Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 13, 1881, Image 4

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    THE HBSAtfc
The Detroit Free Press tells of &
young Inly who could not make her
L:in9 slay, bun, and who said she
wns liavi'r a tuft time of it.
Queen Victoria does not approve of
carpetd, and ha Indian niatting placed
on tho floors o? nearly all her private
The Rev. William Marshall, colored,
of Clark county, Ky., announces that
e will pray for any desired object on
receipt of 75 cents. ' "
So rapid has been the destruction by
hunters of pvairie p'i.ekens . that the
Orn.iha Bee suggests the passage of a
law pi'ohibiting their killing for tho
next ten years. - "
Mrs. Burdetto tlx) invalid wife of the
Burlington Ilawlceyt humorist, has fal
len heir to $10,000, bequeathed by her
grandfather, the late Capt. Hall, of
Peoria. 111. '
When Rev. Dr. Cuyler,' of Brooklyn,
stepped off the steamship on his retnrn
fniu Europe, he immediately tele
graphed his ven vable mo'hcr at Sara
toga :m follows : 'Psalms xiviii ; 14."
Kobort Purvis of Philadelphia, says
that ho went tor Europe with the first
passport ever given to a colored man
by the United fetates government It
was issued.byorder of President J ackson.
Some philosopher not of the Concord
fchool has said : "Many a man thinks
it is principle that keeps him from
turning rascal, when it is only a full
s'.omach." Be grateful, and do not
mistake potatoes for principle.
Mr. Satterthwaite, of tho Forest and
Stream, is a great grandson of Benja
min Franklin. Mr. Duane, grandson
of the secretary of the treasury of that
name under Jackson, of the firm of
Schuyler & Duane, is another.
Mine. Marie Blanc, late proprietress
of tho gambling hell at Monaco, has
left her property, worth $20,000,000,
to her three children, who will keep up
the establishment and ran roulette and
"trente et qnarante" as usual, for all
It seems that even in Canada all is
not merry so far as the Indians are con
cerned. A correspondent of the To
ronto Globe fears that the frauds of
certain Canadian Indian agents will
bring on war in the northwest before
The memoir of Bryant, upon which
Mr. Parke Godwin is engaged, will
contain several poems that have never
appeared in print. The work will not
be very lengthy, as there wero but few
incidents in Bryant's life that are worth
Midhat Pasha's place of banishment,
it U said, is considered by the Arab? as
tho most ancient placo in the world.
They say it is the place t which Adam
and Eve fled after their expulsion from
paradise, and Eve's tomb is shown to
The onlj' thing that the Duchcs3 of
Edinburg really studied before her
marriage was music. Every whim of
hers was indulged by the czar, who
adored her; and, when the temperature
was at 20 degress eentigrade below
fm'ezinr; point, flowers were forced to
bloom for her delight.
Alexander II. Stephens is writing a
book about tho rebellion, taking issue
wil!i JeflVirson Davi3. He keeps two
stenogr.iphic amanuenses at work con
stantly. Gen. Beauregard also has a
book nearly ready, which is described
a-? one of the most readable of all the
war records.
Olive Locran says that English doc
tors are so scrupulous about "profes
sional ethics" that he heard consider
able comment in London recently be
cause Dr. Austin Flint's baggage was
marked conspicuously with his name
aud address, his English professional
brethren deeming it an indirect adver
tisement. Reporter Murphy of the United
States senate, relates of Daniel Webster
that one day when he was to debate
with Silas Wright, a loquacious friend
went over and said : "Mr. Webster,
vou will have an easy victory to day ;
Mr. Wright is drunk." "I would have
you know, young man," said Mr. Web
ster, "that Silas Wright either drunk or
sober, is a very hard man to encoun
ter." s -
Accuracy in. Standards of Measurement
Few realize the great practical im
portance of extreme accuracy in stan
dards of weight and extension, and it
is not generally known what degree of
accuracy h:is been attained in the meas
urement of the standards of lengths
now in ue in different countries. The
carpenter's foot-rule and the tailor's
3-ard are - familiar articles, but, if
asked, probably neither the carpenter
nor the tailor could tell whether thero
is any means by which the true length
of a foot or a yard can be determined.
It is clear, however, that there must be
a standard with which the common
measures should bo made to agree, in
oriler to have the same absolute value.
But we may reflect that the constant
use of any meusure will change its
length, and that it will eventually be
come worn out. We can , then, readily
understand the groat value of an ac
cepted standai-d. from "which copies
can bo made, thus preventing any grad
ual alteration in our measures. Such
standards of reference are properly
held in the eus'ody of national Gov
ernments, scientilic societies and insti
tutions. It is by no means a simple process to
compare one measure with another,
and to determino the variation between
the two. On the contrary, the utmost
skill and long experience are required
for such work, as well as the most elab
orate and costly apparatus. Allowance
must bo made for errors that are so
small as to be almost inappreciable, but
which cannot be eliminated, until they
have been subjected to future investi
gations of a very delicate nature. Ev
ery careful observer will obtain results
which are almost marvelously accordant
inter se; but the results obtained by
two observers, with different instru
ments, will probably not agree. The
"personal equation" has not yet been
eliminated from work of this kind.
In the comparison of weights and
measures, science demands the utmost
accuracy, and it would not bo possible,
even if it wero desirable, in an article
like this, to more than allude to a few
of the steps which have resulted in tho
final adoption of national and interna
tional standards. Popular Science
The Flying Dutchman.
A name given by sailors to a phan
tom ship, supposed to cruise in storms
off the Cape of Good Hope. Accord
ing to tradition, a Dirtch captain, bound
home from tho Indies, with long, con
tinued head winds and heavy weather
off this cape, and refusing to put back
as he was advised to do, swearing a
terrible oath that he would beat around
the cape if it took until the day of
judgment to accomplish the feat. He
was taken at his word, and doomed to
beat against winds all his days. His
sails are believed to have become
threadbare, and tho ship's sides white
with age. and himself and crew re
duced almost to shadows. He cannot
heave to or lower a boat, but sometimes
hails vessels through his trumpet, and
requests tliem to take letters home for
him. The superstition has its origin
in the looming or apparent suspension
in the air of some ship out of sight a
phenomenon sometimes wiln ssod at
sea, and caused bv uursual refrac
tion in the lower 'rata of tho atmos
Indian lloiad Buildara.
We are not. nio'-eover. without testi
mony to the fact that the pros nt In
dian tribes did bui'd monnds. Lewis
and Clark nicnlio i. the custom among
the Oma'ia. :iyig that vone of their
great chiefs was bu. L-d on a hill, an I a
mound twelve f.j"t in diameter and six
f;et in height ended over hira." Ber
tram states tliat ! I. e Choctaws cowred
the pyramid of coffins taken from tho
bone-house with earth, thus raising a
conical hill or mound. Tomochichi
ttointed out t G; Oglethorpe a
argo conical mound near Savannah. ii
which he said the Yamacraw chief was"
interred, who had, many years b.-for,
entertained a great white man wit'i a
red board, who entered the S.tvanriah
river in a largo vessel, and in hi.s bargo
came up to the Yamacraw bluff. Feat -erstonhaugh,
in his "Travels," speaks
of the custom among the Osaes, re
ferring to a mound built over tho body
of a chief, called Jean DeFoe by the
French, who unexpectedly died while
his warriors were ab3ent on a hunting
expedition. Upn their return they
heaped a mound over his remains, en
larging it at intervals for a long period,
until it reached its present height.
Bradford says that miny of the tumuli
formed of earth, and occasionally of
stones, are of Indian origin. They are
generally sepulchral mounds either
the general cemetery of a village or
tribe, funeral monuments over the
graves of illustrious chiefs, or upon a
battle-field, commemorating the event
and entombing the fallen, or the result
of a custom, prevalent among some of
the tribes, of collecting at stated inter
vals tho bones of tho dead, and inter
ring them in a common repository. A
mound of tho latter description was
formerly situated on tho low grounds
of the R;vanna river, in Virginia, op
posite tho site of an old Indian village
(Jeller u's "Notes on Virginia," pp.
100, 10.). It was forty feet in diame
ter and twelve feet in height, of a
spheroidal form, and surrounded by a
trench, whence tho earth employed in
its .construction had been excavated.
The circumstances attending the cus
tom alluded to were, tho j;reat number
of skeletons, their confused position,
their situation indistinct strata, exhib
iting different stages of decomposition,
an I the appo.iran e of bones of infants.
A mound of similar character, and con
structed in layers of strata at succes
sive periods, exis'cd near the south
branch of the Saeuandoah, in the same
Plate.; A tumulus of stones in New
York S ato is said to have marked tho
grave of a distinguished warrior (Mc
Cau ley's "History of New York," vol.
ii.. p. 2o0). . ' Beck's Gazetteer" (p.
3)8) states that a mound of the largest
dimensions has bo -n t uowu up within
nfev years in II inois. over the re
n ii :sof an emiu ut chief." Popular
Science Jfoath't.
The late Dake of Alba, brother-in-law
of the ex-Empress Eugenie, was
one of the most persistent gamblers of
the time. He once gambled away the
Mini of 5.000.000 francs in a singlo
ni'r't'a plav. After squandering tiie
imnuMi-e fortune which ho inherited.
be received a pension of 60.000 francs
a year. He was paid monthly, but bv
the fifteenth day of every month not a
franc was left of Ids 5,000 francs, and
he used to borrow 5 or 6 loins d'or in
the club. At lat, however, a turn of
fortune came. All his debts were paid,
and the DiiKe of Berwicn and Alba pur
chased one of the mot splendid pala
ces in Madrid, where holi edin prince
ly style, keening 100 horses in Ids sta-
b'e3 and open t-iuie every evening lor
forty guests. During tho latter part of
his life he only played for very smalt
sums, having a wholesome dread of
again risking his fortune and position.
"Wanted A compositor; one who
uses' neither tobajeo nor rum." Thus
reads an adverliseme it, and we'll bet
our boots to a leaden greenback that
the man's placo was crowded with ap
plicants and that the passers-by thought
there was a funeral there. The idea of
a compositor drinkiug or chewing!
Pretty s wn they'll accuse editors and
reporters of staying away from church.
Soul Burying,
Whenever an Abchasian is drowned
his friends search carefully for tho
bodv, but if this is not found" they pro
ceed to capture the soul of the do
ceased, a measure which has then be
come a matter of importance. A goat
skin bag is sprinkled with water and
placed with its mouth, which is
stretched open for a hoop, looking to
wards tho river, near the place whero
the man is supposed to have been drow
ned. Two cords are stretched from
the spot across the river as a bridge on
which the soul can come over. Ves
sels containing food and drink are set
around the skin, and the friends of the
deceased come and eat quietly, while a
song is sung with instrumental accom
paniments. The soul, it is believed, is
attracted by the ceremonies, . comes
over on the bridge that i3 laid for it,
and goes into the trap. As soon as ' it
has entered that is, when the bag is
inflated by the breeze the opening is
quickly closed, and the bag is taken up
to the burial place, where a grave has
already been prepared. The bag is
held with the opening to the grave, the
strings are untied, and the soul that
is, the wind in the bag is squeezed in
to the grave, and the burial is after
wards completed. This rite is consid
ered of equivalent value with the bur
ial of tho body, and the grave. is treated
with the same- honor as if the body
were really within it. Popular Science
Monthly. -
Covered with Gold.
It is a curious fact that Russia, one
of the poorest of civilized countries,
makes a greater parade of wealth in
one respect than any other State. . The
domes of all the great churches in St.
Petersburg, Moscow, and other large
towns are plated with gob! nearly one
quarter of an inch thick. The new
church of the Saviour dedicated and
opened in Moscow last August, repre
sents a value of fully $15,000,000. Tho
Isaac Cathedral, in St. Petersburg, may
be safely credited with at least twice
that amount. S strong, however, is
the old Slay belief in tho inviolablj
sanctuary of "holy places" that, dur
ing countless seasons of wide-spread
and bitter distress, n att -nipt has ever
beewa made to plunder the. gold thus
temptingly exposed. .In leed, one of
the finest churches in St- Petersburr,
the Kazan Cathedral." owes its ruasivj
shrine to a voluntary ' ffering of tlm
plunder taken by the Cossacks in 1812.
If you are too poor to indulge in tho
luxuries ot life do not despair. You
can bee me a lealer of the e-th.-ties.
Crockery and lilies are die q.
There is no writer but may fail some
times in p i: t of wit; and it is no less
frequent that tho auditors fail in point
of judgment. What can be inorj ri
diculous than to labor to give men de
light, when they labor more earnestly
on their part to take offense? to ex
pose one's self voluntarily and frank y
to all the dangers of that narrow pas
sage of unproiitab'e famo which is do
fended by rude multitudes of the igio
raat, and by armed troops of tho ma
licious? If we do ill, many discover it,
and all despise us. If we do well, but
few men find it out, and fewer eDter
tain it kindly. If wt commit errors,
there is no pardon; if we would do
wonders, thero would bo but Lflo
thanks, and that ex ortcd from uuwii.
-Do givers. Coiclcy, .
One of the Thinrs Ha-wapipr Rnortors
' Eava to Do to Keep Up. ; - -
One of the mo-t brilliant feats of
French reporting is the following: It
happened at the time when the great
Troppmann murder rase was ag'tnling
Paris and Fr; c and everybody was
eager for d-a'N. A rep rter who had
the matter in hand left Parte for Cer
nay, where the father of Troppmann
rcsi led. He arrived, called upon the
just'ee of. t.'ie p-ace and the comrais
sair.e de police, invited them to follow
him to the Mairie. took his seat in the
ju Ige's chair, and there, w ith unpar
alleled su lac'ity, ordered the garde
champetro to go and bring before him
the assassin's fattier. The officers did
not say a word; the reporter had con
q m red them by his air and deme inor.
When the father of Troppmann was
brought before hini. lie interrogat
ed him as though officially commis
sioned to do so. The result of the cross-que-tioning
was that the son had writ
ten to the father on the eve and on the
day of the crime. "Monsieur le Com
missionaire," said the reporter, "please
go to the witness' house and seize these
The functionary obeyed; the letters
were brought, tho reporter read them, ;
found them full of evidence of Tropp
mann's gui't, copied them carefully
and with a solemn air. Then, with re
spect, he handed over the originals to
the justice of the peace, asked him to
seal them carefully and keep them for
the future use of the court. The re
porter put the copies into his pocket,
saluted the gentlemen and left. It wa3
1 o'clock in the afternoon, and tho
train that was to bear his letter to Paris
would not leavj before evening. If ho
sent his precious report by that train it
would be too late for the morning edi
tion of his paper. Besides, ho met two
other Paris reporters, who had just ar
rived, and who would soon learn tho
news at Cernay and send it on to Paris
at the same time he did his report.
What does he do? He goes to his
brother reporters and says: "I am dy
ing of hunger, ray friends. Let us
breakfast together. You go to the tav
ern there an I order a good dejeuner.
with plenty of wine, you know, and I'll
come presently." The two reporters
did as he bade them, while our friend
jumped into a wagon, and had himself
driven to the station; after hard bog
ging, and giving money, he was al
lowed to leave on a luggage train then
about to start, caught a passenger train
for Paris at a junction further on, and
arrived at the offieo of hi.s paper late at
niht. He communicated ids informa
tion, and the first page, which was al
ready "closed up," was completely re
set. The next morning eighty thou
sand c pies of the paper were said.
Tiie P.irisi-in.
The Soldier Comedian.
M. Got, the charming French omo
dian, was in his youth nearly lost to
the stage. Wniie a student in the con
servatoire, he was conscripted, and
haviug no money and no rich frien is.
he was obliged to go to Algeria as a
cavalryman. Thero he served i r sonw
time, and was an excellent soldier. He
would probably have won his epaulets
had not his colonel discov re I in him
the stuff of a great comedian, ami ex
ci ed in his favor tho interest of M'le.
Mars. With liberal goner sity she re
deemed tho young traoper and enabled
him to resunu his stu 'ies.
m -
The "Sweet Singer of M chigan" is
in Arizona, else we would not dare to
publish the opening verse of a po m
found in our mail, dedicated, to tho
comet now fleeing away from us with
tail in air:
"Hale b iwI of HquMe.-cent fire.
That like a ejfle darts ttarouge s ace.
You kepe a m iintin biro ana liiro
And bir.j and hire with quouel trrace,
Ar I k- this earth a peopled wur d,
With nativ s sich ai wj are heart
Oh, no, it i-anuot ton -" i wnirls
Would m iko them die of tremb'y Bkecr!
Boston becomes bibulous. Last year
C 11,603 barrels of beer, two barrels to
ev ry inhabitant, man, Wi man and
child, were drank in that city. A bar
rel averages tldrly gallons, and each
gallon twenty g'asses.
No man can choose a bonnet for his
wife without meeting very seriou3 com
plications at homo.
The Man With, the Flail. .
It carried the beholder back to thir
ty years ago, when the thrashing-machine
wa3 heard only at rare intervals,
and the lion st farm ;r spre id his gol--den
stalks on the clean barn floor and
flailed away with such tempered blows
that not a kernel was broken. The
man who had it sat d wn on one of the
benches in the West Circus Park. The
rare sight of such an article halted ev
ery pedestrian, and the man had to
keep explaining over and over:
"Well. I'll have sonrj beans to shell
this fall, and I kinder thought 'twould
be easier to flail 'em out. The hard
ware man told mo he had to send to
Vermont for jt."
Pretty soon" along came a gray-headed.
Alderman, and when he saw that
flail he Lxjked ten years younger all at
"I handled that for over ten years,"
he said as he picked it up and spit on
his hands. "Seems like old times to
get hold of this hickory a ;ain."
He stepped out one side to give tho
crowd an exhibition on the grass, and
his success was great. At the second
blow the flail end hesitated in mid-air,
wobbled about and linally came down
with a whack on the patriots' head,
making him see more stars than a win
ter's night ever brought out. He
dropped tho weapon with the remark
that he ?as already ton minutes late in
keeping an appointment, and he was
rubbing his skull as far down the street
as he could be seen. The next man to
try it was one who got off a passing
car under the idea that a dog-fight was
in progress."
"A flail? Ha! ha! Why. I haven't
seen a flail since I was married." he
chuckled as he reacho I for it. "I pre
sume I have flailed a thousand bushels
of wheat in my time. You boys stand
back there."
The boys retreated, and the man lift
ed the flail on I igh and patted the grass
in a vigorous manner.
"Yes, my stint used to be twenty
bushels a day," he eontinued, and
though I do say it myself I "
Something happened. lb dropped
the flail, seized Ids jaw, an I danced off
as if he had springs und r him, and
although a dozen voices asked what hit
him he refused to tell.
By and by a third man come sailing
along, and when he saw the fi t I he re
marked t!i it his father had used one :
like it nearly all his life, and was
called the smartest flailer in New !
Hampshire. j
"Can't you use it?" inquired one of
the crowd. I
Why, of If you boys waut '
to see how our fathers got t icir wheat
to mill Fll give you a little exhibition.
Here, bub, hold my hat." I
lie buttoned his coat, moistened his
hands, and Insgan work. The first blow .
nearly broke a man's kn -e; tho second
cracked agaiast. a loy's elbow, and at
the third the fl ailer grabbed the top of
his head and sat down with a subdued
look in the corners of his mouth.
"Weil, I guess I'll bo jogging along."
said the owner of the flail as he rose
up. "It's all in getting the kink of it.
A feller who makes" twists and wobbles
a special study won't git his head broke
over twice a d iy, but a green hand
might as well sit down under a brick
kiln durin' a t rnador. Day, gentle
men." Detro:t Free Pfcss.
f -v : i
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbaqo,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and. Headache, Frosted.
Feet "and Ears, and all other :
Pains ' and A ches. : ; ;
No Prcpnr.-ition on irth equals St. Jacob Oil ,
as a Mnfr, sure, simple and cheap KxtTwil '
ll.-nioly A trial entails but the cciniparntirrly
trifling nutlny of 60 ffntH, and ery one iiidV-riPit
with pain can bars cLeap and positive proof i.f its
Idrections in EleTen Languages.
Jlaltimore, Aid., U. S. A
Loss of appetite.NanHea, bowels costive,
Pain in tficHead,with a dulTsenaatio'n in
the back partTt'aui under the shoulder
bla.funesa af tereating, , w U& a disin
clination to exertion of body or mindj
Irritability of temper. Low" spirits. Loss
cfmemofy, with a feeUng oThaving neg?
lected some duty weariness. Dizziness,
1'lutterin gbft h ellear t, Dotabe for et he
eyes, Yellow Bkin, Headache, Kestlesa
ness at night, highly colored Urine.
TUT1"S FILLS are especially adapted to
such close Meets auch a change
of feeling as to astonish the sufferer.
They InrrrnK Appellto. and ciuiae the
bcvlT to Take on KIei. thus the syltem Is
nourtahert.aml bv tliWrTonle Artlonon the
dmtKi. l'rife :
llsrstlvrOraran. Koariilar KtooU are pro
duced, l'rire Of m. as nnrr.T St., X. .
Gray HnuorWHiSKFR? changed to a OLOHsr
Black by a slnglB application of this Dye. It
imparts a natural color, acts Instntanetoly.
bold by Drucigisti) or sent by express on reCvipt f l.
Office. 35 Murray St., New York.
CDr. TfTTS S AST ! of VlnM InfaraatlnH aad
IVAil Itmli-U will isaUrtt r'UU a avlicatia.i
t A tfk tfs rTV jfcs-tSvjgk.j'Sat.jfc.
m v
act cc::sth?iic:t.
Is the Best of Tonics;
Cures Dyspepsia;
Restores theAppetite;
Sirccu'thcns the System;
Restores the weak
and Debilitated.
A trial of it will prove all
' we claim. Ask vourdriieeiat
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of Tar I take do other.
For sale by all Druggists.
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j la- -.-f-T-a-ay a w., vmv.
4T4av -
A valuable Discovery .in-l Sew Departure in Med
ical Sclenos. A positivt,!:.' -ttctirs Kemedy for the
speedy and perroiinont v.i. for organic wenknes the
deplorable disease resulting trmn lodincreet practice
or excesses in youth or at any tiiue of life by the only
true way, viz: Direct Application acting by Ab
sorption, ana ezertlnff Its specific influence oa the
Vesicles, Ducts, and u!nnd. that are nnable to per
form their natural functions while this disease per
vades the human organism. The use of the Pastille
Is attended with no pain or inconvenience, and does
not Interfere with thoor.iioary pursuits of ll'ei It Is
quickly dissolved and siwin absorbed, producing an
Immediate soot hi tig acd restorative effect upon the
nervous org-aaixatt'ms ".vreckod from vicious habitsor
excesses, stopping: the drain from the system, restor
lor; the mind to health and sound memory, remov
ing the Dimness cf Sight, Confusion of Ideas,
Aversion to Society, etc., etc., and the appearance
of premature old age usually accompanying this
trouble, and restoring' the vital forces, where they
have been dormant for yeitrs. This mode of treat
ment has stood the test in very severe cases, end Is
now a pronounced success. Drugrs are too much pre.
scribed in this trouble, and, as niauycan bear wit
ness to, with bnt little If any permanent good. There
is no nonsense about this l'r!"ration. Frsctlcsl ob
servation enables us to positively guarantee that It
will uirn satisfaction. It has been in seneral use
for several years and we have thousand of testi
monials from patients, as to its value, and it is now
conceded to be the most rational means yet di
covered for reaching and curing this very prevalent
trouble, that Is well known to bo the canoe of untold
misery to so many. and npon whom quacks pry with,
toelr nseless nostrums acd bl3 fees. The Itemely
is put up in neat boios. of three sizes. No. 1, (enough
to lasts month.) S3; No. 2, (sufficient to effect a per
manent cure, unless In severe cases,) S5; No. 3.
(lasting over three months, will restore those In the
worst condition. i 87. Sent by mall, in plain wrappers.
Tull DIRECTIONS or using: will accooiiauy
fjseiiff or Sealed Demcrlpllva ramp-'
let a flvinff Anatomical Alluttrationa
virf Testimony, tchiclt eill cenriMce
(fie moat sUcpti ml that they ean-b re
stored to perfect health, and the vital
forces thoro'ly re-ealnbllahel sawe
Vu if never ujfectett. aofcf - oy
Karketand 8th Sts. St. Leuta? MO.
Unsolicited testimony to the Efficacy of
Prof. Harris' Pastilles, taken from Let
ters received from Patrons 8
Indiana. April 11. 'W The Keniedy Is working: per
fectly. Had epUefr fm wpnkne... for 8 years pant.
Iowa, Oct. Kith, '?& I am almost surprised at yoor
Pastilles. They have worked liks a charm on me. Iam
just twice as much of a man as I was before taking. I
was on the vereof thep-ave, 1 thought, and there was
no cure for me. bnt now I am In rood hopes for a care.
West Vlridnia, Ansr. is, IKJy 1 received your medi
cine and I believe it has cured me, for which I am very
thankful. Inclosed f. ad . Please send me another
box I No. 2 for a friend. Yon hare done a great thing
forme. 1 will send yon ail tneoroers 1
From a Physician and Surgeon.
Missouri, .face 25. Please forward me another box
of the Pastilles. The patient on whom I have used
most of one box, in addition to a sample box. is ft
recovering, and I think another will set him all rtsht.
From a Druggist.
Maryland. Bnpt. fcTH.-Last January we rot a box of
your Remedy for one ofour customers, and It has made
a perfect cure of him. "We have another cnatomer now
stulerina in the same way, and wish one No. 3 box-
Palace Barber Shop.
J. o. boons;
Under Frank ('uiii.lh's uew Jewelry .tore.
' and ww iii the time to get
or'anytlilng eUe In the tonsorhil way, at
John Uoone's New Shop,
Corner Main and Fifth Streets,
PlaOcnnoBth. n Xebraak.
W IE: of MR
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and Plow re
pairing, and general jobbing
I am now prepared to do all kinds of repairing
V of farm and eth or in u-iiinr ry. as ther
is a jkwmI lallir in my siiop.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
has taken charge of the wagon shop.
He l.s well knwwn as a
Xew Warons and ICuuxice, tanit- t
- Ortler.
Shop on Sixth street opposite Streijrht's Stable
( . .
JNO. BOSS & SON, Praj'rs,
Near B. & M. Passenger Depot,
VLt A I TS .11 0 1 T 1 1 , X C II R 4 S Ev A .
Newly refitted and furnished throughout. Af
fording an excellent view of the K. R RrMe.
It Is conveniently located, especially for the
traveling 'public
The table always supplied with the beet of
the season. -
n connection with the bonne, l.unch baskets
filled at all bourn. Terms reasonable. fctf
Retail Liquor Dealer,
Billi.'i.l Hal! and Saloon on Mam Snvct, four
doors from Sixth Hf N-vilte'a
old v'ace.
jiiasr un a xd.s or a,i us, les,
wises, d-C.
nriiiemi'rr flit urio nnd Dscc,
James Grace.
-MASui AniT.r.n ok
Elia Street, near Eighth.
PlaUsmouth, - Neb.
Made to order
that the niKAPKST and Hfst Ilai:ic to buy
apis ai Micy groceries
First-Class Dry Goods,
IS AT Till!
Cor. Main aud Third St's. riattsmouth.
ttystock nlwaps fresh and new, and prices
always ar the bottom. Call and convince your
selves, jotf
tlood Brick, for sale a soon as burned, at
I:al(motit.. Xvli. 9tf
Succefors to Joiu & Aj;ucv.
Again takes charge of the Old
Brick Livery Stable
The old Bonner Stubles. !n riattHinniitli. are
now leased by Jones & Eikenbarv and they
have on band New and liandoonie accommoda
tion, in tbt shape of
We are now prepared to keep HORSES
. And will
Train and Break Colts
On Reasonable Terms.
That with plenty of room (that every one
kinws we have) in our stable, we can jret Farm
er' stock ;ind wagons, loacs, of hay, &c, under
cover, h, ie they will keep dry. in ;iil the old patrons for their liberali
tv. wewni r their trade for the future. KHtisried
th it we can ;iccomuiodate them better and do
better by mem than ever before.
v. iiiiisi:.,.
I'ropi lelor.
Flour, Corn Meal & Feed
Always on hand aud for sale at lowest -ith
( ices. 'I be luphesi prices paid for Wheat ai.d
Corn, radicular tlention jriveri cusioiii work.
Every wound or injury, even iv accident or
any iie;se, entitles a soldier of the lute war to
a pension. All pensions ly the law of January,
l-7:. bejriu hack at dat? of tliecharire or dcat'h
of tiie mddier. All entitled slmuld. apply at
once 'i linus inds who a:e now dtawini; pen
.ioii are entitled to an increase. Soldiers and
widows of the war of 1H12 and Mexican war ar5
entitled to pensions Thousands are yet pnti
tled to bouniy. but do not know it Fees in a'll
caser !!.'. lay for every description of war
claniM collected. Employ au Attorney ret-ul-iiiK
in Washington, who can s;ive persona! Ht-t.-nt
ion to your business. American and For
eign patents obtained on slmi t notice Send
two stamps fur pension and boiint v laws. Ad
dress . T. Fitzo k.ka l.n. t". S. t'Viiin Auent.
Lock Box A'li. Wasbnigtoii, 1. C -M ly
Z-iV.iti.ti 13i
''::F. Phv.-icii;
i ir titr ioi.
C'iros'io Ztic
r.i":- U hi; iHjrior
tltr 3i:ct, Sr. W.
- .1 i;uti;, ind Wfllkeon
. r.'luait- tu mdiciri am
ice !n the treatment ct
. I. tli-tr skill fttvl nhihlr
: ti or lina.ry rirtitM n-r.
.kfioaai teputtitian tarough
.-.At ini hiv ac.,'r'-
w-, i7--ti-MMtM : - ttri
c: iUe blol uiiii ixnsmm treau-d with iiccoj,
0.1 4rieii(.:' pt.i;ci (.! . wunout uidic Mercutyar Oilier
r-'i-onoje M.-1:h!jm nai st aHMLertsie expeiuie.
YOU 1C M ?i tho of middle age ar
Wnwn i 1 ' MifffHo? from organic weait
aeaa toot tmtivs it rllm for bunineea or mxirum,
PAT! TPgAvrn 4
prmo - t i,4i'i. . I rf fri ;. w. atb il 7a - iBVitrd.
Lt of sii.! M i xrrwrertxJ Lv f'sittctitaV trCaUaat
m4 k-rii M4tt.ia turr adcBBijgr-tf. ItU Mta trMp
L omm ty-,rtrtetT ranA'laBiiti, mnd thewld be svrHrMd
DC KC1 1. 14 arla. 0th VaW toaU. M.
A victim of youthful imprudenoa canning Premav
tore lie. a v. Nervous Debility, Ixwt Slanhuod, f to.,
baring t. i d in rain every known remedy, has dig
eerervd a mmpl slf enre. which hs will st-nd FBEB
to hia feUowHrnfferers, addnaos J. II. KtEVES,
43 Ckatbani Nt., fi, Y
S A ' Pi - A 4 d j a It a A
BriGk Yard !
tii ". tsf X.
(jj -,
"S - t
' Css'i.torJ
Where diiect conncclii. us are made With
Througli Sleeping Car Lines
- TO
r..ll.Ti.MO::E. W.4MHN;tON,
77ic Sio ft Line
V s PEOS1A for
XATI, anil all f.oiiitin the
Where IMreet Connections are nade in the
UNION -JiEi'OT with Through Sleeping Car
Lines for all poini.s'XJLTII."
The uneiiiiiled Inducements offered by this
tine id i raveiers anti munsis are as tollows
nir ceieuraieu -unman lH-wnecl l'alace
MeepitiK l is. run onlt on this line.
I. II C' O r':l:ir, 1 lr:i iv in iy wn
With Iloi'ton's lieclniini: chairs. No Extra
t barge f-n- .e.ii-. in i'ecliiiing t'lmil-s.
The famous .'., 15. y. J'aiace iJininjifCars.
(I'oivLi-i us Smoh ins Cars, fitted with elegant
tiich-littl t il E.iiian Revolving Chair, for
me exclusive lu-e 01 niM-ciass passengers, Time. Steel Pall Track and Superior
r.ipiipnis-iii cotnoiuea wun r.uetr urrni l nntugn
ar a mmutineitl. makes tins, above all others,
the lavoiite Koute to the
TRY IT. and ou will find TRAVELING a Lux
ury instead of a JJiscomlort.
1 hroujih Tickets via this celebrated line for
sale at all oflices iu the Cuited States aud
.rlli ir.b rmation ahout Rates of Fare, Sleep
ing Car Accommodations, and Time Tables,
win ue cneei iuiiy iriveu oy applying 10
. lo rri va I Lowell,
General rassenjier g't, Chicago,
Geiveral Manager. Chicago,
Every Style& Price.
Guaranteed Uucqaalcd
taprovenefits and C:nTericr:ccs fcard is,
no ctiere. .
Alvjays Beles:s5e.
Fir 5cvle In Every City and Town
in the United States.
and ly J. li. COX,
Plattsmoutu Xeg.
V.. V
Ts t)i;tile lr- -! ninipiK I'rnjiical faf ot Hare
V:tlu'. a:ul is u ioitive ICenictly for nil the
di-f!tcx t!i:tt cati;i' :.;i.s in the lowr p;irt of
the lictiy fur Tuipiil Kivr-Ht,;ilHoliftii Jann
di.'i1 1 Mziness. ;iit'l. find all difll
fitltit1 ni Mi Kii'.iti.'vs. I.lvcr :ii;il I rinury Or
jliirm. !"ir l-'-nia !" liraeK. Moullily'Meu
striiiitioii. :mk1 durin;; 'rit-natif y. it im no
final. It re -tare" t lie "ran tliwt moke, the
tini. :tii(t ttt iice is ine iH'fi iiooi rnrinrr.
It Is t!: ci'ly r iiietlv Unit fiiren thAt
Sri!rc ltriz;!if"M t!:-o. l'r.r DialK'tes,
li" IVariier'! !irt II.-tbt'M lure.
I'or Sm!i- l.y Oru'i-tx iiiitl Healer' at
per Ix.ttic. l.:irge-t Ixiffle in the market. Try it.
H. H. WA!.'?ir.i! & CO.. Koehester, .V. Y.
MRrtty ppliohed surface ever th axle, re
ducing friction and lightening the diaft.
Hu. the cheapest u it costs no more
than Infer. -r brands, and one box vill do
the work o iwnnf nnw nrh.r ivk, r..c.
made. Itui!vnrseiiia;:viiwellfor Iir.rvetr,
. JUi tTnnir, Threwhius- Ma-hine, Cr.rn-Plimttni,
( arriarr. Bmnrir-. etc., fctc , an for W arotin. Jt la
wvMKAn i efcu to contain no Petroleum.
-ir save by ail hrt-cjif-rt uHklena. taV nr I'orkti
CyoUpdu of J i7 Ww.h Knmcing mailed ffoe.
St M'chlgan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
A certsia cere for )iervotlS
Debility, Seminal Weak
m Imnntnni- r.rr.
The Becipeaused in my practice for 25 Year
-d an illustrated book of 60 pattes jriving full di
rrrtii.nsfori self-treatment. sent free. -AadrFss
DK. X. WII.I.T Ay 3, 435 L-Hcr bt-. HiWket. 6
K ytaF..
f r
I im ..-..,. a,,i r,."ZLlJL'AL2! i".f ,m9C
' B Walk .Wita S JL.i If Iku fe::
ei ti v e ra it a
K.I 1 V arV 1 lS-S t-KaTsaa.
Eal 1 T M w" ',..---
El 4 k -7. mtA
Staple and IPancy GSjPo-ceB'f c5
(Cigars k TobaBeeo.
Slae choicest tocik of grocer
ies in the city
Gash Paid for Butter and Eggs
Contain. Pepsin, Rhubarb, Mandrake Gentian
And cures Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Billiousness and all derangements
of the Stomach arising from over-eating and drinking. Prepared only by
LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. anJ for sale by all Druggists.
ine uia urocerv & urv
boods bland.
Although Lection is over we an not done Fi lling goods, by a long shot.
&rocerie89 BBry goodly Esi4 t&
(Crockery witre9 clieaper
The nicest Green Winter Apples for siile. Over rlUO Barrels down t'ella.
Potatoes, by the Car-load, PEACH BLOWS
SflCUTO V?irS nfnrl tosnrtV'tlietmtie'iiiiedfT!atil rnT the nntr Coaiplete. Aathcntlo, and FbIW
lutlNlo. dnieU Jllir.i.-j LIFE CP PRESIDENT mix mm m a
peruiliu rnilrcaardina hia I nlnt.Cinj:irt ,r,'h rnuklna.Attrirpu.lArmia'iuulkm. Wrmiirr-13 "J IT I fl I cf
O.l.vnrFicttlTrcatm'tit. arconntof pe.-i.tli aril fnrt cul:,rsrf Funeral. All r.ri tun ; cmbi-llislird LI 1! t I I I W I I I
vith Yvrlmit. ' fine Mtencasra .f the Sum ui. . i.l.inct. Mn. ;arn-lt to. I-"W pri- Ka Vit bl III U I U I
ur tiMliuttatMlllasbuukVHt. tircui-ia 1. m. l.iUtJurM.UuU.lWo. JOil.N ltL'U.NS.4 aHUcteU,frU Li.ula.
is reserved fr
Host Fragrant & Eefreciuru cf lr:.
Lxceefiiajiy Delicate Lzi':...
Trioe, 23 ctz.; Largs Ez', VL etc
Sold by dealers la Drug A Ferftuxjery. Sigsatar of liu. f
cox A C., N. on ever boitlc '
The Medicine for Every Family.
Mar!from Cincrr, tuchn. i 'sn r'T' - Sti;i-r.
. and other oft!ie licit vsgttable rcnietli. s knf.
Paskfr's Cinge Tomc has tcmrkj! !y v..r
curative pown, ft i.the jfrentcst Snnia-!i .'
or, Lloodl'uruiersuidLiverKeguUuircveri..
: The Best Medicine You ca- I
: for Restoring Heal tli trc. ;
It commences to act f:na lbs firt Sr., .
out the weak organs, and is n-armrt. 1 1 -
help all diseases of the CoweU. .'ii in:uii 1 .
I Kidneys, Liver.Unnaryflrgans.ailC '. : :
Women, Kenrousness, Sleeolessness, I jtc:.
tism and DronkFUurss.
Try a bottle to-day ; it may save roi rYr'z. 5
t and $t sizes Atalldruggirts. Every penvnclv
t has our si gature cn ctits iJe nyrcr, 1..
r Co., N. Y. Large saving ui Luyirs 5 "-
a.t- .
Jnst Wliat Is Van(oiI.
EverJvdy whoc hair is gray or f.i'ir d h
the :ri of a Ka.r Kestfrer and drr-r.'.x t '
clearly, r n-eaUy prrfumed ard h. r'i
ter's l!':ri t (.
617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, Mo.
. i .. ... ... r.r MlittAi Colleee. h;u been
lonmr located taaa any othe ri'hvaioian in bt Loulo.aa
'tj uwn anow.and t.ll r li roaideota Loow. fc sTphllis,
fecmorrhosa. 01et Btricture, Orchitis. Rupture.ali Ru-htl itiA nr l(.rcrtiri&l A tT.-t.l num cl
Tbioat.Siirior ),oprorwl Kcffly, J'rtratclr.
6psrmi.-KThsa,BexTiai Icb:lity and Imi-oteneT
ca taerrwiitof rielf-Abas. :nal exowaoa In matarur
yoara.jr ovar bralnwort producing nm-.onranaa,aemin-al
eniwainns, debilit, dimrvsf ibt,defictiT mam
cry, physicnl decay, aversion to society confasioa of
iieaa, low of eioal pwer,olcnt lo-).ren'1erin mar
riarft improper rs jriounjnly rnd. i VinaaitAtlon
atoaio or by r-all fre and lnV.LI. pampoiot ods
tuuup. Medinins sent by mail or eipreaa. Cures
raaraatBd. W hrs doubt exists it is frankly jTatad.
i'il AHRIAGE i pg.S,
rim. ! GUI DEI
I henboloatory. well told. R :f l to Ida, on the
f)Liowin-i ubot: V'b- M..y miirry, wIit not, why.
Jrlannood, Womanhood. I'hywcHl dwj.y. w ho ahonl4
tarry ; how life ao-l happuveas may b lucres n-1 ; atfectit
.jf celibacy and eiuan, .nd nuny more. 1 bus married
or eontmplatin2 mMrriaf-nabo iid rnd H then kanpntt
dar ky-k and ksr. 85 Ct8. lr mill ia ruonay or po.
tnea. Enp-llph Oermia French retd and "molten.
III 1-1-Wafiiuie-n, lxct Manhood. Ncrvonan,
nntun nf Ideas, Avrm toKocmiy
Lufuoii7e Memory ana Jiisordpr brotwliton ty Helf
Abuan. Any dmKjr'" has tba inrwdint. Ht Louis
OarntlTt: Int's, r''. St.'harlc. Ht. IwIb. Mo.
70S Chesnut Gt, S. Louis. fT.g. s oH offir, to curs e;imasvnrr;ica. o:m'.nai
uees, Irnx;tS6oy.ail fora if typbii i O-joorrhtca,
Olaet, Uruiiry or BiaddtT dlefi8. Krent, cams
ared li a fotdii, Alltne ii .-... rriiUnit
self-abam, efwsoreipcira crea for l'' with
medietas. Aiiw It CuarusH low. Call or writs
in atrit coriS.iKns. Symptom lioolt for two itamp
M A R R I A d E C U i D E ViSS
ARE PAID saiT soldisr Jiesbl in
T'r f duty .Ty idpnt or ottiT A
nOl'.NU 'fftrj kind.loaa&f Bncrr. tv
or eye. Ki n illK, if but !... dt
rasc ,f Lanaw ot sricoac V-lra ie a
tieaniun. a. adr bow lav mouaauo. mrz to an inmate cf twn.iuri.
S itiuwa. orphans aud d, p-nd at fitl.crj
ot mother cf tf-l'iier. w!" !" in ti c
trtiT t pnil'n. BOl'XT 1 Hi
har f'TWatjad. inif r:s M rrpture.
f vmfallboantT. Senrl atat. f rc-pj
-n,ia frt'l i-.rr Art,. Aiicrr,
P. H. Fitzgernld &. Co., ,'' -'
Jrnta. Id!nur-"li lrl. Vnf
F."A.W.I-aTi. JYn't Ind 'l.a T.:r.
1 '.. an4 H. V. K-nlv. I'f't I .
r.i. k. DuUi of IadLunapulia. Xit-u
Watrbra. fncra wtn-lmts M. White metal Ilnatlac.
ti. I tuitatiou gold 96. bulla oUt 12. C:teapet aud bu
for your eva oeaorp"l1,,re porpoeM. ValruiUeea,
aUsaeircaV XUOJLfbOl Cur, 132 aaanSBei sew lark.
The majority of the ill of the hutnatt
h oil II ai'im from n tlertingenxtnt if th
Liver, affeelinif luitli the utinnnrh and
botrela. In urtlrr lit effrt I a cure, it im
neccamary to rem nee the eaume. Irregu
lar and Hlugiiith action of the llmrelm,
Jlendftehe,Sieknei nt the SI out tic h, I'ui n
tu the Huctc and l.oittm, etc., indicate that
the Lieer is at fault, and that nature re
quiret aMitaticc lu cti'tbte this organ to
throw off I mpuritii .
IrIcWly AsJl ililterHaie especially
compounded for thin put-pone. They are
mild in their action and tffeitire an a
cure; are plennant to the taaleand taken
eatilij hg both children mid intuitu. Ta
ken accord ing V ilic rlio tm, liny arm s
mafe andidritnu lit cuy-fr IJ fIpif,
C.exierul !;!!!i: , 'l.-iliituitl ( on.
Htiiiatlon, I5i-..s'l liltliiey,
etc., etc. --! a ifioutl r,tirlfir th g
are muperior to ant- nthcr medicine t
eleanning the systiin i hi-rmiirl, I f, t unit
imparting tieie life nnd energy to the in
valid. It is a meoietiie and itot o
llltoxic.ltilljf brn-rngc.
snd take no other. PR! (."3, CI 00 per L'c:t)n.
Bt. Louie and Kansas Cit7, Mo.
It is th result of UOvrnn.' e.ier! iire ,,r i
nxiioniiimitM in s,.i,.,r .!,,., i. . ,
. i.'n " nu-i. Ifn ' ie-liiii. t, ,ih, th
are. ItavoHlx lheli-ft'rm of rllirr,an1 tx .
S " VH' roiW f..atur-t and rc ii vuuit-tW-
It IS larnn, liahlnnninij, i;,ilr,i himlxmr eun'
Went in rrpmrlrrrlor,) vrar. :r".lp Z- u,
b-;t. A trial will irv, r, j I! m'l full ?
l'i : :i i
r "T 1, T:f n t " j , f.-r1.! a" C ' T
:. r; . . j- ,....-! I l lu.-,(!..H , I I ...
' -r :. .-a'.'.u-,;.. Or I t l'Lh.. 1
: .
- : '
. r -
(- . . 1
- it'::' r .
P I J Li 5 K -r'c: f " 'nn Outfit.
aa-e, "-aw- a mm aMsF MairuA. P
W?.V 5:w-aw- -W1 4 iV, S
1 jL
.3 j-
:.r3gszgA v -1 ; it u : . t, rl
J'u & Brcvk t-V lWri