The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 31, 1875, Image 3

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SC- H s
I Is -
KoticfJiin thin CulumnWi Cents a Line
Oflic'ml Directory.
ft -- -
TT. Tipton. Brfmnville. U. S. nator.
W. IlifVorfc, Omaba. h. ?. Senator.
Lerenxo Croune. Repretentattie.
HLAFGAVHEP.. Oowocr. Lin!Oln
J. J. U...,.t. Llncln. fcec. cf ?.
J. U Weiirrn. lWsOn- Auditor.
H. A.Kor.ijr. C,1..w1ju1. JrntnTtr.
J. U V.ehner IIelTic-. At! T n.
J. M. MoKiiieIc. Lincoln, cuu. Tub Intfuc
Oco. FJ. LiV!.Orh-. CbifJtiee.
Dan,l(;3iitt.Nln.r".aC'itT., Ag,(f.:ale Jaf.
fcnin'! Maxttrll. Plt-wiuouth i
J. A. Tnlt.
K. li. Jonf.
I. W. 1ulics.
II. t UiH.
It. S. Klcy.
C C, in
f . 11. Tborn.
A. M. Ilhrdy.
. V. HMI.
i'. t
County Clerk.
Probate .luilc.
SohoJ sutt.
County Survcjor
County Coinniisloner
Arritnl mml lrirf tire of Jill
rruui tlio licit S'loiHl H. O
T J r M ata Leaves Monday's
Wednesday' and Friday T a m.
Mail cVcd 9 p. in. ilinve tiles.
day Thursday and Satunlay's7 p u:.
I1akvad leaves Tue-day's and
i- FinUi'rG p. in. arrives Ttii-dny r
and Friday's 5 n. m. Mail closed
5 p. in., going east, Monday-
and Tbur-day's 2 p. n- Going wei
Tuesday'- and Fn'aj's 10 a in
Pl.EANT II ILL leave- Thursdays G
a. in. A i rive.- Wednesday's 4 p.m.
Mail closed 0 p. ui.
Jl'WFLL Kansas airive Friday's
12 ui. Iave.- Friday 1 p. m.
Ri'ssKL, Knn-as, arrives Thursday's
12 a in. leaves Tlmr-day 1 p. in
Office open fiom 4 untill 6 p. uj.
- All registered matter inu-t he in
the evening b fore I he tinil- leave
M. It. McNiTT. I'. M.
iitl'uiii :jikktkv.
" Services ejeiy lir.-t mid third Sab
baths of each month at Red Cloud
nnd li.avale. 10 o'clock A. M at
Red CM. - P. M at In
male. Every second and fourth
Sabbath- at l'nfin and llanimnj
PlrUnUs.. Ri.v. A. M.XWLLL,
RAiTisTlcnnu,n.-iKv. tho-.
f MfM.ow, l'a-tur. Eunices every
fouith S.ibbath at 71 P. M.
. Faiiiiatii Ffiiofii. eveiy Sabbath
ujurnliig at 1 1 A M
J. (j. Porrnu, Supt.
I'raytr niceiiiisMibbath and 'Ilitir
day cxeninj:- All held at the school
ioue jn.-l uoithof town.
Kericetie, 30 cents per gallon Gar
her & Co.
,. Fieh 0-tcrs by the enn oi
-f dozen at Goo. Y.eli. Al-o frc-h
9 hicad. pies, calve-, confectionary, ,lc
Nice thine- for this htt!e folk.-, at
the IW Ofiice. Call and look at
- Hc-t and eheaj e-t a-ortiiient. of
o Stationery in town at the l'o?t Oiiiee. .j
Go to the l'o-t Oifice for paper,
pen, peneil-, late.-. .c. SiC
Goto Fherrr's for jour drugs,
latent medicine.- &.
m Cntlic. the tat! and purest in
to a n, at vitro. iJ .
A few County Wat rant wanted at
once by Wii.lcox.
?av jour uiuiicj these hard titne-
by going to WiJleox. wlu will ?ae
you tuoney on ym taxe-.
The Pome-tie Sewinr Macirne
U ueki.owle.leetl 4y all competent
udee- to be the best machine now be
oie the public.
To pmeha-c fitr Cash. iv hfad ot
Fprinc Calve and Yeaihne-, from G
to IS-iuonths ,ld. Inoniie of
Ras-kr lil('.,
4 n.iles Ea-t of lied Cloud.
Notice i-hereby given. That Twill
examine all pets mis who may desuoto
ofier theiu-elves a- candidates for
teacher of the primary or coatmon
pchools of the county, at my office in
P Red Cloud, on the first aturday cf
August, Novemler. Febiuiry and
May. II- S. Kalkv,
-. Co. Superintendent.
Send to II. H. .lohn-oti. Crete,
JSeb. lor ciiculars of the Domestic
Sewing Machine; al-o terms to agents
Jr. r.) ifyou mean business and really
Mat an isgency.
To whom it may concern. All per
sons are herby notified that the M. P.
It. R Company have become tired of
this wholesale slaughter upon 'their
timber, in the Republican Valley.
And from this time forward we
propose to protect our own interest.
-andbyso doing we think we sh .11
protect the best interes's of the set
.tlcr?, as we are convinced that there i
"no timber in the Va'.ley to spare.
E-pectally to be drawn out ofthe Suite
or cut into lumber, or in any niantr
wasted. And we hope ail gooe citi-
tens will COii-iuer luese uiaurrs carej
IUliy ana trim us uiui tuuueuce iu
protect what timber there may be left.
A Land Cotn'r. 31. P. Railway.
Two thoasand pounds of porfc , -at
flb Jlcd Clond Meat market, for
IrTch 1 will pay the highest cash
price. - Also some Fat Cattle.
Ma&k UL Wasnss.
W. N. Richardson has a Urge sap-)
i ply of feted corn on hand, for $1,00
per bushel. 23-ti)3.
A frchh htoek of Dry Goods nd
Groceries tvill be wild atbottota price
at the Grange Store.
How it this for Iliijlil You can
buy a good pair of kip boots for four
dollars at the Grange Store.
Tiy -ome of that good Te3 at the
Grange Store.
-1111 NTS ! tsrriiiNTS I
The nicest I'rint? in town can be
had at the Grange Store.
If you want to get your Stationery
cheap go to the I'o-a Office. 24wi
Granger' i, ifyou want cood lea,
coffee, sugar, and other grocYic3, call
at the Grange Store, next door to the
Pom offic. John G. Pottkb, Red
Go to Smith & Calvert for Furni
All kind- of Dry Good- ia large'
supply and at rca-onable rateft at
GARnca & Co'?.
Good warm fall and winter shawls
and drc"cood3 at
G. & Co5.
A full .-tock of Boots and Shoes,
for the fall trade at
Granger's, if you want your
Granger boots and shoe.-, call at the
Grange Store. JoiiS G. TOTTER.
Matches', 5 cents per box at Garber's.
Lamp ciiimney.-, 3 or l&cts at Gxr
bcr'. Thtce bar-j soap, 25 cents, Garbcr i
Soda lOeents per pound, at Gr.rbers.
For the Farmer of Web-ster and
Neighboring rotintie.
The More kept by John G. Potter
having been appointed by the County
Council a
Patron- of Husbandry will find it to
their inteie.-i to trade at the Giange
Don't forget the place Next door
to the Po-t Olli -
J. G. POTI'ERRed Cloud.
A full a oi intent of ladies shoe,
all the late.-t varletie.1 at
G. & Co's,
Wantko. Every one to know,
that Ren. iiz mi & Co., are selling off
their entire stock of Groceries', Cloth
ing Roots Shoes &e., at cost. This
i- no humbug.
Lidie?, call at R. A Co'?, and get
a nice dress pattern for 9c. per yard.
Granger. call and see if R. R.
Shercr, ain't selling Drug- and Paints,
eheaper than any other house in the
valley, all others know it. Every
thing warnted.
Dr.Thns. R. William" wi-hes to
-ay vhat all who are indebted to him
mu-t Call and settle by Jan. 1st. eith
er with the cash, or by giving a note.
Iniriil, Tinted jayerend envelopes
at the I'o-i Oilioc. 21w4
School crayons for 35et a box at the
Po-t Office. 21w4
If jou want cheap reading go to
the Po-t Office. 24 w4
To close out our stock we sell for
a-h only.'
Calico, "I per j'ard. Doit cloth gaiter.-
$1S5. Root warranted $4,00.
Mens -hoes, $1 95. Flannels best,
10 oents per yard. Extra sole leather
GOot--. per ib. Sheepskin mitt,-, 90ots.
We will rem our stoic with a good
cellar for a very "small consideration
to give a man a chance.
29 tf J. Hkrknzkn- A: Co
Is hereby given that the Board of
Commi-siorior.- of Webster Co , Neb ,
il uicton Monday April 19th, L75
and continue in session three days for
the purpo-e of equalizing the a-sov-meats
for the year 1S75. -til who
have complaint- to enter will plea-e
take notice and govern themselves ac
cordingly. Ry order of the Board.
The Annual Meeting of School
District No. 2 of Web-ter County,
Ntdirs.-lm. fiir t!m K!cfinn riF Si-hiuil
Di-triet Officers and for the transac-
tion of such other bu-iuess as may
lawfully cjtur lforc it, will be held
at the School House in Red Ciood on
Monday the fifth day of April 1S75 at
--''"'."" -.". ..... ... ..v.. r. .v..w. .
2 o'clock p. iu. Dated thi 16th dav
of March 1575.
Coin Planters.
Two two horse corn planters for sale
cheap, to close out my stock of Agri
cultural izupleineatSv
32-tf. M. B. .McNitt.
.. "ti
Dr. Williams wishes to are no-
tice hat all accounts due prcviats4i
j January last, will be put in the hands
of a collector, if not paid April 1st.
32-tf T. B. Williams
J. Q Porter wants ail the teaass ke
can get, te work oa repairing tl MfP
- .-. -..,jv r-kX V l.TVn I
I'lUS MiiK.3lJVIi-VjrI
0? ?3C?S37XXAS7 FA1S-
LatThurMla7 evening, about five
cVclock, a loog line of black-looking
clouds was observed on the western
horizon, betokening the approach of a
storm, but there was nothing in the
appearauce that attracted any atten
tion, more than a passing glance, and
the remark that it might rain before
morning. About six o'clock however,
the atmosphere was widdenly failed
with du3t and sand, "and a hurricane
awfltit through with a velocity never
beTorc experienced its the Valley, if in
the State. There was not a minutes
warning before it waj alino-t as daik
as midnight, the force of the wind, and
the flying gravel, tand and duit, made
it impossible to stand an instant, be
fore it, and those who were unfortu
nate enough to be out were obliged to
lie down, or seek a shelter by flying
with the wind. The fury of the hur
ricane lasted about half ati hour, or
such a matter, during which time no
mau could have stood belore it. Nearly
every one on the mam streets manag
ed to get to the store of Garber & Co.,
which building wn ccn-idercd the
safest, though some took shelter in
other aud to them more available
places. Ruilt!ings ehook aud tottered
a- if about to be torn to pieces and
the alarm war fearful. The afternoon
had been so pleasant and spring-like
that altuoat everybody wa3 out, and a
large patty of laJics were at Mrs
MeNitt'.f. Of course no' one could
get home, and ther j were many anx
ioua hearts duting the short lime that
the wind was at its height.
Three times a Gre wa3 started on
the east side of the s'102 shop or near
Mr. Lu z's dwelling, which wa3
promptly extinguished iu the first ca-e
by Wm. N. Richardson, and then by
others whose na'iies we hive not learn
ed. At that juncture, i a dre hud ct
fairly under way. the eutire towu
would have been destnyed.
As the tempest b.'gati to abate, it
was discovered that to the north
and u widening c.rele of light could be
seen advancing wi'h the rapidity of a
race horse, until the blazing
tlaiue-5 burst in full view and showed
in its fullest extent the horror! of the
situation. Fortunately for the town,
the wind c'laiged .i htly but enough
to turn the direction of the fire, aud
instead of jumping the creek to the
north aud northeast, it swept down
the ridge, cast of the creek, aud pass
ed east through the bottom lands to
the river, where its course was check
ed. The very force of the wiud ap
peared to be our salvation, for it drove
the flames with such speed that they
had uo chance to spread sideways. In
some pi tecs the flames were lifted up
and carried bodily for some distance
when they would strike the earth
again leaving strips of grass unsinged.
A large uuiuoer of persons uarrowiy
escaped being caught by the burning
prairies. .
lu town everybody was anxious and
some were excited, but as soon a po--sible
a number started out to try to
fight back the firery element, and pro
bably assisted iu turning the course of
the flames.
Early iu the evening it could besecu
that something besides the prairies
was buruiug eat of town, aud it was
reported that Dr. Tdlleys hou-e was
burned, but fortunately this proved to
be a mistake.
All day on Friday and Saturday re
ports of the destruction of houses aud
property throughout the county were
brought iu, and as far as pos-ibie, we
will give a list of those sufitring loss.
It will Le seeu that the greatest num
ber of losies cousisted in stables and
contents, theie generally b-ing more
litter and cauibu-tible material lying
around .-uch places.
Josiah Ca-ebier, one mile east of
town Jo.-t stable, considerable grain, a
number of hogs, aud a large pile of
Dr. Head lost stable, some seed
grain, two large stacks of hay, a wag
on, and about forty rods of fence valu
abe, from being constructed of nice
cedar logs. The fire "jumped" at
least sixty rods when it struck the sta
ble, there being a w'di strip of grass
! and forty rod of cultivated land
wture lt "lied up" to the stable,
Chas. Teachworth, on Indian Creek
hjst hi suble, bay and graiu, of con-
Arable value, a sp n of horses,
double-harne. plows and other agri-
1 CUJlur!" ilP't:meots, and two nog.
The house caught fire two or three
times but was saved by hard work.
Mr. Welch had two hor-esin thb sta
ble but he succeeded in getting thew
out in time to save them.
Mrs. Fisher in the saatc neighbor
hood as above, lost hay, sheds, nod
one calr. Is the sheds were a plow
ad two cultivators belosgiag to T. J
Mr. llilkey, alsooa Iodtaa Creek.
I lost Lay and sUble-.
Wm. Bessoa, oriadian Greek, ta
b5e buraed, wk oas horse,- doobte
harness, brckkg plo, atirnaf alow.
30U feet of ative Jeaaer, 3t)0 rails
aad.300 cedar aoeU. ami k ana m!v
tU Kvcme excrtiew tbat tie
1 . . .
-r W -
aeaSt-Srf.- , 5il
bouse was eaved, the burning tomber
being only about twenty f et disUBt.
Mr. C. L. BrockmsB, liriaf lis
miles north of Red Cloud, was com
pletely cleaned out, losing hosew
household goodi tab!e, J8!
awount of teed wheat and cors.Tber
wis no one at Lome except soe youn
children . the oldest of wkem wai a
j girl fourteen or fifteen yeari oTsgc
lhey succeeded in carrying the stove
out of the burning house, but could
save nothing ebe.
C. W. Fuller, living somewhere ner
Kim Creek, last everything7 hcue.
subles, team, nothing about the place
being fated.
leter Donolly, in tho same neigh
borhood, had Lit house burned, and
lost his teaui in Mr. Peek's stable
which was also burned, Mrs. Donaliy
was in the act of putting the childreu,
two little girls, into their bed, when
the fire struck the house, and taking
the chi dren she led to a "dug-out"
just iu time to save her owrf and their
lives. Everything in the house was
destroyed, even to the family clothing.
IrMrs, D. was somewhat injured by the
flames while trying to save her child
The stable of C. D. Peck was burn
ed, and contents, with two hogs, aud
the team belonging to Mr Doaclly,
mentioned above.
David Ralstou lost stable, hay and
t of harnes3.
On the" farm belonging to Chas?
Potter, and occupied by Mr. Grugs
two west of towu, the stable was
burned wi.h four calves of
which belouged to Mr. Giigg-', and
one to r. Miilcr.
E. R. Pierce, three o: four mile.
north of town, lost one mle, and an
other so badly injured as to be worth
less, one cow and cu.f, set of double
turncss. new sadJIe, ajd other articles
ia a stable which was burned.
lu the nest part of the county on
Fanner's Creek, the luss3rf were many
and severe. The following- list com
prises all that we have heard of iu thai
section :
Allen T Ayers stable and hiy. an-1
Chas. Thorn p-ou a horse, that was in
the stable.
3Ir. Wil-on, hsd considerable hay
Mr. Riddle hal his hou-e and stable
de-troyed, with all the contents of
both, and a
a!uab!e yoke of oxeti
badly injured.
Chas. Hunter lo-t eight head of cat
tie, burned on the prairie.
Wm. Gaiter, lost stable, one hor3e.
three tons of hay, and many- small ar
ticles about the stable.
The family living on the farm for
merly occupied by C. Harris lost the
stable, hay, grain, span of horses,
double harness plows, and five hogs.
Mr. Kincaid lost stable, hay, har
ness, one hog, aud other thitig.
E. 11. Joues, lost two cows and two
hogs. -" -
J. Mitchell suffered some damages,
the nature of which we hare not
Win. Baker, three or four miles
northeaU of Red Cloud lost stable and
This is all so far as wc have learned,
but we fear that other? may have suf
fered more or le-s damage, iu other
parts of the county. It is reported
that great damage was done ia Frank
lin county hat we have not learned the
It is almost impossible to estimate
the aggregate damage, but we think
that iJaXOOO would be below the fig
ure, and it is probable that it be
double that amount. While each in
dividual loss was comparatively small,
it falls severely upon the sufferers,
following as it does upon the misfor
tunes of the last season, and it will,
undoubtedly, be impossible for thoe
losing teams to replace them in time
to put in the spring -Tps
It is reported th it the Gre on Far
mer's Creek staricd from -the remains
of a stable belonging to Mr. R-se,
which had been bained a few days
previous. The fire that caused the
destruction on Indian Creek, and the
country north of Red Cloud started in
a draw three or four mi cs south of
Hummel s on E'Oi Creek, by thecrim
mal cirlessiiess of some teamsters,
from Smith county, Kanas in fact,.!
there are reason? for believing they
purposely alloweB the fire to get out,
in order to see the prairie blirn. These
teamster h-"l eanfped, and were cook
ing dinnef, and had a small Are that
could et-ily have been put out. Mr.
Warren and Mr. Shults both of Red
Cloud, passed while these parties were
camped, :iud warned them against the
danger of letting the fire spread, but
to no puf)oe. There being but lit le
wind during the day the fire did not
spread very rapidly, but whea the hur
ricane cams up iu the evening, it
traveled with such rapidity that every
thing in its coarse was bumel, with
out a moments warning. ,
It is the iinperiiive duty of the civil
authorities to procure the arrest and
of thoe instrumental iu bringing aboat
these losse. Ths guilty parties eaa
be founds with but little diScafrj, and
it is high tune that as eraaipfe is
made that ' will cacsc people to be
f BMire carfs! hereafter.
Ia writiag aboat the fires we bare
almost lost sight of the ttorm aad iu
effects. There was bat litrfe daaiige
oocaaoaed by tke wiad coaadarasgrts
fary. The froat was blows oai ef tfee
blacksmith shop aorth of BaMMa'c
store. anS aowe h'gkt articles k4w
. away from several Iwiw atoit Jewa.
1 Scvtra rat-Wildig were itmoUk
ft. .?4- 3'
. VE.
,.,.. , ... - " " -" "' - 1iiggg " BBSZ-Z f-ft
L So far as we have been able to
team there was no serious damage
from tho wind alone, anywhere is the
In Harmony precmst there was a
great tooanl of damage dene, the
losses being estimated at over $2,000,
the detaiL of-hich will be given next
i i
TI105. Kennedy. R. B. Fulton I
and H. Holdredge, all of Walnut
Creek, have been welcome visitors
-ince the last issue of this paper.
The orS ce returns its thanks to J.
D. Leach, for coarti-ies showu, "may
he live long and be "appy."
We got so much dust in our eyes
lat Thursday night, that we have not
beeu able to ice straight since.
John Sabin. E., ofGuide Rock,
was in town SaturJay.
To him we '
are indebted for information concern .
ing the Mono and fire on Thursday j
night. Hi reports ba iness brisk iu
his place.
As soon as the arrangement- can
be made there will be several building
erected in Red Cloud.
Excavation ha been begun jut
north cf the school house by Mr.
Springer, who will soon begio to build
a residence.
"The spring time has cone. Gen
f tie Annie," wi what one of the boy
I wa. singiiir when the storm struck
the town la-t Thursday nijiht. He
did'nt reach the choiu?, before be
changed his mind- v
McNitt planted early pottfoc
last week, and thinks he is the fir-t of
the season. Other are planting
potatoes an I unking garden.
The Comtnisioners meet npxt
Tuesday, it being the regular quarter
sesioT. A large number of "schoo1
mirrns" wer? in town Satnrd.iv for
the purpose of getting thir credenti
al, before the summer school com
mence. To on and nil we sav, send
reports of your schools for publica
tion. Something les than two year
ago step's were taken to ecure a per
manent locntion fir a ccnieterj".
Several meeting were held, a com
mitte apprin'ed, which did all it
could do, a we understand it, and
then the nritter was dropped. I it
not about time that something was
done ?
By making a careful calculation
we find that the fhg-polc in our town
will just comefortably accommodate
four men, if the ropes are propeily
adjusted by a singular coi'icidencs
it appears to be just that number to
whom tho people of thi county are
indebted for the terrible disasters of
Ja-t week.
oa't forget the School meeting
next Monday, at 2 o'clock p. m. owing
to the hour, which is a very incon
venient one, mawy will doubtles stay
away, but it is important that all at
tend. Seward Garber, th? on of the
Governor arrived here lat nigh. He
intends to sty some time.
Buy yonr good- at home and in
the long run you will save m'onoy by
it. There is'nt a town in the State
where everything necessary for com
fort or convenience can be bought a
cheap as in Red Cloud. In some cases
certain articles may possibly be sold
cheaper, but in taking a general
average our merchants caunot be un
dersold .
Now that money matters arc get
ting somewhat ea-ier, wa hope that
such of our friends as are able wlil
send in a part or all of what is due.
The expenses of the of5:e are heavy,
and are none the 1-s b ciuse mon y :s
scarce and times bard. It takes cash
to buy paper, and hired help must be
paid sooner or later. Wc have not
kept a standing duo ia our columns
as three-fonrths of the papers in the
State have dona for the past sir moth,
neither have we personally asked in-di-iduals
to settle. The Chief ha
run more home reading matter thin
l any paper in the State in a county of
cqml wealth and population. We
believe that all will acknowledge that
under the circumstances we have
done all that could be done to keed
afloat, and to isue a creditable county
newspaper. We will again ask our
subscribers to pay as as fa-t i s tbey
ft! able to do fo.
The Family Sewing Machine
The invention of ihe WiL-on Shuttle
Sewing Machine exerts an influence
over domestic comfort unequalled by
any mveBtion of the last hundred
years. As an ecoaoacxl arran gsm t n l
it enables one perou to do the work
of ten in a superior manner, and with
unspeakably wjore coaifurt. 3f achiaes
will be delivered at any Railroad Sta
tioa desired, free of transportation
charges, if ordered through the Com
pany's Branch Hcme at St. Louis
They esd aa elegaar catalogue aad
cfcroaio circular free on application.
This 4oatpaay want a few aaore
good ageatav -
GcideRcck, Webster (X, Neh.
March 25th. 1S75.
Sarah E DSesersxm Tb-triag lefsaiyi
bew a4 beari wkheat caase mr w-
acstjoa; as awraaar ar aarraaa are!
tm4 harauriafrar tra Taerww ay 1
ao9Qwat,ferIwilaay w 4Au f her j
Mtfl MM I MtialJ I
1. M. VtcKwrncts.
ig -
.- 's-
.nt t'
Firry: i-erryi! ,. - mxw UAI ICC ' EM
Ne w.Ferry tt Guide Rock.
crcjsiDg tit ah titaes. "
Seed ! Seed ! Seed !
A. M. Talbot, or Guide Rock, has
about two hasdrcd bushels of .eed
wheal, fifty bu-heis oats, ten bu-hcli
spring ry and one hutlred Luhels
of pure Early Ro-c and Early York
Potatoes for wile. Sampler of the '
prain at County Treasurer's office. Red J
Cloud. 32-lw
Ter.chrr't lwliltc.
There will be a Teachers Institute
held in Red Cloud on TburvUy and
Friday. April 22d and 2.11. L75. All
teachcrr and others interested of tbi
! and a'djotnici counties are urgently in
vited to attend. It L- al-o desired that
every teacher prepare a short address
essay, reaJing exerei-c, or declamation
to be ready when called for. I shall
I -hall endeavor 10 secure entertain
ment through the kinduess of the ctti-
cn of Red Cloud for all that in'sy at-
tend. An examination will be held
on Saturday following.
11. S. Kaley,
County Superintendent.
In the Di-trict Court of the 1st Ju
dical Di-trict in aud for Webster Col,
lcvi Moore,
John Korucr I
The above named defendant will
take notu-e that on the 23d day of
March ls.75, th plain'iff !evi Moore
did file hi- petition in the office of the
Clerk of the Di-tiict Court in and for
V. ebMer county, Neb., setting forth
that on the 2'Jth day of June li74.
the said d feodint made executed and
delivered his promi-ory uoto to plain
tiff for the sum f $3,,,S 4S, due on or
before Sept 1-t, lb74, w:th inttre-t
nt the rate of 10 pet cent, per anumu.
Th it a- a consideration of said u ate
plaintiff executed and delivered to you
a certaiu tltl bond ot lot- If and f2,
block 2, in the town of Red Clou J,
Nebraska conditioned that upon the
paimer.tof said note with iuteiest.
the sai 1 plaintiff would execute a deed
ot wariauty lor the same.
Said iK.'tit:on ptay- a judgement
again-t jou for the stun of $.foa.S
with It) per cent intere-t from Jure
2'Jth, 174, al-o a forcelo.-eure and
eaneilation of said bond and a sale of
-aid property to satisfy said amount,
inter- st and co-ts. You arc al-o fur-th-r
notified that you are required to
appearand atisWirstid petition on or
Lcrore the 3rd .Monday alter the 23rd
day of April 1S75.
H. S. Kaley.
32-5 $12 Atl'y for Plaintiff.
In the District Court of ihe 1st Ju
dicial District, State of Nebra-Ua with
in and for Webster County.
Patrick Barry, J
Michael Cook.
Maria Cook,
Solomon Brunswick,
Hyuian Brunswick.
doing buMne4 under the
name & style of S. Bruns- I
wiek ifc Bro , defendants, j
The above named defendants w'll
take notice that the plaintiff in the
above entitled action did on the 27ih
diyofFeb. A D. 1&75, file hi peti
tion against you in tho office ot the
Ckrk of said Di.-trict Court, setting
forth that the defendant Michael Cook
aud Maria Cook gave a mortgage to
plaintiff Patrick Barry on lots one and
two, block 14. in the town of Red
Cioud, in said county to secure the
payment of one hundred and fifty-fire
dollar and interest acordpg to a cer
tain note referred to in said mortgage.
That the same Solomon Brunswick,
Hytnan Brunswick, doing business
under the name and Myle of S. Bran
wick & Bro., claim some interest in
said premises, under and by virtue of
aceitain mortgage given to them by
the said defendants Michael Cook,
plaintiff aks judgiueut on said promo
sory note for 155 00 with interest at
10 ier cent from the 20th day of Feb.
1S74, and that said premises be sold
to pay th? same and the defendant
are notified thaf tbey are required to
offer and anwer said twtition on or
before the 2Gth day of April, 1875.
U. S. Kaley,
30-5w pf 15. Atl'y for Plaintiff.
In the District Court of the 1st Ju
dicial Ditrict, State of Nebraska,
within and for Web-ter county.
holomon Brun-wiek,
Hytnan Brunswick,
doing busne-s urder the
name and style of Bruns
wick k Bro.
Mrcbael Cook, J
Maria Cook.
& Patrick Barry, Dc fFL. J
The above named defendants will
take notice that the plaintiff ia the
above entitled action, did on the 1 1 th r
day of March, 1S75, file their petition
tfxainstyou in the ofScc ofthe("Icrk
of the said District Court, setting firth
that the defendant, Mtcbae? Cook,
gave a mortgage to the defesdants on t
lot one, oiock 14. in the town ot lied
Cload, ia said cousty, to secure the
paymeni of one hundred and egbty
dollars al seventy five coat ($130 75)
according to six several Botes referred
to in said re. That the defend
tnt, Maria Cook has ooe beeoasc the
wife of said Miehiel Cook, and uscch
ckiawi some interest in toi avMtgaged
preside. 1 hat the defeadant Patrick
Barry ckran soe interest ia laid
raortg ged preaiises aa-ler and by
virtue of a eeraia adrtre given t
him by the deUmimmt Mkhml Caok
aa4 3iaria Cook.
Pkatifa-k-sjwnVtwatfw tSeawta
ef cweltsadred al thre 4dtaa aa4
ihirty-fi easts ($108.35), wkkiatar
et freartae I7tk d f Match, 175;
aai that mU awrtgaxsl avaaswaa aacy
heaaU foaarjsty
tfaaaBJS bbbbbbI aaBBKaHBM mfmamm AflM) aaj awaai . iBBvnjBBBBtfjMtfaaBWMHaBaTfiMWBiaV MLA nmStiiaEm 1aJ-M't Jry - f--v ?v --S:
" m a v i -"" -k. jjri. .'L vEi izr j" sms -t--. i 'ncBBBi w - r 1. v icbsbk
vAf4 that tWr art ftaai taiaarl .ABmmmjwmlmmmWWmmmmmmm-: -- - &
,k--- ?y - -f , . -Mi "V "V rf --" ji--rgMr,MB"a"afw ii' ' " T JTa55PrTT3BBrPKj SSaB-"
amm. aaaj a waaaj ithw. - EaawajraBBaaaaaaaaajBBjaaaBBuppBajB 5-1--3BbT
JM5o-ir &; aw WaiaaiaV f!irfiPh ; 'mmmmmmmWianML 1 , C'mm
- ; .., '- - -- - -r: - aaWJr. " - ,- &m
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mmmmmmmmmmtmmsasssmaesBaammammmwmtammwmmmmmmcr'. m -;- j . frijwgacWa, p ,.$ -'-r '-r?yv XH
Good VALLCT ni' h.m
Is always ready to atteud to and wake comfortable U pitrf.
Thu Hotel U entirely new, hanag Wen Ctlbi op for tKe ipr rrpo4
of the travclirut public
....... . - nn t- t nil U'tTU' T ? H'OI AfJC 1
I Claim to Have the BEST STABLE West tf LtaHbfc
Always keeping on hard a good supply oT
HAY A N I) 6 11 A 1
Al-o a good conveyance for the purpoM of conveying pasiegt?rs ffoai thfs
place to any other at reasonable ratrs.
- DKA1.EK5 IN-
Irffe itffea ISM
W HlrHC, yaaMN. wlatHgM
Hover Excelsior Reaper Combined
With Dropper or 8'IJ Ktikc.
Buckeye Drill. Superior Br omtcmmi
$?eler9 Fountain Lily Seeder.
And all FARftiNS MACHINERY at Grange Prices,
V "laZifVBBBaBs 2aii !&, c
Also Victor Brcfcliinj PIoW-
ChHrtcr Oak and Eellpnc Himc;
A good assort taent of
with Wojd or fron Beams. with Wood aad Ito Baaia,'
And Everything needed by th Farurfr er 3leek!c.
MTFine Table and Pocket Cutlery.
Guide Sockt
THE VHtnipmi will hivjRiady Hr BtNvtry, AarM
15, 1875, at We RmMmm i
CLOVEN TON, WebatarZCountyNavV
n "'Cmbf" --aP B? B' f.-' 'tswKx
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