Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 20, 1881, Image 4

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    THE :BERAtJ).
The Sactry.
. WhtTe pnzln? on tbo Bloomy hen vin nbri-rr
Alone anl In thesiill watch of tbo nivht,
I stntid nnd drcnm of her, my dist int Iovp,
She who b true, who b my hcirt's deiiht.
When wrr obi jrr-d mo from my 1 vo part,
She d.i ntlly mi hat with nbfo im docked.
Ami prvtscd, m s to hor true mil tendprh'-art.
Whilo from hrr eyes the tears wuull fl.w
She loves tno. faithfully, sba loves me still.
And therefore nm I well content 'd and pay:
My heart beats vrarui, although the night U
I chill, . -
Wtiilo thinking of my loved one far away.
Now in tarrchamber, lighted by her lamp,
She rnHkesherevt'iiiii prayer t God above
For ono wh ) i in danger in the c:mp.
And prny Oud's bksdtitr for h'jr absent
Ah. when the voice with toneof nnjrui h rInj-3
For perils I may men by 1 in-1 or ll.wvi,
B-3 tranquil I am 'ueath th Almighty's
winiis; . .
lie love and honors a true s ddier'a blood I
' Thompson was a- happy man, Lut
Mrs. Thompson was not that is, not a
happy tro-rurin and her unhapphiess
was Loth a source of satisfaction and
amusement to hor husbauJ.
' They were well-to-do in this world ;
for, as Thompson was a very succ s---ful
t peculator in grain at the Corn Kx
changft, Mrs. Thompson wa3 seldom
without change,' and with their t.vo
selves only in the family, they managed
to eat, live, and dres3 well,
t Thompson loved a joke, and if a
practical one, so much the better ; hut
Ids w ife never saw one, and was too
practical to enjoy the witticism that
Veiled cither a vulgarism or a satire.
And, of course, her facetious spouse
took exceptional care to make her the
victim of l is one failing whenever the
Spirit prompted.
In consequence of which little Mrs.
Thompson was in a constant state of
uncertainty whether to laugh or ciy.
For instance, on the last morning of
the old year, as her husband was leav
ing: the pretty villa at Cianhani, to go
down to business, he turned at the door
to say, solemnly
"Good-bye, Puss ! We've eaten our
last meal together thi3 year !
She 6tarted up in alarm and rushed
after him to the door, from which lie
was slowly emerging, with a broad
grin on hi face.
'Hut, Tody," she gasped, shivering
on the threshold, as the keen air struck
"Theodore, madam V sternly re
torted Thompson, looking at her with
a lixed eye, "or Dore, if you like but
not Tody. Ugh P
"Theodore, then," pleadingly cried
the poor little woman, "whs wlia-at
do you mean? Aro you angry? Did I
I do anything wrong?"
"I leave you, madam, to find out. I
shall not see ycu again this year."
And, with a wave of his hand, Thomp
son, walked off, the grin reappoaiiitg
as his wife's horrilied countenance
camo into his mind. "She'll lind out
that it's the last day of the year," ho
soliloquized, a he mounted the omni
bus that every morning carried him to
(iracechurch-street ; "and remember
that I'm going to supper with Jones
to-night, and c f course will not see her
until the New Year is in."
But Mrs. Thompson did not cea tho
point of tho joke until Theodore ex
plained it, at two o'clock next morning,
and passed a miserable day according
ly, brooding over hi3 parting words
and their hidden meaning.
Amid a shower of tears and a nanno
nade of sobs, Thompson vowed ho
would never no, never again make
her tho subject of a joke, which ho was
only too glad to promise as the price of
peace ; for the last bottle of champagne
had just touched the spot which variab
ly ached with double horse-power, and
he fell off asle.-p with a splitting head
ache, murmuring mysteriously :
"Mumm's the word."
Which tho subdued and penitent wife
understood to be a request that site
would not again refer to this incident,
to which she eloquently replied, as she
sank into slumber :
"I'll forget it all. Tody Dore
Theodore !"
Thus tho fact is evident that the care
less, fun-loving Thompson found lifo
more desirable than his earnest, loving
little wife, to whom the days were 1 ng
nnd empty until he should return, and
the nights weird and ghost-haunted
until his latch-key startled the lonely
spectres back to their lurking-places.
J3ut Thcodoro never thought of this,
lie was the ringleader of a few M irk
Lane habitues, and didTmore bonneting,
grain-pelting, and other sportive jes's
than the whole band of convivil spiirts
together ; and, besides, sang the best
songs told the best stories, and played
the sharpest tricks. And so imbued
had he become with this spirit that his
better, soberer nature was becoming
completely eclipsed, when at last a
pull-back arrested him in his mad
career," and the tables were turned on
Theodore Thompson, Esquire.
Mrs. Thompson, like the generality
of the feminine readers of newspapers,
found her greatest enjoyment of the
daily paper in tho list of deaths and
marriages, lost and found and the
agony column.
For this latter she had a rare fascina
tion, and many times and oft would
break in upon Theodore's study of
the grain quotations in the "Mark Lane
Express," with wondering demands
for an explanation of this strange or
that singular request from so-and-so,
and thus and so, in the second column
of the "Time3."
One fatal day, following upon a series
of suppers and excursions to which
Theodore had lent the lustre of his wit,
leaving her to her lonely evenings and
disconsolate daj-s. without the aid of a
female friend to beguile the time with
aesthetic art discussions, she fell upon
a remarkable advertisement, and Ne
mesis followed fast upon Thompson's
"Tody, isn't this strange? Just lis
ten," said Mrs. T., with big open eyes,
staring at her paper uneasily.
Tody had heard the like before, and
was besides very intent on -calculating
the margin the sudden rise would allow
him in his next offers, and therefore
simply grunted out, "Yes, very." And
went on comparing the closing prices
of last year with the present one.
Mrs. Thompson had grown very
agitated, and was peering intently at
her husband from behind her paper.
"You must listen. Theodore," she
said,- decidedly, with a shake of the
All right, Fm listening. Wheat,
129 J. a fall of three-eights since yester
day," murmured Thompson, abstract
edly, figuring away.
'Thcodoro Thompson, what does
this mean?" demanded the small wo
man, with hysterical majesty, looking
very stern, but trembling very' womanly.
Thi3 was the advertisement, which
she proceeded to read aloud with the
sonorous importauco of au angry swal
low. .
Theodore looked at her grimly. He
saw fun at once. Tho wheat market
faded into oblivion, and the spirit of
mischief tilled his mind with other quo
tations. "Head it . slowly, dear," ho said,
Tho small woman quivered.
"Theodore, you love another?"' she
gurgl . I, and wildly waved the paper.
"Anotl er?" cried Thompson, with
melo-draina in tone and attitude "A
dozen of them. I dote on anothers. But
who who has betrayed me?"
He seized the paper from his agita
ted wife, and spread it wide open be
fore him ; then, running his bauds
through his hair with a wild air, ho
read out, with stern emphasis:
"T. T. If jou love me, meet me at
the same place. I must see you.
L. Z."
Thompson looked under his eyelid3
at Lis wife. S'io was following every
word with c-rnest face and grief
stricken eyes, and a grin peered round
the corner of his lips as he thought of
how he would cure her foolish fancy
for the agony column thenceforth.
So," he said, gravely, "you kuow
'All, Theodore P' wailed poor Mrs
T. "Is this thing true?"
"That thing is true," assented To 1-,
sadly; "but I throw myself on jour
mercy, and beg, for the sake of the of
tho Crn Exchango that you will do
nothing rash! Think not of jourself
alone in this sail aflair, but of your
country "
"My country!" sobbed Mrs. T., fall
ing back limp and aghast.
. "Yes. I am an ornament, as well as
a useful member, of that great and
glorious food menagerie "
"Menagerie !" wailed Mrs. T., wring
ing her hands.
"Yes. The bulls and bears are the
source of our income. Expose me, and
you ruin me. IJj patient, and all will
be right once m re."
Thomps n shook with inward glee,
as his rapid imagination wove tho in
cident into a good yarn for the boys at
the next supper, excluding the true
names o f dramatis personal.
Mrs. Thompson listened with pale
face nnd a piteous look, that might
have checked her husband in his joke ;
but with a quiet pride that was new to
her, and seemed born of this terrible
emergency, she hid her pain from him
and forced herself to speak calmly.
"Theodore," she said, slowly, 'tell
me. if you please, all about this."
She touched the paper lightly.
Thompson turned on his heel to stare
at her, b it she was bti3y putting the
breakfast things together, and he could
not see her faee.
"Gad!'' he muttered to himself, "but
she takes it coolly. I wonder if she
A sudden pang seized him ; a fierce
lo k drove the grin from its hiding
place, and he punched in the crown of
his hat vindictive!'.
Til draw it strong," he decided,
"and see if she don't come down."
A!onl, and wish mock humility.
"It all grew out of the hist LordMay
or's Sh w. I was appointed by tho
Ward to superintend the tableaux that
wer to take part in the procession, and
it was decided to have one tableau in
particular to represent Ceres, the god
dess of plenty. It was that goddess of
plenty, my dear, that made me re
creant to my connubial vows, and
boun d me in the toils of tho siren."
Thompson paused, with a dramatic
quaver, but looking curiously at tho
quiet face bending over the silver
Bp ion?.
"Well?" said the steady voice.
Thompson began twisting his hat
round an I round in a startled quandary
What did it mean? She was as indif
ferent as if he was telling of son other
fellow, and not himself her own d -ar
Tody ! She was losing her interest in
him ; she didn't care fortius escapade!
Could it be p sibla? Theodore felt
hims If growing pale. And how pretty
she looked!
"Well, The More?" said the small
woman, giviug a lump of sugar to her
'Well, I got entangled, as one does
in those kind of affairs," stuttered
Thompson, failing in his composition,
and wishing he had never begun it, but
urged' on now to a grand denounce
ment, in tiie hope of breaking up tho
el ill indifference of hia wife's manner,
and of hearing once more her loving
liitle Hugh and "Good-bye, Tody!"
To ly" was beginning to bo one of
the sweetest sounds he had ever heard.
"And it's gone on and on until tho
present time."
He paused, ignominiously. Now she
would faint. She did not. She took
up the silver tea-pot and examined it
"What strange fancies men have P
she said, quietly. "It never occurs to
a woman t make such a fool of har
sc f ! Where does your goddess of
plenty plenty of what, Theodore??
live, may I ask?
Thompson sought a view of her face;
it was pa!e ami set, and the eyes looked
sleepless and heavy.
"Sae's hard hit, after all P' exulted
the selfish dog. "Now J.'U make her
admit it."
And he forthwith gave her an ad
dress in a low tone, with humble con
trition in his manner, watching fever
ishly tho while for tho stagger and
catch of the breath which should be
tray his victory.
Mrs. Thompson turned to him very
quietly, and gave him instead a long
"Ami I believed you to be a gentle
man P she si nply said, and walked
past him out of the room.
Thompson was in no enviable mood
that day, and hats and handkerchiefs
for once were safe in their owners' pos
session, for he no longer disported
himself, with cow-like gambols, on tho
floor, nor blandly sm there I timid bid
ders with their own coat-tails.
On tho contrary, ho made his offers
with the air of a Nihilist conspirator,
and often stout staring down at his
feet with a fierce frown,
"Something's gone wrong with
Thompson," said h'S friends, nudging
each other, and looking paralyzed, as
they wero about to pelt him with a
handful of grain, ami he suddenly
raised his gloomy eyes on them.
"Confound you, let me alone!'' he
growled ; and they walked away as if
the biggest tiger had broken away
from the Zoo.
Later in" tho day came a terrible
hock to Thompson. Ho had decided
to write to his wife, ami "make it up"
with her, when in walked his best
friend and fellow-joker, Tony Town
send. "HilloaP shouted Tody, feebly,
half sorry to see him.
Townsend grasped hfm wjldly by the.
"Noble friend, 3"ou'ye saved mo," hg
Thompson gasped.
Saved yon?"'
"Yes, -T. T.' you know," explained
Townsend, advancing to shake him
again by the hand..
Thompson fell back in his chair.
"Keep off Fm dangerous P ho
yelled. "What do you mean?''
Townsend was again about to rush
forward, when Thompson put out both
feet and stopped him.
"Your wife " began Townsend.
Thompson sat upright, and glared
like Othello.
'Came into our office this morn-ing-M
Thompson reached for a sharp paper-cutter.
"And interrupted the governor lec
turing me generally, including this rui-vertiseni-nt.
Mrs. Thompson seemed
very unhappy, and undeterred by tho
governor's preseuce, stated that she
esired my influence to assist her in
savingyou from a terrible mishap and
restoring J'ou to your sound senses. In
brief, old boy, she spoke of your adver
tisement in to-day's paper, and of the
bold, bad woman that was ruining
you '
Townsend looked a3 if ho would
choke, and Thompson felt the edge of
the paper-cutter carefully.
"The governor sprang up," contin
ued Townsend, holding on to his sides,
"grasped me by tho hands, called me
his pure-hearted, noble boy,' and told
your wife of all your my flirtations.
conso;ed, then blessed her, ana rushed
out. Mrs. Thompson behaved like a
trump, and left your reformation in my
liar-is as she went from my office."
Thompson rose slowly.
"You you" ho spluttered, flour
ishing the paper-outter.
"Of course I am!" roared Townsend,
backing to the door. "But what did
yo.i play such a joke on that dear little
woman for? She ought never to for
give youP
The door opened suddenly behind
Townsend, and in came a young fellow
with a savage look and a quick step.
The latter carried him straight up to
Thompson, and the former looked him
over from head to heels.
"II w dare you, sir, tell your wife
that the woman I am to marry rode on
a car, dressed as tho goddess Ceres, in
Lord Mayor's Show?"
Thompson fell back in his chair in a
state of collapse, while Townsend skir-.
mished near tho door, waiting for an
The irate visitor flourished a light
cane omni usly near to Tody's right
"Tho goddess Ceres !" murmured
"Yes, sir!" roared tho outraged
lover, beginning to take his steps with
very little regard for time. "This
morning, sir, Mrs. Thompson called
on the young lady and had aa inter
view, in whiih she aeeused her of hav
ing won tour affeetions from her, and
of being a circm rider, engaged to
personate Ceres in the Lord Mayor's
Show stating that you had given her
the address. Now, sir, what does this
"That I have played one joke too
main', sir!" said Theodore, gravely,
rising from his chair with a respectful
bow; "and am ready to make any apo
logy you may demand to your fiancee,
to whom I am innocent of any discour
tesy, except through an idle jest to my
wife. Pray go with mo to tho lady's
house, and. humiliating as it is, I will
make a full explanation."
This was done to the lady's and tho
lover's satisfaction, and then, with a
fjrave face. Thompson turned his steps
How would his wife receive him? His
cheek burned at the mortifying blow
he had received ; and yet he was proud
of ono thing despite the ridicule her
action had brought upon him. it had
proved that she did carj for him, and
had even left herself out of the q section,
wh -u pleading with Townsend and tiie
mis'aken Ceres to sty, bin for himself
alone, for the sake of his honor and
He found her with ho.ved head and
had clasped as he silently entered, and
heard her pray :
"Oh, Fa' Iff. he'p mo to keep my
dear husband's lift) pure; strengthen
me, that I may bo able to guide him,
for his soul's sake J"
A big ob choked Thompson, as ho
said :
"Puss !"
And when she was in his arms, cling,
ing close to him in fervent thanksgiving
that it was "ad a joke,", ho then and
there made a vow never to perpetrate
another joke, and ho kept it.
"But, littlo woman," he said, "don't
ever put on your dignity with me again,
for it has taught me to be j alous of
your love."
rm .J
''Only a Private"
It was at Dallas. II j was Benona
Burch, a private of the 4th Michigan
cavalry, A line had been pushed for
ward on the rizht of Logan's corps to
turn the flank of tho enemy. Tho ad
vanco met a shaqi musketry fire but
pushed steadily forward across an open
field, driving the enemy and gaining a
position on the edge of the woods,
which was held. Burch, in crossing
this field was mortally wounded, and
was carried to the rear in an uncon
scious condition. A few moments later,
on reviving, he eagerly asked for
"Mart," his messmate, and taking his
hand, with the death rattle in hi$
throat, a smile on his face, his frame
twisted into contortions with agon', he
exclaimed : "Mart, tell them I died at
my post and give them good-by." His
eyes close, his hands fall by his side,
comrades stand around him, and down
the cheeks of these veterans tears are
silently coursing. At this moment the,
artillery of the 15th corps op.-n a terrir
ble fire, making the earth fairly trernble.
Burch opens his eyes, a smile lights up
his countenance, and with his last
breath he exclaims : "Hurrah for the
old flag," and expires. Ouly a private,
and stiil only ono of the thousands and
thousands of heroes who laid down
their lives unknown and unsung. To
his poor old parents and comrades, a
hero with a nameless grave, with grin
Kenncsaw in tho distance standing
sentry, while the night winds sighing
through the tress of Pallas, sjng las
everlasting requiem, He was not a
Thomas, a Sedgwick, nor Kearney; no
polished shaft re-trod in lofty height
marks his last resting-place ; his narue
Adorns 119 pa-e in history, nopqet-s sing
the glory f his heroic death, but the
recording angel pf heaven writes the
immortal Ustoy of all these. "Only
a private," a d tho unknown death of
our battle-liehl-i.
Teacher ; "John, what are your boots,
made of?" B v ' Of leather." "Worfi
does the leather come from?" ''From
tho hide of the ox." "What animal
therefore supplies you with boots and
gives you me tt 10 eat." "Mv father,'1
- u
JJore Comfortable.
Carrie was Q years old and quite a
model of propriety; but one day she
f hocked her mother by dqing something
very much like ordinary naughty chil
dren. ''Why. Carrie I" exclaimed Mrs. B.?
''how could you do such a filing?"
"Other liitle girls do so," replied,
'But that doesn't make it right, does
HP" asked Mrs B.
"No," answered Carrie with deliber?
ation, ?'but it makes t a good deal
jnorc pom fable.''
Anxious for tho News,
.4 Tyrqije eentlema-i who lias spent
the greater part of his life in America
arrived in Omagh for a few months
holidays on the day that t ie news of
the shooting of the Americ in President
was published. Hi lives in th s eom
try, and the excitement which soi$ 'd
him when h.s heard tho news, furme 1
an interesting a il unusual treat to tin
placid natives of this part of t ie oou '.
try, who are c ipabie o:' bjariu any in
telligence unmoved. As t ie evening
advance I, the visitor, w.10 rem .iued iu
town, appeale I excitedly to entire an I
callous s rangers, sis follows:
"I must get the latest news how in
lvaven can I get the evening papers?
11 I wait till morning, poor (J irliek'
may be ilea I." Tyrone Constitution.
At a picnic given by colored people
at Wolf Lake, Miss., two negroes, named
Selby Johnson atid Jeff Young, got to
boxing, and finally drifted into a fight,
at which point friends of the parties
interfered and separated the combat
ants. Youn" then took up a stick in
one hand and a brick in the other and
followed Johnson, who was being led
off by some of the crowd, endeavoring
to strike him. At this point Young's
wife came up and struck Johnson with
a stick, whereupon he jerked loose
from the crowd holdinz him. pulled
out a pistol and fired. He shot Young
in the left side, near the heart, causing
death in a couple of hours. Johnson
ran off, but was captured by two white
men, brought to town and lodged in jaiL
Neuralgia, Sciaiica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Cout, Quinsy, Sara Throat, Swell'
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear end Headache, Frosted
Fest and Ears, and ell other
. Pains end Aches.
No Propnt-ation i n nrt!i eiiirU St. Jacobs On.
i a nf'', sttrr, ximilr md 7vij Kxtml
Hiniiiiv A trinl mtaila tint th" ci'ini:;ra:ivc!v
tiillii r u:!ny ;f iiO t'rnl.s. rm! o'i v one Meti-ring
with j'ain cun h:iT chi-ap and j oiiiiivo 1'p.i.f at' in
L'irPCtionJ in Eleven Lanpua,;;.
A. VOG2S3LS3. iz CO.,
iSfrffimnrr, ,
Loss of appetite, JJau8ea,bowe1a costive,
?!lhjn theHead.with a Sull sensation fn
thfback part, Pain under the shoulder
blade. fulines8aftr eatinpr, with a disin
clination to exertion of body or mind,
Irritability of temper. Low ppirita. Loaa
of memory, with a feeling of ha vjhg neg
lected some duty, weariness. Dizziness,
1'luttering of the J eart. Dots before the
eyes. Yellow Skin, Headache, BestleM.
ness at night, highly colored Uiine.
TTTTTS PILLS are especially adapted to
su-li cases, one done e fleet suchachaugo
of feelinsr as to astonish the tuflVrrr.
They lneresethe Appetite, and cause tbo to Tnkr on F!eli. thus tiie sytiem ia
nouri.lieal.aii'l bvthiirTonieetlonon the
I!j-etierratti, Regular SSkI are pro
ducts). Price ifiut. Its Mnrni.t St-, fr.V.
Or a v II air orWniSKEns chanpred to a Oixmssy
P.lack by a siiipl application of this Dye. It
imparts a natural color, acts Instantaneously,
bold or strut by express on rtcviiit of 1.
Office. 35 Murray St., Now York.
S nr. TTTT8 JUST!, cf TlnM InfonBaltan 1 k
Ireful Kmliiti will mslk-d KEE aiipilrativB.
tkA Jis. afk. j2x. jfcw. naA y3k. nrr at-ti-
5ft FcrCoughs,CoIds,
fS-s :::-:ri'rx:::T.
-rwyL. Is the Cest of Tonics:
-SSS Cures Dyspepsia:
vRestores theAppetite;
rS-iStrHK'tUa the Svstpm:
u-Vgras. Restores the Weak
and Debilitated.
A tr;al of it will prove an
we rl aim. Ask vntir tlrMppist
for lr. CcomU's Wine
of Tori take no other.
Kor 1'T U IiruggUU.
S. K. SMITH I CO.. Frop'r
- .rAiMufi.. Snr-M.to01lvrCrookr.
A valuable Discorerv i. Tow IVpirti5r in Mfirf-
Ical Scienre. A positive!-. . Veli -e Kviucdy for tho
BieodyBndperm:iQ)nt ('n- : to-nrOTnic Mknr'- th
tleplorabl) d:9- rmulfin-: milifwrpet iiir'iw
or exceftses ia yuurb or nt tiny iim ut Ijfc . iv' utii
true way, viz: Uirect Ai3p!irit'v..u ciIuk by Ab
sorption, ana exert it cp.rlllo lutlunceoa tbQ
Vrea:clPJt. T"; aoJ Gl-?nH. t'ifit aro uuable to per
form tbulr tir.tural fun. -1.00.1 vr!iil tnia diwa-to per-'
vadea the human orp.iniH.a. The use of the Fnatilla
ia attended with no pain or l.K-onveaience, aol docs
Dot interfere with the ordinary punui'.!5 f life; it 13
quickly dissolved and soon abrrtted, produrinj .m
Immediate dootliinir and restorative TV .ti.m the
nervous organization -.Treckp.l f-r.. viciyua L&bitsor
pxceoaes, etoppinir t cllunt froin the system, restor
irT t.eUr,ao health and Bound memory, rt-raov-ug
ice' Dimness of Sight, Confusion of Ideas,
Aversion to Society. olc., etc.. and the arpoarance
of premature old a?e tisur.lly ec-onipanyin this
trouble, mod refitorioi; ti.9 vital forces, v. bete
have been dormant lor yiirt This ru-.u vt :rkv
ment bas stood the tost in verv uvoW tnj
nowa pronounced 'ir7. .ui Ay aro too siuib pra-.
sc:ile it tui irnvi'.lr., and, as many can bear wU
nefra to, wrta but little if any Hrnjanent eood. Theroi
is 00 nonsens1 abont h 1m J n-.arat ion. Tricttcal ob
servation eniiblps us to positively frunraxite thut i
will uive satisfaction. It bs tuea in tajTiPr:)!
tor several yeara and we luive tlioneur-ii-i fcsM
moniala from patients, r.i to ila V. )'! it ir r.o?
concediwi to lrf the mast r-'t'ii.i "iiet'.r.d et dis
covered for reaching ut cui'lny ttiisvery provleo
t-o;r.!c, Vlt u Wc!t known to I hi the caiue of nntuid
tiuaery to so many. and upon whom quake prey wii a
tbeir useless Donrnimi and biir fees. The lijimetiv
is put up in neat boxe. of three No. l.'.trnoun t
to lant a month,) S3; No. 2, isuEicSont toeffoct aper- ,
lanent cure, unless in severe cases.) Sot No. 3.
(T&stioff over three months, will restore those in til"
worst condition.. $7. StMit bv mail, in plain fl-THtJ.'
r . n C t i BOX.. "
erf tor JMettutlte rainnli-i
, trim j,i(.ti'If -iiiufoiHfcftl M lluatrttHoua
tiI aretiiiioi y, trltirh trill cotmitiee I
ti momt mkeitl t lint t try rffHkere.
sfo-etl to perert health, aiirf fhs vital
fort-em tltoro lu rr-enftibliAhett saute
an if HCrcr ttTertra. SoUl OX I, V by
Market and 8'.h Sts. St. tOuia, Mo.
. .
Unsolicited testimony to tho Efficacy of
Prof. Harris' Pastille?, taken trorn Ueti
ter received from Patrons:
Indian. April IX. "i:' The htrt )r t wnrktac per
fectly, liad e pilenyvfrpn; w- it for S yeurs puat.
Iowa, Oe. jit, -vj. 1 nm almost surprised at your
Put.lle3. '4 bey nave worked iikf uchurni on me. lam
just twice n much of a nn.n a. I m bf ire lukinu. I
waa oo tha veie of the r av. I thomtht. and t here was
no car for rue. but now 1 na In cood rm;ea fur u cure.
"West Virsrinta. Anir. H. K'A I received y on r medi
cine and I believe it has cur;?d me, for which 1 am v-ry
thankful. Inclosed find fr i, PleHe aen.1 tne nnther
box I No. 21 for a friend. Von h;ive done a tniut tiling
for ms. 1 will eeod yon nil the orders 1 r:. -
From a Physician and Surgeon.
Missouri, Jnne 2fl Plense forward me nnotiier box
of the Pastilles. 1'he patient on whom t have o;:!
most of one box, in addition to :i s.imole box- i t.i
rcoverint and I think nnor!i..r will ,,t btaj 11 Ul-k,
From a Drus;s
Maryland, 8r,t. loJ.Laot January we got a box of
your Ktotuu.l). iir one orour customers, .ind it has made
a perfec-t care of him. V-'e beve enotbr customer now
uSeriaa in tha satua way , ami wUn oue 2s o. J box.
Palace Barber Shop.
Under Frank Carrtith's new .; ve!:-;. K. ,.
HCT &z COLD SA 1 -' :
and now is the time to t'et
or anything ele in the toiKoi ia: v-my. at
John IiOOiic-,'3 'New r.'.op,
ColUer JIaiu ami l'ijh
Platttimoutli. - n e!i-.k.
ri -
U3 ii,
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and Plow te-
pairiny, ami general johbiuy
I am now ;irep;ired to U : kinds of repairing
of Xarsu jujU father i-:"liiif ry, as there
is H ood lathe in my viop.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
hiri taken charge cf the u-;ioi4 shop.
. He is well known aa a
XO. 1 WoiiKMAN.
Xew WajQs, and IIuj-. uhfe to
Sliocon Sixth street nonnsite Streiirlit's Stable
JNO, BOSS & SOU, Proj'rs.
Ne;ir I!. & M. ras-enger Depot.
114 : TS . i L TI J , X E 13 II S K A.
Newly refitted and funiir-hod throughoiit. Af
fording an ex!--l!cut view of the 11.11 Bridge.
It Is eonvei i'-i.tly located, especially for the
traveling public.
Tin; tables iihvays suiiphe I with the best of
the season.
II w iih the hcue. Lunch baskets
filled at all hours. Terms rcaK.'iiab!e. 81 f
Retail L-iauor Dealer,
1"L.VTTSM0V:T, .... NEB.
Billiaid Hull ai d S loon on Main Street, four
doore from Sixth at Nevi!c'
Old i lace.
c:;ei!t''"r llie ;t.,n- s-id l'l.t--.
James Grace.
M Mi .C7t'!:Kl! CK
A.T1 S'
.J 35.'. B-jf S--. v-
s? v.
Elm St reel, m a r Eighth.
PlaUsmouth, - Neb.
J$in'a;il Mini nds
.Made to ori'.er
that the. i'hkapkst ana J'.kst Ti.ack to b-iv
Staple ei Fancy Groceries
A X 1
First-Class Dry Goods,
Jfai. iC Wvvhhitvh,
Cor. M tin ami Third StV. Platt-iitouth
3?"Stoc! ul traps fresh and new, and ?r!et-i
always ar the boitrnu. C'ail and convince your
scive.s. lot!
Uood I'l iek, for eale a? soon as bur.ied. at
SucCcxovjs to Jones & Agne.w.j
Again takes charge itf the Old
Brick Livery Stable,
T"(.e tl 11 Butttier Stahles. tn I'lalf-niout- are
tivv hasetl by .tones & lvikeulmrv and 'they
have 1111 hand New and hiwid-uiue Veoiuinoda
tions, iu tiie shirt't' '(
We are now I'lepared to keep HOUSES
And will
Train and Break Colts
On Iieaeoniih'.e Terms.
That v,un ideiity of r-.iom iihitt everv one
KlK'wr. we liavti) in tuir tdat'H-. we car. ret Farin
ria1 btoek Hint w:igons. hw. of hay, &e., under
cover, l t i- they w ill kpe dry.!i a(! thu old wiifuus lor '.heir Iihe rail
ty. vke-.siK.n i! kht'-.f tt-Hiiu h i lie f-iuire. n il isii' .1
ttt.t wCiiU tcuiiiinp.dn;k; he;si hettei am do
VtiUev Uy niM kUiin eei reloio.
M y J QXTS i t& E I K Nr n A I : Y.
v. iii:isi:i,, - lTopi irtoi.
Flour, Com 3eal d- Feed
Al ways on hand ajid tor sale. t lowest caslt
P-iees. i;ie luneiit 1I lees iani tor W iieat ar,t
t orn. l'a!'i lulr attention n'vnn eiisu.iu woik.
Every w ound or injury, even hv aceitlenJ or
any disean-, entitlef u .soldier of the late v.-artu
u pension, ah p.-nsimiM bv the law of .lanuarv.
18T9. bej;iii hack, at dat- of dlseliarue or 'i'-;lj!
of the -soldier. All entitled should apply at
onee '1 lions ilids who a: e now drawing en
sion art Piitilled lo an iuereae. Sohiiers ami
w i:i.m i.t I lo- war of mil .Mexican war are
f i;iili( .1 to pensl.itiH. 1 l.oiiand- arc vet en;i
t le.l to liotinly, tint do not know it hees m all
c-aser a. lo. l'jy for every deseription of war
claims eolleeted. Employ an Attorney renl
iiiit in Washington, who can sjive perioral at
f nt im to our business. Aiuei ii-an and i'or
eln Jiatelils olilaineil on short noliee S"m!
two st imp fr pension and bounty laws. Ad
tiress W. T. Fl I ZiiKitAi.D. 1'. S t'Ytini .Airent.
l.oek Hox i i. W aliioirloii. l. I' f,i;y
:s .-:,J:3r.jFr-
-J d
.i.t In an J w-,i keen
' y luatt-1 iu mii.-iu nn
- '-rc i.:ti l of
; on is
Of t'.e bl.oS. -.Wi -t bontM trtM!U w;th utcv ,
o : cieu(.ii pruic .t-, - ;tKif! umg Mercury or tititi.
VCMN C M ?l J-a1 r.t mi Wi whn art
-, r ii"" t i . -tiir rinu frnrn org-amc v.
n .? thnt nintii (t Tirtirr. rr t.u4in or tnarrutti j,
f-rni-,tn' rr . pi rri'VlPt' -r xjd-.
PATIENTS TRFAT: n fc M,l and T y
f Mi w i riii l iiarrSuVj i ' wtr w-.i.e
. .1... . (---,:. .ri. FREE a- d .iin.-i.
Ltat of q h-ki o answtrr! t M'irMt dctMnac Icitn-nT.
mailed tret t it; i-;-c '-a ; ;.: .ai..n.
Prv- f-U-TrHn frttia .r.lurr -knutd wad tllIr ftd4rtt, V
aail l-ar mom ihn 1 i'.r rtnnix. ItK tola
vCfT.nni ,) ! i ' j f'ii1eni and thou 1 4 tz iui rc-K i i
1 i
A viofira of youthful imprndenci canhi! Pre ma- '
tare lie.CT, Nervous Debility, It jranhood. etc.,
caving t;i- 1 u vain every Luow n remrdy, ha iLs j
ceverd a flinpie st-'.f trt'.rs. wliich ha will m ! IT.tB J
to his feilov-MiffiTTrs, addresa J. II. lilCtVll'S, .
3 4 bathaui Nt., X. V. , j
Brick Yard !
0..EASZ.& mi I-LtTTSSIOl'Til
Where ('i.e. J eoiiiie;:
,u e made with
Car Lines
- TO
NEW Yo:;:. j:, srS. l':i!!T!.!):;i i ni.l,
V..i l.T? .M)!:E.;T.,
ii ilc Sio'L JLirte
V a FEC- iA :.-.r
l ciAX.ii i :s. Louixx rixciN-
X A I f. cikI nil ;.,i-ij. i tiie
OTJ iS: Bl ST-
W hen- I i;.-.'. ; I ' ,;.i.e 1 are made in the
I'MON It.!(-; villi 1 l!i"ii:;h Sleeping Car
hi-..; s for ;:I p. i;.;s tl 1 ii.
r;n: m:,v mm: rois
; AY'i'.,:T.: i:ji;m-: von
T!o- -m":i' i.'iu-em'T.t olTeli-d by this
iine lo 1 i' ..K'.s riii i 1 uarjs are as follows :
t'l'1 i'. '."i.i ;!ed l'lliuan ln-Wheel 1'alace
s'N cj.ii i ii;n oai on this line.
f. .. it. '.' r.-da'-t? lrav. iat;-liooij) Cars,
V.'iih i:-.ioi,'s :-,e!-:i!.i;. ( !:ans s Extra
i; I '! !.':( Ci-,:ihs.
') In; l.ii.n i.s .. i,. c (J. J:.i!aee I Cars.
t.-. . i i r fais. .liit-J Miih eloant
' . li ; ' i ;:i ivo! vf t hairs, for
. ! ee ' :.-' of :rst-elas.s passengers.
l :'-l Th!.-. M"d liall Tia:-k .Mid Superior
1' ; i);i!;.t!- e il'.i"!.' ! wiil; t l-.-;r frf.' Till (
fur A rr n. i:rnt. makes i iiis, above ail ol hers,
tl;t- i ; i i . t to Hie
A!-T. tti' : :l OIJ MOl'TII-KAST.
TIJV IT, ai.d on v.-1 !l n n.l T il A V E LI X ( ! .t Eux-
m v iiisii i)'; ri a 1 i.-seoiiii'ol t.
'1 liiecnh i' eU-s i cfihiated line for
s:!" at :;'! clii' i s ii; the i'niteil t-tiUfe and
.-Ill ii'.r-:-:. a;i., ;i .':- E..t si! Tare, Sleep
ier Cai Ac. olnii. '..;!.. :i, .mil liai.' TaLilef,
will hi- .- i i fi'.iH i.iven i-y appiiu t.i
liea-i-ai l'a sender at, hieao.
tlenend M:'iia:te- C':ii'.-mo.
Every Style & Price, i
Guaranteed XJh e qti a.1 cj &
X2Xfl?s-is'it3 and Cost:'-:c:3C3 f:a I ia
ra ether;.
Far Sale in Every City &nd Tows
ia tho United States,
and by J. H. COX,
Plattsmovtii Nk"
JVA R tsl e: H 'S
. J-s,-'-3
rts --.. -'.Jc--. .-.'f til
-T " - r ' " ' -j- J 1 I
Is n:ad 1 a ; r-'ii: ;
A'.i!-..-. a::': - a i.'"ttie
I In- l.oiiN - -f. .: I O! !.; .
d;.-e-!'. : :r- :
v..'r.- : ;.. .
p:i:;. i- L--'-Tkj -,'.e
r'!..'.r, r.r:if ,.f U;i;e
? e -c:,i- ail the
a f-.e l-t.'.v p:u T of
-- i I ea;'ai'i.e- -.lanit
1' .: i:;. I : : dilli
: a-.d 5"i it::'iy tr-J!--i. .M.'ii
:'.',,: ri . 11 fin tin
: ;r,n ',-' 1 i;e
r i ., fitrifier.
iv : cur."' tllat
- i l l ', i.'d.e!
si teat i.j'i . r.;i.' '-'I'.i:.:; iVi'.r,!
ei:ui!. t r s: r s .. . . ,-
McmhI. 'i,ii .(.': : ' r
i: is tl ! ,, .a ;i -i .-,.1-iiv
-.:ir; . t -.i.-.- . 1' -r
ll'o Vr jrj l:', tri ' .
1 . S:i e i : r, r 9 til
l r 1 itt i". 1, . i. ;!e'.:ij
'! - a!
iaaiel. 'I r it.
if. TI. V V ' '1 i. i ;i .. Kod-est
. V.
A ? L.'-iJ-' Rrsj 0-1,1 f ucc crir
EaiSf " iuvr;rr.u ri:i lii-i w.-.rl.L it ts n.; Hest
" " rtoi. &U'04 "'1. I ri T. 9
h'Rrily poboheci ijrftice ever the ajito, rc
O'jcirg friction 3nJ liahterons th araft.
it 1 ta-; cheepe.-t lr;n ;t co4ra no more
than lnfe 1- r br and 3, and one l-oa will Jo
the work ol -" oi any other A.t Create
made, Itaasw..- .a :vus-Uf r JicrJtrrs,
M'U ti'-arin r, Tftrefrhinir Xliu-hinif.C.f'Uctirf,
Crrtmr. I . -n-, ct .. eu.. aa lor v .'. . It is
GUARANTEED tocontain no Pct'-um,
Forme -.- nil l ritciii il'a:,'rii. tr."U r I'nck
C$cLjfflm of Fkiuaa X,nrlh Knoirinl niail.t Irue.
31 Mtchigar Aver'JP. Chlcsrro, Illinois.
U A corrUn enra for ?rYOViS
' . -.'y Dcfcii:ty, l.on-.lnsl Weak--s', Jmpotrnc-e, etc.
i? .-s i jy. v-.y p.-sk' for 5 Tear?
:. ; !.T2 iril-.-U bk 1 J pa bps giving fail oi-r-
tir.asf.-.reif-tre.-.'jocTii, Gent free. AUdresa
tM-'n r'i i57 rr--T1
ie iiia flae city. .
Gash paid for Butter nnd JEJggst
Contain: Pepsin, Rhubarb, Mandrake Gentian
Ami cures Dypeptiia, Ijoss of Appetite, Killiousnesj and all derangement
of the Stomach arising from over-eating and drinking. Prepared only by
LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS, and for le by all Uruggists.
Old Grocery
Goods Stand.
Althciigli Lt't lion is over we are not done : r!!i:: ;;ootl.-t, Ly a long .shot.
Tlie nicest Green Winter Apples for Bale. Over '2V.U Darn-la Vrtvn Cell'a.r
Potatoes by the Car-load, PEACH BLOWS
'7. .Sf. WJIJ T. V S.
fi ' ' ' jnt, .ut,i:s)..d. A IhrHUrp i.t-rv ..f l,..v h'r,, li.Tm 7Jfi"Tu. r.-fTA fit
Bj.ei!Ui 1... 1 r.r-..nnng In ;;,:i. ir;;,!U.AttrmpUdAw,u,xtJn M--fcr.Pi n Wirt I ft
,tricailr-luiri,t,oc.,i,nt..f J.t ,u.l,,:.rt .nl:,r..l lnir:il. AI 1 v wri ttn ; ZiJlJ-'ld9! ii IT I I Ml I I
Vilh);.rlnnt. '. tine l' i.f tl.e Si.rr.. 1 . C.,1.,111 1. Mrs. ;:irfi.'. -to. " 1'.. B A II I I I II I I I
rar taa bvok uU tirculi . ,,. L.Oei.l Lou,,. Outut lFuiu3&tf&AlM22l
fil I t
- 3
Kcst Fragrant c"; l&xt&izz cf Icrf-
r 1 1 . . 1
Frice, 23 ct-3.; L;rc- ZzS.Uz, 7" i
SolJ ty drali;rm IrPC. A IVrfunirry. :-li
cox & Co., N. Y., u rvrry boeJe.
t ? '
The Medicine for Everv Family
"iTad'-from f ;inper, l:urhit. Mar.lnil t . Kti
and other of li.e l.jt ve-et.-.Ue r i .c.'.' .-. !
I'aRKEr'S tilNCI t Tomc l:ns rcmrir! ;'
curative pour:-,, & isdie prcntcst ! ti 1, t
or. Wood I'uri;':cr and Liver Kegul.ui.r vcr .
Tho Best Medicina You cv:
forEcstorhgHcaltli & Si:
It commences to s t fron t';f ( '. :'
out the weak, :.r.l i v-:ii.:i:ivl t .
hclo all di-ensrs of the 1' vc!s. ! ! .n;'.. 'i
Kidneys, liver. Urinary 'rans, r.! it 'ui.". . '
Women, Nervousness, Slccoic-:.' ' i-...'J: and Drciikpuuess.
Tryabc.tttr.(!ay ; it miy yu r 'i'z. Z'
and ft sizes ta:idnisi.ts. 1 vrr tv:. L
has our si ciuturc on ivi!-r v.i:;-.". I..
Co., K. Y. Larjr! tavir.g in lti-' ;$!f.
Just Wltat if WituJff).
Every,Hot!y whose hnir is gr"y tr 1 li . t j
the i.ecd f a I !.t: Kesti rcr a: d c': i T ' ; : 1
c'.eanlv. .-r.r-ea!.!y ptrfmi'd n-d 1 ' r;; ' ' '"- J
Is ''-. ! :r '-- t:. ' t-" "'
ti : :." . :- '
m mi u t-a u
r. : 7 St. Tharlcs Street, St, Loais, Mo.
A i csdv rralnite of two MwliuU Oollite. h.vs lieea
r.r BvTit.rMl man hut o;hBrl hyi,icu.n ia brl-om- a.
it rnii---in.vr.inJ fill old r-.i.ltit koow. Byphuia.
Oc oorrrii a. Oleet, Strictrire, OrchiUB. Rur.ture,ul(
tTj lnary Ct'' vt Mercuri-d Affect on OX
T' iroatSkiuor JVneacTr"t KufHy, I'riHtly.
ipermau rrha.Beicvial Deb.Uty and Imi,oncT
B Itbareraltof SBlf-Aonso, MKi'-aeiCBSsenin niMiurnr
tt office or 07 muil fr- -nd ir." .U- U rampMi
l h"l0to.Vc!l I -ii. '.- 't isim, to oo tha
1?loTrin .ih;5t-: Win. v. .y ,tn irry., why.
'Uan6oo3. Wmanhood. l-hy-i.-ot dt. VS l.o soul l
:narr : how life bwpiuT ocw' :;
der lock an kjr. 25 Ct8., v n;-;i in li-.-m.-r or t-n
tMarn. ritrl.-eh Ctran--"" r--.-l I1.-
i ,ife m.iri'
U..l in rf 1 W4. A
Aba!. Any4ramri-lli.-wtiiir;-,;,!"-Oaritiv
Int.W't. bnr hi . i.-.i. -- J.
70S Chesr.ut St, St. t ou'. W j?. ,-r.
coaun'.iwvocuro ij.oraia. r.. -
tees.Impotency.u'! (orm-i. 6; ,.hi. '-cr-.Icea.
mtdic-ia Adric l.-. C3rijS i.ix. i :.,l or -rr.tq
In .trirtconctBOce. B7D"tora X. -m. tr two mn
r, r n.i Bnl.l:0. i..i
) 11. ,.f dniv. hy ac-. lnt or .
V Ol'M; f :"- k.r.ii lfs fcl Bnci r.t
r eje, Itl'l'l I ti, if but li.'. t.u;
,115 ii'j w Ull iu.-rt.irw
A' iil.w. orli-tn ii.'i iljifr.!.' nt I'. I- -
(nnthm . f ..'., ir. W '' '' ill t
l..n.i"H. 1
Tin iniiir:.- r I il'lv:
iK.antv. K." ! Stn 1' 'it..
r v , foil
inr.Y m
V- r-i.n !! A:r. " '
f. H. irTeerlcl & Vr- ' ' '
.tr'l. Ii' i. ""i " 1 .
V A '.'.; rr- In.'-.; I
1 .'. .-.! I:. V. K - t '
I V.. lotl.uf I.: : -i .:.
'Vtrh.'. bl-.rn ir. T.Th T': ri. V-' .' i -n:-tl lll.:lnrr -
ijutollfc. t.l. J : li. t::iKi.r.Pst Ki.d -s-
your own uw.r ,y"-uli,i iv
f O
The majority rtfthm lilt of the human
hot!; arise from a ileraiiaemt nt nf f A
J.tver, affrrtiiitj but It the utomarh and
I, in filt. in ,ithr to rljrrt a rtire, it it
nerrartf tn re mo re tie enunr. Irregu
I'lf and Slutiijinh action of the Iloirt ll,
lti.tlnclie,Sickn-H at t he Stomach, I'at
in the linrl; ami l.oinn,t lr., indicate that
the Hrer it at fault, and that nature re
quirct aKftittn nee to ruuljle thit organ to
tltroir ojf iinpurilitM.
IricUly H.nJt SlllturHareenpecially
conitJUiidcd for thin jmrfunte. They are
mild in their action and effective at n
rures a re j feaxn nt to the lam te and ta l;e n
e-atil both thildrtti and ad u I It. Ta
Jcen wr;,r! in; 'o dircrtlont, they are a
MtfettnciTl.tiHiiH t are fur 1 ApcpKla,
Cent ral lc-;IM t , I I.tljit ual Con.
fctipaitot. KldneyM,
etc., etc Aa.tst.i fwvWiKTihey
are eapcrior to an; 'itier medirlne ;
-lcanxing the eyxtct.t tin roughly , and
imiarting new life am.' t nrrgy to the I it.
-,- iff. Hit a Iilf Jlf and itotn
illtOxicntlll: Iterrrage,
and take no other. -.'BICH, (1 00 per Bottle.
St. Loui; and E snaas City, Mo.
It Is thft rraolr of i( tfnr' rxs-.rr'mr.rr tn.
xj'ririi' ulr In M-it'i r.fcM. It r'iimr (A
ffiffl f Jiiritf of fzfl p.nt J.trmrr Tw-.., Tr
not a ",i.ofr!a.i"or"..riei .::i"i::u'-!i;ii;,aiirith rs
are. Jt ai.S!-.!, tlif drr---J of ntlierK, ari.l h-
t-"rTI 31 ia (.;rl ri'lu'i.!' f.'atlir' M r-.'ll.;liil;IiC-.
It i ia-'V", I '' '-""" " . n-ytir'. hu-ds'mr, cun.
Tmimt, t trail', sii'l :',-''. X'nrrntitcd and
kItiir iair frcf(ir. y'nr, irtiila kIi
fuade-Tr;, 1 ''" "ntfr-'-.a i iii-Hv Itimmrlvti.
l t At. l W'lil IT. , . t:iHl't IttSI to if
tfr von i "t. M!cfACTt MiiMl l't .;
M fHIXK ':(.,j;. n-.- ; ,:. rt.;u-:u-. i'u VI- m'
Gi-O. I'. L-. fX.tlB'l -i-Jj-u.t'I: bc...:.-. i:
J : r : 1. ' I3 1 1 ' : . A 1 ' - ' " 1
: .;ch:j,r-.;-:.,;:.:::-Vi,i.iA
i - ; :
-. '". :.
.. ., 1 I' t..,ti i. rti i i. "S
t, ! ,1 r . I . llti'i.r', it.
' u..i- ; -
y iil JIk tit."- Ljui