The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 31, 1875, Image 1

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H H H V ft H J H H H ."tF H M fB M H H H & -H T Em . ffM i.ZT "E
Red CIcud, Hubraska.
L Mather k M. H. WaHneu
Altorneyi at Law.
KOTABT ?y31i: ASS HL S2l72
County Superintendent of Public In
xtructtun. n nOWKN. JAS. LAIRI.
SiVncys at Lairj
ri:al estate agents.
V3t Will pntrlicr in all the CotttU if
the State.
,.a. a
Cobb. Ka-qu&ii & ftc-ore,
- s A VYKI!S,
ncofu niU l in nit mlnnrc nt rc:i
1'fhj of lti lj-'ia-t Curlc o! llio fturl
caauti lu liio i'.eiublio;in V.itk'. " 1
T. W. WILL' -X. J. 5. GILIIAM.
VC 1 1'rjtciice iti all the Coart ofthf
I.-3' Co!!ccti n I'oiit!y Attended to
Red CIcud.
Neb. !
i! IS. Friie::aa:!,
jrai vta.
and solS
&r$ctHtl jlumls n Spcci'ilty.
nirtiAHioN. J- a. tui.:.f.Y
Richardson & Tuileys,
9 i 1 buy iJ ! R'l tc nn Cmmi
i..n. .ml ioj t ix It cwn-r-Mncat.
v.ori.'l .! "n sivm"-in7. r-frp...ii-o
hrilcd. A I lottery ..t uxjuirr.
;n iruaji'... u-i'. ...
.... ... nlU l k a-4il
p ji. n illcox,
(invc:itioHis: and nil othf-r Notari?!
ii-ifie-'i will rvc-ivi- pr.;imt aUentio.
t3lVli..itii:. ;iomttly aad vorrc.
'lr tak.o. A Wr-.
,:tast push-: asd seal sstatz
- AcSKT.
Tiverton Franklin County Nebraska.
rrf- Cl.tim for sle and tailorins Jono in
5S2S3S 2:H, te, - - iA3?aiiA3,
Gjoil Accnmmo-hilfont. Lh'ry ami i
Fr.l ttnlJnt.
lia CIsde House.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
AI23S AIiS3.
Goeil !tJM " "ontectlon w 1I e
,Th hotel h v?ben Urnh
ihn.nrhnt. Wwp r" a -a I
aad all partir r-.itmc
lte.1 will find
aTpSe ainmodations at this Hotel.
jf. -
lgTofa Stables, Good Beds, and Squar
Meals, at Rexonib!e Rales.
h.e Patronage of the. Travelling Pab-
xjj i" t
Bloomington, - - Nebraska.
New Hou, Clean Hcd. nnd every
thing that's JiOiely.
42r."rtrc leave thi" Ilmnc dnily for
all nohith South, Kost, and
Good Stabling in connection with
tnc Hou.
To the trayclling Public we would
MUiiily 5iy
Cornrrlsl Street anH Hastings Avcn u
Hastings, Nebraska.
Krp n nnJ at all titcw the bc?t Liquorf.
Wi r ami i$ cr. .
Kvrn-thiax of the best quality the market
aSord olU-t'in.
Constantly on hand. All kind-, of
All sold Chfopfur Cofh.
Call and erawine ltuiiber and prices.
C. Macuiuber,
Carpsnter & Builder
T.J "'
I proi.nred ti m.ike ejtiinntei aad take
tontrac.f for alt is of buiIJins.". --td
IIks . A. Imisell,
WnaW rccpenruily inform the I.adicof Red
Uuud.iiil ricmiu thathci pre-
(...rtxlic accute ord;r for
PLAIN SEWING of all Kinds
On hand aJ for al a fine aortincnt of
Kiss S. A. KiUNSELL,
Fin McNitt'f Buildinc.l
U now prepared to do all kinds of work
Harness line.
The best of tuaterwls ueJ, and alt
Done or. s!"u notice and at reasonable
Shop in McNrrf s Store.
Red Cloud ielrasK.
renusnen Qi.nTr.r.LT. January
Number just is-uci. and ewitsna
1IH' l'a-es, oQft'Engravines, defcnp
ttons of more than 500 of or best
Rowers nnd Vegetables, w;u direc
tions for Cultur', Coloretl Plate, etc
The most useful aud elegant work ot
the kind In the world. Only 25 cents
for the year. Published n fccgUsn
and German.
Aedree. JAMESV1CK.
Is u Weekly Newspaper, published at
Red Cloud, Web.-ter County, Ne
braska, and is devoted to the Inter
cuts of Webster County, and
all Home a
on will bo given t
cal matters Every
thing of local or general iuterest
transpiring in this and adjoining
counties, will be accurately reported
at the earliest poible date.
- u
Duiing the coming political cam
paign The Ciukf will support and
labor for the success of the Republican
i Party.
Tho interests of Immigration will be
looked after, and the publisher tLire
the co opciations of all who deire to
ce Southwest Nebraska settled with
hvc a-d enterprising pioneers. To
this end furnish accounts of the re- j
sources und capabilitie of the soil, the
best location still vacant, and, in fact,
even-thing that will teud to induce
-" -
A portion of cur columns will be ue
voted to entertaining and miscellan
eous matter for family reading.
Ail who are interested in having a
wide-awake, lively, local newraier
publishtiJ1 in the Rspublican Valley
areinvittd to esamise The Cniif
accT Becoate subscribers.
Ettrs 4 Prtfrictta
.. " BT rXTHSt XXA.X.
Sotae ind work where otne fiad reC
4 1 . t.& v mlit wrt. i1
The Bnwcr coxne. when life I ff9.1J
Sase ores lf cp when tome creJ wke.
Ami m the drearr nicht hour sn
Some heart beat when s-me hcrU ''f6?
I often woodcr why 'tii so.
Some willf fiot where some witU Bh!U
Sme lore the tent an-lwrno the CoIS
I often wor.der who are richt 5
The one who strive or those who 7M.,
Soie hand fold, where other hand
Are lifted hravrly ia the strife :
And o throach as fend tliruah buti)
ilore on the two extremes of III.
Some feet hxlt whcrAome feet tread.,.
Botae :rrBlt on wherctae hare w"C
Some ae-lc. where other hun the fray.
Some sword ni?t where others cbsh :
Some fall hack whwe n:e move en :
Borne fiJK! .url. whrt ther fluh
Unti! the battle ha len wua.
Some .leep or. while V thers heep
The vitriN ot the true and bra.e :
They -ill not r t u I ric- c-rcp
Around their name. borc a grave.
Faraway upon the hill-top?.
Hare he purr le clou Is of even.
Like the rainbow of the de.uu
Teaching u to look to hcacn.
Hut it teems aa rss of traiim;
Through a dark and sto my night.
And with fear all hope vraMUSi
It b hard to tee the light.
One bright morn, all full of glory,
I j-hall ne'er forget its dawn.
Suuthine t M its own weet tory
Of lh Jarkne faJed gone.
All the joy and all the slan,
urtnj cnild Hood 'e yer.
Came to cheer my heart's deep aaducjj.
.uw o uittl to sorrow s tears.
We arc on Iiro's buundlrsi ocean,
llornc upon it bu ) tidr.
Mating up 'bir ?ran i commotion
'Inat is circ.iag ) rcadiug wide.
Vic arc in the mihtr s igitig
Ul tbid hcurt-wo Id to and fro.
And the hlo-lamp diin'y tjurnintr.
J.erj uiuiueiit grows more low.
Oa by one we're going home,
Y titling up our latest L-rcaih.
Like thfitnun thHt tall? o 'on,
i indilu, Mireb. lite m Ue.tli.
Oh. thf joy! nnil oh. the sorrow !
In thi .tning world of our ;
IIah to-day ami 'arh to morrow.
Alinles thorrti with br:ght:t ilowen.
Selected Story.
In a pleasant little village in the far
famed "Blue Grass"' region of lvcn
tuek, once lived a lawyer whoe name
was Hiuiiilton, and whose character
was as spotless as tne untoueueu
. ii i itT'i. - !j -
People LYy&rurrebST wTio-spogei ,
of him, because, with a heart a- large
as charity itself, whenever a poor
wretch who had no money wherewith
to retain counsel, was brought before
the tribunal where Hamilton practic
ed if there was the faintest ray of in
nocence in hi case, "The People's
Lawyer" olunteered his services' to
help him to ju-tiee as cheerfully as if
he bad been oue of the wealthiest or
hiel.est b-rn of the land.
Indeed Wi'.lam Hamilton a- wide
ly different from the average lawyer,
as poitrajed by weak yarn writers in
their Wood-and thunder storie.-, beg
girly play-wrights in their sickly at-
tempts at dramatization, and penny-a- j
liners in their treasonable adults upon
the ' King's Engli-h a class of scribl
ers who generally t.-ike a lawyer, and
in their daubing way, paint him for
the vidain ofdire idots. This, when
it "..known by all who know anything
about the law, that the legal profes
sion is the only one in which, by com
mon consent, the indigent arc provid
ed, fice of enst with its assistance
when needed. It rests with the in
dividual phy-ician whether, or not he
will t:o arid minister relief to a poor
sufferer, who calls hiin without cah.
We have iustaticcs where they who
weftr the holy ?ab of God's ministers
have sent away with a refusal thoe
who have a-ked tlum to come and
perform the last said rites at a poor
man's grave, or have directed the
messenger to the "little Ccurcl
.round the earner." But in" all the
couits of the land, faicycm have made
it a rule, that when the moneyless
niMti nvs Wal advice, it shall bo
provided for him by the jadge en the
William Hamilton was ever the
friend and counsellor of any strug
gling, honest man who happened to
be, in any manner, entangled in the
meshes of the law, and as euch was
beloved and respectcl by the entire
"And so it happened"' that on a
nniet snrishinv day, rainy yecrs g.
., . . . . . 1
when the lawyer was sr.ttnc in ni-
office mu-ihe aone. a, tall, lank and
cawkv country lad, whose home-spun
j-ans was sadly patched, and whose
homy hinds told of rough. haritVork
and a rouahe hard hie, stoppea
trTrwardlv on the docTSten, andlooc
, .
'Pnnu. in and 'it down," said . Mr.
said Mr.
Hamilton, in a cheery wav, and the
lad. reassyred by the kindly tone of
the good nans voice, walked diSdeBt
ly in and took a seat.
With all his gawkmess and ks? th,
and-with all hisgrcennessaod patches,
there was an air of mdeadece
abovt the boy, acd.a sparkle of jctel
Uf4MC & hoaest gray eyas.
?' V
.. T 1 -1 f-
VJan i uo anytutnz ior you, my
Ud?" faid the lawyer.
?n wK- InrJnr hn nf roiir rnn..
nes., to come and a-fc you to let me
read your IhvVls at nigh:, and in the
daytime, 111 work at anything for
Ikl'Mt iiMurK . w w . - -
vou in exehanre for tho nriviWe. I
have nothing el-e to give, and I waul
to be a lawyer."
"What have yoa read, my lad?"
said Mr. Hamilton.
"Only thia one book, sir," replied
the boy, and he drew frnm the brea-t
of his worn j-ioket a very cheap, end
ver mucli dog eared cpy of the new
''My mother gave it to me before
Ipj died," he continued. "It wa all
she had to give, and a lit tie girl taught
me how to read it. When I go home
at riinht from woik in the woods 1
take an armful of drywd, and by iti !
ight on the hcirth 1 have often read I
UL book through, pjge by page. 1
'lavcjuinr iime dreamed that I wa !
a good and creat lawyer, and the ioor
mtn's friend, hke you, and '
"Theie that will do," interrupted
.Mr. H.'t'jrlton, ruling oil the compli
ment, yet pleased; not only with the
lad's ni'tie trloqu-'nee an i g-)ud inteu
tion-, but alo with the fivorab'e opin
;.. .k:..i. .1 i. i.-.! ,-i :... I
juu n uwii iiiu uu.v ll.tu 1UIUICU Ul I1U1J,
for he was philo-opher enough to feel
that he derived some selfish plea-ute
f:om his kindness toothers, and meant
it to be o; and while he wa- candid
enough to admit tlrat much to himself J
he was not so egotistical as to exhibit
it to others.
The lad was taken into the lawyer's
office as a student, with uo other pres
ent duties thin to keep the establi-h-ment
in order, and tho-e he owed to
I in. 1 r 1 1
uimscii in tne attainm.'nt oi an the
knowledge he could derive from con-! were .ready to go on, all three of the in itave hi namu t. ihe ' f the j try, and ,ai.i 'IlNre, gntle
stant intciciure with a well fub-d li young men were dt-eidedly drunk, 'judge, and then in a aoni-whai lu ler men of lit jurrf, u :lia evid.ncsr. tha;
hnirv an.! frnni tl.- L?..fl ;vtri.,.r m, ,
j .. ...... .., ...M ...... W..U.. ,
of his benefactor.
In a few month-; he had improved
to that extent, that he was of great
a;-i;iuui.i: iu i'll UilUilllUIJ 111 tils UUSI
nesS affairs and it: a lev years he wan
admitted to the bar as a promi-in
young attorney. I lis native eloquence
his pathos and power in delivery, and
hi legal learning soon lai-ed him to
such a stauding in hi- profession, that
..:.... . T II :i. : i.: t .. : !
he was
. "
he could
for himsi
During all this time; from the day
the young attorney appeared in
patches at the office door, until the
time of hi? departure, he ha I been an
inmate of Mr. Hamilton's home, and
had won the friendship and esteem of
lhe hou.chold. A golden-haired boy
and a blue-eyed, fiixen haired little
maiden, had come to William Hamil
tori's heart iu tho-e vears, and they
sidre.-. rn sIcpji in each other's arms,
when he told them he was going away.
Richard did not forget the little girl
who had taught him how to read, and
who was now a full grown, hand-ome
aod intelligent woman. Hi grateful
r- -r
ness had ripened into a pure and m in
ly love for her, and they were married j
and he took him away with him to a j
young and growing city in the far west j
where, in the course of a few years, a-
the city grew in population and im
" -.
jiortance, he grew in learning, repata
tion and wealth until he ranked anions
the leading jiri-t.- of the land, aad :
was Anally elected to the hizb and
, ,1 f. f-t.l
nonoraue position oi one oi me jus-
tices of the Supreme court if his
adopted State,
As the years passed over to the oth
j0 win:ome, blooming beauty.
Claude inherited his father's gener
e nit nr vli'ch. av.r'i fniin hi
UIM WW wwmm9Mm --- .. w -
erles, sister.
He had do enou vice, except that
nce in acidic in a genial way. he bad
bc-n led, by companionship wh
naipn iuip;eyt 10 unu w
liaJph was a oars lacea, naDa-ias:
nd dashing fellow, who wxs generally
very popular,
very popular, but the keen observer
IWft Rapley was a-very nea
, and Harry had link eLe to do
tTuii te rrjaie
ad viced by his friend, and now. what incensed aiu-t Jiarrr..aii.duu;.tr wllLiI'' a nt,,T born , ami my name i lUeWM vorbMM.
and go to a Iafge citv, where that sort oi fa Halt earnest, nan jOKing, "" , "; 7s:&fcTgL -W " vrow-i uat y&
w - - --. - J" . T-r- ' J . .- ' ". . t(..ft?r ! lirrurn'n'iirLK i- " '--.. - . If- .1.: .: a... ... 1 1
extend the circle of hi u-e- and altogether maudimc quarrel w.ncn "-"-" ' , . . , . tW .- bwwr !uoJ rV lHeati, I
, and at the same time, make often occurs under uehc::nstaccs - ,.--,. onJtt- 81wl Cnai ,Ui of W r tbmli Uui
elf a fortune and a creator and which both had Xurgottcii in a ....., ..., .. . i ..1,1 . .n ., l....... .,. l rZu
both loved the tall and gentle friend, Ralph, riding behind the other two. (r0Med8sj w t!C tuMnltfWl, bla,jc otr f.y
whom their father and mother ca''ed I sudd nly leaned forward and stuiK j ?omc ujca who were at the tavern, i i t lie bll of Ui W!mr : b7 !
Richard Vorhecs and who used to Claude a heavy nlow with the loaded j . qj - ial Uf feg efoI Jo;r AfA
tell them fairy stories and trot them butt end of his riding whip, wn'ch tweeU CiamIe aDj ,iarrv stifled to J he., now, I eh,re him will. ,jury,
on his knees, and they wept them- knocked him sepselc.-s to the grourM. j . ff , . f that the at tl uiBrder of Htrrr l'4w,t. Ln
J .....,. ., - r ,: l ri,;,.h Vad tumbles bareheaded near the place ot toe iur- ! t0 a3 0n window, am pintisg tu
er side, ilium Hamilton s oo&ie vain for nis hat, which had tumotc ' 7 i i .
, , , , j - .ii,;- r,;ii,fiil hr.r n-l der, proved taa-Uct. anJ otucr y the Mitting an. he ws I
head grew gray, and at bat he went on. mounted his faithful nore, anu f ... f , . . . , . -
i ,- i . . -.- -.t ... ..;-;.. !. Ivlv of his cea.-es tdcatitied Uoa s hat, wntcu 'yontiUia ytw hare jut ard
away to dwell in that oeautrtui man-1 without perceiving the ioij oi ms itlu-,i ;rl, ,- . - '.'
river. iraM,,ox.ra.tomc.nMUlt0ciai. hu n331, wna uh !m on b.oJ ie
u- ii i-i rn i a- . . ; !.ii )iinr.n.l thai he ! I'ated 13-itle- ; "ojjio jt napr?nel iLsinffliatH
Hisgolden-haued son Claude, had jecture how it had happens uw ne I?.rT.-. i trt, t i ., , .' ,,,.,,
i i.- it ,. i i r. u;n-n,.i,n nkw atsash' Then Lalph Hiplcj. pale, W ' falortn brocsat apanl Ufneeiri,
grown to be a man, and tne blue eyed wa left alone in such a praee, at sacn . ,-... t tu -vnr. i . . . l-
, , -. , . l ... i, k ;,,.' mew: dffiaiit, and having IM s3tap-- t . wky rfrath. to ave hu
j w fhrt . rc:rLi rtt-nf rrw inn run.
nsxen-naireu mtu maiucn was a witcn- a mace, ai uc a nu-ui
mode-t home, was all the good man j taken by a couple of piemen wno ,- 5 a ria:n h . dori, rrcay, on hida?h-Jt Uig
had to leave, and with a small salary lived in the fame ii where ..e . tf8rillf oa th- nijbt in ,rt di,tre ul iad, jefawwlrif .
aa'deputy clerk of the county court, dwelt, who had been att.ndmg coart j -d j . fc
the Tonn,; man maintained in tolerable ,n a nerghbonng town- and the three - Cbade ' ceciuned by the w? tT ike w34,
comfort his widowed mother and lath- traveled the raammx d:s.aDce to- ,'-" . . . . -luxrf ,
cnarunnc si-ter.
Kalph too, loved the sweet irL but
i r.. ,1 .-.! 'f. vchU mai.lndr
; in-tinct, svuMed him, and with
j womsa!y tact, hrU him, aW. an 1
for thj, Ralpy RapVy secretly and
, -j-m & -- . - - ---j
, det-i.U hated Ilarrv Talbot, who had
never drcatuei that such a!i
wa, lutktii low, and dark, aod treach
erotisly in thcatatuh "f hi- oomrarie's
hofotn. They aoobted ti;ether
frevlyas brother-, and Harry often
told Ralph of the jy and hope with
r.lnth Ins k-e for Calhe Hamilton
V3 freighted.
One bright May morning, Chsde
and Harry and Ralph, woll mounted,
rode about ten taHea into the ctmmry
to attend a rustic picnic They start
eii o early that the dew still ji'iftetH'd
over the grand blue-gra-s pasture ;
amonir the tre the feathered son?
ster warbled their swecU-st nrtt?-. and
every htds-e was joyu- with the tuu-ic
of the spn.'mtiiiie. Full of youthful
buoyance, Claud and Ihrry were a J
hntv.i the bluebird's which xtnf
along their way. and Ralph xcai seem-
mgjy a- Happy a tney, out in in
', -. Imtii.t' i- tin.- l.nt in hi- t
heart rankled the venom of jfrakm..
' hate, and near it hy a keen, br.wd
blade which he had placed there nith ;
.: : ....;... fl ... T.l. i
Uiiuuciuui iun.ui ajjiiiii. li.". ' i
hot. f
The trio attended the jiicnic, and j
-iwiit a jolly day with the hard hand
..d rnuntrv bovsan-l their red cheeked
and buxom sweetheart-, and it wa
nearlv dark wheu thev started home-
1 . fl IP1
war,j. j of stately iiranng. and dignified mien, , Sud.lniy than ftvui h WMt ivhik-
After goin-; about a mile they halt ( dressed ic bluck brualdolh, and w oso oli:ow near thtt Ahki whn he
ed at a cro3-rnds tavern, and ujr. J lair wa unxed with the, thu ' bad ottro taken a dg vound t.-ta-a
preying invitation from Kiljih took J five and forty joar I nt g on.but whoH J merit the paUr drvwr fjrih an Jd
a dai of b'Uibon Several time- ! dark uray ejea bsp.U' eojuenee ami I alnmnoe, and turning to tho calender
thfs was repeated, until, when they ability, to-e quietly J'ruui hi cat, and '. for May, he paired it to the foreunp
.lw..i..I. n f.r n, Kihih w.i- incerned. I
i . t i t
-,.. 1 . .
i the iniGX-ieation was lor the mol pan
fcieued, and the whiley dealer te
ni.F-iu iffinn tin rr. tit itr-i. !
"Ralph Rapley pliyedofTon those
Iwys by throwing hi- f.q-wr away.nd .
he 'aim half as drunk a be lets I
Just before inountine, Ralph tnan-J
cced to push Harry rather rudely!
IlKliaVU IIVII UVJ -v.,.-..-.. .
im-iin-t flaiile who bofame snnic-'
few min ite.. 1
As the voumr men rode on, it he-
Anmn ,,1'liliml tknf Flirrv anil Claude.
v.ll.iw VIIV.WI.fc. .---. -i
were gettinz to be more and more in-
juch '
j i
tOKKated, and it was aWin as m
n? ihpv cculd do to keen their aad
dl-!. "
After they had ridden tliree or ftur
miles, an J wore now pacing where
the road led alonz a dark, north hill
side which was thickly timbered,
and in the next labtant while that
--- ,
-..: i:... ,i : .;c ,. r... itr- I
M.nsiur Kuuv -liuuv "i -. ' --
., t . i i. -r !. 1.:, I.......
a teiriUiC; nuw ? ..
pocket, and plunged it into Ua.r, iatoxicaJid
Talbot s heart: Then ginos the. j rooaj mitC who
wounded mans how! a wvere cl L.a g,, a cbrk lnhh falh- Mret
over the head with the whip, .he t,.,m .. , . .
. v rr . i
pa.n-stnckcn animal daalied ou to tnc ,
lower side ot the road, and .larry s ,
lifeless body tell with a dull thud to ,
the earth f
The nderles horse Zapped away in ,
the aartne-s, ana me iuu.'.ch sii...
, ,- t" " am i ! Ciaude, a well as Ralph and Harry,
rtke him, but Llauucs, ' .
;i! .-..rr hit ma,.e. anew of its wnerrabout-, and that the
still Wi.erc niii masit. ( ,i- .i
I weapon produced in court, a havmj:
in vain to eve
hors stood
I I - f K.MMlfi r1,frt f?k T
auer a .. - "";"., ,fll!uwu!Ufcy
to his sen-. somewhat
sooerca u
the terriffiJ blow he had received, and
.I.- rn,,.-, fall, and after fcarchin: in
a..w .w ... . , ,
an overhang -
j ins branch ofa trde.
t Wit hin half a mile he was over
. .- .---.
Se:hc.r . , ., - v.
, Ka!ph Uapi-y Mf W,J "l7
. the fearful waktag thoughts ana nor-
rible drfeims of a cowardly c
. aiw liK h - , -r - ,
. .w... -.-..-.
that he had feL n wd.T to fctep iroai f
1 lanng teurc5cy agajoa a irccu
1 1
--' Tfcl
that ClaHle was overtaica. bare - head
i - .
i tine hts severe bru-res to
NO- 33:
J tht hL bat vi found there, and ad-
j ded to tic, the evmwioi of lUlph .
f in lhe fle Claud W held for trial,
; - ,
and ht-a. de!od to b an oniall-
abl oo. sik! biM the ey of b
; heart bftkco bmW, ad c.wUv -
. stricl.-a !r, he w iaen awa atl
1 ickl up to the murderwr cell f the
watMy yal
Two U? and r' .war. CkwUe
Iidtot hy in tint fehn's dunscon,
ni.:l the atUirnay for tho Stute wa
having the trial posjwned, Jroai tnc
i term of the wart to another, and
' eircU was w-mg made all over the
. country for the w:tno
Ftnally, in the jwrson cf the kecitr
j ofa gatnbKcg hense in ijan Itano,
J Ralph Itap'ey ws found by a drtoc-
txve and was brought to Kentupky,
and the trial oaeie on.
Poor Claude, alu.oeit urvken in i.rit
and bleached ani cmmaoiate.1 by ht
. lung conSnommt, was i reushl int
cwurt, manacled and in chains, but he
ki;e.v he had ii-t committal thw fear
!ul ertm for which he vri arraigsuf,
an 1 thenf re h stood bfur th bar
with n manful look of itmucetra.
which aimuft put to thaine thi vth
had agreed anions thuaiseives. that he '
was guilty. j
After the arraignment had baeu ;
maJe, and tlenuiie ofa ample of
tho villa.? lawyers had hen auntwrie- I
eJ a the couvl npp-iiiiunl by the !
iUrt for the tlefendaitt th 1
Ilamiltou'h hid no money with whh i
to employ abler enunel a tall mtn '
voice, rwricsttftl tlsat he, too, shoukl '
.!ki u-.rl . -jl mm li.lit l.ol fi.i. !... . '
- .
w "" " wui.svi .v. mc i-ii-
be enrolled as counsel for the pit- '
hite the strange Lwjer couferrwl j
" iint nit .-luiiiu nni
... I
a "!W moments vuli the other attor-
ne' fur lhe deP-nsc, a flutter of aj- j
pLut ra through the croad, and as t
he turned toward tho prisoner bin I
l-8?. bcuwob'it ey-, Ciaule ra-p-d j
"'" "aai an ' 'Ihktj him wi:h grak-
tear, anJ tnc joor ti'.art broken uiolii-.
soon a jur
wltne.-s swi
Wlln!s WMU
! "Stand up.
Claude Hamilton 1"
.. , .
Vou are arraigned I
?a:u w:e juif
'a tJ,i c0UrS -lard rith as"J !"
tried for. the mtiidcr of Hairy Talbot,
in tl is county on the 15th of May, j
Ii . Arc you guilty or not guiky?" !
"NoUuiltj !' f
Cfearand firm, dutitct, loud arrl
I musieal. ranc out the vowe of Utuud j
J"""fc -1-"
..,,- (..tin
rOUtf B'-.y lUUliivl in a
.i . .. :
tate of excitometit, aud that alt
..r.L..-.. -t. ft ! forf iittifli
,. . i ,. rnr. .i,
illlvw W iii.fcU n&utu j wv -j .iwm
LL'NIUCU iijav VUIV v&-a4
ihey feft
. oJ djy qP fc
.. aj tm ,,e haji
IUu,i a bowrt-katf, Irooi a bu-
jb;r ft .
' been fouud uenr Harry Talbot a dead
'- . .....,
; - .. . -
2 wu'"1 iRe . .
, iUC "" "" . "",w ", '
! b-v of lbe crurd' bC4e be ha teeo
iforctfi to bear witn agam-t ftt
: f.icnd, w. brouhl to the sUad aJ j
Iih Lowie-luifir. aa:T2 he fell dead
j ., T ,L
;3.rojBCS.3 a rev
; vinieteCSt whhiprorc-JCa-id
, ?fr1 c!rtrsrter rciore ' -aB,B"
Uie fact that few ceareai inc
d hl
, ,- a jry
j we3 . ao.j jj. j,. altray bit-
oed sthn-& ry Im3tl f-t,
- 1 laa.tUMt, U? ti.
was coiiancticu auu i ij 'fi v... ..-, .. ....
i ii-..iiiai. ill rami- u mrt i nan witm r rn . - i rw i ij its' u bi & ib i i n !& mi rxi -
i -. ...i.. -j.i i. .. . Li. .1 r.-i.. .. .u -. .. :!,!
A lldBi IIVU. - - w ., v ,
rum mofW ii ?tBx for ih$ frtce
tsiia pntl fwad I'k r5ro?;
with xtv cib irate k1 tHtf
ecoh. He awrncl up tle cT!U?ne
a rain. t OUudc to x Urtho tuaa
dwok aii !Uljh Ki&jV. Ji cct t
! uvty, aad ri:leJ hi? tn'jV
wa Mt(Hrtd esfuuitamiil pruof.
ll dr&ll n tkrf 'rfUeV) tCV
wd. Uh anful c. wrth.W tin
, t3ndo. ad tv ifcr aisl cr, ftd,
! ,n eo .Jm ikmlr rt) ! aJ
. M. i w t jMuM.
j TU lW tail, dhilly dw.trwJ, Srtfj
ri and cwy-fcourf U-t "t
after fmg.
j "ilaj it tiNate the wurt and jjrntlc-
5 bs of tW jwy,' It tuntJ to WiviAe
j a " .
,Uhnr up, yMtf. r, Ir Ixtort
the tla r&s dw, i bohere yvu will
be a fro uiao." ., .
Then turutng t tlwjttry, ha s4drc-
I od thm m th etwral tatttJ-f the
oim: fr al ul twenty mi.iut, in th
uiot ovarportg lrit of oratory
tint :rr I'wtt fram hawiiu hp, IL
l pWMsmsd ;b aaz t tt xpaMf wa
j two ma fraxmests, and tl inj? Us h
J ind tlw .i.-ceji-iaaUai erLnt, nmf
unaLd ths wbd f lk liorrtbla
dotahV.. Dp i:hM camo frwti every
look and gture, d vrrds oflM(nd
elequoow HKirii frtMB hi tftxtth h
a torrent hi wtr ffjtu a munu'.aiu
trran. He pok of Rt ph RipVny'
ejgn HttKwiH on tkot lata! iluy,
" U(iu Mght, ni k; .jartijg wheu
i' Anl now, mk tfe, ha CirtuM
" ""aJ ewroi imiiiro i
lnLl onn, thnl wi that Woodj
gUt vftlui I a h wf Mujr. In by
1 ,r n? "n1 '
imfwii. Hint awiu
. I. .
a . ..i a i-..
hand ol' Claude
iiauitltun. '
on the niglitol thit tionni crime the
mean ilhl not tAie, And if it had
Ralph Itapley ooukl ntt hove c tfra
ded loi by Cbudt H;uiilion cc ft
...... . J
north lull mle, in n uutt-c fart, w
in it deep dnri hude. ilurcover,'
you knw thut WjtKim Hamilton, who
ha !.tatd to tfton at this bur, and bat-
tle-1 unpinl. f..r the le: -.1 rkht of
inHr ua of thu vnljif w nt t?r tho
lauicr ui a aiuMtrrvt. i suyt? it. to
that Claude Hamilton wu mi innocent
After iiKflki?g like : ha.i ben
re-Uiiol, tb M lnwyr piocecdd
ith Itw rfwwch, ami timii vcrythimf
became a quttt a th fthc
lifhust brcze.
' Ktyb UtirV ht ma t
'iew Uohs, an I tint tTr he pak tho
; iuiw iwu mwi 3 w-.ur.i1 um
..! tr,. . 'I'.u. ..' -. i. -".
j that potent nation led bu natncally
. L..ii.f Uif.irff It J rv.rtwtif "'in nf
. . .,. . ,j.
, iivvii . f-i i. i-
,l.i, UzxUX donb!6 irrime." ,
At iIm ii.t R.lpS Kapler foil lo
i,e floor. Hm acru-mg cooK-wnce h.J
. ,. , ... .
U1 HMPH-IW lM Mv inv
i f fcU Jife fl95(?l f Kf
f j.,, . j'
! Jo for th, , ,vc ftf CSHi. hh,
he J,ad iarderl limy Talbot, and
; Mnaky ijaj ,,bl fJf
Claude Hamdujo of the ?rinrc.
i Cbude. 3iid hi i-tcr anoV aiUwr,
.. .t
OT7r j,, Uj . ,, attorney a hood.
.n t n. cj j 'iaJ CD,j ibankci him.aBd'
. . . .. .
ia...i i. u. u ,;. -,-ei
. uciw mi-. ..- .... ..v..
f fc a .
Mo ' opot mvxu,Tnp ft.
I weurouwr r, ,.c .a v
j ,00,,,,
t u fc
n froai i?tiKtf?
Jsth on th ftcaff li. "
1 stated that it had Wa 'ufedMlW
parcha aH the wr ws 9 eir
j of 8j fjr
d . 0
: wise W a pli:ah!e t.. lie? ai-J hm
had as dsabt that he fcal tew sb
, ttr iranaar fcairci eJfw-
. " " " . .
i hs Ij-id fr se User? vUei $,
dU ntrh. & iWrl Mi
! d Ur hi, fiiirY
ft .ib - a il. ! . w..f tf Ia I Aft -
I .,
. .
- ?,!- vi3
: .JvS,
i .
r sji
..- j.i
. .rrftfc' - t -----
. - ., --
, ..-,-i .&. rJv'rtt
, &- f jr
CSib atCL3
S" C f9