Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 08, 1881, Image 4

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    THE HSHX5$
-Flashes F Fasbion. ;'
Jackets are giving place to long dol
mans, French pelisse, circle and l'ora
padour. or blether Hubbard cloaks.
i.oire and Surah are frequently
combined in the same suit with one or
more materials, and trimmings be
sides. : : 1
Pendant pockets of white alin and
moire trimmed wit Spanish lace
make :-pretty '. additions to evening
demi-teilets. ' .
The rage for Japanese ornaments of
all kinds for rooms, halls, parlors,
chambers and boudoirs is on the in
crease. ,
Cornel's hair cloth, serges and a new
light cloth called lthadames are the
leading woolen dress goods of the
The two most charming heather
mixtures in cheviots take the name f
heather in sunshine and heather in
shade. . .
SiveV gray silk trimmed with silver
nieire and steel and silver bead em
broideries, is a much admired combi
nation. .
Feathers of all kinds, from whole
and half birds, heads and wings, to
ostrich plumes and tips are extremely
Velvet, plush, and novelty ribbous
are used to make handsome hanging
pockets or reticules that can be worn
with any dress.
Basques of moire, in black and in
dark colors, in blue, plum, bottle-green
and maroon, will be worn with skiits
of various kinds.
'Over-diesses and all draperies are
looped high giving the panier effect
around the hips, and the rooster tail
effect in the back.
Among other ashionnlsia pendant
ornaments for rooms are quaint, odd
shnped little baskets of split bamboo
Japanese, of course.
Wail papers vre now brought out in
imitation of tapestries, including even
the famous (jobelius, which an
admirably imitated.
Large, very large bonnets are the
modt fashionable, but small and medi
um sizes and cottage and turban
shapes continue in vogue.
New stockings come in heather
Mixtures, in stripes hair-lined with
gold thread?, and alo plain in the new
and fashionable colors.
Luee is used to an enormous extent
in trimming all sorts of winter gar
ments dresses, wraps, fichus for house
wear, basques ahd jackets.
Extracts from our Exchanges.
Two of the insane pat i tit a at the
asylum, Lincoln, recently made their
Decatur's hopes have been revived
again by a prospect for a bridge. The
8. (.'.& P. 'contemplates a road to Wis
ner, direct west from Onawa and a
bridge at Decatur. W ouldn't Decatur
boom though, and we'd all have glory.
Ida Wear, agtd ten years, of Grand
Island, had to cross the rail road track
to reach school. While waiting for a
train to pass a little boy playfully
pushed her and she fell, the cars pass
ing over her right leg and left foot
crushing thorn fearfully. Tliev were
amputated but she died from the ef
fects. Dr. J. It. Buffington of Gage county
and Mrs. Hickok of Moline. 111., were
married at Beatrice recently, the mar
riage ceremony taking place by tele
phone", the happy couple being at the
City Hotel and Judge Coffey at his
ollice. This is the first marriage re
ported as taking place by telephone.
A Nebraska City girl complains in a
communication "to the News that
there are one hundred marrigeable
girls, many of them highly accom
plished and attractive women, in
that city, and not really a dozen eligi
ble young men. although there are
plenty of pleasant young fellows who
"lack education, Independence, and in
fact everything that is necessary to
The country wanted Blaine or
Grant, and it got GarGeld and Arthur.
When it had Garfield it claimed that
Blaine was the administration, and
now that it has Arthur it says that
Grant's the real president. And so
the. country secures both Grant and
Blaine-but the funny thing is that the
Giant men claimed that Blaine was
president, and now the lilaint men
claim that the administration is Grant.
F.vrybody gets what he wants, no
ted; is satisfied, and the very Lucifer
is to pay. To a man who wants a
good quiet communion with the clear
est thing on earth, politics offer great
inducements. Omaha Iiepublican.
If there be any living Englishman
who deserves a birthday grePtingfrom
the eople ef the United States, that
man is surely John Bright. II is
speeches to English audiences during
the dark days of the war are hardly
less inspiring reading than they were
when delivered. His speech of Roch
dale on the seizure of the Southern
Commissioners, at Birmingham on the
war in its relations to Lancashire dis
tress, and in the House of Commons
on Mr. Roebuck's motion for the re
cognition of the Southern Confeder
acy, are not only models of fervid,
vigorous oratory ; they are wonderful
examples of statesmau-Iiko prescience
and of the indomitable courage of a
man whom neither aristocratic preju
dice nor popular passion could sworve
from his convictions of right. There
are few American statesmen whose
utterances ; from 1S61 to 1883 will
stand the test of reading to-day so
well as those of John Bright. -Not
only the people of the United States,
but the friends of freedon throughout
the world, owe to the sturdy Quaker
the warmest r.ongratulatious on bis
sevntieth birthday. N. V. Times.
Incidents of Garfield's Last Hours
The story comes from the lips f Dr.
Agnew's wife. On the day set apart
for prayers by the Governor of New
Jersey, the patient was lying in his
.easy chair, gazing off on the distant
ea. His wife sat by his side. Pres
ently the sound of the church-bells fell
upon the ear. As they continued, some
one called Mrs. Garfield away. In a
few moments she returned, telling her
husband that one or two of his friends
feared that the - noise of the church
bells might not be agreeablu to him.
and if tii ey affected his nerve it could
be stopped at once. The President
looked up confidinsly into his wife's
face, and said: "Crete, the bells that
call to prayer can novi-r injure me."
Two or three das before nis death,
Mrs. Agnew says, the patient, in a
quiet talk with Dr. Agnew. remarked :
-Doctor,. I seem to have two roads
before me. One is the road to recovery.
. the other the road to the grave. - I feel.
Doctor, that I am on the latter
Springfield Eeiw'rnn.
TbonghtTTmneb were Long3fi "-" "
They were married in the. morning
and immediately stepped aboard the
cars for a bridal tour to San Francisco.
They attracted considerable attention
on the way by their honeymoon actions
and created a great deal of quiet fun
among the goodly number of ladies and
gentlemen who were passengers. In
due time the cars entered a tunnel, and
all for a few moments were enveloped
in darkness. All too soon, the cars
emerged into the broad glare of . tho
noonday sun, and our lovinir bride and
groom were discovered locked in each
other's arms and exchanging kisses at
rate seldom seen in public. The pas
sengers took in the situation in about a
second, and a shout went up that nearly
threw the train from the track, and
brought the conductor to tho scene or.
' double-quick. Tass it around,"
3'elled a big man who was on his way
west to get his wife. "Go back to the
tunnel,' said another man to the con
ductor. As tho ncwly-matlo husband
settled back in his seat, he was heard
to say: 'Sarah. I thought tunnels were
longer. Darn a railroad company, any
how." m t m
A Whale's Devotion.
Sprm whales usually travel in
schools, and in going into a body, com
pose I of "cows and calves," the latter,
although yielding but a small amount
of oil," are "struck" first. By this
method both are captured. The moth
er will not leave her offspring, neither
will it attack the boat, but will remain
close to the calf, apparently urging it
to escape by sounding or by . flight.
The "little one" can only' remain a.
short time under water, consequently
its dam is nlmost constantly a target
for lances, which she will continue to
receive, although not being fast to the
boat, until life is extinct, when the calf
will be killed. She will sacrifice her
own life in the attempt to assist her
young, and to any one except a whaler
it . would appear like a oolu-tuooucu
and heartless murder. Even they can
not help admiring the devotion, and
will endeavor to make the struggle as
brief as possible. The "c.ilf ' exhibits
no such filial affection, for if the moth
er is harpoonod first, he will imme ii
titely take French leave, leaving t'ie
"old lady" to fiht her own bullies
Extreme caution is used when striking
a calf to avoid a mortal wound, as his
tleath is sure to be fo'lowed by the
flight of the cow, who knows it in
stantly. '
Egyptian Ptrf.im3s.
TliO consumption of essences must
hive been enormous at the highest
ti le of Egyptian splendor, for the peo
p'c were actually enjoined to perfume
themselves on Fridays; corpses were
anointed with aromatic essences; sher
bet and sweetmeats were flavored with
tint) vegetable extrads; perfumes filled
tho air in every well-to-do house, and
saturated the letters and presents which
were constantly being exchanged. The
ladies bathed in perfumed water, the
men used scented oils for the hair, and
both made use of red, jellow aud green
soap. During great festivals incense
was burnt in all the streets, so that
even the poorest might be regaled bj
the raero act of breathing.
Nor was there any lack of narcotics.
The iiiodo of preparing opium, intro
duced from Syoot, in Upper Egypt.was
well known, and the Sultan Bey bars
promulgated several edict3 prohibiting
the uso of Hasheesh, a stupefying and
intoxicating preparation of Indian
hemp. In spite of the Prophet's prohi
bition, the juice of the grape continued
to bo indu'ged in; alcohol (as its name
indicates) is an Arab discovery, and
beer the favorite beverage of the an
cient Egyptians was also brewed and
drunk, under the Khalifs. Many a jo
vial song in praise of wine was sung
by Arab poets, and in early times many
Arabs would by no means admit that
the prophet had forbidden its use. In
an old MS. copy of Tha'alibi it is said:
'The Prophet may God bless him and
accept him permitted wine, and mer
cifully allows us to strengthen our
selves with it at our meals, and to
lift the vail of our cares and sorrows."
Egypt: Descriptive, Historical and
Costly Buildings.
The Builder, of London, gives some
interesting figures about .the cost of
modern buildings. It says: The new
Grand Opera at Paris cost $8,000,000:
the new Hotel de Ville, $8,000,000; the
new Paris Post Ollice, $6,000,000; the
new Museum of Victoria, Australia,
500,000; the Maison du Roi, in the
Brussels Market-place. $400, 000; the new
Brussels Mint, $800,000; the Palais de
Justice, at Brussels, 58,000,000. We
may compare with the above the cost
of the following buildings in the United
Kingdom; The Houses of " Parliament
at Westminster cost $17,500,000; the
new Foreign Office, Whitehall, $2,750.
000; and the Law Courts are estimated,
exclusive of special fittings, at nearly
Edwin Forrest and White Olond.
Manv years ago, while Edwin Forrest
Was playing an engagement in a West
ern theater, Wbit-n Cloud and a number
of other Indian chiefs were oa their re
turn from Washington, Stopping in
the town over nijht, they were conduct
ed to the theater to see the great Amer
ican tragedian. Mr. Forrest was then
in the prime of life, his voice being up
to the maximum of a stentor. The play
on that evening was "Metamora,"
which is now in the possession of John
McCullough. White Cloud and his
band of warriors were accommodated
with seats in a stage-box. The theater
was crowded and it was very evident
that the auditors were anxious to ob
serve what effect the performance would
have on the simon-pure children of the
forest. The play proceeded, and al
though the Indians could not under
stand a single word that was said, yet
they appeared to be much interested,
occasionally giving to one another a
satisfactory grunt- After a while they
became rather uneasy, which seemed to
be simultaneous amoig them all. This
was more apparent when the Indian
war-whoop came from behind the
scenes. The eyes of the audience were
upon White Cloud, who two or three
times grasped the torn Uiawk in his belt.
The other warriors did so likewise. The
party were getting more excited as the
play proceeded. They looked at each
other with anxiety. Tieir eyes iudexed
the fact that their "souls were in arms."
Presently Metamora with uplifted toma
hawk, rushed upon the stage, and
when he gave that war-whoop, which
none but a Forrest could do. the In
dians could remain in their seats no
longer. Forrest .gave a second and a
shrill whoop, whereupon Whits Cioud
and his band, joining in full chorus,
sprang upon the stag", ami brandish
ing their tomahawks and glittering
knives, rushed toward Mrtamora. For
rest was dumbfounded for a moment,
but he roon took in the situation, and,
finding that th real Indians were on
his siih;, reaily to do or die in his behalf,
he felt that he had achieved one of his
greatest triumphs in the profession he
so much loved during his eventful life.
In detailing this anecdote Forrest said
that he was not really aware that he
was using an axact ' whoop" for rein
forcements, but the w'ld Indi ius under
stood it and responded '.s followers of
Metamora. The house was thrown into
the wildest excitement, which soon
cooled down, with the general belief
that it was the b st performance and
most effective rendition of the Indian
play ever m:de b the distinguished
actor. Eau Fracico Vanity Fair.
"-"Tf ni ay hot be generally "fcridwa" that
rai:i f:stens oysters, r ....... -
Tho Somerset Reporter gives an ao
connt of what seems to have been vol
canic notion in the bed of Pointer creek,
in Pulaski county, . Georgia, which oc
curred a few days since. It gives the
account of an eye-witness. Looking in
the direction of the noise, he saw a
solid rock in the bed of the creek heav
ing up with a low, . rumbling, noise,
with now and then an explosion that
was heard with astonishment by per
sons miles away. The water was thrown
30 feet in the air, and the solid rock
shattered for 40 feet along the creek.
Tin. rock looks as if a large quantity of
powder had been placed, under it and
ignited. Huge fragments are displaced
just as in the case of blasting. Hun
dreds of people heard the explosion
and wondered what it could mean.
The productive property and incomo
of the principal American colleges is
given in the current, number of a
monthly review. Columbia college has
the irrcatest resources property valued
at $1,763,000, with an income of $315,
000. Harvard is second, with produc
tive assets of $3,165,000, with an in
come of $231,000. John Hopfcins uni
versity has $3,000,000 property, and an
incomo of $180,000. Yale has proper
ty to the amount of $587,000, with an
income of $136,000. Most of these in
stitutions have been liberally endowed.
One of the greatest of , American college-;,
the University of Michigan,
which instructs nearly 1.500 students
for a merely nominal tuition, has re
ceived scarcely any aid from individual
Carlo, a bundle bull-dog belonging
to E l. Clark, of Norwich, Conn., dis
covered a hre iu a stall occupied by a
valuab'o horse.. .It was night, and Car
lo rushed into the stall, pulled the
burning blanket from the horse, took
it into the street, and returning to the
stable attempted to put out the fire in
the straw with his feet. Ho sncceedc I
in scratching the straw away from the
already terribly burned beast, and then
with almost human intelligence en
deavored to loosen the halter which
held tho horse a prisoner. But assist
ance came to him aud he was relieved.
Carlo and the horse were bally burned.
It in claimed by Professor Rantoul
P e'et. of Geneva, tiiat a discovery of
his applied to the construction of the
lake, river and ocean-going vessels is
likely to caustj a revolution in naval
architecture. The details are given
only in the most general terms. A
model embo. lying the new principles
is in course of construction at Ueneva.
ami when it is tried on the lake it will
be s: en whether the professor has not
been too sanguine. Ho expects that it
will attain a high rate of speed, and
glide over the water without cutting it,
ami s diminishing resistance.
Probably the first photographs taken
under ground were executed by Mr.
Annan, of Glasgow, recently, when a
large conipanyof gentlemen inspected
the Earnock colliery, Lanarkshire,
Scotland. It is the laudable ambition
of Mr. Watson, the proprietor of the
colliery, to make it a model one in
every respect. He is ever ready to whatever means maybe devised
to facilitate a larger output of coal with
increased safety to human life. Ra
cently he successfully introduced the
incandescent electric light system of
Mr. Swan. Tho visitors, who are all
of them deeply interested in coal-getting,
were more than delighted with
the new light. Some of them did not
hesitate to say that its uso inaugurated
a new era in coal mining. At a depth
of about 70S feet the men invited to
examine the workings were photo
graphed iu three groups as a memento
of the occasion.
"It may be months, darling, before
wo meet again," he said, squeezing her
hand as if that were his last; "moun
tains and valleys will divide us, for
ests and prairies, perhaps the river of
death itself. Can I do anything more
than I have done to make you cherish
my memory and keep your love for me
unchanged VOii, yes," she ex
claimed, choking down the sobs, "buy
me a box of tortoise-shell hair-pius be
fore you start."
The Greek Church.
The Greek Church hold, in common
with the Roman Catholic Church, the
doctrine of the seven sacraments, of
the sacrifice of the mass, of the vener
ation of the Virgin Mary, the saints,
images, and relics, of the meritorious
ness of fasting and other works, the
hierarchical degrees of ecclesiastical
orders, and monasticism. It disowns
the authority of the Pope, and, in con
troversies of faith, acknowledges the
infallibility of tho ecumenical councils.
At Constantinople baptism by immer
sion only is admitted as valid; but the
Russian Cbuictt hold baptism by im
mersion as a ruat'er of rite, not dogma.
The Greek Church administers the
Lord's Supper in both kinds, and gives
confirmation and communion to chil
dren immediately after they are bap
tized. It prays for the dead, but denies
there is ajpurgatory; it maintains that
the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Fa
ther, as principal, through the Son. as
medium; it admits of no images in re
lief or embossed 'work, but uses paint
ings and engravings in copper and sil
ver; it approves of the marriage of
priests, provided they attain that state
before they are admitted into l.oly or
ders; and it condemns second mar
riages of priests and fourth marriages
of laymen; and it keeps four fasts in
the year more solemn than the rest.
A Venetian Bath.
Says the London Truth: Oiie Satur
day, when the ladies were taking their
tea at Hurlinghain. they wero startled
by seeing a naked man dodging about
from treo to tree on the opposite bank.
Soon a policeman approached him, and
it was discovered that he had been
liathing from a boat, and, finding him
self unable to get back to it, owing to
the stream, had preferred outragiugthe
proprieties to being drowned.
The same thing occurred to me at
Venice. I had a room on the ground
floor in a hotel on the Grand Canal.
About one o'clock in the morning every
thing seemed quiet, and it occurred to
mo that I should like to bathe; so I
jumped into the water from my win
dow. Having swam about for some
time. I thought J would return to the
hotel. What was . my horror to find
that an Enirlisb family papa, mamma.
and rive daughters had established
themselves on tho steps of the hotel.
There was no help for it, so I calmly
landed- and, bowing respectfully to tho
ladies, regaine I .my room. The next
dy I sat opposite the family at dinner.
They told me w .at had occurred, and
I deeply sympathized with them in their
indignation ng;in-t those "horrid and
dis.;u-.ting" Itabms. '
The Late President's Dead Children.
In the little town of Hiram, on thm
ridgn which d vides the waters. which
flow into the lake from those that are;
drained into the O iio, there is a litt'o j
graveyard, just of the Hiram Col- !
lege, in the village of Hiram. There !
lie buried two i f the. President's chil- :
dren, the eldest an infant .daughter,
who died b-fore the President .eft the
army to represent the Nineteenth Con
gressional D:tri t of Ohio in Congress,
i'o the Mends of the family she h.ul no
other pamt except that of "Little
Trot." and the whit stooo oyer tho
grave bears the inscription: ,
' f?h ' Wtr. the or w i w th ui the o nflict.
Four years ago Ed tin, the youngest
son of the family, died in babyhood,
and was given a grave beside his Bis
ter. .
' Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Ache.
No Preparation on rarth e:;l8 ?T. jAmns Oil
sure, simjile :;J f:roj Hitiruui
Kumiiy A trial entail I'Ut the comparative!;
trifling outlay of i-b!s. ami errrv odi MifTsrinf:
with f.ain can hae cheap nnii j.oitiv proof uf iu
ln'rections in Eleven Language.
.Ilnltimorr, Hd.,U. S. A.
Areata wtaM or the ILIfr and Work ot
The onl v compK'tp story of his noble 1 i f? and traffic
death. Fn.3ii, brilliant. reliable. ii:FanUv printed
lit t'.MIlaia and Jerman: inagii.ii.inl v illus
trated; ban.lsiDi.' bound. Fali'l aelUt'ir book
ver pnwurnHl. Fy Jehut . Kliipatli, IK
f A I l'I'imX not uv catchpoiinv. r
VXiU A.XJX1 vamped carapaiRii books with
which the country is flooded. Tfoey Rre utterly
worthles:noutra(fe upon thememorrof theorem
dead, and a base fraud on the public This book is
4-ntirrlT Theonly wot k worthy the theme,
fcteuci tOc. in stamps fur Afreni'ii Outfit.
W. II. McClain, Moines, Iowa,
A H week 1m your own lou'ii. ;iuut-
s I aintal not ivi;i:lierl. We will
furnish yon fvcryiliiii. Many
are 111:1x1111; loittines. Uii.nt'. can
make as iiKii-ti us men. ami lu
and iih'.a m;ikt- tfreat p;iy. Ireader, if iu u;mt
a biiMiness at w li -n you cau make Kivat ;:iy all
the t!isi yru work, write lr artu-tiiar in II,
llAl.l-KTT .t l.'o., l'ortlait'l Maiiie. a;;y
wi t-i.'.l K
14 2
Iiosa of appetite.Jfauiiea.bowels CQBtive,
Pun in theHenai.withtt dull sensation in
the back partTPain under the shoulder
blade ,f urines ater atiai?, vri th- 1 is j n
cEnation to exertion cf body or mind
Irritability of temper, Lowr"spir; ts. Uoaa
ofmemory, with a feeling ofhavlaR neg
lected some duty, weariness. Dizziness
Fluttering" of the Heart, DoU beforethe
eyeaTVeUow Skin, H "eadache,Keatleaa
ness at nightThighly colored TTrine.
T U 11" 8 PILLS especially adapted to
such cgti(,ou dose efierts suctiat-haiif e
of feeling as to astonish tho sufferer.
They Inrresne the sppetlle, and ciyiise tbe
IxkIv to Take on t'leh. thus the syilam Is
nnrlbea.tnil bylhelrTonlrArtlaaon the
ItlarestiTe Onmni, BrcalarSloal are pro
duced. Price 2a oen ta. aa ft array St.. .T.
Orav HAiaorWHiSKicRS ehanfred toaOixissT
Black by a single application of this Dye. It
Imparts a natural color, acts Instantaneously.
Isold byDruggiM or ent by eiprew on rtcuij-t of f i.
Office. 35 Murray St., New York.
CPr. H ITS HIM'U of TalumhU Infrll aad k
CmAiI IUcI will eH aiV4 t 'lh'M. m ailtaatiMP
pijjt iSi Vj.
e D A ei mm mz QJ M m - an - mi M F"J
lit- I &3
rut t;uuyii9,uuiu8,
Is the Best of Tonics ;6
nsa -V-JTTTi-ak
TiA-er uurcs uyspepsia; k
LX: Restore the Annpfite W.
:SSik th. Sjittm;
'ZjsFnIZ&rz Restores the Weak
and nehilitatfl
wkSS V'1 li wiU r.roT K
r'or ! by all Di ugguw, FW
S N.SS!ITHe8.,Prop'r(
tavwuitoWmrmk (a. &
A valuable Dlcory an l r-partaro ta Med
ical Science. A poaldnM? cSectiire lutney far thj
p4r and pormaneat t'uro for nranip ika- iha
deploraul aitaawt rsittltine irom indiscreet (raotioa
or excea In youth or at nor time of life 07 the only
true way, viz: Direct Application acting by A
orptlon, ana exertlDS It aper.lSo lnilueoce on tne
Vesicles, Ducts, and (jlnrtd, that are nnabie to per
form tbetr nstoral functions while tnii disease per
vades the banian organism. Tbe use of the PasliUe
la attended with no pain or InconTAnienoe, and does
not Interfere with the ordinary parentis of life; It Is
qaiekiy dissolved sod soon absorbed, producing- an
immediate soothins and restorative effect upon the
nervous oreanlxations wrecked from Ticlond habits or
wriim, stoppiua tbe drain from tbe eistem, restor.
Ins; tbemiaa tooeaith and sound memory, remot.
Ins the Dimness of Sight, Confusion of Iiivas,
Aversion to. Bociety. eto ets., and tbe ap pearanee
of premature eld mga usually acenntpanyics this
troable, and reotorinjr the vital forces, where tfcey
have been dormant for ith Xbia mode of treat
ment has stood tbe test in vary nerere cu. sod Is
nowsproooanoed sacccM. Drus are too much pre-
scribed In this trouble, and, aa maoy can bear wit
neesto,witn but littlelf sav pertraaentgood. Thnre
is no nonsense about this l'.-?nrat;oo. Vt rtlcl ob
servation enables o to positively guarantee that it
will give satisfaction. It ba been in Keneral one
for several years and we bare th.'naand of teati
atoniala from patients, -as to it value, aad it is now
coaoeded to be the moat rational meant) yet dis
covered for reocdiRS and euiins thievery prnvnleat
troable, thai is weit known to be the csnee o! ur.U,.'d
misery to so many. and upon whom quacks pre with
their nselees no-1 rum a and big fees. Tbe itemedy
is pot upin neat boes. of three siwe. Mo.l.(enouzh
to last a month, 83; No. it, nalbcient to effect aper
- maneot cure, onlees in severe cases.) 15; Ho. 3.
(lasting- over three months, will restore t hoes ia tho
worst cenntrlon.i ST. frient by mail, to plain wrappers.
FulipiRECTIONS fcr uaia wi
n nun
eiuf rsr Bmla Mtemeriptir ramvn-'x
Iff Qjrfnif Anatomical Jllxtat ration I
nusf srwiMty, ssAlc wilt - H
Iha snB siirotiral that thru esa r B
I stfored to perfect hfmltH, and (A vital
fareea Jhom'ijj ro-emtabitaneti mmrttmM
1 tr never a ft mm. mmia uiv i
Market and 8th Sis. 6t. Louis, Mo.
Unsolicited tetimonv to the Efficacy of
Prof. Harris- Pastilles, taken from Lt
tr reclvx-t f-i-n PTrrrn
Iadlao-i. April 11. '5i The HpthJjt is Torkins- PW
Imtil. UalerV-T' w-yr fc-gjaatai. a.
' Iowa. Oct. lflta, "K. I Kin j)H(ii surjtrland at roar
Pssttliss. Tbj hare worked likfaraarm on mo. lam
juaitsrirs as raorb ot in a a as 1 was hofore taking. I
was oa tbe er;re of ths fruve. 1 1 hoitk'nt, and 1 t-rt ttis
no errs for aae. bet now 1 am in emxi h -pa for a cars.
Wert Vlnrlnia, A nn. 2m. 1Tj. i rersind yonr mi!i
cise aad 1 belipro It baa curod mrt, for wbtch 1 am vrr
thaakfal. laclosad Told ih. Plaan sead m another
lirs ( f), 21 for a friend. You be done a reut ttiiDC
lor Bi. I hill ad on all lbe,orjfrf I cfca.
From a Physician rnnd Surgeon.
Missouri, Jans ' Pluaw forward ni aaothsr boc
of th Paatlllea. las patient oa whosa 1 have used
ssostof 00s box, in addition to a sample box. is fast
racovorissJ, aad I thiea anotbsr will set him all risnfc.
From a Orugsjiet.
saarrlasd. Sept 2. "79. Last Janaary we so a bos of
Kar nanssdr for om of nor nulosnn. and it ass aaado
a pei feet ears of him Ws bsva anotbar eoatomer now
jsipa mm) rn His; nam war, and wlsb one boa. .
Sf 3 " M H Vi B m
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and Plow re
pairing, and general jobbing
I am now prepared to do all kinds of repairing
of farm and other machinery, as there
is si good lathe In my shop.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
hiistaken charge of the wagon shop:
He is well known aa a
Kfew Wagou and Haczie made t
Shop on Sixth street eoposite Sfreieht's Stable
Retail Liquor Dealer,
BUliai a Hall u4 Saloon on Mam Street, four
doors from Sixth at Neville's
old place.
Hfmeiulier the amend Place,
i!y James Grace.
Vew, Clean, First Class 31-sat Shop,
onMHin Street (Viruer of 5lh. I'lattsmouth
Everybody on h:uul for fresh, tenaer mear.
2 1 1.08
In the rear of the LJ.mnor Strides
First-Glass Brick
Will do Contract Work and Guarantee
-15m3 Plattsmouth, Neb.
Successors to Jones & Agnew.
Again takes charge of the Old
Brick Livery Stable.
The old r.oiitirr Stables, in ri;itttiHi!t!i. are
now loaseil hy Jones & Eikeobiirv a::.l they
hTeonhan.l New abd handsome uccoiauioda
lions. in ti t- liJiieof
We are now prepared to keep HOUSES
And will
Train and Break Colts
On Reasonable. T!rins.
That with plenty ot room (that every one
knows we have) it-, our "table, we can jret Farm
ers' stock and wagon, Iwaiii of hay, &c, under
cover, wheiv they will keep dry.
Thai. king n!l th old patrons for their liberali
ty, we soiii-it tiirir ti adr for the future, satisfied
tii:tweean accommodate flieni better and do
better by them than ever before.
V. IICISCI,, - fropiletor.
Flour, Com Meal d Feed
Always on hand and for sale at lowest cash
prices. The highest prices paid for Wheat and
Corn, rarticuiar attention given custom work.
everduouvercd. as it is oirtiii in ft errant
and does uoi blister. AIko excellent lor hu
man tleali. KliAD 1'KOOK BiiLOW.
aoiitigatowu. Ohio, May tth, 80,
Du. R. J. Kk.s'OAI.l & Co.. Ceutiir-I h:d
very valuable HkinhU'tuiiiHu coll which t prized
vriv lnzlilv. he had a bone RUvin mi una
h)int aiid a small one u ilje QiU-; wblch mad
hirn Try latj ; J had him under the charge- of
two Vf Iviiiiiwy surgeons which failed to cure
nun. 1 was one uay readme the advertiKCinent
of Kendall's Spavin Cure in t lie Chicago
press, I determined at once to trv it, tliay or
dered three bottles; 1 took them all ani
thought I would give it a thorough trial, 1 used
it accord in Lr to directions and the fourth il-iv
the colt ceiied to ho lame, and the lumps have
uinpir:areu. 1 useu out one not tie and tne
coits limbs are as free from lumps and as
sinooin a any norc In the state. He is entire
ly cured.. The cure was so remarkable that I
if mu 01 iay neignuors nay-", tne remaining
iijm uviuvs. who arc now using 11.
very ltespectfully.
on; human klesu.
Iat.en Mills, Wash. Co.. N. Y. Feb. 21st. t878.
IK. B. J. Kkndail, Dear Sir : Th,e jkllcu
lar cise 0:1 which 1 used yonr Kendall's Spavin
Cure wjs.5 maliifnaiit. iuhle sprain of sixteen
moi:tl:a staiidim;. 1 had tried many things, but
in vain. Your bpavin "ure put the foot to the
firound aiiiiiti. aud for the first time since hurt,
n a natural position. For a family liniment it
excels anything we ever used.
Yours Truly,
Kkv. M. P. BELL,
Tastorof M. E. Church, Taiten's Mills, N. Y.
Kendall's Spavin Cure.
Send ad (Ires for Illustrated Circular which
we think eives postive nrosf of its virtues. No
remedy has ever met with such unqualified suc
cess, to ur knowledge, for beast as well as
Fitce tl, per bottle, or six battles for $5. All
rmiziri'is havs it or cau net it for vou. or -it
will be tent to any address on receipt of price
by the proprietors, UK. B. J. KKNDALJ. & CO-
t-.nori.nirg 1 a:is. v 1. my
nusincw now oerore tne puo-
lie. You can niai.e money fast
er at worlt for i: than at any
1 else. Capital uot asked.
W will etart yim. l2aday
and uiMvardo made at home bv
g 'j ?'
Vr Li
i .''u.!iii:i;v Meu. women, bojs upd e,iri
r nte ever? heie to work fp.- s. Ken i hf
iui o'l .'! W-r iu avat-e tiuio'only, rg'e
your t ine lo lUo buine' . You can II vt
at J.onsc mrd c tbe work N'mnli.-r bit-
will par yoa up-.'ti as well. No one e .n t i! t
iiiukt ruvrm jus iut by nsxl"iz atnce. (Wi
ll oin Ota.:s-: it-rni Ire" Vlni.e y made fast, ea - i
uv a'.i iirt(u)i-tiT. .innresi
Kly Ti:u k & i'o.. uznsta. Main
I KsURfJi?lrw r sst tssts
m mmm stoee.
m.-'l :n entire new staok of h?rd-
!iri', 011
Ket door
St K
1,) & Smith'
a r..:i 1 i.i.- . f
:a :" avv I'otLx.
!, XAI .., ly the Kei
:... a HOT. GRIND
a Full i.itie - f t iTi :;tv.
Special Eat tc Guilders and Cua
ti actors.
AH K't'td
V.iA live..
o-i as :
i t!icv pOfeit'y can
TeEflGiiom leal laiM,
YL F. filORRISON, Prop.
cf-c , tf-".,
Constantly m Huml.
Everything First-class,
at Lowest Rates.
Main S .flic;
v. :i i.U jui-1 ;:!i sis.. Nursh Si-.le.
::re l:i: !t with
: Through Sleeping
N!.V Yi!v;C. V,nOX. i'Unil.DKU'HLl,
n a i.r.f m ) r; j : , v . 1 ; t '. i n ( no v ,
aiic SI lot t JLite
V.a FEOIA for
V. 77, NVjM.'i.!!'.'! tht
kkst roi:
When' luu-i't I'lu.ncctiiiri.s are made in tha
CMON ItKi'i.ll v.ith il.ioimli Mt-epini: Car
Lines for all iiviiitsiOi.'1'ai.
sock: isl-dtid,
The nneq:i;;lcd indisccmeiitii offered by this
line to 1 im ;!.! and I ourisis are as follows :
ine c( !c: r..tM rniimai! iu- tied I'aiac
'lrc;;i ; ('.;!. r on this li:i.
il. A ,. r'.ilap- lr.iw!iij;-Uiinni C-trs,
Willi Hori.-n's ilt . lusii: 'hairs. No Kxtra
C -jse 1 i N;it- 111 l'ei-liiiii! ( li '.ns.
'J'lK- famous '., t:. & li. 1 ;;i.ii:c iliuins.Ciirs
(lorm Siimi,;;, o,rs. lined with elegant
hi.h-liacKi'd U.-;tiaii J.Vvdvi:i C.'haii. for
the ec:Utve u. Pvl -cl.i p-tssengers,
I'if.c. -i j - t.':!i Ti'-iek and Snperi
('c. r A 1 "
tlu fa. 1
' v ''..;.- 1 m ii i ::i-ir 'ircrt Thnrtgh
1 hi-, ;i!ove all otlieis.
Oil TIf.i:ANT..
i ., TI: VYEMNG a Lux
; I m i.'ivomfort.
.: 1 ii V;.:;
ir ii:-.'ta.i
sale s-t
.ill.! et'lehrated line for
lil lfli'- S
tae ti: tied States and
jHll iiifor'ii it'nii!'i;t lints'.H of Fare, Sleep
IPir Car Acf fiiiiim:d,-U ions, and Tt.'nt Tablet",
win lie ciieenuity iriveu vy aopiytn to
I'erciva! l,imcll,
flnert! !;i-."4':iser s't, Chicago.
(leni il Manager, Chicauo,
A c.-y..
1 c !. . .V lu s:i lae
by fil.r f'tine.
r .-Ml Al live,
. r rv.-: 1, iCB . aitt.'.a.
-1 J.:. :.t. L.M. Mb.
1-t in:? d o mini a iinpic t'ronical Leaf of Rare
Value, aad is a !'i!ive SS-ni'di' for ail the
diea"e that cau-e naiiis ii the lower part of
the body for i'orpid I.i vr-Hfaiiacher Jaun
dice liuiiie's. (:j.;el, Malnrla. and all difli-cuitit-H
if t!-e Kllii.;y.. J.ivcr and Crinarv Or
ga:w. l-'iif lBiiile IhseaseM. Mon I h'y'M en
stiuatioii. ai;d during ileiiancy, it nas no
e'jual. It r-str- i!se ovaus that tnnhe the
Diooii. and !it-::rc is the best Blood Purifler.
It is the only Kuou'ii rcjiiedv that cure that
scoiii-?-'. Etri-;itt liiexwe. For Diabetes,
u-e Warner Mife isiahct Care.
For Sale !.v Ini;,i.ifts lit, d lMalere at
per bottle. I.;f ??..: iott!e in the market. Try it.
H. II. WA U Eii Si CO.. Rochester, X. Y.
larcvrv- nf mwp.
f-A M!rm or TvinirlaMi 1.
fh R?-T end CUCSDCST
lc.-ri a.r 111 the world. It ia tua bst
than lrtfcr-;"r t.-inds. and on hm .i
the worlk of two of ar.y tnhor AkSf Crease
isii! (rnr--. letiiuiK inaciunc- Corn-PlaiiV!rs,
Vtrriasjea, H-u-j-r-o. v., cts.. a.1 for W ajrons. It is
CUARAH TrlEO to contain no PetroCum.
or sale by ; :.-.'.;., uVj-s. fST t.r KcUt
Cl-lp-txa or i'7.. nvrJ, i wat ioaild (rsa.
51 Wn.j vnvc, Cnioarrp, Itllnolo.
ARE PAID rerr nH.ierdiMial4 by uiiliii
..roikerwis. A tVClMlrf aay kaa, Ja of
Bnfffr. tw or ey. Ki "IT b- ik-;
i 1 f aUMHtt t-f r efn n
paiR, sw Jaw honci em
titld iv mcre&sie of pea mon. Widows, or
k.kinj ind tl-iad-Bt rathrr- or mother of
soliiert fmt .laaaioB. bead 9 ttempc ioretjpy
P, H. Fltziceraf
Sl Co.. CUisi A scats.
, i:iTV KEN
mT. s a ry a gt a IT a r-rvsr i -
0 -1- -r-nm sj.t-'V I
rr J
FJtHiiLY iQaliOEHS !
A complete itock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
We carry the Litest stock of CANNED GOODS in this Citr.
5- Fine Teas q Specialty, jr
C. S. Malta's "Oil ReliaMe" Brand of Baltimore Oysters.
ioods Delivered Tree In any part oftlie city.
Contains Pepsin, Rhubarb, Mandrake f Gentian
Anil cures Pynpepsia, Loss of Apjtite, Billiousnena and all derangemocU
of tlie Stomach arising from over-ee-ting and drinking. Prepared only hy
LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. J tor sale by all Druggist.
The Old Grocery & Dry
Goods Stand.
Although Lection is over w are not dune r-cliir.g goods, by ,t long sliot.
Groceries, SDry CJI ihh &
Ci'ocfeerywarc, elaeaper
tlaaia ever.
The nicest Green Winter Apples for sale. Over SCO Ilnrrels dawn Cell)
Potatoes by the Car-load, PEACH BLOWS
. If reserved for ,
Creit chance to make mon '
ey. Thosi. who always tak
anvanlnj-e of the (toe
chances for ma king mon'
that are offered, jrenerai
tietome wealthy , while th
who do not improve niich chaacea reinaiD 1
poverty. We want rnsnv men. women, bovs ai
girls to work: for us right in their own localitie
Any one cau d the work properly from t
find start. The business will pav more than t
times ordinary waijee. Expensive outfit furnis
ed free. Js'u one who er.gaH fails to make fne
ey rapidly. You can devote your wholesin' :
the woU, r only your spare moment t. Ku
formation :md all that is reeded ssu: t 1
drew 33:yj SriMso.' & to., 1. t aoo.i:
rurnlshes Fresh, rure MUk
Special calls attended to, and Fre.h i
(ram tame cew furnUhed when wanted. '
f fax Wstrlu-s. w
. J Iwuiioo roi
mf-Jr fur your own n
W as UokiltEfeS. 1110.
wlDitsntssA. Wilt.tal Hontla;
KOi4l. K.inlrol4tll. ChrlinU ia J W
nneorFutril.tiva nartxite Vla.Lir. '
- tr r
re tw ap
li w'fn iiw rvxiwta ol iuir. 'XUukm or U uiacu
1 7 St. Clsirfca Street, St. Loo k .
Araralar cradtu of .. ktediesl OoUs' tas heea
100s Koeti taa-i arr UiorFhTsioifca Lr 0i j rtn ;ig
iln IHw&cb utuj-.and ail old rtMtenla knr . k if .
f:or ro.T.H. wt. Stnetars, OrcaiV n'apture.sil
Vrtaary Erpiul uo ilercurtaJ Affett oiiS stf
Tiiroot, iLLn or nuaom erre KfJ- . Prlvrntelr
SrwrajalrrSMwUiaJcuia I'Jf.y aad Impoteaer
( loo result af rjeJf-A rwe, seru , 9xcmmmmt
rtr orrer hrn;r;wrr,. fiwluor janerronsmee. semh,.
a s-ilww.rv-. djouny, dMw of slIUt,dfeti mm.
jr. syksU rWa. srW to soew? eonruatoa of
.-w. cf seroal yowr.ot ,tit los.rstxJarln max-
ztftu co foil
tJZrJSt; V?'"1' ' to Ills, oa tLi
Maabood.'Wumejihood.l'hrsiceideoar. Who sijooid
Si J"4 naiIJaewiiaa7betQO-adis(lopte
"1 mcr more. Thoao married
oroooievmplpiiiry ssarriatwabwild reed It then keop ua-.
2?Lk, J?5i? saall in nxnsrorW
I 1 1 fcssiai yea srnaes. loet Maaht
JTor the ared
Oure of Aennlnel
aaiiood. Kerrwiaiinse, .
I ii L'onnaioo of IdwM, A vormOB to rtootet
fr wrT. "wwt sow LrsnsMera 00 br Self. .
Aooas. Aaydrorlthea too iaprei-,nlt. bt. ha aim.
708 Chesnut Bt, 8t. Louts, Mo. at old oBbs.
eoaUnae. vo our SperrostorrhoM, fienOnal Wso
BMlKipotrac7forDssof Birphil CKmorrkistsH.
Giooi, Crutavry orElasrdisms. TTniiit insia
ored lin a few dfira. Aii tbe diisaess r-mitias; tnma
saif-atoi,xosseFeao9irB ewred ty w'.iU mtt
?n"'r?tt- Achios free. OtursMm. iilerame
Ss eyscKvrifvioae, sranton So-fotterUni
IiUi3V4 1817 H U . EU Strut, St. IKTU IG.
THE Pbrsioassiiieharcwofthisoldasd wellkoews
iDswtauoa ars r.cnlw sadaa In soedione saw.
ursf. Tean of Ixperioneo id tbe treatmeas u
CBronie Plsisswa haro tuada skill and sbcUr
s asch soporior to that of tbe ordinary practUiesmC
leal tbey nas. acquired a national rrputation tSreaga
toeir treairoeix or oomaikmwl eases.
of Ibe bio est, aaUss er sir a. treated wUkMttws,
so sciesubc sriBApiea, without imog Mercury as oaassc
YOIIMQ ftPH and tboee of middloeawwa
ill Hiil saaAsaswnws froot ortraJllo w
-txeaooue MMmacs mma as iBoarass oapsBee
ooas I oat onMts its vfcrttsM for bususess or Slarnnsss. 1
PWiwpiIt fsred. s modi sipsnis. -
UM ausiti.e.ts tm-vnwrte kr'SU essanssj "IT si I
bbsjM fr. to en. mAArvm. si..trauie. -
Jfrn ii il I il ini" ii ' i ' T Isni iniili 1
mm lil a i lie il III i ees1ssJV in i, ij
" jM frast a derattaomfyt of tho
r. nllfrtlnm ht lfr ifsmssa ejeter
rls. It nrrtf tn otVet m rsrrs, M it
rrss.rr- f rrmsf" li rm m. rref.
. nritt S!vool"1 nrtlmo, of th Hetootm,
rtmchr, irhf 1 1 As tfotmortk,fmom
the ilnrk and . f,r.,ltmitmmi thmt
r Lirer It t tfnult, ond that m rw
rjt arnim -j" tm mnole tAlm or mmm to
.atr tijf in fn-..
.-' rlctely J -.Kti 7l: trrw orr ripeofilfsy
runt a trt f'tr i h.n puffrftHf. Thm ire
i'rf in i.'iri ttrl'ot, mitt rfftre mm at
4 re : re jirtnt, t , fw.rref im Sjssi
(.' ,- I.I hoth . hilf rrM k -"l (, Tsi
rN art i"-d ' u'4 -. ti 'r rt'r. is. rf. m erS at
ftnrf-.'r if tut ffi-fyyneH,
JBtr H-ii -Hit rfi.Miilinl Cfrjv.
;i pttlloi., le ..- - 5 Tl',
'A..,tC. AS" tK-.i 'tirl'lVT Ihff
rf rtiperiof tf any .-..- r:-N-f
raiinfi the fi1" fi. r- r ft ! y , eTftef
Jin rt'Hfi n'tr r,t- r. t-f '4 rbf fn-
tiid. Jl is a ril-. i' i-.'sr Ktsd .TC w-f
itloxlcatlni; -t- -'.
aU kw rfrflsuT sit tvtv.r am i.t. a-a,
and ii no wilier. IT;: f..- ec .r Bowim.
lo. - U. mi fa IV : TAc..
.si "i
It la the result of aa mmrm esserl.
xpernueuts la fwwlsr laoh)Ds. llrnsMussw,
fo4 mmu of mil jrmi mt Srmr aesa, mmA at
- ' ' l is
are. It avoids the slttfref s of etssrihsss sesv
X( S torot. iutU-t mmir. aae.le.
(. eWoftM. acd stem's. H si
A Tlotun fTocthfnl tmprodsnos esnslns; riian
f7v ferroos Debility, It Han hood, eee,
ariiis trlrd u rain n... tn... -tZ iZ--ZZr
1 CS11 ,BtaP H enrs, whicsa b wiu
j 3 MiataiM arc;, Pf.
f J:- . , . T7 , st T "I
1 cat I s
w . , " '"" O-J ssxs WMeSltsaw. -
Irr-T OT tm l.rT mm est a-, rom-, -I . ' ssr-assl fa.
larva afllsll ftWIk. atl.4 av . it .
Mm. i m
"TTi lJT -av
r: 1 r
a . 1
rrs a .
Uru. p. iI r. u az.-i n : --iteWa s?L ZiitT xY
n - 1 r
6 , j.
I i w e I