Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 02, 1880, Image 3

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    f; Her'hld.
t. tint. Keitilar nrtTerm
i , . r. No adveriiacniiiiit iusai t-
n i .cuts.
:. a f;uM rtte.
. ... I r af the litw will b Held
: t M ii il notice lliry hand Id,
' . .'.'i-t.'tii!n: a proof of pu.ilicn
v . : -o ..:i L eld tor Ibe vunlica.-
St.. i italic.
;r--i' i-'- Is lunui-.l. nil ctneinmilca'fons
. , .i ,' vt i lit tJiil, ilh tio wasn
, iitiiiiMe for lh correctness;
.a- ; fT "f l'" matter and paid Le-
t ! vin rho takes tha paper regularly
: ..; i . -;Tic. whether JiiecVfd to hi
. !tn-!nT h I a iulriber or not Is
t..!.' fr the pay.
! ii.y person irlt his paper 4htoont!n
ic must py Mil arresrait'), r the publlsh
v r-mti:.u to wild It until payment Is
I V :
' I''
ini.iie. mi I collect the whole amount, wuetner
:if jft'T i en from the office or not.
lie courts hare decided that refusing t
;xK it-wit:iH n and pel -judical from the post
ir tcimvirK and l Mvins mem uncancel
:-r. i ;-rirrut fct
tie etidence ot in rKHTioif ai
Wescott sells the
It tries to snow ami c.ui't.
Lust Friday was a fin day.
Will. S. Wise sell Heal Estate, tf
Blow" Potatoes sil
That Council Ulufls band was just
first class. Young sells Cheetnuts at 10c
tier pound. 1
Call and see Carruth'a New Store
nd (nilry. . 1
-De sure and nal W. II. Baker &
( u'j. new ad.
--.Se J. I.. McCrea's Card in an-
ot her columu.
Orpans cleaned and repaired by
Jjitu's 1'ettee. tf
The finest line of Cloaks at Fred.
Herrmann's. 1
--The fint kind of Winter Apples
at K. :. Wliiie's.
Otns oOt: per dozen at Cai ruth's
New Gallry. 1
Wasn't that Qua li ille-Montibelle
tmriianae though ?
The Kendalls are coming, and so
a..- ti e lilaisdelis.
Mr. Jos. Itdardsley was in the city
Thanksgiving day.
Choice Tlai-tins and Figs
I. O. News Depot.
at the
-Manufacturing and Repairing ;.t
M.-rgcs' l.oe i-tore. 22lf
Mr. M. A. McKinnon took a trip
to Omaha last wek.
Money to loan on Country Heal
KsUte by W. S. Wise. tf
The biggest lint
gloves at Wescott's.
John Duke sells stove pipe faster
than he can make it.
Cash buys cheaper than credit at
the W. W. shoe store. J4tr .
Cabinet cards 54.00 per dozen at
Canuth's New (i illry. . 1
For vniir fine Cijiars
"Monarch IJi.Urd Hall.
call at the
36 ml
Zephrrs at 10c per oz. cash to close
at W. II. Baker & Go's. It
Great bargains in limits ami shoes
at the W. W. shoe store. 34tf
Joe Unbelts received
a large in-
voice of gwods last week.
Photograph Albums and pictures
to till theia at Leonard's. It
Gus Ilerold has moved into the
rooms over his store bufldiTig.
, Will Wise has just had some fine
yjob printing done in this office.
J Read and remember what Ben
V nett & Lewis say in their new ail.
C Alex Schlegel has gone to Omaha
T;is private sccrrtai v to Dr. Mercer.
If you don't see what ou want at
the I'. O. News Depot, call" for it. 1
Ladies, go and look at the fine!
hue of Cloaks at Fre-i. Herrmann's. 1
Do not fail to call at Leonard's
before purchasing Christmas presents.
Tnrkevs were scarce for Thanks
giving. What is the matter, farmers?
. The best wagon o four- wheeis.
a The Bain Wagon at RufTner & Black's.
A. W. Patterson's tine Clyde Horse j
will remain in Plattsmouth next sea !
Phil Young will sell his Stock of!
Perfumery at cost, now is your!
chance. " 1 J
Read the notice of Mi. Hons' sale j
of fornilure, at Platte Valley, os Sat- j
unlay .
Ask Charley Duke how the Dea
con got away with him Saturday
n l.lit
. goon an wool sun oi mens
clothing for S.r0 at the Great Red
Siore. 31tf
Tl e finest Pbolograph carts $2.50
per dozen at Cariutli's new jjai
lery. 1
Dan Wheeler. Jr's.biigy run away
with hi horse and hurt il wheel. Sai
f Jidav.
Who is the next one to ailverlie In
our Almanac? Don't all speak at
The Baiu Wagxi for sale by Ruff
jier & Black. The only wou on
If you want a good Violin or an
A-ccordeon, don't fail to go to the P.
News Depot. ' 1
A large quantity of sweet cider at
Jr.o. 1 ins & Son's whivdi thev will sell
bv the barrel or gallon. 3nt2
e W. W.shoe store, wnieh they are ;
ae'liiig ctieap for ctrA. 34; f
Come huJ see us. We are deier
ndned to sell lower thaii any other
House. Great Red Store. 3Itf
Smith & Black have a clothes line :
f .ill of babies. CTiriaJm.ts btbies we;
iBeau. Charley Black did it.
You will rind the 'arrest and best i
'ssnrtment of both Wax mid China1
J..1I3 at iho P. O. News Depot. 1 j
Mr. I. Hahn appealed on our
'.treets again last week, scuiewea: bet-
, ter but still rather lame and sore.
-v.. j-.. laies. cupi. oi 1 eiegrapn.
B. & M.. was iu town Saturday, look
iS after the company's interests.
Mr. B. F. Crow, of Gen'l Office, B.
nl took dinner with Ed Wescolt.
T . ur.,noe.-vs. '" lttnch,
yt offee and confectionery call at the
ouarcn iiiiiwrd Hall Restaurant.
Buy a Chinese Primrose and kava
J ight flowers U witer. Plants in
jjrrrir-rrtw. 23 to 15c each. L. A.
voro. t
Personal , - - v v
Mrs. Ilobbs lias had iphtheria.
Andy McMaken and wife did tvll at
the Herald office. .
Miss Garrans of Lincoln camn down
to attend the Thanksgiving ball. .
Mis. Dai rah lias been visiting in
FUttamouth, the gutst of Mrs. F. .
Wins Mamie Ambrose, of Omaha,
ws the truest of Mi?s Carrie Bennett
last week.
W. L. U.irr of Green wocd takes llio
paper. Slowly but surely we grow in
grace to subs.
John IIe?3 of Weeping Water, an
old Herald subscriber, called Saturday
on his way to Omaha.
Plnttssstfuth's quota of Lincoln ca
dets came down to their respective
homes to spend Thanksgiving, last
Hon. James Hall, lJeprtssntat ive
elect, called on us yesterday. He has
got his cor all in. and is ready for the
fray at Lincoln.
Geo. Donovan, a former "Print" in
the Hkralij otlice, and now in the
general otlicfcs of the li. & M., Omaha,
called yesterday.
A nutnbpr of the gentlemen con
nected with the li. & M. offices at
Omaha enme down last Thursday to
take in the Thanksgiving ball.
Mis. E. A. Kirkpatrick, witlt her
three Hue boys has been spending
Thanksgiving week with Gruid-rna
and Grand-pa in Plattsmouth.
J. M. Cole called in last week.
Some kinds of C(ajle are scarce now
adays, but J. M. left us feeling wann
er and better toward all mankind.
Mr. Julius PeppTbeig has just re
turned from New York City, where
he has been to lay in stock, &c. Jul
ius is getting to be a prominent tobac
ce manufacturer.
Mr. C. X. Tiffany, of Dresden, con
cludes after a trial of a year or so,
that he cannot do without the Hek
ald and so calls and places his name
en our books again.
Mr. II. W. Zink of Weeping Water, j
made the Herald a hasty visit last I
Saturday, and was the first of our sub- j .. vu-.r fr.o.t -. v t i
January, who will bo next?
Our old friend Andy McVIaken, is
back to visit us, and married wo hear.
We are ulad to hear it, beleiving it for
the best, and hope they will call on
the Hkhai.d before they leave again.
Geo. Chambers, of the IIkkald
Office, has been quite sick with diph
theria. We don't like to have "old
dip" catch our printer boj s that way,
but hope George will soon be out
Mr. Julius Pepperberg the enter
prising Cigar Manufacturer of Platts
mouth, Nebraska, paid us a visit
during the week. Mr. Peppeibmg
came to thij city in search of desira
ble leaf tobaco for his house. The
Tobaco Leaf, X. Y., Saturday, Novem
ber 20lh, lifSX
White's. Best
Peach Blows" at
Cloaks from 2.50 to 825 at Fred.
(Icirmann's. 1
Bird Cages at the P. O.
A new line of Cloaks A Dolmans
at Soloman & Xai ban's. Give thein a
call !
Caul Board and Mottoes cheaper
than anv other house. W. II. Baker
& Co. It
Robert Sheiwood is having his
shelving fixed and his store otherwise
Shawis, Blankets, Flannels. ln-
! derwear Ac., stock complete at W. H. !
Baker & Co's. It
Z. L. Yosburg called on the Her
ald Thursday and repasts his corn
turning out well.
-The place for fresh and pure can- '
dies in the largest variety, is at the
P. O. News Depot. 1
Leonard coppies tdd pictures and
makes them any size desired. Sr-e
specimens at gallery.
Mr. Cam Klepser and mother, of
We ping Water, wore in town the Ut
ter part of last week.
Go to GuthmanH & Weckbach and
get vour dry goods, groceries Ac. as
i they always keep the best
. F '
A 'r restaurant is being started
at the place formerly occupied by P.
r. Murphy's Billiard Hall.
Just see the new ads this week,
piailsmouth is having quite a boom
j in that direction just bow.
; The best and largest line of Pii--
togrnih and Autograph Albums in the.
City iit the P. O. News Depot
l'he Presbyterian Social will lo
held at the residence of Sheriff Dyer
cm Tuesday evening next. Dec.- 7"Ji.
A fine new stock of 1m nips, bantl
ing lamps Ac, at Joe. Roberts; he also
has a full stock of geods in every line.
The river has got down to a solid (
old basis, and the teams are beginning j
to bring over the wood from the other j
Peter Bates found a little "gal" in
their house Thanksgiving morning.
He ate his turkey with thanks, all the
Fine silk velvet and easel frames.
the latest styles and very bountiful.
just the thing for a nice present, at;
Leonards. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eaton gave
Mr. and Mrs. Stainm a re -eption Jlast ;
evening. loo late for any further
;lT, particulars.
-Mr. J.M.Craig is a slam up. jam ej,
bang up fellow; when you send biiu i
anything he responds with the
"sponds" at once.
A horse belonging to Mr. Green,
and boarding at Jones' stable, tumbled '
over the bank Saturday and broke
himself all to pieces.
Windham & Campbell aie moving ;
into one of the upper rooms in Frank j
t 'ruth's new building. i
Sam Barker bought 40 head of
Mr. Ockerson's hogs that aver
aged I
" " " -acn, ai .-o per nu.i-
- j Hogs aie going up.
Teams are beginning to cross the
i .'ver' 11 is ly safe as )et, but a
: little more of this kind of weather
iii'ko it perfectly safe.
I . . .
I iook nere: If you want a pair of
j boots or shoes, or anvthimr in that
line, go to the W. W. shoe store and
'"J"" mu"rJ a oiu. n
- l)T. Btitier, of Weeping Water, ; or for the purposo of bidding on Sat
was iu town Saturday The Dr. has ' nrd.iv.
lo come up and Sep how Plattsmouth j . Joun Boss, Prof'"
ia IravTovingi once in a while; F. S. Wima, Auctioneer. ' ?J
-tf- "'e, N , . - ) : "
Professor Wooley" returned from
oiio of his (rips through the county
.Sunday noon. He looked pretty nearly
frozen up. - -
A friend gives us a copy ef
"Truih" the New York paper which
published Ike original CLiucse let
ter. Thanks.
C. II. Holmes starts this week for
Sullivan County, N. Y , for calves and
yearlings. He will bring three to fuur
tin ml red for farmers' stock, also a few
Alderr.ey c,us.
Jusl call and see tlior iiands'uue
ikilk Handkerchiefs and MufUers juit
received at S & C. Mayer's next doer
to Carruth's Jewelry itooms.
We learn, from the Ointha Repub
lican that Hon. J. M. Thurston h is
been aillicted in the loss ot, by
thai dread disease, diphtheria.
The gentlemen are turning the ta
bles on the ladim and their lea parties.
Stag parties are in order and the Hen.
D. H. Wheeler leads off with the liist
The brick layers were all at work
Sunday. They hare to work whenev
er it Is warm enough, in order to get
the buildings complete.! as soon as
Fanners, do yout trading with
Guthtuann & Week bach, where you
can get the best geods frr the least
money. Give them a cail and see for
yourselves. 37t2
II. A. Waterman A Son have
opened a lumber yard at Pacific June
lion. They have bought Ints there
and have carloads ef lumber on the
ground already.
-W. It. Thomas cam down from
Lincoln last Thursday. Mr. Thomas
t ill probably stay for a short time.
He takes Mr. Thompson's tosition in
the freight office.
The O'.ker Hand, of Council Bluffs,
;ts simpty immenso. It is many a
dav since Plattsmouth people have
had as line an opportunity of dancing
as last Thursday eet:ing.
The Young folks enjoved iheun-
j selves hugely last week, as there was
I no school. All that conhl beg, bor
j row or buy a pair of skates could be
seen winding bayouward.
Ch ieest Brand and largest stock
of can ned iroods j I; the ci t v fc night be-
fore th? rise and will be sold cheap
for earth bv the case, doren or simple
can at W. IT. Baker & Cos. It
Dr. Livingston sol 1 one of his
Irish Setter pups last week for $100,
to mil. Boston parlies. PUttsinmiiii, !
througli the Doctor, is setting ()p a
reputation for blooded dogs.
F. S. White has jus! received a
Hue invoice of crockery. An., he a'sw
has sorre f the iinest buckwheat Hour
i.n the city, an4 if you ilon't believe it.
get soiue and see tor yourself. 2
Ciiailes Hartinan. Toledo, Ohio,
says: I know it cured me. and I hope
oMiers similarly troubled wi!h pain in
theciicsi may be heiped by the "Onl
Lung Pad" as I have. Se Adv.
We t.ike it a'l back. Elsewhere
wo stated that Mr. II. W. Zink was
the lust subscriber to pay ahead to
15S2, but we find that Mrs. Jno. Black
is ahead of him. Wei!, the l t'lies al-
ways will be ahead anyway.
J. F. Newcomer, of Toledo, Ohio,
says: 1 have been greatly benefit ted
by weitring an Excelsior Kidney Pad,
and would recommend all persons
trouble.! with weak kidneys to try it. j
See Adv. I
Pedestrians patiently plod past j
the patent puddle tlv.ked bri.lge on j
Gth sliec! in silent swe of what might
be the result if the city should ever j
buiiil a li-.w ana passao; structure
Bargains in
at . o C. Mayer's
Next Door to Carruth's Jewelry Store.
If some one woul I take hold of
it, throe could be a tirst class ska'iug
rink in a ! out of the O'Neill pond.
It can be fixed -so that it can be. over-
flawed from t lie springs, and quite a
speculation could be made out of it.
. Back-ache is almost immediately
relieved by wearing one ot Carter's
Smart Weed and Belladonna Hack-ache
Plasters. Try one and be free from
pain. Price -.'5 cents. For sale by
Smith, Black & Co.
Chief Engineer While overhualed
the hook sad bidder trucks tint tirst of
the week, to have iheiu in first
... ! urn i ti n iA i.l
a tire. He
was I
: V V 1 1 V I . ' 1 VI.
als lo.iKing up a place and making
arrangements for building a bell tw
er. Women with pale colorless faces
who feel weak and discouraged, will
receive both mental and biidiiy. vigor
by using Car er's Iron Pills, tviiieh a'e
made for the blood, nerves and eoni-
For sa:e bv
Our bachelor friend, Mike Schnll- ;
bacher is called upon so often in weJ- j
ding ulT airs as groom's best nun, tte.. j
that he cannot ire; timr to seu jtfl! !
; his own mat ritnonial
least, that's the way
prospects ;
ij explains it.
Mike is iucori igiide.
Handsome illusirtfied catalogue
and piief! list issued by Bull's Eastern
Agency, for the celebrated Bur; Shoe,
281 Grand Street, Xe-.v Yoik. has been
toceived. the illustrations are all nw
and pi ices very tmi-.ler.ue. Sa n,iie
copies mailed lre upon application
from above address.
" A Lihcral OJf
Til0 publishers of the Omaha Bee,
j 0!dfr to encourage immigration to
Nebraska, invite all residents of this
State to send tl.eiu names of parties in
the L-ii to whom sample copies of the
AY-ekly Bee, containing compiled sta
tistics about Nebraska setting forth
her advantages for setlieis, will be
mailed free. Send address in full in
cluding name, Post Odlce, County a'd
State. 'I his offer . wili be open from
now until January 1st. Direct letters
or pikntal caidsv. iih these nanus to
WEEKLY BEE. Omaha. Nebraska.
J.etiuaii i aiarih t urr.
Cures Calarrh; Try it tf
At 12:3d P. M.
af tl!(i f,jrn,tl,re .dishes .A.: ..A C of the
I l'jAue Vllev House.ouSatuidav. Dec.
4ih, 1!:$0. all the furt.Uuir. dishes.
bedding. stoTes, of tha-Platte Val-
1t lTni!tt will rfiilil ut ni.
ti.m to the hiehest. oidder. Also one
I :..,. l,..l,;. .,.,.1 .. 11 .1 . 1.. .. wi..
j JC" ",4 .ieioueon. mo
articles to be sold will be shown to
! anv pprsina that desire to ouy at pri-
1 vate sale bet w.ori now an!
. " Photographic. .
Mt equipments arenil new, and of
the latest designs. I nee all tht new
processes in ihe production of -my
work and guarantee it superior.
V. V. Leoxauu.
Our Post Office Key It has a
"suck" in it. Send us word when you
find it and oblige
Hkrald Offi:e.
A good girl to do general
work. Apply at V. II.
Baker's store.
Collection Notice. .
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to me are hereby requested to
settle the same by January 1st, 1881,
either by cash payment or note, or the
account will bo left for collection.
37;f Dr. W. H. Sciiildkxecut.
Cans County Uraivl Jury to the
orable Distrkt Court:
The Gra:al Jury visited in a body
Jail of said county, and woul 1 report
it neat, clean nd well kepr, and in a
good and secure condition; the prison
ers therein confined are provided with
good and wholesome food, and clean
beds, and the discipline towards the
prisoners is humane and"eomnienda
able. We especially commend Sheriff
Hyers ai d Jailor Murphy for the ex
cellent condition of the Jail and the
proper treatment of the prisoners.
Isaac X. Appligate.
(i. T. IIokf, Foreman.
BR. J. I.. Hi-t'RKA,
Y.MaUiew's Il.irdwaru Store. l'Ulliuutli, Ne
braska. , 7Iy
Collection Notice.
All persons indebted to Fred Gordcr
either by notes due, or otherwise, are
requested to come forward and settle
within the next thirty days, or said
accounts wrll be collected by law.
a 6 1 3 Fkki Gordki:.
Card of Thanks.
To some unknown friend who sent
to the Rectory for Thanksgiving Day,
a tine turkey, a roast of venison, a
h iskettiil of goi'd things, p:irt of a
case of oysters and and a box I
choice Havana. II. B. Bi fiois.
Fred Herder's Ofilce.
Owing to the fact that Mr.
Gol (lei-
is now buildiuL'. and his ohl quarters
. ... i i. .. . 1 1 .. ,.i i... .. in
i7, -.-.-
' IIii ill.-. i r t . ':. .- .... j.....
ent. at his house, on Third stieet. east
side, about ha.f way np the block.
Remember the place and direction,
and he can be found the:e in business
hours. 3it:i F. Gordkr.
f io to t he
You can positively do yourself some
J11W t f IS Mil
.17' Jlt'JUJKS:
See Our Prices
fi.j pounds granulated sugar for.. 1. CO
A "
" extra C " ..
yellow " ..
" new currants "
packages Arbuckles coffee
pounds good Uio cotTee . .
bar White Russian snap.,
pounds of Hominy
.. i:0
..1.1.0 :
. .on i
. . .25 i
everv thing else in proportion.
i The choiosl and most complete stock i
! of groceries in the city, ( ail ami see
us. 3tf Bennett & Lewis.
See the
Beats anything you ever saw f r S't.
Cheap Overcoats
Heavy felt Overcoats
Good Ulsters
Good Chinchilla Overcoats .
Good Beaver Overcoats
at New Clothing Store.
next to
A TEAR. Aeeriln wanted, llnsl-iw-rs
legitimate. Particulars free.
um j. wok r u t co . St ix.uu. Ha,
Suve Your ?Ioney.
A large stock of Boots and Shoes
just arrived at Merges, winch wih be
j sold cheap
Money to Loan.
On sood farm property on longtime.
Apply to J. W. JI.NNINOS.
ltf Plattsmouth.
To Ihe ('itizens of theCounly and Slate.
I have now ready for market 100,000
White and Fire brick, which we will
sell at reasonable (.rices; parties wish
ing to build a lire-proof house, before
the comet comes down, cai! on .1. T. A.
Hoover. Louisville, Nebraska. 14tf
A I'aying Oceapatioii.
llie :iiri:i4-li f tlie lieiir winter eveiitni:!
' calls .: 1 1 -1 1 1 on ! in.- ie! hi :t ciHip. lur w n n
i on; :i buiiil n:lit iiuti .iiMitre iir iiiit is
1 l.ik-'ii frem reiiiini or Minly oil 1.4 now
: in ueiier il ue fur i.Iuiuiiiatiii!! nurinr-es out-
' Mile ef en ie or la! ; ! lis where coal lias is
1 iimwI. anil i:en a iir'p-r lamp i used il is tiie
! liest K-.ilii-i ilnt l'ir stttiiirht yet iisiiveivi .
! i lie irii:i'iilc or tli!H iiMiii tvliieti tlie Student
' L.!ii s eoiisliiielPil limy lie said lo he t lie best
i ia use. but the laiuO itelf has always had sev
I eral iilijee: ionali'ie feian-s wbieh vie are t;!.ul
I to see me l"'iii4 d-Mie awy with in tile new as
! Iiinnt for fa or called the 'IIumk L.wr.'"
' inaiiiif icutr-d lv the l.ainii C'i.. I 111
ieinnati. rh' i;ieat objection to mosi oiaer
I i;un;is is tlieir lla'Mlily lo lie ujiser. tlie tniill.le
; to keep them in order, anil the pour li;r(it j;ieii
, 1 y tlietn. The New Home Lamp is nickel phit-
el. alnl almost a Lie-simile of t lie Student
Iiinp : il ha- a handsome ornamented clamp.
' b liit-:ois of whien tae lamp can be at once ea
. sily adjusted in any position upon the tenter
; taide, piano, mu-ic re-t. en inz inaeliine. desk,
i or by means of a IiamNome bracket, w hieh oes
i w itli the lam. can be pheed upon Ihe wall.
: and 111 whatever postiien it is idaeed il is abso
; tlitelj safe. This is tlie ireal feature if exeel
! iei:ce. bui the w Home Lamp iMiuibinen aNo
' the patent Amand Uiinu-r. a tillini; indicator
! and match box. No lamp has ever before been
teceived with Mich unusual favor or received j
; Mieli slr.iiii recommendations front the leading
! joiinia'.s of inruiii i;i It is also endorsed by
such men a the mayor and p.tmasier. -ever-;
al iusuiance presidents and express agents ef
1 ihateiiyas the s:i!"t. most Conven :. m and
: best l .ttiji made. Tlie Oni.pany ilesir. s .crents
iu this locality. 1111. i mm;: s : art lady or iient 1.--;
inaii ean make 11 iianiisoe:;' iie oiiie duiiiiL' Ihe
; next six months by eauvassii u f r lis s.:e.
! There are hariliy a dozen t'an.ii: s ia thi u'lty
J who will not want cue. and hs vti.-e is so
; as to In iui it wiiliiu the reach i.f 1-01 lur
ther ir foriiiaUou address Home Lamp I'oiapa
'. ny. Inciiin itit Oai . ineutionien our :;iper.
; aiid they niil ivf you fall pint eulars ami e
: elusive lernloiy to" caiiv,iss i.r. ;i.itl"
! . Fre-di 1ime.
i Fresh Lime by 1 he peck, bushel, or
j wagon load can be had at the Kiln,
I near west end of the bridge. Lime al-
ways on hand and superior quality,
i Inquire of Mickf.lwait Sharp,
j 7tf cm premises.
Monarch Billiard Hall.
Hot coffee and lunch always ready
at the Monarch Restaurant opposite
Frauk Carruth's. ' StJml
Pepperherg's cigars are the most
reliable for purity and fineness in qlal
ity, and are far superior to any other
make. Ask your dealers for them.25tf
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at Schlegel & Niemann's,
opposite Pi, 0. tit
" rFresh ojsters received daily from
Baltimore, and for sale wholesale and
retail, at F. S. White's - . 30tf
Select oysters. 45 cents a can ; .Stand
ard 35 cents. "
"Tlie Leave for tfie lleallnc."
Of the native of Siberia, are the
leaves of the Arnica plant, to
be found iu iill their healing p iwer iu
Brown's Arnica Salve. For sale
eve. y where. illtf
The Friend of Delicate Ladies.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Coin is ihe remedy that will cure the
tn my diseases peculiar to women.
HeadachtS, neuralgia, disordered
nerves, weakness, mental shocks and
kindred ailments are effectually re
moved by its use. The Mothers' Mag
azine. o4tl3
Did You Lver
Know any persou to be seriously ill
without a weak stomach or inactive
liver or kidneys? And when those
organs nie in good condition do you
not find tlieir possessor enjoying good
health? Parker's Ginger Tonic always
regulates these important organs, and
never fails to make the blood rich and
pure, and (o strengthen every part of
the system. It has cured hundieds of
despaii iug invalids. Ask your neigh
bor about it. See another column.
The Winter of Your llisrcnten."
Is made Glorious Summer, by taking
Brown's Pepsin Toxic; Try it. Fur
sale by all druggets. 32tf
The 1'iiiverna! Vertllct.
Of all who have taken Brown's
Pi:riv Tonic, is that it never fails lo
cure. Ask your druggist for it. tf
Make front s-r. to s. u p-r week selling yoods for
ti. RIOl ol T t o., 10 llavl.iv sneet. New
Yoik. Send for catalogue and lerms. -J!y
They are selling the best clothing
at the Great Bed Store, at stub very
low prices, and yon have every thing
guaranteed as leprescnlcd or money
refunded. That is why you should
go there for all yon need. iiltf
Dean & Sou of Ashland and
South Bend ate just piling up ti e
lumber in I heir yards, ai.d then they
can haidly keep up with the demand. 2
.Notice to Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following tiiiits and places:
At Plattsmouth. 1st Friday and Sat
niii.iy in .', February, May. mi
.iis!. October and November. At
Weeping Water, 1st Frida mid Salm
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st 1- rnlay ami Saturuay
April. July and December. Notice
other examinations will be given.
No owe mill he. (.ranitu-i t.ircit
the t itular i..V'intinitii ts ; an I no r-tijiitit'-s
J'rmn other Countis irUI be
E. II. Woolly,
4itf Siipetintendelit.
To whom it may concern: I hereby
givwno'.ite that I will pay r.o debts
eon; racied by my wife, Fannie C. Mar
shall, as I have left her and will not.
live with her as her husband.
J. W. Marshall.
November 17th, ls(l.
Very Droll to Think or.
If not above beir..u lautil by a man. ice Dob
bias's Kk'clric Soap next wash day. tM-d
w itlioiit any w;i-ii boiler or l ubbin board, ami
used dilieient !y from any other soap ever
made. ',; , eins ei v dioli i i iiiai; of a quiet,
oidiiiy Iho hours' 1 i lt b T weri; on wash day,
wu!i nob: at and no steam, or smc.i of tlie
w ash in t li 1 01::1 I be ionise, instead of a lon
day 's h.iril w oi l; ; iut hcioln ds of thousands
of 'women liinn Neva Scotja lo 'IVmis have
proved for themselves that IhU 1- itolie 1 y us
iug Hobbies s Eleclne Soap. I'on't buy it,
however, if too set in your ways to Use it ac
cording to directions, that are simple as to
M'l'in almost lidii liloiis ami so easy tiia! a ;;irl
of t el ve v eats can do ; lare w a-h w i'. liont be
in ttred. It posil ivi'ly w in not injure the finest
falMii', has been before the I ui lie for liiieen
years, and iis h!i' donbVs every j ear. If your
jiroccr has not f;ot it, lie v. i 1 et it. , is all w hole
sale grocers keep II.
I L. t'RAOlN Jt Co.. riiiiui'p iplila.
Ki:i:i Rlti's., Sole Atents.
3-eowly Weepiny Water. .cl.
I Wish Everybody to know.
llev. George II. Thayer, an old citi
izen of this vicinity known to every
one as a most intlueutial citizen, and
Christian Minister of the M. E. ( lunch
just this moment stopped in our store
to say: "I wish everybody to knoyv
that 1 consider that both myself and
wi!o owe our lives to Sl.iinU'a Con
sumption Cure." It is having a tre
11K nilous sale over our counters and is
giviug perfect satisfaction in all cases
of Lung Diseases, such as nothing else
has done.
Bourbon, Ind.. May 15, '7, Drs. Mateh
ett .Nc France. Sold by Smiths Black.
No Deception I'sed.
It is strange so many people will
continue to suffer day after !.ty with
Dyspepsia, Liver" Complaint, Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach, General Debility
yvhen they can procure at our store
Shiloh's Vitalizer, tree of cost if it
does not cure or le'.i-ve them. Price
75 cents. Sold bv Smith Black Co.
Shiloh's Catarrh Kimioy. A
marvelous Cure for Catariii.oiph: heria.
Canker mouth, and Head Ache. Willi
each bottle there is an ingeiii nis nasal
Injector for the more successful treat
inent of the coiiiplain', without extra
charge. Price 5) cunts. tieowtf.
Merchants, Mannfactnrers,
nurserymen. Florists.
Stationers and
Business People
gfWjml re ar delihtd with, Ind
Malt and Save Money
byuftiogthe worM-renowned M Wt
printing Press
It larj;e cnotieh to do all the printing required, strong, rapid,
ASV TO WRK, llavt reliaMe, anXany boy can manage it,
and tio hundred of dollars wenh of w-jkTerjr year. We makq
twelve iy!e. both hand an S fc-r-t power, ranging In price from
Jf.oout-wudi. Srcd 3 cer.t stamp fur circuiara. Over 7,000 in
use. " The M'jDFL I'kkss has mad me over fjo.oc last
month and pre,;-- ts ahead.' B. KIES. flout ton. Tea.
'My Model I'ftKss Kji r-vfr paid for ltelf alieady in card
rrinttn-f aUnie.' W. F. W(MURt), Kftirteld, I!ia. " Th
VlODRL dtrs all ar 1 even mre than y.-u claim fcr it. ?. H.
9NVHFR, Newt-n, N I. First Priresat f mi, '78. and Sydney.
U.S. W., '79. Address al) orders or imiuiribto tuanuf acturers t
J. W. Daushalay & Co. 721 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
Autu Avoir.
i. 6. Bao.shtt.
Late of "rJOlfE axd FARM."
fenl for earoplo copies' of "SOl'TH and
'EiX, w hich ia a;,s agricultural
and family paper, published semi-monthly at
the low price of 50fKSTS A Yeah. I'olitirs are
entirely ljriiorcsl. Oencral news, valuable infor
iniition, and intcre&tinK reatlinfr matter are fur
nishetl. The best of corTt's)toudents contribute
from all sectiouucf the court trv. I'seful premium
and liberal commissions will be given to club
raisers. fcAMrLtS Ji'KElt.
AdOrea., "SOUTH & WEST,"
216 Pine Street, St. Loula, Mo.
It ri?s A (cuts toSall tasStaadardAirrieaitaral Book
Farming for Profit
Acenrat. Coa.i.lisBjl. A Complete Fna
larirr in iltelf. A nre nui lo to lucrfs.! it fimiart.
TFI L 55 HftlrV ITft Caltlraw all brn (mi.
.,.trU9-nU" I II Bnt &CaftrLie8wik.
Haitft MfinPt I 1 1 Growfnut.M:inaehusi&e.
saaay Uaaca lt eoat erery m-moo. . ritr.
U Illasira-.toBl. for Circtilsrs .irl l-rrcJ to
I. C. McCl'BDT S CO.. thicaco. Jll
i7,cs.!fj0iHt VOUR B-Hk
-A KU. t dlSVhw fmra tl I Mkas, JU;iu a UUlI j.iiv.i
b ctip.ha(a,ltli StU-AdiMlii
Eallln mur. atUptt I U.1 f t. J
TWJtttttDIKi of . tl. k .1- . .
alciaak BattyiiKMl. Caraiui (cm.
EGG LEST 03 TBC85 CO., Cilcigo, I
ii r:: s?, Mnaru.
A (Jootl ItnrP.- ti'tvays r.; hatid. JN pall ii,(r
tin: f ia ally, promptly ! ehe:;;Ky.
laive-troiivhiim ai d lb-.oCtjjt ttl
tixnn to order.
- F-firiwriiner tbtyisrja atrrt V'.tlfay JJrr),.,
ffcuta Bt-itti? VeUiiiikii. Mufa
B;sy only- the '(jf-th reading (at top
and shuttle) Xe.v Kiiericaii Sewing
Machine, which for s tiplicity in con
struction, light running; and for du la
bility cannot be excelled. Por sale by
liasgorshek Ibos., Merthant Tailors,
Pi.tttsuiouth. Xeb. 2:im:!
For Homo
at OTJB H03EE,
and You tnay be too."
wmj nov
BccauiM wc have
H Read
The American
ana li Thousands of Good
Hints and Suggestions Ar.' u
to, plan, and work In ter
and marc pro.Uttbly. It helps
yy ife.and pKaocsand Invtruris
t!ie Cliildrcn. It i fJ- r, ,
nod evry Man, tVcm in, and
Child - la Vila TMu'ie. and
Country ought to hive It.'
It Will Help You.
Terinn tor Vol. 40 lS8i-,
S I . IO ; Three, SI; Four. j
S; lit st of I Ills year free.
One S'trirnen or O Cent.
En: iblUhe t in istl.
Vol.40 1SS1.
800 Instructive,
Original, Pleasing,
Useful EngTJvings.
Gprmno Kd tiou
nj,'i'if' t t'ltnf
Splendid I'rcniiumsj
nt no Cost.
i-'emt your a'f.tre rn Postal
CJ fur Fife Oi' of 4 1
pii'jis IlltutratcJ I'escriptiunl.
0 RANGE .iri)D(0.,
; facts ;vaTH tcueyyine. :
Inrr, l:'-!m, Slaedrske. Mi'.lincia and
nsa-vy i f '.i tK-st rutin, ineu Liiuwn are bo
fckii: lie.r.llt-d III h Ali'iEn'R (.lM)lt 'ionic!
ad t I it Lie n-at.eit L4aod ruf'ticr and .
Vho ht Health and M reimtii tckturcr '
I vor ( std. '
p perf.x't l'; conip.s.ition tf FAr.BKRR.
Qingkk To-iic tl:-t no can U,ug tiuii
where it is usl. 11 v.m kave fJ?etM. Head
acSe, Un..umi.n, Isc-tinciitrf. R-awil. K.dneyc
or Livr D.orer, r rf vju uv-eJ a m.l-.t fctim--ulnnt.
it ii.Huti.-r. tlw Vwt.te M ti;e nu d ;
ietna fiA- yon. as it is Iituy ewalivo aud fa ,
vipnrtAlin. lut niever iul-xi .Ui:vT.
If rod hid blowly wasuns: awny with Con-'
tsumcticm t.rr.nv B.knoJ il yc-a E-ive n r-nnmi.
tOBI Or 1 e ill VP.:. I.i.-iua virvn
will snivlv help you. It pivet new 1 fe &nd'
ripor to i ! fiolMs and cjr---l, ami is a ei-rtiuui
curd for hhcunetism aa.l Chalora Irftintum. .
It Ila Siyrrd Hnndre-U of Lives; It Bay;
Savo 1 4.H r4.
! If you tiro feotina; misenliln ilon't Tinit unti:
ou are down tick, but luv tlio Tonic to-day.;
Bo mattr wiia t your t is-'ase or eymptocis may .
;br it will pivo prompt r In f .
. Kemember 1 I'arhcr's UiNortt Tosto is not
a rum drink the Ccri w, l IWrst Fatr.ny,
Midieno over mude. tsnnipunl'(l by a new
nitxvss, nu t ontnviv (i.nereni. imm i-.i:-rs.-
e; , : oil .., 1.., 1 Trt
Cinder preiwirn" ions and nil i lier T!ii s.
a 5ov. Ixittfe. Yrir di upist cuu Bupply y
you. " ',
Tlie Urst and Jtost rrononilral Hair Dressing
cxqulsi.ety prrf.iaicd and pcrfl-ctly
TVill AIira) Kevtnr Cray or f'ailr.l llalr
t its criminal ynud.ful rnW and aoprarance. and
warrant lo n p iis faiimg. iusit ils gioih and
rcri-rt baldness
Afe application rf the m 1 soften tiie
ka r, cleanse aU dandriifr an I cure irchin anj liu-
. l..,'l.rti:' 'i.l.lJIl.v n lM
UlUIUKIUiil'- m.u u j -. j "
rT1 S
F- I "J!
S i
j ;r fi tA a H 'A x' '- ''. 1
Vi' rt-(.mr.n-3 'rter's I; e;i Pills !. v
',oii::ti y-S;o is V i ak, Xi tv! i, ;-1 .1 !'-. i.m-e :
j.:iitii-u:ar.y l!:ow who la vo 'i i i: , IV. . I.ij
foid litiuds ttnl Fit, i:i:l '!io ii!:otit
-'.reBgth er .'.rnl-itii n. T! fr l iiis .,r.:i t !!:
Nrrvep. five ?tn-ivtl to ti e If(i!y, 'm:i; c Iie-
f.,.l.lT!. S'ri-p. Ij-rri!" mil Ie t rnvi' t'- ijn.liity
l.t li.e lllno'. mid I ' 1 1 1 1 v t ii-t l,::l li lie 0:11-
i;.-:;i'ii 1"-:ev r.te I'aaai:!' : it ot t: 11,-uvt,
;, fv.-iii'i.fss. "Treinliiii rs. N .' veti lb mlaclf.,
I.eitrorrl-e.i, Tains in ti I'-i- k. tstitl filler forms
.i 1-ViiMio X'.'e.e.iM'ss. j: i-., :: ' r l::it Iron t
Clio of t::c eiistit'e:t .f t! e I ' ' d. anil is tlie
c-i-r.t t ana . t'sinrr'n lien r:ils.":ca!so vm'.h
hliie f'r nu'n who are tri abi.-il wail rvo'is
'--l;ii:'vs, N .prh Sw. :it. A.-. In nalai boxen,
rt .ill ri'rt, ! ml di r.'.'.st.-', or i ;t by
tiiKil; Ai.!
Now York City.
& It
:'.Vt? a-'--H
. -'L '--.V .-1
I - ma b- fi.-ni a Simple r;.ini.-al I e.-.f .f l.'at,.
Value, ami is a i'o-ilivc 2: meily Pu ail til-
Ii-eit-e iii.-it e;ti:..e pah.s in I ue h a.t n i'.'i of
the bet iy - tor i oi pi. I !,iv : II" a. liu -'ae - - fa 1 1 11
dice I ':. . -ia-'-s. 1 ,:av:-:. '-'aiaria. ai,. all or.l-etllli-
tif.llie K i i i t ys. i.iwr I rai rrt ir-
aa- I-'m- Kriitaip - cr; .!;. -1 niv ' ! 1
slrii.:' ion. ami ttiiri:.i: l'nv!:ai"'V. it !::; ie.
etpia!. It 11 stores the n:;'u 1 :' ;;ie
biootl. aad 1 -e is the be-1 .';!;. I 1'i.iilii r
1 1 i- I il" t.ely know 11 i'. tiie :v iiial e'iie- that
:rtre. t.i iilifs li-. -,".,.. f''-r I'i.tbete",
Use tVnrnt'i' s .;if ' Ilialu I"- mv.
I'or Sa'e by 1 11 iiiri-ls aiei I tier- -.t t -J i
1T bottle. I.;ir-:e.-l l or. ! in i li;.' uiai t i. 'Iryi!.
It. il. WAUNKtt '.. lt..ehest,.r. N. V.
tf'r.!i.-l-.l.'o'i.. j '
I'npi.Wl. Vn-i,:
"I ti t ;.t 'i'r 1 1;1 11.
J'i.-t .- i !:. i
a r 1. " ;: ft k-:.',tih-t
1 a-r :t c 1 -1 1 '
y cry ft 1. 1: 1 1: e.
T'1 .'."-'.'? t'o'M '1 f I I .
Sj.-el -lili. V -..rds ,v. II,
.in. , .f. ; '...I -S
i i: i ily a .ti j.leasiii)..
. . J
,:a b-i ; .Iii 1.
It I- a M. ItViX "f HKALiMi :i!i! HFI.I I F.
Simple, Sensibis, Direct,
Painless, Powerful.
It rrSir ::!l cl e fail-". A Itfvclri
tlon :i! 'l I'.e vilntp.ii ia Medici jr. Absoip
tien or tlii. ft i:i ', iiea!ii.:'. re ppo-oo lo uu-aT-Irfactery
ii. t' j - i:i iitedi.-i'-e-. Se-ei f -r our
H'eali-e ) Ki.i ley ti'iiipt"- . it'ee. s: ,. ),y
ilni;:i:i t'. or :. by r..;.;!, "i r-e,. . t . . ' o .
yj. .tb!ie-.-- t,i lt ...t-lAu
Tb!-ii:!ie :;",. t., rrA rVn
).i-i.e I r vii i '.u jL.I L'.'k'.-' L -.!. .. Lii.i -
til" : ini" K t.t- '
nev I'ad. Ask . V. i'.'.t in- K-oe';.
I fvrjtJiii ral.o iJ.-TKOa i , 5Iicb.
Eojia is. , -rs. -s
M i Rrjy
If. I s&
fa f. I
ft f 'vt ts?f -r.ccs . . . - H
'$ Vilbracir.-. IVy r: cs. ' i
';-?6 5 Cisihit-ij. L xts.i--. v:-3,
Marc?8, l?..-..
irilces. t:u,..-, : -::;!
?KVr4 tserta, ir.-rr-, ir-, j
lT?f-i!,9 of sy ti ; -:: t: ay )
f lp-p-l r:c-;aru-.-. - .: j
.s:?-;j.; q lig-itict.a fj t--y. iv-.t- 1
U Kont jcmcry Wr.rd & ;'
Zir&m H Co..il27& 229 Wa-J
Efc-fij bash av., Cl.icasc,
ir-.fts f - -s- . -. Ji
&i A m i
For Sale.
Lots 1. 2. 4, 7 and 8 in block 8.
'Lota ', 0, 7 and 8 in block 14.
Lois 1. 2, a, 4,5, C, 7 and 8 in block 18.
Lots I. 1, :;. (!, 7 and 8 in block ID.
In Young & IIas addition at a bar
gain. llUCitiS & III!. I.,
ol!t3 Omaha, Neb.
A Load of Oat M ratl
in pood condition wanted at the IIkii
AI.L Otlice.
(la iiitltllitil .li hM - .
. U.tfvloAj la, VauM. Im. iiidkHtnaMHSna
Probate Notice.
In the iniiltrr of Pit cstale "f .lolin tMeiiimoiis,
Notice N herrliy iveti, to nil peisntii having
elui:tiH ;tu.ii;:st tl.e est.ite ef J.ilt i t'lemmmis,
deeea-eil. til hie I tie s uile oil er before 111) 7t II
day of .lime. A. II. lssi. in the nilice of Hie
t'oiml v Jinle, at l'lal ;snuuilli. l ass eoiuity,
NeUt ;i-k.i.
A. N. Si l.l ty an, i o. Jiiili;e.
riattsmoittli, I'-e. 1. Issii. 37i..
Notice is li reby i;ien that tlie eopartneisliip
heretoloie eiim between .I.M. yyaleiinaii
ami It. is. lfain-e . uiidei- tlie linn name of V. a,
n i man .V llainscy, is by miiuial consent this
day dissolved All debts aine the f;mi llilil
In it - lie tied itli ell lieiof t lie uti lerMnedoii
or bt'iore .laiiiiarv lst.I--l. Ail deln s due frmn
tlie isild Iii in will be settled bv .1. M. yValer-
lil.lll, .bill.V M. yy A I hl'.M AN,
1!. S. l; MsK .
I.ouisv ille. Neb., November Mil, Isni. 3it3
Guardian's Sale.
Notiep is hereby nivrn thai piiKii.iut to a tit
creta! ol der ot sa'.c uiade by I lie I Ht i let t'onrt
ot : t'ass eiiunly . Nebia-ka. at Ibe November
ter ii. A. II. issii, t!iat I will sell al public ven
due lo the bij; lest bid.lei. at the souili door of
I he otirt lloiise. ii; 'i ii tsiiiont h t ii v, iir said
I'ouiity. on the :i; !i day of fieeembcr. A. I.
ISSii. a t one o'cbick p. iu. iu t.aid tiat . all Ihe
unlit, title and interest of I- lank and Audiew
Keil 1 lell. liiiimr hell- of Joseph Ilellliell de
i'i'iim'iI, in and I tf the bd It, win;4 described pri'in -ises.
situated in l'l.iti-.tnout h t'lty, t'ass itiun
tv. Nelira-ka. lo-n il : Iois ca;!if isi an.l nine
tut in block foil y seven tIT) aci niiln to the
recorded plat of said city. Sale in remain ejifii
for bids for one hour.
;',7t.t (J KoKiiit S.-iioi M A v. (inaitliaii.
Notice for Publication.
I.asi bivn'K at l.ivi'iii.x, Nni , i
Novemiiel '.). Itsn. (
Notice i hereby uiven that Ihe follouinu
named settler Has li:e noiieeof his intent :t,n
ti make pn.. m sa;inirt ot Ins calm, .tad said piool will oe inula l e.ore the t'lerk e-f
I tie 1 1 1 si r n -1 I oil 1 1 il i.'ass t 'o. . Nebraska, a I o is
otlice In l'lal I -mull! II. I lie t oilut v Seat ot said
count y . on he n Ii day of .laiiu.uv, lsl. viz:
y liu. tin A. It. Ilieks, h im,'iea-l applu-a! ion
No. I ds! for t li" ouiliea-l qu 11 ter (s c 4 1 .out li
west ipiai ter (s w section 1 on ty-bnii 1 ve .Hi
town thirteen . 1 j j north nl rane l-eve tl'l
IK" uaines the following withees to prfive
bi- c uiituiious rcMdei.ce unoii. and cuPivaliiih
of. sai-1 laud. vi. : Aiiuiel Moltliuan. el 1 laits
laouili. I ass cum y. Neb. ;.lno. K. Haines, of
l'lal l--ii.eul it. 1 'a" ci hi ui y. Neo. ; I ' rus I refin
er, of I oilar 1 reek, t'.im "count . Neb. : A tub ew
Sybert. ol t'edar I'lfe,;. t' :,- s county , .'tel.
;b'ti J. II. .1I1 limii.1.1!, Kruistcr.
Probate Notice.
NoMec 's h'-reliv 'i en 1 i.a' Mrs. I,oeke A.
I 1, in;., ;:!;. 1 has r,,,-il an lie-: 1 nun 111 111 w 1 1 1 1 1
Willi ;::e ulidcr-uiicd I ouaiy , .Ituinc. wuuai
and 1 -. ' is-, c.-iiui v . Neb. as., a. pal in.n 111 10
oe I lie 1,11 ir, ami n-st anient ol l'l .1.1K I', t nil -iiU
KiiaM. ib i 1 a and il is or,l"ri l thai all
pei-.oi- lull le-lcd 111 s.,i lu.-.t:cl tie not. lied b
imi'iu .1 iiui 111 ii.e Ni.i:i;-kv lli.iiAiti. ii
v, cel. I 11" v. i:l 1 ;c, ot -i-iicl ,. i ell clia I loll In s.til.
cilt.iii-. Di'I.iiV.' .vi'i-,. il t p:c-
te.; 111 -. t be a; n day o. .laut;..ty . A. ii. lsl. ami Iia ae . 1 1 oi .1.1 caa-e be ...a mr ,:,,
o'eioeK '. 1.1. "1. sain tin . ,ll I lie ol.i'-e of I l.f
I cuety .lia:,.-. j,-. I i..t . -Vim.i n i at wliiej,
lime a ..It piace a i i pe I -i , s I ! i ere I cd III 1 y ai-
pear and show c.i.-e. li ai.y li.ey nave. wu
said iusi rti neat in writing .ci-ii 1 o iateii as
Ihevab-i :inl t na. tie i.,si will aiei Icsi.tutei.i
ot s.tid in ccseii, aa-l .eimi.led In rr.ihale.
;t;i.f A. N. M 111, s . i ... .iiel-e
l.y virtu o! t i. orr or Sale issued by yy . t'.
Sao w a 1 i er. i b-rk ot li.e U striei t om t ' it inn
iiud lor I a-s i 'oini i v Nebta-ka. and to lur tli
ret ictl. 1 tviil, on I uesiiay. the till day of .l.iu
ii. try, A. I. 1 - 3 : . a I aj o'clocU il. in. of said day.
lit the soti: n tiooi o! t lie t tiitrt Itou- e in said
county, sell al public atc-mui tie loilow de
seiibe.i iral t stale, io-wii : The uoiihrttsi
ipi.u ler ( ne'i i iiud I tie soul w est quarter i sw 1 1
ol seel ion ii1. mi In r I iiree in t iisiiip Luiniii-i
I wele 1 1. 1 1101 i Ii of ran Lie nmnoer I1..1 icea 1 l.i ;
also b.l 111iit1i1ertl11t ami the sitlli tl -east
ijaiirter ( -e '-4 ) ot t io1 soul h est ipi.'.rier t .w
of sect ion liu 111 bef-1 iiirt y -lour 1 14 1 ill toV 11 11 11111
her I I1I1 leen ( l.'b Ion I It of number Ihll -tecn
t I n. nits 1 ci ii r. M. ; ail lyie ami beiu
si: uaied in as- t a.. Neiir.tsita : toet iter w ith
lie appui ienanct s lheieiiuto iebiii'-;in. '1 l:e
s.ini.s b. lii li-vii 11 upon airtl taken lis I lot piop
ert y ot .1 .immi ti. Mil a r ami Mary I. Miilt r. tle
lemlaiiis. .P. I lit- miii of .1.11-0 it l.tevt-r ie:ait,i
s.tnl tb f.-itoaii'.s. in tat Oistru-t t'''iit 01 fa.
eiiiiat y. Neb. a-k.t.i bi s i: i ,y a jail-nictit and
dee ret- . f s.ii.l In iriet I'm 11;.. rcieb-rel in l.-.t 01
of said .laeoa l.cfcver. and aaiasi saitl .1 as,.i.
ti. Miib'r and ylarv P. Milier. at Apin leini iii
sa.d District 'ourf, A. 1). ' 7.s.
I'iitUMiioiitli. In c. 1st, A. i. lis' 1.
t.;t.y it. v 11 i"" ''"
Ptoacl Notice.
T'"il! it'll i.M ' in '7 I '''m:
I he eiiuea.ssi-.i.ei' iippoiutt d to lot ,Ve a road
Co aincnciii at Son t ii p.a-i coi aer il Noil .
ivtsi .-i-i'.iini I:;. I'o'.Ml i. b.ll'e 11 Itllillllt
liiciiir Nolltl one n.ile tt llniliat tll at llr
So itu i:.tst c.'i io r of Nortli l-.a-t i of Nir h
Vy f st '-4 .sect ton it. low ii 1J : tue i.t.aiso liu
vacal it-li of it I'tll'bc lbiad eoniua-ii.-;ii at ill
S-uiili I- ii -t coi i! r of Soul li yt esi !i of .Sunn.
V.tsl "T -. ilai i I. I'toMi l.aiie IA t lieut-i
Noitli V "1 a tu:;e to iiieSn,,th I. a I coi' f
Nul l il A'e-t i of N or i Ii W -t ' ol said Sect iot
II. i o.v.i 1 J. il i:..o 1 I ha- rcpoi led in favor n:
tiiN -otalion .ititt vaeaiittn t Pereol , ami all ob
j' i ! ions t le-i i'I.i oi- claims ior damages, i.tu-t b.-li'tl-t
iii ! li" '. '(.in.; v l ti i K"- ollice. on or , -ton
Ini'iii n.i Hie i'l .I n nl February A. D. isi. ot
such road yvll '" ,.-;,fd viicatetl it itnou'.
ifieicnce ilieitito.
it. la .1. 1. Ti rr. t'oanly Clerk.
Mortgage Sale.
Drfuuii lia ltTi ir;iIt in th ciitil i t i.m
of ;i K't'i i .tin 1 ? ' 1 1 i t ! n.n; ;iut. lim-itx i -mm
er f f :i U I nt it'll rtnii a: iu tl !); (iff him
n; iai iw. fTiUcl l.y I'. "u.jv;itk
I'L.i i-inti:! U. N.'ijiMK.) . l.t .In! i 'i l-'ii ;;! iJil oi
l.i ji'-"? i:. Nt-t't'.t-.ixJt. oil 1 ini . i t ii 1 i nl i'ii. .
A . Ii. i .--. .vi 1 r-.rm - if. I on tin- 7i li'd i An
i:ti-t.A. lTi- ... at hi a. m.. t- t- .i. f lit
iir'UM' it mil''l iloll tj. .- Im li -m iih.v
ii(vainl ininai'l. nini ho iiMri'rItn-; lia!in
In e.i iiot! il t.t .-J at 1 i .v or in - 1 1 j i i y to c.-lii'i
l lit fain', ."-nit I in- n will it fticil: vti h
a iUidf tli tintU. an-l 1 1 .tiii'in-p-
U'r-fniMil . ; tlM MM" rMMII lltirt IH'I l-
ti . l.y .iit-tj.ii Mf . ;! 1 iw (mi; ol Ma.'
l it 't . in i ; h 1 1 y t I'i.i' l siihhii 1 1 . mi the
dav tl ! -i- M!i.-i, at t a .t't !t :c i;i (lie for-
no ol i: i , Sail j T'iM'i IV J t ! i -.-(: jS
nl ;h 1 Im I. ! . 1 - i: iii. oif. v. ni. In pit,
aioi Iho -of if. i ;i 'nl .m-. :ih I lirru
iss I- ! l I h ti "' ifi;tl! -i,i:;il it to s.iit Joi; t.
i i I. I -t im : -I'a-i'i.
1 i.iti-.i Nov IT; ti. i vn .
.! ;i I 1 1 fi: M r t
.Mlt i;'!. .):.I'T;i.N,.M.'i I- I" Ii- l'ilr.
Guardian's Sale.
icr- p icr. -1 e-t 1 1, a I in pur-lt-ti"-e td .:
i Is la! der " : .. a i' Moll . It P'-'.t.U.
.!,: ..! ..s ,,. i l ..- i;. .M ,.ti fl
ic.!, ill ' . - I ' Ot : - . . N i . I :..! tile . tin -ti
-: : . t 1 I I -t. oil I il. i . i ': e l-.l a ti : '.
tl :l . . 'A - . i . t! ; S- , ; :t 1 I V. I "f Is .
W ' !-. . . ' r. y. I !--n:.i:i "1:1 ib a
. t '..I.- e i r; ..oil -e. t.t . . : t-iil .11.. I. e. . : -l
. . . . i-!:. .- k ..!.".(!': i. ill ' t Io ' 'i ! t' l: a.
!.: t.i ..ti . .;': r . ; i p'o.lie l. t I ."
t" I I'-- 1.- :. ':.: '. i ' ... I' .. r e .sil. i:!i ! ..
I I : . I . : i : 1 .:'. -1 i.t 1 ol .ll.:lll'- '..I..!:... I; -
itu!. ! I a-t t , i . N In :t - .i. 1 1 1 an.l 1 r
lel'.ey -iiu .. 1 ;: i ' i:-. r.i-vwi ;
u ol vitl-.l "ii'--e- ,i : "I i ae Sol ; a 1. isi ju 1 1
ter .if s, "i : i,,',,: . ;, t t.s: 1 1 . S.t;.! .i
l-.isi tpi li-.-r ol i lie N..I ; It We -I iu.lfl er "1 .ff
ti..!) 1 tte.liy-eU'.lt I'J. io l.t.-. U-hip ll'l'lvr
N t'l ! t lla.-e 1 1. it i -. 1 1 1- r. I -1 o: ui li 1. . 1 .
i:i fas- I'l.eiiiy N. iti-.ijA.:. be n. lati'ly-live
acres, iiio. or e----
.I.yi'DH V I I.K'rV. Cuardi ai
of the unison :tud rsta.e ol r.iiiiuie Ail.iiii--,
I lot.
Saul s it v. ill rem .in op-i, for I lei space
ti.t. hour
;i.;;i " V. S. yVi-;'. A.l'y for I la'e
Lstray iio.tice
Taken no bv ta - lib-tct i't -r, oe.r-half mile
f-lltil of yVeetiii.i Water, nil the .l day of '
tub. r. oae lull! i or. il e .i'iil! z Itelier. I he
ii y.p . is If. i-.-pt. '-it lo ctaie lory rl.
lr. e pi' ,' t-.y. pay i'i. :;-". :.:::l t tXe io'i
a.:.", S. '.. (':i.ll'.P.
iitcf bv Ai;--'l.l'i li
.a. uro s A'iv
s s.: a iusi; t;i:s.
i !!iotr oiss:asi:s.
' a I fi Clr; I it lit I i iinh'f v
It Jrlv into tlr sy leiii curative;
and he-tiit 'Z la-'ti iein-'s.
I! Ilmwi f"l(ii the :i-.-iisc.l pa ls
mi-Oii- that erptse ilc.uJi.
I liou-amls tt-tify to il- virfitt .'t de-pitlr it alii yn'.i havesii! till-Sensible.
Fa-i'rv applied anil It.idtrally HHertaul
S.'ltl l'V Mr ' -'is. or '.it l.y mail ou receipt
I of pri e. l.y
ti..'M: iiral Uillj W-l iTt b3.,
1 ,.nr t..u.r .
!brc Mil
li'ta.s -j Veur,
AVilMarn I'! irk .
t.liOlT. Jflcit.
3n lo l.ii-.' to J'.' sinpn
I'livuos ri.a up. l';ii'-!t
In . A'l. I'ess I Mil if I K
ieill . y tSlillt . l.tll N .1
WANTtD-To cure a case .r i yi.w.i.t n
each livlllbolhaod. Willi IT. U i:-li I s
Kfiitt-tlv, to iitirtttliice il. rtaatpie fit c,
'1 ii.ioN. I'liiisbuiu.jrv ' t t
Per tiiouth. diiniel Yr. ami Wpilei-. iu ev
il erv coiuitv. liilmeftkiig ami valuable ni
luiiua.11011. uiih fall 1 ml leiil.irs. lree. Addiest,
alonee. .1. f. Mefl lilV ii ''.. r I.ouis. Mo,
HJuropo ana aihomo. v;
a tears evpenfnce In the M'eret .-en i it,'
elcbiated Delt olives. In all pal ts of i he e ..I'd
fid octavn patjes, la lull p i ;e 'iir, - viu ;s. .i
n ires iit-,1 oe illiisir.t'ed bo. tit . hy'rt u
iluecuieiits oli -reil. I'or lenns iol lr' -s .1. ji.
IU liu & I'ti. ilariront. i' t hi ii;". 1'K
Nkw ami vKitv Attii ycrivr. styi.i:n mik
1 KiV rynivtr i: i m:.
JlAtlO.t , l.Oll III. li N lit lll"n t ii.
. ! Inner of l.l-:ln-t ' i i , -
AN B 'lion ill ki Ki;y miin.i''ii.
- Il I hi I lo lui. 1 il i e i i i v
HI II I tUmBi. IViee-. :.. .. t.
. a. "A 1 4 1 .1 , .si. nits, to s-,i un, to , i, , j
;Koreay pay ii.ft.t. ' t
ml i t V s iiuarter and tip. "' :
o..ic. free. MA-1 ,
; II AM UN !: N ' . i i
Tretnont St.. luisitiN j Iii I'a-t Mill i t ,a
Stpiare. N HV tl;Ki 1W Miiln.s.'i Air.,1 ill
tn ii I n I n
3 m u.r .'
1 hi 1 V B U ki La
Abrilllnnt I , l-rinn : In - 1 i -i.
laiiifiiHtf ettftni'MHl I i ' a. ..! 1 St.
wlarKir:n tst i.,., iii... ci i hi t'h .i tlr- 1 1 t a
gtn4 WtniNii. Fi-tf.U:'lv mm i t
Ii . m liJor4ilir Imliitn i rl1:
V,.U.ilwV LAi, l -.Ui; i.. ' . , i
DIIUO'X, I'M NTS, (U.:, XT' ,
in general.
Dr DariiniT Is alo a riactisin". Ph It 'an :r ,1
can nlway-i be found at hi- lM-'e 'a
the Dnu store,
hpeeiiil iitleiitlon p;ti I I i
OliSTEltlCAL f'.A VA'.S. Cii.i .
"hotel, city" noifiL
ri.A i isMtu i n. n i.n.
First elii-H l.'iiliii Kooiiis.
First (.'lass Hoar-1: bit.
Ui crl - .11 ap'.c j: '
I. vert tli.ti niai eveiy ioitif,!l
AiiHul l.olcl ran Furt'I.:
Also, Hood Wine., (looii bci-i-. 'Li. .t' ! ; i'
(iood l.ctnnuatle, t it I ( i,:..t -,
Kept at. the City V-i
Illy I"i:i:i). ;iit.-f l'i..pri. .or.
Retail Liiqii:r Dealer,
l'l. A'l IsMiH TM. ... . s ; :.
IhlliM'l Hall iiral Sa! .on i n I-Mim .-',. ! . 'jar
tlttol" llt'lll SlM'l lit Ni -. il'"
()!tl ).lil"0.
j:i:sr .M.V'.V OFL'IU.IR::, .. LS,
IV7.V .S. tf C.
Stt-iiMiiaber ti.e r ikI I- i.
James Grace.
dealer "1
cQt;itcbc5, Clocks, Idyeltu,
Wei Ware, Toys, -;ri
31usicnl I nst rum; iits
r.ii'ticulal attci'.tion paitl to i! Tit p. !t if Ft.ei
Mam, neat t-iuii lh S; ret I, v' I ' -
I'l.irrsii js 1 38. - - ?:;s.
- AT -
Eight Mile Grove, Kt h.
-1: v
II:ivi::'il a New ;-t .o- :..'.
I t-;t I! ,o o .il ..i.i io in v -si.M-W , o -l a
'.';iou i l my lih'ii- . ,t ifj ;in
J iiImh' in ' - 1
Dry Goods, Sneer" cz
Tinware Woo Ua ware,
::.iil JMitra1 (i-a is i; rl
I'll 1 1 It till A " 'I'll'StOif: I , e ;'"'.'
i Is- trii i c.
.illy WAt-T! 1' .il N.'-r r.
R03Ei r DJriELLr '
IV'.-.v . Jilt.':;, M'lehinr mr? Vv:"
pairin:, I'lht ua ' j .
I am noyy ,u epai eti to tlo a!i k a an- .( r ; ".,.1,;
III l.irin iir. if ..lilt r III. l'l, 1 ,, I y. 4,: l,.-;e
i" a pl'i'l i-'JIie III mt -l.i.p.
ricrn:: itAUkw,
i' he old Reliable Waou T,Tr:3ir
III- t.tuea til.irt' of the v. i, .".,T h'.-rj.
lie is -Vt 11 kll.l'.y II iVH a
NO. I V.'II:'!M W.
TV "i't liVKirilt. Ulltl fti..t. :, ! ';.:::-
S VI !SFA I KIN ill AKAM lab.
hop on si . ; I, st i.- t ontoii'i- ft'rclt 1,1 's .a.
J. . OA rvlPB . "
( an b" to :i.. a: ,e t.l-.i
HoulaiKl Blacks. i! t!i HI- v,
Col't. I ..t Vil.e .1"! M,!!l . I-.
: fl 1 1 -.tfM.u I !i, - - ..'tt: :'-..'.
Z .1'"
He .io ai; ui..'i-1.;
.:.';. v y.
i i:x i: ha l ; ; r.a ; i ;, ;
in 111' 'I'l.e ftjll'.iu iu; l.rc ;i ; ,.:'( . r
Horse. .'i'j iu;, nan siting ') , 't thij XhofX . . ... ...' "
I 'loirs XUarH II' 'I "
Slior Is pniiiL - f. p r S'-t. '. " li I
11 ..-'v ".- ,fv ij ,t,. f .i
If,, j-ru-it.'.'s n to orK in a . .,.:!;.!;:,
In t!i::c r,
AND (ilVK A I'lsi'Ai : ;o;
; -s . ; ,.?..
Is c.-a-l: fletl by an :.i-ai-i':' e.: ae I
siicee-sli:! le-telr-r I u t :u"I i oi 'a. - ;.ral
- 11':, :'l i- i I roil I l .1 i'1't.T til-. I ,! w.' " . T. . . I
t eu'a, . t i ar.t i l-o-.-s..
I f ' l 'l 'SI ""' 'T. "
r5 J.f
v r 1
- r' i ' .4 f r
zi Ml
Y. y
(.'. .' i -l s.
. r - "
t.t, -- - - ,V
iau lift fi t-i.:. - -
,Wf0A!E TREAT&:Tf.
j7i A crUin care for K,
' f ltUllliJ rA- I i I I I I 'i s i-'
-tciisji' nos, Impotvico, r vc
ti Hnpeii.d iu my ws- '.ico fi.r il -
-'' arllJp.latrlteibfckoJO-tl tr'vln t.V,
-i Jttns foraclf trratinetit, (H'nt ffoi", Ji -"
. s. .