Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 16, 1880, Image 3

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    ie Herald.
:,r ektkkmexts.
!.-l'. U---'i:l:ii- ailvcnlH-
' No ;k1vlI vi.i,.-i,i.iit rt-
, " i . .it-.
.: . ' r::tfM.
- i ... i is .if i ;n' law v U1 le ii-I1
: .. i 4.1 iii.n'-r? t : i li;-u.l in,
:: ;i J .!';: t . ullica-
i : wi!l t;; ,u-lJ lur Hie iiuulica-
is lUnit.'il, nil i:i.T.' ions
t: the (J til:t. v.uh no waste
: !- .. ;, .;!:-!!" fr Ihe eorreet !!PH
; r j-:.:tl r ami ahl l-c-
: f.V (
--''i who !;ikt-x the paper regularly
,!'! v. n tl.'T i:i.i" lt 1111
!if Is a or not is
i-jr li.-c ;:iy.
i. i-!.. ii irlfi IiiH paper di.ffnitfu
i ;:y uil :ir.-.;:inisre, r the Utlish-
i ill:
!!!.: I Sl lill 11 Ull'.ll il II1CIII. is rt the wh'ile amount, whether
1 i ';-! tioii! tl.e (;:i-i or not.
' - h;ive ilni'r-il thai refiis'.lljr to
. :.! i -. : ;iiii-;t! f ruin tin; l"nt
- ; : n ;:t:.l t ; t v i 1 1 c them uncalled
)..:,.; cvidvlia of IliTK.MlOflAl
i J
1 : r
fi!. "i t
ft A
-I'buio Stools ;it J'-s. Schlater's. tf
-Will. S. Wisi' sell ileal Ivilate. tf
re 1 need Price
-S.'c r.iud a.tvf-rti.-scint'Jit of CJ resit
11.. Store. lltf
i 1 1!y reduced i kes ;it (Jreat
l!i.i stoi:k. 1 llf
---.'. isli jmid fT Uutter ;uid cn by
Uvr.Kt-tt A: Lewis. '3tf
-Mii'.iufCLiirniiig and llepJiirins'J'.t
-hoe fclore.
A is3w slock of corsets, at Mrs.
J.Ii!istn & Sweeney's.
Don't lnv until vou havo priced
at i tie Great Red Store. lltf
Largo line of Loots find Sliot-s,
elH-.ip, at Great Led Store. lltf
Soldiers who have hoinesteaded less
than ICO sicres write to XV S. Wish, tf
You will always find IVpnerherpfs
niu.-t popular Cigars at I. X. Ilieks. tf
Fresh fruits and vegetables re
ceived every dav by Lennett & Lewis.
Ib-jiairing done on short notice
find at reasonable prices at J. G. Cham
ber's. 25 1 2
Persons in debt to Dr. J. II. Hall
to;i! 1 confer on him a great favor bj
paring at onco. C'3tl
1'vervbodv goes to the Great Lef.
Store, wherr they are treated fair smd
squire. lltf
A new stock of fatu-y goods at
Mrs. Johnson & Miss Sweeney 's ; manv
novelties. 2"t2 '
Quite a number of riait.Mf.outh
boys camo down from Osnaha with
the excursion J- unday.
We want 100!) duy.n ecrgs for
which we will ;i.iy eas'j or goo. Is. JU-!i-nett
& Jjeu is. 25tf
Lay vour grocerii-s of an exclusive
Grocery House. JJennett & Lewis car
ry a complete san k. lolf
-Look out for the new bramls of
Cigsirs at the 1'. (). Xews D pct, l'iiifs
Dai ling Set cigar.
The most comforiabb boot in
town is that wit'i Lvon's Latent M-l-allic
Heel StiiTiers." 2 ill
Xot the Largest Stock, but the
freshest smd purest candies in town,
sit John Leach's stand. 2-jtf
A good 10 cent ruler given away
to every one buying school books,
slates vtc at the P. O. Xews Depot.
A nv.' b: of pipes and smokers'
articles gem-saily, jsst received at
Schlogel Ninnan's. 2-3i2
Full of linen suits are being
sold very- cheap at Fit d. IL-rnn aim's
Call before they are g--;ie. ISif
If The Democracy can't gt ?mo
speakers to beat Wiso and HsirtijaH,
the campaign is oui3.
Xew plushes, tiimroing silks smd
velyets, and latest style ribbons, at
Mrs. Johnson A. Swcrney'.. 2ol2
J. P. Yuun; presents ua with a
rule to guide us on our wfary way.
Success, Philip', tunccs to yez !
J. G. Chambri kecj's ihe test as
sortment of farm harness. Call and
see them before purchasing clsewhere.2
If you want nice, light bread or
biscuits, white as snow, buy the 'Snow
1-Tsike flour at Dennett & Lewis'. 22tf
Mcst Skll bj tbo 24th, one
span of ponies, a new opeu buggy and
new harness Terms cash. Inquire of
2GU Dr. J. II. Hall.
J. G. Chambers keeps the largest
and finest assortment of Whips, and
sells them cheaper than any one in
town. .t2
We have received frem Misses
Herrmann & Wurl the fall and winter
catalogue of M'm Demore?ti' Pt
tarns. Clothing! Clothing!! Clothing!!!
cheap ! cheap !! cheap !!! At the Great
lied Store. Money positively refunded
if not satisfactory. " lltf
Gen. Grant would like to "Cigur
field elected," aud Dr. Tanner will try
si fifty day starve if it wiil gain G. &
A. any votrs.
Peppei 'oerg's cigars are the most
lvliable for purity smd fineness in qlal
ity, and are far superior to smy other
make. Ask j our dealers for them.2 jtf
Mr. Xathan has gone to Xew York
smd has sent on soma of ths handsom
est pattern hats smd bonnets in the
very newest styles. Just you go smd
see them. 2i2
Mrs. Johnson & Miss S wepney have
begun to receive their fall styles of
millinery, ami have some very hand
some pattern hats, with more "coming.
Go and see them. 212
. Doubie-thi. k "Corner Stone" plug
tobacco, at COc jr lb; also sill of Loril
lard's brands, at from Gac to 70c pr lb;
and all other pjpe.lar bramls, at Scble
gel & Xieiuan's. opp. r. U. 2ot2
This is the way the Port Jervis
(X. Y.) Gazette dishes it up to the Re
publicans of its district:
-M.irier! Marier!" csilled si washer
woman of the "Holler,"' "You chil',
be s ire an brung all dem clo's otTen
de line. Da 'publicans have a'
to-nite an' we doau want ncn ob dat
Mogollier bizuess "reuud us; yeu hesih
me, honey V
Capt O'Kourke is still very ill were
gret to ssiy. -
Eddie Donelan went to Xebrask
College last week.
Mrs. Marshall visited South Lend
and Louisville lbs first of the week.
It. O. Fellows took a trip into the
southern part of the State Tuesday.
Mr. Fhillippi, of th Ti. & il., spent
two days in the city the first of th
Mrs. M. IJ. Murphy returned last
week from Ssilt Lake accompanied by
her bister .Mrs. Thos.- Carter of that
Mayor Johnson, Sheriff Dyers, J. XV.
Darnes and J. A. MsicMurphy are at
tending the G. A. R. Reunion at Cen
tral City.
Chas. Pettcc is out in the county
canvassing for tho IIkuald, and is
rolling in the campaign subscriptions
pretty lively.
Sec. Wheel6r and asst. sec. Wilson
12ft for Omaha Monday where they
are kept busy making entries for the
coming State Fair.
Mrs. Pollock, smd Mrs. Marsland
went to Drowuville the first of the
week to represent the Women's For
eign Missionary Society.
Jim Grace came homo from Canada
last week, after a good visit among
the Kanucks. lie puts on as many
airs as a Frenchman, by the way, and
some of the Irish boys want to take
him down a peg.
C. II. Van Wyck and wife are the
happy parents of si new daughter. "We
csill for si rc count in the census. It
stopped too soon in Xebniska. W
can beat South "Kariina" yet, if they'll
give us and tlfe General time enough.
Mr. Valentine Hay, si well-to-do far
mer of Stove Creek precinct called in
last week and paid for si campaign
subscription and orders the Herald
to keep coming. Mr: I lay also sends
the Hekald to his son-in-law Mr. May
in Illinois as all farmers of Csis3 ought
to do.
We neglected to make mention last
week of Mrs. U. W. Wise' departure
for Tecumseh to attend the stata con
vention of tho W. C. T. U. wher, ne
see by the reports of the convention,
she delivered the response to the sid
dress f welcome. A farther report
of the piocecdings is given in the
Temperance column from her pen.
We have tried Dr. Dull's Cough
Syrup in our family, and can assert
that it is the best remedy for a cough
or cold ever introduced. Price 23 els.
-The Lincoln Democrat says Hop
Scotch is a fraud.
The way the dirt is being hanled
out for the foundations of the build
ings on Main sttcet isn't slow.
Kvery boy and girl that buys smy
school books, slates or other school
supplies at the P. O. Xews Depot will
be presented with a tints Ruler worth
10 cts sit any store, don't fail to ask
for the ruler.
The number of entries for the
State Fair we learn is much larger
than hist year and-the Fair promises
to be the finest wo have had by long
odds. The display of live stock will
be particularly large.
Some enthusiastic Garfield and
Arthur friend sends us a magnificent
'organdie" pocket handkerchief with,
Garfield and Arthur printed on it.
We suppose, this is a "Show-er" wa'il
go home and get a "DIower."
Xight Watchman Robins wiis as
saulted last baturday night on Main
street by a party of unknown roughs
and received a pretty severe drubbing.
The sissaulting party should be hunted
'lown and severely punished.
The Omaha picnic business hd
better be vetoed unless the parties can
behave betiar than they have done
heretofore. Last Sunday they had a
big row at the bieweiy again and re
spectable people are sibout tired of the
Mr. Weckbach is making quite a
change out by his place. He has
bought four lots esrst and fenced them
in thus throwing the road into a reg
ular street instaad of across lots as it
ran before. Mr. W. wili have a fine
place there.
Will Shryock thinks he's got a sure
thing on Dave Miller but we think
he's a little off; he bought a riding
bridle which lie is to psiy for when
Garfield is elected. Are there any Han
cock bridles for sale anywhere ground
town? or a suit of clothes?
The Leadville Minstrels passed
through here Sunday night on their
way to Omaha. They have two di
minituve donkeys about three feet
high with immensely large ears, and
at towns where the minstrels perform
they march in procession drss
ed in brown corduroy with tha don
keys leading.
Tho Workingmen's Union or some
such association of Omahsi picniced at
Plattsmouth last Sunday, and a good
desil of noisy and drunken carousing
was manifest in the company. As
the season for picnics is about over we
can save our protests against such in
decencies on the Ssibbath day for an
other season.
Mr. Hesser is making arrange
ments to carry an immense number of
plants to the state Fair," and to excel
if possible his previous collections.
He has added a large number of rare
and showy plants to his collection
within the psist year, and his display
will be a credit to the state. He takes
tho mammoth century plant again
this year, which in itself is a big dis
play. Two cars will be required to
transport his stock.
For Sale 1
A fine black horse, six years old, good
roadster, for sale cheap at this office.
County Commissioners Proceedings.
Plattsmoctii, Sept. 6, 1830.
Deard met pursuant to adjournment ;
present, Jas. Crawford,'l Richard
son, Isaac Wiles, Commissioners; J. D.
Tutt, Co. Clerk.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved, when the following was
done, to-wit:
Order heretofore made, allowing Mrs
Mary 'Wilson $:j.00 per week on poor
fund was revoked.
Eoard adjourned to meet at 8 o'
clock, Sept. 7. -
Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1880.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment,
full board present.
The following claims were then al
lowed on general fund:
Xeb. Herald, sundry printing,. . 42 80
Catherine Kcanedy, washing... 50
J I) Tutt, compiling census 70 15
C G Herold, clothing prisoners.. 4 45
E II Wooley, Supt. Pub. Inst't. . 72 7d
J D Tutt, salary & expense acc't
for August 41 24
Pli Murphy, b'd'g prisoners 04 00
R W Ilyera, Sheriff's fees 40 50
Mrs. Mary Wilson, washing pris
oners' clothes 1 00
Insane case, Annie Pruitt C9 40
Joe demons, witness Gr. Jury .. 2 60
Dr. S II Richmond, rejected.
II C Chubbuck, work on jail 1 00
Allowed on bridge fuud:
Qusickenlush Dros., lumber 4G CI
Hay Bros., nails 5 90
Win. Droniblet, repairing road
scrapers '. 10 00
Allowed on poor fund:
W II Schildknecht, ssihiry aa Co.
physician 43 75
W II Iisiker, nidse for paupers. . 33 15
Jas Wsilstow, nidse J Bates 5 00
J C Eikenbary, boarding paupers 38 90
C G Herold, clothing to paupers 3 30
The following amounts tvere refund
ed for taxes erroneously paid at differ
ent times on school lsmds:
Simeon Rector "S 10 C2
Jacob G ruber G7 97
A P Weston 33 81
R G Doom...- 39 71
E Doom 7 31
John Hirt 57 49
GE Pronger 14 23
GW Young 70 83
Thomas L Harry .. 90 8G
J 13 Brent 45 48
S M Holverstatt..., 80 51
II J Rohnne. 195 20
W Xichols 3 33
J Adams 18 57
Jsison Streight .. 1C0 C7
Elias Sage 209 79
Samuel lirantner 37 29
John Ossehkop 55 70
C M Cheney 35 51
D W Foster 40 07
W Ii Ashman 70 45
Perry Wsilker 2C0 08
Lewis Calkins 104 13
Cenrsul Schlater 51 93
Mrs. Kennedy allowed S3 per week
for four weeks on W. H. Baker & Co.
Julius Bates, order for 35 per week
on Jas. Walstow.
Order allowed en poor fund in favor
of Jame3 Patterson for $12.00, for the
benefit of Mrs. Fry.
Official bond ef XV. E, Latta. super
visor district 37, approved.
Board adjourned to meet Wednesday
at 8 o'clock.
Wednesday, Sept. 8, 1S30.
Board met pursuant te adjournment,
full board present.
Order allowed Jas. Fitzgerald, sup'r
district 24, for 64.24.
Clerk, instructed to draw eiders on
general fund for fees due road spar
visors for back years.
Clerk instructed to make out list of
taxe3 due on each subdivision of land
and personalty in. each road district,
for the use of supervisors.
Geo. Pronger granted extension of
time on school land.
License was granted Claus Brecken
feld to sell liquor in South Bend for 8
Twenty days' license granted Chas.
A. Bielefeld to sell liquor at Louisville.
Order allowed Jeha 'Ward, sup'r read
district 25, fer 700 feet of lumber, and
25 lbs of spikes.
Order allowed Monroe Craig for 1000
feet of lumber for district 13.
Order allowed C.P.Gilbert, super
visor district for 1,000 feet of lumber,
and 1 keg of nails.
Order allowed Fred Ost, district 50,
fop 225 feet of lumoer.
Ordered that contract for furnishing
coal to County, for the year, be award
ed to Fred Gordor at the following
rates: Hard cosil 12, and sft $6.25.
Ordered thsit C.TI. Pinkham have
the power f expending a donation f
50 fer the benefit of Jsicob Yazel, do
nated by the board.
Ordered that the County Clerk be
and he is hereby instructed to give no
tice of election, to be held in the Co.
of Cass, on Tuesday, the 2d day of No
vember, 1880, for electing tlie follow
ing officers, to-wit:
3 Presidential Electors,
1 Congressman,
1 Contingent Congressman,
1 Governor,
1 Lieutenant Governor!
1 Secretary of State,
1 Auditer of Public Accounts,
1 Treasurer,
1 Attorney General,
1 Commissioner of Public Lands and
1 Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion. 1 District Attorney, 2d Judicial Dis
trict. 1 State Senator, District Xo. 4.
3 Representatives, District Xo. 9.
1 Float Representative, Dist. Xe. 50,
1 County Commissioner, 3d or west
ern district,
1 Assesser for each precinct,
3 J udges ef Election for esich prec't,
2 Clerks of Election fer each prec't,
1 Road Supervisor for ach read dis
trict. Electors will be allowed to express
their preference for U. S. Senator.
Clerk ordered to draw, warrant on
bridge fund in favor of Robert Wil
burn for $100.
In accordance with a call of the
Beard of Trside of Kansas City, Mo.,
we, the County Commissioners of Csiss
County, Nebraska, havo designated
Messrs. M. L. AVhite, A. W. McLaugh
lin, H. II. Bushiell, Chas. Pinkham, F
S. White as delegates from and on be
half of Cass County, to attend the Mis
souri River Improvement Convention
te be held at Kansas City on Septem
ber 23d, 1880, without any claim for
compensation for time or expenses as
such delegates
The following accounts were then
all awed on general fund:
James Crawford, Co. Com'r...$ 11 50
Sam'l Richardson, " .... 10 00
Isaac Wiles. " .... 0 00
Allowed on bridge fund:
II A Waterman & Son, Loujsv. 109 CO
II A Waterman A Son, Platts.. 80 40
Board then adjourned to meet tho
first Monday in October, 1880
Attest: Jas. Crawfobu,
Jas. Crawfokd, ) q
t, S. Ricii.vnDsox, r "
k. Isaao Wiles, ) comr"
J. D. Tutt
Co. Clerl
Special G. & A. Club UteetlB?.
A special meeting of the G. & A.
club and of the Glee Club or Bsind is
called to meet next Mondav evening
(the 20th) at the time of the meeting
of the County Central Committee, and
a full turn-out is desirable.
By order of Chairman, and Execu
tive Committee.
II. M. Bushnell, Secretary.
Birthday Party.
A very pleasant company celebrated
Miss Ola Barnes 18th birthday at their
residence last Thursday evening. The
rooms were dscorate by Mr. Llewel
lyn Moore's skillful hand, and a hand
some wreath was presented to Miss
Ola by Mis3 Clara Bsibbington and Mr.
Hosworth. Among the refreshments
was a csike containing a ring, a ten
cent piece and a thimble. The ring,
which fell to Miss Keller, showed she
wsis to be the first married of the com
pany, the ten cent piece to Mr. Pick
ens thsit he would be rich, and the
thimble to Mr. Wiley Black, that he
would be an old bachelor, all of which
prognostications old father time will
undoubtedly prove, if the parties de
sire he should.
KEEN AS SHEKA. At Plattamouth, Nebras
ka, September by Kev. Father Lynch.
Mil. Jamks Kkknan, ol Kapid City. D. .. to
So, that's what James came home lor, and
kept so quiet about it, no one suspected. Well,
here's to the health, wealth and happiness of
Mr. and Mrs. Keenau in their new home.
Three Groves Notes.
Since it has stopped raining fall work
hsis been pushed forward rapidly, hay
making is progressing finely, however
the hay is very short and scarce. The
thrashing of smsill grain is moving
around slowly notwithstanding the
grain is wet and growing to some ex
tent. Wheat is yielding some better
than last yesir and better in qusility
than was expected. Corn is ripening
very fast and is going to be very good
generally, late corn is goiag to be good
if frost stays off a few days longer.
Mrs. XV. XV. Wiley started to Denver
Col., last week to see her daughter
Mrs. Baldwin who has been quite ill
for some tiu:e with the heart disesise.
Mr. and Mrs. Spurlock, Miss Viola
Barnes, Mr. Frank Davis, and Mrs.
Lucinia Emerson all of Plattsmouth
made a flying visit in this vicinity on
Sauday last. Misa Joanna Young is
teaching school out in the Fairview
James Wiley is putting up a new
wind mill. Mrs. Hattie Drost is in
structing a music class on the organ,
and has quite a number of scholars.
Glenn Roval arrived from the moun
tains a few days ago, so we learn.
Howard Young was quile ill all last
week, he is improving slowly. Most
ef the farmers thought it a very good
idea ferthe pestponment of our coun
county fair, every body would have
been so busy at that time that the at
tendance from this section would have
been very small. General news is
very scarce this week hence a short
letter. Reporter.
TTeepiuj Water Items.
September 13, 1880.
Ed. Herald: Tipton Piecinct
just heard from, and S. M. Prouty,
formerly of . W.. is elected; its a
bouncing bsiby boy, weighing 7 lbs, all
doing well and 4,psipa" Prouty is su
premely happy. Another little stran
ger in XV. XV., XV. It. Sperry claims it,
it's a lb boy.
Mr. C. P. Smith, of Plattsnaeuth, was
here during the hist two weeks visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Marshall, and
friends. Messrs. Iloggett and Coglizer
are now at work on Reed Bros, well
drilling through the rock 30 feet al
ready. The XV. W. M. E. Sabbath
School had a picnic in the XV. XV.
grove, the arrangementswere com
plete and sill present enjoyed them
selves immensely, the XV. XV. orchestra
discoursed music on this occasion.
F. Cunningham, a school teacher
in Cas3 Co for many years, aud
well known lies dangerously ill.
Fleming & Race are having quite a
large cellsir addition added in the rear
of their store with a view of building
thereon, their increase in business de
mands more room. R. XV. Wilkinson
has returned from his "visit east find
he came alone. Our Photo, man has
gone. D. T. Dudley of the temperance
billiard hall has purchased a little
giant peanut roaster. Reed Bros. new
fall goods are arriving dsnly.
Y"ours Faithfully, Trixt.
And a New Milliner !
Who Dispenses the Lattst Styles
at solomox &. nathan's !
- Messrs. Solomon & Xathan beg to
introduce to the hidies of Plattsmouth
.Miss Gillan, who has just come on
from the East to take charge of their
Millinery department, and who, hav
ing a large experience in the business,
will be able to give them the latest
styles and th? best satisfaction. All
are invited to see their new stock of
goods, and their pattern hats in the
newest styles. 26t2.
A lady's shawl soma time lost. Ihe
owner can have the eanie by calling on
Holmes and Dixon, proving property
and paying for this notice.
.Money to Loan.
On good farm property on longtime.
Apply to J. W. Jennings,
ltf Plattsmouth.
Owing to the constant rains of the
psist two or three weeks, and the, con
sequent loss of time to farmers and
others in getting up with their fall
work, particulsirly in the preparation
of their winter's hay, many farmers
have expressed the wish that the Coun
ty Fair might be postponed for a time
In compliance with this request, and
for the further reason that additional
attractions and interests can be
brought together at tha Fair, if post
poned a few weeks, it has been
thought advisible by the officers and
others to annoance a postponement
until Wednesday, October Cth, to con
tinue through the 7th and 8th. Every
body will please take notice and gov
ern themselves accordingly.
By order of the President.
J. X. Wise, Secretary.
NEW GOODS ! Coming in every
day, at Solomon & Nathan's.
Something new every day, and as soon
as thev get time they will give you a
price list. " 26t2
Important to agents. tub life of
jamkn a.
P.y his peisunal frieod, Majok Bijoit. Editor
N. V. Mail, u the oIy editieu to which ;n'l
Garfield lias given pereonal attention r facts.
Beautifully illustrated, printed and bound.
''1 lie best." N. y. Commercial Advertiser.
"The neatest." N. Y. Herald. '"The most use
ful, sensible and Satisfactory." N. Y. Tribnne.
Full length steel portrait by Hall, from a pic
ture taken exprely for this work. Active
APii Wnntfd. Liberal terms. Send $1.00
at once for complete outfit. A. 8. BARNES &
CO., Ill & 113 William St., Xew York. 2t4
New Millinery,
Hats and Bonnets,
Plushes and Velvets,
Laces and Ribbons,
Feathers and Flowers,
at Solomon & Nathan's. 23t3
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at Schlegel & Niemann's,
opposite r. 0.
. .1- M
We will Dav Azenuitbaiarvof tun mar m t h
ftnd expenses, or allow a large commiiwioa, teeell ear
eew d1 wonderful iBrentioos. IT wua trhat v t av.
Samel free. Addrua SBsaMaa A Oew Majekail. Ml am.
22tf AT MERGES'.
A Wonderful Discovery.
For the speedy cure of Consumption
and all disesises that lesid to it, such as
stubborn Coughs, neglected Colds,
Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Asthma, pain
in the side and chest, dry hacking
cough, tickling in the throat, llosirse-
ness, Sore Throat, ami all chronic or
lingering disesises of the throsit and
lungs, Du. Kino's New Discovery
has no equal and hsis established for
itself a world-wide reputation. Many
lesiding physicaii. recommend and use
it in their practice. The formula
from which it is prepared is highly
recommended by all medical journals.
The clergy and the press have compli
mented it in the most glowing terms.
Go to your druggist smd get a trisil bot
tle free of cost, or a regular size for
$1.00. For sale, bv Smith & Blsick.
wholesale and retail, Piattsmouth,
Neb. 28eGwly.
- ' ei - ' ' i
Fresh Oysters.
Bennett & Lewis have secured the
agency in this city for D. D Mallory's
celebrated "Diamond brand" of oysters
and will be prepared at all times to
furnish these well known Oysters to
Hotels, Restaurants and private par
ties at bottom prices. 23tf
We Challenge the World.
When we ssiy u'e believe, we have
evidence to prove that Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure is decidedly the best
Lung Medicine made, inasmuch as
it will cure si common or Chronic
Cough in one hsilf the time and re
lieve Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping
Cough, Croup, and show more cases of
Consumption cured than all others.
It will cure where thev fail, it is pleas
ant to take, harmless to the youngest
child, and we guarantee what we say.
Price 10 cents, 50 cents, and 1.00 If
your Lungs are sore, Chest or Back
lame, use Shiloh's Porous.Plaster. Sold
by Smith & Black.
Do you Believe it.
That in this town there are scores
of persons passing our store every dsiy
whose lives are made miserable by In
digestion, Dyspepsia, Sour and distress
ed Stomach, Liver Complaint Consti
pation, when ior 75 cts. we will sell
them Shiloh's Vitaijzer, guaranteed to
cure them. Sold bv Smith fc Black.
We have a speedy and positive Cure
for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Csmker mouth,
and Ilesid Ache, in SHILOH'S CA
TARRH REMEDY. A nasal Injector
free with each bottle. Use it if you
desire health, and sweet breath. Price
25 cts. Sold by Smith & Black.4eowtf
From the corral near IIeiel's mill in
Plattsmouth on Saturdsiy, Aug. 28, one
red and white spotted cow, three years
old, short horns with crop out of ear.
A liberal reward will be paid for its
return to me.
23t3 Mus. S. Brantner.
Antelope Beer Hall.
Just opened this new place, under
the Bank on Cor. of Cth and Main St.
Good fresh beer always on hand
wholesale and retail. "Schooners" 5
cts., all beer 5 cts a glass.
Liquors at wholesale and retail.
23t4 J. F. Fitzgerald.
Read! Read!
I have just received a large, well se
lected and complete assortment of
Boots and shoes for young and old,
from my old manufsicturers, which I
warrant in every respect, and will sell
at the very lowest prices possible. 22tf
How to Make Soap for a Cent a Pound.
Shave into small pieces Ave bars of Dobbins'
Electric Soap, aud boil in three quarts of water
until tho soap U thoroughly dissolved, so that
upon etraluing through a sieve nothing re
maine ; add to the solution or "suds" three
gallone of cold water ; stir briskly for several
minutes to mix, and set it away te cool. Al
though it will look like nothing but soapsuds
while warm, a chemical reaction will take place
and iu twenty-four hours' time will develop
forty or fifty ihiuimU of macnificent aud white
soft soap, costing lcs than one cent a pound,
and as good as many ot the adulterated com
pounds caiiea soap, ana sold at 7 to 10 cents a
pound. How lonir would it take for anv other
soap used the same to become anything but
"poap-suds?". Any housewife knows that it
cannot be done with any soap she has ever us
ed. See if it can be done with Dobbins' Elec
tric r oi sale by all grocers.
I'.KED hbos., hole Agents.
4-eowly Weeping Water, Neb.
Wednesday, Sept. 15. ISSO.
M heat. No. 2 70
Corn, ear. 2o
shelled '-V,
Oats IS
Bal l.-y, No. 'i lot.ft.'io
live 6
Native Cattle 3 0(X&3 25
I logs 4 Z
Butter 17i-it& 20
Kir-- 11
ll;ktoes CO
Nkw Yokk, Sept. 15, 1SS0.
Money $1.P2Q1 03.
Wheat $ 1 .V0.t 06
ltve i
foru 40 61 "a
Oats 42ij
Chicaoo. Sept. 15. isso.
Flour $ 4 M tt$5 no
. nf-iii
Corn 40
Oatf ig'i
live 85
Barley . '78
Live stock
Ho?, shipning
Cattle. "
...4 00C.J55 20
... 4 OCCti 4 75
. . . 3 50ni 4 40
"More fond and less medicine, more of nour
ishment and strength, less of the debilitating
influence of drugs is what our feeble) and ex
hausted constitutionereiuire,"said Baron Lie
big, when he perfected the composition; of the
"Mall- Uittprs " OltA
Buy only the self-threading (at top
and shuttle) New American Sewing
Machine, which for simplicity in con
struction, light running, and for dura
bility cannot be excelled. For sale by
Rasgorshek Bros., Merchant Tailors,
Plattsmouth, Neb. 23m3
Fresh Lime.
Fresh Lime by the peck, bushel, or
wagon losid can be had at tho Kiln,
near west end of the bridge. Lime al
ways on hand and of superior quality.
Inquire of Mickelwait & Sharp,
7tf on premises.
Make from ?J5 to $r.o per week selling goods for
K. . RIDEOUT & CO., 10 Barclay Street, New
York. Send for catalogue and terms. 22ly
Tlic Presidential Clioicc
Is not more important than the
choice of a family medicine. The
people of the west are adopting
Brown's Liver Pills, becsiuse of
their great efficiency in relieviug bil
liousness and giving tone to the stom
ach and liver. For sale by J. II. But
tery, Smith. Black & Co., and O. F.
Johnson, Plattsmouth ; John Painter
and Eledge & Co., Esist Plattsmouth.
Could have enjoyed eating for the
forty dsiys, as well as fasting, if he
had only used Brown's Extract or
Blackberry and Ginger; the cele
brated western remedy for Diarrhosa,
Dysentery, and Cholera Morbus.
For sale by sill Druggists.
Tlic Miserable Man
Can now eat and be happy. By
using Brown's Pepsin Tonic, he gets
the sictive principles of digestion and
is relieved at once. For sale every
where. 1s conducted by an expert accountant and
successful loacher. Instruction thorough aud
practical. Tuition lower than elsewhere. Full
particulars to any address.
241 f THOS. J. BRYANT, Pres.
Thirty of the Iest organ makers of the
World are competitor at the Paris Exposition,
a cable dispatch to the Associated Press s.-ys
two highest gold medals hare been awarded to
the American makers. Mason & Hamlin.
To the Citizen's of the Comity and Slate.
I have. now residy for market 100,000
"White and Fire brick, which we will
sell at responsible prices; parties wish
ing to build si fire-proof house, before
the comet comes down, call on J. T. A.
Hoover, Louisville, Nebraska. 14tf
Miracnlons Tower.
The Forest and Stream has it : "To preserve
health use Warner's Safe Remedies. Tbeee
are almost of miraculous power in removing
disease for which recommended. The won
derlul curative qualities they are peM.set-sed of
of is vouched for by tens of thousands. 2U13
1 :
e a. n
e t! j
I r 1
O S J a. j u c
s v
t- j it; j
v? S
3 v f ei
bp1 esse
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given ta all persons Interest
ed in the estate of Frank and Andrew Deitrich
iniwor licks of .Joseph Deitrich, deceased. te
appear before the Hon. S. B. Pound, Judge of
the District Court within and for the Second
Judicial District, at his Chambers in the Citv
of Lincoln, in the County of Lancaster, and
Stsite of Nebraska, on the 21st day of October.
A. I), isso. at 1 o'clock p. in., to cliow cause, if
any they have, why a license toie!I and c n vey
the real estate jit said minors should not be
granted to their guardian, according to the
prayer of the petition in said cause.
September 14th, isso. 2Gt4
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the subscriber, on the fnrm of
J. D. Cook, five miles south west of Platts
mouth, a black cow with right honi off. medi
um size. The owner can have the tame by
proving property and paying charges.
2"it5 J. D. COOK.
Adam Rhodes will take notice that on the
19th day of August, A. D. Isso. A. !. .Sullivan.
County Judge within aud for Cass County, Ne
braska, i?ued an older of attachment for the
sum of nine and 7i-100 dollars (9.75) in an ac
tion pending before him. wherein Elizabeth
Shafer is plaint ill, andAd:im Rhodes defend
ant ; that the wages due eaid defendant have
been attached under said order. Said cause
was continued to the 5th day of October, A. D.
1?S0, at 9 o'clock a. in.
Plattsmouth, Sept. lth. ISso. 20t3
Sheriff's Sale.
By ii tue of an Order of Sale issued by W. C.
Showalter, Clerk of the District Court within
and for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me di
rected. I will, on the 23d day of October, A. D.
18S0, at 10 o'clock a. in., of said dav, at the
South door of the Court JIoupc, iu said County,
sell at Public Auction the following real estate
to-wit: Tlie East half (el4) of the South West
quarter (aw?,) of section thirty-one (31), town
ship eleven (11), North of range twelve (12) east
of the sixth (flth) P. JI., in Cass County, Ne
braska. The same being levied upon and taken
as the property of Harvey Carper, Agnes C.
Carper and Cyrus H. McCormick, defendants,
to satisfy a Judgment of said Court recovered
by AlmiraC. Woodruff, plaintiff.
Plattsmouth, Neb.. Sept. 13th. A. D 1SS3.
26t5 R. W. HYERS. Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of au execution, issued by W. C.
Showalter. Clerk of the District Court w ithin
ana for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me d'rr
reeled. 1 will, on the 16th day of October, A
1880. at 10 o clock a. in., of said day, at
South door of the Court House, in said Coi
eell at Public Auction the following real et
to-wit : Lot ten (10). in block one (1) Nortt -d
one (1) East : also lots one (li, two (2) and f-vee
(3). in diock one (l) Kast : all of the above de
scribed property being located in Rock Bluff.
Cass County, Nebraska. The same being levied
upon and taken as the property of Joseph Ske
ra and Henry Shera, defendants, to satisfy a
judgment of said Court recovered by Buck Slc-
Couias aud Patterson, plaiutiffs.
Piattmiouth. Neb.. Sept. 13th, A. D. 13?0.
26t5 E. W. HYERS, Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of John Cleinmons,
deceased. In the County Court of Cass Co.,
lrpon reading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of Christiana F'aught, praying that ad
ministration of the estate of John t'lenimoiis,
deceased, be granted to MoOinnis Cleiiiiiione :
Ordered that notice of the pendency ot said
cause be published in the Nebraska IIkkald,
a weekly newspaper, printed, published, anil
in general circulation in said cou'ity. for three
consecutive weeks, and that the hearing of
said cause be set for the Clh day of Octobor A.
D., 18x0. at one o'clock p. M. at the olTlce of the
County J udge, at Pl.itt-inouth. at which tun.
and pfuce, all persons iuturested may appear
and show cause, if any they have, w hy atiii.m
istration of said estate should uol be g-auteii
to the said MciSinnis Clemiuous, according to
the prayer of said petition.
A. N. SULLIVAN. Count v Judge.
I- Plattsmouth, September 10 isso. s.t;:;
Guardian's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that In pursuance of a
decretal order of "sale, made by the Hon. S. B.
Pound, Judge ot the District Court in and for
Cass County, NebrasKa, ax his Ch ambers, in I lie
citv of Lincoln, on the 9lh day of September.
A."D. isso. I will, on the I4th day of October. A.
D. 13S0, offer at Public Vendue, at the front
door of the Court House, in Plattsmouth City.
Cass County, Nebraska, at the hour of 1 o'clock
p. m. of said day, to the highext bidder, nil the
right, title and inteiest of George Elbert and
(irace E.. Swaits, minors in and to the
North half (is!,) of the .-outh East quarter isc
'Oof section No. twtbty-four U'4). township
No. tea (10), raiigc No. ten (10), East of the
sixth (9th P. M., hi the County afoiesaid.
Sale will remain open tor bids from the hour
of 1 o'clock p. m. until the hour of 2 o'clock p.
in. ui same nay. ici nio, canu or cieuu, as pro iv
NELSON JEAN, Guardian.
To the non-resident owner of the following
described real estate, in the county of Cass aud
State of Nebraska, t-wit : lots (1) ono (-J) two
and (3) three in block (7S) seventy-live, in the
city of Plattsmouth ; you are hereby notified
ttiatthe above described real estate was on
the 121 li dav of November, ISTS, sold to tho un
dersigned John Reich, and, that unless the
same is redeemed from such sale on or before
the W day of January, lsSl, a tax deed will be
Issued for said real estate to the undersigned,
John Rei-h.
Plattsmouth, Neb., August 31, 1S.J0. 2U3
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution. Issued bv W. C.
Showalter. Clerk of the District Court w itliin
ud for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me di
rected. 1 will on the 21st day f September, A.
D. Isso, at 10 o'clock a. m ( said day, at the
premises aw occupied by ISeorge E. Baker, ia
Tipton Precinct, in said County, sell at Public
Auction tho following personal property, to
wit : Forty () acres of crn in the ield. and
five (5) stacks of wiieat and two (2) stacks of
oats, on the farm now occupied by George E.
Baker, in Tipton Precict, in Cass County. Ne
braska. The tame being levied upon and. taken
as the property of George E. Baker. defendant,
to satisfy a judgment of said Court rtcovered
by C. C. Burr, plaintiff.
Plattamouth. Neb.. September 4th. A. D. 180
IM2 R. W. Hvkrs, Sheriff Casa Co., Neb.
A. IS1EW IHMTrjHlSjPinijTSlE :
Restaurant 1 Confectionery
Where will be Found a Good Supply of Choice
Csiffeetioanciry H Frii5ts5
of all kinds in Season.
Also in connection with the above will be kept the
i$t lC(5i 0Blfcllltlftl?lo
ILtnEneSii at all SBiom'&j
consisting- of Oysters, Sardines, Canned Fruits, fcc.
all aiiMl hcc, P. B. MURPHY,
One door West of C. G. Herold 's. Proprietor.
Is Leased to
wlto will, dtiiiiiig: tlte
With their immense stock of
(Doaislstliag- of all 3Prices9
Styles k Uteslgns.
St is an Acliiowlcs!?Gcl IFaet
W. M. mAZ&J&Mi & 01).
keep the largest anil host selei'teJ -tock of
Grerzeral JilercluirtclLsc !
in the city, and a little time spent in examining :ui 1 pricing their oo 1
will convince the most skeptical that their prices are as
LOW as the LOWEST,
We mark every tlaiisjg isi plain
figure39aiid &ell to all alike.
Bq not Glaim to Sell at Gost,
but will v !I :it closest living margins and guarantee everything to pleiwe.
Butter, Eggs, and Other Produce!
and we wili save yon some
money or no trade.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an Order of Sale, issued by W. C.
Showalter, Clerk of tho District Court w ithin
and for Cass County, Nedraska, and to me di
rected, 1 will on the 20th day of September, A.
D. 1ko, at 10 o'clock ft. m., of eaiei day, hi tin?
south door of the Court House, In said ('uuty,
sell at Public Auction the following real estate,
to-wit: 1 he South hast quarter hc1) of sec
tion thirty-two (XI), In township ten (10), North
of range t-.i-veu (II). East. In Cass Count y, Ne
braska, i nc same being levied upon and taken
us the property of Hemy, Miiidcrmati mid lior-
nian Nnrmrmig. and .Miudcriuan, wife of
Henry Mindxruiau, defendants, to s. it fly a
judgment of said Court bv Silas iSray, p, alt. till.
I lattsinouth, Ncn., Augin-t Ui h, l-o.
?:? K. W. HVLKS. Slu-rifl Cas t o., Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
P-y Vint! ot i bi ."e ercciiiions, issued bv W.
i . hl:o:iiu-j-, ( U-rk ! iie District Com I illilii
:,ul lur i n-s l o'inl, Nebraska, and to me di
irileo, 1 will on liiO lid day of October, A.
i . 1 sso, ai in o'cUvk a. in., of said day, al the
r nulii dooi of Ihe Court House, iu the city of
i ialisiiioiuh in saul county, sell at public am -t
iu t ho follow lug real estate, to-w it : i ts No.
iirt-ei.i) and four (4) in block No. nine, (in Iu
While's addition to the city of Plattsmouth,
Cuss County Nebraska; also lots ecn (7),
eight (8). nine (j and ten (10), in block No, six
itii. In Duke's addition to the City of Plaits
mouth ; also lot No. three (3), tn block No. one
hundred and sixty-three (103), in the City of
PlaltMuoulli ; all of the above described prop
erly being in lass Countv, Nebraska. The
same being levied upon and taken as the prop
erty of Caivin P. Moore and Armtlda A. Moore,
defendants, to satisfy the judgment of said
court recovered by Tho State Journal Co.. Ar
milda A. .Moore, and H, G. Dovey & Son, plain
tills. U. W. HYERS. Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Plattsmouth, Neb., Sept. 1. A. v. Io0. 2115
In the District Court of the 2d Judicial dlstlict
within and for Cass county, Nebraska.
A. W. White. rkUutiff, 1
Tl I
EHen McGuire. M. McGuire, ,'
John O'ltourke, J. V. j-
Weckbach, Win. Neville
and Patrick McCallum, f
Def't's. J
Ellen McGuire and M. McGuire, defendant
will take notice that 011 the 3lst day ef August,
isso ; A. W. White. Plaint iff, herein filed his
petition in the District Court of Cass county,
Nebraska, against said defendants, tho object
and pravcr of which ate to foreclose a certain
mortgage executed by Ellen McGuire and M.
McGuire. defendants to William K. Donelan,
on the following described premises, to-wit:
lots seven (7) and eight (SI in block twelve (12)
iu the City of Platteincuth, Cass Count), Ni b.,
to secure the payment of certain prnilsory
note, dated December 30th, 1870. for the sum of
$uw 00 ana due and payable In one yfar from
the date thereof; Which said mortgage anil
note was afterwards assigned to this Plaintiff.
That there is now due upon aaid note and mort
gage the sum of K0 00 for which sum with In
terest at the rate of twelve percent per annum
from the 16th day of June. A. D. 1S78. plaintiff
prays for 11 decree that defendants be required
to pay the same, or that said premises may bo
sold to satisfy the amount found due.
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the isth day of October, A. D. Isso.
Dated September 1st, isso.
A. W. WHITE. Plaintiff.
By W. S. WisK.hia Attorney. 2413
-Jt M.-.- e. i . -L A Mi