r rxifa. 1
Room I.T f. MMn Strt CIMCAOO.
A jrptlrfifi-plrttirf I'a Himtmry.mrm
bnlldUra. wfrfl iIMH. erf-.
!. rre'll7-. ete arfi'lv lllitalra.
jt.rTnrily popalar. ar1 srr J- Il--I.150
lr-I'. . A.TS WJ
ed. nC. for fall "irtlii:". TBU will bo ih
. -. mm &.. fA Ma.nev faaif- l.ef
tt owlr rHaihl- ts!try llraaxr Bso, I
FsMUK'i V IJ Hal street, rhlcao. in.
afs IT'TinV il'lt- bT r
tA 1 M JIVF.v tataiar book. aQalct; U.
t-e "ofSclaJ," and trim wbat wilt tappet It
Atasaat and aptetarvr. t
crTSfj!. irintfAiiv.
r-.r tr-raa: of t
1 aev - am a . t M.
iTAHrlH. an4 4l'of
the Rf4D ar: lrra-'-tie.
INSERTED ?"TA t"r rrZffnm. sn .
Wiv-t WAifciTx TXrT. ladiaaar- ngft
I on. ladtaca. j ,
l-rns nonrarrAP ok
gf rs Waraat t
rs Tta'aat t-e- Cla'lana'L Oa
fj If
r evry asiw
: , rAifro'l'L' a T
, ..i... .Tn..ife orealaai p.esare.
: ---- e - .-.- - .. ..(
lord a!
rrr. la
brueset, -Mrsa
SxoeUcrm. in.
Uf loe mor yonnff men ar-d women uear W
M Tut er.rtArilT Sltnatl-as .raiante I
II hmall aalary h!. pratlrlh Allr I
with stamp, nil xx a TLaa-a I
I A3
- . - TZT tC
fn- 1 . aa so Boa-?-. iffrra'rs
uoajleer wilt f'el 'Sa' fct a afford fo - lia
octtSeHratbrr fortbere-aatorrrie jeae
Teartr iityt!tf a postage r-p3!4. -
I "'.
ill rfri t a diUr- te
all wit rrfi 3y
Is; UMr .sjanplaat-
t-p r f
oxygenated a
t T f
t f
l s it A-
Bronchitis !
t f
.S.-.jk .
a. I f I' .
fl-M,,, .n
I fj Tl fi 5T1 1 I fl
LUu Uj,r l J
. e S -
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r m
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s i
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f' SI -
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. e !' I
t. -i a l r
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fior r
, Yt. I
'tr aA4
f v , I f t
cm i -
r ' a K
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r r e V'Ui
fro nt -
1W wall il a
t T or T
! ttil'l I't.LS I A
II 'ip'lai pr il' i
I'a . lia U
arrrtffal llifa -''
,Nw r.(lk.l l ,-. ' I
snraof ("h'xrtan'to "t '
innrt, tk ri-rv of
i !
f a i k
k t. . r i
all lttr a ii'-'
122 riltrh Street, 1'fof IrJCrirr, It. I.
phytfr" w " f t I
el't I 'i ' '
a' -t f -
l-y llrtuf a
There are ipr'a 'pl-1 pr "" f
ell.wtlfte ). V ill '''."' ,
ar. -try " ' "" , : - '
t" r" H " J
SK1i l-XT . NTi" -'
orr- .' r -ajrT i'-
I 1 1 IT I IAW HA NT A C J ! N .
jlp.pp Trigaj; ,.' , :
wfV?. f "" "
to I re ttte O t m
1?ef . l n-
l. fril '' "'.
I'amlyl. M n I I
Ulve-ri.1 MI" J -
If VT - I" il
PAH nn T TKt
for ! ta . j
rjr V --? v
re. ira,iiwir,'s"5,r"i "
ETrTpftTsllaa'&ra a - a
bay It at ) ! I a e.!iy .ria'-a r r.r
pasta d xira rp.n -a s "
day Ks1 ten ir ror-te lr ' ' "
dorn-"tJ of tb iaswl ! fc -e
and of th irtier ryifi ta r a ! ,
jreatmr ta rat ler aa-4 sr- - '7f7
Prlartpal of t (. fel :al . r
it; U I Jh Kel Tr l . J
alvear rut")f nwe. iat '
MtlTTrsM oasr. . Kv lrT I -
patefe. raysr "a a v a
Ue. fr yarv. ail Svf tI 'i Olll
. rim hrwuif m' . . 'r-a a" a " i
'." "' ' -.. . i.
rlortoallfari y "a . fl
ta ttlvMUbnl r "at"! -r ) "' m
ritsry to tra C:"s e st,
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