Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 22, 1880, Image 3

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    The Herald.
rr. ti -i. n!. .'" .vnts :. line. Regular auvertis-
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nn'. ."o aiiicruseuii.111 iiim-ii-U-i
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f t.f m,U notice.
A on- r:-cc i- limited, all cnrmiiiiica'!nns
i i:. t be li.irf aw I t' the pjint, wall n' Vasle
c worrl.
111.- T IS i )i01!::il('.C for the Correctness
H- -i, ; i ; i.i ij.y of paid ma! tT a:il paid Le
I' .ls. only.
1. Av person who takes the paper regularly
! i:i -i !'-(. !!:... whether rli!' to III A
name, w.'.-nlu-r He I a or not is
f- ;(:. .ii. If for the ;ay.
2. II a. iy poison onlcis his paper discontin
ued, ho iri.i-t pay all arrearages, or the publish
er mav roniinue to send it until payment is
ii and colled Uie whole amount, whether
.lit? y.u'iT is t.k"ii from the office or not.
3. I ,: cni ts have decided that refusing to
Cake r.i --A-aiair.'M ami periodicals from the post
oiilce. ur r.'-!H'v;i.LC ant Uaving them uncalled
fo -, is 1'i iina facie evidence of IS'tK.STio.VAL
HLA ll.
We must have a Hotel.
file n wood hits a bicycle club.
Tiio Courant was late last week.
Miss Ola Barnes lias a uew J?iano.
U'jvri's 15attrj3 for sale by Smith
& Hack's. 4t3
Who said Ilatt had. a bad cold,
Examine furniture at the Gr.EAT
lli-.D Stoke. 4tf
.Sherman Grant Kne went to
Liin'ulii Munday night.
IlKIi STORE. . 4tf
A sou of Rev. Mr. Mullis was tak
en to the asylum yesterday.
For good 10 and 15c cigars go to
Smith & Black's. 4t3
See Council and Commissioner's
proceedings in this issue.
Furniture at Chicago Prices at
tho Great Red Store. 4tf
Frank Carruth is Heparin
coiiiun nce his new block.
New Spring gods, Great lied Store,
lower than the lowest. 4tf
Opportunity to buy a good Lawn
Mower. Inquire at this ofliee.
Wliite Counterpanes at the Great
Hal .Store, 81.00 each. See them. 4tf
A great deal of sickness and many
ca-ses fatal in and near Elmwood.
We hear that John Boone receiv
ed a duck last week. How is it?
Dr. Schildknecht has had over 200
cues of measles to attend to this spring.
It's a boy, and "too sweet to live,"
and Charley Uhick'a to happy for any
Twelve or fifteen boxes of oranges
and lemons just received, at F. S.
White's. 5t2
Large Stock of FimxiTVRK just
received at the Great Red Stoke at
low figures. 4tf
The measles are about used up in
Mr. Tutt's family and the sick ones
are improving.
Factotyviile flour warranted to
give satisfaction, or money refunded,
at F S. White's. 4t4
L. Golding is going to put up a
l.rick block, and so she goes witli the
improvement boom.
The best Xew Yrk apple vinegar
in the market, guaranteed strictly pure
at F. S. White's. 4t4
Messrs. Merges and Leonard will
move into their new building about
the first of the month.
"Our nevr Baby" cigar is still the
Standard Bearer, Smtth & Black gua
rantee the Brand. 4tg
Miss Cora Wells came in from
Sjuth Bend Tuesday afternoon, and
will return to-day.
Episcepal Social tw-night, at the
residence of Mr. Win. Herold. A large
attendance is expected.
The celebrated' B. & M. in Xeb.,
(cigars) are again taking the lead, at
Schlegel & Xieman's. 4t2
You will get the best cigar for oc
at Phil You mr's, he also has a large as
sortment o( Cigarettes. 1
We are indebted to Mr. J. B.
Strode, for report of Central Commit
tee and table of Delegates.
If you want a good violin or ac
cordeon for little money, don't fail to
go to the P. O. News Depot. 1
Five cases of scarlet fever report
ed; it is confined to the families of Mr
Wilbur!) and Wittencamp.
Mrs. McCrea and Mr. Marshall
were up to see Janauschek, Friday
no, we mean Mendelssohn.
Time for Croquet playing :s at
hand, and you will find a full line of
croquet at the P. O. News Depot. 1
Who is collector of revenues and
such, outside of the corporation, down
in So.ip-grease "holler," for instance?
Pipes of every description, anci
every brand smoking and chewing to
bacco in the market, at Schlegel &
NiemanV 4t2
Mr. Leonard says the frost of Sun
day night nipped his crab apple buds
sevf rely and he thinks killed them all.
Mathews, Sam. Chapman, Doc.
Tones and the dogs went hunting
Monday. In fact, that's nothing new.
. Vanity Fair and Lone Fisherman
eijMiettes. cizarette cases, paper and
holders in endless quantities at Schle
gel a: Nieman's. 4t2
W. B. Porter protests that the fig
ure "1" in the 1SS0 in Merges store is
ton long. Thompson is reiponsible
and lie says he always makeaone"!"
1 prettv big.
We learn from the hunters that
our old friend Mathews nearly met
with an accident while shooting. He
was found under a daugerous preci
pice and rescued by Frank White just
in time to prevent serious consequences.
Mrs. E. S. Alpaugh, from Xew Jer
sey, is vistting at her father's borne in
Miss Olive Gass has returned to
Plattsmouth from Ohie, where she has
been attending school. .
Jos. Beardsley and wife are the pa
rents of a new daughter. It must be
goed luck to go into the hardware bu
siness. Dr. Schildknecht is nicely fixed in
the rear of Wescott's new Clothing
Store, iind next door east of Baker's
general store.
Mrs. Hyers, the w ife of our Sheriff,
returned from a visit in Illinois, on
last Saturday. Mrs. IPs friends will be
glad to hear of her return in better
P. A. Barrett, W. W., takes the Her
ald and settles down to citizenship in
Cass County. His good looks are in his
favor, and if he isn't married some
good-looking fanner's daughter wants
to keep her weather eye open.
Miss Miller, a niece of Capt. Ben
nett's, is visiting her uncle's family on
her way from the Black Hills to her
home in Atchison. She considers the
storm of Sunday quite trifling compar
ed with a wind and sand storm which
she passed through on the stage route
from Deadwood to Sidney.
There is asaug little fortune wait
ing in this town, for the man who
will put up a first class and commodi
ous Hotel.
Xebraska City has a cooking club
of young ladies, and each young lady
invites a young gentleman to test the
results of their cooking.
"We are sorry to learn that Mr. J.
Tutt's entire family have been down
with measles. We hope that they
may all get through safely.
The State Central Committee pass
ed a resolution of thanks to Major
Kleutsch for some very fine cigars fur
nished .at its late meeting.
Our Temperance column of nearly
two columns appears on the first page
this week, which gives us a little more
space for our "late" country writers.
J. J. McVey has removed his head
quarters to James Grace's place of bu
siness, and will be found there by all
his old friends henceforward and here
Mr. T. W. Shryock will be glad to
meet any or all of his old friends and
patrons at the Great Red Store, where
he has charge of the Furniture de
partment, otf
Mrs. and Miss SimpBon have just
received at their music room a hand
some new square grand piano, direct
from Xew York, a very tine instru
ment. The "Unicum," a brand new brand
of home-made cigars, put up in bundles
and kept in a tin box. Buy them and
try them. They are A Xo. 1, as we
can testify by sample.
Will Wells reports crops doing
well, considering there was nothing
much planted, and the majority of
what has been planted or sown, has
been blown off into the grass.
A e like to see Mike Scbnellbaker
full of work, but really would like to
ask his friends not to block the street
entirely with wagons and horses. Mr.
Chief of Police, give 'em a hint on
We half believe Joe Buttery had
Dunstan fall in that well te get the
rock out cheap. There never was the
same amount of rock taken out of a 27
ft. welT in the same before in this
Mrs. Wiley and daughter, and Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Droste went up to hear
Miss Carrington, the prima donna in
the Mendelssohn troupe, she being a
niece of Mrs. Wiley, and a cousin of
Mrs. Droste.
The Tallon will case was tried last
Thursday. Gen. John Cowan appeared
for Dr. Livingston, and Mr. Haitigan
for Capt. O'Rourke. The Judge took
five days to think on't, and we know
not the result yet.
-Wescott is open once more, good
goods and cheap goods always on hand
Ready made suits of all kinds and also
Custom made goods, made to order, and
a full line of samples always on hand
from which to select.
Mr. Fred. Lehnhoff was taken sud
denly ill on Monday last, and the symp
toms became so alarming during the
night, that his life was despaired of.
We learn now that he is rapidly recov
ering, and we are glad of it.
It is reported that parties are de
stroying the native trees in the new
streets being cleared up. Suitable
shade trees in these streets should be
selected at once and preserved a: they
can never be set out as cheap again.
MacDonagh ("Our Mac") got a
handsome editorial chair in Omaha the
ether day, being voted to him at a Ca
tholic Fair, as the most popular editor
in Omaha. How sick those big fel
lows like Xye and Miller must feel.
The Sportsman's club now deem
it very important that the true direc
tion of the wind be ascertained on
hunting days, and a Committee will
hereaftei be appointed to determine
its direction, force and probable effects.
We are very much grieved to hear
that a disastrous fire broke out Tues
day morning at the farm of John H.
Becker, by which his carpenter shop
and 8230 worth of of tools, a barn, one
horse, a set of harness arid 500 bushels
of corn were destroyed.
We acknowledge the receipt" of
a very pretty basket of flowers from
Miss' Ilesser and .aho some exquisite
Marshal Xeil roses, which have render
ed our rooms fragrant ever since. Miss
Hesser has become her father's able
assistant in his green houses, and is
solving the problem f profitable work
for women very thoroughly, and in a
work which we imagine is congenial.
Cass Connty Agricultural Society.
The above society is called to. meet
at the Court house on Wednesday, the
2Sth of this month for impoitant busi
ness. Do not forget the day and date.
"A full attendance is much needed.
Mrs. John Ahl, residing near Ce
dar Creek, came to town last Monday,
with a frightful looking finger, caused
by wearing too tight a wedding ring.
The finger was so badly swollen that
the ring was completely hidden from
view, and medical aid had to be re
sorted to to remove the ring.
The "boss" Clothing House open
again, across the street, not quite so
much room, hardly as many goods but
yet the neatest, tastiest, best stock
you could buy. Orders taken for Cus
tom ma de goods and samples always
ready. Clothing of all kinds, hats,
caps, &c, and gents' furnishing goods
of many varieties. All goods warrant
ed, when asked, and I want a fair tri
al and nothing more. Come and see
me. C. E. Wescott.
Through neglect, the little dance
at the Poor House, two weeks ago was
not mentioned last week. But they
had a dance, a nice crowd and good
music. The hospitabla host, "Croft,"
even offered the "barred Cage" in the
corner, for the benefit of those not
dancing. It was not accepted, how
ever; everybody enjoyed themselves
hugely and all will be pleased to have
it repeated.
A very fatal disease among hors
es is reported in the neighborhood of
Weeping Water. Mr. John Allison
has lost four lately, and Geo. Sigler
tells us that its nothing strange to
hear of a death every day or two. The
cause of the disease or what it is call
ed seems to be unknown, though the
symptoms severe vomiting would
indicate poison in some form or oth
er. An interesting case before Judge
Vivian yesterday, wherein "Belle"
and "Dutchie" were each fined S1.00
and costs, amounting to $3.50 each, for
keeping a disorderly house down in
Soap-grease hollow. A young man
named Eddie , also received a fine
and cests amounting to. S10.00, for
boarding and supporting the same.
The "ladies" were requested to leave
the state forthwith, or they would be
liable to arrest again to-morrow. The
main cause of the arrest was the dis
charging 7 shots from a revolver in
the hands of "Belle," who admitted
she did the shooting, and shot to bring
her man, but owing to her having been
as she termed it "doped," she couldn't
send her bullets home. Such charac
ters are receiving their just deserts
from our officers and it is hoped the
city will be well rid of them soon.
Weeping Water Ads.,&c.
Fleming & Tiace of Weeping Water
are daily receiving new goods from
Chicago; a large and well selected
stock consisting of notions, fancy dress
goods, domestic cottonnades, cheviots
aud dry goods or an Kinas, cioming,
boots and shoes, hats aud caps, gro
ceries and queensware; everything
that is kept in the general Merchan
dise line, which we propose to sell to
the Citizens of Cass County, as cheap
as the cheapest. You will make mon
ey by calling and examining our goods
and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Painting, Kalsemining, Decorating.
Dovey & McElwain having had
mncli experience in these branches are
prepared to get up your rooms in the
very best and latest style. Leave or
ders for them at Dovey's st store. 5t2
From J. II. Becker's farm, half a
mile north of Shafer's school house, a
roan cow, both horns sawed off, a hole
in each ear. A liberal reward will be
paid for her return.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. J. II. Becker desires to express
through the columns of the Herald,
his sincere thanks to all for the assist
ance rendered by them during the fire
last Tuesday, which destroyed his sta
bles, hay shed and carpenter shop.
Sincere Thanks.
I suffered for five years with Rheu
matism. Having been persuaded by
friends to try the St. Jacobs Oil I must
acknowledge that it is the best reme
dy I ever used ; in fact, it cured me en
tirely. Aecpt my sincere thanks.
5tl Frank Schwartz,
93 Xineteenth St., Cincinnati, O.
G. A.R.
A preliminary meeting to organize a
Post of the Grand Army of the Re
public was held on Tuesday eyening;
twenty or more signers were obtained
and Capt. Wood is expected here next
Mondar (the 26th) to organize the
boys. All old soldiers are invited to
be present, and those wishing to join
can send their names to J. B. Strode
in the meanwhile.
C. R. Dovey & Co.
C. R. Dovey & Co. have samples of
the very latest styles in wall papers,
which they will be happy to show to
any one desirous of papering. Orders
may be left at Dovey's store. These
papers are all new in design, and com
prise dados, friezes, panel papers, &c,
which they ar9 prepared to put on in
the very best manner and latest style.
We are pleased to annonnce to our
friends and customers that our Spring
Stock is now complete, consisting in
part, of Dress Goods, Trimmings, Silks
and Satins, White Goods. Printed
Lawns, Table Linens and Napkins,
Embroideries, Dress Buttons, Bed
Spreads, Crashes, Towels, Cheviot
Shirting, Ladies and Gents' neck wear,
Ladits Silk Mittens, Kid Gloves in col
ors. Gents' fine white and Percale
shirts, a nice line of Carpets at reason
able figures. Our stock of Ladies,
Misses aud Childrens fine shoes and
slippers. Mens tine sewed shoes in but
ton, lace or buckle, was purchased last
December before the advance in leath
er. Plow Shoe3 for men and boys at
lowest prices.
A full assortment of Queensware
and Glassware, Staple and fancy Gro
ceries, Choice Sugar cured hams. Bacon
and Shoulders. Soliciting a call from
all we are Respectfully,
4tf E. G. Dovey & Son.
A Strange Year.
There never was o strange a year ;
Theieajions gcem all out of tear :
The summer took so much of fi.ll.
We had no autumn days at all ;
The fall, in order to get square.
Took all winter it did dare :
And winter evens uu the tbioe
lij lingering iu the iapof spring.
A well-known German minister, Rev
A. Opitz, of Schleisiagerville, Wis.,
"I was a sufferer with Rheumatism
for years. Friends recommended the
use of St. Jacobs Oil; I tried it, and
must confess that the result was as
tonishing. Having hardly used up the
first bottle, I found relief, and the sec
ond one cured me. I therefore feel un
der obligations, and shall recommend
this effective remedy, whenever I have
a chance. 5tl
To the Ladies of Cass County.
I have moved my millinery establish
ment into the building formerly ecu
pied by Mr. Feeling as a shoe store.
I have a new stock of spring hats, bon
nets, vails, ties, gloves, dress buttons
and many other notions.
Miss M. A. Sage,
5t2 Ashland, Xeb.
The Boss Clothier is open again in
the little store eas of W. U. Baker &
Co.'s. Having been burnt out, root
and branch, I have once more, howev
er, got ut.on my feet and have opened
a new and seUct stock of goods, in the
above named place and desire to sec
all my old friends and customers in
these my new quarters when I will en
deavor to show them the neatest, best
fitting aud cheapest stock of Clothing
ever brought to Plattsmouth. Please
remember the place and give me a call.
C. E. Wescott.
Given I p 12 y Doctors.
"Is it possible that Mr. Godfrey is
up and at work, and cured by so simple
a remedy V"
"I assure you it is true that he is en
tirely cured, and with nothing but Hop
Bitters; and only ten days ago his
doctors gave him up and said he must
"Well-a-day I That is remarkable! I
will go this day and get some for my
poor George I know hops are good."
For Sale.
One good bull, by the undersigned at
his farm 4t3 B. Siebold
To Rent.
A new Hotel, with 17 rooms and
cellar. Enquire of
4tf F. R. Gutuman.
For Sale.
Light Brahma eggs, at Jno. Leach's.
Premium stock and warranted. 3t3
Hard Wood For Sale.
Good hard wood for sale. Inquire
at Guthman & AVeckbach's store. 44tl3
A young sow, three quarters Essex,
for sale at the Herald office. tf
Prevent crooked boots and blister
ed heels by wearing Lyon's Patent Me
tallic Heel Stiff eners. 2t4
Allen & Co.'s Richmond Gem, 35
cents per 4 pound, and Ole Virginia,
15 cents per package, both curly cut,
the best and finest smoking tobaccos in
town, sold at J. Pepperberg's. 50tf
Lost or Stolen
About three weeks tgo, a sorrel filly,
2 yrs. old, large, fine colt, blaze face
and left hind foot white. A liberal
reward will be paid for her return to
the farm of John Gyger, 3 miles north
of Elmwood P. O. in Cass Co., or any
information that may lead to her re
covery. 3t3 John Gyoek.
IIoiuc-3lade Cigars.
Avoid smoking eastern filthy tenement-made
cigars. Ask your dealers
for Pepperberg's pure brands of home
made cigars. If you don't find them
there, go where they are kept, and by
doing so, encourage home labor. Job
bing in cigars and smokers' articles a
specialty, at low prices. A large and
varied stock of smokers' goods always
en hand, at prices to suit the times.
42tf Julius Pepperberg.
Very Droll to Think of.
If not above being taught by a man, use Dob
bius's Electric Soap next wash day. Uned
without any wash boiler or rubbing board, and
used differently from any other soap ever
made, it seems very droll to think of a quiet,
orderly two hours' light work on wash day,
with no beat and no steam, or smell of the
washing through the house, instead of a long
day's bard work ; but hundreds of thousands
of women from Nova Scotia to Texas have
proved for themselves that this is done ly us
ing Dobbine's Electric Soap. Don't buy it,
however, if too set iu your ways to use it ac
cording to directions, that are as ciinple as to
eem alnisit ridiculous and eo easy that a girl
of twelve years ran do a large wah without be
ing tired. It positively will mitiujure the finest
fabric, has been before the public for fifteen
years, and Its sale doubles every year. If your
grocer ha not got it, he will get it. as all whole
sale grocers keep it.
I I., cragis & Co., Philadelphia.
Rjced Bijos., Sole Airents.
3-eowly Weeping Water, i.'eb.
Take Notiee.
The Drug SLore hitherto known as
the Donelan Drug Store has this day
been purchased by the undersigned
and I expect henceforth to run and
keep the same as heretofore. Thank
ing all old customers for their liberal
patronage in the past, I hope to obtain
the sama favors in the future, as I
shall endeavor to keep a new and
larger stock of goods if possible.
Very Respectfully,
Jos. M. Roberts.
I also desire to give notice that all
accounts due the store to date, must
be settled by cash or note within thir
ty days and I am authorized to settle
the same. J. M. Roberts.
PlattsmoMth, April 12th, 1880. 4t2
We Challenge the World.
When we say we believe, we have
evidence to prove that Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure is decidedly the best
Lung Medicine made, inasmuch as
it will cure a common or Chronic
Cough in one half the time and re
lieve Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping
Cough, Croup, and show" more cases of
Consumption cured than all others.
It wili cure where they fail, it is pleas
ant to take, harmless to the youngest
child, and we guarantee what wo say.
Price 10 cents, 50 cents, and 81.00 If
your Lungs are sore. Chest or Back
lame, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Sold
by Smith & Black. "
Do you Utlitrrc it. '
. That in this town there are scores
of persons passing our store every day
whose lives are made miserable by In
digestion, Dyspepsia, Sour ar.d distress
ed Stomach, Liver Complaint Consti
pation, when for 75 cts. we will sell
them Shiloh's Vitalizer, guaranteed to
cure them. Sold hy Smith & -Black. .
We have a speedy and positive Cure,
for Catarrh, Diphtheria. Canker mouth,
and Head Ache, in SHILOH'S CA
TARRH REMEDY. A nasal Injector
free with each bottle. Use it if you
desire health, and sweet breath. Price
25 cts. - Sold by Smith & Black.4eowtf
Wednesday, April 21, isso.
Wheat. No. 2.. ..
Corn, ear
" shelled,
Harlcy.No. 2
Native Cattle...
.7.7.3 so
.7.7' 4y&
New York, April 21, 1880.
Money $1.03.
Wheat 1
Rye 94
Corn .
41 4G
Chicago. April 21, 1880.
3 dull
1 07
?4 20rtiS4 50
4 OCKiit 6 25
5 Ws 6 25
Corn . . .
Hogs, shipping..
Thirty of the beat organ makers of the
World are competitors at the Paris Exposition,
a cable dispatch to the Associated Press says
two highest gold uwitals have been awarded to
the American makers. Mason & Hamlin.
To Loan.
Money at 10 per cent, interest on im
proved farms. Apply to
51m3 R. B. Windham.
Money to Loan.
On good farm property on long time.
Apply to J. W. Jennings,
ltf Plattsmouth.
G. F. Gyger.
House Painting, Carriago painting.
Graining, Calsomining, Paper-hancing.
Work warranted and specimens shown
at J. V. Weckbach's and R. B. Wind
ham's. 52m6
lJlO7C Improved Root Beer I'ack
niuLJ age. "tN, Makes five gallons
of a delicious and sparkling beverage whole
some and temperate, tsold by druggists, or sent
bv mail on rtoelpt of 25 cts. Adrtress, CIIAS. E.
HIKES. Manufacturer. 215 Market Street. Phil
adelphia, Pa. 50t20
From a Distinguished Physician.
Prof. Green, a distinguished allopath
ic physician, wrote to the Medical Rec
ord to the effect that after all other
means had failed, he sent for the Kid
ney cure (sate lviuney jinu Liver
Cure), and to his astonishment cured
a serious case of Bright's Disease by
administering it, and afterwards found
it equally beneficial in other cases. 2tl2
Buckleu's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum
Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all kinds of skin eruptions
1 his Salve is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction in every case or mon
ey refunded. Price 23 cents per box.
1 or sale by Smith & Black, Wholesale
and Retail, Plattsmouth, Xeb. 241y.
.Notice to Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
Weeping Water, 1st I riday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Notice ef
other examinations will be given.
iVo one will be examined except at
the reuiilar examinations : and no cer
tificates from other Counties will be
E. II. Wooley,
42tf Superintendent.
(order Victorious at the Plow Trial.
The following shows the decision of
the committee, given at the trial, held
on the Fair grounds last Friday:
Plattsmouth, March 2C, 18S0.
The undersigned committee of farm
ers present at a public test of draft of
compared with a John Deere Walking
Plow, report that the Sulky Plow does
good work, is easily handled, opens
and finishes a land perfectly, and is
lighter draft on the team than a Walk
ing Plow.
The following is the result of a care
ful test with a Fairbanks' dynamome
ter: Ilapgood Sulky, cutting 10 inch
es wide:
Depth of furrow 7.1 inches,
Aver ge Draft 841 lts.
John Deere Walking Plow, cutting
lAjiche3 wide:
De h of furrow 7.2 inches,
Average Draft 370 lbs.
II. Bestor, J. W. Voodry, T. J. Thom
as, A. B. Todd, Jasper Totten, C.
J. Dallinger, G. W. Pitman, J. C.
Cummins, C. D. Cummins, Com.
The Ilapgood Sulky Plow is for sale
by Fred. Gorder, and the above is a
guarantee of their advantages over
the old Walking Plow. Mr. Gorder al
so keeps in stock all other agricultur
al implements, and sells the same at
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Better Than GoW.
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Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick Head
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All of Browns Popular Medicines
for sale by J. II.Buttery,Smith & Black
and O. F. Johnson. Plattsmouth, and
John Painter and Eledge & Co., East
Attachment Notice.
Josiah Cllne, plaintiff, vs. James W. Stradley,
non resident, defendant. In Justice's Court,
before Edwin Jearv, Justice of the Peace in
aud for Salt Creek Precinct. Cass Co., Neb.
To James W. Stradley, non-resident, defend
ant : You are hereby notified that the above-
named Justice of the Peace issued an order of
attachment against you, on the day of
April, lso, in the amount of eight dollars aud
fiftv-fivH cents (b.J5), and said cause is contin
ued until the yth day of June. A. D. lsso. at 1
o'clock p. in. Josiau Clin.
t.reenwooa, reb., April 19th, I8te. 5t3
Attachment Notice.
William Paul, Plaintiff vs James W. Stradley.
uon-resident defendant. In Justices court,
before Edwin Jeary, Justice of the Peace
in and for Salt Creek Precinct, Cast Co.. Neb.
To James W. Stradlev. non resident Defen
dant: You are hereby notified that the above
named Justice of the Peace issued an order of
attachment on the day of April, lMo.
against you in the amount of seventeen (17)
collars and said cause 1 continued until the
81 U day of Jun, A. 1). 1880, at 1 :30 p. in.
Greenwood, Neb., April 19th, ltso. 5t3
Sheriffs Sale.
Uy virtue of two Executions issued by W. C.
Showalter, Clerk of the District Court within
aud for Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will on the 24th day of Mav, A. D.
Ihso, at 10 o'clock a. m.. of said day, at the
South Door of the Court House in Plattsmout h
City iu said County, sell at Public Auction the
following Real Estate to-wit : The Kouth west
quarter (swof section thirty-one (31) town
snip eleven (U) raneo thirteen. (13 east of th
6th P. M., all in Caas County, Nebraska. The
same being levied upon and taken ai the nroi
erty of Thomas L. Kerry. Defendaat ; to satis
fy two judgments of said Court by J. W. Uae
lockand Thomas Bryaa. Plaintiff's; assigned
to L. T. Ashton.
I'lattsmouth, Neb., April 19th. A. D. 1888.
5t5 Jt. W. Hiers, Sheriff, Cass Co., Neb
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the Estate of E. A. Hull, de-i-eased.
in the County Court of Cass County,
Upon reading and tiling the duly verified pe
tition of Hariuan Maxwell, praying that admin
istration of the estate of k. A. Hull, deceased,
be granted Edwin A. Jeary : Ordered that no
tic of the pendency of said cause be published
iu the Nebraska Hkrai.d, a weekly newspaper
printed, published, and in general circulation
in said County, for three consecutive weeks,
and that the hearing of raid cause beset for
the llth day of May, A. D. 188(i, at 3 o'clock p.
in., at the otlice of the County Judge, at i'latts
mouth, at which time and place all persons in
terested may appear aud show cause. If any
they lrtve, wliy administration of said estate
should not be granted to the said Edwin A.
Jeary, according to the prayer of said petition.
A. N. SULLIVAN, County Judge.
Plattsmouth, April 15, lbso. 6t:i
Probate Notice.
In the mptter of the estate of Cornelius Maho
nv, deceased, in the County Court of Cass Co.,
Upon reading and filiug the duly verified pe
tition of P. H. Mahony, praying that admini
stration of the estate of Cornelius Mahony. de
ceased, be granted P. H. Mahony : Ordered
that notice of the pendency of said cause be
published in the Nebraska IIkkald, a weekly
newspaper, printed, published, and in general
circulation In said county. for three consecutive
weeks, aud that the hearing of said cauae be
set for the 7th day of May A. D 180. at ono
o'clock P. M. at the office of the County Judge,
at Plattsmoth, at which time and place, all per
sons interested may appearand show cause, if
any they have, why administration of said es
tate should not be granted to tLe said P. H.
Mahony, according to the praver of said peti
tion. A. N. SL'LLl AN, Co. Judge.
I'lattsmouth, April 20th, 1880. 5t3
Probate Notice.
In the matter of t! c estate of Joseph S. Upton,
Notice is hereby given, to all persons having
claims against the Estate of Joseph S. Upton,
deceased, to file the same on or before the loth
day of November, A.-D.,1S80, In the office of the
County Judge, at Plattsmouth, Cass County.
A. N. Sullivan, Co. Judge,
riattsmouth, April Mth, 1880. 414
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern:
The section line road, commencing at the
North West Lnw corner of section thirty-two
32J, township ten 10, range twelve 12, and
running South to the County line, has been de
clared by the Hoard of County Commissioners
an open road. All objections thereto, or claims
for damages, must be filed in the County
Clerk's otlice on or before no n. on the Uth day
of June, A. D. 1880, or such road will be opened
without reference thereto.
3to J. D. TUTT. County Clerk.
Master's Sale.
Is the Circuit Court of thk Unitkd
States, kok the District of Nkf.kaska.
The Uuion Mutual Life ) j
vs. Insurance Co.. rh.lm"P1.v.
Agnes C. Carper, et al. n"1(-eiv-
Public notice Is hereby given that in pursu
ance of a decree entered in 1 lie above cause,
on the 2i;th day of June. 187t, 1, William Daily,
Special Master in Chancery in said Court, will
ou the llth day of May. 1880, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of the said day, at the
North door of the United States Court House
in the City of Omaha, State of Nebraska, sell
at publie auctiou the following described prop
erty, to-wit : The North West quarter ,nw?4
of section No. thirty-one 31, in township No.
eleven 11 North iu range No. twelve 12 East,
being one hundred aud sixty 100 acres ac
cording to Government survey, more or less ;
situate in Caas County. Nebraska.
3t3 Special Master in Chancery.
Master's Sale.
States, for the District of Nebraska
The Union Mutual Life
utual Life 1 .
Insurame Co., rrila," rv
viler, et al. ) cnantery,
Win. H. Detw
Public notice is hereby given that In pur
suance of a decree entered in the above cause,
ou the 26th day of June, 1879, 1, William Daily,
Special Master in Chancery in said Court, will
on the llth day of May. 1880, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of the said day, at the
North door of the United States Court House
in the City of Omaha, State of Nebraska, sell
at public auction the following dtscrbed prop
erty, to-wit : 1 w:iity-eight 2 rods and nine
teen 10 links East of the Nortli West nw
corner of the Nor'h West quarter nw1 of the
North West quarter of section srveu 7J. town
ship ten lo, Noi th of Range twelve 12 East,
thence South fifty-two J52jrods, thence East
twenty-four 24j roils, thence South twenty
eight 2SJ degrees Eat to the South tine ot the
said loi ty acre lot ; thence North to the North
line of said lot ; thence West to the place of be
ginning, cwi.ta.niiig nineteen lid acres, more
or less, situate iu the County of Cass, state of
Nebraska , WILLIAM DaILY.
315 Special Master iu Chancery.
futhe District Court of the Second Judicial
District in aud for Cass County, Nebraska.
Ellas Solomon and Isaac rtathan,
composing the Crw of Solomon
i: Nathan, Plaintiffs,
John C. Ward. Streiglit & Miller.
The said John C. Ward, non-resident, de
fendant, will take notice that the above named
plaintiffs c'idonthe 20th day of March, A. D.
18.H0. file their petition in the District Court cf
Cass County. Nebraska, against you, the said
John C. Ward, and Streiglit & Miller, praying
for a foreclosure of a Mortgage, given by you
on the 9th day of March, 1S77, to one James
Cixby, for the sum of $R5.00, and which mort
gage'was afterwards assigned to these plain
tins, the same being given oa one acre of land,
described as follows: Commencing at the
South West (swj corner of the South East
quarter (seHi) of the North West quarter (n w')
of section five (5). township twelve (12). range
tliirteeu (13). East sixth (oth) P. M.. running
North twenty (an) rods, ; thence East eight (8)
rods ; thence South parallel with the West line
tweuiy (0) rods ; thence West eight (8) rod to
the place of beginning, being in Cass County,
Nebraska. On the 3d day of April, 1880, said pe
tition was amended by making Streiglit & Mil
ler defendants, they claiming to hld a ubse
quent mortgage on the same premises.
The prayer of plaintiffs' petition is that said
premises be tolif to sat'sfy their claim agaiust
you. together with interest aud costs. Vtiu are
therefore notified that unless you appear and
answer saidjM-titiou, as required by law, de
fault will oe taken against you, and decre
rendered accordingly.
By It. B. Windham. Att'y. 3U
Is Leased to
rul Dj (f
wlio will, cltirisag; tlie
With their immense slock of
Cii&Is4!aig' sill !B?iiees9
Styles tf&s HBcsigiis.
Meserve tills spsice for tlicir
I a ft '
daily expected.
WScees it coiiics lools out fur a
Fine Showing
anl read our Isi tliese eol
tiiim&, carefully.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the subscriber, on lila enclosed
premises, in Kiirht Mile Urove Precinct, in Cass
Countv, Nebraska, wn the 3d day of February
1880, one brown heifer with red and white head
ami white tail, supposed to be one year old.
No marke. J. 11. Mkisinuer.
March 20th, 1SS0. 31 S
To owner or occupant of the following de
scribed real estate la the Couuty of Cass and
State of Nebraska, to-wit ; lot five (5) and six
(6) in block seventy-four (74) in the city of
Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska : You are
hereby notified that the above described real
estate assessed as belonging to a non-resident
of Cans county, was, ou the 9th day of Septem
ber, 1874, sold to Cas county, Nebraska, there
being no other bidders therefor, for the taxes
levied thereon for the year 1873 ; and that un
less the same l.. redeemed from such sale on or
before the 1st day of July, 1880. a deed will be
issued for said real estate to H. C. Smith, as
signee of said Cass Couuty.
21113 II. C. SMITH.
Master's Sale.
I?r the Circuit Court of the United
States, for the District of Nebraska.
The Union Mutual Life - I .
vs. Insurance Co., riiiiieerv
Livonia Becker, et al. j L "1"t"ry-
FORECLOSURE of mortgage.
Public notice is hereby given that in pursu
ance of a decree entered in tiie above cau.-e, on
tne2;th day of June, i79, I, William Daily,
Special Master in Chancery in said Court, will
on the llth day of May, loO, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of the said day, at the
North door of the United States Court House
in the City of Omaha, State of Nebraska, sell
at public auction the following described prop
erty, to-wit : The West half w!i of the North
East quarter ne'i. and the North West quart
er nw4 of the South East quarter se1 of
section No. six 6J, in township No. eleven It
North range fourteen 14, East sixth 6th p.
M. ; situated in the Countv of Cass. State of Ne
315 Special Master in Chancery.
Master's Sale.
Ix the Circuit Court of the United
States for the District of Nebraska.
The Union Mutual Life
vs. Insurance
Granville E. Fleming, et,
foreclosure of mortgage.
Public notice i herebv given, that in pursu
ance of a decree entered in the above cause, on
the 2Ctli day of June I87U, I, William Daily,
Special Matter in Chancery in said Court, will
on the llth day of Mav, 1880, at the hour of 10
o'clock iu the forenoon ot the said day. at the
north door of the United States Court House in
the City of Omaha. State of Nebraska, sell at
fiublic auction, the following described proper
y, ui-wit : The south east quarter se'-J of
section twenty-nine 20 and the north eaat
quarter ueJof the northwest quarter nw; of
section thirty-two 32 and twenty-five I2ij
acres off the west pait of the north
half nvil of the north east quarter
IneH of section thirty-two 32 and the south
half siil of the northeast quarter nei-i of
section twenty 20 all in township eleve-i 11
north of range thirteen 113 east of the sixth
6 Principal Meridian, containing in ail three
hundred and five 306 at-res more or les ac
cording to the original (Jovernment survev.sit
uated in the County of Cass and State of Ne
braska. William Daily.
at 5 Special Master in Chancery.
JMJ in '"I "'linn I
fct Km m iillrwiii l--Hi
Sheriff Sale.
By virtue of an execution issued by W. O.
Kuewalter, Clerk of the District Court w ithin
and for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will on the 27th day of Atu il, A. D.
isso, at 11 o'clock a. m., of said clay, at the
south loor of the Court House, in said County
sell at public auction the following real estate
to-wit : Lt seven (7) block thirty-two (32). also
lot four (4) in block one hundred and sixty
three (tr3) in the city of Plattsmouth, also lots
one (1) two (2) three (3) four (4) in block twenty
four (24). also lots nine (0) and ten (10) in block
twenty-six (20) Duke's addition, to the city of
Plattsinoiitli, also lot No. nine (9) in block No.
ten (10) Thompson's addition to the City of
Plattsmouth. The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of C. P, Moore, Defen
dant; to satufy a Judgment of said court re
covered by O. L. Palmer. Plaintiff.
R. W. Hyersj. SSherilT, Cass Co., Neb.
Plattsmouth. March 23d, A. D. 1880. its
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of Sale, isnued by W. C.
Showalter, Clerk of the District Court within
and for Cass County, Nebraska, aud to me di
rected, I will, on the 27th day of April, A. I),
isso, at lo o'clock a. m., of said day, at the eouth
door of tho Court House, in said County, sell
at Public Auction the following Real Estate,
to-wit: The North East quarter (ne1) of sec
tion one (1 ). in township No. twelve (12, Xorth
of range thirteen (13). East ; also, the West half
(wi)or the Scuth East quarter se4) of tho
South East quarter (se1,) of section No. thirty
six (3fi), township thirteen (1.3), range twelve
(12). East, containing twenty (2i acres ; also, a
certain other tract of land.knoAn and describ
ed as follows, to-wlt : Beginning at tho North
East (ne) corner of the North West quarter
(nw!4) of the South East quarter (se1) of ec
tion N( . six (), in township twelve (12). North
of range thirteen (13). East; luuning thence
West thirty (30) rods : thence South eighty (80)
rods ; thence East thirty (30) rods, and I hence
North eighty (8) rods to place of beginning,
and containing fifteen (15) acres, more or less :
all of the foregoing described property situated
In Cass County, Nebraska. The eama being lev
ied upon and taken as the property of W. W.
Connor and Nancy Connor, defendant, to sat
isfy a judgment ofsaidCouit by J. C. Cowan,
Plattsmouth. Neb.. March 23d. A. D. 18o.
It3 Ii. W. HYERS, Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Road Notice.
To all u-tum U may concern:
The Section line road commencing at the
South East (se) comer of the North East quarter
(ne), of Section twenty-seven (27), Town
twelve 12, Range eleven 11. running thence
north on section line, to the south boundary of
the town of Louisville has been declared by
the Board of County Commissioners an op-u
road, and all objections thereto, or claims for
damages, must be filed in the County Clerk's
otlice, on or before noon on the J2th day of June
A. D. 1880, or such road will be opened without
ruference thereto.
313 J. D. TUTT. Co. Clerk.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the Estate of Sanford Totten
er, in the CouutyCourtof CasBCo.,Nebras-
Upon reading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of Dennis Pottenger. praying that ad
ministration of the estate of ban ford Potten
ger. deceased, be granted Howard W. Zink :
urdeiedtnat notice ot the pendency of Raid
cause be published In the Nebraska Herald, a
weekly newspaper, printed, published and iu
general circulation in said county, for three
consecutive weeks, and that the hearing of
said cause be set for the 4tli day of May, A. D.,
1880. at one o'clock p. m., at the oflice of the
County Judge, at Plattsmouth, at which tim
and place, all persons interested may appear
and show cause, if any they have, why admin
istration of said estate should not be granted to
the said Howard W. Ziuk, accordius to the
prayer of said petition. A. N. Sullivan,
Couuty Judge.
riattsmouth. March 17tli. 1880. UJ