Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 08, 1881, Image 3

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    ":fe Herald.
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is, iv.isib-e. for the correctness
fvjjy -f paid mailer and paid Le-
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1 1-.-is have deeidei that refusing t
r.e - .;-.; is and periodicals from the post
. r ic;...v!r.e Aiiu'lenvluE them uncaUe
- ?). aeir eidciice of INTENTIONAL
frtt. i
Beautiful fur caps at Wescott's 2
The cornice for the Union Jilock
ctmo Saturday.
Plattxmouth is overflowed with
Drummers just now.
The best slock of Pocketbooks at
Smith & Hlack Bros. 37t2
The T. A. M. Club have their little
hop to-ruorrow night.
A new line of Autograph Albums
at Smith & Black Bros. 37t2
, The M. E. Church was crowded
again last Sunday evening. ,
If yon want a first class Boot or
Shoe go to Sherwood's. 3812
I low does S. & C. Maytr's new
advertisement strike you. Bead it.
Great novelties at Joe Kobeits in
Christmas goods. Call at once. 88t2
Two children of Mr. andMrs.Kin-
nisan died last week, of scarlet fever.
For tho finest silk handkerchief
in the city go to Wescott's. 38t2
Call and examine the flne stock of
Orgms, just received by James Pet
tee. A fine line of Juvenile Holiday
Books at Smith & Black Bros.' 37t2 :
Remember the G. A. K. meeting
Tuesday evening, (the lXth.) Election
of officers.
The annual meeting of the G. A.
B. next Tuesday. Remember All
wanted out.
1881 Kolo-Medo-Christraas goods
at Joo Roberts. Call now, and exam
ine. 8812
The culvert across the creek on
sixth street, is caving in, and the dirt
is not half on yet.
Teeth Jilb'd, pulled and cleaned in
a most, skillful manner by Dr. Salis
bury. Give him a call. 3otf
R. O. Fellows, Editor of Sheridan
Post, is cii" to make Plattsmouth a
visit in a few days.
Fresh bn ad, cakes and pies, every
dav, at the Union Bakery, corner Main
and Third. 10tf
Read notice cf Timber for sale at
auction, to take placa at Glenwood,
the 3lst. of December.
."rlipi ers! Slippers at Sherwood's. 2
Don't judge a man's intellect by
hi size. Wine is served in small
glas-, beer in schooners.
I 'all and examine the Christmas
Goods at Joe Roberts. Something en
tirely new. 28t2
The Herald Almanac will have
3 number of advertisements in for
Weeping Water this year.
Closing out overcoats very cheap,
at Wescott's. S8t2 -
Brother Burgess lost his cow.
Iny body finds her, bring her home,
quick, the preacher's out of milk.
Elegant silk handkerchiefs in the
new ombre shades at Wescott's. Noth
ing nicer for & Christmas present. 38t2
The County Commissioner's were
in session the first of the week, a full
report will Jbe in the Herald next
week. ' " N
Bargains in all grades of under
wear at Wescott's. . 38t3 ;
' Be sure and read all of the Pros
pectuses on first page . Theie's mil
lions of reading in them for a very
small price.
W. B. Shryock, Tax Collector,
leaves for Louisville this morning,
where lie will spend the rest of the
week, collecting.
Novelties in Neckwear for the
Holidays at Wescott's. 3St2
The High School Dramatic Club
Mill give their entertainment in Fitz
gerald Hall, December ICth. Remem
ber the date.
Rufcber 'Boots -and Overshoes by
the car lead at Sherwood's. 38t2
An inquest was lately held on the
body of a young lady, in Iowa(?). who
broke her neck in trying to escape a
kiss. Take warning!
Tho bf-st custom work in the City
at Sherwood's. 331
Work will bt commenced on the
IIek..ld Almanac next week, and it
will be ti:iisie.i in time for our sub
fcrriters, for Christmas.
New style '274 B Mason and
Hamlin Org-n j"usl received. Good
Cmui inatious; in a beautiful case; ten
jAMEo PETTEE,Geul Agt.
The rew Depot over at the Junc
tion if a very fine building, aad is fast
appiv.arlilng completion. Grading is
rapidly l.f i::g done about the grounds.
New St5e 358, Mason & Hamlin
Organ. " Powerful combinations; Sub
Bass and Octave Coupler, just re
ceived. .. ?1
3812 Javks Pcttee, Gen'l. Ag't.
Fir? meeting next Tuesday even
ing. It ts hoped all the members, both
Honorary and Active will be present,
as there is business of importance to
fca attended to. Remember the nigUtJ
X young man out west ran for of
fice to get rid of marrying a girl. , n
had no hopes - of getting elected, but
hoped the papers would blast his
character so that the gal would never
ttrarry him..
, Personal.
Dr. W.D. Gibbon, of Weeping Wa
ter, wa3 on our streets Tuesday.
W. Barber, Weeping Water, called
Monday with J. B. Barber, h;s broth
Mathews, the Weeping Water Re
corder uau, returned from Chicago,
Geo. F. Cramer, of Concord, one ef
the Herald's old friends, called en us
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Conner attended
the .Kellogg Concert at Omaha last
Thursday evening.
George Staats, our good loekjng Post
Office Clerk, spent last Sunday in. his
bid haunts (Weeping Water.)
Miss Minnie Caatetter, recently of
Lincoln, daughter of Mr. A. Caatetter
of Blair, is in the city visiting friends
on her way home to Blair.
D. SrttChell, of Eight Mile, and friend,
called Monday. The boys are glad to
get done husking corn, and now take
some new papers to read this winter.
Mr. Ripple was on our streets agttin
the first of the week. ". It has been a
long time since he was down before.
The Herald is glad to see him so
much improved.
H. L. E. Lincoln commenced' stud
dying Law with J. E. Morrison last
Monday. The Herald wishes him
success, he will find it somewhat differ
ent from farming.
Mr. Jno. E. Howard, who has been
connected with the Journal as repor
ter left last week Friday for Des
Moines, to resume his old position in
the Board of Trade.
Mr. Chaa. Dawson and daughter
Mrs. W. B. Hamblin, Miss Anna Liv
ingston, Miss Maggie O'Keefe and
Frank Wheeler took jn the Kellogg
concert at Lincoln Saturday night.
For the best staple .and - fancy
groceries in Plattsmouth go to J. V.
Weckbach's. lOtf
Masque Sociable at the residence
of Mrs. D. II. Wheeler, next Thursday
evening, Dec. 15th, 1S81.
Bennett & Lewis have Preserved
Canton Ginger, something new and
nice. 38tl
"Reporter" and "Adirondack" old
standbjs, come to hand again, and
give us news from the county. Much
Much fault is found that the pre
miums for the County Fair are not
paid. Gentlemen officers, what causes
the delay?
Coffee Sociabie at I. O. G. T. Hall,
to-morrow evening; all are cordially
invited to be present.
Masquerade Sociable at the house
of Mrs. D. II. Wheeler on Thursday,
Dec. 15, by the Ladies of St. Luke's
A large stock of Organs for the
holiday, just received by James Pet
tee, State Agent for Mason and Ham
lin Org;m3.
Mis.s May French, at one time vis
iting here, was married in George
town, Colo., Nov. loth, 1881, to Dr. Jno
L. Hodgeman.
Isn't the Weeping Water Recorder
a little "unregular" occasionally.? We
seem to miss it from among our ex
changes, once in a while.
Mince Meat by the pound at Ben
nett & Lewis'. 38tl
E. B. Lewis says the telephone
men will be here next week to put up
wires, Ac. They are now at Fremont
and are coming here next.
Mr. Jno. Howard has disposed of
hi interest in the Plattsmouth Daily
Journal, and returned to Des Moines
his former place of residence.
The latest designs in Box Paper
are to be found at Smith & Blbck
Bros., purcfiased direct Irom Boston,
and nothing like them in town. 37t2
Mr. Eikenbary has left the poor
house and will hereafter reside in'town
Mr. Jno. Sharp, of South Bend takes
charge of the poor farm and inmates.
Anyone in need of a good set of
teeth should call on Dr. Salisbury at
once, and he will make you a set that
will please you ever after. 35tf
The Ladies and Society of the
Christian Church will hold their next
Sociable at the residence of Dr. Schild
knecht, next Tuesday evening, the 13th
" Bennett & Lewis will give you
bargains in Canned Goods by the
Case assorted to suit purchaser. 37t2
The trial of Brantner and Cusick
took place last Saturday, and the evi
dence being insufficient to convict
them, they were discharged from cus
tody. Crites and Ramsey, attorneys and
Notary Public, second door east of
Court House. Plattsmouth, Neb. 5t6m
Governor St. John, of Kansas, will
lecture here on the 15th. on Temper
ance matters. The Governor is a rep
resentative man on- that subject, and
will no dcubt dnnv a crowded house.
Dr. Salisbury still holds forth over
Smith, Blck & Co's. store, where he
does tlse best of work in the dental
liDe. Give him a call. 35tf
Mr. Theo. Williams has been can
vassing for Wolfe's Business Direjct
ery and State Gazetteer, a very useful
work which Mr. Wolfe has been pub
lishing annually now fer eonte years.
Smith & Black Bros.' - Holiday
Goods are rolling in, and iu a few days
they will be able to display the largest
and best stock of goods in town.37t2
The Ca3S County Bank lias
changed - hands : - partially. Messrs.
Touzalin and Yates have sold out
their interest to J. M. Patterson, C. H.
Parroele, and others in our town. The
bank is wholly owned in Plattsmouth,
The reading of the firm name of
Smith Black & Co., has been changed
and after this date will be Smith &
Black Bros.; no change in the parties
inlexested. 31t2 .
The M. E. Church is about taking
out the paititions to the class rooms,
on each side of the entrance, and seat
ing the same, that : the church may
have more seating capacity. Bio. Wil
son must draw good congregations, we
jifdgy. ."rf., ' -'
WAKEFIELD In this city, December 1st. '81,
or bilious colic, M'ii.lim C. "Wakefield.
aged 32 year, 2 months and 20 days. HI oc
cupation was that of engineer and was em
ployed by the C. & M. K. ,R., at tbe time of
bis death. He leaves a wile and two cbildren,
PUTNAM At the residence of Hon. Sam. M
Chapman, tn li;iUinoutl), Nebraska, Tues
day, December 6th. loi, at o'clock, a. in.,
ilKs. IIakkikt i'uTXAM, ajjed 71 years. 1
mouth and 2i days.
, The funeral services were held at tho resi
dence at 11 A. M Thursday, December 8th.
Burial at the Cemetery here.
Death seems to follow the family of Mr.
Chapman. bin brother in Saunders County died,
then hi beloved wife and children, and now
that wife's mother.
Mrs. Putnam wa a native of . Vermont, and
came to Nebraska In 18T2. elncf" which tiiue
she lias teen a member of Mr. Chap
man's family, and toother with Mrs. Eock
wcod bad the care of hU family Bince his la
mented wife's death. She was a sincere and
devotf-d christian and left a large circle of the
most devoted friends to mourn her demise.
An invalid for nome years she yet made the
home life surround ir her one of cheerfulness
and hope. Lovely iu all thinx, ber departure
is but an aosoa ce. Some day her friends will
meet her in that better laud from which thre
is no leave taking, and where all is biiss.There
the stricken one will once more form a portion
of the great family of the re-united in the be
yond never to be separated more. Such is the
Christian's hope and belief.
The funeral services to-day will be conduct
ed by the Kev. Mr. Kaird of the Presbyter
Ian church and the Kev. Mr. Wilson of the
M. E. Church.
JENNINGS At Plattsmouth, Neb.. Saturday,
Dc. 3d. mi, at 6 o'clock, P. M., Mas. Lissik
C. JKNJii.Nc.s, wife of J. W. Jeuninus, ayed
42 years. 9 months and 27 day.
The Funeral Services were held at the Keni
dene Monday, December 5th, at 10 A. M.
Services by the liev. Mr. W ilson.
The deceased was. tbe wife of our County
Clerk, elect, and a lady of more than ordinary
intellectual acquirements. Her maiden same
was Hallock. aad she was a direct descendant
Of the Hallocks of Revolutionary days and a
relative of Ccn. Fitzrecne nail ock of later
For many years she had been a great sufferer,
and her demise, while removing from compan this, world'a' dear, friend to. those
who knew her well. mut have been to herself
a glorious relief froiti pain and care.
Her death at.thU. time, however,' was veiy
sudden, aud.tbclbcreavement to her husband
and friends. correspoodlDgly uiouruful. -V
She was boi n at Chagrin Kalis in New York
State and raarried.Mr. Jennings and came to
Nebraska in 1874. The funeral sei vices
were largely attended. nnd most appropriately
conducted by the. Kev. Mr. Wilson, of the M.
. Church. The attendance at the grave was
very large considering the disagreeable nature
of the day, and we laid our friend away, trust
ing that iu the great future we may meet her
free from thejnif fortunes of and glori
ous in the immortality granted to tbe. saints of
which Bhe.mubt'be one if patientiendurance of
suffering here entitles mortals to this.revvard in
the hereafter.
riattsmonth Lodge, K. ef II., took the
following action Tuesday evening:,
on the death of Mrs. J. W.
Whereas, It has pleased the Grand
Dictator of the Universe to remove
from our midst, the wife and bosom
companion of our brother Knight, "J.
W. Jennings, and
Whereas, We, as Brother Knights-,
are desirous of.testifying our - respect
for the deceased, and expressing our
earnest and affectionate sympathy for
our broth r; therefore be it
Resolved, That we sincerely condol e
wih the husband of the deceased, on
the dispensation with which it has
pleased Divinn Providence to afflict
him; commend our Brother Jen
nings, for consolation, to I lira, who or
ders all things for the best, and whose
chastisements are meant in mercy.
Resolted, That this heartfelt testi
monial of our sympathy and sorrow be
spread upon the records of our Lodge,
and that a copy of the same be fur
nished our worthy Brother Knight, and
that a copy be furnished the press of
the city for publication.
1). II. Wheeler, Com.
J. I. Touno. 1
W. N. McLennan. Dictator.
Another Bad Accideut.
We are obliged to chronicle another
accident at the shops, which resulted
most seriously to Messrs. S. T Corbedd
and Frank Bila.
Last Tuesday morning, a couple of
flat cars loaded with bridge timber,
which had been jammed together in
coupling, were being slowly moved
down to the machine shops for repairs,
when one of the cars suddenly gave
way and precipitated the heavy lum
ber upon Corbedd and Bila who were
bsside the car. Corbedd was thrown
with his left groin upon a rock, and a
piece ef lumber striking him in the
back inflicted severe internal injuries
in the groin; his right thigh was also
badly mashed and his lert shoulder
Bila was caught by the neck be
tween two timbers ahd barely escaped
a broken neck.
Corbedd was taken to the Pacific
House by order of Dr. Livingston,
his home being below the bridge.
Dr. Livingston states that his inter
nal injuries are serious, and may re
sult fatally. Bila's injuiies are not of '
so serious a nature and he is doing
well. Corbedd has a wife and three
children, Bila a wife and one child.
Mrs. Luke Wiles, of Mills County,
Iowa, mother of Mr. Tims. Wiles of
this court)', died Nov. 22d., but a week
r two after the death of her husband,
mention of which we made recently.
Mr; Wiles' death was quite sudden,
hernia being the immediate cause,
brought on, probably, by grief for her
By order of the Council the sa
loons of (leo. Edgerton and Thierolf
& Grace were closed on Monday last.
Corapjaint was rnad we understand
by th three saloon men that hav
paid the double license, that thfcj
were unjustly treated and the Mayor
and Council, propeily we think order
ed the others closed.
Mr. II. T. Courtwrigbt, of Jewell
City Kansas, brother of Mr. M. L.
Courtwright, deceased, came to at
tend his brothers funeral and take the
remaies to Glandonville, 111. whither
he was accompanied by Mr. Messer
smith. Another brother also came on
but arrived too lale to attend the
Wie are informed by Mr. Drum- j
mond that the drama "Better Th-.i: j
Gold" will, oe given at Fitzgei -
Hall by the pupila of the High School
on Friday 16th. Ins't.
The "object of tbe entertainment is
to ' raise funds to pay for the new
chemical apparatus just added to the
collection, and some of our best local
talent will assist in the performance.
Look out for A. G. Hatt's Christ
mas Beef. He will show it next week;
the fattest cow ever seen on the
streets of Plattsmouth. I
P. B. Murphy has a patent time
keeper in his hall that is a pretty nice
thing. The dial instead of being mark
ed with minutes is marked with cents
and those using the tables par for the
time they play instead of for the games
Smith & Black Bros, are head
quarters for Holiday Goods, "and don't
you forget it."' . - 37t2
The Herald this week is one ef
mourning almost, in spite of the many
evidences of growth and prosperity
f weikly record; ai-d cf good wishes
for our banquet.
The death of several old resident?,
and prominent citizens throws a spirit
af sadness over all our festivities.
33tf Will S. Wise.
The great newspaper men of
Plattsmouth seem to be Laving a hard
time. The Journal man seems to
think the council s-1 down on his Hall
scheme, and the Board of Trade
squelched Bushnell's grandiloquent
report of Jas Missouri River. Conven
tion at the Tuesday night's meeting.
Everything fancy in perfumery at
Smith & Black Bros.' 37t2
Will Shryock, Tax Collector, will
be in South Bend, Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday, Dec. 12, 13, and 14,
and in Greenwood. Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday, Dec. 15, 16 and 17,
1891, for the purpose of collecting de
linguent taxes. Parties living in Elm
wood, South Bend, Greenwood or Salt
Creek Precincts will save costi by
meeting him, calling on him at one of
those places.
83tf Will S. Wise.
The board of Trade met Tuesday
evening, to perfect measures to make
the banquet at the Perkins House to
night a success. .Avery large attend
ance from abroad is expected, and the
occasion will be one of great interest
to Plattsmouth, in its bearings on the
future business interests of the olace,
if the plans of the various committees
be carried to a successful issue.
From the Danvers (Mass.) Mirror:
Mr. Geo. II. Day, of this town was
cured of rheumatism by St. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. T. J, Thomas gave a
little party at their residence, four
miles and a half west of Plattsmouth
last Friday evening. Several couple
were invited out from town and the
young folks around theie' were all
present. The evening was spent very
pleasantly and about 1 o'clock the par
ty broke, up, all present hoping Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas would "do so" again
in the near future.
The Wilmington (D.?l.) News says:
J. E. Shaw, Esq.. priprit'tr Gr;d
Ur.ioti Hotel, New York, indorses St.
Jacobs Oil for rheumatism and neu
ralgia. A. B. Smith showed us the otheJ
day the likeness' of "Peter A. Sarpy,
Sr., taken from a negative owned by
C. W. Philips, at Nebraska City, the
Daguerreotype from which this was
originally taken was a picture of . Mr.
Sarpy many years ago, atid the fea
tures are hardly recognizable to those
who knew him later, but the wonder
ful black eyes are there, and the mouth.
The srght of the picture brought up
many recollections, some pleasant, oth
ers painful. Copies can be had of Mr.
I. O. G. T. Coffee Sociable to
morrow night. Go and have a good
Holiday Goods.
I have a good assortment of new
styles Mason and Hamlin Organg at
my residence corner 7th and Locust
streets which I shall be glad to how
and have examined. Four new onea
just received and more on tbe road.
Pkices Low for cash. Easiest
James Pettee, GenT Agent.
32t3 Plattsmouth, Neb.
New York Buckwheat Flour and
Pure MapJe Syrup at Bennett & Lew
is'. 3Stl
Church Notice.
Rev. C. W. Merrill of Omaha, Sup
erintendent of the A. II. M. S. of Con
gregational churches of Neb. will
preach in the Congregational church
in Louisville Sunday next at half-past
two o'clock P. M., and at South Bend
at seven o'clock P. M. Come and hear
The public are indebted to Dr. J.
C. Ayer & Co., not for their standard
medicinal preparations, but also for
improving the looks of the community
by their incomparable Hair Vigor.
A Card of Thanks.
Plattsmouth, Dec. 3d. 1381.
Editor Herald: I desire through
your paper to return my heartfelt
thanks to the friends of my late hus
band for their many act's of neighbor
ly kindness, and especially to Messrs
Ed. Griaeil and John Ileffuer fof their
untiring eilorts in my behalf. God
will bless you all gentlemen, for jour
("wxhicss io the widow ud the tather-
Mrs. M. E. Wakefielr.
Those who suffer from an enfeeb
led and disordered state of the system,
shonld take Ayer's Sarsaparilla and
cleanse the blood. Pure out the lurk
ing distemper that undermines health,
and the constitutional vigor will re
turn. Headquarters of Santa Clans. '
The undersigned takes pleasure in
announcing to the citizens of Platts
mouth and Cass Co., that he has a large
and well selected stock of Holiday
Goods, now on exhibition at his store,
consisting of gold and silver watches,
chains, rich jewelry; handtome silver
ware, the very best in the market; gold
IK-!.?, clocks, musical instruments, fan
cy iods. spectacles, no superior lenses
to be found anywhere; pocket cutlery
and razors, china ware, notions, toys,
a large selection; children's wagons.
&c. All goods will be sold at the low
est possible rates. Thanking my cus
tomers for their libeial patronage, I
would respectfully solicit the continu
ance of the same. Js. SChlater.
S$t4- Jeweler.
o. :e "wbsgott,
Somewhat vrideijr and favorably known as the Popular Clothier of
this section, announces
Fall Arrivals: Actual Bargains
worthv of inspection. His bet holtl is
and he has a complete stock of new goods.
Best Jfa terinh, latest Styles, Superior Finish,
Perfect Fits and Popithir Prices.
Clothe you from head to foot in a neat, durable and stylish manner,
save you big money, and fill your soul with happiness.
All Garments "Warranted. ''Try 'em 'fore you buy 'em."
Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
Consisting of the
Most Useful and Appropriate
one could
Dress Silks,
Dress Flannels,
Dress Plaids,
Lace Haiifl&ercMef s
we are showing the largest
ace Collars an
we have the largest and handsomest line ever before shown in the
Citv of Plattsmouth.
Underwear! Underwear!
For Ladies, Gents and Children.
Do not forget that we are headquarters in ,
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
One door East of First National Bank,
The Relief and Cure as Certain as day follows day by Dr. J. A. Sherman's
method, with safety from the dangers of strangulation and without the injury trusses Inflict.-
Those wishing proof should send 10 cents for his book, contaiuins likenest of bad casses be
fore and after cure, endorsement of professional gentlemen. Ministers, Merchants, Farmers"
and others who have been cured. Trust-es and Hupture sooner or later elfect the nervous and"
uesdayx, Thursdays and Fridays.
Boll ef Honor for tbe Second Ward
Sen oo 1.
The following scholars have been
perfect in Attendance, Punctuality,
and Deportment for the month of
Wely Baker, John Derkutti,
Willie G uth man Marion Henderson
Audrew Krohler Eddie Krohler
John Krohler Ralph Kiukade
Emmons Vivian Eugene Weckbaoh,
John Wright Henry Ashley
Alge Johnson Eddie Welborn
May Drain Annie Guthman
Eillie llartman Eillie Smith
Mary J. Wales Ida Smith
Abbie Price Lulu White.
Agoik D. Sampsox,
We can vouch for it that Hall's
Hair Renewer restores gray hair to its
youthful eolor, prevents baldness,
makes the hair soft and glossy, does
not stain the skin, and is altogether
the best known remedy for all hair
and scalp diseases. We therefore take
great pleasure in recommending Hall's
Hair Kenewer to oar readers.
P. P. A.
The Driving Park Association met
on Tuesday evening and having a good
deal of business, will hold an adjourn
ed meeting of the regular meeting on
Thursday next the 15th. of Dec. A
full attendance is desired as election
of officers is yet to be made.
Why suffer with such a dreadful
cough or cold. For twenty-live or
fifty cents you can purchase of your
druggist a bottle of Dr. Marshall's
Lung S-yVuv, anU jWr butt is cerVaSu.
think of.
Kid Gloves,
Lisle "
Berlin "
Beaver Top "
Gauntlet "
Knit Jackets,
. Etc.
line and latest novelties.
d I es
and in everything pertaining to
Cranbeiries. California dried
pluns. Evaporated pared peacaes,
llaberries, Cherries, Blackberries, and
all kinds of canned fruits ctn be had
at Bennett & Lewis. ' 3Stl
A Bold Scoundrel.
On Sunday Mr. Frank Carruth of
Plattsmouth, arrived in the city in
quest of Clarence Doughty, alias Ca
maine, alias Henry Harrington, a sew
ing Machine agent. It seems that
Caruai ne had teen working for Mr.
Carruth, selling machines on commis
sion, and was using a light wagon and
team of horses belonging also to Mr.
On last Wednesday he started out
with the team and four sewing ma
chines and arrived in -this city the
tame day. He attempted to dispose
of tbe machines, team and wagon and
it was after some trouble that be man
aged to pawn the goods to various par
ties for some money, with which he
lit out.
The matter was placed in tbe bands
of Chief Thomas, who yesterday after
noon secured the team, which had
been pawned to Monroe & Levi for
S10. Chief Thomas thinks that he
knows where all the machines are, and
will recover them as soon as Mr. Car
ruth sends him the numbers of them.
Neb. City News.
Dr. Marshall's Lung Syrup ia a
standard remedy and will cure a cough
or cold in half the time required by
ordinary remedies. Call on your drug
gist and try a twenty-five or fifty cent
Timber at Anction!
Parties desiring valuable timber
and wood near Plattsmouth are in
formed that on Saturday, Dec. 81st.
1831, at Glenwood, Iowa, I will sell at
auction to the higtest bidder for cash
the tract of timber land on the East
bank of the Missouri River known as
the Ferry Company land. Sale with
out reserve and by order of Court.
Inquiry by letter or otherwise for any
information concerning the land or
sale will be furnished by me cheer
fully on call from now to time of sale.
Seh Dean, Referee.
98t4 Glen wood, Iowa.
is now ready on sale at the Monarch
Billiard Hall. This cigar is guaran
teed to be the best 5c cigar on the
American Continent.
P. J. Hansen, Notary Public,
Having had an experience of nearly
sixteen years in the above line of bus
iness, during a residence of three years
in Denmark, and nearly thirteen years
in Germany, warrants him to offer his
services to his numerous friends in
ttis and adjoining counties in the prep
aration of any and all documents for
the old country, guaranteeing full sat
isfaction in every instance. 83t8
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M.
Roberts. 3tf
Oiie two vear old, dark iron grey
(nearly black) mare colt. Any one re
turning the same will be reasonably
rewarded. W. S. Wise.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Patrick Gil roy.
Deceased, in the County Court of Cass Coun
ty. Nebraska.
Notlre is hereby given, that John O'Kourke,
administrator of the estate of said Patrick Uil
roy, deceased, ban made application for final
settlement, and that said cause is set for hear
ing at my olhce at Plattsmouth, on the rth
day of Dec. A. D., 1881, at 10 o'clock a. in., en
said day ; at which time and place, all persons
interested may be present and examine said
accounts. A. N. Sullivan,
Co. Judge.
Plattsmouth, Dec. 8, 1881. 3t3
Are you suffering .rom indiges
tion? If so ask your druggist for a
bottle of Sherman's Prickly Ash Bit
ters. Taken as directed it will cure
you. These Bitters have now been
before the public for a number of
years, have been thoroughly tried, and
give entire satisfaction. 37t5
33tf Will S. Wise
. ; A stout lad to take care of a team
and do chores. Apply to
31tf Dr. It, R, Livingston.
, . First Premium.
The Domestic sewing machine re
ceived first premium at the fair. It is
the lightest running, makes the least
noise, and it is warranted the best ma
terial. 30tf Peter Merges.
For mixed paints go to Roberts'
Drugstore. 51tf
a week in vour orn town. Terms and
outfit free Address, fl. Hallktt Co
Portland, Maine. -Wly
A WEEK. $12 a day at home easily made
Costly outfit free. Address. Tcuk & Co.,
Aug a. Maine. 4uly
Money to Loan.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Inquire of I). D. Martindale,
Louisville, Neb. 13tf
Save your teeth by using Dr. Clut
ter's Glycerene Tooth Tablets. Beauti
fy! Cleanse 1 Preserve! tf
33tf Will S. Wtise.
Old Reliable.
For the Old Reliable C. S. Maltby
Oysters, the best in the market, go to
Bennett & Lewis, thev are receiving
them now direct from Baltimore. 31tf
Hair Work.
Mrs. A. Knee will be glad to receive
orders for hair work f all kinds.
Combings made up, roots all one way,
without extra charge. . I'Otf
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at C. Schlegel's, opposite
IatHe' Heminary- unsurpassed. Arad
rummj iiiuiuull. tVllf 6 lUUr M irrfS.
Vetr begins Sept 7th. Kxamine for ymirwltx.
'-Jf ! Uttmca star. Iin I. a 1 1- t s4 . 1 W i- --t
oby, D. D., Lake Forest, IU. 2utia
Strayed from my farm two miles
West of Rock Bluffs, about Nov. . 1st.,
one ight Roan cow four or five years
old, with red on head and neck' horns
sawed off at point, and one ear crop
ped. Any information leading to her
recovery will be rewarded, by apply
ing to - J. B. Holmes
37t2 ' Plattsmouth, Neb.
Litery Notice.
Hereafter I ' will; have carriages at
all regular trains stopping at this d
pot .ny person uesinng a carriage
to take passeugers to. or from said
crams win jeave wora at my mvery
Barn in Plattsmouth and they will be
accommodated, at reasonable rates.
35tf Chas. M. Holmes.
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co, pro
prietors, bold by P. S. Barnes and A
D. Marshall, Weeping Water, Neb. 6tf
One Experience From Many.
"I had been sick and miserable so
long, and had caused my husband so
much trouble and expense, no one
seemed to know what ailed me. that 1
was completely d'sheartensd and dis
couraged. In this frame of tmtid I got
a bottle of Hop Bitters and used them
unknown to my family. I soon began
to improve and gained so fast that my
husband and family thought it strange
and unnatural, but when I told theW
what had helped me they satf 'Hurrah
for Hop Bitters! Jong may they pros
per, for they have made mother well
and us happy.' " The mother.
Notice to Teachers.
Examination ef persons wishing to
teach in Cas3 county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
W eepmg Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elmwood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday in Feb
ruary. E.ILWoolex,
i?t'f SirpVrinte'ndent.
Mason Sc. Hamlin Organs.
The most popular, acknowledged
the best. In personally taking the
field again, I would invite the atten
tion of my Friends and the lovers of
good music to (in the words cf the
world's greatest master, Franz Liszt)
"matchless" "unrivaled"
instruments. Over 100 beautiful
Styles from 322 to $140 and upwards.
A beautiful five octavo organ for ten
quarterly payments of ten dollars
each. If persons wishing to supply
themselves or their friends will drop a
postal card to my address, they will
receive prompt personal attention.
Beautiful new style for the Holi
days at bottom prices, and on tho easi
est terms. JAMES PETTEE,
State Ag't.
Notice for Bids for Books,
Blanks and Stationery for
use of Cass County for
year 1882.
Notice is hcie by given that blda will be r
relved at the omce of the County Clork of Cum
County, Nebraska, up Uf noon f the 31st day of
December, 1881, for furnlslilnjt County ollicer
with the following book, blank, and Station
ery as estimated for the year lata.
Two (2) deed records eight quires.
Two mortKMRo iecord efht quire.
One (1) general index deads.
One (1) general index mortgage,
Oue (lj Chattel mortgage index.
One (1) marrlajre record eight quires
One (1) Justice docket eight quires
ne (l) dozen Justice dockets four quire.
One cah book 2C0 pate.
One half dozen Schoel Fund Receipt book.
Oue delinquent tax hut 4oo page (pccial form.
1000 eertilleates of election.
600 official bonds.
250 execution blanks.
loo order of delivery of personal propeity.
2000 summons. -
2000 ttubMjena.
100 sheriffs deeds.
r0 indemnifying bond.
loo co urt wrappers (Oistrlct Court cases.)
200 witness eertilleates.
200 Juror certificate.
500 inarriHue licenses.
2oo mittimus.
600 appraisement blanks.
NX) reports of liens for heriff.
4.VK) tax receipt.
ooo tax receipts duplicate.
000 letter heads.
4ooo envelopes, no. r,.
2ooo envelope, no. u.
3000 envelopes, no. 10.
Five gross paper fasteners.
Kight gross Sieel pens.
Ten dozen lead pencils.
Five dozen quart bottles Arnold's writing fluid
ine dozen bottle mucilage.
Ten reams legal cap.
The Commissioners reserve the right to reject
any or all bids. '
Bids must be made separately on the differ
ent clauses,
J. V. TUTT, County Clerk.
By J. W. Jk.nni.vos, Deputy.
Pluttsruoutn. Mel)., December 6th. ibSl. 3?t3
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the nubseribcr, two and one
half mile south cf IMattsmouth. on Koek Bluff
road, on the farm of Mrs. August Ileitis, one red
cow with while spots on cido ana on front of
head, horns sawed off at th ends, and end of
left ear also off. The owner can obtain the same
by proving propei ty and paying charges.
1'lattsinouth, Dee. 1, ltx-l.
3"U Mho. Aug. ftKiNs.
Probate Notice.
la the matter of the estate of Wm. Arthur, de
ceased. In the County Court of Cass County.
Notice is hereby given that J.W.Shannon,
administrator of the estate of the said Win.
Arthur, deceased, has made application for fin
al settlement, and that said cause Is et for
hearing ut my office ut I'latlsmouth, on the 28th
day of December, A. D. 1). at lo o'clock a. in.,
ou said day. at which time and place all persons
interested may be present and examine said
accounts. a. N, Sullivan, Co. Judge.
i'lattsmouth, Nov. 30, Issl. 3713
Legal Notice.
Public notice is hereby g.ven that at a public
tax sale, held ut the Couuty Treasurers office
t Cass County, Nebraska, on the lull day of
Neveinber, 187i, I bught the east half (e'i) of
the north east quarter me1) of section thiity
two (32), and the west half iw'4) of the north
west quarter (11 w) of section thirty-three (33).
botli in township eleven (11). range eleven (II),
east cth P.M., situate iu Ca Co, Nebraska,
for the delinquent taxes of 1878, and taxed to
no name. The time of redemption will expire
and a tax deed will be applied for, uu.e re
deemed on or before the aotn day of March.
137L1J b. 2i.ktRM.lAM.
Notlceof Sale Under Chattel
Notice I hereby given that by virtue of a
chattel mortgage, dated on the loth dav of
January, 181, and duly Hied In the office oi the
County Clerk of Cass Couuty, Nebraska, and
executed by K. G. Cooley to the Kansa Manu
facturing Company, to secure the payment of
the sum of SHj.oo, and upon which there is now
due the sum of fW.os. Default having been
made In the payment of said sum, therefore I
will sell the property therein described, vli :
one three-inch wagon, new. manulaciured by
the Kansas Manulacturing Company, and oue
black horse, about uineyear old. at public auc
tion, at my office In the village of Louisvill.
County of Cass, and State of Nebraska, on the
2 h day of December, 1881, at 2 o'clock P. M. of
said day.
, .x. J- C. Newbebrt, Atfy
Nov. 30. l&.thC Ka- MTg C" Mg'e-
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the last will and testament ef
Joseph Deesley. deceased, in the County
o u t of Cass County. Nebraska.
Nonce Is hereby given that John E. Leeslty
and .lo. in P, Mcl'herson have Bled an lustru
iii lit tn writing iu this office, purporting lobe
t ie will and testament of Joreph Deesley.
deceased, aud praying that said instrument oe
admitted to probate and proved ; and thereup
on it is ordered that said cause be set for hear
ing on the 27th dav of December, A. D. Isxt at
10 o clock a. in., 011 said day, at th office of the
County Judge, at i'lattsmouth City, In ald
County, and that all perxous interested therein
be notified by publication-in the Nkkhaska
IIkkai.u, a weekly newspaper ef general circu
lation in said County, for three successive
weeks next preceding said day set for hearing,
at which time and place they may appear at a
County Court, to be holden for that purnese.
and show cause, if any they have, why said In
strument hhould not be admitted to probate
aceerdiug tc the prayer aforesaid.
,A. N. fcL'LH van, Countr Judge.
A true copy. 37u
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Ella V.Davl de
. ceased. In the Count Com t of Cas County.
Nebranka, s 1
Notice is hereby given that Thos. W. Shryock
purporting to he ;i ccrtiffert copy of the lant iii
na men in mis onice an instrument In writing
" in irBiaiiieiii 01 saiu ueceasea ; and there
upon it Is ordered that said cause be set for
hearing at the oftiee of the County Judge. 011
the t'4tn day of December, A. D. 11, at nhich
time and place all persons interested may up
pear at a County Court, to he boldcn for that
purpose, and show cause, if any they have, why
said instrument should not be admitted to pro
bate, according to the prayer of ttie said Thos.
W. Shryock ; and it is further ordered that no
tice of said hearing be published In the Nk
BKAhka IlKitAi.D, a weekly ne ws paper of gen
eral ciiciilntion iu Cass County. Nebraska, for
three week next preeediug said day of hearing.
A. N. Slli.i van, Couuty Judge.
A true ropy. 3713
Legal Notice.
To Charles .Smock and Mike Morrissey, non
rrsident. deleudautp : You are herefcy notified
that at the November term. A. D. Issl, of the
District Court of Cass County, Nebraska, a con
ditional order of reviver was made against you
In a judgment, obtained by me against you en
the 2-'l day of March. A. D. 1870, before John
W. Haines, tsq.. Justice of the Peace within
and for said County, lor $3s.2.r, my debt,' and
owt4 ol suit taxed at 4.I5, and interest. tran
scrrpt whereof was filed In said District Court
ou tue.liRh day of 1 ictober, A. I). issi.'and that
you are required to show cause. If any you have
oh or before the fth day of January. A. D. 1im2.
In the Cterk's office of said Court, why said
judgment rhouhl not st.nd revived against oti
W. 8. Wise, Att'y for Pi'tff. , 37U
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the Estate of .Within Tyson,
deceased, iu the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
Notice is hereby giveD that E. W. iJarnum,
Executor of the estate of the said Mathias Ty
sod. deceased, has made application fur final
settlement, ai.d that said cause Is et for hear
ing at in v office, at flat in noutn. on the 20th
day of December, A. D., ISsl. at one o'clock f .
M., ou said ay ; at wuicn nine ana ptaoe, nil
iierson interested may be present and exam-
itt; sid account. A. N. St LLi van.
flattsiUOUth, NOYZl't. IK81. Gt3Co. Judge.
Estray Notice,
Taken up by the subscriber, two and one half
miles sut ti west of l'bit t-inoutli, on the farm
of J. C. ( uinmiiiH, one blacil roan mare immiv,
supiKised to bi 10 to 13 years oi l, enbpfed lu ,
hut h frvait fet. wlrJi MufrllM mrttt rn hitelf i
tbo wner will pVWe propertr and lay chrgeis.
S5tJ C. P. tt- JTSUMl.
aim ii-t-iiwutfui 01 i,.ia v. uavis. deceased, late
of P.altimoie County, in the State of Maryland,
and prays that said instrument in writing may
w ;i(iiiHHfii 111 iiriihuip unfi 11rnn.1l ti.u