Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 14, 1881, Image 4

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Notes or a Trip to New Mexico and Ar
izona. Los Vegas, New Mexico )
July, 2, l3l. J
Deak IIeuald: Whilst resting be
tween trains we conclude to give you
a sketch of our experience amid the
burning sands of the great South
West. We had not an hour's delay
between Plattsmouth and Tucson,
Arizona, leaving 1 on Tuesday morn
ing at 9:20, and arriving at Tucson at
noon on Friday. The distance by
rail is 1519 miles. Tucson is one of
the old Mexican cities of Arizona,
said to be three hundred years old.
It is situated in a low, sandy basin,
surrounded by mountains; it is said to
be just on sea level, and one of the
hottest places in the United States;
the mercurv standing whilst we were
there at from 113 to 122 in the shade.
This is the place where we are told
that a man died and went to the place
that the new levision culls Hades, and
seeing Abraham afar off he called to
him to go back to Tucson and bring
him his blankets, as he wa3 suffering
with cold. It had not rained in Tuc
son for six months and the dust ::nd
sand were immense, there not being a
sulliciency of water to use for sprink
ling the streets. The streets are nar
row and irregular; the houses low and
built of adobe. It has a population
of 8000, divided as f3llows: 4000 Mex
ican Ind ans, 1000 Chinese, and the re
mainder Americans of the third class.
It is the largest city in the Territory,
and the outiitting point fcr all south
eastern Arizona.
We left Tucson, in company with
F. Ii. Knot of Globe City, on Saturday
morning, the 25th at 5 o'clock, for the
Stonewall Jackson Mine, one hundred
and twenty miles to the norm. e
traveled day and night, especially in
the night, as the heat and sand v. ei e
teriible; on our way through the des
ert we passed through several cactus
groves, wheie they grow from forty to
fifty lett high, and from twelve to
eighteen inches through the body of
the tree.
About fifty miles from -Tucson Mr.
Knox drove us to the ruins of one of
the ancient cities Arizona. The
foundations of buildings and streets
in irregular form were plainly visihlt;
covering at least a section of land.
Earl on Sunday morning we sud
denly ran on to a squad of for J
Apache scouts; we were not himliii
for anything of the kind, but they
were there right in lront of us and no
way to get around them. We had
plenty of sand so we drove directly to
tnetn. Mr. Knox spoke to the lead, r
of the squad and we learned that they
were in the mountains hunting for
some cow boys who had m ordered a
Miracopa Indian the day previous; not
taking us for ow boys they permitted
us to pass; we never passed in any
little game in our life with more sat
isfaction than this one.
At three o'clock Sunday afternoon,
we arrived at the place of our dtstiua
tioH, the Stonewall Jackson Mine.
IlerwMr. Knox remained with us un
til after night, giving us what infor
mation he could in reference to the
mine and introducing us to other
miners who would posi us up regard
ing the condition, prospects &e. ot the
Stonewall ; this is beyond doubt nat
urally, one of the best properties
in the territory; and it it was located
at Leadvile, or Virginia City, Xev.,
its value could hardly be computed;
there is at least ten thousand tons of
what thev call hundred ounce ore
dumped up at this mine that
thev are making no use of what
ever, and millions of tons of the same
underground; besides this they have
the richest streak of native silver that
is yet discovered any where on the
Pacific slope. Lumps of almost native
silver weighing frm one to four hun
dred pounds have been taken iroui
this mine. With all this wealth the
mine under its present management,
lias not been profitable in the aggre
gate to its owners. Having spent Sun
day afternoon and all of Monday in
diligent inquiry in reference to this
property, (as that was our business to
Arizona) and having le irneu all
that we possibly could in reference to
the same, on Tuesday morning the
2Sth at 2 o'clock we left the camp for
Fort Grant thirty-five miles distant
on line of the stage company, arriving
at Fort Giant at 9 a. ni.; the stage for
the Southern Pacific li. It. being due
at 10:30, at the appointed time we
took stage for Wilcox, connecting with
train there at 10 a. m. Wednesday, the
29th, arriving at Socarro, New Mexico
at 7 p. in. where we had intended to
stop over a train and take a look at
the place; but as we stood on the de
pot platform whilst the engine va
taking water, we heard a group of ex
cited men talking about centepides;
one man had been bitten and was at
the point of death ; another child was
dead from same cause; another party
had found one in his coat sleeve; and
before the engine had quenched its
irony tl.irsr we had lost all interest in
Socano, and quietly resumed our seat
in the cars for Alhuquerqu. 1C0 miles
further up the Kio Grande. AHn;
querqne is the terminus of the Atlan
tic and Pacific II. II. ami is tob tif
south western terminus of th Dei.vej
and I'io Grande, ami being located o.t
the line of the A. T.and S. F. makes ii
the rail road city of New Mexico;
the new town is looted una utile
from the old city; a street railvay
connecting the two places; the popu
lation of each town is about two
thousand. For fifty miles upthellio1
Grande from this place the Pu
eblo villages are very numerous and
the valley of the Rio Grande is in a
fair state of cultivation ;the Indians in
many places having good orchards and
vineyards. Albuquerque, we think, is
destined to become the commercial
metropolis tit the coming new state
of New Mexico, as its agricuitui al,
and mining and rail road advantages
are much superior to any ttther point
in the territory; at 8 o'clock on the
evening of the 30th, wo reached the
noted city of (the Holy Faith) or Santa
Fe as that means the same in Mexi
can. We will not attempt to give you
a description of Santa Fe as it was
written and re-written in the Lin
coln Journal less than a month ago by
much abler pens than ours. This
much we will say: that the age and
history make it of more than usual
interest to the thoughtful observer.
One thing we have noticed is that
all the old Mexican and Pueblo vil
lages in Colorado, New Mexico and
Arizona were so laid out originally;
that the principal street without re
gard to the points or the compass,
point directly to Santa Fe, and cite
uniformly called Santa Fe street or
avenue. This leads us to the conclu
sion that centuries ago, Santa Fe
stood as the great religious and politi
cal attraction of the then hundreds of
thousands who peopled the vast re
- gion of country encircling in it3 area
at least a thousand miles square. We
had intended to give you a short
sketch of Los Vegas but just at this
moment we have heard of the assas
sination of President Garfield. Flags
are at half mast and the city is all
a blaze of excitement. We cannot
write further. B.
Mr. Mink's Error as to The Brute's
Trottiiif qualities. Jim ;ye, Hard
Hitter, aud Humility Taktn from a
.Market Wag-oa and Pressed into a
Go-as-You-Please Match The Victory.
Xewburgh, June 5 Besides at
tending to his duties in connection
with the mail service between here and
Fishkill, Mr. John Mink finds time for
an occasional tpin over the roads in
pursuit of recreation. The ether day
he overtock aud passed on the Soutti
plank road a market wagon bound for
Frlenville, and drawn by three fine
fooking mules. Mr. Mink pulled up
at the hotel in South Orange, and be
fore long the mule team came insight.
As it was going by, Mr. Mink called
out to Tim Curtis, the driver: "Come,
now, Tim, I'll bet you 30 I can pick
out from that team one mule that will
beat either or both of the other two
mile heats, best two in three, go as you
please, over this half mile track here."
Several well-kuown horsemen why
wished to see the sport go on were
standing about, and, encouraged bv
them, Tim Curtis replied: "Well, Mr
Mink, I'm your huckleberry."
It was in the agreement which fol
fowed that Mr. Mink should ride the
mule he selected, that Curtis should
jockey another, and that the third
should be ridden by the stable boy.
"Have they got auv names V" asked
Mr. Mink.
"Oh, .yes," replied Curtis, pointing
them out; "that's Jim Xye, that's Hu
mility and 'tother one's name is Hard
Hitter. Now, which one will you
Mr. Mink, who weighs nearly 200
pounds, chose the smallest, Jim .Nye,
because he thought, al ter looking them
all over, that he showed the most spir
it. Curtis choso Hard Hitter, and
Humility fell to the stao.e boy, John
ny. Saddles, spurs, un whins were
hurriedly procured, and each jockey,
mounting Lis charter, appeared at the"
judges' st. Hid, ready for the word. The
odds weie against Mr. Mink, for in or
der to win he was obliged to heat both
of the others. In drawing for posi
tions Humility gut the, Hard
Hitter was in the middle, and Jim
ye got the outside, close to the si one
Willi. The word Was given by Thomas
Bingham, who raised the Vanderbilt
trotter Mountain boy and first owned j
Goldsmith Maid. 1
Theiittetsot Haiti Hitter an.! Uu-j
.iiiut gave t h tit their heads, and c ir ;
the iai-i-is went at a good jog. Jim j
X et jf.t-key .ive his s- t e-.l the spurs, i
aiitl I ii-- re-iiii. was his heels ll r.v h, !
.... . t
i he .lii.aiitt one 1 1 1 1 : 11 leg came uown
on the opposite side of the stone wal:.
" This," lemai ketl Mr. Mink, "is a line
sti t of bushwhacker I've chosen."
Before his jockej knew it Hard Hit
ter had tit ruck to ihe right for the open
gate leading to llm ro;id, and Curtis
had great trouble pulling him back on
the track. In the meat! time Jim Nye
had got clear of the stone wall, and making for Humility. On the
b.ickstivtc!) Humility led the trio, and
J i in Xje had passed Jlard Hitter and
taken second place. The escjle'uent
was intense. Curtis was vigorously
plyiiiu ;js gad to overtake Jim Xye,
and Humility showed signs of getting
unruly. Before going dozen yards
Humility bolted, and Jim Nye follow
ed suit. Humility went to the left,
into the pasture. Jim Nye merely b
gan backing. Hard Hitter cut through
between the other two ami was joggad
along, leaving them making circles in
the centre of the track, to which they
had returned. The jockeys of the two
refractory beasts soon got them under
way, and as the three racers pitched
into the homestretch for the first half
they were bunched. IJpaching the
stand, each of the stubbo. u aaimal
stopped still, as though by agreement.
Finally Hard Hitter backed out
against the judgss' stand, and Xye
again took to the Btone wall. They
thus got separated and went on. Tho
time at the half was 2:29. At the turn
Humility pointed for the road gate,
and dropped behind. Going up the
backstretch Jim Xye shook of? his
competitors, and five to one that liw
would win the heat was offered, with
no takers. Confidence in James, how
ever, was wrongly besto,wed, for he
soon bolted. On reaching the home
stretch Hard Hitter led. Ha went un
der the wire two lengths ahead of
Humility in 4:57. Jim Ne stopped
short of the wire and had to be led
The second heat resembled the first,
save that Jim Xye once forfeited a
good lead by halting on the track, spin
ning around like a millstone, and dart
ing off in the wrong direction. It was
won by Hard Hitter in 4:59. with Jim
Xye a poor second, and Humility in
process of being led down the home
stretch by the stable boy.
Amid the applause of the crowd
Curtis hitched up his three mules and
started off for Ellenville, fifty dollars
richer than when he unhitched.
Fair Harvard,
Said Miss Posigush to Syntax, ths
college tutor, "So 3011 tench at Ilaiv
vard! That must be so delightful, I'm
sure! Hut then I should be frightened
to death to meet any ot the students,
with half-a-dozen foreign languages at
their tongues' end. I suppose they
never speak English at all." "Very
seldom speak it,'1 said Syntax, in a
dreamy way. 'The re! I knew they
didn't," continued Miss Posigush.
"What language do they speak most,
Mr. Syntax, Greek or Latin, or "
"Slanr," replied the tutor, with laconic
simplicity. Transcript.
Thieving Monkeys.
Few human thieves are nioro expert
lhan sue monkeys in stealing. They
are adepts with their fingers and in the
u: -0 of the strategy which conies from
e.ii.niii'r and a thorough knowledge of
inoi.key nature. A traveller, while
pas-iiii tin-; uh an African forest, saw
an :tm.iiug illustration of their thieving
lie :ind his escort came across a num
ber of larire monkeys engaged in gath
ering fruit. Some had fruit not only in
Loth hands and under their arms, but
their cheek-pouches were a. so distend
ed wi h it. Among them was a gour
mand, who while leaning against &
trunk crunching fruit, was also busy in
looking after that which ho held under
his armpits. His attitude attracted the
attention of two of his companions.
They gravely consulted together, and
thou separated, each hiding his fruit
under roots. One, by walking side
ways, so as not to excite attention, up
pcareii, as if by accident, in front of the
gourmandi'zitig monkey, the accomplice
meauwhilu hiding hiniso'f bjliind a
neighboring tree.
After a while the gourmand's attu
tiou was attracted by tho antics of the
monkey in front. The antics becnnio
insults, and at last the gourmand, los
ing his temper, threw down all the frim
aud rushed at the impudent offende.
Immediately the other monkey jwnnce
upon tho fruit, and in a moment hid iv
in a hollow trunk. But not satisfied
with this exploit, he returned to where
his companion had hid his own fruit,
and was busily engaged in transferring
it to another place when he was caught.
A light then ensued, in which each ad
uiimsti red sundry bjtes and qv.u:Vz
to tho other.
f.. .ie Court Paying attention to
tw p-e t wonn u ui olio sitting.
"The com iii"; man is not always a
po!i. en a'i. You generally have to go
aud hunt him.
Pawnbrokers do not get much from
servant girls, ns the principal they put
up is the clothes line.
"1 tlx uirht you took an interest in
my welfare," said William. "No, sir,"
readied Susan, "only in your farewell."
The fox whoe tail wa- caught in ft
trap w as one of the lirst individuals who
'Severed his connection."
"What 'er l;.vk have 3-011 got," said
one fashionable belle to another. That
remark created a bustle.
The latest gag down here is that a
young man in pres-itig his own suit
freqiienth wrinkles thogiiTs. Charles
Francis Adams.
The King of Zanzibar travels with
400 trunks. What a line subject he
would be for the typical American bag
gage smasher.
Elndra Free Press: "The new ver
sion substitutes 'bowls', of wrath for
via's. There is nothing stingy about
the new version."
A Harlem mocking-bird U an adept
at singing Moody and Sankey hymns,
and nothing but tho cage prevented it
from taking up a collection.
Biddy Ah, mnsn't they be the heart
ies? hat bans tharc that wouldn't give
him a crut itself. I fear the poor sowl
will die of .digestion.
Or.ce they started a girl's seminary
in Utah. It flourished well; but just in
the height of its prosperity, the princi
pal eloped with the whole school.
It is illegal under present laws in Ar
kansas to sell a dirk or bowie-knife.
-Exchange. But everybody down
there buys toothpicks.
"Polities is a g:me of grab." shouts
the man wiio i ns been left in the race.
The trou'ole with him ii that tho other
fellows grabbed lirst.
"I haven't work enough for another
servaut," said a lady to a girl that - ap
plied for a situation. "Oil, yes, you
have, ma'am, it'll take precious little
to keep me busy,", was the naive re
sponse. Yeu'er a man like the Canadian
weather clerk says look out for frost,
and ''plant your buckwheat cakes in
July," instead of August, he should be
A Connecticut man has invented a
pine that will lil.t itself. This is an
underhanded attempt to force house-
painters to find sonic new way to kill
time. Boston J'u-:t
A Xcv York lady, examining an ap.
plic int for the ollicc of maid-of-all
uoik, interrogated her as follows:
"Mary, can you scour tinware with
alacrity?" "Perhaps I could, ma'am;
Lut 1 generally have scoured with sand.
A New York lawyer l a I his pocket
picked the other day. Ihe thief was
foiiiid to be one of his clients who was
trying Iq get pnoughof his fortune back
to uuy a dose ot poison.
"You can't both eat your cake and
h ive it." Ancient Proverb. Xo! Well,
then, how are you going to eat your
cake if vou don't have it? It's a
mi "iitv erood th'msr for tho reputation
of The." people that thev aro dead, aud
can't be slumped by lough questioners.
A Xorrislown woman returned from
a day's visit to New York yesterday,
and, when asked how she enjoyed tier
seif. replied: "I had a delightful time
1 spent lour hours at the morgue, and
live dead bodies were brought in while
I was there. It was better than a fu
neral." JS'orriatown lleruld.
A fashion item says the "Dickens" is
the name of a new bonnet. It reminds
ouof an Old Curiosity Shop. ltullc
'tin. Or, rather, of one of the charac
ters in that novel. uen the bill is
read olf bv the fair owner of tho bon
net it sounds to her husband like a
Little Knell. I'hi atli l hia JVcics, You
should have used a liliio '1 in the name
Perils ol" Cars.
There is a good deal of interest man
ifested these days on tho part of the
American people relative to the matter
of separate sleei.-ing cars for the two
sexes. It is a move in the right dlrec
tlon, and we hope it will win. As it is
now, no gentleman traveling alone is
Several months ago, entirely alone.
we traveled from Laramie to Chicago
and baok, making the round tnp with
no escort whatever. Our wife was de
tained at home, and that entire journey
was made with no one to whom we
could look for protection.
When we returned our hair had turn
ed perfectly white with the horror o.
those dreadful night.
There was one woman from Philadel
phia, whose name we will not mention,
and who rode all the way between
Omaha and Chicago in one car. Al
most the lirst tiling when if a started out
of Omaha she began to make advances
toward us by asking us if we would not
hold her lunch bosket while she went
after a drink.
She also asked us for our knife to
peel an orange.
These things look small and insig
nificant, but in the light of latter devel
opments they are of vital importance..
That evening we saw with horror that
the woman's section wa adjoining oar
We asked tho conductor if this tiouid
not be changed; but he laughed coldly
and told us to soak our head, or somo
such unfeeling remai k. -
That is one bail feature of tho present
system. A man traveling alone gets
no sympathy or assistance from the
It would he impossible tode-cribe the
horror ami appreciation of that awful
night. All through Its vigil wo S"fferr
ed on till near morning, when tired na
ture yielded, and we fell into a troubled
There we lay. fair and beautiful, in
the toft Cray of approaching day, thou
sands of miles from uuv bom?, and, less
than leu feet away, a great horrid wor
man from Pennsylvania, to whom wo
hail not even been introduced.
How we could have slept so soundly
under the circumstances wo are yet un
able, to tell, but after perhaps twenty
minutes uf slumber we saw, above tho
footboard of our berth, and PpL'rimg
over at us, tho face of that woman.
With a wild bound we were on our feot
in the aisle of the car. The other berths
had all disappeared but ours.
The other passengers were sitting
quietly in their seats, and it was half
past nine o'clock. The woman from
Pennsylvania was in the day coach.
It was only a horrid dream.
But supposing it had bpen a reality I
And any man that travels alono is ljar
ble to be insulted at any time. We do
not care for luxury m traveling. All
we want is tho assurance that we are
The experience which we liavo naiv
rated above is only one of a thousand.
Did you note the care-worn look of tho
man who is traveling alone? The wild,
haunted expression on the countenance
and the horrible apprehension that i?
depleted there?
You mrsy talK about the various causes
that are leading men downward to early
graves, but the nervous strain induced
by the fear that while they are taking
out their false teeth or buttoning their
suspenders, prying C3'cs aro looking
over the foot-board of their berths, is
constructing more new-made graves
than consumption or the Ute war.
-Yyc'jf Uuonf.rmiff.
Retail Liquor Dealer,
rLATisMotrrn, .... m:j:.
Billiuid Hull anl Saloon on llain Street, four
door from Sixth at N'eviile'o
old place.
Heinemhor tlie Xante and I'laee,
j. James Grace.
Elm Street, near Fi-lith,
Plattsmouth, - Neb.
Made to order
Palaco Barber Shop.
Under Frank Camith's r.ew Jewelry Slort?.
and r.o-.f.i-: the time to pet
SHAVED S M A M T( ; E 1 ) -I I A I lt-C UT.
or'uuythiu;j.ele hi the tonsorhtl way, at
John ISoono's New rOiop,
Corner Main ;iinl l iftii Su-.t:s,
lMat tHloi!h. - n eliPMKtt.
1 lm t
;t! In '.. U, fir hale soon ;is hurled, at
P!:t(ts;auuti2, Wl.
that the lilKAPM .-tint I.i st I'f.APK to 1i:v
Staple anfl Fancy Groceries
First-Class Dry Goods,
IS AT Til a
Mop. f cvhiu
Cor. .Man: ::-.! Third SIV. IlattMUfutli.
J-"?"t:ok ,js fresli :r..I new, and inices
always ;irtiie hntt'.iit. fail and convince -.-ourselves.
dealer in
Large stork of
to bo
Notions, Queensware,
ant! in fact everything you can call for iti
the line of
General Merch-siidise.
All kinds of country uiodiN-o taUcr in ex
change for.iroixi?..
i'i. VTTS.MOI Til. Ni:r..
First chif-s I.ciJ'.'ii. Hot m.
l-'ir.t C'las.s lio.adiiii;.
Good Si.t If Eooms
Everjtliinjr ami every eoii'fort
A Good 11 ot el rait Fin'inMi
Also, fiootl WinoK, (iooa Eeer, Cnotl I. Ionics
Good Lemonade, Good Giftaiv,
Kept at the Citj Motel.
i4iy ei::-;i. goos. pronator
IkTcik') Toune and Old ! ! A NEW 1'-
ftUjiiAlVKNTlON just patented for them,
"--rjjtf K Rorinf, l)riHing,GrindiiH, Polishing,
as5?y Screw Cutting. Prd 85 to ? M.
I ""li Bend 6 cents f. 100 pafres.'
' "--fa- KPHliAlM liUOWS, Lowell, &Lau.
. . . v r ri'i. h n 1 1 nurun DawuiLr. xurmiiif.
53kj&. aftt ijt ,.jiiz. jTit oiSxJ
; tm k.
CCIiKrt ii 4 it I -A N 1 ) . ; ; I. .
. i- Ktji.'lVE CilfcF
SS&& i tfcu e!t cf Tenkarfr
SsgCSi Rcsf.res Vh ? A 3 p e i i t e ; jf
k'it'i- the System; S
m . - -.hi. . . ... . p.
B fc&T',-'' f. r lie. (it.jU' Win
Jj U Ki r sulv fv nil itr.igixts. K,
r ... ..... i
& fj. &tU., frop r'
tr n to. (lino.
IjQssof appetite.TJausea.bowels costive,
Pain intheHend.witha dull sensatiorfin
tEe back part, Painunderthe shoulder
Blade, fullness'after eating, with ajiisin
clination to exertion of body or mipdj
Irritability of temper. Low spirita, Losa
pf raemory.with a feeling of fc avingneg;
lected some duty, wearinessTTiizzinesa,
liitterinKof the Heart, Dots before the
eyei,Yeilow akin. H ertdache," Kentlees
nesa at night, liiRhly colored Urine.
TUTT'S PILLS are especially adapted to
audi ;, one dose f Herts Mirliiit haisge
of feeliiiu to atttonisli the hofiVrer.
Tbey InrrvutrHi Apprljte. and '.'.'i;tie tbe
body to Titkr on ih'i Hit- vtfm i
uourlthnl.ftiul by th'lr'i'OMiAftintn the
IM(iMltrUrunii, KeeulnrMotila nro pru
dui'tnl. l'rit? rrnttt. 5 Murrnv M., .N.V.
Ora v Hair or Wn ikkkkh rhanirpd to a Oiissy
Ki-ai k bv a Nlimla- n plii itlion of ihix IlVK. It
iui)Hrtx it natural color, acts InHtar.tmieoiisTy.
etolii l'v lriipi;ist or Pt-nl 1-y t xpr. on teri-ipt .f $1.
Office, 33 Murray St., New York.
Dr. Trrrs im ti or r.iu.iiip ur.riii. and k
tx-ful liifli4 will aulWt! nibk urn pplftUtm.ff
1 s III
rlftC AjlilJtSftHi,
V "J V "SFyr V
uaiuo tree:-:, icnisan, k
Traction and Plain Entires
ind Horco-Powcrs.
MotConi?IcleT!trc?iiTFaft.y ' Estnbl'she'J
In the Worl-J. i lilXS
rj Q f-fcr.ii. foil a'Zi-ttccfS'jvUyis.
flllO .h-.r.t c!:a- i ; p.
broad warranty yiv.H on ail our y.'sd.
fiTE.'Sl-V(iX.TZl NT:i V.r-ATOttS Jt vt
Comsili-.':" Sl-i;i:i tin! f.fs ,'..-.. .. ..
t',mtc Trtt:iun I'.uiir.'. vt : i'hii.i l'.:iv;;;; 3
ev-rtwn in tho Aaj--i ;-.f n :: k..
A n'i'l!t?u:?e of f-rit ftii'tr-i rf I f 7.i.
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Two prvles ii" :t -ii-.:..,! " j riv-Ti.
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It In the rrtjilt of 20 mrr' e.vttt-ri!n?-e art;l
ciLiierimouls iu Rt-wiiitf Maf hmea. 'it c.k6inr. .
flood point of all prt mt nri'l J'-rr.xrr and in
11(11 a " one n::ui " or " one idea " IiiactiiiM?, as ottr ra
ara. It nvoitN tlio Icff-is of : Iiitk, anil .
eesea nei? v4(u'i?i. fo;it;rrt3 aji-J C(nveiiieucx-'y.
It it iorv. o ,7i-rw'i.o'n.7, ;i,'..f V . ?. f.i. ls-imr,
rrrimt, t.'inj !j, aa-l .-riTnte. arrilllK-tl liuu
kflil In roimir fft-t- for .5 venr. :i'.ii!::r-itii
full d- wr.j.tim s.-iiif;.s j. r. ,:u.;t. It! purely the
Iasl A tiiul wid i ro'.. . I'.iiiiH to w'c It
tx-tor.'-youlBiy. M tvl'i' c -r uld i. i'l (.'ilhXCK
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i 9!n3r-!t a mtemteu
S .-J"" Ptl l'.oa or J.;itrir:artt. Is
iSJ" 010 BEST and CH5AI--.ST
ht'cavwt it tces not p,um, iut forms a
highly polished surfacs ever tho aie, r--duoing
fi-lotion and lightonltiK tho ciraft.
it im tlia cheapest lau. 11 cc4ta no mora
than inferior tranc!s,anfJ ona Liox v.l tio
the work or two ot any other AaIv C.-ense
made. Itanwera ua: : v a f r lt:.. eU;ri-,
Mill Ut'crin, TlirotJii!ti," Marhiiius Cu n-l'liit.-rs,
CarrinsTfB. liiievn-s, ftr., t-te., rt for Wiion. Ii i6
CUARANTEED torontain r.o Petroleum,
For ttale .til tintH:iaM doai. CJr- o :r '...
C';clowiUi nf Thiw9 Wririh Knfwipj ma!Vd frc-o.
31 rrHichlgan Avjnun, Chlcaco, lillr.cls.
A vit'tim r-f youthfal impn:Jc:ioo caiis:;.' i'rema
ture lict-ay, yrvoua Dt-biHty, Lt-st, etc.,
having tritd in vaiu every known remedy. Las di3-Crvrr-d
a Fiinrlo sc it'r'irv, whk-H I;r v i!! TlitS
!, l.w f.-llovvlsuCi n ra, addmsa I!.
13 f!:allim St., f.
RsaLingsI Hoc-ita'dori Yi'rlll
O "33 Ch05i.-.ut Ci., CLV.-.h', 'yi.'u.
t ii rr.;r :-nth
;: ; . ., 1 . ?.... .
,u: f.-.;!-r:!t. Oruiorv. I'j.
. ; r.t.-..:: "iv . f
" : - ' - I ! v . '.
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I" !i!M (. : M'lip.f rrtjpjc:!! ,.f l;ue
::lt.i. :ii:.l :i l-ii5vo nrnii'dv !or; -i (i e
!:-i-:t-- ?:!:tt r;u; J.rtif ist Hi.- V:uy.- ,,:- of
lot Im i l"V 'I O.'Pill l..jt.M I ;-., ;, ;,!.,. . .;;
' 1 I .V
! !:o i ii! ;' v. i.'. .
-:td 'liiti.' i't,
I ;.-t-.!.-s II:,. , r.
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t t 1 ; Or-
'- .Mi'll
1:r'.". i- ! MS
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1 :.
I !. I l:if :'-.'-:ii i.,. , ... ,
! i..- V . C ..-I. . . t - .. . .
I't'l'V, . til' ii-' :,., f. J .,.
!o- S:v
I't-r 1.1 i ;
: i :i. .:!.-. 1. Try it.
s 1 ;i
. " Tf v r
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5 '
The majority ofllie of the human
htxlii a, inn t-,,,,1 f-rii ntfint lit of the.
Mver, niT-etinj '.; the star.ath auii
biuret. J11 1. ,:! ij"-vt it eitv, it is
titrvss'trji t-i rt i inr-- tin- ctinne. Ivrrrn
itir f?n,i !il'.njiin .-rtion nf the. IJeir ln,
li, tiJ.ic?ie,.Sirku.-sx ot the Stumnri, Vuin
in ti'if Hack nut! Li,in imlieulf that
the Lirer is fit f-iult, nnl that nature re,
iuirv anitist'tiiet! to enable this ovyan iu
tlirfir iiiipm-iiittx.
romj.'ii! i(f ! fur t)t '. jmrpoxe. H't i are
litiltf in their iirth: tmtt ii;rtin: .t it
r lira ; arc .' drn .' ti Ihf l.tsf ami tala-ii
iiisilij fit bnth tfi it-ii in tun t.ifuHi. Ta
ken a.-t-o: ti nn i i! in c. i;m s, tl. f : re n
;.. fi.-rf.-i. 1 1 t: lf- 1 lt -.rt-psla,
Ocitfral 3e:J?fr.":'';ii.i.-i: co;i
nlipatifiji, )l-sirsil ii ia:ii.s,
etc., etc. .ImHlfwl V;iri!ilrl ti-;
i't rujtrrifr io tti-i rt.'nr ur fit ir i 11 e ;
t leanii ntj the it.trft: tjhlit , it ml
imptirtiti'j iiete I V- an, I .(,-j f I he i il
eal Ul. It is a nsttlii iiit; ti not r
liito-rtticatiitj; beremtjs.
ask roua csacGisT ro8 pricsiv as r.Tms,
and take no other. PRIC T.. 31 Of jrr Bottle.
Bt. Louia and Kanaas Ctt-. Mo.
L.,sTLvt S"tfOPnt-TTr .? ;-!
G""'-(l "33 Cficsi.-.i.'t Ci., CL'.'-:n 't- i.i.
si H w - efe s3 Vz, V, -j 5 I 1 1 w U a
i-ife s. t-f-h? i-
f T' T T' "JtT
i 3 -- .'s - l
I1! "i- "" - "5 rJ? ---.'A
or ' . .
i;r.Tv, j r-
i TiQGiigii Sleeping Car Lines
j - '
,1.11 .(.. r.. .1
.1 k ''
ftl'r. r t f t r-
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r.v .')- .v. 1 vol loi: 1 1 z.i.l. axcix-
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iioro iMi-f-T I'lmnciliiTs irjiilo in
i n:o;n ii.i. i H':,-:-;
l.i: ts ;t;; ;-.t.i;!t itfi'SS,"
s ::i: ni .v a: : roi;
Mil: i AVK!Ti: !ilTK FOK
'ri:e i!iiet);i:i!i-d int! int'ii.c!.'. t'fi'!-;-td iv Jl'i.
lii i : fi 1 1 . 1 '1 (,(,;S;s ;ir; :i foi'ows :
'1 If rHtonilfd li'.Iiiliill llr- iltfj, !((.
' Ii t'jii!!..' (';;:;. inn .'nly , 1 1 t ; i s
t '.. 1: t i'liiii-c i ?r iiviii.'-!"ioio (';'l.
Willi liorioii's r.ft-;.!.:;. t ";,;:. ;v, ;.,!.-,'
i I'l i.'-; f r i-: ! t'ii.-oi u ( i.-i.-r
; ; t f;.t;-t-i; c. is. ,v; i. ;'.!j; ::iii:i;c-.w.
j tl. n.rt.i.-. SiiioKis : ii:if! v.:!li ':cr,;iit
J i ;-!:-! tt !",! !:;:::.;!! I .'; -,-.! v ir rr ( r.-v--.
j t:.f .f.!ts,o tif 01 'tst-rlil-,s pitSll!.''-l.
j !';. Tin:., y .,) K:.i- ri ;;. !;,..- Mti-.-rior
!.. 1 ,i ::i .1,1. .m. :. .!:; i:, .:, i, r,;( ';....
(' r .-nr.;.1:;. ); 1. ; ;;t t-yr ;4:l ot in rs,
l.v i:iti;r;if i.tudr l Tj:o
.AST, Jt4ri Tie !' ir ViK -V. "T.
t:;v 1 r, ou v, :,i iiii.tT'.;.vi;i.;N(; .1 i.ux-
Ul . it:.-' ;.i t 1 1 : ,. .);'i:(i. ;.
'ii.: Ti.-Li'I.-!
x;ii !' .til t.':ff.-.
' .-!: i lilit: for
ft Stislf- i'.titt
-t'.T iitr-.n;.;:!.! ;i :sit..t of r.tre, s'.-oo-
I ir.' r:ir .Xfi-.'l-Mi iitliti "'-. ai! Tiitn T:tMf,
I wiil I.10 i.-!:, i-i ;i.!!y :.- , cm !y lyi::;, to
I ;.;! i'j.s-r'iv r !:t, Chicago.
.3. i i J a.ilL,
::.!. M;.:::! j;t : Chicago.
- ;:v
?r "r : .-' 1 i'i -r , 1 M
f T- t -rt ( V ' '" -'
3 .-r-
fcr'-v--.-A:l .1;. ;.
rA- U- iX.r:
;nul by J, n. COX,
I ' I . A T T S I O L" T II XlC.
Hcrt JTragrant & BefresMsg cf Perfaae3
Exceedifijly Delicate and Lastiig.
Price. 3 ct3.; Larre Equ:3. VS eta-
SoM dealers in Droga A Pcrfomcry. Sigxuttor of HI.
cm & Co., N. Y., on every bottle.
l The Medicine for Every Family.
( Made from Ginger, Euchu, Mandrake, StillinKia, 1
anu omcr 01 inc oest vegetable remedies known, 4
r 1 ark-er s Oinger 1 onic has remarkably varied 1
1 V curative powers, & isthe rreatest Stomach Correct- A
. r or, Ulooti I'uriiicr and Liver Regulator ever made & 1
! E Th8 Best Medicino You can Use
! lorliestormgHeaItn5;Streiigthi
V Itcommcncesto act from the first dose, searches
! L out the weak organs, and is warranted to cure or J
r i . i . i r . . . , . ,
fncip au Diseases OI Inc iiowcls, ttomac.l, lilood, A
Kidneys, Liver, Urir.ary Organs, all Complaints of J
r omen, rs ervousness, biecolossncs, lilicuuia
; L tism and Drunkenness.
! r Try a bottle to-day; it may save your life. soct. J
: L and $i sizes atalldruggbts. Every genuine bottle J
' f has our signature on out.-nle wrapper, HiscoX Sc. i
L ri. x. Large savuig in buyuig 5i sue.
r Jnst What Is -Wanted.
Everyday whose hair is gray or faded has felt
the noed.of a Hair Restorer and dressin; that Is
cleanly, agrceaMy perfumed and harmless. Tar-
Irrr. IT...- P.l...m . .. .. C ,1 . t i
1 thejc respects. Sol ! by dnsfrrsts at 50c. and i-i. 3
i.Wi A crtn'.n enre for 7.-trvoi-:S
:H r-s: DeblWtv, Sominal Woak-
Tr;T . fioss, li-npoto.oe, etc,
1 1 ' A3CipC3 ntd ia riy prtctico ror 25 Ysarf
. :u ii Hir t.-itctl bock .fCj pacos plvlrjjf fail ui
- t.ons fr.rpplf-trealiutr.t. sent iffX. "Aiirci-s
PAI3 crrv Boii.-r ttis. t '... la t
l J ' 7 a.-.-.a-uti r i 'l.. 1 .. A
jttdl M f v k .vi, los "t linrt r. toe i
; v-y-r , r . , .-, i;l i'l l iii, if L .r , 1
V.';.. J f I.un ,r urit-tMKr Vt-ir ? vc a I
lljfT 1' I liJcr l.owijwrl!;i;...i:iJ.jirc !
1 --',-, '--'I im .;,:c it itn'iun. .
' ?! " . 1 rpii-os a;:, I tl. fni, rt f..;l., n ;
V-i'.i ' r 1: ...In rj i.f 1 r v I, . -i in l', a I
4 p-y r t a t-.n-i. n. nofNTV-liii- I
v t!..r-.-- f r v : !. i. . ,.r: t r r-. j. t i:r... ;
? r - fti' I tr..-iul 2 ,lalil f r ..1. ;
, i-i .Si l--.--a!- I !t...;v.:.. 7 ..-i
; .1 I ..- .". - r.-.. 1, .! .,...1 1, . I. V,' !.,.
. I r I-;. A.U'.! iv:-. 1'r.'t ln"in j
: 1 t f f t . nt, l ii. F. K t-nn. .iy, I'r. . 1 1 ' i.t: -.;
' iixitiii's ki:m i-'uri -o.V ""'a
DEALi:i:s ix
mk Iia time
Gash Paid fox: Butter and iIJgg&
Here Wo are with a Complete Stock
bt .-
CASsurEi:rs, jeans, valises, di:ess, hoods, uueiiiNa,
Tl' 'IN BOW SHADES awl FIAT PRES. dr., c!'-.
C::;:Hats, Caps, and Hoods, -UXDKinVEAIv",
ruiCLs to suit Kvi:i:viioi)v.
Yaws, 5g!eplByr5 fepsiiiisssaiiWBg
Also tho Uv.t Sek-ct Stock of Mrii-ily iiit-clas ('ro
corics, CMiinvd and Dried I'Vuils, Tobac-os, Quvvu
warc ;iiu! (Jlasswart' in tin; City. All ol whicli wv
y'laranive to sell as low as anvbtulv.
J?JSCEAEi fiaTaJC!IB3as:SirB
to clo.t- Cash Imivcis, and for lar.e (jiumt it u?s.
s.s.-M.uN-s,,r,KT. W. H. BAKER & CO.
Ihe Old Grocery &
AKiioush 'Lection is over we are not done sellijis, iy ;t itniy sht.t.
tSasasa ever.
The nicest Green Winter A iiI:s for s.ile. Over "ifJO Darrels down CVlhu
Potatoes by the Car-load, PEACH BLOWS
i i-i Ayiirz- e----. i rr-zi
Juut. .-t -i-Jv' j'i.S -, ti :H f .'
- r V - - -
:" L'SAOC j-.INrri '!Tr t;;.; i"":: ' t)v rrr !.-. - -j'-'T-'V '! '
t: tf- F.'Mfis'ic si'tr, mat. fi-: r:' " " " '
i i :- --: . ,-. -
'TV-- v-i -: . " v - .
r-- .v-v-''V-"'- -
. 1 .
x - -
IVlw -ii . i r. 5-: o t; io ; i: ifL
fK x -"i: r"- v ------ - x .- j. jr--- rrr-zrin
"U I- -' t l .. . lyJ. iir,...- Uj , JiUii to ! Si.
is 'i !!: ;.:: at co'r-nvi i.t:'"
sti.ifl !.!. m: -. .'. .i i (..-..
Hit:;:-., fit .x ti.r .-rir'i .1 . t i . i, j , -j:
-it -..-. M c. K k 1-1 ; w . r -. '. ;.
J.l'H-rtr ii'-ft t ity.Mriri-r" ... i'.r- -' V ..-..
Jf3 V. ' ia. t-:-.( H ::t '. t l.w:. . r.t ' . . t : -tif.
hit Av.k::; wit:; I.:h-: !ii !. ..! rii.r i:
Junctt'tti m i i . .r-a ; V. :lt .-i J.:n.-!i-.! I V ...
t:Ti'. V::;:n:::t i, 1 ..trw.-i.;. j ,ti, ;:-;t..,.
Ci'Iltrr-vii ', I'lMK-i-i' :. 1 rfiic: ri ;!.::. t ; -
rrn. I.i-n vt r; ii. An-i i.-i-n ..: , ,
W.iii j - ,j; 1 1 1 mj s- 1 1- .i. .j . . K
t:i!-: Iu -kiis t- l i'..--rir.:.r. . -. .- ', , .
t" lri'l.-iio'-iu : I .. n. t ..:i;.-i.- ., .. ,. .
Vl!if. :!!! i'c i I.t. : ,!!..;. n.. ! 1 1, y. .
N-n t n to .V. -nr- Ij.-r M-t- hi .., I.t I
Wlnu-ifft: A':i::tio t-t !.. ;s uti i A .: .ul- ; .; i
Avc-'.lt.l liilli;i!l. i I:,.. i., , ir v... l:." a:.:v
Ku:lr'.a:l, wim ii tuvr.. :. . i I - ' ;i i :. : . .i;.
Jlfic frtira Chii'-i.'ii ir.'.i t:n.t t it.- . f i.:,-- ;.v.
Tiir-msli I'a ;!. I'.i ::.,r'i!..;.....:!, !- n I'yiiii-.-' :i s r. :t.i"!K' '. -j; r .: :i -,i. ': - : -.- . ;
vviH-r; C :Ht".i , ' ii ml i 'l i!; t t j; . . ': '.
Ctu'N' 'if. ili.rirt, J.:.a -v. -- i -'
Pti.V. ri ;;:',',;;:i riir nr. ;;' i :c !,. , ;..
tee nn.l t in , v j;.-; '.M:i .i.n.. . '
, ,;;:i rnr nr.-;; -.- i !..,,:.. ,. .
VHI. I. !-...! I : r....l i.-i r i ......I-.,., - .
l'fVIl picI'T --'Tiar.IlL: U;: I l-i. ..i I -. . -i, i
piitifwri (an I ta.t irtriin'rii,.' ia--; !:: .-,i- n. -.
of Aia lino w..rrattit. it .. .-ii:.-i --l t ,. !!tl. .
tiount-c t.'iat this ...r i,.n:iv r. i; i ':rn . t i. -
SUepinj fur lorttWciui,' j.u: ar.l
Of enjoy.:, ..t.r m mN, hIiiIp ,.i,:,r..-'.,v.rl,,i A ! , .- ,J,-V. '-. V '.V C"v r n
benutlltil .r.i!tift i;::;nna ;:! 1 :.. in i.n.-.-f . A! Oi'i i'vi-va n i' ' lf,.A.. ' 'iv,
cuinuutnin.-...,. I-iim-i-m uisfn-t a.--: .-.f- :.: i : i :,. u .'i . f.' . . ', 11 '"a11 K' ; W-
1 liro..ii;:i i:icn 'l i n ... uei iti. im.iv Ai t.-. . .. . L , ''
m..:il in i-.... I 5 . i ,.r-v I---.-.-:, .-s I. . ... I ,, .' . ! ''"-i-'t-'i -.' . r. J W I! I-.. St.
-riT1- ,:,;-I:,rt .''::.t. :"v'itr;!.,:i- . ...v. v-t . v.. !-. ;. lL v..
Tlt kit. viu IUi. !.... k-..ow-k ;. iV,. ..;,V. i ' . 'I'1. " ,:-"4 V,::X "' 'e
II TlcUrt AcfnK ia I n- ::.. I ..-.t.. ' 1 - l"lil:rU ftmj.-," all- ,olJ tJ
For lrriMl.oii uot fMaiiu,-,., ai vuu.- ' ...Iu t !'r , .
g 1
.rl'J fl
.. . -;.-. .v-v-X'Av.-- "iy
r-:i itn ; a the westi
. tr f : i ' i t mil t n. -t iht
t ' . ii .- . : . ..r - .at . t i. i'r SMilKINl)
' v..;j ..': your "Uuvunu"
-- , -i' ,' r.t I : : l'.. u.:rt t r-'::! llto MlsiMrMil
:: - i I i - - .: i v.: i l .i ::t .- ,1 ; rr-ir-st-l !,r 1 1 ill
'.'..'.::! r r I ;.;'..,:i:. il 111 ill..
' it '. 1..-1 . i- .. :ti.. :.! A i i,r.-in, t-i.n--
;::!, i i I r , i , : i I i.-iii.
: i' ,: : .. 1 t t, r j. (.s.VKt TKW.' op
' ' .. .1 ; ii :: n . ;i i.ixa auk as
. I 1 .'. ".,. . ith ail il;vcit;.:ii; lines for tlio
ai I . i i " .!.!'. v. iia H:e I,. Jt .V. S., and !.,
f.:i..;ni:; I!eh;ii7. rith p., c i St.
Vi . t r-.'.i I I '.'i I'!. r,t ir R
:: '::-; :; i-"-.;-,-,!'- ; i. .a
- ''; ! .' ' ' -h. ni:k'" & Itnca
' - - 1 . ...-h t.r.i a- i' ... t-i.
(' ;i. .v r i i- . . 1 ' i'lVlsloQ
vt : ! im.,. i . -.
..' . 'i . i.; v .,.,. ,. v
Ill : . . ", - ' i . t H ... K
- .,1. . ... ,. , w.-,
At ! i v v'- . i ' ' '. . ' , ,.
i : , ,v N u 11 lMt!' l't.c , an I Kiin.
At i i -,i ,. , . ... .
a:,.:. - . uul-V-s' J'' "' '
Oeu'l Tkt. aud I'assVr Act..
Chlcu.O, IU.