Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 22, 1880, Image 2

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Phe Herald.
rLATTSMOUTII, JAX. 22, 1830.
Clab Last f ir 1830.
We herewith present our readers with our
club list for l-0.
Those Uesiriiijrlo obtain one of cut Christ
mas presents and also take a'lvant:i;; of the
eluh rates will be charged twenty cent p.Ml
tionnl uu thee club rates.
Hlkalu and Inter-Ocean, (weekly). 52 .
" " i;uilin-t.ii Jla krj e :r
m ' Louisville Courier Journal.... 3 03
" Leslie's Ills. Newspaper 1 15
" N. Y. Times. (semi-wceldyL. 4 15
" Sun. (weekly) 2 Go
" Toledo Wade If 00
" Scientific American 4 15
Nebrieka Farmer 2 C5
" American Aj;i icuiturt; t 2 tx
" Prairie Fanner 3 :
" Nat. Lixe Slock Journal 3 )
" " Western Pural S Jt)
American Pee Journal 2 C.5
" ' Harper' U;izar 4 C5
m - Weekly 4 05
Monthly 4 65
. 'nun;i People 2 85
" Scribner's Mnuilily 4 85
" St. Nicholas 4 Pi
' Elect ic Miiiruzine 5 75
" Domorests Monthly Maga
zine, (without premium) 3 25
" Detnorest's Monthly Maga
zine. (i itli premium) 3 C5
flodey's LadyV Poi.k.... 3 15
" Phrenological Journal 3 15
" Literary A. F.dueational Notes 2 5
M ' flood Company 4 CsO
' - Chicago Tribune 2 70
I'aiinell is now t!i? atti ctiun.
Tekkey for l'r-ident'of the State
Tair; by all ni-jns.
Eimtou B joks says tLe Democrat
ic party i" ot diseased but deceased.
Eli LV. Muckat, f Kentucky, lias
been nominated Governor of Utah to
succeed Gov. Emorv.
A western bound train on Wednes
day last ttt&k out 483 sack3 of mail
matter for Australia.
The JLincoIn Democrat goes for Dr.
J.Iatthev.-son tff the Insine Asjluui,
and Bays he is a fraud.
B. D. Sl AUG htli: has Ween nomin
ated by tht! Pjesident as Supervisor
of Census of Nebraska, and liruno
Tzschuck for the second district.
Ifi5l3i:iuii of the raniir, tliinks tlie
last legislature expensive, and ilie Lin
coln papers intimate that they want
to scalp Mc on hij record a treasurer.
This 13 a wicked world!
An old lady in Kansas said she nev
er could understand v, here all the
Smiths came from, umLU site went to
Connecticut and saw a bi sin "The
Soiitli Manufacturing Company."
Cohn is a btshal at Dead woo J.
Denver Tribune.
We should say the fellows who own
the corn have oi "the dead voud" en
the other fellows.
Tun Lincoln Journal calls Mr. rhil
lippi an "exemplary christian and a
lino railroad man." Wo second the
motion. Watchman.
That's so, maybe: but a christian
raiL-oad man is almost usscarcu as a
christian editor.
The President lias nominated James
P.ussell Lowell, of Massachusetts,
Minister to England, Jim. V. Foster,
of Indiana, Minister to Kussia, and
Lucius Fairchild, of "Wisconsin, Min
ister to Spain, to tako the place of
James llussc-ll Lowell appointed to
If ns reported the President pro
poses to divide the Census Supervis
orships between the two parties, we
hope it will not be Democrats south
t'.nd Republicans north. We should
touch rather see them divided in each
ttato than that. Tiy the way where
do the Greenb tckers come in?
"We had expected an arlic'e from
our Chief n Lincoln matters, the meet
ing ef the State Hoard of Agi icuUure,
Press Association, Wool Grower's
meeting, Ac, Sec, but were dis.ti
poiuted, and our rtedis will have to
wait for particulars of their doings
until next week.
The Maine imbroglio seems to be
virtually in fa or of the Republicans,
who after the decision of the Supreme
Court in their favor, took posessiwu
of the State House, elected' their Gov
ernor, Daniel F. Davis and state olh
cers. and proceeded to business. The
fusionists hold meetings on the side
walk and in various places, but their
numbers are gradually dwindling. A
series of questions are about to Li; sent
by them to the Supreme Court.
Tnn editor of the leading democrat
ic paper is ven- solicitous as t wheth
er or not it would be safe to en'.iust
raoue to Hon. Charles Stewart Par
nell. For our part, xvo would trast
Mr. Parnell with a million dollars be
fore xve would trust Sam Tilden or
Horatio Sevmour with 8100; or, the
gentleman who built the Herndon
bouse with a dime. Yes; Parnell is
eminently trustworthy and hon.. table;
nnd if living man can be trust
ed. Watchman.
Mac don't have much opinion of his
brother democratic editors and friends.
Tibble.3 comes to the front on the
"Ute outinge. In a letter published
rvfr bis own name, which appeared in
Monday's issue of the Xexv York l'rit
une, he says: "It seems to me that ev
ery honest mar- in America should feel
it his duty to denounce the latest out
rage upon' the bites by the Secretary f
the Interior, in refusing t em the
i iicht to pet their si Je of the story be
fore the American pcopd by placinsr
them under guard and excluding all
members of the press. For months
their enemies have haJ free ue f ev
rry avenue of information to the p?.
ple. Simple justice demands that they
should now have the same privilege."
Yrs, of course, let's get their side in
to the press; tell it all too, for God's
eake. It couldn't be much worse titan
tft Batcher business.
Whst a Tart f Cas Conniy f ies
Witfrc ike Corn oes So iViiuro
1 h aoi:ey Cuuics From "
''IV. tiee, Han-, r.;:tk!l"
For some weeks we have been trying
to get the lumber of cattle kept and
feeding iti the County, but could not
Hltv;'ther on account vt bad roads and
lack of time, through the kindness of
tno friends we have a pretty correct
list of Plattsm.iuth precinct and Lib
erty, which we append in hopes it will some one else to jathr more
statistics for us. 2'ow is ur day and
we want t t-ik advantage of it. All
such facta and figures teil immensely
for a county if pioperly tabulated.
John Atlauis ,
A. 1). Todd
T. J. Ti.omaii
A. 15. Tax lor ,
Jacob Vallery, seti
Vet Draper
Thomas Wiles. ...
I. Wiles
II. Eikenbary
X. Jean ,
Y. 'i. Murrav
S. Cole
J shua Murray
James IJurnett
Ion Quinn
Peter Koinniell .'
J. ('. Eikenbary
. 15. Porter
Perry Walker
Win Wetekcamp
It. Mat er
Henry Vallery
Ji. L. Thoinas ,
Wilbor Cole
Win. iSisxder
G. W. Thomas
Sara Anderson
Harm JJester
H. Sundcll :.
Philip Horn ,
Henry Spanler
Thomas U'iles, Jun
Chailes Jean
S. Wiles
J. P. Doud
Jacob Grassman
James Ruby
John Ilichardsou
Wm. Keves
Thos. Puby
Jauics Huby
A. P. "Weston
Wm. Eikenbarv .
I. X. Apple? 't
M. 11. Mioemaker
t'iiat ley Siv.iu
Jacob I; i !-us ein
Sam'l Canmm
Phil Eii-ie
Lexvii IJird
L. G. Todd, iti small lots
- f,0
Total 1034
Twenty-seven persons all told, are
feeding a!l t'.e'e .Me in this precinct.
They will average, ready for m ttket
1400 r:s.;;iid are worth au average per
haps of iJ0 per h.'ad.
We can count up nearly $100,000 in
vested in the business right here.
We xvant now a report frui each
precinct an. I would like to keep it up.
The Chicago men want to know it. It
brings in buyers, advertises our county
and helps us every way. Send the
IIkijai.I) a report of your cattle, your
hos an 1 xo'ir grain. We can't run
trttind a!i over and you can very easily
and cheaply drop us a postal card.
Coasty Couu:ii::!iers' Praceedicjs.
(Continued from first page.)
Fl.lDAV, January lGJi, 1830.
Bo-ird met pursuant to iuljourtunent.
Present, Jas. Crawford, Sam'i It ii-f : and Isaac Wiles, Coiu'rs; J. D.
Tutt, Clerk.
When the following claims were al
io xved to-v. i,
D. D. Martnidale, part Jan. Kal.SIS CO
salary for Dec. SO 00
Kate MeMakin, erroneous taxes. IS 07
Ofiicial bond of A. McDenuid, Sup'r
district "G approved.
Settlement with the following road
supervisors was then had to-wit:
Due J. 1). Furguson, dist. 2J. 315.00;
not allowed for xvant of funds.
LueC II. Dill, dist. ,"o. 9, Sou h
Demi, SG2.50; not'ulluwed for want of
Due Paul Johnson, dist. 29, S3G.10;
not a'doxved for xvant of funds.
Then followed in due form the ap.
pointme'U of Joseph II. Fairfield as
Deputy County Surveyor, appoint
ment and bond signed respectively by
G. W. Fainield and Joseph II. Fair
field. Crawford was then al'o'ved ser
vices as Co. Cousmiaid'juer. $30.50.
Poard then adjourned to meet Mon
day, January 10, 1SJ0. .
Monday. January 13th, 1S30.
Poar ' met pursuant to adjournment.
Full board present.
Settlement with Co. Treasurer still
being in progress, btwrd adjourned to
meet Tuesday morning, January 20th.
(Continued next week.)
If a democratic president is elected,
Judge E. S. Dundy is booked for the
U. S. Senate and as there is n7about
this little thing, t he senatorial candi
dates of Xebraska miht as well pull
in tteir feelers and save their ammu
nition. Long live E S. Dundy the next
U. S. Senator from Xebrasna! Lin
coln Democrat.
Now. who in thunder has been stuf
fing you again ! EimerS.Dundy would
make a good Senator though, by the
PLATTSMOUTil IIliRALD has been in
specting the schools of that city. Teach
ers fastlifw!, though too many pupiU.
Three primary schools, three grades
each. Too tnaay grades. Three inter
mediate schools. Grammar school,
i .'.) yeai.i. Ilih kcIimoI. three yearn.
T!::'oughtt'..t. there are from six to ten
ci . ' S uudf : a teacher. Ten classes
in about live hours! which is retrench
ment ! ! The principal has twelve
classes at times. Naturally bis are the
higher classes. Twelve classes in five
hours! Will any grievously burdened
and complaining taxpayer please indi
cate just when-ii! is tln economy of
this arrangement? Moreover, there
being nine teachers and an average of
73 pupils, will same herculean reporter
please wrestle on paper with the iuter
esliriJj InfweBCe ? Lit. Not.
JSotae of the ltrt:iile
Ci-'rvo Times.
From a gentleman traveling with
the pa i ty, whose lips were not teaicil
bv o;licial position, some of the par:i-
enhtrs in the lest imony given b the
woiiien to the comiMission was obtain
The women weie very reluctant in
testifying as to being outraged. Mrs.
Price held in her hand a pai-kagn of
strvchnine, and declared herselt ready
to take it rather than to have her sto
ry published. She lay down on the floor
and wept and implored that the narra
tive of her outrage mijht not be pul
lished. ?he was linaily induced, how
ever, to teil box a Uucotiiphagre Ute
had outraged her. She resisted suc
cessfully his approaches all night, but
the fellow threatened to call in some
of the members of the tribe to assist
him, and so site xielded. Txvo weeks
later, sho was sold tor two ponies to
Jobnson, who kept her for a week,
treating her xveil and offering no vi
lence, until within an hour before the
rescuing par:y arrived, when he out
raged her in the saje lrusli.
Mrs. Meeker wa. outraged by Dou
glass the first r.iuln. after the cap: ure.
Josephine Meeker, xvho was tunning
around in the sair brush after the mas
sacre, was appro tchad bv Persiine, xvho
saiil to her, '-You my nquaw?" "No,
was the reply.
sai l the Indian, meaning that she was
the common property of the tribe, fol
lowing the remark with re pr-n i n tr :
"You my stjuaxv?" She tlii rejili-t!,
Yes," and went and lived vi h him.
Gen. Adams isked 'i-v if any othr In
tlian had offered her any indigni y. and
she ivded: Xo. Persune stood them
off." This lady subsequent 13- trave!b-l
t hrough Cdorai!o deliveiinur leciures,
and relating certain pu ts of Iter story,
referring in the complimentary
terms to the noble acM-ms of the "gal
lant Persune," and 1 he h indsome treat
ment she had received from him.
sou i n ut;.MJ.
Her UarL- X X X.
Last Monday Dr. 11. II. Livingston,
one of the State Fish Commissioners,
informed us that he expected thv oth
er great Moguls of the t'sii Commis
sion to meet iiiu at. Swm.ii lien. I to in
vestigate the feelings and try the tem
per of the young S.ilm -n, jus. hatched
out there ut Mr. I-Iomine's han hery,
and he further coidiaiiy invited us 1j
accompany him to see the fiuuy, funny,
little, big-headed roosters be fort they
are chucked heads and tails into the
cold, cold Republican or some other
stream and streamlets to grow and
furnish food f r nirwi and other t:.-;hes.
Arrived at South liimd xve found ln
uiine on hainl with a big xvagon fail
of cans, his two black coils and well,
some bait.
No Kaley however and no May and
as it had turned cold, n Hale May
xvcather would have been very accept
able. The- Doctor, Romine and oar
self bundled into the xvagon, the colts
gave a snort, the Engine an ezed back
and away xxe rallied over the long
bt idge across the. Platte for Mr. It's
Bpri- gs over in Sarpy County.
Across the bridge and up the Platte
for about a mile and xve rcaca the !ish
ponds, and xve really think one of the
beat natural places for the business xve
ever saw.
what's Til Kit n.
There are now in tie' hatching house
100.000 eggs and young fry in tii
troughs from Mr. It's own fish. About
5,()iK) have been hatched this season
and put in one of the ponds.
Resides these there are the results
of the 230.000 Salmon Spawn, si tit troin
California, all hatched out and shim
ming about. It is to remove them and
distribute them t the Commission
ers met on Monday. Soon they will
be sporting Ln the head waters of the
pellucid brooks of young Nebraska.
Tlier are. three pwn-U. In iho firs-,
as you may say, are 25.000 nine months
old or yearling (Trout), in the second
8,000 txvoyeai old and in the last about
G.OO0 three year old this hatching time.
These are all of Mr. H's own raising
and he old ones are? I'luin hLs old spring
tin the Cass County side.
The xvho'e business is fed by two
magnificent clear springs that run
txventy-seven cubic inches of Water.
The springs are thirty or forty feel
above the ponds. Hatching hou.-.e
about three hundred yards above pres
ent ponds and the springs about four
rodo above the Hatching house From
the ponds 10 the Platte is about txvo
hundred yatds.
Altogether it is about as good a plant
for the btisim ss as you oft-. 11 find and
fish culture in Nebraska is looming
up deservedly.
Oh, those beauties in the ponds, their
lovely speckled sides as they d;rt af
ter crumbs in tke a fellow ache to have
a fish! The. p nd just seems filled with
them, throw some food in and their, glittering tins and side.- fl i.-h
and dart like llakes of sunlight. Thex
are cunning; too we threw in litib' bi-s
of apple, the trout sprung for om
or two pieces and finding it was not
liver, or sotnet hing that they wanted,
apple had no attraction fr them af
terwards. Wi.h a sigh of regret xve
left the "Speckies" mounted the old
lumber wagon and trotted back to
South 15end. of which more anon.
A most disastrous lire occurred in
Omaha Sunday evening, which result
ed in the almost twtal destruction of
Boyd's Packing House, and the im
mense amount of meats stored therein
amounting to 200,000 in value, and
which after insurance have been de
ducted will still leave Mr. Boxd a loser
to the extent of more lhan 100,000
probably. Omaha, too xviil suiter se
verely, as Mr. Boyd states that unless
some discriminations against the city
in regard to freight, and the lack of
proper water xviks. are removed he
shall not rebuild. Right in this con
t.eiMoti xve should say that we under
stand Fowler Bros., of Chicago, jre
looking through the west, for a suitable
location to erect a packing house, and
why should not Plattstnouth, on the
direct line of a large road, and the bu
siness center of one of the richest coun
ties in tue state, which is feeding a
vet y huge number of hogs nnd cattle,
make :i bid for it. Wake up Plattsmouth
and go in for it. Ilavu't you been
asleep long eneugh ?
Oar Temperance Column. .
l'Kl'.AM'K t'SIOK.
'. "For t;:rt. ami linm. ao?l Satire Land."
J i tie Public Library
j Is now kept in the o!lb;e of Will S.
Wise, and will be opm for the loaning
and exchange of books wvery Wednes
day and Saturday afternoon, from 1 to
3 o'clock, and on Saturday evenings?
frm 7 to 9. 4itt"
UnrettirRcd Books
Persons having books belonging t
the Public Library, will please return
them 14 son as possible. Some of the
books out were taken but a short time
before the library was closed, and, of
course, no blame cau attach to those
bidding them; but several hooks have
been out of the library for months be
fore, and xve hope that such will be
hunted up and speedily returned. One
of the rules of the library imposes a
fine in proportion to the length of
time a book is kept beyond the term
The educating proce-s is extending
through the length and breadth of oi.r
land, and ti e better classes of society
are beginning to see the eviis teault
ing from tin iong-praciieed c hUkii of
ofivi ig to New Year's callers the in
evitable glass of x ine. From various
sources we learn the custom is i gin
ning to be grea ly "nonord in the
breach." We clip the following from
a Nexv York letter, published i.t the
Ch icago Stiin la "d :
The Const tail temperance liiotiser
hood, of Bi -ooki x n, met at the Rink
this xveek' to give re, .oris of toe Tem
perance work in Brortiilx n. Drs. Fnl
.011 and Ctiyler. and Rev. Messrs. Peck
and Conway were appointed to issue
to the people oflSrookhu an urgent
request to serve mo xvine during the
holiday season. A similar resolution
was adop'ed at the in"e!ing of tin
Board of M. ortgers of tfi X auonal
Temperance Society held this week.
This xv is a'-o urged a: the meeting at
Dr. Tax lot's chinch; andit xviil be
pressed s'.rongly 011 the pt-opie in m inv
of the pulpits next S in day. Many
peop e are gox'eruej 111 re by fashion
than principle, and xve are glad to s.iv
that some ladies ainty the leaders of
fashion are urging Ih same thing this
year. These are all hopeful signs.
The following brief extracts are ta
ken from add 1 esses recently delivered
nefv re the American Temperance Un
ion in New Y"rk. Mrs. Peckhaiii cf
California, says:
"Many have contracted tho habit of
drinking ardent spirits from the ab
surd socletv custom observed on .Nexv
Year's day of hospitably pressing re
freshments upon the visitors. In re
gard to tint existence of tiiunkenness
genet ally, eveiy man ought to feel that
he is in a measure responsible for it.
ile cannot say as did the fust born a I
our race. 'am I my brother's keeper.'
The mighty power of the b illot hai
vested in everyone the safety of his
"The Rev. Hugh fie. Wilt Miller after
ward addressed the, meeting &n beha.f
of educating tUa young in proper tem
perance principles, and in the coursn
of his remarks said the public ought to
look forxvani to a time when rn:u auJ
g;u and brandy would not ajisL in the
making of our 1 axvs. Ic is a pbi ib.e
spectacle xvlie.; the Vice-President of
Die United Slates takes the oath
otiice with thickened speech; xvheu the of the National Capital become
the resort of bibulous Congressmen ;
when the roams of the National build
ing are turned into biir-room gr-ig.-r
erh's; when Senators reel on the ll or.
It should be decl uvd that a man xvho
g--ts drunk is unfit for public Service."
Facts for Beer Drinkers
The worst results from accidents in
the Loudon hospitals ate said to be to
draym-n. Though thvy are apparently
models of he. ill h and st re.-.gth.yei if one
of iht-in receives an injury, it is nearly
always necessary to amputate in order
to give him the most distant chance
of life. The draymen have the unlimi
ted privilege of the brewery ceiiar.
Sir As ley Cooper xvas once called to a
dray man, xvho xvas a powerful, fresh
colored, beaitiiy-lookiug nun, and had
suffered an injury in his linger, from a
splinter of a stave. The wound, though
trilling, suppuruled. He opened tin
small abscess with his lancet. lie
found, on retiring, he had left his
lancet. Returning f..r it he found
the man in a dying condition. The
man died in a slmr; time. Dr. Gordon
savs: " The moment beer-drinkers are
attacked Wth acute diseases, I hey aie
not able to bear depletion, and die."
Dr. Edxvards says of beer-drinkers:
"Tin ir diseases are alxvays of a dan
gerous character, and, in c is J of acci
dent, they can never undergo even the
most triiling opera. ion with the secttr
i y of the temperate. They almost in
variably die ineler it." Dr. Buchanan
savs: "Malt liqu us render the blood
izy and unfit for circulation; henre,
proceeds obstruction and inflammation
of the lungs. There are fexv great
beer-drinkers xvho are not phthisical,
brought on by tfie glutinous and indi
gestible nature of aie and porter. These
liquors iutlimo the blo!l, and tear
the tender vessels of the lungs to
pieces." Dr. Maxson says: "Intoxica
ting drinks, whether taken in the
form of fermented or distilled liquors,
are very frequent predisposing causes
of disease. The hospitals of Nexv
Yorkshow an equally unfavorable re
cord of intemperance, and private
practitioners every x hero have the
same experience.
Tick's Illustrated Floral Guide.
A l.c.euilal xvein of tru pages, cue colored Sim
et plate, iiixi r.fHi i.lusi rai wii'i ueyerip; ions
01 the liest l'love: ami Vegrial'lrs. vvitli ra-e
Ol feeds, ;iiil tiow to groxv itielil. Ail foraFlVK
CK.sT stamp. In K.iul,. or
Vu'K'sSKuns an? toe hest in the worM. Five
cents tor postage will hay tile t iwKVUIUltm,
te '. iiiK how 10 ad tlo'io.
Tint Flo xv Kit ami Vk-hctatslk Uardsv.
175 page si eoloied plates, ana i-iany l:uinii-j
iirax ius. For so e"i:ts in pajirr iiv-ri ; tl ou
in eli'ttiint el.t. lu Oeriiiaa or H.i.'Pmi.
:U p::sxeK. a coioieii piet lit evei v iiu.iih'.-r iiiiil
many tine eii-;ravuii;s. Price 1 25 a xe;r ; live
eopie? for S.x o.. Soeelineii nutiU'eiS sent lor 10
cents ; 3 trial copl for a', eenr.s. Address
44i4 V1CK, Uocnelr. N. Y.
Soutli Bead Notes.
Jascauy 17. 18S0.
Ed. IIehald: It has been sumo
time since we have seen anything from
our little town in your paper; thought
I would drop you a few items. Our
town is, as usual, lively: the street
Hie full from morning until night, xx ith
teams loaded with coru. Corn is cer
tainly king. There are at present 300
feet of ci iti, 12 feet wide and 12 feet
high, full of ear corn, and about half
as much more crib room now building,
besides all the elevators and old store
rooms full of shelled corn; and still it
comes. The question is, what will we
do with the corn? How are we going
to get it to the seaboard? It seems
haid en the Nebraska farmer to have
t give, its he des now, two-fifths of
his corn crop to gat it to Chicago, half
way to Nexv York. But as things are
noxv, he is at the mercy of the monop
olies, and cau only pray. "Oh, Eord,
how long?"
But, enough of this. Now something
about the outlook of our burg. Your
readers all know where it is situated,
but may not know th amount of
country it drains of produce. There
are 30 square miles in a precinct, and
this Station draws trad from 0 pre
cincts; or, in other words, 21G square
miies. or IoS.240 acres. At least tw
tlnnls 01 this can and xvL 1 be cultivat
ed soon."
Oar merchants are doing a heavy
business, sho A iug plainly there is room
for inoie. We need a harness maker,
a shoemaker, and a furniture siore; of
saioous xxe have enough. By the way.
one 01 y air ciiy lawytisaiid one AI.e.i
oi an riiders County, cau.-ed one of our
sa.uoo men soi.e 1 roubie ; charge sell
ing liquor to a minor only $125. Noxv
xxoeii our young men xvant to xet
their whist le, they haxe to take the
Family Record along.
P. .-s. 15.ii ties is tip from Weeping
Water, looking after his drug business
her . By the xxay, xve bear it hinlt-d
thai' means to locate here p-rma-nentiy,
soon, lie is a good bu.sines
ui to. C. li.DW: t outetiiplates-erecting
a business block in the spring.
To ere have been several changes of
bite. Saiu'l Bred on has taken doxMihis
smoke eievaior, and sold his black
smith shop to Hay Bros., who are go
ing to turn it into a hardware store.
Tue South Bend Grain Co. has dissolv
ed, J. & II. J. Sireighi taking the in
terest t Romine & Co. Our Mr. A. S.
Campbell and J. M. Robinson leave us
Monday, for Arizona. Their loss will
be feit; tiiev were irthy voting m-.-t..
and ;t will tie miiuh time before their
pones xviil be filled. Our se!i..ui is Uii
ler the management of V. Mauley ; he
is one of our efficient teachers, and an
honor to the calling. Dr. Stewart, hi e
of Illinois, now occupies the M. E.
parsonage, and attends to the afflicted.
Elder Miller, of Lincoln, preaches on
this circuit this year.
For f it ef tit ing your patience, I
xviil close willi the markets. Shelled
corn. lS(;19c per bushel; ear corn 1S
lc; hogs, S3 85(2.54.00 perhutidred;
wheat, 80i390e per bushel ; butter, 20c ;
eggs, 20c per doz. If this is worth pub
lishing, I will wiite again. Mc.
Luella Xctes.
Ed. Uktiald: Iti answer to the
question "What has become of some
of the Hf.kald correspondents?" xve
beg leave to say, we are still on earth
but must admit, there are tiims xx hen
xve. do lot feel sure of a sufficient
amount of attraction of gravitation to
keep us there.
One of those spells came over us,
xvheu xve read Grant's attack on Gen.
Sherman.. Very few men xvho claim
to be ge-.ith ni in will allow self aggran
dizemeiit to make them guilty of in
grathmle. (Jen. Sherman, with his
usual 111 nlsty, has always spoken in
praise of Grant, as the great general
of the w a 1 ; xvhili he, in our humble
opinion is far Grant's superior in eve
rything but bigoted bulldogism. "I
will fight it out on this line if it takes
me all summer." Compare this, the
slaughter i f pieci'.ms lives at the B it
lie o." th' - Wilderness and Grant's
whole campaign in front of Richmond,
xvit h t he si raiegy ac-1 generalship ;f
the great chieftain's, "March to the
-ea,' and xxe think, although '.here
mav be now and then "blackened chim
neys" and "half burned In uses," to
mark the lattei's course, these monu
ments xviil detract um litt'e from the
deserved piaise and gratitude the na
tion oxve Gen. Sherman, as . hose monu
ments erected to the sacred memory
of thousands of t he be-t and bravest
xvho were sacrificed butting against
the fortifications of Richmond, xviil
add tt the Pi csidentia Boom of the
former. No Grant nails in our pocket
this lime!
Considerable corn out yet, this fine
xveather is making the acres less fast
Quite :; number of new se; tiers are to
be added to our neighborhood this
spring, most of the abandoned R. R.
land have been taken, also those he'd
by the I nui ane Co's.
Babies and cornshellers till you cant
HiimilNm is out of Ihe threshing
machine business, and has gone into it
horse dairy, farming implements
throxvn in.
San ford Po' tenger returned last week
from a visit to his brother and friends
in Indiana. Says they could not hire
him to go back (here and live.
Jim Piner stu.da ahead in horse
Where is that "courtesy" report of
our. Co. Tieasurrr promised by the
1 1 pit A ld, some time ago.
Ai.sw. r Tills.
Did you ever know any person to be
ill, xvit hout iiiac-ion of the Stomach,
Liver or kidneys, ordid you ex-iv knoxx
one xvho xvas xveil when either xvas ob
structed, 01 inactixe; and did you ever
know or bear of any ease of the kind
tint Hop Bitters would not core.
Ask your neighbor tie same question.
Montreal Beard I rom.
R. L. M isely, of Montreal, Canada,
ct rtiiied Sept. 27, 1S70, that he had suf
fered terribly from dyspepsia, and xvas
completely cured by taking Warner's
Safe Bitters. He savs: "My appetite is
good, and I now suiter m ineonveni
etioe from eating heartv meals." These
Bitters are also a specific for all skin
diseases. 4 It 13
Hardware, Cutlery, Uails,
Iron, Wagon 'iotli.,
STOVKS and TlN-iVAUfi,
Iron, H'eocf Stot l;, Piunji",
IRON WO UK, Kept in Mock.
Klakin.; and n i-airliig,
done with
AU Work Warranted.
DI m f I f O Stool. O'X'er jhhI Piok only
. ! Ll I 8 E'?l43t0S2.55O saia13sUr
inilU Wa 3et Keeui. 2 Kiieo Sells,
isiools. liiMik. oiiiy st.l"nol;itr.v Newspnner
Ire?. Address Dai.lel F. Peattx'.Washlug'u. N.J.
We want an Agnt In fUi County to whom
we will pay a i-aiary of ilH per nneuli and ex
penses to sell our wondemil invention. Sampla
free. Address at once SIlliliilAS i CO., ilAK-
m ' no 2 alikt. xvit h name. 10c ; or 15
OX' chromo C'arJ-. with uaiut), luc. C. B. Ihe
vers. Summit. N. Y. 4:04
A" ' 'WKXTi t4XTI0l lor the lictt and
h'attxt-Sfttiug Pictorial Pocks and PiWes.
Prices reduced :u percent. National Pr n
i.Tsnivo Co.. rlliciliTO, 11 . 4114
0. LiFii & MlW&ai't.
:0 OC.i n't j -'4 o r !-"
whi . i r.krj.'iiiz a 1 ... e t " -.t
n rlAltat . ) i( lai Jll.
! r O --r FA t.-'.rl.
s. b. Miixnnmr lam? o.,
1. UIIHK 11 WV HltH. K T.
3 s.
43 x Uo.i iio ;:vil-v5ii.l
1 H M (4 ll fcl 13 &U ar'l- r'!'.fe-t M ice.
iJ-.i tl hi W ll fe1 ft--. 1, a Kmn tr onr kt
lllu-.tiv.tvt C.'nloirlir.
t. KWL1. t bOS, U9 liiiu Mil, CINCINNATI, O.
on 30 bAyy thial
We will eiid our Klkctko-Voltaic Hei.ts
and otiier Kleefr-e ar:!i 1 lees lli.a tri 0 for 30
ivs to Ihose MiiTertTiff tiom Neivons l)ltlity.
Phe.cnaiisni. Inralis or aiy iisea"eM of the
I.ixeror Kidneys, and many other diseases, A.
rut'r. curr (j:uirnittf-1 or tin ;;. Address. VOL
'J !--;-. ' f .... i. 1 - r :,..:..., ,
3 533 S 8 ff"i fv cis,r?s1' i s f
CUIltD. A Klmpio c.-ctc-?"5 rcmcdyM
1 r tli j ijtrdj aii I n.a. t-. 1 r C: ir.-iuiri
l.u-l r.. rfA-ul-J-ia A.. ziXA.eua all ihrua'.sl
and Ln,j Ajtciiotu. du u i:i :rivo n.nd
....!.- I -- t ,r IT. .-..-."a T.. 1 ' : ...H :
!Ou n.ia 1. 1 rtnci. t r Lnr 1- i.) 1 r 1 reiHt--
i-ij iid 1:5 :T,czt ly r'-ul li-i-o cl caarffei-3
. n recii t cf e'.iiit. tir. rcitr-LJl
GtNRAL ilThU'l.s OF
Compound Syrup Ilypopliosphites.
It is perfi' lly safe, and UwUs phasmi
Ti'K firt r'pMrtit effect is to
Increase the:' "petite. It :isi-ts
liiL'c-tiiin mid '-alines tee food
loassiriiilafe prpei !y-tlai- the
UV-.I..111 lu 1 1 .t ' iv v t . Mil If
v its Ur ic a.'th"i "n tin- dl
- e-live irgi:s. Imlnces inoie
J..(.iiims juat ng-.liir ex'Kt-lla
iioi'.s. Its eifei-i oil tlie mem
brane is sncli that easy expeet
oiatinii is rodnced : iiot only
are t he ir pasxi.aesensPy void
ed ! the erre:inti ntrea-tv de
iio'te I. ii if i.s ci!e -i:.( i !-
's-: si. 1
( a ; i.-ii i.e. i'i a
'. ' '11:. r; 1 :i';" e
xvhi.-i! : -tie:.!:-ini'tr
ii e 1
I .. her . ejiii
uTi'iiiy ie:.-:M-i . wt: .!e t he ( 111-
I- re: u'l -.!. l'!i- r;iiii.. v with
1: I,-on ll. .-h v. Idle if i'i-r 'he
Syi'ip. of ir.-!f nelieoi's fiat
ui"! can t.e h..ter n.'a:;l ii to
lie:p :!(:
l.e no-re
nuiia t'ie r.f;;i:'i..n. :! 1 t:eTn e
efl-e:cioi;s in :t!l i!i-preiii if spir'ni.
sl.;il:i;,g or t : t i.i! if i:g of the hand or hody,
cii'lil). -llol tties of hreiith. or Cntisnmptl Ve h.:l
it. 'I lie nerves ami miei lcs become sirt-iijlh-ened
and the blood pun IK-d.
FEaovis' coroisp HT.if or htpophos-
Speedily an; perinnnt ntly c;r'; '"onesf inn r.f
tlie I.nriLs. Kroncliiti", Consumption. Nervous
Pri.sir:ii ion. Short of li-eaili. l'aiph ai i.-n
of the lit-nrt. 'i'reiiihiii'ir of the Hands and the
Jamb.. I'hy.sii-iil aij:l ei.ii.l I lepressi'in. Pons
of Appei if. Li!-s oi Fneruy , I.0-1 of Memory.
It u ill rapidly improve the weakened functions
and organs of tlie body, which depend for
healtli hp.m voluntary, semi-voluntary ami in
voluntary nervon anion, lr arts w'th vigor,
genileffss. arnt flililiety. owiu to tlie exquis
ite hainio.iy of its ii.trredieMc, akin to pure
I'lood itseM. Its taste i-. pleasant, and its effect-1
StId by all Druggists. $1. 0 ier bottle.
'. .--. : ? c.;W . - , -f-r '-, $
Tilt; Stomach Is Strei.jRiPucd.
The liver reLrnh'ted. the lmwi 1st put In proper
order, the b. od eni ielicd and p'P iii.-d. ami 1 In
cervo -xsiem remitted ti:i:..ia'l ami vitrer
om! l.y this ines! imal le family medicine- nnd
safeguard a:rainst disease. hi.-h i-. mor.-over.
a iiicst :.rrecaii'e and elTective -ippetizer. and a
cor.'Pal peeiiUni ly aiiapli-d to tlie xvauts oi the
a"d 4iid i.ilirm.
For sale by ali Druj;i;iat3 and Dealers gener
ally. 4-:ri
Carriages alvrajs o.a Hand
I Win: t all of iny iteeoill'.rs ser.'led to d.1t!.
atvl 1 !:. ill ! no uiore crciiil b'.i-dness. All old
:te-onnts must be settled 11:1. and no n.-w ones
xvi'l be mniie. 1' iiieii aecounts are oCttit li
Si:.-itlV tliev will be fled.
1 wish to do abliiciiy c:i!i business in fat ute
JOHN S!i.N-xn,
i'latt.sinoutU. Neb,
V7. D. JON E'
Ajraii; takes the
Brick Livery Stable.
Tlie old P.onoer S!:,!.p-s. in FhittMnonth. lire
now leased a ' I I i 4 ill h h is 0:1
liaiiil new and liaiid'oine acciiiuitpxiatiotis, iii
the shape of
I am prepared to keep HOUSES
And will
Train and cic.k Colts
On Peasonalde Tei n.s.
That with plenty of room (that every ope
km w! I have) in n-y stable. 1 can get Farmer
ctock and w ijiiik. hiads fit hay, &c, under cov
er. bi le thev will Keep irv.
Tiia-.Ki it; all my old patrols for their liberal
ity. I so lea their trade lorti.e future, fafistied
th t I can ftreommoiiate them better and do
benei !i tuem Ulan evertielore.
is n sure ore for pavm. '.. ini.
; j fill 1, calious. sprains,!.l.iirs.
' l.'i.i's l:iir',H'SS li'.ll Jifl i.i.htr"-
!f;..yc.r..j nieiit' of the joiiii.s and limb. '"it
;; --. will eompteteiy remove a bone
V , pavin w i: ijlisiei i:: or e.uis-
Vniinr sore. Ir is !-' ;i.s loimI Ii.i
ie:oi as fer b'-asi and is tiw I fui;
sfrenglh. at all times of Ihe year xi'iii perfect
safetx .
ill).-? V. 8. M:irh--1. Kubin'a-oo. Apr. in. To.
P.. J. K.?.lail. Iikak Sik: I rec ived Hie
two l.ot'l'-s of yon-spa vie en re forwarded by -x-pr
ss in .I.tinuirv lasi. I a-n iiappv to si ite'in n
p periormeil Ml yon.- a-lv -i t s -ieii ealh-d for.
In thre" weeks .'fier 1 1 oniiiieijced u.-ing it. the
Spavin was i-'lirely rrinovil ,-Oid a x-;i!ual!e
horse restored to usefulness. Verv ttuly
.loHS t'AI.K FK "J.!
Send for Illustrated circular nixing Posiuie
Pr. of. Price .s:. Ail Dr.c.egisis have if or can
tet il for you. ' Dr. B. J. Kendall A Co.. Prop'.
3inf Fnosburv' ha'Ua, Vfc.
O. F. Goodman, Afceot, Otnma, Na
H n U G
r (fZ
. i - -a -i
HiiiL JoOji1
ti 1 1 ft
lir.3 one tscre "
luihmm ii
who are, oa and after this
r j
1 lR ? tins
it n
H si ft si H
A'c are In almost
asset (KIMCDISmi2i
Inch we offer our friends and the at
Tp7I piK fftsr! -Ts
: price:' tt suit tLe limec.
f if$fot fieoo frfifoi'tfc
-j-srs- v'' w -sv CvvJ
Ciislnsicrcs, Alpacas, Delaines, &c.
Calicos, from 12 to 1G Yards for $1.00.
Muslins, from 6 cts. a yard upward
The Onest stock of White bedspread ver brouzht to the City.
Buell's Cassimeres, Tveeds, Jeans, and Cottonadejs 11
full" Stock. -
10sj$s ssiaU Cops,
Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods.
We desire to see till our old patrons back tind xvant to hold rx ui.tny of th
present ones as xxe can CUTIIMAN' & VV PICK BACH.
i'i f i r ft W I t'
1AU. vt
f.l LJ yrsv w--. iZ7. J
i fi n u ii -i V k :i
i CTV. H hi p r ; -j pi V- v
vitrua ai.
1-1 hi
come buck" lr
date solo proprietors.
O il i-a iLU O
i '1
ilar rccci;.; of
1 r 1 14 ft
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