Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 29, 1880, Image 3

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nts i. tint". lleular adveriis-
.i'. No ad veru.seim.iit iiiscit-
it : ..i .-
:it S::tUlt
! u..i.-fi"s .if i:vv i!l ! Held
.-.i urines ll.i y hand i:,
a pioof t piii-iica-i
, iil l.i; ,'t'Ul Jor lue imoiica
nolice. : .IM VNJ'JAYIUNS.
4 S m:r N limited, i-oi nmnic:if!oTlS
i I --In. to th p jiiit, with no wiile
cf -.vol -.!.
!'!:. is ..--iiwii)le for the correctness
. . ' i copy of paid mutter and paid '-e"
i.;.:-. -:.iy.
I A i v f" r.'mi who takes the paper regularly
f:vu: s:.- i-.v-oiiW. whether d reeled to ins
nm;.-. :. !her he l a sul"c:ioer or not is
re i i i. i.n- for the pay.
., ? i ;l.,v rerson ordei his pnper diseontin
!,! ' t.tu-t pav ill! arrearages, or the publish
er n" " to sPil 't until payment Is
!ii i..-":iii.l ' -."ilrrt the whole amount, whether
Ibc l;'.jx r is -n from the office or not.
3 Ic- coin is have derided tliiit refusing to
-iV i'ce rs ami iodic;tls from the post
oV r iei.iovin-4 ami h aving them uncalled
for. It' itrinvi facte evidence of istkntional
At the City of Omaha.
ilxeuisiou trains will be run.
I'iatto Stools at Jos. Schlater's. tf
Fred Kroehler lias returned home.
-- Local matter is scarce.
Don't forget t.he County Fair.
Wili. S. Wise sell Ileal Estate, tf
- Work on the bridge progiesseth.
Mr. Deck goes west this morning.
Who's going to bring us ;i big mel
on. Sve (Jreat lied Store reduced Price
List. lltf
Why don't some one have a run
awav. Ladies' celluloid
collars at Wes
17t3 The Normal School commenced
See grand advertisement of Great
lied store. lltf
Temperance column on outside
this week.
Dr. Tr.nner still floateth on wind
and water.
Garfield Hats just received at
Wes.-utt's. 19t2
Bring in a few "Mush" Melons.
We like 'em.
Greatly reduced prices
Red Stoue.
at Great
Miss Mary L. Ruby is visiting the
IIeiiald house.
After the first of October you can
harvest your Quail.
Don't buy until you have priced
at the Great lied Store. lltf
A little robbery has been reported
in the south part of town.
Large line of Boots and Shoes,
cheap, at (Jreat Red Store. lltf
Miss Edith Bennett camo in on
the evening train Tuesday.
,r t,, i.s..
VJ. 11. I IIUIlll'I'll 13 Vi-lOJ Ill.lHI", ,
the plans for the new hotel.
If you need a Trunk or Travelling
ha, tro to W. II. Baker & Co. 1
Fifteenth of August get ready to
shoot your Prairie Chicks.
Manufacturing and repairing neat
and cheap. Pktki: Mkiksks. 10tf
Miller's harness shop is pretty
nearly filled up with nice stock.
Good Boasted Bio Coffee, 3 pounds
for SI. 00 at W. II. Baker & Co.'s 1
See Sage Bros., add in another col
umn. The boss pump of the age.
Soldiers who have liomesteaded less
than 100 acres write to W S. Wis is. tf
Mrs. A. Schlegel has been very
sick for the past two or three weeks.
Going! going!! at any price fo
close out summer goods at Wescott's 2
Mr. Stadelmann's new house is to
be 0 x 34, two stories and abasement.
Dr. Tanner's stomach "kicks"
against so much water. Try beer, Doc.
Fresh fruits ami vegetables re
ceived every day hy Bennett & Lewis.
One man writes Dr. Tanner that
he is ripening a big melon for his 40th
Prof. Swpt. E. II. Wooley, LL. 1).,
and assistants have their hands full
You will always find IVpperberg's
most pwpub'r Cigars at F. It. G tub
man's. 17tf
Morgan's Hat boat brought up a
load of wood Tuesday, from some
where. Everybody goes to the Great Bed
Store, where they are treated fair and
square. lltf
Parasols, Fans, Linen Suits, &c.
at greatly reduced prices at W. 11. Ba- j
ker & Co.'s. 1
Mr. Wilson, at D. II. Wheeler's of
fice has an electric pen, the only one
in the city.
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Window
Shades in great variety at W. II. Ba
ker & Co.'s. 1
The B. & M. depot is being repaint
ed and generally renovated both up '
stairs and down. j
Don't forget that Chambers is sell- '
ing lly-covers at cost. Now is 3'our
time to buy. It2
We understand that Mrs. A. W.
White's babe was severely scalded a
day or two since.
A few Summer Hats left at W.II.
Baker & Co.'s. which will be sold re
gardless of cost. 1
Mr. ,T. M. Huberts will occupy one
room' in the llen.i.l l.inH-. nnil a man
from Iowa the other. voar groceries of an evr-lnsive,
Gi'-ci'iy House.
leniH'U !C Lewis car-
ry a complete stock.
the Chicago Garfield and ArtUur
K, l A I UtlliUj UMAI ALH ouua CAiiCLlj j
like those on the road for the Platts- i
!1V. Ith dub.
::.! Mllv IMN.-Ttjcini
w-"iii" IIom, t!,e su-
f--.i:'.ri'll .tit! i'l'Jte Q;U!:I;;C, and
jmvious iii-!"' .heiit.i. coiobi m 1
it f "l uv!: I it i 'i . are 1 insredi-
ems ot -.iaiL iiiueia, pit-parea oy ine
Malt Bitters Company. 19t4
F. J. Metteer goes to Omaha to live
Miss Anna Livingston has gone to
Lincoln for a visit.
Mr. McMillan, of Omaha, spent San
day in Plattsraouth.
Miss Florence Richardson, of Eight
Mile Grove, is attending the institute.
Mrs. Carman and Miss Sessions of
Lincoln, spent Sunday in Plattsmouth.
Mrs. and Miss Maggie Dawson leave
this afternoon for a trip to Philadel
phia. -
Miss Louie Hill, of Evanston, 111.,
a niece of Mrs. Dr. Livingston is visit
ing her relatives.
Mr. D. Campbell returned to Platts
mouth last Saturday morning, after a
long visit in the east.
Miss Mamie Dakin came down
from Decatuv Tuesday evening; is
visiting relatives in the city and will
take in the Normal Iastitute.
Pic Aid
From Prof. Wise we learned late
last evening that the Sunday Schools
of Ashland, under the supervision of
Mr. J. A. Jury, were cominjr here to
day, en masse, to hold a pic nic on the
ground occupied by theOniahasen the
5th. Go up and entertain them, all of
you !
How that chap kicked himself af
ter he learned "that 'twere Garfield &
Hancock's pictures on his badge.
Tanner says: "Young man, never
marry a woman who eats pork and
cabbage morning, noon and night."
Note change in W.II. Baker & Co's
ad. this week. They mean business
from the word go. .
C. E. Wescott is closing out his
stock of Summer Goods at any price.
Don't fail to avail, &c. . 17t3
We learn that an old friend and
subscriber, Mr. II. N. Orr, is lying very
sick at his home in Cheyenne.
Best Stock of Groceries, canned
fruits, meats and fish and lowest pri
ces at W. II. Baker & Co.'s. 1
The work of grading 7th street is
completed north of Main, and they are
now at work on the south side.
Full lines of linen suits are being
sold very cheap at Fred. Herrmann's.
Call before they are gone. 18tf
Grace & Weidman are fixing things
up gay in the old place. Geo. Weid
man thinks he likes it up town.
White Glycerine Soap, cheapest
and best iu the market. Give it a
trial, at W. II. Baker & Co.'s. 1
Col. Pace, Editor of the Western
World, Lincoln, is in the city and will
give a public lecture this evening.
Mr. C. E. Wescott is closing out
his summer stock at greatly reduced
prices. Call and see him. 19t2
T"! , T-V : A - 1 II.
rrariKavts leiuuieu nom u.e
west yesterday. He reports every-
. . . '
thing flourishing in Saline County.
A good mowing machine for sale,
! or for trade for a horse, by
lSt2 - E. K. Parmele.
Dr. Black is putting in a new side
walk hy his buildings on Main and Gth.
Some of the rest of you follow suit.
Col. L. C. Pace, of Lincoln, will
lecture at the Presbyterian church this
(Thursday) evening, on "Temperance."
We have on hand a new lot of
pencil tablets, which we sell cheap,
just the thing for the Normal teachers
The officers of the I. O. G. T. Lodge
will ' be enstalled next Wednesday
evening, a full attendance is requested.
All those who signed the torch
light list will please be prepared for
the collectors thi3 p. m. or to-morrow
Messrs. Cummins & Richey will
soon move their lumber yard to Pearl
Street, west of Holmes '& Dixon's sta
-Messrs. Grace & Wiedman sell
Pepperberg's Best and Bocky the fin
est and most popular Cigars of the
age. 17tf
We understand Mr. Hesser is go
ing to take a large assortment of flow
ers and plants to the State Fair this
Pepperberg's Best Bocky and
Presidential Boom are Superior to any
Eastern Cigars. Ask your dealers for
them. 17tf
-W. H.Pickins returned from Chi
cago Tuesday morning after a short
visit. Hyers said he had a splen
did time.
Farmers bring in your butter and
eggs to J. Bons & Son, who will pay
as much if not more than any one else
in town. 19t2
Don't order cheap job work, but
come to the Herald office and get
some first class work at the lowest
living rates.
Saddles! Saddles!! Ladies', Men's
and Boys saddles at J. G. Chambers
Harness Shop in all styles and kinds.
Go and see them. 1
1 Clothing ! Clothing !! Clothinz !!
cheap ! cheap !! cheap !!! At the Great
Bed Store. Money positively refunded
; it not satisfactory. lltf
W.II. Thomas, of the B. & M.
! Lincoln, came down Sunday morning,
; and stayed until Monday morning
i Come again, Roscoe.
i Dr. Meade has moved his office up
! over tbe 1osL 0&ce, where he is ready
i to receive calls from those needing
i in nis ne- 'Ul and see him.
Reader, as vou no to the P. O
after vonr mall ask to spa our nrintorl
j ft.,..-! nf Pamnaiirn Tlafpa anil tull tlio
p. M. to send for the paper for you
I he M. L.. feociaole at the resi
dence of Mr. Wash. Smith, Tuesday
evening was well attended and the
f-venijtg w as spent very pleasantly.
i ie.
1 i!-.. "i Flv Plate 'a iil kill
;r.ore yj, is ai-.ue convenient, is more
eeoiioinieal thai :tv other Kl Poison.
, Une Plate lasts a wholft SHUson. Thev
J can be found at Smith, Black & Co.'s.2
The Normal Institute.
Twenty-five devotees to the acquisi
tion of knowledge, may be seen each
morning about eight o'clock climbing
Plattsmouths 1 Hill of Science, to the
temple of learning which crowns its
heights, where, undismayed by the tor
rid heat of July, they devote the morn
ing hours to storing their minds with
the necessary information which shall
serve them in their vocation of teach
er. Profs. Wooley and Love, with
like commendable disregard of the
enervating effects of Lot weather, are
busily engaged in imparting this in
formation, and when we looked in yes
terday morning, we found the institute
fully under way, and everyone seem
ingly working with a will.
We learned from Prof. Wooley that
there were twenty-five pupils in at
tendance, of whom eight are m the
first grade and seventeen in the second
grade. The hours from eight to
twelve are devoted to recitations, no
afternoon session.
Arrangements will probably be made
for the first of the series of lectures
sometime next meek.
Prof. Worley, of Peru, is in the- city
and will probably make arrangements
to conduct a class in vocal music. This
will, however, be entirely distinct from
the institute. He has just concluded
successful musical convention at
Nebraska City.
-Charley Ppwell soon goes back to
lis Indiana home to take charge of an
A. U. telegraph office there, and E. B.
Lewis will take the one here to his
Miles Chilcott, of Union, accom
panied by Charles Clinton, came in
Friday, paid in advance for the Her
ald and took a look at our printing
machines. ...
-Sportsmen and others will bear in
mind that the chicken season has not
yet arrived. Any violation of the game
law in this respect will be summarily
dealt with.
Mr. F. Stadelmaun has commenc
ed preparations for a residence on
Vine Street, west of the Herald of
fice; and still the good work of enlarg
ing and beautifying-our city goes on.
Geo. W. Young, of Mt. Pleasant,
delivered 146 head of hogs to Holmes,
Dixon & Co., yesterday, for which he
received 81,224 in clean cash. He has
sold 44 head before, and has over 200
lead on his farm yet.
Miss Libbie Wheeles. accompanied
by Master Chester Barnes, left on the
morning train Monday, for Marysville,
Missoari, where she will visit several
weeks before returning to her home
In Nashville, Illinois.
Henry Kirkham, sr., returned on
Tuesday from England, where he has
been visiting his old home after an ab
sence of thirty years. None of his peo
ple recognized him, of course, as the
young man of long ago.
-A premium of a campaign Sub
scription will be given for the largest
melon left at our office during the com
ing month. We to have the useof the
melons after recording dimensions of
melon and name of competiter.
Lawyer Ilartigan was admitted to
the Supreme Court this term and ar
gued his first two cases there. He was
appointed by Judge Maxwell as one of
the committee to examine applicants
for practice in the Supreme Court.
Walter White is preparing to
move the barn belonging to Mr. Fitz
gerald to the corner, north of the
Herald office when a good substan
tial dwelling will be made out of the
same, and a fire-trap removed from
our midst.
A very pleasant little party was
given Miss Ida Waterman by her par
ents, on "Saturday night, it seemed
an enjoyable affair to all; the music
and refreshments were delicious,
though the latter received the "long
est" attentions.
Solomon & Nathan will commence
a grand Clearance Sale on the 2d day
of August, of all Summer goods, con
tinuing thirty days. Don't fail, each
and every one, to improve this golden
opportunity of enriching yourselves
from this great sacrifice of all classes
of goods in their line. 1
What has become of our High
School Reservoir? Waiting for a fire?
Come mighty near it the other night,
A lamp exploded, or.iather cracked
in Mr. Wescott's store, and but for
the fact of his having non-explosive
oil 'twould have been all dav with that
portion of Main Street.
Sage Bros., with their usual enter
prise, have obtained the Couuty right
for one of the best Chain pumps in the
market. It will throw more water
and at the sami time fill the water
with more air, than any other method
known. Call and see them and you
will be sure to buy one.
W. B. Brown has been laundrying
here some time and is well known to
our citizens. Monday a bad accident
happened at his house. Tliey call it
Martha, because its a girl. Brown
goes around whistling: "We meet up
on the level, and we part upon the
square." What words of preciou
meaning these things, on Monday, are
At the Garfield and Arthur club
meting Saturday, Judge Sullivan
made some vnry pointed and just re
marks, pointing out the danger "ahead
in a change of Administration. "Cn
cle T. J. Todd put in some eld time
licks, and we had a glorious time gen
erally. The new Uniforms will be
here in a few days now. Be ready for
them boys.
"Gil" Hobbs had occasion to ex
amine a buggy that two of the boys
had out the other nijrht. In the vehi
cle h only found tuft hair-pins, one
lone pin, three bra.s batt?!V, a pair of
flrtves. two lace ImjUiuls a pair of luitts
aj a r.ewj-jripi-r with tne young
r-irns mime on; .i .kad iiite-awrsy
Gil says. We saw the name, but as he
is one of our friends we'll never tell. .
A Warning to Newspaper Mea.
Tha pnblisher of the Boons County
(Iowa) Republican has recently Jueen
arrested and heavily Hoed ftr folding
posters in his paper and sending the
same through the mail. This is a vio-
ation of the l ostaMaws, and all news
paper men will do well to lcok a' little
aut. The department has its agents al-
8 looking after publishers who simi-
arly transgress the law- by folding
pretended supplements in their issues.
A poster, hand-bill, or an advertising
sheet is not a "supplement." As that
is defined by the law, it most be a sheet
containing matter for which there is
no room m the principal sheet for the
same issue, and really a part thereor.
Hence, the law-breakei s must stop sin
ning, or be severely punished. Globe.
We are repeatedly asked to do this
kind of advertising, and when it is re
fused;' are met by the lemsrk that
f "other papers do it." If they do, it is
at the risk of a riue.
Tli City Mast Pay its Fuudinar Bonds.
Our Supreme Court has-just decided
the case of -'The City of Plattsmouth,
plaintiff in error, vs John Fitzgerald,
defendant in error," after a very full ar
gument, in which John Fitzgerald was
represented by Hon. Sam. M. Chapman,
and the City by Hon, John L. Webster
of Omaha. " We are informed that Mr.
Webster made one of his best and
strongest arguments in this case, but
apparently to very little effect. Thi?
decision, by the highest tribunal of the
State, is probably final, and we might
as well address ourselves to paying off
the debt at once without further costs.
i Hotel at Last.
The Gordet property, occupied by
Cummins & ltichey, was bought on
Monday by Fritz aud Oswald Guth
man, who will proceed to erect a Hotel,
forthwith; the dimensions are said to
be 70 x 80 feet, three stories high.
"Whether the owners intend to run it
themselves or whether it is to be rent
ed we do not know at present; at all
events a Hotel we are to have, with
out doubt.
Notice of Meeting.
. A Greenback meeting will be held
in Rock Bluffs Precinct, at the Berger
school house, next Tuesday, at 1 p. m.
sharp. All Greenbackers invited;
Hurrah for Garfleld & Arthur!
M. A. H. (Most All Hancock) went
into a barber shop to get shaved, the
other day. After lathering him superb
ly, the "barber stood back and flourish
ed the razor vindictively, saying: "Now
promise to vote for Garfield, or I'll
cut your throat !" M. A. H. never
winced. "Xo ! I'll never go back, but
die a martyr !" not like De la Matyr,
though, who seems likely to be cruci
fied between English and the Voorhees
wing of the democrats in Indiana.
Major J. M. Bundy, Editor of the
"New York Evening Mail," is writing
the Life of General Garfield for A. S,
Barnes & Co. of Xew York. The book
will contain several illustrations, and
possess many unique and special fea
tures. The nairaiiVH will present
many ef the qualities and attractions
cf a romance. Every young Ameri
can will read with interest this ac
count of a brilliant career, which is
in a measure, open to them all for em
On hist Saturday at a called meet
ing of the Congregational church. Of
Sarpy Centry, Itev. Benjamin F. Dif-
fenbacker was by a unanimous vote
invited to continue to serve the church
as their minister for a year from the
first of October next. Brother I). has
served this church from the time of
its organization over two years ago,
and the general wish of the church
congregation and pastor is to continue
the mutually pleasant and. prosperous
relations of the past. Papillion Times
A farewell party was given at the
home of Miss Olla Barnes, last Satur
day evening, in honor of her guest
Miss Libbie Wheeles, at which several
couples of her friend3 gathered at an
early hour. The evening was passed
very pleasantly with music and other
amusements. A .very handsomely
bound volume of Shakespeare was pre
sented to Miss Wheeles, by Mr. D
Campbell, in a few well chosen words
in behalf of her friends present, which
she replied to, in a very able manner.
After which the company dispersed
wishing her a safe journey home.
Mr. Chris Hartman and bh little
son, Fred, came near losing their lives
Sunday evening by their horse and
buggy being thrown into a ditch near
the is ail Works, the horse having been
frightened by a dog. Mr. Hartman is
Cttufiued to his bed by injuries received
and the horse, valued at $300, had to
be shot, as his back was broken in the
accident. The cur which caused the
accident is probabty of the class which
would sell dear at a cent a thousand.
les, ana hundreds of useless curs
run yelping after every buggy in this
town, only to help break some one's
neck, sometime.. Do the owners of dogs
know, or care to know, that their dogs
have no business yelping at passengers
in the street, and that they are and
ought to be responsible for all dam
Among othr nuve'.'ies" Le
found in Mr. 1 . CiUTulh's m ignifi
cent building v "ib:. completed, is one
which will show f.r itself, (.oa a dark
night) in all parts of the hous, viz
from sixty to seventy-five gas jets, o
a sufficient nurabpr to light the.. 'up
stairs and down-stairs of the entire
building. The gasoline, from which
the gas is generated will be kept in
tank of boiler iron, buried ten feet, at
a distance of sixty feet from
lar, where a blower will be attacheed
to the connecting P'PS run bv a sim
pie -c'oek-w oi V inp,'ir.-t:.t;s, w hirli w ii
kf-ep lhr j-ts ail t re pa red w.-r lihtbi
; Mr. C !e-r es r-i:f eiv-iit for t
: iitii tu i :.; in an a:;erpne of l
...s j
kiiti auu uany othis' wo.t'd i,nre
j safety frotu coal oil explosions were
j they to follow his example. -
Jim Garfield's at the FrenU
"General Garflelrt proceeded to the front.'
(Ocu. Kosecraus' official rcuorf of the battle of
Cliickamaujja. : -
Once more the grand old fight is on, the fight
. we've orten fought,
And a we've done these twenty years, we'll
- onng our ioeu 10 naugtn ;
We won with Lincoln, Grant and Ilayes, and
in this battle's brunt.
Well conquer to the rallying cry Jim Gar-
neurs ai ine ironu
Chorus Jim Garfield's at the front I
Jim Garfield's at the front !
'Twould be a sin to fail to wiu
With Garfield at the front !
early learned to paddle well his own for
lorn canoe
Up on OUio's "graud caual" he held the helm
so true :
And now the people shout to hint : "Lo, 'tU
ior you-we wair.
We want to see Jim Garfield guide our glorious
snip oi state."
Chorus Jim Garfield's at the frout !
J im Garfield's at ILe frout i
Twuld be a sin to fail to win
With Garfield at tlia fiont !
lie was a carpenter of yore, and to this day lie
To love to nail (old Ilourbon lies) and hammer
(rebel eeneinei) :
We'll wager, and tiie bet, we know, will go
without a taker
This carpenter, come ides of March, will be a
cauinei maKer :
Chorus Jim Garfield's at the front !
Jim Garfield's at the front I
Twould be a siu to fail to win -"With
Garfield at the front I
lie taught the young ideas to shoot, and then
the plucky tutor
In war's grim nchool was taught to be another
sort i shooter.
Me braved, to aid the Union's cause, full many
a battle's brunt,
And those hIiu sought his whereabouts feund
Garfield at tne front.
Chorus Jim GarfUld' at the front !
Jim Garfield's at the front !
, . ' I 'would be a siu to fall to wiu
'Willi Garfield at the front !
Wlien Uncle Sam, November next, shall count
the ballots o er.
One houi shall nhake the continent, loud as
the ocean s mur ;
'Once more the hots Kepublican have borne
the battle's bruut.
Once more they've triumphed gloriously, with
Garneid at tne iroui
Chorus With Garfield at the front !
With Garfield at the front !
We're sure to gain the grand cam
paign. With Garfield at the front !
A Reply to 31t. Pleasant.
In the last week's Herald I noticed
a letter written by "Mt. Pleasant," at
least that is what he calls himself, but
I think he has no right to the name;
that name belongs to our P. O. and
would imply that he was expressing
the views of our entire neighborhood,
and that the people had given him
authority to use the name; but. such
is not the case. Mr. Mt. Pleasant says
(in speaking of the Good Templar s
Lodge) that our School . Directors are
opposed to the order, and take the au-
thonty upon themselves to ioroia
them the use of the school house. Yes,
they have forbidden them the use of
school house, but why? If you would
step into our school house some morn
ing after a meeting or the order, you
would see why; everything in dirt
and disorder, until you would think
that some one had been trying to de
molish the old building.
Our school house is insured, and
when the building burns down, the
people want their money back; now
Mr. Mt. P., go to our Director, secure
a copy of the School Laws, and post
yourselves up before accusing the
School Board of being opposed to the
"order," for such is not the case; there
is not a member of the "board who is
opposed to the Order of Good Temp
lars, they think the cause oi temper
ance a great and good cause, but they
are opposed to the disorder of our
Good Templars at Mt. Pleasant. Now
Mr! Mt. Pleasant, are you not a little
abashed at being so exposed? but, re
member, I should not have written
this letter, bad you not written yours.
I will not give the news of the week,
I leave that to our worthy friend, Mr.
Mt. P., as he writes a very good letter;
but I hope in his next I will not find
any errors to correct. Yours,
Find Good Luck, Keno. Trot tor and
Lorillard Tobaccos. ' Also a full line
of smokers' articles of every descrip
tion at Schlegel & Nieman's - 12tf
MARTIIIS Wednesday, July 2th. 1so. I1a
M.'iY. youngest daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. J,
V. Martins, aged nine mouths and seventeen
Funeral services will lie held Irom their resi
dence this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends of
the family are invjled to attend.
CAMPBELL At Rock Bluffs. Cass Co.. Net...
July 16U1, IS0, .ions 1.. lniant sonoi j. it.
and Fannie M. Campbell, aed 7 months and
16 days, of Cholera Infantum.
Thus pass our treasures away, peihaps for
the best, the pain and suffering of this life be
ing scarcely a compensation for Us long contin
ance. ... - ... 1
Honored and fi!etcd.
When a board of eminent physicians
and chemists announced the discovery
that by combining some well known
valuable remedies, the most wonder
ful medicine was produced, which
would cure such a wide range of dis
eases that most all other remedies
could bo dispensed with, many were
skeptical ; but proof of its merits by
actual trial has dispelled all doubt,
and to-day the discoverers of that great
medicine, Hop Bitters, are honored and
blessed by all as benefactors.
The Celebrated B. & M.
Manufactured and on Sale by ."
Schlegel & Sicilian,
, IStf - Opp. roet-Office.
Improved Water Elevator
It works c.oii i , wiii nut ireeze and
is always ready for me. It has no
wooden tubing, suckers or valves to
wear out, no iron tubing to rust; nev
er has to be primed, packed or thawed
'!it. Tlif hiVertf! -:-.-; c'vsi i )
. r iliiO'in ihr- Water, li'i'--STirp'i'is
.--f yu,vn i:::u ti;
eoiis'imii.g ail iuir-.ri"'i" ;r or-ina;ir-r
in i L;4 foulest veil or
Fur fur th jm particulars, address or
call on Sage Bitos., who have the sole
right of Cass County. 19t3
Wednesday, July 2x, 1SS0.
Wheat. No.2.-
Coru, ear.
Barley, No. 2
Native Cattle..
3 0V7fc3 25
....4 0Kit4 2i
Nkw York, July 28, issp.
Money Sl.tWCsSl 04.
Itye ...
&1 07 ?i
43 47
34 4i 42
Chicago. July 28. 1SS0.
$ 4 60 tt5 00
73 S
Hog, eliipning. ..
Cat tie.
?4 7."?.?5 20
3 4.V'i 3 U5
. .'. . 3 8.VJ. 4 75
For Trade 1
For Cass County property, an im
proved farm in Butler Co., Neb., of 200
acres. Applv to
18UJ ' It. B. Windham.
For Sale.
Forty (40) acres of Land and a good
Stone house, one (1, mile south west of
Rock Blaffs, for sale. For particulars
enquire of Thomas Brown. 18t3
II in PC Improved Root Beer Park
nlnLj nje, 5 't. Makes live gallons
oi a delicious and sparkling beverage whole
some and temperate. Sold by druggists, or sent
lv man on rtceipt oi 2i ets. AUaress, tllA. c
HIKES, Manufacturer, 215 Market Street, Phil
adelphia, Pa. MM
Thirty of the best organ makers of the
World are competitors at the Paris Exposition.
a cable dispatch to the AssDCiated Press says
two highest gold melals have been awarded to
the American makers. Mason & Hamlin.
Now open with new, cheap and
good Boo's and Shoes, next door to
Post Office. lOtf
For Sale i
A fine black horse, six years old, good
roadster, for sale cheap at this office.
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at Schlegel & Niemann's,
opposite P. 0. 7tf
The Herald. Uetroit, Mich., says of Warner's
Safe Liver and Kidney Cure : "Its efficacy in
kidney, liver and urinary diseases is so fully
acknowledged that it is not worth the question
ing Bona tide testimonials from well-known
citizens in public and private life are evidences
strong enough to convince the most stubborn
doubter." 8113
- Bucklen's Arnica Salve.;
The Best Salve in the w orld for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, LTlcers, Salt libeum
Tetter, Chapped Ilands Chilblains
Corns, and all kinds of skin eruptions
This Salve is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction in every case or mon
ey refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Smith & Black, Wholesale
and Retail, Plattsmouth, Neb. 241y.
Notice to Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
.At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
Weeping Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March,. Tune and September. At
Ix)uisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
No one trill le examined except at
the regular examinations ; an I no cer
tificates from other , Counties will be
indorsed. : '
-' - ' E. II. Wooley,
4:2tf Superintendent.
We wiiluuy Acinus iti:a.rv ul teliju ijer month
and expense, or Allow a larv ccntmtftn, to sell our
Bw snd wonderful intentions. He mean rht irt jav
'The Silent Man"
Is no wiser than he vh has the fore
thought to provide his family with
Brown's Extract Blackberry and
Ginger, the most wonderful remedy
in use for curing DiJrrhoea, Dysentery
Cholera Morbus, and all Summer de
rangements of the Stomach and Bow-
"The Noisy Man"
Is the man who has been rejuvenated
by Brown's Liver Pills. He wants
everybody to know that all druggists
keep them.
The Disappointed Politician
Is less miserable than the man whose
dinner proves too much for him; and
while there is no hope for the former
the latter may be cured by using
Brown's Pepsin Tonic, the new rem
edy of the west. Try it. All druggists
keep Brown's medicines. J. II. But
tery, Smith. Black & Co., and O. F.
."Johnson, Plattsmouth ; John Painter
anil Eledge & Co., East Plattsmouth.
Fresh Lime.
Fresh Lime by the peck, bushel, or
wagon load can be had at the Kiln,
near west end of the bridge. Lime al
ways on hand and of superior quality.
Inquire of Mickelwait & Sharp,
7tf on premises.
A TEAR. Agents wanted. Bnsl
oess legitimate. Particulars free .
ddrcu J.WO&fH CO.. Bi Louis, Mat
A Wonderful Discovery.
For the speedy cure of Consumption
and all diseases that lead to it, such as
stubborn Coughs, neglected Colds,
Rronchitis, Hay Fever, Asthma, pain
in the side and chest, dry hacking
cough, tickling in the throat. Hoarse
ness, Sore Throat, and all chronic or
lingering diseases of the throat and
lungs, 1)r. King's Xew Discovery
has no equal and has established for
itself a world-wide reputation. Many
leading physicans recommend and use
it in their practice. The formula
from which it is prepared is highly
recommended by all medical journals.
The clergy and the press have compli
mented it in the most glowing terms.
Go to your druggist and get a trial bot
tle fiee of cost, or a regular bize for
SI. CO. For sale by Smith & Black,
wholesale aiid retail, Plattsmouth,
Neb. 23e6wly.
Very Droll to Think of.
If not above being taught by a man, use Dob
bins's Electric Soap next wash day. Used
without any wah boiler or rubbing board, and
u-ed differently from any other soap ever
made. It eeins very droll to think of a quiet,
orderly two hours' light work on wash day,
with no heat and no steam, or smell of tlie
washing through the house, instead of a long
day's hard work ; but hundreds of thousands
of woniea from Nova Scoria to Tex;us have
proved for themselves that thi is done v !
i'. ,:t.'.-- .-.ap. ii-;,: !." i:.
!' . i-K if !; i'i - :rv.'! ! :!
wvifi ; ? I-; -T i i'-: ! ;. lino -mii-mv ; i i' a
if poi:i.- i
i-eeli i-et-,:!
i;s U: do
h:i- !."! Lot : ,
! to
. erv
. . !: v
i.-e v.iii 'e! ii. as- ;.'!: s!ml;
sale jjiwecrs keep It.
I L. Cragi.n & Co., Philadelphia.
Keed linos.. Sole Agents.
3-eowly WeepiDj; Water, IVeb. ..
Is Leased to
wli wll!9 during? tiie
n A VJ IK? V
CbtMuhi Sjdsi3 CwumS ELa3 I
With their immense stock of
S4 Vl -
Styles ds ISeSgiiK.
Ht in sm Acknowledged. IFael
keep the largest and best selected stock of
G-eixeicLi JMercltcmcLLse !
in the city, and a little time spent in examining and pric ing their goods
will couviin c the most skeptical that their prices are as
LOW as the LOWEST,
We lami'k every
figarcs9and sell to all alike.
Dq not Claim to Soil at GoBt,
' ' but will sell at closest living margins and guarantee everything to please.
Butter, Eggs, and Other Produce!
and we wiii save you onae
money oi no trade.
Money to Loan.
On good farm property on longtime.
Apply to J. W. Jennings,
ltf Plattsmouth.
To the Citizen's of Hie Comity it ml Slate.
1 have now ready for markcl 100,000
White ami Fire brick, which we wiii
sell at reasonable priees; parti-s wish
ing to build a lire-proof house, bs.-fofe
the comet conies down, 'call on J. T. A.
Hoover. Louisville, Nebra.-ka. Hit'
Read and See.
Women's Cloth .Shoes
Rutton Shoes.
" Fine Leather " "
Men's Rrogans
Misses' Leather Shoes
Youths' Genuine Calf
. . .Cjc.
.81 15.
Others in proportion. Call and ex
amine, no charge for showing them.
10 tf Fetek Mekges.
I wish Everybody to Know.
Rev. George II. Thayer, an old citi
zen of this vicinity known to every ona
as a most influential citizen, aud
Christian Minister of theM. E. Church
just this moment stopped in our store
to say : "I wish everybody to know
that I consider that both myself and
wife owe our lives to Shilwh's Con
sumption Ciue." It is having a tre
mendous sale ver cur counters and is
giving perfect a ;;.ii.t :tioii in all cases
of Lung Diseases, ssoxn as nothing else
h::s done.
Rourbon, Ind., May 15, '78. Drs. Match
ett & France. Sold k-y Smith & Rlack.
No Deception Used.
It is strange so many people will
continue to suffer day after day with
Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Constipa
tion, Sour, General Debility
when they can procure at our store
Shiloh's Vitalizer, free f cost if it
doe3 not cure or relieve them. Price
75 cents. Sold by Smith & Rlack.
Shiloh's Catakkii Remedy. A
marvelous Cure for Catarrh.diphtheria,
Canker mouth, and Head Ache. With
each bottle there is an ingenious nasal
Injector for the more successful treat
ment of the complaint, without extra
charge. Price 50 ceiits. Ceowtf.
Constable's Sale.
Notice i hereby given that by virtue of an
execution, issued by M. Archer, a Justice of
the I'eace in and for Rock i'.lufts Precinct with
in and for t'ass (.'utility, Nebraska, in favor of
I.afe O'Neil. and a;,iii;t '. J. lloilnian. and to
me uirveteil, I will at 1 o'clock p. m. on th 7th
day of August, is), at the front door cf the
Court House In riattmouth City, in eaid Co.,
offer for sale at I'ublic Vendue the following
Kood-s ar.d chattels, to-v. it :One dark bay mare,
taken in said execu'iou as the i ropotly of said
t'. J. Hofiinan.
Dated tht linth dav of Jul v, !().
1'JVJ, THOMAS b.UlTH. Co i:s table.
To the owner or occupant of the following
described real eotate in the County of Cass and
State of Nebraska, to-wit : Lot twelve (1J), in
block one hundred and mxty-lour (14, in the
city of I'lattsmouth. Can County. Nebraska:
You are hereby notified that the above desci i!
ed real estate, a.ser-sed as belonging to a non
resident oi l ai-s County, was on the 3i d.. f" ('it I'minty, Neiii i-.--:t.
there beinn no oilier . ul l is lii.-n-tor, i:n
Ihe taxes levied then ou lor the year J-fTi. a:n.
that unless tlie same is redeemed from Mich
sale ou or before the 15th day of November,
10, a deed will be issued for said real estate
to Francis L. Murphy, assignee of sal I Cait'ii.
1:.3 h'V : ' V s" -'- : '' - -i ' V
!.t:.os i.t, .1, ;..MI ;.s . ,( , . -
f.-iul pr-Ji'et-rj o.tii u.ive -....' !' i'loiu
p.-orertv :ir.u payiniitx r -.;;ises.
DaT-;i this loth ly of .Imy. A. D. 1W.
17tj A. M. FEKGCBON.
tlaiiagf in plain
Road Notice.
To all w hom it m.iv concern :
The M-ci ion line road ii t illoned for by K-l-ward
I .l;-. et ill., cuiiiuieiiiring at tlit; E;i.-t
idt ciuil imiiiin Wost hftwfen ecclions sex-u
j and cijrlit (7 & township ti n (loi. rai.i;
l I wt lvi-t i-'i, ami m ctions twelve aiid lllirtt t-n
. (12 a; l:). tunn-l.ip ti-n (10), l;iliK; U-veil til),
I a -s I niiiny, Nrtirakit. The Name is ilcclan-U
j by tin- County t 'oiiiiniiMoiiei f an cn-ii road,
i aiid all oliji-i.-i loiin 1 1,1-n'io or ciaitn.t for daui
j ;:i s. lull-1 '.) Ii!i-d in Ihi- oiiuly l.lern 's oll:(.-e
oil i li.-ioi- ii-Hiii, i n tin- :nli day ot Auki!!- A.
' j. I'M . i-i Mi-;i n;.a v, lii le opened .inli ul
i j i :Vi fin-- i ii r -to.
! 7ti .1. i. Tt'TT. Yi.n).v fii-ik.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of Hie Kr-tulv oi William Deles
Ueinier, ileeeasi-d.
Notice i hereby given to all persons Waving
clames against tne estate ul VYiliiam I.Ic J---Mer,
deceased, to tile Hie name on or In-tore I lie
Hth day ot January, A. I. ISM, in the olllee of
I lie t'oiintv Judge, at I'latiHiiotitli, t'a'Ht'o.,
NeUraKka. A. N. SL' I.I.I VAN, t o. .jinlire.
I'laitsiiioiith.July 13, 1ks). ' 17W
Sheriff's Sale.
P.y virtue of an order of Male lsued hy W. C
Sliuwaltei. Clerk ol : the District Couit, within
and for Cass County, Nebraska, and tome di
rected, 1 will on the UtU day of Auu., A. D.,
1880, at 10 o'clock, a. in., of Haul day, at tlio
south door of the Court House, iu said County,
sell at 1'ublic Auction the following Real 1
tate to-wit : 1 he east half (e!J) of the xouth
west quarter isw1) of section twenty r.'o) town
ship eleven (II) ratine foui teen ( 14) eat of the
ft tk p. iu. i:i Cars County, Nebraska. The same
brhih leyh-d upon and taken as the property of
Johu V. Carroll, defendant, to Katslv a judg
ment recovered by John Carroll, ami the sur
plu, if any, to apply on judgment of said Court
recovered hy J. I. Ca e & Co., l'lahititls.
II. W. 11 Kits,
Sheriff, Cass County. Neb.
riattsmoutli, Neb., July Mill, A. D. lb). 1715
Road Notice.
To all whom It may roncern :'
The M.-ctiou line road petitioned for by L. II.
Youi:i?. et al., coumicneuif; at the quarter sec
tion corner on the fuuth side of sect ion twenty
four (2i, township twelve 1'). North rane
twelve (U). Fast of the sixth (tali) Principal
Meridian : running thence Kast on section line
to the South l-.ast corner of said section. '1 h
same is declared hy the County Commissioner
an open road, and all objections thereto or
claims for damages must be lHud iu tne County
Clerk's ollice on or before noon, on the 0th day
of August, A. D. 10, or such road wiii be open
ed without reference thereto.
17t5 J. D. TUTT, County Clerk.
Attachment Notice.
Guthmann Jfc Weckbach 1
vs Ilefore M. O'Dor.o-
V. F. hoe, J. 1'.
17. F. Feezer will take notice that on the 10th
day of July, 1S0. M. O'Donrdioe, Justice of the
I'eace for I'lattsmouth City Precinct, County of
Cass, and State of Nebraska, issued an order of
attachment for the sum of twenty-nine and
75-ton dollars (Si.'a.TS) in an action now pending
before htm. wherein jiithmaun & Weckbach
are plaintiffs and V. F. is defendant ;
that property attached being money due aud
payable to the defendant by the I'urllnjH-on
and Missouri Itaiiroad Company i-i attached
under said order. Said cause Is continued for
heariiu? to the Z-d day of August. Isko. at 11
o clock a. in. ;U I'll.M ANN & WKCK1JAC1I.
M. A. Hahtkian. Att'y for pltft. 1711
Wj:!Iiam Sta'ie'.ir.aiin )
vh V Li I -ro M. O'Donohoe,
U. F. Feeer. ) Jiistue of the Peace.
I. F. will take uotie that ca the 21
day of July, ikko. M. d Donohoe, J. P., of Platts
moiit Ii lily li ciii'-t. Couuty nf('nn, and St a to
of Ne'u-isHia. ls-:ie l an order of att 'liinent t r
tlie sum of twelve (12) dollarn, in au action
(.ending before him. wherein William
.st.ideluiaiiu is plaintiff, aiid L'. F, Keiver i d.--ftiid.-i.t
: tliiit pmpertv coii.sisiin.'i of money dii
;iud payabb- bv the lu linlon and Misiiiil
Kiver kmiroad Compaiy has l:;H S'tu'-lo-i
under tuts oidcr. Said aus wa i:i
ln-urii' to lua loih day of Acc'u-t
o'ciociv a. III. i
W. S. W tsK. Ation.ey. 1
Probate Notii ;
:. tf r of
x llaic
I'liou ii'.'uU i; ;. o. ; i.u e.
titionot h.iiiina J. suoopiiiaii, praying ,
iiiiuitration ot the estate ot Lav id U.v
man. deceased, he granted ttobert ii. V t,
ordered t liar notice cf i lie pendency
Dial er ol said t eni ioa.
13 A. N. SULLIVAN, Couuty Jade.
FlattsiiKmUi, July2ljT, is. lU