Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 15, 1881, Image 2

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    The '"Heraxd.
Onr Club List.
Rt re we are with our Club List. To every
subscriber who pays for the comln? year In ad
vance we will give a copy of Kendall's "Horse
and Hi Diseases" free. As win be noticed by
looking over this list carefully, several prem
iums are offered by other papers and maga
zines, so our readers can, if they wish, obtain
two premiums as well as two papers at low
rites :
Herald and luter-Ocean, weekly) $2 75
" " St. Louis Globe-Democrat... 275
' " Chicago Herald, weekly 2 40
daily 6 15
" " Burlington llawkeye 3
" " Louisville Courier-Journal... 3 05
" " Leslie's Ills. Newspaper 4 15
" " H. Y. Times, (em-weekly... 4 15
" Sun. (weekly) 2 65
" Tolcao Blade ....3 00
" Iowa Farmer, (and Garfield
prem.) 2 35
" Scieuulic American 4 2f)
" Nebraska Fanner 2 75
Omaha Republican (ft prein). 2 75
Omaha Bee (and prem.) 3 65
" " American Agriculturist 2 65
Prairie Farmer 3 30
" The Kural New Yorker (with
seed distribution, 3 50
" Harper's Bazar 4 o
M " Weekly 4 85
- Monthly 4 63
" . " Younj? l'eoole 2 8u
" Kcribuer'8 Monthly 4 85
St. Nicholas 4 10
" Eclectic Magazine 5 75
Peniorest's Monthly Maga-
zine, (with prem.) 3 15
tiodey's Lady's Hook.... 3 25
" " rbrenolftgicalJounial 3 15
" Literary' & Educat'ual Note. 2 25
Oood Company 4 oo
" " Ehrich's Fawhion Quarterly.. 2 10
" Housekeeper 2M
Mrs. Garfield has been granted
the Franking privilege. Coirect.
A Theatre at Vienna Austria,
burned last week ami G,000 people
were destroyed.
The report of the Banquet of our
Board of Trade begins on thefoatth
page of this paper.
Guiteau, is still plajing the fool,
knaTc ami eiank combineu. The
trial bids fair to last a week vet.
And uo the Omaha Board of
Trade are going to give a banquet, and
rouse up for future work and more
active business. Did young Mr. Nye's
satira on Trades of bores, fcc. w ake
'em up, we wonder?
Messrs. D.W.Wood and H. L.. Wood
are in town collecting material for a
History of Nebraska, to be published
by the Western Historical !Society at
Chicago. This is expected to be a real
Historical work complete in its data
and acts, and not a mere publication
for puffs of individuals, nor an adve.
tising medium for anybody's business.
If they follow their piospectus they
will give us for once a reallv valuable
The Message,
The N. Y. Sui , a paper which sel
dom says, of late years, a guod word
for a Republican otHcial, speaks thus
of President Arthur's Inaugural:
It is remarkable that the first cred
itable discussion of civil service re
form in any communication from the
Executive to Congress, should proceed
from a President who has heretofore
been identified, in the estimation of
his own party at least,, with what
people call machine politic?.
We do not agiee with all that Presi
dent Arti.ur fays on this subject iu
his message. He declares that he
should feel bound to give his approval
to a bill incorporating all the feature
f the civil service system of Great
Britain. In our opinion such a meas
ure would be an evil infinitely greater
than any it might be intended to cure.
The President's own statement that
it would lead to the establishment of
a life tenure of civil offices, with retir
ing allowances, is argument enough
against it,
That the President has studied the
subject earnestly and industriously is
evident. It is difficult to believe that
he had not given the problems of civil
service reform careful consideration
long before he became President or
Vice-President. Men do not came to
such conclusions as are in his message
after only a few days of reflection.
Especially wise is his suggestion to
make baste slowly with innovations.
He has shown that he is not afraid to
undertake reform, and therefore this
warning against precipitate legisla
tion :s not to be regarded as the utter
;mce of an opponent of any change.
It comes of prudence inspired by a
knowledge of the history of that very
English system which theorUU are
are constantly holding up for our ad
miration. In place of the crude sentiments of
Grant and the sophomorical platitudes
of Hayes, we have in tins part of
President Arthur's message a public
document which is at all events
worthy of respect, whether we agree
or disagree with the views of the
ABLT. The President having covered all
otker ground pretty fully, he reaches
the question of civil-service reform.
This lie treats fairly and sensibly,
showing that he is prepared to aid in
putting in practice any system that
Congress may consider desirable,
whether in accordance with his own
iews or not. The message, upon the
whole, is a good one, and its reeom
mendations will strike the country
favorably. Cincinnati Gazette.
The message is lengthy, but covers
a vast field and a great variety of sub
jects. It is conservative in tone,
and contains nothing to offend the
Sensibilities of any one. It is a business-like
document, and will go far
to confirm the opinion formed of the
President as a cool, clear-headed, and
sensible man. Cincinnati Commer
The first message of President
Arthur is one which will commend
itself to the country for its straight
forward common sense and business
tone. Indianapolis Journal.
Clear bead and voice, easy breathing
sweet breath, perfect smell, taste and
hearing, no cough, no distress. These
are conditions brought about in Ca
tarrh bj the use of Sanford's Radical
Cure. One bottle Radical Cure, one
box Catarrhal Solvent, and one im
proved Inhaler, iu one package, for
' 7 ; Jnat as Il ls. ' '
The advent here of the gentlemen
from various paits of the state who
attended our banquet last week, was
an event in the history of our city.
Situated as we are in rather an out of
the way corner, few passers by on the
trains really see or know anything of
The B. et. M. 11. II. runs, unfortu
nately for us, and the road too as it
has turned out, directly under the
bluffs almost its entire length :n Cass
county, thereby preventing travel
ers from seeing and appreciating
the advantages of our town and esti
mating at its true value the magnifi
cent farming country which lies to the
south and wtstof us. Seeing only
scrujbbily wooded bluff3 on one side
and the sandy Platte on the other,
they gain but little general knowledge
that Cass Co. has within its borders
sortie of the best improved, most fer
tile farms in the state, with great old
fashioned barns thereon, and houses
to match with orchards and vineyards
In town the situation of the ma
chiae shops of the B. & M. through
the cut, out of ight to the casual vis
itor; and the scattered condition of
the residence portion of the town over
many a hill and through oft hidden
valley's, serves to hide our real growth
and size to ail but those who are di
rectly interested in investigating
where and how our 6,000 population is
accounted for.
. la view of these facts, and to give
some of the older citizens of the state,
who are interested in the growth and
welfare of the whole state of Nebras
ka, and who otherwise would not
take tiie time, a chance to visit us, our
board of trade inaugurated and car
ried to a successful issue the late ban
quet, not as a mre pleasure or feast
to the members, but as a source of in
formation to the world generally, of
what we have been doing the past two
For this reason it was called the
Board of Trade banquet, and conse
quently at the immediate time it
would rather teem as if they obtained
all the glory but it was never inten
ded that any class jf citizens who
have aided in buikUng up this fair
towfi should not receive their due
share of praise , and all property hold
ers, of course, will gain by the beiiefim
that may accrue to our town by the
notice this banquet has procured for
us abroad.
Among those who apparently have
been slighted, but not intentionally
so, are the Guthmau brothers, owners
and builders of the Hotel at which we
met. To their untiring endeavors, to
the fact that they had the money, and
were willing to run the risk of invest
ing the same do we owe our Hotel.
The Host. Mr. McKeever, deserves
great praise, for after the hotel was
built, it did seem for a spell, that we
never would find the man to fit the ho
tel. Several expeiments were made,
before both man and place came to
gether and when they did the com
plete whole was perfected, and oui
host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Me
Keever have thus far aided and formed
part and parcel of the interests and
success of Plattsmouth by keeping one
of the best hotel in the West. This
much is due to the above parties and
we take pleasure in recording the
Our guests teem to have enjoyed
themselves, and especially Dr. Miller,
Judge Dundy, aud Gov. Nance all of
whom were surprised and gratified to
note the improvements made and the
evid.nt pleasure it was to the older
citizens to rafeet and welcome theru
once iroie.
The speeches were elegant, every one
a perfect gem in its own setting (sen
timent) but our short horn repoiter
was away and we cannot reproduce
them for the Herald much to our
Weep.nar Hater Notes.
Dec. 12th., 1881. Ed. Herald:
We had a (iraud Concert on Thursday
and Friday evenings of last week both
well attended, and everybody was
well pleased. The Grand Chorus of
Fifty voices, was composed uf Prof.
Will F. T. Bushnell's class of vocalists,
and the improvement was wonderful.
Prof. B. deserves great credit for his
success and thoroughness in music
drill with this class, aud his pupils all
united in showing their just apprecia
tion of his valuable services while
with them, by the presentation ct a
small token of their sincere esteem
and regard, in tjja furm of a superb
gold ring, with diamond setting in
onyx stone. The presentation speech
was made in elegant style by Dr. W.
D. Gibbon, one of the class, after
which Prof. B. expressed his thanks to
his pupils in a very becoming farewell
Mr. Bushuell accompauied by T. L,
Potter started for Chicago on Satur
day A. M,
The "Recorder," lias not come out
yet, though Mr. Mathews and family
have returned from Chicago, however
ho is pushing work on his new build
ing, which he says will be finished at
once, and a paper got out this week.
Well ! we hope so.
Weeping Water can boast of four
lawyers now. Six Dry Goods, and
general merchandise etches, two Boot
& Shoe stores, two Hardware, two
Harness and three Drug Stores, two
Millinery and Dressmaking, two Meat
Markets, two Hotels and one Barber
Shop, five Medicine Doctors. Variety
Store, News epot,orre Jeweler, two
Restaurants, &c. j&c. ;
Our town is growing very fast, and
has a lively appearance, all the time
now. still we shall always have a
hearty welcomo left for our old friend
the "Nebraska Herald," and it's
faithful little Editor, to whom we
wish future success. Just as ever,
Feeble Ladies.
Those languid, tiresome sensations,
causing you to feel scarcely able to bo
on your feet; that constant drain that
is taking from your system all its elas
ticity, driving the blosjo from your
cheeks; that continual strain upon
your vital forces, rendering you irrita
ble and fretful; can easily be removed
by the use of that marvelous remedy
Hop Bi'.ters. Irregularities and ob
structions of your, s vsteni are relieved
at once, while the special cause of per
iodical pain is permanently removed.
Will you heed this)'
is a three story brick 50x175 feet,
the first floor are the offices of
company ; also a store room 30x50
ted up for the storing of goods.
the second stoty, 50x150 feet, is used
for patterns "and light material.
There is also a room twenty-five feet
square designed for the storage of
records. The basement 50x175 feet i3
designed for the storage of castings
and other heavy supplies. The build
ing is a model in its way and provided
with a steam elevator aud all the
necessary appliances for the handling
of supplies.
The company in the not far distant
future expect to build a large and ful
ly equipped foundry, that they may
h ve ample facilities for getting out
all t lie brass and iron castings needed
in their woik. .
South of the machine shop the com
pany have built at a considerable cost
a reservoir with a capacity of 100,009
gallons. From the level of the , ma
chine shov to the top of the reservoir
is one hundred and ten feet, giving a
water pressure of about 450 pounds.
The water is brought down from the
reservoir to the vards. by two six inch
pipes, and distributed to the hvdrants
by four inch pipes, the hydrants being
situated at suitaole points, for the pro
tection of the company's buildings,
and are provided with an attachment
permitting the use of two hose on each
is a two story and basement brick,
twenty feet square. The basement is
fitted with one large tank with capac
ity for holding two car loads of lubri
cating oil. The first floor is fitted
with tanks for the various high grades
of lubricating oils; the second with
reels for packing and is also used for
the storage of waste. The carpenter
shop, 40x125 feet is a temporary struc
ture. At the entrance of the yards
are coal sheds for distributing coal to
the engines. The employes are fur
nished with coal by the companv at
greatly reduced figures.
The freight house is .50x100; all the
freight brought by the eastern ro.ids
being distributed here, excepting
through shipments for the west. The
passenger depot is 30x120.
The pay-roll of the company shows
the disbursement of nearly $30,000 per
month, or $.500,000 annually.
For the foregoing facts The Herah
is indebted to Messrs. llawksworth,
Dawson and Hargraves.
The (act that Plattsmouth has fairlv
entered upon an era of prosperity, is
evidenced in alf directions. For near
ly a score of years the city had setn
but little growth and even the oldest
and most sanguine friends had about
become discouraged, and the wonder
ful activity now visible must be grate
full in the extreme to the good peo
ple who have stood so loyally by
the town of their early love. Among
the solid improvements of the past
year may be mentioned the Oorder
Block, two story brick, with stone
trimmings; the Weckbach & Drew
Block, two story brick, iron front;
Golding's brick block; Rasgorshek's
two story brick block, stone trim
mings; the very handsome store of F.
Carruth, stone trimmings, iron front;
the Union Block built by Dr.
John Black and the M. E. Church,
the Ilerold block and the Fitzgerald
block, three story brick, stone tiiiu
mirigs are among the older
improvements. In the way of resi
liences, old and new are those of
pt. Palmer o College Hill; the fine
two story brick dwelling of Dr. Black
on Fourtli street; the residence of J.
A. MucMurphy of the Herald, built
by Peter A. Sirpy at Trader's Point
and moved to Plattsmouth; the resi
dence of F. E. White, two story brick,
mansard rpof: residence of J. V j
Weckbach -a "house of rcany gables" j
residence of A. W. McLaughlin on i
Sixth street: of Hon. Geo. is. Smith,
surveyor-general, on Sixth street com
manding a line view of Iowa and the
Missouri river; residence of Thos
Marsland. agent of the B. & M.
Following, is a list of
of Plattsmouth: Episcopal. St.
I.ukVs Memorial church, built by Mrs.
tfoiiiig,' of New York City, gothic
stained glass windows, Rector. I, .
Burgess. Catholic church, Rev. Fr.
Lynch; Baptist church, no pastor; the
Presbyterian church, a small neat
structure. Re?. Mr. Rami, Pastor;
Methodist, a commodious wooden
structure. Rv. Mr. Wilson. Pastor.
To the wfcii, of tfre city is a fair
ground with a good half trttpfc,
good buildings, and probably the finest
natural grove of trees of any in the
state. From the centre of the ground
there is a magnificent view of the
Missouri and Platte rivers, the Iowa
Bluffs and the Platte river valley.
The city has three ward schools and
a high school the latter a fine three
story and mansard roof brick struc
ture with stone trimmings, situated
on what is known as High School Hill
there are three departments; high
school grammar and primary. Total
number of scholars, 8 -(5. The branches
pursued are those in the ordinary
high school course. The school is well
supplied with maps, globes and other
apparatus, the efficient principal, Mr
Drummond. having a corps of twelve
The Herald, weekly, published by
J. A- MacMurphy, has the largest
county circulation and is a progressive
and'ably edited paper. It. is one of
the oldest p tpsrs in Nebraska, and is
now in the 17th year, having been es
tablished by II. D. Hathaway in 1814.
It runs two job presses and a jower
The Journal, daily, published by C.
W. Sherman, is a new enterprise with
a good circulation and flittering pros
pect fcr a prosperous career.
The Enterprise, weekly, published
by II. M. Bushnell, has an extensive
circulation, and is ably conducted.
; First National bank, organized in
January, J872;paid up capital $58,000;
John. Fitzgerald President; J. M. Pat
tPHQiif vice president; A. WMcLaugh
lin, cashier; Jno- O'Rourke, assistant
Bank of Cass County, organised in
February 1881, by Dr. John Black,
A. E. Touzcilin, E. M. and II W. Yates,
D. H. Wheeler, Henry Bceck and F.
(Juthman; capital .'.0,000.
The above from the Omaha Herald
closes the report of the B. & M. shops
and allusions to our business houses.
Feeling that our Omaha friends
treated us very handsomely in tha
matter of space in their papers, we re
produce a portion of the report from
each of the leading papers represented,
rather than a detailed version of our
own. Dr. Miller and his steuographer
came in the laorninsr nd of course bad
more chance to look over the town and
their "repoit therefor overs tLe ynost
ground and is given more fully.
In acolumn and a half article imong
other things the
They have opened a new hotel in
Plattsmouth called the Perkins house.
It was completed the last of August
and cost $20,000. It is a brick struc
ture, plain but useful. The rooms are
furnished in exquisite style and the ta
bits are to be admired.
This is not a ho'el advertisement,
exactly. It is the story of a banquet
given by the Plattsmouth board of
trade. That organization was effected
one year ago last May, and consists of
fifty-four members. D. II. Wheeler is
president. The board of trade helped
build a hotel, and on Thursday
evening last they gave a banquet. A
number of geuLlemen from Lincoln
were present, among them Gov. Nance
Secretary Alexander, and a representa
tive of the pres. From Omaha came
Judge Dundy, Mrs. Alvin Saunders,
Miss Burley, Mr. W. A. Redick, Mr. J.
L. Webster, and Miss Mamie Saunders,
U. S. Attorney Lambertson, U. S. Mar
shal, Bierbower, Mr. James Taylor,
and Miss Crounse. Mr. S. F. Don
nelly, f the Telegram, Mr. J, W.
Campbell, of the Republican, and Mr.
E. Rosewater and Mr. W. II. Kent, of
the Bee. At the depot the party were
met by Hon Geo. 8. Smith, Mr. J. 4..
MacMurphy, a bonfire and a brass
band. The gnests proceeded directly
to the hotel, where they thronged the
parlors until about 0:39, when the
dining rooms were thrown open aud
the banquet began. Something over
one hundred and fifty guests were
The Telegram made one of the most
concise and accurate reports given, a
portion of which is-found here from a
column and a half of matter.
With her important growth in
wealth and resources Plattsmouth has
for some time suffered from an im
portant want. A fire a few years
since destroyed her principal hotel,
and wit!) a better excuse than Omaha
has had under similar circumstances,
she has been for a period without any
thing which deserved the name of ho
tel. But her people are not of the
kind to allow such a need to exist for
a great while. They believe in the
truth of the old proverb that "Heaven
helps those who help themselves," and
when it became evident that private
capital unaided would not step into
the breach and risk a large investment
in that most uncertain of all proper
ties a hotel the board ui trade came
to the front and offered $25x as a bo
nus towards the erection of the de
sired structure. As a result of this
step mine host McKeever opened on
August 2'Jd last fhe Perkins House, a
handsome three-story brick block, cost
ing $20,000, and iu all its interior plan,
its furnishing, its management, out of
the best hotels iu the we.3t. The In
fant. hoyever, was not christened at
its birth, but after due preparation,
and with great eclat, this-affair came
off last evening, in a grand banquet
given under the auspices of the Platts
mouth Bord of Trade, and in the
preaeiice of the Governor, Secretary of
State, the principal federal officials of
X braik.i, the leading ckizens cf
Plattsmouth, many of the faiivst la-
uies or our comnion-vea:ci, una rep- j
resentatifes of the leading newspapers j
of the state. If that infant does not
do well its godfathers are not to blame.
Upon the arrival of the trai.i ai
Plattsmouth the party were takn in
charge by leading citizens, tiie press
being chaperoned by Mr. John A.
MacMurphy. of the Herald, C. W.
Sherman, of the Daily Jourmil. and
H. M. Bushnell, of the Enterpiise. Dr.
Geo. L. Miller, of the Omaha Herald
was fouid to be on the ground.
After a period passed by tne guests
in interchange of social greetings iu
the parlors the banquet was served and
most elaborate and perfect it was in
every detail. It was opened by . a
brief and very happy address of wel
come by Qon . 11. U- Iiiyiugatori, and
after due discussion of t lie menu toasts
were in order:
The State of Nebraska The young
est but two in the great constellation,
yet foremost among the proudest and
best. Gov. Albinus Nance.
Our Railroads The Union Pacific,
the iron bond uniting ocean to ocean
and carrying the commerce of the
world. Dr. Georgt, L. Miller.
The B. & M. R. R. in Nebraska-Onward
to the Pacific, populating thp
the country as it goes. Hon. Geo. S.
The Missouri Pacific Railway, open
ing a new highway to the southern
seaboard. Hon-Jno. E. Webster.
The Plattsmouth Board of Trade
Full of pluck and energy, know no
such word as fail. lion. D. II. Whetl
er. The City of Plattsmouth : Like Rome,
situated on her seven hills. Mayor
O'Uourke by M. A. Hartigan.
The Press of Nebraska one of our
greatest educators, the moulder of pub
lie opinion., shaping the destiny and
policy of the future. Hon. Fred Nye.
Our Women The great promoters
of eur moral and religious growth and
refinement. Hon, G. M. Lambertson.
The Perkins House- Furnishing the
table at which we eat, aud a welcome
home for the weary traveler. Hon. A.
N. Sullivan.
The Judiciary The protection of
pur fights, cjvjl ant religious. Judge
Tho Missouri River Nature's great
artery, through which flows the com
merce of a continent. E. Rosewater.
Our Distinguished Guests; our
young and accomplished host and
hostess; and our first banquet. John
A, MacMurphy.
The J4e, Mr. Rosewater hi'iiself be
iug present, gives us the following
send off being a portion of a two col
umn article.
The Bee repoiter had ample time
before the beginning of he ovening's
entertaiument to look about him and
meet many of tlie prominent gentle
men present. Among others were
Governor Nance, Secretary of Stale
Alexander, lion. Daniel H. "Wheeler,
J. B. Strode, Dr. R. R. Livingston, J.
A. MacMurphy, Geo. S. Smith, Survey
or General, M. A. Hartigan, John
O'Rourke, Major of Plattsmouth; H.
M. Bushnell. Mr. Sherman, A. W. Mc
Laughlin, J. P. Young. J. W.Marshall.
J. A. Connor. M. llennett," Mike
Schnellbacher, C. S Dawson. Fred Gor
der, John Waterman,. II. A. Richie,
Wni. Ilerold, Gust Ilerold, F. S. White,
Frank E. White. G. W. FairGeld. Da
vid Hoxworth, Fred Latham, James
Pettee, Fred Herman, "Win. Baker,
James Patterson, J. N. Wise, A, N.
Sullivan. J. W. Barnes, and many
ether men who have helped to build
up the state by building upon its east
ern border so healthy and thriving a
pjfy, ancj wjth such a future before it
as h 3
In this connection it would be an
easy, matter to write up several col
umns concerning this same city, its
beautiful site ou the bluffs overlook-
ing the river, its rapidly growing pop
ulation, now over six thousand, ai.d
the busy hum of industry which fills
the air from morning until night. The
collossal structure which spans the
Missouri at this point, the deep cuts
through which the heavily laden
trains rush from the dizzy heights
above the Big Muddy into the heart '
of this modern Rome, with its sovea ,
hills, the acres upon acres of shop3 in ;
which the Burlington and Missouri
River in Nebraska, employs nearly j
five hundred men in the work con- i
nected with the departments of their
vast business any of these would be
a theme worthy to be dilated upon.
But" Plattsmouth is not Pompeii nor
Troy:. it is no newly discovered city
which has been buiied for centuries
and whose ruins the visitors were
taken down to inspect. Plattsmouth
has been written up and everybody
knows just where tha county seat of
Cass county is to be found.
The trip .as takyn to banquet with
the Plattsmouth Hoard of Trade, now
in the second jear of its existence and
a most prominent organization. Maj.
D. II. Wheeler is its president. Frank
Carruth its vice president, and J.B. j
Strode Secretary ; in a total member-!
ship of fifty-four are included all the I
more prominent and enterprising men
who when public spirit and energetic
action aiv needed, are at all times
found ready to put their shoulders to
the wheel. That is the character of
the hosts of the evening and it was
fitting that their guests should be en
tertained in one of he institutions
which ranks Plattomouth as assuming
metropolitan proportions.
The hotel was begun in the spring
of 1880, and was named the Perkins
house iu honor of C. E. Perkins, Esq.
of the C. B. & Q railway. The hotel
was completed last summer and open
ed in August, Messrs. Gutliman Bros,
the owners, leasing it to Mr. John
McKeever formerly of Minonk, 111.,
who is a most efficient and popular
landlord. The Perkins house is of
brick, three stories high, well arranged
elegantly furnished, and with a dining
room capable of seating two hundred
The following were the committees
on this occasion :
M. A. Hartigan, H. M. Bushnell,
J. A. Connor, J. V. Weckbach,
F, E. White, J. M. Patterson,
J. YT. Marshall.
F. E. White, Fred Gorder, J.B. Strode.
A. W. McLaughlin, D. II. Wheeler,
C. W. Sherman,
L. D. Bennett, F. Hermann.
F. S. White, J . A. MacMurphy.
- F. Caii uth.
J. B. Strode, A. N. Sullivan,
Fred Gorder,
J. V. Young, J. V. Weckbach,
J. W. Johnson, H. M. Bons,
John Waterman,
11. B. Windham, M. L. White.
II. M.
hnell, J. A. MacMurphy,
('. W. Sherman.
Geo. S. Smith,
J, W. Marshall,
A. N. Sullivan.
J. M. Schnellbacher, J. M. Patterson,
Jno. O'Rourke,
J. N. Wis, J. W. Barnes.
Our own Journal (Daily) got out a
very creditable report of four columns
the time and
clianee they had show:? t-nterprise aud
newspaper ability,
The Enterprise, .Saturday, had a
brief, but clever synopsis the event.
I'eriiaps our readers ui iy think we
devote too much attention to this mat
ter'j but we have .always held that
what helps 'ass County aids Nebraska ;
what aids and increases I'lattsmouth,
enriches Cass County, and we have
resilly made great progress in this end
of 'Cass County in the past two or
three years, and have rather uoileres
Unrated our real growth and impor
tance, than over-advertised ourselves.
An occasion of this kind does not
pecqr every day and when it does, t
is both light and proper that we
should s-t ourselves fairlv and fully
before lite world.
Rescued from Death.
Iu the following remarkable state
uient. William J. Couyhlin of Somer
ville, Mass., says: "In the fall of 1876
vas tidveu with a violent hleep
inu of xiip LCJ.U3 followed by a se
vere cough." I was so weak at one
time that I could not leave my bed.
In the summer of 177 1 was admitted
to the City Hospital. While there the
doctors said I had a hole in my left
lung as big as a half dollar. I expend
ed over a hundred dollars in doctors
and medicines. I gave up hope, but a
friend told me of DK. HALL'S BAL
bottle to satisfy him, when to my fur
prise and gratification, 1 commenced
to feel better, and to-day feel in better
spirits than I have the past three years.
I write this hoping that every one
afjjietpd with Diseased Lungs will be
induced to take Dr. WM. HALL'S
conviucfd that CONSUMPTION
CAN HE CURED. I can positively
say that it has done more good than
all the other medicines I have taken
during my sickness." Sold bv drug
gists. 13
Aboard the Train for Louisville.
Friday m-Tning ye Jocal" boarded
the west bound train for Louisville,
on a collecting and canvassing tour,
aud to see our many patrons in that
sectien of the country.
Several prominent personagps were
on tlie train, among theia Governor
Nance and Secretary of State S. J. Al
exander; also John Fitzgerald and
Win. Nevills, and last but not least
Joseph A. Connor, who stopped off
at Louisville,
We arrived at the busy burg of
about five hundred inhabitants, sur
named Loni3YiUe, about noon and in
OuOipany with a friend, proceeded
to the "Albee House" for dinner. We
found "mine host" Albee with a hsuse
full of boarders, and doing a rushing
The Mo. Pacific track is completed
at that point, there being only a few
gaps between there and Weeping "Wa
ter where bridges were not quite fin
ished. The bridge acros - the Platte
yyas neariy completed, and we werein
fqrrped that a train would prababiy
run across about the middle of this
week. The bridge is a good substan
tial one about half a mile long.
Several accidents have occurred on
the M. P. the past week or twe,
among which are Jie following; B. C.
Salmon was hauling bridge lumber,
and his toam becoming unmanageable,
be was thrown from the wagon,
Spraining his arms and shoulders; W.
A. Anderson received a bad cut above
the right ear bv a chunk -f coal fall
ing from the bridge; Oliu Harris and
E. Cochran v:e thrown from a pile
driver south of Louisville, injuring
them quite severely.
Dr. Ilase-tiieir, is kept busy attend
ing to these injured and other vpa
tisnts; ho is vent for from miles
around, In'ing very successful in his
practice. lie is also doing a good bus
iness in his drug store.
While I! etc we were MiOrVii by the
secretary of the potterv works. Milton
itchor which was made by
a good specimen it was too.
informed us that they were
as many orders as they
anil of course were doing
thein j10)1
i 2J.r. Polk
could 111!,
wwil. We regret that we cannot give
a inure extended noticr of their works.
We made a short call on our old
friend Truman Hall, wkile there; ho
says the harness business is rushing.
Dr. Darling has recently started a
nw drug stdre making three drug
stores in the town.
A. W. Hill ef the Hall House is
building a new hotel and there are
several other now buildings going up,
which shows that our sister city is
booming. Tha Herald hops sho
may continue to prosper, and there
seems to b? no reason why she should
Death to rats and
vermin, Parsons
Blood Toiso f.ins, Scrofulous Ulcera
and ItchiRg: limners, Abscesses aud
(!a!idn!ar Swellings. '
i,ea im;ihoi.;.
Mr. Al.Vrt Kingsbury. Keene.X. II., troubled
with ba'l liunior : nanus ;inu neck, e.itu.sed bv
lfii'l poifOniii;;. (lie's a painter.) At times it
would In fa k out. ciai'k and the .hin sod
mate Iroin tl.e flcsi) iu lare piece, suffering
inest! coiiiiiHiHi milium ana srmmiii:. rurcnao-
ed your reiiu'lie : used I'i'Tlci it a Hksolvent
internally. hihI Ct. i ii'i uA hdA Cuthx'ka Soap
externally, and in le than tlneo months ef
fected a complete cure, and has not been trou
bled fine.. Coirolor:it(jl bv Ual!;in & Fuster.
Liruirttiidf, Kf'iie, .'. 11.
.1. W. Adams, Newark. Olsio. says ; "ClTtci"
ka Kkmki-h s ti:u t:re.nest "medicines ou
e:0't!i. Hail tli worst ca-ie ol s ill, rheum iu tin
county. My mother imd it twenty years, and in
f:tct died lioiii it. I l-ciirve Ci'iiVi k.v would
have saved her life. My anus, breast aid head
were oovered ior tiuec Vfars, which nothing
relieved or em ed ucti! I used the Cruel ka
1:ksoi.vft infernally :uul Cctici ka and t'V
rr.XKA fto.vp c.vterna'ily.
II. K. Carpenter. Kj., Henderson, N. V.. cur
fd of I'soriasis or Leprosy, of twenty years
nandim:. by tlie cctn'Vra Uksoi.vknt inter
r.aily. and rii u t ka and Ct'TicUKA SoAi" ex
ternally. The nii'M wonderful eae on record.
Cure cert ii'ed to before a Justice of the peace
and prominent citizens. All a 'Dieted with itch
ii'ii ami c-tiy isea.-es should M'i'd to m for
lhi- tesliiiioi;i.ljlifitl!.
SALT KlllCt.'M.
Tlx;- who havtj experienced the torments of
Salt Kheiioi can api reeiate the aaony 1 o-ndur-eil
for Tears, until cured by the t'nu iHA ItK
K'l.VKXr internally. And Cl"ll'fi:A aud Cuti
CLK A So I' eieriiaii.v.
Mks. YYi. l'n.i.t x;tox. Sharon. Wis.
and t'liirn: v Soap pMm:i'!y and ('rTH ViU
Uksoi.vknt -roaiiy po-ii h -; cute ev
ery species o t ".;ij:or, tt"n: a emu.') ; i irnpta
to'Sci'idnld. I'lh-eoi Tlihika. '.nullhoxes.
.'.Oil ; l.,li,e i.eNt . St. ( ITlCCtiA !!Sj!,
1 perbott:.. cn ii ir.A So i 2.-.O. t'n:cnu
Shavin.i Soap. I'e. ot bv all d cumins! s.
Depot. VKKK & rOl'lL'U. lUton. Mas.
Sanfcr&'s Radical Cure,
Complete Treatment
For 81. OO.
RANFOitn'S Kaical Cl BE. ('ATAKKH
At, Sol.YKNT Klilt IMIitOVWI I N II A I.FIt .
with spreiiic directions, may now be hud ol
all drt'f ui-ts. neatly wrapped in one pack
age, for one dollar. Ask for Sam oKo'fr
It . i i; ai. ( fur..
This economical acd ruver-failiiiK treat?
ment iwl.u.jly c;;':u:e tne uaHl paHfn
jot 'putrid oiueooi-. snbdues inrlaniuiatiocj
w lieu extending to the eve. ear and throat. 1
ret;iies tne seas-c oi snieii. iajieana near-j
inn when after ted. leaves the head deodor
ized, clear and open, the breath sweet, the
breathing easy, and every neiice lu a Kra-te-ful
and toothed condition. Internally ad
minixtereil it eleani'en the entire unicorn.
syotein through the Mood, which it purifies
of tne acid poi-ma always prenent in Ca
tarrh, r.ecommeiided by nil drupKifs.
General Agents. WEEKS tc POTTER,
f.cston. Max.
A Koaches. Water Bust.
ujti iv t;.i ravenmiNly
iHNAlOK and die;
No fear of ts.ii Mineil"
Barn, uranaries smd
households often clcaie.i i a sinjr'ji Best
and el.eape-t j i nn'n hilb r iu the world. No
failure in years. Every box warranted. Sold
bv all grocer a:io drubts. Ask for PAR
SON"1. Mai'.ed for 2- cents bv '
WEEKS & I'0 11 'Kit. Boston, Ia.
- SToiAca
In Host r ramilics
ITostetter's Stomach Haters is as much re.
parded js a household ncrtbsity as sofrar
or coifte. The reason of this is that years
of experience have proved it to be pct
fectly reliable ii those cases pf eaiitiicy
where a prompt and convvrisnt remedy is
demanded, 'oh,:patlon, liver complaint,
dysjirpsia, indigestion and ether troubles are
c ercome by it.
For tale lv Dr-jsrlsts . nd Dealers, to wbora
if'-7 far Ifestefttr Almanac for tUSk
Manufacturer ol and Dealer In
uste isrxD HEAVY
Also, a full llr.e of
iXipe uentlv ai d promptly at short notice at his
Directly oi.iociie I'ostoftice. 1'lattsmouth.Nsb.
oe but the lres.t of stwck USP I
Pllf jnrn
IP (. Mews I5ejpotf9
here yen will Mud a larjje and full ux-oi tmi'iit tt
Wax and China Dolls, China Vases, Tin and Iron Toys,
Pocket Books, Bibles, Memorandums.
Alo. the largest and fin et assort meat ot
Lemons. Oranges and Eang Apples.
Price lower Hum the lowest.
51 CAT .llAHKrX
At ttaU hop you'll rlud meet wlioleoio aud
Sausagt, pork mutton and veal.
And It is eur belief, you'll buy excellent beef,
If you at this butcher shp deal.
He keeps always on band the bet lu the land ;
OF such as your families need ;
Others may de well, but they eannet excel.
For Fickler w ill still take the lead.
A good bargain you'll make If vou want to buy
Or oup meat or to boil or to frv,
You can have a good dish cf whatever you
Competition be well may defy.
This business provides Tor pnod pelts and hi des
Lard and tallow he'll botli buy and sell ;
Kml yo'll fiud thU tli cuse, there's no other
You'll do b( tter, if you will quite as w ell.
And this we may tell if you've fat cattle to
or hog or fheep that are nice ;
leu can bung them riht here and you need
never fear,
lut for t beiii you'll net a good juice. "
Satisfaction to all lio give him a call.
It is liii Intention to pive,
For we're cei laiu imWsd, this belong ( his
Not only to livs but let live !
3lrn3 Costomf.h.
A Large Stock of
Livery, Feed & Sale
Or an Old Stable in new Tiands entirely.
The New Finn of
open the d
on the Corner of 6th and Pearl Streets with a
New Livery Outfit.
Call ami see PATTERSON & DIXON
Huch a1 Consruiiptloii. lirouehitln, A-thina,
jeneral l'ebiiiiy. liraiu Kvliuo-tioii. Chron
ic Constipation. lironic Ui:iriiiea. dys
pepsia, or
1.oms of Xfrvoas Power,
Are ioMtivelv cored bv FKI.I.OflS' COM
rOl'M) HV'ftL I' hi' HVlMl iloM-WITfc.
As pliGi-i'horus eut'. rs so largely the ani
mal ecouoiuy. It beiornes par ex-eiieiic- the
best vehicle ith which to ai-i-oeiate the oilier
vitalizing iui,r-dirts or healthy I'-h-oJ. Svrve
and Muicle. In Kello f ' M rup of i I ypophos
phites are combined a!! the M:bstai.ets found
iieeesary to insure rohust heallh. and whereas
it was invented with a viw to supply every de
ficiency, it cert;yuly has performcu eome won
derful core.
Manchester, N. H., June 13. 1880.
Mr, James I. Fe ixo w,
Dear Sir: I wish to acknowledge the reat
benefit i have received from the use tt "Fel
lows' Coniooond Hyntp of Hypophoplilt." I
have teen an invalid for nearly two years with
s bronchial affection that had become cbronie.
In the Fall of 178 I had a phytie'an eighty day
in suocesxmn. betides the counsels ttf several
others. They gave me but little encourage
ment, snuie of thc.ia none. Last July I was ad
vised to glxe your remedy a trial. I old so, ana
in les than one week there was a marked im
provement for the better. I have continued Its
use from that time until th preent, Improving
all the time, and I can truthfully V I iorn
than a hundred per pent- tb?n h""
commeiK d its oe. I have increased in waipht
about fifieea pounds, and my couh, which waa
fearful, has nearly disappeared. 1 believe had
It not beeu for your Hyriip. I sheuld ere this
bare been beyond the eares of life.
V ery lruly yours. Albiht Storv.
tifDo not be deceived by reinedie.1 bearint
a niinilar name ; no other preparation la a sub
stitute Jot ttili. undor any circuiuataucee.
For tiaife t'aUSniU'118-
fej- ..':'s:;r;;yS:i'i
TT1--. - 1
& Shoes
. I
f 1
Don't fall to call id look througu stock nnd get prices befoie
buyinj eleliere. it3
J When death was hourly expected, ail reta
j edies having toiled, and Ur 11. Jainet waj x
j perlinenting with the many herbt of Calcutta,
j he aecideutally made a preparation which cur
; ed his only child of ouumtloii. ; Hit
child Is now Iu this country, aud enjoytog tbt
bet of health, lie has proved to the wtld
that CoiiMumptf on can be positively and
permanently cured. The Doctor now glvet tbia
itetipe free, only asking two three cent atantpa
to pay expenses. This herb alo cures JVIgbt
Sweats, Nauoea at the Stomach, and will break
up a fresh cold in tweuty-Iour hours. Ad
dresi Craddook & Co.. IOJ'2 Kace Street, Phila
delphia, naming this paper.
1 1 BKATTVs" I'l A0 KOKTKK Maf-
mriceiil holiday presents : square grand pi
anofortes, lour very handsome luund corners,
lor-ewnod eases, three unisons, lleatty't match
less iron iiames. stool, book, cover, boxed.
75 to 07.5O; catalogue prices,
&; saii-f;u!tioii guaranteed or money re
funded, after tine year's use ; upright piano
foites, to W'S ; catalogue pries !oo to esoa
standard pianofortes of th. umvert.e, as thou
sands tectify ; write for a mammoth Ul of tes
timonials. lUMity s cabinet oruanc, cathedral
church chapel, parlor. t.U upwaid; visiters
welcome ; Lyre carriage meets passengers ; II
li!"trtrd catalsigue (holiday edition) free. Ad
dres or call ui Dan i HiE. Bkativ, Wash
ington. New Jersey.
holidays: i
LOW irieer for Cash. Iiistallmrmi received
NIKIC ENTT1, oct. UosEWOOD PI A N OS, K tool
and cover, only I'm. Warranted l vears. Il
lustrated Catalogue mailed. Agents wanted.
HOUACK W A'l Kits ta Co., Manufacturer and
Dealers, sj Broadway, New Vork.
A tew A ffnuit MtHi.r&J V ork
wrrnt-a We cb f
eat, iri(liFMHAh. to rrmrf
mn, entiUwi 44tb 8cimc c4
Ii.," botmij in flnrat (ranch
rn at-1 in , n bd , f u H u i 1 1 , 9
Iae,conUunHbMit iful Mnk
J J . A- " .1-
V 'j-'r--' nl Inita'BorIr W U I'ah
KdOtf TKlfcELF. tin No. iiiunnciit.iJortu
Ad4 a orouneat for your borne, all in ou,
i i fl
it to
Frank UiemaU,
On Main Street, opposite Cunrt Hou
made to order. Also a eood line of Antnkerw
Articles of all kind, rob.icjos, A3 , mi. .Tiraa
I'lai txinonih - ,rbrssk,
ll'aircr o.f StuiH Engines Bailer,
haw awl Grist Jiii.
Wr.)i!;ht Iron I'ipe, Kore aud Lift I'iiies.Straai
iai(;s. tiaf'jty Vn)v Ooreruor awatl
kiiKiM of Brass Ci.Kine ittir ;s,
repaired on hort notice.
Also all kinds ol
Carriages always onHand
Kt1 .J1 ot Vy wcounta setUed t Oat.
and I shall aoto .ore credit bu.iae.ia, AUH
accounts inUst be settled up. and ts mi tM
will t made. Unless sncli it.-luV are settled
shertly they will be sued. w
I wish to do a strlpjiy tviU business Hful4r
Flattsmo nth, Nafc.
y ThaHiAlut bai enUtt to pens!
i Bounty and ncir dittrftargrt prvwrr. T h r8 1
doubt as to whether enlltl.vl tn innhlrr
LjJahould feetld two 2u itumni 7nr Anr lr
mmltur f Infonnatlan." AdJrtv, will
stmroDS, STOPrAP.T A CO.. Solicitor f Olau
4W rtei&i t u fctf.wwaUy-jdilAU.
.2." X .
I s. si mm v wi m
f, i! nrV jijs m
lJ"3s I) (1 '"lt!'H