Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 29, 1880, Image 1

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. t On Bloc. KortU of Main,
Ft.Ma K-e.
The Herald.
iJj0 JLMj
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3 .''I'S.
5 col.
V cul.
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: .vi 2i' ;tm as.; p-.m, ;
J75 4 "i; 4 T8 o- n.:
S "! 8 00. ' O 1 , -p
A lJr0 IN, VMS 4a .') Si
IS 0 ) ' li to Mti ' m, 1 i. .
SvXr- All AdTctrtliin. P.'.IU Dn vrtli vr.
la Adrauu.
(TERMS: $2.00 a Year.
Twn3a tt
NUMREIl 4.5.
&7 Bxtrr. Cop' of rh- TTisALn. fhr r-le 2?
J. P. YvrUN i, at tUe I'mIOii fjepiA
Mila M:ieet.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaraa'jaawaBa-aa'aa-aiaoLa 1 1 n i i naji aa""
VPW. t MMd-Urt......
Ch Miy, tare month.
a saw a
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1J 171
OD A. Q 17" A
fi-ai r i i w.j v w. ,1 .j ; ifiM 3 iii.i
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hi" :
arc., et., wro.,
if All Description.
6 Ail ma. randy maJe and sold cheap far cmIi.
Of Every Inscription,
Tb Celebrated
"Whittlesey Patent
Caisplet with Kolier. far Kets.
Lambrequin Window Shades.
Aj4 a r variety of Cheaper Iliad ,
ef all r!Ua.
Wivh to si 7 thank for patt patraaa.
karia all to call and examine my
lai:;e stock of
W AvvktSt,. will t u pr
MuaMCUft,l 3 rfho ilaa, 'w TriE.
XU rmrtaa3 Pt 2dIrlaecT-r made,
ara um, m wm ana cwiect
i7 give av 4iA aaf ilar la wr4 aa ta(rab
Ta al vlrjs fmiilOTKWkta oaus trrr'rclar'.t-ror
rhboU or viiwvry orma, c r wlio requ'.-e end
Ajntiarr. T nla aid clid humulsr.t, Hop lutUlii 1
tr.rr vtia your CeUnra or STrmtorw rr
Ewh ta U"e-a or alknect U, liup rittf-j- J
', taa.1 ur calv rui, u ta e H.'. ij r at onaa, 1) mj
jj oiur Lla. It bu carrU tuiulriHla,
1 will t paid for acaMrw:Ilf't mm or
Ihi iie. Do net r-far nor Trt'-l-r.uudr,bot
,im ami iuv Vitn tu uaa Hup Lillcrs.
Snboatrtisii. t-ntt.: 'urrta'l Best k ticiof tnr
tha IT'Sd a I r!i ai4 Ilotvr." aiul
j a paaca ar tk-'aii kcui.l L wliuont Ukoio.
P Cat aa !.; s23
r, Hr Oavaa Ctras L t.-? tru:, rciaat aad baat.
ka 1 f r MnsxirL. 1 rer an 4 d 'nry !-
V1U im UTflMh
n I l . . .. . m
EL an - ', u a 4-f uwra, VLcoo aut EArocUca:
SaU fcy inaw 1KT ElitCT H . Ca. nckUr, K.T.
I aataral tii4iMryi'l ia lit- vunwfM.Tur
l luoua a4 uon hi Kru(-t-!i c J iicuai,
ivaiK'ivia. Wicn'-Bt tlr .to..f!o!i. or.atl
I iiatfoa. t.rxiuri, iiifrii I hil ly. ric., a-
' caraU c y tha fcro fcitlfra. It uuoiUAiaU
Iliaa ai-i' iot ahi' h !iui:!i t- nery rim-
Ifly. ajul M-li. anivrcver nvl. ill mvi 111
lyiLi3t (,t many ducvun' bilni.
I-cMLias of twoslaee; jirlcea, SO cents and 11.00.
Karhnlfr, N.T".
1 CJT-Sand for Pamphlet
aud 'i'uauoiouiaia.
r-2S? pre 3
SaH J1 fvf'
la a cwrspCTjnd of the Yirrur-s of anrsaparil'a,
atillinsa, njiilrak, yellow tlopk, with tli
iodiil of potaah n-I iron, ail jowerful blood
wakinp, Llood-cieHnsinp:, anil liiV-sustaining
lemonta. It is the purest, safest, anl in
very way the most effectual alterative uihU
eioa knorn or availatile to tli public. The
cincr4i of indine ami chemistry have
err produced bo valuable a remedy, nor
ne ao potent to cure all disease resulting
from impure blood. It orm-a Scrofula, and
avllacrofuloua diseases, Krysipelas, Iiose,
r St. Anthony's Fire, I'iniples and
Kare-rnb, luatIe, Hlotches. noils,
Tamora, Tetter, Humor, Salt Khemn,
fVald-bead, Kinjrworrn, I'lcers, Sores,
Kheumatlsm, Mercurial Dieaa, Nu
ralrl. Female W'eaknpnM and Irrejru
larftlea, Jaundice, Atrectiona of the
XJrer, Dyippsia, Iimaciation, ana
Oenaral Debility.
Bt it aearcbine and cleansinp quaTiti
It purz out the foul corruptiona which
contaminate tb Mood, and cause derange
ment and decay. It stimulates and enlivens
the- vital function. It promotes energy and
trench. It restore and preserves health.
It mfusea new life and vigor thronghont the
, 'whole ayatem. Ko aufTerer from any disease
which arises from impurity of the blood need
despair, who will give Atek's Sabsaparilla
fair trial. Rememlier, tu eariier the
trial, the apeedier the cure.
It rerip baa been furnished to phyaicians
rerywher; and they, recoffnizinc; its auDe
tin qoaliuea, avdaiiaiater it ia their practice.
Tot nearly forty years Atfr's Sarsapa fcaa been widely naed. and it now pos
tb confidence of millions of people
arho hare experienced beoefiu fxoia its max.
' -vaaiaw cnraaT Tirttiesv
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
TatStad auid ADalytlcaJ Cbamlata,
Lowell, Mass.
Or anyrt.r V'ni, you rn arr'i'ith out
f"rr Jtartttna ht it cut JBrttrr thai
jr. lha tnh wiil ail r.mln erf .ia mh and
ahu. frr ia rrif.T ffft.A t . nT
anri ftba I mtf-.l t-tat '. Iiiiimi.lrl Circul.r. fS-r-.
(fmrt Aantm rrttnfut .'i frrrw rrra nfwoiril
itg. A.U K. MOTH As ., iia m-
ha.a hur.rlrrJa cf Ir-llri frrn inca litu
r Jtfaktuaa waaaa tii.f weuM but Uka $j l r iu
MO. XM WABlla ATKL'8. ChiCAOO, lU.
Tine, Median, aad Corn no a
fiat f ever S) na v alaaigaa U iIi.IL fka
aaruatM. itMi j v K)
I I i II n I- tk
beat he barn
hard coal. 14
aisaa, wHh
aon ailmt imtarnva.
me?t tbaa any other stores. Atk Tour leal
ar far titm, c tmn i for fra Uluttralad cir.
enHr. &. Eris Store Co. (Limited).
( afw 1.4 A. ITS ZaAa at.. C74nava
Kaaady: ii
aaiaillai aara aw
VaJaat Ia
aa, Sparaiatar.
rkaa. laiaMaaay,
aa4 all laauta
fiat fella ut
ina af B.lf-
Bafsra Takiav. ibm; aa Lom at After Taklaa.
lawr, Calfartal Laailtoda. Piia la fc Back. DImm. at
taaa, Pravatara Old Aga. anrl aiaar ai.r Di.MM taal
ftamr . Iawalty wCaauciptica, aud a Prcma:arerrmv.
tTfill partiealara la oar paablM, abitk w 41ra ta
uci Drat by sail ia at ary aaa. BTTba alalia MadlclDtla
aold by all drvcfiu at l aar arkaa. ar aia aakacaa ar
as, ar will ba aaai fraa by atall m raoaiit af taa a; by
ataca.aic'a Bkaaa, Dvrurf, Mara.
tCSelJ Inriattamoutli and verywbeie, tr
all Driiejlst.
a vk ij Atai af
C, C. HER0LD, - Proprietor.
Keeps a general large atock af
Tlcn's, Youth's & ISoy's
u loll
aad has Just received the fiaest lot of
French and English Silk
His different styles ef
H:3,i3 & Gaps,
are Buryrl-.i:i, 2uJ bia !t;ci; of
urnishsng Goods I
lal'.rree ecoigS to aur?ly any deiuacd.
Gall and Examine the
c. o. UEi;oLi.
a. era,
Hlae Tarail ef Jfesfera Time a.
Kt !'V n. tl."&?Son, Si loinou i WisilIeroliJ. V. ii. haker & Co.. 1..
& in. .
f . 1 73 IUt -S-u.-mt rtV-l la (a.W-rrl.'s aa.rn.
mi 3 iivpft 10,1 ' si:ii.s BrfxrvEs, or which I
SrAll I L U MLeBucltPi!r.Oj.tmnt,Wimii!Fl to
ar filar. Amiim wilb riw, ir. J. T.. 'lxtcr, t-ouu, Wo.
illj VV r IXIaTJ, KI:i:ilIJ-:R'S old stand
South Si le Lower Main.
Keeps constaotly n hand a pood and e!l e
fected M!jiiy of
Fresh Eeef, Pork & Mutton,
Kinds of Gains & Fish
In Season.
;ifTIIi;h.t er.h rri'e r:'''' f,r preen or drv
IIkIcs. and for trM-k. ;ive me a trial as I
can safely truarantee pure, vi liolesome meats.
Kitl3 T.H TAKlr'4l'.TH.
3CI11 be m.l.ed. wiih INSlTFI.ATa t:
lU exnip r-la. f rr Aaarrsa t'. U.
a i 1 who aa enrrd iy It aine tean
C El Kli. lr:V P.. .M&iII'OTl a... . !ic; k
1 hor.aand cu-m :nca. I' arra a -T w
Off huniOiKifea, m.a' thH iir. . 3
i:d ten crfl'.a to par rrP'n and fruat 4k?
i;a to
f Tu;
r Mi-
of run :ofi:rv't'. .H;.i-
lB:sJa. aia
Xoa will ucrer regret V
Mauufa.-turer ot and DeaK rin
Ifc. a. JE&
irrc, rc jsrrc.
Done with Neatnessl Di3pitch.
e only place !n town where" "Turley's pat
foi ae.U aujiistahlia Ivera C4llaiar awKU"
lK. J
PIIYSICIAN, at Factery-
ike. t'a.-s county, N-braska.
T. . WIMO.I.
ATTO!!N"EY AT LAW. Practices in Saun
ders and Cass Counties. Ashland, ebraska.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Plattsmoutli.Neb. ff
fice Front Room over Chapman & Siiitti'8
liruu Store.
tice in tint Mate and l-Vderal Courts. Resi
dence, ruitsmouili. Xe'rraska. tliy
R. K. MVIMiTO.V. Sf.
OFFICE HOURS. frm to a. i".. t 5 p. in.
ExamiuiiiK Sui seon for V. . Pension.
Oil. TV. IT. K"H I llK K.CJIT.
Ci'lctiro Avenue, l'l.itt'nvmt h . Xebrsa-ka.
Oflice iu Smith and iilack's BruK Store. 4-'ly
J. II. HA Mi. M. I.
OFFICE with Or. Llvtntiston South Side of
Main Mreet. beiwee! ctu and 7th streets. lil
attend talis promptly. stfyl
coll ec rio,'t m s fECiA l rr.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Real Et te. Fire In
surance and Collection Acency. Office in Fitz
gerald's bluck. Plattsmouth, Sebrasa. ?2m3
4. K4. IS. H i ( a H.
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Real Estnte Rro
ker. Special attention uiveu to Coilecnons
And all matters aftectiim the title to real estate.
Oillce on ?d floor, over i'ost. OKice. I'lattsmotith,
l. II. TV la 111 I.Kit A VO.
LAW OFFICE, Real E-tate. Fire and Ule In
surance Agents, riati-inomh. Xelraska. ol
lectors, tax-pavern. Have a complete at)htra-t
of titles. Uuy "and sell real estate, ncKoiiaie
loans, fts. lsvl
J.tMK.a K. MOKRlfoy,- W. L. BllOWSat.
Xotary l'u'o'.ic.
UOIllMO A nit4TVXIi.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Will iracr!ce !n C:is
and itdjominp Coutdics ; t;ives special sit re ui..n
to collections and ai'stracts of t'.tlc. O.Ti.e in
Fitzgtrald liiock. riattstuoutb. Xeorasma.
rrvj . .
nd KoMcitor in Chancery. Offlce i FiU),ei--"yl100"'
tv. -i,iTTri:tj.
PiHttaiwtwatii. brn
OT!ce on Main Klreet over Solsmon fc Na
than's Store.
C. SEii:i, - rropilclor.
Flfur, Corn ileal & Feed
Alw?vs on hand and for sale at lowest eah
ice.. The iii'ri.i st prices paid lor V lieat aiiil
Com. Particular at!c-ii'-in iven custom work.
rnrKiai:K '.fx n n c.v.
Tcnsorial A.rtist.
P 1 i A TT ?I O 5 T 15 K.t!KA.
Place of hBv-Inesa on Main St.. between -till
aid 5t'i stn-ets. Siiaic.oooliis, Shaving, chil
tiren's liHir cutlins. -lc. etc. I'.'ly
35 ornins: Dew Saloon !
One door east of the Saunders House. We
keep tlie best of
Beer, Wines, Liquors & Cigars.
:irnt Constantly ou Hand.
J. H. GREG OR r, - - - Proprietor.
Location Central. Good Sample Room..
Every atteution paid to gKtsts. 43in3
Plattsmouth. - - - Neb
Repairer of Steam Engines, Boilers,
Saw and Grist Mill
ITrouKht Iron Pipe. Force and Lift Fipes.Steam
Gauges, Safety-Yalve Ooveniory and all
kni'ts of Krtss Kntine Fittings,
repaired on short uoiiwe.
- 'n r"
3 -
75 r-s i. "
3 2
National Bank
avccrsKois to
Torn riT7.oisAi.D .
E. :. dovkv
K. W. M('I.AI'OHLl.V.
Vice President.
..Assistnnt Cashier.
This Bank is now ojieit for business at their
tew room, corner Main and Sixth streets, and
is prepared to transact a general
Stocks, Bands. Gold. Oovernmant and Local
Veposits Received and Interest Allow
ed on Ti:n Certificates.
Ivailable in any part of the United States ami
In all the Principal Towns and Cities
of Europe.
Ikman Line and Allan Line
Person wishing to bnug out their friends from
Surope can
Thft fr FlattnRtkf
.?afe arerforr.
A PDDOCK. P. Senator, ReatriCP.
ALYIN sU'XDKlts, l rt. Senator. Omaha.
E V VAl.FNTINE,Ke;resettat. West Point.
AI.v'lNI"! NAN' R. fJofcrnor, Lincoln.
S .1 4.LFXANUER. Secretary of State.
F' W. LFIHTKE. Anditor. Lincoln.
i M. P. A !:T I K I T, Treasurer. Lincoln.
S R. THOMPSON. Suitt. Public instruction.
F. M O WIS. Conimi. -loner.
C .1. DILWORTIT. Attorney General.
RFV CC, HARRIS. Chaplain of Penitentiary.
DR. H. P. SlATTHEW'SOX. Supt. Hospital lor
the Insane.
Supreme Court.
S M1XWELL. Chief Justice, Frment. -GEO.
B. LAKE, Oiaha.
AMASA CURB. Lincoln.
firroft't Judicial Ditlricl.
S. B. POT'ND, Judge. Lincoln. .
J C W ATS), l losccunnit-ii y. rri. .uy .
W. L. NV E I.LS. Clerk lift. Court, l'lattsaioutb.
County 7'ireriorr.
A. X Sn.LIVA N, County Judge.
I. I. TT rr. County Clerk
J M. PATi KROX. County Treaanrer.
K. W. liYEKS. sl:-ri!T.
. W. FAMiFlFLD. Siit veycr.
ii. HILDF.RUAND. Coioner.
COl'NTV COM J"laiO!tKU?l.
HENRY WOLFE. Liberty Precinct.
JAMES CRAWFORD. Soiiui Bend Precinct.
SAM'L KICIIAUDSON. ilt. Pleasant Precinct.
City tfire- imrr,
J. W. JOHNSON, Mayor.
J. M. PATTERSON, Treasurer.
J D. SIM I'SO.V, City 4 lei k.
RICH A RD VIVIAN. Police Judze.
P. B. Ml'RI'HY. Citv Marshal.
TV M. L. Vt FLlS. Chief of Fire Dept.
lnt Ward-.l. PEPI'ERP.F.RG. V. V. LEONARD.
2d Ward ti. W. FAIRFIELD. J. V. V,',-Jl
.;d Ward-R. C. CVSIUXO.THOS. POLl-Ot.'K.'
4Ui Ward P. McC ALLAN, E. S. SHARP.
1ot,Huster- JNO. W. MARSHALL.
B. & M. R. R.JTime Table.
Taking Ffftct May 4, 1879.
I .eaves 7 -.oo a.
3 p.
. in.
Arrives a. ni. 00
4 ij p. in-
Leaves 9 :10 a. m. Arrives 10 :40 a. in.
c :3o p in. ' T .1 p. ni.
Ie;;ves Plattsinonth 9 :tr a. m. Arrives Lin
coln, 12 -45 p. in. ; Arrives Kearnev, 7: .Vi I- in.
Freight leaves 9 :iH) a. in. Ar. Lincoln '1 :te p.m.
Leaves Kearney. 6 :Vi a. m. Leaves Lincoln.
1 :o p. ni. Arrives I'lat:sini'ith. 4 :3 l).n
Freight leaves Lincoln 11:40 a. in. Arrives
Plattsinouth, 4 :.W p. :n.
Express. 6 :15 a. ni.
PaNsenner. (train each day! 4 :iC p. m., excop:
Saf.inlav. Every tlurd Saturday a trahi co;i
uecis at'llit! usual time.
K. V. K. II. ' Iiac TaliJc
Taking Efcct Sunlny, March 23, 1ST9.
.- :.-).'.pin HASTlNtiS. R::r.a.i.
6:27 AYR. 8:0.'
6:18 ELUE IMLU 7 :40
7:-.5 COWLF.S. 7:05
7:55 RFi CIJ C I). C:;tS
H :V0 IN .WALK. 6:10
Rl VERT OX. ft :.W
9:10 I'lUMU.lN. 5:-2r,
J :am RLl loMINt : l" ) N. 6 :10a:n
- -
For Cutaneous Disorders,
And all eruptions of the ki:i. i li i- Ototmeut i
nins'i invalitairie. It (!,)'s not heal extci naiiy
aloii-?, but or net rates witli the .om s'ai'cliiiv
effects lo tf.e very hhjI o die evil. .
Possessed of thi!l".KMEDY". Fverv lc.n may tie
h h ii Doctor. It may l;e iu!-!-cd im tlie
i-vstem. no as in reat h airy internal complaint :
b'v these iiicans It cures muchit I' leers in the
T'HROAT. S'ftl.MACH, LI V Lit. SP! s r., or oth
er pirts. Itisan InLi'Mble Remedy RAD
LEGS. BAD Bkl .XVrs, Contract el orSt:tl
Joints, HOLT, UilECMATISiJ, ai.d all tktn
Impktaxt CAt.'Tiov. NoTio are j.-eiinine
unless tlie "itrnalure of . I. Havhim k, as ai lit
tor the United states, surrounds each box of
1111s and Ointment. Boxes at mm cents, r.2 cents,
and SI ea'.-ii.
JST There W eonsidrrable savin? by tVin.i:
the 1. oner ies. Holloway & Co., New Yttrk.
.s t.l E73 'it
ATA lak-
1 Li. Mo.'idt h Is SlrciUipiteil.
The Iiv-T rermlafed. Ihe bowels rut In proper
' r. the hi.-o.l eni i j-.i-d an. I jutr i i.-?. rsntl 1 to
rici'VO' . vrsU'ln i r-r.rlr.rcti ir:.i:t;ui ;iil vij:or-o-.s
i-y thN ioeslitiiurle tainily i..eiici:ie a::C
o.ife-riiarit :ii;!'isj dise:'.p. wliiclt is. n;or'rVt r.
a iMost ;:i'recM!.ie and i tTeefive app li.-r. iiud
.r!:al pcciilhl'Iy tidapted to the wants of ll.e
:;-(t Mi l ir fiii i.
For sale by all Druggists and Dealers gt-ner-.ily.
Coaipound Sjrtip uf Iljpoiiliosphilt's.
It is perfectly safe, and tastes pleasant
Tor. firt avpirent effect is to
increase tile appetite. It jissi?.s
iie-t ion and causes t':e tool
xvJJ l" a-ssiiinlate propel ly-tlMi- the
"3rV3S5""t 'isleni is lioi'.ri.sheri. It also
f;!J55'r, sy Its lo, Ip action on the lit
f''ljjrrij" restive organs. Induces more
"aS'ir L?-'jJcipious h.n-1 uvular evacua-
V vrij' lions. Its elleci on tlie meui
iSr brane is such ihat easy expect
oraii:n is irounc'U : not oiiiy
are the air eaid.'y void -el
of tile cecrelion aln-Hily
ittiKite.L Out its ciII lion i
canied on in a healthy manner, while the fv in
aiion ot tube!-cl is retarilerl. Tlie rapidity wi?::
winch patients t:ikeoul!sh while ur.iier tlw
in'iii' iice of the Syrup, of itself indicates that
no other preparation" can be better aJao'ed to
help and nourish the eotv titu'ioii. ard hence
be more etlieaeious in ill! )epies-:on of
snaKiutror lreniiiipp t the liai se r
con'.-n. s Hoitness ofl.rr r,J!i.;it iv
it. '1 he nerves r.nit inn-clef become Sit
ened and tiie blood pnril'ed.
c ha'.r-
-11;; t!".-
rKu.ows' roi'i-orsn hmt
Speedily and permanently cures Corpe-.t-on of
tlie LuiKs. itj oiichitis. Cois;r;.ir Ni-rvon.-Prostra-inn.
shortness of Rre.t:ii. rlpl-.ti-.u
or tlie lleart. rrr-u;l;iinr of t iie ILmds and th
I imlr.. 1'hyMcal an,l Ti-tual I c;u. s-iri;. bwa
of AnncMte. Losf.f Knervy. t.n r.f Memory.
It will rapidly tionrove I 'ie w ;; ened f unci inns
and orjr:ins of the Ikmiv. which deteud for
health uon voluntary, seuii-voluntitry and in
voluntary nervous action. It act with vi(.:or,
pentleness. and eubt!ety. owimt to the eX(iiis
ite harmony of its ingredient. to ju:re
blooil ttseli. Its taste i pleasant, andf its ef
fects permanent.
Sold bj all Drnarglsts. $1.30 pr boUIo.
Uh'ILI, b) g'xxi btrrwirr. BICOEAT
afe a ra
.IT IJfca
A llhyrae of the Time.
Mla Pallas Eadora You Blnrky.
ShedhtD't know chh-ken from turkey;
High Spanish aad Greek ahe con Id fluently
But her knowledge of poultry was murky.
She could tell the g eat-tincle of Moaes,
And the of the wars of the Roses,
Ai'd the reasons of thing why the Indiana
wore rinjta
In their red, aboriginal noaail
Why Shakspeare was wronir in bis grammar.
And the meaning of Einers n'a "Brahma";
And ahe went chipping rock with a little black
And a amall f eolo.b al hammer!
She hats views upon co-education.
And the principal needs of thenatlon;
And her Kinase were blue; and the number
she knew
Of the stars In each high constellation.
And "he wrote In a handwrltinjr r'erky ;
And she tab ed with an emphasis Jerky,
And she painted on tilea in the aweetcat ef
Bat ahe didn't know chicken from turkey I
"Slifin't go a step farther!"
'Only just a little way we ahull
noon be home now, ami mother's wait
ing." " I don't care. 1 have made up my
mind that I've walked too t':tr alreidy,
and Fm just jroin-j to sit down and
res! ; they must wait, and 1 shall do
as 1 choose."
But fill her "
'Now don't you talk to me about
'but-s' Charlie. Ixi-atie I won't h.ivp
it. I .shall sit down here, and you cut
jro and tell your moihor not to wait'
t lie man repe ttod, raUitij' Ids voi e
with tlie stupid anr of iutoxiontioii,
JStil I in spi-e of the tlireat and re-ftt-ftl,
the child persisted in pleading:
that lii father should go home; but
Ids words only (seemed to etr mrthen
tiie in-ui'M obsiina-y, and all the boy
eon Id do was lo get his father to turn
aside from the liigh ro.ul into a field
elo; by, where" the mm fell full
b-nj'th on tlie grass, somewhat under
tlie shade of tiie hcJe, and in a lew
tiiiti'ttcs he was e'eeping heavil,
whilst the child isat down at a little
distance, with a atrang; kind ot cliild-i-h
patience on his fe-iture. to wait
until hi fulher ahotild wake. Poor
little Charlie! he knew too well how
unless any attempt on his part would
be to rouse his fuiiierfrom tliatsoit of
nice p.
Hither more than half an hour had
passed in this dreary waiting, and
Clnriie was be lining to find all hia
sin ill sources of amusement fail him.
He had watched a lare bee that had
Kept hovering over the cotivolvulou.a
blossoms ir. the hedge, and wondered
it" hr. lutl not nearly finished hi day's
work; had pl.Vcd a snrtil out of harm's
way. and, h:ul been tvmpfed to chase a
iroautiful painted butterfly that flitted
:ia-t him; but he began at last to lose
his interest in bees and butterflies, for
it was now tea time, and Charlie was
rowing terribly hungry. Still he
did not think of denning his post, for
no one. but the child liiniself knew
how often he had k-pt his tipsy father
otl" tbe country road when carts or
carriages were coming along, nor how
he had ni uiaged lo guide him in safe
ty, over tlie narrow bridge that led
a-.-ross the river to their cottage. So
Charlie sat there quietly though he
was growing more tired and hungry
every moment, until the sound of a
whistle Kt a little distance attracted
his attention, the soimd gradually
coming nearer and ounding more dis
tinct until a young man jumped over
the stile at the end of tlie nVld and
approached the child, who then know
him to b. gentleman he lud often
met during the past few weeks, some
times sketching, sometimes wandering
about with his kiinpsaek cn his hack
and his portfolio under hi arm. In
deed, a kind of half acquaintance had
sprung up between the young artist
and Charlie one attracted by the
glimpses he had caught ot the pic
tures contained iu the wonderful port
folio, the other by the child's wisttul
glances and his rustic beauty. Busy
with his own thoughts, and, judging
from his happy face, they were very
pleasant ones perhaps dreams of the
time when some wonderful picture of
his should hang on the walls of tlie
academy, and by so doing help him on
the rood to fame .Mid fort.uiic Eustace
Carroll bad half crossed the field be
fore he noticed Charlie and Ji is father.
Then his quick eyes told him the
meaning of tiie little scenr; the quirt,
weary looking child and the sleeping
lather, with his untidy clothes and
with h.scollar toid necktie unfastened,
and his face turned up to the blue ky
that looked down on nothing so de
based as this man, whom God had
made "a little lower than the angels
and who by his own vice, had thus de
graded himself.
With the quick intinet of child
hood, Charlie understood the look of
disgust with which the young artist
turned to him, saying kindly as he did
so :
"You are waiting to talce your la
ther home, T suppose?"
'Yes, sir," replied the child, whilst
a flush of shame spread over his face.
"Well, I should think that he is
likely to lie there for hours. Can't
you leave h im?"
"No, sir, ho might be run over or
fall into the river, if I left him to go
home by himself.
' Oh !" said Eustace, as he glanced
toward the sleeping man, and won
deml if it would be much loss to any
one it he did fall into tlie riv r; but
he checked the thought, remembering
that lie, with his refined tastes, and
many kinds of amusement, could form
no idea of the temptation which drink
might have for this man, with his
smaller advantages of fortune and ed
ucation ; and then an idea flashed
across his mind, and he dctennined to
act upon it.
"Have you had your tea, boy?" he
asked, as he it n? trapped his knapsack
and took out a small parcel wrapped
in white paper.
"Mother will be sure to keep it for
me until I aret home, sir" nrtlil
, Charlie. tJr brix WvmnUl. a
"That's all right," mid Eustace, tin.
derstanding and respecting the feeling
that dieinied the answer ; -meanwhile,
I shall give you this piece of cake, just
to pass the time. When I was a small
boy, stray piece of cake never pre -
vented my eating my meals when they
came, so your mother's tea will not ba
wasted. Now you sit still, for I am
going to paint a picture, aim wnen it
is finished 1 will t-how it to vou.
Very few da. n ties fell to Charlie's
share in those days, and Eustace was
highly ttmiied at the wav in which
he ate his cake, nibbling it oil round
the edge so as to make it last as long
as possible; and he succeeded o well
that the picture was finished almost
at tlie same time as the last currant
"Well, was it good?" asked Eus
tace, as he tied his portfolio.
-Yes; mother does not put cur
rants in her cakes. Sometimes on our
birthdays, when father hai not becu
out. we have a cake, but theu w have
no eeds in it."
And those ere not so nice?"
Oh no, sir, uf cot.rse not," answered
harlie. surpri-d that any one should
ask such a question.
" Well, I am jflad vou like it. I am
oimr back to Loudon in a day or two,
nut 1 shall nut another niece of cake
n mv knatiPftck in is 1 meet von
again before I go. Look here, do you
know what this is?"
Ch rlie glanced at the little picture
Eustace held out to him, and then he
gave a scream of surprise.
" Why. it's me and father!"
And so it was; and even though
Eustace should live to Ie an old man,
he will never succeed in making any
thing more true to nature thsn that
hurried sketch. lie had just cau ;ht
the -wist fed. tired look on the ch ild's
face, and it was nil the more striking
as it was brought into suc'i contrast
with the va.'a.'it cotiutentnco of tbn
tlpy sleeper, who looked as thorough
ly out of nH'-e besjdo the child and
' the pleasant srreen background of tlie
nedc, whore the convoiviims nios
soms mingled with the wild roses and
blackberry flowers.
" Wait a moment," said Eustace. and
then he wrote at the bottom of the
feb'tch three lines from a poem of
Burns :
" Oh wad some power the jc'ttle jrle ua,
To see ourselves as h hers see n.
It wad fme ninny a trouble free us."
"There," he continued, putting the
picture in the child's hands. "You
bhall have that, and if you like to show
it to your father one of these days, do
so; it may tach him a lesson." And
before the child could make any reply,
Ftistice was off and away, tramping
along the high road.
Five yciirs had paed before the
young artist had the time and chance
to visit the quiet village again. In
those five years he had done good
work had thought and worked, and
painicd, until people had begun to be
lieve in him and talk of htm as one of
tlie most prominent painters of the
da v.
Still, in the midst of it all. he often
rememlerod his little sketch and won
dered without much hope in the
wonder, though whether his idea
that it might do good had come to
pass ; and on the day he traveled down
to Morston, the memory of the scene
cfme clearly before him with the
thought of the grand old words
"Cast thy bread upon the waters, for
thou shalt find it after many da vs."
"Such a poor little crumb of good,
thougn, il was," sii l Eustace to him
self; "still. I wond r 1 wonder and
FU try to find it out, too."
And as it happened. Eustace did find
it out more quickly than he exacted,
for that very evening, as he was re
turning from a walk, in the course of
which he had vis ted" some of hi old
haunts, there passed him on the road
a mail and a handsome boy of about
"My little friend and his father,"
suddenly thought Eustace, wh-.e
quick, artist eye seldom forgot a face
or figure, and he quickened his pace in
order to keep within a short dis.ance
of the boy.
So "the Three went on. past the cor
ner of the field where the sketch had
been taken, down the road and acro'-s
the narrow bridge, till the man and
boy reached a little cottage, the small
front garden of v hi h was gay with
bright-colored, old-fashioned flowers.
"That looks promis ng." thought
Eustace: "no drunkard ever had a
garden like that;" and determined to
ascertain the fact of the cae, he went
up to tiie door with the intention of
asking the nearest way to tlie next
Throiio-h fhe o-.P!i door he caught a:
glimpse of the neatlv-kept cottage- j
kitchen, as Charlie came forward to
answer t e strangers quesM.m ; out ,
oetore nan me rigiit turns n:m oeen
described, a bright sud'e broke over
the boy's face, and, half turning
round, he exclaimed :
'Fa her, it's my painter !" and, to
his surprise, Eustnce found that in
that household, at least, he was a hero,
and the young artist never felt more
reverence for his art than he did as he
lisiened to the account of the good his
pietore had done.
For some t me Charlie had kept the
6ketch and had been afraid to show it
to his father, but tlie man found it by
chance one day, and
"It. was more than I could stand,
sir," he said, addressing Eustace. "I
did not need any one to tell me what
it meant, but although I wondered
where it came from 1 was ashamed to
ask. Somehow I could not get the
picture out of my head. I even used
to dream of it at night until it fairly
worried me, so that I gave up the
drink: and Iliad the picture framed
aud hung up f ere, that I might have
no chance of forgett ing what I diagged
uiysell down to once.
So the story ended, and in his heart
Eustace Carroll is prouder of ihai lit
tle sketch, hanging in a common black
frame over the uiantlepiece of the
country cottage, than he would be
though he should paint a picture that
would make hi name famous through
out his lit.
. Come ont Into my garden lore,
Where perfume fllla the air;
I'll frather the fairest blossoms, love.
To deck your annoy hair.
Oh, bo, dear Geor?e,ahs sadly alghad,
I can't enjoy each blisses;
Ilk aaye I mnat stay in the hoaae
JLad waek ib aapper dishea.
! rroai ail hi Resident r r.aUsniBth.
! Dear Fkiexd: The schools of
j San Francisco have closed for a two
j weeks' vacation. It is in such times
, that I forget the present. and live with-
in myself. Fast scenes will then come
before my mind ; the valleys, brooks,
mountains and villages of my never-to-be-forgotten
mountain home, many
incidents of my boyhood life, and voy
age to America- I have a tender re
gard, abve all, for the people f Ne
braska at large", an J for those wlio have
been kind to me, personally. And, al
thtmgh.I have not corresponded with
them yet, I have thought of them
whenever my mind was not preoccu
pied by business and family rates.
California has as many climates as
there are counties or localities, and
what is true of one is different in the
other. There is gue along some of
the iLyer courses, especially in Marys
ville. If strikes me, as if the ravages
of diphtheria in California and Oregon
! w?re more fearful
than in the east.
It is a frequent occurrence that a f.itn
ily luses from thfee io six children in
a short period. The doctors liovovr,
contradict this statement.
The popul tti'M at luge, as far as
education is coacenied, I consider som
what inferior lo that ol the average
western staie. This will be realilv
seen by taking into consideration the
element that flocked California In
the e;tr!y part of its, history. It is true
that this is p irtlr overcome by the im
mense amount of newspaper reading
that is done by the people, for nearlj
! everv f.rmilv in the chics takes a tlai
1 paper, and a great many in the coun
try. Nevertheless the reading of news
without any reflection will never be
as ihslitute for early training.
In the country schools tho number
of ge.itlemen teachers is quite larg".
Their salary is from 70 to 90 dollar.
In cities very few gentlemen are em
ploye I. The lady teachers as a rule,
like to stay in the centers f culture
and Duly reluctantly go into the out
lying mountain enmities. Their sala
ries in cities is from G'J to 30 dollars.
So far the Slate has had uniformity
of text books, but by the first of Janu
ary there will beonly County uniform
ity. The new const ilution has ma le
some important changes, among which
is the cutting off of the High Schools
from drawing public money. It leaves
also the examination of leacliprs to
counties. This was caused by the im
mense frauds that have been practiced
by selling questions in advance, for
S200 00.
The State Teachers Association
meets n xt Monday in this city, and
continues for three days, ban Fran
cisco lias a Superintendent elected ev
ery two years by the people salary,
4,000 and twelve school fiirectors,
one from each ward. The Sujt has a
dr puty, at a salary of 83,000.00. The of the" B;ard and the ptin-dj al
schools are connected by telephone.
We have a boys' at.d a girls' High
School (no co-education of sexes in the
High School), Grammar schools, Prim
ary school and evening schools. Some
of the Grammar aud Primary schools
are called cosmopolitan, because Ger
man and French are taught. There
has been much opposition to these
studies, and to music and drawing
Therefor-, quite a number of teachers,
with certificates :h both English Hint
German, have beeniigagcd during the
past two years. These teach regular
classes, and give one hour's instruc
tion in either German or French. (The
school houses, as well as most other
houses, are all constructed of wood.
There are about 750 teachers in the
department, among whom there are
only about CO gentlemen.)
Theie are 10,000 Irish voters and
only 5,000 Germaw. The San Francisco
school department experu
dolhirs the past year, sje;
pended $000,000
tool must be
kej)t ftix r-jonllis iu dis lict schools, in
order that the district may be entitled
to public money.
But enough tf schools. I will now
lrit tly touch upon such subjects as oc
cur to me. There is much fog here
around the bay. The average temper
ature of San Francisco is 52J in win
ter, and 53 in summer. A person
needs to be dressed warm the . whole
year, for, even if it should be some
what warm during the day, the even
ing may be quite cool and foggy. In
no other State did I ever see so many
strongly-built men and women as in
California. The principal aim of life
in the city is how to m tk money.
Everybody speculates mere or less in
mining stocks. Many get rich by a
stroke of fortune, but many more lose
their all in a day.
Senatoi Sharon's reception to Grant
is said to have cos . 40.000 dollars. Cali
foi uia is abeautifui land, but the ques
tion of bread and butter comes nearer
home to a man, especially to a new
comer without means, than perhaps in
any other state in the Union. The
farm lalorer is more of a tramp than lie carries his "blan
kets"' and spreads them in the bam, or
most anywhere, degraded by Chinese
labor. The south and the north had a
great confiictoverthe negro, wha knows
but vt hwther the Mo gl wili not biv
Ciine another thraienirg eioud upon j
this i-.iefuJ horizon of our Union? j
If tho hard times had continued there t
iLatt rirt c2joI n jft-HSfc?"?
or maltreatment of Chinamen. To
judge correctly, yon runst come and
! see for yourself. A Chinese dirty city
within another city. Tb people cf
this coast, including nearly the who! t
clergy, knowing the celestid'a traits of
character know how utterly silly rf
ih humanitariatL sentiments of ro:uo
of tlie good people of thu east. Tu.
Chinaman must bo Bent east for c ;j
yersion. He is a producer b it not a
consumer excepting of rice, and th
he imports. Some time afio a nuvnrrr
of lepers were shipped to Ciiina by t'.;3
city authorities. Among the China
man's good personal qualities ate in
dustry, frugality iu food tulu clotMnp
docility, and minding his own buslne;.
He is filthy, for often 40 of them slet ;
in a room, packed on shelves. Ho h
cruel, will sell his wife, and will Id,
his sick, or unfortunate- counlryiuur.
die in a cellar, before giving him any
aid. He does not assimilate. Fverv
otie here knows that he is an injury
to the country ; still, femalo servant ?
br-injj scarce and impudent, the China
man is'rai her fostered by tho filiate
crats. They could not keep the irc:.s.
Ce-i in such spl ndor. If John 2iI at
keep them polished.
Many of the street cars ar3 drawi
by a wire rpe which runs under tho
surface. They arc called c-ilnV-ro bli,
and are veiy nice. In such a hilly city
as this, it would be very haid on hors
es to do the trcr'c. San Francisco is a
cosmopolitan city in the truest Kerrtfl
of the word. I suppose, that ne wly"
every nation on the earth is iepr-sont.-ed.
Tlie Iii di at e tin strongest of any
foreign element, th mi come Gorman",'
French, Spaniards, Mexicans, F.og.'i .!:,'
Sou h Americans, Australians. .Vc.
Many ignorant and many highly edu
cated Ame.ricins aud foreigners resicJi-'
heie. Tiie citv has 300,000 inhabfiauis
and Oakland 40,000. Rents are higher
than el ewhere, hut, on t!io whole gro
ceries and dry gods aro as chep r
most anvwhere. Bui ter, eggs, an 1 r.
few other articles are always high.
There being so many nationalities,
peop'e as a rule mind their own busi
ness. The Jews have many elegant syna
gogues and benevolent societies. Thv
largely control the wholesale trre.
Secret societ ies flourish in California. I
went. to a Chinese theatre; such a noiso
aud such music! Our rainy sfaron
commenced this year on the first of
December. Just before Christmas'
there was a cold spell, said to hava
been the coldest for years. It is quite
a study to understand tho nature' -f
the currents and the trade wind?,
which, together with the continually
changing inclination of tho earth,'
cause the two seasons of California.
We are apt to forget that the equato
rial current is not confined to the equ a
tor, but iu summer' moves north, nnd
winter south. Hence tho return cur
rent and the return trade w inds do i.ot
strike our coast in the same place dur
ing summer aud winter. We are vn?
having the return trade winds frenv
the southwest, but towardspring when
the sun apparently travels north tun
return trades travel north also, and
hence the rainy season ot Oregon nui
Washington is longer than ours.
Jaxcauy 1, 1S33.
This letter was not mailed, owi.ig lo
the State Teachers Association which
I ai tended regularly. It was well at
tended, and was a success.
were delivered and papers read by tho
most eminent men on the Pacific coast,
and by some eastern men.
This is New Year s day, 1890. Will
we live to see the inauguration of th?
20th century? I must close. A happy
New Year to you.
The winter garden -which the Kin'
A the Belgians has liad constructed
la the park of Laekcn, U the large.:,
struct ure of the kind iu Europe! Thtf
iiimieii-e cupola of iron and glass isj
200 seet in d ameter and 100 ibet in
height in the center, fc fa supported
by 3(i columns of white stoue, eaclr'
over three feet in diameter.
Exposition ok 1870. Wan lerins
through the United States section of
this truly wonderful Exhibition, hy
.icrornamented and over-displayed a
the most of it is, I came upon an ele
gant glass case, who e modesty wr.s
the more conspicuous from its neigh
bors' finery, surmounted by t. e m'nU
o Dignis lYiemia and displayiiir, in
,ieat package?., the medical pre pa ra
wed! of the: hoi, so of Dr. J. C. AYLft
& Co., Lowell, Mass.
I was aware of the worM-wide re
putation ot'tiiis eminent firm, for tho
character anal quality of their goods,
and remember well their ag'-nts in
London, Messrs. Newberry, iu St.
Paul's Churchyard. Having a lei
sure hour, I determined to examine
fhe contents of this case, myself, and
I was surprised to see the
perfection to which they have brought
their household remedies. I wf
chagrined at the reflection thai, vrhilcj
we have at home the rnos.t skin ui
L pre-eminently, the best physici
s in the world, these Yankee doc-.
tors distance us so far in the line of
popular medicines for fami.y use.
They have the sharpness to take ad
vantage of the higl scientific discov..
erics among us and make puis and
potions as palatable as they are salu
tarv. I wa3 told by a leading drug
gist in Philadelphia,- tlmt Dr. Attv.:?
rnannfoetorv was ll.e K"ir?f n A ni': '
:vir,r tmphymf-Jt ' o i.-uV5
I r.iusi g to Lowell ?r. 1 sre i., ':ti
wav b.'m- D-ru ponr', f
,Ln '-T-y '
' s a S r-M a . V
? f.