Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 11, 1880, Image 2

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v -
The Herald;
P-Tfion't the Jf . Y. Sun go fer John
Burt County is clear in the east
5 ' - "
f .ao north we mean.
pocs to congress anyway.
- Cuming Co. went republican too,
for the tlrst time in several years.
' "Boxes and Securities ef all kinds
went up. took a rise after 'lection,
scold you so.
J''iiiestlons-kf the hour wheth
"..lifornia is republican, and Wells,
Saline is elected?
1 Why do we lauh ? Sunset Cor.
v To think what an ass B u num &ile
' e-f himself for a few muled.
( ' '.CoitKELL made it, so did Bro. Turn
r ftr of the Columbus Journal. Erasmus,
I i Lag you at Lincoln.
! 5at deal cf labor has been
- WastetTthis caiupaiga to prove that
dack was wmie once, jtre u'ssk we
- ' mean.
J I 1
VVTf.'ue Hatty at ofn Home."
.See the Advertisement under this
heading, and note the very co i lea
ions for Lfing happy.
Douglas Co. sends two democratic
senators mid two representatives of
same persuasion. The other seven
areTTiJii'jl.'ia republicans.
.The '.obe Democrat says tlis deui-
. . """ irty is like the devil. It will
l' !"1'I::iml even this daf.-vit will
" Doii-ie t from existence,
giving -
or the firand Island J lmes.
ioth ' iat ,,oy t!iriti ,s;pt lu,,eyi'
nted to spread himself, and hi:
vi" aftr ""lection" covers al
j J r jLhe emit 9 editorial pa.ze.
,s " ':k are, indeed, three parties, the
Vk'an, the Democrat ie, and the
' Aml the peoplo generally at
' f the matter of keeping the Dem
tfron getting into power. Item.
f 3fcn La a
S'tl !ix the
.aaer, who is a democrat, says
le republicans next time. He
Vj ;n:il vote their ticket. Dan never vot
' . f I ed for a nan in his life who was elect-
' ed. Jlrre too. Col. ifquain.
j Wk have received another letter in
answer to tlie Liverpool coinm:uica
tun from Haiti lic-nland. As it h:.s
. no name signed we cannot demit t from
J ur established rules bv nubiishin it.
Msuppe it will now be n frd r
, f- ior the republicans to hold a roarinjr
ratification meeting. Don't do it, boys!
God ;;sows we "feel bad enough al
' toady. "Xevc- kick a man when be is
. - .
. ,-Tx iluvs after Hectuui n. less tlmn
ji'-h- different cabinets had been .-
' Jfftuctod for Gen. umtield. It s no
- (.boys, for the- future president has
'' written us piiviUely that- nothing will
. be done iu this matter till be Sire the
('as C. delej;atiii.
Rktout says the itcnio. r.t; ic paity
li!w rr.-nirt tr h lb and the Methodist
r' '
brethren say "Home at !ad."
"cs.Mr. Democrat, tv.vl you try to
uper with that electoral vote in
J .ew York and you wuii't bave to
iieave this Hernispheie to find fut what
' hll means in earnest.
If anybody says Cass county .lidu t
have a lively campaign, an 1 didr't :o
herself proud, and the box s didn't get
out and the committee didn't work
this time, shoot him on the spot. We
say they did. 3-300 is pretty fair, but
w haven't got a full vole yet, strange
as it may seem.
Ex-sJi:xatok Hitchcock seems to
be veiy prominently mentioned as a
i-hai)l candidate for Secretary of
.the Interior. Certainly this great
v;rst, where we pile upsn many repub
lican votes, deserves one cabinet rill
-er. and moreover, a man who has liv-
-id grow n up with this country
8 its heeds and cajabilities better
tne whe has no personal kaowl-
e of the United .states west of the
.u ississippi river.
If we had the power W.ide Uiim
ton claimed, and cauld cast tho solid
Tote of the south, we would say to tlie
president of tlie V. S. Senate next
March "One hundred and thirty-eight
elid votes for Garfield and Arthur."
That would show the world where the
south really stood, that would stop
sectional clamor, that would stop the
talk ef the tail wagging the dog that
would mean peace, prosperity, and a
.united country for the future; but
Y4Ide Hampton style of man
ver ill a sensible thing yet in poll
- TBElllowing we clip from a Black
Hil .s r?r; we also are in receipt of
lama'card from Mr. Me.M., saying
... ........ i. :.. ..('...I'o I -....1"
w ' iat ne nopas io ic i i,ri1
eforelong, and rejoicing over the
, dorior.s election news:
J '-fetyx," in the absence of our eii e
rT. reporter necessarily absent informs
f H.t. the McMakeu mica mine is, b-
I ' (liuniiunt. as cood. if not the best
I ;ing personal property in the South-
errl UUls. for the amount of capital
..t- . .1 nti , :ivfr I lull
- vjitcs pu. ii r i . ....... v - - ... - - -
he fact stated is a iact. Jir. yic.MaW-
1 cannot now till his tele-.-raphic or
I t "oairsTfo"iu"astein centres of meic;in
I t r f.le deinand, to say nothing of home
f cenmmptiou so to speak in Chica-
go and St. Louis
sv Fok twenty years the democratic
Varty has been advancing the old
4stis for they. are the ancient ideas,
v dotbed ii different language. For
"twears the ilemocratic party hae
a-Viil itself up irom theground
', , "l!egrically, "lifting itself
seat Of its pants to ue
-y knocked down again by it
cr'agouist. There aie a great
tl mocrass who are bexinnin? to
ed of th's sort of thing. It is
a,iu in the words of the pot"Too
itoeeus, you know." Let us
iVesfith new mee and new meas
t.t; bvii shake off the fossilized
ide r.c wll ,ive 9I,1J U1 t,ie mpm
lrew Jacksm and llartin
-. , " new do;il nU
: Old Ureas breatiiw.-.4ia
U j desce'iiling rain lat '
'.'t :unJ turned it to suow
V i -.... J ,n irv
Central Couiiuittee .Matters.
s I do not like a loose way of do
lus business, I wish to state that after
calling a meeting of the G. & A. Club
and town central committee, and get-
img four persons out to hoar my re
port, I have had Mr. Newell, the fcec
retary, appointed by the Cemmittee,
examine my accounts and expendi
tures, and below give his Teucher fer
the manner in which the business that
passed through my hands lias been
conducted. To stop feolish gossip I de
sire to say that no money lias been re
ceived in this County from tho .State
Central Committee, but that myself,
with other good friends of the cause,
have made up the deficiency over and
above what the Central Committee
funds proper furnished; and thaterery
bill we as a Committee wer in any
way responsible fer, is paid.
As I do not expect the Cemmitteo
want to assemble now, I will ajso have
.Mr. liicbaidsou examine these ac
counts and certify to them.
Jxo. A. MacMukpiit,
Chairman Ctntial Committee.
1 have this day examined the ac
counts, expenditures aid Touciifia of
Jno. A. MacMurphy, Chairman cK" the
lfepublican County Central Commit
tee, and li i id that he has kpt an accu
rate account of the money tliat passed
through his bauds as Chairman ot s.iid
Coimnitttee and contributions frnnt
other sources, and tbnl the same is
satisfactory, and that all accounts the
Cuuuuittee have been responsible lor,
either directly or indirectly, have b?en
paid by Mr. a acMurphy, the sum total
overrunning by a good many dollars
all the money he has receive! from the
CoMimit.te, or other doners in the
County. Wji. II. Xkwkll, Scc'y.
I'lattsmouth. Neb, Nov. 10,
The latest and seemingly most relia
ble estimate of the result gives Gar
fit Id 210 and Hancock 0 ve'.us in the
electoral college.
California gives Hancock a slight
majority on electoral vote, except fer
Terry (.the man that shot Da v. Urnd
trick yrats ago) and he was tut by his
own party so that we get one elector
there, ami the legislature will be 10
republican majority n joint ballot.
The estimates now at hand give
Garfield !,000 popular m ijoiity.
si s mi nil r rnn n
Ckdai; llr.v, Nov. !.
Ed. IIi:rai.i: I haw always voted
the straight demoeratii' ticket until
last Tuesday, when I v.''ed f -i G ir-
tiel.l and Arthur, bocansn I wa. -t d
let well entub alour. Did I
wrong V
Not much, Maiiann! It will
t-d.ted io your favor on the day
riaibiriii-, Ac,
lib. YVo have consi. b red "what L'
;i;:.l .lai K.-on woiii'l do II t.iev v.i ie
iiiie,' and have de e! mined to employ
;r I'Cm energies in jtreventing the
seizure ii the national i; ivciiiinuiit !
tlieir living cutoiades thioagu the
au.Ls if a ".-did sou!!!."
That's the t i in- ;. platform
meant lor
more than a place to g
. t in
. and
unl out on. S).l) i
t.- or ov
coliSi'ieH'tl tins loin;
in t!ii-i -'at
" i!l Is moie
ioiira eU upon tho.
w here, nd vou b-ir
the verdict.
i)s;T!5 a i ii:: polls.
iLe Pii'ver ef an A.( .1 :-n (irantetl
to the i.e!t: r.
An age.! ii;;r.. named Alny, who io
a itsideiit ol ijiookixi:, an iiiiuoin
sii'ou: ii, had l'ruiueully explessed tiie
ho,e t he luii.dit live long enough
to vote lVr GalBeld. '11. is old mail
was very feeble and likely to die a;
any time, so that bis friends fearrd he
would not be able to realize his desire.
Election day came around, bright and
balmy, and found old Alby still a ten
ant of this muiidamo sphere. Nobody
was more ekf ud than the old man, and
a-.;. ted by .-evera! friends he tottered
to the on!v pulling place in the town.
All waiting
tlieir turn, kindly an-.! '
promptly made way and gave him pie
eedence." Alby bad ids ticket ready
and stepping up to the window jzave
his n ime. t he ballot was received by
the judges, duly marked and deposited
in the box. Satisfying himself that
his villi; had been proberly registered
and dispo.-e.l of, Alby turned away to
go home, but before be had made a
half do.en steps he suddenly staggered
reeled and fell. The by-slanders, sup
posing that be bad accidentally fa!b n.
i uslie.l to his assistance, but tlie tirr
clance showed them that he was de ck
his on" hopo had been fulfilled, and lie
passed an ay, peace fully, bis fealty to
his party strong even in dfath.
Hi uiiblicaiis in i' :igress. j
WASiiiNiiTos, Nov. !. -At- tho re-j
pubiiean headquarter.- the following!
is ligured :is the republican gains and j
l.i.-sas iu congressmen: j
Republican gains--Massachusetts 1, !
Mo.ise; Virginia 1, Cuod; Nr: h Car- !
clina 1, Ketchum ; Tennesse" Z. 'fay lor,
Yriing and Atkin: Alabama 2. 'lid and
4;h districts; Louisiana 1, Darrell; Io
wa 3, Gillette and We;iver; Minnesota,
1 ; Wiseonsinl. Bouck; ?vlissuri 2;
Pennsj lviinia u. Scranton. Jiarniim and
Decanip; West Virgiuiii 1; Kentucky
2, lth and KUh districts; Illinois 1.
Total. 22. New York :!; Nevada 1.
Tbp folSoiving are the figures iu tka
se.iate: In tf e prcsen sen iite Hie re
publicans have Zi. They lost Bruce
iu Mississippi, but gained one each in
Connecticut. Pennsylvania, New York.
Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and New
Jersey. Total. o'J. The republicans
have apparently lost mie in Nevada
and Cadfornia' which, if true, will
make the total UT. The democrats
leive 31). but in tlie event or Maunno
acting wi.h the republicans there
be a tie. which gives tne vice tursi-
U nif.. t lie v ce lil'rsi-
dent thu casting vtde. At
eiatic headquarters they have not fig
ured up the gains and loss.
A I.B ANY, Nv. I. Ti e returns from
the assembly districts t hio'ighout t h"
state give the republicans a majoiity
ef -10. Thv have a m jiity in tl.e
seiiate o' IS, making a ivptibl -.can ma
jority of 53 mi joint ballot, which in
sures the election of a republican suc
cessor lo Francis Kernan.
Tin: voir in" nkw yorkcity.
Nkw York. Nov. 4. total vote
of this city was: ILiiicock. HT.Gt-.O;
(iajiiel.l. 7S.S"iS: Hancock's niajerity.
HS.311. There are twenty-eight elec
tion districts missing, w hich, howev
er, wiii effect the majority not more
than 200. It is estimated by politi
cians here that Garfield's majority will
vary little from 23.000. Tildeu's
majority in 1.S70 was "2.7 !2. The ex j
citement over the mayoralty contest j
in this city has somen hat- subsided,
now that it is detinitely settled who is
elected. All the figures are in except
one election district, and John Kelly's
candidate has a majoiity of 3,201.
Ni:w Yor.K, Nov. 31 a. m. A
number of visitors went te Governor's
Island yesterday to pay their respects
to Gen. Hancock. He received them
cordially, but the subject of the late
election was not broached, as the Gen
eral seems assiduously to avoid any
conversation in regard te it." Tlie of
ficers sen I riband other fubarmants
, , . ...
v rbAv Itiivn not
S. Senator? Don't
We call attention to the new Ad.
and store of Walter Jinkins at Eiht
Mile Grove.
H'k call attention to tho Caning
Gov. Furnas has received from the
State Board of Agriculture. lie de
served it, if any man did.
Tin; County papers are a curiousity
this week. Every fellow illustrated
the victory acording to his own whim,
and eveiy variety of rooster, hen or
chicken with numerous outside cuts
appear to help the general- joyousness
The Big Lxcursinn.
Eighteen car-loads of excm sione.-ts
from 111. Ind. and the east cross
ed here yesterday, and 20 mere are ex
pected. They go to Lincoln, and else
where in the stato fer a visit.
California Safe.
S;jee 1 PiHatcli to the B.-e.
San Ei:ancis o, November 4. The
Itepnblicans claim Oregon by live hun
dred, and will not admit the pssihiliiy
of less than three hundred. Califor
nia shows s small majontv ler Car
tinlii, which will probably net be
creased by later returns. Republicans '
gain two ashemhh men by latest re-j
turns, which will give necessary num
ber to elect a senator to succeed
Bool P.
Uaisisg Cane !
Skckutaby's On n f, I'latts-
. mouth. New., Oct. 2't, ItS'J. J
Hun. It. W, Furnas. JSrnwitnllt, Neb.
Dkak Sir:"--I have 'he pleasure of
forwarding to you by express, nit!
this letter a cane w hich your fiiends
dasii e on to accept from thci.s; not
on account ol "Us iutiinsic north or
value," but as a token of their kind re
gard and esteem and as a slight we-
mmto of their appreciation of the val- j
uable services you hae rendered the
AgrumUmal aud llo, ticultu. al inter- !
e.-its of Nebraska in the twt nty-one
years yu have been connected witn
ur Si;it lioiird ol Agricu'iUii e as an
active member. We trust that in year
t ciiiiiP ou iay bed this cane as val
1 1 : 1 1 e to oiipptfii ail, and I'.jn-n which
i you r.a Un; in tfii.r declining yiars,
j a y. u have been a Mippni t to, and cno
j tijion v:!.viii ve l iivt beon aba- to de
pend in every ern rgency connected
with tin mateiial iireres s f Agricul-
I ure or Heriieu lure in our StaSe.
Tru.-tintr thai vou will accept this
twki n of r yard in tin sarni kindly
spirit i i i;i v.m, I am, oti behul f of t lie
donors, wince names are inscribed
tr:ci!i!i. Yoius faiibfully,
Danim. H. WiiKKi.r.i:,
Sec. Slat' B jardi of gr. of Neb.
Ibownvilb- Neb., Nov. 1, 'SO. S
l. . Whaler, Fq.. Se: Neb. .State
Ji- nrd ' Airi'-vitare. ."!!!:- 1 !;.ve the honor to ac
kriowled?" the leceipt of ouii' verv
c.'inpi!ineniar favrr ot the ','". h lilt.
ti-g'"ther with "b.p tken f kind re-g,-id
!id esteem" referred to, .ni esent-
by "ritlJMne:!
Hart in in, J. T. C
mo! f, It. Ilariit'ls,
M. Dnnliiim, Chris
ark son. J. P.. D.?;i
(i. W. E Dorse v. E.
KiiuiMV, A. Hum
te, l-'d Mclntyro iind
rembers o; the Nc-
N. Gren!l, .1. r .
p!ir-y, V. . Whit
y o;rs If. active n:i
braska S: a!. ibiai .
ot Au'iien' ore.
I be; to ;l:--oue my a '-'S:ci a: i -. Ilia!
t his muifet aiion fai Ib-ir pa. , is
Jiighiy appreciated ; !. h for intrinsic
wortii. and evi lence 1 rem thse in
tituatelv estgaued in the agricultural
weal of ! le ! .;'
f.jits ia that h
! 1'.
i my humnie
:i have been,
I !
l!,eni acceptable.
1 have endeavored t give to the ag
ricultural fiictor r.f Nebraska rpat jn
terest ncr a quait-r of a century d'
J th bet jrs id my life without tlie
! hone of fe1. r reward : i simple di
! I'liare rf eoneeivd duty, and lieciiuso
the labor, to me, has n pleasant and
in harmony wiih inherent inclination
. . i i
t-ainl lasia. inr wonuerini upeioii-
luent and advanrnient made and wit
!essel since my lirst connection with
tbt l.esrd actual t! ansit if:i from des
ert ta fruitful fish's, orc;;rds, gardens
and happy hemes has been gratifying
bevor.d power ot words lo express. If
I have rided in th" least, art linmcnts
so glorious, tho acbi-iveroents of tbem
fdes. in a common eauso and for a
common gno4, laoip than coinpfiisate.
I U ust others, more able, w ill take
my place and carry forward more ef
lecluallv and successfully, that Which
of all else must make Nebraska, agii
culturally. sscund to no ther state.
As secretary f the Hoard, las pleas
ed to convey to members my sincere
thanks for their kindly consideration,
together w ii h devout wishes for all
the future can bestow. With great re
spect. I am. Yours ti uly.
RolfT W. ftUNA
Nii e!y MMe-iiu SI our.
N ' N'el S i : o
There was :u"!id out from tho
Grant Locomotive Works iu Patterson,
N. J.. a few d ays -go. a new locrxnu
tive f peculiar cont i weticn intend-
eitferihe PiU.bnrg. E.irt Wayne
I hicago raiiioad. Eugene I'ontaim,
tin: inventor, claims iiia, this locomo
tive can be made to go ninety miles
an hour, while the m icliinery is run
no faster than that of an culinary lo
conifliive traveling at the rale of sixty
miles an hour. The machinery is all
on top of the boiler, instead of under
it. The di iving w heel rests on anoth
er wheel, which in turn rests on tlie
track. This lower wheel has two rims
one a foot smaller thaa the other. The
cuter rim touches the track, and the
innei or smaller rim supports tho
di iving wheel. The motion of the
driving wheel thus communicated is
magnified by this ai raugi-ment so that
the lower wheel turns one-third faster
than the driving wheel, and so the
I speed is increased. The smaller lim
I of the lower wheel bears to the larger
I - . ..: . . , 11.... .. .. .. ..
mil a leiaiion siuma: in iikii oi it ei
rim a
large hub to any wheel. Of course
j any rate of motion communicated to
! such a hub is greatly magnified at the
j periphery of the whe!. In the same
' way the motion of the driving wheel
'i in this case is magnified bv the pecu-
liar arrangement f the wherd it vests
u on. Mr. Fontaine believes th.t his
i locomotive, if it were not for the in
: crejised resisiiince of the air. could be
run at tbe rate of 170 miles an hour, i
j He expects it to make ninety miles an .
; hour easily. The machinery of the I
j new locomotive, which stood propped
i up on blocks, was put in motion on ;
i Saturday wit h satisfactory lesulls j
I Many r;i:lioad '.n'-n have visited it.
That V.!ar Croc!: Letter.
Er. Hnr.Ai.D: Having bad occasion
to return hom earlier than I oxpected
I can now answer tho letter pt'.dislirj
in the last issue of the ITerald. tinn
ed "II. Young." I am glad Mrs. or Miss
Young, as the c:up may be, rebuked ree
through th medium of your paper, as
she thought I so j ti 3 1 1 y deserved, as
perhaps I did not draw the line at the
lijht place. Still I do not retract any
thing I said in my hist commuoiea; ion
from England. Ali I said was true, a
I found it. - I konw there are many
hundreds of good Christian women in
Liverpool, as in every large cily. but
mv friend froia" Vdar f.-repk ntust 'l-car
,?cbJ not be nnfJTeld
Now wlio il be U.
all speak at once."
turning house I had a good opportuni
ty to see all kinds of society in Liver
pool, aud can safely say that what I
wrote was true, and also what "II.
Yeung" wrote in reply i3 true. I have
every reason to believe that "H.
Young" is a lady of sound sense and
good judgment, but she certainly dees
not know me, or she would not have
suggested the propiiety of me becom
ing a night mifsionary in Liverpool.
Hoping seme day to meet my friend
from Cedar CieeK so as to hare a food
laugh over our correspondence con
cerning the city of Livei jsool. I reoiain
Yours Truly,
Edwin Jeauy.
Greenwood, Neb., Nov. 8, lbSO.
From Uusbherry.
NOVF.MBEK 8, 1S80.
Ed. IltnAi.o: I start out by in
forming the peopls of Cass County
that we are still aliTe, and that we
had quite a lively time election day,
here in Elmwood, which showed since
that tho Republicans walked away
with the barn Is. We were glad to see
PI itlsmouth do her duty towards her
candidates, as theru wa a good deal of
talk out here that some of the candi
dates were not in favor of Plaits
inoulli's interest; that I'lattsmouth in-
j tenied to work against their interrst,
but we were mistaken. Never mind,
we will return the compliment.
We have (juitu a spicy Lyceum here
cverv Thursday night; all the folks
take an interest in it, to- judge from
the way they turn out. had quite
a debate en Foreign Immigration, Kve
land and Thompson opposing parties;
the judges, M- Cavey ;;nd W. Buster.
It was decided in favor of Thompson,
the affirmative, favoring immigration.
The other gentleman did noblv, but
the strong sido was against him.
We are having ijuiie a large num
ber of marriages heie th s fall; till the
young folks seers to be on the marry,
tx(.e,)t William Ragos; and
, .. ,. . .
l'on,, t!lI,";1"r-' " 1
when he is
to ask him
if the riddies ars full. The fanners are
all busy gathering eoi n.
I expect Mr. H.rtignm is traveling
tor Mr. Parker, of Lincoln, selling
tomhsionfis, by this time, as Mr. Par
ker was dealing iu politics with hi in
;it McCaig's school house before the
We have a new store here, and also
have the Post Office re-established,.
-- -
(ireentvoo'l Locals.
(WtitUMi fur the IIki'.ami.)
Giernwood Gleets Garlield.
And Roy ally Kecoies Root.
(ireen Wiui.l will flourish like a green
bay tree during the next four years.
Mr. Hackney has opened cut a tine
sleek f new furniture in tlie old Neel
John Green still buys hogs, mt w uh
1 s-tandir.g tho fact that the "iitae-hon-!
red priii.-iplos of Democracy" have
been consigned to oblivion.
Our demccratic fiiends have cciised
singinj, "What wii". the harvest bt;V"
They now sing:
( oul.i I but rea 1 my till? clrar
1 ! ilic W.u'.ii.'.cii'i'icu; iiiaunroii,
I'd bid : ii.-n-ell to aituy cheer
Aril ; i.T's ilieail expm'Siou "
They might also sing, "Who will care
for ILim-ok now Y'
O. r fellow townsman. J. W. Qu.ick
enbush, takes his defeat like a man.
We look upon him as one of the
'straight" men of I. is party, and the
position he has maintained in the late
campaign will insure him friends,
fay this, dc.siious of courting no
vers, but simplv ta t:ise "inner
whom hoaor is du".
A very pleasant party of about tliir-ty-f:o
residents of Greenwood and vi
cinity met a few evening5; ago, per in
vitation of Mr. and Mrs. Carmichaei,
at their in Greenwood, to
cedebr.iie th'- birth -day of Mrs. C. li e
usual amount of fun and good humor
incident to such eccasions was indulg
ed in, am.! ee:yni.e appeared to be
happy, and to enjoy the eccasien lm-n-.ensely.
several very useful and or
namental presents were made to Mrs.
C. witb the hearty good wishes ef the
Greenwood ratified the election of
Garlield and Auhui last Thursday ev
ening in good old ratification style.
Empty coal oil barrels, and nd
cf lumber, parts of fences, and every
thing that the lioyg could find loosu
was piled up, saturated with coal oil,
and a torch applied thereto. Then such
celling and tiling of cannon (.anvils) as
perhaps never was heard before, and
prebably will uoi be heard again until
lbsl. when Garfield and Arthur are re
elected. Alter this kind of fun had
been indulged in for about an hour ami
a half, the question was asked, 'where
is Dr. Root?" .Sunn of the boys pro
posed serenading the doctor, but this
had to be abandoned on account of
sickness iu his family. Then ii was de
cided to get him out io the lon tire on
the pretext that one of the boys had
got hart in firing the anvils, and a
party was sent to bring him o-at. He
came, but finding no patient to whom
he could administer baits, the tallies
were turned, and tho buys gave him
three hearty cheers, and then calleri
for a speech. The doctor mounted a that had been placed in readi
ness for him, and made a speech re
plete with patriotism and good sense.
After the speech he was taken to his
heme in the buggv from which he had
Democracy w as to have been buried
here hist Saturday uis'it.bat the event
did not come off fer some reaawii r
ether. Hallelujah John was. to have
delivered tl.e funeral oration, and
uelanchol v Jim W;
s t. b.avo
pery H.iri
1 1.
responses. ipnerv nan was ex
pected to be h;-ro to he.ise a sih and
d;p a tear over the r.;ve of the de
timet. We da not know what flights
of oratory ll.ilh ir.jah John r:i!dit hate
ir.duld in. but we presume it would
have been replete with such sentences
as these :"A man that is bora a demo
crat ha!h much to conten i with, and
is full of misery. Ea springih up like
a m mill room iin.l is cut dtiwn like a
cauiifl.wer. (). General Hancock !
yvho shall now deliver us from the
hands of our enemies V" etc., etc.
Green wood. Neb.. Nov. 9, 1330.
A Graud UeptiUtion.
Warner's Safe Kidney aad Liver
Cure lias re;chcd a reputation that is
not limited by the confines of section
or country. JThrw are no injurious
substances, nor false, or temporary
sliuiulams iti thw preparaliou. It is
purely ver-tab'.L, and compounded nn
ur n formula that Iras " passw.1 svre
t.. f .t-- - . . . -rtT-
r" - ' ' '
Our Temperance Column.
" For Coii. auJ r.ome. and N;tiv I au.l.
Slaves of Mil.
"WhotaeTer cemiiiitteth iu u the servant
sin. M. joint ?::i Ji.
Charles Lamb writes: "The w ate hi
have gone over me: but out of the
Iback depths, could 1 be heard, I eonM
cry out te all those who have eet a fo;t
in the perilous Heed. Could the youth
to whom the flavor of the first wine is
delicious as the opening scenes ef life,
or the entering npon ame newly dis
coered paradise, leek into my desola
tion and be made to utulei.t and what
a dreary thing it is when he shxll feel
himself going dow n a precipice with
open eyes and passive will te see all
godliness emptied eut of him, and yet
not be able to forget time when it
w;is otherwise -to bear abwut tlie pite
ous spectacle of hie own r in ii : could
he see my feverish eye, feverish with
hist night's drinking, and feverish
looking for to-iught's repetition of the
folly ; could he but feel the body of
death out of which I cry hourly with
feebler outcry to bo delivered, it were
enough to make him dash the spark
ling beverage to t he earth in itil the
pride of its mantling lemtatin."
The following table of the receipts
01 the Internal levesme for the year
ending June 30. make a very credita
ble show for the New England htatai.
in view of the fact that niue-teuihs f
this revenue i derived Iie whisky,
beer, and tobacco:
5 C. -.' .1
i .-ti l l.'
lft,4l:i. i:l
i o w u
New i!;im.lhiiv.
mio.if IUiul. ...
Mrfaetiiiett . .
ii iiinylvariia
Knliii'k "
New Vorii
MiissHchusetts, !:owv!-, is a excep
tion. Rut leok at Maine-. The i
ceipts only 8t-j,o0''), whicli ;ne from
regular busines. there not beiiiga dis
t i Her y or brewery in tk state. The
figures contiadict the assertions niad
to the discredit of the rrrhibito.-y I.iw.
To be everi with the liiiimr slte it
must yield a revenue of afeut 3.hh.
00(i. Look iit Vermont, te. receipts
.. erely nominal. It has a prohibitory
law iilse. Then look at our own state.
It is ahe:id in whisky producing, and
in the taxes paid by our citizen.
There were sent fiem Quincy, in
this ststo. last week, twenty-one pris
oners to the penitentiary and four
boys to the sdale Ueloi i. .School, the
result of the work of the September
criminal couit sitting for Adani
coisnty. Now, 'her is no leason in
the world for tbis small ;irmy :' crim
nals from a county which ouirht to be
passably aioral, exeepi the exitrm e
in Quincy ;md cher towns of a large i
number of saloons. Will our people
never learn wisdom from such bitter )
Its 5?us cf experience a t!ie-? The!
diiierence is, in a pronibition i vuti'y,
one; sent t f the pcrdtent iary in thirty
year. License county, t we nty-orse at
on session of the court. The latter,
however, boinyr the largest, is entitled
to abeut six Pi thirty years to be pr
portionate with the other. St ndard,
The Enterprise ays that since tic!
sal of liijuor was proh:bi;e-l at Car- j
roiUon, ( leoi'sia, live jears a-o, the j
amount of trade of the place has in- j
creased from SiO-.i.OuO to i?.0i,f!0d, and j
that there is r.oi one merchant in ihir- ;
ty in that towii who would not vote j
against th" re-instnteuicnt of tlie lii-j
uir tr.'llic on purely business t iitn-:-
pies. Think of this you wi- liav V r"i
f i iizhtenetl from vntitiu' "r. lnerse";
from the fear that it. would drive bit-,
sin ss from your villa? or t-i t v. Il i
will tlriv povi-ilv find enrno r.iul
expense rf them out of your town.
Reports from those i;
charo of the
effort fit the fuls-ieng'h ot
Mi.-.. Hayes, in trstimony of puutic f
tet m of that lady as an " e.-:a':;-.;e of
temperance in hish places, m -an. u
that the conti iiiutioi.s arc already iit -
eral. 'i'iie retuin ot a i-ire sUcl coiiy j
of the paitiiiii. far eveiy itii't of live
dobats r f over, ha.; br-c.cuc an iacotit
ive to many 1' erauizati'-iis, as
.Sunday schools, litcury nd j
club.-, as weil as to temperance socio- i
lies, to collect fo .v cents I rem each j
member ami thus the enuraving i
for tlnir iu!l-'. rooir and chuicii-pai- j
lors. The design is r,.jt to r?n t;:i tl.ts
engia iupr shali teach one laillion
homes to remind v. i. in ; i k i i: i ! of ibi
force they hold for i:io-.d reforms, i.b.i
thii will accHinuIais a fund beyond
cost ef the portrait. What w;Ji be j
done Willi it V It will become "Ti-..- ;
Mrs. Hayes FuticI for l-"rre Temperance
Literature,' only its interest f trnitis:
to be consumed, it is ;t grand thon;:! j
in its projector, the local union cf.
Christian temperance women at I !.- j
ware, (Jhio, and is in good haudi. Mis:-. !
Wiilard beiny president of ths fund, '
Dr. Crosby first vicc-prcsiden . xnl
Miss Esther I'us'i. the ('laKc;, Trr-iis- I
urcr, ut a: IJible llcnse, New Yoikj
city, to whom all donations aie f-ent. i
Jiut i?. further aid of tin1 fund, thn la- j
dies have in.inju! atrd the "i.ucy Hayes
Tea Party," ,ui eviii-rixinniii! in pub-!
lie hril or pr.rloi, :ii whii !i f.ims l.e'y
personntes thf r:niple manners r.f tiio j
hoMoss of tlie Wints Iione. ;md other !
ladira nd gentiriccn pfienf.te !iota-
blc While llnnse iirs'.i -secilors, I
judges, forpj'n rcsidrn's and tho Wif-..
vi!h their f.imilios. The's is i K'ncr-I
oili cni'fl:! : ; T i T :1 lo:irLe.l tbivv r f 5i.Hial. I and musical spirits, but a mark
fd absence of inl oxic.itinjf ones. A
modci'ate admission fee is taken, and
tbe proceeds forwar.ied to th fund.
Here is room for v. holesom and ftmii"
ito" cntprtainni"'it duriii th1 winter.
I'hil Vo-ip. i'.
port ic p
Works of uy author at r;n
volumr. irilt rd-c.
!5is Success.
'My wife had been ;ii!i:ig a innj
time with dyspepsia and 'nervousness
and was in b;-d two years with a coti
plicatio:! of iiioruers her physicians
c otiid not cue. ". hen I was led by
reading a cii cular left at my door to
try I'arkcr's Gir.ger Tonic. Having
beefi so often derived by worlhlecs
mixtures, nothing but my wife's dap
gerous condition coul.r ba e leil us to
maUe any more experiments:. lint it
yvi'.s ii big success. Three 1 ettlts cured
her, at a cost ef a dollar anl fifty cents
and she is new as strong i's any
woman, and rrgui u lv do- s her hoist
Indd duties. II. I).. Uuffalo -ee an column. 3H4
Wo I I.
Vhen ire sav v e bel
v. we have
liil-di's I'u'i-
evidence to prove tl
SMlllptioll t'uic is it
Lui.' Mcd:ci:f
il will cirri cl". 1
i'i lli'li i;i o:ir- h.iit
bi'Vc Ardhma, ".:o!,
l.'.mili. Ciol.p, at.d si
ci.i.siimpti'-'is cured
li'.iiy li;c t.i-t
iiia.-in'.:-!: -is
n ur t "aim ;c
; 1 11. f and 1
1 is, Y hovipi itj
ui ji t- ca-i's d
1 ail d!;ers.
It wil. cure wheio th-y l.iii, it is picas
ant to lak1, harmlrss to the yoto r-t
child, and we guaranti-y what ,u s.:v.
I'rice 10 cents, ":. cents, and SbbO If
niii! Luns are scr, (io-st cr Hack
l.iine, use Shi!hs l'wrous I'iastci. ."juiU
bv ymith
c lil.ick.
') 1'Jlt litiirl'e it.
That in this twu theie sre scor.s
of peii-ons pabsing oar store every day
whose lives are tnudo miserable by In
digestion. Dyspepsia, So u r ar.ddist reus
ed Stomach. Liver Complaint Corsw
pation, when for T5 cts. wo will bell
them i-diiieh's, cruarautccd tc
cure them. Sold hr Smith A- Kp.;ck.
-We have a speedy and positive Cure
fop Catarrh, Dinhtheria. Canker mouth,
and Head Ac!u. in .SHILUIIS CA-
Bessie Teterson," specimen ttl
"aor-ji---n.j bond work,.
J?M" 'markets.
OKAf v:i rntitit tT.
'-)'cbir;Iav, Nor. io. !o.
' '
Tho.-lt. No. 2..
C'.mi, ear
" shelled,..
barter. 2...
bye. "
N:uiT Catile.
.3 r.xr
Sk 'o:ck. Nov. 1", !-;:i
Ke ...
tun . . .
ei;s ..
fi.c;ti ti.
1 (
CHICAliO MAJ'.'.iinS.
-Chicaoo. NiT. n.
f 4 y iV r
1 S-l
v;i-eat .
( 01:1 . . .
i iai . .
. ?l fV-4 TP
1.1VO (T-?CK.
. liip".ii:'-
Phee r
- v;
i " v---r' - ;r. tj.
-v-;;- J Ki t -M e-r i :
1 '.V.i-.'J- i.-LTt MA.
""fia! -ticl'i.t ,r!'3 sinj-
KV-.f-- 'err i--t-.
2 UBU Crura.
Ji r "-tft? s" i
-. ' r t 1 1) I- ; '
1' f.TT M T Z '
',1 'r-e'- r. -, r - '
34 (ts.
C1S05S3! cl Its Ttraat acJ Inn.
Die:iscs r.f tho pulrao- ;
cry organs are so prev- j
lent hi id fatal, tliat e ;
o end reliable remedy
fr tiieiii is invttiuuble
to every community.
A' Eft's
Aver's C'ur.r.uv I'k
tubal is such a reined t.
,&Z and no oilier .l rmi-
. :. . 1 .I
i:eili:y lurrita iih- euiiu-
.i... . . . i ' : . i .
C,, , UCUIC ui llir iui.ui. !
ilaL.tiiiI is ecientilic combina
tion of tho tuedieii;;U
rrir.cirles ami curative
(virtues of the finest
.2 rpjj" oriiu, cueimcitnv uiat.
"::-ed, io insure the'rtafc-li'
r.ossible ellicicnrr
fci-.v, .,...; il.. :
PECTORAL. ;1 miifonnity of ro.
imlta. enaliles
pliyicia:n well an invalids to uo it with
c.if.tlilenre. It i the m-it reliable remedy :
for diase of the throat and lutiica that sci- ;
rn -o lias prndaeed. It strikes at the foun
dation of all pabuormry diseases, aiTordin
prompt nn.l certain raltt'f, and ia adapted to
pst-ierits of any age or either sex. Eeinj
yery Mlatahle, the youngest children take
R without ditlieulty. In the treatment of
ordic.rv f'oiiyha," Colt, Siiro Throat,
Iron-fiItl, Inr1uenz, ler.sryinaii's
?orf Tliroot, AEtfcma, Croup, and Ca
tarrh, the effect of Arr.rt's Chrrkv I'eo
toral aie macieal, and mtiititudes are aii
luihiiy ; renorve-l from erk.u illuo? by it faiihf'.'.l af-e. It sb'iiild be kept
e. l.r. 1 ia every hf.uehobl. for tho pro
!'! iuu it affords ia sudden atlaeki. In
"rii'x.-.iai-eoti&h r.d Ceiinei'iillou '.
i';.'re. ;a no oMut remedy J !m:4K-i.US, ;
f .-e' i.;i-, i.-,d helpful. 1
Th virve''.-i;'.s cures wldeti Ann's
r:':-:rT J'r.'-JoKAf. lias eiTectwl h!5 over the
v. rhl .-? s'.ia' jruernnty tliat it will
-;:i:i;i to prod ace the l.-est resu'.ts. An
iii:;triii trial witl convince the most scepti
cal cf its wonderf'il ct'.rBtive powers, as well
r of its iinri'.rity over nil other prepara
tion for pulmonary complaint.
Eminent phyi.-lans in a'.! parts of the
r lantry, knowing its centpesition, reooin
t: fii.l Avsb'i I'iibRitr Feci ok al to invalids,
rid preriho it in their practice. The teit
cf bsif a c-entnry has proved ii ebsoluto
c,-r'.i'it.y to cure all pufmoiary complainta
r.M already beyond the reach of huunn aid.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
"rx Vifr2 and AnlTtirI thiKiili,
r'xeaisior Darber Shop.
I'ner Frank C:rruth'. new .ii. Iry stnt.
Af.T.'AVS tikAUV.
;.n.t r.rtvr litlie Inrr t; ret
Ftf Si) A.MPot'SI' MAll'.-Cn.
srerth:n' e'-e the toni rUl way, i
John Ioonc?s New Hlio?,
("criirr l.iii ;i.d S'.UU .S.ieri-,
PinitTHimth. - - n
i U ii
Eight Mile Grove, Neb.
i . y
;i::? i u Ne.v Slot :c tbe
;:eui:"'. l mv to' t:. :i :
t.'i.&.ii:'- my friet. - a:
i'l.l':).' iu Kt:"-':!.
Tin wart? WoiMiriiTf-aro,
raij. (ii'ij'ial ;ei! of p.i!
Coll an I see cur &i3' I:
eL'u I.) re.
e 01 t.j
i moved by its use. Th Mothers'
60 1 aline.
t-uUj it-i r,"' ?.--'! oit
i -" .'v.C.fin-.Vri.V "f. .rv'.
i. V. ...-fi t ; . .
T 1 i ronw.-.
H :
1 vi .
A LD !
1 ait:
till Mwi
1 a
1 1
l!n F v ifinn ilie'iv.
IV. per In the County.
Columns, and fsill ofj
Co ti nly yews, ;
from II Parts cf I
tfeo Cu nt y and
P li Nps Yen?
1 1SS1 ) we shall
r;i! e i :i t.
Illilil:! ibc:
eff-r ery iow club
lies; p. ipn s ar.u
i i:i the ln:tn.
We shell ,i! o publish and isvaa ;i
it niflftrtscJ v ISiii'-irnir
fer cadi ef cur suUeriber;, l CLrift
ii.iis tiiiic.
AnJ iitrwl t-'.ukf tftejviper
Italic - o f News
then ectr.
and ytt 9'j.r frUn ut it give w a lift j
The More Help Wo
Get, the Belter
papr We
Can Blake.
J. A, KacMurphy
S2.00 a Year.
rneia mcv vj-t rvr1 .b
HIL. "2"OTJ3SrC3-'S
ntfi--Yyn W,
rlt take
do ot!ir.
S4l y
5? Ii $1 J !H M SE1
TTEa Old SiaXiacjl '
Sum Ihr Ir
W akuw Ihr Uivvst mi
eats5 Fiiralsfciltis $A&&&a9
This Seaseia in
We will
k" f -
fey per csaL
Ctll at th? Philatlolphip Store, make your I'uivbjo,
and you will ) happr.
ktd iueh feed i are etaiiy kept iu
TTe effer kTFXlkL BARUAISS ia
nc we tie t t 'k t' ,f hbi-ee-it.
I ro i tr i ui: t
Is ouri itly elic;.d. V.t sui ur.i
HS is M Jta zy
fUutaUr the piece -Seat h East C9iur Uein tud Tend '.', Puttuceuth.
liVTttliitlS i: Yt'VA'H liJJ.l.
,3111 I O, U lu
4 4.
I", L llt'h. J tb'i's a r
. 1 Hvr.t Hoc.
IlAKtJALNS T1UN I'.Vl.l.'.
... .0 ...
;vst Alt it c;ccici
it. I ) 'i-cu-l lc ot
eery dej.y"trse?it.
asssi Sl-1
- r 'Tt .1 .4 3T
OiM-kt"k su.l iatve ououjli
cil, e::d Ws conviT41 ed of Tai: Delirif
U i VSi Kj J - M
"l Ail.
t -f
Ji 1 i'l'
' it
i- r
Jl ,j
i. :
1 ;
1 0