Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 28, 1879, Image 2

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I'-he Herald.
"A- AAc,Munr HY, - citor.
Jf"7!rIIS I'At'F.It MAV I'.K IOt Xl ON III. P.
Al Al l. TIMM AT C. H. I. & P. H. B. TICKET
.IflH'l!, NO. Mi IUIU .VIKKKT. Illl-A;o.
MUrHK oi:k rCIKXUS AKK at i.ikukty to
Call fu;- Republican State Convention.
Tle hi-publican electors of the State of Xe a are hereby called to send delegates from
t lie several counties, to meet in Stale Conven
tion al Omaha on Wednesday. October 1. IsT'i,
at 7 o'clock, . in. for the purpose of placing in
nomination candidates fur the following named
officer, viz. :
ono .) mice of the Supreme Court.
Two Urgent of the Slate University.
Anl to transact sucii otiivr hiisiuos as may
propel Iv come before thu Convention.
The several counties arc entitle. t to represen
tation ta the State Convention as follow, based
upon t tie vote cast for E. C. c.-o ns, Licutcnant
i.overnor. for Is:, (except Madison, whose re
presentation is based upon the vo!c east for
Governor in lsrs.i ivin one delegate each l'-O
votes ami one for e.teh traction of votes ; !
ro one delegate at lure to tach organized t uuu-
ty :
A . !
Voir 1 I. ' Cfujn.'j;
'., hc;iriii'V
2 Heitll..'.
3 i no
0 i Lancaster.
4 ' l.ineoin
. Madison . ..
s Merrick
2 Nemaha
2 N uckolls .
't N'.mce
4 Otoe
4 Pawnee
1 I'tielps
2' Fierce
U Matte
3. folk
Bed Willow.
. . !
.. r.n
. .Is7
..IV I
lr, Ih l.
. ''
."..'. 24 0
. . .l.ssO
. ...
. ..12!
... iA
... r.21
1 Richardson 1073
3 Sarpy
1 S;umI:iB .
2 Seward
.', Sherman.
1 Stanton
I Tliaver
6. Vailcv
4 Wanliington.
4; Waviie
I , ebster. ...
I I York
4! TotI
. ..SI
. .41'!
. . .17t
. . .;'!
. . .
'. Cass
die veiine. . .
lister sz
li.ikot 102
Jawon .1"1
Ihxorc 31!)
lHidj;t i"
louj; 222-J
Ki.inkliii 3!l
Frontier 4'i
Kurn;u 1T'
(Ireeley VI
Josper :
Hal!....: 7.V,
!!amillo:i.. 4
Harlan 400
Ililehcoek 20
Molt 71
Howard 2:2
leffrr.sua 471
Johnson "J 5-
It is roianir:!.;.'.!.
t irrt -1 lial no prixies ! ft ailmitt'd t. tl:.j
mvf -iitioti. cxeopt u. h sis rr livid yt-r-kocs
re?!d.;i in t:..: tointie.s lr in vhi' h the
l'i o;-s ai" t i . en.
Siro;:.t T!::t. 10 dd:itc s'laM rcprr-Ctlt ail
fllent l.n nilM.-roI his ih.-i.-at mil, u:di-ss l.f tie
ciothvs i' a at:! !".o: 11 v from 1 Ci ::! 'ot,v n
Itoti.or Is in poss, iu of itroxic's fru:ii ic,u'a:
ly elected dei ira;e , ii:ere4jf.
T.y order of tli'j i:ej.ul.-::eaii Ktatc Central
JAM V.A V PAWLS, Cha!i'i!aii.
II. M. WKLLS, Sei i. tary.
Lincoln, July :i-, '. -.9.
Tlepublifait Contra! CohttniUcff.
Tlif r.epaldican Con-mitt. f Cass
County U called to meet at Li'ht M i.; Unue
oil Satiud.iv. Aunnsl 2 '. :.-7:. at I. M..
: harp, to desiunate Ihe time at place i f hold
in the Count V eonvriti"!' and traas:ict seeh
oiiierliusiiie-sas may 1'-1: v come heiore them.
The eominittee are: . U xand.r Sehlei I. ,M.
MeK'wain. 1. I i.i's. J. W. .Ieniii:ps. A. C.
l.ikentnirv, V. II. Newell. S. M. Kii k pa! ril:,
.1. F 1'uik.J. C. V. i-eweil. .!. W. Cox. H. J.
Hoover. .. M. Houci -. M. M. Ltit'.er. C. Cas
ewell, 1". I. Cook.. I. Herder, V. liliani r!y:it, I
W. Tolan, !M-.m:i .); ! v.
J. A. MaiMi urn v. Chairman.
District Ctntral t'ouimittec.
And now comes t ho rumor tbatour
city will be without .Tdty go-vei nnient
after Si-jt. 1st, until next spring the
wise Legislature having tibolisiied the
t)ll governments of cities of the 2d
cIas;uuJ pruviueJ i:: new o.e.
The County Coruiuisiouer muddle
wi'l he settled this week lj' the .Su
preme Court, Judge I'ouikI thinks the
law requires three commissioners, hut
no onii really knows, nor knows any
thing else about our laws just now.
O::o more revisory Committee and one
more Legislature like th last and
i e I a as a a would have to apply to the
(leneral (JoVKtuinent for 11 guardian.
A learned man at our elbow sugges!s
that the .Supreme Court issue a taaii
daiuus to Dr. Mathcwson to gather the
suryiring members of the last Legis
lature together a!, the Insane Hospital
and keep them there until cured,
meanwhile declare all their acts in
operative. Severe medicine t iat, but
at the present rata we shall soon have
neither State, County nor City (lov
ernment, capable of acting without a
cloud or doubt being thrown on their
Since writing tho above Mr. Chap
man has given his opinion that there
is a saving clause in the laiv about
cities and ours can continue to act.
A i-ocL murder transpired in
Francisco last week. The Rev. I. S.
Kallock a baptist minister, formerly
of Kansas, was nominated on the work
ingmen's ticket for Mayor. The De
Voung brothers run and own the
Chronicle newspaper which is m the
Interest of the party which Dcninis
Kearny has dubbed "The Honorable
bilks." DeYoung boasted that he
would diive Kallock from the cam
paign and hi order to do s-, the chro:ji-tl-j
published K-illo.-ks so called career
A Card.
Mr. L G. Dovey prints or has print
a letter in the Enterprise which opens
as fwllows:
ik: 1 consider it very cowaruiy ior
charge J
Ka:io-.-k 1
: leca-jry, uis-
torted by call
' a prostitute."
.July :w, 1 7:;.
Tne reiMildican rentr;.! eoinniittc? of the
Second .Judicial district of Nehra-lia, uiil meet
;it the Court House at Nebraska City. Septem
ber::;! at s o'ciock p. m.. for the purpose of
transact in ir hU''!! business ;is may properly come
before it. " J- W. l'l AIlMAN, Ch'u.
li. S. SMITH. See.
Call for a llepuMJcan C'jaaty Conrea-
The KepuMics-n Kloctors of this county ars
stalled to meet in convention at Weeping Wa
ter on Saturday. Sept. 20th. IS7:, at 11 o'clock a.
til, for the p.ui pose i.J elcctii.t 8 delegates to the
State Convention. Oct. lit. 17. ; and dclriratea
to the judicial dislri'-i eoiivcrtion for Hie isonn
uatiou of Distri. t JmUe. It is also further
called to place in nomination candidates for
the fo'lovs in otTiceH : County clerk, treasurer.
KherilT. count v r.:d,-e. ciei k i f the district court,
r-upi-rintendeht of schools, coroner, and one or
more commissioners as may hereafter be de-elan-il
l.'i;;il, and to tiansact .such business as
m.v leil iniHte'.y come t.t-fre it.
It is recoiiinieuded ttiat the primaries for thin
occasion tie lu-!d on Saturday. Sept. U, and
aidi ward and Mcciiicl is emitted to delegates
to the conventi'.u a follows : Mattsmou; h City,
1st Ward ... 2d Ward .'. Waid 5. 4th Ward 4 ;
Mattsmcuth I'recinet 7 : Koek ItlufTs R ; Liberty
s : Eilit Mile Grove 1! . Mi. Measant 5: Avoca
i: Louisville 4: Centre t; ; V. eepinR Water s ;
Soush Lend 4 ; KImwood d : Stove ( reek r, ; Ti r
tor;.i ; Greeawoiid T, : Salt Cteek 4-mo delegate.
It is further recommended that the pimaiies
meet 111 the several wards and preeuic-'s at the
limes and places belo.v 'riven.
In Mattstuouth Cit at 7 :Z'J o'clock p. 111. : ld
A ard, court home ; 2 1 Ward, German School
):oii..e : jd Ward. Ilutlner & Liack's otVice ; 4:U
'.v'aid 1). n. Wheeler oiHce.
Matlsmouih ITecinel, ;.t Taylor's school
house, at 2 p. w
Lock HU:.1a, at r.erscr's school house, at 3 p.
ui- I'oldcti's school house, at 4 p. m.
fcisht Mile Grove, at Shitless i-chool house, at
4 p. 111.
tt. Measant, at Gihnore s school House, at 2
p. in.
aoch. at Hiitehins' school house, at 2 p. m.
Lwtiisviile. at Oi-senkopi'i haU. at 7 p. in.
Centre, at Graud l imine scaaol house, at " p.
We crinc Vater. at school liouw, at 5 p. in. -South
Lend, at Craw ford's sehool house at 3
p. 111.
Ehnwood, at Mainland school houye. at C :30
p. in.
Stove Creek, at May's school house at 7 p. ni.
Tiptau at W m. Wniilit's house, M Cp. m.
Greenwood, at Lauiey's school house, at T l
m. Sa!t Cretk, at Abbott's school houce, at 5 p.
Also, recommended that at each primr.ty
jueetL!K f.mie !' fniite action l'e lakeu ?wo;t
l.roxie". orsupidyin tliu place of r. j.-. -ai Ueic
j;aies at ct.nv -t; : 1.1:1.
.). A. M icJh iii'iiv, Cli.iirraan.
Jonx Vv".'Js. Secretary.
honesty, &.:.
iiig t!te Venn
On .Saturday Charles 3)eYonug drove
to K ilbK-k's rooms and sfnt a boy to
toil hir.i a 1:: ly wanted to eo him. As
Kallock approached the carriage
Young shot hi:u in tho breast near
the heart, Kallock turned and ha i-Lot
him again in tho hip.
A crowd overturned DeYour.g's car
riage and bruised him and a police
man considerably, but Jinially DtY. was
taken to the City Jail where he was
300:1 joiue I by his brother. Tho an
gry crowd threatened to mob the jail
and bang both brothels and if Kallock
had died probably they would. Al
though Kallock was .supposed to be
mortally wounded he is :;;ive yet. Ira
i::ensp throngs of workingmen crowd
ed the streets around his hotel and
gathered r.t the "Laud Lots" wk-ore in
flauiatory speeches were mad?. It
looked at one time as if the mob
would control the City, Kearney was
sent for and for a wonder counselled
moderation and peace until it could bo
known whether Kallock would die or
not, when if ho died nothing should
save the De Youngs.
All is quiet now, the police and
state troops are kept in readiness and
Kallock is reported better.
The California Press blame the
Chronicle and state what is tha fact
that it was a brutal murder on De
Young's part. lie commenced tha
fight, opened the ball of abuse and
when Kallock made it too hot for him,
shot him. For the time it will help
the workingmeu party, or, may let the
straight Republicans in as they have
had cothing to do with the mu?s eith
er way. Tha election for city officers
takes place next Tuesday.
I)!t. Xexastos is somewhat better,
we are glad to hear.
Did ycu ever see such a trouble as
the Omaha folks have with their "wa
ter works."
Seceetaijy Schuhz is swinging
round the circle now. He wa3 at
Yankton the 25lh. Going to sco the
Injuns" ho is. Luvk out for your
-liar" Carl.
Ii is about decided we understand,
that we have to elect three cornmis
sionners this fall. The Attorney Gen
eral and fwo members f the Supreme
Court, say so, any wny.
To avoid many a long journey we
are requested to publish the following:
DicrAETraENT of the Interior. "
Pension ofeict,
"Washington, D. C, July 1, l-i0, )
ly virtue of an Act of Congress, ap
proved June 21, 1S79, the biennial ex
amination of invalid pensioners is
abolished from that date. The follow
ing is the provision, to-wit:
"That Sctiojis forty-seven hundred
and vtnly-oue, forty-seven hundred
and sevntv-two, ar.d forty-seven bun
dled a:..! s.n'y-thrfe, of th-z Kcvised
Statutes of the United stat.-s, provid
ing for biennial exumiuat ion of rt n
siui!ciL;, hcitby repealed."
(Signed,) J. A Lkntley,
Coir, mi
MacDonagh is taking a hand in
the Omaha Water "Works muddle.
Mac couldn't pa(r)ss it no bow. Of
late years Mac ought to know some
thing about water, having astonished
his stomach with that beverage and
wild tea for some seasons.
The Republican Central Committee
this County met at Light Mile Grove
cm Saturday, and fixed the date of the
County Convention, on Saturday, Sept.
"Olh, at Weeping Water. The meet
ing was a satisfactory one in every
way and passed off with great pleas
antness, and good feeling all round.
We mention this because some people
very foolishly prophesyed that we
would have a row.
Let's hunt up a man soiaewhere for
next Unite.! States Senator fioni Xo
braska. Fluttsmouth Herald.
If a better mm can be found than
Hon. A. S. Paddock, will the Herald
please trot him out? He suits Repub
lican Yalley Republicans. We would
like to examine the pints of your "dark
horse," i ' y v u. have one. - Hat bin Stand
ard. We didn't say anything about Pad
dofk.f did we or dark horse either.
Senator 1. may bo the only Senator wo
haye at present, we've heard that too,
but he isn't the only man in the state
that might want to go to Washington
in 18v i. You'll give us a little choice,
won't you V
a. man to attack another through tho
the columns of a newspaper over an
assumed name, and you profess not to
receive communications of that kind
and I know you don't unless the arti
cle suits yeu. Uut you not only allow
Mr. Pinafore, as he pleases to call him
self m his communication to the Heu
ali of the 21st; but you assisted him
in his attack on me."
If you were not an old man, too old
for me to quarrel with Mr. Dovey and I
would put myselt on the same level
you have, I should simply say you lie
aud drop it there, far every word of
the above is an untruth and I could
prove it by men, gentlemen and officers
of this town, in so unmistakable a
manner that you would not dare to
dispute it or distort what they say. I
did not write one letter of PinafoiVs
article. I did not assist him at all.
He came here very indignant about
the matter which until then 1 had
heard nothing of. His original article
was very severe on you and I insisted
on eliminating some of it before I
would publish it and suggested that
the only member of the Committee
mentioned was Mr. Dovey and I
thought that was hardly fair. Like
yourself when you used to write for
the Herald he was headstrong and
wanted his article to go in just as he
wrote it, saying you was chairman of
that committee. I also suggested
that you were an old man and 1 knew
had been sick lately and that might
account for your not serving. The
auswer was: "He should not have put
iu a bill then." For trying to do vou
this kindness, you blackguard and
abuse ma.
Xow Mr. Dovey it in my business
and every tax payers biuinvss to see
that j?jO is not taken out of the treas
ury; and it is my business aud other
poople'3 business to show up a man
who is constantly grumbling about
high taxes, w hen he endeavours to add
to our burdens under the guise of re
lieving them ; aud I don't care wheth
er you met one day or ten or what you
did individually, I say it was no part
of a citizen's duty that had any public
spirit to charge for that work.
Y'ou can settle with "Pinafore"
about how much yon served and light
it out, but I propose to tell you that
after the article was handed me, to
satisfy myself I made inquiry of Cottn
cilmen, Mayor and others and verified
every statement made by Pinafore, and
Sir, the comments and remarks on
your case was far from complimentary
to you, I assure you, as you will tir.d if
you present that bill to the Council.
I then wrote my own views, si-jned
"Ld." (I uever skulk behind anybody
Mr. Dovey) commencing "We .-.grce
with most of the above, Sec," and e:ie
of the things we did not agree on vas
mentioning your name and nut gtvii
the rest ul tne Committee. I begin to
think you deserve all though, because
I believed that the chargo lor this
work was put in unthinkingly by the
other me. libers and would be with
drawn when their attention was call
ed to it, Uil you it seems mean to light
it out and grab your .510. Go it old
boy, get it if you can.
The last part of your kilter Mr.
Dovey is so silly and boyish that, as I
have S3en you write some terse Eng
lish, I judge you must be now getting
into your second childhood aud I look
over your petulance.
Very Respectfully,
Jno. A. MAcMcRniY.
Our Temperance Column.'
1 For Ga.!; and I nine, ami Native I.:uid."
llLvri sjiiiri ii l.uiiiiK
A Kctmlar me
No. 2. I. G. T.
ihi '- at Good Teaiolars' lial!
cveryAVcdiicsday cveuimr.
i:. H. Wooi.i-v, V. C. T.
Viola V. Baknes, Sec'y.
MPi;j:ANt i". No. ir. Kc'ruiar meetiuir.
Saturday evening in Hall in FitGerald's block.
S. O. JHNKLK, W. C. i .
J. V. Johnson, Scc'y.
1 i.attsmoctu 1Jf.i Kir.f.oN
A- meeting on Monday evening of each week.
K. G. hovr.v, l"re:,ident.
II. M. Resit XFl.l., Sec.'y.
'jhtE llKAiitxd Koo:.-Opfii ou Wediiei-drtV
and Saturday afternoon and evening of each
v.eeU. Front roota over F. S. White's stoic.
T. U. will meet every
at a o'clock, in tin:
Read in;; Room, unless other notice is jriven in
this column. ,51ns. 11. M. V. isk, IVcridcnt.
Mrs. R. 1 Dckk, Secretary.
A l.Atts will meet every alternate Friday even
ing at S o'ciock ia Good Templars' Hall.
ilics. A. Sciu.EoKL. Superintendent.
lilii-rnitH Thursda v
The Local Option Law has closed
saloons in nearly 400 towns in Ken
tucky. John ii. Gough will prolong his stay
in Great Britain till October, and will
deliver twelve temperance lectures in
Lnglandand six in Scotland.
The Iowa State Prohibition Commit
tee have nominated the Rev. Dr. Dun
gan, of Eldora, for Governor, in place
of Carpenter, declined. Dr. Dungan
accepts, and will make an active can
vass. On a recent Sunday evening, 1,200
persons in St. John's Roman Catholic
Church, Rochester, Minnesota stood up
and repeated, after Father Turner, a
solemn pledge of abstinence from all
intoxicating drinks for one year.
The Maine Tempeiauca Journal
gives the following government statis
tics respecting the yeai ly expenditures
of the nation.
Salaries of all the mini. tors of the
Cost of doys
Support ol criminals
Feet r l lit elation
Cot ol Tobacco and cigars
Importation ol in
Support of jinc.; shops
Vmole cost of li inor
2,i00,0! 10
Ttj.0 -O.'-v'j
l.'iin.or.n.iii: )
Tclephoae to Flattsaiou th.
As a Republican man was making
the rounds yesterday he dropped into
Manager Touzaiin's office iu tho 13. .v
M. headquarters, where he found Mr.
Korty, of the telephone exchange, Mr.
Hargraves, private secretary of Mr.
Touzalin.and Al. Sorenson, of the IJee,
engaged in talking with A. G. Drake,
manager of the Omaha Telephone ex
change who was in Plattsmouth ad
justing iastruments in various offices
of the Ii. & -. company in that city.
Mr. Drake was at the depot in Platts
mouth when the Republican man put
the receiver to his ear and spoko out,
"Where are you V"
"In Plattsmouth depot," came back
eltar aud destinct.
"Who are you."
"What are you doing so far from
"Putting in tek-nhone apparatus for
the R. tc M.
"When will you be back?"
"On the afternoon tiaiu."
"Is there anybody there that knows
"MacMurphy will be here in a few
minutes. Wait for him and talk to
him. .
"1 have not time. If MacMurphy
gets his mouth en your transmitter, I
won't get a chance to say a blessed
word. No. sir, I can't afford to wait
a half day for a chance to bore that
editorial car. Good bv."
"Ta ta." ,
Every answer came back with as
much distinctness as if the speaker
had been in an adjoining room with
The Quarterly Journal of Inebriety
advocates quarantine for intimites. It
say.: "A small-pox patientgoingabout
the street is looked upon with horror,
but an inebriate, who is a terror to his
i family and a constant menace to good
order and society, is hardly noticed. It
is a sanitary measure of the highest
importance to quarantine the inebriate
and protect society, and until we re
cognize this fact all our efforts at san
itary reform will be defective."
The Christian World speaks encour
aging of the prospects ( temperance.
in England. It says : "I hat total a- I
siiueuce is gradually taking hold of the i
upper classes can be longer doubted. !
Teetotalers are now to be found in 'in- !
ciety' where they are not ashamed to !
acknowledge Ihrmselves as such. With I
bishops arid queen's chaplains, judges :
and members of Parliament, physici- :
tins .and scientist h trf enitig to sin the
pledge, the declared enemies of a'eohal
feel that thev can lake a bo!dtM' social
A great movement has just been in
augurated against intemperance in
Great Rrittun. It is the formation (.f
a jotiit-stock company with a million
of capital in shares of one pound each,
to piovida temperance coffee louses
and temperance places till over the
The Mississippi murderers are again
ahead. As usual in such cases, tho
bulldozing outrage in Yazoo County
ends in a tragedy. A few weeks ago
H. M. Dixon, independent candidate
for Sheriff, was compelled to withdraw.
A demand was made that he leave the
county, but this he declined to do. As
many persecuted Republicans in the
South have done, he asserted his rights
as an American citizen, and detied the
mob. The filial result in his case is
the same as has been frequently re
corded in wther cases. He has been
shot and killed by James II. Parks
dale, onn of the candidats on the Dem
ocratic ticket. The object of the mob
which surrounded Dixon ou the 23th
of July waste end his caret r as an
independent candidate. They were
only partially successful, as Dixon, on
surrendering, exacted conditions. Mr.
llarksdales lias finished the work of
the mob, and the Yazoo Democracy
will applaud. I. O.
Programme of the Cass Co. S. S. Insti
tute lo be held at Stove Creek
School House, Sent. 2 and .,
Tuesday, 1:30 p. m. Devotion, Rev.
Mr. Root. Song Service. Address cf
welcome, by Rev. J. A. Kenaston. Re
sponse by Rev. Mr. Gallagher. Promise
Meeting, conducted by Rev. W. M.
Worley, Tho value of Lesson Leaves.
Dis. opened by Rev. Cyrus Alton.
Hymn, Adjourn.
Tuesday evening, 7:30 r. m. De
votion by Rev. D. B. Hotchiss. Rible
Reading: Subject, Temperance, F. W.
Scott. Opening ofjquestion drawer, and
questions answered by some one pelect
d by the President. Hymn, Adjourn.
Wednesday, 8 a. m. Devotion by
Rev. W. K. Loofbourrow. Difficulties
of Superintendents. Dis. opened by a
Superintendent. 5. S. Programme. Dis.
by Rev.- W. M. Worley and others.
Hymn. S. S. History by Key. J. A. Ken
aston. Hymn, Adjourn.
1:00 r. ii. Devotion by Rev. W. M.
Worley. Rible class, taught ny a teach
er, selected by the Freoident. Difficul
ties of teachers. Di. Rev. Mr. Gallag
her. How the S. S. may be kept alive,
F. W. Scott. Culture and care cf con
verted children, Rev. Mr. Root and
others. How to secure good attend
ance in the S. S., by a teacher. Hymn,
7:C0 a. m. Devotion by Rev. C. Al
ton. The Model S. S. by Rev. W. K.
Loofbourrow. Should S. S. adjourn
during winter. Dis. by Superintendent.
! Primary Teaching, Mrs. W. K. Loof
j bourrow. Hymn, Adjourn.
Please bring Ribles and Gospel
Hymns, ii umbers 1, and 2. The place
of meeting is the School House, east
cf EI in wood Post Office.
F. W. Scott,
W. M. Worley,
kingdom. The Arc
Imp of Canter
bury is at the top of the li.-d of clergy
and as many names followed in the
prospectus, as advertised in the Times,
as nearly till a colamti. Tho coffee
houses already established havi dune
well, and it is quite expected that this
new scheme will n.iv.
Che-' th-
"Watch the toilers st a tire, who:) the fiend is 1 aging in his maddened
frenzy, threatening death and destruc
tion upon every hand. See how they
work ; some carry water, others wield
the ax:4, the hooks, the pipes; some
s?aie tho ladders to dash the water up
on the scorching casings; others rush
into the burning i.u;i
incs to lescue
tho unfortunate ones, who may be im
piisoned by the Hames. Some ply the
hose, others man the tire-escapes. Some
are wholly occupied in suppressing the
flames; others in preventing their
spread by tearing down intermediate
structures, while the efforts are whol-
Tinlia pays annually to England fifteen
million sovereigns for interest on debt,
pensions, salaries. n:;d other charges. Hut
she has no sovereigns. The coin she pos-fcs-scs,
provided by her government, is in
rilvcr rupees. To pay these sovereigns
tic nm.rt buy them ia London with her
silver rupees. She docs this at aa annual
loss of three million sovereigns.
Weeping Water Notes.
Prof. Goer of Tabor, Iowa, has been
spending a few days here.
Mr. Burnett arrived on Friday, and
returns this week with his wife.
Chase oc Co., Tinners, have come, an 1
we presume there will bs a lively op
position iu the tin-ware business.
A match game of Basj Ball was
played on Thursday last, between the
Ashland club, and W. W., aud result
ed iu a victory by the former.
Mrs. Colter is building an audition
to her house.
Mrs. Dr. Gibbon is away visiting
friends, and tha Dr. seems to feel very
bugs, and some who have been gather
ing to feed, find that the stalks are large
but the cars are small. Mr. Joseph
Sans thinks a part of his corn will
not make much over half a crop, and
many others find upon examination,
that it is mostly stalks and not so
much corn. Late corn and' potatoes
are needing rain very much.
By Dr. Schiidknecht's ordoi s one of
our dwelling houses was taken down
last week, loaded ou to wagons and
hauled to Plattsmouth, to bo again
erected and improved fijr renting.
Must bo the Doctor is getting some
surplus cash, hope he is, for he works
hard enough, and at reasonable rates.
On "Wednesday the 20th day of
this month two of our young people
concluded that single blessedness was
a humbug. So Mark White, took Ad
die Lacy to Judge Sullivan's office,
procured a marriage license, and was
then and there tied to the ualiimanial
ship, after the knot was tied, Mark re
turned to his own home, taking his
bride with him.
S. L. Furlong is charged with being
the prime lover in removing tho post
office, and just now he is like most of
persons who do the public a favor, he
is getting his full, share of fashion
able "cus3ing" by those opposed to tho
Just tell Limber Jim to come down
with one of those largs melons and we
will help him eat it, and give him a few
lessons in spelling, that is if there
aint any "tartar emetic" in the melon.
By the way Limber Jim has been call
ed to an accoant, and he has owned
up, so in the future I suppose we shall
loose the pleasure of rea.ling the or-
thogoraphy from his sarcastic pen.
I would just like to see the writer of
"Roving Items," what a pair of ears
and heap of hair ho must have to be
able to loose a scythe, whet siotie about
them and have to get his hair cut in
order ta Sad it. It is really amusing
what an interest he and live other cor
respondents have taken in our weeds,
oven Miss E it a nor of Threo Groves
can't let them grow ia peace.
Our school commences about tho
lit of September, it is to be t uht by
Mr. Logan, who has recently arrived
from Ohio, said to be a teacher of. some
Politics begin to loom up a little but
the talk is mostly confined to the old
democratic and republican parties,
where, oh whore is the forty member
greenback club, that used to meet
every Saturday night, we never hear
of their meetiug now. Yours,
Pretty good chin music Philander,
IVo -loo! Preachin?.-
Xo man can do a good job of wcrk,
preach a good sermon, try a law tiiit
well, doctor a patient, or write a g.;o I
article when he feu-Is miserable ar.d
dull, with sluggish brain and unsteady
nerves, and none should make the at
tempt in such a condition when it can
be s.) easily an 1 cheaply removed l y a
little Hop Bitters. -See ;tn-dher -column.
77 "
k til
t M
n n if R SI Bs
n An
" s
1 ki
Plenty of New Goods,
JIi3 Sfiicre&SBBBg deissasid of
mr trml3 we luswc
Bought an Tin us nrdlyL urge Sto $1
m r4 i $
M U W m
r. s
f .".
r ( HhiS
ejia&ia V q tekv ijfttJ tati
W . r
Z: it' - iX U
-mom Am
f (M7't c
. ,
Wheat. No. 2.
!fi-K5 V. V. i:. Will IK.
m&tmmn & umm
l ! n i i s ! n o i 1 1 1 3 . X vh rn s 1: ;i .
TTt v' r
" reje.-t
Lai n y. No. 2
1 1'
ly given to the rescuing f lives and I lonesome now-a-days.
the saving of personal property. All j T)ilve Woodard has come back tigain,
are in earnest, till labor unremitting
an,l ..nfirinlv. till the w.-fc r-o,,,- I he sa3s theies no place like keeping
iilichp.'l T.'k tliot' trai t r rnrti-rol 1 rk t ltt?r
ther wait for one another':
The world is on fire! Set on fire of
Ilfcl'! Alcohol is burning, searing, de
vouring the souls and bodies of men,
and bringing disaster aud ruin upon
families ami upon society. The tem
perance toilers are hard at worn to
suppress this awful conlhtgra'.ion and
t r iv Cj r.-ri v.-o"'.- :1 cr tv.-irh-
In-r rrianfullv nr.,1 P-rii.',st!v to siav auip.e loon; 101 o'...,iiie.-v.
Dudly has sold his farm to Mr.
Lynd?, who will move on it in the
The County convention ;s to be held
hero next month.
Mr. Thorngate has built a large ad
dition to his house, which affords him
JEL 1-
vJ M M il It Jbid & Jl Vl-ijm
Goid.T. .
New ojiic, Aiil;.
Cil I-.'AOO Air.'. 2".
Fh.'ir i rr,
Wheat -
Cirn, :ort
Mais -"i's
Kve iJi
l; o lev
N.-.tive Cattle 4 O.T4 .;.)
Texss Cattle a K :: :.
Hol'S " (KV'iC SO
has olcs moro " m;ho back" to-
-ft 1
who arc, on and after t!;is date .sole proprietors.
( ass Couuty iardeuer.
i the door ajar. Mr. Drake upon his ar-
I l'M"ll 1 1 ttlftl ut'tlu.l lll-jf 1t ITWll.- 111
"Mr. Azvo Smith, one of the promi- . B1..iill!tr nt- vnip vhnS...'ik-er
: at this end was compelled to use moro
i volume, becauso the battery used here
is less powerful than that in tho tele-
graph (ifiice in Plattsmouth. The mes-
sages were transmitted over the. B. it
I M. wire. Dr. R. R. Livingston, and
i Mr. Morrison, chief engineer of the
j bridge, of Plattsmouth, and others im
proved the occasion to visit with Oma
ha acquaintances. Mr. McCord of
Nave. McCord & Brady, conversed nt
some length with friends in Platts
mouth. Verily the telephone is a won
derful "machine." O. Republican.
Got hung on a jury, or else wo should
have responded.
Where's Bob Doom? Here's a
Campaign coming on, and nobody lias . r;ii.;, . '
nent ranchmen ou the Redwaler, was
ia town Sunday with some of the lin
est specimen. f vegetables that buvo
ever been brought in; among ethers
were a cluster of tomatoes, one of
which was left at ur tiffie?. The clus
ter has thirteen large, ripe tomatoes,
as fine ones as ever raised in any coun
try. Mr. Smith was a former rest dmt
of Nebraska, and aiwajs made ii a
point to take an active interest ia the
agricultural displays which are madj
there annually. He intends lo go to
the State Fair, which will be hdd at
Lincoln, Xeb , for one week, beginning
on the tLh of September, and he will
take with him specimens wf ail the
agricultural productions raised here,
and confidently expects to make the
finest display to be seen at the exhibi
tion. I-uis cesiious of taking with
iiii.i : . eimeii ia c;e. viiici
seen "Bob" for ages, not since tha
last time. The Greenbackers are ram
pant and threaten a huge true bine
blood and thunder. G. 13. Newspa
per next week, as big as a potato patch
and filled with the woes of the impe
cunius; and the Democrats have call
:i mcctin' and won't lay down and let
the G. B's walk ever them, and yet no
Robert. This Is ft:ghtfuL
;s un-".e; the notice of many
The Parisians are amusing themselves
with plans for a thip caual from the Eng
lish channel to Paris, by which the great
1 would 1 city might again bring foreign commerce
w'.ioi.i u miprht induco to come here
t settle. We hope that Mr. Smith
will have no trouble ii securing spe
cimens, as he isathcrougly responsible
man who would be sure to return any
thing placed in his care. Those who
may have tuch specimens would con
fer a favor by leaving labeled speci
mens at this office, or the Overland
Hotel, and they can rest assured that
they will be perfectly safe." IL II.
directly to her quays.
Nutmegs and mace possess narcotic
properties. They should be used with
caution, especially by persons of an apo
plectic tendency.
An exchange says that Dr. Mary Walker
prefers a tniokiiig car to a Pullman car.
She says she will never cuter a bleeping
car uutil the railroads put on Pull wo
men palace cars and give the Lur tex a
t hail. a.
the local tralhc in rum; some are
wholly engrossed upon tho souS-cheer-
g work of personally rescuing the un
fortunates now under the power of t he
fatal drink-habit; while others are put
ting forth their efforts to do away the
vli'tle trnjji' and erect barriers against
it that shall make these alarming out
breaks of vice and passion, aud drink
engendered crimes hereafter impossi
ble. All are or should be deeply, ter
ribly in earnest; each doing .what he
can to help along the cause of reform
and stay tho ravages of the fell destroy
er. In this heroic work, who can be
so thoughtless as lo stop and contend
with, and perhaps discouraga and de
feat the well meant endeavors of a fel
low worker? Palsied be the hand that
will in this great warfare with the
powers of darkness this irrepressible
conflict with the demon of damnation
turn upon and strike down another,
who may be. m a diiierent way, as
earnestly, and quite as effectively, aid
ing in bringing the great conflict to a
successful issue. Palsied be the tongue
that will heap repreach, or contumely,
or even speak disparagingly of the hon
est efforts of any to rescue and save
his fellow ma;j from the curse of rum.
Rather let tha hearty cheer, and the
good word of encouragement, pass
along the line of toilers, that each may
thereby be neived to greatest earnest
ness and zea'ousness, and still ijreaUr
deeds of valor. Noble workers in tho
cause of temperance, of whatever name
or class er creed, toil on!. On to the
lescue of the drunkards on, to tho
overthrow of every still-Jiouse and rum
shop; on. lo the complete, total and nn
ictrsal overthrow of the manufacture
and traffic in strong drink! Onward!
and success shall crown all your ef
forts, snd God will give you finally a
glorious victory. May the God of bat
tles be ever near to assist and aid tho
honest, earnest, temperance workers.
Pennsylvania has a law compelling all
unused lands held by speculators, corpor
ations aud others ta Le brought into cul
tivation, or the same will be taxed more
heavily, or be told by the State.
A little strong lye or soda put into hard
water will render it fcoft tit once. A few
drops of ammonia ia a pailful has tho
earns elite L,
Large quaa-iities of grapes are being
brought into town and s-j1 1 readily.
Inter Nik.
Rock r.IuS' i:$:n.s.
August 23d, 187.
Mr. Editor: Little did I thin, the
first time that I wrote you, in regard
to oar town, that you would nearly be
deluged with correspondents from
here. But from the number who have
written to you from this point, you
certainly know by this time that there
is such a place as Rock Bluffs. And
a your other correspondents seem to
b3 taking u rest, 1 will endeavor to
post you again in regard to our town
and how our jimsons are flourishiug,
tho present outlook is, that wo shall
have an average crop, Sam Slick to the
contrary however.
There is considerable sickness in
this vicinity at present. Mr. Walstow
our newly appointed postmaster, has
been wrestling with tho ague tor some
time, but thinks he's got the better Of
it now, and will soon be able to attend
to his business again.
One day last week glad tidings came
to the ears of ond of our citizens who
has been very sick for sometime and
whose family were receiving aid from
the count', the tidings were that he
was to get one thousand dollars from
the government, as bounty and back
pension, for services lie rendered dur
ing our late war.
Some fellow whose time and reputa
tion are not worth much stle one of
the wheels off of Joseph Shera's new
carriage, and at last account it had not
been found. By th-3 way Mr. Shera
has been gone the most of the past
week, and rumor says that he is going
to leave us not long hence.
Many of the farmers think that the
big corn crop in this locality will end
iu disappointment, for it is firing bad
ly, caused by dry weather at;d chinch
te:.v i'i:u ce:vt nrsiunvr.
Enquire of D. II. WIIEELEU CO.,
Plattsmouth; or R. E. MOORE. Lin
coln, Nebraska. 21 tf
ft Fu Y
At: EXT.
Weep:;- 'AY.tor. Ne'.
M;..!:::..-'; ivd l y
Ma;-.i-i,!es .! 'i':r Co..
ol Mnr-eiih'S. HI. 1
have put :p several
( i-s ( o. A iu; t In -i-'i'vch:isi!.
are J. M .
lieard.-iey. II. V .
Uriaps. I'.iut S. Vai sc'i
and .1. H. loam;, ol
Otoe l 'o.. nli of w hom
can test ify to t lo ir mi
perior eo.-!!ence.
Those wis!iiii' 1 1
pur '!i:'s, can address
iu at V. W.-.t-r : sat
isfaction .en a ranted.
I'rhvs from S - j toss."..
M i:N u ii boat primps cr
puic.ns without mills.
21 m:;' Jl I.'. Ciipsia.
We are In almost daily receipt of
7 7i
h:ch v..- our friends a.nI !
AOT WAMF.I) For th.e 11: 'I and
."-'.! .-,'. fi's; rietorial Eo.'ks ami I'iMi's.
Prices reduced "3 per cent. ;uioria! T'lbjih-
inorth. Look s"nt free exidaaiiu everything.
Address BAXTEit CO., li.lXKKliS. 1, Wall
St., New York.
QI OflO ret urns in Uavs on .j; . v, invested.
QIiVJk u,T!":al Eimwh and information
free. Like pr.dits weekly on Stoc't option of
10 to S".n. Address T." I'ottcr, V.'i.'iit ."i Co.
H:inkei.3r. Wall St.. NV.
TF f H R Wanted Vl SIOXTIl durin,' - Viiitor.
nddrcsi J. SlrCurdy & C':.. tit. IiOui,
51 o.
r:iitaruerl la.r 1t. 1 '. MV Price ii n -rbanzril.
The on:y com M nation f the tr io
.Jamaica Linger wiui c:ioi'e aiaiics anu
French ln.nidv. for correct in;; inii-iuperate
liabit". reidriiin? the st'ma?li and bowels,
lirt'akim; ur colds, chills, and fv-r-. is Sus
kohk's Jamaica ;i;m:. For r-jheviu '.-oiity
and i hen rii a tic pains. prc er iii-; malutiitl fever
and promoting slep it is tri:!j- wonderful, ask
for s.cvrosi'N.
New Carpenter shop on Main Street,
Coiner of 7th.
I5atcs & Ivohnkc,
Con tract orp,
and "-en eral workman in the
at prices to suit the times.
V p
Cnsliiiicres, Alpacas, Delaines, &c.
Calicos, from 12 to 16 Yards for $1.00.
Muslins, from G cts. a yard upward
The fiiic-d stock of White Ite.i pica ! ev.-r hroirjltt to the fit
Bu ell's Cassimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, and Cottonades in
full Stock.
Cnrpcntwr line
i 4
i; if! O f ti w ra
Country Prodiiec taken in exchange for Goods.
We desire to see all our old patrons back ami want to hold as many of tho
present ones as we can OCT II MAN Jc WLCK15ACH.
s f