Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 08, 1881, Image 4

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    THE HSE&tt).
Only eight Uii"t-il States dollars of
1S04 are in xis enco. T.iere 13 0110 in
llio liritish M;is um winch c:st ?80.
Model wives formerly look s'.itcli
in time;" now. with the :uil of a. sv-ippr-macliinc,
tho-y take one hi no time.
It is be'.ievel quite generally that
J11I03 Verne wrote all the iiiNM-estiiijf
chapters in Jefferson. D.ivis' hook. It
smimls very much that way.
Sir Henry Tvier has adopted a re
markable parliamentary headdress.
During the li'-t weather he appuare I in
the house of commons in an Indian
sun helmet.
The report that another enormous inn
is about to bo built at Coney island con
tradicts the notion sometimes advanced
that all the business of this kind the
bench can do is already provided lor.
A citizen of Ashland, . II.. received
a back pension of about SSUO a w.-ck
ago, and it lias all been spent. Anoth
er citizen of the same town received
about 1.000 lately, and spent it all in
about. ne week.
Your meal i ready, sir," said t.!:
waiter to llavseed. just f run the rural
district. "Meal!" -xclairued Hays -e l.
contemptuously, "do yer think I'm a
ho-s? (Jet mo s rnc c nn-d b;ef a i l
cabbage, young man."
An Amherst "(Mass.) woman who lost
her voice more than two years ago, and
has since been unable to speak above a
whisper, was delighted recently at the
return of her power of speech. Se
can now converse freely.
There are 1,790 Po-t Offices in Mis
souri, and a clerk in the St. Louis Tost
Office, with but eighteen months' ser
vice, is said to have named them all
without prompting in thirty minutes,
with the county of each.
A man who was fishing for trout in
the Tionesta .years ago, so the story
runs, caught his hook on a b3g of gold
and brought it safely to shore. As he
looked at the gold he sadly said, "J ust
my luck; never could catch any fish."
A Swiss newspaper says that the on
ly men who know how to keep a hotel
are Swiss and Americans. It in
stances scores of leading hotels in Eu
rope with Swiss managers, and thinks
that American hotels are tho best in
the world.
Trinquet, tho member of the com
mune who assumed tho boldest front
before the court-martial, and who was
elected a municipal councillor while
ft ill in New Caledonia and ineligible,
has been appointed by the prefect of
the Seine an inspector at -180 a year.
Mrs. Hale a widow lady residing at
llostou, died of injuries by falling from
a hammock. Mrs. Haley got into tho
linmmock.and while swinging fell to the
ground, a distance of only two feet,
striking on her head and injuring her
spine, with the above result.
San Francisco Chronicle: An eastern
society journal says that the present
fashion at Long Ilranch is only ono
toilet a day. The stylo is also popular
among tho Tiutcs at many watering
places in the mountains on this coast,
but it is not deemed worthy of special
A plague of rats has appeared near
Dagneux, in France. innumerable
swarms, which seem to come from tho
direction of Lyons, have invaded many
communes, doing great damage to the
crops. Some farmers have killed from
live to six thousand rats in inejr iieM
in a single day.
At a recent ball in London the resi
dence of the lady by whom it was
given was cooled by means of tons of
ice used in an ornamental manner
in conjunction with ferns and water
lilies. A French newspaper relates that a
millionaire lost his entire fortune ex
cept about one hundred thousand
francs, and died of grief within "i
hours. His brother who wa3 his sole
heir,had long struggled in poverty, ami
now, on the sudden receipt of what he
regarded as a large fortune, has just
died of joy.
The ll;v. W. W. Colley, re cently a
missionary in Africa, has distinguished
himself at Norwich, Conn., by declar
ing in a lecture that there was no bar
ren Sahara, and that the whole country
known on the maps as sterile and un
inhabitable was fertile and densely pop
ulated. The wily Arabs started the lie,
lie explained, in order to keep out com
petitions in the ivory traffic.
Albuquerque, X. M., has a greatly
respected justice of tho peace. An il
lustration of his method of dealing
justice is commended to justices in
other far-west towns. He said to a
Mexican: "Ye are charged with steal
ing canned goods; what have yc to
snv?" The Mexican replied, "Quien
sahe?" "Well," said the judge, "I'll
thrust the harpoon of justice into ycz.
and send yez up for ninety days, till
yez maybe can 'sabe.' Nixt!"
James William Fletcher, tho Boston
spiritual medium, whose professional
visit to London resulted in his wife's
2oihg to prison for swindling an Eng
lishwoman out of 50,000. has returned
home without her. He says that
among the London attendants at his
seances were Count Gleiehen, Princes
Albert and George of Solms, the Due
de Parma, tho duke of Newcastle, the
dowager duchess of St. Albans, and the
countess of Caithness.
Uinsr at tho door be'l, half past 2 A.
M. Doctor pokes his head out of tho
window. "Hello!" "Hello yourself,
I'm no telephone. Come over to 17
East X street. Man awful sick over
there." "What's tho matter with him?"
"How d'ye s'pose I know! That's what
you've got to find out. I didn't bring
a diagnosis with me." And the doctor
slammed down the window.slammedon
his clothes, and profanely jogged over
to the desired locality to lind a sufferer
from an overdose of cold peas just
getting through the worst of it. Double
The laying down of the cable be
tween Berlin and Scttin, which was
effected the other day, completes the
subterranean telegraph system in the
German empire. These" cables now
cjver 3,420 miles, nearly all of them
having seven wires, and they have cost
over 7,500,000. They arc laid beneath
all the principal rivers.and establish di
rect telegraphic communication be
tween 221 different cities and towns of
the German empire. The tirst cable
was laid just fur years and eight
months ago.
QuecnVictoria has invested the duch
ess of Abercorn, whoso husband had
for many years been her representa
tive at the mock court of Dublin, with
the order of Victoria and Albert. She
had previously invested tho wife of an
other lord lieutenant, the duke of Marl
borough, with the order, which is worn
by the ladies of the royal family an I
highly prized. It is a beautiful cameo,
engraved with the heads of the queen
and prince consort, set in diamonds
and pearls, and surmounted by a crown
in diamonds and rubies. It is attached
to a white satin ribbon and worn 01
the left shoulder of the evening dress.
Reports from the Moravian mission
stations on the west coast of Green
land, dated at the end of March of tho
present year show that the winter cf
1880-81 was exceptionally mild. Sum
mer weather prevailed in January aul
February, the country was free of snow,
the Esquimaux were able to fish alon
tho coast and gather berries on tho
shore, and goats pastured in tho open
air. The winter season did not begi i
until March; at the southern s alions
the thermometer did not go below 21
degrees, and at the northern stations
only onco sloo 1 as low as IG decrees-
Tho Zloij Teller-
A Man Whose "llrat H ld" I 1!
I'.e at In:;
of Anecil ten.
"You remember that fellow who
wrote what's-its-nanie? You know he
made some money on one of the
Western railroads; I forgot what
ca'l it."
"Wi ll, what of him?"
"Why, not long ago he was
what's that town in Wisconsin?
"Don't mind the name of the town;
what did he do?''
"What the deuce is the name of that
town? A big politician came from
there. You know him. Well, this fel
low "Which fellow?"
"I can't think of his It's a
good joke, and I nearly 'ied when I
heard i. He'd come up from th it !i.r
plantation in Louisiana, kept I.v by:
Who's that big banker in St. L uis?
The man who built a line of s cam
boats from Keokuk to to I'll think f
the li imc in a minute the town at the
mouth of ou know that river in Ar
kansas. Anyway, ho'd come up on the
that road ihat'ruus at the wist bank
of the Mississippi from that plac op
posite Cairo. Consolidated with the
Cairo and Pulton Koad. What's tic
name of that line?"
"Don't know. Never was in that
country. What did your man do that
was so funny?"
"Why, he'd come up from that plan
tation on this iino to the town in Wis
consin, and struck for the that hotel
on the corner of Jefferson and that
other street. Named after a French
man. Strange I can't remember it.
Don't you know tho house?"
"Never heard of it. Don't know
anything about it. Go on with your
"Well, he got there and perpetrated
the best pun you ever heard on the
landlords name. The landlord got off
a pretty good thing on this man's
name, but I can't remember what it
was. Anyhow, this man asked tho
landlord, -why are you like an insur
ance c mpany' but I've forgotten what
it was: 'Why are you like an insurance
company?" "Give it up?"
"Yes, I give it up."
"Well, sir, the answer is the funniest
thing you ever heard. It broke me all
up when I heard it."
"Wind is it?"
"Why. if I could remember the name
of the landlord, I'd know it in a mo
meut. Who's that fellow that invented
the pshaw that machine for making
what' re they called? You understand,
something about stair rods."
"Never heard of him."
'It's the same name except the last
syllable. Funny 1 don't catch it."
" "Is that all of your story?"
"Why. yen. Yo i see if I could re
member my man's name, and the in
surance c-unpany, and the landlord's
name, I'd bust you right open with the
best tiling you ever listened to. By tlin
way, we l ad a little party at our house
last night, and the queerest tiling is
that I didn't know I'd forgotten to in
vito you until my wife asked why you
wrsift there. Good one on you, wasn't
it? 1 said to that fellow I loaned
twenty-live dollars to on your guaran
tee, what's his name, fat fellow? Never
paid it, and I wish you could let me
have the money."
"Don't remember the name; don't
recollect the circumstances, and didn't
know you had a wife. I'd heard you
w nld have a parly, but couldn't re
member the number f your house. I
should have forgotten to come if you'd
invited me," :tnd the bored man de
parted in dudgeon.
A vast proportion of society is made
f a v:.cuum in memory, and some of
the shining social lights of Brooklyn
will compare pleasantly in conversa
tional ability with t!;e genius here por
trayed. Brooklyn Eagle.
Couldn't Pas3 Him.
Spriggins. who is the catcher of a
Jersey nine, and has hands like an ele
phant's ears, was prancing around the
other day boasting of his exploits on
the Held of carnage, when he enthusi
astically exclaimed;
"Now, do you suppose for an jnstant
that a ball could get past nn; after I
once got myself into position?"
' No, I guess n.t," said a bystander,
glancing though full' at Spriggins'
grappling irons, "unless it went
around through the next county!"'
The convention then adjourned sine
die. Wit and Wisdom.
Took His Pay in Kissas.
The following "good one" is told at
the expense of a dentist, located not
far from Ovid, New York. A joung
lady, while under the influence of an
anassthctie, hail four teeth extracted.
Being a very hand-ome "subject," the
dentist, who was an unmarried man,
could not resist the temptation of steal
ing a kiss for every tooth he extracted.
The young lady was not so much uu
der the influence, however, as he
thought, and decided to be even with
him, and so on arising from the chair
she said she had forgotten her purse,
but would send the amount, two dol
lars, tho next day by a friend. The
following day the friend went to tho
office and presented the dentist with a
bill from his fair customer, in whish
she gave him credit for extracting four
teeth, two dollars, and charged ono
dollar each for the four kisses, and ad
ded: "Please remit the balance, two
dollars." He paid the bill. Ithaca
Keeping Eutter for Home Use.
A lady reader asks how she shall
manage to preserve th nice June but
ter made from the family cow for use
in the late fall and winter. As it is
made in small churnings, she does not
see how she can keep these small lots
in line cond tiou for so long a time.
O ir correspond -nt has, no doubt,
tho best possible means at her hand of
doing w hat she desires. She has some
unused fruit ca' s quart and two quart
aud they offer her precisely the
means she is looking for to preserve
her butter. When the butter is worked
ready for packing (and this should al
ways .be done the d;y after churning)
let her make a small muslin sack, about
half an inch smaller in diameter, and
of the same depth, an the glass fruit
can she will use. Put this muslin stick
into the can, and till it with butter
through the mouth of the can. using a
small rammer to press in the butter till
the sack is full up to the neck of the
can. About three and one-half
pounds may be put in the sack for a
two-quart can. When the sack is filled
firmly with butter, fold over tho upper
edges, and place across the top of the
sack a strip of woo l that has been
soaked in brine. This is to keep the
s ick from rising to the top of the brine.
Now pour in strongly-sat i; rated brine,
made from butter salt, and till the jar,
over the top of the sack, completely
full; now screw on the cover, a r-tight,
and it is prepared for keeping six
months, r a year, 3 completely as you
may keep fruit put up in the same can.
These cans tided with butter should be
set in a dark box in tho cellar, 'This
butter may be taken out through thb
neck of t!io can with a tablespoon, and
it will be found as fresh, rosy and de
liei'ius in flavor as when lirst put up.
National Lice .Stork Journal
There was recently sold in Manches
ter, lor ih los., a copy of "Three Ways
of Spending Sunday, by Timothy
Sparks, which is one of the e uliest
and rarest of Dickens' writ'ns. It
was pure has-'d by the b oksC I "r. who
sold it for three peiic-! It htu b'-eu re
told for 8 8s.
Saratoga Beauties.
There aiv two note vorthy beauties,
says a corrcsp a 'cut. at the big Sara
toga hotel, win-re, in the course of my
summer pursuit ;f f .sio-;ab!e intelli
gence, 1 have been sp u.Iin.j the pres
ent week. One is beau'if;:l because of
her eyes, and the other is beautiful in
spite of her eyes. Tue former's blue
eyes have flexible, clear-cut lids, which
open wide with surprise, roguishly half
close with fun, bee .ine. tremul his with
grief, and' altogether are a tremendous
help to her looks. II : brows are
graceful in outline an 1 very m. .bile.
She has learned how to use these ad
vantages for. all they'r ? worth, and
that's a great deal. La. -king them, s'.e
would be otily passable. Tiie other
beauty ha I eyes of precisely the same
color." hut. alas! they nr.; badly set in
ner head, under heavy, drooping lids,
and were in some indes rib -ible manner
re i e'.lant. But she had regu'ar features,
an exquisite complexion, a id a charm
ing epr -ssion when her eyes were
shut. This young woman gave me a
revehdiou of feminine humbug that is
good cno :gh to write ab ut. Rows of
windows in this hotel open from th ;
guests' r o:us light upon the verandas;
so that you sleep within a foot or two
of the gay promcua Its. Tims, if you
go to be 1 early, you lie there and listen
to the st-'ppiug :r:d the talking of the
people on the other side of the parti
tion; or, if y ur room is in a more se
cluded part of the house, you may be
cut itained by the cooing of a pair of
lovers close to yt.ur window. Well, as
I w as sauu'ering along a veranda, at
nine o'clock the other evening, I
g'aneed by chance through tho open
s'ats of a shu ler, an I saw my beauty
with the bad eye-i lingin her bed. She
made suc'i a striking picture that I
stopped slill to admire it. She lay on
her bafk. with a sheet covering her to
the breast. One bare arm wns thrown
carelessly oyer her head, where her
loose brown hair was tumbled down
over it, while the oilier lay delicately
pink or tho white sheet. Her eyes
were shut, and the heaviness of her
lids' was thereby hidden. With tho
only weak point in her beauty thus
hidden, she was. indeed, lovely. I
thought her fast asleep, of course, for
the lace-covered bosom rose and fell
with her regular breathing, and her
red relaxed lips gave a glimpse of
pearly t;eth. As I stoo l for a minut
taking in the sight, s -veral men came
aroun I the corner of the veranda, and
1 hoard ono say some hiug about never
minding aud cotni.ig ag iiu. They thoif
passed on. I eomp vh.-udod instantly.
Somebo ly had told them of the sleep
ing beauty, ami tiiev ha 1 come around
to 1 ok in at her. I was ashamed for
tho woman, and resolve I to protect her.
I closed the slats of t'se shutter as light
as a drum, and moved on to 'a shadowy
angle, tea feet away. Looking back
presently, 1 saw tho shutters opened
just as they were before opened from
the inside. Could it be po-side that
the woman yas only feig ') )g sleep, in
order to po?e effecliveiv an I with seonr
ing unconsciousness? Yes; it could be.
aiid it was. I went past the window
again and looked in. Siie had resumed
her posture abed, and was simulating
the sleep of blushing inn cence. Wnat
wretches we are!
Weighing a Hog.
A dog-fight sends the pulse of a vil
lage up to 130. and a footTraco or a
kii';ck-down will almost restore gray
hairs to their original color; but for
real excitement, let a man come along
in front of the tavern about sTindown
driving a hog.
"Hay, where yon going?"
"Going to sell this hog."
"Hold on a minute ! What does he
weigh ?"
"Oh ! about 225."
'.You're off; he won't go over 200."
Every chair is vacated on the instant.
Every eye is fastened on the hog root
ing in the gutter, and every man Hal
ters himself that he can guess within a
pound of the porker's weight.
"That hog w ill pull down jist exactly
195 pounds." says the blacksmith, after
a long squint.
"He won't go an ounce over 185,"
adds the cooper.
"I've got a 2 bill that says that hog
will kick at 210," says the hardware
''You must be wild growls the grocer;
"I can't see over 150 pounds of meat
Twenty men take a walk around the
porker, and squint and shake their
heads and look wise, and the owner
finally says :
"If he don't go over 220 I shall feci
that I am no gue-ser,"
"Over 220! If that hog weighs L'OQ
pounds I'll treat this crowd !' exclaims
the owner of the 'bus line.
"I d-nno 'bout that," muses the
'Squire, who is on his way to the gro
cery after butter. "Some hogs weigh
more and some less. ' What breed is
this hog ?"
"Well, Pve seen some o them Berk
sheers that weighed like a load o' sand,
and then agin I've seen 'em where they
was all skin and bone. Has anybody
guessed that this hog will weigh C00."
" "No."
"Well, that's a leeth sleep, but Pve
kinder sot my idea on 250."
iy this time tho crowd has increased
to a hundred and the excitement is in
tense. The 'Squire lays half a dollar
on 250, and the owner of the hog
rakes in several bets on "between 220
and 225.'' The porker is driven to the
hay-scales, and the is almost
painful as the weighing takes place.
"Two hundred and twenty-three !"
calls the weigher.
Growls and lamentations smite the
evening air, and stake-holders pass
over the wagers to the lucky guessers,
chief of whom is tho owner of the hog.
"Well, I'm clear beat out," says the
'Sqr.ire. "I felt dead sure he would
weigh over 300."
Oh, I knew you were all way off',"
explains the guileless ownei--. 'Wi;e:i
we weighed him here at noon he ti pe I
at exactly 223, and I knew he couldn't
Jiave picked up or h s: over a pound !"
i n
JTew York Notables.
Dr. Damrosch. the !js inguished mu
sical compose-, is summering ?rt
Sehooley's Mountain, whither he has
gone for retirement as well as hygienic
improvement. Helen Potter, the pop
ular elo uihuiist, has sailed for Europe,
her success having given her the means
of taking a fuivigu t.our. Col. Fred
erick Conkling is at the CaUkilL, lje
is a sound Democrat, and hence tho
course pursued by his brother lloscoe
is highly gratifying. Vauderbilt visit
ed Sharon Springs recently in hope of
relief fi-om rhenmali-m. His health i3
hardly equal to the i:nagj;m?nt of an
imuii ns property and the construction
of a palace. Tne latt -r is too vast a
work to progress rapi llv, and three
years will probably claps before it will
be ready for occupation. William is
now CO, and is in circumstances to take
life easy, but the bi:!e s ivs tho abun
dance of the rich w ill not let him sic p.
Moses Tavlor will remain most of tho
Summer ia the city. The recent aJ
yance in socks ami Ponds makes the
old capitalist so happy that he will not
need much vaomion, Ex-Governor
Tilden also remains in town, finding
Lis cool and spacious house more agre -able
in hot weather than a crowded
watering-place. Tilden retains a strong
affection for Uis native spot (Lebanon) j
where his father, Liam lihlen, kept
fctore. The rea-on why ho remained a
bachelor has never been ma do public,
but it is supposed that, as in the case of
Irviug, there; was an early disappoint
ment. A1 V. Letter.'
II M EJ 651 il "
e??4 s a
Loss of appetite,Nausea,bowels costive,
Vainjh tnellend.with a dull sensation in
the back "part.ain under the shoulder-
' "blade. fuHneSs ater catine. with a disin
clination toexertionofbody ormind,
Irritabihtyof temper, Low spirits.IjOSS
ofmemory,witjiafeejing ot having nef;-
' lected seme duty, weariness. Dizziness,
i'liitterinK of the Heart. Dots before the
eyca. V ellow fc-kin, Headache, Meatless
ness at night, highly colored Xi ine.
i TTJTT'8 PILLS r esecialIya.liplU to
purh OHK.-s.uiie i1ok- ett'et tK siu ltH i liange
J of ft-eliii!? aK to Hstouili I tie tstifiVrrr.
j Tli-v In-re5isflli AKtlt. mid t-nii the
b-1y to n Kl-li. Hiss tlit svtfieni is
noiirfklMtl.Uiici .y t!n-ir''oiS A-tloion the
ill ;:! 1 1 " Oman", Iitritiir wiol ure ti-l-i
-,!. I'rioe " eenttt. tirr S.V.
fsr.AV llAinorWMiFKKR rhanrvl innnwmsv
K tty a wiiii:!.' :iMiii-atim of lliis I)yk. Il
irni aris a natural color, acts Iiist.ii.taueoiisly.
I ruld I y Ii :iri:;t- in- f-ut I y r mi rwvi'i el 1.
i Office. 35 Murray St., Mew York.
' Pr. TTTT'S SIXI'H. f taln.Mr lufiirai.ti.m .nil
! t:-ftil llfwl-.t-. will' mjlHS I Utfc on iiillrtijii.
JTtjXt a. jl jyr .: -i' - J&i- At
it.. U.'JVWl .W.l.
ihc Tes.t of Tonics;
:j;:rn-::h.'3j the bystem:
Restores the Weak L
and Debilitated, r
r A trial fit it will prove an ta
..l'iifi.Alc vonr.lrML'L'Kt t
---- i.r f.'r.t nmk'n WinrB
of Tar; lake no ovher. j
I t. I :lt; Lv nil 1)1 Ut'lll-ls. Fj,
S H.SWITH4C0., Prop'rJ;
Siir -orlo011ror'pMili & to. L0
i i E 1 l.v-jc.ans in cii a ul t lii.- oll and wt-li know
1 ;is-: !.". m!m r .r rrrvi'iat?9 ia medicine an
--v. Yoa,- cf Xxperijnc9 in the trentrm'M rt
: ;.:c Jjis-ia-i-a h- ::t their skill ami ahihtf
-( (.'.:. oi I...', )t tii-rJiiiry i.rftctiti.f;t r.
t . l:itv r-rnu.rt I n :.nt..'nil reputation lurvMgh
tl viii-TiUim GR EXPOSURE r":
v. .- f Mi'.u" lt U.v .t lt , Mr lim.Ul t-i itL-f
!''.:.-m:;T.':- Mwi i-' ilif 3 a'j'i M iiiUiuraitJ U-tJJOUe.
YO U NO J: N an' 1 -,os of nililJie URf who rr?
--.MifTi-.;a'.wni yutTWiK; from orcranic "weiv
n' thfit Tin:'. it- v i-t I m fr !nsints or mnu'w..
f.u-'r.-t ! v r -- . ;tr- rnC'tit-r".' exi'ense.
FATfETNTS TPc.STFD ,v Miil "J 'P""
l -r...., t c -u : .1 - . .ii;Mr,i;. ,.n ii FREE as.d ii.v-tfd.
Lit .' T ,, t. ! iiiMvcrr-l tv f aticuis dekinog treauuent
Pftron MiTt-rin? f.-mo (i.if.turr hould nA their addr?. 1
t Tninu ' strict !v rn tt len ia!, and should be idiresie J
Jii. lit XT, 1 S North th LouU Mo-
Wa iaan Cured, M Merely Relisved
And Can Prove What tec. Claim.
Pg Tlioro nw no r:!Iuie :nl otlts.ip-
potntinriit. II yon r triiill-ii nilri
KUJii 81 IfU Hi: ?on Ite -nii7iii
i;ulcll.r onrisl, a iiun!r-tli ltuve brpn
Blwiilv. We ki;1I ie i!f.isihI to luatl :
le't of t-t i:ini.l-. ttt nny imeiyalet
Alsocurcuil i'.rn:sof Il!ku3nc.-is, prevent C'unsi'
pution csJ I ysperala. l r rorita Dfe-tl'm, roller
distr ss from too hcartT pnt'.n .-. correct D:so-'.!'jr
of tin Stor2a:b, f t'aiulsto tle Liver, and Kcpixkito
t'.:e Bot7l1s. Th : y do t;il this by taklnfr j jst or.a
little pillat a dose. Tbeyaro r'"ely vc;:c?:i'rle.cjj
n:)t rripe o-p::r-r'. and uio ns ronr!y perfect as lr
is pos'.b'.e fr r r. ;.!1 '.o i e. I'.-ico 5 cents, 5 f.irfl
Sold ly ("r-.irr CTrrrwhero or sent by nv:i
Lf TT'.-.-r-..
A valnnblo Discovery nn 2T-w Drj.avtum in MeJ
ical Scinnco. A p'itivl :'- ci ive K-njt.y for the
nieedy anri permanent i'u lr tranir weakne ss the
dplorabio dis! rsuiti.i tifin mi.irewt practirvs
or excesses ia youth or at rn t rnn of life ty the only
Poriti,L, tuu rjitrr li:(f its ut'ihu iullticoc oa tit
Veaicloa, Z)uct9, an;! Ul.u:d, tliataro u an bio to pep
form their natural functioa.- xvhiit tui- di.-s3 per
vades the human orpranism. 'I . o ns ot the Pastille
Is attended wit b no paiu or iaconreulence. ncd does
not interftro it h thocrdinary purui's of life; it ia
ir lick! y dissolved on-l soca al''.r'ed, producicjr ao
Immediate soothinK and restorative eiitutupou the
nervous organizations vtr-H-kfi from vicious h&hits or
&xcess, Ftopyinn tho arai'i from the tysteni restor
infr the mind, to health and st-und memory, reinov
inif tho limnrss of 3iht. Coufusiou of Ideas,
Aversion to Society, etc., otr., and the appoarhneo
of prematura eld ai?e usuHy liccvmipanyin.-r this
tronhle, and ref torin;' tho vital forces, whero they
faav turt tlor?:Mnt for jmm. Thi- mode of treao
c;ent ba stood in trt in vory ev&rb cU?. JiJ
now a Pronounced lruu a ar- too much pre
stiibed in this troublo. and, aa n:aor can bear wit
ness to, with bi:t little if ar;v prrni!in'jnt50od. Thero
is no norsf-Qso nKitit this J'rar.LtL'jn. i'rnrt ical ob
servation emiolfs us U positively truarantee thnt it
will thv- eaiifact4on. It has ben in tenerMl una
for B'veal yearfl nil we have thoutntl- of teiti
nvnial frctm i;itifnts, n- to valu, and it is now
concerted to le t:.' mo- ri;-inal mcMtis yet dis
covered for rpat'hinir and ruiiii this very prevalent
f rot.- io, that is well knoTvti to ho the caue vf untold
Wi'tWTj. to oO wn.'-.Tad rpo horrj iuackB prey wJih
their useless u-v'ruma end ('ift- ft-es. 't ue Jir mJ
is put up in tfAt bin., of lureo slt-s. IvTo. 1 , f enough
to last a montii.t 53: Ho. nnthcif at to fflect a per
manent cure, unle.-s in Kovt-ro casus,. $f; No. 3,
ttaatincr over thre month-, will restore thoso in th
worst condi Men, 57. t-out by mail, lu plain wrappers.
F:l! BlRECTIOIxS lor Msing will accoiJipaiiy
s Seitit for toeairtr Msrrtptire i'rttstyiH-'
ft lets ffiviiifj AMttatnical M l?tr&itttiti8
the tuast sl;ftiHttiint canoe re
us stt'tl fo ttcrfrt t fi&ttlth, timi thm.
us if ercr t;Jfvrtv4tm Satd OXJL Vty
Market and CtiiSts. St. L.OIM3, Mo.
Unsollciterl tectlmor-y to tho Efficacy of
Prof. Harris' Pasti.ies, taken from Let
tsr3 recivci from Patrons;
Trdiast, AprT"l'l, '.:. Ilo hwtuV iCI
fe'jtlv. Hail f'l''"t'ff, 'kv-. f-rw your nat.
Iowa. Oct. 1'M.i, ;:W-i am al-not purprlwd at yonr
Past -lies. They have worked lik a charm on m. lam
just twire ,a much cf a man r.s I was before ti-.kii?. I
was on the vera of the trra'e, 1 thought, and there .hs
no cure for me. b:it now 1 m in cood hopes for a cure.
"We- Vir-iia, An?. Z 1 1 r--'ivfc-d ynnr rueili
cie ;t-1 I tlinve it tin M:-ed m, for which I am v-ry
tnaukfui." iifcj."t,rd ;ad $5. Iiase send me
l:ox I No. "I for a friend. Von h.-vu .v: a fr,4t thinif
for mo. 1 will send oti all t h orcJer 1 can.
From a Physician and Surgeon.,
Mis-soiiri. June 2'. i'leae fomart me another- boi
of the PaAtillf$. Ihe patient on who'ti 1 os-ad
mot ot one box. In ndduir-rt to a'? box, is f!t
rocoveiin;, and I tiiirik rio'hr will s. t Lisa all riijh.6.
from a Druggist.
Maryland. 8-?pt. i.'TA Last JiMary - czi hr-z of
yonr Kemtrdy f.irono of onr custoimMK. nod lia madw
i!fKrffH-t cirpof ii i in. We Lav anornr customer now
suflering in the taoe way, uud wiii oqq o. 3 oox.
Apt 15 AID ev"-r sctJitr di-.tV'.fl tn
1 v f (ft: I . lv ;lont it ti.r .. . A
' l i f .-M.r k.r ! t l.nfM-.tof
oh jn i'Ti".:, if i -it Mijt.t.,-
i i-e t Lut!ir "f uriL:ue V-.ii ri'-cr.
; ta r.a ii.'-i..-.-t- t' pt-:i
. i- h j. ttrph-ius r: 1 t;. prniii r.t f.iii.(..i
r:ttl,ifrs f "'iirr v ! ti- ' i i i"-..
t" v p. t n. i r---.:. VUil TV 1.-
i ! :e l r . ii.;-r.t - i- tt-p;i v.
f fuH !i-.iib:v. Sr.U :au.t 1" rc- py
I' s i m y.- i 1' ,rv , . ' i! rr J
H, V;-Trreraf?l cV r!.,,'.1w
- I! f 4' ill. f.t. tr T' I
l'. A.W.I IV.-!. IVv t !...!?.. !' ;
- . -I I:. 1". I- np.Ty I n :"t-
e n nfna t.Aa
CXI-.KS Tiior
2 rrvv
A ....
5 fcrisi!i
m ,rv -v suuc ess
! u.
Wagon, Buggy, Hwliiiu aud Plow re
pairing, and yi-neral j'ibliug
1 am now pr.-)i:ir-! to i!t ail khuls of repairing
of fai in ;! il ot lif-r m:l..ii:iry. there
if H oi.l laiji- in in v sln.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
has taken eliart' ol tli.- waaoii !:ii).
lie is wt 11 ktiou ii hh h
xi. i Wfi::K!..
' Whsoiix fintl H ii i i -. hi Mil- to
siioiMin Si x t li s'ifet tit):i;iip S'riiriii's Stable
B.&rfl.R.R HOUSE,
JNO. BQHS & SON, Pi'33'rs,
X. W. COKNKi: MAIN AND SKI OM) aTU'S, 15. & .M. nsIl;'r iJcpot. .
l'Li ri 5iM! Tl!, XCHIl VMi A.
Newly rcfittfil uiul ftiniitlu-tl t!rro;ilioiit. Af
fortlf nji ii excellent v!'w fiii" li. It r.iiilf.
It in C-i)IiVtMiii'i I ly )or;it;v!,'H-i;'lly (it lhr
travi-:iiK piiljiif.
The taMi's stlwityn ;it;!icl with the hct of
the season.
il eoimeelh I! wllh tlu: iioiie. l.imeh haskets
lilh'it ;it all hoars. Ternif rc;i-oii;;ll'. sif
Hetidi Liquor Dealer,
ri.ATT.sMoi in. .... xi:r.
liiliia) .1 1 1 all and Saloon on .Main Sireet, four
ilooj-s froni Sixth at Nt-viUc'
n'll i luce,
t, ':ii 4' Dili,. - ; ;unr anal flare.
,;. James Grace.
Idiii Street, in ar Kinhth,
Plailsmouth. - Neb.
Jj?cviul 3Jnuul
Maile to order 7t !3
Palace Barber Shop.
I'lidt-r Fraiik C'an;:ths i.ew Jewe'ry Store.
and now Is the ti::;e to t:'t
or anything else in the tonsurial way, at
John Boone's New Shop,
Coiner Main and l'ifth Streets,
IM:tt t-iiinul li. - n Xeln-Hwk.
tlood Uriels, for sale : soon as lniined. at
i'i:ti;Mktotiii, i. !);f
tliat the CiiKAl-Ksr an.i I'kst I'lack to buy
Stogie aM Fancy Groceries
- AXI)
First-Glass Dry Goods,
Cor. M tin ami Third StV. rjjijtsouill.
iri":i mikI new, and luicee
iilnys tiv ilie l)i.:iiin;. t ail anil eonvinee your
selves. JUlf
Su,ee--sors to Jones & Anev. .
Again taken charge of the Old
Brick Livery Stable
l l. A I iMHtn,'!, . , XKbliASKA.
The will r.oiiuer Stables, in I'b:ttMiH)Ut:. aie I
m-. ,casn. ey .lones tV l-.iktiibi'.ry ar.d they
l:-vr on ItainI New aud liaiidsoine aeeoim-ioa
: iiiii.-.. i. 1 1:. si.aie of
e i'.re now i ienared to keep HOUSES
And vl!l
Train ;j.iid Bixwk Colts !
I in Ueas!i;.ble Thrills. I
a i so !n.?!j:.Mi;i;i?,
v.i r. i. :.e'-iiiiinoila!e I lo'in belli r anil lo
i-ei:e; I . em tlian evei helore.
i0. V
.1 0 -V E S & E I K NT I J A ! I Y.
DI A TTC rVlflllTLJ MM f C
I 1 1 JltlUU 1 n IiIlLUO.
..-.- i .
., ' g l Opi H'lOl'.
T?:.,nr r, r t. r ,i
twin. Com Jtal d- I'ted
,, . , , , ,
Always on hand and for sale at lowest eash
piiees. The highest prieis jiaid tor Wheat ai.d
Corn, raiiieuiar attention given eusiom work,
; ' "
r-J r-t , ;j ij ! CJJNJ fcS.
Kvei v i III: il or in iiii v. i i n l:v ift-eiiient .r
ai.y t.IsfitfC. eut il lei- ;. si ill lie i of ; lie !; ! v, ar to !
a pension, .ill pi ii.- iiuis i.v the .: of .laniuiry. J
Is::;, b ';i:i r.Ai'K :t .ial- of iiiM iiarv- r lea:ii j
of tin . b'iit. A'i entiiii ii ,.)ii'il aj.ply at I
iliee I ho'.:-- .ml - iv hi. Mi now d; ;ivv !iK' pen- I
li :: I en i ! I !e;l i. a u i i , . .'e."'. S..i'iii i- .:iil ,
v blow s oi lb- will oi IMJ -ind Mexiiau war are i
en' iti; -I to i i,i i.r. 1 1 y y t nti- !
Med to bi t:.:-y. l.ot do not ki:o it Fees in a!l j
f:i r !". I'j-y f ii cery tleM-npth-n of war i
e1:;iiii- i o!!-i-.i d. t-'i. !!' an Alton. e re-nl-
inij i:s H :.--.i:iiil.M. who can she pel-onal ;;t- i
t i i ii ii ; ,n:i !.u- ha . Am'-rh an and For- j
ei'i; i v, ." 1.1 s ;; ; ii.s ;! n Mn-il i.niii'i- Send
two -t ni. f u j.i , -i; i;-i;;nl lu-iiiny laws. Ad- -tlr.-ix
V. 1 Fl r.iiK;..i.i I'. S Cl i'.Iii Auei t. '
Eoek U..x I-"-. a-l:,i!o;.. . C. f.t:. !
k - o mAUkinnn DccrriDcn
kww f f.-i.iiw w r-.i.w i ivuc
Inie l'Ss-a-r, tr.-oua IH-biiiiy, L b Jiai.hmul, tic,
hEYia- t.-i.d inyin , t-very known rem -dy. Las di
cevrr. ii a Fir.iii e e-:t wliicb ho ill t n l FliKE
to Ids fol-o'v-si'ff. -nr.', liddivifi J. il. JiF.EVKM,
" n i j ' rr'-! v.. ..-!...!. rr.e
i y. i . : : --.- iri..:. ,i.-4
rift; 4 (' j ,'., "i.-.TU'':'"""-
BB i nV r''.":'
E LiUs """' 'lZCvV:-
3 !i t.i t: -'i & H f,b
!t! .! i! I o;. ! v of roon. ilh:it v..rv nn. I Vfc4.S'-- Gfjf Sa'-Q
kni v.-e n oi r Maine. -e;in et Farm- ! B-SS- JS'Sr-S;
' :"' ""iw. !o.i s oi bav, e.. under ! g JWf g ga nimCi- n"g?. f 2i H
e..w-r. .M.i. :iM will keep dry. j 3 R g N &V-7Nt
i,..i , l ti:.. nil! ii::ti-niis fi.r Tlit.ii- Iil.ii-.ii. i h 5.lS itoRntliZ f9i'. t ' ' .. i, !
-ve -., :. t..ii: li;. no for the future. iatiIied ! B J if6 si 3 L' O
v. MJ
. -r -SSI.
YVI'civ iliifi'i eonneetiotis are made with
Ihioiigh 3iaepiijg Car LKm
- (
XKW YOKlv. USTnX. t'lllllI.UEI.rill.-l,
li ! I.TI MOKE, W.i sHi.NHTON.
V a FEOHIA for
1. XniA.X.iruJ.IS. U;L'lS-JLl.E. CIXCIX-
XA TI. unit ul! iiihls in the
T!is: m;T mm. for
When- IMri'i-t rorneetioii.s are tnadt in the
l"MO.N DEI t)T Willi Tluouj:li Sleeiii'ig ( m s for all iioints.MITTII.
Tin- uneii;d'd indufeincnts olu-ivd hv tl:j
Him' to I ravi'StM's and Tourists :Vf re; $'iiv i
'1 11- eelebrated l'V'!'.!'.:i;i in WiicH l'uluee
', v.ii(nj hi', i iiii onlv on tills Hue.
.. li, fe . falaet- Di h a Cars,
Will) Iloitoii's rJfcllnln Chairs. No Extra
Clmrjie f-ir Si-a! In Hr t-lininji Cliairs.
The famous C, l. & i. J'alaee Dining Cars.
Goiv'eii." SiiioKim; Cars, fitti'd 'with elegant
liili-hai-ked Eattau h't-vol vlnjr (. hairf. for
the f.M'Susive ue d' tli-t-elitss is.
East Time. Slt--l Ti'ai k and Superior
Ei'.il-j::l -in e.iuilMin 1 with t in if Ureal Throit'jh
Cur A ntnifiin:ut. makes i iii-, above all others,
the favorite lloute to the
r A ST, -rri! OK SdlTII-KAST,
TKY IT, ami n V.-i:iru;.:;T5,t.Vt':i.i.v4l.HX-"
) !; ;t. t.- !' DuiMiiiftirt.
Thi'ii'.ih Tii kf t" vi;i this fclebratol line for
hhIo at all elllies Id the I'hiu-d State- and
-11! information about K;itrs of Fare, Sleep
in Car Aeci.mmoilations. and Tune Tablef,
ill be eheei fully j.'iven by aiii! iiij; to
I'errival l.v'll,
(.enernl I'asseiijier -Vg't, Chicm;i.
T. J. ITTK-5t
Jo?v- -Mutikser, CiUW-UPt
. 1 THE BEST !
Every Style & Price.
Ois.uva.Titeol XJnetiiia.l,ct
Fir frie ia Erery Ciii wl T.
mil hy J. Ji. cox,
Plattmoctii Xi;n.
! I
! U
Is made ;ii-m a -ininie Croi-ieal Leaf of !.';iie
yiiiue. a.m ;s a .-oiiii - ic-tita.v lorali the i
i-enesn!;.! iii pains in the lower part of
in iy--i!'i - ti ; i uvi lie.-iilaelie .iaiin
j il !'---)1:'!::' . . i ;:e!. '.;,.Lni.i. stud all dini-
' i:'!ie o. i - iti i M-v. I iver ami l rmarv tr-
I jjan-. For IVninl- li-e:ie- Moii l hi v'.Men-
i struatioti. :inl liiiii:. Frenaiiev. it lias in.
' eiual. It i stoiv- n: :;i - that iniAc the
j ,,,,l()( ., ,.,...,. K ,.,., voriiu v
i Itisiheoe'y I !i--i: r. niei'v tl:;il eiues that
, sr".i'-'e, ;r( j -'-.i ii .i- Fi.r I ii ilete
, u-e U'ni'ii'm iai"-- Ii;t:-t-M :-irt.
j For S:le i.v : a;id ! ie.i!ei at Wl.sJ-i
h'l 1-oiiji.. i'iigf.-i ii.iii!.: in liie jiuiiket. Try it.
n. U. tAii;.h;:;u.ii.. Koehe.ster. X. Y.
w wv? t'' yjr?'-,.. "wy"t ia;T.
- i.t! ut5l arn tlllL'.F'SST
1 :rir'i-ji:.- r ... r... tt-.-.T-:! I i'tA -
hecase it H.-,- rr. m i, 4
highly pplir cd sjrfjoe ever the
duar.g friction and lightening the craft.
: . cnfiipest; i -e.n-. n oostb no more
than Interior brdnds. and nr.u mt u..n rin
the work of two of art other Ate Crease
made. Ituj.werae.jiisii,- ne well f'r lisrv fcv r!'.
Mill tiean.-x, TLrt-atunir Mai hnif. (V.rn-Plautero.
'!irriRt.-f.,as for Watro'ip II in
GUARANTEED tocontain no Petroleum,
rt.rnaie i.v k 1 hu-ia lii-itm t f ii,, t w ij
' l. cltjpediti nf Thing Worth Knotriu? Iu&iird free.
31 MichiRan Avenue. Chicago, llilnot
' ' n.. .
; i V ? f CM "Mf tT " f"F
UiflC. I h LA I f(i Lff I .
-t- Debility, Seminal Weak-
Z'. r' . nessf i mpotence, etc.
Eecipesneed in my practice for 25 Yean
edaniilatiraiedbookoiOOpinres glvioj full di-
r-etiotsforselMreunent, sent free, Aadrei-s
-C- WILLIAMS, 435 i. Hater fiUliWai
.r m m jr.
i I II Ik
i fJ 4!a - 3, '
staple aiad Fancy (Si'ocerSc
IPruii.s (Confectionery
(Cigars c& Tobacco.
The clBotcct' stock of grocer
ies lEa tke city
Cash Paid for Buttei: and Eggs
Contain. Pepsin, Rhubarb, Mandrake $ Gentian
And cures Dvspepsia, Loss of Appetite, BillicuHiie and all derangement
of the Stomach arising from over-c:ttiiig and drinking. Prepared only hy
LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS, nn.l for m!c Ly nil Iirugist.
The Old Grocery & Dry
Goods Stand.
Although Lection 13 tw?r we are not done selling goods, by ii Ion;: shof.
(Kroceries9 IPry goodN, dwlas?4
Crockeryware9 clteaper
tlian ever,
The nicest Green Winter Apples for sale Over 'JOO Iiain ls down (V)l?t;
Potatoes by the Car-load, PEACH BLOWS
is reserved lor
Host Fragrant Si Eefreihing of rerfmes
txceediRgly Delicate and Lasting.
Frice, 5 etc.; Lare Ecttles. 75 etc-
Sold by dealer in Imi & Ferfuirirry. Signature of 111a
eox A Co., N. on erery bottle.
The Medicino for Every Family.
Hadefrom Ginger, Kucl:n. Mciniirnkc. tillinpin,
and other ofthe best vegetable remedies known,
Parker's Cingek Tomc Jias remarkiibly varied
curative powers, & isthe greatest Stomach Correct
or, Blood l'urilier and Liver Kegulatur ever made c;
The Best Medicino You can Use
for Restoring Health & Strength
It commences to act from the firt r'ose, searches
out the weak organs, and is warranted t.cure or
help all diseases cf tiie IJoweis, i-toniah, I;i od.
Kidneys, Liver, Urinary Organs, all Coinnlairtsof
Women, Nervousness, Slceolcssncsi, Kiicnuin
tism and DruukeiiutKg.
Try a bottle to-day ; itmny save yotirlie. 50c?.
and $i sizes atalldniggists. F-very genuine bottle
has our signature lr Diitsido wrap'w-r, lliscol &
Co., N. Y. Large saving iu buying $x siza.
Just "Wliat is Wanted.
Everj-hody whose hair is gray or fueled h?s felt
the iveed of a Hair Kevtui-cf and diessin j tliat is
cleanly, agreeably perfumed and harmless. Par
ker's 1??!r I'.slsam satist-c ihemot f:i .T:r:io:. . i
I these T:?ycH. S' !d by c'iui--
Oattlo Creek. Michigan,
Traction and Plain Engines
and Horse-Powers.
Vat CompI.f-Thi-cuhrri at-tot y EctOhKshed
InthuWcrlO. i I84S
3 VffAJ? of roitttnittivaan'i Hcecfvl hu.
B I LHiIU , v liioi.t ciia-iwro ot 1'iilif.
manJwvimrit, or l'Matinn. lolark ttm
broad tcarran!y yiccn on ail our ywjda. g
Complete Men in Oitlf l"n''"'"'V- nlftrt.
,iiTrarliTi i:iiEine"l 1'laiu bugiaea
cvt-r aenn in tii- A"'i-n. :.M i.iiirV:,-t.
A ntuUiinAm or trntrial ffiturft an f imrormn ft
f. e 1K,-1 t:i---liM'-r V :!h m-ij.eri'.rr qunUltr in cm 'r
fio u'i'i mater i-tl li t !n .i'a'"l 'f y !. r Ilinki-r.
J-'or.r dizes it F.-i-ar:. -.rv. frr.;u C to l' borne
Car alt v. f'ir m"im -r fi'ir' rwrr.
Two it J !in nf ".Vim: c I " H- r..?C.WiiN.
T Ififl flftrt I''-t f SrieetfH l.nitibT
4 )0JJfJJJ (f. na rhrrr to'U w'ir:ir--trtr ')
crmstsntiy on bn-I. fr-mi wMrh ik lui!i tiio ii..
tcujii-aLie woo-i-wni f .:r luiteiuiu-ry.
tStrtmyef.T.iow durit1.ani t'F.Hri' rrer f .. ft
uuc IU, 13 florae I'owcr. 1
Fnrm'-n-i and Tl!rpriern.-ii v fr-vitod to
iiv-wti, ab h'.m mi,'.!.. TlimdiUiB Mactij; ry.
..liars h t In. Aii'lr-n
Battle Cr-ek. Michigan.
cr-r--i a s-m
: ' mjtf. ife.. -- -?sK
The majority ofthe lit fifth hutnatk
hml; tirittp from tt 'Icrnttgentrnt of ttm
I.lver, affrctlttn both the. utomnrh itud
hotrrlt. In nrrlrr to i-ffrrl n ettre, it i
tircestary to rrmore the catine. IrreflH
Inr ami SI uwj ih urtion of the Jloirela,
llritiltirhe,Sicknr at the Slom arh , Vtll tt
in the Itark anil I.uinm,etr.t indicate that
the hirer f.t at fault, a nil that nature re.
'I ui if n asintit nee to enable thi oryan to
t'lnur off impurities.
I'ricltly H.H IlItterS'M-r especially
coin 'on ndril for th i il rpote. They ar
til i hi iu thtir ttrtioii and rffertire am a
cure ; n re jilmnant to the lanie anil taken
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