Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 26, 1882, Image 3

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    1 !E Herald.
l. iC.V I. A lT k'KTISKM ENTS.
rrni-t "il. 2.1 cuts j. line.
ii- t ? T liiii'. No advertisement insert-
l .' i ;,in..ii cent.
t.e"il ml ,l si.tturt r.ilf.
A : -i ii- .in. I .! ! .f I he li'.w will be neli
! liMtiff in! i: it-a il tmtier. they Intntl in,
-V.l it fill !. . i i.i.!in' a proof of publica-
1..H l.l :.: v li. V 'II be iH'ld lor tM public-
tun lie Ml Ml. u i.-.IUh.
co.'.n: umc.vvio.vs.
As iir ii-? I llmlii-d, all cvii inn nl-a:oiH
jihsI Li-l.iii-r an 1 U meruit. ilh no Waste
r ii ti..
Tin ii iK-r is ic""i):iitilo for the corrertnew
.o.r.:ii-t,-in copy of paid matter and paid Le-
I i. Nni.:i who take tl fiiper regularly
1... -In-' f" ' -i.11i.-e. dnetlcd to
name, or wii.-Ui.t lie-U a sutwerioer or not M
rcpoii-;lMe f.r the ;;iy.
It any person ordei his ps.pT dlscontl
h must pay all ai Te.iraijes, or the publisn
ei n..;v continue lo send It until pa ,"10,,.t.
mole.' and tolled the whole amount, whether
the i:ii-r is Uk-.'il from the oflice or not.
j. he courts hare decided that refusing to
4.tke iievpairs and periodicals from the post
onure.orieinovingand leaving them uncalled
for. Ii '. iita facie evidence of IN TKNTIOH AL
Look out for the red flags.
Look out for John Duke's new Ad.
next week..
Chittt nden Bros, have closed out
tl.oir grocery business.
The instruments for the Telephone
Kxch.tne c:itne Tuesday.
The Ntliask;. Fanners Alliance
met yesteitlay at Hastings.
Ash Wednesday and the 22d of
February come together this year.
I. O. 0. F. Masque Hall the 31st;
a general invitation extended to all.
Godfrey Fickler is building a bam
in the rear of his lot or. Seventh St.
J.J. Weaver showed, his face on
our streets again the first of the week.
Last evening was the l2:)d anni
versary of Ihe birth of Hubert Burns.
Kd. Oliver moved into his new
house on Washington Avenue, Tues
day. We understand cards will be issu
ed in a day or two for another wed
ding? There is some talk of starting a
degree Lodge, from the I. O. G. T.
The Greenwood Eagle conies reg
ularly to hand and is very neatly got
ten up.
Hansen & Chassot receive-5 tuWs,
or :!00 pounds, of Creamery butter ev
ery week.
-A new bill board was put up n
the coiner of .Main and Seventh streets
Deputy Treasurer Campbell has
been somewhat under the weather the
past week.
Chancellor Fairfield is to lecture
in Greenwood, this county, sometime
in February.
Master Guy. Livingston was stir
prised by a party of his young friends
last Thursday evening.
John Pol in has some of his board
ers out on the "street working, mit a
ball and chain on. (iood idea.
Guy Livingston has been doing
part of the vaccinating for the Doctor,
atxl the little girls keep him busy.
A collection was taken up for the
funeral expenses of Mr. Win. Linn,
amounting to about twenty dollars.
We understand that Kalisky &
Son are going to put up another horse
hhoe as soon as they can get it ready.
The Baptist Church will be ready
for use by next Sunday, and there
will be Sabbath School again as usual.
The young folks of the M. E.
Church held a prayer meeting at the
residence of M. White last evening.
The IIekald "prints" have a
picture of Katherine Ilogers stuck up
in the otrice, to remember the "darlint"
W. C. Showalter bought one of
those tine Mason & Hamlin organs
Monday of James Tettee, the state
Philip Eidman, has been appoint
ed night police, and, will help "Jack
to look after our citizens property
The officers of the I. O. G. T.
Lodge will be installed next Wednes
day evening all members should be
The T. A. M. Club was not as
well attended last week as usual, but
all who were present enjyyed them
selves hugely.
The good work still progresses in
the M. E. Church. Over thirty-six
niembvrs have joined the church since
the revival began.
--Father Lynch will be at Louis
ville next Sunday, and therefore no
services will be held in the Catholic
Church here on that day.
Some one poisoned "Dan," P. B.
Murphy's in dog last week, also the
Herald devil's white doig. Some
one had belter look a leedle out.
The City Editor of the Journal
and some of the Journal "prints" tried
the ice on the river, two days before
Tuesday, as Dan. Smith would put it.
.J.S.Mathews had his first case
Monday ye mean officiated at his
first wedding, he hitched up Mr. W. C.
Hounds and Miss Cairie Spencer, in
line style.
A Mrs. Burk. who has been living
near the foit of Main street for some
time, died Tuesday night. It was a
case of povirty and too much dirt.
A. W. TcLaughlin has been quite
indisposed the past few days. He was
not able to tie at his post of duty Mon
day afternoon and Tuesday.
Did yoti ee that Gne nickle pitted
harness thi' t fieorge Fairfield is using?
It was maie ly Chambers & Son, and
s a daisy. iVill is immense on fine
harness. ? ?
Dr. Doggb has the stomach of the
late Chas. tiithmann preserved in a'.
cohol, and send it the Medical
University 9l Philadelphia, in a short
time, for scientific investigation. From
there it wi be sent to one or two of
the most f Anous Medical Institutes in
( Germany. ,;
A Little Tonch of it Here.
The schools were closed on Tuesday-morning
on account of a case of
varioloid, at Capt. Mann's, near the
school house. The little girl is about
six years old.' Varioloid is considered
as dangerous in conveying the disease
to those unprotected by vaccination, or
otherwise, as smal!-pox itself.
Two cases of small-pox, a man and
woman, were reported to be on the
train going east on Monday p. m. A
close examination made by Conductor
Gayle and others resulted in the con
clusion that the woman had only an
eruption of the face, probably one of
the several forms of erysipelas.
Splendid parlor suits for little
money at The New Furniture Store. 1
Head South Bend notice of Mason
& Hamlin Organ, furnished by James
We think the Enterprise had bet
ter form a "Young Man's Christian
Association" good idea, might get
some common honesty inte it, some
thing that Christ taught, once.
A car load of flour just receive.'
by J. V. Weckbaca, from Minne
sota. 45t2
New and elegant designs in dress
ing case suits at The New FurnitHre
Store. 1
Mr. J. uies Pettee returned from a
trip to Syracuse, Palmyra, Nebraska
City and other points, last Saturday
mrn:ng, where he had been looking
up the interests of the Mason & Ham
lin Organ Company.
Dakota and Kansas flour at
White's by the car load, just received.
Give us a call bjfore purchasing else
where. 45t2.
The telephones of Denver are ren
dered useless every evening as soon as
the electric lights" are charged. The
wires are on the same poles. The cur
rent on the latter wires is so strong
tha. in one instance it has set on fire
a telephone box.
How to invest a dollar and make
five: Buy a bottle of Kendall's Spavin
Cure. See advt.
The doctor's otlices present a live
ly scene just now, bare arms and other
limbs in process of being lacerated
and impregnated with the humble
bavine's protective vaccine matter, are
to b seen by the score.
Teeth filled, pulled and cleaned in
a most skillful manner by Dr. Salis
bury. Give him a call. 35tf
We notice among our telegraph
dispatches, that small-pox broke out in
Brooklyn among a lot of cigar makers,
and they still kept on making and
sending out cigars for some time. That
shonld be a warning to our smokers to
buy nothing but home manufactured
A good assortment of folding
couches at The New Furniture Store.
A. D. Felker, A. J. Smith and S.
W. McBride, who were charged with
opening freight cars and- stealing
freight ou the B. & M., were discharg
ed. A jury was impanelled Wednesday
morning, who pronounced then not
Smoke Navy Clippings, for sale fey
Phil Young at the P. O. News Depot 1
Invitations for the wedding of
Mr. W.B. .Shryock and Mrs. Celia V.
Irwin are out, the wedding to take
place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Shryock next Wednesday. Just
wait until next week's paper, and
wwnt we give em a send off.
Choice oranges and lemonj at the
P. O. News Depot. " 1
The City Council and County
Commissioners had a special meeting
Tuesday afternoon to make arrange
ments for buying, or otherwise getting
a pest house. There was no law au
thorizing the Commissioners to do
anything towards buying one, there
fore the Council will have to do so.
One will be procured as soon as possi
ble. Phil Young has distributed some
two hundred copies of the Weekly Bee
during the past week. Phil is the reg
ulay authorized agent or the Bee, and
will receive your subscription for it
and save you money, and you will get
a chance in the distribution. Remem
ber this when you wish to subscribe
for the Bee or any other paper pub
lished. 1
We are glao" to welcome Reporter
from Three Groves and Occasional
from Grand Prairie, back among the
corp3 of Herald news gatherers again.
It is pretty hard work and takes
time and patience to gather items,
Reporter, that's a fact, but your's and
youi fellow workers efforts are appre
ciated as is evinced by their interest
in knowing what has become of the
items, and we hope your winter even
ings will occasionally be occupied by
such good works.
A wonderful discovery Kendall's
Spavin Cure. Rea? advertisement.
The wife of Isaac Tolland living
near Greenwood, in this County died
suddenly on Jan. Cth. 1SS3. She left a
little babe, but two days old at that
tint a and five other children.
' The .Herald deeply sympathises
with the bereaved husband and father,
who has long been known to us, as a
citizen and friend. Just as Mr. Tol
land seemed to be able to live more
comfortably, and enjoy the fruits of
their years of hard work, his beloved
wife was taken from him. A new
home had just been completed and the
new year epened bright for all this
family, alas so soon to be clouded.
Don't fail to examine the New
Key Action in Mason & Hamlin Or
gans, wonderful inprovement.
James Pettee, Gen. Agent.
A meeting of the State Wool
Grower's Association was held at Lin
coln and arrangements made for hold
ing a convention at Lincoln, the last of
February or first of March. Watson
Picfcerell of Gage County, was elected
President; J. C. McBride, of Lincoln,
Secretary; W. II. Barstow, of Saline
County, Treasurer. Resolutions of
respect to the memory of the late
Moses Stocking, first president of the
association, were offered.
The best Sewing Machine the
White." 43tf Potter & Webster.
Ag'ts for Cass Co. Weeping Water.
J. B. Strode was down to Nebraska
City last week. -E.
II. Lewis and Bill7 Bennett, were
in Omaha Wednesday.
Jnc. W. Iloback, of Weeping Water
called to see us last week.
Mrs. J. N. Wise and Miss Allie Mor
rison, were in Omaha Friday.
M. L. White, we are glad to see, is
out again among his friends.
Mr. Strode has been quite ill, threat
ened with pneumonia, we are sorry
to learn.
Col. George Woodford passed east
Monday. We got a grip of his hand
at the junction.
Sam Keller, the cheap cloting clerk,
formerly with Wescott, went west to
join a surveying parly on the B. & M.,
John Charlton, now Assistant Genl.
Ticket Ag't. of. the Missouri Pacific R.
R., resident in St. Louis, visited Oma
ha Saturday.
C. W. Sherman, editor of the Journ
al, went down to Lincoln, Wednesday
morning, to attend the State Encamp
ment of the G. A. R.
Miss Sweeney, who has been quite
ill for sometime past is, we are glad to
hear, slowly recovering, although still
confined to her room.
Mr. and Mrs. Nusbaum of Marys
ville. Mo., are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Pepperberg this week. Mrs.
Nusbaum is a sister of Mrs. Pepper
berg's. W. II. Pool, of Elmwood, was in
town Friday. The Herald is always
glad to see Mr. Pool, and especially
now, when he seems in such good
health and tpirit3.
' Thos. Pollock, Esq. one of the
members of our school board and ex
Councilmau, now in the Surveyor
General's office has been under the
weather, for some time. -
J. E. Morrison and wife, and W. F.
Morrison and wife left for Butler, Il
linois, Monday morniBg, viaGlenwood,
St. Louis and other points. They w ill
be gone ten days or two weeks.
Mr. Ed. Buttery, whe has been suf
fering for sometime with bronchial
trouble was much worse last week for
a few days, but is now somewhat ea
sier, though still suffering with a se
vere ceugh.
Mrs. Livingston left for Lincoln,
Wednesday, called thither by intelli
gence of the sudden death of Mr. Rick
cords. Mrs. Rlckcords, it will be re
membered by many, was the guest of
Mrs. Livingston lor several days last
spring, at which time they were on
their way to their new home near Lin
coln, which has so soon been rendered
desolate by the death of the husband
and father.
From an extensive use of St. Ja
cobs Oil in the editor's family, we are
able to speak confidently of its great
worth in numerous ailments, and fully
recommend it as an article most
desirable to have on hand in the medi
cine chest. Stamford (Conn.) Herald.
County Printing.
The Commissioners proceedings will
continue to be published officially in
the Herald as usaal. We make this
remark from the fact that we have
been asked several times if the Enter
prise had the County printing. The
law provides now that the "books,
blanks and stationary" of the County
shall be let each year to the lowest
bidder. The books are printed out
side the County entirely. The blanks
and stationary Mr. Bushnell underbid
us on by a considerable amount, so far
below in fact, that if he fills his obli
gations we do not want the work. The
County gets the benefit of that and as
we have to help pay the taxes for the
same we are satisfied the Commission
ers should make the best bargain they
could, provided it is lived up to. No
other printing is necessarily included
in this bidding and the status of the
Herald and the County officers re
mains the same as it ever was. They
are friendly to the Herald, and we
are friendly to them. We mean to do
our duty and think they do theirs.
Whenever it becomes otherwise we
shall probably say so.
Another R. B. Accident.
About five o'clock, yesterday even
ing, a freight from the bridge -was
coming up threugh the cut, the engin
eer saw that one of the side-track
switches was turned, the yard engine
had sidetracked two cars loaded with
corn, the engineer reversed his engine
and both he and the fireman jumped
off. The engine struck the firs; car
throwing it up on end, the second car
breaking the drawhead and falling
back on first smashed the end in, spil
ling the corn all over the ground.
There was no one hurt, the front of
the engine was smashed in and one
box car ruined and a good part of the
corn waited. . ';
Choice Confectionery at Simpson's
The election of officers of the
Frst National Bank at tbi3 place,
which was held last week, resulted in
the following: ,
John Fitzgerald President,
F. E. White Vice-President,
A. W. McLaughlin Cashier,
John O'Rourke Ass't Cashier,
John Fitzgerald, A. W. McLaughlin,
A. E. Touzalin. J. R. Clark, R. C. Cush
ing, G.E. Dovey, and F. S. White, Di
rectors. Anyone in need of a good set of
teeth should call on Dr. Salisbury at
once, and he will make you a set that
will please you ever after. 35tf
N. L. Thatcher, very well known
here, at one time, died in Texas, it
seems, not long ago. He had accumu
lated quite a fortune, and made many
friends too, though if we were writing
his obituary as a friend we should
leave Dut the days "Thatch ' bought
grain here with Connor, we don't im
agine they are the ones he would like
to look back to the most eagerly, as he
neared the portals of the other land.
You had better cut out this ad
dress "Dr. C, R. Sykes, 1(59 Madison
St., Chicago," for you may need his
"Sure Cure for Catarrh." 42U
In this city, at the residence of his
brother, F. R. Guthntann, Thursday,
January 19th, 18S2, Charles Guth
mann, aged 40 years, 5 months and
22 days.
The funeral was held at the Catho
lic Church on Sunday, January 22d,
and an unusually large concourse of
people attended.
The deceased was one of a large fam
ily, resident in this county, of which
Frank, William, Fred and Oswald are
the remaining brothers, and Mrs Egen
berger, Mrs. Rauen.Mrs. Ilempel, and
Mrs. Weckbach are the sisters.
The family was a very large one in
the old conntry, there being fourteen
in all. of which number five brothers
and four sisters came to this country
and settled mostly in Cass County, ex
cept Charles, who took up land in Lan
caster County, on Stevens Creek, and
lived there lately until his health fail
ed. A strong fraternal feeling seems
to bind the family together and cause
them to aid and assist each other in
sickness and health.
Charles eerved as a soldier four years
in an Ohio regiment. His disease was
on of those obscure difficulties of the
stomach and intestines that bafile all
medical skill and science while the pa
tient is alive. After death a post mor
tem tells in learned terms ju3t what
is out of place, but no cure has yet
been found during life.
The funeral on Sunday was largely
attended, the funeral services of the
Catholic Church being performed at
the church in this city. Appropriate
services were also held at the grave by
the Liederkranz Society and the G. A.
R. Post of this place. The body of his
first wife, who died about twelve years
ago, and had beea buried on the farm
in Lancaster County, was also brought
here and re-interred in our cemetery.
Members of the G. A. R. from Lin
coln and neighbors from Stevens Creek
also attended tbe funeral.
D. II. Wheeler and II. M. Bush
nell attended the meeting of the State
Board of Agriculture this week. En
terprise. We are willing to record the above
and had a notion to add "Hon." before
the "II. M." Wheeler took "Busk"
along and got him in to make one
more vote, which shows Wheeler's
astuteness, but proves nothing as to
his opinion of II. M. B's Agricultural
knowledge. We can't "spare" the
Deacon either to go to Lincoln or
North Carolina, just now, got use for
him at home. It's most planting time
33tf Will S. Wise.
One of the best things we have
heard lately, comes from W. W. Land
lord Thorp has a sign up, it appears,
"No swearing about the House." A
commercial traveller . with whom
something had gone amiss was reliev
ing his mind in blank verse the other
day when Thorp called bis attention
to the "notice." "I ain't swearing
about your house, I'm swearing about
that old mule out there"
was the reply.
Sheet Music at Simpson's. 44t2
The Madam Fry concert company
filled Boyd's Opera House in Omaha
full last Saturday evening and on Sun
day evening at their sacred concert
scarcely a seat was obtainable any
where. The company appeared in
Omaha under the auspices of the Luth
eran society, who fared somewhat bet
ter than did Rev. Crowther in the ef
fort to bring a first-class troupe to this
Fresh vaccine virus, heifer ex
tract, and warranted pure, just receiv
ed at Dr. O. II. Dogge's. 44t2
Seuth Bend Musical.
The Congregational church and con
gregation of South Bend enjoyed, on
Sabbath night last, the music of a No.
1 Mason k, Hamlin chapel organ and
provided the money to pay for it.
Well done I South Bend.
Srt!rmrv T!rivelnnM Pens. &p
J. D. Simpson's opp. Perkins House. 2
The sociable to have been given at
Mrs. R. R. Livingston's this evening is
indefinitely postponed, Mrs. Living
ston having been suddenly called from
A Railroad Official Interviewed.
Not every one so cheerfully com in u-
uicates his knowledge and opinions as
recently aid L. L. LowereeEsq cash
ier of the Cincinnati Southern Rail
way, splendid outlet to the South
Loin tue Ohio. Our representative
w auvd upon Mr. Loweree, and in re
ply to certain questions the latter gen
tleman observed: "I was suffering
from a very severe attack of rheuma
tism in my right foot; it was in a ter
rible condition; the pain was almost
intolerable; our family physician wait
ed on me without success; I sent for
another well-known M. D., but even
the twain could do nothing for me; I
could not get down here to the office
to attend to my duties; in fact I could
not put my foot under me at all, and
after nine week3 suffering I began to
grow desperate. My friend (whom, of
course you know, for he Is known by
everybody), Mr. Stacey Hill, of the
Mount Auburn Inclined Plain Rail
road Co., called to see me; be spoke
very highly of St, Jacobs Oil, and rec
ommended the remedy to me in glow
ing terms. I laughed at the idea of
tiding a proprietary medicine, and yet
the party recommending it, (Mr. Sta
cey Hill, remember), being a man of
sound judgment, set me to thinking
the matter over. The next day, when
the physicians called, I dismissed them,
and said to myself that I would let
nature take its course. That resolu
tion lasted just a day. On the follow
ing morning I, in a fit of desperation,
sent a servent for a bottle of St. Ja
cobs Oil. I applied that wonderful
remedy, and it penetrated me so that
I thought my foot was about to fall
off, but it did not; in fact it-did just
the opposite. The next morning the
pain had entirely left my foot, the
swelling was reduced, and really the
appearance was so different altogether
from i he day before, that it actually
nn prised m I applied more of tbe
si .Jacobs Oil, and that afternoon I
walked down here to tbe office, and
abie to attend to my duties and
get around as well as any one. Let
me say for St. Jacobs Oil that it beats
railroad time, and is always sure to
win. -Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Sunday afternoon meeting at
the Temple of Honor Hall was unusu
ally well attended, we judge, and all
were anxious to hear the remarks of
Hen, R. B. Windham. We are glad to
note he paid a high and deserved trib
ute to the Press on this matter, and
gave it its just due, contrary to tbe
reported opinions of some speakers
who have visited us and held out that
all newspapers (nearly) that is all who
did not flaunt their temperance views
in season and out of season were op
posed to the cause. We have never
seen the paper that encouraged intem
perance, and very few that even belit
tled the cause of temperance or those
working for it, and those soon lost in
fluence; but a free fair criticism of
measures and systems in honest news
papers is just as needful to the real
welfare of true temperance measures
as are tbe unbiassed, untrammelled
opinions of tbe Press on any other
subject. The smallest paper reaches
more people at one time than the larg
est halls can hold, and is read by many
that never go to hear a temperance
lecture; and yet its silent unceasing
work is often overlooked for the time
in the noisy declamation, and loud
mouthed assertions ot what is best
and right to promote temperance or
lessen the evils of intemperance.
33tf Will S. Wise.
HAY WORTH IJULLIOX At the residence
of the bride' pareuts In Eight Mile Grove
Precinct, bunday. January 22d. 182, Mr.
Chablkh IIatwobth and ilhi Emma Gi l
lion. R. Morrow, J. P., nictating.
Our young people all over, the county are
fcettliig married, and it keeps the Hf.kAlu
teusy noticing them and wishing tbeni much
F. F. Guthman & Bro. sell Brem
ner's crackers. 4214
LINN. At Flattsmouth, Neb., Thursday, Jan.
ltli,1882, Mk. WM. Linn.
The funeral took place from St'. Luke's church
Friday afternoon. Mr. Linn leaves a wife and
five children, the youngest but a mere babe.
By the most unremitting exertions, after hla
regular ten hours of labor in the machine
shops, he built a houxe for his family last sum
mer, and that is all he leaves to them, although
it is much, as a symbol of bis devotion to his
family, who merit the substantial sympathy
and aid of all about them.
Go to J. D. Simpson's for your
Oysters and Celery. 44t2
Look out for "itinerant tinkers I"
Don't let them meddle with your or
gans. The Mason & Hamlin organ is
fully guaranteed, and I am here to
remedy auy failure of performance in
them. Some party is around town try
ing to make my customers dissatisfied
with their organs. I am satisfied he is
a fraud, from an instance that has
come to my notice.
James Pettee, Gen'l Ag't.
For the best staple and fancy
groceries in Plattsmouth go to J. V.
Weckbach's. lOtf
Complaint has been made that
people renting houses here that have
been working on buildings &c, do not
pay promptly 'and giye landlords a
great deal of trouble. If it were in
cases of poverty it would or might be
excusable, but when money enough is
spent for drink, billiards, or other un
necesaries to pay rent the landlord
cannot be blamed for forcible ejection.
Good Pianes and Organs at Simp
son's. 44 1 2
Kalisky & Son's Horse Shoe was
taken down last Saturday and weigh
ed by a committee of three, appointed
by Kalisky, consisting of Messrs. J. P.
Young, Frank Carruth and D. II.
Wheeler; it weighed 70 J, pounds.
There being two guesses of 70
pounds, the bed-room set lay between
F. M. Young and John Routh, who
will arrange some decision satisfactory
to both. There being also
two guesses of 70 pounds, the second
prize, $10, was divided between Mrs.
N. E. Sage and T. Spence. There be
ing twenty-five of seventy and seventy-one,
the third prize was rallied for
and Mrs. Cartby of Eight Mile Grove
drew the prize of five dollars. There
were 1079 guesses made since the first
of November, which made quite a rep
utation for Kalisky & Son's Store.
A fine line of Tobaccos, Cigars and
Cigarettes at Simpson's. 44 12
A Dishonest Lawyer.
Cheyenne, Wto, Jan. 21. To-day
in the district court, Chief Justice
Sener ordered the name of Chas. A.
Hoyt, stricken from the roll of prac
tising attorneys for failing to pay over
$30.87 of money entrusted to him by a
client. Hoyt has fled. The last heard of
him was in New York City. He ha3
also been indicted bv the grand jury.
There is a reward of $250 offered for
his apprehension.
Conscience! If that principle had
been caried Jout in Nebraska, there
would have been a heap of disbarred
legal talent in some spots.
White's Sewing Machines atSimp-
sons. 44t2
Have you Catarrh? "Dr. Sykes
Sure Cure" is an unfailing remedy.
nave you heard or it? 42t4
Estimate of Expenses For Cass Conn
ty for 1SS2.
Court Expenses $ 4500 00
Per Diem Co. Commissioners 800 00
Sal Superintend't of Schools. 1000 00
Assessing County and census
returns. , 2600 00
Tax List 700 00
Book, Blanks and advertis'g 1500 00
Elections 800 00
Fnel for Court and Jail 500 00
Jail expenses, including Jail-
- ors Fees 2000 00
Outstanding warrants and
Fleating indebtedness.. . 7000 00
Bridges 14000 00
B. & M. R. 11. Bonds. Interest
and-Principal 2006 00
Poorllouse Expenses, includ
900 00
ing Physician's salary. . . 2000 00
Roads, Land Road 12000 00
Clerks salary and extra work
on assessments. f.K) 00
Total. $70900 00
We hereby make the above estimate
for the expenses of Ceunty, for the
year 1882, this January lCth, 1882, and
publish the same according to law.
Isaac Wiles, i p
Jas. Crawford, y
S. Richardson, ) Umrs
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ants; Parson's Exterminator.
Barns, granaries and households clean
ed in a single night. No fear of bad
smells. Best and cheapest vermin
killer in the world. Sold everywhere. 4
(From Ole Bull, the world-renowned violinist.
I have pleasure in testifying to the excellence
of your Cabinet Organs, which seem to nie to
excel all instruments of the class I have ever
seen. Their fine quality of tone is in contrast
with that of other reed ergaiut. ard the auto
matic swell, vox huiiKina. resonant raxes, and
other recent improvements are so admirable as
to greatly increase the artistic value and use
tuluess of the instrument. OLE lU'LL.
Over 225, OO
Sold, and there are'hundreds of orders behind,
notwithstanding the fact that the compa
ny have the two most extensive
factories in the world.
make only the brst (juality of work. Much va
riety ii offered in size, capacity, style of
cax.e, elegance of Unih and orua-
mentation ; but throughout
the whole will be found the same
thoroughly best material and workmanship.
Easiest Payments.
Lowest Prices for Cas7i
enteral Agent.
Plattsmouth, - Neb.
Farm for Sale.
A well improved farm of 460 acres
for sale, eight miles south of Platts
mouth, 200 acres under cultivation.
For further particulars, apply to
George W.Siirader,
P. O. Plattsmouth, Neb. 43t4
New Stock Just Received.
By this chart any one who can sing
can learn to play their own accompa
niment in an incredibly shorj space of
time. Book of Songs written in the
same style. James Pettee, Ag't.
Crites and Ramsey, attorneys and
Notary Public, second door east of
Court House. Plattsmouth, Neb. 5tCm
Private Sale of Farm Stock.
I offer at private sale for the next
30 days : 60 bead of steers, 3 years old
in the spring; 4 good bulls, 4 milch
cows and 40 head of thoroughbred Po
land Cl.ina sows, mated to thorough
bred boars. Terms: J months time on
interest bearing notes, with approved
security. Timgtiiy Clark,
44t4 Weeping Water, Neb.
The Goos House.
Mr. Fred Goos, of the late City Ho
tel has opened rooms for day . board,
and meals for farmers in the Drew
building. Please remember the place
and give him a call. 43t3
Fraudulent Stops.
The system of employing useless
stops to make an organ appear to have
large capacity is latterly so prevalent
that attention is especially called to
this point, that none of these useless
stop3 are used in the Mason & Hamlin
organs. Jamb Pettee, Agent,
r.iU Plattsmouth, Neb.
A pure, wholesome distillation of
witch-hazel, American pine, Canada
fir, marigold, clover blossoms, etc.,
fragrant with the healing essences of
balsam and of pine. Such is Sanford's
Radical Gure for Catarrh. Complete
treatment for $1. 42t4
The Mason & Hamlin Organs
now employ an improved key action,
(patented 1880), which materially en
hances their value securing the great
est elasticity and most instantaneous
response, and requiring only one half
the muscular force to press down the
keys. It is thus very delightful and
effective in use, and saves much
fatigue to the player.
On an organ having the key action
some of the commonest and most se
rious faults in playiag are almost im
possible. 43t4
School Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
interested in the common schools of
Cass Co.; That I will be in my office
at Plattsmouth the first Friday and
Saturday of each month. All commu
nications to the Supt. should be ad
dressed t Plattsmouth or Elmwood.
I will hold examinations of teachers
at Plattsmouth. the first Friday and
Saturday, of February, May, August
and November, and special examina
tions at snch other times and places
as circumstances may determine.
Cyrus Alton.
44t5 Sup't. of Schools.
Seeds for the Children's Garden.
In his new Catalogue for 1882, Jos
eph Harris says the Children's Garden
is quite an institut:on on his farm.
The earliest and best Ivegetables, and
the nicest flowers often come from it.
It is a constant source of interest and
pleasure. Mr. Harris grows good
fresh seeds and guarantees then. He
wants all the children to try hi3 seeds.
He will send the very best seeds he
has and let them have them at 25 per
cent, discount. A box of seeds that
he will not let the men or women
have for less than $2.00, he sends to
children, post paid by mail, for 91.50.
Let the children send for his new
Catalogue for 1882. It will be sent
free to every reader of the Herald.
Address, Joseph Harris,
Moreton Farm, Rochester, N. Y.
The fellow, who, by mistake, sent
his auburn-haired sweetheart instead
of a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup
a bottle of hairdve, wants to know the
best wav to commit suicide.
If people who are troubled with
colds would make use of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral before attending church or
public lectures, they would avoid
coughing, and the comfort of hearers
and speakers would be greatly promo
ted. The Pectoral enables public
speakers to speak clearly and without
fatigue, having an immediate and
wonderful effect in increasing the
power and flexibility of the voice.
. In Ayer's Ague Cure we . have a
positive remedy for fever and ague
and all malarial disorders, and one en
tirely free from quinine, arsenic, or
other injurious drugs. It is the chem
ical and medicinal triumph of the age.
The people of the West owe a
debt of gratitude to Dr. Ayer for the
production of Ayer's Ague Cure. It's
timely use will save much suffering
and much discouragement, and we
recommend it with tbe greatest confi
dence in its ability to do all that is
promised for it.
Succeor to J. O. Chambers.l
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips,
Blankets, Lap IJoles, Ac, &c.
We not only use 4
Pirst-Class "Stoclr,
But sell as CHEAP as the CHEAPEST. Remember the plaeo Opp. the P.O.
For Sale ly FRED. GOHDEIl, Plattsmoutli, Nebraska,
Who lids the Right for Cass and Otoe Counties.
Decidedly the
Farmer's Gate Hinge ever made. Call and examine them at once at
J3F"Agents wanted in this County and Otoe. . 40m2
Cremation i.TQlM ERCH AMTS"
T 1 r
Xj J
r thl
other form,
John Leesley
Offers ior sale the following
$2 00
f 10 oo
Annie Trees 3 vears old .
Atile Tree a 3 yearn old. first
claos 15 1 50 11 00
Apple Treea 2 years old. sec
ond size 10 1 30 9 oo
Teach Trees 2 years oliU 30 1 75 20 00
Early Richmond Cherry, 6 to
6 feet 40 4 25 30 00
Early Richmond Cherry 4 feet 35 4 ou at) 00
rium Trees, Wild Goose, 5 to
6 feet 35 4 00 30 00
Quince Trees 40 3 60
Apricot1, 3 to 4 feet . . 30 3 00
Grape Vines, Concord 10 1 00 7 00
Strawberries 50 5 00
Raspberries, red, the best.... 10 too 5 00
Snyder blackberries 10 1 50 e 00
English Goosberries 10 1 so 6 00
Cherry Currants, red lo 100 ooo
Pie Plant, Linens or Wine
plants lo l no 7 oo
Norway Spruce 25 cents per
Flowering shrubs 30
Roses, all kinds 30
Firt class Hedge plants per.'
thousand, 1 80.
Maple Trees 20 3 80
Cotton Wood Trees , 2 00
Any person not seeing me ean rend erders
through the Post Oflice. 4ltl3
IO.OOO vill t. p1.1 tn ny rana
who r.n KX nopr. A I.AUf (HIM vllk
Mlll(rfor J,-l.. Kourforll.
A(U Wmmm4. Mala or Fenul.
BiHii9MTtM, N. V.
PiLwaaooif, IS Wrst IHoadwat, K. T.
35 Cts.
(J. A. K.
Caution: Since my G. A. It. 5c ci
gars have met with such great suc
cess, several parties are trying to palm
off upon the public imitations.of'infer
ior quality," bearing similar names.
In order to protect the cigar consum
ers and myself, 1 wish to state that
every box of genuine O. A. It. Havana
cigars bears on the inr.itlo label my
name and address,
Julius ri-:rrEKREitu,
44tf Manufacturer.
is now ready on sale at the Monarch
Billiard Hall. This cigar is guaran
teed to be the best 5c cigar on the
American Continent.
Bennett & Lewis sell Breinners
crackers. 42U
Drugs -the largest stock at .1. M.
Roberts. 3tf
S3tf Will S. Wise
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Ward Bros. Louisville,
Xeb is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm will please
call and settle at once, at the old stand.
43t5 J. M. Ward
for Ward Bros.
First Preniinm.
The Domestic sewing machine re
ceived first premium at the fair. It is
the lightest running, makes the least
noise, and it is warranted the best ma
terial. 30tf Peter Merges.
For mixed paints go to Roberts'
Drug Store. 51tf
Among all your good resolutions
for the current year do not neglect to
make this one: "That as for you and
your family you will not use any other
than Bremner's crackers," and our
word for it, you will feel at the close
of 1882 as sweet and delicious as buck
wheat cakes bathed in maple syrup. 4
Take care of your Liver. A large
numbei of the diseases to which man
kind are liable arise from a disordered
condition of this organ. Keep it in a
sound and healthy condition and you
can defy disease. Prickly Ash Bitters
are especially adapted for this pur
pose, being composed of drugs which
act on the liver, giving it tone and
strength to withstand malaria. 42t4
For lame Back. Side or Chest us.
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cts
Sold by Smith & Black Bros. 41eow
Catarrh cured health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh
Remedy. Price 50 cts. Nasal Injector
free. Sold by Smith & Blact Bros. 4leo
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer
is guaranteed to cure you. Sold by
Smith & Black Bros. 4leovv .
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by Smith &
Black Bros. - - 4leow
Croup, whooping cough and Bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by Smith & Black Bros.
Sleepless nights made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy for you. Sold by Smith &
Black Bros. 41eow
That hacking cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by Smith & Black
Bres. 4ieow
Shiloh's Vitalizer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite.
Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspep
sia. Price 10 and 73 cts per bottle'
Sold by Smith & Black Bros. -4ieow
m m ar m w r cru, - i-m
' -V Ii. V rTi 3t-3 ol
'1 TO" ALL SEEDS la paper l-ft over at
JLvJ - N cloMofSeMou. Send for condition
MEW SYSTEM, tha Bloat Al vaiitae"ti
offered o both Merchant and Consumer.
vmOTn nn thfimwn rirmi. ftW.K l.AAO
ACKKS devoted to fjiln purpose, are. the.
S TIIADK 1'EICE LISTS for Hoeda, In bulk or
mailed to merchant on application.
Baker & Atwood sell Bremner'a
crackers. 42t4
Hair Work.
Mrs. A. Knee will be glad to receive
orders for hair work of all kinds.
Combings made up, roots all one way,
without extra charge. 30tf
$1500 per year can be easily made a
home working for E. G. Hideout & Co
10 Barclay Street, New York. Send
for their catalogue nn 1 full particu
lars. 31-ly.
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors. Sold by P. S. Barnes and A.
D. Marshall, Weeping Water, Neb. 8tf
Livery Notice.
Ilereafttr I will have carriages at
all regular trains stopping at this de
pot. Any person desiring a carriage
to take passengers to, or from said
trains will leave word at my Livery
Barn in Plattsmouth and they will be
accommodated, at reasonable rates.
35tf Chas. M. Holmes.
Money to Loan.
Money to loan on real esiai? secur
ity. Inqnire of D. D. Martinu.ile,
Louisville, Neb. 13tf
Save your teeth by using Dr. Clut
ter's Glycereno Tooth Tablets. Beaul i
fyl Cleanse! Preserve 1 tf
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at C. Schlegel's, opposite
P 0. Ttf
Burlington and Missouri Riv
er Railroad Company
in Nebraska.
P.oktov. Mass.. January 17, 1S82.
The annii;il im-t-l (titr of the utocK liohteni of
the JSiiiiiiiKtou ami AllMMourl River Railroad
Company in Nelraka will lie held ht the oflice
of the said Company, in l'l;it tsmoiit li. Nebras
ka, Thursday, relruaiy 23d. 182. at 11 o'cloc k
a. m., for the election of a Hoard of liirectom
for the eimuiiiK year, nnd for the transaction of
any other business which may legally come be
fore the meeting.
45t4 E. E. Pkatt, Secretary.
Omaha and Southwestern
Railroad Company.
Uosmv. Mash., .January 17. 16R2.
The annual meeting of the vtock holder of
the Omaha and SonthweMern JUilroail tym
pany will lie held at the oflice of tint Hurling
ton and Missouri Itlver Kail road Company in
Nebraska, in PlalUinotith. Nebraska, 'lliurs
day, February 23d, lnn2. lit 11 : 30 a. m.. for tbe
election of a Board of directors for the eiinu
ing year, and for the transaction of anv other
InisineHs which may legally come before the
4514 Jojix N. Denihon. Secretary.
In the District Court of Cas County. Nebraska.
The above named nou-reoiUent defendant.
Lovina.McCIintock, will take notice that on the
lt;th day of Janiiarv, A. D. 1S2, lacliar 1. Mc
Cliutock, plaintiff herein, filed his petition in
the Die trict Court of Cans County. Nebi-aka,
against aid defendant, the object and prayer
of which are that the bonds ef matrimony hei
tofore existing between the plaintirf and de
fendant may be dissolved, nd that the plain
tiff may be divorced from the defeudauton the
grounds of willful desertion of said defendant
from plaintiff, and her absence for more than
two years. You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before the 27th day of February,
A. D. l!i2, Ihhachak F, McCt-iNTom.
By A. . Sullivan, Att'y. 4it4
In the District Court of Case County, Nebraska.
George Goos, -
Stephen Kerns.
Joseph S. Kerns,
Alexander Kerns, Jr.
Jane Ctterbach,
Albert Cum lugs,
Hannah Morton.
Robert Cuminss,
Jonathan Cuming.
Sarah Letltia Hubbels,
rruuence uumiuf t,
Edna comings,
Mary Alice t urnings.
The above named non-resident defendants
will take notice that nn the loth day of Janu
ary, A. D. 18x2, George ;oos, plaintiff herein,
tiled his petition in the District Court of Cass
County, Nebraska, against said defendants, the
object aud prayer of which are the partition of
the following described real estate, to-n it :
Fractional lots twenty-four (24), twenty-live
2fi) and fifty (50), in section twenty-nine (2'j) ;
aud the north west quarter (im1) ol Ihe south
west quarter (s!) of said section t eiity-nine
(2!)) ; and the south eai-t quarter se't) of the
south east quarter (se1) function thirty ') :
aNo fractional lot live (5) lu said section tlii- ty
(30); all of said lauds beiug in township .o.
twelve (12). north range fourteen (Hi. east of
the Cth 1. M . in Cass I 'ouutjc.'.Xs'liru.ska : atod
that the defendant. Alexander Kerns, jiunoj.
may be adjudged an iiupontor. as having no le
gal title or interest tn aud to said lauds ; and
that, in tv-se partition of said lands cannot be
equitably made, said lands be decreed, to be
wild, ana that the proceeds thereof be divided
between tke p&rtie according to their respect -ive
rights ou are required to auswer oii:oi
before the 27th day of tebruary, A. I. ikj.
By A. N. Sl'llivax, Att'y. 44
To all whom this may concern :
That the undersigned building committee
will let by contract to the lowest bidder (sealed
proposals) who is responsible, and will give
ample security, enclosed with proposals for the
faithful peiformance according to his bid. the
building of a school house in District No. 27, on
the site now leased by said district, on the
North Fast, corner of section thirty-ono (31 1,
township twelve (12). range thirteen (is), in
FlattsiHouth I'reeinct. in Cass County, State of
Nebraska, Said plans and specifications are
now oen for inspection at the hsuse of C.I,.
Kates, in riattsmouth Frecinct. and will be left
at the County Clerk's olllce from Xhe 2th of
January, Hmj2. to February let, iK2f1ii the City
of I'!at(smouth, for the Inspection of anyone
who may desire to see them. Said bids y ill b.e
opened by the said committee at the house ot
C L. Bates, on tbe lot h day of February next
at 2 o'clock p. m. Said committee reservthe.
right to refuse any fcrvd'all bids, or to award to '
the party who in. Unr fragment is best enti
tled to receive the sVme.
SAM., l. S. DltAPfcU-,"
J J. If. Kiskr, C. L. Natks.----
J. F. KUBV, liKU. S. liCfeV.'
Dated, Plattsmouth, Jan. i, im. 3t3