Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 09, 1882, Image 3

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    The Herald."
iiau-i. iii. ii cents a Ud. Regular advertis
es to t i per Due. No advartiaeiueut insert
ii lot Icm tuu coota. .
:! u.-'4V nt statute rM M.
A n.., ,im.i if.;n -r jf ttic law will bo fteld
"; .-ii.i- iir, !l led they hand In.
il .tiiir dciii.uidtny; a proof of publlca
o! any l.iu wll be Held to tb publics
wa U. of such (kutua.
as our ?-' tit limited, alt communication
jiiit lie bribf aui to tlie puint. with bo waat
tt mniii.
The )pru lespousibla (or ttia correctness
vcoi.tmc to copy of patd matter and paid !
Jul. uUy.
1 A fi person tiu take U paper regularly
D m :le p..s.-.fnee. whether di reeled tu his
. another be la a subscriber or oot-ia
r.3,...,, the pay.
j. 11 uy ix-nun ordets hla paper dlscontln
ued. he must pay all arrearage, or tla publish
er .may continue to send It until payment M
made, aud eoliect the whole amount, wnetne
he paper la taken from tli office or not.
a. 1 he eouils have decided that refusing t
fake newspapers and periodical from tha port
Bftiee, or removing and leaving them ancsUet
(or. Is ftrlina fact evldenca ol xntbhtiojc AI.
Read tlie new B. & M. adTertise
ment on fourth page.
Catholic sociable uext week Wed
nesday at Fitzgerald Hall .
The Telepohneys are working in
nearly evry part of town, now.
The building Edxei tn is in, like
to fell into Jehn Blake's cellar, last
week .
Work has been commenced on
Wm. Nevilles new Block, which will
face ou 6 ih street.
Don't forget to call on the Htii
iLU fur riist-class job worK. the finest
in tha city done at Lincoln and Omaha
Ed. M.rley las his barber sliop
under J. V. Weekbach's store now,
where he ii prepared to do a rushing
The Enterprise is certainly help
ing' 15ro. Tefft" to l.e trovemor immens
ly. If we wanted Tellt beat we should
take just that course.
W. N. McLennan, accepted a situ
ation in the B. & M. Freight oflce at
the Junction, and commenced work
ing last Monday morning.
Joseph V. Week bach is having a
cut made of his building, and said cut
will be found in the Herald with a
big ad, as soon as it arrives.
The two largest plates of glass in
Uib' city have just been put in the
Union Block, being 78x132 inches.
Look a leedle out how you break them
The ladies of St. Luke's Guild will
give their next sociable at the resi
dence of Mrs. F. Latham, this. Thurs
day evening. All are cordially invit
ed! Nicholas Opp was married to Miss
Emma Keil, at Factoryeille. by the
Rev. Mr. Harris, just before the servi
ces of a protracted meeting com
menced. The Ladie3 of tie Catholic Church
will give a sociable at Fitzgerald's
Hal. Wednesday evening, February
15th. A general invitation is extend
ed to all.
-That nobby new line of Chicago
hats, ordered by C. E. Wescott. arrove
last week, and Mr. Wescott says it is
the finest line he ever had. and we be
lieve him.
The ii. A: U. talk of a camp-fire
and ball in the near future. It was set
for the 17th. but as the hall could not
be obtained then, a time will be set and
announced soon.
The cellar is beinp graded for
Jonny Blake's large brick store-room,
between Rosenbaum and Edgerton's
stores, which will be erected as soon
mi the weather permits.
We neglected last week to mention
that Mrs. E. A. Kirkpatrick and chil
dren were visiting her parents and
relatives iu the city. She returned
home the last of the week.
The Rasgersheek Brothers moved
into their new building Monday. They
have a very fine building now and be
ing good Tailors, will no doubt do a
more rushing business than ever.
The Fiesbyterrian Seciable, which
was entertained at tha residence cf
Mrs. J. N. Wise last Thursday evening,
was well atetnded and the evening was
spent very pleasantly by those pres
ent. The school board at their last meet
ing, elected Miss Aggie Sampson to oc
cupy the place made vacant by the
resignation of Mrs. Love, and Miss
Babbington to fill Miss Sampson's
The poem entitled "Lura" on our.
tirt page with another that appeared
last week, entitled La Belle Lake"
.re the production of Mrs. Morrison,
a daughter of Chaplain Wright, and
sho w the possession of that most pleas
ant gift of poesy.
From Michigan City. Ind. comes
the Michigan City Enterprise which
contains, in u review of its business
interests, a notice of Mr. Chas. rowel1.
The Low Priced Hatter. That's our
Charley Fowell, sure enough, and
here's wishing him good luck, and lots
of wealth.
Another child in the Mann family
ia said to be sick with varialoid. but as
Dr. Rich mend state before tha Coun
cil, this disease is not nearly so catch
ing as some people imagine. There is
no need of any great scare, the imme
diate premiaes can be carefully quar
antined if the board of health see fit,
and reasonable safety to citizens then
The T. A.M. Club, at their busi
ness meeting last Tuesday evening,
concluded to have a closing dance on
next Friday evening, February 17th,
for the winter. Each member will be
allowed to invite a friend, no others
will be admitted. Programs will be
pr'nted and dancing will continue
until three o'clock. The boys expect
to make this, their finest party of the
season .
Remember that Bennett & Lewis
are connected by telephone with all
. . a mi . a
parts or the city, ana win promptly mi
all orders.
Special Netiee.
. The New Furniture Store will move
into the Union Block, about March
First. ....... 47t2
A big lot of imported table lux
uries just received by Bennett & Lew
is. 1
Mr. James Pettee, left Monday for,
Decatur. West Point, Wisner. and oth
er points, in the interest of the Mason
& Hamlin Ortfan Company.
Scott's Electric Hair Brushes at
Soeith & Black Bros. 46t2
- The Commissioners declined to
grant John Ossenkopp, Louinville a
License to sell his remaining stock of
Package Dyes for Easter eggs, five
cents a package. Smith & Black Bros 2
Joha Boone, our old barber, has
sold out to C. F. Chittenden, who will
run the Barber shop in future, Wm.
James to assist.
-Fresh butter and eggs at Bennett
& Lewis'. 1
Jones & Eikenbarry haye a grand
Imported Norman Stallion, a perfect
beauty, just over from the old country.
Go and see him.
Call and see the new lot of fancy
groceries just received by Bennett &
Lewis. l
The Journal, yesterday. gets:n a
good hit at the Enterprise on Govern
or making. If we were Tefft we should
pray to be saved from our friends.
Buy the Golden Belt Flour at J.
V. Weckbach's. 48t2
Sullivan beat Ryan badly in the
prize fijiht near New Orleans on Tues
day. A private report says Ryan died
from the severe punishment received.
Nine rounds were fought.
. Money to loan on easy teiuis, on
improved farms. E. II. Wooley.
4(iif County Clerk's Office.
Sextou, the man supposed to have
furnished the slung shot that liar ting
ton used on John Pol in was held to an
wer to the District Court. Bail re
ceived. Teeth fillod, pulled and cleaned in
a most skillful manner by Dr. Salis
bury. Give him a call. 35tf
The Board of Trade do not give
up the project of turning the "creek
and have appointed an additional com
mittee to wait on the Commissioners
and Council on the matter.
Joseph V. Weckbach sells the
Golden Belt Flour. Give him a call. 2
Sherman's idea of a free trade
club, ia ridiculous who would join it,
"Free Trade" is a farce. Ne civilized
country ever adopted free trade, Eng
land came the nearest to it; and all
true Iri3?imtn oppose any measnre
England advocated. See the point
Don't fail to examine the New
Key Action in Mason & Hamlin Or
gans, wonderful inprovement.
James Pettee, Gen. Agent.
Mr. F. S. White rests happy and
serene with 1500 tons of ice safely
sto wed awav.ready for the torrid heats
of next summer, and the next cold
snap he'll probably start in for anoth
er 1R0 tons, and become an ice king.
A car load of llour just received
by J. V. Weckbach. from Minne
sota. 45t2
fhe city Council have ordered an
eight hundred dollar fire engine,
through A. L. Strang of Omaha, which
will be here in a short time. All fire
men should be at their meeting on
next Tuesday evening, as there will
probably be important business to be
attended to.
The New Furniture Store will be
fcund in the Union Block.after Morch
First. 47t2
Mr. D. Sweeney, near Seuth Bend
has some most excellent stone quarries
open now. rrom his quarnes came
the trimmiug stone used in Weck
bach's and Raszorshek'a buildings.
Mr. 8. says he wants it understood
Jehn Curry has no interest in these
quarries. Curry did make an arrrnge
ment to lease them once, but never
fulfilled his engagements. Mr. Swee
ny is attending to the business him
self. Our slock in all lines ia yet full,
parties desiring anj thing in the Dry
Goods or Notion line, should cail on us.
47t2 F. Hekrmann.
The firm of "Chapman. McLennan
& Beeson" is hereby dissolved by mu
tual consent. Mr. McLennan going
out and the firm business being con
tinued by Messrs Chapman & Beeson.
The above law firm have done a large
business, and now dissolves by consent
of all parties. Mr. McLennan going
Into other business and Messrs Chap
man & Beeson continuing the law ,
practice as before. lh iieralb
wishes both parties success in their
respective new walks of life.
Borax bath soar, the most lasting,
and satisfactory soap in the market at
Smith & Black Bros. 47t2
Mr. Jehn Cummins and family
removed from their farm to tbeii new
residence in town last week, and as
soon as the painters bid them farewell
and they get settled, they will have a
most pleasant home ; they have, how
ever, been most unfortunately af
flicted by sickness during their remov
al their son Eddie, he having been
quite seriously ill with quinsy. We(
trust no further illness may be a draw
back to their pleasure in their new
new home.
I must sell the rest of my Chinese
Primroses, 10 to 30c. each ; full of
bloom, and will be till May or June
Come and see them for your selves.
L . A. Moore.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lew
is, Saturday, Feb. 4th, a son. Mother
and child in the best of health.
If you want to see happy people
just you run up to Eugene's and see
that baby. It was a tea-pounder and
has almost doubled "bisself already.
He can say Hell o in the telephone,
and ring an alarm in the middle of the
night as quick as anybody. Between
the baby and the store and the tele
phone Eugene has both hauds full and
wants to rent another.
For the best staple and fancy
eroceries in Plattsmouth go to J. V.
Weckbach's. lOtf
SStf Will S. Wise.
Hin "if ittH inn if Brrr -mm iaaaaMii
i Personal.
H. McMakin Is In town again ; Hen'
ry is doing well. . ' . t
Ifrs. Wm. Stadeiman is. visiting
friends in the city. -
Mr. E. It. Todd and wife called in
yesterday and brought the baby, too."
Miss Mamie Cunningham of Lin
coln, is the guest of Miss Addie But
tery. Mr. Sam At wood who has been ill
for some time is better we are glad to
J. II. Austin of lower Cass County,
called on Tuesday. Glad to see Mr. A.
J. II. Wheeler, of New York City,
was in town last week, the guest of
R. O'Neil.
H.J. Straight and wife, of South.
Bend, were in town the latter part of
last week.
Messrs Dade aad Murray Ault. left
for the Niobrara Country the first of
the week.
Capt. and Mrs. II. E. Palmer and
children, are visiting in Kansas City,
and St. Jo.
Miss Anna Crocker, formerly of this
city but late of Montana is visiting
relatives in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McLaughlin
went to Chicago Monday. They will
return this evening.
Mr. J. C. Slater aud Mrs. Rowing, of
Greenwood, were united in the bonds
of matrimony at Lincoln the 2d inst.
Dr. A. Root is till very low. The
Doctor is having a tough time of it.
The Herald hepes he will pull
C. II. King, of Weeping Water now.
formerly of Eight Mile Grove, c.illed
on Monoay it Ii Mr. Higgius of the
same place. - - - ' .
Mrs. Spurlock is suffering severely
with inflammatory rheumatism, which
has confined her to tjie house for the
most of the winter. , :
Miss Jennie Bro wn. of Denver, Colo.,
who has been visiting her many
friends in Plattsmouth, the past two
weeks, returned home last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson of Ash
land were down last week, at the bed
side of their mother, Mrs. Panne le.
Mr3. Parmele, Sr. who has been
very ill foi some time with lung fever
is now somewhat better we are glad
to learn.
J. Finley, the enterprising clerk, in
Solomon & Nathan's Mammoth Dry
Goods Store,- went down- to St. Joe,
Mr. Enos Berger called and set him
self ahead with tho Herald as usual.
He informs us that he' barely escaped
a broken leg by a fall from a wagon,
last week.
P. J. Hansen, of the firm of Hansen
& Chasaot, went west Tuesday morn
ing, along thj B. & M., to buy a lot of
eggs, vegetables, &c he will return
to day or to-morrow.
Nelson Sheffer, frem near Ashland,
aad who has lately been grading on
the B. & M. R. R. in Colorado, called
yesterday. We were very glad to see
Mr. S. once more. He is an old friend
and most genial gentleman .
Hon. Orlando Tefft was in town last
week. He was just from Avoca, and
had to hurry back, to keep the popu
lace from building houses all over his
fam before lots could be surveyed.
Moses Dodge, our Moses, was in
town the first of the week. He says
be knows Connor and Thatcher, and
lots of other people here, but the laws
of etiquette, and the religious princi
ples which he has always upheld pre
vent his shooting his mouth off eare
lessly. Ha referred to Cap't. Marshall
as proof ef his good moral character,
and subscribed for tlie Herald as
usual. Furthermore he has a pipe
one hundred years old. now iu Cap.
Marshall's possession, and the said
Moses Dodge further deposes that he
is now about to go horns and attend to
his own business, which is the thing
to do.
Moses How. Esq , of Haverhill,
Mass., strongly indorses St. Jacobs Oil
for rheumatism, etc., from the obser
vation of its effects in his factory as
also in his own family so we see
from one of our Massachusetts ex
changes. Bridgeport (Coi n.) Standard.
Ball's Health Corsets reduced to
81.25 at Herrmann's. 47t2
Lewis Haynes, a poor fellow who
has been out at the Poor House since
the first of December, was brought
in yesterday by Croft Eikenbary. on
information of the District Clerk that
he was deranged. It seems be tried to
fire the house on Monday, and behaved
so violently that Mr. and Mrs. Sharp be
came frightened. Dr.Schildknecht was
called in, and the result was Haynes
was brought before the Commission oa
Iasanity to ascertain if he was a fit
candidate for the Asylum. Dr. Livings
ton, one of the Board, examined him.
Haynes answered all questions about
his age, birth, etc, straight as a string
sane as the sanest, . until the Doctor
asked him what was the matter out
there (meaning the poor house). The
poor creature then declared that two
forces were at work on him ; that one
told him to get a stick with seven blue
rings on it and go east; that, if he
could have got his left hand out of his
belt bf fore the evening star got to the
poor hi use, he would have bine eyes
with white pupils, and there would be
no more black-eyed children born in
the dark of the mooa; all would have
blue eyes and white pupils. God told
him to get the stick with the blue
rings, and the devil kept his hand in
his belt and prevented the blue eyes
and white pupils. These two forces
kept after him; had no sleep; told him
how heaven looked, and also hell,' and
illustrated the different directions of
these places by pointing to Jones' sta
ble for heaven, and down towards the
Clerk's office for hell. As he was suf
fering from granulation of the eyelids
and ophthalmia, and out of tone gen
erally. Dr. Livingston thought if he
had proper medical treatment he might
recover; that the dementia was com
paratively temporary, and that home
treatment was best at present. In this
view Dr. S. concurred, and he was, b
order of the County Commissioners,
removed to the jail for treatment.
- Wedding Bells,
Plattsmouth . has an epidemic of
weddings. May it never hay one
less pleasant, i j 'j . . ,
Thursday of last week witnessed
one of the series, the union of Mr.
W. R. Thomas, formerly of Platts
mouth, now of Omaha, and Miss Lot
tie Keller, daughter of Mrs. F. S.
White, of this city, two of our well
known and esteemed young people. -The
ceremony took place at ' the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. F. S.
White, at one o'clock, the Rev. Mr.
Burgess, officiating; about thirty-five
invited guests being present to ten
der their congratulations and sincere
good wishes for the welfare of the
happy bride and groom.
After the ceremony and congiatu
lation, the guests partook of almost
delieious dinner, finishing with a
piece of cake eut from the bride's
loaf by the hand of the bride, assist
ed by the groom. During the repast,
a telegram of congratulations 'was
handed the groom, from his co-labor
ers in the B. & M. offices at Omaha.
At half past two o'clock the bridal
partv departed for Omaha, amidst a
shower of rice and old shoes from the
hauds of the guests, to insure wealth,
prosperity and happiness.
Following is a list of the presents
1 ? - I . 1 , L
wuicu were most nana some anu num
erous: Handsome pair gold bracelets, ' from
the groom; Bilver and crystal berry
dish, F. E. Whit and wife; silver
spoon holder, Mr. and Mrs. . J
White; m on chrome drawing, Mr. and
Mrs. D. Higginson; silver berry spoon.
Mr. aud Mrs. Arthur White; bronze
banging lamp, Mr. and Mrs. Crowe;
silver caster, Dr. and Mrs. Livingston ;
set of silver forks exgraved.Mias An
Uie Livingston ; carafe, gold and crys
tal, Mr. and Mrs. Tfaterman; water
sat, majolica, Mr. and Mrs. D. II.
Wheeler; silver salt cellars, Mrs. K.
Vivian ; cut glass boquet bolder, silver
standard, Mr. aud Mrs. F. Latham; bi
jou alarm clock, Messrs Eastman and
McKinnon; silver card receiver, Mr.
A. L. Wilner; silver pickle caster, Mr.
and Mrs. Pirie; toilet set, Mrs. and
MissIIinkle; silver butter knife, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Vallery, Jr.; set silver tea
spoons, Mrs. Geo. S. Smith ; pair tidies,
plush and satin, Miss Hermann; ele
gant basket ef flowers, Mr. and Mrs.
F. Hermann ; pair of boquet holders,
silver and cut glass, Mrs. O'Rourke;
silver cake basket, Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Laughlin ; jewel case, Miss Minett : sil
ver cake basket, Wm. Vivian and Wm.
Fox ; card receiver Jap. Lacquer, Mrs.
J. S. Fritcher; tete a tete china set,
Mrs. Woodhurst; silver card receiver,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Connor; set of dec
orated china Iruit plates. Miss Emma
Miss Keller has been a resident of
Plattsmouth from early childhood and
a member of one of the oldest Platts
mouth families. Mr. Thomas, although
comparatively a new comer, has occu
pied and worthily filled most' excellent
positions for a young man, and the two
carry with them many good wishes
which bid fair te be realized.
Solomon & Nathan show an ele
gant line of Bright New Ginghams.
Calicoes and Dress Plaids this week. 1
A Substantial Home.
In observing the buildings lately
erected and now in process of erection
in Plattsmouth, great satisfaction can
be derived from a contemplation of
the modern improvements which are
being Introduced, showing as they do
the substantial growth of the town,
and the intention of its citizons to
make .permanent and beautilul homes.
Our business houses have been pretty
thoroughly described and their merits
descanted upon in previous numbers
of the Herald; Last Monday we
had the pleasure of going through
the new residence which Mayor
O'Rourke is erecting and we f ally re
alized what we have stated above as
we inspected all its excellent features.
The mansion bears the appearance of
substantial comfort from an outside
view, which is corroborated by further
inspection. Two stories aad a base
ment give plenty of space for judicious
arratigm6nt for comfort and conven
ience. The basement contains a capacious
dining room, off which is a large store
room, with shelving and every conven
ience to safely store and keep the sup
plies in which a good housekeeper de
lights. Off this is the kitchen from
which' opens the cellar and on the op
posite side a kitchen pantry; a range
for cooking, has connected with it the
apparatus for heating water for the
bath room, and for use in the kitchen
sink' ; a force pump also ih the kitchen
sends water from the cistern into the
reservoir for the bath room, which is
directly back of the kitchen, opening
into thf hall leading to the story above;
the bain room contains fixtures of the
inodt improved patterns for supplying
it with hot and cold water, &c. As
cending to the floor above, we find a
pleasant hall into which the front
door opens en its broad side. Instead
of the end as is usual, making an
agreeable variety; back of the hall is a
long narrow room intended for a
library ; the south end of this story is
occupied by two parlors, opening into
each other and into a northwest room
by folding doors making a most capac
ious suite of roams, the third of which
is tlie guest chamber; this opens from
the west on to a pleasaat piazza as
does also the kitchen below; a hand
some bay window is also attached to
the back parlor. The second story
contains five most comfortable sleep
ing rooms, with three closets, all of
good size, commanding a fiae view
from their windows. The painting,
and finishing of the wood work is in
the best of taste, the wood work abov e
stairs finished in oils ai d that below
in very dark grainiag and walnut fin
ish. Taken all in all this is one of the
most convenient and well arranged
houses in the city, and we trust Mayor
and Mrs. O'Rourke and family may
pass many happy years in it.
Anyone in need of a good set of
teeih ahould call on Dr. Salisbury at
0-1,-e. !!J ha will make you a set that
w ill pleuie you ever after. SStf
Crites and Ramsey, attorneys and
Httasj Public, second door east of
Court House. Plattsmouth, Neb. 5t6m
--Mr. O. M. Anstead, of the Red
Lion Store, Lincoln has picked up his
goods and chattels and removed bodi
ly to Plattsmouth, and ssMri Anstead
is an enterprising business man, that
shows where the businesses. He is
rapidly bringing in his goods and pre
paring to open up, he will have his
store open for inspection to-morrow
evening and commence busieess Satur
day morning. In the capacious store
building newly built by Mr. Drew.
Mr. Anstead'a advertisement has ap
peared in the Herald before and we
trust will again as toon as he. gets
opened oat, but in the meantime in
recognition of past favors, we give him
this little send off,
Dakota and Kansas flour at
White's by the car-load, just received.
Give us a call before purchasing else
where. 45t2.
-Prof. Leve, and family leave us
this week for Fremont where they
will make their future home. The
Professor has hardly been one of us
for some time, nevertheless he and
his family will be much missed, as
Mrs. Love has held an important posi
tion, which she has ably filled, in our
city schools, as well as in our social
life. We wish them however much
prosperity in their new home. '
Broke Jail.
Two rascals iu the County jail, one
Bitters, in for horse stealing, and Har
tington alias Volkmau, jumped on
the jailer, John Polin, last Thursday
evening, aa he was bringing them their
supper. Hat tington pounded Polin
with a sIuk shot and Hit era, in the
melee managed to escape, aud ai this
writing has not been found. Polin
hung onte Hartiugton in spite ef his
wounds aud bruises, and Meteer and
others coming to the rescue this
scamp was forced back into a cell
again where he will smart awhile now.
Hyers and several deputies have been
hunting for Bitters but so far have
not arrested him. He was minus a
hat and coat and was seen at Hunter's
Vet ween here and Rock Bluffs on Fri
day. A man suppnsed to be Bitters
was detained at Greenwood but turned
out to be the wroug bird. Polin was
careless in the first place but deserves
great credit for his pluck and hold on
ativeness afterwards, except for this
both men would have got away.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to return my thanks to the
members of the Liederkranz society,
the members of the G. A. R... and citi
zens and neighbors generally, for their
kindness and help during my late bus
band's illness, and to the societies par
ticularly for services at the funeral.
Mary J. Guthmann.
The Execution of tiaiteau
is not more certain than the fact that
the best of Furniture can be bought
at the New Furniture Store, as low as
the lowest.
- 46t2 Harris t. Unsith.
38tf , WillS. Wise.
We take .our telephone by the
Bushel, in this town.
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtu?, ihan any
other kind thrown upon the ma:ket in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors. Sold by P. S. Barnes and A.
D. Marshall. Weeping Water. Neb. 8tf
Fraudulent Stop.
The system of employing useless
stops to make an organ appear to have
large capacity is latterly so prevalent
that attention is especially called .to
this point, that none of these useless
stops are used in the Mason & Hamlin
organs. James Pettee, Agent,
43t4 Plattsmouth. Neb.
Attention! every one. Have you
heard of Kendall's Spavin Cute? See
Important to Travelers.
Special inducements are offered you
by the Burlington route. It will pay
you to read their advertisement to be
found elsewhere in this issue. 47tf
Have you a lame horse? Call for
Kendall's Spavin Cure. Read adver
tisement. For Sale Cheap.
A good pair of work horses. Lea vy
harness and wagon. Call on
John E. Leislkt,
Plattsmouth. Neb.
Ayer's Pills are a general favorite,
because of their powerful yet gentle
operation. Medical men prefer them
for nervous or delicate constitution.
Every Lady in Plattsmouth should
inspect Solomon & Nathan's recent
importation of Embroideries, hand
some designs, and prices that defy com
petition. AI 12
Ayer's Ague Cure should bo In
every household in regions where
Fever and Ague prevail. It should be
takea as a preventive by every resi
dent aud traveller in malarial dis
tricts. Stone Quarries.
D. Sweeney, stone quarries near
South Bend, Cass Co, Neb. Good
trimming and building stone on hand.
Call and see. 47t3
The comDonenta af Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup are daily prescribed by
the ablest physicians, whose success is
due to the specific influence of these
components. Dr. Bull's Couch Svmn.
skillfully prepared for immediate use,
' am
is isr saie Dy an druggists.
The Greatest Reduction Yet 1
Ball's Health Corset reduced to S 1.25
only to be had at F. Herrmann's 47t3
Harness I
The largest stock in town, at J. G.
Chamhers & Son's. 4Ct2
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ants; Parson's Exterminator.
Barns, granaries and households clear
ed in a single night. No fear of bad
smells. Best and cheapest vermin
killer in the world. Sold everywhere.
3tf Will S. Wise.
Ask your druggist for "Dr. Sykes
Sure Cure for Catarrh." Don't take
any other. 4t4
Farm for Kale
-One half mile from . city, limits con
taining acres, 75 acres under
cultivation; 40 in pasture and timber.
.For prices and terms call on
47ti at said farm.
I . For Sale. '
An 80 acre farm in Cass County,
seven miles south of Plattsmouth, A
good piece of stack land well watered
and timbered. For sale cheap; or for
rent at a cmh rental. Apply to .
46t2 Waverly Allev.
- Lincoln, Neb.
Private Sale or Farm Stock.
I offer at private sale for the next
30 days: 69 head of steers, 3 years old
in the spring; 4 good bulls, 4 milch
cows and 40 head of thoroughbred Po
land China sows, mated to thorough
bred boars. Terms: 9 months time on
interest bearing notes, with approved
security.' Timothy Clark,
44t4 Weeping Water, Neb.
Stock Farm for Sale.
For sale, finest stock farm in Cass
Co. Neb., 700 acres. 250 in cultivation
three small houses, plenty of wood
water, and hay land, 2 miles from
Plattsmouth City, thirty rods from
Oreupolis Juntion, where all trains on
B. M. R. R. stop for Plattsmouth.
Omaha, or Lincoln. I'rice if all sold
together before March 15th. $-20 per
acre, could be divided, 310 at $25 acre.
240 at 22 and 120 at 820; each farm
with timber, water aad meadow.
Terms. 4 cash and balance, ten
years at 8 per cent, with privealge of
Enquire of Ed. R. Todd, on farm
joining. If not sold, for rent for cash
cr priiin. J. G. Miller,
47U , Lincolii Neb.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Chapman, McLennan
& Beeson is heiehy dissolved by mu
tual consent. Chapman & Beeson
rem-timng in the him, and McLennan
going ou;. All accounts and settle
ments being made at the office of tLe
new firm, ou corner of Main and Sixth
streets, PlutUmouthi Nebraska.
S. M. Chapman,
Allen Beeson,
W.N. McLennan.
New Stock Just Received.
By this chart any one who can sing
can learn to play their own accompa
niment in an incredibly short space of
time. Book of Songs written in the
same style.. James Pettee, Ag't.
The best advice to Catarrh suf
ferer write Dr. C. R. Sykes, 109 Mad
ison Street, Chicago, for full informa
tion of a sure cure. Free. 46t4
Terrible itching and scaly humors,
ulcers, sores and scrofulous - swellings
cured by the Cuticura and Cuticura
Soap (the great skin cures) externally,
and Cuticura Resolvent (blood purifier)
internally. Ask about them at your
druggists. 46t4
School Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
interested in.the common schools of
Cass Co.; That I will be in my. office
at Plattsmouth the first Friday and
Saturday of each month. All commu
nications to the Supt. should be ad
dressed te Plattsmouth or Elm wood.
I will hold examinations of teachers
at Plattsmouth. the first Friday and
Saturday, of February, May, August
and November, and special examina
tions at such other times and places
as circumstances may determine.
Cyrus Alton.
44t5 Sup't. of Schools.
Monty to loan ou easy terms, oa im
proved farms. E. II. Wooley,
46tf County Clerk's Office.
Vol kin an n alias Hartington, has
turned out a bitter pill for John Polin.
He is a bad one and no mistake.
A Picture Worth Beholding.
'Hanging between two small win
dows, and catching the light from a
larger one epposite, in one of the
offices of Adams Express Company, at
59 Broadway, New York the office
occupied by Mr. W. II. Hall, head of
the delivery department is a plainly
finished but neatly framed chromo
about 2i by 3 feet in size, which is
looked upon by hundreds of people
daily, on many of whom it ha3 a won
derful and salutary effect. It repre
sents a flight of half a dozen rough
stone steps leading from the swarded
bank of a placid lake to a little rustic
temple set in the rugged side of the
mountain, which rises in stupendous
proportions in the background all cov
ered with a rank luxuriant growth of
foliage in brush and tree. In the open
door of this little temple stands a half
concealed figure, with an arm and
hand extended, holding forth a small,
dimly defined package, while seated
on the sward at the foot of the steps
an aged pilgrim, barefooted, lame and
decrepit, bears a staff in one hand, and
in the other holds before his dim eyes
a small bottle, whose label be eagerly
scans. This label bears the words
"St. Jacobs Oil, the Great German
Remedy." Simple as this little chromo
appears in its unostentatious position,
it has an influence which it would be
difficult to estimate. "It is to that
picture and the persuasion of Mr.
Hall," said Mr. Edward J. Douglass, a
gentleman connected with Mr. Hall's
department, "that I owe my present
ability to perform my work. Some
weeks ago I was violently attacked
with sciatic rheumatism, and hour by
hour I grew worse, and nothing my
family or the doctor could do gave me
any relief. I began to think in a few
days that my case was hopeless and
that I was doomed to be an invalid
and helpless cripple for life. But at
last I thought; of that picture which I
had so eften looked at with so little
interest, and then Mr. Hall came to
my bedside, and "telling me' how St.
Jacobi Oil had cured him a worse and
longer standing case than mine, urged
me to use the same remedy. I did so
that very night, directing my wife
not to spare it but to apply it thor
oughly according to tho directions;
this she did with a large piece of flan
nel cloth saturated with the Oil, and
then bound the cloth to the affected
parts. The next morning I was free
from pain, and although a little in the
hip. was able to dress myself, and the
next day resumed my duties in the
office as sound as a dollar. Here I am
new in full health and strength, hav
ing had no touch of rheumatism or
other pain since. Whenever I see one
of our drivers or any other person who
shows any symptoms of lameness or
stiffness, I point him to the picture in
Mr. Hall's office, and then direct him
to go for St. Jacobs Oil at once. N.
Y. Evening Telegram.
Ed. Morely will have a fine barber
shep, under J. V. Weckbach's store
when all fixed; all his old friends and
as many others as want a good shave
or clip, should call on him.
ISueeesforto J. U. Cljauibr4.f ? . ; ? J
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips,
. Blankets, Lap Kobes,. &c, &c.
' We not only use
But sell as CHEAP as the CHEAPEST. Remember the plaee Opp. the P.O.
plattsmouth:, - Nebraska. Jiy
For Sale ly FRED. GORDEIl, Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
Who has the Right for Cass and Otoe Counties.
Decidedly the
Farmer's Gate Hinge ever made. Call andexamino them at once at
5?"Agent3 wanted in this County and Otoe. - 4um1
other foriu,
and Planta. Oar Greenhouse and Praraea iu JerM-v ki v. r ihr iiti xt in America. iv
Iok upward of four acres, (olid in glass, mployiiitf an vm situ oi I'veniv uiph icrxunnuui n,.
35 Cortlandt Street, New York
We tend oar Illustrated Cats.lorue of
livcryttiliia: for the Garden,"
on application.
John leesley
Offers lor sale the
each pr.doz
iti oo
M 2 uo
Apple Trees 2 yeais old, (fist
Apple Treee 2 yeais old. sec
ond size
Peach Trees 2 years old
Early Richmond Cherry. 5 to
Early Uichinoad Cherry 4 feet
Plum Trees. AVild ose, Sto
a feet
Quince Trees
15 l so 11 oo
10 1 30 s 00
30 1 73 'AI 00
40 4 25 30 00
35 4 00 Ai 00
35 4 00 30 00
40 3 60
30 3 00
10 1 00 7 00
50 5 00
10 1 00 & 00
10 1 CO 8 00
10 1 50 5 00
10 1 00 C 00
10 1 SO 7 00
Apricots. 3 to 4 feet 30
GrapeVines. Concord
Raspberries, red, the best. . ..
Snyder Blackberries
English Goosberries
Cherry Currants, red
Pie Plant, Line us or Wine
Norway Spruce 25 cents per
Flowering shrubs 30
Koses, all kinds 30.
First class fledge plants per.
thousand. Si 80.
Maple Trees 20
Cotton Wod Trees
3 00
2 60
Any person not seeing hip pan send orders
through the Post Office. 4U13
$10,003 ,Vl
i SIO.OOO HI tx P4 to say ptrtom
wba c.u XXFLOItK A LAMP Slta vli.
Mlld I rmm lor IS rta. FourfvrSi.
Ammmf Wulrf, M.L or ftmrni. 4
Biaea.aiToM, M. V.
Iiihimii, 1 Wm Muiui, M. T.
V SS .Cts.
Livery Notice.
Ilereafttr I will have carriages at
all regular trains stopping at this de
pot. Any person desiring a carriage
to take passengers to, or from said
trains will leave word at my Liver.v
Barn in Plattsmouth and they will be
accommodated, at reasonable rates.
35tf Chas. M.- Holmes.
U.A. R.
CABTfON: Since my G. A. 11. ci
gars have met with such great suc
cess, several parties are trying to palm
off upon the public imitations,ofMiufer
ior quality," bearing similar names.
In order to protect the cigar consum
ers and myself, I wish to state that
every box of genuine G. A. K. Havana
cigars bears on the inside label my
name and address.
Julius Pepperberg.
4 1 tf Manufacturer.
is now ready on sale at the Monaich
Billiard Hall. This cigar is guaran
teed to be the best 5c cigar on the
American Continent.
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M.
Roberts. Stf
83tf Will S. Wise
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Ward Bros. Louisville,
Neb., is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. AH persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm will please
call and settle at once, at the old stand.
42t5 J.M.Ward
for Ward Bros.
First I'reminm.
The Domestic sewing machiue re
ceived first premium at the fair. It is
the lightest running, makes the least
noise, and it is wan anted the ttest mail-rial
antf Pt-TirR f
For mixed paints go to Roberts'
DiugStore! 51tf ;
For lame Bac k. Side or Chest us 1
Shiloh's Porous Piaster, l'rlre 25 cts
Sold by Smith & Black Bros. 4leow I
Catarrh cured health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh j
Remedv. Price 50 cts. Nasal Iniector .
free. Sold by Smith & BlacW Bros.ileo
Will vou suffer with Dvsnpnaia and 1
Liver Comnlaint? Shitnh' Viali7r
is guaranteed to cure you. Sold by ,
Smith & Black Bros. 4leow j
Shiloh's Coueh and ConsuniDtion
Cure is sold bv na on a aiiArantt It
cures consumption. Sold by Smith &
uiacK Kros. 4leow
Croup, whooping cough and Bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by Smith Jt Black Uros.
Sleepless nights made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy for you. Sold by Smith &
Black Bros. 41eow
That hacking cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by Smith & Black
Bres. 4leow
Shiloh's Vitalizer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite.
Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspep
sia. Price10 and 75 cts per bottle
Sold by jftnith & Black Bros. 4leow
TiTTT?"Vr JLL1a bkeds k papara left onr at
hEW b VST EM, Utm Hurt Adtantui'iiwua
offered to botU Merchant and Coiutuuer.
grrowa on their own Karma. O Villi 1.5O0
ACKKS devoted to thla purpoM. urn lb
B TRAUK ffUCK LLSTM for Heed. In built or
walled to tuerchauta on aoidhjatloa.
Sublic. Thlrtv vrfini-a I'CAl I 11' A I. .tl ARKkT
lAKDKNKHSA.Mt t'LOU 1 VI vm ui ucD knuw iMU-r
9 to auabl. u to juov iioiumy w tiai mp uir be-i kuiu, fruit.
If lowar or Vegetable crop (ninfr'riv ie or Cotmat-r- ) llUlMlif.llliitr. tllwhlv JlmlllM rif.ll k.l m
Fresh bread, cakes And pies, every
day, at tlie Union Hakery, coiner Main
and Third. tf
llair Work.
Mrs. A. Knee will he glad to receive
orders for hair work of all kinds.
Combings made up, roots all one way,
without extra charge. UOtf
S1SOO per year can be easily made a
home working for E. O. Rideout t Co
10 Harclay Street, New Vork. Send
for their catalogue an 1 full particu
lars. 8 My.
Money to lian.
Money to loan on real .estate secur
ity. Inquire of D. D. Martlndale,
Louisville, Neb. 13tf
Save your teeth by using Dr. Clut
ter's Glycerene Tooth Tablets. Beauti
fy! Cleanse! Preserve! tf
Cigar Clippings. 35 cts. per
lb., at C. Sclilegers, opposite
P. 0. Ttf
Medical Treatment of County
' Pnnr.
Notice Is hereby given that bids will l re
ceived for tlis treatment and f uiuUiilbg f iiied
lcine for County paupers at Poor Haute, and
also for destitute v ho may be County cbaiges,
lor one yi-ar. fioin Waii h , l82. bids will L
received tip tu noou f March 8. lbKJ. at office ut
County Clerk. Hy order of County I'cruiuls
sioiici. J. W. Jp.nni.n:s, t ouaty Cleik.
j- enruary . ms.
Probate Notice.
To whom it may concern : '
You aud each of you are hereby hotifld to
appear at the utile of the County judge o'Caaa
County. Stale of Neliaku, Iu the Court ilousa
f aid County, on the loth day of March, A. ii.
nl, at 10 o'clock a. lit , ou said day, to attaad
the probate of an iutiruiueot claimed to b tna
nuncupative last will and testament of Chris
tian Scltlet'Sl. late of said County, deceased, at
which time iinil place vou will appearand seow
cauxe. it any there be. why said will should net
be admitted to prub:tte
la tesltniouy Mliereof I have hereunto sub
scribed iny name and ahued IIik real of said
i'ouit thl. '.tli day of Kelniiary, A. O. inxj.
4'it'i County jude.
A. A. l.iTIBTr
Burlington and Missouri Riv
er Railroad Company
in Nebraska.
Roa'roN, Mass.", January 17, IHH2.
the annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Burlington and Missouri Ri?r hauroad
Ctuiipaiiy In Nebraska will be held at tli onice
.l ibe nuid Conipnn, In Plattsmouth. Nstiias
ka. Thursday, February ifjd. ls2,' at 11 o'clock
a m . for the election of a board of Director
lur the eusulu year, aud for the trinsactlon ot
any other husinefi which may legally coaie be
loie Ih uiee.i.lii. ..
VAt t. E. Pavr. Seoretiuy.
w lliuut 1411 IA UUUtUtVCO kCiil
Railroad Company.
orroN, Ma, 4., January 17, 112.
Hie annual niretiiu; of the ttockholdei of
I the Omaha uud Southwestera Railroad' Coiu-
pany w ill be held at the office- of the Burllnif-
tou and MHsourl River llallruad Couipauy Iu
Nebraska. In Plattsmouth. Nebraska. Iliurs
day. Cebiuaij 2ud. is, at II :3oa. in., for tha
election of a Board of Director for tlie ensu
ing year, aud for the transaction of any other
busiuess aim h may legally come befoie tha
45w Jiih.n N. Dkmso.v. Secretaty.
In Ihe Dijtiict Court ot tai Couuty, Nebraika.
XH - V
'Ihe above named tiou-resident defendant,
Lovina McCluitoclc. will take nolii'e that oo tba
li:th day of January. A. U. IMA Issachar P. Mc
Clintock. plalntitl herein, tiled his petition la
the Uintik't C'oult of CaS County. Nebraska,
at-aiDst ald defendant, the object and ptae
of which are that the botiiltafiiiatririiouy hera
tofore exWtiiiv belaeeu the plaintiff aud de
fendant may be ili.olved. and that the plain
tilt may be rtirorced from the defendant on tn
Kroundsof Millfui deeriiou of saij defendant
from plaiiitift, aud her absence for more thaa
two years. Vou are required to ausaer said pe
tition on or befoie the 27th day of FbiUi,
A. I. 132, ItiHA. MAK P. MfCLIJITOOa..
By K. N. Sullivan, Att y. -4
In the District Court of Cass Countj.ifebikika.
George Coos, )
Stephen Kerns.
Josepii S. Kerns, j
Alexander Kerns, Jr. j
Jane Ctterbach, !
Albert Cuming. '
liaunah Morton,
Kobert Cuinines,
Jonathan Cumin??, i
Mai an Letitia
UubbeU. i
Prudence Cuimm s.
Edna uiuilw.
Mary Alice Cumiugs.
The above uamed nou -resident defendants
will take notice that on the loth day of Janu
ary, A. D. 18S2. ti eorge tioos, plaintiff herein,
bled his trillion In the District Court of Casa
County, Nebraska, agaiast said defendants, tha
object aud praerof which ate the partition of
the follow HiK described real estate, to-wlt :
Fractional lots twenty-four (24, twenty-Ova
CS) and Ofty (So. In section teuiy-nine d'W) ;
and the north west quarter (n-) ot the south
west quarter (wj) of uid section tweuty-uina
(i't ; and the south eu-t quarter iseU) of tha
south east quarter (e) of section thirty (3o ;
aNo fractional lot five (5) in said section thirty
(.0)) ; all of said lauds being la township No.
twelve tl2. north range fourteen (14). east oi
the fc'th P. M.. iu Cacs County, Nebraska and
that the defendant. Alexander Kerns. Junter.
ln.v lie adjudgea an imxstor, as havliitf no la
gal iuleMr interest in and to said lauds ; and
that. In case partitwvn cf sai l lands cannot be
equitably made, said lands be decreed to be
sold, and that the proceeds thereof be divided
between the parties itccordhig to tdeir respect
ive rights. ou are lequlred to answer on ot
befoie lhe2;tu day o-i frebiuary, A. D. l&u
ijEuKiit GUOS.
By A. S. SvTLUVAir, Att'y. t