Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 29, 1881, Image 3

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    The Herald.
Trauticut, '2u cnti a line. Regular adve rrla
tr, 10 ctnus per line. No advertisement insert
id for ku llran 5 ecu la.
Ig3 notices ait Statute rale.
Atiurae y and oificera of the law will be neld
!oi:ille for all legal notices they band in,
tut all parties demanding a proof of publlca
loa of any fiotice will be OtuIU for lUe publica
twa fee 01 such notice.
coilmu Nic Areics.
Ae oar spare is limited, all corumnnlearioni
autt be brief and to the point, wliti do waste
a word.
The paper ta responsible for tle correctness
apoortlmg to copy of paid ai alter and paid Le
CJa, oalf.
1. A ay person who takea the paper regularly
tutm Ilia post-ottlce. whether directed to his
upr, or whether ha la a subaeriber er neV ia
reeiwuaible for tha pay.
t. If any person orders his paper discontin
ued, be must pay all arrearaees, or the publlsn.
ar may continue to aend it until payment la
iade. aad aJlleetthe whole amount, whether
fae paper ia Uken from the office or not.
. 1 he courts have deelded that refusing t
taUte newspapers and periodicals from the post
fliee. or removing and laavlnir them uncalled
for, ia prima aw evidence of urtBaxJOVAJ.
Minstrels !
T.MUrrjw niht !
Se;t. thirtieth eitfhteenll.
The Mclntyre & IIath's Mam
motli Southern Minstrels.
Crsini'frries at Bennett & LewisM
Stf'.sidi hats, in yarietv, at Wes
cott's. 1
-SiaiiMii has Oranjjes, Lemons,
lYais. !. 28t2
Co and I. ear Mrs. Wittenmyer
Friday cvtMiinij.
Underwear to suit all mankind, at
WescottV. 1
Rev. Mr. Dingf-st. was very em
phatic, Monday.
--OVEItTOATS avr.ncoATs The
Lest line, ::t Wascott's. 1
-Fanners are generally honest men
real fanners, we mean.
Chaplain Wright, hit the nail on
the head, a usual, Monday.
Smoke the "Leader" ciyar at Siasp
son's. 28t2
Every hur the gun was tired and
the hells were tolled all day.
Everyone come and bring some
thing to p- " ' 1)11 exhibition.
Music- I ructor and sheet Music
at Simpson's. 28t2
Rev. Mr. Cooley made a short but
very sensible speerh Monday.
i'.ead Sherwood' new ad. in an
other eo'iiiiiin and give him a call.
A fresh ii.t of crackers just receiv
ed at Bonne: t Lewis'- 1
Temper ince meeting at the M. E.
Church Friday evening. Mrs. Witten
myer. Farmer Uu.-hnell. it is said, is now
advising farmer 4 to sow their rail
fences in the fall.
I. X. E. Winter Wheal Flour at
While's, call immediately, as it is go
ing like hot cakes. SUi
The cornice is put on Drew &
Weckbacli'.s building, and it is some of
the finest yat used in our city.
Miss Maggie O'Keefe can be found
at the Great Tied Store, where she will
le pleased tm ste her friends. 1
A paper onl'.ar and a tooth pick
can ne moved into a new Ward mighty
quick by an active friend of the farm
er ( . 1
A new invoice of clothing just re
ceived from New Y ik City new
styles and good fis. C E. Wescott.
Rev. Mr. Wilson, of the M. E.
Church, made a most excellent and ap
propriate speech Monday at the Union
E. Cm. Dovey & Sons are putting an
addition on the rear esdof their build
ing to accommodate their large stock
of gnods.
R-.'ine i'rof. Finney's Dancing
i ii l Opening, an Tu-s.t ay, October
1th. (loud chance to ham the light
Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer will speak
on the Temperence Issue at the M. E.
Church on Friday evening, Sept. 30th.
at 7 o'clock.
We understand stiaia of the boys
who went down to Hock Bluffs, Mon
day, were arrested for running their
saddle horses.
On account af press of other mat
ter, the Temperance column was left
ut last week and will appear on first
pagf of this issue.
Fresh Pretzels, Jelly Fingers, En
glish Coffee Cakts, Ginger Snaps and
Button Butter Crackers, just received
by Rennet & Lewis. 1
The "farmers frienoK? of the
Enterprise has a pamphlet to present
at the fair advising farmers to put in
fence posts with a coin-planter.
Dr. A. Sanlisbary is still doing the
best dental walk and is having all lie
i-an do. Hit prices are reasonable and
eveivone is pleased with him. Giva
him a call. 1
Hon. R. 15. Windham has been ap
pointed by Gov. Nance one of the com
missioners to the Missouri River Im
provement Convention, at S. Louis,
October UOth.
The workman on the new M. E.
J.)lock came to another stand still the
fjrst of the week. The plans not being
cerrect, which threw some of the walls
out of place.
Mclntyre & Heath's Mammoth
Southern Minstrel's will be here to
morrow evening, Fkidav, Sept. 30th.
at Fitzgera'.d hall. Tickets at Young's.
Sse Ad. elsi'Where.
The R-v. Mr. JJard addressed a
larg eg it:n at the Fresbyterian
Church on Monday nnd delivered one
of the best sermons of the time on the
death of the President.
-Dr. A. Sau'.isbury says it pays to
advertise-h the IIfkali. His custo
mers say the II kr a li speaks so well
of him. thev think they will try him,
and they find him first-class. 1
-Miss Nellie OTlourke had a party
Thursday afternoon in honor of
her Gfth birthday, and the young folks
enjoved themselves hugely, and went
home wishing that Nriije's birthdays
tirjae oftener.
Mr. T. lodieh made Flattsmoulh a
visit last waek.
Wiley Black went to Chicago Satur
day afternoon.
Dtn Wheeler was down and spent
Sunday with his folks.
Uncle Jason Streight, f South Bend
was in town Friday last.
Peter Merges and J. V. Weckbach
went in Omaha on business last week.
Mrs. Donovan ha been quite ill, but
we are pleased to larn i3 somewhat
Mrs. McVicker, a sister of Judge
Sullivan, from Kansas, is v'siting her
Mr. Sntdiker, a cousin of Mr. John
Duke's, from Virgin. a, is visiting his
Mr. Nathan returned from the east
last week and the goods are following
him as fast as pcssiole.
A. L. Wilner returned from Burling
ton, Chicago and other points Tues
day where he has been visiting the
past tw weeks.
Mrs E. G. Dovey returned to Platts
mouth last Thursday evening, and af
tir her long absence will be welcomed
by her many friends.
Kev. J. Gallagher left the first of the
week for his new field at Falls City.
The IIekald wishes him the reward
dae a man who treats the newspaper
fraternity well.
C. G. Harold returned Friday from
Chicago, where he has purchased the
immensest stock of clothing yet, we
should judgo by the amount of boxes
which are still coming.
Rev. .G. A. Hobson, of Glenville,
Neb., made us a flying call and a sub
tantial one last week, informing us
that the IIekald was a good remedy
for homesickness and lonesomeness,
which was much appreciated. We'll
carry the news to liro. Hobson with
renewed vigor now.
Fair next week.
Beautiful neck-wear at Wescotl's.
Oysters and Celery, Saturday at
Bennett & Lewis'. 1
Wescott owns the goods as cheap
as any concern in Nebraska, and you
will find them plainly marked at low
prices. 1
Paper collars can be raised on very
poor graund and a Ward farmer can
easily move his crop from one Ward
to another.
The Boston Pilot says; St. Ja
cobs Oil stands without an equal.
I4y close observation the farmers
adviser and friend(V) of the Enterprise
has discovered that pumpkins grow
best when "listed."
Prof. Robert Odium, of the Na
tatorium, this city, was cured of a se
vere attack af rheumatism by the use
of St. Jacobs Oil. Washington (D. C.)
The U. P. Base Ball Club, of
Omaha stopped over night in Platts
mouth, Wednesday on their return
from a match game of ball at Lincoln
They are a fine club.
Wescott's for furnishing goods.7t4
McEntire & Heath's advance
Agent complains that the Bill boards
of the town are all covered with Bar
man's posters and local companies can
not get au inch of room.
- Weckbach sells Bremner's choice
crackers. 37t4
Lost West of Four Mile, on Poor
House road, a meerschaum pipe. One
dollar reward will he given for its re
turn to the undersigned or to P.
Mu re m. 28ts Geo. Meisixger.
Baker Atwood sell Bremner's
choice crackers. 27t4
There was a little racket at Lou
isville last Tuesday afternoon in
which a drunken brakeman attempted
to whip hi engineer for some fancied
injury. The result was an arrest an 1
fine and discharge from the service of
the company.
Wescott't for the slickest and
neatest neckwear in" the land. 27t4
The Plattsmouth Base Ball Club
have accepted the challenge of the
Weeping Water Base Ball Club, to
play a match game on the grounds du
ring the County Fair for a purse of
Seventy-five dollars. There will be
fun over that.
-Guthnian Bros, sell Bremner's
choice crackers. 27t4
Once in a while a good joke comes
to hand for the Herald: L. W. Pat
terson writes to change his paper to a
new Post Office, because at th last one
they have only a tri-weekly mail that
is : It comes one week and tries to come
for the next three, but never gets there-
They all have to have Bremner's
crackers if they want any trade. 27t4
Au alarm of fire was given Satur
day afternoon, by the Bremen's bell
and the firemen took their trucks and
went in pursnit f the fire, which was
in one of the laundries at the ioit of
Main St. at lightning speed, but the
fire was out when they reached it. It
doesn't take the fire boys long to reach
a fire after their bell gives the alarm.
Bennett & Lewis sell Bremner's
choice crackers.
Did you ever feel real stiff aud
sor in the morning? if not, walk all
round a fair ground most of the day,
hoef it to the depot to take the train,
and then run after a passenger ex
press which you missed, from the
platform to the east end of the"Y"
and yau'll know how 'tis yourself.
Many thanks to conductor Gayle,
all the same, though.
Ask for Bremner's Milk. Williams
Tea Ginger Ceffee Cakts, Ginger Snaps
and Gem Oyster Crackers. The Gnest
said in Plattstnouth. 27t4
The boys who managed the gun
Monday, deserve great thanks, they
put in a days hard work in their coun
try's cause, while many could turn it
into a Holiday. Likewise the men
who tolled the bells all day. Rev. Fr.
Linch who had the Catholic bell, toll
ed, and our gallant Fire boys who
kapt thier bell going all day. To Messrs
Ashley, Ko'anke and others, the thanks
of the citizens are due.
We feel a just pride in calling
your attention to our ne-u; and iacreas
ed stock of Fiue Ready-Made Clothing
just brought on from New York, to
be sold at the lowest possible prices.
Remember the place,
S. & C. Mayer,
Next to Carruth's. 1 ,
On Monday just after the five
o'clock gun had been firad, many per
sons percaived a shock resembling an
earthquake; it shook the windows and
jarred crackery on the shelves. Much
speculation ensued as to what it could
have been. Tuesday brought the word
that a car loaded with Dynamite had
exploded at Council Bluffs. It stood
near the Round House of the C. It. I.
& P. R. It. which was destroy! d, as
well jis seven passenger cars, sixty box
cars and twelve stock cars were 1 1 jwn
from the track and demolished. A
hole 15 feet deep and 45 feet across
shewed where the car had been;
)late glass aud other windows were
broken in Council Bluffs and houses
wrecked and destroyed. Windows
were broken in Omaha. It being a
holiday faw men were at work and
they escaped in time. No one was
seriously injured by the explosion.
The Knights af the Cork.
Of the minstrels who open at the
Opera House, Thursday evening next,
the Evansville Journal has this to say;
Mclntyre & Heath's minstrels, com
prising twenty-five white men, cele
brated colored delineators, a full corps
of artists and musicians. The pro
gramme will consist of a minstrel
first part, aud in the olio, among
other performers, the following will
appear: The great Itoselle, in operatic
selections; DeVero Brothers, high
kickers; the California Quartette; Mc
lntyre fc Heath, in their specialty en
titled "Skedaddle;" Senator Wm. Kay
in a lecture on "Mixtures." The en
tertainment will close with a laugha
ble sketch entitled Pinafore Boarding
House." Journal.
This troupe in Plattsmouth, Friday,
September 30lh. See ad.
Farmers Attention.
Any persons wanting "Compromise
Seed" apply at the Agricultural depart
ment of the Enterprise, or in some of
the offices of Fitzgerald Block.
(J. A "it.
At a meeting of the Grand Army, a
resolution of thanks to the clergy,
band and singers w ho assisted at the
ceremonies Monday, was passed. A
committee consisting of comrades Liv
ingston and Barnes was appointed
to confer with the Executive Com
mittee of tne Old Settlers about a
campfire and general union of meetings
on the 6th of October.
The ice season has closed and all
persons owing far ice are requested to
call and settle up immediately, as I
need the money. 2$t2 F. S. White.
Call and see the new styles in
milinery at Herrmann & Wurl's. 2(it2
The Rock Bluff boys challenged
any club in the county to play a match
gamsof base ball on their grounds,
and our boys took ttem up. They
played Monday afternoon, the Platts
mouth club making 39 to the Reck
Bluffs 12. Our club has just been
feoling the boys. When they can get
all 4ieir best players aut. they make
the tallies count up lively. If you
don't believe it go and see them play
at the Fair next week.
County Delegates.
The delegates in the county as
far as heard from are as folio ns:
First ward, Plattsmouth E. II.
Wooley, D. II. Wheeler, E. B Lewis,
C. H. Smith, (II. M. Bushnell and W.
L. Brown claim to be elected).
Second Ward M. M. McElwain. R.
B. Windham, W. S. Wise, Geo. S.
Smith, J. W. Johnson, John Water
man. Thrd Ward J. W. Marshall, P. P.
Gass. II. E. Palmer, A. N. Sullivan, J.
S. Duiton, J. B. Strode.
Fourth ward W. Smith, Jno. Polin,
F. Carruth, L. C. Stiles, M. Schlcgel,
J. M. Barber.
Plattsmouth Precinct A. B. Tedd,
A, B. Taylor, C. S.. Bates, Isaac Wilesf
Perry Walker. J. C. Eikenbary, Wm.
Giimour, T. J. Thomas, C. J. May field.
Eight Mile Grove Jno. F. Polk,
Jno. II. Becker, John Ramsey, John
Young. John Ilennings, J. M.Craigf
II. Inhelder.
Mt. Pleasant II. G. Ilawley, F.
Call, J. Cooley, D. Satchell, Wm. M in
fold. J. Cothey, S. S. Hall.
Instructed for aiamuel Richardson
ferCou-nty commissioners.
Louisville, R. B. Howell, J. T. A
Hoover, B. G. Heover, Jas. Robinson,
W. W. Rhodes, D. D. Martindale.
Liberty Samuel Cannon, George N.
LaRue, Henry F. Taylor, John Muifin,
Jesse Irwin, Jacob Bridenstine, S. n.
Hobson, A. Searle, S. A. Davis. J.
Rock Bluffs Walter Jenkins, Dr.
A. L. Root, C. Bradshaw, John Norris,
Gran Flemming, Anderson Root. Wm
Lloyd, Wra. Morrow, Wm. Royal, B.
Stove Creek J. A. Kenaston, Ed.
Stopher. Al. Dixon, D. Kuntz, G. W.
Hylton, Jno. Clements, Wm. Delesder
nier. We have only four in Tipton as yet:
Arnold, Laverty, Wolph aad Forsythe
South Bend G. D. Mattison, 0. N
Folsom, D. Thymgahn, Jas. Crawford
J.M.Campbell, II. J. Streight, G. A
Greenwood Isaac Tolland, Isaac
Middleton, Isaac Stone, G. W. Clark.
Elm wood Joe McCaig, Hamil
ton, Geo. Buell, Dimmitt, W. II.
Poole, W. II. Smith, J. II. Mills.
Weeping Water T. Clark, N. Satch
ell, A. A. Barden, G. W. Johnson, C. C.
Hadsell, M. M. Butler, B. C. Yeomans.
Salt Creek T. Sampson. J. S. Phil
ips Coleman, L. C. Hansen," H. II.
Alden, G. W. Mayfield, M. D. A' bott.
Center P. Coon, II. W. Gi;l"rt.
G. M. Flowers, S. Smith, F. F. Kex
ford, D. F. Dudley, I. N. Woo iiord,
H. W. Farley.
Announcement af Candidate.
.1 hereby announce myself as can
didate for County Judge in this county
subject to the approval af the Repub
lican convention at Lcuisville.
R. G. McFarland.
It's Cone, It's A Bis Tiling, anfl We Have Got It
Trunks and Ifalises.
Including all the late and desirable novelties in Styles, Fabrics and
Colors. Do not let it escape your memory that this is a
AVe are now about to offer this entire assortment at prices
which will draw a mob. Will yom be there ? Everything marked
in plain figures. No deviation in prices. Everything warranted as
?. ES Sff
Main St., Next to Smith, EM & Co..
Plattsmouth, Net).
The Fair
Commences next week Wednesday,
Oct. 5th and continues Thursday and
Friday, the 6th and 7th. The grounds
are in good condition, and the rain of
last night, if we don't have too much
more will make the roads good. Every
thing promises well.
Lecture by Mrs. Wittenmyer.
Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer, of Phila
delphiaFirst President of the Wom
an's National Christian Temperance
Union, will deliver a Temperance Ad
diess in the Methodist Episcopal
church next Friday evening, Sept. 30th
commencing at 7:30 o'clock. Admis
sion, 10 cents. This lady i3 a worker
of national reputation in the cause of
religion, temperance and philanthrophy
and a most forcible and eloquent lec
turer. We are safe in assuring a rich
treat to all who are so fortunate as to
hear her on this occasion. All wel
come with or without admission fee.
Pain from indigestion, dyspepsia,
and too heavy eating is relieved at
once by taking one of Carter's Little
Liver Pills immediately after dinner.
Don't forget this. Sold by Smith,
Black & Co.
For Sale.
A good young family mare, new top
buggy, and new single harness. En
quire of Frank Davis, at Herrmann's
store. 23-3
There is no one article in the Jine
of medicines that gives so large a re
turn for the money as a good porous
strengthening plaster, such as Carter's
Smart Weed and Belladonna Back
ache Plasters. Sold by Smith, Black
Co. :
Dancing School Opening.
Prof. Pinney, the Dancing Master,
will hare an "opening," Tuesday even
ing, Oct. 4th, at Fitzgerald Hall. All
wishing to take lessons should be there
promptly, or send in names, as classes
will be organized then.
There will be a children's school at
4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Do not buy cheap medicine on the
score of economy. The best are none
too good for the sick, and are the
cheapest. Such are the Cherry Pec
toral, the Sarsaparilla, and other stand
ard remedies of Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.
They are worth all they cost, and
should be in every house.
O. S.
We are requested by the executive
Cemmittee of the Old Settler's Associ
ation to give notice that there will be
a meeting of the Society on the Fair
Ground on Thursday, Oct. 6th, at 1 p.m.
There will be a Camp Fire during
the day an evening of the same day
which will be arranged for by the prop
er Committee.
Good health is impassible when
the blood is impure, or when it is thin
and cold. Under such conditions one
disease after another is developed.
Boils, pimples, headaches, neuralgia,
rheumatism, etc., are the result of im
pure blood, and the wisest course is to
make the blood pure, rich and warm
by the u?e of Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
The Greenback Labor Party will
hold a meeting in the Court House on
Saturday evening Oct. 1st, at 7 p. m.,
to elect delegates to attend the County
Convention at Weeping Water on Sat
urday, Oct. 8th, 1831. All those inter
ested are requested to attend, as some
good speakers are expected.
By order of Mc. O'Riely,
If you are tired of taking the large
eld-fashioned griping pills, and are
satisfied that purging yourself till you
are weak and sick is not good common
sense, then try Carter's Little Liver
Pills and learn how easy it is to be
free from biliousness, headache, con
stipation, and all liver traubles. These
little pills are smaller, easier to take
and give quicker relief than any pill
in use. Forty in a vial. jOne a dose.
Price 25 cents. Sold by Smith, Black
& Co.
Gents buy our S1.00 unlaundried
shirts, the best to be had for the mon
ey, at Herrmann's. 26t2
When you go for crackers take
none but Bremner's. 27t4
StoTe Wood lor Sale.
Leave orders at Baker & Atwood's
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M
Roberts. 3tf
Argand Stove
For sale A good office Argand "base
burner" for sale. Apply at the Her
ald. Ask your grocer for Bremner's
Cream Soda Crackers; they are ele
gant. 27t4
Call at P. B. Murphy's when you
waut a fine Havauna Cigar, Fruits,
Pipes, Tobacco, the best line in the
city to select from ; Call in and be
convinced. 27t4
"Plymouth Rock" and "Lijrht Bra
mah" chickens for sale by Wm. Gii
mour, Plattsmouth, Neb. 27t4
Tin: ii:ni:it.
Leader iu Styles,
Lauder in Fits,
Leader in Topular Trices.
Peri lies Upon the manners of
the Davis Sewing: machine
for tiie Second Time.
The Davis Carries off the Honors at the
Nebraska Stale Fair.
The sewing machine contest at the
Nebraska stale fair was very interest
ing, particularly as the exhibits of dif
ferent machines was quite extensive,
and the various agents were all striv
ing earnestly to get to the front.
The display of the Davis sewing
machine company attracted a great
deal of attention. One exhibit wa
in Floral hall and the other in Max
Myer & Go's, building, both being in
charge of Mr. V. II. Dyer, general
agent, and an efficient corps ol assist
ants, and by the way, these latter are
all customers of the Davis, and not
experts, as the machine in question is
not so camplicated and difficult to un
derstand as to require an expert to ex
hibit it. Everybody is familiar with
the popular machine and about its de
partment were scores of samples
which attested in unvarying reliabil
ity, and the variety and quality of its
woik is not excelled by any rival
Among the samples exhibited was as
piece of work for a duplicate of which
the company offered 6100, an offer
which was kept open for two days. It
it is a fine specimen of shirring, knife
side and scallop plaiting, and all are
represented on the same pattern with
out basting. In auother place were
two fine specimens of embroidery, one
is net lace representing moss roses on
one side aud yellow roses on the other,
without any packing whatever of the
goods. The other is a pattern of moss
roses on the same material, and with
out any foundation.
In this connection an interesting
little episode, by the way, took place
on Inst Tuesday. Mr. Dyer, it seems,
while explaining to a lady the superior
quality Oi his machine said, "I'll cive
100 to any man who'll duplicate this
piece of work on any other machine,"
and at the same time he exhibited a
sample of work done on the Davis ma
chine. Another sewing machine agent who
heard him spoke up ami said, "Do you
mean what you say? If you do, then
put up your 3100."
Dyer accepted the challenge at once.
He said he did the sample of work in
half hour on the Davis machine, would
give the other agent, at any time,
twelve hours to do it on his machine.
The money was put up in the hands
of Max Myer, who is to witness the
work. The result is awaited with
some little interest.
Yesterday the committee on sewing
machines made their report, and
to the Davis sewing machine for two
samples of work, one being a piece of
silk chenille embroidered oh both sides
aud the other work baing done on
one side of the goods.
was awarded to the Davis machine
for the best sample of heavy plain
sewing. Mr. Dyer offers $100 reward
to any company who will duplicate
these samples.
The mechanical principles involved
in the Davis sewing machine differ
widely from those commonly in use,
and combine in the most complete and
perfect mannar simplicity, strength,
durability, economy, and an adapta
tion to the largest range of work.
The feed is a vital peint in any sew
ing machine, and upon its accuracy of
movement depends the regularity,
strength, evenness and perfection of
stitching. The feed commonly in use
in other sewing machines, and known
as the ratchet or four motion feed
consists of a horizontal under feed-bar
which has a four motioned movement
produced by complicated under-gear.
This feed-bar is furnished with "teeth"
which raise high enough above the bed
of the machine to take hold of and
carry forward the work, A presser
foot ceraes down on the goods and
holds them firmly to the surface of the
feed. It is obvious then, that as the
feed moves it must carry the under,
ply faster than the upper, for the sim
ple reason that the presser foot is re
tarding or holding back the upper ply,
while the feed i.s taking place; hence it
is impossible to have both ends of the
goods come out even ; and a strong and
elastic seam cannot be made, because
the lower piece being in a measure
"gathered," yields more rapidly than
the upper to any strain upon the gar
ment. The threads will be broken and
3he seam will rip.
This great defect ha3 existed since
the first introduction of sewing ma
chines, and until the invention of the
"Vertical Feed" principle (the patent
for which is the exclnsive property of
this company.)
being behind the needle, the machine
is capable of sewing elastic goods,
making a smooth and flexible seam
with stitch alike on both sides; also of
sewing any number of thicknesses
without basting, operating with equal
facility on the heaviest as well as the
lightest fabrics.
It has no underwork to be looked
after or get out of order; the working
parts being closely confined in the
head of the machine, requiring ho
other attention or adjusting than oc
casionally putting a drop of oil in the
holes provided for that purpose; it is
composed of a less number of working
paits than any other shuttle machine;
its use is more easily and quickly
learned; it is especially adapted to the
diversified wants of family sewing,
and is so simple that it can be used
efficiently by any one with facility.
Its working parts are made of tl e
best material, are compact, strong and
durable, each point of friction being
case hardened, insuring the longest
wear with the least expense for re
pairs. We also have added simple ap
pliances by which all "lost motion"
from wear and by long use, can be ta
ken up.
It will do the greatest variety of
stitching, from the lightest cambiic
through all grades of fabric, to harness
The vertical feed enables the opera
tor to turn the work at any curve or
angle while the machine is in motion,
without changing tke tension or length
of stitch; consequently, it can easily
do in a given time one third more
work than any under-feed machine.
The shuttle holds a large amount of
thread and gives an even tension in
the most simple manner. Omaha Re
publican. These machines are sold exclusively
by Frank Carruth in this cennty,
and they can be seen at his extensive
jewelry store in Plattsmouth, at all
times. Call and see them.
II. Hartington, traveling salesman.
Browns' Blackberry and Uinger.
Should be in every house during the
heated season. It never fails to cu re
Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Cholera
Morbus. For sale by J. II. Buttery,
Smith, Black & Co., O. F. Johnson and
J. M. Robert , Plattsmouth, "J. V.
Painter, East Plattsmouth.
Worthless Stuff!
Net so fast, my friend ; if you could
see the stron?, healthy, blooming men,
women and children that have been
raised from beds of sickness, suffering
and almost death, by the use of Hop
BiUers, you would say "Glorious and
invaluable remedy." See another col
Rescued from Death.
In the following remarkable state
ment. William J. Coughlin of Somer
ville, Mass., says: "In the fall of 187G
I was taken with a violent bleed
ing of the lungs followed by a se
vere cough. I wa so weak at one
time that I could not leave my bed.
In the summer of 1877 I was admitted
to the City Hospital. While there the
doctors said I had a hole in fhy left
lung as big as a half dollar. I expend
ed over a hundred dollars in doctors
and medicines. I gave up hope, but a
friend told me of DR. HALL'S BAL
bottle to-satisfy him, when to my fur
prise and gratification, 1 commenced
to feel better, and to-day feel in better
spirits than I have the past three years.
I write this hoping that every one
afflicted with Diseased Lungs will be
induced to take Dr. WM. HALL'S
convinced that CONSUMPTION
CAN BE CURED. I can positively
say that it has done more good than
all the other medicines I have taken
during my sickness." Sold by drug
gists. 1a3
Base Burner for sale, at IIehalf
Brown's Vegetable Liver Pills
Are a sure cure for Liver Complaint,
Constipation and Biliousness. For
sale by all Druggists in the West.
Money ta Loan.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Inquire of D. D. Martindale,
Louisville, Neb. 13tf
Come and See
The large stock of Spring Shoes an i
Slippers, good and nice at Merges. 4tf
For Sale or Trade.
A good second hand wagon, for sate
cheap or will trade for buggy. En
quire at this office.
TtTthe "Ladies!
We are daily expecting the largest
shipment of Millinery goods ever be
fore brought to Plattsmouth. Be sure
to wait and examine our s.ock before
buying your Winter hats.
1 Great Red Store.
Trimmings! Trimmings!
The largest and most complete stock
of Velvets, Satins and Silks, to be
ound in this citv at F. Herrmann's. 2
Don't forget that the Herald
office is the place to get your fine job
printing. 23t4
For the best staple and fancy
groceries in Plattsmouth go to J. V.
Wecktach's. lOtf
Wanted Some corn and oats on
subscription at this office; at once.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re
newer is the most reliable article in
use for restoring gray hair to its orig
inal color and promoting its growth.
At this office good dry corn or oats on
subscription, at once.
Fever and ague and chills and fe
ver broken up and prevented by usiug
the purely vegetable remedy. Carter's
Liver Bitters. An antidote to all ma
larial poison. Seld by Smith, Black &
For mixed paints go to Roberts'
Drug Store. 51tf
A sure cure for consumption, bron
chial affectians, sore lunjs, whooping
cough and all complaints of the throat
lungs or chest. We mean Dr. Mar
shall's Lung Syrup.
I sell the best and cheapest boots
and shoes. I defy competition.
4tf Peter Merges.
Workmen! look ta your interests
and save doctor bills, by using Dr.
Marshall's Lung Syrup for all cases of
coughs, colds, etc. Price only twenty
five and fifty cents a bwttle.
Many persons will take no med
icine until prostrated on a bed of sick
ness. This is folly. Nature always
caPs for assistance when needed to
throw off impurities. With our habits
ot life, it is necessary to render this
help. Prickly Ash Bitters will not
force nature, but acts mildly and ren
ders the assistance required. Try
them. 24t5
Experience the Best Care.
The constant practice most women
have in caring for the sick makes
them often more skilful than physi
cians in selecting medicines. The
reason why women are everywpere
using and recommending Parker's Gin
ger Tonic is, because they have learn
ed by that best of guides experience
that this excellent family medicine
speedily overcomes despondency, peri
odical headache, indigestion, liver
complaints, pain or weakness in the
back and kidneys, and other troubles
peculiar to the ex. Home Journal.
See Adv. 24t5
Masloioa Crcbestra anil Brass Baal
Eight Popular Eud Men !
tlx Specialty Comedian !
Au unexcelled Quartette !
Barleiue Calored Opera Trou;e I
Teu Eminent Soni; and ance Men 1
The Cliaruaion Challenge Clog Trio !
The 1'eerle IToNellr,
llerfre Hro.,
at lark Tor d and illy.
Thirty First-Class Artists !
Consisting if tlie iaot parfect constellation af
minstrel talent erer organuad
iu America.
General ad mifaian 6centa.
Reserved aeatn. 75canta.
Reserved SeiiU at Young'a P. O. News Depot.
A Large Stock of
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at C. Schlegel's, opposite
r. 0.
Dr. Black's
Rheumatic Cure, an internal medi
cine warranted a safe, certain and
speedy curj for Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Lame Backs, Pains in the side,
Stomach, Kidneys, &c, &c. Smith,
Black & Co. have sold over one hun
dred bottles in the last two months
It Must Be So.
For all who use Brown's Pepsin
Tonic say it is a sure cure for Dys
pepsia and sick Headache. Try it.
For sale by all Druggists in Platts
mouth and East Plattsmouth.
Pepsin. Rhubarb, Mandrake & Gentian
Are the active ingredients of
Brown's Pepsin Tonic. Give this
wonderful Dyspepsia remedy a trial
and be cured. For sale by all drug
gists in Neb.
The best and cheapest,
The finest and neatest
Shoes and Slippers
For little trippers
at Merges'. 4tf
To the Citizen's or the Conuty and Stale.
I have now ready for market 100,000
White and Fire brick, which we will
sell at reasonable prices; parties wish
ing to build a fire:proof house before
the comet comes down, call on J. T. A
Hoover, Louisville, Nebraska.
Aldemey Stock.
Mr. J. F. Beaumeister uow owns
No. 1907, dropped January 4th, 1878,
Sire, Kentucky, 2d, 758; grandsire,
Kentucky C28. From imported Tran
sit, bred by II. S. Durand, Wis., which
it will be remembered Chaplain
Wright brought here last year. This
bull is a thorough-bred Alderney, or
Jersey bull and will be kept for servi
ces this summer at Mr. Beaumeister's
place north of town, on the Platte
Valley road. All who desire the use
of such an animal should call and see
the undersighed,
J. F. Beaumeister.
Stock from a distance, pastured free
of charge after the first of May. 52tf
Make from StSS to 50 per week selling
poods lor E. i. lilUfcOL'T & CO.. 10 Barclay
Street, New York. 22yl
Send tor their Catalogue and terms.
Notice to Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October aud November. At
Weeping Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elmwood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday in Feb
ruary. E. II. Wooley,
42tf Superintendent.
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind .thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors. Sold by P. S. Barnes and A.
D. Marshall, Weeping Water, Neb. 8tf
Fresh bread, cakes and pies, every
day, at the Union Bakery, corner Main
and Third. . lOtf
JLadieM' Heminary- unsurpassed. Aead
emy thorough. College four cojrfes.
Y ear begins Sept 7th. Kxaininefur yourtwjvcg.
Catalogues sent by the ITeMdeut, D. S. Gkko
ouv, D. D., Lake Forest, 111. 20tia
Money to Loan.
J. S. Mathews has money to loan at
nine per cent interest, on Real Estate
seen ity at three or Jive years. Apply
at his office on "Main St., Platts
mouth, Neb. 26tf.
loots &Shoes
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an execution Itsaed by W. C
Shwwalter, Clerk of the District Court, within
aud for Cans Couaty, Kebraaka, ana t me di
rected. I will on the 31t day of October A. D.
181, at 10 o'clock a. in., of said day. nt the
south daor of the Court House, in said rouuty.
sell ut public auction the fallowing itul estate
to-wit : The east half (Vi ot the narth ea.t
uuarter (ne1) of secttan eight (8) towijthlp tan
(ia range ten (io. aataf atb 1'. M., Iu Can
County, Net). The cinne being levied upon aad
takea as lha'property of David McCm, Wil
liam McCain and John McCalg. Defendants to
tiefy a judgment af said Court recovered by
Henry Ci iswell, IMalntllT.
Jnt4 R. W. HyKit, Sheriff Caw Co. Neb.
PlatUinouili, Neb., Kept. Mih A. D.
Notice of Application for Li
cense. AU persons interested will take notice that I
have tiled my application with the City Coua
cil of tli City cj l'latUniouth fora llcene to
ell malt, vinous and npiritou liquors at retail
in the Fourth Ward of said City, a raqulied
by section a of chapter 60, revised statutes of
I'laltsmouth. Neb., Sept. 14, l8l,
Administrator's Sale.
Netice Is hereby given that by the authority
of decretal order of sale made by the Hod. S.
B. round Judge of the Jd Judicial District of
Nebraska that the undersigned administrator
of the estate of Hiram llogan, deceosed, will
sell at public vendue on the V4th day of October,
A. D. 1881, atone o'clock p. in., on said day at
klmwood. Cass County. Nebraska, the folfow
ir,s described real estate to-wit: The north
half ot the south eat quarter of rction No.
thirty-two. Township ten, range ten, east of
the CI h 1. M., In Cava County, Nebraska. Hald
land will be sold subject to the Dower and
Homestead Interests of the widow of said de
ceased. Terms of sale caxh or time payment
as provided by law. Hakvkv Human,
27 U , Administrator
Legal Notice.
To John'H. Liggett, uow resident deft ndant.
You are hereby notified that on thc2"th day
of September, A. D. iwd, your w ife, Frankln
Liggett, commenced an action against you lu
the District Court. 'Jml Judicial District In and
for Cass Co. Neb ; the object and prayer of the
petition therein is to wholly and forever set
aside the bonds of matrimony nowexisting be
tween you and the said plaintiff. That said
action Is baeed upon the ground of abandon
ment for more than two years; that you are
required to answer the ald petition on or be
fore the 71 h day of November A. D. lnfl, and
that you do so upiiear and answer, default will
be taken and Judgement and decree accord
J. C. Cowin. Atfy for l'l'tf. 27t4
Probate Notice.
In the matter of tlio estate of John Cleininons,
deceased. In the County Com t Of Cuss Co.,
Notice i hereby itiven that B. Slebold and
McGinnis Clemmous, adminlstratom of the es
tate of the said John Clemuions, deceased, have
made application for Dual settlement, unit tiiat
said cauro is set for hearing at my office lit
l'lattsuiouth. on t lie 2Mth day f October. A. D.
18n1, at one o'clock p. ut., on said day ; at w hich
time an I place all persons interested taay be
present and examine raid accounts.
A. N. SL'Ll IVAN. County Judge,
I'lattsinouth. Neb., Sept. 1, I !.' Vt3
. Notice for Bids for Culvert.
Notice is hereby given that bids will be re
ceived for the construction of an iron culvert
across hixth street on south side of J 'earl street
In the City of I'lattsmoiitli, Cass County, Ne
braska, up to noon on tae Cth day of October,
181. Said culvert is to be eUlit Is) feet in di
ameter, and to be built on same pi in as cul
vert built by railroad company, iieai depot.
By order of County Commissioners.
2Ct4 J. D. Tutt. Co. Clerk.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an Order of Sale. Issued by W. C.
Showalter. Clerk of the District Court within
and for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will on the 1st day of October, A. D.
lsl, at 10 o'clock ii. in. of said day. at the south
door of Hie Court House, in said County, sell at
public, auction the following real estate, to-w it ;
Iho west half (wH) of the nortli west juartr
(n)) of section No. thirty '). in township
To. ten (10). north of range No. eleven ( 1 1), east
of the titlt 1. M.. in Cass County, Nebraska.
1 lie same being levied upon and tsken as the
property ot V illiam H. keek aud Sarah Jaue
Heck, C. 11. McCoruiick and the Singer Manu
facturing Company, defendants, to satisfy a
iiidgineut ef said Court recovered by Phillip D.
iltiuge, plaintiff.
R. W. Hveks. Sheriff Cass Co. Neb.
PlattMtnoutli. Neb., Aug. 30. A. D. Ikki. 24tft
Tax Deed Notice.
To tlio unknown or nonresident owner or
claimant of Lot five (5), In black seventy-five
(75), in the city of l'laltsniouth. Cass County,
Nebraska: i on are liereny nounci mat me
above described rral estate was assessed aud
taxed for the year 1877, as belonging te an un
known or non-resident owner; lht the said
real estate was sold at private sale on the 21st
day of August, 187U, for the delinquent tax ef
said year 1877 to the undersigned ; that unless
redemption be made from said sale on or before
the 3d day of January. 1H8-', a deed w ill be de
manded of the County Treasurer to the under
signed. (iKOKiJKi'ilA.VK.
flat t s mo u t h, Ncb..Se pt. 10, 18S1. Itts
MOKllIS -O'ltOUKKfi,
once more comes forward witU an entire new
Stock of the finest Piece Goods ever brought
into Plattsmoutu ! I
Hundreds go there and they are
Shop opposite the Court House. Glvo him
call and examine for yourselves. 48tf
Carriages always on Hand
I want all of my account! settled to date.
anl I shall do no more credit bu"iness. All old
accounts must be settled up, and no new ones
will be made. I'nless such accounts are settled
hnrtly they w ill be sued.
I wish to do a strictly cvsh business I n f ut ure
Plattsmouth. Neb,
Eight Mile Grove, Neb.
Having opened a New Store at the abor
1 call attention to rnv stock, and ask the
patronage of my friends and Iho
1'ubllc in general.
Dry Goods, Groceries
Tinware f Woodemvart
aud General Goods of all sort.
Call and see our Stock before going
341y Walter Jenkins.
maciiixV SHOPS I
Repairer of Steam Engines, Boilers,
. Saw and Grist Mills
f rought Iron Pipe, Force and Lift npes.Steaia
Gauge. Safety- Valve Governors, and all
ktuJs of Brass Engine Fittings,
repaired on short uotiee.
HERE! S5 i& EDGD5 f:r 50 ft.
llLLtllblHllMCur.iiM'1. HVT MlMlkkt1lu.
If lUr .) !-"' borrrc, ; K) K.cb IK-
u.rri 1 Muic Fuunta-B I'm: I Silr-pli4
Holder; I Hoi l.r; I K .'.rr to Fear. I ; 11 So tn.l.
(: 12 ihitii to. I'.per; I HJM tk U ' Vomm,
id Ch.nrM Ser.t lor :oun. O.uf taovrj Mllin( e-
r. AIL sent for Flfy. Cen-. Sn.p men. A.iraM. U-Vi I'MOH tOOa 104 BrcliWl 'T-
Geo. Wools & Co. Pianos and Organs.
Xews Depot, Magtuinearid Papers,
Confectionery, Tobacco
and Cigars.
Main St. opposite New Hotel.
FLArrsirtruTu - - nejjraska.