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    The Herald.
jnO. . lACyVlURPHT, DlTOR.
Oar Club LitU
Here we are with our Club List. To every
subscriber who pays for the coming year In ad
ranee we will give a copy of Kendall's "Horse
and His Diseases" free. As win be noticed by
looking over thin list carefully, aeTentl prem
iums are offered by other papers and matja
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tw premiums aa well as two papers at low
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A letter from Mr. MaeMuiphj
from St. Joe, on the Convention, hai
bean delayed somewhere on tlic road
and prerents our giving any detailed
rcjx rt of.the proceedings.
Coxgress assembles on Monday
the 5th iust. The great question
novr is who shall be speaker of th
House. Candidates are thick 'tis
aid, but Ka.sou sceroa a littl
Claka Louise Kellogg, the great
songatrcss, appears at Omaha u the
1st. in at. (this erening) and at Lin
coin the 3d. Sereral of our citizen
ar to enjoy the pleasure ef hearing
her in one place or the other.
The Herald published the funer
al obsequies ef Col. Broadliea J and
Gen. VnnWyek'a children from the
Milford Tribune three week's
ago, that our Daily friends through
the state are just now printing in full
A primer, after Fields. See this
Man. He is a Printer. He Prints
Newspaper. See the man Talking to
the Printer. He wants a Lie Printed
for leu cents. Hut the Printer will not
do it. He is an Honorable man. He
will not Print a Lie for Less than A
dollar. D. Tribune.
You bet; that's little enough, too
Toe Beatrice Express has merged
the Courier into one with itself, and
now holds the fort. Jiro. Urown is
a first class newspaper man and
knows hor to conduct a paper on
business principles, which means
success. His paper is ne of the
best in the state.
A cheering instance of the old
theory that "murder will out" is ex
emplified in the case oi the arrest of
a party for burning the Boyd Pack
ing House in Omaha some two years
ago. It seems Mr. Boyd Las had a
detective oa the track every since
and now thinks he has his man.
Chascellok Fairfield of Lincoln
lectured in that city last Fridaj'
eTeDing on the subject "IfVork and
Wages" and was followed the next
eTening by Mrs. Dinsmoor of Omaha
on 4.he same subject. Both parti 5
drew full houses. The point in con
troversy was really woman's work
and wages and the efTect which the
ballot would have upon it, Mrs. Dins
moor arguing of course strongly in
favor of the ballot as the great lever
in righting the wage question for
woman, and Chancellor Fairfield tak
ing the opposite side.
It does seem to us that the intent,
the arowed open intent, to kill the
President should be such evidence
of the guilt of Guiteau or any other
man that little evidence would be
needed to establish that. The only
question to be considered is the one
of 6anity. and the general opinion is
that a man sane enough to plan and
execute a murder for his own ag
grandizement is sane enough to
hang for it. The Jury should have
no doubts on this point. Further
more if the openly avowed intent to
kill so high a public Oi!k-er is not
murder it should be made so as soon
as Congress meets.
The Coming Board of Trade Banquet.
A meeting of the committees of the
boJrl of trade to arrange for the ban
quet, was held Saturday and resulted
in calling out a large number of the
Board. The invitation com nit tee re
ported about one hundred and fifty
names of parties from other portions
of the state as the list to be invited.
The question of extending invitations
to prominent county and city officials
was finally decided in the negative, as
room being limited, and other invita
tions in the city being confined strict
ly to the board of trade, it would give
rise to endless dissatisfaction. The
list of invitations from abroad include
prominent railroad men, state officials,
president's of the boards of trade of
different citiea, leading newsapr
men, &c. Arrangements for defray
ing the expenses of the affair brought
forth immediate Tesponse to the ex
tent of over S190 with good prospects
ef raising all that may be needed.
Death to rats and vermin, Parsers'
Trctem mater.
Other Opinions Concerning Cranks.
Washington, D. C, November 34
The trial of Guiteau is a spectacle
that no one of any public Bpirit or in
terest fails to attend, at least once, and
curiosity alone, bo matter how mor
bid and reprehensible, leads many to
the dingy and ill-smelling chamber to
get a look at that most eontemptinle
wretch.' A glance at the man con
vinces one of his qualifications for the
gallows, and by bis outrageots con
duct natuial disgust deepens until
nothing could arouse a spark of sym
pathy for him. There probably never
was a criminal so universally execra
ted, and who each succeeding day adds
to the general weight of obloquy by
his clumsy antics.
Through the grace of a legal friend
who took me I had a seat in full view
of the prisoner, and for two hours
could watch that most repulsive coun
tenance. The bustling and .quick
little step with which he patters into
the court room, the breezy and non
chalant manner in which lie presents
Ids hands to be unfetteivd, and the
intent and important air with which
he spreads out his morning papers, but
add to the unfavorable impression of
his evil and wicked countenance. It
would disgust any legitimate actor to
see this mountebank roll his eyes, as
sume the maniac glare and deepen the
perpendicular furrow in his brow.
The auiienee that gathers daily in
the City Hall is, as a rule, a rather
seedy and rusty looking assemblage,
and all through the compact rows of
faces are many that approach in gen
eral tvpe the so-called lunatic him
self. At the left of the judge's bench
are a few rows of chairs reserved for
the distinguished and fortunate peo
ple, who enter from the Marshal's
office and are seated at this peint of
vantage. Mrs. Blaine was an occu
pant one morning, and had not Guit
eau been cased in his triple-mtanted
brass, he would have quailed before
the severe, level gaze she turned upon
him. Not a smile hovered near her
mouth at nil the siick-tongued talk of
the prisoner, and only the irrepressi
ble shade of disgust broke tee stolid
composure of her countenance. About
evury clergyman in the District has
attended the court, and in the curiosi
ties of crime and the annals of wick
edness there cannot be. anything so
full of teachings as the history that is
being developed of this headlong ca
reer of vanity.
The loyalty wiili which his brother
and sister stav bv him is the one beau
tiful feature of the casp. Mrs. Sco-
ville's plump, elderly face, with its
crown of wavy gray hair, commands
respect from every side, and in the
fresh bloom and color of her counte-
nance-there is only the long profile of
the nese that bears the least resem
blance to Guiteau's ugly face. Sitting
there with a poke bonnet of black felt
on her head and a black centered bro-
cha shawl wrapped around her shoul
ders, she is a picture ef middle aged
dignity cemforting to look upon. Her
voice and look seem to quiet him more
than the Judge or the bailiffs, when
he sets to snappins and ftnailing at
the speakers. It is a fine sense of hen
or and a boundless charity that puts
Mr. Scovillo to defending such an la-
crrate. and though he strains his con
science and exerts himself to the ut
most to cast the faint shadow of in
sanity over his client, there is no
ring of conviction in his tones, and in
heart he cannot think any better of
the wretch than the rest of the world
dees. Ruhamah in Globe Democrat,
The etat has nothing to do with the
moral responsibility of criminal
cranks m devising ways and means
to protect itself from them. If it
does itself no good by punishing or
executing them, it clearly should re
frain from doing it. But if it should
appear that the punishment or one
crank will deter others from assailing
society, there is sufficient justifica
tion for the punishment. We ar not
called upon to split hairs upon the
subject of moral responsibility, but to
estimate the wisdom of inflicting pun
ishmant. In desiring to extend the
principle of individual rights to the
farthest practical limits, we have
overdone the matter and suffered ae
coiety to bo visited with injustice,
In acquitting criminals en account of
emotional or semi-insanity if the
term bo allowable we have certainly
multiplied the number of cranks. AVe
have extended the privilege of mur
dering. The acquittal of state assas
sins in England led to the establish
ment of the principle that if the per
petrator was sane enough to under
stand the consequences of his act, he
was sane enough to have them visited
upon him.
Under the theory that moral irre
sponsibility renders a man unpunisha
ble, society has no protection against
cranks. It places them where they
are just sane enough to keep out of asy
lums, and net sane enough to be pun
ished. There should be bo such stand
ing ground. If the asylums do not ab
sorb them, the prisons or the g-dlows
should. Make one or the other the al
ternative in all doubtful cases in
volving murder. Globe-Democrat.
Spectators at The Trial.
Washington, D.C Post. Nov. 23.
The attendance at the district crim
inal court yesterday was the most
fashionable and select since the as
sassin Guiteau was put on trial tor
lis life. More than half the audience
were ladies, tne majority or mem ar
rayed in purple and velvet. Promi
nent among the spectators w ere Mrs.
Secretarv Blaine and several of her in
timate friends. The wife of the mur
dered preaidents's foremost adviser
wore a sad expression, and not eyen
the most ludicrous saying of the as
sassm could provoke a smue on ner
face. Chief Justice Prince, of New
Mexico, and his fair bride were given
seats within the bar enclosure. The
,ev. Mr. Paxton, the Rev. Dr. Sunder
land, and other white necktied gentle
men repk'e?i?4 the theologians.
while the theatrical profession was
present in the person of Florence and
several handsome and magnificently
attired actresses now on the boards at
Washington theatres Florence wa
seated near the government table; he
studied the prisoner with close sru-
tiny, and sorrowfully examined the
bullet taken from the president s body,
banded him by his friend, tlu-district
attorney. Mr. A. S. Solomons, and
other well known Washington resi
dents were in court in company with
their ladles. Col. John A. J:yce was
in the front rank, acting as escort to a
bevy of Georgetown bauties. The at
tendance of insanity experts was un
usually large, embracing parties sum
mened by both parties.
Ms Jses tried to shot GuiWaa.
We is knew Jones was a bad
sho;. Smith would have done a great
5m t5T. Watchman.
Rosewater on Deck, Gets away with a
The great and long talked-of River
Improvement Convention met as per
call at St. Joseph on Tuesday. The
delegates from here, that finally at
tended the Convention, were F. E.
White, Jno. A. MacMurphj-, II. M.
Bushnell, Geo. S. Smith and F. Car
ruth. Mr. McKnew, As9't U. S. En
gineer, was afterwards added to the
Committee by general consent, he be
ing of great value, on account of his
knowledge of the river. The first day
was mostly spent in wind, we should
judge, as no orgaaization was effect
ed until yesterday. Whether this is
to be a bona-ffde endeavor to perma
nently improve the Missouri, or only
a great raid on the Treasury of the
United States in its incipiency, time
will develop. Gen. Craig was made
temporary chairman, and T. M. Post
gate, secretary, assisted by Mr. Bush
nell, of our place. The committees
appointed were as foliows:
Credentials Jahn L. Carn,cuHirmaa ; L; A.
Allen, J. V. llallay, Lot Brown, Sam 'I Burns,
M. II. Iiohrer, z. K. Ayleaworth, S. L.'Ryan, M.
II. Chs.
I'ennanent Organization T. D. Ilillyar, chn ;
X. F. Leslie, Hon. II. Clay Far. S.-un. Hwlruea.
Marshall Key.C. C. Ilouael, F. E. White, T. B.
Bullene. Lieut. Gavemor Kabert Campbell.
Resolutions Hon. II. J. Latsliaw, chairman ;
WIubIow Judson, Dave Rett, L. E. Caoley, Hon.
C. H. Chase, Victor VUqualn. Hon. J. P. Root,
Gen Willie Urown, Jude Brake.
Order of Business- M. H. Rohrer, chairman ;
Hon. N M. Fortescue. Hon, Frank Smith. Ed.
Rosewater, Jalin A. MacMurphy, W. IL Wood'.
Jas. S. Hendry, M. Mnulord. F. W. Mott.
Vice-Presidents M. L. Haywood, Nebraska;
N. Morrill, Kausai : L. R. Boulter, Iowa ; John
Hog an, Samuel I. Smith, Missouri
Gen. Geo. S. Smith was electee
chairman of the Neb. delegation.
Rosewater was there in force and
the opening Wednesday rather
awav with the Missourians on
the report of order of bnsiness
There was a good deal of St. Joe, and
Kansas City in the meeting but as
we hold the next one at Omaha, we,
can probably keep 'em level in the
The Hirer Convention.
St. Joseph, Mo., Not. 29. The
Missouri river Improvement conven
tion met at Watle's opera bouse at
11:30. Four hundred delegates were
present. Geo. W. Uelt of bt. Joe called
the convention to order and intio-
duced II. J. Latshaw, of KansaM City,
first vice president, who assumed the
chair and read the call. Major II. R,
Hastings moved the election of Gen
James Craig of St. Joe as tempor
ary chairman, which was carried
x rans m. rose gate or 5t. joe was
elected temporary secretary.
Letters and telegrams were read
from Michael McEnnis, president of
the Merchant's exchango of St. Louis
Congressman Bland of S, Issouri, Gov.
Nance of Nebraska, J. L. Count of
Desota, A. II. Edwards of St. Charles
Senator Cockrill and others, and a let
ter from Prof. James Rollins of Col
Hon. John Hogan then addressed
A. . .a a.
tne convention at length. At one
o'clock the convention adjourned
until one o'clock this afternoon. The
temporary chairman will appoint tbe
committees. The citizens are show
ing the delegates the city this after
Books and Papers for Next Tear.
1 his is the season to sub scribe tor
reading matter for the 3-ear to come,
and a wise parent nowhere proclaims
his wisdom more certainly than in
the choice of good and plentiful
mental food for the family
With the object in view of helping
our subscribers to the best class of
reading matter we have prepared
our emu list and nave jnven our
readers the benefit of the commis
sion offered lis by the various publi
cations that they may obtain- them
at tae lowest, rates possible, and we
think a list is presented which ought
toprovidoa sufficiently wide range
for all.
We would call attention to a few
of the special inducements offered
which a hurried reading might not
By subscribing for the Herald and
Iowa Faimer, vou will receive the
Herald premium,
Kendalls Horse
and His Diseases
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Farmer premium, a
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With the Herald and Omaha Re
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Next week we shall have some
ijqiorc inducements to offer, In the
meantime study our club list and
the prospectuses of the various mag
azines and papers; our word for it
ycu will find them good reading.
A Presbyterian, social will be enter
tained at the resider.oe tif Mr2 Jt M.
Roberts, Thursday evening. Dec. 8th;
all are cordiallo invited.
Makt E. Vass, President,
f eeble ladies.
ThQ laisgi'id, tiresome sensations,
pausing you to t'fta scarcely able to be
on yo'ir fet; that constant drain that
is taking from your system all its elas
ticity, driving the bloo.n from your
cheeks; that continual strain upon
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ble and fretful; can easily be removed
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Hpp Bikers. Irregularities and ob
seruutiona of your syiteui are relieved
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iodical pain is permanently removed,
j Will ywi heed thief
For God. and Come, and Native Land."
Temperance and Religion.
Every church member should make
temperance a part of his daily religion.
The bottle is the deadliest foe to
Christ in our churches and our com
munities. A friend of Christ mwst be
the ememy of the bottle. More souls
are ruined by the intoxicating cup
than by any single vice or error on the
globe. Every professed Christian who
gives his example to the drinking
usages is a partner in 'the tremendous
havoc which those evil customs pro
duce. "If any man will come after me,"
said the Divine Master, "let him cfcnjr
himself." And the great apostle only
clenched this glorious precept, when
he said, "It is good not to drink wine
whereby my brother stumbleth, or is
offended, or is made weak." On this
immutable rock of self-denial stands
tke temperance reform. There the
divine founder of Christianity placed
it. With Christianity it is linked;
with Christianity it will stand or per
ish. We do not hesitate to close this
rief paper with the declaration that
with the triumph and prevalence of
Christian self denial in the church
is bound up the only hope of
the triumph and prevalence of
pure Chris'ianity, in our world. T. L.
The time for temperance men to be
true is when the timid among them
prophesy disaster because the enemy
is held. Never sanction a wrong by
legal enactment. Never become a
special partner with rumsellers. Do
your utmost; and if you fall, fall with
your arms in your hands and your
face toward your foe. When you rise
you will not have to turn round to be
gin the eonflict. N. Y. Christian Ad
vocate. Whea Bad
3Iea Conspire
Mast Combine.
Good Men
No safer rule for the guidance of
mankind has ever been furnished,
than this suggestion by Burke, "When
bad men conspire, good men must
comline." Whisky, billingsgate, de
ception, subterfuge aa.l strategy are
the weapons of the conspirators. They
stek only to perpetuate paying busi
ness. These veracious hhylocks de
mand that nsh and blood; bone, mus
cle and sinew ; peace and happiness;
families and friends all be sacrinced
to fill their coffers witk pitiful dollars
They seek to confer no blessing upon
humanity. Sordid gain is their sole
ambition, Bad men have conspired
for gain. Good men must combine
for principle. Sel.
The Ballot will Blet out Intemperance.
A. B. Richmond, in the preface to
his book "Intemperance the Great
Source of Crime," indulges in the fol
lowing sensible remarks:
"It has been ray object, as far as
possible, 10 present me subject in a
manner somewhat new, to travel out
of the beaten path of temperance lect-
Aixet, aud to convince my readers, if
bossible, that prohibition by law is
Hie' Only means by which the traffic in
alcohol can be abolished, and the
jtfpuntrv relieved of the great curse of
intemperance. I believe :n the effica
cy of the 'kind words' of moral suasion
as a great remedial agent; ocknowl-
edge oven the great forqe of the 'tufts
ef grass' of public opinion. Yet when
the boy remains obdurate and will not
come down from the tree, I have an
abiding faith in the virtue of stones.
"If good, reverend men could preach
the license system out of existeuce, J
would be Tery glad that they should
do so. if the prayers of Christian
neon and women could extinguish tne
fires of the distilleries or smother the
still worm, I would be glad that it
were so. But, admitting the truth
stated in the table or yksop, that 'the
gods help thoso that help themselves,
and that it was the shoulder of the
teamster applied to the wtieel of his
cart that moved the load rom out the
mud of the highway, I believe tliat it
will require the force of the whole peo
ple, mn and women, applied at the
ballot-box, to effectually blot out of
existence the great curse of the coun
try, the laws that license and permit
the sale of alcohol as a beverage.
"I deny the right of the government
to st 11 to one citizen the privilege to
tempt another to commit c.ime. I
doubt the policy of those laws that
seek te raise a revenue by the sale of
that Which debases the people, is the
proline source of crime aud pauper
ism, a.nd costs the country annually a
thousand times more than the revenue
received therefrom. I deny the jus
tice of those laws that on one page of
the statute book legalize that which
promotes crime and makes criminals
and on the next provides severe penal
ties to be administered to those they
nave tempted to transgress.
" is It Right!
Is it right for men who piofess and
call themselves Christians to pray,
"Lead us not into temptation," and
then needlessly expose themselves to
the influence of drinks which have
tempted and ruined thousands?
Is it right for men to ask God to
''Give us this day our daily bread" and
then support a system which licenses
men to destroy the good grain by con
verting it into body and soul destroy
ing drink r
, Is it right to build churches, chap
els and schools to help to save the peo
ple, and at the same time, license men
and women to open shops in which
iquorsare sold which will destroy the
people t
Is it right to license a man to sell
drink which will make pixple drunk,
and then nne men and women for get
ting drunk r
Is it ripht to licotise men to make
paupers and criminals, an4- tax sober
and virtuous peop;e to pay rates to
keep them?
Is it right to derive a revenue out
of a srsteaj which demoralises and de-
graees tne people t
la it right for people to wish the
temperance cause success, and at tbe
same time continue to drinV and sup
port the liquor traffic r
Is it right for any man or woman
who wishes well to their country to
stand aloof from the only certain
cu;e for our national intemperance?
Woman Is so great a'power in tho
temperaace cause, and is so identified
with it, that whatever advances her
also helps it onward. Man's work is
aided and supplemented by hers, and
whatever hinders her progress in this
work retards his also, there is
a necessity that woman should come
to tho work of teinpei auce as well
equipped as possible in every way.
The cauje j; jn upd wf t-tfucatcd, cul
tured women, which will make earn
est zealous workers.
A clieee fat-tory, out near llardj,
NickoIIs County, ei ared 8800 last
suiQmer, the first jear of its existence
O. W. K,l'ey of Ped Cloud whs eVf
ed to 611 the unatutrefl -eriu of his
brother the late II. S. Kaley in the
A Religions Newspaper.
We deoire to call the attention of
our readers to one of the greatest
newspapers of the ago one that se
cures the best writers in this country
and Europe, regardless of expense;
has tbe best and fullest book reviews
of any paper in the country; has able
articles upon financial subjects; has
departments edited by specialists
and devoted to Fine Arts, Music,
Science, Religious Intelligence, Mis
sions, School and College, News of tho
week, Hymn Notes, the Sunday school,
Legal and Sanitary questions, Biblical
Research (something that cannot be
found ia any ether newspaper in the
United States), Farm and Garden, In
surance, Weekly Market Reports, etc
in fact, a newspaper fully suited to tbe
requirements of every family, contain
ing a fund of information which can
not be had in any other shape, ind
having a wide circulation all over the
country and in Europe. We refer to
The Independent, of New York.
"The largeet, the ablest, the best." See
advertisement, in another celumR. and
send a postal card for free specimen
copy. 3712
Our Greenwood readers were doubt
less somewhat suiprised last week, to
find through the columns of the Her
ald that a creamery had been located
in their midst. The fact was, that
tt was owing to the good will ef the com
positors in our office toward Green
wood. From the Glenweod Opinion
or Journal we learned that a creamery
was established near that place, and
accordingly announced, as we sup
posed, the fact, which our coaspositors
rendered otherwise; and the proof
reader being sick it was left so. as well
as a notice of Elder Crowther's lec
ture. Now, if our Greenwood friends
will start a creamery, we shall only
have been a little premature.
Rescued from Death.
In the following remarkable state
ment. William J. Coughlin of Somer
ville, Mass., says: "In the fall of 1876
I was taken with a violent bleed
ing of the lungs followed by a se
vere cough. I was so weak at one
time that I could not leave my bed.
In the summer of 1877 I was admitted
to the City Hospital. While there the
doctors said I hud a hole in my left
lung as big as a half dollar. I expend
ed over a hundred dollars in doctors
and medicines. I gave up hope, but a
friend told me of DR. HALL'S BAL
bottle to satisfy him, when to my sur
prise and gratification, I commenced
to feel better, and to-day feel in better
spirits than I have the past three years.
I write this hoping that every one
afflicted with Diseased Lung3 will be
induced to take Dr. WM. HALL'S
conviuced that CONSUMPTION
CAN BE CURED. I can positively
say that it has done more good than
all the other medicines I have taken
during my sickness." Sold by drug
gisrs. 16
Telephone Exchange.
A telephone exchange for Platts
uiouth seems to be a fixed fact. Mr.
Lewis, -ho is to be the agent for
this place, informs us that opeia
tions will be begun as soon as the
parties have completed a similar
work for Fremont on which they are
now engaged; ana that tiiey are de
sirous of getting the work under wav
before extreme cold weather sets in
Clear head and voice, easy breathing,
sweet breath, perfect smell, taste and
hearing, no cojch. no distress. These
are conditions brought about in ca
tarrh by the use of Stanford's Radical
C ure. One bottle Radical Cure, one
box Catarrhal Solvent, and one Im
proved Inhaler, in one package, for 81.
The E. A. U. Sociable
Thanksgiving evening, was very larg
1 and pleasantly attended. The sup
per was a suecess, the music excellent,
and the parties in charge deserve com-
aieuuauoji tor me aucces wnu wuicu
, t- . . 1 f . i
they meet in keeping their Union in so
flourishing a cond.tion. About one
hundred dollars was the successful
financial result of the sociable we
Snrprise I'arty.
At S o'clock Tuesday evening, about
seventeen couple of TrJattsraouth s
young folks met at D. IJ. Smith's and
proceeded to the residence of Mr.
Richard Newell, for the purpose of
a surprise on Miss Lazzie. J. ike near
ly all surprise parties, however, the
party tor wnom tne surprise was in
tended found it out before (lnd The
evening was spent very pleasantly,
playing games &c, among which was
the game of "Going to Housekeeping"
which caused considerable mirth as
each one told what they would do
with the articles they had named,
with which they would go to house
WeUuesJay, Nov.
83. 1881.
Uieat. No.2..
. (k-4i.t 00
Corn, ear
Barley, No. 2
dr.i t)
IIokh...'. .
.5 00(55 25
is-' i
1 2du1 M
Nkw York, Nov. 30, last
Money aac.
. ..; $
1 39'
1 Of.
Chicago, Nov. 30. IS8I.
i 1 M Si?6 75
.l 2ii
1 Oi
,.tj i.x34d 45
..6 '.'fra. o "i
.. 4 eo-A 4 75
nous. shikDinrf.
itt n : n
trm-iDdr.Fre uhe i-rrot der. OnV-
At thin thop you'll 'Hud meet wholesome find
Sausace, pork mutton and veal.
And it is our !Mef, you'll buy excellent heet.
If you ;t this butcher sliep deal,
lie kcpj .-i ahv;.Y 0:1 hand the beet ia the land ;
OK Mii-h :is your families cee-d ;
Oiliprs iiiiiy do wril. Lut they cannot excel,
I'r Fickh-r w Hi mil take the lead.
A good b;rjj.-iiu ynn'il make if vou want to buy
Or oi!i iiii- i: or to boil or to frv.
You c;in liave a j;td di!i of whatTryou
Compel!; ion li.' wf'.l may t'.efy.
Tlu.sliushiuss provides for-ood pelts and hides.
Lard and tuilo-hr'll both buy and sell ;
utl jo'il liud Ihu ti.o, there 's no other
You'll do better, ii you wi quite i well.
And ill U Me tell if you've fjl cattle to
or hoj: ir l.ei that are nice;
You can bring tlieiu right here and you ceed
never fear.
But for them you'll net a good price.
Satisfaction to all who five liini a call,
It l hi intention to give.
For we're certain indeed, this belong t his
Not od to live bill let live !
3lm3 . CcsreMTu.
Large Stock of
Livery, Feed & Sale
Or an Old Stahh in new hands entirely .
Tho New Finn of
op'ju th H
am eight jiarx
on the Corner of jih and Tej-rl Streets with a
flew Livery Outfit.
houses noun itt axd sold,
Call and st e PATTERSON & DIXOX
dealer In
LrA stock af
tt b
Notions, Queensware,
and iu fact everyihiug yoncn call for in
the linn of
General Merchandise.
All Klnas of country dkhI-.icc taker n ei
Chance for.yooils.
All kinds of
ic f tided
Neatly & Promplp
Horse, Male& OxShoeins:,
In short, we'll shoe any tiling that ha?
lour icet, from a Zebra to a Giraffe.
Come and see us.
ninths' between Main arJ Vine Street-.
UM acror . eomer from the f.t IIERALI
a w- o f
Ik OirATK Kt9S.
Vw Ctyla Ka. lloo.
DimBioaf Uetcbh, n laa.s
Atiu'ress or call upon DA HI
rSiiSti -. . .- .. ....
loots & Shoes
; f
Blood PoionIns!, Scrofuleus Ulcers
and Itching Humors, Abscesses and
Glandular Swellings.
Mr. Albert Kiiipsburr. Keene.N. II., troubled
with bad humor on hands and neck, caused by
lead poiitoDiuif. tUf.'u a painter.)- At times it
would break out, ctm'X opeu. and the kln ep
aialc from the tle!h iu large pieces, suffering
preat continual itching and stinging. Purchas
ed your remedies : used Cti R'lKA KkbolvkNT
internally, Hixl CfTiri ija aud C'tTIct HA Soap
externally, and in If than three mouths ef
fected a complete cure, and h;i not been trou
bled Biuce. Corroborated by BalUM Si Foster.
Druggists, Keene, N. 11.
.1. W. Ad am. Newark, Ohio, says ; "'Cl'tici
ha ItKMftitiKX are the Kieateht medicines on
eirtli. Had the wort case of salt rheum In thla
county. My mother had it twenty years, and in
fact tiled from it. I believe Ci'Tiri'KA would
have saved her lire. My anus, breast and head
were covered for tluee yarf. which nothing
relieved or cued until 1 used the Cltiovha
Ki:m)i.vrT internally suid Citicira and Cl
lici'iu soap externally.
H. E. Carpenter. Eko.., Henderson, N. Y., cur
ed of Psoriasis or Leprosy, of twenty vears
landing, by the Cuticcra Kk.hoi.vknt Inter
nally, and Ciiict'HA aud Ccticcka Soap ex
ternally. The most wonderful cae on r'wrord.
i,ure certineu to neiore a jut!ee ol the pear
ana prominent cuizens. au auuictea witn itch
ing aud HCaly diseases should nei-d to us for
this testimonial in full.
Tho-e who have experienced the torments of Kiieinu can appreciate t lie auonv 1 enrtur
ed for year, until cured bv the Cu m i ha ICk-
80LVF.NT internally and Cuticura and Ctrrr
I'fKA So a ! externally. -
MKd. Wm. Pki.linwtox, Sharon, Wis.
and Ctni'i'iiA Soap externally and Cuticcra
lirxjLVK.ST liiternHMy win positively cure er
ery specie of Puinvr, 1mm a ciinnum I'wnp.'e
to Scrofula.. Price of Cltic cka. email boxea.
Mk- ; laritK liaxes, l. Ccticuka Rkkoc.vknt,
si per inline. ii'TicuitA joav. zzc.. ccticuka
sin Soap. lftc. Hold by all druggists.
Depot. WEHKS & POTTER, Boi-tun, Masr.
Sanford's Radical Cure,
Complete Treatment
For $1.00.
with specific directions, may now be had o
nil druKgUt, neatly wrapped In one pnek
aie. for one dollar. Ask for SAroRU't
Radical, Cuke.
This economical aud never-failing treat
ment inatantly cleanse the naial pafsave
of putrid mucoiie, subdues iutlammntioi
when extending to the eye. ear and throat
re.tores the siisk of omeli. taste and hear
iug when aSacted, ltavee the bead deodor
ized, clear and open, tlic breath sweet, the1
breathing eay, and every eene in a grate
ful and aoothed coudition. Internally ad
ministered it cleamen the entire uuicour
teui through the blood, which it purine
oi uib aciu liaison always preceni in Ca
tarrh. Recommended by all druggiats.
General Agent. WEEKS POTTER.
Keston, Masa.
Roaches. Vaur Busa,
ai.o lied and l;lrk
Zt Ants eat ravenously
JviiNAIOK and die.
No fear of bad smells.
Barns, granaries and
households often cleared iu asinicle uit'tit. Rest
and cheapest rrrmn killer in the world. "No
failure in ;s years, tvery nox warranted. Sold
bv ail croeera and drueuists. Ask fr PAR.
SON'S. Mailed Irr 25 cents by
WEEKS & POTT Elt. BoBton, Mafa.
Sue'i as Consumption, Bronchitis, Aethma,
licnei al Debility. Brain Exhaustion, Chron
ic t CB-Ilpatiou. ( hiouio Diurrha-a, Dys
pepsia, or --
I.okit of X'erroDS Power,
Are positively cured by FELLOWS COM
As phoepl'.oriiH entrs so largely into the ani
mal economy, it beeomes pur excellenee the
best vehicle, with which to umhoc late the other
vitalizinjr ingredients of healthy Blood, Nerve
and Muacle. In Fellowa' Syrup of Hyponhos
phites ure combined all the stibstanees found
necessary to insure robust health, and whereat
it was invented with a view to supply every de
fieiencr, U certainly has performen eome won
derful curen.
Manvhehtfr, N. H., June 18, 180.
Mr. Jamf.s I. Fellow.
Dear Sir: I wish to acknowledge the ifreat
benelit I have received from the us f Fel
lowa' Compound Syrup of Hypophoaphitee." I
have been an invalid for nearly two yaars with
a I'ronehial affection that had taecom chronic.
In the Fa.ll of 1878 I had a phyaie'an eighty days
Is succesain, beaidea the counsels f several
others. They gave nie but little encourage
ment, some ef tlioin none.. Last July I wa Mil
vised to ci.e yeur remedy a trial. I did a , and
in Ies than one week there wax a tnai Ued im
prcveinent for th better. I have continued iia
use frwin that time until th nretent. imnrovini;
all the time, aud 1 can truthfully nay I air isore
than a Uitniired per cent, better than whan I
commenced its use. 1 have inereaad in weiirht
aliout fifteen pounds, anil my coiiKh, which was
ieariui. nas nearly uisappoared. 1 believe tisa
it uot been for your Syrup. I Misulii ere this
have leen beyond the cares of life.
Very truly yours, Albkkt Stort.
IpUu not be aeeetved by remedies bearing
a si in war name ; no otner preparation is a suu-
. . ... .1 : . i i . .
oiiiuir una, u:;ur iinj urcumi'iaiiees.
For bale by aTl arugifisis.
Harness Manufacturers,
and all kinds of harness stock, constantly on
Repairing of "all Kinds I
And Satisfaction Guaranteed.
rirRemcmber the place. Opposite Het-i
J'.oeek's Furniture Store, on Lower Maia Uet.
J lattsiiioutu. eo.
The mott Successful House in tho World.
This Magnificent CABINET Organ
Withan Ue
ent 5UxI, Book and If iuie, boxed and
ooard cars al WuiiioKtuu Naw Jeraey.
Oehvtrtd oa I
Only 863.00
SatUfaeMon abiulQteIy guaranteed or money
rvrnoaea aiier oua year a oae.
epetflcatIou as Fellows t
1 Cello. S li. tone a atelodi. 8 ft. tone. 8
CUmbtlla. 8 ft. tsm. A llinml Xiih-KmiJ
JIflft. fi Bourdon, lflft too. 6 SipboiH
uiapason. 8 rt. tone. 0 Viola Dolce, ft.
tone. lO brand French
Born. ft. tone. 18 Harp voUenne. 13
Vol Humana. 14 Ecbo. 8 It tone. 15
Dnlclana, 8 ft. tor. 16 Clariont 8 ft.
17 Vf.iw Ctfleiite. H fL tone. 18 Violins.
4ft.l9VoxJnW;ant.8fU CO PieeaJo 4ft
?1 Coupler Harrnonlque. Orchestral
orte. 93 Graad Otko Suet Stun, g4
blKhtOriraa Kiwa Bup.
RFWAHF f'Po .t tnii,! of yl aa
uua aa vetav taalep. a atop vaiob
doablM th powar of to liitnmit. AU
f bt ortui h it. This vntu W-
BOpn i in unraa Boilder-i art. It i vrrj
mtlfml im ASM,1
lllulkb'Mt Taasf wild wi
' aut, profnMly rBraBEd with haa'i mrv
in d xpaiv far Tan. Th -,
ncpoccet u t atot tirni mmmiw
xtaak it Baa ntbw apniint mxu-
lw .with gtecl rpnmca. rvller for mortag.
uhd autal jmbJj. ao4 budlo. t..
A U It ia j . nlu. i. tk lullKi-
aire'a Mrioa aad a-ait araaatat t&a ha-
g tlWITT UwrOTrr. Eivn Prepaid,
uk Drafv or Knwtereii Letter. Mowf
refnaded aa4 all freirht ehrepil. if aot
nnfHaud. rarcm to nathiairVaB
Kt Jener. sd Victory, u wru of
aa iaa.i aa. iuocuit omtu- Ux Tii wra bi
MMaithi, walU af HlltUBf I iat HlMt 19
rr r
EL F. DCATTYrVhlnftCT- TJeW Jersey.
When death was hourly expected, all rem
edies having foiled, and Dr. IL Jaiin'i was ex
perimenting with the many herba of Calcutta,
he accidentally made preparation which cur
ed his only child of Consumption. Ilia
child is now In this country, and enjoying th
beet of health. He has proved to the world
that Consumption - can be positively and
permanently cured. The Doctor now glrea thU
Keeipe free, only avkin;: two three rent tain pa
to pay expenses. ThU herb alo rurea Night
Sweats, Natixca at the Stomach, and will break
up a fresh coid in twenty-four hours. Ad-
urese Craddock & Co., 1032 Kace Street. Phila
delphia, naming this paper.
nilleeiil l.o!iclay presents : Mjuaie grand pi
anofortes. lour very handsome ioui.J c ornera,
roKewood caves, three unisons, Iatt's match
less iron names, stool, booii, eoer. boxed..
75 to 207,5O ; catalogue prices. mm
fl.Coo : satisfaction guaranteed or money re
funded, after one years use; npruht piano
forte, f li'j to $1?S : catalogue pne 1 500 lo oe
standard pianoforte of t he univei se, as thou-
anus tetiiy ; write lor a mammoth ini oi tes
timonials, llratty s cabinet oi);an, cathedral
ehurcn chanet, parlor. I.ti iiuwaid : visitor
welcome ; free csirriHKe meets pamenKers ; Il
lustrated catalogue (holiday edition) fie. Ad
dress or call upon IIamm, K.RKAn v, Wash
ington. New Jersey.
PIANOS aud OKtlANS at K X T 1 1 A 0 1 : 1 1 N A K Y
LOW mice for cnh. Installment received
HPI.K3S DI t) ORGANS. Hb. Sf.d, 10 in. MAO
NlKKENTT's oet. KOSK I ll U PI A NOS,stnl
and cover, oly fciyo. . VVai runt-ed 6 veara. Il
lustrated Catalogue r.ialicd. Agent.4 wanted.
HORACK U A 1 IM & CO.. Manufacturer and
Oealer. S.'rt Kroitdway. New Voik.
A ttw ttfrreat M4iol Work.
f avrrtDt. tiir bmt and obtMp-'
Ml, iniinMitail to mrwmrj
in a, outlfd "Lb fteiyne of
ifV" boumt in ttrvat iVDt h
Diulin.embofHl ,f nil mlt. fr
pnXM,ooDUim iaatif ul tA
ajriini, 135 rcripUona,
j)nc only $t.2SPct by mai!
lilufttratm! fcaini'In, flc .; miJ
new, AdrlrfTW latvicT Mctj.
el lDtittjtor !r f ll Pa.
. ' J . ; : agency Koit - .
Geo. WooJs & Co, Pianos and Orjani""
Xews Depot, Magazine and Papers, '.
-Main Sf,. opposite New Hotel. ,
ri.A rrsMouTii - - n tthkastca.
Manufacturer of and leab r In .
Also, a full line of
' wniPH
Done neatly and promptly at xhort notice at hU'
Directly opoite I'ost Offlce, Plattstnouth. Ntb.
None but tho bent of stork ued !
I'lattntooat li - X-brakat.
Repairer of Steam Engines, BoQers,
Saw aud (Jrist Mills,
Wrought Iron Pipe, Force and Lift Pipes. Steaoa
flanges, Safety Valve OovcrnoiK and all
Kind ef P.ra.-s Knginc Fittings,
repaired on short notice.
Also all kinds of
' Carriages always o'rTHan
I want all of my accounts settled to dat,
ant I shall do no more credit business. All old
accounts must be settled up, and no new ohm
will be made. Cnless snch accounts are tettie4
fihortly they will be sued. -
I wish to alo a strictly cish businens Ii fat nr -
Plattsmouth. Kebs.
Successor to Hchlkgkl & NltMAK.l
Manufacturers of ,
And dealwrslu
Special BRANDS and sizes of Cl(i.fts maf .
order, and s.-Ui.sfaction guarai.J. Cicar
clippings sold for sinokt'' 'baoc.
Mai". Street, one door west of J. S.Xoko'a atr
OptoMiU iMt Office,
Plattsmouth. N kb. .'. lua.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ii '"""'
Mam utreet. Cornarof Fifth,
. 3
Ifj.KUy prrauiun qur rmid piaj.of ort, fcicr rj
haadnoraa round eommt, riM'trwl et, Uut nwrna- '
fluy' niatrhlai trua frarsr. stool, book, , r, toi' t-
Mwinpuoa ratmi" v. '-7
um i ur.tu.tif iiMnororaea, a I i t
. u hi wvmi " ' . r- - . w v. w w v -
ey refunded, aWfOue war'. '
' Y ttyb, coUui -r PrtcttL
lofortM vt tho i, uvna, 4
Vrt ftjtfA -- Kiindaxd ManofortA
'ti'Minr1' unLizy , wn iot nwnaMCi iu of t4j ymi? g
Ifciatyoaimt othvw, cuuwiu, caorciv, rbatol. uuior.
A:t nn-uil: rliCLora Wkwn Im. a-W.... 1-1 il.
m&gmt Uliiatratwi rtaJoru (hotWuy wiuuoi . A i-
(UMWurcamw . . p k. i , If 9n
wont it ditiUDCtlTunderntood that I am pmii
mjtiioiuw tun nuui'Ai rKiiUiT I3ia tm uw.t.
buT(irnnd.6ouar and lTrrtp-ht Piano and na
mnufictiirrs tsuch fnormom profits, iicforerou
doclde to pirx;liaa a, Htxio elsewhere, rtct I WrtU
t once for tbJ viable lnformaUon. Trickso? tha trado
WneretlMjcoBt cornea la ; how af-v7 Wl'laao co
ZZOOO throuirh aeents ro-oflta of from E'JU to ITul
mad on a Binplo sale. A f 1000 Piano olU t- oo mara
for S800, to bia neighbor, tho naarn precisely
for faU), to another fur Is $LiJitr Iharv- .
one price, no apents, salts are nul dirvrt, myet.
aiogue liu uo UcUUoua pr2 ISIZi TO UXt, '