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A Clwt, Hartf .
A bard, cIom aua n Soloaea Ry,
gothlaf et value 1m -t away;
Be hoarded ul aaved ;
Aad placbed asd thared;
And the sore he hid tbe more be craved.
Thehard-earatd dollar be tolled to ealn
Brought bis little bat care asd pain ;
For little be apeat,
Asd all he lent
Be made it bring him tweat per cent.
Sack wh the life of Solomoa Ray.
Tbe yean west by, and his hair grew gray;
Bla cheek grew this.
And hla aoal within
drew bard as the dollars he worked to win.
Bat he died one diy. u all men matt.
For life Is fleeting, and man bat dust.
The hcira were gay
That laid bias away,
Asd that was the etd of Solomon Bay.
They quarreled bow. who had little cared
For Solomon Bay while bla life waa spared.
nit lands were sold,
And hla hard earned gold
All went to the lawyers, I am tola!
Tet men will cheat and pinch and tare.
Nor carry their treasures beyond the grave.
All their gold some day
Will melt away
Like the selSsh savings of Solomon Kay.
Heme Life ! France.
Foreigners are apt to take their im
praMions solely from Paris, which at
tracts them by its brilliancy. Floating
on the surface, they see a great deal of
gayety and folly and vice, and hastily
conclude that this is French morality
and French life. Bat Paris is not France ;
nor, indeed, do they see but a very small
part of Paris. They have no access to
Freach society of the better class. One
must disengage himself from this first
impression, if he would judge justly of
the real character of the French people.
Leaving aside these frivolities of a gay
capital, and seeking the French in those
interiors which are generally closed to
foreigners, we find there a very strong
feeling of home, in both senses of that
word. First, the love of place, of a fixed
habitation what phrenologists call the
organ of locality is largely developed
in the French nature. They love their
country, and never leave it but with re
luctance. Hence they make poor colo
nists. While the English and Germans
emigrate, the French can hardly be torn
from their native soil, And not only
the country, but the province, the city,
or the little village, which gave them
birth, is always dear to them. Go into
the country, and you find families that
have always lived in the same place.
Generation after generation has come
and gone, and still they cling to the old
spot Children, and children's children,
are born and die on the same farm, in tbe
same moss-grown cottage, beneath the
same thatched roof where their fathers
lived and died. This single fact the
love of a fixed alwde speaks much for
the home feeling of the French, especi
ally to Americans, since it appears in
such strange contrast to the migratory
habits of their countrymen.
With this love of the birthplace, the
desire to have a little spot, however hum
ble, where one may become rooted to the
soil, is one of the strongest passions of a
Frenchman. It exists among the poor
est peasantry. Even the common labor
ers, who go to Paris to find employment,
always have it at heart to return to their
native village. The popular songs which
the workmen sing at their tasks almost
all have reference to the country to the
spot they have left, and to which they
hope some day to return. This is their
safeguard amid the temptations of a great
city. Out of their little savings they
send back something to keep alive the
old people, or to kelp their younger
brothers. And the height of their am
bition is, by many years of hard labor, to
save enough to return, and buy a plot of
ground, and build a little cottage, where
they May pass the rest of their days.
Every family which is a little easy in
its circumstances, though it may spend
half the year in Paris, has somewhere in
the country, buried among the trees, a
retreat which often has been in the fam
ily for generations, and which is cher
ished with as much love and pride as
any baronial castle. Only extreme ne
cessity can induce them to part with it.
It Is the first spot which the children
lean to love, and which remains equally
dear in manhood and old age. True, the
same families, when they come up to
Paris to spend the winter, live in apart
ments, and this has been thought un
favorable to domestic life. But is it
half so much so as that life of boarding
houses and hotels, (a thing unknown in
France, but so common in America), in
which there can be no such thing as do
mestic privacy f
As to the home in its more elevated
maaahur, not confined to the place, but
including the feeling which unites a
family In affection and in a common in
terest, on circametance contributes
greatly to preserve and strengthen this
among the Freach. It is the social equal
ity of Hembera as the same family. To
this ao contrast can be greater than that
of families la America. A farmer la .New
Xaglaaw has half a dozen sons; one ro
mains on -the old homestead; one goes to
a city and becomes a rich merchant;
another to callage, and eaters a profes
sion. Thus ia a few years the relative
position f efferent saembers of the fam
ily ia chanted; aesae are rich, others
a may become distiagsished,
ethers are wholly uahnawn. '
aHttssi France sack changes are very
ran. Families remsia not only in the
pseaa, hat m the same station of
The hwatson tills thegroaad;
unaessassMi aesi'parsaes the same
AH the-STsa-n of lift are so
isH the ramhv are
iaapsaaihla far--a to gt
abet the.
to him Willi envy. The same equality
exists, to a great extent, in tbe better
classes. Ia commerce and in tbe liberal
professions, the son takes the father's
place, and all keep along on about the
same level. Tbe paternal roof is the ral
lying point for all; and when the child
ren group themselves about the aged
parents, not divided by any great dispar
ity of condition, they are bound togeth
er by a common interest as well as mu
tual affection. .Fran Home Sketches in
France by Mn.JJen.Ty W. Field.
The Blae Handkerchief;
A Traaalafloa frosa the Freach.
About the end of October, last year, I
was returning on foot from Orleans to
the Chateau de Bardy. A regiment of
the foreign guard was marching abreast
of me and on the same road. I had
hastened my steps to hear the military
music, which I liked so much; but tbe
band ceased playing; a few taps of tbe
drum from afar off alone marked the
measured step of the soldiers.
After an hour's march I saw the regi
ment enter a small field surrounded by a
clump of fir trees. I asked a captain
whom I knew if they were about to ex
ercise. No, said he to me, they arc about to
judge and probably to shoot a soldier of
my company for having robbed the man
with whom he was quartered.
What! said I, to judge, condemn and
execute at once?
Yes, said he, it is according to our
articles of capitulation.
For him this was unanswerable, as
though all had been provided for in the
capitulation the crime, tbe punishment
the 'justice and even the humanity.
Besides, if you are curious, added the
Captain, I will get you a place. It won't
take long.
I bad always a passion for these sad
spectacles, and I imagined that I could
learn what death was by the face ol the
dying. I followed the Captain.
The regiment was formed in a hollow
square; behind the rear rank, on the
edge of the wood, some soldiers were
diggintr. a grave. They were commanded
by a first lieutenant, for everything in a
regiment is done with order, and there
is a certain discipline in digging a man's
In the center of the square eight offi
cers were sitting on drum-heads, the
ninth, on the ritjht and moro forward,
was writing a few word? upon his knees,
but carelessly, and only that a man
should not be killed without some for
malities. The accused was called. He was a
tall young man, of a noble and honest
face. A woman advanced with him, the
only witness who was to testify in the
case, but when the Colonel was about to
interrogate this woman :
"It's useless," said the soldier; "I will
confess all. I stole the handkerchief
from this woman's house."
The Colonel. You, Pierre! you were
always an honest fellow.
Pierre. It is true, my Colonel, I have
always tried to satisfy my officers ; and
it was not for myself that I stole it -'twas
for Marie.
The Colonel. Who is this Mene?
Pierre. Tis Marie who lives yonder
in my village near Arenburg, where the
great appletree is. I shall never see her
The Colonel. I do not understand
you, Pierre; explain yourself.
Pierre. Well, my Colonel, read this.
And he handed to him the following
letter, every word of which is present to
my memory :
Mt Good Friend Pierbe: I profit
by the recruit Arnold, who is engaged in
your regiment, to send you this letter
and a silk purse which I have made for
you. I was obliged to hide myself from
my father while I made it, for he con
tinually scolds me for loving, you so
much, and says that you will not come
back. You will come back, won't you?
But if you never return, I shall love you
all the same. I promised myself to you
the day you picked up my blue hand
kerchief at the dance in Arenburg, and
brought it back to me. When shall I
see you again? What makes me happy
is, that they say you are esteemed by
your superiors and beloved by your com
rades. Bht you have still two years of
service. Get through them quick, for
then we will be married. Adieu, my
good friend Pierre.
Your dear Mart.
P. S. Try to send me something from
France, not that I am afraid that I shall
forget you, but that I may wear it al
ways. Kiss what you send me. I am
sure that I shall find the place of your
kiss again.
When the letter was read Pierre re
sumed. Arnold, said he, gave me this
letter last night when my billet of qaar
ters was received. All night I could
not sleep. I thought of the village and
of Marie. She asked me for somethiasr
from Fraace. I had ao moaey; I had
pledged my pay for three months for my
brother aad my couaia, who had returned
home a 'few days before. This morning
when I arose to leave, I opened the
window. A blue handkerchief was
hanging oa a liae; it resembled that of
Marie's; it was the same color, the same
white strips. I was weak enough to
take it aad put it ia my sack. I went
down iato the street; I repeated of what
I had dene, aad was about returning to
the house when this woman ran after
me. The handkerchief was found upon
me, that ia the truth. The capitulation
deasaeMs that I be shot. Shoot bm, but
do net despise me.
The judges could set restrain their
emotion bat.
ta voea was takes, he
four francs. The Captain gave them to
him. I saw then he advanced toward
the woman, to whom the blue handker
chief had been rectorcd, and I heard
these words: "Madam, hore are four
francs; I don't know if your handker
chief is worth'any more, but even should
it be, I pay dear enough for it, and you
ought to excuse me for tbe difference."
Then taking the handkerchief he kissed
it and gave it to the Captain. "My Cap
tain," said be, "Id two years you will
return to our mountain.1: if you go near
to Arenburg, ask for Marie, give her this
blue handkerchief, but do not tell her
how I bought it"
He then knelt in prayer, and marched
with a firm step to his execution.
I retired then and entered the wood,
that I might not witness this cruel
tragedy. A few musket shots soon ap
prised me that all was over. I returned
an hour afterward ; tbe regiment had de
parted; all was quiet; but in skirting the
edge oi the wood to regain the road, I
perceived at a lew paces before me traces
of blood and a heap ol earth, freshly
made. I took a branch of fir tree and
made a sort of cross; I placed it ou tbe
grave of poor Pierre, forgotten now by
all the world exceptjnyself and perhaps
A Happy Family.
A Richmond (Ind ) newspaper vouches
lor the truth of the following story:
"The lion has not yet been observed to"
Ho down with the lamb, but something
equal to it has happened. A white cat,
with lour young kittens, set up house
keeping in a box where there happened
to be two young rats. Instead of de
vouring them, as would have been natural,
she adopted them, and afforded them the
6ame nourishment that she supplied to
her kittens. One of the kittens and one
of the rats died. Yesterday we called
to see the happy family, and found the
three kittens and the rat drawing their
daily sustenance in happy promiscuous
ness. The mother cat bestowed frequent
caresses upon her little ones, and the rat
came in for a full share. It seemed to
enjoy the 'love lick,' and responded in
as affectionate manner as possible for a
rat. After all, as n matter of prudence,
that young rat had better move
lore his tail gets too long."
out be-
EconoHtlcal Young Women.
Thirty-one young ladies in Warsaw,
Ky., have signed a new kind of pledge
which reads: "We, the undersigned la
dies of Warsaw, desiring by our example
to promote economy and to discoun
tenance extravagance, and thereby
lighten in some measure the burdens of
onr husbands and fathers by prudent re
trenchment in our household expenses,
therefore pledge our words of honor
each to the other: That we will not
during a period of one year from the
1st of May, 1875, purchase any material
for wearing apparel the cost of which
shall exceed twenty-five cents per yard.
And shall further promise to observe a
strict economy in all our household per
tainanccs, and cheerfully add by those
delicate sacrifices to the general stock ol
home comforts too often dispensed with
for the frivolous outside adornment of
tho. body alone.
A $.00Book for $1.50.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in plain English, or Medicine
Simplified: By R. V. Piekce, 31. D.,
Counsclor-in-Chief of tho Board of Phy
sicians and Surgeons, at the World's
Dispensary, Buffalo, New York:. The
above Work a book of about nine
hundred large pages, profusely illus
trated with wood engravings and colored
plates, and well and strongly oound
will be sent, postpaid, to any address,
for one dollar and fifty cents making
it the cheapest book ever offered to the
American people. Other books treat
iiig of domestic medicine, of like size
and style of binding, and not nearly as
well illustrated, with no colored plates,
and some ot them containing no pre
scriptions and makiDg known no means
of self-cure for the diseases which they
discuss, sell from three dollars and a half
to five dollars. Were Dr. Pierce's Work
not published by the author, printed and
bound with his own machinery, and were
it sold through agents, as other like
works are, the price of it would not be
less than four dollars. For when tbe
publisher pays the author a fair price for
his production, then adds a profit to his
investment large enough to satisfy him
self and compensate him, not only for
his labor, but also for the risk of pecu
niary loss wnich he assumes in taking
the chances of the enterprise proving a
success, and when the State, county and
canvassing agent has each received his
profit, they have added to the expense of
a book, that originally cost about $1.25,
so much thf t the' people have to pay not
leas thaa $4.00 for it The People's
Medical Adviser, on the contrary, is
placed within the pecuniary reach of all
classes by the author, who adopts the
plan of the Grangers, dispensing uith
middle men and giving the benefit of
their profits to tbe people, offering Lis
book at a price a little above actual cost
of publication. That those desiring the
book may run no risk of losing their
moaey ia sending it through the mails,
the author advertises that moaey ad
dressed to him at Buffalo. X. Y- and
inclosed ia registered letters, may be at
bis risk of lose. The author's large cor
respondence with the people upon medi.
eel matters, which we' are credibly
informed frequently exceeds three hun
dred letters a day, aad requires several
traiaed aad skillful medical ssejrtsata
and ebort-htud reporters to eaahle him
to eatertaia aad answer them, as well as
hie large daily dealian with disease at
the World's Dispensary, appear to have
peculiarly fitted him for writing the
Woik, by readeriag him very familiar
with the every day medical needs of the
people. He endeavors ia this work to
answer all the aameraus questions relat
ing to health aad disease that have been
nJarssaii to him bv tne people freea all
partis of the laud, aad hence it coataias
important iaformatie for the young aad
VMep sbMWw eMsrm srMasaSaWa ssmsraKlS smesHl ssVsSa
rkawwhereeketo befosad. All the
meet prevaleat diseases of both sexes are
aiao aUinrr aad fully coasUsfsd. and
afattfaaMauastekaewa: UaHka
awLu-4. - l.i fWmk
imsss sum wumgutmt M MmmmtgJt vsawnini
TfcjaMaf, Hygiaasj, VMhpsMMsalB,
Marriage, Reproduction, etc., all of
which are treated in aa original aad
interesting manner. It is a compendium
of Anatomical, Physiological and Medical
Science, and combines the latest discov
eries in each department.
Wc call the attention of our reader to
the advertisement of the Moberly Gift
Concert. We are aware that many so
called but dissimilar enterprises have
been organized fo the purpose of ob
taining money under tne pretence of
giving so much back in large gifts but
the gifts advertised were never actually
distributed to ticket holders. Thoje
who are operating such enterprises are
doing so for the purpose of making
money, and when they find that a draw
ing is impossible they resort to postpone
ments, or even worse, to compromise.
This has had its influence in destroying
public confidence, and many are prone
to unhesitatingly condemn all such
enterprises as being alike. But the Gilt
Concert to be given in Moberly, Mo., on
tbe 31st day of July, unlite many so-
called schemes, has for its foundation tbe
accomplishment of a very charitable
result, and the citizens of Moberly who
are conducting the enterprise, and whose
honor and reputation and means are
pledged to a fair and honorable distribu
tion, have no interest whatever, not even
to the extent of a salary.
They have very uenerously donated
their time and their funds to aid one of
their fellow-citizens, whom they induced
to construct one of the most magnificent
hotel buildings in tbe State of Missouri.
When the panic came. Mr. McQitaid was
compelled to borrow money to complete
tbe structure he had begun, which he
has done in a style that makes it the
pride of the city, and this plan has been
instituted to dispose of the property at
its actual cost, and the other priz.-s are
all there.
The people of Moberly aru justly
proud ot the thrift and enterprise of
their city. Its rapid growth and com
mercial interests have characterized it as
the "Magtc.City" of Missouri.
A priyate fund has been raised to bear
the exense of conducting the concert,
and the money realized from the sale of
tickets is deposited in the city banks to
the credit of the ticket holders, so that
in the event tbe concert should fail, all
money will bo refunded. We believe
the people of Moberly will redeem their
pledge, and you cannot invest one dollar
in a safer enterprise; you are sure to get
the benefit of your ticket, though you
putchise an unlucky number. For fur
ther particulars see advertisement in
another column. Moberly Daily Enter
prise Monitor.
wanted to sell Dr. Naphey's new large
Family Medical Work. Situation
mauent. Salary or commission.
Two general agents wanted. Address
F. L. Stqwe, Pes Moines, Iowa.
Fon Sale. A 12001b drop lever cale,
Chicago Scale Co. make. A bargain.
Address 11. B. Speed. Pes Moines, Ioa.
Fou Sale. A new silver tongue organ
valued at $275; will be sold at $135.
O Address H. B. Speed. Pes Moines, Ioa.
Flue Cigar. The attention of tbe trade in
railed to the card ol Page & Co., Jobber In line
cigar. Dcs Molues. Tnu names of a few ppi-cial
brands are Riven, bat they deal entcaalrely lu
many oholce brand. Orders solicited.
Trunk. Keokuk is becoming a manufactur
ing place ot conquerable Importance. Ao-ont;
the leading enterpriser or this kind is the lan;e
Trunk .Manufactory of George Koliertson. which
is turning oat goods equal tu style and durability
to the work of any other factory. East or West.
We refer the trade to the card of Mr. Robertson.
Colorado llortlfmltariat, This Is a quarter
ly periodical for tbe horticulturist and gardener,
published at Ureeley, Coloralo. at if cents per
vear; or with of a plant of the -Hocky
Mountain Ited K&spberry," and a packet of "Wild
Cucumber Vine seeds," SO cents per year. Send
5 cents for specimen copy, to Foster & Co., Pub
lishers, P. O. llox 330. Ureeler. Col.
Croquet nad Chlralrle. There arc Improve
ments tor 1873, in Croquet and Chivalrle. The
West t Lee Game Co., of Worcester, Mass., an
nounce for this year Croquet with patent ornt
mental wickets and candle sockets, so that la the
erenlng the grounds may be lighted where the
lluht is needed. In the more intellectual game
of Chivalrle also, they Improvements.
See their advertisement la another column.
Choice Poultry. In another column we give
i.l ace to the card of Edward Fester, of Kenico,
N. Y., the celebrated fancier of poultry. lie has
the choicest strains cf Hamburg, Polanns,
Leghorns, Brahrau, Brotro Turkeys, 4c His
reputation is a sufficient guarantee tot choice
fowls. Write him for price list.
Choice Vegetable Plaats by Mall. In an
other column that veteran aad noted gardener,
8. Gray, Esq., of Norwalk, Ohio, gives notice
that he will send by mail the celebrated Kaosu
mond Sweet Potato at only 63 cts. per 100. The
choicest varieties of cabbage and early tomato
plants cent at low rates. 4cc card and write him.
We know him, and he does a he says.
Berkshire figs aad Light Brahma. We
call attention to tho card or Sprlcgcr Urothcis.
Springfield. III., the most extensive breeders of
Berkshire Pigs and Light Bran mas in tne West.
Their pigs sre of the best English strains and
recorded fa the American Berkshire Swine Asso
ciation Record. Wc know them as tbe most
courteous and reliable firm wo ever did business
Victor Scale Co. One ot the large and sne
cesslnl manafactoriag establishments of the
west Is that of the Victor Scale Co., of Mollno,
111. They are maaufacturine railroad, etocc. coal.
warehouse, dormant aad portable scales of every
size, and warranted superior in quality and cor
rect. Fhe Company have an oSlee ia Dcs Moines
at the agricultural warehouse of N. T. Vorse,
where a full line of their scales Is always kept on
hand, J. H. Mead being agent. See advertise
meat ia this paper.
IVmltry Raisers, AtteaUea The -real try
Record. Among the various periodicals de
vote, to poultry, the "Poultry Record" stands
tie-ealaeat. It is a btautifaJly illustrated
monthly magnxine, exclusively devoted to poul
try; ably edited, aad only obo dollar per ear. It
treats of diseases of fowls and their remedies,
and tells you how to make poultry profitable. It
will pv GOSper ceauoa the rUbscrlptloB price in
one issue. The Illinois Poultry Association en
dorse it, See prospectus la aaother colama aad
subscribe. C. W. Beaten, Esq., of Farmlsgton,
in., is tae eoiior. -
The Fever aad Agate ttoraw la fever aad
ague districts, the "shakes" of the coatmuaity,
at the time wfeea QuUiue was la vogue, were
sometimes summoaed to their doses bv taesoucd
of ahem: hut since DauWaLKSJi's Vbbbtablx
Vncne am Brrruaa nave superceded th it dangerous
drug as a'speciSc for iateraitteat aad remittee
nvers. ao suca ressedy is meeded. Tee ska cease
ot their owa accord fur that atchlesa remedy,
Vinegar Bitters, aad la a few dura are eared.
This mighty satidete Is literally extugulehteg
periodical levers, dyspepsia, aad hUlieue earn
plaints, throughout the leasnh aad hroadth of the
Beeedlrr cored bv DB. BBCTTB euly known aad
saie Bsaaedr. mSP C
r- . .. . i i
uam cureo. uau om er aumi
pf. ; it,Btia
1'dweU'sSter WJ Pimps
Waaktpa lrm Tmm pe.
Kmutst thesneref
I tMlafiaia? --h.T Tl
dMEMLA taeydoasOm tawuu.arwillaM
' p settaaat Car jsa.aeael eireet
JhMUMaactefT. Canliifuse aad uriaw
J P;wauAueaaaa'karloaia
JuRRjgg J.F.It)Wuirwiraaaue)aa,Dl
-wF-WJlAli aMtauaflMf;
-?JM--. esaeT' j m.
UUSBAMIHtT. Br A.B. Smsdky, Master of
Iowa Grange. faMUhed by Ge.Wsa. Jeers.
tMcm et JVst s lTWpsrDes Motaes, Iowa. SM
pages, heuad la cloth. By saaU, poets re prepaid
ft as per copy; by express or Srlgt, la peck
ages of five or merr. f LBS per eepy.
Oepatles aad Masters are earnestly requested
to rail the attention ot taeir respective Uraagee
tit this book. Mad tor copy at eaee.
iLawKolliag Prairie.
IVKKV FA MIL. a' WAMTttiT. Moaey la It.
-So.'dbyActs. Address M.N. Lovau-Erie. Pa,
UM Kegtoau Book aad map
suldV Uoodspeed Pa
bow leasy. mutieita can DS
ensuing ssoue. cttcage.
VgAm FOR UATLN.-Lirtu fira
-1-i 1L50 Dcr dotca. Call. Breaee Turkera.
Call. Breaee Turkera. HM
. - .. .m... .. .-1
r. r. ia i iuk. jsorns, iaa.
.. .m... .. .' Kv.
and PROCESSES. Price fsV neat
free or postage. Soeclmea Index reatfrre. DICK
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Brahma Chickens. ET"Plgs, chickens and eggs
for sale.
so eggs fee hatching. Send sti
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eadlux varieties : al-
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WM. K. STITT. Columbus. Wla
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Moudans. Brahmas. Bantams,
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AUKNTH WAMTKU lor our Pictorial Fam
ily Itlblee, 1U UluttrotiOM. and other
publications Extra Inducements. Address, fur
Moscatluc. Iowa,
PKOPIT on a capital olsXso. Mew pal
ent. Agents wanted and territory for
sale. For circulars, addresa
R. LAWYER, patentee, f.ttsbnrg. Pa
RICH SILVER MINSC worth 976.B90.
Third interest for gM.eeo. Map and book
), with views and ore S3. Stamp for details.
J. M. 11RADKORD. Georue'own, Col.
Bcnwrceior.BiamM. Address
eprf Caw, Clmrlut II. .
and Bl.OO will buy moru Garden and Flower
Seeds ol tl. W. Oles than of any other acaier In
tho United State. Prime seed, crop of 1871, and
are all genuine. (. W. OI.KS. Plymouth. Ind
Half Million Acres Texas La for sale.
Send for our Land Journal.
J. J. ALSTON A CO.. Pari;, Texas,
now ready. AUo small fruit plants, sunt by
mall or express. Serd for price list.
T. II. McCULf-OCU. Monmouth. Ill
rtfuMtAKYLANL rARMH, li. tncls from
tPao to 300 acres. Near railroad and navl
gable salt water, (with all Its luxuries) In Talbot
Co., Md. Climate mild and healthy. Title good.
Pamphlet and Mp. h wlng location, free. Ad
dress C. E. SHANAUAN. Att'y. Esston. Md.
lies Mm! at Meant Ueiler V Ima Wwrka.
McDonnell meara, prep.
Office and works, corner Plrt St. and Oouri. A v.,
Orders by mall or telegraph promptly attended to.
Ir. Of. BtAX, Kotitb Cla
St Chlcairo. may be coiinOontlal
consulted on Chronlo and Nrro
Dlnease. Cures warranted, til
liooLr. -Jtrated. sent for Se
An article which fetalis at
per day!
One Dollar sent tm
receipt ot Fifty cents. Or, a ccnfideulIM circu
lar tent on receipt of a three cent stamp.
Address .1. II. BARKER k. CO..
Blutnun, Wells Countv. Ind.
This water-proof mate
ria), resembling line leath
er, is for outside work (no
tar $btttint($ und) and
Inside, Instead of plaster.
. Felt carpeting, etc. Send
pies. C.J. FAY.
for circular and saui
iwsnrn, n J
w Number 9 gauze, suitable fur Fenrlne
purposes aad Railing Hay. Price, FIVE
OEM'S PER POUND. For lots of nun ton or
more, a liberal dlseouat will be mado.
38 Dearborn street. Chicago. Ill-
From 15 different fac
tories. Small Uoods.
Sheet Mnslc
Successors to Laage ft Yta Meter,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers.
Pianos for $150 and upwards: Organs for T5 and
upwards; Gui ars, ft; Violins, $1; Zithers fit;
Accordeons.$2.50; Banjos 3JS: Piano Covers K:
Organ Covers, $3: best Italian Violin Strings 33c
Best plaa sua terms to dealers ever of
fered. Write for term aad price.
FOR schools, offices, farmers and all wanting
aa Instant and always reedy Ink. One box
will make a pint of lleat Black I ah In Sve min
utes. Ink rinie from this powder will not spoil
by freezing. E. R. CAKY. wholesale druggist
Des Moines, Iowa, agent. One box (to make one
pint) mailed to any address, postpaid, for 35
cents : f 1 35 per doxen.
Wftslesale an. mpAQ
Retail Dealers In lrL)9i
Club rates given, and will duplicate Eastern
prices. To the Grangers we offer special rales.
Send for circular and price lists.
4 Mala nu. Keokak. Iowa.
and Cabbsee Dlaat. Sweet Potato
mall, postpaid, eta. per 10: exareru, $3 per
1.000:5)00. U. Xarly Cabbage. 50 cts. r
iuu; II per i.uuu. irrumueaa ana rat uaica. wo,
fS. .Early Tomato, 30 eta. per doxen. Packed to
carry long diitaacea.
S. OKAY. Korwalk. flnron Co., O.
A beautifully lllcstrated Moathly Magazine,
deroted excloalvely to Poultry. OxltOjti Dob
UlM a Yrax, postpaid. Treat of disease of
fowla aud t hel r remedies. Tall you how to make
Fonltry proiublu. JSndoraad by tb- Illtcol
oultryAsaoclatijBaaTHBWtaTrociTBT rarsa
rcsLisHKo. Sead tea cent for a sample copy
C.W.I1KATO.. Farmlagtoa, III.
Cars! bjr Dr. BmaaPa DlaauTary.
Semedie. with full ta aay part
of the world. Sead forpaatahicta aad particu
lars. AddreM H.T.B05D.M. Ii.,
Pesuaylvaala Caacsr Iaatltute.
1S19 Chtaut Street. PhHadeluhU. P.
Faeaaryaad atarhlf Saoa, eeraer Lecuat am
Preat Streete, - OSS Jf OIXSS. IOWA.
A rrf ar CmW I
Mi rva f
r kx - aat lie) ci
ri c troifrVfft
h W. !)
MunlmMB. ua
aerSisitt-iwlsiirsrni4Tiv,re ie
aissiwsl'it.e. 1tjiMlwmt(rtiraSaf
mii iii m sii !. sltn'.lssyslMlanii
IUrt -tsMrHieeiiiliWiirr1nw;iaKI
SWttlrTJ(efact-arr.tietiitilii If
it li t
3 . FpuCewPetir, aderte
l kTS Pwthfle '' amflfced. aad
-imi lauTraau 1111 maalarT t U. J.SA9LW,
-liSt tti ftfe MMfeSMt JBfBCA. TiBB
tore OM.
? ii,,""--- tu
S!irr"" "'" xaa
masuuv wsawws ..- .....
i m mrHB ejja
vjs; ?t "" '
BaaaTwiem jaMuami.....--.-.j-.. mM
iafa Caiadal uueafea W aear fcae aar aBayear
M lirtlac in uaij war EST lai ! i fc iW
kftam. .Hciurauy. ansm -
Croquet and Chivalrie for 1875.
two oFni ftni
rmOQUKT wkh Patent Oraamea'al Wlckrts aad Caudle U ? jlu !f .
Usay other kind. The post ot the wicusU ere ot hard woJ. wlib awtst '- 2tf,
ets : thry are sere raawilyeeea la the dim twilight. aa4 set tnaty I tbe ? JX,tT
sockets eaahle oae to light u the Crequet ground, cc Ux&t btfu aa it i Jte4. ia tt
fS trrAT O r5 has bees creatly lattrovrJ orrr last yrar la many esseatltl H"K
JEM.M.1MJJLMU at the same tlavs reduced la prU. Tbe
feteat from Croauet. aad asecA
. t- ...
received asuiriua oftrstlmealsls
Jerrasu aartleewbo
Pnce lists, with rules far utevlag both gum,
Maaumcterrr of Farm Wtesl Mills,
sues, rarklag Hexee, Ac
Crtittinl job work solicited.
Maseatlae Ptaalag aal Fee! Mill.
w.t xisjc. I Cor. of Mulberry aad Keoad St.,
c. w. Abbott, f MUSCAT! K, IOWA.
We are agent f.-r a pump made expressly tor
wind power.
Importer and Dealer la
Crockery, Glassware,
Chioa, Fancy Ware, Sliieware,
looting Glasses, Cutlery, Sc.
No. ;ai Scored St ,
vv.'R. PTTTor:.
.M V4C ATlNst, IOWA.
s. k. lKm-K.
Secretary ud Treasurer.
Hucitiie -UnficUriif Csijaij P. if H.,
xaNurAcrcKxas or
Flows, Cultivators-
Suvcloa, c-bo.
Capital Stock. Fifty Thouaxnil liullarm.
Owned snd controlled by the Patrons of lias
bandry. Onr object l to manufacture and soil al
as low price ait first cU Implement ran be
sforded. Send for price list.
JJannlaclurcrs of
Fine Buggies, Carriages, 4c.
Opposite Court llouc. Mf.HCATINK, IOWA
Always on hand, wholesale and retail, nr cele'
925.000 HOTEL
Tour $5,000 Prizes !
$12,500.00 inJCish Premiums!
Muberlr itt Concert Association.
A.T. 1I1SSRL. tleoeral Manager.
w-The Mebrrw ill It Cnaeort Aasoclatlun
will civc a Oraiiil Concert at
MOHKKI7Y, MO., JVL 'M, 187.".
75.O0O Tlrkft to b sulil at arli, uam-
tiered from one to seventy Oveihuanllnelusnr.
Ttierzccedim: low price of ticket bringing It
within the reach or all; anil will tllttrlbnte to the
ticket holder .
7&M Miftft AujMaatiNir to $5700.
The following prominent anil well known ctll
zeus have been sekctrd to act Doti eoranilttee
for thu purpose of supervising tbe Concert, and
wnople!K!themselve to guard acainst every
t hi D( that is not Just and right to ticket holder,
both in tte disbursement nt funds and in the
manner of conducting the concert. It Is their
duty to Inspect all Uok and records, and 11 at
any tlm the rtlalrs are Impropetly condarted,
their Indication or the fact will 1 publicly given ;
otherwise ttuir guarantee is a stir protection
against any possibility of wrong or fiaud.
Hon. T. I. While. T It. 1'aiton. H A. Martin.
Col. W. L. Young, It It. White. II. S. l'rle.i,
. 1 Oritllih.
Will Firth. Wm. Moodr, II. Lnvr. J. L. Wrlht.
executive orriceiw. .
Th fallowing gentlemen bara content rl to ret
and do all In their power lo the following positions.
A. T. HltsSKL. Ueucral Manager.
P. V. WILEY, General Ticket Agent.
W.J. II LLECK. Secretary.
Those widely known and soind tlnancial instl
tatl'ius, the Mechanics' Saving lUnk.Nntl Avery
AWooIfolk. Danker, have lh en setrctid a de
p sltoitcs of all Hiuucjs xecclved ftoiu sale ol
llEriREXcz Vonnan J. Colmnn. Llrntenant
Governor; Hon. Then. Ilrace, htateticnator; Hon.
Wm. Quaylc. iUtpresentatlre; lion. II. M. Purler.
memlMTif Constltut local Convention: Hon J.
II. Hurknoldrr. Maror of Motxrrlr: Joel hmlth.
A. P. Terrlll. City Couocil of the t.lty t Mn'xr
ly. Media lc' Savings Hank, Avery .t Wur.lfolk:
and for farther reference any bnslncss or irofc.
slonal man In the dry of Moherly.
Tweity Tears ago the Smallest,
To-lay the Largest Wagon
Works in the WorM!
I'afflog ani adrerttalBC will ool malatain the
reputation ot anr m4Baftctured article for any
length ot time. If It has not real amarti.
Twenty year goe hell! his wamasaysar.
To-rfajr ws bniui le.ev. IK went better
ertdeace of the superiority of the "Btaaleaaaer
Chicago Scale Co.,
S W. X-arae m, CMeafw, III
4Tm Hmj or Stock UrmUm, - $mO
Allot her aiaee at great redaerlea. All tealeu
wrraafsif. PclIaartteularuaeajaawtlMtleii.
Bat COtOatAOO alOtf aixf iCErf
nuOAaWaailCaVSCuaiiAVIOM. Lv
eued M-nerlr. Oa ear Hst ef artmlam 1 ta he
feead that deHdeaa wild. Smr Kusfhuwy.
(feaaat srewiacat aaaHtaae ef aoAw fet
here Ike aea lewaV) kaewa ae the "AVeky Jfeaa
raiMtta-WKel Caeaather Ylae, ex-
i. lfyeaweaM
It wW aear ysa. -Jtacky M fata
uleeta, ceeu each : tee M : ffjl aer
u-ttd ay meH. Klld Ceeaatawr Viae" aiads. M
rear aer i araC ea4 eeate Car
imrlt,aatt lata
emaaat vrmatiau toe eee Tear fe m crauu
far oiia rear. fOaTKB CO.
.P.O. hoc Ha. CraaisT.CW.
filMMK oSUCTS99 PrwfV,
teas. iowa.
r 59H75W l-
llaHxTAJs. UJW KrEaaHjPhaaw
lr" .rTmjt. Mt F aTvlflTHaalIPa
tHjrolih itst qit W
.. ii j.w um ttuieeut aru it' I. '
bate boa jut the se.cWMUagU very lgly
iiuiaeai uu sen.
. - . .- l -.., fc.a
wtll be rarauueu oa aueu.
Dr. J. Walker CalifcmU Via-
euar lUttern aro a purely Vegetable
jireiaratlon, m.ttlo chlclly from luo na
tive herb found on the loiter ranjrea of
tho Sierra Novntlamountaioaof CaHrbr
ina, tho medicinal proerticjt of whklt
nro extr.ictoJ therefrom without tho nso
of Alcohol. Tho oucatroa ia almoet
dally akcd. ''What U tho causo of tho
unparalleled success of Vinegar Hrr
tkks f " O-r aiusu cr U, that thoy removo
the cause of ducaso, and tho patient re
covers lus health. They aro tho great
blood purifier ami a lifo-givlnt: principle,
a petlcci Kenovator and Invigorator
of tho system. Nci'cr licforo in tho
Imtnry of" tho wurKl 4vi a medicine len
coiuKititulrtl pofuteMiti tho rctnnrkablo
ttaJilie of V.Ki.tK IIirTKtt.'i in hrAliujr tho
nek of every Jim-ami nun i heir to. They
aro it petitln 1'urpattvo as well as a Tonic,
relict it'). Collocation or Inilnmcutioti of
the Liter nit.1 Visceral Organ, lu lUltons
The ropTtiis of Diu Walkkk's
Vt.vcdAR ilirriR.t are Aperient, luthorrtle,
Canninalire, Xntritioua, Ixaurc. uiaretlc,
Swlative. Cou:ur-lrrtum, SuJonfie, Altera
live, an J Anti-HtlH-u4.
It. II. .MrUtXAI.Il .W t'O..
DruintUt and Cm, Ac., San KriicU', tdjtmii,
atkd er uf V(vJilniflm and l"hitliH Si N. V.
SsM tiy all ItrNKKlXi ant IKaUn.
JT-5. " V " X
Railroad, Stock, Coal, Ware
house, Dormant and Portables,
All SiSBOal.
Arrangement" hnvp liren mad hereby a lull
lino nl Uu Victor Krai- kept on baud at N.
T. Vors s Agricultural Warehouse. ! Mirtnr.
Iowa. Por further particulars addtn
VICTOR SCAI.K CO.. Mollae, 111.: or
Vktor Scale OfMre, leu ole. Iowa
Hay & Grain Rake. .
at do of season of !7.
This Hake has Leea In u Ivrn vesr. an.
e Cl5 yL i STk.vrr-
jQJbFjtl -V. "wAV
" .BPlf THf aF irM------------------F
T. I M RllLJSflf' Jf LPsPK
W n iMSGhp) I?Ww,PmBh
00.000 In TTaoS
ba taken over One Tttttaaad PlfutT i'HK
MIIMH at fairs and fleld In.U.
It I the fct aa4 Mnt JVrfct ak mtarr,
Ml;. v -
Send fr Drscrlptlv Circular sad Prlos
Manafcturcd only br A. A Abbott fc Co .
Chicago, I'l.; V.J. Wliit&ma A Cou. Duuujfl:
Khogrt, Llnngr A Wcl, Council Muff. gn
ral asent tor Iowa.1
CAUajrrasB anr raise
Star Well Aiigor.
Wama, Qm t afaap 9entst HI nswff.
U I HfiwitrA (4 lUmttma
Tir&ngk llenti iXo iftc
It S tot et.rt ad rart prrOrt W ,'!
Awrer ever I ur tnUsa
Owlaart-Uiera4trr'-lrriMlMr tlmm4
rrwro tfir mVsattctnry Irutn (, lUMdgua
taCMen, I'u. wUrrnnf are av raJPy9
rfuerrdl'tfll mtt order rattiT.
. KioHKrrTrrriuoyiALa rraatcsrau.
Hefttrm Istnrtiat la mnf Ker Aatsm.
mr tar per sew i rmrtM ;aiaej'fcr
ae.ava aeata caaal ar caaaae, m.
1911 etAwUerttfsfm aet 0U4 IsfUielCr
Ticket fleacJ.Mfrrf. OaeeaeaMi'vrvery.
rilta ExtraartHMrj Bwtlm.
Z T r ! a 9l9-a
Cue rrtee of SWe
1 Caas rrtae ef ... x.ij
1 Ch friew mt mmmmm
m m r wv. ......... .. ... . w
515 Caati Prlz amoBsUsjf to $350,000
The tret txtrrda-ry Drawler was ret4d
orrr hy 04. Patrick. Pree't e Bra rf Trad.
The areead by Oeveraor Jaaaee. Third Vr TOkt
Xrider. TheU9nkt,fJm4na.l'rfe
twaVaate. lrawa eeerjr am Oae.
Ageate waai-C Liberal ear. Woe fsfl pertlc
alars ad far Clrestar. Alde ta Wsuaarr.
'Ja. PATmC. I era le CHy. Wy
J. Ji.aramie (.-try UMtte uatea
a-virmsa. aetwe Cerre aad Ordee.
Mead Car Bttaa aata. All e. LMiimiB
Jhort motetUl. Heady ,
a, Seeu. aeey . .-.. w
KCBOLPS A CO.. Bt. Uim, la.
Highland Stock Farm
OaTJaCaiKaT. Wf IX CO, 1VU.
OaClt.dcY.B.Usaalie 9oe4h of Caie
mim m . r tmm aullKI
MBoSk MhtenMnel Wat Ttt.
r A-jJ.Avyi j.
'fc V j,
i.e'rs,- e.. ,
t .,.J
&- ?tt&L i5ij:.